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Friday, August 28, 2020

2020/08/28 - Building Business With Purpose

[NEW EPISODE] Building Business With Purpose

This episode will highlight the achievements of BATS-TOI CEO & founder, Mario Mercado. Mario's lifelong passion is the integration of sports & technology, and those industries came together for him when he developed an award-winning wrestling helmet that reduces head & facial trauma.

Mario serves as Deputy Commissioner of the NYS Athletic Commission, has been league production executive for the WSOF and is the wrestling coach to many notable MMA champions.

He is currently enrolled in the Columbia University Sports Management Graduate Program.

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

“Death is always knocking on the door of a start-up…”


Jeremiah introduces the guest of the show, Mario Mercado. Mario shares some words of wisdom when it comes to entrepreneurship. The two go back and forth on jiu jitsu and how the mentality required to persevere in martial arts is connected to the mindset of an entrepreneur. Mario gives some insight on the fear of success while Jeremiah gives his experiences during his martial arts training, both of them connecting them to resilience and “getting comfortable being uncomfortable”.

Segment 2 

Mario tells the story on how he started up his business, BATS-TOI, first starting with how the name came about. He then goes into the story on how he first introduced his helmet technology to investors and gives a bit of insight on why he decided to patent the helmet in the first place. Mario also informs listeners about his dismal living situation and working conditions at the time.

Segment 3

Mario continues with his entrepreneurial journey, stopping to share an experience training a WWE wrestler. Jeremiah and Mario discuss the importance of mental fortitude when times get rough and why a strong morale is needed above everything else in completing your goals. 

Segment 4

Mario shares a few more stories that he’s heard in the fitness industry and the NY MMA/contact-sports world throughout the pandemic. Mario closes the show by plugging his website, social media and contact information for listeners.


00:00:45.210 --> 00:00:54.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What's up, heavy hitters Happy Friday before we get started, a quick shout out to my boy Rob Bowman. He's a striking instructor at Bronx martial arts Academy

00:00:54.360 --> 00:00:59.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He hooked me up with this dope apparel from fight culture out of the Bronx, New York will go on Live from New York City.

00:01:00.060 --> 00:01:08.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You're listening to the entrepreneurial web. I'm your host, Jeremiah, Fox. Before we start, today I'm going to give you the message of the week. And this is actually something I heard

00:01:08.430 --> 00:01:19.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My guest say from a previous interview and it is debt is always knocking at the door of a startup. It just depends on what the entrepreneur wants to open the door, not

00:01:19.890 --> 00:01:26.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I don't feel like answering the door right now with that I would like to introduce my guest today. He is the founder and CEO of botch why

00:01:27.210 --> 00:01:40.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He made an award winning wrestling helmet. But that's just a small fraction of what this guy's done. I'd like to welcome to the show. Mario Mario Kart up Mercado Bella Mario Mercado Mario, how you doing today.

00:01:40.740 --> 00:01:42.600 MARIO MERCADO: What so Jeremiah. How's everything with you.

00:01:43.110 --> 00:01:47.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Awesome, man. Awesome. Do you have video or we just get to see your logo at all time.

00:01:47.340 --> 00:01:51.270 MARIO MERCADO: No, no, I put you on video but but yeah but you gotta, you gotta scroll up. No.

00:01:51.810 --> 00:01:55.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I don't know. I don't see it. Maybe Sam sees it and I'm working on.

00:01:56.760 --> 00:01:58.830 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It dairy is

00:02:00.360 --> 00:02:01.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What's happening.

00:02:01.740 --> 00:02:13.140 MARIO MERCADO: Not too much, but but let me ask you, because, oh, well, actually let me do it this way, if you don't mind, because I was doing it from my phone because the audio and the computer was was acting up a bit.

00:02:13.590 --> 00:02:15.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, Sam says you're good. So don't worry about it.

00:02:16.170 --> 00:02:16.530 MARIO MERCADO: Okay.

00:02:16.710 --> 00:02:20.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So you guys can see, oh, yeah, yeah. The people can see and I can see you on

00:02:20.640 --> 00:02:21.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Facebook. So you're there.

00:02:21.630 --> 00:02:22.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's all good.

00:02:22.590 --> 00:02:23.340 MARIO MERCADO: There we go.

00:02:23.490 --> 00:02:31.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Awesome, awesome. It's always like a learning experience, trying to figure this stuff out from time to time. It's a trip. But, uh, it's all good. How you doing, man.

00:02:31.830 --> 00:02:33.780 MARIO MERCADO: I'm doing okay you know it's a Friday.

00:02:34.380 --> 00:02:36.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's a Friday before we

00:02:36.600 --> 00:02:40.680 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Before we dig in. I want to, I want to talk about that message because I heard, I heard that on

00:02:42.810 --> 00:02:49.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It was an interview you. Did I guess a couple years ago, just a really profound statement. I heard something else. I think it was

00:02:49.890 --> 00:03:04.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I want to say it with Simon cynics but I'm not sure I knew he was talking about you know the the turnover rate of especially small business or just business in general. And he said, most business fatalities are the result of suicide not homicide.

00:03:05.760 --> 00:03:16.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Meaning that most of them. It's a matter of giving up you know and and and jumping off the jumping off the bridge and not talking themselves back on.

00:03:17.220 --> 00:03:28.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Back off as opposed to like market forces or capital, you know, a bunch of a bunch of the things that people say like, Oh, we didn't work out because of this didn't work out. Because of that, it's actually just your internal dialogue.

00:03:28.860 --> 00:03:37.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And when I heard that quote from you. It's just like, Man, that is it that just embodies it so freakin hard. What, uh, what

00:03:37.170 --> 00:03:39.390 MARIO MERCADO: Well, you know, if I didn't Russell.

00:03:40.170 --> 00:03:46.470 MARIO MERCADO: Right could could have never jumped out at me because, you know, as a wrestler, we have to make weight and

00:03:46.950 --> 00:04:01.260 MARIO MERCADO: You know there were times where I could go like a day, two days three days without eating, except you know a banana and some water, maybe a bagel. So, so the the sacrifice that I had from wrestling.

00:04:02.370 --> 00:04:15.900 MARIO MERCADO: And just transferred over to me, becoming, you know, starting up my own my own company and and when you have to, when you have to stop when you have to willingly starve yourself.

00:04:16.710 --> 00:04:25.200 MARIO MERCADO: To achieve a goal. I mean, it's like, it's one of the words like one of the most basic things like you know you need in life, air and food.

00:04:25.830 --> 00:04:39.900 MARIO MERCADO: So if you can willingly deprive yourself of something in order to achieve a greater goal. Well, then you've already conditioned your mind to deal with anything else that you have that comes up within your life.

00:04:40.260 --> 00:04:52.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah 100%, I would say, I've been training Jiu Jitsu now for for five years straight and pretty much daily. Um, do you know, um, do you know Stuart, Carol. He's a gentle black belt.

00:04:53.100 --> 00:04:54.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Of course, yeah.

00:04:54.390 --> 00:04:56.040 MARIO MERCADO: So I probably coach them some wrestling.

00:04:56.610 --> 00:04:59.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Hey, there's a chance. I think you guys run in the

00:04:59.100 --> 00:05:04.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Same circles. That's who I've trained under since the beginning here in Brooklyn at his, his school son Dojo

00:05:05.370 --> 00:05:15.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you know, I started opening businesses, a lot of them right around the same time, I think I opened. I started trading in 2015 and I opened for brick and mortar businesses that year.

00:05:15.420 --> 00:05:16.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it was just insane and he was

00:05:17.670 --> 00:05:18.240 MARIO MERCADO: One year

00:05:18.690 --> 00:05:24.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And one year for brick and mortars and one year and I've done, I've done more. But in one year. I, I opened

00:05:25.380 --> 00:05:27.570 MARIO MERCADO: Up is the greatest came from.

00:05:28.680 --> 00:05:29.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Say again.

00:05:29.550 --> 00:05:31.200 MARIO MERCADO: Is that we're all the gray hairs came from.

