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Friday, August 6, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/06 - Adversity Can Be The Best Teacher

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/06 - Adversity Can Be The Best Teacher


2021/08/06 - Adversity Can Be The Best Teacher

[NEW EPISODE] Adversity Can Be The Best Teacher

If you think you’ve had it rough, I implore you to check out this week’s show with author, Justin Reeves.

His story offers perspective on what sheer determination can create, and his book drops very soon!

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Starting the podcast, Jeremy introduces his guest Justin Reeves. Following the introduction, Justin gives a brief summary of his journey to where he is today. Jeremy and Justin delve into some of the specifics of Justin’s journey, including how he started a book publishing company in his homeless shelter. As they continue talking, Justin briefly discusses how his life was changed following his brother’s suicide. JD the author. Raising three kids as a single dad.

Segment 2

Got good grades but didn’t go all the way through and got his GED. not a 9 to 5 job nothing wrong with it but and come from a background where he was encouraged to do it despite his background. Ask about recording studios. I went to school for audio engineering and used to rap. Didn’t work out just because things don't go as planned doesn't mean you don’t have a purpose. Entrepreneurial learning creative backgrounds Jeremy comments. They bond over having to fend for themselves? Bag of snakes in the middle of room 40 running and won't know and 40 will run and they will say snakes and 10 will stand at perimeter and watch and 5 will try to capture snakes. Which person am I. I watched someone get killed at 9 and community and Post Traumatic Streets Disorder. Normalizing things that traumatized him. You’re just going through it

Segment 3

Welcoming us back after a break, Jeremy gives a brief summary of the past segment before asking about Justin’s book Post Traumatic Streets Disorder. Mind becomes accustomed to it he is trying to shift life to success, trying to shake bad habits, take you through journey and all things he;s been through gotta let go ou=f old ways always on defense. People have unrealistic expectations, Jeremy says. Hoping book serves as a reference finding hope when he makes it through. Battle depression and many battles getting raw emotions while going through these things. Tried to kill himself and didn’t die. How to write a book self publishing he self published and he talks about inspiration

Segment 4


00:00:34.110 --> 00:00:45.450 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, yes, yes, everybody welcome welcome happy Friday you're listening to the entrepreneurial the Web i'm your host Jeremiah fox before we hop into it today, the message of the week.

00:00:46.620 --> 00:01:01.170 Jeremiah Fox: And it is, if you are able to somehow consume this broadcast that means you've overcome 100% of your worst days that's a pretty freakin good batting average when you say justin.

00:01:01.530 --> 00:01:03.330 Justin Reeves: Yes, it is yes, it is yes, it is.

00:01:03.780 --> 00:01:05.700 Jeremiah Fox: awesome with that i'd like to welcome.

00:01:06.030 --> 00:01:15.360 Jeremiah Fox: justin reeves to the show we met in none other than lance knobs clubhouse room a couple weeks ago very captivating fellow.

00:01:15.780 --> 00:01:29.040 Jeremiah Fox: You know, talking about lance on this show so much he's probably listening right now to we should just rename it we love lance show has been he's been so awesome nowhere, you can you bring him in smack them whenever you want to do.

00:01:30.000 --> 00:01:30.600 kids.

00:01:31.860 --> 00:01:33.090 Jeremiah Fox: what's up what's up.

00:01:33.330 --> 00:01:34.590 Jeremiah Fox: it's all right, and say hi.

00:01:34.620 --> 00:01:35.610 Justin Reeves: it's all good.

00:01:36.150 --> 00:01:39.330 Jeremiah Fox: You got to get you got to get used to this kind of stuff you're coming up next.

00:01:41.010 --> 00:01:48.450 Jeremiah Fox: I got I got three as well, so none of this is a none of this is shocking to me, I know the struggle.

00:01:49.770 --> 00:01:51.120 Justin Reeves: Every day.

00:01:51.600 --> 00:01:59.640 Jeremiah Fox: Great everything's great man so speaking of speaking of struggle, I want you to take this first you know this first portion and just kind of like.

00:02:00.390 --> 00:02:12.420 Jeremiah Fox: described to everybody similar to you did it the way you did in lance's room like what your story was like from from birth to whenever you want whenever you want to stop her I cut you off.

00:02:12.930 --> 00:02:14.460 Justin Reeves: I got you I got you on.

00:02:14.700 --> 00:02:24.060 Justin Reeves: Before I start, I do want to spread light on the situation on it was brought to my attention, it was a 14 year old kid on on a close friends of mines.

00:02:24.540 --> 00:02:32.940 Justin Reeves: When his football players got killed and shot and killed, he was 14 years old Amman, and I just wanted to give a light on that situation.

00:02:33.300 --> 00:02:45.990 Justin Reeves: That we do got to stop the violence, we need to stop there's no way of 14 hills to begin I are getting shot and killed, that is no way and we have to find a way to stop the violence in the streets oh.

00:02:46.500 --> 00:02:47.760 Justin Reeves: yeah as well as for life.

00:02:48.000 --> 00:02:56.340 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and that's and that's a kind of a cornerstone of everything that you're trying to to to do with we'll talk about your book and everything later, but yeah.

00:02:56.730 --> 00:02:57.420 Justin Reeves: What about me.

00:02:59.010 --> 00:03:01.830 Justin Reeves: about me on hi everybody i'm jd the author.

00:03:03.120 --> 00:03:05.910 Justin Reeves: I came I came up on I grew up, I was born in foster care.

00:03:07.170 --> 00:03:20.910 Justin Reeves: I was a crack baby um they told me I wasn't gonna make it past 18 I have had a few people a lot of people actually told me that when I wouldn't make it to see my 18th birthday pass my 18th birthday i'm 28 now.

00:03:22.200 --> 00:03:31.620 Justin Reeves: I grew up in foster care, I went I went through it got it got adopted at 11 i'm when I end up getting adopted.

00:03:32.400 --> 00:03:40.680 Justin Reeves: I was industries hotter ready, I am getting incarcerate a young at an early age, so I grew up faster than I was supposed to.

00:03:41.250 --> 00:03:47.160 Justin Reeves: um I spent a lot of my life issues I had started having kids at an early age had my first son, who got seen earlier.

00:03:47.820 --> 00:04:07.620 Justin Reeves: name is josiah was in the background right there I had him and 17 arm and I had my next one, he makes when a 19, for you know what I had three kids and on from there i've just been in the streets and I and now here I am I survived and I made it through i've been through on.

00:04:08.640 --> 00:04:13.290 Justin Reeves: homelessness went to the shelter program on the single dad out here, trying to make it.

00:04:15.690 --> 00:04:22.080 Justin Reeves: A single guy out here, trying to make it I started on I started a book publishing company in the shelter, while I was in a shelter.

00:04:22.950 --> 00:04:29.160 Justin Reeves: With my kids I started a book called the shoe company on because writing has always been my passion has always been my escape route buying had too many.

00:04:29.700 --> 00:04:38.310 Justin Reeves: I had too many people to talk to her, I had too many people to confide into so writing or something I didn't like low key that nobody really like no.

00:04:38.610 --> 00:04:47.310 Justin Reeves: It would be something that I kept to myself, like it was the way I could express myself, so I used to do it and then one time I just started putting.

00:04:47.790 --> 00:04:55.980 Justin Reeves: One day, I was just really going through it when Kobe had, and I was, I was going through it, I was just I was like at my breaking point and it was like.

00:04:56.730 --> 00:05:03.450 Justin Reeves: Nothing else I felt like I could do so I just wrote something and I do it online and it got so much positive feedback.

00:05:03.900 --> 00:05:19.200 Justin Reeves: And it people was telling how inspiring it is, and it just it's like the light bulb just went off is like you know, and I found my purpose and and find out what my purpose was in that moment, my purposes i'm a light my job is to be a light and help other people see the light in themselves.

00:05:20.790 --> 00:05:28.140 Jeremiah Fox: And you recall what that what the nature of that post was was it like something on Facebook, was it like was it really long was that something.

00:05:28.560 --> 00:05:28.890 Justin Reeves: wrong.

00:05:29.250 --> 00:05:34.290 Justin Reeves: There was a blog it's called is actually on my website is called, I am not Okay, but I will be.

