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Friday, September 3, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/03 - Evergreen Mentality

Facebook Live Video from 2021/09/03 - Evergreen Mentality


2021/09/03 - Evergreen Mentality

[NEW EPISODE] Evergreen Mentality

This Friday noon I'm getting the firewood ready with Frank "Chopper" Wells



He’s a fighter in the truest sense & had many bouts, but his journey to independence as a businessman is perhaps his toughest battle yet



Tune in live on to learn why they call him Chopper



Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah introduces Frank “Chopper” Wells to The Entrepreneurial Web. Frank shares about his own nutrition company. Frank shares his journey to where he is today. He shares how he was introduced to Jiu Jitsu and MMA and what really intrigued him about the sport and what he has done with that training. He also shares his travels to different countries and where he trained and got certified. Frank got verified on general nutrition and used that to not only help himself but help others understand how food affects their bodies. 

Segment 2

The two start the conversation about having a good relationship with food while having to cut weight to make weight for fights. Frank relates how eating healthy is hard but creating a sustainable way to eat puts you into a mindset where it becomes easier over time. He also shares that he does not eat healthy 100% of the time, that he has his moments where he has a slice of cake or something that isn't as nutritious as he usually eats and he explains that it is okay to do that. They mention covid and talk about how it has affected the world, in relation individuals weight affects them on the daily. Frank shares the unhealthy habits he sees and shares how to regulate them and have a different outlook on relationships with food.

Segment 3

Jeremiah talks about the good habits that pro fighters practice and how these habits put individuals in better shape both physically and mentally. Frank shares how he has helped individuals get into fighting from business backgrounds. He shares how he has taken hectic schedules and gotten to help and see change in clients. The two talk about balance and how it is not only about diet, but also about sleep and rest.

Segment 4

Frank shares both his most memorable and his first fights and how he has grown from them. He also talks about what goes through his head when he faces resistance, he encourages those who want to see change to make change. Frank tells the story behind his social media names for both business and his personal life that show a little insight to his journey to where he is today. 


00:03:19.050 --> 00:03:22.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: what's up what's up everybody happy Friday welcome.

00:03:26.310 --> 00:03:26.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: you're listening.

00:03:39.330 --> 00:03:39.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: us.

00:03:41.070 --> 00:03:42.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: From.

00:03:43.200 --> 00:03:46.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: me me and for.

00:03:49.680 --> 00:03:52.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Better to be where you are in a garden.

00:03:59.610 --> 00:04:00.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But frank here.

00:04:05.430 --> 00:04:06.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My man tells.

00:04:09.540 --> 00:04:10.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: me the end of the show.

00:05:03.210 --> 00:05:04.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I think we're live again we.

00:05:06.540 --> 00:05:21.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: were going to carry on we're going to proceed anyway so staying true to kidney being frank chopper wells, and hopefully by the end of the show today will be able to determine why they call them chapter 13 going into bed one does he fly an airplane or.

00:05:21.930 --> 00:05:26.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: helicopter will you want to 18 so frank and I are.

00:05:27.990 --> 00:05:30.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: not yet he's young still that frank and I are.

00:05:30.570 --> 00:05:44.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Training partners here at his or gracie academy he's a he's a mixed martial artist Father fights with a cherry right now yeah but it's done under certain things as well as a way to tie fights and jujitsu.

00:05:45.240 --> 00:06:00.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But besides that frank has got his own company called evergreen nutritional counseling and I get that right bones nutrition counseling nutrition kill myself very and I, and what captivated me about frank story.

00:06:01.620 --> 00:06:10.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Is I did meandering path he went to get to financial freedom and working on that cartel so.

00:06:11.940 --> 00:06:18.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: and any of you selling it right here in the lobby, I was like man, this is, this is what it's all about so give everybody just a little background like where you.

00:06:19.440 --> 00:06:27.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know where you grew up kind of like some early jobs, how you got interested in martial arts and fighting I.

00:06:27.900 --> 00:06:44.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: became like really putting it all out and like going, you know for pro fighting status, but then also like how you ended up in this this business orientation as well yeah so I grew up in central Jersey or i'm still at now.

00:06:45.750 --> 00:06:53.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I initially did martial arts my dad brought me to the karate school that he went to I think was still going to at the time when I was like five or six.

00:06:54.930 --> 00:07:04.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was there for a little bit I stopped I got a call back the guy was like there's this MMA stuff going on now, we have like this moyes high.

00:07:04.350 --> 00:07:15.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: jujitsu combo hybrid class come back check it out, and I was 15 I was like cool and looking back it wasn't that at all, it was like gun Defense like Defense all that stuff.

00:07:26.850 --> 00:07:28.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So I think it's.

00:07:29.820 --> 00:07:37.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: raining again and then Jim why like oh come train Jersey, for a little bit and I went down and it ketones Stan brick for the bin and I ended up here.

00:07:39.030 --> 00:07:41.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: full time for my Jiu jitsu and MMA.

00:07:42.510 --> 00:07:50.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Job wise I was like bouncing all around as well, I started off as like a sales REP at bestbuy just like 16 year old stuff like.

00:07:57.750 --> 00:07:58.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: candles when they first hit the.

00:07:58.800 --> 00:08:06.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: scene and then I got fired from that job because I was all a couple times over the course of a couple months I took a couple of bars and there was a.

00:08:11.850 --> 00:08:15.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Note there was just the loss prevention guy who was like really serious about his job so.

00:08:16.020 --> 00:08:21.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: When from their work for the vna the visiting nurses association were like work with a lot of doctors and all that.

00:08:22.860 --> 00:08:32.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then I really like that job and I started selling health insurance, and that was cool because I was like 2122 making really good money but.

00:08:32.910 --> 00:08:38.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was just like very soul sucking business making cold calls all day and like.

00:08:38.850 --> 00:08:47.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My boss, is not the best he was like doing real shady stuff multiple social security numbers like having run weird error and stuff like that, so I was like this is.