00:05:31.980 --> 00:05:32.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: No, I have three kids.

00:05:35.490 --> 00:05:36.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I think was all of it.

00:05:37.680 --> 00:05:39.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I tell you what, if I didn't have Jiu Jitsu would be more

00:05:40.080 --> 00:05:43.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But, you know, the interesting part about that that whole journey was

00:05:43.800 --> 00:05:50.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, he was like, You should come train. I was athletic. You know, I was already doing like working out in the park and gymnastics and and and running swimming itself.

00:05:51.090 --> 00:05:55.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Music You should come check it out. Check it out. He opened a school, just a few doors down for my restaurant.

00:05:55.350 --> 00:06:04.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So I finally went in and and you know the workout was great. I love grappling and all that and like you said, being under that kind of pressure, but it was really the messages that you've got to know sacrifices, you have to make

00:06:05.220 --> 00:06:16.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Sure you know if you want to get you want to get, you know, promoted up want to get better. All of it on and it got to the point where I was just in there. Some days, that would be in this school for six hours a day just training.

00:06:16.470 --> 00:06:16.860 Because

00:06:18.870 --> 00:06:22.440 MARIO MERCADO: It's like in, especially in jujitsu because

00:06:23.550 --> 00:06:32.970 MARIO MERCADO: You can be put in a guillotine and or some or, you know, or some other sort of submission and it's that it's right there to fine line between

00:06:33.420 --> 00:06:48.210 MARIO MERCADO: Giving up the tapping out because you think that you're going to break a bone or that you're going to get choked out more, you just flip it. And so, you know what, I still have enough left to get out through. I'm not going to tap out

00:06:48.630 --> 00:06:48.990 Right.

00:06:51.000 --> 00:06:53.070 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah. Yeah, but then you condition your mind.

00:06:53.670 --> 00:06:54.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To be

00:06:54.180 --> 00:06:57.480 MARIO MERCADO: To be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

00:06:58.530 --> 00:07:05.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and that's one of the recurring themes was get comfortable being uncomfortable. He says that you know fester. CAROL SAYS THAT ALL THE TIME.

00:07:05.880 --> 00:07:13.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and all this stuff started to seep into my brain because it was crazy opening for businesses in a year, and like the aftermath of that, you know, it wasn't, it was just bananas.

00:07:14.340 --> 00:07:21.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and then we had, you know, the current situation setting in. And it's what survived me and it was like you said what you were talking about.

00:07:21.270 --> 00:07:30.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, going through all that training through wrestling. You know I never, never competed or anything like that. It was just, it was like me is me versus me, you know, it was really versus my own ego and verse

00:07:31.680 --> 00:07:38.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That that that one that that tendency to give up, you know, we said I taught a bunch of kids classes and he and his wife.

00:07:40.200 --> 00:07:45.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, have a great kids program there and I worked closely with her with the kids and she would always say to the kids.

00:07:45.720 --> 00:07:57.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What does it take to develop a non quitting attitude, you have to want to quit. You have to, you have to face that you know and and daily, you know, having all those all the craziness that comes along with running so many businesses.

00:07:58.200 --> 00:08:11.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Wanting so many times. Just feel, you know, it'd be so much easier just to can all this but not doing it and I'm really, really pleased that I didn't in this time because especially my restaurant as as become like a community center.

00:08:12.030 --> 00:08:23.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right, as well as as a sustainable restaurant in this whole thing, but it wasn't because of me and my my smarts, you know, my inherent resiliency. It was definitely through

00:08:23.130 --> 00:08:24.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Training martial arts and

00:08:25.740 --> 00:08:29.550 MARIO MERCADO: What you have a lot of people you know because I've also coached a lot of athletes.

00:08:30.270 --> 00:08:41.670 MARIO MERCADO: At all levels from kids to Olympic and not I've competed at a high level, myself. Right. And it was interesting because I was watching the Michael Jordan documentary

00:08:41.790 --> 00:08:42.870 MARIO MERCADO: Know my stats.

00:08:43.410 --> 00:08:43.800 MARIO MERCADO: Weeks ago

00:08:44.850 --> 00:08:46.350 MARIO MERCADO: And as I was watching it.

00:08:47.490 --> 00:09:01.560 MARIO MERCADO: I was thinking about you know me coaching and competing and the takeaway that I got is that, and then of course you know relating it to to be starting on my companies is that a lot of people are afraid to succeed.

00:09:02.970 --> 00:09:18.330 MARIO MERCADO: They're afraid of success because they're not sure about the because they can't control the outcome if they don't, and because it's not success, it's not guaranteed. They're not ready to deal with the pain of failing.

00:09:18.930 --> 00:09:19.350 Hmm.

00:09:20.970 --> 00:09:28.050 MARIO MERCADO: And because you're not ready to deal with that pain of failing because it seems it's intuitive. It seems that it is a negative feeling

00:09:28.800 --> 00:09:48.270 MARIO MERCADO: It's like okay if I can't control that if I can't control the outcome. I'm where failure is an option. And I'm and I'm right there, but I don't know if I'm right there to become successful or if I'm right there to to fail. Well then, you know what, I'll just, I'll just say I'm done.

00:09:48.750 --> 00:09:57.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right. Right. And that's the beauty of training, especially grappling because you can go full steam for the most part you can you can get that real look

00:09:57.810 --> 00:10:07.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I can remember you mentioned it earlier, you know, being a good teen or or like a, you know, somebody who's got your back. And they've got you in the sleeper hold in those first few times, it happened.

00:10:08.160 --> 00:10:11.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The panic. That said, and even though it was like my friend and my neighbor, like I knew the guy.

00:10:11.760 --> 00:10:20.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Doing it to me. It's this. I think it's this instinctive thing and the human psyche that that it signifies death, even though you know you're cool and you're going to walk away.

00:10:20.430 --> 00:10:27.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: With those first few times it happens. You're just like I would die. I don't know how to defend this, and it's just like, it's so demoralizing at

00:10:27.120 --> 00:10:28.140 MARIO MERCADO: First, yeah.

00:10:28.170 --> 00:10:30.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But then I mean, go, go ahead.

00:10:30.870 --> 00:10:34.830 MARIO MERCADO: No, but it's the same as as why people drowned. It's not because they can't swim.

00:10:35.130 --> 00:10:35.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right.

00:10:35.700 --> 00:10:38.370 MARIO MERCADO: Is because they haven't relax their mind enough to

00:10:38.370 --> 00:10:51.330 MARIO MERCADO: Just control the situation and be present in the situation that they're in without thinking of the outcome of, you know, a shock me. Come and get me or you know seriously like

00:10:51.360 --> 00:10:57.960 MARIO MERCADO: You know, you just your mind freezes and you panicking, because you're not present of controlling the moment

00:10:59.280 --> 00:11:05.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, that's what I love about that was the thing that kept me that captivated me the most about training was just daily getting

00:11:06.300 --> 00:11:20.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To practice that to sharpen that sword. And then I saw it translate into business so many times. And like I said, like lately. It's, it's totally survived me and I definitely would have to quit or burn my place down. I mean, you know,

00:11:20.820 --> 00:11:21.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know Bobby see your

00:11:23.340 --> 00:11:26.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Obviously goes like you just tell me when you want me to gas over

00:11:28.110 --> 00:11:31.860 MARIO MERCADO: He says it in that monotone voice doesn't get excited

00:11:32.340 --> 00:11:35.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Note, like I get the feeling, he's done.

00:11:37.530 --> 00:11:39.660 MARIO MERCADO: That's a conversation for another day.

00:11:39.780 --> 00:11:40.500 Yeah.

00:11:43.620 --> 00:11:46.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, and being around somebody like him too, and see

00:11:46.830 --> 00:11:47.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know,

00:11:47.280 --> 00:11:56.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The impact of jujitsu on somebody like him, and just somebody that's like constantly just seeking to do better and feel better.

