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Friday, August 13, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/13 - Being The Bad Ass

Facebook Live Video from 2021/08/13 - Being The Bad Ass


2021/08/13 - Being The Bad Ass

[NEW EPISODE] Being The Bad Ass

This Friday at noon I’m going live with Frank Pepe!

We’ll be talking brazilian jiu jitsu, imposters & how to be the most bad ass person you can be!

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Starting off today’s show on the Entrepreneurial Web, Jeremy introduces his guest of the week Frank Pepe. Frank talks about how he’s been doing jiu jitsu for two years, and how during those two years, jiu jitsu has opened up a new world for him. Emphatically, he describes that his confidence levels have been through the roof. Before he started doing this practice, Frank says, he would have described himself as a team sport guy, but the fact that jiu jitsu is an individual sport has allowed him to grow further and work on his mental health. Frank and Jeremy then compare the trust that is built in jiu jitsu to the trust that is built within business. In the comparison, Frank details how often in jiu jitsu you are put in the position to trust that others are not going to hurt you. Similarly, in business, you must trust that the people around them are going to help each other out.

Segment 2

Returning to the show, Frank and Jeremy have a discussion about the pros and cons of using LinkedIn. This prompts them to make a slight shift in conversation, and to talk about how often people who are just starting out in their career are great in theory but not yet in practice. Next, they discuss how, due to the nature of jiu jitsu, they both feel that their worries and problems dissolve when they work on the mat. Compared to running or lifting weights, they say, during which you can check your phone and there’s generally no problem solving, in jiu jitsu, you have to completely and actively focus on the task at hand. The conversation then drifts to how in both jiu jitsu and in business, when you find yourself in a bad spot, if you allow yourself to go with the knee-jerk reaction and try to change something immediately, you may end up in a worse or equally bad position. Patience is key, they say.

Segment 3

After the second break, Frank and Jeremy discuss how jiu jitsu is like a mythology; we pass down generations of information through movement and technique. At some point, they describe, you don’t have to speak anymore. Jeremy then asks Frank how jiu jitsu relates to his current career, considering that his occupation is translating and relaying information. This leads Frank to talk about how jiu jitsu is essentially translated from one person who is more skilled to someone who is less skilled. He describes examples of people he worked with who did not know the fundamentals yet. Thus, he says, translating main elements of jiu jitsu is similar to how he translates in his work. Jeremy and Frank then talk about the idea that if you really wanna be good at something then you should try teaching it. There’s a lot of value, they say, training with someone less skilled than you. They even connect it to business, pointing out that surrounding ourselves with people who don’t necessarily know as much is helpful to learning in that context as well.

Segment 4

After the final break, Jeremy and Frank talk about how jiu jitsu studios were like during the pandemic. When pandmeic first hit, studios closed for a few months and then started slowly opening up over the course of the pandemic. Over fall, they say, it just exploded. Jeremy talks about how before jiu jitsu studios were open again, he found himself practicing in empty apartments, basements and even a motorcycle shop. The main reason why these studios close, they talk about, is because jiu jitsu is the opposite of social distancing. Returning to an earlier topic, Jeremy and Frank talk about how people may be overly confident when they first start out but once they’re in the studio it’s a different story. When you have major opposition or adversity, they say, it might be different. Jeremy then wraps up the show with a few notes about the pandemic.


00:00:36.210 --> 00:00:44.250 Jeremiah Fox: what's up everybody happy Friday welcome welcome you're listening to the entrepreneurial web on your host Jeremiah fox going to kick it off today with some fun stuff.

00:00:44.640 --> 00:00:51.600 Jeremiah Fox: Bringing on some things that I I love dearly if you watch the show you pay attention you know I love jujitsu.

00:00:52.200 --> 00:01:03.840 Jeremiah Fox: I love business and marketing talk and I actually like linkedin, and that is the the common fabric between my guest and myself today so we're going to shake it up and have a little fun.

00:01:04.320 --> 00:01:12.090 Jeremiah Fox: Ryan callback will be joining us shortly he's been on the show before we did a full hour a couple months ago, talking about jujitsu and business and understanding.

00:01:12.540 --> 00:01:18.810 Jeremiah Fox: How to respond to pressure, a jujitsu does a really great job of training one to to.

00:01:19.530 --> 00:01:27.900 Jeremiah Fox: Be prepared for that kind of situation, especially given the shit that's going down over the last 18 months right, I mean joining us shortly from Texas he's in a meeting right now.

00:01:28.380 --> 00:01:34.110 Jeremiah Fox: But before we bring in my other guys who's appearing, for the first time i'm going to share in place of the message of the week.

00:01:34.320 --> 00:01:44.340 Jeremiah Fox: The linkedin posts that kind of sparked this conversation and as why we are here today is something that Ryan and put up it's actually quite funny I wish you guys could see this, but it was a it was a screenshot of.

00:01:46.140 --> 00:01:50.370 Jeremiah Fox: A Twitter post by an MMA fighter named tanner bowser and he said.

00:01:50.760 --> 00:02:02.490 Jeremiah Fox: After I listed last ganja my third cousin sent me a Facebook message with a bunch of advice quote unquote telling me what I should have done, to have won the fight anyway, if i'm gonna if i'm gonna wants to fight.

00:02:03.090 --> 00:02:09.780 Jeremiah Fox: To wants to hire him in preparation for the belt with kanye his name is Sean and he sells car parts and is never trained.

00:02:11.310 --> 00:02:19.290 Jeremiah Fox: And Ryan, just like share that instead ever heard an amateur say this is how it should be done and that just spawned a bunch of funny comments both.

00:02:20.100 --> 00:02:27.000 Jeremiah Fox: You know comical and serious, but it does bring to light some some important things we need to consider as we're.

00:02:27.630 --> 00:02:43.320 Jeremiah Fox: As budding entrepreneurs as as business owners in the thick of it, you know it's always important to bring a certain amount of self awareness into the mix, if you want to really be successful so with that we're going to welcome to the show frank happy, I said that right.

00:02:44.640 --> 00:02:44.940 Frank Pepe: Right.

00:02:46.290 --> 00:02:49.500 Jeremiah Fox: I was I got to share it i'm gonna be like frank pet back like pepe le ou.

00:02:51.720 --> 00:02:55.290 Jeremiah Fox: frank happy and you're you're you're in Pennsylvania correct.

00:02:55.590 --> 00:02:57.750 Frank Pepe: yeah just outside of philly in the suburbs so.

00:02:58.200 --> 00:03:04.320 Jeremiah Fox: So Eastern standard time I think ryan's it's not Ryan lunch break so he's still in meeting so he'll be joining us.

00:03:05.340 --> 00:03:14.190 Jeremiah Fox: Shortly but uh yeah this post really sparked some some some you know good comments both both comical and kind of serious.

00:03:14.940 --> 00:03:22.140 Jeremiah Fox: we'll dive into that a little bit more when Ryan joins so just to start why don't you give us a little bit of background I know we've gone back and forth and talked about.

00:03:22.470 --> 00:03:31.620 Jeremiah Fox: This very moment happened on the air and talking about jujitsu yourself train as well and you're also in business so give us just a little a little background information on yourself for context.

00:03:32.220 --> 00:03:36.840 Frank Pepe: yeah yeah so i've just recently been getting really involved in linkedin and about last year.

00:03:37.200 --> 00:03:45.990 Frank Pepe: I had been on there for a while, but just kind of saw it as this tool to connect with other people and just make great connections and you know, obviously, you know go on your show is a great opportunity.

00:03:46.710 --> 00:03:57.900 Frank Pepe: My background has been mostly in training and before that I was a teacher, so I you know my big thing is just being in front of people sharing knowledge and you know coming together, and you know connecting.

00:03:59.220 --> 00:04:06.060 Frank Pepe: outside of that i've been doing jujitsu now for two years and it's completely opened up my world to a different.

