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Friday, July 30, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/30 - Convert Your Marketing

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/30 - Convert Your Marketing


2021/07/30 - Convert Your Marketing

[NEW EPISODE] Convert Your Marketing 

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Opening up the show, Jeremiah introduces his guest Ryan Gerardi and they have a conversation about navigating various social media platforms. Specifically, Jeremiah and Ryan bring up clubhouse, it’s similarities to twitter, and its general popularity over time. They talk about how, essentially, clubhouse removed a lot of friction by making communication smoother. Shifting to a new topic, Jeremiah and Ryan talk about the relationship between marketing and sales, marketing and businesses, and talk about marketing in general. They also clarify that, though it is important, social media isn’t necessarily the same as marketing nor is it the most important aspect of running a business.

Segment 2

Following the break, Jeremiah gives a short summary of the first segment. Next, Jeremiah asks about Ryan’s martial arts training. Ryan talks about how he currently has his first degree black belt. Next, Jeremiah talks about the Jujutsu studio that he just opened. He talks about how COVID affected his martial arts studio, and how he transitioned to making instructional videos for his clients so that they could continue training from their own home. Jeremiah goes into how he treats his martial arts studio as a business, and in fact, feels that he treats every project he launches, including this podcast, like a business. Ryan comments on this tendency, stating that Jeremiah possesses entrepreneurialism.

Segment 3 

After the break, Jeremiah and Ryan discuss Ryan’s business. Ryan launches into a brief summary of his journey to his current career from his car business. Specifically, he describes that he has always had a talent for working with technology, and realized that he also wanted to teach others, and therefore, eventually ended up pursuing his current career in managing media and public relations for small businesses and professionals. Next, they talk about making podcasts and offer their advice for those wanting to start their own podcast. They also discuss how entrepreneurship requires creativity, and that a lot of people who have the entrepreneurial edge tend to be artistic in some way. 

Segment 4

Wrapping up the show, Ryan elaborates further on what he does with public relations and media and how it can help his clients. He talks about the different plans he has for his program that cost different amounts of money per month. Continuing to elaborate, he explains that in his program they can do one-on-one or group coaching, depending on what plan you go with, to help you come up with your business strategy for public relations and media. As they close the show, Ryan lets us know to look up his name, Ryan Gerardi, in order to find him online. He also lets us know to find his website,, which will lead you to his Linkedin.


00:00:31.950 --> 00:00:43.470 Jeremiah Fox: yo yo yo what's up everybody welcome welcome you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox before we get started, today, the message of the week, for I bring my guests on this is something I.

00:00:43.920 --> 00:00:51.450 Jeremiah Fox: Actually i'm going to paraphrase because it wasn't writing it down My guess, and I, we met in the fabulous halls of clubhouse.

00:00:52.260 --> 00:00:59.250 Jeremiah Fox: Probably back in like January, and we were in a great room with with a dear friend of both of ours, Dr lance knob.

00:00:59.610 --> 00:01:09.900 Jeremiah Fox: And we're talking about marketing and you'll have to correct me if I if I kind of butcher this little bit, but someone was talking about marketing versus branding and I believe you said.

00:01:11.700 --> 00:01:19.530 Jeremiah Fox: Marketing is I understand it is is information that leads to sales, because there was some confusion about that.

00:01:20.310 --> 00:01:31.140 Jeremiah Fox: I don't know if you remember that will kind of dissect that the course of the of the show it stuck with me, though, and I put it out as a question on Twitter kind of like marketing versus branding.

00:01:31.590 --> 00:01:48.930 Jeremiah Fox: Go and got some very interesting results, but with that, like to welcome to the show Ryan dirty he's got man many, many talents and an interest, but we came to know each other again on in the the odd space, known as club house.

00:01:49.980 --> 00:01:58.860 Jeremiah Fox: which we still continue to use, you know, a Peter Peter down a little bit in La some interest but but lance is carrying the torch strong, solid doesn't miss a beat.

00:01:59.340 --> 00:02:09.330 Jeremiah Fox: um and then you know I gone on to collaborate on a couple things together Ryan itself host a couple a number of shows, but I had the.

00:02:10.020 --> 00:02:20.040 Jeremiah Fox: fortunate pleasure of being on auto conversion a couple of times, we will talk about that as we go on to but just for starters let's let's give everybody a little background and how.

00:02:20.820 --> 00:02:36.180 Jeremiah Fox: someone like yourself similar to me coming from like a very mixed in, and very background interest in in you know creative endeavors at athletics and martial arts and all these things and for you, like the auto industry.

00:02:37.410 --> 00:02:50.520 Jeremiah Fox: came to to this understanding of marketing and digital media, which has always fascinated me and upon beating year was like i'm gonna hang around this guy he's doing some cool stuff like it, I like it.

00:02:50.940 --> 00:03:02.190 Ryan Gerardi: Well, the feeling's mutual it's great to be here, thank you for having me because I know you got a lot going on, so I said the lens what's the best way to communicate with Jeremiah probably tech some like text in the guy.

00:03:02.220 --> 00:03:03.540 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, it's true.

00:03:03.720 --> 00:03:04.320 Ryan Gerardi: It is true.

00:03:04.650 --> 00:03:14.160 Jeremiah Fox: i'm still old school that way it's funny like thinking of communication and marketing and connecting with people it just comes from so many angles now and i'm working with like.

00:03:14.640 --> 00:03:29.040 Jeremiah Fox: Multiple generations of people where there's guys like a one guy that i'm like entrenched in this business with he's almost at you know so he'll like he'll like put a letter and a dog and fly it by my restaurant.

00:03:30.510 --> 00:03:31.140 Jeremiah Fox: Literally.

00:03:32.370 --> 00:03:33.990 Jeremiah Fox: he's like old school is Lord.

00:03:33.990 --> 00:03:34.860 Ryan Gerardi: Of the rings.

00:03:35.010 --> 00:03:42.990 Jeremiah Fox: seriously man now he's like this old school Irish guy he's actually he was my very first guest on on on this show my first.

00:03:43.410 --> 00:03:52.260 Jeremiah Fox: My first episode was with him and like he's just old school New York and he's just like i'll be walking down prospect at around one o'clock where you're going to be.

00:03:52.560 --> 00:04:00.900 Jeremiah Fox: And we like go and meet at like the picnic tables across from the fire station and we talk like this cover our lips, so the kids.

00:04:00.960 --> 00:04:03.360 Ryan Gerardi: With the briefcase to the side around.

00:04:03.630 --> 00:04:14.220 Jeremiah Fox: Oh, and then all the way to like i'm working with some kids that are like gen Z age and All they do is DM like you can I don't have any other phone numbers I don't even think they have phones.

00:04:14.250 --> 00:04:16.020 Ryan Gerardi: They just have like device snapchat or.

00:04:16.020 --> 00:04:31.140 Jeremiah Fox: instagram yeah it's crazy yeah yes D and like one guy he'll DM me on every APP he's on linkedin Twitter Facebook and instagram and i'll get it like he'll start the conversation here and then he'll take it over there it's just a trip.

00:04:31.410 --> 00:04:32.670 Jeremiah Fox: I everywhere.

00:04:32.940 --> 00:04:39.510 Ryan Gerardi: I have a couple like that I use slack for the business to coordinate with my kind of power users.

00:04:39.720 --> 00:04:48.450 Ryan Gerardi: yeah and you're not in there yet, but hopefully, you will be soon, but yeah I get a lot of like i'll have one guy messaged me on slack and then five minutes later send me something else on text.

00:04:49.560 --> 00:05:00.480 Ryan Gerardi: Right i'd prefer to just keep it all in place, but you know I thought it's interesting what you said about clubhouse because I got invited into it back in December January.

00:05:00.900 --> 00:05:11.520 Ryan Gerardi: And after about two or three weeks i'm like i'm not doing this, this is a time suck like everyone's just it was like moths just coming to a light fixture at night, it was.

00:05:12.420 --> 00:05:13.170 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and I.

00:05:13.230 --> 00:05:19.200 Ryan Gerardi: And I immediate was like i'm turning notifications off I committed to lance's weekly clubhouse and.

00:05:19.620 --> 00:05:26.340 Ryan Gerardi: that's it now, if someone wants to invite me to come on to a clubhouse to be a panel speaker i'll i'll coordinate around that but.

00:05:26.820 --> 00:05:37.710 Ryan Gerardi: You know, to go there, because you know I gotta I gotta have a chance to talk or learn a bunch of stuff like No amount, so I don't know the status of clubhouse at all I don't know other than.

