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Friday, November 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/19 - Bo Knows

Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/19 - Bo Knows


2021/11/19 - Bo Knows


This Friday at noon I’m pumped to welcome Bo Templin to the show!

He a sports podcast host & writer for ONE37pm

We’ll discuss some of my favorite topics: business, media & fighting.

Also, we’ll talk about what makes a show interesting.

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah starts the show by introducing his guest, sports podcast host, Bo Templin. Jeremiah and Bo discuss Bo’s company 137 and what it’s mission means to Bo. They segway the conversation to sports and begin to talk about UFC. Bo connects business to the dynamics of a fighter and links the determination and mental space of a fighter to the optimal perspective on how to run one's business.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Jeremiah and Bo talk about Bo getting invited to Kelly Slater surf ranch. No talks about getting invited by UFC champion Belfort. Jeremiah and Bo discuss Bo’s background and how he found himself with a degree in broadcast journalism. Bo says he always had a love for sports. He talks about finding stories and learning to balance your professional and personal life. Jeremiah and Bo begin to discuss their personal experiences with boxing and martial arts. They talk about the intense workouts and the strain it can put on your body.

Segment 3

Jeremiah and Bo discuss how Bo got into podcasting. Bo talks about joining the podcast club in high school and sticking with it through college. He talked about moving to San Diego and getting a job and then losing due to the pandemic. Bo found work through MMA commentary and got a position at 137PM through networking. Before the break, Bo gives advice for starting a podcast. He suggests setting your expectations and understanding why you want to host a show.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Jeremiah and Bo discuss what is next for Bo and the benefits of  collaborating with a network. Bo talks about the resources that a network is able to provide is helpful for the 22 year old. They discuss the importance of a social media presence and how different platforms can bring a larger audience. Towards the end of the segment, Jeremiah and Bo discussed advertisements and how a network becomes your advertisement. Bo leaves his information at the end of the episode. 


00:00:33.600 --> 00:00:43.800 Jeremiah Fox: what's up everybody happy Friday welcome back sorry I missed you last week, I was traveling to my brother's wedding and North Carolina if you follow me on social media.

00:00:44.190 --> 00:00:55.440 Jeremiah Fox: Hopefully you got to see some of the festivities there was a appearance of ric flair a little cameo by ric flair and the one john Dan her, also known as.

00:00:57.390 --> 00:01:04.020 Jeremiah Fox: dawn Jana her arm, so I was traveling North Carolina great festivities again check out, especially my.

00:01:05.160 --> 00:01:06.690 Jeremiah Fox: Twitter instagram.

00:01:07.710 --> 00:01:28.920 Jeremiah Fox: accounts, if you want to see some of the the silliness and if you're familiar with our show on instagram Sundays at 2:15pm called desert brothers odd cast you'll understand a little bit more about why we do it, we do i'm just trying to bring up my guests for today, before we get started.

00:01:30.030 --> 00:01:36.420 Jeremiah Fox: he's just switching from the Google chat to the zoom link so i'm not sure.

00:01:37.560 --> 00:01:46.050 Jeremiah Fox: On the engineer side if you can see Bo yet um give me one second I just need to text and see.

00:01:50.310 --> 00:02:07.950 Jeremiah Fox: So my guest today I he has a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Missouri Columbia, he is a native of San Diego California and currently he is a.

00:02:09.540 --> 00:02:14.370 Jeremiah Fox: Sports podcast host and a writer looks like he's coming in.

00:02:16.380 --> 00:02:17.430 Jeremiah Fox: Give it just a moment.

00:02:19.890 --> 00:02:20.700 Jeremiah Fox: There is.

00:02:24.090 --> 00:02:26.460 Jeremiah Fox: You might need to unmute yourself Oh, there you go.

00:02:29.520 --> 00:02:30.900 Jeremiah Fox: You gotta unmute yourself.

00:02:31.260 --> 00:02:32.190 Bo Templin: I got you I got you.

00:02:32.220 --> 00:02:34.500 Bo Templin: My apologies, I was down in the Google chat.

00:02:34.500 --> 00:02:35.250 Bo Templin: dude i'm sorry.

00:02:35.760 --> 00:02:43.140 Jeremiah Fox: I should have been I should have clarified that um we'll get them next time anyways I was just I was just given a little background you.

00:02:43.620 --> 00:03:01.290 Jeremiah Fox: bachelor's in broadcast journalism from university of Missouri Columbia you're currently a sports podcast host and writer for 1:37pm which, if i'm not mistaken, is based, out of based out of New York here is that correct.

00:03:02.460 --> 00:03:04.980 Bo Templin: That is correct yeah yes, that is correct.

00:03:05.160 --> 00:03:10.650 Jeremiah Fox: And today, you are in San Diego right we zoom into the to the old sd.

00:03:11.130 --> 00:03:13.650 Bo Templin: Yes, Sir, very good research.

00:03:13.860 --> 00:03:14.760 Bo Templin: Also homework.

00:03:15.030 --> 00:03:22.140 Jeremiah Fox: So everybody let's welcome both template to the show, thank you, thank you all the millions of fans watching.

00:03:24.030 --> 00:03:35.520 Jeremiah Fox: So I usually do a message of the week, but this week, I wanted to break for me a little bit because I was, I was i'm familiar with 1:37pm I follow them on Twitter, which is how I became familiar with yourself.

00:03:35.910 --> 00:03:47.340 Jeremiah Fox: And I know a little bit about the company, but um they have a tagline on their website, and I know what you know kind of how What this means, to me, but i'm interested to get your take on it, as somebody that.

00:03:48.180 --> 00:04:03.210 Jeremiah Fox: That works for the company um what you know what it means to you, it says 1:37pm creates content at the intersection of culture style music and sports all through the lens of entrepreneurship like what does that what does that quote mean to you.

00:04:05.010 --> 00:04:06.900 Bo Templin: First of all, thank you for having me.

00:04:07.380 --> 00:04:25.800 Bo Templin: Thank you, like seriously, I very much appreciate it happy Friday to you and all the listeners very exciting the the brand of 137 is incredible it's really, really exciting and you know I guess you have to start with that Gary vee is our boss.

00:04:25.950 --> 00:04:32.730 Bo Templin: Right probably probably a good starting point when you're talking about the 1:37pm conversation.

00:04:34.260 --> 00:04:40.140 Bo Templin: Gary was always about yes and like if you offer him something new that he's never heard of.

00:04:40.530 --> 00:04:49.800 Bo Templin: He doesn't say no, like he doesn't say no, that won't work or like oh I don't see how that fits he says hello, let me think about it, let me look at it, why do you think it's interesting.

00:04:50.040 --> 00:04:55.920 Bo Templin: it's a yes and like Oh yes, that might work and let's do this let's build on top of it so.

00:04:56.610 --> 00:05:03.600 Bo Templin: Whether it be a musician, whether it be an athlete, whether it be a stylist a fashion designer of any kind.

00:05:03.990 --> 00:05:19.320 Bo Templin: It was yeah you can be one of those things, and you can be a great business person, and you can do this, and you can do more, so it's it's the Cross section of all those things because we truly believe you can be all of those things Nice.

00:05:19.380 --> 00:05:21.600 Jeremiah Fox: that's a frickin fantastic response.

