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Friday, December 3, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/12/03 - Twirling Business Talk

Facebook Live Video from 2021/12/03 - Twirling Business Talk


2021/12/03 - Twirling Business Talk

[NEW EPISODE] Twirling Business Talk

Friday at noon I’ll be twirling hair & slamming shit once again with my man, Thane Taylor

We’ll try to squeeze in some talk on business & investments too!

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah begins the show introducing his guest and friend, Thane Taylor. Taylor , who is also known as the “Everyday Workout Man” on social media, is an owner and investor of multiple businesses including a family owned Thai restaurant in St. Cloud. Jeremiah discusses his experience owning a restaurant pre pandemic through post pandemic and maintaining a loyal staff. He explains how he managed to stay afloat with the help of his family and two official employees. Before the break, Jeremiah and Taylor discuss the benefits of taking a new approach and dropping paid marketing.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Jeremiah and Taylor share why you should take the time to reflect on your business; dissect your plan to see what works and how you can be better. Jeremiah shares the reasons for maintaining a consistent trained staff. Taylor cautions business owners against eliminating the growth of their employees and having a scarcity mindset. Taylor takes the time to talk about his different forms of income and how he maintains the workflow. Before the break, Jeremiah and Taylor talk about the difficulties with turnovers. They also discuss why you should push employees to expand their skills.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Jeremiah and Taylor continue to chat about Taylor’s different flow of incomes. Taylor is a restaurant investor along with being a franchisee of Fargo Mathnasium. He also mentions how he is planning on opening a gym, which has been a long time goal of his. Taylor breaks down the steps he's been taking to make his vision come alive. Before the break, Jeremiah shares his experience with becoming a personal trainer during the pandemic. He talks about his growing clientele and the type workouts he teaches.

Segment 4

Jeremiah and Taylor discuss different fighting techniques within MMA and Jiu Jitsu. They make connections to owning a business and explain how training helps you maintain self-control. Taylor shares another passive income he acquired, NFT. He talks about taking a chance in investing in various things including artwork. Jeremiah and Taylor talk about the positive aspects of investing and the high risk factors you might encounter.


00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:02.340 Jeremiah Fox: St cloud Minnesota because.

00:00:03.419 --> 00:00:10.980 Jeremiah Fox: I don't know what else is close to their big city a 2000 people in near the north Dakota border.

00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:23.730 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome you once again back to this show friend that i've met through social media mainly Twitter and then the relationship has grown from there now we mainly exchange on tinder.

00:00:25.380 --> 00:00:26.700 Jeremiah Fox: Is bumble haha.

00:00:28.740 --> 00:00:33.750 Jeremiah Fox: Now my man here hot on Twitter hot hot on tick tock as well as instagram.

00:00:34.140 --> 00:00:41.640 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm going to quote him and he doesn't know what what i'm going to give them, so this will be fun for a moment, a little little moment of uncomfortableness for him, hopefully.

00:00:42.030 --> 00:00:55.710 Jeremiah Fox: um, this is a tweet that he recently put out as a business owner in the service industry, I always treat my people well I know my employees choose to work for me they're not locked into anything and have the option of leaving it anytime.

00:00:56.070 --> 00:01:03.420 Jeremiah Fox: Good for your company, make sure they keep on choosing you peace sounds like you own a restaurant.

00:01:04.710 --> 00:01:07.410 Thane Taylor: You know, yes, yes, I like that.

00:01:08.400 --> 00:01:14.460 Thane Taylor: Thank you for having me first off, I appreciate being back on on the show it's always an honor to to connect with you.

00:01:15.510 --> 00:01:18.210 Thane Taylor: that's a great quote I love I love that.

00:01:19.230 --> 00:01:25.800 Thane Taylor: That type of leadership style you know, especially in in the restaurant business it's it's unbelievable how well.

00:01:26.550 --> 00:01:38.820 Thane Taylor: You know, taking that approach to treating your staff treating your clients they come in, they can choose to eat any other place they choose to at your place, you have to treat them That way, you know.

00:01:40.440 --> 00:01:48.360 Thane Taylor: Especially with staffing right now treating your your employees in a way that makes you want to come back every single time makes the stress of.

00:01:50.400 --> 00:01:53.640 Thane Taylor: Anything as long as it can be, and then you know I have having them.

00:01:55.800 --> 00:02:05.760 Thane Taylor: You know, be grateful for for working with you have a unique grateful for, for having people, you know that choose to work for us is you know, an approach I really it really makes sense for me.

00:02:07.980 --> 00:02:10.080 Jeremiah Fox: So I didn't introduce you so.

00:02:10.500 --> 00:02:11.070 Jeremiah Fox: We got okay.

00:02:11.250 --> 00:02:12.570 Jeremiah Fox: Well, I know I never said, your name.

00:02:13.590 --> 00:02:17.010 Jeremiah Fox: we're gonna keep it like that, for the rest of the show funny because your your.

00:02:18.390 --> 00:02:21.240 Jeremiah Fox: Your your zoom name is fargo magnesium.

00:02:21.900 --> 00:02:22.590 Thane Taylor: Oh that's.

00:02:23.310 --> 00:02:24.330 Jeremiah Fox: So we'll just leave it at that.

00:02:24.390 --> 00:02:33.360 Jeremiah Fox: This is welcome fargo magnesium sister know welcoming back pain Taylor, also known as everyday work out man throughout social media and.

00:02:34.800 --> 00:02:38.340 Jeremiah Fox: And and admired for his David Lee Roth like hair.

00:02:40.860 --> 00:02:48.270 Jeremiah Fox: Lots of inside jokes today guys you're gonna have to just check our, especially our Twitter feed to see what all this means, but um.

00:02:49.260 --> 00:03:01.020 Jeremiah Fox: So I know you had at one point at least invested in a restaurant and maybe you're thinking, I recall from last time you're on the show that your family owns a restaurant and you were involved in that somehow.

00:03:01.170 --> 00:03:01.860 Thane Taylor: Correct yep.

00:03:01.920 --> 00:03:06.660 Thane Taylor: So i'm in St cloud, which is where I grew up my.

00:03:07.680 --> 00:03:12.240 Thane Taylor: My mom opened a restaurant it's called, so it is a Thai restaurant and.

00:03:13.320 --> 00:03:28.080 Thane Taylor: My my aunts and cousins on a couple other have the same the same name so after I get done with college and Grad school, I chose to get into that as well, I invested with my aunt cousin and.

00:03:28.710 --> 00:03:44.010 Thane Taylor: In a different location and we've been running that for a little while i've been a silent partner for the past five or six years now, but yeah definitely you know when I when I thought of that you know that quote is inspired by my restaurant management days for sure.

00:03:44.010 --> 00:03:51.510 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and it's funny because you know you put it out to like lately it's even more so important because staffing is just so difficult.

00:03:51.900 --> 00:03:59.670 Jeremiah Fox: And it's coming from a number of different reasons it's not all the same, you know there there's definitely in places like New York or if you're.

00:04:00.270 --> 00:04:09.540 Jeremiah Fox: I guess la to or if you're just in the medical industry, you know there's there's vaccine mandates now and there's opposition to that so people are leaving because of that um.

00:04:10.050 --> 00:04:22.440 Jeremiah Fox: You know, companies had to downsize and I just had to let people go for a period of time, and a lot of them are coming back now and trying to lower some of these people back, but they're you know what they've they found other things, or.

00:04:24.000 --> 00:04:29.730 Jeremiah Fox: or just don't want to work right now and then they're the people that just save money, you know somehow I know some people got.

00:04:30.120 --> 00:04:34.740 Jeremiah Fox: A good amount of government money and they just put it aside and they're just straight chillin right now.

00:04:35.070 --> 00:04:44.820 Jeremiah Fox: And not going back to work and, as you pointed out, it works on both sides of the coin, whether it's your your customers or your employees your.