00:05:37.740 --> 00:05:41.640 Jeremiah Fox: The weekly well, I think it was like what you said it was like moths to the light at.

00:05:41.640 --> 00:05:54.420 Jeremiah Fox: First, and that started to wane around April, you know and and Twitter was creating competition for them with Twitter spaces and there were a couple other I think Facebook, is now doing something very similar to that.

00:05:55.380 --> 00:06:02.700 Jeremiah Fox: And, and it just kind of dissipated and and a lot of people that thought they were going to get rich and famous or getting noticed off of it like they lost steam.

00:06:02.850 --> 00:06:04.500 Ryan Gerardi: The clubhouse influencer.

00:06:04.530 --> 00:06:06.780 Jeremiah Fox: yeah right exactly the contract.

00:06:06.870 --> 00:06:12.540 Jeremiah Fox: everybody's there were like monetizing and you could take you could get tips and everything, I think that that just kind of like.

00:06:13.440 --> 00:06:24.270 Jeremiah Fox: The air seek out of that, and then you got to see who is really you know committed and use it using it as like a long term tool that I think lance has been again like a real torch bearer in terms of that.

00:06:24.750 --> 00:06:29.070 Jeremiah Fox: Even even a room that I was co moderating with some friends just on content creation.

00:06:30.000 --> 00:06:38.070 Jeremiah Fox: The timing just got really tight for everybody, and so we made it up until like may, and then it just kind of like petered out and now we're doing just like scheduled.

00:06:38.640 --> 00:06:54.990 Jeremiah Fox: rooms, you know i'm kind of we, the plan is to go back and forth between Twitter spaces and and club like you said, like invite a panelist on and like really schedule it and lock it in and promote it it's it's you know, otherwise you're kind of wasting your time.

00:06:55.350 --> 00:07:09.600 Ryan Gerardi: clubhouse removed a lot of friction, you know, I think, as you see, when you come on to my programs or even coming on to your podcast there's a little bit of friction yeah and and from from my shows you know i'm doing artwork blog spread tagging and social media I do a lot of.

00:07:10.920 --> 00:07:22.800 Ryan Gerardi: Pre show activities and so yes there's a lot of friction I used to use zoom now you stream yard so there's technology in their video creates friction so yeah clubhouse just.

00:07:23.250 --> 00:07:37.560 Ryan Gerardi: Just literally took the walls down a friction and like social media like anything if everybody can do it then everybody will do it and it become it loses its novelty, so in that sense frictions good.

00:07:38.070 --> 00:07:47.280 Ryan Gerardi: One my favorite analogies with friction is is what makes a car move and nobody can answer the question right, so let me pose it to what makes a car go forward.

00:07:51.000 --> 00:07:55.230 Jeremiah Fox: What makes what is friction is the friction of the rubber on the.

00:07:55.290 --> 00:07:57.810 Ryan Gerardi: On the pavement or the dirt or whatever, because if.

00:07:58.230 --> 00:08:03.360 Jeremiah Fox: If you don't create that friction you're on like slippery ice well you'll go somewhere.

00:08:04.380 --> 00:08:06.600 Jeremiah Fox: To go somewhere just maybe not where you want to go.

00:08:07.470 --> 00:08:10.350 Ryan Gerardi: And like a sports car if you if you watch racing.

00:08:10.530 --> 00:08:20.190 Ryan Gerardi: it's all about having control of the road right it's that friction that's created so a little friction can go can go a long way, can I clarify your paraphrased about.

00:08:20.190 --> 00:08:21.780 Ryan Gerardi: Mark yes, I know you're talking about.

00:08:21.780 --> 00:08:26.700 Jeremiah Fox: You know I i'm just doing my best for memory, this is a while ago, this is a couple months ago, he said.

00:08:26.730 --> 00:08:36.000 Ryan Gerardi: Well, it all started, for me, when I wrote an article about sales versus marketing and I actually had it backwards and I referenced my mom in the post.

00:08:36.450 --> 00:08:42.360 Ryan Gerardi: Because my mom as as as as as a child is growing up she's she always said you'd be so good at sales, you should pursue sales.

00:08:42.840 --> 00:08:47.310 Ryan Gerardi: And I wrote this article about sales and marketing and I, and since i've referenced her, I sent it to her.

00:08:47.700 --> 00:08:57.420 Ryan Gerardi: And she replied back and she said sales is a function of marketing, not the other way around, and I was like oh actually you're right, so I had to like redo the article or take it down.

00:08:58.170 --> 00:09:11.220 Ryan Gerardi: But, and then I had I i'm kind of befriended a what i'd call a real guru and sales years ago and what he did, is he he put sales in a subcategory of client services.

00:09:11.760 --> 00:09:24.180 Ryan Gerardi: And that changed the whole my whole paradigm to thinking about sales sales should be about about listening and hearing what people's pains are and how you can solve them and fix them.

00:09:25.080 --> 00:09:35.700 Ryan Gerardi: And if that happens to be a product that you sell then great, but you know it's you're still it's an act of service, so I kind of have developed this new I guess.

00:09:37.140 --> 00:09:43.110 Ryan Gerardi: principle or I don't know if you call it a mantra that marketing is to me is like an umbrella.

00:09:43.800 --> 00:09:52.980 Ryan Gerardi: If you look up the definition of marketing it's defined as the process by which goods and services are are bought and sold into a market.

00:09:53.670 --> 00:09:58.800 Ryan Gerardi: that's the definition of marketing So if you take a that's what a business is a business does that.

00:09:59.220 --> 00:10:05.940 Ryan Gerardi: Whether it's a profit or nonprofit that's what a business does and so everything a business does is marketing, and that includes.

00:10:06.210 --> 00:10:16.620 Ryan Gerardi: Human resources and the employee, you know the employer employee experience your contractors, I think it involves that obviously client services and sales is in that so.

00:10:17.070 --> 00:10:23.970 Ryan Gerardi: Marketing just has become one of these terms that's actually really ambiguous and people often say I think we need more marketing.

00:10:24.480 --> 00:10:36.270 Ryan Gerardi: And I and that's when I instantly know Okay, what are they actually saying here, you need more branding and awareness, do you need more demand generation, what is it that you actually need So hopefully that clarifies that.

00:10:36.540 --> 00:10:47.070 Jeremiah Fox: And I knew, you were going to drop some fire related to that and I hope you all had your pen and pencil ready to write down what he just said we'll rewind it after the show.

00:10:47.970 --> 00:10:49.230 Ryan Gerardi: And hit pause and go back.

00:10:49.260 --> 00:10:58.770 Jeremiah Fox: yeah now i'm going to cut that little I guarantee you that's going to be like 10 social media posts in the coming weeks um the context that it came up and was um.

00:10:59.400 --> 00:11:11.820 Jeremiah Fox: If someone was talking about using social media is marketing and and you hopped in and you were like well, what does that actually mean like are you talking about just posting about your business like that's not.

00:11:12.450 --> 00:11:17.850 Jeremiah Fox: necessarily marketing in in in the sense of what you're looking for and you were like digging for that, like.

00:11:18.150 --> 00:11:26.250 Jeremiah Fox: What do you actually mean what is it that you need you know, like if you're just trying to build awareness yeah great but that's more like branding where you're just like.

00:11:26.640 --> 00:11:35.550 Jeremiah Fox: storytelling like if there's no real call to action that leads directly to a sale like if you can attach that piece of content to like.

00:11:35.970 --> 00:11:46.440 Jeremiah Fox: billy you know saw this and bought our product or service, then, is it really marketing, or is it branding or some other function of of client services, as you will.

00:11:46.950 --> 00:11:55.710 Ryan Gerardi: There are plenty of businesses that you would never know of I wouldn't even know of them that are mega million billion dollar businesses.

00:11:56.130 --> 00:12:02.550 Ryan Gerardi: And their marketing doesn't start with social media, and I think so many people in our maybe in our circles.

00:12:02.850 --> 00:12:17.010 Ryan Gerardi: there's this big a going back to the moth and light analogy there's this big attraction that social media is like free marketing and and people actually think that if they spend a bunch of time posting and interacting social media that their marketing.

00:12:17.520 --> 00:12:23.850 Ryan Gerardi: And their what you're really doing is spending time and you're doing an activity that does have some.

00:12:24.210 --> 00:12:30.510 Ryan Gerardi: does have some return, but you know going on social media people i've heard people say i've got a post every day.