00:05:22.710 --> 00:05:31.830 Jeremiah Fox: They give me so for me like I you know I i've been in business for myself many years and open a number of businesses i've been a freelancer.

00:05:32.070 --> 00:05:39.900 Jeremiah Fox: So i've always kind of seen everything through the you know through that through that lens um and i've been involved involved in.

00:05:40.590 --> 00:05:50.700 Jeremiah Fox: Sports and martial arts in particular for very long time and and and you know, looking at martial arts through that entrepreneurship lens.

00:05:51.120 --> 00:06:03.330 Jeremiah Fox: It helped me become like a much better business owner and entrepreneur um you spend a lot of time I doing broadcasting for for martial arts, whether it be boxing or MMA.

00:06:05.010 --> 00:06:12.000 Jeremiah Fox: Is that something that comes up in conversation either enter personally for yourself or within the company.

00:06:13.170 --> 00:06:26.010 Bo Templin: it's it's no coincidence that these martial artists or these fighters that a lot of the good ones are great businessman and great entrepreneurs like that's at some point you have you can't.

00:06:26.340 --> 00:06:36.120 Bo Templin: Look at the field and say oh man that's a crazy coincidence that all these top guys are great entrepreneurs that's not a coincidence anymore right the same skill sets.

00:06:36.390 --> 00:06:47.040 Bo Templin: that are required to be a great fighter, to be a great performer entertainer in this specific field, those same skills translate into business and entrepreneurship like.

00:06:48.210 --> 00:06:48.750 Bo Templin: Take.

00:06:49.890 --> 00:06:55.380 Bo Templin: You know conor McGregor is just as a kind of bs example i'm not allowed to curse on the show correct.

00:06:55.530 --> 00:06:56.640 Jeremiah Fox: No, you can say whatever you want.

00:06:57.120 --> 00:06:58.440 Bo Templin: Oh let's.

00:06:59.040 --> 00:07:00.750 Bo Templin: drop it can go let's.

00:07:01.560 --> 00:07:02.760 Bo Templin: Okay okay okay.

00:07:04.020 --> 00:07:06.660 Bo Templin: conor McGregor for as a bullshit example.

00:07:08.250 --> 00:07:16.320 Bo Templin: Great striker right, but you have to work on the other parts of your game in order to be a great martial artists, so you had to work on his ground game.

00:07:16.620 --> 00:07:26.370 Bo Templin: And it's better than people probably give them credit for, but same thing with business it's like Oh, you can be a great salesperson, but you have to learn how to develop like the actual business Oh, you can be a good.

00:07:27.240 --> 00:07:35.130 Bo Templin: employee, but you have to learn how to lead as well, so I think about like the well rounded dynamic of fighters.

00:07:35.970 --> 00:07:44.460 Bo Templin: That translating into Oh, you need to work on every dynamic of your life every aspect of your game, including business, then when you're looking at business specifically.

00:07:44.880 --> 00:07:57.210 Bo Templin: Round out your business case like you know if you're a power puncher yeah you might be a great salesperson round out the rest of your game that's kind of how I view the intersection between those two things that's awesome.

00:07:57.510 --> 00:08:08.790 Jeremiah Fox: And and those guys are all like they all have to work on branding like first and foremost before they even really get into like i'm a business person, they have to be like masters of brand if they want to make it.

00:08:09.390 --> 00:08:12.330 Bo Templin: When when you're in the UFC you're not an employee.

00:08:12.780 --> 00:08:32.280 Bo Templin: you're an independent contractor is on you to make that money to sell those fights they're not paying you to be oh i'm Mr UFC know you are on your own as a brand an independent contractor specifically that it's whether or not you disagree with it, that should be the case.

00:08:32.340 --> 00:08:33.810 Bo Templin: But that's what it is right now.

00:08:33.900 --> 00:08:34.320 So.

00:08:35.340 --> 00:08:37.680 Jeremiah Fox: And that's why conor McGregor would say so much bullshit.

00:08:38.610 --> 00:08:39.300 Jeremiah Fox: course.

00:08:39.330 --> 00:08:46.440 Bo Templin: yeah, of course, or colby covington you know who just has put on this act, over the last five years, but it's working you got to do it.

00:08:47.280 --> 00:08:56.130 Jeremiah Fox: um it's funny that you say that because I, so I am now training at hens oh gracie headquarters in midtown yes.

00:08:57.060 --> 00:08:59.430 Jeremiah Fox: very, very nice I got the ear to prove it to.

00:09:00.630 --> 00:09:06.060 Jeremiah Fox: I trained in brooklyn for five years under one of his black belts, but there's the school closed unfortunately during.

00:09:06.420 --> 00:09:15.990 Jeremiah Fox: The beginning of a pandemic, and so this is one of the first places to open back up, and it was snatched progression, I had a little relationship with his own prior so it's like did this was like.

00:09:16.470 --> 00:09:22.290 Jeremiah Fox: December January two and things were barely opening up he's that come in and we're back open, so I did and it's been like life changing but.

00:09:22.800 --> 00:09:35.400 Jeremiah Fox: You see the same they're just amongst like like the the High Level guys, you know just the everyday granollers yeah because it just like brown or black belt in jujitsu but they all are like super duper excellent at.

00:09:36.000 --> 00:09:43.440 Jeremiah Fox: You know that they're their business and there's a lot of a lot of you know, small business owners among those ranks, a lot of these guys are not.

00:09:43.680 --> 00:09:53.700 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like the highest level they're usually not like investment bankers, you know what i'm saying, these are guys that are out there and and you see it, you see it translate that way, and I think you really you.

00:09:54.150 --> 00:09:59.220 Jeremiah Fox: You explained it like really, really eloquently like putting it all together, like the to kind of go hand in hand.

00:09:59.910 --> 00:10:05.940 Jeremiah Fox: I you know I didn't know much about martial arts before I started Jiu jitsu six almost seven years ago um.

00:10:06.570 --> 00:10:10.500 Jeremiah Fox: And and and the like the value system and and I did like karate as a kid and some other stuff but.

00:10:10.890 --> 00:10:19.230 Jeremiah Fox: um that cell is one of the things that that really cut through I was like Well, this is more, I was already athletic already worked out, I chatted great you know it's in great shape.

00:10:19.530 --> 00:10:31.170 Jeremiah Fox: um it was just this added values added benefit, and I was like oh snap this is this is informing, like all the other parts of my life, but in particular business it just like I never would have gotten to the pandemic.

00:10:32.190 --> 00:10:42.720 Jeremiah Fox: Like business wise without that training, you know if it was just like me relying on like Oh, you know i've owned a restaurant for six years i'm not I would have been by the wayside, it was the martial arts stuff.

00:10:43.110 --> 00:10:49.920 Bo Templin: that's Why, though, whether you're raising a kid or, if you are a kid whatever it is.

00:10:50.820 --> 00:11:01.050 Bo Templin: Please play sports, even if you don't like it honestly if you don't like it probably more reason to play sports, because the adversity that you're going to face in sport.

00:11:01.620 --> 00:11:11.460 Bo Templin: is like second to none really when, and this is where martial arts honestly differs from team sports or anything like that, but.

