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Friday, August 20, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/20 - Operating Under Pressure

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/20 - Operating Under Pressure


2021/08/20 - Operating Under Pressure

[NEW EPISODE] Operating Under Pressure

Many people begin their Jiu Jitsu journey for reasons of self defense, with the end goal of being able to control an untrained antagonist.

But once you join a school and develop a community, the ante gets raised and your attention shifts to being able to implement your techniques on a knowledgable, resisting opponent.  For many, this is the pinnacle of your training experience.

Marketers these days are faced with a similar challenge. 

Sure….it’s easy to say you’re a good marketer when you’re providing results in high economic times with little resistance, but how do you perform when businesses are struggling to stay afloat amidst a whimsical regulatory environment and waning consumer confidence?

This Friday at noon I’m honored to welcome back to the show RKCMO president & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Ryan Kovach.  This week we’ll be discussing ways in which businesses & agencies can be nimble & strategic under the pressure & constraints the current situation is presenting, and still execute effective marketing.


Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Starting off today’s show, Jeremiah delves into a brief discussion about martial arts, a topic covered in the last show, before introducing his guest this week Ryan Kovach, RKCMO president and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. Jeremiah explains that Ryan has previously been on the show, and on that episode Ryan talked about his business. Jeremiah asks the first question of the show, asking about Ryan’s background. This gives Ryan the floor to talk about how he came from an entrepreneurial family and how his family has been in business through all kinds of crises, however, in his opinion, nothing has been like running a business within the current pandemic. This prompts Ryan to delve into how he has customers across the United States with different political views and mindsets. This is difficult to navigate, he explains, because people are only in agreement that they hate the other side. He feels, however, that as a business owner it is not his place to judge his clients.

Segment 2

Returning to the show, Jeremiah and Ryan have a conversation about blue belts versus black belts, and how some blue belts are almost to the same level as some black belts. They then move to talking about the current unemployment situation in the United States. Ryan then starts talking about how this situation pertains to marketing, launching into a personal story. He describes how he and his wife both got diagnosed with COVID-19 in November, he says, before getting COVID-19 once again the following year. During his experiences with this disease, he believes the thing that helped the most was maintaining his physical health. Next, Ryan goes into, in his opinion, why he believes we need to return to normalcy. He talks about how this pandemic has required people to be innovative in order to reduce risk, but that being innovative can be very difficult for some businesses and that there are only so many measures these businesses can take.

Segment 3

After the break, Jeremiah gives a brief summary of the past conversation. This prompts Jeremiah to talk about how he and his wife have had lots of difficulty running their business during this pandemic, as they are understaffed and have lower numbers of customers. Jeremiah then asks Ryan how to market to get new business, especially if already overwhelmed. Ryan gives his opinion on this, using a Jiu Jitsu analogy. Next, Ryan talks about how COVID-19 deaths over the past few months are lower, even with the delta variant. Jeremiah describes how he was driving through Brooklyn when he heard about the new mandates, and for a second, considered moving to another city where he can have his restaurant. It is not sustainable for businesses to have to close repeatedly, Jeremiah explains. Ryan talks about how, if vaccinations are required for your staff, you should have them get vaccinated.

Segment 4

After the last break, Jeremiah recaps the last segment. This is the time, Ryan explains, to beef up your marketing. Then, he talks about how in some cases, it might be time to productize. He gives the example of productizing a certain sauce from Jeremiah’s restaurant, and getting it on the shelves of the local grocery store. Returning back to the topic of marketing, Ryan talks about how these regulations being put in place mean that it is time to market as much as possible. Market that you are open for business and following regulations, Ryan says. He continues, emphasizing that, in his opinion, communication is the key to returning successfully. They then wrap up today’s show, and Jeremiah thanks Ryan for his insight.


00:03:00.270 --> 00:03:10.650 Jeremiah Fox: what's happening everybody happy Friday welcome welcome you listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox for being my guest on today, the message of the week Recently I was watching.

00:03:11.640 --> 00:03:19.050 Jeremiah Fox: The lex Friedman podcast episode featuring john danaher to people who I could listen to for hours and hours on in my guest probably.

00:03:19.590 --> 00:03:25.830 Jeremiah Fox: concur with that and I think it was one of lexus viewers asked a question.

00:03:26.370 --> 00:03:29.970 Jeremiah Fox: hoping to get an answer from john Dan hurt For those of you who don't know is one of the.

00:03:30.300 --> 00:03:43.950 Jeremiah Fox: most critical thinkers in Brazilian jujitsu was one of the main instructors at hens oh gracie academy until just a few months ago, and now, maybe come into a house where my guest today is also located lucky you and.

00:03:45.000 --> 00:03:56.340 Jeremiah Fox: So one of the lexus guests asked what is the best martial art for self Defense and, of course, all of us were thinking john's could have saved Brazilian Jiu jitsu because that's what we live by.

00:03:56.670 --> 00:04:07.110 Jeremiah Fox: But what he really said, was it doesn't matter, what matters is the degree of live application, the place you're studying in the martial law you're studying.

00:04:08.370 --> 00:04:20.730 Jeremiah Fox: incorporates into the trainings, meaning that if you went on to elaborate if you're at a school where you're really doing drilling with non resisting opponents and that's all you know when you get into a street scuffle it might be.

00:04:21.240 --> 00:04:29.970 Jeremiah Fox: It might not be applicable, whereas it could be, if you could have like a blue belt instructor or almost a hack you know of sorts.

00:04:30.150 --> 00:04:40.980 Jeremiah Fox: and whatever martial art your training, but if there's a very live component where you're under pressure with heavy resistance and you have to manage the chaos to to be able to control the outcome.

00:04:42.210 --> 00:04:52.140 Jeremiah Fox: whoever's training like that is most likely going to control an actual situation, so it really doesn't matter and the way that applies to what we're going to talk about today.

00:04:52.500 --> 00:05:11.910 Jeremiah Fox: has to do with marketing and marketing in a highly regulatory environment which we're starting to see get even even tighter grits for another Jiu jitsu analogy and and a lot of people, you know started their company in good times was people were spending money there were no pandemics.

00:05:12.990 --> 00:05:19.290 Jeremiah Fox: And and it's i'd say I don't want to say it's easy to market in that climate but it's easier.

00:05:20.160 --> 00:05:36.690 Jeremiah Fox: And now we're finding just tremendous amounts of whether you're a business owner or you're an agency and you're trying to market to consumers were city by city state by state region by region there's there's constantly changing almost whimsical regulatory.

00:05:38.400 --> 00:05:43.440 Jeremiah Fox: I don't know, even though I am going to try to refrain from four letter words today's but some are definitely gonna slip out.

00:05:44.340 --> 00:05:56.100 Jeremiah Fox: As well as it's finicky consumer competence and consumers are a wild card to begin with, but now it's this even more chaos, to manage so today we're welcoming back to the show.

00:05:56.970 --> 00:06:07.380 Jeremiah Fox: he's he's the President of his own agency marketing agency, as well as a Brazilian Jiu jitsu black belt, so he you know he's he understands this on multiple levels.

00:06:07.590 --> 00:06:20.220 Jeremiah Fox: Brian Cole back he's based in Texas like I said he's bouncing inherit john danaher and Gordon Ryan and sneak in for some of those good classes, make sure you unmute yourself before you before you come on right, I see the Little Red dot.

00:06:21.300 --> 00:06:23.040 ryan kovach: There we go sorry.

00:06:23.610 --> 00:06:26.040 Jeremiah Fox: No, no it's all good you hadn't said anything yet so.

00:06:26.430 --> 00:06:29.820 Jeremiah Fox: You did we didn't hear you I was talking to now I was waiting on yeah.