00:12:30.900 --> 00:12:43.080 Ryan Gerardi: or i'm not doing a good job and so yeah just a ton of misconceptions and and that's what it is it's misconceptions about what you're actually doing and as opposed to maybe focusing on your business itself.

00:12:43.080 --> 00:12:50.130 Jeremiah Fox: So what do you think they are doing when they're like posting every day, what would you what would, what do you call that.

00:12:51.120 --> 00:13:03.600 Ryan Gerardi: um I that there's no there's no absolutes right, so it could be different for everybody, but I will say this, I think, if you know the book drive by Daniel pink and don't.

00:13:05.070 --> 00:13:14.640 Ryan Gerardi: If you know, Daniel pink what he does is he takes academic research which is very difficult to understand and break down and he breaks it down and puts it into layman's.

00:13:15.000 --> 00:13:29.520 Ryan Gerardi: And in his book Dr which I read a few years ago, when he explained is wearing kind of the third stage of humankind and the first stage was survival right, it was it was eat sleep reproduce and don't die that's.

00:13:29.970 --> 00:13:30.270 Right.

00:13:32.220 --> 00:13:36.150 Ryan Gerardi: Then we then we got things like agriculture and civilizations and.

00:13:36.150 --> 00:13:47.700 Ryan Gerardi: societies, and so you know, maybe that afforded us some more luxuries and freedoms, but it was still even thinking of our country just 100 years ago even into the 30s I mean.

00:13:48.120 --> 00:14:01.080 Ryan Gerardi: We had to work hard to exist and survive, but now we don't you know now your kids it's like hey let's go to the grocery store, so we can get food for a few days, I don't really want to do that, like.

00:14:01.590 --> 00:14:10.590 Ryan Gerardi: Like come on really so we're we're in such a different place where we're not trying to survive we're not trying to not die so much per se, I mean that's arguable these days.

00:14:11.010 --> 00:14:11.250 Jeremiah Fox: But.

00:14:11.790 --> 00:14:15.870 Ryan Gerardi: What he broke down were three things, and this is academic this isn't his philosophy.

00:14:17.520 --> 00:14:26.880 Ryan Gerardi: What he broke down is everyone everyone really in today's day and age, needs and wants needs three things and one of the it starts with autonomy.

00:14:27.570 --> 00:14:36.690 Ryan Gerardi: We all want the freedom and liberties to do what we want to do and we live in a world where we have a ton of autonomy, especially in the free world.

00:14:37.140 --> 00:14:49.980 Ryan Gerardi: The other one was recognition, we want to be recognized for who we are, what we stand for what we do right how many people, you know feel unappreciated and not recognized, you know in their work, I mean that's there's that.

00:14:50.490 --> 00:14:57.900 Ryan Gerardi: And the third thing is influence we want to feel like we're making an impact and influencing people so that's where we are today, so I think, to answer your question.

00:14:58.230 --> 00:15:04.680 Ryan Gerardi: What are most people doing on social media they're exercising their their autonomy, because no one can stop them from doing it.

00:15:05.100 --> 00:15:11.610 Ryan Gerardi: And they're screaming and and wanting to be heard and recognized for what they do hey Look how much weight I lost in the past year.

00:15:11.880 --> 00:15:17.010 Ryan Gerardi: Look at what I accomplished here, look at my team accomplished there look look look look look I need all this recognition.

00:15:17.670 --> 00:15:24.450 Ryan Gerardi: And they and then they want to feel like they're making influence so if you hit that like button and hit that comment it's like all right i'm making an impact here.

00:15:24.780 --> 00:15:38.610 Ryan Gerardi: So yeah social media just feeds that lowest basest desires that we have and it actually I think distracts us from what we really need to do so, social media is.

00:15:38.970 --> 00:15:48.780 Ryan Gerardi: it's a frickin drug man it's like cocaine or crack it's a drug that many people just can't resist they can't get off of it, they actually think they're going somewhere half the time.

00:15:49.680 --> 00:15:53.340 Jeremiah Fox: Which is part of the reason why it's effective for some people right.

00:15:53.970 --> 00:15:54.510 Ryan Gerardi: Well yeah.

00:15:54.570 --> 00:15:55.920 Jeremiah Fox: that's The other thing what is.

00:15:55.920 --> 00:15:57.330 Jeremiah Fox: Your strategy like yeah.

00:15:57.390 --> 00:15:58.350 Ryan Gerardi: You know I am.

00:15:59.370 --> 00:16:03.870 Ryan Gerardi: i've removed social media so much from my life over the past couple of years.

00:16:05.280 --> 00:16:16.380 Ryan Gerardi: And i'm still just as busy justice growing like nothing's really changed yeah i've lost touch with a few people, but I could change that by calling them.

00:16:17.700 --> 00:16:19.170 Ryan Gerardi: Yes, text message exactly.

00:16:20.130 --> 00:16:23.310 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're gonna take our first break hang tight everybody we've got just a minute.

00:18:44.340 --> 00:18:51.060 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back if you're just tuning in you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox today we're assuming all the way to Chicago.

00:18:51.810 --> 00:19:10.230 Jeremiah Fox: talking to my buddy Ryan Gerardi, we met in the close quarters of clubhouse with Dr lance knob both co panelists in plants is awesome room that happens every Thursday 12 noon Eastern standard time and the hot seat jump in the hot seat.

00:19:10.230 --> 00:19:12.750 Ryan Gerardi: hot seat get on get in the hot seat.

00:19:12.990 --> 00:19:23.310 Jeremiah Fox: Great great just banter camaraderie marketing business all things entrepreneurship related and we were talking in the last segment about.

00:19:23.790 --> 00:19:31.230 Jeremiah Fox: Marketing and social media and maybe some of the misconceptions on what marketing is and the function that social media serves.

00:19:31.950 --> 00:19:53.130 Jeremiah Fox: In in the context of your goals, especially as a business owner entrepreneur or marketer and you know Ryan, you were just saying like over the last couple years you really dialed back your your usage of social media you're equally as busy if not busier necessarily.

00:19:54.300 --> 00:19:57.540 Jeremiah Fox: And, and it allows you more time to live in the real world.

00:19:58.680 --> 00:20:01.890 Jeremiah Fox: And and pursue some of your interests.

00:20:03.090 --> 00:20:20.400 Jeremiah Fox: And those include some outdoors time if you do these really great videos from different parts of like the Midwest or upper Midwest or wherever you're like you know North Dakota on some lazy lake or something but you're also a black belt in taekwondo I did not know that.

00:20:21.090 --> 00:20:22.380 Ryan Gerardi: yeah I thought you'd appreciate that.

00:20:22.380 --> 00:20:26.400 Jeremiah Fox: I do, I do anytime I can grow martial arts into the show.

00:20:26.490 --> 00:20:34.770 Jeremiah Fox: yeah my listeners know it's all about the martial arts for sure yeah yeah what tell us more please.

00:20:35.490 --> 00:20:46.740 Ryan Gerardi: Man, you know, unfortunately I don't have my second degree and, as you know, in martial arts of your first degree black Belt is it's it's almost like a high school education it's kind of the beginning.

00:20:46.950 --> 00:20:55.260 Ryan Gerardi: yeah it really kicks in and what you know when you get you know your second year third it's been 10 years since I got my black belt.

00:20:55.290 --> 00:20:57.600 Ryan Gerardi: yep and you know.

00:20:58.680 --> 00:21:07.080 Ryan Gerardi: Everything that I learned and you know through that process through that three plus year process sticks with me today.

00:21:08.370 --> 00:21:21.660 Ryan Gerardi: Mental spiritual and physical as well do I, you know, do I do, I feel invincible become a black thought absolutely not, however, if you're not a black belt, then you know, keep your mouth shut right.

00:21:23.100 --> 00:21:34.140 Ryan Gerardi: But it's more than that it's it's definitely more self centered so much more, and so I I really respect you know your dedication to jujitsu and then you just opened up your own like jujitsu studio.

00:21:34.200 --> 00:21:37.770 Jeremiah Fox: Right yeah i've got a little like fitness and martial arts studio.

00:21:38.820 --> 00:21:39.180 Jeremiah Fox: You know.

00:21:40.320 --> 00:22:00.690 Jeremiah Fox: Talking about you know, listening to people and what you know people's pain points are so many schools around us closed, and many of them permanently not to reopen so like the main school that was in our areas shut down the one that i've been going to for nearly five years.

00:22:01.860 --> 00:22:10.830 Jeremiah Fox: No, no sign of reopen and everybody kind of broke up into these little cells, like the people that were really dedicated and wanted to continue training like throughout the pandemic.