00:04:07.080 --> 00:04:08.280 Frank Pepe: perspective.

00:04:09.810 --> 00:04:12.540 Frank Pepe: i'd say personally my confidence level is going through the roof.

00:04:13.200 --> 00:04:22.560 Frank Pepe: But I also think it's just really interesting you know, I was always a team sports guy before this I could have played football and rugby and stuff like that, and now the differences of playing like an individual sport.

00:04:23.400 --> 00:04:37.680 Frank Pepe: Just opens up so much more for like for me mental health benefits and just just a lot that it's done to can expand my world so that's kind of where the spaces that i'm in I also do a lot of writing you know my blog to just kind of for fun.

00:04:39.030 --> 00:04:50.640 Jeremiah Fox: um that that point you just made about you know jujitsu vs like the team sports really ties into that idea of like self awareness right, like you, you really get to.

00:04:51.300 --> 00:04:59.820 Jeremiah Fox: Understand yourself a little better, when you do something like Jiu jitsu world golf is the same way i'm not by any means a golfer a good golfer but i've played probably like.

00:05:00.180 --> 00:05:06.450 Jeremiah Fox: 100 rounds, or something like that and you're just like damn I suck there's no team till.

00:05:06.930 --> 00:05:21.510 Jeremiah Fox: Like you have the whole of the responsibility for your own actions and you're like this is awful you know when guys are like I did like I should shot like 7879 i'm like yeah me too on the front nine I did not like.

00:05:21.990 --> 00:05:24.450 Jeremiah Fox: i'm just like doubling everybody else's score.

00:05:25.470 --> 00:05:34.050 Jeremiah Fox: And and jujitsu offers that regularly, and I think that's really important like if you're a teacher like really understanding the boundaries of.

00:05:34.770 --> 00:05:42.180 Jeremiah Fox: What you can really offer somebody because, especially if you're working with kids like manic and sniff out your bullshit real quick, though, like this guy has no idea what you're talking about you know.

00:05:42.480 --> 00:05:45.090 Jeremiah Fox: And you want to be incredible like it, I think.

00:05:45.570 --> 00:05:53.550 Jeremiah Fox: Whether, I think, no matter what your goal is whatever you're trying to accomplish because I work with people that are in nonprofit so they're not they're not trying to like.

00:05:53.790 --> 00:06:00.900 Jeremiah Fox: be an entrepreneur necessarily or like you know start their own business, they just have this dream and his goal, and they want to facilitate it.

00:06:01.170 --> 00:06:14.490 Jeremiah Fox: And I really think people's participation and what you are trying to pull off comes down to trust and when they can sense that you're like you're real dude you're like Okay, this is what i'm capable of this is what i'm not capable of.

00:06:14.970 --> 00:06:24.930 Jeremiah Fox: This is what i'd like to accomplish let's let's give it a try, I feel like you get a lot more trust from people which encourages long term commitment versus short term where it's like oh i'm with this guy for a little bit and then.

00:06:25.200 --> 00:06:34.620 Jeremiah Fox: If you're you know you're in training, you know it's constantly it's like a meat grinder managers like Can we just settle on like a group of people it's really hard to get anything done that way right.

00:06:36.180 --> 00:06:41.790 Frank Pepe: Well it's funny you bring up trust, because that I was thinking about that the other night when I was at jujitsu I was just talking to my mom about.

00:06:42.180 --> 00:06:48.300 Frank Pepe: jujitsu she's like, how do you know that someone's not just going to go rogue and like intentionally hurt you, especially if they're tying you up right.

00:06:48.840 --> 00:06:54.540 Frank Pepe: And I was like the fact that there's been so many times, where that could have happened and it did not happen.

00:06:55.140 --> 00:07:01.050 Frank Pepe: Just builds that trust massively you know to literally have neck extended, and someone doesn't hurt you.

00:07:01.980 --> 00:07:09.540 Frank Pepe: That builds a lot of so much trust, and you know kind of go back to the sports situation there, too, with a team, you know atmosphere.

00:07:09.870 --> 00:07:16.080 Frank Pepe: atmosphere people coming in and off the Court all the time, and even if somebody makes a mistake it's so much more transient.

00:07:16.470 --> 00:07:23.160 Frank Pepe: And then I think with jujitsu it's just so much more permanent so much more obvious that here's here's me literally sticking my neck out.

00:07:23.820 --> 00:07:32.340 Frank Pepe: giving you the opportunity to hurt me and you're not you know yeah and I think that's translates to business to where you know we're all taking up each other's time when we're not working right i'm.

00:07:33.030 --> 00:07:41.070 Frank Pepe: Showing to X person that was spending time with that you know I don't have this time booked up otherwise and i'm hoping that it's a good interaction and.

00:07:41.610 --> 00:07:51.630 Frank Pepe: same thing for them were you know, trying to do what we can to build value for each other and help each other grow our businesses, and you know, do something that we can actually you know make money off of would benefit from.

00:07:51.990 --> 00:07:55.890 Jeremiah Fox: Right right like I was saying it doesn't have to be money monetary base it's like.

00:07:56.280 --> 00:07:59.010 Jeremiah Fox: it's just about like value in the benefit so.

00:07:59.370 --> 00:08:07.230 Jeremiah Fox: You know I had the fortunate my first my first several years of training to train under a black belt that was like really hyper focused on that, unlike.

00:08:07.470 --> 00:08:12.900 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny because I, you know i've been in business, for a long time and I didn't understand these concepts of light and value.

00:08:13.350 --> 00:08:26.610 Jeremiah Fox: And and benefit and leverage and you know I would hear the terms and like podcasts or reading business, you know articles or whatever and i'm like kind of don't know what they mean but I like and I wouldn't I wouldn't throw those terms around.

00:08:26.910 --> 00:08:32.790 Jeremiah Fox: In conversations that, like, I have no fucking idea what it means, but I learned it through jujitsu and I don't know this guy knows it.

00:08:33.120 --> 00:08:41.730 Jeremiah Fox: He taught me so much about business, I mean he owned his own school, so he you know he had some understanding of it um but one of the conversations that came up with.

00:08:42.120 --> 00:08:48.180 Jeremiah Fox: The place that you know, muy Thai and jujitsu as as not a lot of places, do you know.

00:08:48.780 --> 00:09:00.120 Jeremiah Fox: And we noticed the turnover and moyes high was really high like people would come in, maybe for six months, and then they were out often people were there for less than that you know it was it was definitely like.

00:09:01.200 --> 00:09:11.040 Jeremiah Fox: easier to access early on, you can see it, you could watch it and you were like Okay, I can execute some of these things where you're looking at grappling and you're like I don't know what it's just like people rolling around on the ground, you know.

00:09:11.520 --> 00:09:20.790 Jeremiah Fox: And an interesting part about why people you know he pointed out why people stick with jujitsu and it really becomes like a cultural thing in their life they're like oh I.

00:09:21.150 --> 00:09:31.200 Jeremiah Fox: I am jujitsu now you know yeah a lot of guys say that, like Jiu jitsu there's a guy on linkedin he's got a he's also got a instagram handle called jujitsu saved my life.

00:09:31.740 --> 00:09:38.520 Jeremiah Fox: On cut it's really great and both of his accounts are awesome but yeah that kind of mentality, where it just like takes over.

00:09:38.880 --> 00:09:48.120 Jeremiah Fox: And he was saying, you know the commitment level is so much greater and something like jujitsu to your point like you have to trust like i'm going to loan you my arm.

00:09:48.900 --> 00:10:01.050 Jeremiah Fox: So you can practice this technique and it adds value to your life, you get the benefit of knowing like hey if I was in a self Defense situation I get to practice this thing and i'm trusting you're not going to break it.