00:11:12.990 --> 00:11:16.470 Bo Templin: If i'm boxing if i'm sparring against someone at the gym.

00:11:18.150 --> 00:11:29.700 Bo Templin: And it's not going well i'm getting frustrated like i'm getting beat up a little bit if I was playing basketball, which I love to do, or if I was surfing, which I love to do i'll be like all right, not going well run harder.

00:11:30.450 --> 00:11:35.460 Bo Templin: paddle faster, just like you work harder boxing jujitsu.

00:11:36.330 --> 00:11:46.050 Bo Templin: You don't really just all of a sudden get to say like oh i'm going to work harder and it'll go better it's like no, you have to mentally figure out what this is in front of what is the roadblock in front of you.

00:11:46.680 --> 00:11:53.460 Bo Templin: And jujitsu more than even boxing because boxing there's like the the footwork kind of dynamic of like moving more and more, but.

00:11:54.000 --> 00:12:03.630 Bo Templin: jujitsu you can't just all of a sudden say oh now i'm going to go really hard it's like no, you have to mentally figure out this guy that you're rolling with in this current present moment.

00:12:03.930 --> 00:12:17.190 Bo Templin: And if you don't get past that you're just going to continue to get beat up beat up beat up and I just such an advocate for implementing adversity into your life so that it translates later on when you get older.

00:12:17.610 --> 00:12:22.920 Jeremiah Fox: Absolutely um have you seen Kelly slater's quote about Jiu jitsu.

00:12:23.370 --> 00:12:27.300 Bo Templin: know, and I, I have a great Kelly Slater story so go ahead, I want to.

00:12:27.630 --> 00:12:33.870 Jeremiah Fox: we're gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna say is we'll take a break, and you can come back and open up with the Kelly Slater story, but he just recently, he was like.

00:12:34.170 --> 00:12:44.580 Jeremiah Fox: If you're gonna put your kid like you should put your kid in sports, but the first one, you should put him in his Jiu jitsu like before anything else because I was like Kelly Slater said Fuck yeah.

00:12:45.030 --> 00:12:49.230 Jeremiah Fox: um because of the dynamic Problem Solving like you were just talking about it's not.

00:12:49.560 --> 00:13:00.030 Jeremiah Fox: You know it's not like when you're running by yourself it's like yeah right you're you're slow run faster it's not it's not dynamic and i'm a I was a competitive distance runner so like I love running but it's.

00:13:00.060 --> 00:13:05.040 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, it is not the same as as jujitsu and and some other martial arts.

00:13:06.660 --> 00:13:08.130 Bo Templin: yeah we're going to break.

00:13:08.340 --> 00:13:09.090 Jeremiah Fox: yeah they're going.

00:13:09.450 --> 00:13:09.990 Jeremiah Fox: Down real quick.

00:13:10.170 --> 00:13:11.610 Bo Templin: Well, not and then also i'll save.

00:13:11.610 --> 00:13:11.700 Jeremiah Fox: It.

00:13:12.180 --> 00:13:13.260 Bo Templin: save it for after the break.

00:13:13.530 --> 00:13:16.050 Jeremiah Fox: cool it sounds good so hang tight we'll be back in just a minute everybody.

00:15:35.550 --> 00:15:42.150 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back if you're just tuning in happy Friday entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox today.

00:15:42.330 --> 00:15:54.390 Jeremiah Fox: welcoming to the show both templin he is a sports podcast host and writer for 1:37pm and he's got a great Kelly Slater story for us, but so make sure you unmute yourself, one more time.

00:15:54.750 --> 00:16:01.440 Jeremiah Fox: It will always kick you off for the break that way we can curse during the show, but they don't want to hear this cursing during the commercials.

00:16:02.370 --> 00:16:04.320 Bo Templin: whoever they are they're very, very smart people.

00:16:06.690 --> 00:16:09.690 Jeremiah Fox: hear me yelling at my kids put that fucking shit down.

00:16:10.890 --> 00:16:13.560 Bo Templin: Exactly I get it, I absolutely get it.

00:16:14.940 --> 00:16:18.150 Jeremiah Fox: Go for it, I love I love Kelly Slater and I love, a good story so.

00:16:18.990 --> 00:16:22.830 Bo Templin: So it hasn't happened yet, but I had.

00:16:24.000 --> 00:16:35.400 Bo Templin: I had, I had the tour Belfort on the podcast long time great UFC champion, you know back like old school old school gee I know you know, but like for.

00:16:35.640 --> 00:16:45.210 Bo Templin: The listeners or whatever like old school G of the fight game bad ass dude from Brazil moved to southern California and he loves surfing.

00:16:45.870 --> 00:16:55.170 Bo Templin: loves loves surfing, and I had him on the show, and I said and we started it off, and he just liked the questions I was asked here, whatever the podcast went well.

00:16:55.710 --> 00:17:09.390 Bo Templin: And he goes oh dude next year i'm trying to put together kind of like this mm a vein or sports serve party at Kelly Slater surf ranch.

00:17:09.930 --> 00:17:21.900 Bo Templin: And he's like you gotta come i'm like oh my God will I come, of course, i'm going to come, so I did know Slater is a fan of MMA I knew that there was a connection there and honestly like.

00:17:22.380 --> 00:17:28.080 Bo Templin: If you've ever served or if you've done both in some capacity, you get you get the connection between the two.

00:17:28.470 --> 00:17:31.440 Jeremiah Fox: Right, especially like the old school jujitsu guys they're like.

00:17:32.370 --> 00:17:40.980 Jeremiah Fox: they're like soul surfers I lived in Virginia beach Virginia for a while and that was like this old school this wasn't like the 80s and 90s, you know just like old school like.

00:17:41.340 --> 00:17:46.110 Jeremiah Fox: soul surfer vibe right right down at the ocean from like first street and crow tan.

00:17:46.470 --> 00:17:57.480 Jeremiah Fox: And I started Jiu jitsu and I was like oh you guys are just like those old fox you know just like smooth and cool man, you know, like just get up every day to crack the ass crack of dawn and go do it, you know.

00:17:57.930 --> 00:18:02.430 Bo Templin: My my boxing coach is from or you know was from.

00:18:03.480 --> 00:18:14.340 Bo Templin: The Bay up North northern California and he started boxing and was constantly in fear constantly afraid of.

00:18:15.870 --> 00:18:23.460 Bo Templin: Whether it be like the physical contact or just the adrenaline rush that you have when you go into a ring, and I think a lot of people that don't partake.

00:18:23.880 --> 00:18:40.260 Bo Templin: Might not understand like that dynamic of the adrenaline control or the adrenaline dump and so he started to serve as a way to learn how to control the adrenaline for his boxing which is really interesting I just always think about that connection, as well.

00:18:40.350 --> 00:18:42.960 Jeremiah Fox: yeah well it's water is a big adversary.

00:18:43.830 --> 00:18:46.140 Bo Templin: Oh, when you're the water.

00:18:46.440 --> 00:18:47.760 Bo Templin: That is the box.

00:18:47.820 --> 00:18:49.140 Bo Templin: You do not get decide.

00:18:49.140 --> 00:18:49.650 Jeremiah Fox: What happens.

00:18:50.340 --> 00:18:52.530 Bo Templin: A water is the boss.

