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Friday, September 17, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/17 - Learn To Speak

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/17 - Learn To Speak


2021/09/17 - Learn To Speak

[NEW EPISODE] Learn To Speak

This Friday at noon I'll be discussing 3 of my favorite topics - entrepreneurship, podcasting & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - with business owner & bjj practitioner, Robert Johnstone.

Robert is a partner in Speakeasy Podcast Network & an old training partner of my bro, Jacob Fox. 

We'll dive into why podcasting is smart for business owners, what it takes to get one together, the type of services Speakeasy provides & how jiu jitsu informs your professional life.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah kicks off the show with a quote from Gary V: “Every business is a media company.” Jeremiah welcomes Robert Johnstone to the show. He is the partner of the Speakeasy Podcast Network. Jeremiah asks Robert how he got into podcasting. Robert got into podcasting due to jiu jitsu and finding out that Joe Rogan had a podcast. He was in the Marine Corps at the time, working on F18s and teaching martial arts. Once he was out of the Marines he used his knack for marketing learned from growing up in a small town and being fascinated by the ad booklets he’d receive in the mail. He wanted to get into business with a focus on marketing and started by selling advertising at a local newspaper. He got into digital marketing with his business partner because while the company didn’t have capital, others were impressed with how they were marketing the company. This led to the creation of Wayne Media Group, the parent company of Speakeasy, which did digital marketing for clients on a local level. They were benefitting tremendously from using podcasting to market their business, and clients began asking them for help establishing their own. Podcasting eliminates the need for a broadcasting background and traditional media support. One thing led to another and for the last two years, Speakeasy has helped clients launch successful podcasts. They help them set their goals, give them best practices and help market podcasts to their intended audiences. As a result Speakeasy has been able to build a team of intelligent employees specializing in podcast marketing.  After the break, Jeremiah and Robert will continue to the conversation about building a successful team.

Segment 2

Jeremiah comes back from the break to ask Robert more information on Wayne Media Group. They do marketing for small businesses with personal approach. For example, they’ll take on a company’s social media management, Google business page management, photography and videography, and helping with their marketing strategy from a holistic approach. What they want to accomplish by staying local in Louisville, even though there are benefits of outsourcing, is they always want to be there and want their clients to be spoken for locally. They want their clients to know that they will always be a phone call away. Everyone on his team are real people who will knock on your door to help out with your marketing. Speakeasy now has in-person services where clients can come to the podcast studio to see how the shows are produced. Jeremiah discusses how difficult it is to scale intimacy - offering a level of intimacy where clients feel like they’re talking to you and that you’re hearing them. As you expand nationally and internationally, that feeling of intimacy can start to go away. In 2011 when Jeremiah was opening multiple business at the same time, they were short on marketing budget and felt like there were no middle ground marketing services companies on offer. Robert says that Speakeasy offers this for small, scrappy businesses and one of the reasons they can do this is by building and maintaining a work culture where their employees are treated well and made to feel like they are contributing positively to clients’ business. That culture then spreads to the clients. Jeremiah says a key to establishing a niche business is to focus on what competitors are not offering, and to make yourself visible in that space. He thinks Speakeasy is offering this type of niche service to small businesses. Robert says Speakeasy saw that need for a niche and can now offer smaller companies marketing opportunities that are otherwise seemingly only available to larger companies with big marketing budgets. Podcasts in particular can be started on a very small budget. After the break Jeremiah will ask Robert more about what Speakeasy can offer in terms of podcast development and marketing.

Segment 3

Back from the break, Robert offers pointers on how best to develop and market your podcast. “The best way to start your podcast is to start your podcast.” Record yourself a lot, listen to yourself and take notes on how you can improve your voice. Stay consistent with it: try to record every week if you can. Keep on top of your goals and objectives for the podcast. Identify the audience you want to speak to and develop a strategy for growing that audience. Start with your niche and you will eventually be able to expand the audience. Jeremiah mentions how his podcast started off focusing a lot on jiu jitsu, and the show took off with that niche audience and grew from there. Robert says one group of businesspeople who benefit greatly from podcast are real estate agents. The most successful ones grow their audience by talking about more than just real estate - ghost stories for example. Jeremiah mentions fellow show Rediscovering New York as an example of a real estate professional using their platform successfully. Robert says three three things local podcasters should know they will gain from having a podcast. #1: business-to-business networking capability. #2: Content generation that you can use across your other marketing and social platforms. #3: you’ll build a strong brand image for your company. Jeremiah adds you’ll also realize that podcasting is genuinely fun to do. Robert adds that podcasting is a good way to grow your business from a content perspective, without necessarily having to worry about hard numbers. After the break Jeremiah and Robert will talk about jiu jitsu.

Segment 4

Wrapping it up for today is a discussion between Jeremiah and Robert on jiu jitsu. Jeremiah says jiu jitsu 101 is having a strategy. Similar to business, podcasting and life, jiu jitsu needs to have a strategy or else things can be very chaotic. Robert responds saying it’s extremely important to have a plan, similar to having a content plan for a podcast. It’s also important to go in with a clear head so you can focus on implementing your plan. To close out, Jeremiah asks Robert for some parting wisdom. Robert says it’s invaluable to be able to work through emotional turmoil. He learned this in the Marines and this has stayed with him during his life and career. You will make mistakes and you will experience pain, but if you make it through, you will be successful.


00:02:56.070 --> 00:03:05.790 Jeremiah Fox: what's up everybody happy Friday welcome welcome you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox before we kick it off today, the message of the week, this comes from.

00:03:06.120 --> 00:03:09.330 Jeremiah Fox: Gary van der chuck, also known as Gary vee and he wants said.

00:03:09.750 --> 00:03:16.350 Jeremiah Fox: If you're a business owner, you have to start thinking like you own a media company doesn't matter what business you're in in some way.

00:03:16.560 --> 00:03:26.670 Jeremiah Fox: You have to be able to promote for yourself and market for yourself on that will lead us into today's discussion, some of my favorite things to talk about entrepreneurship.

00:03:27.030 --> 00:03:37.260 Jeremiah Fox: podcasting building a podcast marketing and podcasts and, of course, Brazilian jujitsu before I bring my guest on make sure you unmute yourself again see your little red.

00:03:37.710 --> 00:03:44.940 Jeremiah Fox: microphone and with that we're zooming all the way to louisville Kentucky welcoming to the show Robert Johnstone he is.

00:03:45.300 --> 00:03:55.740 Jeremiah Fox: A former training partner of my brother Jacob fox has also been on the show he's been on our side, show the odd cast, not the podcast because it's just a little too silly.

00:03:56.580 --> 00:04:02.790 Jeremiah Fox: So brothers on casts which we do on instagram live every Sunday and Robert was on there about a month ago and.

00:04:03.150 --> 00:04:18.840 Jeremiah Fox: Some some knowledge was dropped about his podcast network company called speakeasy podcast network of which he is a partner in arm and a couple of the things that looks like I snooping around his social media pages so welcome to the show Robert glad to have you.

00:04:20.040 --> 00:04:35.730 Robert Johnstone: hey JEREMY thanks for having me it's great to be here great to see you again um I know that we have the introduction on that the silly podcast at noon your brother running That was a wonderful time I hope I hope he's not dealing with any setbacks I let loose is secret.

00:04:36.210 --> 00:04:36.480 Robert Johnstone: About.

00:04:37.170 --> 00:04:43.380 Jeremiah Fox: This voice, you know only only a couple blowback here and there, most people are are still.

00:04:44.400 --> 00:04:50.580 Jeremiah Fox: still confused by the whole thing but yeah it's funny I always call that the sideshow that's like the not serious show.

00:04:50.850 --> 00:04:59.760 Jeremiah Fox: Have a few people have been on both and i'm like yeah you can come on I guard goofy show my serious ones, on Friday, but you know with the with the imposter we do that on a on Sunday.

00:04:59.940 --> 00:05:01.440 Robert Johnstone: Not too serious though right.