00:04:45.420 --> 00:04:55.890 Jeremiah Fox: you've got to be grateful, in a way that they chose to either dine with you or work with you because, as you pointed out, it does reduce that stress doesn't take it away completely.

00:04:56.400 --> 00:05:05.010 Jeremiah Fox: right back it comes with its own but it definitely it definitely will reduce some of the headaches that you have um and and I feel like.

00:05:06.000 --> 00:05:14.730 Jeremiah Fox: For all of this everything that's going down and last, you know, almost two years restaurants, are particularly well suited for this kind of.

00:05:15.360 --> 00:05:25.200 Jeremiah Fox: adversity, because it's just like this, all the time anyway it's like staffing is always like that you're just like oh I got this great new bartender and you know your customers are really cool you're going to be around a while and you're like no.

00:05:27.030 --> 00:05:33.900 Jeremiah Fox: Like why don't like well just done this for a long time, then you know I would give everybody, less than two years.

00:05:34.350 --> 00:05:42.480 Jeremiah Fox: On average, like if someone made it to like two years i'd be like wow this they either either were really complacent or they really like us.

00:05:42.840 --> 00:05:48.810 Thane Taylor: Exactly, so how many people I run or like how many people do you do manage at your restaurant.

00:05:49.050 --> 00:05:51.000 Jeremiah Fox: Right now i'm.

00:05:52.170 --> 00:05:54.450 Jeremiah Fox: Two and a half, if you don't include my family.

00:05:55.140 --> 00:05:55.440 Thane Taylor: wow.

00:05:55.470 --> 00:05:57.330 Jeremiah Fox: Okay that's how skinny we are right now.

00:05:57.780 --> 00:06:01.260 Thane Taylor: Okay, and then what's normal ideal operating for you.

00:06:01.410 --> 00:06:08.070 Jeremiah Fox: yeah you know let's say February of 2020 it was maybe like eight.

00:06:09.150 --> 00:06:10.710 Thane Taylor: Okay, so it's quite a big difference.

00:06:10.860 --> 00:06:12.090 Thane Taylor: yeah okay.

00:06:13.500 --> 00:06:17.730 Thane Taylor: So, what are you doing to like Simon kind of flipping this on.

00:06:18.090 --> 00:06:19.170 Jeremiah Fox: This is great, this is.

00:06:19.200 --> 00:06:20.070 Thane Taylor: What are you doing.

00:06:20.580 --> 00:06:26.880 Thane Taylor: To kind of offset that are you just being overworked or having to reduce the amount of people you take in or How does that work for you.

00:06:27.030 --> 00:06:31.680 Jeremiah Fox: know we well we we pulled on marketing, like all paid marketing because we just can't.

00:06:32.070 --> 00:06:33.300 Jeremiah Fox: handle anymore people.

00:06:33.360 --> 00:06:44.550 Jeremiah Fox: And that's the goal of paid marketing so as I were you know we would burn the candle at both ends, if we continue to our paid marketing and we were completely overwhelmed like we would just piss people off and we lose customers.

00:06:44.760 --> 00:06:45.510 Jeremiah Fox: And our marketing.

00:06:45.540 --> 00:07:00.450 Jeremiah Fox: budget would be a waste so there's pull it all paid paid advertising, so that helped to save money, my put my kids to work my oldest daughter's 14 now she got working papers and i'm like time to go and then the younger too I just fam and pasta and.

00:07:01.650 --> 00:07:04.890 Jeremiah Fox: You know they come and help out so everybody said to pitch in my wife.

00:07:05.580 --> 00:07:21.990 Jeremiah Fox: Has pitched in considerably and she's she's a math teacher New York City public school math teacher so she does that during the day now you know, a year ago, whenever when she was like Okay, you know let's just do this ourselves right now, you know money was down, you know.

00:07:23.370 --> 00:07:27.060 Jeremiah Fox: Our revenue was down because of all the restrictions and fear and all that stuff.

00:07:27.570 --> 00:07:37.740 Jeremiah Fox: And at the time she was teaching remotely we live across the street shows is like you know she got off the computer and walk across the street and helped me out when I needed it, but now we're nearly back to like pre pandemic numbers.

00:07:38.100 --> 00:07:45.630 Jeremiah Fox: And and it's just really hard to get people i've had people come in, so we had former employees come back after unemployment ran out.

00:07:46.050 --> 00:07:53.130 Jeremiah Fox: And then they were like I don't want to do this anymore, you know after just a few weeks, I guess, they had like a year and a half off and they were like this no longer fits in my value system.

00:07:53.130 --> 00:08:03.510 Jeremiah Fox: Anyway, and I get it it's it's a hustle and it's and it's not like, there were not you know they're making money they're like I was in this clubhouse room talking about this, and like attracting you know.

00:08:04.080 --> 00:08:11.250 Jeremiah Fox: Staff and they were saying well, maybe pay a little bit above minimum wage, you know, like no you don't understand like servers are walking with like $300 cash and night.

00:08:11.280 --> 00:08:17.280 Jeremiah Fox: phrase so it's not like we're talking like five hours, you know now you bust your ass in at five hours, but.

00:08:17.820 --> 00:08:23.730 Jeremiah Fox: You are wanting you know and i'm saying, so I think there's a little bit of both there's there's this adversity to like.

00:08:24.150 --> 00:08:30.600 Jeremiah Fox: hunker down and do the gritty work people just don't want to do it, they had time off they got paid to sit on their ass there's this.

00:08:31.470 --> 00:08:40.860 Jeremiah Fox: This lower of like oh get a you know, a job, where you just remote and you just sit at home and your underwear on a computer and like you get paid.

00:08:41.280 --> 00:08:51.840 Jeremiah Fox: handsomely for it, I think a lot of I think people think there's a lot more of those opportunities with that they paid better than they actually do so they're like hold now you know, to see if they could land one of those that get it it's not easy.

00:08:52.980 --> 00:09:05.520 Jeremiah Fox: So that doesn't sound, the biggest problems for getting people to stay and then people are just all over the place, you know people are not committing to too much right now, people are scared which you know you have to honor that just like scared to come in.

00:09:06.870 --> 00:09:12.060 Jeremiah Fox: So basically we're just busting our asses i'm making a lot of money, while we're doing it.

00:09:13.230 --> 00:09:14.190 Thane Taylor: that's a good, I mean.

00:09:15.930 --> 00:09:28.650 Thane Taylor: It is definitely a hustle position for sure, and then I get that it's like people were out for a year and a half year plus and then coming back and then totally have to to reframe how they think about making a living and.

00:09:30.060 --> 00:09:34.260 Thane Taylor: What you said at the beginning of that that question, and I think that's deeper than.

00:09:35.940 --> 00:09:42.750 Thane Taylor: what's what some people like think of it as you said you you stopped your a lot of marketing right.

00:09:43.800 --> 00:09:44.550 Jeremiah Fox: hey sorry.

00:09:44.670 --> 00:09:48.120 Jeremiah Fox: yeah we got to do like you know social media stuff like that.

00:09:49.440 --> 00:09:57.600 Thane Taylor: I think I think that's a better approach makes a lot of sense what you're doing right now is is basically making sure that people that you have.

00:09:58.350 --> 00:10:08.910 Thane Taylor: come in you're taking care of them so you're focused on the client retention repeat customers stuff like that so every anybody that comes into place has a good experience there right.

00:10:09.240 --> 00:10:17.490 Thane Taylor: Exactly, and I think a lot of times with people get into businesses, they focus focus on, you know always lead management getting more people in the door.

00:10:17.850 --> 00:10:26.670 Thane Taylor: Whereas if you just take care of the people that come in already you know you don't have to worry about that turnover bad reviews or anything like that, I think.

00:10:27.570 --> 00:10:46.710 Thane Taylor: You know that approach to any type of business, the client retention is way way way more like compounding you know, benefits and always acquiring new leads and and you know a lot less energy to so going back to the quote you know you're grateful for the people that come in.