00:06:30.150 --> 00:06:35.850 Jeremiah Fox: So welcome back Ryan was on the show, several months ago, you know really just talking about.

00:06:36.870 --> 00:06:42.000 Jeremiah Fox: What it's like to start a marketing Agency a digital agency, he he did that.

00:06:42.330 --> 00:06:59.850 Jeremiah Fox: largely during the pandemic so he's really started from the bottom, as we often do in jujitsu and had to work, his way up so today, I really want to talk about like we've seen just increasing regular regulation, it keeps changing some of that makes sense, some of it doesn't make sense.

00:07:00.030 --> 00:07:09.720 Jeremiah Fox: And it's different region by region state by state some of its federally based what how our agencies responded to this winter.

00:07:09.810 --> 00:07:10.140 ryan kovach: yeah.

00:07:10.200 --> 00:07:14.220 Jeremiah Fox: You got it you're you're somebody that that works with you know.

00:07:14.250 --> 00:07:21.060 Jeremiah Fox: Customers all over the country you know I mean how how other people are responding i'm sure you're aware that the newest.

00:07:21.930 --> 00:07:30.480 Jeremiah Fox: Regulatory you know implementation here in New York City dealing with vaccines and literally attacking the things that we love.

00:07:30.960 --> 00:07:41.010 Jeremiah Fox: Like I feel personally attacked it's like restaurants music venues and gyms and i'm like digital my name, out of a hat and say what is this guy love let's let's.

00:07:41.970 --> 00:07:44.160 Jeremiah Fox: See yeah personally attacked bill.

00:07:44.190 --> 00:07:45.360 ryan kovach: yeah we all do.

00:07:47.280 --> 00:07:52.800 ryan kovach: As somebody who's been an entrepreneur my whole life and comes from an entrepreneur family so.

00:07:55.290 --> 00:08:05.910 ryan kovach: My family was in a business during bust, which was hardcore we were in business during 911 which was hardcore.

00:08:07.980 --> 00:08:25.110 ryan kovach: And you know we were in business in the oh 708 housing crash and things like that which was hardcore but we've never seen anything like this and the difference between all of those other aspects, in my opinion, is, if you take 911, for instance, tragic.

00:08:26.670 --> 00:08:32.910 ryan kovach: brought the world to its knees kind of a thing, but you had all of America together.

00:08:34.050 --> 00:08:45.750 ryan kovach: The people of America work together, regardless of whether they were for war against war it didn't matter everybody pulled together, there was no polarization we were one unit.

00:08:46.950 --> 00:08:56.970 ryan kovach: With a driven force now what you have is a two tiered system in this society of what I would call if you don't know look it up.

00:08:57.630 --> 00:09:03.510 ryan kovach: The star belly snitches right, some people have stars on their bellies and some don't.

00:09:04.320 --> 00:09:14.910 ryan kovach: And I think when you get to that point you have probably one of the most dangerous times that a country can face because, when some can do some things.

00:09:15.630 --> 00:09:26.850 ryan kovach: That others cannot based on a patch on your arm a piece of paper in your hand a poison you put in your arm or whatever.

00:09:27.480 --> 00:09:43.080 ryan kovach: Then you're running high risks of massive civil unrest so as a business again i've got customers in California New York Austin.

00:09:43.710 --> 00:09:58.800 ryan kovach: All very liberal minded i've got customers in Fort worth and Atlanta and nashville all very conservative minded the or whatever you want to call it all different thoughts about everything that's going on right now.

00:10:00.870 --> 00:10:07.320 ryan kovach: But what everybody, I think, can agree on is that they cannot stand the other side.

00:10:09.480 --> 00:10:14.850 ryan kovach: Okay, and that's difficult from a guy in the from a guy that these are my clients.

00:10:14.910 --> 00:10:16.590 ryan kovach: yeah I.

00:10:18.090 --> 00:10:29.430 ryan kovach: I don't ever refrain from what I think, but I should, but as a guy that's on the inside, my job is not to judge my clients is to help them grow regardless they're paying me to do that and that's what i'm going to do.

00:10:30.210 --> 00:10:52.470 ryan kovach: So how do you how do you restaurant owner in New York being squeezed or a gym owner who i'm very close to mini and these guys work their asses off there is not a lot of money in it it's a passion and what money they do make they've worked and sweat and bled for it.

00:10:53.520 --> 00:10:58.770 ryan kovach: And then you come in an activity that boosts your immune system.

00:10:59.850 --> 00:11:13.980 ryan kovach: That brings your obesity down and your BMI down and improves your heart rate and blood pressure and everything that's good for the body you're going to shut down.

00:11:16.170 --> 00:11:29.070 ryan kovach: Getting outside and meeting with people and eating at places which is healthy, for your mind and healthy for everything about you you're going to shut down.

00:11:30.540 --> 00:11:47.160 ryan kovach: In my opinion, and i'll get back to marketing in a second, in my opinion either you are not a smart individual if you're making these policies at all and they're not based on an ounce of science whatsoever.

00:11:48.210 --> 00:11:55.620 ryan kovach: or you've got an agenda and both are just as bad because if you're in a leadership position and you're that ignorant.

00:11:56.460 --> 00:12:04.590 ryan kovach: that's terrible and if you're in a leadership position and it's an agenda that's terrible so it's terrible all the way around now.

00:12:05.070 --> 00:12:11.640 ryan kovach: that's all i'll say on that, I think you can probably see where I lean and it's it's infuriating to me.

00:12:12.510 --> 00:12:22.650 ryan kovach: we're destroying the meat of America and that's the small business owner that's putting their life, their mortgage and everything on the line, meanwhile.

00:12:23.250 --> 00:12:28.230 ryan kovach: anything and everything that buys directly from China is just allowed to stay open.

00:12:29.070 --> 00:12:41.220 ryan kovach: People can crowd those places be in those places touch everything in those places and some stupid piece of plastic is supposed to be smart enough to know that this virus is just not going to.

00:12:41.760 --> 00:12:53.550 ryan kovach: go around so i'm off my soapbox, how do you market well you've got to get innovative bottom line innovation is going to save you.

00:12:56.850 --> 00:13:07.320 ryan kovach: How do you innovate depends on what industry you're in right but innovation is going to be the lifeblood of who sees this to the other side.

00:13:09.390 --> 00:13:19.230 ryan kovach: So now we can talk about that, or we talk about what that means, but business as usual is over, you can't turn the lights on always turn them off.

00:13:19.800 --> 00:13:33.570 ryan kovach: turn the lights on always turn them off doesn't work like that right um you know if you're if you're into the rental property business for over a year you haven't been able to force collect any of the rent from your people.

00:13:34.680 --> 00:13:42.840 ryan kovach: that's insane and i'll tell you why I say there's so many jobs available, nobody should not be able to pay their rent.

00:13:43.350 --> 00:13:58.260 ryan kovach: I specifically work in the staffing industry my clients are telling me that they have more open orders for more jobs than the than the law should ever allow they're begging people to come to work, yet you can sit and squat in somebody's house.

00:13:58.650 --> 00:14:11.580 ryan kovach: That you're renting and not pay the bills, so what a rental property owner is going to have to do either one get innovative and I don't know what that means, yet we got to figure that out or two they've got to unload their wealth.

00:14:13.560 --> 00:14:15.750 ryan kovach: Tragic absolutely tragic.

00:14:16.410 --> 00:14:16.890 ryan kovach: When they are.

00:14:17.250 --> 00:14:19.200 Jeremiah Fox: They are small business owners like people.

00:14:19.410 --> 00:14:19.830 ryan kovach: They are.

00:14:20.040 --> 00:14:26.310 Jeremiah Fox: They don't they don't really see it that way and i'm fortunate to be very close to a bunch of property owners just small property owners.