00:10:01.440 --> 00:10:06.570 Jeremiah Fox: So that we can do it again, and then I get to do it to you and we have this mutual respect i'm like.

00:10:06.840 --> 00:10:17.430 Jeremiah Fox: loaning my body and further that that contact is so close right, like you, are like you know everybody's breath smells like what their sweat tastes like you know it's like.

00:10:17.730 --> 00:10:25.950 Jeremiah Fox: You know everything about this person at that point, and so it's just this like maximum amount of trust that you don't see in most other interactions in your life.

00:10:26.190 --> 00:10:30.750 Jeremiah Fox: And he was saying that's why the commitment level is so high, because people once they like do it they're like yes.

00:10:30.960 --> 00:10:35.460 Jeremiah Fox: And and it's like to answer your mom's question it's like you create those bonds with those people.

00:10:35.670 --> 00:10:42.120 Jeremiah Fox: And you don't have to speak about it anymore, you know you like walk in the room and you're like I know what like these 27 people.

00:10:42.300 --> 00:10:51.450 Jeremiah Fox: I will be safe, you know if there's an injury it's going to be an accident accidents happen, you know but it's not going to be like some ballistic a ship movement and some guy with your you know.

00:10:51.480 --> 00:10:52.680 Frank Pepe: snap your neck or read your.

00:10:52.710 --> 00:10:53.520 Jeremiah Fox: arm or whatever.

00:10:54.960 --> 00:11:07.350 Jeremiah Fox: And I and i'm always like now looking for ways to mirror that, as you said, you know in in like business or whatever the other goals that we're trying to accomplish in life are and it just.

00:11:07.740 --> 00:11:18.600 Jeremiah Fox: It I think it goes so much farther away Ryan joins like he'll really pipe in in terms of like how that applies to marketing because that's like the thing that he does and and he really takes those he is a black belt.

00:11:19.200 --> 00:11:23.310 Jeremiah Fox: So he's got like he's really got that mentality and applies it to their.

00:11:23.580 --> 00:11:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: i'm wondering if you can cite like within your own occupation, right now, like ways that that that those concepts like this more philosophical concepts in jujitsu have helped you be better at what you're doing now.

00:11:37.680 --> 00:11:47.400 Frank Pepe: yeah well like I said i'm in i'm in the training world so it's a bit different you know, but I guess you know the thought that was coming to my head when you were talking there's just the like.

00:11:47.850 --> 00:11:54.000 Frank Pepe: Respect factor, along with the truck for the amount that you could just respect somebody you know whether it's somebody.

00:11:54.360 --> 00:11:59.100 Frank Pepe: You know a few belts lower than you and they're just trying their best you know just to stay alive.

00:11:59.790 --> 00:12:05.640 Frank Pepe: or it's somebody that you just see their progress like we've got a few guys at my gym that you know started a little bit later than me and that.

00:12:06.180 --> 00:12:14.550 Frank Pepe: they've honestly passed me just because they it's clicking quicker for them right so there's just the respect factor that you get from different types of people when you know you're.

00:12:14.970 --> 00:12:24.750 Frank Pepe: You might know that you can tap them out 10 times and around, but you just see them keep getting up and getting after there's just so much respect there and I guess the way that that ties for me to training is you know.

00:12:26.070 --> 00:12:30.660 Frank Pepe: Especially in the world, training that i've done and then back to teaching to.

00:12:31.080 --> 00:12:41.070 Frank Pepe: You know people don't always pick up on content quickly people don't always learn material quickly and sometimes you just have to keep trying different approaches and the ones that are able to.

00:12:41.580 --> 00:12:44.310 Frank Pepe: You know persevere right just, just like in jujitsu.

00:12:44.940 --> 00:12:55.020 Frank Pepe: were the ones that you know, even if they don't understand it initially they're willing to try and they're willing to put in the effort to learn it they're willing to put in the effort to you know, improve whatever it is that they're doing.

00:12:55.830 --> 00:12:58.050 Frank Pepe: You know, I think that directly correlates between the two.

00:12:58.680 --> 00:13:07.470 Jeremiah Fox: nights so like your experiences like an opera about working with lower belts helps you understand that process, a little more, because I know it's like if you're working for like.

00:13:08.250 --> 00:13:13.830 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like a state or city wide on Department of Education program right there's like.

00:13:14.280 --> 00:13:18.780 Jeremiah Fox: high pressure on you to like make these results and you're working with like this confined curriculum and I.

00:13:19.140 --> 00:13:31.380 Jeremiah Fox: We need to see these numbers and that kind of kind of sucks it's almost inhuman you know so for you you're saying it gave you like this other avenue to like get inside people's head and help them be there be their best self.

00:13:32.130 --> 00:13:43.860 Frank Pepe: yeah for sure for sure yeah I think the patient's aspect of it than to is part of it, because if you that's that's always been my perspective, from a teaching perspective to right like with my students specifically back when I was teaching.

00:13:44.370 --> 00:13:52.860 Frank Pepe: You know, as long as the efforts there that's really all I care about as long as you want to learn and you're trying that's really all I care about right like.

00:13:53.280 --> 00:14:01.290 Frank Pepe: A you know if you don't remember this tiny little detail from taught history it'll remember this tiny little detail from industry, it doesn't matter, but if you.

00:14:01.800 --> 00:14:08.280 Frank Pepe: are putting in the right systems to try and learn try and organize your notes try to you know, do the right things that's what matters.

00:14:09.720 --> 00:14:18.180 Jeremiah Fox: awesome all right we're gonna have to take our first break my phone's ringing too fast for my ringer off sorry about that guys and we'll be back in just a minute so everybody hang tight we'll be right back.

00:16:39.030 --> 00:16:52.380 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome back everybody if you're just tuning in you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox speaking today with frank pepe and, soon to be joined by rolling co back who again has been on the show if you missed the first portion we were talking about.

00:16:53.700 --> 00:17:06.030 Jeremiah Fox: Self awareness how jujitsu and martial arts training in particular helps create that based off of a post that Ryan put up on Twitter about someone offering my own instructor used to call it unsolicited advice.

00:17:07.140 --> 00:17:14.490 Jeremiah Fox: He was a you can be a bad as but nobody wants to hear if it's like they don't ask for your help don't offer it like people really first of all.

00:17:14.880 --> 00:17:23.040 Jeremiah Fox: need to work through their own shit right like that's where you, you know from training like when somebody gets it themselves you put out like a.

00:17:23.880 --> 00:17:30.420 Jeremiah Fox: You know kind of incognito trail of crumbs but they like get the moment they'll retain that information, where if you're like.

00:17:30.690 --> 00:17:44.040 Jeremiah Fox: No put your hand here they'll do this Tetra toe data, not enough and you hold their hand through the whole process right the the information doesn't sink as deep they don't they don't own it the same way, they do when they kind of figure it out themselves.

00:17:45.540 --> 00:17:51.900 Jeremiah Fox: And you know, the thing that I found interesting and I think right like Ryan didn't say it in his bows but i've seen a bunch of his other content.

00:17:52.170 --> 00:17:57.810 Jeremiah Fox: Before is trying to say is like hey all your mother fuckers on linkedin like telling everybody, you have the answer like.

00:17:58.260 --> 00:18:07.860 Jeremiah Fox: Calm down right like we've all like I get these deals all the time and I get it on instagram to and occasionally on Facebook, but nothing like linkedin where it's like.

00:18:08.310 --> 00:18:16.920 Jeremiah Fox: will fix your yada yada yada yada yada i'm just like bro man calm down like you know, the world is in built that way I don't know, do you follow Gary van der chuck at all.

00:18:17.700 --> 00:18:18.540 Frank Pepe: I do, I do.

00:18:18.780 --> 00:18:24.660 Jeremiah Fox: So he posted something the other day is similar he's like there are, like all of these fools out here saying like.