00:18:52.710 --> 00:18:56.310 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and you have to be very strategic and and know when to.

00:18:57.000 --> 00:19:15.030 Jeremiah Fox: I was, I was teaching a couple guys this morning and like you're talking about knowing when to be tense and knowing when to be relaxed and you're you're relaxed period should outweigh your attends periods like 10 to one, because otherwise you end up in that adrenaline dump kind of situation.

00:19:15.750 --> 00:19:19.350 Bo Templin: Ease you're right the hard part is doing it that.

00:19:19.440 --> 00:19:21.090 Jeremiah Fox: Right are knowing when.

00:19:23.280 --> 00:19:24.810 Bo Templin: What thousand percent that's funny.

00:19:24.840 --> 00:19:28.620 Jeremiah Fox: Oh, you made a good point and i've been thinking about this lately um.

00:19:29.250 --> 00:19:39.450 Jeremiah Fox: And I wanted to get your take on that we've got time to unpack that but I wanted to go back a little bit to like kind of your your background in sports and experience and and your um.

00:19:40.020 --> 00:19:50.190 Jeremiah Fox: Your decision to do a broadcast journalism degree was was it always like a goal to do journalism for sports.

00:19:51.660 --> 00:19:55.680 Bo Templin: yeah yeah good answer yeah.

00:19:55.860 --> 00:19:57.630 Bo Templin: it's it's the truth, though.

00:19:57.960 --> 00:20:13.260 Bo Templin: Oh, you know I think I very much understand why people go through college or even their 20s like not necessarily knowing what they're supposed to be doing what they want to do, or whatever their passions or desires like are drawn.

00:20:14.430 --> 00:20:22.230 Bo Templin: To them, but my dad growing up was a sports photographer my mom was a public speaker and author.

00:20:23.310 --> 00:20:25.950 Bo Templin: You put the two together and that's me.

00:20:26.220 --> 00:20:31.710 Bo Templin: And my bow is that his bow right at the dead Center of it all so at like.

00:20:32.850 --> 00:20:47.880 Bo Templin: dude at like five or six years old, I was doing like my own renditions of sports Center for the family so yeah I had a I had a pretty good hunch early on that I would end up somewhere near the sports broadcasting realm yeah.

00:20:48.210 --> 00:20:57.210 Jeremiah Fox: that's awesome and and you've mentioned a couple of the the sports that you, you know you're a fan of and that you've spent time with what you know you mentioned basketball.

00:20:57.690 --> 00:21:14.310 Jeremiah Fox: And boxing like what what have you spent time training and how important do you think that is to train those particular sports when you're doing some sort of journalism broadcast for said sports.

00:21:15.870 --> 00:21:21.180 Bo Templin: I think it's a lot more important than journalism likes to admit.

00:21:22.500 --> 00:21:29.280 Bo Templin: So you go to journalism school and it's actually not exactly for the reason you might think, but.

00:21:29.790 --> 00:21:41.490 Bo Templin: Journalism is like, no, no, be true learn the craft a lot and all those things are very important i'm not downplaying the importance of good journalism in 2021 I understand that that would be a bad.

00:21:41.490 --> 00:21:42.300 Bo Templin: thing to say.

00:21:42.630 --> 00:21:52.950 Bo Templin: I understand that what i'm getting at is like, if I spent the entire last 10 years of my life just being a good journalist dedicating my life to be a good journalist.

00:21:53.850 --> 00:22:02.100 Bo Templin: I would have no stories to tell when I go on a radio show you have to live life outside of your.

00:22:02.760 --> 00:22:08.190 Bo Templin: profession, so that you have stories to tell so you can relate to people when you're talking with them.

00:22:08.850 --> 00:22:15.510 Bo Templin: If I spent every weekend of college just recording podcasts yeah i'm sure I would have been a better podcaster.

00:22:16.140 --> 00:22:25.620 Bo Templin: But I need the story of me going to the sports bar watching the big game with my buddies where were you on the night of game six of the nba finals.

00:22:26.040 --> 00:22:29.280 Bo Templin: You have to have those stories and balance the two so.

00:22:30.030 --> 00:22:38.400 Bo Templin: When i'm at the boxing gym or if i'm playing pickup basketball and a guy crosses me up and I fall over it's a great story.

00:22:38.730 --> 00:22:54.840 Bo Templin: If I am PICs first and then my homie gets picked last and then his team wins it's a great story, you have to develop those stories inside of the realm which you're covering in order to be relatable in any sort of way I just.

00:22:55.320 --> 00:23:01.500 Bo Templin: I think it's absolutely massive that you're partaking in some capacity in the field that you're covering.

00:23:03.150 --> 00:23:08.640 Jeremiah Fox: Very good, so you, you know you mentioned basketball boxing you train Jiu jitsu as well.

00:23:09.750 --> 00:23:12.330 Bo Templin: Now I grew up a sports kid.

00:23:13.380 --> 00:23:29.910 Bo Templin: grew up pure sports baseball basketball and soccer and coven I essentially moved back from college moment it opened up, I went boxing heavy because I really like the Cardio of it but next year, like 2022 i'm.

00:23:30.390 --> 00:23:38.640 Bo Templin: contemplating in my head, I might start rolling instead of doing boxing just because the wear and tear of boxing's trendy.

00:23:38.790 --> 00:23:40.200 Jeremiah Fox: Getting punched in the head is never fun.

00:23:40.770 --> 00:23:41.700 Bo Templin: yeah it sucks.

00:23:42.030 --> 00:23:46.080 Jeremiah Fox: But you but you cover a lot of like street boxing matches to I noticed that, like you did.

00:23:46.110 --> 00:23:46.650 Bo Templin: yeah yeah.

00:23:46.740 --> 00:23:48.450 Jeremiah Fox: Hello fight like oh.

00:23:48.480 --> 00:23:58.500 Bo Templin: yeah yeah I was at last, I was in Las Vegas two weeks ago, covering condello versus caleb plan for draftkings which was an absolute blast and getting gas mellow couple questions is like.

00:23:58.920 --> 00:24:08.040 Bo Templin: dude dream come true type moment where you're like wow i'm I am living like a bucket list you know i've got a list of like 10 athletes and.

00:24:08.970 --> 00:24:17.310 Bo Templin: That i've always wanted to talk with he was one of them, and so getting to make my first check mark on that list was was a it was a really good feeling.

00:24:17.850 --> 00:24:30.390 Jeremiah Fox: um it's funny you mentioned that, because the and it handles it's like that all the time, like you're just there and so she didn't even think about it right, whatever it was like a week and a half ago, when all the fights were at MSG.

00:24:30.810 --> 00:24:33.360 Jeremiah Fox: I was there, you were at your medicine.

00:24:34.980 --> 00:24:40.860 Jeremiah Fox: So, hence I was like literally when you're on the ground floor on the meantime as you're looking at the there's a parking garage between.

00:24:41.910 --> 00:24:51.030 Jeremiah Fox: The two buildings, but like you can see straight through, and you can see the back door, where like the fighters go in MSG so I didn't even think about it, but I did a Saturday afternoon class.

00:24:51.270 --> 00:24:57.150 Jeremiah Fox: And I come walking upstairs to get my shoes, because the Left him upstairs and fucking frankie edgar's right there on the more time not.