00:08:47.640 --> 00:09:07.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: miserable like I got the girl that I was dating at the time, a job there, and then we split she started dating somebody else in the office, the boss, is a jerk it was like not not the environment, I wanted to be in so I like just left, I like quit went to Thailand, for a couple months.

00:09:08.730 --> 00:09:15.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was there for four months, and while I was there, I had a whole bunch of free time I was there to train more time, but.

00:09:16.260 --> 00:09:25.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Train three four hours a day, and then there's nothing else to do the rest of the day, so I was like studying my personal trainer certifications all that stuff new and I want knowing, I want to do that.

00:09:26.610 --> 00:09:39.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: came home started doing the personal training stuff which I still do now and, as I got better muy Thai started to and with high privates and then the nutrition thing was really like not something that I initially set out to do.

00:09:40.770 --> 00:09:50.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was always interested in it for myself, because I saw guys and girls on the scales looking like death and having really miserable wake Hudson.

00:09:50.880 --> 00:09:56.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That affecting like long term health for sure, and also like their performances.

00:09:57.000 --> 00:10:12.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So I just kind of like I started reading about this guy Mike dolce who is like i've been doing this for 20 years nobody's ever missed weight I got it down to a science this and that, so I kind of liked his process played around my own stuff and people started.

00:10:16.560 --> 00:10:24.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: for help, they saw me walking around it on muy Thai it's like a little bit different because we're still 147 and the how are you doing this, I was like.

00:10:24.450 --> 00:10:31.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I just know works for me I don't feel qualified to like tell anybody else what they should be doing so like let me go get some.

00:10:32.790 --> 00:10:38.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Some certification some formal education and then i'll get back to like Okay, I know what i'm talking about not like.

00:10:39.240 --> 00:10:46.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Oh, I did this, and it helps so here you go and hope it works like I went and actually like learned the science of it so like.

00:10:47.520 --> 00:10:58.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: General nutrition I got a certification for and I learned also under that guy Mike dolce that I initially just kind of followed a couple years back from pointed out his initials R amp D.

00:10:59.700 --> 00:11:10.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Not a doctor, but lives are empty but yeah so he's worked with like the ronda rousey the Johnny hendricks to Calvin gas lines, like the whole cream of the crop and nobody's ever miss waiters guidance so like.

00:11:11.130 --> 00:11:18.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: him and doesn't hurt that he lives about 25 minutes from where I live, so he's doing a seminar I was like.

00:11:18.930 --> 00:11:30.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: let's do it, and I was doing my person that did it that was even in that state, so we just kind of became like boys and once I got certified once I felt confident enough, and what I was doing.

00:11:31.410 --> 00:11:39.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I just got this business up and rolling is i'm saying start helping people started with like people muy, muy Thai gym like did it for free, just like test run.

00:11:39.630 --> 00:11:44.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Everything worked out everybody made their weight everybody felt good I was like okay cool I.

00:11:45.480 --> 00:11:51.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: feel somewhat qualified now to start giving us advice out and when you say more time, Jim you this was where you were teaching.

00:11:52.140 --> 00:11:58.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: correctly students of yours, yes, direct connection yeah so I knew that my new training schedule 100% and.

00:11:58.620 --> 00:12:07.680 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Again I knew like who they were, and they were doing a tournament so we had like seven people fighting in the same weekend so it's like cool let's just work with all of them and.

00:12:08.280 --> 00:12:12.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: see where and then they all made weight all the wells like Okay, we got something here, yes.

00:12:13.620 --> 00:12:21.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: you're testing right, I was like 747 that's all different personalities different schedules different training schedule is different everything people take it as seriously people do as a hobby.

00:12:21.930 --> 00:12:31.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Whatever and they all made it sounds like Okay, now we got some some to cook with you know and just explain to everybody, what that means in terms of like making weight and now that can.

00:12:32.310 --> 00:12:45.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know positively or negatively impact you as a fighter yeah so there's set weight class a weight class dominated sport so nobody that competes especially professionally fights at the weight they walk around that.

00:12:46.710 --> 00:12:52.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's kind of like cheating that everybody does, but like because everybody does it it's kind of necessary so it's like.

00:12:53.280 --> 00:13:03.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know everyone has to shrink themselves down so there's regular dieting which, like anybody does like drop regular body mass and then, when it's time for the.

00:13:03.810 --> 00:13:15.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Actual weight cut that's when people are losing anywhere between like eight and 16 pounds in the course of like 24 to 30 hours before their way, and so we have to set them up properly that's like a.

00:13:15.720 --> 00:13:23.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: there's like benchmarks that are really starts like three weeks out so people cut weight, so they float down like I fight 145 pounds.

00:13:24.150 --> 00:13:28.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm fighting for weeks I woke up this morning at 164 pounds so like I don't really weigh.

00:13:29.160 --> 00:13:40.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: 145 pounds i'm going to suck myself down touchdown for like two or three hours at that weight and then float back up and then probably compete the next day like around 160 so like that's.

00:13:41.220 --> 00:13:49.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that to people that don't know they're like wow that's crazy crazy but that's like very common like.

00:13:50.280 --> 00:13:53.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right right down the line, pretty much everybody goes, and if you don't make weight.

00:13:54.180 --> 00:14:04.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You don't make great one it just looks bad it's unprofessional you sign a contract that at this time at this date, I will be this way and then you're not that's like you're not fulfilling your contractual obligation so.

00:14:05.640 --> 00:14:11.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In like the higher level professionals you're gonna lose 20 sometimes 30% of your purse.

00:14:12.030 --> 00:14:16.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That you have to give to the other guy because he missed weight kind of depending on how much so, we still fight.

00:14:17.670 --> 00:14:35.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: As long as he still takes it most people do because they cut the weight and they prepared so they'll take it, but it's like you get a pound allowance on 145 million or 147 pounds and let's just say i'm making like entry level UFC is like 10,000 10,000 so.

00:14:37.140 --> 00:14:37.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You tend to.