00:14:26.640 --> 00:14:27.870 ryan kovach: Here you've got three or four.

00:14:27.900 --> 00:14:28.500 ryan kovach: Two or three.

00:14:28.530 --> 00:14:29.490 ryan kovach: And then these.

00:14:30.390 --> 00:14:37.590 ryan kovach: Are not these conglomerates their their passive their income is from a few properties yeah exactly yeah.

00:14:37.890 --> 00:14:40.620 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we got to take our first break hang tight we'll be right back.

00:14:42.060 --> 00:14:42.690 seen a few.

00:17:04.620 --> 00:17:13.860 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back if you're just tuning in you're listening to the entrepreneurial well i'm your host Jeremiah fox again welcome you back to the show Ryan co back, he is the President.

00:17:15.480 --> 00:17:18.000 Jeremiah Fox: Can I get that are KC mo correct.

00:17:18.030 --> 00:17:19.410 ryan kovach: I got that right absolutely.

00:17:20.130 --> 00:17:22.230 Jeremiah Fox: I said it like four times before the show, and I was like i'm gonna.

00:17:22.410 --> 00:17:23.340 ryan kovach: get a lot of letters they're.

00:17:23.400 --> 00:17:24.210 Jeremiah Fox: Not a lot of letters.

00:17:24.630 --> 00:17:25.620 ryan kovach: i'm just making you think.

00:17:26.280 --> 00:17:31.470 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you well after I got past the black belt gauntlet for two and half hours, this morning, so.

00:17:31.770 --> 00:17:33.780 Jeremiah Fox: I think they took all my.

00:17:33.840 --> 00:17:48.030 Jeremiah Fox: My I got a question for you, before I go on, because I got a Stat I wanted to throw out related to what you just said so lately I i've been called to train by like a bunch of black belts I can't tell if i'm just the restaurant.

00:17:49.050 --> 00:18:00.990 Jeremiah Fox: Or, or are they like oh okay i'm not sure if it's an insult or compliment yet, and as a black belt i'm curious what your take with me like a lot like sometimes it's like four or five.

00:18:01.020 --> 00:18:08.310 ryan kovach: Back to back to back and i'm always always a compliment, in my opinion, none of my black belt friends or us.

00:18:08.580 --> 00:18:21.270 ryan kovach: are calling any blue purples or browns around if we're not getting a lot of value out of there rolling, and I mean there's some monster blue belts dude.

00:18:21.630 --> 00:18:22.980 Jeremiah Fox: yeah right they kicked my.

00:18:23.310 --> 00:18:23.670 Jeremiah Fox: Time.

00:18:23.820 --> 00:18:29.160 Jeremiah Fox: My buddy got promoted a purple last week and I was like I am so glad.

00:18:29.190 --> 00:18:29.400 ryan kovach: yeah.

00:18:29.460 --> 00:18:31.080 Jeremiah Fox: You gotta spell and he was looking at me.

00:18:31.080 --> 00:18:36.450 Jeremiah Fox: kind of funny he's like Okay, and I was like it was embarrassing to get my ass kicked by a bluebell like at least know the same.

00:18:36.660 --> 00:18:43.050 ryan kovach: Well, if you think about it so like I mean i've been i've been coaching some kids from the time they were four.

00:18:44.280 --> 00:18:59.490 ryan kovach: They went all the way through green belt, then they got 17 years old and got their blue belt these guys are black belts dude yeah they'll murder you then they hit that testosterone and they're 200 pounds and they look like Schwarzenegger.

00:18:59.790 --> 00:19:01.590 ryan kovach: And their body moves.

00:19:01.620 --> 00:19:10.110 ryan kovach: they're not injured and they'll just they'll just beat your ass so don't ever don't ever sleep on a bluebell man.

00:19:10.140 --> 00:19:10.980 Jeremiah Fox: No, no, no.

00:19:14.100 --> 00:19:24.750 Jeremiah Fox: This morning, one in like the the highest rank black belts in the room, was like you got somebody and I was like well i'm supposed to train with this blue belt over there and he's like yeah Come on, and I was like this is gonna be better for me because it's.

00:19:25.830 --> 00:19:26.220 Jeremiah Fox: Because.

00:19:26.520 --> 00:19:27.060 Jeremiah Fox: it's always.

00:19:27.330 --> 00:19:37.560 ryan kovach: Always i've never known any if you're being if you're being invited to the room it's because they are getting some good rounds value out of it that's just my opinion.

00:19:39.120 --> 00:19:39.420 ryan kovach: yeah.

00:19:40.650 --> 00:19:41.190 ryan kovach: makes your heart.

00:19:41.730 --> 00:19:42.540 ryan kovach: A little bit yeah.

00:19:44.040 --> 00:19:47.100 Jeremiah Fox: cuz I mean they just ride me, for the most part, you know it's not like you.

00:19:47.550 --> 00:19:57.720 Jeremiah Fox: know and i'm just like on the bottom so i'm like is this good for you versus just like are you just taking it easy because you know you've got like this other like big brown belt next and you're like i'm only concerned a little energy and just like.

00:19:57.930 --> 00:20:07.290 ryan kovach: A technique that now, I mean no not at all, and it could be that you're one that doesn't just lay there, I mean you know a lot of times if you're really active and.

00:20:07.560 --> 00:20:18.210 ryan kovach: Moving and shrimping and hip escaping from the bottom and they're having to stay super active from the top that's very helpful because let's face it there's a lot of Dudes that you start knee on belly and.

00:20:18.600 --> 00:20:26.820 ryan kovach: And and strong side, control and all that, I mean you gas them and they just lay there they're not moving and all that there's no good you know so.

00:20:27.210 --> 00:20:31.680 Jeremiah Fox: yeah generally I moved there's one guy he's is huge and he gets on top of me and.

00:20:32.610 --> 00:20:34.590 ryan kovach: Well it's like you're trying to move.

00:20:34.620 --> 00:20:40.950 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah I can't go in after we after our first round, he was like i'd like to see more offense from you and I was just like I just.

00:20:41.970 --> 00:20:42.810 ryan kovach: Like to breed.

00:20:44.460 --> 00:20:51.690 Jeremiah Fox: it's gotten better same thing is, I guess purchase on the floor with the fee shrimping a bridge and they can say, give me something to work right then it's.

00:20:52.470 --> 00:20:53.520 Jeremiah Fox: Just massive so.

00:20:54.180 --> 00:20:54.990 ryan kovach: that's really helping.

00:20:55.050 --> 00:20:55.860 ryan kovach: yep so yeah.

00:20:55.890 --> 00:20:58.860 Jeremiah Fox: It is no I get it it's helping me i'm just hoping it's helping them.

00:21:00.270 --> 00:21:00.570 ryan kovach: You know.

00:21:01.200 --> 00:21:15.300 Jeremiah Fox: So um to your point about you know Labor and and unfulfilled orders, right now, it department of Labor just kicked out stats yesterday that was reading this article about you know they're not extending unemployment, please.

00:21:15.780 --> 00:21:17.280 ryan kovach: Please stop that.

00:21:17.730 --> 00:21:21.660 Jeremiah Fox: fucking people back to work, it and let's go.

00:21:21.990 --> 00:21:34.590 Jeremiah Fox: amen you know it's like if you got scared get the shot if that's what you need you know, whatever just like let's get back to it, but they were saying i'm the amount of available jobs far exceeds.

00:21:34.650 --> 00:21:36.480 Jeremiah Fox: The amount of people out of work right now.

00:21:37.530 --> 00:21:39.450 ryan kovach: So prior to the pandemic.