00:11:57.120 --> 00:12:08.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: After all the shit that he's been through like that. It's you make those connections in there, you find those people and the people that you know that, don't do it that, don't you know that one a wine. They just go away.

00:12:08.100 --> 00:12:09.120 MARIO MERCADO: You don't like especially once you

00:12:09.120 --> 00:12:10.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Get to like purple belt and the ball like

00:12:11.280 --> 00:12:14.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It just goes away. Those are the. Those are the people that have the real resilience and

00:12:15.090 --> 00:12:15.660 MARIO MERCADO: Exactly.

00:12:15.840 --> 00:12:24.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You build your community and then you feed off of each other. And through this. I've when we you know we continue to train and small groups. Yeah, just in clandestine places.

00:12:26.370 --> 00:12:27.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and it was like the people

00:12:27.840 --> 00:12:28.890 MARIO MERCADO: Shall not be mentioned.

00:12:29.010 --> 00:12:31.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah okay no addresses.

00:12:31.770 --> 00:12:32.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um,

00:12:32.790 --> 00:12:38.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But, uh, you know, it just, it was like the the band of brothers, you know, people, and it was sisters to of course

00:12:39.450 --> 00:12:51.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But, but you got to really see who you're who your people were and and the same thing happens when you start a business, right, like you get to really see who your friends are because shit comes good gravelled real quick and that interview that I was

00:12:51.480 --> 00:12:51.960 MARIO MERCADO: While

00:12:52.380 --> 00:12:56.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You were talking about not eating not making any money. And it's just

00:12:56.550 --> 00:12:58.020 MARIO MERCADO: Legal understand

00:12:58.080 --> 00:13:05.220 MARIO MERCADO: You know, so I'm from New York. Okay. So wow so I'm from New York and I grew up here and having started

00:13:06.750 --> 00:13:13.170 MARIO MERCADO: About 12 wow you know and then having to go through those trials and tribulations and it gets lonely.

00:13:13.230 --> 00:13:30.000 MARIO MERCADO: You know, you think it's only, you know, not having to, you know, not, not being WITH someone but imagine being lonely to where you know New York is all about, especially in hand. So, you know, you have the tall buildings and I think everyone is trying to get to the penthouse and

00:13:30.420 --> 00:13:37.350 MARIO MERCADO: It's only a few. So you have to walk, you have to step on someone in order to get to the penthouse whether, whether it's

00:13:37.740 --> 00:13:49.620 MARIO MERCADO: Legitimate or not, but someone has to get walked over in order for you to get to the top. So when you're starting out in your business here in New York, you're at the bottom of the totem pole.

00:13:50.940 --> 00:13:51.570 MARIO MERCADO: And

00:13:52.770 --> 00:14:00.570 MARIO MERCADO: But yet you surround that, of course, the colon, but you're surrounded by everyone having a good time and going out restaurant Marty's and buys everything else.

00:14:01.110 --> 00:14:18.330 MARIO MERCADO: And you have to make a choice. Am I going to sacrifice going out because I have to conserve that money for the business. Am I going to go to, you know, a great restaurant in the West Village or am I just going to go and grab a couple of burgers that you know as McDonald's or maybe they

00:14:18.330 --> 00:14:20.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Get gets him a moons and go home.

00:14:21.690 --> 00:14:22.410 MARIO MERCADO: The best right

00:14:22.500 --> 00:14:23.010 MARIO MERCADO: It is

00:14:23.460 --> 00:14:29.040 MARIO MERCADO: Or get a couple of burrito balls from Chipotle a half for one day and then have

00:14:29.790 --> 00:14:30.660 MARIO MERCADO: Next person.

00:14:30.930 --> 00:14:31.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The next morning.

00:14:31.920 --> 00:14:40.980 MARIO MERCADO: Exactly. But these are choices that you have to make, because you have a greater goal, you know, um, you know, a friend of mine and in turn, asked me.

00:14:42.090 --> 00:14:48.960 MARIO MERCADO: A couple days ago, it might have even been yesterday. As a matter of fact, you know, because wouldn't have been just easier to work for a larger company.

00:14:49.470 --> 00:14:58.020 MARIO MERCADO: And I said, Dude, every large company started out as a small seed one seed and that one seed was one person.

00:14:58.800 --> 00:15:09.030 MARIO MERCADO: And when the tree grows and as many seeds, but it started out as one. So, of course, it's easy, but you know, you just told them you don't magically have a

00:15:09.780 --> 00:15:19.860 MARIO MERCADO: Company that employs thousands of people or even hundreds of people set up one. So it was a bit lonely starting a business here, especially here in New York because

00:15:20.790 --> 00:15:29.940 MARIO MERCADO: You know, everyone is trying to get to the Promised Land, or you're trying to do something. And what's the word that's used. It's called which I hate, I hate the term, but they call it.

00:15:31.800 --> 00:15:46.140 MARIO MERCADO: What's your hustle. I, I actually hate that word. The term. Everyone has a hustle here in New York. Right. But, you know, so if that and it's hard to get someone who is aligned with you look for that vision for the long term.

00:15:46.680 --> 00:15:47.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Mm hmm. You know,

00:15:47.460 --> 00:15:59.700 MARIO MERCADO: I think you can correlate that to like going into a relationship. Yeah. You know, you find a relationship with someone, but they're going to be with you for a short amount of time in New York. Unfortunately, to sway just because you have so many different options.

00:15:59.880 --> 00:16:08.610 MARIO MERCADO: Right that um when they get bored. They go into something else and and here in business as well, you know, they'll get they'll hang with you until

00:16:09.000 --> 00:16:13.380 MARIO MERCADO: Things get a little tough and then things get a little tough, they may go on to something else, because it's easier.

00:16:13.950 --> 00:16:22.410 MARIO MERCADO: For them. So with that, longevity that that it's really hard to come by with the with the business partner or even any sort of relationship. I think in New York.

00:16:23.010 --> 00:16:29.670 MARIO MERCADO: People always say what why it's so hard to date in New York, it's because people think it's easier to move on to something else, because you have so many options so many options.

00:16:30.330 --> 00:16:35.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Cool. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be back in about 60 seconds. Everybody hang tight, we'll talk to you in a minute.

00:18:43.860 --> 00:18:53.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Alright folks, we're back. If you're just tuning in the entrepreneurial web. I'm your host, Jeremiah, Fox. My guest today Mario mercado. He is the founder and CEO of Botswana.

00:18:53.940 --> 00:19:01.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Which. Well, I'll let you explain Mario. Tell us about your company and this phenomenal story of how it all came together. It's pretty impressive.

00:19:02.160 --> 00:19:02.910 MARIO MERCADO: So, but

00:19:03.930 --> 00:19:16.740 MARIO MERCADO: It's actually it's a well known saying from Napoleon Bonaparte, and the famous French general. Mm hmm. And it means to fight overcome any obstacle.

00:19:17.580 --> 00:19:27.420 MARIO MERCADO: That can be both figurative and literal and that's really great because everyone has that has an obstacle that they that they want to overcome and I thought that was really representative of

00:19:28.230 --> 00:19:40.110 MARIO MERCADO: The company and the concept of Botswana came as a research project. And when you were first went to grad school and I had to do this for thesis.

00:19:40.740 --> 00:19:52.590 MARIO MERCADO: To find a project for thesis and the helmet came about for Wrestling. Wrestling. We have a headgear but we actually have more concussions in wrestling than than any other sport even football. People don't realize that because

00:19:52.620 --> 00:20:00.990 MARIO MERCADO: It's a ball. Yeah. So in football. The plays happen in seconds in wrestling. It's in minutes. So you have a six minute match. So you

00:20:00.990 --> 00:20:16.440 MARIO MERCADO: constantly have to be engaged in football. Not every single player is involved in the in a play or even at the same level right like in wrestling. It's two people. So you can go to counseling buttheads and you got to take your guy. You got to force the guy on the mat.