00:22:11.130 --> 00:22:17.370 Jeremiah Fox: we'd like teamed up and it first groups are quite small maybe like four people at all lived, like most of us lived.

00:22:17.970 --> 00:22:26.790 Jeremiah Fox: Nearly on the same block, you know, and we were keeping close quarters, nobody was like going into work or commuting or anything like that, so we continue to train.

00:22:27.060 --> 00:22:36.720 Jeremiah Fox: And this thing's opened up the group grew and I think there were probably like three different groups that kind of like stuck together and maybe have about like 10 or 12 people.

00:22:37.710 --> 00:22:40.620 Jeremiah Fox: So that was one part of it, and we were we were.

00:22:40.860 --> 00:22:52.920 Jeremiah Fox: This there was an office space in the building that I live in that was not being used, so the landlord was like go ahead, you can use it and not charging me any rent Dudes like super cool great landlord he's been on the show to savor Mustapha he's really awesome.

00:22:54.390 --> 00:22:54.840 Jeremiah Fox: and

00:22:55.860 --> 00:23:03.960 Jeremiah Fox: As time went on more and more people that did not train before who who picked up some Kovac 19.

00:23:04.770 --> 00:23:12.810 Jeremiah Fox: pounds was like I need to do something man, and you know, I was doing a lot of you know just talking about like the usage of social media.

00:23:13.140 --> 00:23:19.800 Jeremiah Fox: um you know I found it to be like really good as an inadvertent lead generator kind of like top of the funnel.

00:23:20.370 --> 00:23:26.610 Jeremiah Fox: Lead generator where I was just posting videos of what I was doing daily, mainly because, like a lot of people that I used to train with didn't know what to do.

00:23:26.940 --> 00:23:31.740 Jeremiah Fox: I mean, people like stopping me constantly on the street that you know, a friend of my restaurant like.

00:23:32.010 --> 00:23:38.790 Jeremiah Fox: Man, I want to keep training I just don't know what to do if I don't have like an instructor and a facility like people that were like less motivated to do it on their own.

00:23:39.240 --> 00:23:46.560 Jeremiah Fox: And I was like well listen I can't you know I can't hold your hand and walk you through like I was busy working all day, every day, but I was like i'm just going to post these videos.

00:23:46.800 --> 00:23:49.470 Jeremiah Fox: And just use that as a springboard to kind of do your own thing.

00:23:49.770 --> 00:24:00.000 Jeremiah Fox: And that work that kept some people, a lot of people were like thank you, it kept me training like throughout, but then people that didn't train so i'm like man, you know you're doing really great stuff you're in shape like I want to be like that can you can you help me.

00:24:00.750 --> 00:24:11.220 Jeremiah Fox: So I started to pick up like one or two private people, just like people that just wanted to get healthy, you know wanted to not necessarily do martial arts, but I kind of always drop a little bit of that in there.

00:24:11.550 --> 00:24:18.690 Jeremiah Fox: And it just kept growing, and you know was cold outside and it was raining and like we needed this indoor space, so I started talk to the landlord.

00:24:18.960 --> 00:24:24.150 Jeremiah Fox: And he was like yeah that office space is not going to be utilized again and, over time, we just like kind of struck a deal.

00:24:24.450 --> 00:24:37.020 Jeremiah Fox: And I like mad at it out and got some equipment and everything and now it's like fully operational and i've got people so i'm doing three sessions, today I did at eight o'clock session a nine o'clock session, and as soon as we gotta get off i've got another one.

00:24:37.350 --> 00:24:38.550 Jeremiah Fox: Where i'm just like is there, like one.

00:24:38.550 --> 00:24:39.510 Ryan Gerardi: On one sessions.

00:24:39.540 --> 00:24:52.980 Jeremiah Fox: Some are private and some are small group, like, I had a group of group of three at nine o'clock today, so there were you know there were four of us total after this will be a group of four also but my first one today was a private so it's mixed.

00:24:54.030 --> 00:25:03.300 Jeremiah Fox: small group and and one on one and yeah just like it just happened because people wanted it and people needed it, you know, and I just happened to be doing it already.

00:25:03.600 --> 00:25:10.470 Jeremiah Fox: had no intention of really doing that you know it just kind of happened and I just listened to the listen to the wind and hopped on it.

00:25:10.830 --> 00:25:18.420 Ryan Gerardi: Now, when you make a commitment, like that are you looking at it as a as a business you're looking as a business right.

00:25:18.720 --> 00:25:19.890 Jeremiah Fox: I treat everything as a business.

00:25:20.220 --> 00:25:21.090 Ryan Gerardi: I should say, like.

00:25:21.300 --> 00:25:26.220 Ryan Gerardi: that's time you gotta there has to be a business model there that you that you yeah.

00:25:26.610 --> 00:25:33.060 Jeremiah Fox: Well, you know, I was fortunate, because the school that I trained at I also was a teacher there and.

00:25:34.020 --> 00:25:40.290 Jeremiah Fox: It was, it was a neighboring business to mine i'm sitting in my restaurant right now it's just a couple doors down.

00:25:41.190 --> 00:25:50.370 Jeremiah Fox: And you know, I was friendly with the owners and we would talk shop a lot, they would ask me questions about my business I got to ask them questions about theirs.

00:25:51.360 --> 00:25:58.020 Jeremiah Fox: And so I got to see the inner workings of what, which is quite different model than what i'm used to i'm used to retail and service.

00:25:58.620 --> 00:26:04.620 Jeremiah Fox: And and entertainment, you know, I was in music, for a long time, so you know just different ways of of.

00:26:05.220 --> 00:26:10.920 Jeremiah Fox: Charging and bringing in revenue, but it's a much different model when you're doing like more of a subscription based model which you're familiar with.

00:26:11.160 --> 00:26:15.540 Jeremiah Fox: We can talk more about that we're going to take another break in a minute we can talk more about that then but i'm.

00:26:15.960 --> 00:26:21.750 Jeremiah Fox: So at least got to see a little bit of the inner workings of it and that you know, I was onboarding like new.

00:26:22.020 --> 00:26:33.690 Jeremiah Fox: New students and everything I was helping out with that, so there were certain parts of the business, I was participating and that helped me have more confidence and doing something like this on my own if I hadn't done that I don't know that I would be taking.

00:26:33.870 --> 00:26:34.920 Ryan Gerardi: Steps it was this.

00:26:35.460 --> 00:26:39.840 Ryan Gerardi: that's the American dream you're doing something you're passionate about and you made a business out of it.

00:26:39.900 --> 00:26:41.310 Ryan Gerardi: That is the American dream.

00:26:41.490 --> 00:26:42.600 Jeremiah Fox: So, but I you guys man.

00:26:42.660 --> 00:26:51.630 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you appreciate it, but like literally like these days I just think of everything as a business like this show I think of us as a business social media I think of us as a business and treated all the same way.

00:26:51.660 --> 00:26:54.330 Ryan Gerardi: I think they call it entrepreneurial ISM.

00:26:54.450 --> 00:27:09.630 Jeremiah Fox: i've heard that it's so funny because, like the first time a guy called me this guy was like I was in our wine stores is maybe like 10 years ago and and a little more than 10 years ago we were doing our first pop up, it was a wine bar where this coffee shop used to be and.

00:27:10.710 --> 00:27:16.260 Jeremiah Fox: We were just starting to promote it and this guy was in I was behind the counter the wine store disguise and you're talking to me about it and, like.

00:27:16.590 --> 00:27:25.140 Jeremiah Fox: asking all these questions and i'm saying all this stuff and he's like well you're just a regular entrepreneur archie and I was like, why are you calling me names like I thought it was an incident I didn't even know what it meant I was just like.

00:27:25.410 --> 00:27:39.600 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny because now it's like such a buzzword but, at the time, you know, I was whatever my my my mid 30s like I know what that meant we didn't talk about that in high school isn't a course in college, you know, there was no there were no hashtags you know.

00:27:40.590 --> 00:27:42.000 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and I was just like.

00:27:42.180 --> 00:27:52.800 Jeremiah Fox: I was like What do you mean man and then you know if you just kind of looked at me odd, and I was like I don't know what just happened and then like I don't know I looked it up this you know, had to go to the actual dictionary.

00:27:53.670 --> 00:27:54.270 Jeremiah Fox: Not even I.

00:27:55.080 --> 00:27:56.280 Ryan Gerardi: didn't know what it was.