00:05:01.770 --> 00:05:02.850 Jeremiah Fox: Not too serious now here.

00:05:02.850 --> 00:05:04.440 Jeremiah Fox: We go curse and everything but.

00:05:05.670 --> 00:05:12.300 Jeremiah Fox: Just a different orientation, so my lighting sucks today it's really cloudy here were you aware that he and I were from nashville.

00:05:13.320 --> 00:05:16.290 Robert Johnstone: No, I had no idea where I like I said I thought.

00:05:17.250 --> 00:05:19.020 Robert Johnstone: It bother restaurant in Brazil this.

00:05:20.040 --> 00:05:33.900 Jeremiah Fox: Was from Brazil so just to give everybody the backstory on that my brother was teaching, sometimes at the school that that Robert and he met in in Virginia beach Virginia called kaizen right, you were at kaizen.

00:05:34.650 --> 00:05:39.570 Robert Johnstone: You correct yeah yeah no Virginia beach area to change over there, we both did for a bit.

00:05:40.230 --> 00:05:50.310 Jeremiah Fox: And what my brother would teach you would start the classes as if he was a Brazilian i've dropped the accent a few times here on the on the show but.

00:05:51.750 --> 00:05:53.640 Jeremiah Fox: He COPs it better than me and.

00:05:54.840 --> 00:06:00.900 Jeremiah Fox: For a while Robert thought he was actually Brazilian because of the way he talked when he when he taught the classes it's pretty.

00:06:01.290 --> 00:06:03.480 Robert Johnstone: Literally for about at least a year.

00:06:03.840 --> 00:06:05.040 Jeremiah Fox: hilarious.

00:06:05.250 --> 00:06:09.990 Robert Johnstone: At least you're just uh yeah he's he's a strange excellent wrestler excellent teacher.

00:06:11.610 --> 00:06:12.630 Jeremiah Fox: All the things to.

00:06:12.690 --> 00:06:15.360 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you, thanks all thanks to uncle the novel.

00:06:16.770 --> 00:06:17.040 Robert Johnstone: Right.

00:06:22.410 --> 00:06:23.670 Give me two seconds.

00:06:24.720 --> 00:06:27.720 Jeremiah Fox: two seconds i've got some delay here oh.

00:06:27.780 --> 00:06:28.290 Jeremiah Fox: There we go.

00:06:28.350 --> 00:06:38.340 Jeremiah Fox: All right, I fix that yeah too many buttons going on, anyway, so i'm curious one how did you get into podcasting and media yourself.

00:06:38.670 --> 00:06:46.290 Jeremiah Fox: especially given the message, because, like that's how I got into it, I was you know just opening businesses and running businesses and for me, I was like.

00:06:46.470 --> 00:06:53.070 Jeremiah Fox: How the Fuck do you market I don't know, like all these terms and like we didn't have the budget to do like the mainstream stuff this is going back you know.

00:06:53.670 --> 00:07:03.390 Jeremiah Fox: You know, over you know, a 10 plus years now, and when I started to listen to guys like Gary van der chuck talk about you know start a podcast.

00:07:03.690 --> 00:07:12.090 Jeremiah Fox: You know chop it up distribute and market for yourself that's how I got into it was it was it something similar completely different view we just passionate about podcasting.

00:07:12.900 --> 00:07:17.850 Robert Johnstone: Oh it's it's kind of a longer stories i'm gonna try to condense my my best so.

00:07:17.910 --> 00:07:19.080 Jeremiah Fox: You got an hour don't worry about.

00:07:19.080 --> 00:07:27.210 Robert Johnstone: It yeah so I make it clear, though, but yeah so I first really started getting into podcasting because of you know jujitsu.

00:07:27.240 --> 00:07:28.110 Robert Johnstone: Because you know I.

00:07:28.350 --> 00:07:34.470 Robert Johnstone: was doing jujitsu and then someone's like oh Joe rogan does jujitsu and he's a comedian he commentates for the UFC.

00:07:35.190 --> 00:07:35.670 Jeremiah Fox: corolla.

00:07:35.700 --> 00:07:40.950 Robert Johnstone: Is me, and you know he has the most I would say, arguably the most popular podcast.

00:07:41.550 --> 00:07:46.830 Robert Johnstone: Not necessarily the oh gee of podcasting but certainly the bigger audience to one news all the time.

00:07:47.190 --> 00:08:01.230 Robert Johnstone: The $100 million spotify deal yeah which i'll make my prediction, I think that he will you know after the steel's over it's it's going to go back to all platforms just gonna say that but no, you know I started listening to his podcast a lot.

00:08:02.340 --> 00:08:05.730 Robert Johnstone: And then, as I was, I actually was in the marine corps at the time.

00:08:05.910 --> 00:08:06.360 Robert Johnstone: So.

00:08:06.450 --> 00:08:15.720 Robert Johnstone: You know, completely different job I was working on FA teams and I was teaching how to work on it teams and I was teaching some martial arts that i'll play it together.

00:08:16.440 --> 00:08:22.350 Robert Johnstone: But once I decided to kind of get out i've always had this knack for marketing advertising everything.

00:08:22.650 --> 00:08:29.730 Robert Johnstone: I remember when I was growing up like I listened to really, really small towns so first thing that comes to mind is number one.

00:08:30.120 --> 00:08:44.040 Robert Johnstone: Like we didn't have a target or walmart or anything like that within 50 miles, they did end up getting a walmart like 20 miles away from my home the town had a fair festival for it and everything is is a big deal.

00:08:44.100 --> 00:08:54.330 Robert Johnstone: yeah but no, I remember getting like the ads like the booklets and in the mail and just being fascinated by you know those booklets to branding everything like that.

00:08:54.780 --> 00:09:08.340 Robert Johnstone: And then you know super bowl is the same way I love football don't get me wrong i'm a Detroit lions fan, though, so whenever the superbowl comes around you definitely know I don't have a dog in the fight, but I was always very interested in listening to you know the commercial.

00:09:08.370 --> 00:09:17.250 Robert Johnstone: sober yeah football team, even as a young kid so yeah all to say that, and of course mad men, you know kind of like don draper over here.

00:09:17.790 --> 00:09:34.320 Robert Johnstone: just maybe maybe a quarter of him, but now i'm at once, I once I got out, you know, I was pursuing college Green, you know I wanted again business and I wanted you know the the specialty to be i'm where I focus was marketing, so I got into marketing and then.

00:09:35.640 --> 00:09:48.990 Robert Johnstone: I was selling advertising a local newspaper which was me no not my a great learning opportunity but also like you know just kind of very old school mentality and I was very fortunate.

00:09:49.410 --> 00:10:00.180 Robert Johnstone: Very strange on, and this is going to confuse everybody, but I have two business partners one's name is Robert says he does all of our videography and media work and then, who I started the company with originally.

00:10:00.660 --> 00:10:05.670 Robert Johnstone: rob Johnson, not to be confused with rob Johnstone but oftentimes is.

00:10:06.360 --> 00:10:14.040 Robert Johnstone: He already had a lot going on, and he was kind of doing some financial coaching and we kind of rekindled our friendship and got back together.

00:10:14.400 --> 00:10:19.170 Robert Johnstone: I was helping him sell this financial coaching but we really didn't have the capital to really go anywhere with it.

00:10:19.470 --> 00:10:26.100 Robert Johnstone: So we started getting into digital marketing because he was getting a lot of feedback from the companies that we were working with they're like hey.

00:10:26.460 --> 00:10:40.080 Robert Johnstone: We don't really understand your financial services, nor can we afford them, but we really like how your marketing this company and the digital landscape, can you give us some tips rob Johnson being the forever opportunist and entrepreneur that he is he's like.

00:10:42.240 --> 00:10:57.810 Robert Johnstone: yeah I certainly can and then that kind of led to us getting into our our other companies that kind of Father company that we have an umbrella company over speakeasy podcast network Wayne media group and we were doing digital marketing on.