00:05:35.250 --> 00:05:45.990 Justin Reeves: In it just it just stating that you know so it's okay to say you're not okay it's okay to realize that you're hurting it's okay to to know you're messed up it's okay to know these things right.

00:05:46.710 --> 00:05:55.410 Justin Reeves: But what you're going to do you want to sit there you won't be won't be on powder by that you don't cry you're not going to stay in that you're going to like beat you up continue to beat you up are you gonna fight back.

00:05:57.090 --> 00:05:58.080 Justin Reeves: I choose to fight back.

00:05:58.710 --> 00:06:12.180 Jeremiah Fox: yeah where the show is all about fighting man that's that's the common denominator here and where did where did the major exposure from that blog post come from was it through your website was it through social media was it there was like.

00:06:12.240 --> 00:06:13.560 Justin Reeves: social media online.

00:06:13.890 --> 00:06:21.360 Justin Reeves: posting different mental health groups and i'm just getting a lot of people just just actually talking is actually like it just telling me are.

00:06:21.960 --> 00:06:29.190 Justin Reeves: You giving me hope you gave me you're doing it you're doing it with your kids look at you like, and I even just walking down the street like.

00:06:29.580 --> 00:06:35.760 Justin Reeves: Some of the toughest guys to some of the most successful people call me an inspiration and it just be like.

00:06:36.330 --> 00:06:40.920 Justin Reeves: To me, I still feel like I need like I don't feel like i'm doing anything special I just feel like i'm me.

00:06:41.310 --> 00:06:45.840 Justin Reeves: But like when people tell me they inspire the way I am and my kids the way I what i'm doing.

00:06:46.200 --> 00:06:55.560 Justin Reeves: It does touch me, it does make me feel like you know what i'm going in the right direction in this box it's about time it's about time you know it took a while, but it's never too late it's never too late.

00:06:56.010 --> 00:07:07.920 Jeremiah Fox: Well, I think that comes down to sincerity and honesty, too, because you know there's a bunch of people out there spitting you know solutions for your problems and for your life, but some of them, you know.

00:07:08.460 --> 00:07:18.930 Jeremiah Fox: Their their their solutions are a little skeptical so when you when you get it from somebody that's just like you can tell that they are just as real as it gets.

00:07:19.740 --> 00:07:29.910 Jeremiah Fox: That you can inspire anybody, because you you don't know like what everybody else is going through you know the wealthiest investment banker he can be having a tough time like.

00:07:30.840 --> 00:07:33.930 Jeremiah Fox: Just never know where like like you said being light where.

00:07:33.990 --> 00:07:35.130 Jeremiah Fox: Where it's going to come from.

00:07:35.490 --> 00:07:39.090 Jeremiah Fox: And we don't get to choose where it comes from, but once you see it right.

00:07:41.040 --> 00:07:41.910 Jeremiah Fox: I want some more.

00:07:42.420 --> 00:07:52.950 Justin Reeves: Exactly exactly it's actually a beautiful Belen like to have to find your purpose in this life, a lot of people right now living and they just.

00:07:53.610 --> 00:07:58.740 Justin Reeves: It just surviving like I know a lot of people there's a lot of my friends, I got a lot of my friends that still in.

00:07:59.130 --> 00:08:05.370 Justin Reeves: In the neighborhoods that still out there, and a lot of my friends, I don't even they did they don't really have no real plan, they just.

00:08:06.270 --> 00:08:11.700 Justin Reeves: They just they just hit us advice, they just want to make it to the next, they only plan is to make it to the next day and arm.

00:08:12.480 --> 00:08:23.070 Justin Reeves: And I was always one that knew I have more than doing life like, no matter what my situation was no matter how down, I was no matter how bad I was doing.

00:08:23.550 --> 00:08:31.650 Justin Reeves: I knew that there was something bigger I was supposed to be doing and I always remembered that and I always kept it Nice and I guess that's what kept me going.

00:08:32.220 --> 00:08:42.540 Justin Reeves: And that's that's always what kept me going because it's like okay it's something i'm supposed to do, I have a purpose i'm not I wasn't just born just to be born I wasn't going to only survive and make it to the next day.

00:08:42.930 --> 00:08:52.320 Justin Reeves: You know, while a lot of my friends going to prison and doing other things, it was like even when I was engaging in a lot of the same activities.

00:08:52.920 --> 00:09:03.930 Justin Reeves: But on different step for me was I was going home and makes my kids I didn't have to I got to escape and I got to go home to my kids and it was just and get also helped me that I found purpose in that and being a dad.

00:09:05.340 --> 00:09:16.530 Jeremiah Fox: Well i've heard many times that it's often hard to figure out how to get something done like especially a long goal, like, I want to get out of a homeless, shelter, I want to build a business or whatever.

00:09:16.920 --> 00:09:23.730 Jeremiah Fox: it's really hard, if you take that on you know it's kind of overwhelming, but if you know why you want to do it.

00:09:24.030 --> 00:09:38.580 Jeremiah Fox: That will be the fuel to get you through those times and it seems to me, like you, having that that inner sense of purpose, even when everything was like the world was crumbling around you that's What helps you hang on and and get through.

00:09:39.300 --> 00:09:44.370 Justin Reeves: Exactly exactly looking deep within you know, like I.

00:09:45.690 --> 00:09:57.180 Justin Reeves: Like all my put a writing on my on my website, the last one on light taking life for granted i'm in it, I was talking about basically like how my brother's suicide.

00:09:57.930 --> 00:10:02.910 Justin Reeves: really affected me um and how it made me stop taking it for granted, you know and i'm.

00:10:03.450 --> 00:10:11.640 Justin Reeves: Just the fact that you think you always sometimes you could think you always got tomorrow, I can always you know and it's like we take the small things for granted, just like.

00:10:12.150 --> 00:10:18.180 Justin Reeves: Just appreciating just to wake up open our eyes, like there's a lot of people that we don't even realize, a lot of people that didn't get to do that.

00:10:18.810 --> 00:10:30.000 Justin Reeves: Right there's a lot of people didn't get to kiss a loved one didn't get to see a loved one is a lot of people I didn't get to do guys so just starting my day with that just being thankful for just waking up in itself.

00:10:30.840 --> 00:10:39.960 Justin Reeves: It was the first step of it right and understand appreciating that i'm alive, so today in this 24 hours, I could do whatever I can.

00:10:40.620 --> 00:10:52.080 Justin Reeves: Do my purpose, I could give my my maximum potential today or yesterday was bad, but guess what today is another day I woke up today right so that and that's that's the things I had to learn and i'm learning i'm still learning.

00:10:52.500 --> 00:11:03.060 Jeremiah Fox: As we go, we all are, but I think the people that are that are still in the game of learning are the ones who are really going to get ahead um you you grew up in New York on the.

00:11:05.190 --> 00:11:06.090 Justin Reeves: best of both worlds.

00:11:07.980 --> 00:11:13.800 Justin Reeves: Live down South I got I got to get a taste of everything I got to get a taste of many environments many places i'll.

00:11:14.340 --> 00:11:25.260 Justin Reeves: I haven't had too much stability of my life as I really never really lived somewhere consistently for two years, like in my life I have never been one place for two years yeah and a time so i'm.

00:11:26.400 --> 00:11:33.720 Justin Reeves: Whether it be, even if my home adoptive parents had a house, I need to be in and out House because, due to incarceration or whatever the case was.

00:11:34.800 --> 00:11:48.060 Justin Reeves: Never stayed one location for two years and that's that's a personal goal for me just to be able to do that so that's Those are the things I got him on my bucket list okay just you need to have a house for five years, I want to have the same address five years you know.

00:11:48.480 --> 00:11:53.940 Jeremiah Fox: Right, I know man, I live that way for a long time to what part of the cell for you and.

00:11:54.210 --> 00:11:55.860 Justin Reeves: i'm always in Columbia South Carolina.

00:11:58.350 --> 00:12:05.910 Jeremiah Fox: i'm from Tennessee originally and I lived in Virginia for a while, as well, so I know I know the south i've been up here 20 years but.

00:12:06.930 --> 00:12:08.070 Justin Reeves: South is definitely a.

00:12:08.070 --> 00:12:08.880 Justin Reeves: different world.