00:27:56.340 --> 00:28:10.350 Jeremiah Fox: And then, even after um you know becoming aware of what it what the word meant and other having these conversations with people I still wasn't completely convinced and then like talking to a few people they're like they like brought it out of me.

00:28:10.410 --> 00:28:13.500 Jeremiah Fox: They were like yeah you're an entrepreneur, and I was like Okay, I guess.

00:28:14.460 --> 00:28:27.630 Ryan Gerardi: Well, like anything it's a label I I define entrepreneurial ISM as taking other people's money and making a business out of that but that's I mean that's one way to be.

00:28:27.900 --> 00:28:32.310 Ryan Gerardi: What you're doing there's bootstrapping that's a form of entrepreneurial ISM there's solo printers.

00:28:33.390 --> 00:28:46.170 Ryan Gerardi: You know I had reservations about having a corporate corporate business, and I think that I see more motivated to I don't want to have a business that you know dies when I die I do want to create something that lives beyond me.

00:28:46.950 --> 00:28:56.310 Ryan Gerardi: But by the same token, you know corporations, I mean look at Google Google set out to be the the corporation of the future and, to some degree, they are but.

00:28:56.760 --> 00:29:01.170 Ryan Gerardi: If you listen to seth godin he made a great point, the other day, he said, the problem with Google is.

00:29:01.650 --> 00:29:05.760 Ryan Gerardi: That everybody working there the general population working there.

00:29:06.060 --> 00:29:14.040 Ryan Gerardi: There it's just a job for them they're not going to go they're not going to take chances are not going to go out on the limb they're not going to risk the comfort of the job.

00:29:14.370 --> 00:29:22.800 Ryan Gerardi: Well that's not what that's not what an up and coming company is, and I think that's the curse that all big companies fall into is no way to avoid it.

00:29:23.040 --> 00:29:38.220 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and I think the people that are really willing to make the risk are very small percentage of the population, and I think most companies are not full of them, I think a lot of people like i've always been that person I don't wanna I don't want to work for somebody else it.

00:29:38.220 --> 00:29:39.930 Ryan Gerardi: makes it hard work for a company.

00:29:39.960 --> 00:29:44.430 Ryan Gerardi: yeah because the nature of a of a corporation, and I don't just mean a public you know.

00:29:44.520 --> 00:29:58.020 Ryan Gerardi: yeah publicly traded company, but the nature of an of an s corp or a business is that people are like widgets they're interchangeable and you can make more money as a business by putting a put a person in that spot that's.

00:29:58.410 --> 00:30:05.130 Ryan Gerardi: that's where businesses so yeah putting someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, like you were me in that seat it just.

00:30:07.920 --> 00:30:16.290 Jeremiah Fox: there's no more corporation all right we're gonna take another break when we come back, we are going to talk about your company and your your legacy so hang tight everybody.

00:32:53.820 --> 00:33:03.930 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back we're gonna hop right back into a hot seat with Brian Gerardi, and just want you to tell everybody, please what is auto conversion all about.

00:33:05.460 --> 00:33:06.690 Ryan Gerardi: Sure well.

00:33:07.020 --> 00:33:12.240 Ryan Gerardi: i'll sum it up in three words media advertising and technology beautiful.

00:33:13.920 --> 00:33:15.390 Ryan Gerardi: And I could elaborate on that, but i'll, let us.

00:33:15.690 --> 00:33:19.890 Jeremiah Fox: Know go ahead elaborate this is your is your time to shine baby.

00:33:20.250 --> 00:33:35.160 Ryan Gerardi: You know I would say auto conversions probably in its third cycle of life, I actually started the business initially by that name in 2000 and actually 2008 because the original name remember a thing called Web 2.0.

00:33:35.700 --> 00:33:35.970 yeah.

00:33:37.410 --> 00:33:39.090 Ryan Gerardi: I see the original name of the company was.

00:33:39.090 --> 00:33:44.910 Ryan Gerardi: web and the number two ology that was web to allergies before like Facebook and.

00:33:44.910 --> 00:33:52.470 Ryan Gerardi: Twitter social media were really what they were yeah and I didn't really know what the hell, I was doing I was running a software company.

00:33:52.860 --> 00:33:59.820 Ryan Gerardi: And I just I was, I was like I need to have my own business, so I started this company called web technologies and I.

00:34:00.360 --> 00:34:11.640 Ryan Gerardi: I really didn't have a game plan, believe it or not, I was just like i'm just gonna be a consultant for a while and I immediately got into blogging and seo.

00:34:12.300 --> 00:34:17.970 Ryan Gerardi: And this was early 2000s like 2007 right so and I was in the car business.

00:34:18.600 --> 00:34:23.850 Ryan Gerardi: So at that time I couldn't knock on a dealer's door and say hey you want to buy a blog they because they would literally like.

00:34:24.150 --> 00:34:36.360 Ryan Gerardi: Give me the finger and be like get the hell out of here, but I could sell search engine optimization because they all that was big yeah you know search marketing was was was kind of like Oh, I need to be on Google, and so I had a formula that I had.

00:34:37.200 --> 00:34:46.890 Ryan Gerardi: learned and developed very quickly from blogging because I was I had just gotten into blogging and yeah I would go into a dealer and say hey let's do some searches i'm like I don't see you here.

00:34:47.730 --> 00:34:58.470 Ryan Gerardi: But for a few thousand a month, I can get you here pretty quickly, and I would I would set the bar a little low i'd say like I need like four to six months but usually within two to three months i'd have them dominating see.

00:34:58.470 --> 00:34:59.340 Jeremiah Fox: Some results yeah.

00:34:59.370 --> 00:35:09.450 Ryan Gerardi: yeah and and so you know that was kind of my first foray into the business, but then I took a step back on what am I really doing here what's what's my goal and I.

00:35:09.900 --> 00:35:18.750 Ryan Gerardi: I kind of came up with this idea that I was going to help people with technology, because I just have a natural knack for technology i've always been kind of.

00:35:19.200 --> 00:35:26.460 Ryan Gerardi: i'm actually not that into dongles and gadgets, but I do have a knack for technology, and so I started embracing permission marketing.

00:35:27.090 --> 00:35:32.640 Ryan Gerardi: You know, double opt in email marketing, which was kind of new at the time I started dabbling into social media.

00:35:33.030 --> 00:35:41.880 Ryan Gerardi: A little bit, but I really focused on blogging and so very quickly I just kind of came up with the idea we were going to help you with media advertising and technology.

00:35:42.720 --> 00:35:48.600 Ryan Gerardi: Advertising you know what is it you could say it's paid placement for commercial messages in.

00:35:49.200 --> 00:36:01.350 Ryan Gerardi: Some sort of just you know destination right it's advertising is paid placement, so I use the term advertising, because people understand that, but ultimately i'm more focused on helping people with public relations.

00:36:02.190 --> 00:36:08.220 Ryan Gerardi: Which is a form of advertising it's a form of marketing, if you will, so going back to the marketing umbrella right.

00:36:08.250 --> 00:36:22.920 Ryan Gerardi: Every day falls under marketing so advertising is a form, you know it's a form of it's probably a top form of marketing branding is a form of advertising so public relations, a form of advertising and then there's a technology aspect.

00:36:24.270 --> 00:36:31.080 Ryan Gerardi: Technology ways people down it holds people back, and so I kind of tried to develop a business model that says.

00:36:31.560 --> 00:36:46.230 Ryan Gerardi: i'll focus on the technology you focus on being you and and that's who we're after people that that really the minute someone says, I want to start a podcast what service show us how do I edit blah blah blah i'm like actually that's the easy part.

00:36:47.520 --> 00:36:49.950 Ryan Gerardi: Like right you don't even worry about that.

00:36:49.980 --> 00:36:51.570 Ryan Gerardi: That the hard part is.

00:36:51.840 --> 00:36:56.370 Ryan Gerardi: You know your time and your guests and what you're doing and why and.

00:36:56.610 --> 00:36:57.960 Jeremiah Fox: and awareness.

00:36:58.020 --> 00:37:01.110 Ryan Gerardi: yeah I mean that's the easy parts of technology.

00:37:01.230 --> 00:37:07.020 Jeremiah Fox: yeah right which is funny because people do that it's having this conversation last night same thing, and someone was like.

00:37:07.440 --> 00:37:18.450 Jeremiah Fox: You know, do I need to get on a radio station do I, you know what what you know where Do I need to house I do I do I do, I put the show on my website and I was like that's you're getting way ahead of yourself there.

00:37:18.510 --> 00:37:18.690 Ryan Gerardi: yeah.