00:10:59.880 --> 00:11:07.260 Robert Johnstone: Google advertising website element and then with rob SAS to content development for our clients on a really local level.

00:11:08.220 --> 00:11:21.390 Robert Johnstone: At the time we had our own podcast going on, and that was a good lead generator for us, I know rob has an episode called like $29 garbage seo because you know all the if you're in business, you are getting the.

00:11:22.110 --> 00:11:24.420 Robert Johnstone: you're getting the emails and phone calls saying.

00:11:25.230 --> 00:11:32.400 Robert Johnstone: hey we're going to rank number one on Google which isn't necessarily a real realistic thing you're probably talking about Google adwords but then also.

00:11:32.760 --> 00:11:41.970 Robert Johnstone: The master classes on Facebook that say hey this course for today only is going from $10,000 all the way down to $29 one time only.

00:11:42.270 --> 00:11:50.580 Robert Johnstone: So you know he a lot of people were upset about that he was tracking on that, then we had individuals who are like hey we'd really like to start a podcast to.

00:11:50.970 --> 00:12:00.840 Robert Johnstone: See how it helped your local business um Can you help us get into that, and you know at the time we were already thinking about where like know what podcasting it's helping us tremendously and there's.

00:12:01.350 --> 00:12:11.220 Robert Johnstone: All these opportunities that a lot of individuals are not thinking about when it comes to this platform, you know they're very much okay well it's podcast huge audience.

00:12:12.690 --> 00:12:23.490 Robert Johnstone: audio some video elements Joe rogan monetize you know get advertising dollars and entertain but you know we started to realize.

00:12:23.970 --> 00:12:33.570 Robert Johnstone: You know how all individuals can kind of bypass that need for broadcasting background that need for media support or broadcasting support.

00:12:33.960 --> 00:12:44.340 Robert Johnstone: And really kind of build out their own brand and their own authority, even on the local of with podcasting so of course rob once again where i'm like I don't know man, this seems like just another thing that on.

00:12:44.820 --> 00:12:48.960 Robert Johnstone: rob was very much like can yeah we can help you with a podcast.

00:12:49.410 --> 00:13:03.120 Robert Johnstone: And then that kind of led one thing into another and then we decided hey let's expand on services so for the really the past two and a half years we've been building up services to to help individuals who are podcasting you know.

00:13:03.990 --> 00:13:08.970 Robert Johnstone: Not only saved our time but kind of get good head start on it kind of you know.

00:13:10.350 --> 00:13:21.120 Robert Johnstone: what's the word, you know gather their goals and their objectives elder and then coach coach and consult them, you know, to help them get a good start of success, help them be consistent.

00:13:21.420 --> 00:13:28.860 Robert Johnstone: And then kind of take care of all the back end information and really give them a good marketing plan to So yes, the want long winded answer.

00:13:29.040 --> 00:13:39.210 Jeremiah Fox: No that's that's great and that really feeds into like everything the show is about an entrepreneurship itself, I think it's it's a meandering journey and you set out with a certain intention.

00:13:39.960 --> 00:13:44.730 Jeremiah Fox: And maybe things don't play out the way you thought they would but kind of always the way you expected them.

00:13:45.330 --> 00:13:53.400 Robert Johnstone: For sure yeah you always have designed um I don't know 30,000 foot overview of where you want to see your business going yeah.

00:13:54.270 --> 00:14:02.640 Robert Johnstone: And it's important to keep that strategy in mind, but I would i've recognized on the Nice regulus daily, I know that we all do.

00:14:03.030 --> 00:14:10.260 Robert Johnstone: You know, and even with our employees to because there's such a big part we've been so fortunate for our company to you know go from the three of us to now.

00:14:11.100 --> 00:14:18.150 Robert Johnstone: Leave to we're going to be hiring somebody else, or about team of 12 right now, and you know, to really navigate into that realm.

00:14:18.870 --> 00:14:29.010 Robert Johnstone: You know, and still keep those top level objectives in line, but now receiving a lot of help from some extremely talented intelligent people on our team it's been it's been yeah quite the thing.

00:14:29.370 --> 00:14:40.650 Jeremiah Fox: that's great all right we're gonna take our first break and I want to pick back up with that, especially the employee part because it's a big thing these days when we come back so everybody hang tight we'll be back in just a moment.

00:16:58.530 --> 00:17:06.900 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back if you're just tuning in you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox today we're assuming the louisville Kentucky.

00:17:07.590 --> 00:17:16.740 Jeremiah Fox: Close to my hometown of nashville Tennessee which I left many, many, many years ago i'm talking to Robert Johnstone again he's an old friend of my brothers or training partner in the.

00:17:17.040 --> 00:17:24.870 Jeremiah Fox: Wonderful art of Brazilian jujitsu and we were just talking in the first segment about his kind of meandering journey.

00:17:25.590 --> 00:17:38.400 Jeremiah Fox: In marketing and media and how he ended up with several business partners, putting together this company called speakeasy podcast network, which is also, I wanted to ask you about Wayne media company yeah.

00:17:38.940 --> 00:17:44.160 Jeremiah Fox: Do you want to elaborate on that a little bit I wasn't sure if it was Okay, it was like always this and we talked about that.

00:17:44.370 --> 00:17:54.360 Robert Johnstone: You know it's it's completely okay so with Wayne media group we um we do local marketing for small businesses with a very kind of personal approach.

00:17:54.420 --> 00:18:06.630 Robert Johnstone: Things with that, I mean we handle things like will take on entire companies, you know for a company, for example, of roofing companies are, for example, to gotten their entire social media.

00:18:07.320 --> 00:18:17.010 Robert Johnstone: Management and advertising take on anything Google related handled a Google my business page, which is really, really important for local search and local exposure.

00:18:17.640 --> 00:18:28.140 Robert Johnstone: will handle video and photography for them, you know we're really kind of doing all this digital assets for them also helping with their overall marketing strategy from a holistic level.

00:18:28.500 --> 00:18:36.630 Robert Johnstone: And what we really wanted to accomplish, which is why we don't leave too much our footprint outside of louisville are outside of where our main offices up in.

00:18:36.930 --> 00:18:44.850 Robert Johnstone: Brighton Michigan you know kind of like as far as Detroit you know those are kind of our main areas because we wanted, rather than be a you know, a.

00:18:45.300 --> 00:18:51.480 Robert Johnstone: And I know there's there's benefits of this I know this benefit of outsourcing and also you know, working with partnerships with other.

00:18:51.780 --> 00:18:59.580 Robert Johnstone: media groups and then getting a national approach, but we want everything to be very custom and we want our brands, to be spoken with storytelling mode.

00:19:00.300 --> 00:19:06.840 Robert Johnstone: So we really, really focus on local areas we expand into another area we help we do soon.

00:19:07.200 --> 00:19:17.040 Robert Johnstone: Will you know, bring that office some online and start serving businesses and whatever city, we end up in but you know, also to I just want my clients to be able to not just feel like we're phone call away.

00:19:17.460 --> 00:19:23.490 Robert Johnstone: or email, which is primary needs of communications with most digital agencies once those contracts, but.

00:19:23.850 --> 00:19:30.150 Robert Johnstone: You know hey you got three touch points here they're all real people, and one of them at least at the very minimum, is going to be.

00:19:30.450 --> 00:19:35.820 Robert Johnstone: knocking on your door and coming in there and helping you develop content, you know at least quarterly to that business.

00:19:36.240 --> 00:19:40.230 Robert Johnstone: it's important for us to see that so that's kind of what we do as a media group.

00:19:40.740 --> 00:19:52.470 Robert Johnstone: And because we have a media group is why we decided to expand into the podcasting so thought speakeasy itself, we have three studios now and we do have in person services.

00:19:53.070 --> 00:20:01.350 Robert Johnstone: where people can actually come bar pop so you don't get that like look serious where a record and we take care of everything else, but then not we're not services boutique up.