00:12:09.210 --> 00:12:17.160 Jeremiah Fox: trip is a trip and I, like you know it's funny I appreciate certain things about the south more now that i've been gone for so long.

00:12:17.340 --> 00:12:27.120 Jeremiah Fox: yeah things about the north star to know I mean so i'm like Okay, they know like neither neither is ideal at this point of my life and age and maturity i'm like I.

00:12:27.120 --> 00:12:27.990 Justin Reeves: Just love to travel.

00:12:28.470 --> 00:12:29.100 Justin Reeves: Travel it's just.

00:12:30.960 --> 00:12:39.330 Justin Reeves: I need to travel, because sometimes New York is to waste of time to sell everything just be travel I like that's what I love that's what I really.

00:12:39.510 --> 00:12:44.580 Jeremiah Fox: enjoy that too all right we're gonna take our first break all right, you guys hang tight we'll be back in just a minute.

00:15:05.850 --> 00:15:15.840 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome back everybody if you're just tuning again happy Friday you're listening to the entrepreneur web on your host Jeremiah fox this week we're keeping it local state right well you in New York right now justin.

00:15:17.010 --> 00:15:18.660 Jeremiah Fox: you're muted, right now, you gotta unmute.

00:15:19.110 --> 00:15:20.430 Justin Reeves: Oh i'm sorry about that i'm.

00:15:21.420 --> 00:15:36.270 Jeremiah Fox: Hearing Queens Queens brooklyn in the House, the 718 so yeah local talking with with justin reeves, also known as jd the author we'll get into a little bit more on that here shortly um.

00:15:37.530 --> 00:15:43.500 Jeremiah Fox: What was I gonna ask you um well actually we just hop right into that the question pertains to that you mentioned.

00:15:44.760 --> 00:15:51.060 Jeremiah Fox: Earlier that like when Kobe hit that's when you really were like all right, I need to get this like book thing happening.

00:15:51.570 --> 00:15:51.930 yeah.

00:15:53.070 --> 00:16:05.460 Justin Reeves: Definitely i'm a lot stem from that me number one wanting to do wanting to show my kids something different right i'm showing them that, no matter what adversity you go through.

00:16:06.390 --> 00:16:11.640 Justin Reeves: If you work hard, you can persevere, no matter how hard life come back to you can do it right.

00:16:12.240 --> 00:16:26.730 Justin Reeves: It doesn't matter what life throws actually you fight and you go for if you wanted to go after it right, I don't um I haven't fully completed anything oh nice to have to stop fully completed is getting my ged right, I was the last thing, even going to college um.

00:16:27.960 --> 00:16:45.540 Justin Reeves: I kept good grades, but I didn't I didn't get all the way through so so me completing so something was a personal goal, then watching Colbert happen is like you know 95 guy i've never really too much been on to anybody that does it there's nothing wrong with it i'm not knocking it.

00:16:46.080 --> 00:16:47.040 Justin Reeves: Not neato.

00:16:47.280 --> 00:17:00.000 Justin Reeves: Not saying i'm not a good worker, but the idea of somebody paying I could work as hard as I want to work in I can't make no more money than what you say, I can make an idea never sat right with me um.

00:17:00.600 --> 00:17:06.870 Justin Reeves: And then watching people get fighting in oh not not independent have no other avenue that had a lot to do with it.

00:17:07.800 --> 00:17:14.670 Justin Reeves: And um and another thing I had some do it is shown people my Community I come from the background I come from.

00:17:15.030 --> 00:17:23.760 Justin Reeves: That you can do it, you might not you might not be a good rapport you might not be a good basketball player, you might not you might not be a good football player or athlete.

00:17:24.450 --> 00:17:32.400 Justin Reeves: But guess what you can use your brain and you could do something, you could still do you still come from the bottom, and you will you can still work your way and get to the top.

00:17:32.760 --> 00:17:40.260 Justin Reeves: So that's why this is so personal for me to become successful because I want to show a lot of kids in a lot, a lot of people who, like me, a lot of people.

00:17:40.680 --> 00:17:48.510 Justin Reeves: That you can do it as possible, this is very possible you just gotta gotta go for you got to make that opportunity you got to take that opportunity.

00:17:49.920 --> 00:17:57.990 Jeremiah Fox: You just reminded me what I was originally going to ask you, I saw in some of your social media, you were in like it looks like recording studios.

00:17:58.380 --> 00:17:58.620 Justin Reeves: yeah.

00:17:58.650 --> 00:18:00.840 Jeremiah Fox: Do you have do you have some experience in.

00:18:02.100 --> 00:18:04.920 Justin Reeves: yeah I went to school for audio engineer.

00:18:05.130 --> 00:18:06.720 Jeremiah Fox: Right right right yes.

00:18:06.810 --> 00:18:11.790 Justin Reeves: um I used to write to you know, I was actually I was actually I was alright at it um.

00:18:12.780 --> 00:18:17.790 Justin Reeves: But no, I never worked out so okay right some things don't work out we wanted.

00:18:18.120 --> 00:18:26.760 Justin Reeves: We make a plan and it doesn't always go the way you want it to go, but that doesn't mean that you don't have a big purpose in life that doesn't mean there's no big purpose.

00:18:27.420 --> 00:18:36.270 Justin Reeves: Right, so I had to had to go within dig within deep it's still creative it's still the same is almost the same thing is it's almost.

00:18:36.660 --> 00:18:43.710 Justin Reeves: Parallel stuff i'm not making a bunch of people dance i'm just i'm just talking to real raw and i'm just giving really it's the same thing i'm telling you my story.

00:18:45.540 --> 00:18:45.990 Jeremiah Fox: Right I.

00:18:46.560 --> 00:18:47.220 Justin Reeves: Love music.

00:18:47.250 --> 00:19:00.360 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I asked that because I have a musical background myself, I was i've been a musician since I was a kid actually went to school, for it was a freelancer and and I was talking to a guest, a few weeks ago about this, how.

00:19:01.530 --> 00:19:08.940 Jeremiah Fox: You know, you often find people with like entrepreneurial leanings coming from the creative background so whether they're musicians.

00:19:09.210 --> 00:19:19.230 Jeremiah Fox: or chefs like chefs end up opening restaurants and doing like really amazing things and I think that the creative aspect is is something that really draws us to entrepreneurship, because.

00:19:19.740 --> 00:19:27.960 Jeremiah Fox: it's it's the same you know, like you just said you're not making people dance but it's it's very creative you get to you know you, you really become.

00:19:28.350 --> 00:19:38.670 Jeremiah Fox: You know the the King of your own destiny in a way, and and I feel you like, we have a lot of parallels man we're like I for 20 years I didn't live in a place for more than two years.

00:19:38.970 --> 00:19:42.330 Jeremiah Fox: 20 years straight, just like hopping hopping hopping hopping hopping.

00:19:42.750 --> 00:19:57.240 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of a lot of a lot of crime, as well, and so you kind of gotta come in from both sides, and I did to you know, like the streets are hustling you know, and you really have to learn to fend for yourself you've got all these.

00:19:57.600 --> 00:20:01.980 Jeremiah Fox: Not knocking college, but you got a lot of school kids just don't know how to do that, do you know.

00:20:03.030 --> 00:20:07.770 Jeremiah Fox: What am I what am I first one of my first games with selling dime bags she's saying.

00:20:08.790 --> 00:20:19.050 Jeremiah Fox: We were kid over just like drama talking like 1314 years old and with a lot of cash and I I liked I liked the electric chaos.

00:20:19.440 --> 00:20:24.720 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it came with it, I like insane i've never done a nine to five thing it's just like not for me.

00:20:25.920 --> 00:20:39.090 Jeremiah Fox: But I think it's important for us as we're like going forward because we end up in these crazy situations right and he's crazy positions where you've got to make decisions and you're like didn't all people have to do this, and the answer is often no they don't.

00:20:39.120 --> 00:20:45.690 Jeremiah Fox: Like we we we I read this article is about people's responses to snakes.

00:20:46.110 --> 00:20:55.260 Jeremiah Fox: So they were saying like if you have like 100 people in a in a room and you come in and you just like drop a bag of snakes like just open a bag of snakes up in the middle of the room.

00:20:55.560 --> 00:21:01.980 Jeremiah Fox: They say of 40% are going to start running and not even know why they're running if you ask them why are you running they won't even know.