00:20:17.520 --> 00:20:24.960 MARIO MERCADO: So that season. So we have, you know, as you know, you know, we have thousands of techniques which which physically know bow. You get slammed with on the map right

00:20:25.200 --> 00:20:34.170 MARIO MERCADO: Right, so we got. So the concept of the of the headgear came from there to do this for a project and we did it at the engineering school

00:20:34.590 --> 00:20:40.650 MARIO MERCADO: We want and then why you technology competition and then I transferred over to Columbia and then we brought it over there.

00:20:41.010 --> 00:20:50.640 MARIO MERCADO: And I was able to use some professors from both NYU and Columbia to join the team and to to get it to where we wanted to have something really functional

00:20:51.390 --> 00:21:12.300 MARIO MERCADO: For for the company. But it was crazy because a friend of mine, Richard Walker, who is the senior. He's the product designer from our gym, which makes all the really cool I were based in California. So he actually did the the eyewear for the matrix films and for Charlie's Angels now.

00:21:13.380 --> 00:21:15.990 MARIO MERCADO: So I had a really cool a static in a minute to make it cool and sexy.

00:21:16.560 --> 00:21:28.560 MARIO MERCADO: Right. Ah, and we working on it together. But then he had to leave because now we Jim wanted him fully there. So anyway, we, we have the the helmet first made in Italy.

00:21:29.790 --> 00:21:39.090 MARIO MERCADO: We, which is really nice. And then we brought it here in the US, and it was going on for a while. I'm like the first three months, but then the high school Federation.

00:21:40.020 --> 00:21:54.240 MARIO MERCADO: They stopped up and they said, this is not legal. This is going to make resting more aggressive. It's what are you guys crazy. You're gonna make it more aggressive wrestling for sport. I said you penalize us for not for not being aggressive. It's called

00:21:56.010 --> 00:22:05.370 MARIO MERCADO: I don't understand. But I realized that that there were some politics being played. But, but by some of the other companies, the legacy companies that were involved in this for it.

00:22:05.760 --> 00:22:19.380 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah, so we have to lawyer up. We have to go to the to the to the high school Federation, which is based in Indianapolis and it would take like six months, but during this time I to return money back to

00:22:20.460 --> 00:22:28.980 MARIO MERCADO: Our customers at people angry with me, the company will almost went bankrupt. The concept was great, but the politics all just almost killed us

00:22:29.340 --> 00:22:45.840 MARIO MERCADO: So we have to return money back. And it was a big, big mess and the Federation put on the website and sent it out to all of the national associations that the Mercado named after me that Hellman was illegal. So you can imagine, you know, the frustration and the craziness.

00:22:46.950 --> 00:22:47.880 MARIO MERCADO: That I was going through

00:22:48.390 --> 00:22:51.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, I mean, it's hard enough to start a business, then you pile that

00:22:52.320 --> 00:22:52.890 MARIO MERCADO: Yes.

00:22:52.950 --> 00:22:53.640 Say, yeah.

00:22:54.810 --> 00:23:01.950 MARIO MERCADO: So one of the lawyers who are one of the students I coach those easy is a great lawyer is this you know what

00:23:03.030 --> 00:23:07.920 MARIO MERCADO: We're going to get this done for you because we believe in what you're doing so.

00:23:09.240 --> 00:23:27.810 MARIO MERCADO: We had a zoom call with the Federation and then had a researchers from from from Columbia actually right on our behalf to get this, you know, to get this legal and the crazy thing is that I during this time I was also the Deputy Commissioner to the New York State Athletic Commission.

00:23:28.080 --> 00:23:44.190 MARIO MERCADO: Right, so I knew firsthand what exactly what was happening to to athletes in MMA and and wrestling and of course boxing and head injuries. It boggles my mind as to why these guys would not allow this to happen anyway.

00:23:45.360 --> 00:23:55.410 MARIO MERCADO: They changed your mind we we met certain criteria that that the asked for to get this legal and happened. And that's where a jumpstart it. So we were full boat.

00:23:56.220 --> 00:24:03.300 MARIO MERCADO: Getting the helmet out there. We had some of the best wrestlers in the country buying the head, you're not for free but buying the headgear

00:24:03.750 --> 00:24:09.150 MARIO MERCADO: And they were they were our brand ambassadors. They were our stakeholders, we have incredible letters and notes.

00:24:09.810 --> 00:24:22.530 MARIO MERCADO: from from from kids who thankful. You know, we're really thankful for us for providing this sort of protection we realize like, how many head injuries, how often it happened.

00:24:22.980 --> 00:24:31.890 MARIO MERCADO: So what happens is, you know, wrestling has a map, but then the man has no border a perimeter around it to protect you from going out of bounds. So

00:24:32.400 --> 00:24:40.320 MARIO MERCADO: You get smacked so a kid a guys getting double leg GOTTA BOUNCE, I kid is trying to protect themselves from getting double leg.

00:24:40.800 --> 00:24:51.330 MARIO MERCADO: But then its head on her head gets smacked on out of bounds, but then also we realize how many kids are actually wrestle on the younger and the youth level are autistic.

00:24:53.100 --> 00:25:07.080 MARIO MERCADO: Go there on the spectrum to where their head has a very high sensitivity of being touched and our headgear actually allowed them to cover their head to dip into the sensation of being touched, allowing them to wrestle

00:25:08.370 --> 00:25:28.110 MARIO MERCADO: So we would do it. Yeah. So we, I didn't know this a parent's called emailed um and every which way you know contacted us to say thank you and to tell us their story as to why our headgear allowed their son or their daughter to be able to compete and there were times to where

00:25:29.220 --> 00:25:46.050 MARIO MERCADO: When I was like really like dying for this company that I would read these letters and I have to them on my desk that I would read them and that was really gratifying. So I tell you a quick story here. The, the interview that you saw was on Forbes. Okay.

00:25:46.440 --> 00:26:01.260 MARIO MERCADO: Right, well, okay, so I'll tell you how that happened. And in turn, I, we were driving to Indiana to Indianapolis to go showcase the headgear at the at the NC double A nationals. We didn't have any credentials to get inside.

00:26:02.340 --> 00:26:12.210 MARIO MERCADO: But we knew that all the wrestlers and referees there from previous times that I've competed in been out there myself as a fan love New York City pizza.

00:26:13.530 --> 00:26:15.000 MARIO MERCADO: So we rented a car.

00:26:16.530 --> 00:26:26.700 MARIO MERCADO: And we went and bought 10 pies at the pizza joint did that on the backside of Madison Square Garden 30th any fattening.

00:26:27.150 --> 00:26:27.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Mm hmm.

00:26:27.720 --> 00:26:43.380 MARIO MERCADO: But we loaded up the car. I'd be happy to Supreme so so we learned about the car drove out there. And I said, right. Don't touch a pizza and and the future. Right. So say it was like in March, it's cold, and we have the windows rolled up so the pizza. The fumes of just

00:26:43.740 --> 00:26:53.850 MARIO MERCADO: terminally fire car right so like, Come on, man. If no, don't touch. So we get there, we have the truck loaded up with with the with the screens and Hellmouth everything so we get there.

00:26:54.270 --> 00:27:04.320 MARIO MERCADO: So we needed we needed the pizzas to bribe our way in. So we could set up the helmets and so we could go inside and the tournament.

00:27:05.220 --> 00:27:11.580 MARIO MERCADO: So that work. So on the way back. And now, Ray is drunk, he's, you know, he went out the night before. So I'm having to drive the car.

00:27:12.570 --> 00:27:24.870 MARIO MERCADO: Driving back and he gets an email and now we're getting folks on our info email page and from from a producer. It's Forbes, who wants to do a story on Botswana.

00:27:25.860 --> 00:27:37.320 MARIO MERCADO: And what happened right so yes so so I spray reply back and asked him if he wants to do it. So you want to do it on a Tuesday next Tuesday. The following Tuesday, because we were driving back Saturday night Sunday morning.