00:20:02.610 --> 00:20:06.900 Robert Johnstone: Now that's how they kind of all playing together up that kind of answer everything you asking.

00:20:07.260 --> 00:20:16.710 Jeremiah Fox: yeah no that's great I wanted to pick back up with what you were talking about with employees and what you were just talking about about keeping it small and super intimate.

00:20:17.070 --> 00:20:28.710 Jeremiah Fox: Based off of my like you know i'm coming up on my my 100th episode of the entrepreneurial web and doing a bunch of shows with Jacob as well, and all the discussions I have with business owners, entrepreneurs and people in marketing.

00:20:29.820 --> 00:20:33.210 Jeremiah Fox: That the hardest thing to scale really is intimacy.

00:20:34.230 --> 00:20:35.220 Jeremiah Fox: Right, you know it's.

00:20:35.250 --> 00:20:36.540 Jeremiah Fox: You can scale.

00:20:36.750 --> 00:20:40.950 Jeremiah Fox: Production of cheeseburgers you can scale there's so many things you can scale that.

00:20:42.030 --> 00:20:56.250 Jeremiah Fox: Offering that intimacy where your clients feel like they're talking to you or one of your partners when they're talking to one of your employees or somebody outsource so the real challenge and going big and going national or international.

00:20:57.300 --> 00:21:03.540 Jeremiah Fox: is making sure that that needle moves along with with your with your growth in business.

00:21:05.250 --> 00:21:12.870 Jeremiah Fox: And and and I think where you're at occupies I think you you guys have really found a unique and an under service.

00:21:14.250 --> 00:21:18.060 Jeremiah Fox: corner of the market, I know here i've thought about it, and where we're in brooklyn.

00:21:19.110 --> 00:21:26.400 Jeremiah Fox: there's so many small businesses and like I was saying, when we first started, we didn't have the budget for this was you know, going back to like 2011.

00:21:27.210 --> 00:21:38.820 Jeremiah Fox: And then, again in 2015 we open for businesses and like nine months and we had budget, but just not the marketing budget to do what was available in terms of marketing at that point, and the idea of like.

00:21:39.570 --> 00:21:46.350 Jeremiah Fox: doing your own podcast and and being your own social media manager, especially for an old fart like name didn't know anything about that, I do know.

00:21:47.640 --> 00:21:57.630 Jeremiah Fox: that there was no middle ground and then feel like that's the kind of area you're occupying in terms of marketing where it's more tangible and accessible for.

00:21:58.170 --> 00:22:13.740 Jeremiah Fox: The 50,000 a year in revenue to like 2 million a year in revenue business that's they're scrapping you know they're just trying to get this together and they don't they don't have a million dollars to get to to a media company for for marketing services.

00:22:13.800 --> 00:22:18.570 Robert Johnstone: They don't actually say it, but you know a lot of times you're exactly right it's.

00:22:19.590 --> 00:22:27.750 Robert Johnstone: A couple things like number one when we build these companies rob's strategic vision wasn't you know to not just we wanted to finance well.

00:22:28.080 --> 00:22:32.070 Robert Johnstone: which helps with this approach, but the other part, is, we want to build jobs for people.

00:22:32.550 --> 00:22:40.290 Robert Johnstone: And you know that that's kind of main thing not just dobbs to where it's 1099 but where I believe that a very good culture, a place to be.

00:22:40.860 --> 00:22:47.100 Robert Johnstone: You know, even though that's been obviously difficult to navigate with code and we still been trying to live our company culture, but then also to.

00:22:48.000 --> 00:22:55.020 Robert Johnstone: You know just to give them good benefits and a good happy place to be you know the feeling that they belong somewhere and they want to be somewhere.

00:22:55.230 --> 00:23:06.990 Robert Johnstone: And then obviously when we have that type of culture within your company, then you know that translates to creating a culture that goes to our clients, too, so that that's been right helpful.

00:23:08.220 --> 00:23:08.790 Robert Johnstone: But i'm.

00:23:09.990 --> 00:23:22.020 Robert Johnstone: Sorry i'm trying to backtrack I know just went off on that, but you know i'm thinking as far as how're you could you could you repeat that question i'm trying to get it at all get that beginning part back to myself here.

00:23:22.470 --> 00:23:29.610 Jeremiah Fox: Oh, I didn't I don't think there was a question I mean i'd asked about when Media Group I was just I was just acknowledging that.

00:23:30.900 --> 00:23:40.140 Jeremiah Fox: I think it's really great that you all saw that that that niche in the market like you're always trying to distinguish yourself right I.

00:23:40.590 --> 00:23:43.770 Jeremiah Fox: Have about a gentleman on the show a couple times, who also trained as well.

00:23:44.130 --> 00:23:54.210 Jeremiah Fox: And he said something to me early on, he said, you have to look at your competition and figure out what they're not offering and just like wedged yourself in which is very jujitsu.

00:23:55.110 --> 00:24:05.430 Jeremiah Fox: Was have to escape the rib and and try to slide into that little space and just distinguish yourself, but you really have to distinguish yourself, you don't have to be I mean if you want to be, and people build up these companies that way.

00:24:05.700 --> 00:24:12.720 Jeremiah Fox: From jump to be like this massive company that takes over the world, but most of us are just like I said we're scrappy and we're just like getting in there.

00:24:12.990 --> 00:24:18.270 Jeremiah Fox: So I feel like you've done that, as a service, and that will help.

00:24:18.660 --> 00:24:26.820 Jeremiah Fox: The companies that are trying to do that, within their own competitive realm So if you are a restaurant or you know you you cited a roofing company.

00:24:27.180 --> 00:24:38.100 Jeremiah Fox: You know you're you've done this yourself it's proven it's worked and now you're offering that to other companies, I think it's a great move, and I think again I just think it's a very under service.

00:24:39.030 --> 00:24:49.740 Jeremiah Fox: sector of the market, where you've got like big bug big budget marketing you've got the low grade stuff where where guys are spending like you know 50 bucks a month on ads taking pictures on.

00:24:49.890 --> 00:24:52.800 Jeremiah Fox: My phone, but then there's there's this huge realm in the middle.

00:24:53.010 --> 00:25:02.850 Jeremiah Fox: And people kind of don't know how to navigate that and they don't know how to market it I don't know how to create a service like yours is so I think it's really great I think it's a it's a place where.

00:25:03.870 --> 00:25:12.060 Jeremiah Fox: An area for growth, like more people could get into that where people are like I want to start a digital marketing company and like that can mean so many things.

00:25:13.170 --> 00:25:14.850 Robert Johnstone: Because it could be an endless number.

00:25:16.620 --> 00:25:27.600 Robert Johnstone: But then yeah with them and I love all those points that you bring up like lead, you know that's a monster with our clients is be that kind of middle person then help them as they have all like act as a fiduciary and say hey.

00:25:27.900 --> 00:25:37.050 Robert Johnstone: You run that mean to go even higher, you know we're going along this journey, or at least get you connected with you know, the biggest media company out there, getting started man and.

00:25:37.650 --> 00:25:48.450 Robert Johnstone: But you know a lot of areas, the reason we started to add, you know we saw that need, but also to We saw how much people can do with podcast outside of.

00:25:49.650 --> 00:26:00.180 Robert Johnstone: You know, just as I mentioned earlier, being out in the audio file and try and get advertisers I sell so many other areas of growth that really kind of a smaller company.

00:26:00.540 --> 00:26:06.450 Robert Johnstone: Who can have a limited budget and expand them into the opportunities that the bigger companies are spending a lot of money.

00:26:07.500 --> 00:26:21.780 Robert Johnstone: And that's that's the power of podcasting even at a small and local level is you know if you if you recognize all the capabilities with i'd love to talk about you know least some of the key wants, then you're really able to to.

00:26:23.070 --> 00:26:36.000 Robert Johnstone: Take that platform build on it, build your authority build up a ton of additional content and utilizes networking and just really get your name out there and stand out with your competition for very area for us.