00:21:02.280 --> 00:21:17.220 Jeremiah Fox: Another 40% will run and you'll ask them why you're running and they'll be like there's snakes and it will like kinda like 10 to 15% will just stand up the perimeter of the room and watch and just be like whoa that's crazy and in five will go in and actually try to capture the snakes.

00:21:18.420 --> 00:21:33.180 Jeremiah Fox: As we're like in these situations, we have to kind of assess and it's hard you know assess which which person, am I am I, like going to grab the snakes and watching and if you might be a different person on any given day depending on like you know.

00:21:33.240 --> 00:21:34.260 Justin Reeves: Exactly depends on.

00:21:34.500 --> 00:21:42.180 Jeremiah Fox: Right yeah like what's happening in your world it's crazy, but I think you've got a lot going for you, with the creative background.

00:21:42.720 --> 00:21:59.490 Jeremiah Fox: Clearly, you know if you're if you're like writing the way you are you've got experience and music and even studied some of the technical application of a know you got that going for you and then just and, just like the the the lack of risk aversion from like.

00:21:59.520 --> 00:22:10.440 Jeremiah Fox: yeah history it's it's just like yo, this is what people do every day, you know, so you know you want me to be concerned about like this, as far as business goes.

00:22:10.440 --> 00:22:17.760 Justin Reeves: I began to normalize begin to normalize auto craziness normalized data is not normal like.

00:22:18.240 --> 00:22:33.480 Justin Reeves: My brain like it is like you know you know I didn't seem so many things in my life like I i'm young i'm nice Oh, I see somebody to get killed right and that's not normal but by the time the third person I seen you kill it was like.

00:22:36.240 --> 00:22:45.840 Justin Reeves: His life, this is what do you want me to say so, I was like like you know what do I, what do you do a lot of the things that happen in our Community.

00:22:46.350 --> 00:22:53.520 Justin Reeves: And that's why no I don't get to today, but the name of the book is post traumatic stress disorder because is a lot of this stuff.

00:22:53.940 --> 00:23:00.180 Justin Reeves: traumatized me I normalize and you don't even realize you trauma you don't even realize you're traumatized because you just go do it, you just.

00:23:00.480 --> 00:23:08.160 Justin Reeves: you're just going through it, you just go into the daily motion everyday gone through this gone to that you don't do this and it just it just becomes second nature and it's like.

00:23:08.520 --> 00:23:12.420 Justin Reeves: it's normal now is normal, this is, I have to go through these things like looking over my.

00:23:12.750 --> 00:23:21.810 Justin Reeves: shoulder it's something as a second secondary to me is like okay now when I go rooms i'm automatically scanning the whole room, so I just scan the whole room.

00:23:22.050 --> 00:23:29.460 Justin Reeves: i'm looking for every possible sense of danger because I hadn't been a situation where there was people in the room who wanted to kill me right, so I have to.

00:23:29.850 --> 00:23:39.780 Justin Reeves: I can't I let me, let me keep my back to the door and we stay close to the door so as I now i'm breaking all these bad habits and everything as I go through life as I, as I shake through as I.

00:23:40.080 --> 00:23:48.270 Justin Reeves: As I pulled out other leg streets and I, and I go forward, not fly like an eagle and is it is a lot of things you got to do yeah.

00:23:48.330 --> 00:24:01.230 Jeremiah Fox: Well, we touched on this in that clubhouse room Darren of your memory saying what you were you know you were asking about dealing with with with the stress of all this, like you're embarking on this this entrepreneurial journey now and.

00:24:02.310 --> 00:24:04.410 Jeremiah Fox: You know, we have mentioned that.

00:24:05.430 --> 00:24:13.770 Jeremiah Fox: anxiety is fear of the future and depression is fear of the past and that's exactly what you're talking about and your ability to get through it.

00:24:14.070 --> 00:24:26.370 Jeremiah Fox: I think is resiliency where you just like compartmentalize that and here's like all right i'm here I gotta show up for my kids I got aspirations like zach that's being resilient but at a certain point, you do have to address it, and I think um.

00:24:27.030 --> 00:24:38.190 Jeremiah Fox: I think you sharing it is part of as part of that that healing process, you know your ability to like teach it to other people is actually you passing it on.

00:24:38.700 --> 00:24:39.720 Justin Reeves: I think they know what a lot.

00:24:39.720 --> 00:24:40.410 Jeremiah Fox: of power now.

00:24:41.070 --> 00:24:44.250 Justin Reeves: know what I learned through this the hardest step is always the first step right.

00:24:44.940 --> 00:24:45.480 Jeremiah Fox: Big time.

00:24:46.980 --> 00:24:58.710 Justin Reeves: When you first start working the hardest because you're gonna fall like you're gonna fall it most people are fearful of the fall right when you're starting your business is the what is just don't work.

00:24:59.850 --> 00:25:00.840 Justin Reeves: In my mind why.

00:25:03.300 --> 00:25:03.720 Jeremiah Fox: we've got.

00:25:04.110 --> 00:25:04.620 Justin Reeves: All this.

00:25:05.010 --> 00:25:05.520 Jeremiah Fox: yeah now.

00:25:06.900 --> 00:25:14.340 Jeremiah Fox: we're going to take another break in a minute, I want to get too deep on that, but I wanted to bring up another gentleman who's been on the show who I also met through lance's room.

00:25:15.210 --> 00:25:15.780 Justin Reeves: An amazing.

00:25:15.810 --> 00:25:21.930 Jeremiah Fox: Guy he's amazing man, we love lance that's going to be that'll be that'll be like the subtitle of this show.

00:25:23.340 --> 00:25:31.470 Jeremiah Fox: He had a he had an author named Chris kelso who came on who wrote a book about imposter syndrome Are you familiar with imposter syndrome and what that is.

00:25:32.880 --> 00:25:43.770 Jeremiah Fox: Though it's essentially what you just said, like you, second guessing if you're good enough for this situation so like you go through whatever you went through in life, and you said hey i'm going to write a book and start a book company.

00:25:44.280 --> 00:25:52.710 Jeremiah Fox: And, but you're like I don't have a college degree I didn't grow up writing maybe that you've gotten really good feedback like yo you should do this and inside of you you're like I want to do this.

00:25:52.920 --> 00:25:58.470 Jeremiah Fox: But then you just you know when you're laying in bed at night you're like man i'm not good enough for this i'm not the person i'm not the guy.

00:25:58.770 --> 00:26:05.880 Jeremiah Fox: that's imposter syndrome and so Chris wrote this whole book and he he does talks and everything on dealing with that, but the other thing that he.

00:26:06.270 --> 00:26:21.930 Jeremiah Fox: talked about was the business of writing a book and he's in as as as well got the inspiration he had already started, you know prior to Kobe bow and code hit, and he was just doing like zoom calls every day is like well now's the time that's why I was asking like.

00:26:22.230 --> 00:26:23.970 Jeremiah Fox: How that works out for you, you know you.

00:26:24.030 --> 00:26:27.270 Jeremiah Fox: were thinking were you thinking about writing a book before.

00:26:27.540 --> 00:26:28.260 Justin Reeves: yeah.

00:26:28.290 --> 00:26:29.250 Jeremiah Fox: it's been going.

00:26:29.610 --> 00:26:35.670 Justin Reeves: yeah way before since I was 15 I want to write books and not speaking as Oh well, I was actually incarcerated again like.

00:26:36.300 --> 00:26:45.210 Justin Reeves: I guess, I was incarcerated lot throughout my teenage years adolescent so like one of those times like I used to do speeches um I want to speech competition on.

00:26:45.720 --> 00:26:49.350 Justin Reeves: And I wanted to tell my story is I didn't know like.

00:26:49.800 --> 00:26:56.340 Justin Reeves: It you always talk myself out of the thought and then other times in my life, I will go through things I was like yo I should really write about this because somebody.

00:26:56.550 --> 00:27:05.100 Justin Reeves: it'd be interesting to you go now you sit down and you come up you come up with a page or two and you just like oh that's that's not it right well how am I.

00:27:05.700 --> 00:27:10.890 Justin Reeves: How am I don't got this I don't got this credential I don't got so you start thinking yourself on all these thoughts.