00:21:41.700 --> 00:21:49.980 ryan kovach: We had a 3% unemployment rate, and let me explain to you i've been in the unemployment sector staffing HR and all that for over 20 years.

00:21:50.850 --> 00:22:00.690 ryan kovach: you're considered 100% employed in the US, but the 5% because there's 5% of the population that either can't or won't work right.

00:22:01.470 --> 00:22:10.440 ryan kovach: So when you are at 3% you're defying all the odds, there are so many jobs it's insane get everybody off.

00:22:10.920 --> 00:22:23.760 ryan kovach: it's ridiculous it's an embarrassment to our nation it's an embarrassment to the people that you're actually giving the money to because it's unnecessary, I know, restaurants around here.

00:22:24.900 --> 00:22:34.110 ryan kovach: A half of them are drive through only in Texas does not have a mass mandate, a vaccine mandate we don't were wide open okay.

00:22:35.310 --> 00:22:54.720 ryan kovach: The restaurants are most of them are like go through the drive thru only due to short staff every one of them's got huge signs outside saying we're hiring instant on the spot approval right, and all this.

00:22:56.340 --> 00:23:05.370 ryan kovach: I mean starbucks has a sign outside right now that says full college tuition 100% paid.

00:23:06.390 --> 00:23:09.060 ryan kovach: For part time and full time.

00:23:10.410 --> 00:23:16.860 ryan kovach: This is insanity what we are dealing with in this country, it is utter.

00:23:18.150 --> 00:23:37.440 ryan kovach: nonsense and insanity i'm going to give you, because this is, I think this, I think this pertains to marketing and business, let me tell you my personal experience real quick and November my wife and I both got coven I was very sick.

00:23:38.610 --> 00:23:49.350 ryan kovach: She was not she had a headache and a cold and just generally felt tired and lousy but she was up she was helping the kids she was doing stuff.

00:23:49.860 --> 00:23:56.520 ryan kovach: Obviously not going to work, but she was staying inside but she was doing things around the House she was fixing stuff and everything else right.

00:23:57.030 --> 00:24:15.480 ryan kovach: kind of having a normal crummy day I was in bed sick she's a healthcare professional so obviously they have to take the vaccine she's got vaccinated in February last month we both got covert again I guess the delta variant which there's no real test for.

00:24:17.820 --> 00:24:20.100 ryan kovach: she's fully vast from February.

00:24:21.240 --> 00:24:40.470 ryan kovach: Three weeks in bed dying sick as a dog i'm caring for her this time i'm positive with it i've got a runny nose a headache and a sore throat and I got up every day work from home, but I got up every day and did a normal work day, while I stayed home and took care of her i'm not vexed.

00:24:43.170 --> 00:24:46.830 ryan kovach: We have got to promote health.

00:24:48.390 --> 00:24:55.110 ryan kovach: In this society and stop the fear a healthy body is what you need.

00:24:56.190 --> 00:24:58.920 ryan kovach: We don't value health.

00:25:00.690 --> 00:25:15.990 ryan kovach: We just don't and I feel like the body is built to understand these virus, I mean coronavirus is the cold different version it's a much more lethal.

00:25:16.710 --> 00:25:23.730 ryan kovach: ish version but we've learned we've never had a cure for the common cold ever we never will.

00:25:24.060 --> 00:25:36.360 ryan kovach: respiratory illnesses and viruses have never had successful vaccines, we know this vaccine is not successful, people are still spreaders they can still get it they're still getting sick and they.

00:25:36.660 --> 00:25:54.330 ryan kovach: Have the same viral load, as everybody else, we need to stop the bullshit and the lies and we need to get back to work, because the biggest economic problem that we have is people giving up depression.

00:25:55.470 --> 00:26:02.520 ryan kovach: fear losing everything locked inside out of the sun not going to the gym.

00:26:03.870 --> 00:26:23.280 ryan kovach: kids mass on their face all day, which is a tragedy in my opinion, I mean you are, you are destroying the country for the sake of trying to save it so from a business standpoint, what I really think if you really want my opinion because I don't think this is going to get any better.

00:26:24.030 --> 00:26:24.600 ryan kovach: I think.

00:26:24.720 --> 00:26:31.260 ryan kovach: I think business owners, such as yourself let's say the restaurant industry, the restaurant industry.

00:26:32.640 --> 00:26:39.480 ryan kovach: I don't know how you can innovate anymore you guys have curb pick up you've got home delivery you've done as much really, as you can.

00:26:39.750 --> 00:26:49.170 ryan kovach: You can't send a waiter to somebody's house and wait on them their kitchen isn't prepared to do what you need to do so it's a little hard to innovate beyond what you've done right.

00:26:50.430 --> 00:27:00.150 ryan kovach: I think at this point we're so far down the rabbit hole that I think the restaurant industry has is again we're so polarized it'll probably never happened.

00:27:00.600 --> 00:27:07.350 ryan kovach: And I think the restaurant industry in places like New York where they're just squeezing you guys.

00:27:08.100 --> 00:27:27.390 ryan kovach: and asking y'all to somehow be the police of vaccines and violated my opinion people's personal health and all that it's disgusting, but I think that you guys need to at this point band together and and and just literally.

00:27:29.070 --> 00:27:33.600 ryan kovach: get your torches and pitchforks and.

00:27:34.050 --> 00:27:35.550 ryan kovach: Take a fighter and five.

00:27:35.850 --> 00:27:36.540 Jeremiah Fox: starters right.

00:27:36.720 --> 00:27:37.680 Jeremiah Fox: It was writing torches.

00:27:37.950 --> 00:27:43.650 ryan kovach: and fight your government, I mean at the end of the day, that is, marketing, at the end of the day.

00:27:44.370 --> 00:27:52.920 ryan kovach: there's a lot of people not taking the vaccines that want to go eat at your place and there's a lot of people that have that want to go eat at your place and all these other things I just feel like.

00:27:53.400 --> 00:28:03.930 ryan kovach: I don't know I don't know what else you can do to innovate, other than curbside pickup and house deliveries and all these things to make it as easy as possible right.

00:28:04.710 --> 00:28:27.780 ryan kovach: But its food the gym you can't innovate you can't some I can't work out at the gym if they're not the gym it's tough what I think is it's going to take is people banding together using their intelligence, looking around and saying this is bogus and really fighting.

00:28:29.400 --> 00:28:30.060 ryan kovach: I don't know man.

00:28:31.080 --> 00:28:31.470 ryan kovach: I.

00:28:32.550 --> 00:28:48.630 Jeremiah Fox: that's, the only way to to counter what's going on right now well there's two things I think jujitsu you know one on one you either you either fight back or you you'd be patient and look for an opening.

00:28:48.720 --> 00:28:49.860 Jeremiah Fox: A mature, you know.

00:28:50.040 --> 00:28:50.490 Jeremiah Fox: kind of wait.

00:28:50.520 --> 00:28:51.930 ryan kovach: If you can survive.

00:28:52.110 --> 00:28:58.380 Jeremiah Fox: If you can survive it that's it that's your only other option so either requires innovation um you know.

00:28:58.440 --> 00:29:02.730 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, the patient's route, just as a lot more Gray area.

00:29:03.840 --> 00:29:12.870 Jeremiah Fox: And so you have to be you have to be you can't be risk averse and you know the people that have made it so far most are not, you see, and I think anybody that you know you were talking earlier about.

00:29:13.830 --> 00:29:20.790 Jeremiah Fox: You know, really being innovative, most of us have that are ready to just start your own business, it requires.

00:29:20.850 --> 00:29:21.840 ryan kovach: A security innovative.

00:29:21.900 --> 00:29:29.850 Jeremiah Fox: yeah you're creative you're used to the Gray area you're used to the chaos if you do jujitsu as well double double bonus.