00:26:36.870 --> 00:26:49.710 Robert Johnstone: You know in some senses person we have services that we offer to companies are doing it, but even at a small level, you know from a grassroots budget, you can get into podcasting you can get on your iPhone you can download audacity.

00:26:50.670 --> 00:26:58.920 Robert Johnstone: You can take some pictures and you can really, really get your voice out there and and there they be marketing opportunity for small businesses to stand out.

00:26:59.580 --> 00:27:03.270 Jeremiah Fox: And like you said on a budget, you can do that pretty pretty inexpensively.

00:27:04.260 --> 00:27:18.660 Robert Johnstone: For sure, even when you start getting up into the higher scales of podcasting you know you can still optimize on a budget that wouldn't have been there before and getting much wider REACH, then you know, really, what I thought was possible was the budget that you're on.

00:27:20.100 --> 00:27:32.760 Jeremiah Fox: yeah we're going to take another break in a moment, but when we come back, I would like you to talk more about some of those key elements that speakeasy offers that you think would be beneficial to any business that kind of falls into that realm.

00:27:32.910 --> 00:27:39.270 Robert Johnstone: Not just speakeasy But just what you could be doing if you have a podcast out there and you're doing the test on your own, are you thinking about getting into.

00:27:39.540 --> 00:27:45.810 Robert Johnstone: i'd love to touch on some of the things that just opened the mindset to say hey here's what else we should be doing with this platform.

00:27:46.530 --> 00:27:49.860 Jeremiah Fox: yeah well let's take a break, and then, when we come back we'll do that alright.

00:27:50.340 --> 00:27:50.940 Robert Johnstone: sounds good man.

00:27:51.270 --> 00:27:53.370 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we'll be back in a few everybody hang tight.

00:30:34.410 --> 00:30:40.260 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back again if you're just tuning in this is the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox joined today by.

00:30:40.560 --> 00:30:46.830 Jeremiah Fox: Speak easy podcast network partner Robert Johnstone last we've unpacked already about.

00:30:47.280 --> 00:30:53.430 Jeremiah Fox: Marketing on large scale and small scale, a little DIY and now Roberts going to give some.

00:30:53.730 --> 00:31:07.530 Jeremiah Fox: Some pointers here that he thinks are valuable if you're a business owner if you're afraid of podcasting and you want to get started, you realize the value in it, or maybe your podcasting already and you don't know how to take it to that next level rob's got some great tips for us.

00:31:08.160 --> 00:31:14.040 Robert Johnstone: yeah um can you hear me, by the way, I switched my audio just a little bit yeah that's a little bit clearer.

00:31:14.370 --> 00:31:25.500 Robert Johnstone: So um, the first thing that I kind of want to talk about I don't want to sound like a repeat of everybody else, but of course easiest way you know, the best way to start your podcast is to start your podcast right.

00:31:26.010 --> 00:31:30.240 Robert Johnstone: So it's just kind of start recording I know one thing that's helped me with my speaking.

00:31:31.320 --> 00:31:36.330 Robert Johnstone: And you know the podcast that I take part in is recording myself a lot i'll just.

00:31:36.900 --> 00:31:45.570 Robert Johnstone: i'll be out in the street now have internal notes, nobody should ever listen to them they'll probably put me in a mental hospital, but at least it's helped me with my cadence a little bit.

00:31:45.810 --> 00:31:55.950 Robert Johnstone: And you know if my energy with podcasting so that's one way, you can start doing it is to start an internal dialogue and internal memo and then listen to yourself to.

00:31:56.640 --> 00:32:04.080 Robert Johnstone: that's the hardest part it was for me, of course, is to hear my own voice, it took a long time, but I promise.

00:32:04.530 --> 00:32:12.210 Robert Johnstone: it's really weird but not everybody in world can have the worst voice in the world, even though we all think that we had the worst voice in the world.

00:32:12.600 --> 00:32:20.700 Robert Johnstone: and on once you kind of hear a little bit, and you, you adapt to and you get used to it, I promise it'll get you to do that so starting in two easy.

00:32:21.240 --> 00:32:27.810 Robert Johnstone: Stay a main thing is to stay consistent with it, you know, try to record something every single week.

00:32:28.260 --> 00:32:37.080 Robert Johnstone: If you can i'm even if you're not going to distribute it right away, but and not put too much worry on the front end but also to to have goals and objectives with your podcast.

00:32:37.770 --> 00:32:49.500 Robert Johnstone: And to recognize, one of the most important things that you can do in your podcast and just as i'm sure you've done yourself Jeremiah is to try to recognize right away, who are the individuals that you want to speak with.

00:32:50.730 --> 00:33:03.180 Robert Johnstone: Your podcast can be about everything and it can't be for everybody, I can never remember who actually says this phrase, but it's when I favorite and, I repeat, a lot is, if you build something that everybody likes nobody's going to love it.

00:33:03.750 --> 00:33:10.620 Robert Johnstone: And I think that that's very, very powerful because you know a lot of individuals who are asking Okay, do you want your podcast to be about.

00:33:10.980 --> 00:33:24.510 Robert Johnstone: And they say i'm just a little bit of everything talk about college to talk about money talk about music talk about my business things like that Mike okay well your family really enjoy that that's your audience but but we really want to do.

00:33:25.440 --> 00:33:26.910 Jeremiah Fox: mom's gonna be so proud of you.

00:33:27.930 --> 00:33:31.500 Robert Johnstone: yeah she loves to get that update you're busy guy busy girl so.

00:33:31.650 --> 00:33:41.400 Robert Johnstone: yeah put that out there for them to listen to it, but no, you have to kind of signal in our audience, if you want long term success with the podcast yeah to be willing to say hey.

00:33:41.910 --> 00:33:51.390 Robert Johnstone: here's the persona that i'm trying to reach out to spiking craft, my message to speak to those individuals and the more niche but at least i'm crafting.

00:33:51.930 --> 00:34:03.300 Robert Johnstone: That audience that message, the more you'll expand into other audiences to it's just a good starting point, and of course you're going to expand upon that you really want to develop good audience base for making sure that your.

00:34:03.660 --> 00:34:15.000 Robert Johnstone: Your message is accurate and speaks to them, so if you're trying to gain more customers, for example, for your unique business that has one time customers and not necessarily any you know.

00:34:16.050 --> 00:34:27.780 Robert Johnstone: retain business um you might want to recognize that find a way to speak to those customers, but then realize that they are not going to be a long term on so you might have to shape your goals around a little bit different.

00:34:28.080 --> 00:34:33.120 Robert Johnstone: and recognize that, yes, you can create a lot of volume with that type of message, but.

00:34:33.510 --> 00:34:43.050 Robert Johnstone: you're not going to have a long term audience base from the individuals who listen in one or two like one or two times and then because you've built authority.

00:34:43.740 --> 00:34:50.580 Robert Johnstone: Get you know get in front of you, but if you have something that's very targeted than niche, then you can build audience with it.

00:34:51.300 --> 00:34:54.900 Robert Johnstone: expand on your business, if this is a business opportunity for you to.

00:34:55.620 --> 00:35:07.530 Robert Johnstone: And then gain audience, at the same time, so those are Those are some of the more basic things I would say, is to number one start start recording something and start recording today and number two.

00:35:08.070 --> 00:35:17.370 Robert Johnstone: To develop an audience and when you are able to build an audience that's in tune is going to help you develop your message, a lot better of what you actually want about them.

00:35:19.020 --> 00:35:25.440 Jeremiah Fox: yeah no that's great and to your point, something that that wasn't obvious to me that helped out tremendously was.

00:35:26.100 --> 00:35:35.370 Jeremiah Fox: You know I started this one in particular, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and and small business and and marketing, you know all tie in together.

00:35:35.700 --> 00:35:46.320 Jeremiah Fox: But that's a very large ECHO Chamber right there's like everybody in their their grandmother is trying to get in on that, right now, so exposing maybe like one other side of yourself.