00:27:11.520 --> 00:27:22.710 Justin Reeves: And then the last time I took I took I took a diabetic I bought every thought it every negative thing everybody out and I, and I said, you know what.

00:27:23.280 --> 00:27:31.770 Justin Reeves: i'm going to get this done, I was determined, and I know I know once i'm determined nothing stopping me, I know that all and I know all nothing can stop me as me.

00:27:32.790 --> 00:27:38.610 Justin Reeves: I knew that nobody could tell my story, nobody can tell my story the way i'm going to tell it so as I.

00:27:40.020 --> 00:27:40.500 Justin Reeves: Go at it.

00:27:40.800 --> 00:27:45.570 Justin Reeves: we're going to do, what are you going to do, like if you do it sank you get the same results that's the.

00:27:45.840 --> 00:27:51.840 Justin Reeves: definition of insanity right right, so what i'm gonna keep being insane and thinking something's going to change, for me, oh i'm not gonna go and change it myself.

00:27:52.530 --> 00:28:04.020 Justin Reeves: And I had to realize yo and nothing's going to change until you change it a book is not going to get written into you sit down and you write it you go through the process and it's a process but it's a it's an innocent journey but I love every bit of it.

00:28:04.800 --> 00:28:09.450 Jeremiah Fox: Well it's all about the journey right the end goal that's The lesson impressive than the journey.

00:28:09.930 --> 00:28:11.310 Justin Reeves: Exactly alright.

00:28:11.340 --> 00:28:14.280 Jeremiah Fox: we're going to take our second break we'll be back in just a few everybody hang tight.

00:30:50.640 --> 00:31:02.490 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome back everybody if you just tuning in the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox today, we are keeping it local here in brooklyn and Queens is 718 talking with justin reeves, otherwise known as jd the author.

00:31:03.450 --> 00:31:22.230 Jeremiah Fox: man's got a great story of resilience growing up hard in the streets orphans moving around not spending more than two years in a single residence his entire life raising three kids as a single dad along the way, and somehow he squeaked out a book in the middle of all this.

00:31:23.910 --> 00:31:31.800 Jeremiah Fox: And I want to really like focus on on the book in this portion of the show and on and learn more about.

00:31:32.940 --> 00:31:47.430 Jeremiah Fox: You know what the purpose of the book is and then you also were a building, if I recall correctly, from our clubhouse discussion a platform for other authors that have come up similar to you so give us give us some background and.

00:31:47.490 --> 00:31:48.480 Jeremiah Fox: All that.

00:31:49.830 --> 00:31:52.710 Justin Reeves: The book is called post traumatic stress disorder.

00:31:54.180 --> 00:31:55.530 Jeremiah Fox: A battle within by that's.

00:31:56.640 --> 00:31:57.000 Justin Reeves: Right.

00:31:57.660 --> 00:31:59.910 Justin Reeves: it's a battle, because you when you're trying to.

00:32:01.080 --> 00:32:12.030 Justin Reeves: When you're when you've been doing things one way your whole life you become accustomed to write your mind becomes accustomed to that your mind is used to doing things one way, so.

00:32:12.900 --> 00:32:17.970 Justin Reeves: Now, as I try to ship my life into the success and into doing better things.

00:32:18.810 --> 00:32:26.730 Justin Reeves: i'm trying to shake old bad habits i'm trying to you're gonna i'm gonna take you through my journey and you're going to see to the mindset of me now.

00:32:27.150 --> 00:32:37.380 Justin Reeves: And all the things i've been through and it's about them because you've got to get your other leg out the street you gotta shake bad habits you gotta let go and always the old the old way of thinking, the.

00:32:37.710 --> 00:32:52.140 Justin Reeves: always being on Defense always being ready to to you know, to do what you gotta do whatever it is, whatever that is always ready for something bad happened because we push me in speech and you get used to things bad happening right, I know you I know you know about that.

00:32:52.500 --> 00:32:52.890 Justin Reeves: I knew.

00:32:53.310 --> 00:32:54.780 Justin Reeves: And not expected that right.

00:32:54.810 --> 00:32:55.710 Justin Reeves: yeah that.

00:32:56.940 --> 00:33:10.350 Jeremiah Fox: Was funny it's funny because I opened i've opened a couple restaurants, but I have another one and i'm sitting in it, right now, and my recipe for success is expect that every day is going to suck and if it doesn't.

00:33:11.220 --> 00:33:23.730 Jeremiah Fox: Then great, but just like you have to go into it, and especially in this industry that way, and one of the main reasons I wanted you to come on the show is, after listening to talk is is to really like hammer that nail that you know people are.

00:33:24.240 --> 00:33:37.110 Jeremiah Fox: People are very comfortable people have almost unrealistic unrealistic expectations, and I think when covert hit and the world got pause everybody understood, a little better, like their fragility like oh.

00:33:38.370 --> 00:33:38.760 Jeremiah Fox: You know.

00:33:38.820 --> 00:33:39.840 Justin Reeves: i'm expandable right.

00:33:41.610 --> 00:33:41.790 Justin Reeves: I.

00:33:42.360 --> 00:33:43.830 Justin Reeves: Go like this yeah big.

00:33:44.040 --> 00:33:45.840 Justin Reeves: Company you think this company love you.

00:33:46.170 --> 00:33:50.040 Justin Reeves: But you just another just another person they paint on a payroll so.

00:33:50.520 --> 00:33:59.520 Jeremiah Fox: yeah so when this came that when it all went down for me, I was like Oh, this is just another day in the restaurant industry like someone's always coming out, you know stayed its customers.

00:34:00.090 --> 00:34:08.190 Jeremiah Fox: This is like always the pipes breaking shit catching fire, you know it's like whatever man it's just another day so yeah just you know.

00:34:08.730 --> 00:34:18.210 Jeremiah Fox: hear you say these things it just you know really puts a smile on my face, because I think more people need to understand this and and and I hope your book really.

00:34:18.690 --> 00:34:27.960 Jeremiah Fox: serves as it seems to me like you're you're you are hoping that the book services like a reference like it's a story, but it's also a reference for people to understand like.

00:34:28.110 --> 00:34:29.340 Justin Reeves: here's some town hope.

00:34:29.340 --> 00:34:30.450 Jeremiah Fox: For yeah.

00:34:30.660 --> 00:34:39.480 Justin Reeves: Well, I hope, it's about finding hope to understand, to look at me when they read this what they're going to say, is why he made it through he didn't I didn't make no excuses.

00:34:39.960 --> 00:34:44.070 Justin Reeves: I didn't I never made one excuse for myself, I never felt sorry for myself.

00:34:44.820 --> 00:34:51.840 Justin Reeves: I didn't do what I always have to do, I just my mindset what's next okay well this happened what's next no i'm not gonna say I.

00:34:52.140 --> 00:34:55.500 Justin Reeves: don't battle, the prayer my battles about depression still to this day.

00:34:55.770 --> 00:35:03.780 Justin Reeves: I have a lot of many battles that i'm fighting that that's what makes the book because it's like you're getting the raw emotions of it, while i'm going through it and that's something.

00:35:04.050 --> 00:35:12.690 Justin Reeves: I didn't get through nothing yet like like so nobody I didn't get through nothing, it is i'm currently still going through most of these things now like a lot of it.

00:35:12.990 --> 00:35:19.320 Justin Reeves: A lot of the term still let me go on i'm just able to accept the fact that I never seen my mother's face a daemon in my life.

00:35:19.830 --> 00:35:29.880 Justin Reeves: i'm just able to rationalize that in my life i'm just able to accept those things right and I met with and set the things I went wrong in the things i've done understanding okay.

00:35:30.630 --> 00:35:39.390 Justin Reeves: You put yourself in certain positions right you can't blame yourself for things that happen, then you can't blame know what everything from this day forward is up to you, and what you do.

00:35:40.140 --> 00:35:47.550 Justin Reeves: I can't make excuses, they all went through this so this yeah, this is why i'm doing this, no, no, no yeah you went through that.

00:35:48.060 --> 00:35:55.860 Justin Reeves: But you made it through you didn't die you didn't die in that moment right, I tried to commit suicide when out when I was in high school, I had a gun to my head gun didn't go all.