00:10:47.760 --> 00:10:53.220 Thane Taylor: You know, being able to retain your employees to oh my gosh how much difference that makes then.

00:10:55.050 --> 00:11:02.790 Thane Taylor: More people all the time and that turnover is just like unbelievable amount of energy can be spent, and always having new people so.

00:11:02.970 --> 00:11:05.100 Thane Taylor: You know that's got a good person you got it right.

00:11:05.190 --> 00:11:06.090 Thane Taylor: yeah to try to keep them.

00:11:06.450 --> 00:11:13.230 Jeremiah Fox: And that's one of the reasons why i'm not being aggressive with it right now, either because it does require a lot of energy to train somebody so i'm really like.

00:11:13.560 --> 00:11:24.600 Jeremiah Fox: holding out and looking for someone that I feel like is really going to come in, and when I say committed doesn't mean like even the 40 hour week, you know for 52.

00:11:25.140 --> 00:11:39.600 Jeremiah Fox: weeks out of the year, whatever it looks like for you, whatever arrangement we can make, but just so that I have that consistency that when I know that you're here, I can pass those buttons and be confident that that you know that level of.

00:11:40.860 --> 00:11:45.780 Jeremiah Fox: commitment to the to the customer is still there, which is like that's what became like.

00:11:46.290 --> 00:11:53.730 Jeremiah Fox: The North star for us at this point is just like making sure that the people that are coming to the door having the best experience and you know what you pointed out.

00:11:54.150 --> 00:11:58.620 Jeremiah Fox: goes across industries it's not just the restaurant industry when you listen to Tony robbins talk.

00:11:59.070 --> 00:12:13.320 Jeremiah Fox: You know, in a blanket fashion across industries and he talks about lead generation, I mean they account external growth to maybe like 5% of growth, you know it's not really you're not really like scooping in all these poker chips.

00:12:13.410 --> 00:12:20.280 Jeremiah Fox: right because you're selling marketing money out and getting all these brand new people like unless you're collecting data on them and really understanding to know.

00:12:20.580 --> 00:12:28.140 Jeremiah Fox: How they're they're interacting with your business, you know you're kind of throwing shit against the wall to see if it makes a sound, whereas when you're when you're.

00:12:28.980 --> 00:12:44.580 Jeremiah Fox: engaged with your current client base and you're getting that real time feedback, I mean it's been overwhelming over the last like six months, how how much people like this is this is something special now we're like oh great we're just gonna keep doing that you know and.

00:12:45.300 --> 00:12:51.390 Thane Taylor: yeah I like is kind of points out the differences between running a business and in theory versus reality.

00:12:51.540 --> 00:12:51.870 Thane Taylor: yeah.

00:12:51.960 --> 00:13:01.530 Thane Taylor: In theory, there's unlimited growth potential in reality you've got three people that aren't you know you you hire that's not your family there's only a certain amount of like.

00:13:02.250 --> 00:13:17.070 Thane Taylor: You know clients that they can take care of at a satisfactory or you know a good level so um you know managing those expectations and those realities is is a big thing that people don't realize until they're like kind of in the thick of it so.

00:13:17.310 --> 00:13:19.380 Thane Taylor: yeah able to adjust is a great thing that that.

00:13:19.560 --> 00:13:21.330 Jeremiah Fox: i've dropped that ball many times to.

00:13:22.470 --> 00:13:29.460 Jeremiah Fox: Alright we're going to take our first break everybody hang tight we'll be back in just a minute, with more from everyday work out man oh.

00:15:48.600 --> 00:16:01.140 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody once again welcome back the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox welcoming back to the show today Dan Taylor the everyday work out man David Lee Roth fantastic hair all those good things, and many, many more.

00:16:01.470 --> 00:16:07.710 Jeremiah Fox: We were just having a really cool conversation about client retention and employee retention and especially because both are down.

00:16:08.160 --> 00:16:19.650 Jeremiah Fox: Right now we've lost a lot of both, and I will say this just to conclude my thoughts on what we were talking about is that the pandemic was actually really good and offered us that.

00:16:20.130 --> 00:16:28.560 Jeremiah Fox: The reset I think that we needed because we've been open for almost five years when everything shut down really in the thick of it, you know full staff.

00:16:28.800 --> 00:16:36.030 Jeremiah Fox: Commitment to all these different vendors and things that we thought we needed and we got to like really step back and look at what was effective.

00:16:36.450 --> 00:16:45.420 Jeremiah Fox: What wasn't how we can be better, which is really like the most important thing you know, everybody wants that quick like Oh, if I just put my money with this, you know.

00:16:45.750 --> 00:16:50.820 Jeremiah Fox: A BA BA BA BA they're going to fix everything and we're going to start making money again, but often it's like internal.

00:16:51.390 --> 00:16:56.730 Jeremiah Fox: You have to look inside and make things better, so we started with the clients now we're facing you know.

00:16:57.090 --> 00:17:10.110 Jeremiah Fox: Potentially bringing staff on again we got like sparse help here and there, but I think so much about that now about how I like I was saying, at the end of the last segment I like I really dropped the ball on that I feel like before and I had high retention, I mean I have.

00:17:11.130 --> 00:17:13.800 Jeremiah Fox: Like my kitchen staff is all been here since day one.

00:17:15.960 --> 00:17:31.230 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, very impressed over over five years now, yes um and up until you know march 13 of 2020 I had two servers that had been here I had a bartender and a server who'd been here since day one also.

00:17:31.650 --> 00:17:43.860 Jeremiah Fox: So you know have my staff had been here for for almost five years, which is that's like a high retention rate in a restaurant so common was like okay we're doing everything right but there's been a value shift for sure.

00:17:44.550 --> 00:17:50.760 Jeremiah Fox: You know, in the last two years, so as we go back into that i've had the time to kind of step back.

00:17:51.240 --> 00:18:03.300 Jeremiah Fox: And, just like the conversations different you know, like when i'm when i'm bringing somebody on what i'm looking for is completely different than what I was before was more like kind of skill set based now that's like the last thing on my mind.

00:18:03.510 --> 00:18:04.050 Thane Taylor: In red.

00:18:04.260 --> 00:18:05.670 Jeremiah Fox: Is not thinking about that at all.

00:18:06.480 --> 00:18:07.410 Thane Taylor: yeah one thing that.

00:18:08.910 --> 00:18:13.410 Thane Taylor: Oh, with regards to the employee retention type aspect of it.

00:18:14.940 --> 00:18:23.670 Thane Taylor: One thing that I was very conscious, not to do is to limit the growth of my employees to kind of trap them into staying with you, I think that's something that you know if you're in.

00:18:25.050 --> 00:18:31.500 Thane Taylor: there's a couple different mindsets there's an abundance mindset and a scarcity mindset right if you're in a scarcity mindset they're saying there's only a few.

00:18:31.950 --> 00:18:35.460 Thane Taylor: um you know employees that will work for you, you kind of.

00:18:35.910 --> 00:18:46.230 Thane Taylor: Try to keep them there as long as possible, no matter what the tactics are right, but I guarantee you if you try to limit their skills they're going to resent you for it, so you always have to.

00:18:46.830 --> 00:18:51.480 Thane Taylor: You know, do what's best for employee, even if that means they're going to outgrow the position you know.

00:18:52.830 --> 00:18:59.430 Thane Taylor: So I think kind of having that as a as a frame of mind as a perspective than my cat just.

00:18:59.520 --> 00:18:59.640 Oh.

00:19:02.160 --> 00:19:02.940 Thane Taylor: My goodness.

00:19:03.870 --> 00:19:07.950 Thane Taylor: So yeah that's that's one of the things that I think has really.

00:19:09.000 --> 00:19:13.920 Thane Taylor: helped how I operate as a manager as a leader of the companies that I tried to move forward with.

00:19:14.280 --> 00:19:36.270 Jeremiah Fox: yeah i'm one of my mentors who he's franchise his restaurant business and he's also got a huge contracting business as well, he talks about this at length about um you know upward mobility for employees and when you put when you put too low, of a ceiling on that.