00:35:47.190 --> 00:35:55.740 Jeremiah Fox: that's a little bit more personal that that will allow you to connect with people, and so it was funny I just started talking about jujitsu like had a number of guests on.

00:35:56.070 --> 00:36:08.970 Jeremiah Fox: That were that were Jiu jitsu practitioners that well as well, and that would just kind of went stuck and it just took off and then other than jj people were like Oh, this is a great show you talk about business and jujitsu and I was like.

00:36:09.780 --> 00:36:15.930 Jeremiah Fox: And so we'll talk about jujitsu on the last segment, we always say the best for last ball, but um.

00:36:16.500 --> 00:36:31.860 Jeremiah Fox: It was just like this thing so it's like like you said if you're if you've got a business selling you know jewelry and all you do is like trying to use it as a lead generator for jewelry talking about selling jewelry it can really be like want want want where.

00:36:31.860 --> 00:36:32.760 Robert Johnstone: Everybody has like the.

00:36:32.820 --> 00:36:41.040 Jeremiah Fox: peanuts teacher, you know, whereas you could talk about you certainly should talk about jewelry but like what other component of.

00:36:41.400 --> 00:36:48.330 Jeremiah Fox: Your life and your fascination with jewelry your passion for it, hopefully you're passionate and that's why you're in that business.

00:36:48.840 --> 00:37:00.120 Jeremiah Fox: Is there that you could talk about that will connect people to kind of like the big slippery slope of the top of the funnel where they just kind of like the flip sweep the society and they they go right in you know.

00:37:00.660 --> 00:37:09.660 Robert Johnstone: I love that comparison, because it makes me think about a a sector of industry that can benefit greatly from real estate agents.

00:37:09.690 --> 00:37:28.020 Robert Johnstone: yeah because it's a real estate agent you're always trying to say in part in a sea of many, especially in today's market where you have you know just unlovable few months ago we had like 5000 agents that were actively trying to sell less than 1000 listings and trying to find that.

00:37:29.130 --> 00:37:38.820 Robert Johnstone: Even that small it's a very hard area to stay at out, but you know, on your point Jeremiah if you bring your personality into that need if you have something else to talk about that.

00:37:39.210 --> 00:37:44.580 Robert Johnstone: You know, you can make a big factor of your show or even sometimes their main factor if you really, really passionate.

00:37:44.970 --> 00:37:56.010 Robert Johnstone: Then, yes, that will trickle into building authority and building a brand and building recognition that trickle into your business as well, so a real estate agent, you know there's not only other.

00:37:57.060 --> 00:38:03.990 Robert Johnstone: listings and so many real estate agents, but there's a lot of real estate agents who are trying to podcast and the ones i've seen successful so far.

00:38:04.620 --> 00:38:11.580 Robert Johnstone: You know, especially when trying to get a bachelor's or you know applying for themselves, are the ones who are going outside of.

00:38:11.910 --> 00:38:21.810 Robert Johnstone: Real Estate realm and talking about ghost stories or college sports or you know, a handful of other things that they can build an audience and that audience that with two.

00:38:22.560 --> 00:38:39.090 Jeremiah Fox: funny story about that I ended up with the show on this network because of a guy's real estate show shout out to Jeff Goodman he does a show called rediscovering New York on talk radio down to my see every Tuesday at seven, I believe.

00:38:39.480 --> 00:38:46.170 Jeremiah Fox: So it was just two years ago he saw his show is he just he's a real estate agent, and a very good one.

00:38:46.470 --> 00:38:59.130 Jeremiah Fox: But it shows does not talk about selling real estate he does virtual tours of neighborhoods New York City neighborhoods in New York native there's tons of neighborhoods here, so we just like each week is a new neighborhood or maybe.

00:38:59.430 --> 00:39:04.380 Jeremiah Fox: Like he I think he did that grand Central Station one so he'll pick like a really iconic place.

00:39:04.620 --> 00:39:14.280 Jeremiah Fox: But it'll go neighborhood by neighborhood by neighborhood he'll bring on an historian who could talk about the neighborhood for like half the show and then he'll bring somebody local who's like kind of involved in the neighborhood.

00:39:14.670 --> 00:39:19.800 Jeremiah Fox: To talk about the current you know state of things, and so they did my neighborhood a bunch of terrorists.

00:39:20.250 --> 00:39:26.610 Jeremiah Fox: To two years ago, a little over two years ago and I got you know, he was a friend of a friend and asked me to come on the show.

00:39:27.300 --> 00:39:41.010 Jeremiah Fox: And I was the one on the second half, talking about like what things are like today and, and I was fascinated by the whole thing and we started talking afterwards and the executive producer was there as well, and he was like do you want to show you.

00:39:42.030 --> 00:39:43.830 Jeremiah Fox: think you got a great face for radio kid.

00:39:45.240 --> 00:39:45.720 Robert Johnstone: awesome.

00:39:45.810 --> 00:39:56.580 Jeremiah Fox: yeah he was like I don't have anything on entrepreneurship and clearly, you know something about that you know it'd be it'd be great if you, you know you were interested in it, but that was definitely talking about like this is fantastic this is amazing how.

00:39:57.000 --> 00:40:03.840 Jeremiah Fox: you're doing one thing, but it totally leads to the other and Jeff was saying, like once he started this show he started, maybe like nine months before me.

00:40:04.140 --> 00:40:12.840 Jeremiah Fox: Like it took a little time, but it really caught and helped his business tremendously and he's not selling he's not that's the thing, like all these people want to sell their shit and it's like.

00:40:13.380 --> 00:40:23.040 Jeremiah Fox: Everybody selling like you said those those silly adversely the ads was 10 grand Now you can get my financial coaching for 2999 like don't be that guy.

00:40:23.670 --> 00:40:30.180 Jeremiah Fox: yeah he just talked like with such passion, you could just like feel it coming out of him, and like you said and established.

00:40:30.420 --> 00:40:39.480 Jeremiah Fox: This level of authority like this guy not only knows your building he knows your neighborhood he knows the history, he knows, like every crazy thing about it.

00:40:39.750 --> 00:40:47.760 Jeremiah Fox: And and it's just that's The thing that really stuck with me and I was like that's that's what I want to do, I don't think i've accomplished that yet, but we're having fun anyways.

00:40:47.790 --> 00:40:56.880 Robert Johnstone: yeah I love that to kind of lead into those three things I wanted to discuss quickly and you kind of hit on you know, a couple of them, but.

00:40:57.480 --> 00:41:04.710 Robert Johnstone: there's three things that I really tried to, especially on the local level, try to push podcasters recognized podcasters to recognize.

00:41:04.980 --> 00:41:11.520 Robert Johnstone: The power that they can have to podcasting and one of the first things that you mentioned, is the networking capabilities of it.

00:41:11.790 --> 00:41:22.590 Robert Johnstone: The business to business networking about how you are able to now get in front of people that you wouldn't have had authority or the social capital to get in front of before.

00:41:23.040 --> 00:41:30.900 Robert Johnstone: Because you own the platform so just as an individual found you and get you another network eli's show to make a strategic partnership.

00:41:31.200 --> 00:41:36.330 Robert Johnstone: And when we're doing this together there my i'm learning so much about you you're learning so much about me.

00:41:36.690 --> 00:41:43.050 Robert Johnstone: I guess things not fake so we can really tell who we are and it's really is if you're in like a lead generation group, for example.

00:41:43.260 --> 00:41:52.440 Robert Johnstone: This is the best one one you're ever going to have, especially if you're the one hosting it because everybody who's part of it it's to leave with a tangible deliverable.

00:41:53.160 --> 00:41:59.130 Robert Johnstone: I am the marketing, if you have a real estate show, and you bring on another i'm real estate agent or the company.

00:41:59.610 --> 00:42:10.020 Robert Johnstone: you're going to build a relationship with them and now you're giving them 30 plus minutes of content and more to push out on their own marketing platforms and that the incredible thing to be thankful thankful for.