00:24:57.180 --> 00:24:57.960 Bo Templin: For me, not.

00:24:58.350 --> 00:25:14.430 Jeremiah Fox: shut off, I was like Oh, of course, and I just sat down and like watched him, and this was like maybe six hours before his fight, and then they told me they were like oh yeah huisman and rose they were they were all here last night and there'll be here later because, like.

00:25:16.140 --> 00:25:19.410 Bo Templin: Get out of here, that is, that is fucking insane.

00:25:19.470 --> 00:25:25.500 Jeremiah Fox: He was 20 feet from me and i'm just like it Ricardo Ricardo Almeida and I was just like.

00:25:26.160 --> 00:25:39.060 Jeremiah Fox: This is fucking cool funniest thing happened, though, so I started taking MMA classes there, maybe two months ago i've been doing jujitsu and tie both separately for six years now wow yeah and and teaching both as well and.

00:25:40.530 --> 00:25:44.280 Jeremiah Fox: My schedule changed a little bit, and that was like one of the only classes, I could take.

00:25:44.940 --> 00:25:56.490 Jeremiah Fox: Several days a week, was the MMA class and I knew the MMA coach and I was like you know my buddies and I fucked around a little bit together like oh that's cool you got to be careful with that you know, I was, like all right let's take the dive and I.

00:25:58.110 --> 00:26:06.420 Jeremiah Fox: got my ass handed to me for like six weeks i'm still getting i'm still getting messed up, but you just it's like starting over like white dot all over again.

00:26:06.660 --> 00:26:13.980 Jeremiah Fox: You know, like the combination of it all so much chaos so many things could happen at any given time, but I was in there, like two weeks ago.

00:26:14.370 --> 00:26:24.270 Jeremiah Fox: And there were odd number of us, so I was in the group of three because i'm like the new guy and I was like I don't want to get i'm just going to sit down and watch for a minute and David branch pokes his head in the door.

00:26:25.080 --> 00:26:26.730 Bo Templin: And he says it says to the.

00:26:26.730 --> 00:26:32.670 Jeremiah Fox: instructor he goes hey i'm going to hop in, and I was like so Fuck you are i'm the only one out of training partner right.

00:26:34.620 --> 00:26:35.430 Bo Templin: shot.

00:26:35.610 --> 00:26:46.080 Jeremiah Fox: Dudes head is like this big I mean his shoulders his delegates were like the size of my chest, thank God, a couple other guys showed up and I didn't get stuck with them, but I was like.

00:26:46.470 --> 00:26:58.590 Jeremiah Fox: I was already having a rough time and I was like this is about to get really bad, but I would say, but that's just like common occurrence in a place like that, like even just hanging around these parts long enough, you know.

00:27:00.060 --> 00:27:04.860 Bo Templin: dude, that is, I mean that's a nightmare scenario.

00:27:05.100 --> 00:27:05.940 Bo Templin: walked into.

00:27:06.330 --> 00:27:06.750 Bo Templin: I mean.

00:27:07.230 --> 00:27:08.580 Bo Templin: dude it's hard enough.

00:27:09.990 --> 00:27:13.410 Bo Templin: Like i'll be all like keep it 100 right now, like.

00:27:14.460 --> 00:27:23.430 Bo Templin: it's hard to go through an hour boxing Cardio class like there are people that can't do five minutes on a jump rope you know what I mean and.

00:27:23.610 --> 00:27:25.080 Bo Templin: that's why I always like.

00:27:26.070 --> 00:27:33.870 Bo Templin: there's one demographic of MMA that I ridicule it's like the couch coaches at home, who are you know eating a bag of chips and.

00:27:34.170 --> 00:27:51.990 Bo Templin: You know, smoking a Jay and eating pizza and drinking a six pack while watching the fights whatever which usually that's me, I just have the self awareness to not criticize anyone i'm watching dude jump rope for five minutes yeah like just jump rope for five minutes try.

00:27:52.050 --> 00:27:55.050 Jeremiah Fox: Try to try to do two minutes you're going to die.

00:27:55.710 --> 00:28:05.430 Bo Templin: Tell me how that goes okay finish of boxing Cardio class at around nine boxing gym down the street tell me how that goes.

00:28:06.630 --> 00:28:22.200 Bo Templin: dude get into a single round of an MMA sparring for two minutes and you're going to be like Oh, this is i've never felt anything like this dude you have to put yourself in those scenarios a little bit to really understand what those guys are doing.

00:28:22.620 --> 00:28:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: I mean yeah again after all my training, my first sparring rounds in that class I thought I was going to die, and like i'm in great shape and I know all these techniques, I was a mess, I was a hot mess and and I was asking that about like the importance of of.

00:28:38.520 --> 00:28:40.890 Jeremiah Fox: You know, having experienced with those sports.

00:28:41.670 --> 00:28:55.260 Jeremiah Fox: Is because, so my brother and I have a little side show that we do on instagram live every Sunday and it's it's about body he's he's also a purple belt and he fought a couple of amateur MMA fights and and he was a wrestling coach and stuff so he's got a good amount of experience.

00:28:56.550 --> 00:29:04.500 Jeremiah Fox: So you know we talked about the fights often and we talked about boxing matches to talk about street jujitsu, but it really centers a lot around.

00:29:04.770 --> 00:29:08.520 Jeremiah Fox: MMA and UFC we're friends with several pros the pros come on the show.

00:29:08.880 --> 00:29:17.490 Jeremiah Fox: um but once I started the MMA classes, I like I gained new insight like we're doing a lot of lot of wall work where you're like up against the cage or you're pushing them up against the cage.

00:29:17.700 --> 00:29:33.420 Jeremiah Fox: And you don't realize how hard and how really strategic and technical tactical, that is, until you're in that position and it just it gives you so much more insight, to be able to talk intelligently about it versus the guy who has the UFC shirt but the kfc belly.

00:29:34.620 --> 00:29:35.190 Bo Templin: Oh yeah.

00:29:35.340 --> 00:29:38.460 Bo Templin: Oh, I oh that's a slogan right there.

00:29:38.490 --> 00:29:42.540 Jeremiah Fox: You haven't seen that when it's like your shirt says UFC but your belly says can see.

00:29:42.990 --> 00:29:43.980 Bo Templin: yeah I.

00:29:44.340 --> 00:29:45.090 Bo Templin: I have not.

00:29:45.120 --> 00:29:51.330 Bo Templin: done that i'm pretty hip to like meme culture, especially in MMA but i've.

00:29:51.360 --> 00:29:52.680 got see that that is funky.

00:29:53.730 --> 00:29:54.390 Jeremiah Fox: Balance great.

00:29:54.840 --> 00:29:56.640 Bo Templin: I will, I will the.

00:29:57.960 --> 00:30:01.320 Bo Templin: you're talking about like those small details on the cage right.

00:30:02.430 --> 00:30:22.170 Bo Templin: I, and I actually speculate that those small details are why some fighters are really popular and successful and that's why some fighters are not popular but successful, so I think about floyd mayweather when he's boxing.

00:30:23.340 --> 00:30:25.260 Bo Templin: What makes floyd mayweather so good.