00:18:25.170 --> 00:18:34.260 Jeremiah Fox: earn earn you know, a million dollars after like that three month course it doesn't work like please get the Fuck out of my face with all of this, like.

00:18:34.680 --> 00:18:41.100 Jeremiah Fox: You know just this garbage um it's a grind and that's The other thing I love about jujitsu is that it proves that.

00:18:41.460 --> 00:18:46.770 Jeremiah Fox: it's like incremental progress, you were talking about that in the first segment with your students, you know it's like.

00:18:47.190 --> 00:18:57.030 Jeremiah Fox: You see, that the drive and the passion for learning, you know that's so much better than a guidance and now like, I know I know okay yeah you know shed um.

00:18:57.510 --> 00:19:05.910 Jeremiah Fox: But it's just like climbing this rope you know, like this, you know that's what it really feels like that's what Jiu jitsu definitely feels like.

00:19:05.970 --> 00:19:10.530 Jeremiah Fox: I mean, but i'd say most of the time Jiu jitsu feels like you're sliding down the road when you're just trying to like.

00:19:12.000 --> 00:19:15.420 Jeremiah Fox: Get back to where you are so it feels like for me most of the time.

00:19:17.190 --> 00:19:24.180 Jeremiah Fox: But I but business for sure you know there's like very few people that skyrocket and.

00:19:24.240 --> 00:19:29.550 Jeremiah Fox: and lead inbound do you get a lot of those those crazy do.

00:19:29.610 --> 00:19:34.080 Frank Pepe: Yes, and so we post well it's it's just funny because I feel like.

00:19:34.560 --> 00:19:45.120 Frank Pepe: You know, obviously, a lot of its self promotion right people just trying to get their name out there whatnot, but there are a few on on linkedin and I love linkedin I don't want to you know sound like we're bashing it but.

00:19:45.120 --> 00:19:47.400 Frank Pepe: A few on there that.

00:19:47.670 --> 00:19:53.130 Frank Pepe: All it is just same shameful self promotion of like Look how great I can be Look how great I can be.

00:19:53.820 --> 00:20:01.830 Frank Pepe: And sometimes it just gets to the point where it's like I don't even know what you're selling like I don't even know what is that your product is, and you, and you know.

00:20:02.340 --> 00:20:10.770 Frank Pepe: And the other realization i've had is so many times with those people there, they don't have any substance to what they're talking about it's almost like.

00:20:11.400 --> 00:20:21.090 Frank Pepe: i'm just going to be coaching you to coach you right like if you guys have ever seen that that meme online of the two spider man pointing at each other, the other day, just like you know.

00:20:21.330 --> 00:20:28.410 Frank Pepe: Exactly it's like a common one, that people have used for different things, but it's to spider man and they're just like you know they just found each other right.

00:20:28.800 --> 00:20:37.290 Frank Pepe: And they're the exact same guy and I feel like that's so much of what linkedin can be is just coaches coaching other coaches, you know just putting it to each other how i'm going to coach you and i'm going to coach you.

00:20:37.710 --> 00:20:42.270 Frank Pepe: And it's funny that like backseat driver thing with you know, going back to the UFC.

00:20:42.810 --> 00:20:56.130 Frank Pepe: You know perspective is like everyone's an expert until they really get on the mat or everyone's really hurt until they you know can really run a business and grow that and not just you know, be doing it out of the kitchen, you know.

00:20:58.860 --> 00:21:09.420 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny i'm in the food industry so there's a lot of I know a lot of a lot of people that are like working out of their kitchen and they're like oh yeah I get through this and it's you know, unfortunately, it happens to a lot of.

00:21:10.650 --> 00:21:26.430 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of a lot of chefs I had a woman on recently alicia Butler Pierre and we kind of stumbled upon that this notion that you know, especially in the entrepreneurial world.

00:21:27.510 --> 00:21:36.450 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of them come from creative background so you'd like you've got people from like the culinary arts, music, you know visual arts photography whatever you know.

00:21:36.780 --> 00:21:45.600 Jeremiah Fox: Because if you know starting your own business and going down this path, requires a certain amount of creativity, I think you know, unless you're buying just like franchises.

00:21:45.840 --> 00:21:52.800 Jeremiah Fox: Which is totally valid and a good route to go, but if you're not you know you really are these are people that are not averse to.

00:21:53.040 --> 00:22:01.470 Jeremiah Fox: The Gray area or like oh yeah we're used to the blank canvas and making this happen, and how that doesn't always translate to growing your business, because that is much more about strategy.

00:22:01.710 --> 00:22:06.720 Jeremiah Fox: And it's like you know you use one strategy to get the doors open and get the thing put together.

00:22:06.960 --> 00:22:16.380 Jeremiah Fox: But it also requires a different skill set to get to the next level and a lot of people don't understand that and that's why you see like these guys, who are amazing in the kitchen are amazing and like.

00:22:17.790 --> 00:22:22.590 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like i've had all these kids that came from my culinary school to apprentice.

00:22:23.280 --> 00:22:33.210 Jeremiah Fox: Like you've never worked in a real kitchen a day in your life have you just all have been in these beautiful test kitchens, where everything's available for you and i'm like dude, this is the Marine corps of.

00:22:34.050 --> 00:22:49.050 Jeremiah Fox: love of the food industry by you, you rub two sticks together and you and you try to make a spark and I think that really is the distinguishing factor, even for people that are within an industry like clearly like this guy on the posters like you know he sells car parts.

00:22:50.160 --> 00:22:59.400 Jeremiah Fox: is like no relation at all that's like you know, and I don't know if you saw never just responded like your your your your shirt says UFC but your belly says kfc like.

00:23:00.540 --> 00:23:09.540 Jeremiah Fox: Film out completely removed, but then you know even people that are with in the industry, they they talk about certain aspects that they haven't quite.

00:23:10.470 --> 00:23:21.030 Jeremiah Fox: haven't quite been through yet so you've got guys that are like i'm going to chef i'm going to open, you know restaurant i've got this I know what's going on, and you get in over your head, you know it's a completely different skill set.

00:23:22.350 --> 00:23:27.660 Jeremiah Fox: And it's like the belt system, you know I started to compare i'm a purple belt now.

00:23:27.750 --> 00:23:28.770 Frank Pepe: And I.

00:23:28.890 --> 00:23:42.750 Jeremiah Fox: I compare like my pace and my place in in my you know, is this journey to like the belt system and and you acquire different skills so it's so so it's like you know what gets you a blue belt that same.

00:23:44.670 --> 00:23:53.340 Jeremiah Fox: Definitely is a different skill set that I guess like the drive and ambition carries over, but like what gets you your bluebell does not always won't get you your purple belt and so on.

00:23:53.340 --> 00:24:00.300 Jeremiah Fox: down, you have to make these adjustments and i've always like just love the interplay of those two should change the name of that show.

00:24:02.580 --> 00:24:06.420 Jeremiah Fox: server know what yeah I like we just talked about it so much and.

00:24:07.590 --> 00:24:24.660 Jeremiah Fox: You know i've had like I had Gregor gracie on recently actually training with him it's under this guy's in the city sometimes and like he he connected to two beautifully you know business Jiu jitsu at all it's just all both are a reflection of life, you know.

00:24:24.720 --> 00:24:32.460 Frank Pepe: yeah right yeah cuz I mean you know kind of like we were saying before, just like the coming back from Sir comes from negative circumstances or whatnot like.

00:24:33.690 --> 00:24:46.050 Frank Pepe: You know, for me, it's the biggest thing that I love about jujitsu is when I come home from like a really rough day of work, and I have all these worries spinning around my head about you know my daily life, or about job any of that kind of stuff.

00:24:46.800 --> 00:24:51.840 Frank Pepe: And then you go to jujitsu and there's a 200 250 pound guy trying to choke the the hell out of you.