00:42:10.350 --> 00:42:19.380 Robert Johnstone: So we've seen companies that i've been able to you know use that stepping matter of fact and i'm from you know this relatively unknown individual and now they're talking.

00:42:19.920 --> 00:42:26.070 Robert Johnstone: with other podcasts and national appeal to be able to have them on their show and that's a really, really good way to build.

00:42:26.700 --> 00:42:40.110 Robert Johnstone: Your brand and your recognition, so that never inside something really powerful and then on to the other side of that podcasting is, in my opinion, the King of content for small businesses.

00:42:40.860 --> 00:42:45.210 Robert Johnstone: and explain why you do 15 minutes of the podcast once a week.

00:42:45.840 --> 00:42:53.430 Robert Johnstone: You can take an audio clips you can take a stolen, it is a view in your guest, you can leave cliffhangers I under social platforms.

00:42:53.670 --> 00:43:01.110 Robert Johnstone: You can leave video clips and your social platforms, with what I call points a passionate where basically You said something organically.

00:43:01.410 --> 00:43:10.860 Robert Johnstone: And now you get to push that show your authentic self and video clip which engages better at our social platforms to dozens and dozens and thousand people hopefully.

00:43:11.220 --> 00:43:16.950 Robert Johnstone: i'm not on the share ability within network side to now you have all this content from your own company that's going out that.

00:43:17.820 --> 00:43:24.360 Robert Johnstone: transcript and it can be very valuable cell will benefit of that even more in a second.

00:43:24.750 --> 00:43:31.380 Robert Johnstone: But then build up this library you're going to start realizing this was a big eye opener for me i'm actually a little bit smarter than I thought it was.

00:43:31.830 --> 00:43:34.860 Robert Johnstone: You know, a couple things more I just never listened to myself but.

00:43:35.430 --> 00:43:48.090 Robert Johnstone: I go back and i'm like that you know what what is what i've learned from my guest now I can expand more on that, and if you are, and then, finally, to what we found out that there's tremendous search engine optimization benefits.

00:43:48.600 --> 00:44:00.330 Robert Johnstone: Testing as we met and search engine optimization for those who don't know it's its ability to be found, higher on Google rankings and podcast rankings too.

00:44:01.710 --> 00:44:14.730 Robert Johnstone: So with that you know you're getting a transcription getting battling through platforms that are director website so podcasting they're really, really good way to build local search.

00:44:15.480 --> 00:44:29.280 Robert Johnstone: For your company as well you know there's just a few of the podcast man if it's that I, I want to push out there REP let small business know that they can achieve really, really, you know, in a lot of ways, make us the Center of their marketing plan.

00:44:30.780 --> 00:44:34.680 Jeremiah Fox: I love it I love it it's something that i've spent like two years now working on.

00:44:36.120 --> 00:44:40.500 Jeremiah Fox: And, and I think it's important to point out to it with all marketing um.

00:44:41.670 --> 00:44:57.180 Jeremiah Fox: it's not always like instant Roi you don't it's not like you put it out, you put the content out and like immediately you start you know ramping out business, it takes a little time i'm in i'm in the thick of it but it's also a lot of fun it's like.

00:44:57.420 --> 00:45:01.830 Jeremiah Fox: it's like they say about Jiu jitsu like Jiu jitsu should be fun if it's not fun like.

00:45:02.130 --> 00:45:14.490 Jeremiah Fox: What are you doing it for, and I think the same is true of podcasting like I have so much fun doing it it's just like this it's like jujitsu you go in for an hour you come out and you're like I feel different like I feel that way, every time I do a show.

00:45:15.420 --> 00:45:21.300 Jeremiah Fox: And, and if you're not having fun, do you need to reassess and evaluate like what's happening.

00:45:22.170 --> 00:45:28.320 Robert Johnstone: Absolutely on it, I will say a recommendation for podcast things that you want.

00:45:29.400 --> 00:45:37.260 Robert Johnstone: i'd say that that's like one of the first ones, if you don't want the podcast and you asked me to be here yeah It really is gonna be hard for you to do.

00:45:38.040 --> 00:45:46.680 Robert Johnstone: On another point I think it's important to remember to you know utilize this as a marketing tool if you're too focused on seeable Roi.

00:45:47.670 --> 00:45:56.160 Robert Johnstone: stuff that be tracked exactly that okay well this individual saw my, I guess, and then they clicked on this link and then I made a sale, because it.

00:45:56.850 --> 00:46:04.890 Robert Johnstone: sell yourself short but you're also not going to have fun anymore and you're going to miss all of the other opportunity that completely might argue.

00:46:05.430 --> 00:46:12.090 Robert Johnstone: Because we're only paying attention to just the numbers those numbers are very important, but even right here Jeremiah does not.

00:46:12.630 --> 00:46:18.570 Robert Johnstone: do that in the future, I may send another question, I might send somebody else it's going to work with your business.

00:46:19.050 --> 00:46:25.620 Robert Johnstone: Or you might say, I know somebody wants to you know get into podcasting get into marketing and I think it'd be really good fit for our company.

00:46:26.310 --> 00:46:34.470 Robert Johnstone: or something happens I might have an individual on here as a guest, and then we might say hey there's some really good collaboration opportunities in here.

00:46:34.800 --> 00:46:50.670 Robert Johnstone: Because the additional service that we can build together that that you know, work together with boulder businesses and just from that education standpoint, you know those moments of insights might lead you say hey I just recorded this turns into a PDF and other marketing tool.

00:46:52.200 --> 00:46:52.770 yeah so.

00:46:53.940 --> 00:46:55.470 Robert Johnstone: All right, we're gonna take our benefits.

00:46:55.860 --> 00:47:06.960 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah definitely alright we're going to take one last break and come back and then we'll get into the the real fun stuff for that Jiu jitsu so everybody was we'll be right back.

00:49:14.100 --> 00:49:21.300 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody wrapping it up today we're going to spend this last portion talking about one of our favorite things both of us.

00:49:21.960 --> 00:49:32.610 Jeremiah Fox: enjoy and it clearly like I mentioned earlier, many of many of my listeners and people that engage with the show and through social media as well, or are quite fond of jujitsu and martial arts.

00:49:33.660 --> 00:49:35.220 Jeremiah Fox: You were talking earlier about.

00:49:36.420 --> 00:49:42.390 Jeremiah Fox: Coming to the you know when you start a podcast not not just the part we're like Oh, I want to talk about everything, but.

00:49:42.930 --> 00:49:48.360 Jeremiah Fox: Even when you kind of narrow in on what you want to talk about you don't know how to start you don't know what to do, just like oh my God.

00:49:48.630 --> 00:49:55.410 Jeremiah Fox: And you were talking about having a strategy like just a basic outline and structure and you were we were saying that I was thinking man, this is.

00:49:56.070 --> 00:50:11.190 Jeremiah Fox: Was jujitsu one one because it's all about strategy it's all about having a plan of attack and and and making the match or whatever play out that way, doing everything you can to like because there's so much chaos like life.

00:50:11.610 --> 00:50:20.580 Jeremiah Fox: In jujitsu and business and podcasting there's like so much chaos can happen that you have that you kind of have to have this strategy.

00:50:21.000 --> 00:50:36.000 Jeremiah Fox: And and and like really stick to your guns and hope you come out perseverance we would the word anyways you get the point he was understand what I was what I was going to do the whole last segment and unfortunate English to corolla.

00:50:36.120 --> 00:50:54.270 Robert Johnstone: Are you I can I can track with you on it, but man, I could not do that myself my my Defense the you and your other for me I love that you say that you know that comparison of having a jujitsu strategy, and one thing i'll say is you know even purple belt correct.

00:50:55.560 --> 00:51:05.640 Robert Johnstone: yeah so you've been doing this long enough eventually like if you if you never put together a strategy it's always going to be difficult and you're always going to be moving from you know technique, the technique.