00:29:30.300 --> 00:29:47.730 Jeremiah Fox: That you used to extra chaos and kind of making order out of it um but the I mean there for the most part banded together here and they've made their decision and overwhelmingly its sides with with the city regulation, a lot of them feel that.

00:29:49.800 --> 00:29:58.080 Jeremiah Fox: They stand to make more money and and I think it's a short term I think it's more like we stand to do better in the next year, if we take this route.

00:29:58.560 --> 00:30:03.090 Jeremiah Fox: because it encourages people to come back in like nobody's talking about.

00:30:03.510 --> 00:30:16.680 Jeremiah Fox: spacing things out again, or like here there's not even it's, not even a mass mandate it's just the vaccine mandate you still are not required to wear a mask but businesses are not required to you know, to demand.

00:30:17.640 --> 00:30:24.450 Jeremiah Fox: You know mask wearing for you to come in and they're not talking about specialization anymore or anything like that it's just literally.

00:30:25.080 --> 00:30:38.340 Jeremiah Fox: show your card and that's that's that's going to be good enough, right now, even though we know everybody's still spread it everybody still carry it, you know if you have the vaccine, you might not get as sick, as you plug without it.

00:30:39.810 --> 00:30:43.710 Jeremiah Fox: But that's still like people are it's happening, you know it's still happening so.

00:30:43.830 --> 00:30:47.670 ryan kovach: Well, if that was the case now they're pushing the third shot.

00:30:48.480 --> 00:30:49.920 Jeremiah Fox: Oh, they already are yeah yeah.

00:30:50.010 --> 00:30:56.250 ryan kovach: And the fourth, and you know it's kind of like that it's kind of like that you know infomercial but wait there's more.

00:30:56.340 --> 00:30:57.240 Jeremiah Fox: There are yeah.

00:30:57.630 --> 00:30:59.520 ryan kovach: You know I don't know man look.

00:31:00.900 --> 00:31:15.150 ryan kovach: I think I think if if the general population is cool with getting vaccinated and you're just you know you're the you're the business owner and you're just like okay cool you guys are all vaccinated come on in right, I mean.

00:31:16.410 --> 00:31:20.280 ryan kovach: You know they're making their own personal decisions to to do that.

00:31:21.150 --> 00:31:21.300 But.

00:31:22.350 --> 00:31:23.820 Jeremiah Fox: they're making the employees as well.

00:31:24.780 --> 00:31:33.090 ryan kovach: Right, so this is where I was going to go now we're so like i'm talking from the customer side so that's cool but from the business side.

00:31:34.200 --> 00:31:41.520 ryan kovach: I don't want to be I don't want the liability of checking people's cards and papers.

00:31:42.060 --> 00:31:55.260 ryan kovach: It feels so grimy and dirty to me that I just it's so unamerican it feels horrible number one, but the liability if somebody showed me let's say a forged card.

00:31:55.980 --> 00:32:16.590 ryan kovach: And my liable how closely do I have to look, because I know here in Texas, the ta BC that monitors alcohol for bars and stuff you eat regardless if they show you an ID the bar and the door guy and the bartender and everything is still responsible to make sure that it is a legit ID.

00:32:17.640 --> 00:32:23.610 ryan kovach: Okay, and if it's not they can lose their liquor license be fine they can even go to jail.

00:32:27.240 --> 00:32:27.840 ryan kovach: I mean.

00:32:29.430 --> 00:32:31.920 Jeremiah Fox: Evan Evan flushed any of that out yet, but.

00:32:32.040 --> 00:32:32.430 Jeremiah Fox: You know.

00:32:32.670 --> 00:32:33.930 ryan kovach: yeah so.

00:32:34.650 --> 00:32:36.690 ryan kovach: So what does that mean for you guys, you know.

00:32:37.200 --> 00:32:45.750 ryan kovach: Number one number two you've got somebody like myself, whose father died in his late 50s from a massive heart attack.

00:32:46.200 --> 00:33:00.000 ryan kovach: Nobody else, am I always thought I was lucky everybody my family's lived to be forever right all 80s and 90s, but he died from a massive heart attack in his 50s so my doctors are like you know just for precaution take a low dose aspirin every day.

00:33:01.740 --> 00:33:11.580 ryan kovach: We do know that the vaccine does inflame the heart that's not disputed there's heart inflammation with the vaccine, so people with any type of heart issues.

00:33:12.090 --> 00:33:26.520 ryan kovach: should really not take the vaccine it's actually not good for that, so what is i've got this wonderful employee been loyal does a great job and everything else, and may have that in his family and the vaccine.

00:33:27.600 --> 00:33:43.110 ryan kovach: Are they offer you know, are they offering people any kind of exemptions, based on that, and if they aren't you're faced with going and saying you know susie or Jim I gotta cut you loose.

00:33:44.370 --> 00:33:45.840 ryan kovach: That is insane.

00:33:46.650 --> 00:33:54.450 Jeremiah Fox: right they and they are, but again, that hasn't been rolling out like my wife is a she's a an educator and department of ag here in New York City.

00:33:54.720 --> 00:34:03.630 Jeremiah Fox: And people are getting exemptions to work from home and some of them are just literally they're just obese and they're getting work exemptions for that and another.

00:34:03.660 --> 00:34:07.980 ryan kovach: which they should because that's the number one reason you're going to die for cope with they.

00:34:08.160 --> 00:34:09.540 ryan kovach: And everything else under the sun.

00:34:09.750 --> 00:34:10.890 Jeremiah Fox: They should do is get off.

00:34:12.780 --> 00:34:13.380 ryan kovach: I agree.

00:34:15.150 --> 00:34:15.720 ryan kovach: So.

00:34:16.260 --> 00:34:20.010 Jeremiah Fox: let's take another break before I say something to get us all in trouble i'm just kidding.

00:34:20.160 --> 00:34:21.060 ryan kovach: I get no yes.

00:34:21.150 --> 00:34:23.550 Jeremiah Fox: All right, all right, everybody will be back in just a minute hang tight.

00:37:00.240 --> 00:37:11.880 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back again if you're just tuning in the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox zoom into Texas today talking with Brian Cole back he's a President of our KC mo as well as a Brazilian Jiu jitsu black belt.

00:37:12.150 --> 00:37:23.520 Jeremiah Fox: But we're talking about marketing under high regulatory environment region by region state by state some federal issues as well and, particularly, we were highlighting some of the issues that.

00:37:24.060 --> 00:37:33.870 Jeremiah Fox: restaurant owners gym owners and venue owners are facing here in New York and with the newest regulation where you may not enter the premises.

00:37:34.320 --> 00:37:39.090 Jeremiah Fox: Unless you have proof of vaccine pointing right, I was just pointing out that you know.

00:37:39.990 --> 00:37:48.630 Jeremiah Fox: And this was that thing you know they keep changing and rolling out new aspects of it, they were like at first, they just have to show proof of vaccination, it could be four different.

00:37:49.320 --> 00:37:56.460 Jeremiah Fox: forms of proof and one of them could just be a photo of one of the forms of proof on their phone, so you just literally all of their fallen.

00:37:56.820 --> 00:37:58.830 Jeremiah Fox: On you said carry on as you are.

00:37:59.850 --> 00:38:07.530 Jeremiah Fox: And then they admitted it the other day to say now, you must also check their ID and the ID has to match the information so now.

00:38:07.950 --> 00:38:21.930 Jeremiah Fox: As you were pointing out like we already every state has as its own governing body for the sale of alcohol and, of course, you have to be 21 and establishment owners and management are required to verify that you know.

00:38:21.960 --> 00:38:22.890 ryan kovach: The legitimacy.