00:30:26.460 --> 00:30:37.950 Bo Templin: Is the small details inside of a boxing ring that us at home, have zero clue about so people watching they're like fluids not winning or what I was the always when these decisions it's like.

00:30:38.610 --> 00:30:48.600 Bo Templin: Because you don't understand what he's doing in there it's what makes him such a good villain at the same time, I think it's very easy to watch.

00:30:50.790 --> 00:30:54.450 Bo Templin: Francis and gone to win a fight by knockout.

00:30:55.170 --> 00:31:04.980 Bo Templin: and say oh my God that's the most dominant fighter i've ever seen, he is he's the best fighter in the UFC right now and i'm not at all saying that, for instance isn't the best fighter in the UFC i'm just saying.

00:31:05.640 --> 00:31:16.110 Bo Templin: His style allows the common person who knows very, very little about the fight game to appreciate his skill set right it's easy to watch like.

00:31:16.830 --> 00:31:22.080 Bo Templin: You can put someone who's never seen a single fight in their life and say wow that guy's good.

00:31:22.650 --> 00:31:36.750 Bo Templin: But when you watch floyd mayweather if you've never seen a boxing match you go, I have no idea who just one I you can tell me anything and they 5050 coin toss I have no idea, so those small details are a lot of times I speculate why some fighters are popular and others are not.

00:31:37.230 --> 00:31:45.600 Jeremiah Fox: I mean George St Pierre is a great example right because he just like he would control the fights you want a lot of fights by Decision, he was not a knockout guy.

00:31:45.900 --> 00:31:51.990 Jeremiah Fox: And people will you know you got a lot of Christmas criticism for that until he came back and went up a weight class and be Michael bisping his ass.

00:31:52.350 --> 00:31:57.060 Bo Templin: Particularly to in the second half of his career.

00:31:57.270 --> 00:31:58.950 Bo Templin: So I think it's easy when.

00:31:59.910 --> 00:32:08.040 Bo Templin: you're a kid and you're not a champion yet necessarily and you've never been knocked out or you haven't faced like a big beating.

00:32:09.480 --> 00:32:18.750 Bo Templin: You get knocked out for the first time, or you take a beating for the first time you're going to really consider or reconsider how you approach those next to.

00:32:18.750 --> 00:32:22.860 Bo Templin: Fight you will evolve and change as a fighter after that first K up.

00:32:23.130 --> 00:32:28.860 Jeremiah Fox: And that was one matt Serra that did yet for George St Pierre and Ray Ray Longo.

00:32:29.580 --> 00:32:31.050 Bo Templin: Ray Longo the Longo.

00:32:31.050 --> 00:32:33.120 Bo Templin: minute shower Florian.

00:32:33.450 --> 00:32:43.800 Jeremiah Fox: I got another question for you, but after we're gonna take another break but i've been dying to ask you this, because just some things circulated my head, so we come back i'm gonna hit you with this question hang tight everybody will be right back.

00:32:48.240 --> 00:32:48.510 To the.

00:34:52.290 --> 00:35:00.150 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody we're back again you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox welcome you to the show both template and he's the sports podcast.

00:35:00.540 --> 00:35:15.090 Jeremiah Fox: host and writer for 1:37pm which is headquartered here, out of New York City where zoom into San Diego talking about today um and my question for you is Are you familiar with the ones who not to let you.

00:35:16.020 --> 00:35:26.940 Jeremiah Fox: Know Okay, so your voice a trip he's he's I think these days he's in in your neck of the woods he's a 10th planet like eddie bravo guy.

00:35:27.780 --> 00:35:29.640 Jeremiah Fox: Okay tight with Joe rogan.

00:35:29.790 --> 00:35:34.080 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, I think they kind of like grew up and train together but he's an actor he's actually from New York.

00:35:34.410 --> 00:35:42.120 Jeremiah Fox: it's just a light skinned brother that moved, he was doing like soap operas and shit but he was he was around all these Brazilians because you're in like.

00:35:42.330 --> 00:35:49.350 Jeremiah Fox: Little Brazil basic, especially as the man it's like so many of those Dudes between like torrance and San Diego they just like.

00:35:49.860 --> 00:35:57.990 Jeremiah Fox: there's like put up shop surfing and jujitsu and he, like he figured out how to COP the.

00:35:58.590 --> 00:36:14.310 Jeremiah Fox: Brazilian accent, you know flipping all the ares to ages and it was around those guys a lot and he's you know, a successful actor and he's got a crew and so he started doing the shorts with all these famous fighters Oh, he does.

00:36:15.900 --> 00:36:18.540 Jeremiah Fox: he's got his own show to just larry's and he's had.

00:36:19.140 --> 00:36:34.980 Jeremiah Fox: You know he's had a bunch of famous fighters on there, but he's in character, the whole time he's pretending to be Brazilian it's it's just out as well, but he recreate scenes from famous movies, using fighters, so he does he does a scene for Brokeback mountain with josh barnett.

00:36:37.080 --> 00:36:38.070 Bo Templin: I have to look this.

00:36:39.300 --> 00:36:39.600 Jeremiah Fox: out.

00:36:40.230 --> 00:36:48.390 Jeremiah Fox: And so it's spelled like for nado R E but it's an auto and the Honda is orange in Brazil his last name is actually.

00:36:50.010 --> 00:36:57.060 Jeremiah Fox: Something orange is his last name but um he does he does this whole scene from heat like Kenny aronoff.

00:36:57.540 --> 00:37:00.090 Bo Templin: I do know I do know I do know who this is.

00:37:00.180 --> 00:37:00.780 Bo Templin: by the West.

00:37:00.810 --> 00:37:06.150 Jeremiah Fox: yo he's the best though he does dark look up darth vader does jujitsu.

00:37:06.630 --> 00:37:18.840 Jeremiah Fox: Dan dude it's like Jeff glover and Dean lister and all these guys are in it, but it's like well produced video like professionally you know done cinematography um.

00:37:19.470 --> 00:37:33.000 Jeremiah Fox: I just out of this world so that's like my brother when when he was doing jujitsu he he started with or at a certain point he started training with cielo and shawn to barrel, and just around these Brazilian guys all the time and and we're like you know.

00:37:34.290 --> 00:37:37.770 Jeremiah Fox: Products of 80s and 90s pop film culture so.

00:37:39.000 --> 00:37:44.760 Jeremiah Fox: The text thread between my brother my sister and I are all just you know movie references and and.

00:37:44.790 --> 00:37:45.420 Bo Templin: How old, are you.

00:37:45.930 --> 00:37:47.130 Bo Templin: 44 okay.

00:37:47.610 --> 00:37:50.760 Jeremiah Fox: i'm just all these movie references from the 80s and 90s and.

00:37:51.360 --> 00:37:59.040 Jeremiah Fox: And so that's kind of the premise of our show he comes out in his GI and he's like using this he's better at it than I am um.

00:37:59.370 --> 00:38:07.080 Jeremiah Fox: But I just wanted to know if you're familiar with it it's part of like that so we're not it's not a stick and we've kind of like borrowed from that a little bit and.

00:38:07.620 --> 00:38:09.960 Bo Templin: Yes, I didn't recognize the name.

00:38:10.110 --> 00:38:10.410 Bo Templin: yeah.