00:14:39.330 --> 00:14:52.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: assure you get another 10,000 win, so I show up say I don't wait on us, I made $20,000 to get the other guy 4000 and that's like I feel like it's all relative on how much it stinks because, like.

00:14:55.620 --> 00:15:01.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For the grand scheme of things like not crazy, but if you're only making 20 per fight it's like that's a good amount if you're.

00:15:02.160 --> 00:15:09.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If you're talking you take all the same risks and then you know you talk the higher level some of these guys making 567 hundred thousand dollars so.

00:15:09.570 --> 00:15:16.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Making 500 grand you have to give away 20% and then you double that if you when you got to give a guy you know 400 grand because you missed weight hope I did the math right but.

00:15:17.910 --> 00:15:20.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Too many kick ass yeah from best buy specifically.

00:15:21.630 --> 00:15:31.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah so stolen I make sure that people are on the way, but essentially essentially yeah and I said there's good and bad ways to do it and.

00:15:31.890 --> 00:15:42.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The way that I have been doing it is like basically the proven best way again by like people that have been doing it for 20 something years and nobody's ever miss way everybody performs well.

00:15:43.380 --> 00:15:49.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know so just passing on that, yes, that's great we'll pick back up with that we're going to take your first break, but I want to pick back up with.

00:15:50.160 --> 00:16:00.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like the name of your company and what shorties to you and you seen some of your social media surrounding you know you your your counseling cool yeah.

00:16:00.810 --> 00:16:09.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it seems like you're looking for long term success, not just like let's make this 100% so we're gonna take our first break we'll be back in just a minute everybody hang tight.

00:16:13.440 --> 00:16:14.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Are you a business owner.

00:18:27.060 --> 00:18:34.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Until now welcome back once again you're listening to the entrepreneurial web anytime have a fighter on I like to do like my best Bruce.

00:18:36.360 --> 00:18:37.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Bruce buffer.

00:18:40.260 --> 00:18:44.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That boost buffer break sugar wow.

00:18:46.410 --> 00:18:58.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That was impressive yeah I had this guy Jeff the administrator peterson and wow when he rolled off the Tongue really nicely like I didn't practice it at all, and he was like yeah that's good.

00:18:59.730 --> 00:19:06.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Maybe you know i'm shift fighter by maybe I have a have another calling in the room, if you create.

00:19:07.560 --> 00:19:18.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So we're talking with frank today he's like I said in the first segment he's a he's an MMA fighter muy Thai fighter Jiu jitsu fighter he's a martial arts instructor.

00:19:18.840 --> 00:19:30.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But along the way, after getting fired from bestbuy and a couple other bombs he he started his own nutrition counseling company called evergreen nutrition counseling home nailed that.

00:19:31.980 --> 00:19:40.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And one of the things that that I love to talk to business owners about is the name that they choose, and why, because sometimes it's just random you know it's like.

00:19:40.470 --> 00:19:49.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Number one pizza or right, you know Panda Chinese food or whatever, and it doesn't really mean a lot, like the term evergreen itself indicates like.

00:19:49.980 --> 00:20:00.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Long term like this is, these are these are tried and and vetted practices yeah and we're going to be around versus I mean you see a lot of you see.

00:20:00.360 --> 00:20:06.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: One a lot of fighters come and go, you see a lot of diets kind of go yeah nutrition is just like all over the place.

00:20:07.410 --> 00:20:20.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: With people, so why why the term evergreen when did that become your name so i'm like we talked about players by work with a lot of non fighters is all just like General.

00:20:21.060 --> 00:20:32.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Population this as for lack of a better term I like about me know like trying to talk down up like whatever I got an athlete shirt really certified athlete but.

00:20:33.510 --> 00:20:42.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Ladies having there's a lot of like a fad like bs diets like oh we're doing keto we're doing 36 hours fast every day we're doing like.

00:20:43.110 --> 00:20:49.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: This and that probably people needing like acorns on weekends like I don't know there's like always stuff and then you see like.

00:20:50.070 --> 00:20:59.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: These a lot of people on YouTube doing like videos or just like the big jacked guys that are like most likely doing some steroids, and they talk about openly, but like.

00:21:01.230 --> 00:21:02.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Oh that's sauce.

00:21:04.470 --> 00:21:11.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But yeah so they're always telling me like Oh, this is, this is the diet, this is the thing but it's like that's not what they did to get like that.

00:21:11.460 --> 00:21:19.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: they're doing that to sell a bunch of programs and they're gonna say only eat fat and protein and don't eat any carbs and then.

00:21:20.310 --> 00:21:24.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In 18 months it's like a totally different thing that they're talking about is like.

00:21:25.200 --> 00:21:30.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: they're just going to the next thing that's going to get the most amount of clicks in the most amount of like whatever's hot at the time.

00:21:31.320 --> 00:21:38.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And yeah evergreen is like this is just it's the same thing it always has been the same thing it always will be, is like.

00:21:39.150 --> 00:21:50.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Things aren't changing it's just getting yourself to have like good habits and then sustaining them over long periods of time and the other thing that that stood out to me you gotta fight my camera what it was.

00:21:52.260 --> 00:22:01.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That was an April April or wire asking like you know what's what's your camp like or whatever, when you were on the show with my brother and I, and you really just.

00:22:02.190 --> 00:22:07.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: don't change anything i'm just always ready so you're dead it's just like it's more of a lifestyle for you then like.

00:22:08.370 --> 00:22:17.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: This is something we're going to do for eight weeks and right and then i'm back to eat hot dogs and drinking beer right and I get my next my next potential contract correct yeah I mean like.

00:22:18.300 --> 00:22:31.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'll enjoy like the pizzas and the burgers and stuff like that it just it, the whole thing because, like, I went through a period of this as well, but like it's trying to build a healthy relationship with food, you know so like.

00:22:32.220 --> 00:22:40.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: There is again a lot of people do this and myself included, a certain point in time was like Okay, I need to drop some weight, but.