00:19:37.110 --> 00:19:40.440 Jeremiah Fox: and try and keep them like in a certain spot you're really just hurting yourself.

00:19:40.830 --> 00:19:52.890 Jeremiah Fox: And I mean there's certain ones, you could just tell like right away like Okay, this is, this is far as this person's gonna go and that's Okay, because they feel they feel a certain position, I can see your cat starting to like get into the camera that's so cute.

00:19:52.980 --> 00:19:53.700 yeah.

00:19:55.050 --> 00:19:56.790 Jeremiah Fox: better than kids um.

00:19:57.420 --> 00:20:03.420 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and I think that's a really a really important lesson for employers to keep in mind is like.

00:20:04.470 --> 00:20:11.730 Jeremiah Fox: You know, as they grow if you can, if you can negotiate that were as they grow you grow it's a win, win for everybody.

00:20:12.120 --> 00:20:17.910 Thane Taylor: yeah I think I don't know if you read the new Gary van der chuck book The 12 and a half you've heard of it.

00:20:18.120 --> 00:20:18.660 Jeremiah Fox: Of course.

00:20:18.990 --> 00:20:19.500 Thane Taylor: yeah so.

00:20:19.740 --> 00:20:21.930 Jeremiah Fox: I i've signed into Twitter and the last two.

00:20:23.520 --> 00:20:26.040 Thane Taylor: never know I might try to make assumptions right.

00:20:26.040 --> 00:20:28.830 Thane Taylor: yeah so his whole thing.

00:20:30.840 --> 00:20:40.440 Thane Taylor: Is is being able to lead with your soft skills are traditionally soft skills gratitude empathy accountability is kind of a hard or soft skill right.

00:20:42.450 --> 00:20:56.040 Thane Taylor: But I think I listened to the audio version of that it took a couple hours to get through, and it does a really good job of vocalizing the way that I like to think about management and.

00:20:57.150 --> 00:21:00.870 Thane Taylor: You know if you haven't read that I think that's really good one, I can send you a book i've got a million.

00:21:01.110 --> 00:21:06.510 Jeremiah Fox: everybody's got all these copies of it, I know I love I love hearing him talk about um.

00:21:07.380 --> 00:21:13.890 Jeremiah Fox: He and his dad kind of hashing everything out back in the day at the wine store because his dad.

00:21:14.430 --> 00:21:24.360 Jeremiah Fox: kind of represents the generation that I came up under like in the same industries and wine stores and restaurants and you know heavy service and i'm very used to that.

00:21:25.170 --> 00:21:40.590 Jeremiah Fox: approach you know and and he's always saying you know, like we used to butt heads, because he would he would hyper focus on one thing, and I was over here like hyper focus hope focusing on another and that's more of like you know the management style people are used to these days.

00:21:41.970 --> 00:21:51.660 Jeremiah Fox: And I kind of straddled that generation, where I was like i'm used to getting beat down by you, but yeah it's a little too much and you kind of a deck and I kind of don't want to do what you're telling me to do because.

00:21:51.930 --> 00:21:57.900 Jeremiah Fox: Of the way that you're doing it so when I hear him talk about it in like healing old wounds.

00:21:59.190 --> 00:22:16.410 Jeremiah Fox: You know because I worked, I worked for like some hard immigrant Dudes you know bunch of Italian guys and stuff like that, and they just didn't care, you know they were really I saw people get physically assaulted just like crazy shit you know, I was like oh Okay, you know you do where.

00:22:16.470 --> 00:22:17.400 Thane Taylor: that's why.

00:22:18.120 --> 00:22:20.730 Thane Taylor: that's what caused you to take those jujitsu classes.

00:22:21.510 --> 00:22:22.980 Jeremiah Fox: smarter, the reason for sure.

00:22:25.770 --> 00:22:33.330 Jeremiah Fox: What was I gonna say about that I forgot the thought of a to me because you were talking about you brought up Gary van der chuck and now yeah.

00:22:33.540 --> 00:22:35.220 Jeremiah Fox: And everything exploded yeah.

00:22:35.520 --> 00:22:36.390 Thane Taylor: Now, what happens.

00:22:37.590 --> 00:22:48.450 Jeremiah Fox: But but well what I wanted to transfer to was um you know you had this experience and restaurants, but now you own the fargo based.

00:22:48.960 --> 00:22:59.700 Jeremiah Fox: magnesium and you have staff there um and your retention is probably i'm going to assume it's higher, but you still have employees and all these.

00:23:00.480 --> 00:23:15.120 Jeremiah Fox: You know all the headaches and problems from from the restaurant remain how how have you approached it, how is it different or the same from the restaurant industry to this like education based industry.

00:23:15.420 --> 00:23:16.260 Thane Taylor: Right so.

00:23:17.310 --> 00:23:25.590 Thane Taylor: Right now, I run and i'm planning to run a couple different types of businesses they've got the family run business and the restaurant that we've been talking about.

00:23:26.520 --> 00:23:42.870 Thane Taylor: A franchisee type business and my magnesium adventures in fargo and then i'm opening up a new business it's like a very small commercial gym so that's a cell phone one i'm no franchise or anything like that i'm i'm kind of the pure.

00:23:44.130 --> 00:23:47.730 Thane Taylor: person that's that's running the ship on that one so.

00:23:48.780 --> 00:24:00.030 Thane Taylor: In terms of employees, between the restaurant industry and education kind of sector it's a completely different framework for why people are choosing to work with you.

00:24:00.690 --> 00:24:14.490 Thane Taylor: Right and the restaurant, it seemed to be you know it's a matter of both convenience and way to make money, and those are the two driving factors of why they would choose to be in a server any type of hosting front of the House position right.

00:24:14.910 --> 00:24:16.380 Jeremiah Fox: Unless they just love punishment right.

00:24:16.800 --> 00:24:17.730 Thane Taylor: Unless they just you know.

00:24:17.790 --> 00:24:19.200 Thane Taylor: You know there's a certain amount of people that.

00:24:19.260 --> 00:24:30.210 Thane Taylor: That loves that type of thing yeah usually what it came down to is they're able to make the hours worked it's a little bit flexible sometimes they get in right with the schedule the manager and then they can make money so.

00:24:31.980 --> 00:24:36.180 Thane Taylor: You know that's that's the restaurant business in the education sector it's.

00:24:37.410 --> 00:24:47.610 Thane Taylor: You know kind of a foot in the door for Do I really want to do get an education for a career or do I, like teaching kids or do I, like being around this do like you know serving kids in this way.

00:24:48.210 --> 00:25:02.790 Thane Taylor: there's a there's a certain amount of people that you know in their head being altruistic with their with her skill sets and then, just like loving, the fact that they can you know make kids confident with something they just think there'll be able to do that forever.

00:25:04.560 --> 00:25:10.530 Thane Taylor: You know, in their minds and makes a lot of sense it's like kind of really awesome to think you're that kind of person, but when they.

00:25:10.530 --> 00:25:13.710 Jeremiah Fox: get a good life, instead of room with a bunch of kids right there like.

00:25:14.160 --> 00:25:16.020 Thane Taylor: A friend a teacher for kids at a time.

00:25:16.080 --> 00:25:18.000 Thane Taylor: Like i'm not sure if I like it, that much right.

00:25:18.990 --> 00:25:25.410 Thane Taylor: um you know, having college kids I employ a lot of college students because there's three universities up there it's kind of.

00:25:26.250 --> 00:25:37.230 Thane Taylor: Somewhat seasonal some people come back into the city and teach in the summer and then some kids teach you know when they're taking classes so it's really, really good opportunity to you know get.

00:25:38.460 --> 00:25:41.820 Thane Taylor: You know, future educators in the door and see if they like it.

00:25:43.290 --> 00:25:47.910 Thane Taylor: So there you know, in terms of turnover it's kind of the people that work for us.