00:37:18.840 --> 00:37:20.910 Ryan Gerardi: Just start making some episodes and go from there.

00:37:21.210 --> 00:37:38.760 Ryan Gerardi: My first podcast my first endeavor and a podcast was shortly after getting into blogging so it was like 2007 and I made six episodes about every two weeks, and I still have them I took I quit real fast I quit after six.

00:37:38.760 --> 00:37:40.380 Ryan Gerardi: episodes and.

00:37:40.530 --> 00:37:42.840 Ryan Gerardi: Listening to those episodes is so.

00:37:42.960 --> 00:37:43.980 Jeremiah Fox: Painful yeah.

00:37:44.010 --> 00:37:49.380 Ryan Gerardi: It is so hard to listen to those and it took me 10 years to make to crack back at it.

00:37:49.470 --> 00:37:50.970 Ryan Gerardi: yeah and you know.

00:37:51.120 --> 00:37:53.280 Jeremiah Fox: And now yeah go through it go it's like me.

00:37:53.400 --> 00:37:58.200 Jeremiah Fox: You know i've still got like some of the earliest music recordings I ever did you know and it's just like.

00:37:59.700 --> 00:38:01.320 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and it's out there.

00:38:02.700 --> 00:38:05.640 Jeremiah Fox: it's out there, but you have to you gotta crawl before you can.

00:38:06.060 --> 00:38:13.110 Ryan Gerardi: that's creativity, like every you know for me it's art I tell you what do you do well i'm not a starving artist.

00:38:13.200 --> 00:38:16.440 Ryan Gerardi: yeah but, but it is for me it's art in businesses.

00:38:16.470 --> 00:38:26.760 Jeremiah Fox: Just the monitors yeah and I had this conversation a few shows ago with Elisa Butler PR she was on the show and she's a you know.

00:38:27.210 --> 00:38:34.050 Jeremiah Fox: Ultra on female entrepreneur really impressive and we were talking about that how like you know you were saying it like we.

00:38:34.560 --> 00:38:44.490 Jeremiah Fox: You didn't know what you were doing like entrepreneurs are creative and often coming from like artistic backgrounds, like, I was an artist and ended up in the business i've you know i've to music degrees, you know.

00:38:44.790 --> 00:38:58.230 Jeremiah Fox: In a restaurant like i've always been in in culinary arts and everything and we we like to just make things you know and that's how businesses are bored and it's messy we don't care we just don't care, you know we then have that bothers us.

00:38:58.770 --> 00:39:01.950 Ryan Gerardi: Well, you start carrying once you're not doing what you got signed up for.

00:39:02.100 --> 00:39:10.530 Jeremiah Fox: Or you start losing money then and the ones that really like step up are the ones who figured those components out and start to understand marketing advertising scale.

00:39:10.590 --> 00:39:17.970 Jeremiah Fox: You know, all these things and and, for me it was out of necessity that my back was against the wall and I was just like i'm gonna lose i'd already lost one business.

00:39:18.240 --> 00:39:32.490 Jeremiah Fox: You know, sold one and I was like i'm going to lose another one if I don't do something, you know, and so I just had to like hit the books and really start to like listen to listen to podcasts you know of successful people reading blogs, and things like that and.

00:39:32.520 --> 00:39:32.850 Ryan Gerardi: I think.

00:39:32.880 --> 00:39:34.920 Ryan Gerardi: Every successful.

00:39:35.940 --> 00:39:44.730 Ryan Gerardi: Whether it's an entrepreneur whoever everyone with you know, with some claim level of success has had their back against the wall, at least once.

00:39:44.760 --> 00:39:46.530 Jeremiah Fox: Probably more time and probably failed.

00:39:46.650 --> 00:39:47.100 Ryan Gerardi: yeah.

00:39:47.220 --> 00:39:59.250 Jeremiah Fox: Well yeah you want you want that leader to have some failures, because they know like if you haven't had any man I don't know it's coming your way and I don't know if I want to follow you I want the guy that like got knocked down and got back up, you know that Boxer that like.

00:39:59.460 --> 00:40:04.140 Jeremiah Fox: goddess Chen rock you know count was on he stood back up and he finished the fight that's.

00:40:05.220 --> 00:40:10.560 Ryan Gerardi: What it's like the it's like the baseball or basketball team that goes undefeated How often do they win the championship almost.

00:40:10.620 --> 00:40:12.090 Jeremiah Fox: happy because they didn't lose.

00:40:12.150 --> 00:40:13.680 Ryan Gerardi: yeah loaded with the wrong time.

00:40:13.740 --> 00:40:24.210 Jeremiah Fox: yeah exactly um so you know you're you're you're going to do a few shows we can talk about those a little bit more and offerings in the next segment but.

00:40:24.480 --> 00:40:29.850 Jeremiah Fox: You know i've had the pleasure of being on out of immersion a couple times, is it really great format I think it's a little bit different.

00:40:30.120 --> 00:40:38.490 Jeremiah Fox: Where it's this is almost panel like where you have you know you start are they all the same way, where it's like the first half hour is like two different guests.

00:40:38.700 --> 00:40:46.290 Jeremiah Fox: interview format your multi streaming so you're you're hitting a number of different platforms, all with the with one with one push of a button.

00:40:46.680 --> 00:40:56.940 Ryan Gerardi: yeah um my philosophy and all that is because you know we all are familiar with webinars webinar marketing how's a webinar work okay you put together a sign up page.

00:40:57.300 --> 00:41:04.230 Ryan Gerardi: And you know hundred or 500 or thousand people sign up and most of the people aren't going to show it's usually about half show.

00:41:04.650 --> 00:41:14.190 Ryan Gerardi: And then, some people bail out are there on the computers and distracted and it's usually a guy with his video camera on with a slideshow and he's he shows you the slideshow and he talks through it.

00:41:14.550 --> 00:41:19.650 Ryan Gerardi: You know and it's like hey guys here's the recording here's a slide that's corporate webinar marketing.

00:41:20.040 --> 00:41:24.330 Ryan Gerardi: And why do they do it well, because people for go over the information and then they can call.

00:41:24.630 --> 00:41:38.550 Ryan Gerardi: and try to book a DEMO with you and I know the metrics it works right about 30% of people that register are going to probably end up in as as qualified leads and 10% of those you will you'll turn to a sale if you've got a good process okay.

00:41:39.090 --> 00:41:46.500 Ryan Gerardi: Everybody does that you know no big deal I started getting into more of that show concept, where you break it into segments.

00:41:46.890 --> 00:41:57.750 Ryan Gerardi: And so the formula that i've I like to run with is, I have one interview segment, which is about 15 minutes I have a panel segment, which is about 20 about 30 minutes.

00:41:58.350 --> 00:42:05.880 Ryan Gerardi: And then I do, I like to experiment with things so like you're going to come on in September and grab the 10 minute health and wellness segment so.

00:42:06.180 --> 00:42:10.590 Ryan Gerardi: I like to call that a mini breakout session, you have 10 minutes, the floor is yours.

00:42:10.920 --> 00:42:18.750 Ryan Gerardi: What are you going to give us that you know, knowing the audience, what are you going to give us i'm going to be on camera with you but it's your delivery it's your thing that.

00:42:19.620 --> 00:42:30.990 Ryan Gerardi: I like doing debates I like I used to have like what's called a two minute drill down debate, it was I launched it when coven the pandemic started hitting so we had some awesome just really cool debates.

00:42:31.050 --> 00:42:32.340 Jeremiah Fox: battles like that.

00:42:32.370 --> 00:42:40.440 Ryan Gerardi: yeah there's so many things you can do yeah and I think that's you know I do two shows, I have the mobility tech and connectivity show.

00:42:41.370 --> 00:42:55.620 Ryan Gerardi: it's a long name I call it the MTC show and it's a live stream and I break it into segments, just like that I do discussion panels and interviews and special news segments and stuff like that it is live streamed I only stream to YouTube.

00:42:56.340 --> 00:43:06.840 Ryan Gerardi: At this stage I don't I don't really get into Facebook, or any other streaming and it's for me it's a recording session it's a live stream, but I actually unlisted after at once I have five.

00:43:07.620 --> 00:43:18.690 Ryan Gerardi: Live episodes I start I unless the oldest one, so I only have five recordings available yes and it's really just so I have something to reference, but when or unlisted you can still send people, the link.

00:43:19.410 --> 00:43:32.040 Ryan Gerardi: And then, what I do is I make micro content from this and I I make you know 3060 92nd shorts for clients for myself and like for myself when I make when I make a micro.