00:24:52.710 --> 00:24:59.100 Frank Pepe: A lot of those problems go right out the window right and it's such a great mental health thing and there's been so many times were before.

00:24:59.490 --> 00:25:05.220 Frank Pepe: Before class i'm like I don't know if I want to go, I want to go because i'm thinking of all the worries that are gone and my mind and whatnot.

00:25:05.640 --> 00:25:15.690 Frank Pepe: And then I go and invariably every time I come come home from the gym i'm gonna be banged up a little tired, but every time I come out i'm like i'm so glad I did that I feel so much better.

00:25:16.020 --> 00:25:26.670 Frank Pepe: And and those worries are just gone they're just gone, because you know your sole focus is in the moment and trying not to get squished you know yeah.

00:25:27.210 --> 00:25:34.470 Jeremiah Fox: it's just a great reset it's like it's not that the situation has gone away, but you're just your perspective on it changes.

00:25:35.910 --> 00:25:40.830 Jeremiah Fox: You know Gregor talked about that on on his show is like you know it's one thing to go running.

00:25:41.460 --> 00:25:50.010 Jeremiah Fox: or like go lift weights, but you're easily it's there's no dynamic Problem Solving so it's very easy to just continue to focus on that thing.

00:25:50.310 --> 00:25:56.160 Jeremiah Fox: And in your own head like nothing has changed you're still like yeah you're working out you're getting some endorphins.

00:25:56.490 --> 00:26:05.940 Jeremiah Fox: Going but like you're still able to just stay stuck in your your previous mental state than you know from when you started training and you still could have like anxiety about the situation.

00:26:06.240 --> 00:26:08.250 Jeremiah Fox: And like but jujitsu is totally different because.

00:26:08.280 --> 00:26:14.790 Jeremiah Fox: Like you said and Emily be there's gonna be that big guy or that better guy you're just like all you can do you can't have your phone.

00:26:15.000 --> 00:26:19.170 Jeremiah Fox: You know when you're running you could start to take a call and be like oh shit This situation is still happening.

00:26:19.410 --> 00:26:33.000 Jeremiah Fox: Or you can be checking your phone in between sets while you're lifting weights on the mat sometimes you can't even have water and it's just like yes, Syria, like this is so serious and you come out and you're like what was what was that thing that I was thinking about.

00:26:34.110 --> 00:26:34.290 Jeremiah Fox: Now.

00:26:34.350 --> 00:26:35.730 Frank Pepe: yeah yeah.

00:26:35.970 --> 00:26:42.720 Frank Pepe: Well, and that's The funny thing too, you know with with jujitsu and I guess with business as well, as you know, you'll find yourself in a bad spot.

00:26:43.140 --> 00:26:51.240 Frank Pepe: and make a move to try and get out of it and you might find yourself in an even worse spot for you, my friend herself and another bad spot that you know so.

00:26:52.290 --> 00:26:57.750 Frank Pepe: I haven't mastered yet the ability to think three steps ahead and jujitsu I know that's probably coming down the pipeline for me.

00:26:58.770 --> 00:26:59.730 Jeremiah Fox: We all right.

00:27:01.230 --> 00:27:03.960 Frank Pepe: But it's the same thing as it pertains to business right if you're.

00:27:04.260 --> 00:27:11.400 Frank Pepe: taking an approach to one aspect of what you do and then you're like all right, this is how i'm going to avoid that problem or correct the problem for the next time you might enter.

00:27:11.610 --> 00:27:19.590 Frank Pepe: yourself up in a completely different problem of that may even be even be worse right that's something that has occurred a lot for me recently, as you know.

00:27:20.580 --> 00:27:27.420 Frank Pepe: Sometimes, making a move, you might even put you in a worse spot, so you got to really be calculated and have the strategy down and know what you're doing.

00:27:28.080 --> 00:27:36.330 Jeremiah Fox: And you said it earlier like patience is one of the big things you learn and that's what I think more than anything, prevents that that knee jerk response, where you're like okay.

00:27:36.690 --> 00:27:43.290 Jeremiah Fox: This is an uncomfortable situation but earlier today, I was in an uncomfortable situation to this guy's name was on my sternum.

00:27:43.560 --> 00:27:47.850 Jeremiah Fox: And I was like I know if I move this way it's going to get worse if I move that way we're done.

00:27:48.180 --> 00:27:55.050 Jeremiah Fox: But like you stop and you take your time to think and then, if you practice that muscle whole enough, I think it will definitely show up.

00:27:55.470 --> 00:28:10.620 Jeremiah Fox: and other not in, not just in business or you know personal relationships and things and the point yet again it's just like maximizing the benefit reaping the value, you know, like really like Okay, this is valuable and then being able to share that.

00:28:12.000 --> 00:28:14.760 Frank Pepe: And I think you just made me think if we have a second.

00:28:15.120 --> 00:28:15.780 Jeremiah Fox: yeah go for it.

00:28:16.320 --> 00:28:21.690 Frank Pepe: yeah you just made me think I think we had commented back and forth once and I said something like escaping knee on belly.

00:28:21.690 --> 00:28:22.350 Jeremiah Fox: Has yeah.

00:28:22.950 --> 00:28:28.200 Frank Pepe: And for me I don't know how much of your listeners are familiar with you know the details of jujitsu.

00:28:28.260 --> 00:28:30.450 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of them are a lot of them know what you mean by that.

00:28:31.530 --> 00:28:41.160 Frank Pepe: I had this realization probably about a year into my Jiu jitsu journey, where I started to realize that like being stuck in a bad position doesn't always mean that you need to just panic.

00:28:41.250 --> 00:28:42.060 Frank Pepe: And and.

00:28:42.300 --> 00:28:53.160 Frank Pepe: Israeli was talking about the people whose bows on the mat and there was one guy in particular who who his knee on belly was just crushing right, and I would just kind of spat has been freaking.

00:28:54.540 --> 00:29:07.440 Frank Pepe: To try and get out of that position right because it's locked right, and then I realized that, if I can hold it and just be patient and take my time and wait for him to make the mistake I knew how to explain it right, so I learned to get comfortable in that sucky.

00:29:08.430 --> 00:29:14.700 Frank Pepe: uncomfortable state and then wait for them to screw up and then that's just something think from an overall.

00:29:15.390 --> 00:29:25.290 Frank Pepe: perspective just taught me a lot sometimes you just got to stick in the suck and sometimes you just have to be there and wait for the the clouds to open up and then you've got the sunshine.

00:29:26.220 --> 00:29:31.740 Jeremiah Fox: Another reason to train daily just practice that that ability to endure the suck.

00:29:31.920 --> 00:29:32.670 Frank Pepe: For sure yeah.

00:29:33.330 --> 00:29:36.150 Jeremiah Fox: All right, well we're gonna take another break we'll be back in just a minute everybody.

00:32:12.120 --> 00:32:17.550 Jeremiah Fox: Alright guys we're going to hop right back into it talking with frank pepe here, hopefully Ryan makes it and always in a meeting.

00:32:18.030 --> 00:32:23.490 Jeremiah Fox: but either way we're gonna have a great time one thing you said earlier, I you really sparked a.

00:32:23.940 --> 00:32:27.900 Jeremiah Fox: bunch of conversations i've had so I trained at hens oh gracie academy now in Manhattan.

00:32:28.230 --> 00:32:38.070 Jeremiah Fox: It has headquarters and and he's around often and you know we have a lot of conversations he's a character that you've never met him like you should because he's just a trip.

00:32:38.520 --> 00:32:50.370 Jeremiah Fox: But if he's been involved in all these crazy things I you know he he's an investor in and a founding member of like a bunch of promotions, you know and.

00:32:51.570 --> 00:32:57.120 Jeremiah Fox: Like involved in like monetary it's so many crazy things and he just gets information.