00:38:23.130 --> 00:38:27.570 Jeremiah Fox: And it can be you know their passports, it could be, you know ids from all 50.

00:38:27.600 --> 00:38:29.790 Jeremiah Fox: shades plus Puerto Rico like it, you know.

00:38:30.180 --> 00:38:33.510 Jeremiah Fox: And, and now we have to match that against a card.

00:38:35.340 --> 00:38:37.260 Jeremiah Fox: Knowing that we're understaffed.

00:38:38.250 --> 00:38:39.570 ryan kovach: Knowing that you're understaffed.

00:38:39.960 --> 00:38:50.160 Jeremiah Fox: And, and they you know I don't want to complain anymore, but a senate just shut down replenishment of the restaurant revitalization fun like no they're good everything's fine.

00:38:50.310 --> 00:38:51.420 ryan kovach: they're good they're great.

00:38:51.900 --> 00:39:00.960 Jeremiah Fox: So the question is like we're not making enough money you know you got like guys like Danny Meyer, who are champing this whole thing he's got more money than God, he can he can staff our review wants.

00:39:01.230 --> 00:39:07.770 Jeremiah Fox: change but, like the little guys, like us, like we have to do my wife and I have to do it, you know and that's it like there's nobody else.

00:39:08.070 --> 00:39:20.880 Jeremiah Fox: we're understaffed we're not making enough money now things are taking longer we're not getting any assistance, how do we market to get more business and other question is, why would we if we're overwhelmed already.

00:39:20.940 --> 00:39:22.410 ryan kovach: And we're not with money.

00:39:23.250 --> 00:39:32.040 ryan kovach: yeah you're overwhelmed with what you've already got asking for more could overwhelm you more, but you have to because you've got to make the money.

00:39:34.170 --> 00:39:45.750 ryan kovach: Oh boy well, not to say not to sound like the cheap way out of things Okay, because again let's let's put it into jujitsu terms.

00:39:46.770 --> 00:40:03.990 ryan kovach: If I am in somebody's closed guard and they have a perfectly established Camorra grip on my arm and I don't have a hold of my leg my pant leg my key or anything my hand is separated from my body.

00:40:06.090 --> 00:40:08.760 ryan kovach: i'm probably gonna have to tap.

00:40:10.170 --> 00:40:16.200 ryan kovach: Okay, and don't take this the wrong way as a depressing thing right but.

00:40:17.370 --> 00:40:20.820 ryan kovach: Sometimes we can't defeat the monster.

00:40:22.680 --> 00:40:28.500 ryan kovach: So you mentioned data here and and Gordon do you think it's a mistake that they're coming to Texas.

00:40:29.340 --> 00:40:30.360 Jeremiah Fox: Do I think it's a mistake.

00:40:30.810 --> 00:40:32.430 ryan kovach: No, I mean by mistake.

00:40:32.880 --> 00:40:34.770 Jeremiah Fox: No, not at all.

00:40:35.250 --> 00:40:49.950 ryan kovach: Do you think it's by mistake that I literally Jeremiah if I wanted to right now, if I wanted to, and I had wads of cash in hand, I literally cannot go and buy a house in Texas right now.

00:40:51.210 --> 00:41:01.650 ryan kovach: Within 24 hours every home here has 50 cash offers on it before it ever makes it the mls and, if you want to build a new home.

00:41:02.070 --> 00:41:13.380 ryan kovach: it's eight months out they won't tell you what the prices until it's actually finished then they'll tell you what the price is and yet you had better already have your loan and your cash ready.

00:41:14.880 --> 00:41:22.740 ryan kovach: Why because Texas and Florida are saying come and do business there's no mandates or open.

00:41:23.760 --> 00:41:24.810 ryan kovach: Ironically.

00:41:25.980 --> 00:41:34.410 ryan kovach: Our hospitals are not overwhelmed regardless of what people tell you they're not only 14% of our icu beds are coated beds.

00:41:35.520 --> 00:41:42.570 ryan kovach: And they had to put out a statement at one of our hospitals downtown that my wife works at.

00:41:43.650 --> 00:41:51.060 ryan kovach: That said, please stop coming here just because you tested positive.

00:41:53.280 --> 00:42:10.770 ryan kovach: there's no need for that, but that Jacks up the numbers and everything else, my wife has been at a downtown hospital for 15 years they opened up a coven floor in the very beginning, found out they didn't need it and shut it down they've never reopened it.

00:42:12.390 --> 00:42:32.790 ryan kovach: And we are in a place that has been fairly open for business, the entire time without mass mandates gyms are wide open restaurants, are completely open all that are people getting coven yes, are they dying no actually you look at the APP that tracks i'm in a townie of 2.5 million people.

00:42:34.050 --> 00:42:39.030 ryan kovach: For the last three months there's been at deaths from Kobe.

00:42:40.380 --> 00:42:49.650 ryan kovach: Those deaths are all 70 plus years old, with only like one or two falling below the 50 year old mark and all of that.

00:42:52.230 --> 00:42:53.400 ryan kovach: it's insanity.

00:42:54.810 --> 00:42:56.100 ryan kovach: This is insanity.

00:42:59.190 --> 00:43:18.270 ryan kovach: But I know I know so many small business owners that are leaving California and leaving these high regulation places and coming to the states, I mean sometimes you're just caught in a Mora yeah I don't I mean i'd love to be able to say this is going somewhere, but it's not.

00:43:19.260 --> 00:43:24.030 Jeremiah Fox: it's it's fun and thank you for, for you know, especially sharing the situation about the housing.

00:43:25.830 --> 00:43:42.390 Jeremiah Fox: issue there because literally I was, I was driving through brooklyn when they announced the new mandate here, whatever it was like a week or two weeks ago Tuesday or something like that, and my first instinct was think Austin needs a place with fresh pasta, I just feel like I think there's.

00:43:43.050 --> 00:43:44.250 ryan kovach: A Dallas.

00:43:44.340 --> 00:43:45.390 Jeremiah Fox: Austin think there might.

00:43:45.390 --> 00:43:45.540 Be.

00:43:47.700 --> 00:43:51.180 ryan kovach: A Fort worth, we have a beautiful downtown where why.

00:43:51.600 --> 00:43:52.950 Jeremiah Fox: Am I going to live, where five deep.

00:43:53.820 --> 00:44:02.250 ryan kovach: yeah no I just that's that sounds like such a quitter mentality, I know, but it's not I mean it's survival.

00:44:02.310 --> 00:44:07.920 Jeremiah Fox: No, I understand, but I also like aside from all the shit that's happening right now I do love New York and.

00:44:07.950 --> 00:44:08.400 ryan kovach: Of course.

00:44:08.460 --> 00:44:14.160 Jeremiah Fox: And I have I just there's so many great things about what's happening in my life right now that I don't want you know.

00:44:14.190 --> 00:44:14.370 ryan kovach: sure.

00:44:14.790 --> 00:44:23.730 Jeremiah Fox: But it definitely crossed my mind, and you and immediately you saw places close so here's the thing announcements made and and like you said it's just so much.

00:44:25.560 --> 00:44:35.730 Jeremiah Fox: In in the context of social media and the mainstream media where it's like these announcements come out and it's just panic and you see restaurants and coffee shops just immediately like.

00:44:35.970 --> 00:44:43.800 Jeremiah Fox: You know what we're gonna they're just like we're going to close for a little while and it's like, how can you keep closing for a little while to us there's no more pvp there's no more.

00:44:43.830 --> 00:44:53.460 Jeremiah Fox: restaurant, they should find like what where's the money come back well coming from and how do you come back, how do you recuperate I mean if you've got like the most gracious landlord okay.