00:25:49.290 --> 00:25:54.480 Thane Taylor: We tend to hire pretty well like we've got a good idea of who's going to make it work.

00:25:55.560 --> 00:26:00.360 Thane Taylor: And you know who's got the right personality for it but there's definitely turnover from.

00:26:01.380 --> 00:26:03.210 Thane Taylor: Summer to school.

00:26:04.200 --> 00:26:05.610 Jeremiah Fox: If you've got college kids.

00:26:05.820 --> 00:26:08.460 Thane Taylor: And you can't help it it's just always going to happen.

00:26:08.730 --> 00:26:13.230 Jeremiah Fox: But you probably have like decent middle management that's more like the around.

00:26:13.260 --> 00:26:14.550 Thane Taylor: Definitely there's actually.

00:26:15.600 --> 00:26:23.580 Thane Taylor: One of the people that actually the person that runs the Center up there, right now, does all the in person communications takes takes care of handling.

00:26:24.990 --> 00:26:25.380 Thane Taylor: You know.

00:26:26.430 --> 00:26:30.300 Thane Taylor: parent communications does everything with the kids.

00:26:31.470 --> 00:26:35.370 Thane Taylor: She actually came to me from the restaurant.

00:26:36.690 --> 00:26:41.940 Thane Taylor: So I kind of jokingly said hey you know you like math.

00:26:42.270 --> 00:26:43.920 Jeremiah Fox: And would you like your life to be easier.

00:26:45.120 --> 00:26:58.800 Thane Taylor: yeah so she was a sushi chef working in the restaurant and then I was like I didn't have any client I didn't have any like employees at the time I was just starting up literally just myself and a new city and I kind of jokingly said hey you want to work.

00:27:00.030 --> 00:27:18.150 Thane Taylor: For me with this math thing she's like are you serious yeah and turns out, she was getting a degree in and in math so like you're actually pretty good at this man she you know she kind of took the leap herself moved over there, and she wants to from.

00:27:19.170 --> 00:27:29.370 Thane Taylor: A sushi chef and restaurant, which can be very stressful to you know Center director of magnesium so you know that's it kind of goes back to the limiting potential type of thing right if I were to.

00:27:30.030 --> 00:27:38.070 Thane Taylor: kind of keep her in you know pigeonholed in a certain area I would have no idea that she'd even be interested in another opportunity.

00:27:38.910 --> 00:27:49.230 Thane Taylor: She now has leadership skills or experience that she can draw on the rest of her life right so that's kind of a cool turn on on how that everything came together with them.

00:27:49.680 --> 00:28:02.370 Jeremiah Fox: that's awesome and yeah I mean I feel like the restaurant is great it's great like breeding ground for that talent, because you see people operate under this extreme pressure, and you know, they do not want to do this forever and if you have another.

00:28:03.810 --> 00:28:13.500 Jeremiah Fox: avenue for them, and you know, like well you're going to make my life, a lot easier and this avenue because it's going to be easier for you you'll make at least the same amount of money, if not more, and then there's like.

00:28:13.740 --> 00:28:21.000 Jeremiah Fox: Long term potential for it like that's a that's a big one i've tried to treat my place that way, but everything got everything got shut down so we'll.

00:28:21.210 --> 00:28:25.380 Jeremiah Fox: we'll reassess all right time for another break we'll be back in just a few everybody hang tight.

00:30:34.890 --> 00:30:46.140 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody we're back again zoom into St cloud Minnesota today talking with pain Taylor, otherwise known as the everyday work out man with the great hair that will make reference systems here.

00:30:47.670 --> 00:30:51.480 Jeremiah Fox: um so restaurant investor.

00:30:52.620 --> 00:30:56.550 Jeremiah Fox: franchise owner franchise he Are you the franchisee.

00:30:57.000 --> 00:30:57.900 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, got a.

00:30:57.930 --> 00:31:10.290 Jeremiah Fox: franchisee of magnesium and you, you just so subtly drop the little trailer problems about the gym which I suspected from the first time that first tweet about like oh.

00:31:10.680 --> 00:31:28.050 Jeremiah Fox: going to check something out like and i'm like okay okay um so last time you were on we were talking about this this long term workout commitment you've you've got 2632 day workout committed every day.

00:31:28.200 --> 00:31:29.100 Jeremiah Fox: For that amount of time.

00:31:29.160 --> 00:31:29.760 Jeremiah Fox: And you're like.

00:31:30.900 --> 00:31:33.510 Jeremiah Fox: So far into it um.

00:31:35.460 --> 00:31:39.060 Thane Taylor: September 2017 is when it started so right.

00:31:39.420 --> 00:31:40.680 Jeremiah Fox: I don't i'm not going to do the math.

00:31:41.400 --> 00:31:44.040 Jeremiah Fox: math expert on that I don't care when it's because the point.

00:31:44.250 --> 00:31:51.360 Jeremiah Fox: And I, and I was thinking about it this morning and like what it what it really represents so in jujitsu like there's the black belt, but it's like.

00:31:51.570 --> 00:31:58.410 Jeremiah Fox: That doesn't mean you're done you're not like hey I got a black belt, I can destroy you all now like now there's black belts before you that was still going to kick your ass.

00:31:58.770 --> 00:32:07.410 Jeremiah Fox: And you still will work for the rest of your life but it's a matter of committing to that thing and basically if you can commit to that and get to that point.

00:32:07.650 --> 00:32:22.890 Jeremiah Fox: It will likely be with you for the rest of your life, and I feel like that's what this This challenge is for you, because it's like it's just you now you're it's ubiquitous with you, and when you start to talk about things other than like your your current.

00:32:24.150 --> 00:32:37.290 Jeremiah Fox: You know, jobs and businesses i'm like he's helping in a gym he's opening the gym and then I you dole out these little bits and pieces and i'm like I look that look kinda kinda looks like Jen that Not for nothing.

00:32:38.250 --> 00:32:47.250 Thane Taylor: So so it's funny how that started I am you know, a gym has always kind of been in the back of my mind for years and years and years has been kind of similar in there.

00:32:47.760 --> 00:33:01.800 Thane Taylor: And when I got this commercial rental rental property, I think, in June of last year, so June of this year, so it has been what five or six months, five or six months and then.

00:33:03.750 --> 00:33:20.040 Thane Taylor: You know, ever since I got that going on it's kind of in a nice piece of passive income which i've, you know as my first property that have i've had in in this episode and it's the closest thing that's come to passive income is just like just make sure that nothing breaks down the.

00:33:20.190 --> 00:33:20.430 Jeremiah Fox: Did you.

00:33:20.820 --> 00:33:21.300 Jeremiah Fox: Why did.

00:33:21.390 --> 00:33:22.440 Jeremiah Fox: You bought the space.

00:33:22.560 --> 00:33:37.230 Thane Taylor: yeah so okay it's got six units in there, so right now it's got I think three paying clients and a couple of vacant ones that i'm renovating and trying to rent out at some point i've got some billboards face above that i'm going to rent out pretty soon, but.

00:33:38.460 --> 00:33:44.730 Thane Taylor: You know, as long as I make sure the communal bathrooms are clean and then everything's you know the clients are happy with it later changed and stuff.

00:33:45.840 --> 00:33:50.640 Thane Taylor: it's the most the most passive income, you know i've ever had which is amazing.

00:33:52.110 --> 00:33:56.970 Thane Taylor: So I got then in June in July, one of the tenants.

00:33:57.990 --> 00:34:04.740 Thane Taylor: Basically, wanted to move out he's done with that space you kind of want to leave with old landlord so.

00:34:05.820 --> 00:34:17.490 Thane Taylor: I kind of could view that as a you know this kind of sucks I just bought this place and one of the tenants is already leaving, which you know it's how it's like money out the window right.

00:34:18.570 --> 00:34:24.750 Thane Taylor: But I also saw that as a huge opportunity i've been thinking about having a gym space for a very long time.