00:27:38.880 --> 00:27:43.530 MARIO MERCADO: So he goes to them when it's like, wow, we got to do to the morning so we get back

00:27:44.730 --> 00:27:53.430 MARIO MERCADO: So we were not working out of our office at the time was working out of my apartment because things we were just really screwed up because of this whole issue with the high school federation. Yeah.

00:27:54.240 --> 00:28:00.600 MARIO MERCADO: So we get there and they want to interview me and my apartment. But then I get to my apartment and I'm getting kicked out.

00:28:01.170 --> 00:28:02.160 MARIO MERCADO: Because the money.

00:28:02.190 --> 00:28:10.740 MARIO MERCADO: Thing evicted yes because the money I have to use for my rent. I use it to get the patent for the helmet.

00:28:11.880 --> 00:28:19.860 MARIO MERCADO: Which was like $60,000 for utility a design for both of us and international

00:28:20.910 --> 00:28:24.900 MARIO MERCADO: Oh, it was horrible right 60 grand, was it was it was a total. Yeah.

00:28:25.110 --> 00:28:25.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's rough

00:28:25.920 --> 00:28:33.330 MARIO MERCADO: So I had to say, okay, fine. I can't. I gotta be like the red buttons. I couldn't pay. So I was juggling stuff, but the

00:28:34.680 --> 00:28:48.600 MARIO MERCADO: Link for the for the interview. My, my, my super Victor. He goes, Listen, you're getting kicked out today. Victor, I can I get for an interview. I go, what can you do

00:28:50.400 --> 00:28:57.480 MARIO MERCADO: He goes, he goes, Listen, I'm we'll go upstairs and there's there's a department that's empty will give it to you.

00:28:58.410 --> 00:29:10.080 MARIO MERCADO: But you have to go to the back way because the cameras going to see that if I, if you go to the elevator, they're going to ask you when I produce my job. He says to me, so he goes. All right. Good upstairs. So that's why you see the interview, it's, it's

00:29:10.290 --> 00:29:12.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Empty, empty apartment. Yeah.

00:29:12.120 --> 00:29:22.800 MARIO MERCADO: That's it's not mine, it's somebody else's so so Forbes comes in, they look. We'd like this interview setting, but we want to interview in your apartment like in the real sentence psycho.

00:29:24.090 --> 00:29:31.290 MARIO MERCADO: Psycho Ray hold them at bay. Because not because I get stuff boxed up so I go downstairs. I'm trying to make department. Is there anything else.

00:29:31.650 --> 00:29:42.060 MARIO MERCADO: But they come in, boom, boom, boom. So ray goes, Listen, I can't hold them they would they want to do the interview now so I'm like, all right, fine. So go to start doing the interview and all of a sudden I hear

00:29:44.700 --> 00:29:50.190 MARIO MERCADO: To the door right and I opened the door and it's the Marshal and I go off.

00:29:50.820 --> 00:29:57.090 MARIO MERCADO: So I close the door behind me and Nick. What's up, because listen, we have order, we have to take your department out and go to listen.

00:29:57.570 --> 00:30:09.090 MARIO MERCADO: doing an interview for Forbes, and he looks to my colleague flowery he'll explain it goes, What is it because you're wrestling with God. Yeah. Yes. I'm a wrestler to because listen, I give you a few hours right when they come back, you gotta be gotta get

00:30:09.780 --> 00:30:10.290 MARIO MERCADO: I gotta go.

00:30:10.530 --> 00:30:23.280 MARIO MERCADO: So I'm like, all right, fine when I got my kid. I didn't realize that the producer heard what was going on. He goes, tell me the entire story. So it's a bigger cathartic because I tell them what's going on and it goes. Alright.

00:30:24.420 --> 00:30:24.930 MARIO MERCADO: So my

00:30:26.310 --> 00:30:40.230 MARIO MERCADO: But now they want to go to NYU all to the campus in Brooklyn to see the engineering and I'm saying myself. I don't have much time. So the traffic and everything else will be go to NYU so many we go inside. And we do this whole thing.

00:30:41.520 --> 00:30:51.150 MARIO MERCADO: And now it's about three, four o'clock in the afternoon, and now they want to go and see the headgear on an actual use wrestling.

00:30:52.200 --> 00:31:02.820 MARIO MERCADO: So we go to the New York Athletic Club because at the time, you know, because we are practicing on Tuesday and Thursday. So we go there and they bring all this equipment by the time they're done. It's 830 at night.

00:31:03.960 --> 00:31:13.350 MARIO MERCADO: But Marshall told me that he's going to give me a couple of hours, a couple of hours, like maybe one o'clock in the afternoon. So I'm not sure what I do. So I go back home.

00:31:14.400 --> 00:31:23.940 MARIO MERCADO: I got a sneak in the window. I see this big, this big sign on the door that says addicted. So for like a month I'm sneaking in and out of the apartment into what I'm going to do.

00:31:25.290 --> 00:31:41.400 MARIO MERCADO: Yes, it was, it was a drama rights, then I finally we get an office space down and 50 Broad Street for companies to work for a production company and I'm there. But then, this is the minute I could have really hung it up, you know, so I'm

00:31:41.430 --> 00:31:42.060 MARIO MERCADO: Trying to

00:31:42.360 --> 00:31:44.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I hate to cut you off. We're gonna take a quick commercial let's

00:31:44.850 --> 00:31:46.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Pick up with this when we come back. All right.

00:31:46.500 --> 00:31:47.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We'll be back in just a minute. Everybody

00:34:06.480 --> 00:34:12.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Alright folks, we're back. You're listening to the entrepreneurial web. I'm your host, Jeremiah thoughts. We were just getting a great story from

00:34:13.200 --> 00:34:23.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The founder and CEO abattoir Mario Mercado I gotta ask, so the quote from that Forbes interview. Did it come just after the show was knocking on the door when you were like,

00:34:24.540 --> 00:34:27.360 MARIO MERCADO: Yes, I gave, I gave the guests. That's what I said are

00:34:29.580 --> 00:34:31.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You can't get any more real than that.

00:34:31.530 --> 00:34:40.020 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah so. So during this time, by the way, you know, the story's over during this time. So Shane McMahon is was my student at WWE.

00:34:40.230 --> 00:34:42.330 MARIO MERCADO: But also an investor about 12 right

00:34:42.720 --> 00:34:43.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But cool

00:34:43.860 --> 00:34:49.920 MARIO MERCADO: I have to coach him Shane is 250 pounds, no matter what he says.

00:34:50.100 --> 00:35:07.920 MARIO MERCADO: He's not to 10 okay he's 50. All right, now I'm coaching him so that I can even such a house money so I can survive, but then I'm having to go and and work.

00:35:08.850 --> 00:35:21.120 MARIO MERCADO: But the thing is, Shane is it hurts. No caching is getting ready to go to do his jumping off the cage and all the other crazy shit that he does, but but physically I'm dead.

00:35:21.600 --> 00:35:29.940 MARIO MERCADO: You know, because I gotta go back to work, but but but but let me tell you about this because this is why when people see

00:35:30.900 --> 00:35:40.980 MARIO MERCADO: What you know when you really doing something and people see it, you attract that really good energy and I really believe that. And I don't know what's

00:35:41.550 --> 00:35:50.580 MARIO MERCADO: The number of variables and factors involved in this, but I've been blessed in this way. So I was coaching Shane one time and I'm going through the all this craziness.

00:35:51.960 --> 00:36:00.360 MARIO MERCADO: And he said to me, and I couldn't make workout. I was listed practice with him and I couldn't make it because I was trying to figure out financially. What the fuck was going to happen.

00:36:01.530 --> 00:36:03.420 MARIO MERCADO: So he said to me, where are you

00:36:04.440 --> 00:36:10.740 MARIO MERCADO: And I said, I'm a night i said i said i'm on Sixth Avenue and Ninth Street and he goes, stay there, right there.

00:36:11.820 --> 00:36:17.370 MARIO MERCADO: And he came to me in a taxi and he gave me an envelope and he left.

00:36:19.860 --> 00:36:22.110 MARIO MERCADO: This guy gave me $5,000

00:36:25.290 --> 00:36:25.740 Amazing.