00:43:32.490 --> 00:43:42.330 Ryan Gerardi: Video and I put it on YouTube, then I put a card at the end and I linked to the to the full recording and actually that helps drive more people back to the recording.

00:43:43.650 --> 00:43:52.230 Ryan Gerardi: So I do that for mobility tech and connectivity and that's a very broad audience in the sense people that are in technology related to how we're connected.

00:43:52.770 --> 00:44:07.950 Ryan Gerardi: And how we get around so connectivity isn't just car connectivity, it could be things like censorship and privacy, data privacy things like that it security cyber security and again obviously cars flying spaceships you got.

00:44:09.630 --> 00:44:10.410 Ryan Gerardi: ilan musk.

00:44:11.520 --> 00:44:17.880 Jeremiah Fox: I know man there's a tesla spot just not far from me just down the just on the way so it's.

00:44:18.120 --> 00:44:18.840 Jeremiah Fox: funny watching.

00:44:19.590 --> 00:44:23.370 Ryan Gerardi: These trainers go into outer space i'm scratching my head thinking.

00:44:23.640 --> 00:44:27.480 Jeremiah Fox: In very phallic looking ships.

00:44:27.810 --> 00:44:28.320 Ryan Gerardi: yeah good.

00:44:28.500 --> 00:44:31.200 Jeremiah Fox: point that out, that was a little awkward.

00:44:31.560 --> 00:44:36.030 Ryan Gerardi: yeah well, a lot of them are you know, especially if you have a dirty mind.

00:44:36.300 --> 00:44:51.600 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I love the shoe fits all right we're gonna take one last break and then I want to come back and talk about how these you know how you utilize these things for clients how this can be of service to someone other than yourself so hang tight everybody great wait just a minute.

00:47:28.470 --> 00:47:33.480 Jeremiah Fox: Talking about creativity and music that's actually my my old band that's that's my.

00:47:33.510 --> 00:47:34.920 Ryan Gerardi: Jingle there, I was admiring.

00:47:35.040 --> 00:47:44.730 Jeremiah Fox: My composition and yeah totally self produced we did the engineering everything we recorded the horns in my old apartment on 20th street in brooklyn like literally they were in my bedroom.

00:47:45.030 --> 00:47:55.740 Jeremiah Fox: And my buddy and I were in the kitchen and they were my cord strong all through the apartment and we couldn't see them and they're just like yelling stuff to a microphone that they only they get here and.

00:47:56.790 --> 00:48:01.680 Jeremiah Fox: Chaos i'm like louder make that, like the Horn screech here like a car Horn.

00:48:03.450 --> 00:48:05.940 Ryan Gerardi: Very catchy reminds me the pink panther a little bit.

00:48:06.210 --> 00:48:11.400 Jeremiah Fox: A little bit yeah that's and that salad ended up as the as the show Jingle kind of like that.

00:48:11.460 --> 00:48:13.230 Ryan Gerardi: that's cool you got you made your own Jingle I like.

00:48:13.260 --> 00:48:23.130 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I did a bunch of them actually but uh yeah that one stuck so go pick it back up what we're talking, you know we're talking about auto conversion and what was the other one empty s.

00:48:23.220 --> 00:48:29.910 Ryan Gerardi: And yeah so MTC mobility second connectivity that's my tech podcast and then I have the B2B our.

00:48:30.060 --> 00:48:30.930 Jeremiah Fox: Oh right exactly.

00:48:30.990 --> 00:48:41.040 Ryan Gerardi: yeah that's the other that's a live show right interestingly, I don't have a podcast for that show and it doesn't fit into the podcast I do have.

00:48:41.490 --> 00:48:48.840 Ryan Gerardi: Is what I use the MTC show for it's called auto converse but the B2B stuff i'm sitting there thinking Do I need to launch another podcast and.

00:48:49.560 --> 00:48:51.720 Ryan Gerardi: I don't want to so.

00:48:52.230 --> 00:48:54.990 Ryan Gerardi: that's right now it's a show that I make micro content.

00:48:55.260 --> 00:48:59.400 Jeremiah Fox: Right and then there's there's a subscription component.

00:49:00.060 --> 00:49:01.050 Ryan Gerardi: For people.

00:49:01.080 --> 00:49:12.150 Jeremiah Fox: With that, and then they somehow benefit from that you we just have a few minutes but i'd love for you to like walk us through that so people get an understanding of what the offering it is and how it can benefit them.

00:49:12.840 --> 00:49:19.320 Ryan Gerardi: yeah I appreciate that, because you know you just signed up yourself to be a what we call a premium Member so.

00:49:20.430 --> 00:49:21.210 Ryan Gerardi: So, as you.

00:49:21.600 --> 00:49:22.020 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:49:22.080 --> 00:49:23.460 I like that elite elite.

00:49:25.380 --> 00:49:38.220 Ryan Gerardi: You know, with what's unique about our programming I call it programming because it's it's set dates and time and there's segments and there's there's there's there's it's it's serves multiple purposes so.

00:49:38.670 --> 00:49:49.830 Ryan Gerardi: At one level it's a content marketing strategy i'm inviting people into our world having conversations like this and different forms and i'm creating content to.

00:49:50.160 --> 00:50:00.570 Ryan Gerardi: Keep people attracted to it attracts new people and engages people it's a very effective for for it's a content marketing strategy that many of us are familiar with.

00:50:01.110 --> 00:50:12.210 Ryan Gerardi: I don't charge people to be on the show, but what I do do is I make the programming available to people to leverage for their own media and public relations strategy so.

00:50:12.750 --> 00:50:16.110 Ryan Gerardi: Just like this i'm coming on here to and to basically.

00:50:16.800 --> 00:50:30.390 Ryan Gerardi: get some exposure into your audience and i'm all i'm doing is putting in a little bit of prep time and being here, and this is very common media, a type of media appearance doesn't require a ton of work i'm pre prepared to come and do this.

00:50:31.440 --> 00:50:37.080 Ryan Gerardi: But what if I wanted to take little bits and pieces of this and repurpose it for many different uses well.

00:50:37.770 --> 00:50:47.580 Ryan Gerardi: That opens up a whole nother different level of service right, so we um so again we don't charge for people to come on and and participate, but we do.

00:50:47.820 --> 00:51:00.240 Ryan Gerardi: Create strategies for people to leverage our programming so here's a good example, I have a friend who's tells me a couple weeks ago he what he's thinking of starting a podcast with another friend right i'm like great.

00:51:00.930 --> 00:51:08.340 Ryan Gerardi: Why actually provide that as a service to help you with that put together a strategy handle the technology he's got a day job and we've.

00:51:08.760 --> 00:51:18.330 Ryan Gerardi: scheduled appointment and he bailed on it, and as employers, giving him pressure, and here we are three weeks later and he's like yeah i'm still trying to figure out the technologists i'm like dude.

00:51:18.900 --> 00:51:26.190 Ryan Gerardi: If you can't make a 20 minute phone call with me happened within three weeks to talk about your podcast you're gonna have a hard time having a.

00:51:27.000 --> 00:51:28.650 Jeremiah Fox: Big talk so picture yeah.

00:51:29.010 --> 00:51:38.910 Ryan Gerardi: So I have this, we have a unique environment i'll say hey Look, we have different membership plants, we have a $20 a month plan we have a 50 we have 100 and we have a $500 a month plan.

00:51:39.270 --> 00:51:43.710 Ryan Gerardi: and actually the value of that plan depends on the strategy, so I have one.

00:51:44.220 --> 00:51:51.240 Ryan Gerardi: Big influencer we do a live streaming show for him once a month, it comes with a blog post all the artwork the live show I produce.

00:51:51.720 --> 00:51:56.760 Ryan Gerardi: And then I make a podcast for him and it's all defined and then he pays a certain monthly fee.

00:51:57.120 --> 00:52:08.640 Ryan Gerardi: And now, he just comes prepared, just like you have you know your studio here right, you probably pay a fee or have some sort of arrangement to make this happen, so we are like a studio in that sense, but what's unique is.

00:52:09.060 --> 00:52:14.940 Ryan Gerardi: we're recruiting people we're recruiting subject matter experts business leaders owners entrepreneurs.

00:52:15.390 --> 00:52:25.590 Ryan Gerardi: who want to leverage the platform for their media and public relations and we provide some level of service to serve that so I look at it this way.

00:52:26.100 --> 00:52:33.780 Ryan Gerardi: You can do everything in House have your own blog your own podcast your own everything and you get to do all the work and hire people and have your own strategy.