00:34:25.290 --> 00:34:41.940 Thane Taylor: And I own this building where I can place the gym space, I called the city and making sure that zoning laws were fine and not to worry about any of that and city servers okay i've got a space, and you know if not now, then when right, so I just kind of went for it.

00:34:43.770 --> 00:34:46.140 Thane Taylor: Right now i'm at a spot in the gym where.

00:34:47.160 --> 00:34:51.180 Thane Taylor: All the equipment's ordered pretty much everything is in place i'm just waiting on a couple things.

00:34:52.050 --> 00:35:03.960 Thane Taylor: i've got some really, really talented artists that are going to paint the walls, so you know the inside looks great but it's it's you know cosmetic stuff at this point so very excited for the things that are happening they're.

00:35:04.770 --> 00:35:05.340 Jeremiah Fox: Really awesome.

00:35:06.000 --> 00:35:13.410 Jeremiah Fox: that's great and it excites me because I want to do the same, like i've i've had this thing on the back burner in the back of my head for like a long time now.

00:35:13.830 --> 00:35:20.610 Jeremiah Fox: And something similar like a space opened up for me it was just it's a studio it's pretty small.

00:35:21.210 --> 00:35:33.690 Jeremiah Fox: But the need was there and the space was available, and this was around the same time, like June or July of this summer, and I was just like all right Fuck it let's go for it, you know and, for me it was funny um.

00:35:34.680 --> 00:35:45.450 Jeremiah Fox: You know I didn't I didn't I was training with like some friends, you know, but like i'm not charging him any money you know we were just it was just like communal we were getting together and keeping each other in shape, especially with jujitsu and stuff.

00:35:45.750 --> 00:35:56.520 Jeremiah Fox: But people started to ask me like right at the same time just out of nowhere like hey can you train me like I post these videos all the time, especially on on instagram and tick tock.

00:35:58.290 --> 00:36:07.050 Jeremiah Fox: of my workouts because, if it was just something that changed during the pandemic and I know you do you do something similar, and it turned into like.

00:36:07.560 --> 00:36:09.990 Jeremiah Fox: Lead generation without me even thinking about it, you know.

00:36:10.380 --> 00:36:17.430 Jeremiah Fox: And, like the first two guys are really happy with it and they're like Oh, this is great, and then they each told somebody and so that to became for.

00:36:17.730 --> 00:36:27.690 Jeremiah Fox: a city that same as the restaurant, I was just like less is more right now, because I don't have infinite amount of time, but now i'm training, you know, like six seven guys pay me, you know.

00:36:27.720 --> 00:36:28.680 Thane Taylor: Just like very cool.

00:36:28.860 --> 00:36:31.440 Jeremiah Fox: Like like that Thank you i'm.

00:36:31.650 --> 00:36:38.040 Jeremiah Fox: So i'm like watching this happen with you and i'm like i'm like let's let's go let's do it together, I gotta grow my hair back out now.

00:36:38.040 --> 00:36:38.610 Thane Taylor: that's freaking.

00:36:40.920 --> 00:36:47.760 Jeremiah Fox: But do you so do you have like potential potential clients lined up yet or that like people waiting for the grand opening to come in.

00:36:47.790 --> 00:36:57.720 Thane Taylor: yeah so it's funny it's funny you say that the space that I have right now it's it's very small, I mean it's like 350 400 square feet so i'm.

00:36:57.750 --> 00:36:58.200 Jeremiah Fox: get it.

00:36:58.680 --> 00:37:06.240 Thane Taylor: i've you know I built out this base, and right now i've been working out in it in it, to see how it's like and.

00:37:07.050 --> 00:37:15.450 Thane Taylor: kind of visualizing you know if it would it work as open enrollment type of thing, where people just come in, whenever they want and I don't believe it would work like that, because you know.

00:37:15.750 --> 00:37:22.680 Thane Taylor: Five o'clock rolls around and people get off work, maybe three or four people want to get in there, at a time it wouldn't even handle that so.

00:37:23.820 --> 00:37:32.640 Thane Taylor: The the business model that i'm having, for it is a little bit different um and basically you know rent it out to personal trainers to us as one on one training type of thing.

00:37:34.050 --> 00:37:50.100 Thane Taylor: You know there's a bunch of places like snap fitness is 24 hour fitness is that have trainers available, but you know if they haven't gone to those places they might not have the equipment and might not have the you know the privacy that somebody might want for that type of thing.

00:37:52.200 --> 00:38:06.480 Thane Taylor: And you know as that type of thing very it's like a basically a cave of of games right so that's like it's a love working out in there it's a very nice place for for very private place to to work out.

00:38:07.500 --> 00:38:09.750 Thane Taylor: there's not many business models and in terms of.

00:38:12.420 --> 00:38:25.020 Thane Taylor: You know commercial gyms that i've seen that operate like that right, but that's okay it's just kind of one of the things that i've wanted to do for a while and luckily I don't have to rely on that as a form of income right away i've got the.

00:38:25.860 --> 00:38:26.910 Jeremiah Fox: got the restaurant i've got.

00:38:27.390 --> 00:38:31.200 Thane Taylor: i've got whatever so I can be very, very, very patient with that.

00:38:31.410 --> 00:38:34.320 Thane Taylor: You know operating it with that as a business model.

00:38:35.670 --> 00:38:43.050 Thane Taylor: There was a couple people that you know our tenants of the building that actually want to be clients there.

00:38:44.520 --> 00:38:51.570 Thane Taylor: I haven't taken my yet, because I don't want to I don't want to have that as a business model, so I you know I might just say hey.

00:38:52.680 --> 00:38:59.700 Thane Taylor: You know this is you're gonna have to come in on your own time and very awkward hours and just kind of pay me what you want right so.

00:39:00.270 --> 00:39:01.770 Thane Taylor: It might take that with them as like.

00:39:02.040 --> 00:39:05.880 Thane Taylor: A perk of you know renting from me, but.

00:39:05.910 --> 00:39:06.360 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:39:06.630 --> 00:39:11.160 Thane Taylor: This is definitely not going to be an open enrollment type type of situation.

00:39:11.820 --> 00:39:21.780 Jeremiah Fox: No, I think that's a good look, I mean i'm having to do the same thing and the funny part is a lot of the guys want the privacy, these days, you know they don't want to be in there with other people, you know, like they.

00:39:22.260 --> 00:39:26.460 Jeremiah Fox: it's a big enough step that they trust me to be in the same room with me.

00:39:26.550 --> 00:39:27.090 Jeremiah Fox: And like.

00:39:27.420 --> 00:39:33.390 Jeremiah Fox: You know a lot of people here still haven't done that much they're like you know, the arts place.

00:39:33.870 --> 00:39:35.490 Thane Taylor: With jujitsu right that's.

00:39:35.520 --> 00:39:39.810 Jeremiah Fox: yeah well, the thing about it so jujitsu is different because, like Jiu jitsu guys just don't give a shit.

00:39:40.020 --> 00:39:41.070 Jeremiah Fox: yeah like.

00:39:41.520 --> 00:39:50.700 Jeremiah Fox: yeah like me getting smashed by that black Belt is going to be much harder, you know it's gonna that's more afraid of that then catching corona um.

00:39:50.850 --> 00:39:51.780 Thane Taylor: I got a question for you.

00:39:52.410 --> 00:39:58.080 Thane Taylor: On the jujitsu the people, the clients that you bring into your personal space do any of them pull guard.

00:39:58.710 --> 00:40:10.350 Jeremiah Fox: hahaha so again when i'm i'm not teaching jujitsu i'm not teaching Jiu jitsu for money so like the people that are paying me are paying me just for fitness so it's.

00:40:10.890 --> 00:40:16.050 Jeremiah Fox: largely it's largely calisthenics we're doing some kettlebell stuff I don't have a lot of equipment.