00:22:40.710 --> 00:22:45.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm gonna eat this pizza but then i'm not going to eat for 12 hours after that and then it's six hours you like.

00:22:45.930 --> 00:22:52.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I want cookies fine but i'm not gonna eat for 13 hours and it's just like this, just like bingeing fasting thing that's just like.

00:22:53.610 --> 00:23:02.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It it just doesn't work, you know I mean like I feel a lot of people struggle with that, but yeah having a good relationship with food is is the thing so like I.

00:23:03.360 --> 00:23:11.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: 85 90% of the time healthy, but if, like something pops up that somebody's birthday if it's whatever we're going out.

00:23:12.150 --> 00:23:20.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I don't mind having that thing that snack that pizza that dessert whatever because it's everything's consistency, because it's not like.

00:23:20.940 --> 00:23:30.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: very focused for short periods of time and then fall off the rails like you were saying like what can, what is the most sustainable thing that I can do and that's it.

00:23:31.050 --> 00:23:43.680 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that's I think that's, the key word in evergreen it's like it's sustainable yeah you know, this is, this is something that that can go on and on and on um did I mentioned to you the it was a.

00:23:44.970 --> 00:23:54.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Matthew mcconaughey episode with Joe rogan where he was talking about how he how he cut we for what all for machinist he was just like.

00:23:54.840 --> 00:24:02.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah he was eating nothing but, but he said he started he the Ark was like so long that it was never taxing on him, where he just like.

00:24:03.540 --> 00:24:09.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Slowly eliminated things little little by little gotcha and started like a year out, and then.

00:24:10.320 --> 00:24:15.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The same on the way back up it's not like once they were done, he was like okay burgers and hot dogs every day.

00:24:16.140 --> 00:24:28.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He had to arch back us that's smart, but he was he said it was smart and he said, you know, it was not taxing on system, he did not feel you know it wasn't fatigued you didn't run away from starting to see like hallucinating.

00:24:28.950 --> 00:24:36.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: like that, like he said everything felt very normal if you do it in a sustainable fashion, I think that the crazy peaks and.

00:24:37.020 --> 00:24:43.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know my my brother experienced this firsthand you got to give him a little shout out, this is an embarrassing story that sorry dude and they were talking shit about me last week.

00:24:44.820 --> 00:24:53.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Last week we did the Sunday show, but I was on top of a mountain and I couldn't I couldn't get down God and I couldn't get down in enough time and.

00:24:53.460 --> 00:25:02.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And they did it without me and I heard that was it was some it was taught some shit but he was he was a wrestler and middle and high school and he caught wait.

00:25:02.460 --> 00:25:09.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For for a match he made way, and he went to dinner I think what but my parents is like 17 at the time.

00:25:09.660 --> 00:25:17.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And this girl called and she was like I want to go out and he was like yeah I think you can ensure and he ate again and he's driving home and just like his body tanked.

00:25:18.270 --> 00:25:23.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: asleep driving and wrap this car around a freakin light pole oh Christ is located, is it.

00:25:23.730 --> 00:25:32.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Russell for a while, but he he came back um but, but like you know I got to see like firsthand how how those crazy.

00:25:32.970 --> 00:25:43.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Wake thoughts can affect you so it seems like what you're talking about with the definitely avoid a situation like that for anybody that's looking if whether your high school wrestler.

00:25:43.440 --> 00:25:55.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And aspiring fighter or just somebody was looking to get in shape you're not going to wrap your car around a light pole because of what frank told you to do foam i'm saving lives out here really what.

00:25:56.190 --> 00:26:17.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I wanted to point out is like you know there's all this talk about how to respond to to the threat of Kobe and you don't hear a lot of people saying really be fucking healthy yeah I think the stats right now is like 78% of people that are in icu beds are obese like it's a major contributor.

00:26:19.080 --> 00:26:26.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like you said it doesn't mean you have to skip all the things that you enjoy but you do have to have a balanced healthy relationship with.

00:26:26.460 --> 00:26:30.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Food yeah and I and that's the thing it's a lot of like what people want to go on their diets like.

00:26:31.380 --> 00:26:40.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i've had friends like their moms like oh yeah i'm only in 500 calories a day, and they do that for a month and they lose 25 pounds and then they have like that one cheat day.

00:26:41.190 --> 00:26:48.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then, it just ramps all the way back the other way and it's like then they're just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and like it's the classic thing it's like.

00:26:48.630 --> 00:26:58.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I lose and I gained back more than I lost because it's like you're just you're wrapping almost your whole identity around like this is what i'm doing, and if any.

00:26:58.710 --> 00:27:03.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: chicken that Armor presents itself you just blow apart completely and like.

00:27:04.350 --> 00:27:12.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I run a strength program out of a wrestling club, so I see a lot of these kids that are like i'm trying to like convince them not to cut weight, because I see friends were like.

00:27:13.140 --> 00:27:21.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They wrestle and there are three brothers didn't wrestle and all their brothers are six foot three and they're like five foot seven and it's like that's not an accident that's like.

00:27:22.290 --> 00:27:27.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That it's just it's not you know it's like and I was there wrestling in high school to where kids.

00:27:28.110 --> 00:27:34.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: don't eat for like a day and a half, they make weight they go have like four happy meals from McDonalds and they're like.

00:27:34.560 --> 00:27:45.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Okay, now I gotta run seven miles and then go don't eat for the next day, and then they weigh in it's like that is not yours wrecking your body you don't like super high insulin then you're going crashing into nothing and you're just like.

00:27:46.200 --> 00:27:56.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Everything just a roller coaster which also is not good for you, if you're trying to build a solid immune system right for right and back to that, like the overweight, they co thing is like.

00:27:57.150 --> 00:28:06.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: that's really just a relationship with food thing and like that's what I do again with like non athletes people not competing is like okay.

00:28:06.990 --> 00:28:13.980 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Tell me everything you do, what do you sleep like how's your sleep what's your water what's your work like what's your workout like what's your food like.