00:36:27.420 --> 00:36:34.080 MARIO MERCADO: It could have been. It could have been $1 that he gave but it was price point. I never told him, but he knew

00:36:35.310 --> 00:36:36.030 MARIO MERCADO: And

00:36:37.590 --> 00:36:46.470 MARIO MERCADO: You know, he but but the point is, is the money wasn't important. What's important about this is that he knew what I was going through

00:36:47.820 --> 00:36:53.820 MARIO MERCADO: He didn't ask me because, you know, because it's somewhat tough to because as an ego. You know, you don't want to embarrass the other person.

00:36:54.960 --> 00:36:57.750 MARIO MERCADO: But he realized that I was doing something for greater good.

00:36:58.950 --> 00:37:03.510 MARIO MERCADO: And that any help would just just him extending his hand.

00:37:04.920 --> 00:37:06.570 MARIO MERCADO: You know, it just made things better.

00:37:06.900 --> 00:37:08.490 MARIO MERCADO: And it's not about money. Cuz, cuz to me, you know,

00:37:08.520 --> 00:37:16.740 MARIO MERCADO: Money is an extension of how you spend your money is an extension of a person's personality of what their intention is no

00:37:17.340 --> 00:37:29.190 MARIO MERCADO: Um, and, and that's slowly started them because people saw you know what I was dealing and then that's why we got accepted into new lab you know so new lab here is called. You know, it's really considered the

00:37:30.300 --> 00:37:41.760 MARIO MERCADO: The, the Silicon Valley of the of the of the of the East Coast and we have some amazing things that Google likes to hear. I'm part of SpaceX of his house. He has some amazing, amazing startups here. So we got

00:37:43.050 --> 00:37:56.850 MARIO MERCADO: invited to be part of this, but it's because of things like this to wear. What if you if you really stick with it for it. But, but, but, of course, your, your, your, your company, your idea has to

00:37:57.360 --> 00:38:10.590 MARIO MERCADO: Be scaled and in a way that people see. Okay, fine. We get it. It's not some. It's not just creating some charge either that you can just, you know, self make for two bucks right something that really contributes to society.

00:38:12.150 --> 00:38:15.690 MARIO MERCADO: And that makes it. Yeah, it's really the contribution. Yeah.

00:38:16.020 --> 00:38:22.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: On a percent. I mean, that I was saying earlier in the show like that's what really kept my restaurant alive. It wasn't

00:38:22.620 --> 00:38:26.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Because we have like amazing food, you know, I mean the food's good but

00:38:26.670 --> 00:38:39.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Um, it was because we started to play a much bigger part in in the community and we always had. But then we really just focused on it like we were getting many requests and and that was the turning point and and to your, you know, to your point about

00:38:41.040 --> 00:38:43.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It wasn't about the money that Shane gave you, um,

00:38:44.310 --> 00:38:54.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is more so in line with the letters that you've gotten, right, like you said, you keep a couple on your desk and I have this similar experiences like people just reached out to me during this time period.

00:38:54.720 --> 00:38:58.530 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They were just like, thank you. And they didn't even order anything. They were just like,

00:38:58.890 --> 00:38:59.490 MARIO MERCADO: We wanted to

00:38:59.550 --> 00:39:08.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Make sure you're good, and just say thank you and that's what got me to come in and open the door. The next day, it wasn't like because we made so much money. The night before, because sometimes we didn't

00:39:09.330 --> 00:39:15.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Make any you know it was that that moral support and and that sense of

00:39:15.420 --> 00:39:22.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I think that goes back to what I said at the beginning, you know, whatever that whoever quoted saying, you know, business mortality is

00:39:22.530 --> 00:39:33.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: More often suicide and homicide because you give up. You're just like, can't do it anymore. And it's that moral defeat, not necessarily that financial defeat because you were there. You were there.

00:39:34.290 --> 00:39:36.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, I have yet to hear a story that bad.

00:39:38.130 --> 00:39:44.250 MARIO MERCADO: I, I, I swear. I swear, you know it happened that way, you know, and

00:39:45.330 --> 00:39:52.380 MARIO MERCADO: It's like community. You know, you know, you do Jiu Jitsu like it's it's a brotherhood and what we do get me. Yeah. Like the other guys you know

00:39:54.060 --> 00:39:55.170 MARIO MERCADO: Sink and hence. Oh.

00:39:55.590 --> 00:40:01.830 MARIO MERCADO: Was even greater to me so hence. Oh, it's like a brother, no hands. I've coached him the family for many, many years.

00:40:02.250 --> 00:40:13.620 MARIO MERCADO: Um, and we're extremely close and even that. So even when when things were tight with with with trying to get product here. Um, you know, hence I gave me $100,000 check

00:40:14.370 --> 00:40:22.500 MARIO MERCADO: And here he goes, yeah, he just, he said here, just take care of it because I believe what you do and think about the hens. Oh, is that, you know, it's crazy with him because

00:40:24.450 --> 00:40:28.500 MARIO MERCADO: There was some craziness going on about hands. I recently interviewed probably heard, you know, hence a racist.

00:40:28.500 --> 00:40:29.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, of course. Of course.

00:40:30.150 --> 00:40:35.220 MARIO MERCADO: Let me explain to you, hands up during this covert situation.

00:40:36.660 --> 00:40:44.430 MARIO MERCADO: Henschel has and this is no exaggeration pencil has literally minimum

00:40:46.650 --> 00:40:58.140 MARIO MERCADO: Rents that he pays outside but just for students that he pays. Now I'm not talking about the guys I worked for him, which is another story.

00:40:58.500 --> 00:40:58.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right.

00:40:58.770 --> 00:41:11.760 MARIO MERCADO: But just students whose rent that he pays because he knows that they are in trouble. Mm hmm. This is girl. This is a guy me a male, female, I'm

00:41:13.470 --> 00:41:33.420 MARIO MERCADO: gay, straight drilling a black, white, I've seen them all and and he just does it. And they they actually. How do I know this is because some of them had called me even as last week to say, look, um, do you know when the Academy is going to be open because I'm pencil still paying rent.

00:41:35.220 --> 00:41:44.400 MARIO MERCADO: You know, and we feel bad because he sent me any money. And I said, he's painting what and he goes, Yeah. He goes, you didn't know this and they go, oh really yeah but i but i just to play along.

00:41:44.700 --> 00:41:51.390 MARIO MERCADO: Because I don't want to, I want you know make it feel uncomfortable, but it was like holy shit, you know, so

00:41:51.450 --> 00:41:51.960 MARIO MERCADO: CRYING

00:41:52.290 --> 00:42:00.330 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah, so it's allowed them to continue their own business, actually, because some of these guys working from home. Right. But because their rent was paid and allowed them.

00:42:00.360 --> 00:42:01.680 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To continue to work right home.

00:42:02.460 --> 00:42:12.780 MARIO MERCADO: So it's like a whole energies incestuous you know and you know it's always the old adage you you can tell a person by by who their friends are

00:42:15.150 --> 00:42:18.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah I yeah and I didn't. I saw some of this stuff.

00:42:19.200 --> 00:42:22.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That people were dropping online about him like looking at

00:42:23.310 --> 00:42:25.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Work and I'm like okay

00:42:25.680 --> 00:42:26.370 MARIO MERCADO: I gotta go.

00:42:26.640 --> 00:42:28.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You ain't you ain't got no job.

00:42:28.230 --> 00:42:29.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You got nothing to do

00:42:30.930 --> 00:42:31.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know and like

00:42:32.070 --> 00:42:38.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I don't, I don't know hinder we've talked online. You know, we've gone back and forth in some messages stuff, but I've never met but

00:42:38.670 --> 00:42:54.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Even prior like everything I ever heard about him was just complete gregarious you know like listen to like Matt Serra and people like that talk about him like him rolling up, you know, Matt Serra that says mom calling them and saying,

00:42:54.240 --> 00:42:54.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Those here where

00:42:56.250 --> 00:42:57.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It's like craziness.