00:38:10.830 --> 00:38:12.870 Bo Templin: The top my head, yes, I know who this is.

00:38:12.960 --> 00:38:21.360 Jeremiah Fox: You go down the rabbit hole when you have time and just watch all of the fully produced he does, I seen from Rambo with cyborg I mean it's just.

00:38:21.570 --> 00:38:26.310 Bo Templin: I promise I will go down the rabbit hole, you have my word I promise i'll do it.

00:38:26.490 --> 00:38:36.660 Jeremiah Fox: it's a it's a fucking trip man, it really is um so now that we've gotten all that out of the way i'm time for serious talk now.

00:38:37.080 --> 00:38:39.270 Jeremiah Fox: i'm i'm really curious because.

00:38:39.360 --> 00:38:50.700 Jeremiah Fox: i'm you know I host a couple shows myself like how first of all, how did you end up you know going for like the podcast route and how did you end up at 137.

00:38:53.460 --> 00:39:02.190 Bo Templin: I did my first podcasts when I was 16 years old in high school, there was a podcast club at my high school and.

00:39:03.660 --> 00:39:09.300 Bo Templin: A lot of people know Joe rogan is the host of the Joe rogan experience or as.

00:39:10.620 --> 00:39:18.600 Bo Templin: You know the host of the Joe rogan experience now I knew Joe rogan as the guy who did color commentary for the UFC back in 2006.

00:39:19.470 --> 00:39:28.470 Bo Templin: So you know if you're a fight fan you've known Joe a long time there's a lot of people that only know Joe is like fear factor, maybe comedian.

00:39:28.980 --> 00:39:37.980 Bo Templin: And then now it's like Oh, the host of the Joe rogan experience but I knew pretty early on, I was like oh Joe rogan you know the color commentator with Mike goldberg for the UFC.

00:39:39.690 --> 00:39:53.640 Bo Templin: joe's podcast started coming out like 2009 I think or so and I just kept my eye on it, I was like oh i'm seeing like there's so few successful people are doing these podcasts.

00:39:54.480 --> 00:40:09.870 Bo Templin: there's no barrier to entry either so like they no one can stop me because i'm 16 years old from hosting a podcast where it's like if I wanted to radio show you they're not going to say yes to a 16 year old hosting a radio show on am or FM radio.

00:40:10.890 --> 00:40:14.220 Bo Templin: started doing that kept recording through college.

00:40:15.780 --> 00:40:17.040 Bo Templin: Five years into it.

00:40:18.180 --> 00:40:29.490 Bo Templin: end up in San Diego during coven I was working with the San Diego padres and coven hit lost my job with the padres because they had to make all these cuts yeah.

00:40:31.260 --> 00:40:34.110 Bo Templin: And I was doing sports podcast.

00:40:36.090 --> 00:40:44.700 Bo Templin: MMA was the only thing still going on, during the pandemic that was it, it was like plates only i'm like all right well dude a vent around the fight game long enough like.

00:40:45.270 --> 00:40:57.090 Bo Templin: Just make five podcast so I just was doing five podcasts after five podcasts or five podcasts i've been following 137 for a year or so and I sent them a DM with a clip from a podcast I said hey.

00:40:57.720 --> 00:41:05.970 Bo Templin: here's a clip from my podcast I think your audience would really like it, let me know what you think, and that was that took off from there and.

00:41:06.570 --> 00:41:16.800 Bo Templin: they're like wow this is dope let's talk next week i'm like all right, and then took the call and the call went well and they're like all right let's let's talk again with our boss on Thursday i'm like all right.

00:41:17.280 --> 00:41:28.980 Bo Templin: And just kind of continued and continued and then eventually I was offered a position with 137 so I know the shooting your shot thing is a little overplay right now about like you know shooting dms everywhere, whatever but.

00:41:30.630 --> 00:41:38.430 Bo Templin: It works so it's like it's hard for me to not say that it doesn't work because it worked for me that's like my testimony so yeah.

00:41:39.330 --> 00:41:40.890 Jeremiah Fox: And this was on Twitter right.

00:41:42.030 --> 00:41:47.550 Bo Templin: instagram is where I had hit Okay, but yeah I say I mean I had been following them in both places right.

00:41:50.280 --> 00:42:07.140 Jeremiah Fox: And, and when what got you into into doing it yeah but prior to Kobe like you said you know you were you were already in and the fights somehow what what was the connection there just like growing up and watching them and just being a fan.

00:42:07.680 --> 00:42:20.880 Bo Templin: grampa box to bit like during his 20s when he was in the military so just certainly grew up in a family that like watched boxing pay per views when they came around so like.

00:42:22.680 --> 00:42:43.440 Bo Templin: That kind of sounds cliche but like like at age six I watched corollas vs Castillo, which I consider to be the greatest spite of all time and we had it on vhs it's just hard for it's hard to fake that yeah it's hard to fake like Oh, I had corrals Castillo on vhs at six years old.

00:42:44.520 --> 00:42:57.450 Bo Templin: But then MMA I fell in love with during season five of the ultimate fighter, which was like 2007 I was about 10 years old and nate Diaz was on and I probably should not have been watching at 10 years.

00:42:57.450 --> 00:42:58.620 Bo Templin: Old because.

00:42:59.730 --> 00:43:01.320 Jeremiah Fox: The start date lab bench.

00:43:01.680 --> 00:43:02.910 Bo Templin: nate Diaz.

00:43:03.000 --> 00:43:11.520 Bo Templin: Fighting in reality TV is a really bad combination for a 10 year old but, for whatever reason, my dad and I just loved it were fascinated.

00:43:12.060 --> 00:43:23.430 Bo Templin: And from there on it was like yo i'm never not gonna watch this like you, you know it for the people are like Oh, you know you don't know anything about fighting your young level i'm like okay.

00:43:24.120 --> 00:43:38.880 Bo Templin: I got a computer virus trying to legally watch me liotta machida versus shogun who don't tell me that I haven't been around for a really long time if you don't have you know viruses on your laptop illegally streaming fights back in 2009.

00:43:40.500 --> 00:43:43.020 Jeremiah Fox: And that's why you call the show in the fight.

00:43:44.070 --> 00:43:51.720 Bo Templin: In the fight, rather, that is, is in the fight as it gets is getting Computer viruses from a legally like watching old school fights.

00:43:52.440 --> 00:43:59.790 Jeremiah Fox: Nice no it's great because I always, you know as much as this show is about entrepreneurship and stuff like that it's also about podcasting.

00:43:59.880 --> 00:44:08.070 Jeremiah Fox: First, yes, because it's it's that as well, and the same way, people like to hear the story of how someone started a business like.

00:44:08.490 --> 00:44:14.400 Jeremiah Fox: To relate to that they want to hear the same because who doesn't want to start a fucking podcast right now right everybody wants to be Joe rogan.

00:44:14.700 --> 00:44:19.440 Jeremiah Fox: And you're right there is no barrier to entry and it's just like you can do it, and people are like.

00:44:20.160 --> 00:44:26.340 Jeremiah Fox: You know the hardest part is getting started people really like they're like I don't know how to start where do I come from, you know.