00:35:57.150 --> 00:36:13.350 Justin Reeves: Right I didn't die in that moment, so why why making an excuse for anything in life, why why i'm making excuses out if I wasn't supposed to be where i'm at I went and made it here I wouldn't have made it to this point, I would have made it this far, so why can I go any further.

00:36:14.670 --> 00:36:22.680 Justin Reeves: But now i've got to shake these demons i'm shaking i'm shaking all these demon i'm battling battling myself i'm not better than nobody else, this is about me versus me.

00:36:23.880 --> 00:36:26.430 Justin Reeves: And that and that's why and that's what this book is about.

00:36:27.600 --> 00:36:28.080 Justin Reeves: Nice.

00:36:28.470 --> 00:36:38.160 Jeremiah Fox: um you have some cover art already put together, have you have you printed any book shed is the goal to print, are you looking at more of a digital release and.

00:36:38.580 --> 00:36:43.590 Justin Reeves: it's gonna be it's gonna be physical copies is going to be it's probably going to be digital first.

00:36:43.980 --> 00:36:47.970 Justin Reeves: I was going to be physical copies and there's going to be an audio book i'm on the go through.

00:36:48.360 --> 00:36:56.400 Justin Reeves: One of my own my My big bros he on the studio was doing was doing incredible is called Vito studios in Colombia, I want to give them a shout out real quick.

00:36:56.970 --> 00:37:08.190 Justin Reeves: At the 12 go check them out is 37 Braga road please go check that out and yeah he's making a change to so there's a lot of people in the Community doing great things.

00:37:09.060 --> 00:37:15.600 Jeremiah Fox: And then, in terms of getting the book, like all together because, like you know I have aspirations to write a book to add noise.

00:37:15.630 --> 00:37:16.080 Justin Reeves: yeah like.

00:37:16.110 --> 00:37:21.360 Jeremiah Fox: You know where to start how many pages like i'm good for like 1020 maybe but.

00:37:23.190 --> 00:37:23.580 Jeremiah Fox: Like.

00:37:24.930 --> 00:37:29.550 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of work um did you do, are you self publishing I.

00:37:29.580 --> 00:37:30.270 Justin Reeves: Like when I talked to.

00:37:30.660 --> 00:37:31.440 Justin Reeves: Self publishing.

00:37:31.470 --> 00:37:32.790 Jeremiah Fox: arm to do it all yourself.

00:37:32.850 --> 00:37:42.390 Justin Reeves: One of my biggest inspiration was an FC hustle mom and his the way he took his route those things he did the way he he said he are ready to take the stairs.

00:37:42.930 --> 00:37:48.600 Justin Reeves: Because you learn more your journey makes the journey better cuz cuz you get to do things your way so.

00:37:49.050 --> 00:37:57.600 Justin Reeves: I took a lot of things, a lot of the things he did and and I I put it into what i'm doing and I understand that, like nobody's going.

00:37:58.320 --> 00:38:03.150 Justin Reeves: To do is going to care about something away I care about it guys minds right, regardless of what.

00:38:03.630 --> 00:38:14.820 Justin Reeves: If you let me your call i'm never gonna drop it the way you i'm never gonna care about your card away you're going to care about your car right so and that's the that's the way I feel about this book i'm putting out that there's not a publishing company.

00:38:16.020 --> 00:38:23.070 Justin Reeves: i'm pretty sure they give me a lot of money to do this to me it's not really about the money it's more about getting the story out there.

00:38:23.490 --> 00:38:28.350 Justin Reeves: And and nobody's done do it the way i'm going to do it nobody's gonna be able to market it the way.

00:38:28.890 --> 00:38:38.160 Justin Reeves: i'm marketing they might have been put more money into it, but they're not gonna be able to get as personal as i'm going to get we're going to get it out there to get this message across, or this message needs to be getting across to the people.

00:38:38.940 --> 00:38:50.580 Jeremiah Fox: And, and the platform that you were kind of describing on clubhouse that is also to serve as a framework for other people like yourself to to get a book.

00:38:50.700 --> 00:38:52.050 Jeremiah Fox: or whatever it is, I want to tell.

00:38:52.530 --> 00:38:59.970 Justin Reeves: People don't want to tell a story down as a lot of people would have started its outages and it may not know he might have known the platform, the goal.

00:39:00.570 --> 00:39:03.570 Justin Reeves: So and that's why i'm going to come in and i'm gonna definitely.

00:39:04.080 --> 00:39:14.100 Justin Reeves: His kids I did I noticed kids that want to write that might want to tell the story who's gone through stuff know my story is nowhere near the worst story i'm just one is willing to tell so.

00:39:15.090 --> 00:39:20.460 Justin Reeves: there's people like you, that definitely want to do it, they just don't know how and and that's definitely where i'm coming in.

00:39:20.880 --> 00:39:25.230 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and probably some raw talent that just might not otherwise.

00:39:25.620 --> 00:39:32.580 Jeremiah Fox: So do you when do you envision is more for specifically writing, are you thinking of other forms of media as well, including.

00:39:33.090 --> 00:39:33.480 Definitely.

00:39:34.920 --> 00:39:42.360 Justin Reeves: Definitely other forms of media as we go along is gonna i'm gonna learn mom going to gain more knowledge to things and i'm.

00:39:42.870 --> 00:39:52.770 Justin Reeves: Definitely on my thing is to get into motivational speaking that's that's one of the number one thing that i'm going to get into that i'm going to be doing so on going to college it's all in the schools.

00:39:53.040 --> 00:40:03.420 Justin Reeves: going to jails going to youth programs for us to homeschool poem shelters well just to just to get out here and motivated people and on and be an inspiration, be a light.

00:40:04.530 --> 00:40:07.440 Jeremiah Fox: And just out of curiosity, how did you connect with lance.

00:40:08.550 --> 00:40:10.200 Justin Reeves: I can't have too much to my editor.

00:40:10.980 --> 00:40:11.310 Justin Reeves: Okay.

00:40:11.550 --> 00:40:13.110 Jeremiah Fox: Do you do, you do have an editor.

00:40:13.140 --> 00:40:18.000 Jeremiah Fox: At least, yes, I like I like I can write a bunch but it's gonna be a mess it's gonna be.

00:40:19.110 --> 00:40:19.740 Jeremiah Fox: Huge I say.

00:40:20.310 --> 00:40:23.280 Justin Reeves: here's what I do, I mean i'm gonna try this I mean all in.

00:40:23.640 --> 00:40:37.020 Justin Reeves: i'm, not only in with something and i'm not gonna waste my time with it, so I take everything I do really chevy's so i'm all in with this, so I know I need to edit and proofread, it is a lot of steps is a lot of processing that scares me writing books.

00:40:37.410 --> 00:40:46.380 Justin Reeves: Help i'll put a part in my book, I said on one of the things that kept me from even completing the good the book was having a happy ending.

00:40:46.800 --> 00:40:49.320 Justin Reeves: But then I had to realize my happy ending is i'm still alive.

00:40:49.680 --> 00:40:57.750 Justin Reeves: I don't need a happy ending right cuz i'm still living so that is that the end of that I survived and I made it through that i'm making it through, so I didn't need to find a happy ending.

00:40:58.260 --> 00:41:05.550 Justin Reeves: So it just things like that could get in your way oh how thinking of how somebody's going to think about this, how this person who received that.

00:41:06.000 --> 00:41:09.330 Justin Reeves: A lot of things beginning away, and if that guessing away I just say.

00:41:09.930 --> 00:41:22.170 Justin Reeves: block out the noise block off all of it and just go for it if that's what you want to do if a book is what you want to write it want to tell you a story get it out there start right just keep writing and keep writing right that's what I do I write every day.

00:41:23.130 --> 00:41:26.760 Jeremiah Fox: yeah they you know, sometimes tunnel vision is good just.

00:41:27.180 --> 00:41:28.440 Justin Reeves: Is Brittany Brittany.

00:41:28.650 --> 00:41:36.090 Jeremiah Fox: tune everything else out so your editor connected you with lance and was your first time kind of jiving with him on the clubhouse room.

00:41:36.780 --> 00:41:42.060 Justin Reeves: um no no actually he he helps me with a lot of business affairs okay.

00:41:42.540 --> 00:41:44.730 Justin Reeves: Together, so I got I got on.

00:41:45.210 --> 00:41:48.420 Jeremiah Fox: you've done like a job with him and everything.