00:28:14.400 --> 00:28:20.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Because again it's not going to everybody knows okay you take care that's like but doing it is the hard part so like.

00:28:21.300 --> 00:28:24.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: See, like all those things and it's like okay there's probably like.

00:28:24.660 --> 00:28:35.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: 20 things in here that we can fix but we're going to go with like three and we got the three easiest and we're at knock those out and we're gonna do another three and we're just going to build momentum and then it's like you turn around.

00:28:35.820 --> 00:28:45.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In seven eight months and you're like hmm I lost 30 pounds and that wasn't even like I wasn't even paying attention to it, I was just fixing these little things hitting small markers.

00:28:45.750 --> 00:28:50.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then you step on the scale of like oh okay those little things made a difference not.

00:28:51.450 --> 00:28:57.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All not eating gluten or i'm cutting out all carbs or i'm not eating any meat or meaning all me or like.

00:28:58.350 --> 00:29:05.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Whatever whatever it is, you know it's like just having good, healthy habits that you can do consistently and again.

00:29:06.360 --> 00:29:15.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I have a lady that probably like the longest comment that I have i've only been running this for about a year and a half i've had her for 14 months so like the vast majority of it.

00:29:15.780 --> 00:29:27.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And just be like I don't want to be I don't want to upset you, but my friend's birthday parties next weekend and I really want to have a drink i'm like do you literally haven't missed.

00:29:28.320 --> 00:29:37.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Anything you haven't been off track in like three months right go you're gonna be fine yeah and you're gonna check your weight, the next day and go over and check out the next day like oh.

00:29:38.310 --> 00:29:52.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's like not it's like understanding that a cheat day or earn meal, or whatever you want to call it is not like the end of the world, you hit that and then you go and then you just keep going, they said backs back to the consistency such a juicy yeah.

00:29:55.320 --> 00:29:58.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: we're going to take another break everybody hang tight we'll See you in just a few.

00:32:40.140 --> 00:32:47.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Alright guys welcome back good if you're just tuning any entrepreneurial well i'm your host Jeremiah for us today here with frank chopper house.

00:32:48.360 --> 00:32:58.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Pro fighter also has his own nutrition counseling company called evergreen nutritional counseling now that you know, since I got a set.

00:32:58.560 --> 00:33:05.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like Fuck it up with evergreen that's all good i've done it before I completely naked this disease for people and there's.

00:33:05.670 --> 00:33:18.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: No man like one guy is I can't remember, but I just kept calling is something like brooklyn something or other and he's like it there's brooklyn's not my name and I was in brooklyn right he was like yeah you got that part right so i'm.

00:33:19.200 --> 00:33:29.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Talking about you know, nutrition, how it, how it applies to athletes and and weight cuts and how they you know you could lose money that way, but also just the general.

00:33:29.760 --> 00:33:36.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The general public, you know old folks like me who just trying to keep the dream alive and stay in shape.

00:33:37.290 --> 00:33:44.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But a lot of what you said to us, you mentioned sleep, you know you talked about sustainability sleep like what are your all your habits.

00:33:44.370 --> 00:33:53.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: These are the things that I hear like high performing Latin entrepreneurs and business people talk about to shout out to my God Dr lance nah he's one of the.

00:33:55.590 --> 00:33:56.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Personal or.

00:33:57.270 --> 00:34:03.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Your title of to with its physical therapists okay he's got a pH D.

00:34:05.250 --> 00:34:22.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's got a number of clicks next injuries be based, out of medford okay um and his company's called breakthrough um he's been on the show a couple times great dude you know same similar focus, where he started in in people's wellness own his own businesses and real.

00:34:32.610 --> 00:34:45.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So you're saying people coming to you they're like that, like there's one thing that really I think prohibits me from like getting to the next level that I want to get is like I don't sleep I sleep like five hours.

00:34:46.920 --> 00:34:54.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah you know yeah um so you know you, you could even like expand into that do you are you getting people.

00:34:55.080 --> 00:35:02.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: From that background that are like oh yeah just like a business person worked so hard and I just like not physically, where I want to be yeah there's.

00:35:02.820 --> 00:35:09.930 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: there's a girl says it's actually one that wasn't my longest client now, and she was like i'm not gonna say your name, but if she listened she'll know who it is.

00:35:11.070 --> 00:35:20.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: She was like so she's a lawyer so very like high stress like you know yeah just difficult environments and it's also like.

00:35:21.480 --> 00:35:34.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's the culture of the love like lawyers, they go out and they drink after work but she's also so she played basketball at Yale so like high level basketball player very smart.

00:35:36.000 --> 00:35:39.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then she started competing and with high when I went looked at her.

00:35:40.260 --> 00:35:58.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: she's been competing for like including coven where she didn't get to fight for over a year, I mean she's only been competing for about three three and a half years and she's stacked up like 26 fights like she just does, most of them one after another, but um so she's a lawyer and yeah.

00:36:01.980 --> 00:36:10.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: about what have you yeah she's she's all over it, but uh yeah she would it's funny too, because she was like the easiest because i'm like.

00:36:11.430 --> 00:36:22.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: hey what's your schedule like and three minutes later had an email of everything blocked out she does every day to week, I was like this is awesome because most fighters, including myself, are quite unorganized and like.

00:36:22.440 --> 00:36:27.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Ah i'll figure out my schedule is when i'm doing the things and then let you know what I have what happened at that time.

00:36:29.430 --> 00:36:48.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But uh yeah it was a lot of like my first run is at 6am and I train until 9am and then I work from like 12 to five and I train from six to nine and I come home when I work from like 1030 to 1am and then I get up at five o'clock and run that i'm like.

00:36:49.740 --> 00:36:55.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We have fixed that we do, and it was a fortunate time that.

00:36:57.570 --> 00:37:05.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Was during corona stuff so she was wasn't able and work was kind of like they weren't doing like in person.