00:32:57.630 --> 00:33:01.200 Jeremiah Fox: In so many different avenues, you know and it's crazy because, like his schools.

00:33:01.500 --> 00:33:12.180 Jeremiah Fox: there's like federal agents training there there's guys from prison there's like firefighters and carbs and investment bankers and lawyers this like everybody's always hearing like some crazy.

00:33:12.870 --> 00:33:24.810 Jeremiah Fox: bit of information and relaying it to him and then he's like this, this conduit for information, and you know he's tied in closely with the Prince of Abu Dhabi and, one day, the Prince just looked at him and said you're in the wrong business.

00:33:26.160 --> 00:33:35.670 Jeremiah Fox: Because he just said he's just like so good at facilitating this information process and and I, and I think about jujitsu in that way, like jujitsu is almost like.

00:33:36.090 --> 00:33:40.230 Jeremiah Fox: it's almost like storytelling right it's almost like mythology like we're passing down.

00:33:41.220 --> 00:33:47.550 Jeremiah Fox: Like generations to generations generations of information through movements and through technique.

00:33:47.910 --> 00:34:04.110 Jeremiah Fox: You know and and at a certain point you don't even have to speak anymore and it's like wow that was like that was really crazy and I just want to get your thoughts on that is that applies because you're like yeah i'm not in business, per se, but I think like you're in like a prime.

00:34:05.670 --> 00:34:18.180 Jeremiah Fox: you're situated, you know your position nicely to to take that aspect of jujitsu and and you know, because your your your main not patient is like translating.

00:34:18.930 --> 00:34:28.800 Jeremiah Fox: and sharing information, and I just wondered like how how that's affected you and, if you like, think about that if you're cognizant of a like when you're training, but also when you're working.

00:34:30.390 --> 00:34:37.050 Frank Pepe: yeah yeah um I don't know I guess I just think like there's when you're talking about the beginning of that about you know.

00:34:37.710 --> 00:34:48.750 Frank Pepe: Everything we've mentioned about being run up against somebody and and battling with them, and all that thing that i've thought about a lot it's like the primal instincts that come out with with training right like how.

00:34:49.260 --> 00:34:58.260 Frank Pepe: You know, essentially we've evolved right and we have come a long way from being the animals and the people that have been outside hunting and you're using all of our adrenaline.

00:34:59.190 --> 00:35:07.710 Frank Pepe: I think that's what I think is really cool about jujitsu is the ability to you know channel that adrenaline that energy to stay stay alive right.

00:35:08.490 --> 00:35:17.310 Frank Pepe: Then, as it pertains to like you know the work that i'm doing, I mean, I think, from a training perspective and conveying that information conveying those techniques and passing them around.

00:35:18.960 --> 00:35:31.050 Frank Pepe: I have got the opportunity to like lead class and lose my coach a few times, so I have actually gotten that opportunity to train a little bit, but even when there's somebody new you know coming in and i'm just meeting them working privately together.

00:35:33.240 --> 00:35:47.550 Frank Pepe: it's really hard unless you've been doing Jiu jitsu for a while to kind of explain just how how simple it is, I guess, for me now to to know how to move and it's amazing I was rolling with somebody the other night that you know.

00:35:48.870 --> 00:35:56.010 Frank Pepe: Strong guy you tell he had a sports backgrounds, but had no clue of how to just protect himself and that's such a.

00:35:56.550 --> 00:36:01.380 Frank Pepe: core fundamental fundamental thing you know i'm on top of him flattening him out and.

00:36:02.070 --> 00:36:09.840 Frank Pepe: there's just no movement no movement of the lower body, no movement of the hips is almost just like he just was paralyzed and frozen and you know, Adam inside control.

00:36:10.710 --> 00:36:22.560 Frank Pepe: A and it's funny how how that is just a spot for people, so I just as i'm fighting him i'm like move your hips move your hips move your hips and just trying to quickly tell him like.

00:36:22.980 --> 00:36:28.320 Frank Pepe: The little bits of information just keep him going right, so I even had something to do so, think.

00:36:28.680 --> 00:36:36.570 Frank Pepe: The more that we can use that you know into training format and then also you know in our sports or whatever lives were in the more that we can just transmit that information.

00:36:37.530 --> 00:36:47.850 Frank Pepe: quickly to people to get them to know like what are the fundamental core things they need, just so they can you know operate every day or in this case like stay alive right Those are the things that are cool.

00:36:48.930 --> 00:36:54.510 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny you mentioned that because i'm working with this this like much larger black though lately.

00:36:55.350 --> 00:37:05.490 Jeremiah Fox: I don't know why, like you know I may just asked me to train and i'm like I mean I don't know if it's an insult or a compliment i'm like my just everybody's restaurant it's like hey come over there, you know they just it's.

00:37:06.210 --> 00:37:11.580 Jeremiah Fox: Around yeah and, like this one guys these large and he's good you know and.

00:37:12.960 --> 00:37:30.660 Jeremiah Fox: He gets on top of your man and I just can't move and it's funny like I need a reminder, like, I know that you know is like the technique that's the appropriate response but it's just smart as me and i'm just like want to give up i'm just like i'm a top just like mount Amina like this.

00:37:31.980 --> 00:37:42.660 Jeremiah Fox: it's like almost embarrassing you know so even a lot like along the way, I need that reminder, where he was like so you're trying to shrimp but your feet aren't touching the floor, and I was like really.

00:37:44.460 --> 00:37:51.360 Jeremiah Fox: there's so much pressure I didn't even realize that and he was going patient with me and like what i'm getting from him now is like we work together several times.

00:37:51.780 --> 00:37:56.280 Jeremiah Fox: And now he's starting to offer me like little pointers like that he just time and i'm like.

00:37:56.640 --> 00:38:10.890 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, maybe he does like Mike like me, maybe he does want to see me get my black belt, maybe i'm not just like the ball and he's the cat and he's like smack me around, but like it can definitely feel that way, sometimes, so you go ahead, what are you gonna say.

00:38:11.430 --> 00:38:16.440 Frank Pepe: Saying that makes it better, for me, you know, like that makes it better, when I have somebody that I can actually kind of compete with.

00:38:16.770 --> 00:38:20.790 Frank Pepe: You know, we had this weird movement for a while, at the gym that I train at where.

00:38:21.240 --> 00:38:27.870 Frank Pepe: For probably about a year it was just the same five or six of us showing up and then boom out of nowhere, we had like six or seven new people.

00:38:28.320 --> 00:38:35.700 Frank Pepe: And when those six or seven new people showed up for a while there, it was you know almost kind of tough because there's so many restaurants right.

00:38:36.540 --> 00:38:44.940 Frank Pepe: But then, with now they've all started to get you know at least competent and it's really enjoyable now because it's like I can see their progression.

00:38:45.270 --> 00:38:54.270 Frank Pepe: And i'm getting better because every single one of them is at least pushing me a little bit and that's what I think is great it's great to see that when you can give them little tips and pointers here.

00:38:54.780 --> 00:39:00.120 Frank Pepe: And then now it's it's doesn't feel as much like obviously wasted time but it feels much more productive.

00:39:00.900 --> 00:39:09.000 Jeremiah Fox: yeah definitely and you know there's this idea that if you really want to be good at something you know tried teaching it and you're in a position.

00:39:09.900 --> 00:39:18.930 Jeremiah Fox: To to grow in that way um I don't know if you you're familiar with john danaher read any of his like especially instagram posts and he's always saying like.

00:39:19.680 --> 00:39:27.420 Jeremiah Fox: there's a lot of value in spending the majority of your time training with somebody less skilled than you so that you actually get to.

00:39:27.990 --> 00:39:32.400 Jeremiah Fox: really feel where they're all of us that they're offering some sort of.