00:41:48.510 --> 00:41:49.950 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah.

00:41:50.760 --> 00:42:02.670 Justin Reeves: yeah yeah they're not salting on the on the anybody help with business, please go to lance lance is a great guy i'm telling he's gonna help me he's gonna help you he's going to help you so.

00:42:02.910 --> 00:42:09.510 Jeremiah Fox: dad 100% agree yeah I did I did the Joel and I did a I think I did to mastermind sessions so was like.

00:42:10.800 --> 00:42:17.430 Jeremiah Fox: I guess they're like one every two weeks for for 12 weeks, and maybe I did like 12 of them total great stuff man crazy.

00:42:17.640 --> 00:42:19.350 Justin Reeves: It is it really it really is.

00:42:22.140 --> 00:42:22.470 Justin Reeves: He got.

00:42:23.970 --> 00:42:26.220 Justin Reeves: me he makes sure i'm on top of my business.

00:42:26.280 --> 00:42:30.960 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, he always checking in he's like did you hit your goal, you know.

00:42:33.330 --> 00:42:33.900 Jeremiah Fox: I got it I got.

00:42:37.890 --> 00:42:39.240 Justin Reeves: It sra.

00:42:39.330 --> 00:42:44.520 Jeremiah Fox: yeah exactly i've seen I seen grown men week at his feet kidding.

00:42:44.580 --> 00:42:58.710 Jeremiah Fox: Well we're gonna take one more break and come back, I want to talk about your shirt I want to talk about social media and and and you know, give me a chance to really let everybody know where they can get in touch with you learn more about you, so you will hang tight we'll be right back.

00:45:33.450 --> 00:45:44.190 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody last set let's make it our best welcoming to the show once again justin Reid aka jd the author tell us about the shirt let's hear it you've been dying it's.

00:45:46.590 --> 00:45:48.060 Justin Reeves: dying to tell you i'm shocked.

00:45:48.870 --> 00:45:59.460 Justin Reeves: When I got on, they will be on sale, so I don't know jack I see it, I see it, is this the team is spread the love of it says if you're reading this someone loves you.

00:46:00.240 --> 00:46:10.290 Justin Reeves: And you got, of course, the book ptsd on and the theme of the shirt was for my basically dedicated to my brother um I say who killed yourself February 10 or.

00:46:10.920 --> 00:46:16.920 Justin Reeves: It is about basically spreading the love and making sure you get that message, because just reminding somebody that somebody loves them.

00:46:17.250 --> 00:46:25.410 Justin Reeves: Because same they like like I wish somebody would have reminded him in that moment that you know because life is about moments so just because the moment right now was bad the next moment.

00:46:26.040 --> 00:46:42.690 Justin Reeves: might not be bad the next moment can be your breakthrough moment so and I wish somebody would have reminded him so that's what these shirts and they will be on sale on the websites on i'm going up soon within the next 24 to 48 hours, it will be on the website Nice.

00:46:42.780 --> 00:46:45.240 Justin Reeves: And what will you please support you know.

00:46:45.480 --> 00:46:51.360 Justin Reeves: i'm definitely going to partner with a Suicide Prevention group in mental health groups and get somewhere proceeds will go to them.

00:46:52.620 --> 00:46:54.090 Jeremiah Fox: what's the what's the website.

00:46:54.660 --> 00:46:58.530 Justin Reeves: And the website is www jd the

00:46:59.550 --> 00:47:13.650 Jeremiah Fox: And then so across pretty much most social media to on Facebook and instagram you're just justin reeves i'm sorry Facebook and linkedin you're just to read Twitter and instagram it's jd the author, the websites jd the author calm.

00:47:14.280 --> 00:47:16.710 Justin Reeves: And on the other, pages justin.

00:47:17.820 --> 00:47:24.840 Justin Reeves: They don't let me do the jd so is justin on if you want to look just put a you don't want to send me a friend, Chris you just want to like the, off the page.

00:47:25.860 --> 00:47:27.270 Justin Reeves: is just an author on Facebook.

00:47:27.990 --> 00:47:31.560 Jeremiah Fox: gotcha um and I.

00:47:32.940 --> 00:47:35.340 Jeremiah Fox: Think, I remember you saying messing with tick tock car so.

00:47:36.000 --> 00:47:37.800 Justin Reeves: um I want to, I want to.

00:47:39.330 --> 00:47:44.220 Justin Reeves: i'm thinking about it i'm trying to get i'm trying to get the young ones, to show me up i'm like oh man like.

00:47:44.460 --> 00:47:45.570 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I know I know man.

00:47:47.130 --> 00:47:47.490 Jeremiah Fox: I know.

00:47:50.190 --> 00:47:53.790 Jeremiah Fox: i'm older than you and, if I can do it, you can do it too I blew up on take time.

00:47:54.030 --> 00:47:56.910 Justin Reeves: it's like yeah we like to tell me that.

00:47:57.300 --> 00:48:03.690 Jeremiah Fox: it's really not hard and I think you would you good good I can even show you like later like next week just with the.

00:48:03.990 --> 00:48:17.040 Jeremiah Fox: Little little clips from this show how you can just like who like it's really great it's a great promotional tool and that's like leading into my next question so you know you've got the shirts now, when does the book drop, what do you.

00:48:17.100 --> 00:48:25.950 Justin Reeves: want to be on Sep tember on the video would be the video it's gonna be a promo video and when a promo video i'll be releasing a date for everybody.

00:48:26.460 --> 00:48:34.110 Justin Reeves: And then, when pre orders come out, so the states or keep watching on keep watching I got more interviews coming up on.

00:48:34.530 --> 00:48:48.060 Justin Reeves: A couple more I got a lot of non promotional runs so i'm be at a lot of events in the city so just is coming in his company you're going to see it applies it will be all over the city it's it's gonna be all over cities we don't do really well are.

00:48:48.660 --> 00:48:58.890 Justin Reeves: We taking over the title number one becoming a best selling author that's that's that's what it is that's what i'm going to be a best on the phone from from from street selling the best some that's what i'm.

00:48:58.890 --> 00:49:02.100 Jeremiah Fox: yeah that's a great great motto.

00:49:03.120 --> 00:49:15.150 Jeremiah Fox: That was what I was gonna ask you kind of answer some of which you have some live events coming up some in person, events that you're gonna you're going to promote the book on utilizing social you've got a video that you're going to you're going to utilize you're gonna.

00:49:15.240 --> 00:49:15.720 Jeremiah Fox: Get the.

00:49:16.800 --> 00:49:23.880 Justin Reeves: promo video coming soon yeah we got a promo videos coming so we got we got a few more surprises, we got a few more surprises.

00:49:24.330 --> 00:49:25.710 Jeremiah Fox: To tell him oh that's okay yeah.

00:49:25.740 --> 00:49:37.440 Justin Reeves: we're going on and we're going to also are you speaking so now on different places, so anybody need me to come speak right now, you can you can book me i'm willing to come talk so.

00:49:38.250 --> 00:49:43.710 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm your experience with clubhouse was was lance's room your first time on air Have you already been working you.

00:49:44.220 --> 00:49:50.850 Justin Reeves: Know that's that's my first time now i'm a newbie to all so there's social media to always just before this before this life.

00:49:51.150 --> 00:49:54.630 Justin Reeves: I will just the person share stuff on Facebook might post about my kids.

00:49:54.990 --> 00:50:07.290 Justin Reeves: But that was that was really yeah I wasn't too big on social media like I said it's the street mentality I can't give up too much you know I can't tell you what i'm doing because they get me in trouble, but not so like I said escaping a lot of those glasses.

00:50:07.800 --> 00:50:14.730 Jeremiah Fox: And just focus, you know, like just make it about the book because me to me I wasn't I wasn't on social much at all, before starting the show, two years ago.

00:50:15.000 --> 00:50:21.720 Jeremiah Fox: But that now it's like most of what I talked about and it's just like highlighting stories like yours, like, I feel like i'm just.

00:50:21.900 --> 00:50:30.990 Jeremiah Fox: i'm just sharing other people's like the best of other people i'm sharing everybody else's greatest hits because I just I want I want people to feel better to you know I think your.