00:40:16.500 --> 00:40:25.650 Jeremiah Fox: um but I, you know i've got huge just like endless calisthenics routines and these guys are basically beginners they're you know they're not.

00:40:26.070 --> 00:40:33.300 Jeremiah Fox: They don't know a bunch of stuff they've really got to build their strength up every now and then we field trip and go like to the park, which is just a block away.

00:40:33.510 --> 00:40:43.320 Jeremiah Fox: And there's some workout bars there so working on like pull ups and dips and different things like that to get them acclimated to to you know, using weight.

00:40:44.220 --> 00:40:53.130 Jeremiah Fox: And then there's a little sitting park right across the street from my place to there's like a firehouse right there and they just got like all these benches and it's just concreted out.

00:40:53.430 --> 00:41:01.200 Jeremiah Fox: And like concealed and we'll go in there and i'll put them through like a like an urban you know work out just using like the benches and stuff like that.

00:41:01.590 --> 00:41:07.890 Jeremiah Fox: um so I, but my friends and and, like all the training partners do come through.

00:41:08.130 --> 00:41:17.100 Jeremiah Fox: And we do train together and like i'll show them a technique here there because a lot of them have not rejoined schools they're just like everybody's just like kind of clandestine and little pop up places still.

00:41:17.490 --> 00:41:23.070 Jeremiah Fox: And one of the only people that's actually joined the school and, fortunately, for me, was offensive gracie academy like you know the Harvard of.

00:41:24.000 --> 00:41:30.540 Jeremiah Fox: Of jujitsu basically so i'm getting all these like cool little you know tricks and techniques and stuff like that so i'll share.

00:41:31.410 --> 00:41:38.730 Jeremiah Fox: Some techniques with them, but this is just you know it's just a there's no money involved we're just doing it for fun, it would be inappropriate for me to charge them.

00:41:39.270 --> 00:41:45.030 Jeremiah Fox: You know, and like the the value system of jujitsu would kind of be frowned upon.

00:41:45.210 --> 00:41:53.670 Jeremiah Fox: And again i'm in the same situation I don't need the money for this is just it's fueling something that I think will turn into something bigger, but at the moment i'm just having fun.

00:41:55.050 --> 00:42:00.810 Jeremiah Fox: But out of the guys that come in there to train with me every now and then one was trying to pull guard.

00:42:01.440 --> 00:42:02.370 Thane Taylor: And i'm like you have.

00:42:02.670 --> 00:42:03.840 Jeremiah Fox: don't do that shit man.

00:42:04.410 --> 00:42:09.450 Jeremiah Fox: I mean the good thing is like it's really it's kind of really frowned upon it, and those are like that they're into attacking.

00:42:09.840 --> 00:42:17.340 Jeremiah Fox: You know they're into sweeping and all that stuff and it's dangerous to I mean a friend of mine in a competition he's an instructor they're actually i'm.

00:42:17.790 --> 00:42:26.820 Jeremiah Fox: Just a couple months ago this guy they were I don't know they were in Vegas or something like that it was a big IP Jay Jay EFF competition and this guy pulled guard and tore his acl.

00:42:27.570 --> 00:42:35.310 Jeremiah Fox: Like reconstructive surgery all it says Skype doesn't want to get swept just take your sweep getting back to your butter and work from there.

00:42:35.880 --> 00:42:43.350 Thane Taylor: You know what I think i've been i've i'm very well known on Twitter for talking about deadlifts and slam ease and I want to make a movement.

00:42:44.400 --> 00:42:51.390 Thane Taylor: For you, I know you're you know you're already doing this, but however loud your voice can be about not pulling guard all.

00:42:51.450 --> 00:42:52.110 Thane Taylor: I want to.

00:42:52.230 --> 00:42:54.000 Thane Taylor: amplify that the whole world, you know.

00:42:54.300 --> 00:42:55.980 Thane Taylor: Yes, it's not a cool thing to do.

00:42:56.190 --> 00:43:14.250 Jeremiah Fox: I suck at wrestling but i'm much more on the the wrestled to the ground side of things, you know, then doing that bullshit it's passive aggressive it's no good all right, one more break we'll be back in just a minute we'll wrap this baby up everybody hang tight.

00:45:18.930 --> 00:45:32.610 Jeremiah Fox: very good question, I appreciate that question like that I will say this, and this is the fun facts about at CC rules, so in a dcc you familiar with a dcc notice so um.

00:45:33.120 --> 00:45:40.290 Jeremiah Fox: You know you have to start on your feet, you have to grapple to the ground if someone snaps you down to your knees.

00:45:41.190 --> 00:45:55.500 Jeremiah Fox: And you're on your knees and they're still standing and you can maintain a position where they don't get you down into like a front headlock position or anything and you're on your knees for like I think it's four seconds and you're stable, you can sit through to guard and not be penalized.

00:45:55.860 --> 00:46:02.040 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, which is tough, because those guys are trying to snap your head down so they snappy down to your knees it's quite easy from that.

00:46:02.940 --> 00:46:09.000 Jeremiah Fox: From that position to get the head down even further and then you're in front headlock or whatever, but there are guys that are like skilled at that.

00:46:09.210 --> 00:46:21.300 Jeremiah Fox: The other thing you can do if you're like that confident in your butt scooting and your ability to like enter the legs from the bottom, which is i've worked with a lot of guys that way they'll sit the guard and take the penalty.

00:46:22.920 --> 00:46:30.120 Jeremiah Fox: Just to get the action where they wanted to go because there they feel like they're going to need you know, against a tough opponent they're going to need like the full 15 or 20 minutes.

00:46:30.390 --> 00:46:41.940 Jeremiah Fox: Just to get the breakthrough they don't want to waste time standing they'll just sit and get the penalty and still win by submission because they'll get a heel hook or something like that it's kind of funny the way that plays out.

00:46:41.970 --> 00:46:42.600 Jeremiah Fox: So, like it was.

00:46:43.200 --> 00:46:44.520 Thane Taylor: Good I as a.

00:46:46.200 --> 00:46:50.280 Thane Taylor: very much a novice in jujitsu but I and i've rolled around a bit.

00:46:51.390 --> 00:47:02.640 Thane Taylor: and understand what most of the lingo is I i'm very glad to know that there is a penalty associated with pulling guard, so thank you for for stating that that makes me happy.

00:47:02.970 --> 00:47:11.760 Jeremiah Fox: So it's yeah like that scenario, like the big guard polls calm usually in the ghee and most often and it Jay Jay EFF competitions or.

00:47:12.780 --> 00:47:21.390 Jeremiah Fox: circuits that are operating under IB J J EFF rules outside of that, especially in know ghee and submission grappling, which is what I mainly doing these days is submission grappling and.

00:47:21.840 --> 00:47:29.490 Jeremiah Fox: MMA I put the ghee on maybe like once a month, right now, just because i'm i'm kind of fascinated by it, I feel like.

00:47:30.180 --> 00:47:40.440 Jeremiah Fox: More connection to it, it kind of narrows the options down because when you have the ghee there's so many things that can go wrong, you know, like other guys clever with the ghee you'll be tied up.

00:47:41.400 --> 00:47:46.980 Jeremiah Fox: With your own ghee and his D and then he's got free hands and he just like chokes you and does his you know his bidding but.

00:47:47.610 --> 00:48:00.660 Jeremiah Fox: You don't you don't see it that, often, but what guys will do is just immediately sit to guard which i'm like it's got its place Okay, I understand, like if you're that good but it's just funny to me like one guy slap hands and one guy just sits down and i'm.

00:48:00.660 --> 00:48:05.220 Jeremiah Fox: Like you should be able to kick him in the face is like I think there should be like one.

00:48:05.370 --> 00:48:10.500 Jeremiah Fox: One ticket just wanted tense I like if you connect and he goes out into the match.

00:48:10.980 --> 00:48:11.520 Jeremiah Fox: that's it.