00:51:05.850 --> 00:51:12.090 Robert Johnstone: And what you're gonna be known in the gym as is one of those guys and trying something different every single day that's really flashy.

00:51:13.110 --> 00:51:14.040 Jeremiah Fox: But I call you that.

00:51:14.880 --> 00:51:17.010 Jeremiah Fox: you're going to be the best round because.

00:51:18.540 --> 00:51:19.560 Robert Johnstone: It has round all right.

00:51:20.310 --> 00:51:25.740 Robert Johnstone: I want to really develop kind of your basis of your strategy than just like you know, the best thing we can.

00:51:26.880 --> 00:51:33.720 Robert Johnstone: Do a real nice it's like you know, a world champion not as competitive I used to be, but now i've been doing this on.

00:51:34.080 --> 00:51:47.850 Robert Johnstone: him I stretch pepper just second nature for me like i'm going into the jujitsu route maps now going to the dojo of my head is clear as because i've focus a lot of my base my strategy that now is you know, a.

00:51:48.990 --> 00:51:58.200 Robert Johnstone: more of a physical process and repeat a habit habitual process and it is a manual process i'm able to just go in there and compete steps and.

00:51:58.740 --> 00:52:04.500 Robert Johnstone: You know, for, for, as you know, new old I am business guy yourself your minds never clear.

00:52:05.280 --> 00:52:11.790 Robert Johnstone: Like there's so many variables like we're just thinking all day like okay well, should we do this, this this or this what's the rationale.

00:52:12.360 --> 00:52:22.050 Robert Johnstone: to lead us into if I make this I say this, and that person that potentially you know changed my business career to the next 100 years or whatever it is going to affect my children.

00:52:22.320 --> 00:52:37.260 Robert Johnstone: So it's really, really hard clear where your head and what i've realized is you just like with podcasting if you develop that strategy and jitsu eventually you get to go in there, and you get to clear your head I get to be just be be empty and that's really nice.

00:52:37.980 --> 00:52:42.450 Jeremiah Fox: yeah like empty the cup was what about was for.

00:52:43.800 --> 00:52:44.100 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:52:44.610 --> 00:52:45.780 Robert Johnstone: i'm i'm having a.

00:52:46.380 --> 00:52:48.090 Robert Johnstone: Mike difficulties here quickies.

00:52:48.090 --> 00:52:58.170 Jeremiah Fox: No that's yeah no that's good you're a little boxy but the choppiness went away so let's just roll with that, for the for the because now, you get to share the heel stuff you get to tell the heel.

00:52:59.070 --> 00:53:15.900 Jeremiah Fox: to heel important stuffs about what the guys was learned from Jiu jitsu from the days in the favelas I with the with the Gray sees egg with the Machado, is what what all that stuff she was learned from that guys that was help you clear the heads.

00:53:17.520 --> 00:53:23.400 Robert Johnstone: I have been one second Jacob i'm still having some issues with my with my with my setup so.

00:53:23.580 --> 00:53:24.270 Jeremiah Fox: Sorry just.

00:53:24.660 --> 00:53:28.860 Robert Johnstone: give you about one minute phil keep talking in your accent for every.

00:53:28.860 --> 00:53:29.010 Day.

00:53:30.990 --> 00:53:43.080 Jeremiah Fox: This is what everybody was come to see, they want to, they want to see the heel heel to heel to heel Jeremiah the descendant from uncle who notch so for those that aren't aware of.

00:53:44.550 --> 00:53:46.440 Jeremiah Fox: And I told her That is where.

00:53:46.740 --> 00:53:48.000 Jeremiah Fox: All this silliness comes from.

00:53:49.560 --> 00:53:51.720 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I can hear you it's a little choppy again but.

00:54:00.270 --> 00:54:01.050 Jeremiah Fox: he's still there.

00:54:02.610 --> 00:54:03.420 Jeremiah Fox: Can you hear me.

00:54:04.560 --> 00:54:08.790 Jeremiah Fox: That was, like the one commercial we was watch as kids can you hear me now.

00:54:09.900 --> 00:54:12.120 Jeremiah Fox: I can hear you can hear me nice yeah there you go.

00:54:12.450 --> 00:54:14.160 Robert Johnstone: There you go perfect don't know what happened.

00:54:15.210 --> 00:54:15.240 Robert Johnstone: I.

00:54:15.300 --> 00:54:19.170 Jeremiah Fox: got the sexy voice back when I was talking about an auction, you would turn it on.

00:54:22.770 --> 00:54:23.250 Robert Johnstone: 20.

00:54:24.270 --> 00:54:25.560 Jeremiah Fox: They might think might be 28.

00:54:26.040 --> 00:54:27.660 Robert Johnstone: isn't going to retire.

00:54:28.110 --> 00:54:47.400 Jeremiah Fox: So we got we got three minutes left one word like just nugget of knowledge from training like we I know you're big into leadership and i'm like touched on that briefly like just something that parting words to leave the to leave all my millions of students with.

00:54:49.380 --> 00:54:57.990 Robert Johnstone: You know if I can stay and I hope it's not very, very true just like with this business is it you know business, then you get to.

00:54:58.410 --> 00:55:04.110 Robert Johnstone: One thing I didn't even honest in see other of me getting into business is good, you know going through the Marine corps.

00:55:04.500 --> 00:55:11.400 Robert Johnstone: So, for a long time and then really throwing myself at this with philosophies and very, very, very intelligent.

00:55:11.730 --> 00:55:18.900 Robert Johnstone: On the teachers and mentors left you know rob down and rest of the team, and these guys were fears taking on the grade of is that.

00:55:19.230 --> 00:55:32.820 Robert Johnstone: You know they came the skills and both of them you just have to keep going yes go get beat up a little bit, and you have to go through the emotional turmoil, but still having on business side and way way way less urgency say.

00:55:33.570 --> 00:55:46.380 Robert Johnstone: I have no emotional turmoil when it comes to just anyone, I know that if I do keep showing up every single day for a business side on his belt side, and you know serving my my employees and my clients.

00:55:47.670 --> 00:55:50.430 Robert Johnstone: Those mistakes, I made those.

00:55:52.380 --> 00:56:08.730 Robert Johnstone: Those times, where I you know we've didn't do this the right path he didn't choose the right technique we're just going to learn from them and, and the failures are ultimately going to become our success if he just show up every single day to work we show up every single day and.

00:56:10.200 --> 00:56:11.640 Robert Johnstone: that's what I would say that's.

00:56:11.850 --> 00:56:13.860 Jeremiah Fox: that's beautiful man it's very well said.

00:56:15.090 --> 00:56:25.290 Jeremiah Fox: it's just reading somebody I don't know might have been jocko or somebody like that I never saying you know it's about longevity know you who was Tom to blass from.

00:56:25.320 --> 00:56:35.520 Jeremiah Fox: ocean ocean county bj J and he was like it's a battle of people that last you know, like the people that last that that make it through all the bullshit are the ones who are really.

00:56:35.520 --> 00:56:40.080 Jeremiah Fox: Successful you know, like everybody else just Peters away so if you're that guy.

00:56:40.350 --> 00:56:52.920 Jeremiah Fox: If you're if you're going to just slip in and slip out like nobody really cares you could do a couple cool things but, like the guys that really like weather the storm that's like he was he was saying, like that's really who gets the badge of success and I think.

00:56:52.980 --> 00:56:54.120 Robert Johnstone: I think what you were saying.

00:56:54.120 --> 00:56:59.850 Jeremiah Fox: yeah what you were saying was right in line with that cool we're gonna have to wrap it up Thank you so much for coming on.

00:57:01.050 --> 00:57:08.190 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you all for listening and tuning in today tune in next week Friday at noon, have a great weekend everybody peace out.

00:57:08.970 --> 00:57:09.300 Robert Johnstone: yeah thanks.

00:57:10.560 --> 00:57:11.820 For to chat more in future.

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