00:50:31.290 --> 00:50:41.910 Jeremiah Fox: Your message is very powerful that people need to hear that there's a lot of people complaining that maybe shouldn't be complaining because they got it pretty good you know, and if you just take a step back and you know read.

00:50:42.450 --> 00:50:57.960 Jeremiah Fox: Read someone's book like yours, listen to your story even even just consuming a little bit of media from you, maybe you've got like a 15 second tick tock or a 32nd you know video on instagram just to give a little perspective, I think I think it's there's a huge potential for that.

00:50:58.470 --> 00:51:02.040 Justin Reeves: Definitely i'm complaining doesn't work complaining is not.

00:51:03.390 --> 00:51:10.680 Justin Reeves: The body thinking complaining is gonna work man, to be honest with you, nobody cares I hate to say I know it sounds harsh.

00:51:11.070 --> 00:51:17.550 Justin Reeves: Nobody cares everybody got problems everybody got a problem so it's like complaining and complaining is never going to solve it.

00:51:18.120 --> 00:51:30.150 Justin Reeves: You and most people know what to do, because in essence what you're supposed to do is already you just don't want to do what you're supposed to do, but as I tell most people know what to do, they just don't want to do what they supposed to do so.

00:51:31.290 --> 00:51:38.220 Justin Reeves: People got it, they just something to native be pushed and just need to hear that and yeah and that's what I come in and that's that's what jd the author comes in there.

00:51:38.670 --> 00:51:41.490 Jeremiah Fox: Well they're getting that nudge whether they want it or not.

00:51:41.520 --> 00:51:46.980 Jeremiah Fox: Like over the last 95 percentage should we they ain't going away yet so there's still wrestle opportunity.

00:51:47.370 --> 00:51:54.060 Jeremiah Fox: um so you got Facebook instagram linkedin Twitter your website you're doing some.

00:51:55.110 --> 00:52:01.740 Jeremiah Fox: you're doing some in person events as well do you have anything else up and coming that you just want to announce.

00:52:02.130 --> 00:52:02.670 Justin Reeves: Oh, my God.

00:52:03.690 --> 00:52:04.890 Justin Reeves: I got an interview with lance.

00:52:05.910 --> 00:52:06.330 Jeremiah Fox: Nice.

00:52:06.390 --> 00:52:22.020 Justin Reeves: i'm thinking of next Thursday was that 11 to 12 that might be the 12 so I got an interview I got another podcast interview coming up, I got it checked my email for the date i'm sorry i've been getting i've been getting a lot of requests for for speaking.

00:52:22.350 --> 00:52:23.460 Jeremiah Fox: So come to have.

00:52:23.640 --> 00:52:34.410 Justin Reeves: yeah that's a great Father like being busy you're doing nothing right, you can be doing nothing, so I was like I appreciate it, and I just want to take your time to everybody that supports me.

00:52:35.070 --> 00:52:47.580 Justin Reeves: From whether it's five people tend to listen to everybody that supports me I read that subscribe to my website, I appreciate you I thank you from the bottom my heart my kids Thank you, we thank all the love and.

00:52:47.910 --> 00:52:58.890 Justin Reeves: Everything that everybody's been given us and given me it doesn't go unnoticed the shares and likes even the people that don't like it, but they dare me because they don't want nobody knows hey like.

00:52:58.920 --> 00:52:59.820 Justin Reeves: it's Okay, I think.

00:53:01.110 --> 00:53:04.320 Justin Reeves: I think, too, and I appreciate, you too Nice.

00:53:04.560 --> 00:53:09.570 Jeremiah Fox: And I feel like I recall us talking about you starting your own podcast at some point.

00:53:09.570 --> 00:53:11.520 Justin Reeves: yeah yeah yeah I.

00:53:11.940 --> 00:53:23.160 Jeremiah Fox: highly recommend it it's a great it's a great tool and you have a gift for for speech, you know as well, like you, you you're i'm sure you're a great writer, but.

00:53:23.700 --> 00:53:32.010 Jeremiah Fox: You have no issue talking clearly I think that's good like that's the only reason I ended up here because I was like talking all the time and they were like it.

00:53:32.040 --> 00:53:36.180 Jeremiah Fox: yeah just let him, let him talk give them an hour, maybe i'll shut up afterwards.

00:53:38.730 --> 00:53:39.090 Justin Reeves: Right.

00:53:39.360 --> 00:53:42.570 Jeremiah Fox: yeah, but it is a really good, it was a really good.

00:53:43.140 --> 00:53:46.860 Jeremiah Fox: You like marketing and branding tool and you could just get so much out of sitting down.

00:53:47.040 --> 00:53:58.170 Jeremiah Fox: Even if you did like 30 minutes you don't even have to do a full hour sit down for 30 minutes once a week do your thing and then cut it up or have somebody else cut it up and you'll be tick tock famous in no time.

00:53:59.040 --> 00:54:07.590 Justin Reeves: We definitely don't we definitely going to talk about that on camera we definitely definitely need that I definitely need some of that some of that knowledge right there.

00:54:07.650 --> 00:54:12.930 Jeremiah Fox: And then i'm the book release do you do you think I mean, is it going to be like on all like.

00:54:13.890 --> 00:54:14.370 Jeremiah Fox: Oh no.

00:54:14.430 --> 00:54:16.920 Justin Reeves: i'm pushing pushing all platforms local.

00:54:16.920 --> 00:54:18.180 Jeremiah Fox: Books I was like.

00:54:18.900 --> 00:54:20.070 Justin Reeves: Even yeah I got.

00:54:20.160 --> 00:54:33.630 Justin Reeves: yeah definitely i'm not Amazon I got I got a meeting with a few bookstores coming up, so we were pushing and pushing and um anybody that's watching that that has an outlet i'm definitely contact me, you can email me at.

00:54:34.380 --> 00:54:54.090 Justin Reeves: jd jd the auto booking at gmail COM sorry about that yeah jd to otter booking at gmail COM on so we could we could talk, you know i'm trying to figure out wait is this, we could put this we willing to put this anywhere on we can give you one to put on hold it up on your show you know.

00:54:54.120 --> 00:54:56.730 Justin Reeves: yeah so definitely you definitely gonna get a signed copy.

00:54:57.090 --> 00:55:01.050 Jeremiah Fox: Nice nice so what's the name of the book again give them the full name.

00:55:01.140 --> 00:55:05.010 Justin Reeves: On name of the book is post traumatic stress disorder a battle with them.

00:55:06.000 --> 00:55:08.880 Jeremiah Fox: And the website, once again, your website.

00:55:09.660 --> 00:55:13.530 Justin Reeves: www.jd to alter calm very cool.

00:55:13.620 --> 00:55:22.800 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody check it out my parting words to you all is stop complaining read his book and just when you think he is bad and things suck.

00:55:23.250 --> 00:55:38.130 Jeremiah Fox: It ain't that bad again you survived 100% of your hardest days if you're able to hear consume in some way what we've discussed today that's a really great batting average get that book and get some shit done.

00:55:40.920 --> 00:55:49.980 Jeremiah Fox: I will thank you so much, thank you, little man for showing up to that's awesome to see you're going to be doing this next you got to get ready so let's say.

00:55:50.490 --> 00:55:52.650 Justin Reeves: you're ready you got to train account called he got all.

00:55:52.680 --> 00:55:58.740 Justin Reeves: Training I have coming up on Wednesday through Saturday, he got he got a football camp you gonna be upstate New York, so we can.

00:55:58.950 --> 00:55:59.700 Justin Reeves: skate with it.

00:56:00.030 --> 00:56:04.650 Justin Reeves: So he got yeah the season big season is i'm loving you brooklyn titans.

00:56:04.830 --> 00:56:06.120 Justin Reeves: let's go broke the titans.

00:56:06.420 --> 00:56:10.290 Justin Reeves: Go coach also coach the brooklyn titans to I wanted to coaches.

00:56:10.620 --> 00:56:11.130 Justin Reeves: Now yeah.

00:56:11.730 --> 00:56:24.600 Jeremiah Fox: awesome i'm not surprised by that very really not surprised by that well Thank you so much for coming on man really a pleasure talking to you will connect sometime in the next couple weeks, the rest of you will see you next week peace out.

00:56:25.440 --> 00:56:25.860 Justin Reeves: Thank you.

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