00:37:06.510 --> 00:37:17.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I don't know what they're called trials, I guess, but uh so she's able to correct the sleep a little bit, but that's like that's like a real big thing is like you have to you're working out three sometimes four.

00:37:31.080 --> 00:37:37.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: vacations and doing all pre work and, like i'm good at a high level that like we got to find time to rest.

00:37:38.280 --> 00:37:47.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If we can like five nap in the middle of the day, if we can get you like throwing something from the end of your day and squeeze it in the middle that we're like you're multitasking.

00:37:49.380 --> 00:38:05.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just so we can try to get another hour hour and a half asleep because, like it was realistically like four sometimes five hours right she's like 3536 so like 1000 metabolism is slowing down a little bit and so like you need.

00:38:05.430 --> 00:38:16.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Every single advantage that you get you can get to preserve that lean muscle tissue like sleep matters stress matters how you're eating matters like there's a lot of factors into it.

00:38:18.060 --> 00:38:24.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So it's funny because people focus on diet they're like yeah I really think I need to die and do sit ups and i'm like unfortunately that's.

00:38:25.410 --> 00:38:31.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A lot more there's a lot to it and I didn't realize I tell like really like running multiple businesses.

00:38:31.290 --> 00:38:43.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: How how much stress plays into it yeah um because it just shows your body kind of off kilter but you also make poor decisions when you write us yeah so it's not even like achieve is just like a phuket yeah.

00:38:43.770 --> 00:38:49.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: sleep, the same way when you're when you're really tired and exhausted you just not your body's not firing the same way and you're just like.

00:38:50.490 --> 00:38:54.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know what i'm gonna have donuts right yes yeah I say like you're.

00:38:55.140 --> 00:39:03.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's just what's easiest most convenient that's like okay just go grab this boom grab it and again it's like while you're at the gas station, while you're doing this you're doing that you're like not.

00:39:03.810 --> 00:39:13.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Planning really anything and that's the ideas like that's what ups, a lot of people too is like not having like okay Diego 12 and I chicken that form this whatever it's like.

00:39:14.220 --> 00:39:25.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Having a general sense and some principles to work around and then like making sure you have a plan and fit those principles into the meals that you're having so it's not like six o'clock and like.

00:39:26.340 --> 00:39:35.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like I hate, as I know you have a pretty good idea and like things that will fit into what you should be eating an accessibility yeah yeah so let's yeah so like.

00:39:35.970 --> 00:39:40.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Some people do like the meal prep stuff I don't even do that but it's like just have the ingredients at home.

00:39:40.800 --> 00:39:47.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Keep the process crap out of your House so becomes more inconvenient to go get the crap that it is just throw some vegetables and still obtain.

00:39:48.390 --> 00:40:03.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: throw them up and okay I wasn't so bad it's a 10 minutes what's your what's your opinion on Apps because I like I like steak knife guy you know being that guy yeah so I mean like needing NAPs generally means you didn't sleep enough, but like.

00:40:04.800 --> 00:40:11.400 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If you can fit the NAPs in if you're not sleeping, for whatever reason, right whether it's you're just struggling to sleep, or like.

00:40:11.910 --> 00:40:17.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Your schedule doesn't fit so well, and you have the time like definitely get to sleep, and I mean.

00:40:18.150 --> 00:40:26.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm sure you feel like you're dragging ass you take a 20 minute nap you're like all right let's go in and knock out the rest of the day, you feel good i've done that, as well i've heard.

00:40:27.210 --> 00:40:33.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A couple of trainers say there's no such thing as overtraining there's unrest resting yeah I mean.

00:40:34.350 --> 00:40:41.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I don't know if there's no such thing as overtraining but certainly it happens, a lot quicker when you're under resting you know, like.

00:40:41.940 --> 00:40:48.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: there's even myself, I had like my set schedule and i'm like man this a lot of pi over work myself and then like.

00:40:48.630 --> 00:40:56.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: went to physical therapist or they do like cryo they do chiropractor do acupuncture I go to like a Banya where they have like the song and the cold plunge and all of a sudden i'm like.

00:40:57.630 --> 00:41:04.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I feel pretty good i'm doing the same things I just added some recovery in and they said, make sure the sleeps right and you're like.

00:41:04.980 --> 00:41:23.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All right, maybe I wasn't doing too much I just was not doing enough, on the other end of it to kind of like help keep this side of flow, you know, so what are some other forms of recovery this you know you mentioned a couple besides just rest in diet yeah i'm, for you know I like.

00:41:24.630 --> 00:41:26.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: High performers, whether it's.

00:41:27.390 --> 00:41:28.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just business people.

00:41:29.400 --> 00:41:33.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: firing on all pistons yeah I mean so like I said the NAPs are big doing like.

00:41:34.650 --> 00:41:47.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So for physical things again it's like doing active recovery, like the ice baths going for even just for walks on an off day just to get your blood flowing to get your muscles moving without straining them i'm like that low intensity exercise.

00:41:48.180 --> 00:41:58.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Even just doing like like mentally relaxing things are going to help your body just kind of like because of yours if we're sitting in a chair now, but my mind is like.

00:41:59.010 --> 00:42:16.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: On point it's like fire and heart so like that's still i'm not relaxing i'm not resting the way that I would be if I was actually trying to so like i'm a big like especially fight camp time but big like take a warm bath had some tea play some nice like easy music and then.

00:42:17.970 --> 00:42:18.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Maybe.

00:42:22.380 --> 00:42:22.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What.

00:42:31.740 --> 00:42:41.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: then go to bed during the screens right perfect like tracking much like just keeping out a low our pin I feel like that is super helpful, especially.

00:42:41.730 --> 00:42:46.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like the quick walks the best stuff like that the end of the day, can just kind of like.

00:42:47.430 --> 00:42:54.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just bring everything down that you're talking about actively like turning your mind down and not trying to corral I think they're both.

00:42:55.320 --> 00:43:02.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In conjunction the world and everything yeah like you said you'd be in that bath with the tea and the music, but if you're.