00:44:53.730 --> 00:45:00.450 Jeremiah Fox: Fine, but that's only one component like you still have outstanding balances with vendors, you still probably oh yeah.

00:45:00.480 --> 00:45:02.040 ryan kovach: If you're a specialty.

00:45:02.850 --> 00:45:09.780 ryan kovach: You know, like, I mean especially I mean if you've got a legit specialty rest raw you're not some chain or.

00:45:10.380 --> 00:45:23.220 ryan kovach: just doing you know bacon and eggs right, I mean if you're if you're doing your own unique recipes and everything else how long can you tell your chefs that know your taste your recipes and all that to go sit at home.

00:45:24.570 --> 00:45:25.590 Jeremiah Fox: and bring them back.

00:45:25.710 --> 00:45:41.550 ryan kovach: Right and then and then somehow bring them back they've got if you send them home they've got to feed their families so so okay let's let's talk about the positives because we could go on and on and on about the insanities of all that's right.

00:45:42.840 --> 00:45:43.830 ryan kovach: I think you know.

00:45:43.980 --> 00:45:45.180 Jeremiah Fox: The conclusion that simple.

00:45:45.630 --> 00:45:47.190 ryan kovach: yeah you gotta come to a conclusion.

00:45:47.250 --> 00:45:53.850 ryan kovach: So I think I think number one I mean if they're gonna make your employees and everything if I say I think you just have to.

00:45:55.320 --> 00:46:11.490 ryan kovach: bite the bullet and say vaccinations required to work here, where the where the food industry right that's got to be dealt with Okay, I think, once you were there let's just be real, I mean you're sitting to actually in a golden opportunity because uh.

00:46:12.690 --> 00:46:24.150 ryan kovach: You know in in the Great Depression you know there's crafts going back over 100 years of in and bad times 911 bust all these things that have happened.

00:46:24.720 --> 00:46:33.240 ryan kovach: You know the the world wars, all that companies that beefed up their marketing and these bad times gobbled up all of the.

00:46:34.140 --> 00:46:38.730 ryan kovach: You know the chicken littles the people that either went out of business, the sky was falling.

00:46:39.060 --> 00:46:55.230 ryan kovach: or people that cut their marketing budget, so what I would, and this is this is data going back well over into the early 1900s that I want to say McKinsey or one of them has tracked it for for that law like and.

00:46:55.950 --> 00:47:17.970 ryan kovach: it's it's not even close companies that beef up their marketing and bad times usually actually experienced of growth, I can tell you in my experience during, especially the oh 70809 housing crash, and all this staffing industry which is my biggest industry that I market for.

00:47:19.530 --> 00:47:21.270 ryan kovach: They just all slash their marketing.

00:47:22.350 --> 00:47:39.360 ryan kovach: All of just immediately overnight I lost half of my business Okay, however, there was a few that called me Ryan, we want to, we want to step on the gas, and I said well number one you got to pay me more because i've lost half my business.

00:47:39.420 --> 00:47:46.440 ryan kovach: Right Okay, and I need to up your costs to me, but I believe what you're doing it right.

00:47:47.490 --> 00:48:05.040 ryan kovach: I can those four or five companies, this was 12 years 13 years ago okay those four or five companies who were what I would call mid range not well no not unknown are Dallas Austin Houston dominator is right now.

00:48:06.150 --> 00:48:07.950 ryan kovach: Like dominated.

00:48:09.690 --> 00:48:18.660 ryan kovach: I believe it and and and so, if you're out there, listening to this and you own a small business and like you just said, a bunch of people just shut their doors.

00:48:19.230 --> 00:48:40.230 ryan kovach: will come back in a few months and seeds just that's the time to maybe take $400 and put it into some ice ads put it into some Facebook ads we're open for business look at this beautiful picture of our wonderful pasta come, you know everybody's vaccinated so you're safe.

00:48:41.280 --> 00:48:50.070 ryan kovach: Speak that language you're safe you're we checked vaccine cards were awesome and look at this beautiful pasta.

00:48:51.540 --> 00:48:57.750 ryan kovach: Probably gonna get flooded with people right, I mean I don't know again, can you handle the business.

00:48:57.810 --> 00:48:58.380 ryan kovach: Right right.

00:48:59.700 --> 00:49:01.260 Jeremiah Fox: You know it's good problem to have.

00:49:01.500 --> 00:49:08.340 Jeremiah Fox: Very good, yes, this is where I wanted to get to wit, and I want to get even more specific we're going to take one more break I mean like really go down this rabbit hole.

00:49:08.400 --> 00:49:08.790 ryan kovach: yeah you're.

00:49:08.910 --> 00:49:10.710 Jeremiah Fox: you're onto something now you smell the trail.

00:49:11.160 --> 00:49:13.650 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, all right, everybody hang tight we'll be right back.

00:49:14.160 --> 00:49:14.580 ryan kovach: Are you.

00:51:49.950 --> 00:51:54.210 Jeremiah Fox: Alright let's hop right back into it, because we were hot on something and I like where this is going so.

00:51:55.020 --> 00:51:59.010 Jeremiah Fox: You were just you know talking about there's this opportunity start to see places close.

00:51:59.280 --> 00:52:12.780 Jeremiah Fox: New regulations introduce people start to freak out sure it hurts you initially and we saw it, we saw retraction where things were like homing like all through July we were humming and usually the July kind of slows down everybody was traveling.

00:52:12.840 --> 00:52:15.060 Jeremiah Fox: We knew, though, so like excuse me.

00:52:16.620 --> 00:52:24.030 Jeremiah Fox: Usually for us that signals because we're in a residential area and we're in an income area where like they're travelers you know.

00:52:24.600 --> 00:52:24.960 ryan kovach: For sure.

00:52:25.440 --> 00:52:32.700 Jeremiah Fox: So that's true like that's our main demographic so you would expect us to slow it down, but no man, it was a rally it was really great soon as they made that announcement, though.

00:52:32.940 --> 00:52:39.390 Jeremiah Fox: boom we're back to like you know 50% take out, even though we change nothing we still like still operating the way.

00:52:40.320 --> 00:52:48.720 Jeremiah Fox: We were before, but we, you know you have to monitor consumer consumer behavior and try to like dial it in man where's that needle going to land.

00:52:49.290 --> 00:53:04.230 Jeremiah Fox: But you're right places to close down right away, so there is still this opportunity, somehow, you have to muster up first the funds, but I think it has to be a specific marketing campaigns like what I wouldn't want to do is say like hey half off, you know, two for one pastas.

00:53:05.040 --> 00:53:06.540 Jeremiah Fox: Because you're gonna you're gonna be.

00:53:06.570 --> 00:53:08.580 ryan kovach: Hello you're good I showed you.

00:53:08.730 --> 00:53:23.640 Jeremiah Fox: Right, I think you need to you need to be specific about the call to action if you create one, or are we just thinking more long term and like brand building, so that when things do loosen up and people are more ready to come back you are top of mind like.

00:53:23.670 --> 00:53:25.470 ryan kovach: what's your top of mind stereo.

00:53:25.740 --> 00:53:26.550 Jeremiah Fox: Now, on that.

00:53:26.790 --> 00:53:32.580 ryan kovach: yeah absolutely this is now the time to beef up your marketing, which is what we're talking about again.

00:53:32.880 --> 00:53:44.250 ryan kovach: Paid some paid social we're open for business look at this, you know some great photos of your stuff all this there's another area that we haven't even spoken up and that's product ization look you've got a restaurant.

00:53:44.730 --> 00:53:48.810 ryan kovach: it's it's it's going right there's got to be some sort of.