00:39:33.060 --> 00:39:41.430 Jeremiah Fox: Dynamic situation they're not just like here's my arm take it, you know, like they're they're moving into like i'm going to try at least and you get to work within that framework.

00:39:41.670 --> 00:39:51.900 Jeremiah Fox: And, and still apply your technique where when it's like like my situation right now i'm in a room where I like there's so many people better than me and i'm like i'll get a submission one day again like.

00:39:52.680 --> 00:39:59.100 Jeremiah Fox: My old school, I was definitely one of the higher brain says now i'm like i'm like yeah I remember what submissions feel like i'll.

00:39:59.160 --> 00:40:02.100 Jeremiah Fox: You know, fortunately, my wife trains and i'm better than her and so.

00:40:02.280 --> 00:40:02.580 Jeremiah Fox: When I.

00:40:02.880 --> 00:40:03.030 Jeremiah Fox: Go.

00:40:03.390 --> 00:40:08.730 Jeremiah Fox: And I just think I can get my REPS and like I just got 15 submissions and then all the black codes are watching you know, like yeah.

00:40:09.030 --> 00:40:11.100 Jeremiah Fox: You will pay for that, but um.

00:40:11.250 --> 00:40:13.560 Frank Pepe: But that too from like a business sense.

00:40:13.620 --> 00:40:14.970 Frank Pepe: Right like you're surrounding yourself.

00:40:15.660 --> 00:40:25.350 Frank Pepe: don't necessarily know as much, and I think, for me, as a teacher, the way that I always felt like I got better and learn more both teaching and now as a trainer is like I.

00:40:26.280 --> 00:40:31.590 Frank Pepe: understand them it's like i'm teaching better the more that I share it with people know I got my have a.

00:40:31.950 --> 00:40:35.700 Frank Pepe: good understanding of it, but then the more that i'm sharing it with everyone else, the better i'm getting.

00:40:36.120 --> 00:40:43.800 Frank Pepe: And you know I again I haven't run a business, so I can't really speak too much on it, but I would assume that the same thing goes for those of you running businesses, as well as that.

00:40:44.070 --> 00:40:57.390 Frank Pepe: The more that you're able to share and have quality conversations with people about you know the intricacies of what you're doing the more it's going to make you better because you're you know you're explaining that and sharing it and learning it more as you're transmitting it.

00:40:58.230 --> 00:41:05.010 Jeremiah Fox: For sure I mean even just doing this show I have like I have show sometimes where I like these people come on and they say things.

00:41:05.580 --> 00:41:13.350 Jeremiah Fox: That maybe I was aware of, but hadn't put into practice, yet and were like they're like in all it's just like training with a guy and you know.

00:41:13.830 --> 00:41:20.190 Jeremiah Fox: he's great at camorra's and you're like I know how to do a commodity like this guy's great it camorra's and you're like wow like.

00:41:20.520 --> 00:41:27.510 Jeremiah Fox: This is really beneficial like you've exploited this one thing, and you built that game around it and it's like it's impressive.

00:41:27.810 --> 00:41:35.490 Jeremiah Fox: And so, someone will come on and they say something and i'm like dude i've heard this for years, but like I just now understood.

00:41:35.850 --> 00:41:54.240 Jeremiah Fox: What you're talking what that means, like it kind of goes to be like a bowl like oh oh yeah and then realize i'm not really doing that and I think it would be much better if I did so just having the conversation is great it really like helps you grow that way for sure hundred percent.

00:41:55.350 --> 00:42:01.560 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're going to take one more last break come back and see maybe Ryan oh Come on, if not we're going to kick it anyways we'll be back in just a minute everybody.

00:44:38.580 --> 00:44:49.680 Jeremiah Fox: Alright last segment everybody we're going to kick it off just right I got a question for you, you said you're on your lunch break but it looks like you you're at home, are you working remotely still.

00:44:50.640 --> 00:44:55.710 Frank Pepe: So I every other day i'm in the office at home gotcha yeah.

00:44:56.670 --> 00:45:01.500 Jeremiah Fox: And, and what was the situation with your gym you say you've been training for two years.

00:45:01.800 --> 00:45:05.310 Jeremiah Fox: which indicates to me you trained throughout the pandemic.

00:45:06.330 --> 00:45:09.540 Frank Pepe: Well it's really been two and a half years, I should say.

00:45:09.570 --> 00:45:22.290 Frank Pepe: Right, but when the pandemic first hit the you know the gym pretty much closed, I think, for two three months straight right, and then I think around June last year is when he you know slowly started bringing people back in.

00:45:23.730 --> 00:45:30.660 Frank Pepe: But yeah it was an adjustment at first for those first few months like June, July, there was only you know a few people that were willing to go back.

00:45:31.230 --> 00:45:41.220 Frank Pepe: And then you know it started to pick up from there right and then now like I said, probably over over the fall it just exploded and that's when we get to that we've new people I was talking about.

00:45:41.580 --> 00:45:51.330 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah here in New York, you couldn't open for a while and so we had like like fight club straight out man like one of my buddies had a an empty apartment.

00:45:51.810 --> 00:46:00.480 Jeremiah Fox: He was trying to sell it, but you couldn't even you couldn't do that you couldn't show or anything like that, so we had this like they just finished for innovation and could even put it on the market, he was like well.

00:46:01.110 --> 00:46:09.330 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, we do some mass down and then just training system to your partner like basements and training in a motorcycle shop, like all kinds of weird stuff and then.

00:46:09.990 --> 00:46:26.820 Jeremiah Fox: hens us we wanted first place to open back up, which is how I ended up there, they open back in like January or something like that now it's it's open for now we'll see what happens, but either way you know, unfortunately, the school that I trained I prior prior they just closed the.

00:46:26.880 --> 00:46:28.710 Jeremiah Fox: You know the landlord was unforgiving and.

00:46:29.220 --> 00:46:36.330 Jeremiah Fox: Adapting to a lot of places around here so i'm glad to hear that that your place yeah stay open and you're going to continue to.

00:46:36.330 --> 00:46:36.630 train.

00:46:37.830 --> 00:46:44.370 Frank Pepe: I remember my coach said back when it all hit he is the he's like this is pretty much the opposite of social distancing.

00:46:44.640 --> 00:46:46.740 Jeremiah Fox: I said that a bunch of guys like we want to get as.

00:46:46.740 --> 00:46:53.370 Jeremiah Fox: Close to you as possible, we want to, we want to bring it in, so the great part about that, though, is that.

00:46:54.000 --> 00:46:58.560 Jeremiah Fox: You know, going back to like the opening you know kind of statement of the show is like.

00:46:59.340 --> 00:47:08.100 Jeremiah Fox: there's a lot of people that talk, you know, a big game and and it's easy to do that under like ideal conditions so when like there's no resistance in your life.

00:47:08.730 --> 00:47:22.560 Jeremiah Fox: And you're able to like if it's training or you know run your business or anything like that sure it's easy you know to be like i'm the guy can do this, but you know when you have like major opposition major adversity and this I mean.

00:47:23.040 --> 00:47:33.240 Jeremiah Fox: This year, presented it in so many ways for so many industries and like it's all the ones that I love and all the ones that have like spent my diamond so like right now there's a there's a vaccination and a.

00:47:34.020 --> 00:47:40.350 Jeremiah Fox: In New York City like, if you want to go out to eat indoors you have to present it and just have an open a restaurant.

00:47:40.680 --> 00:47:53.370 Jeremiah Fox: If you want to work out inside at a gym got to show you fax card and everybody working asks it back to be vaccinated i'm like in the gym every day, and then the last thing is like live events you know, and I went to school for music, I was, I was a.

00:47:53.880 --> 00:47:55.410 Jeremiah Fox: freelancer and a performer for.