00:43:03.210 --> 00:43:08.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like worrying about a bunch of shit you guys close but you're just like I got this I got that like.

00:43:08.850 --> 00:43:15.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: you're not you're diminishing your recovery correct like it's better than nothing right but yeah it could be way better, if you like, just.

00:43:16.290 --> 00:43:26.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: tuned they're all down so i'm big on that too I go to lay down i'm like yeah I didn't tech stack I gotta do this I didn't do that I forgot about that all right, like Oh, this is mandy like yeah like.

00:43:27.180 --> 00:43:31.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, especially the last year and a half, you know where's the money going to come from yeah and.

00:43:32.310 --> 00:43:40.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I you know it's that it's been hard for me, but I figured out my own little ways to do that, and I think it's huge where you can just like that ability to let it go.

00:43:41.070 --> 00:43:56.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And just reduce the potential for the stress and, lastly, because even like you said you try to sleep yeah and you'll come back better like when you do have to think about those things I feel like you're sharper you're not getting overwhelmed at these 15 things you're just kind of like.

00:43:57.720 --> 00:44:07.680 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's your restaurant, you know I mean you come back in just like a little bit shy, or you just do jujitsu for an hour yes that's a nice meditation trying to choke you and.

00:44:09.510 --> 00:44:10.680 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Whatever you worried about.

00:44:11.700 --> 00:44:16.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah yeah I remember like not anymore I i'm not a big runner by like.

00:44:37.110 --> 00:44:42.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You get your mind clear now yeah I could have rounds for interview thing REV you go, oh no yeah.

00:44:44.040 --> 00:44:53.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: how'd that feel free is saying boring i've been close by never actually got me to, and I will totally it was funny because it wasn't we were just like kind of flow.

00:44:59.490 --> 00:45:00.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And he got on my back to crop.

00:45:01.920 --> 00:45:02.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: color.

00:45:02.820 --> 00:45:07.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He started to get deeper and deeper and stuff I just, of course, a couple minutes and finally got it tight and I like I have my hands.

00:45:07.710 --> 00:45:14.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: are raised my flip to tap and I never I never went down so those of you haven't gotten choked unconscious but a joke.

00:45:15.300 --> 00:45:26.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right it's relatively safe um you like, I went to a concert, I was like in the flow would like loud music interesting and then Rodriguez like in front of me and i'm like that's the piece here to.

00:45:28.470 --> 00:45:31.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like he's like my brother you okay you okay and i'm like.

00:45:32.310 --> 00:45:43.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My first thought was alpha I fainted like cuz my third meeting to talk about overtraining was my third class that day okay 710 and noon Okay, and it was like 115 so i've been going.

00:45:43.320 --> 00:45:49.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it was hot everything and i'm like I finally hit that old man point where I just like fix it because I would train you too much.

00:45:50.070 --> 00:46:01.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then he said something about not tapping and when I realized that I got chilled out I just started dying laughing and I woke up and I thought, like talking about a power now right, I was out for 10 seconds.

00:46:02.250 --> 00:46:16.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I felt like I slept for two hours, and I was like is there still time in the round and then really can like let's go let's do it again, I felt amazing after that I think 10 seconds, but it was deep sleep like right, I was like I went to the other side.

00:46:18.450 --> 00:46:21.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Alright we're going to take one more quick break we'll be back in just a minute everybody hey.

00:48:30.810 --> 00:48:34.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All right, everybody welcome back last round dating day with frank.

00:48:38.880 --> 00:48:53.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: live from his mercy headquarters 30th street midtown Manhattan so the pressing question I think Chakra so we got to go in a good reason and the batteries and and they both happened within 30 seconds of each other.

00:48:54.720 --> 00:49:00.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: First ever kickboxing fight the I was fighting like a shorter Boxer.

00:49:03.300 --> 00:49:09.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Oh, the plan was like kick his legs kick his body get him reaching get his guard down and then we're gonna kick apply.

00:49:10.170 --> 00:49:21.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: and the first thing I did that's the game plan wasn't the back and then right before the fight starts my coaches like right behind me show and be fucking violent be violent i'm like.

00:49:23.790 --> 00:49:31.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I touch gloves I throw a head kick and itself right over his head and I felt my ass and my coach likes to over exaggerate it and say spin around like a helicopter and.

00:49:32.340 --> 00:49:41.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He proceeded to just post pictures of helicopters on my Facebook page for like three weeks straight every day so that's what the official credit is.

00:49:42.570 --> 00:49:56.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: same fight got back up literally threw one leg kick on the outside one like on the inside, I do a push kick and I kicked him in the head and knocked him out, which is literally exactly what he said to do from the beginning.

00:49:58.260 --> 00:50:06.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then other people are saying so I chopped his head off and that they saw like a tooth is my Shin guard which isn't true, but you know, can I can wave good story.

00:50:07.650 --> 00:50:15.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah you've been associated with some crazy fights the one that you fought the guy lost his finger yeah that I wasn't in that fight, no.

00:50:15.900 --> 00:50:22.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: same night, though yeah it was quite nice later, and I was like yeah we're we're literally like can everybody look under their seats see.

00:50:23.130 --> 00:50:29.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: finger yeah that was weird I came out a locker room and i'm watching a fight happen, and I see the guys sit down on the stool.

00:50:30.240 --> 00:50:42.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then, a few minutes later I see I get wheeled out on the gurney and I never heard the crowd pop I never heard anything like wow very strange so weird and then I i'm walking up to like where my friends and family are.

00:50:45.960 --> 00:50:54.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I see the ref to rest of my fight crawl out from underneath the cage with a flashlight and i'm like what is happening and someone's like to lost his finger and like.

00:50:54.930 --> 00:51:04.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What and it ended up being in his glove it folded back underneath the glove somehow I don't know how but uh he ended up fighting like a couple weeks ago he lost, but he is fighting again.

00:51:05.370 --> 00:51:18.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And those Russians he's a psychotic Russian like they all are were emotionless yeah that and then there's a picture of the next day of like the stitches of his hand together and they like interviewed him I guess at the hospital and they're like.