00:53:49.260 --> 00:54:04.800 ryan kovach: I don't know sauce or something you guys have that everybody just raves about loves look at product packaging and E commerce and selling that direct and getting that out, and maybe getting it into your local you know grocery store and things like that, on the shelf, I mean.

00:54:06.270 --> 00:54:13.890 ryan kovach: Again innovation right, you know you may have to product eyes, some of your stuff and all that right.

00:54:14.130 --> 00:54:18.150 Jeremiah Fox: And then, so how does this apply to gems like we talked a lot about restaurants, thank you appreciate all the.

00:54:18.960 --> 00:54:22.500 Jeremiah Fox: Good information, but like what is the gym owner, do you know.

00:54:22.560 --> 00:54:22.950 ryan kovach: yeah.

00:54:23.010 --> 00:54:31.110 Jeremiah Fox: yeah you do virtual classes, you can sell hoodies and hats and you know, whatever like if people are afraid to come in.

00:54:32.220 --> 00:54:35.730 Jeremiah Fox: You know what is your marketing look like you're dedicated to stay open.

00:54:36.120 --> 00:54:41.070 Jeremiah Fox: you're doing you're doing virtual classes you're working with a handful of people that are still willing to come in.

00:54:41.280 --> 00:54:49.170 Jeremiah Fox: Or the or the ones that are vaccinated and you know they've got all their paperwork in alignment you're like Okay, yes, you can come in, but me I need this causes friction.

00:54:50.010 --> 00:55:03.450 Jeremiah Fox: First and foremost, this is immediate friction on rather unnecessary immediate friction which is my biggest beef with it it's like there's all forms of friction you're always going to have some, but this is it is unnecessary friction.

00:55:03.510 --> 00:55:16.350 ryan kovach: yeah I think if you're talking about just super shut down type stuff I didn't you might be in the Camorra if you're talking about the the the gym owners got to make sure that people are vaccinated and verified, I think, at that point.

00:55:17.430 --> 00:55:30.810 ryan kovach: You know they've got to you know check their own conscience if they don't want the vaccination or not they made if they're cool to take it, and if you're cool with making your employees take it, then what ends up happening is is is again, I think.

00:55:32.400 --> 00:55:45.030 ryan kovach: I think you have to as a gym beef up your marketing, because you are going to get other people that either have contracts object objectives, you know objections to.

00:55:45.660 --> 00:55:50.040 ryan kovach: You know vaccine verification or getting it themselves, they want to use natural immunity.

00:55:50.250 --> 00:55:56.070 ryan kovach: or whatever, and they might close the door, or they might just kind of just be demoralized you're done a half to beef up.

00:55:56.280 --> 00:56:04.020 ryan kovach: Your marketing you're gonna have to tell people you're open for business you're gonna have to tell people that you're abiding by strict guidelines and that you're following all the regulations and.

00:56:04.230 --> 00:56:11.310 ryan kovach: Look, people are getting healthy here, people are getting healthy here market market market and i'm not talking about just to your ECHO chamber.

00:56:11.580 --> 00:56:18.360 ryan kovach: i'm not talking about just the people that are already members and on your list and on your email list and on your Facebook page i'm talking about.

00:56:18.630 --> 00:56:29.430 ryan kovach: True external marketing of like I said, maybe some targeted paid social things like that and put some budget behind it and say you know we're all in.

00:56:31.290 --> 00:56:44.880 ryan kovach: And all of that, I I just feel like you know again if it's complete shutdown you're in the Camorra if it's you can do business you just have to verify these things.

00:56:46.080 --> 00:56:59.280 ryan kovach: You know I think you just have to verify those things, and I think you will have a lot of people shutter or slow down or build demoralized and that's when you got to get energized and.

00:57:00.120 --> 00:57:08.250 ryan kovach: beef up all of your communication it's just to me it's just that's what it's that's that's those are your choices.

00:57:09.450 --> 00:57:22.860 ryan kovach: Now, like you said doing doing virtual classes virtual group classes zoom classes things like that filming your techniques and everything and and selling them know who knows.

00:57:24.480 --> 00:57:26.970 Jeremiah Fox: Why john didn't hurt did really well with that one.

00:57:27.060 --> 00:57:31.380 ryan kovach: Well, he did really well and so let's Gordon Ryan and guys like that, but obviously you know.

00:57:32.280 --> 00:57:36.240 ryan kovach: I don't move like Gordon right so nobody's gonna nobody's gonna buy my.

00:57:37.140 --> 00:57:37.710 Jeremiah Fox: My db.

00:57:38.190 --> 00:57:39.510 ryan kovach: Except for like my mom.

00:57:40.170 --> 00:57:43.530 ryan kovach: because she feels really sorry for me and she's like you know this is neat.

00:57:44.280 --> 00:57:44.700 ryan kovach: But.

00:57:45.270 --> 00:57:45.960 Jeremiah Fox: But you know.

00:57:46.380 --> 00:58:07.560 ryan kovach: i'm saying like I look man, I do if Kobe has done anything it really I mean if we want to look at if we want to look at you know survival of the fittest I mean it really has it has this it absolutely has said, you know who you know the cream rises to the top.

00:58:08.940 --> 00:58:20.850 ryan kovach: And that's just a fact the cream rises to the top, I mean people that people are going to have to just be more focused on market share.

00:58:22.050 --> 00:58:25.800 ryan kovach: In my opinion, gathering more than they had before.

00:58:26.880 --> 00:58:35.970 ryan kovach: Picking up the last pieces from people that gave up or couldn't keep their doors open or whatever, I think it whatever you're spending on marketing, you know double it.

00:58:37.530 --> 00:58:40.620 ryan kovach: You know and and and and go full steam ahead.

00:58:40.800 --> 00:58:42.360 ryan kovach: So storytelling is great, you know.

00:58:42.390 --> 00:58:47.280 Jeremiah Fox: What if it's zero because two times zero is still zero okay.

00:58:47.670 --> 00:59:00.180 ryan kovach: yeah and the sad reality is is a lot of companies that come to me when I you know they're very sales heavy they've got salespeople salespeople salespeople doing zero marketing so any marketing is an improvement right.

00:59:00.870 --> 00:59:09.780 ryan kovach: So, but yeah I just think now's the time if you know you're in this for the long game for the people out there, if this is the long game for you.

00:59:10.170 --> 00:59:23.010 ryan kovach: And there's no chance in hell you're shutting your business down you you're in this, you know you can serve by now is the time to take that double leg blast and go like.

00:59:24.120 --> 00:59:32.490 ryan kovach: Go Nice, and I think you'll do fine I mean again they're not shutting you down no yeah yeah it's just.

00:59:32.550 --> 00:59:37.230 ryan kovach: Just just a modification so i've spoken a lot.

00:59:38.160 --> 00:59:39.150 Jeremiah Fox: We gotta wrap up to.

00:59:39.180 --> 00:59:46.110 Jeremiah Fox: That was yeah that's perfect that's exactly what I was hoping to get out of it definitely helped me, and I know it's a bunch of people listening that.

00:59:46.170 --> 00:59:46.860 ryan kovach: That yeah for sure.

00:59:46.920 --> 00:59:53.490 Jeremiah Fox: Definitely, the kind of insight they were looking for it just said that push we need that push that's why we got to have black box around.

00:59:53.940 --> 00:59:54.990 ryan kovach: Data yeah.

00:59:55.050 --> 00:59:56.280 Jeremiah Fox: Well, thank you so much man.

00:59:56.400 --> 00:59:57.450 ryan kovach: All absolutely Jeremiah.

00:59:57.540 --> 01:00:04.200 Jeremiah Fox: really look forward to talk to you again soon everybody i'll talk to you next week have a great weekend he sat.

01:00:04.560 --> 01:00:06.030 ryan kovach: See you bro thanks.

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