00:42:58.500 --> 00:42:59.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, you know, you can't

00:43:00.690 --> 00:43:08.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You gotta just ignore that stuff and like somebody like you who knows him personally is just like that's that's the validation. You know, like there was these people, they

00:43:08.790 --> 00:43:09.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: There's others everywhere you

00:43:10.140 --> 00:43:13.230 MARIO MERCADO: Know, that's when you got to get the blinders on. And it's just like

00:43:13.530 --> 00:43:15.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: With your business, you know, with whatever you're doing, you said that in the

00:43:15.960 --> 00:43:17.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Forbes interview and I read it in some

00:43:17.670 --> 00:43:21.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Other things you were like, you know, people told me I couldn't people

00:43:21.450 --> 00:43:21.840 MARIO MERCADO: Told me

00:43:22.380 --> 00:43:24.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My email. Yeah, my

00:43:24.510 --> 00:43:30.600 MARIO MERCADO: Own friends told me so like even more crazy. So now we're doing a wrestling game to actually go through this because

00:43:31.770 --> 00:43:38.010 MARIO MERCADO: It's a whole strategy that we're doing, but but but but it was so hard to do. Right.

00:43:38.220 --> 00:43:42.690 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah. And I, and I say to people, if you're not going to do it. What the hell did you know about gaming.

00:43:43.710 --> 00:43:49.140 MARIO MERCADO: There's, there's a quote that and I'm gonna pass it as a little bit, but it's from

00:43:50.700 --> 00:44:04.740 MARIO MERCADO: Andrew Carnegie, someone asked them, you know, well, you don't know about all this, you know, what makes you think you can do it because this is because I can hire people I I hiring experts, but they don't have the vision that I have

00:44:05.280 --> 00:44:05.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right.

00:44:06.030 --> 00:44:15.690 MARIO MERCADO: You know, and it's true. It said, you know, you have guys who actually are the engineers who are, you know, the chemists, that's their field.

00:44:16.350 --> 00:44:24.180 MARIO MERCADO: But the visionaries, the person that's going to drive it forward to make it happen and and to get. And that's where you have that that team.

00:44:24.600 --> 00:44:38.070 MARIO MERCADO: So of course the visionary can do it without the technical person. The person can't do it without the visionary. But once you find that team, you know, anything could happen and it doesn't believe in that vision that you have

00:44:38.460 --> 00:44:47.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That feels it. Yeah. Cool. We're going to take one more last break we come back we'll wrap up with some other fire here from our friend, Mario. We've got just a few everybody stay tuned.

00:46:42.210 --> 00:46:57.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Alright everybody, last round, ding, ding, ding, we're going to make it our best, we're back here with Mario Mario mercado. He is the founder and CEO of batch wha, among other things, dude is super resilient. It's too bad. This is only an hour, Mario. We can do this. We do this.

00:46:57.390 --> 00:47:02.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All day, I'm happy to have you come back on. I gotta get that Joe Rogan format where we could do like three hours and just, just do

00:47:03.780 --> 00:47:07.380 MARIO MERCADO: We have so many stories ran about that we could talk to you guys. Yeah.

00:47:07.440 --> 00:47:07.680 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah.

00:47:07.980 --> 00:47:17.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: No, we'll do it again, we'll do it again. Sure. I want to talk about the elephant in the room, which is not being able to train. When are you going to develop a face mask that has

00:47:21.420 --> 00:47:29.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know mask on it so como will be like, oh yeah, you know, you're fine, just buy a sandwich first and then and then put on your helmet and then you guys can train

00:47:31.680 --> 00:47:35.190 MARIO MERCADO: If they haven't made a condom work on a percent, where the things are going to do the face mask.

00:47:40.530 --> 00:47:41.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that's it.

00:47:43.350 --> 00:47:46.530 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We're done. I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm

00:47:47.250 --> 00:47:54.030 MARIO MERCADO: Actually, so I was actually on the phone with the Commission before I'm jumped on so

00:47:54.180 --> 00:48:03.900 MARIO MERCADO: Nice. What's happened is this is that, unfortunately, you don't have many gyms in New York State that are that are registered with Department of State.

00:48:04.500 --> 00:48:22.140 MARIO MERCADO: With the with the Athletic Commission if they did, if they were, they would be easier to open. So like for example. Hence, it was only one of three gyms in New York City. That's, um, that's a registered as that's licensed by department by the

00:48:22.410 --> 00:48:31.140 MARIO MERCADO: American pencils. It's Gleason's I think other one might be Mendez, so I'm handle. I think it's gonna open up like soon.

00:48:31.530 --> 00:48:38.790 MARIO MERCADO: Right, yeah. But the problem now is really is which people don't realize it's this tort reform. So if you go back to

00:48:39.180 --> 00:48:43.230 MARIO MERCADO: The tobacco industry when they, when they kept the limit of people getting sued.

00:48:43.680 --> 00:48:52.710 MARIO MERCADO: They did it because I was taught because they were going to put Philip Morris and other companies out of business. So they put a cap on people suing if they got to lung cancer.

00:48:53.640 --> 00:49:03.660 MARIO MERCADO: The same thing that's what Congress is trying to do is that if you're training at a gym. What's going to say that a gym owner who gets sued over anything all the time frivolous lawsuits. Right.

00:49:03.690 --> 00:49:10.740 MARIO MERCADO: And people to say, oh, look at CO, but I should tell you what, what's going to happen, their insurance premiums are going to go up. They're going to have to lawyer up

00:49:10.950 --> 00:49:17.370 MARIO MERCADO: Then other good, then all of a sudden you go on social media with one person to another guy covert at your gym, then it's going to shut everything down again.

00:49:17.730 --> 00:49:25.380 MARIO MERCADO: So as great as we love social media, there's an evil because everyone has a voice, but that voice may not be logical or Vedic

00:49:25.860 --> 00:49:34.170 MARIO MERCADO: So it's a really it's a big mess. So it's trying to say, okay, fine. What's the best way that we can do to limit the liability of these gems getting sued.

00:49:34.800 --> 00:49:44.610 MARIO MERCADO: If a person who's broken. Listen, let's be real here. Okay. People who don't have money, especially whoever a devious mind will try to find the way to get money.

00:49:45.030 --> 00:50:00.330 MARIO MERCADO: In any way possible. So they'll go, and they'll sue someone you know to say I got something just to get quick money so that it gets settled and it's finished. And these gyms, they are not. It's not like an equinox, we have these massive machines behind them.

00:50:00.570 --> 00:50:01.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right, you know,

00:50:02.010 --> 00:50:13.080 MARIO MERCADO: They rely on this on their on their students literally on on the limited amount of students, but a student doesn't pay well then it's direct money coming out of the pocket that they can afford to to compensate

00:50:13.650 --> 00:50:20.460 MARIO MERCADO: For hands. Those Academy, for example, is one of the few that has thousands of students, where he can absorb a couple of losses. Here there.

00:50:20.850 --> 00:50:28.950 MARIO MERCADO: But you have some of these other guys like what like Birdman, and some of these other guys. I really only have 50 guys but they lose two and that's a lot.

00:50:29.850 --> 00:50:44.490 MARIO MERCADO: Of times it over, over the course of the year. Yeah, so it's it's it's a really tough situation and personally from what I've seen, because especially because these landlords are not going to want to be helpful. Some of these guys are not being flexible.

00:50:44.670 --> 00:50:46.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And not at all. Mm hmm.

00:50:46.350 --> 00:50:55.050 MARIO MERCADO: I think there's gonna be a consolidation and then it'll, it'll go back out again. But it's gonna be a period of hurt unfortunate. Yeah, yeah.