00:47:55.650 --> 00:48:03.510 Jeremiah Fox: 20 years i'm like did you just draw my name out of the hat and say like what he does what he does that we're gonna just like I just took it as a personal attack, I was like.

00:48:05.130 --> 00:48:06.750 Jeremiah Fox: it's not cool man anyways.

00:48:08.220 --> 00:48:21.660 Jeremiah Fox: But, but you know the people that were really committed and really like you didn't know I didn't know that I would be able to pull this up in my restaurant, I thought for sure I was like we're going to cave is not going to happen, you know, like with all the.

00:48:22.170 --> 00:48:32.550 Jeremiah Fox: You know we've been able to say you know we were takeout only then outdoor dining all in a, then we can do a hybrid then it was outdoor on the again in like January of all time to like really this is awful.

00:48:33.000 --> 00:48:39.510 Jeremiah Fox: And it just keeps fluctuating and i'm like I don't know how we're going to sit on this and somehow we just do so, like a lot of people got the chance.

00:48:39.780 --> 00:48:40.680 Jeremiah Fox: To prove it.

00:48:41.100 --> 00:48:44.880 Jeremiah Fox: To be like i'm not just Sean it sells car parts like i'm the guy.

00:48:45.870 --> 00:48:53.040 Frank Pepe: yeah How much are you in your game yeah when it comes to running a business right there's so many that have that have folded you know even just in my area.

00:48:53.340 --> 00:49:00.180 Frank Pepe: And a lot of them are shocks right it's been places that people have liked and wanted to go through for years and it's just like wow you know.

00:49:02.190 --> 00:49:07.290 Frank Pepe: I guess they didn't really want to be in the game that much or whatever reason, maybe they just couldn't make it work.

00:49:07.620 --> 00:49:16.410 Frank Pepe: But that's just funny too, because you think about you know, going back to people, you know I kept playing backseat driver with the with you know jitsu and stuff like that it's like.

00:49:16.740 --> 00:49:22.140 Frank Pepe: You know when adversity is finally shown to you, are you going to stay in the game and are you going to actually you know.

00:49:22.530 --> 00:49:34.290 Frank Pepe: Be there there's so many people like we were discussing that show up like hot shots like I know what i'm doing, but when it really comes down to it, it's pretty obvious that they they want the glory without the without the sweat to go along with it.

00:49:35.670 --> 00:49:45.720 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I mean i've been injured a few times and I like always have trained through injuries and I think that's a good indicator when people when a guy's like oh I hurt my knee I gotta take some time off and i'm like.

00:49:47.130 --> 00:49:55.290 Jeremiah Fox: All right, i'm like I blew my knee out, and I was like I took a couple days off and then I just did like basic class and work like kids you know, but I was like.

00:49:55.800 --> 00:50:01.620 Jeremiah Fox: kind of state in it and because it's too easy once you, you know what we're seeing right now with like the you know.

00:50:02.430 --> 00:50:12.750 Jeremiah Fox: The recent recent mandates and executive orders and such that places are shutting down once again they're like afraid and what I saw this is like industry.

00:50:13.440 --> 00:50:27.450 Jeremiah Fox: Specific with restaurants is like if a place shuts down even temporarily one time they're like whatever they're like something like 70% likely to reopen like you most places can weather that storm.

00:50:28.050 --> 00:50:31.260 Frank Pepe: If i'm a little bit of hard time hearing Jeremiah.

00:50:31.500 --> 00:50:40.950 Jeremiah Fox: is breaking up yeah it happens, from time to time um then they were saying you know if you shut down two times you're 50%.

00:50:42.270 --> 00:50:47.340 Jeremiah Fox: likely to reopen and then, but if you shut down up to three times, even temporarily that.

00:50:48.510 --> 00:50:50.130 Jeremiah Fox: Your your chance of returning is.

00:50:50.460 --> 00:50:58.530 Jeremiah Fox: Probably like 30% and that's what we're starting to see in New York is places that have closed down multiple times for temporary period so make adjustments and others, but like if.

00:50:59.190 --> 00:51:05.070 Jeremiah Fox: it's not sustainable, you know it's going to crack a certain point, a lot of those businesses are going to disappear, unfortunately.

00:51:11.340 --> 00:51:12.030 Frank Pepe: Have a little.

00:51:17.910 --> 00:51:20.700 Frank Pepe: bit here yeah I know you were just talking.

00:51:23.910 --> 00:51:24.210 Frank Pepe: My.

00:51:25.440 --> 00:51:26.850 Frank Pepe: My feet, is a little bit.

00:51:29.280 --> 00:51:31.020 Frank Pepe: So i'm a little bit.

00:51:32.160 --> 00:51:33.000 Frank Pepe: Here, but you know.

00:51:35.790 --> 00:51:36.450 Frank Pepe: it's okay man.

00:51:36.960 --> 00:51:38.430 Jeremiah Fox: Does next time pay your bill before we.

00:51:38.490 --> 00:51:39.000 end the show.

00:51:40.680 --> 00:51:41.490 Frank Pepe: That same time.

00:51:42.570 --> 00:51:43.380 Frank Pepe: I think it's just.

00:51:45.960 --> 00:51:46.740 Frank Pepe: A it's.

00:51:47.880 --> 00:51:51.870 Frank Pepe: A tougher and you have to face those adversities.

00:51:54.090 --> 00:51:55.650 Frank Pepe: and be right in.

00:51:57.210 --> 00:51:58.050 Frank Pepe: A bit verse.

00:51:59.850 --> 00:52:00.060 Frank Pepe: This.

00:52:01.710 --> 00:52:02.010 Frank Pepe: plot.

00:52:09.450 --> 00:52:09.660 Frank Pepe: You.

00:52:19.380 --> 00:52:25.110 Jeremiah Fox: So looks like we lost frank so we're gonna have to wrap this one up a few minutes early.

00:52:27.420 --> 00:52:30.750 Frank Pepe: On Scott, you know overall so that's just something.

00:52:31.950 --> 00:52:33.060 Jeremiah Fox: i'm sorry I can't hear you oh.

00:52:34.890 --> 00:52:38.400 Jeremiah Fox: Well, we got sure we got your audio back, but I can't see your video anymore.

00:52:40.290 --> 00:52:52.980 Jeremiah Fox: it's okay first world problems if you can hear me frank, like to thank you for coming on the show if you can't Thank you later the rest of you definitely, thank you for tuning in and listening and you know.

00:52:53.550 --> 00:53:00.870 Jeremiah Fox: I encourage you all to look for that practice it doesn't have to be Brazilian jujitsu you know my passion for it and I brought on for new people who.

00:53:01.650 --> 00:53:10.080 Jeremiah Fox: who have this similar passion is one of those things that really works, but but look for that that thing that outlet That gives you the opportunity to practice.

00:53:10.110 --> 00:53:12.900 Jeremiah Fox: Dynamic problem solving it has some philosophical.

00:53:13.320 --> 00:53:17.490 Jeremiah Fox: On your belly to it that offers to you know the mental.

00:53:19.080 --> 00:53:28.380 Jeremiah Fox: feel you need to just do or some of these times and it looks like we're out of the woods yet people were starting to party and say what's all good and circling back around.

00:53:28.950 --> 00:53:34.890 Jeremiah Fox: The point is that, like it's always going to circle back around I think it's a fallacy to get into this mindset that.

00:53:35.190 --> 00:53:45.180 Jeremiah Fox: You know you're going to live a good life and everything's just going to be great like yeah you're gonna have some good days and and hopefully the good ones far exceed the bad ones, but I think we all need to be prepared constantly.

00:53:46.080 --> 00:54:00.300 Jeremiah Fox: To battle it's a battle, whatever it is close with one of my favorite saying is it's better to be a warrior and a garden than a gardener and a war take that to the bank you all have a great week we'll see you next week peace out everybody.

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