00:52:35.010 --> 00:52:40.710 Ryan Gerardi: You can just do media appearances, you can just be a podcast guest and get referenced in Articles that's a strategy to.

00:52:41.190 --> 00:52:52.260 Ryan Gerardi: And we're kind of that in between we're providing a more strategic intentional program for your strategy it doesn't mean you can't have your own internal one without us.

00:52:52.530 --> 00:52:58.290 Ryan Gerardi: And it doesn't mean you should stop making appearances it's just that middle ground that's no one's really covering.

00:52:58.650 --> 00:53:08.550 Ryan Gerardi: And we bring we bring a lot of we bring a lot to the plate to the table and extremely cost effective price, I mean for 100 bucks a month, you could literally have.

00:53:08.910 --> 00:53:17.340 Ryan Gerardi: pretty much your own you know own segment on a show and then you're going to have blogs and social media content and podcasts every month for 100 bucks a month I.

00:53:17.340 --> 00:53:18.240 Jeremiah Fox: mean and that's.

00:53:18.420 --> 00:53:26.970 Jeremiah Fox: done right and that's all done for you you're dropping files that all they have to do is distribute on whatever platform they use it's edited it's all it's fully functional i'm ready to go.

00:53:27.420 --> 00:53:35.700 Ryan Gerardi: But also i'll preface this if you don't have the vision of why you're doing what you're doing if you don't have the tenacity and the resilience to keep doing it.

00:53:36.090 --> 00:53:45.450 Ryan Gerardi: Well, I can't do that for you, I can't do that for you have to have a game plan, and that leads into our consulting services we actually have mastermind programs.

00:53:45.750 --> 00:53:53.100 Ryan Gerardi: That are extremely cost effective, so we do one on one coaching and group coaching and masterminds to help you come up with your vision.

00:53:53.580 --> 00:54:02.730 Ryan Gerardi: Your strategy your game plan and and what our role within the execution of that is going to be because we're not doing everything, but we have a role in some of that.

00:54:03.090 --> 00:54:06.180 Jeremiah Fox: Or you could you're just going to charge more for it yeah.

00:54:06.270 --> 00:54:14.730 Ryan Gerardi: I mean we yeah it's that all that depends, and so until you take the time to define that you know you're just basically throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.

00:54:15.120 --> 00:54:29.160 Ryan Gerardi: And i'm basically here to say I will save you a lot of time and headache on on you know the strategy, the process, the structure, you know there's so many different ways to skin a cat yeah and.

00:54:29.340 --> 00:54:30.330 Ryan Gerardi: So I needed to find.

00:54:30.690 --> 00:54:39.180 Jeremiah Fox: And it is a lot of work, but I, you know I can I can testify to that by starting like i'm going to do this, all on my own i'm going to do, you can.

00:54:39.840 --> 00:54:48.210 Jeremiah Fox: Especially if you have time and I think there were some people like I saw take good advantage of it during lockdown because a lot of people were stuck at home, and if you were just you know.

00:54:48.570 --> 00:55:03.390 Jeremiah Fox: Working remotely or you lost your job, and you were getting unemployment and you just like put the work in good for you and I think you should, at the end of the day be able, at least to do the base amount of it on your own, just in case like you run out of money or whatever happens.

00:55:04.620 --> 00:55:18.180 Jeremiah Fox: But it is a tremendous amount of work if you're trying to take that all on your own, and you are especially if you are like a business owner entrepreneur like it's too much it's just i've been there, where i'm just like yo I can't give up I can't do.

00:55:18.240 --> 00:55:18.600 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:55:18.630 --> 00:55:23.640 Jeremiah Fox: Can I do all of this anymore like I learned how to do it, but i'm like Jesus has too much.

00:55:23.700 --> 00:55:29.760 Ryan Gerardi: yeah it's like you know it's like bookkeeping right, so you want it, you want to know just enough, but you don't want to, we want to do.

00:55:30.090 --> 00:55:34.140 Jeremiah Fox: sit there and do it yeah that's a great analogy, it is very similar to bookkeeping.

00:55:34.470 --> 00:55:45.570 Ryan Gerardi: I think three months is a good litmus test for people when people say I want to start a show or podcast i'm like great i'll call you in three months, see how that's going because usually that's about how long most people can tell for.

00:55:45.690 --> 00:55:47.580 Jeremiah Fox: Today, and like a lot of people drop out.

00:55:48.840 --> 00:55:49.260 Jeremiah Fox: Too much.

00:55:49.320 --> 00:55:55.350 Ryan Gerardi: I have challenges i've gone months without dropping a podcast episode and it does keep me up at night i'm like I can't I.

00:55:55.590 --> 00:56:12.180 Ryan Gerardi: So inadequate when i'm not dropping a weekly episode, but sometimes you just hit a place for like you can't make that the priority I know so when you if you listen to daily daily podcasts like you know, a podcast that publishes every day there's a business behind that.

00:56:12.210 --> 00:56:13.740 Ryan Gerardi: there's a team of people.

00:56:14.340 --> 00:56:15.510 Ryan Gerardi: there's a funding.

00:56:15.840 --> 00:56:16.380 Ryan Gerardi: You know.

00:56:16.470 --> 00:56:17.880 Ryan Gerardi: there's a lot behind that.

00:56:17.880 --> 00:56:18.720 Jeremiah Fox: They are elite.

00:56:21.750 --> 00:56:24.210 Jeremiah Fox: yeah you don't get into podcasting or any of this.

00:56:24.450 --> 00:56:26.040 Ryan Gerardi: Just for sport, because you.

00:56:26.250 --> 00:56:28.320 Ryan Gerardi: You at some point you're like Why am I doing this.

00:56:28.350 --> 00:56:30.990 Ryan Gerardi: And how is it fulfilling my life, it.

00:56:31.020 --> 00:56:44.880 Jeremiah Fox: takes it takes them stick to it and news for sure, so we got to wrap it up, but before we do please let everybody know where they can find out information about you or get in contact with you for, for you know, possibly your services or just to check out the shows.

00:56:45.060 --> 00:56:56.610 Ryan Gerardi: Sure, I mean I think if you search me on the web just Ryan Gerardi our way and last name dirty G ra ra di you'll see whatever whatever search engine use will show you certain things it's.

00:56:56.610 --> 00:56:58.200 Jeremiah Fox: got that seo on lockdown.

00:56:58.290 --> 00:57:09.240 Ryan Gerardi: yeah you will not find all that other ryan's writers and if you go to Ryan dirty COM i'll just forward you to my linkedin profile and that's probably the best starting point for me awesome yeah well.

00:57:09.300 --> 00:57:18.000 Jeremiah Fox: Great stuff that I think it's definitely some some golden nuggets in there and we will be making some micro content out of this, you will all get to see that if you follow me on social.

00:57:18.270 --> 00:57:30.630 Jeremiah Fox: and check Ryan out for sure i'll be i'll be in on the Sep tember B2B our been on a couple other ones in the past, so look those up as well and, of course, as always, our dear friend, Dr lance knob always.

00:57:30.660 --> 00:57:31.650 Ryan Gerardi: Make your land fire.

00:57:31.710 --> 00:57:32.340 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, thank you.

00:57:32.370 --> 00:57:34.230 Ryan Gerardi: he's introduced me and you to.

00:57:35.280 --> 00:57:36.450 Ryan Gerardi: Numerous people and that's.

00:57:36.450 --> 00:57:36.960 Jeremiah Fox: So many.

00:57:37.020 --> 00:57:38.700 Ryan Gerardi: that's the power of networking and yeah.

00:57:38.880 --> 00:57:42.090 Jeremiah Fox: it's really great so thank you so much for coming on really a pleasure.

00:57:42.300 --> 00:57:42.870 Jeremiah Fox: And we knew.

00:57:43.050 --> 00:57:46.620 Jeremiah Fox: We would definitely do this again there's two good we just scratched the surface today so much.

00:57:46.650 --> 00:57:49.110 Ryan Gerardi: I love to get into consistency man it's.

00:57:49.110 --> 00:57:50.700 Ryan Gerardi: A petition and consistency.

00:57:50.700 --> 00:57:51.450 Jeremiah Fox: It is Marshall.

00:57:51.960 --> 00:57:53.970 Jeremiah Fox: jeremiah's that black belt mentality, I like.

00:57:53.970 --> 00:57:54.270 Ryan Gerardi: It thank.

00:57:54.330 --> 00:57:58.590 Jeremiah Fox: You awesome well you all have a great weekend we'll check in with you next week peace out.

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