00:50:55.920 --> 00:50:58.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it goes back to just survival. You know, like when

00:50:58.680 --> 00:51:02.700 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You're in that you're in that that round with that that big dude. And he's just

00:51:02.730 --> 00:51:11.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like putting the pressure on and you're like, you're like, Okay, I just got to find that wiggle room. I just got to survive. That's like the old Helio Gracie, because it do small right

00:51:11.550 --> 00:51:12.210 MARIO MERCADO: He was just like

00:51:12.240 --> 00:51:20.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It was about survival wasn't about coming in fancy techniques right from the start. He would survive for 30 minutes when he was tired. He'd be like, now let's take your back and choke you out.

00:51:21.180 --> 00:51:29.280 MARIO MERCADO: Exactly so. So we got to see what kind of technology now can do here is to where it can create opportunity out of this.

00:51:29.370 --> 00:51:31.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Out of this yes and and

00:51:32.220 --> 00:51:35.640 MARIO MERCADO: Yes, we're gonna have we're gonna have to try to find that way. Yeah.

00:51:35.790 --> 00:51:48.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I think you're right that it's going to be a little bit more of a consolidation some some good people will go, but some bad people will go to but but the people that really like stick it out. It's going to be a revival and the pieces will be picked back up.

00:51:48.420 --> 00:51:49.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And yeah, and we'll

00:51:49.230 --> 00:51:51.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We'll see the fruitfulness again. But it's just going to

00:51:51.960 --> 00:51:52.290 Be

00:51:53.520 --> 00:51:56.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, it'll be an interim period. Yeah, sure.

00:51:56.040 --> 00:52:09.990 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah, and even and even on the event side. So, my boy, became of FMT you got to really check him out. He's doing the first MMA FIGHT BACK IN NEW YORK. The first week. Yes, it's it

00:52:10.140 --> 00:52:10.650 MARIO MERCADO: Really, is it can

00:52:10.740 --> 00:52:29.730 MARIO MERCADO: Be done, it's going to be in October. I think like October 3 October 13 is one of those, but it's at the Brooklyn Academy and hence hosts. They, the Commission now has given the green light. It's moving forward. Um, yes. The first one it's going to be a combination of MMA more time BJ J.

00:52:30.870 --> 00:52:44.280 MARIO MERCADO: And possibly even some wrestling and boxing to get the fight community in New York City back in action, because even the UFC and even Bella tour are leaving New York City alone.

00:52:45.030 --> 00:52:52.620 MARIO MERCADO: For the foreseeable future. Probably until 2021 just because they're machines. It's so big that that the economics doesn't make sense.

00:52:52.620 --> 00:52:53.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Make sense right

00:52:53.490 --> 00:53:03.450 MARIO MERCADO: No, but for the smaller shows here to where these guys who have these smaller, smaller shows are really the essence and the blood and sweat of the New York City.

00:53:04.290 --> 00:53:14.820 MARIO MERCADO: MMA and combat sports world. This show is going to be. And I'm glad that hence I was actually going to do it on, it's going to host it we're trying to get changed to co hosted with them. We're going to see if that could be possible.

00:53:14.820 --> 00:53:15.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Now,

00:53:15.600 --> 00:53:30.450 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah, with became with with with with Matt projects, it's unbelievable at the Academy, they're going to stream it and I think Bob is going to last the fighters to come in. Come on. The motorcycles have an entrance and coming in Brooklyn. This will be the very first

00:53:30.480 --> 00:53:32.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Day, the shots, not far from

00:53:33.150 --> 00:53:34.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The hands of Brooklyn. Okay.

00:53:34.650 --> 00:53:35.670 MARIO MERCADO: Exactly. You got

00:53:36.750 --> 00:53:38.550 MARIO MERCADO: Coming down to 100 yard Street.

00:53:38.790 --> 00:53:40.080 MARIO MERCADO: You know what the fight Academy

00:53:40.140 --> 00:53:41.160 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah, it's gonna be hot.

00:53:41.370 --> 00:53:45.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's though, man, that's what. Very cool. Well,

00:53:45.150 --> 00:53:53.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like you said, you know, it's letting it's letting that it's like the scrappy guys are coming up now and and some of them deserve it. I mean, we're seeing the same in the food and beverage.

00:53:53.760 --> 00:53:56.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Industry, you know, a lot of the big people are leaving

00:53:56.940 --> 00:54:08.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Their out of here and little guys are going to hustle and they're going to work hard and and you know, hopefully. I mean, I sure as hell. I'm making that money right now. I keep telling everybody 2020 is not about making money. It's about building

00:54:08.760 --> 00:54:09.120 MARIO MERCADO: Rapport

00:54:09.870 --> 00:54:16.800 MARIO MERCADO: Building awareness. Yes, yes. And that's why you know it is overcome any obstacle that you have

00:54:17.310 --> 00:54:28.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yeah, there's a similar phrase in in jujitsu or me, Japanese, I should say. But it's used in jujitsu a lot in and it made me one of the translations is to push and preserve

00:54:28.890 --> 00:54:33.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that's the idea. You know, it's just like you have to keep pushing, but you have to preserve yourself to

00:54:33.840 --> 00:54:34.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You have to be smart. You have to be

00:54:34.950 --> 00:54:46.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Safe and that's kind of like the ideology behind your company. Right. It's like, yeah, safety is is paramount communication technology, right. Those are like the kind of like your three pillars.

00:54:46.920 --> 00:54:49.020 MARIO MERCADO: 100% yes

00:54:49.050 --> 00:54:49.980 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah. Yes.

00:54:50.280 --> 00:54:56.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it trickles down into everything that's really dope. We got a few minutes left. I wanna, I want you to tell people where they can

00:54:56.700 --> 00:55:03.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Get in touch with you if they would like to where they can learn more about you and your company and everything you've got going on. Where can people find out about you.

00:55:03.570 --> 00:55:09.930 MARIO MERCADO: So you can go to our website, Botswana calm BTS try com it's not best toy I even though

00:55:10.740 --> 00:55:32.730 MARIO MERCADO: The way. But, but, um, you can check us out on our Facebook page, but squad, we're getting our, our, our Instagram redone. So, and then you can also check us out on Twitter. Twitter handle at 12 01 check us out there can come down to New lab, you know, new lab is really driving a lot of innovation.

00:55:33.960 --> 00:55:36.240 MARIO MERCADO: That's going to really contribute to a lot

00:55:36.660 --> 00:55:38.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And where's that Where's knew that

00:55:38.490 --> 00:55:39.810 MARIO MERCADO: At the Brooklyn Navy yard's

00:55:40.320 --> 00:55:41.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Oh yeah, right.

00:55:41.550 --> 00:55:50.190 MARIO MERCADO: Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. And then also be on the lookout for a wrestling game buffalo supreme coming up the end of September, beginning of of

00:55:50.280 --> 00:55:51.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Oh really, like a game game like

00:55:52.020 --> 00:56:03.030 MARIO MERCADO: Yes, it is hot. It is a very first wrestling game ever done right, and I'll be the whole mo cap. We did everything you know at hands, those of course you know love them to death.

00:56:03.300 --> 00:56:03.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Quite a

00:56:03.750 --> 00:56:11.520 MARIO MERCADO: Number of great wrestlers from from Egypt, Iran, Russia even Dan Gable participated in the game as well.

00:56:11.550 --> 00:56:13.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Whoa. Now, yes.

00:56:13.230 --> 00:56:19.080 MARIO MERCADO: Yeah, so, so did. We did a lot to this. Yeah. So it's really cool. We scrapped it up, you know, and it's gonna be hot.

00:56:19.860 --> 00:56:24.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That's awesome, man. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show, we're definitely going to do this again. This

00:56:24.900 --> 00:56:34.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We just scratched the surface that I know you're, you're really, you're a dude with a deep bandwidth and you've got a lot more to offer and I really look forward to see what you've got coming up.

00:56:35.460 --> 00:56:45.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In the future, so thank you for coming on. Really appreciate it, you all have a great weekend. Check in next week. Keep your eye on this guy Mario to do is fire. Alright, everybody. Have a great weekend.

00:56:45.930 --> 00:56:46.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We'll see you next week.

00:56:47.250 --> 00:56:48.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Peace out. Thank you.