00:48:11.730 --> 00:48:18.570 Jeremiah Fox: But like you should be able, like every time he said it's just like REV one up and like make his ass move and do something.

00:48:18.870 --> 00:48:19.200 Thane Taylor: Come on.

00:48:19.530 --> 00:48:20.070 Jeremiah Fox: Come on.

00:48:21.870 --> 00:48:23.460 Thane Taylor: that's my thoughts on now like, are you think.

00:48:23.730 --> 00:48:31.620 Jeremiah Fox: Again, very good question I like that, I mean in MMA you can't do any of that shit like all of us just you get destroyed, you know whether it's a.

00:48:32.070 --> 00:48:40.590 Jeremiah Fox: Whether you're just getting punched kicked in the head, because you made a bad move or it goes to decisions and the just like he'll he literally sat down but.

00:48:41.400 --> 00:48:51.450 Jeremiah Fox: it's just so frowned upon and even like when someone takes you down because we start it's always standing you know and they're trying to take you down and want to get them, they want to get your new ground, they want to dominate you.

00:48:52.470 --> 00:49:04.320 Jeremiah Fox: Your goal is always just to get back on not to stay down and grapple and be like oh hey I know jujitsu now i'm going to try to do morning he's like get the Fuck up get back to your feet, so you can manage the distance that you can get away it's just.

00:49:04.830 --> 00:49:07.170 Jeremiah Fox: You know, they say in jujitsu like your early days.

00:49:07.890 --> 00:49:15.360 Jeremiah Fox: Bottom a closed guard it's actually a neutral position to the person on top it's not an advantage, that is not the case in MMA in MMA.

00:49:15.600 --> 00:49:24.420 Jeremiah Fox: Have gravity on their side and your mobility is limited, because your back is on the floor, and they can just rain down health fire and damnation and fury.

00:49:24.660 --> 00:49:36.150 Jeremiah Fox: And it's really hard to deal with, so the goal is to get back out so that it's changed my mindset in terms of in terms of grappling um and and helped in in business as well.

00:49:37.260 --> 00:49:37.860 Thane Taylor: I like that.

00:49:37.950 --> 00:49:49.500 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it definitely is because uh yeah Well, first of all because I don't take out my aggression on my employees and my customers I get it taken out of me.

00:49:50.880 --> 00:49:57.600 Jeremiah Fox: During the day in class and yeah there's some other there's some other really great benefits to it, especially if you've got the right teachers.

00:49:57.870 --> 00:50:09.270 Jeremiah Fox: um one other thing I wanted to just touch upon because I know you you've been following it and you've been involved I don't know where you're at with it, but as far as another terms of another you know.

00:50:10.410 --> 00:50:17.370 Jeremiah Fox: Potential for passive income is in fts you're you're you're following along much closely or much closely or.

00:50:18.060 --> 00:50:19.140 Thane Taylor: that's a word today.

00:50:20.130 --> 00:50:23.040 Jeremiah Fox: you're you're you on a map place not.

00:50:24.900 --> 00:50:34.530 Jeremiah Fox: Much more closely than I um have you have you taken the plunge and invested in anything.

00:50:35.130 --> 00:50:35.400 Jeremiah Fox: or.

00:50:35.640 --> 00:50:36.150 Thane Taylor: Just like.

00:50:36.210 --> 00:50:36.930 Jeremiah Fox: You have okay.

00:50:37.320 --> 00:50:50.580 Thane Taylor: So um there's a really interesting space, obviously I got into it from the original the friends meant so that didn't i've heard Gary talking about it for a very, very long time.

00:50:52.230 --> 00:51:04.980 Thane Taylor: But like a lot of other people and FT what is fungible mean what is, you know what does any of this mean had the same questions had the same perspective is a lot of people not you know and just kind of wading into the waters there.

00:51:06.270 --> 00:51:15.420 Thane Taylor: But I i've been following Gary for 610 I don't know how many years, and I believe in the approach I believe in the mindset and like this, like.

00:51:15.900 --> 00:51:25.590 Thane Taylor: kind of what his framework is so I got in on a couple of the Friends, which is great, I mean that investments paid off really well if I want to cash out.

00:51:27.300 --> 00:51:28.560 Thane Taylor: Overall, I think.

00:51:29.730 --> 00:51:38.190 Thane Taylor: As an investment for other things I wouldn't go anywhere close to anything and FT wise if you're all looking to get like.

00:51:39.540 --> 00:51:50.220 Thane Taylor: You know, get investment money from it, and I do have other ones, but it's mostly for just like I like what some of them are like as an art or what they represent.

00:51:51.360 --> 00:51:52.980 Thane Taylor: I think is a really cool idea.

00:51:54.240 --> 00:51:58.800 Thane Taylor: Potentially if I want to take like Tutoring services online.

00:52:00.000 --> 00:52:11.190 Thane Taylor: You know, for other people I think that's a really cool idea to be able to contract out services in that fashion, so the opportunity or the potential for me to think about playing with it as like a.

00:52:12.420 --> 00:52:19.200 Thane Taylor: You know, a separate business idea I think that's that's what really interests me about nfc world in general, but.

00:52:19.680 --> 00:52:26.010 Thane Taylor: A lot of people are seeing as like a cash grab or like something to the moon yeah, which is very similar to the kind of.

00:52:26.670 --> 00:52:33.510 Thane Taylor: The crypto coin talk, six months ago right, so people were big underscore and then it got to like Sheba and bunch of other coins.

00:52:34.260 --> 00:52:45.510 Thane Taylor: Now you know, a couple months later border like the yacht club or whatever, and then crypto punks Baghdad huge and now a bunch of other things are trying to get in on that money grab so.

00:52:47.250 --> 00:52:53.400 Thane Taylor: You know, obviously a very high risk, high reward type of thing but it all, you know crashed down so.

00:52:55.350 --> 00:53:01.980 Thane Taylor: You know the money that I put into it, I can like I in my mind it just like is done it has gone to zero already you know.

00:53:02.610 --> 00:53:12.660 Jeremiah Fox: So good approach that's a good approach and I like how you took it beyond just like the art application and it's like there's so many other opportunities for it, which is why i'm like hesitant to like jump in on any like.

00:53:12.990 --> 00:53:23.820 Jeremiah Fox: I saw that somebody was a famous guy like wealthy guy and he was like so should I invest my money in like real estate and actual physical property or like.

00:53:25.140 --> 00:53:26.340 Jeremiah Fox: A pixelated monkey.

00:53:27.870 --> 00:53:33.450 Jeremiah Fox: Look, for the payoff there it's a tough question we have to ask ourselves, these days, so you have a visitor.

00:53:35.160 --> 00:53:35.730 Thane Taylor: it's gonna be like.

00:53:36.060 --> 00:53:38.520 Jeremiah Fox: Five it's not even we gotta wrap up anyway.

00:53:38.550 --> 00:53:46.110 Jeremiah Fox: Okay um yeah so you can you can tend to that i've got my own to tend to as well hi it's okay my kids crush my stuff all the time it's.

00:53:46.110 --> 00:53:57.840 Jeremiah Fox: yeah dude Thank you so much really great stuff always a pleasure to talk to you, we will definitely do this again if you want to check out my man thing again everyday work out man or just eat a workout man on.

00:53:58.350 --> 00:54:09.240 Jeremiah Fox: On Twitter and see what he's up to Twitter, I think, is one of the best places to really stay current with what his business killings are, and if you just want to see him like Fo concrete balls around or lift really heavy shit.

00:54:10.020 --> 00:54:17.670 Jeremiah Fox: hotline tick tock and also instagram so check him out Thank you so much again brother really appreciate it, I will talk to you soon the rest of you, we will see you next week.

00:54:17.760 --> 00:54:19.260 Thane Taylor: Have a great Thank you so much for having me.

00:54:19.740 --> 00:54:21.480 Jeremiah Fox: pleasure man peace out everybody.

00:54:21.810 --> 00:54:22.170 Thane Taylor: Take care.

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