00:51:19.980 --> 00:51:27.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You are he goes man, I was pissed too, I was pissed a doctor stop that because I felt like I was fading I was going to get them out of their head around like.

00:51:28.650 --> 00:51:45.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What if you ever like touch the hot stove how that feels and that's like, with your skin imagine is taking like your bare bones, and then slamming office somebody's head as hard as you could it's like that is just unbelievable like they're different they're different breed yeah.

00:51:46.770 --> 00:51:49.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um so I wanted to ask you um.

00:51:50.850 --> 00:52:00.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: How martial arts training like particularly, I think, just because it's it's so strategic you were talking about that fight, and how you had a game plan.

00:52:00.930 --> 00:52:10.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: How is training impacted your approach to running your business um so I mean, I think, like a big thing that i'm.

00:52:11.310 --> 00:52:17.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That I got from my carmela to because he always just talks about like change and angles right like.

00:52:18.330 --> 00:52:28.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If you're meeting resistance you don't just drive into the resistance and then hope Thursday since get tired it's like we change angles, we come high we come to the side so like.

00:52:29.550 --> 00:52:36.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If things, for whatever reason aren't working or like not going as they're supposed to then just kind of like.

00:52:36.930 --> 00:52:47.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Trying to look at it from another perspective be like, how can it work that's like I kind of took it as well from a book that I was listening to recently, but it was like.

00:52:48.300 --> 00:52:57.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: don't think I can't afford this thing, how can I afford this and then like that just opens your mind to the possibility so it's not like I can't get this done.

00:52:58.230 --> 00:53:04.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's like okay that way is not working, how can I get this done as like i'm not going to push through this guy's.

00:53:05.100 --> 00:53:13.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Name says like okay let's pop up and release them, and now we can drive forward let's get to the side, where it's not a strong get to as weak side, now we can drive folder you know so just like.

00:53:14.970 --> 00:53:26.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: understanding that resistance doesn't shut you down it actually opens up different options different pathways you know so like yeah you meet resistance change what you're doing you don't.

00:53:27.480 --> 00:53:35.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You don't like if you don't like the way things look change the way you look at the things and then it works out eventually so far, so good amazing.

00:53:35.580 --> 00:53:41.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And we're like the people that don't train and don't understand the people that train in a place that doesn't emphasize this.

00:53:42.720 --> 00:53:55.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: morning Mike was talking about it's it's just not backgammon because they play out a bag on here Okay, you know yeah someone was like you know Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yeah it was like back then it's way too simple yeah.

00:53:55.740 --> 00:54:10.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And and there's like you just take chances are just roll the dice and see what happens and he was like that's not what training is right it's very wild it's very strategic on it's always planned and you have to have a backup for your backup yeah.

00:54:10.800 --> 00:54:19.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I, you know that that's been a huge lesson for me in terms of business because when you look at it, when you look at it as a sub zero game.

00:54:21.060 --> 00:54:28.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then you really do diminish your opportunities and like what you're talking about explained so well it's just like.

00:54:29.790 --> 00:54:38.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: figure out a different way yeah to approach it and and find some find some some other potentially better better solutions for sure more opportunities.

00:54:39.090 --> 00:54:48.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um you you're very active on social media for business and for and for your your fight you got a fight coming up, yes, the second October 2.

00:54:49.410 --> 00:54:55.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In philly or Atlantic city yeah it's like just outside affiliates parks casino but phillies just easier say because it's.

00:54:56.430 --> 00:55:09.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Close by and that's its cage cage Yuri as well correct yeah and we're we're the you would see that streaming last time, so they some will be on Facebook, the other rests on UFC fight pass okay.

00:55:11.070 --> 00:55:15.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um and then, if people are interested in reaching out to you for.

00:55:15.780 --> 00:55:31.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: instruction in martial arts counseling and nutrition, whereas yes place way to get in touch with you so currently my regular instagram I cannot log into it and that's usually tank jitsu but hold off on that, for now, the question why tank.

00:55:32.130 --> 00:55:32.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: lead.

00:55:33.840 --> 00:55:42.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A it was literally like made up on the spot, I wish I had a better story yeah it was like you got to work on that you got to come up with is a chopper stories great yeah it was like.

00:55:43.200 --> 00:55:58.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was like 1718 I couldn't drive knows I was 17 and I couldn't drive to these late jujitsu practices, because I would be out past my provisional license so this guy that I used to train with he was like he was like 26 at the time.

00:55:59.580 --> 00:56:08.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: He had like a broken down truck we had like I had to get in and he had to like lift the door up to put it in, and we paid our instructor and like modelo and.

00:56:08.760 --> 00:56:22.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It was just like a very weird thing, and he made me make a Twitter, so I had to make a name on the spot, and I was like type jitsu and then that was it that was 17 year old frank that's a good work on that yeah not as cool so.

00:56:24.030 --> 00:56:31.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yes, be back up soon evergreen nutrition counseling on Facebook same thing on instagram and i'm there all the time, so.

00:56:32.580 --> 00:56:40.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Facebook is just frank walls right yeah so i've frank Marshall wells my personal and then yeah the evergreen nutrition counseling as the.

00:56:40.260 --> 00:56:48.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: As the business one so instagram and Facebook for evergreen is a good way to get sorry yeah Am I emails attached on there Nice, so if you're you know.

00:56:48.690 --> 00:56:59.490 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: athletic looking to get a better shape just want to get a better shape or best case scenario, think you're a high performing business person that needs to be in shape to.

00:57:00.030 --> 00:57:12.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: perform hi i'm frank, so it brings a great guy first and foremost man and he's in it for the long haul and you have to be too, if you want to succeed, so thank you bro.

00:57:13.230 --> 00:57:26.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm glad we really got to do this kind of glad we got to do it here in our GA Thank you Angela and thank all of you really great to see you all for tuning in we'll see you next week, everybody have a great weekend peace out.

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