00:44:26.670 --> 00:44:38.970 Jeremiah Fox: What am I going to talk about and I love to hear host just kind of like lay it out there, like this is this is this is how it began, these are some of the things you're going to get some viruses to some silly shit you know.

00:44:40.860 --> 00:44:53.040 Bo Templin: Everyone wants to podcast, but to do it well, so there's like two things one, what are your expectations like do you want this to be your full time job you want it to be your full time job.

00:44:54.450 --> 00:45:04.440 Bo Templin: you're going to got you got to work like you got a flock in work, work, if you want to be a full time job if you want to do it for fun, you have zero expectations.

00:45:04.860 --> 00:45:18.450 Bo Templin: Then just do it, you can have fun it's a good time, but to make it your full time job everyone wants that if it was easy everyone would do it, but it's not easy to be a you know full time podcasts or anything and.

00:45:19.470 --> 00:45:28.860 Bo Templin: You know the the phrase like podcasts or just the the word podcasting has grown and evolved a little bit now I just.

00:45:29.460 --> 00:45:39.570 Bo Templin: Like I don't even know what the future is like i've been doing it for a long time i'm like I love it, but at the same time, like part of me thinks like what's next you know what I mean like.

00:45:40.410 --> 00:45:56.040 Bo Templin: It now everyone's in it now it's established it's going to be hard to crack a top five top 10 list in terms of podcasting charts what's next and so now i'm honestly more than even podcasts and right now i'm i'm really trying to keep an eye on what's next yeah.

00:45:56.220 --> 00:46:02.730 Jeremiah Fox: Great segue we're gonna take a break, and I was exactly going to ask you that you stole my line.

00:46:02.970 --> 00:46:07.230 Jeremiah Fox: Perfect take our last break and we'll come back and we'll we'll get into that so hang tight everybody.

00:48:10.740 --> 00:48:17.760 Jeremiah Fox: Alright folks last round ding ding ding the hot question is what is next so i've thought about this a lot myself.

00:48:18.060 --> 00:48:23.310 Jeremiah Fox: i've had this show for a little over two years my brother and i've been doing ours for a little over a year.

00:48:23.520 --> 00:48:31.890 Jeremiah Fox: So clocked in like a solid, you know hundred and 50 hundred and 60 episodes you're right, it is a lot of work, and I do not want this to be my full time job.

00:48:32.520 --> 00:48:40.170 Jeremiah Fox: But there are a lot of different ways, a podcast can be used, there are a lot of different ways that can be monetized I think the most you know.

00:48:40.650 --> 00:48:45.990 Jeremiah Fox: Common and well known route is like i'm gonna get advertising dollars not so easily done right.

00:48:46.650 --> 00:48:55.410 Jeremiah Fox: um so you have to do you have to be creative and think outside of the box, just like it, you have to treat it like a business, you know, like, how can I like maximize.

00:48:55.860 --> 00:49:01.560 Jeremiah Fox: The output for the amount of input that I that I put in there and then the other question I have besides what is next is.

00:49:02.220 --> 00:49:13.200 Jeremiah Fox: um Why go with like a network like 1:37pm like I you know this show host off a talk radio dot nyc, which is a you know, which is a Internet radio broadcast.

00:49:13.650 --> 00:49:25.290 Jeremiah Fox: it's not necessary for me to do it here, but I see some benefit for it um so yeah two part question what's next and why choose like an affiliate or like a network.

00:49:26.940 --> 00:49:30.000 Jeremiah Fox: you're muted still gotta hit that I know damn.

00:49:30.090 --> 00:49:32.130 Bo Templin: i'm sorry i'm sorry.

00:49:32.340 --> 00:49:33.900 Jeremiah Fox: zoom man always your.

00:49:34.920 --> 00:49:38.730 Bo Templin: Second question is a lot easier to answer than the first one before.

00:49:39.810 --> 00:49:53.460 Bo Templin: The resources at at 22 or 23 years old, like I just don't have the connections I don't have like the financial backing I don't have like the years of experience.

00:49:53.970 --> 00:50:04.710 Bo Templin: That a network can provide and joining a I mean a team like 137 is obviously ideal because you're backed by Gary vee you have a.

00:50:05.310 --> 00:50:21.180 Bo Templin: list of fighters that are represented by vain or sports, and so I get to talk to all these fighters and create podcasts you know through just people on our roster like for for Gary and now i'm going to answer, part one, with this.

00:50:23.400 --> 00:50:28.530 Bo Templin: gear reviews 137 is his advertising dollars right.

00:50:29.940 --> 00:50:40.260 Bo Templin: When Guinness in the 1940s struggled with beer sales, they said wow, what are we doing like something's wrong like Why are people not drinking.

00:50:40.650 --> 00:50:49.260 Bo Templin: You know Guinness as much like they're not even going to the bar or pub anymore, how do we get people into the pub Oh, people like trivia.

00:50:49.980 --> 00:51:00.180 Bo Templin: Oh let's make a trivia book the Guinness Book of world records the Guinness Book of world records was created to get people into the pub to drink Guinness beer.

00:51:01.440 --> 00:51:02.400 Jeremiah Fox: I didn't know that.

00:51:02.670 --> 00:51:07.770 Bo Templin: yeah Gary tells this story yeah Gary tells this story better than I do.

00:51:08.610 --> 00:51:28.290 Bo Templin: And I think Gary views 137 as his Guinness Book of world records for everything that he's invested in and covers on his own so, whether that be hip hop artists, whether that be fighters under his roster, whether that be cannabis, whether that be fashion cards like sports cards.

00:51:29.730 --> 00:51:37.500 Bo Templin: Dairy views 137 as his advertising dollars, so when he's paying 137 to put out this content.

00:51:37.680 --> 00:51:38.910 Jeremiah Fox: That is his advertisement.

00:51:39.000 --> 00:51:47.640 Bo Templin: He says Okay, by having people follow 137 they're going to be more knowledgeable on the topics that i'm talking about that i'm covering that i'm invested in.

00:51:49.020 --> 00:51:57.540 Bo Templin: find a company if you're interested in broadcasting yourself find a company that wants to advertise in your field and say hey.

00:51:58.440 --> 00:52:16.770 Bo Templin: I am the advertising people look at it backwards right podcast create knowledge in the Community for the people that are paying you, and then you can say yeah I am your and I am your investment, I am your advertiser and you can kind of kind of flip the script a little bit on them.

00:52:17.130 --> 00:52:29.550 Jeremiah Fox: No, I totally that's what the podcast is, for me, like, I even pulled advertising dollars from most of my man that because of Kobe i'm from from most of my businesses but um.

00:52:29.700 --> 00:52:30.060 Bo Templin: yeah.

00:52:30.240 --> 00:52:38.490 Jeremiah Fox: I just put more into the podcast and shout out to you with Mike he's been helping me alive also I know you were on his show great dude.

00:52:38.850 --> 00:52:43.770 Jeremiah Fox: um and and it works and it gives you a much bigger umbrella.

00:52:44.130 --> 00:52:55.860 Jeremiah Fox: than just like oh i'm going to put advertising dollars into this business through this channel and hope the money comes right back to that business you get this wide REACH and it's like collecting all the poker chips, I mean it takes time.

00:52:57.210 --> 00:53:00.390 Bo Templin: Right yeah I didn't begin His story.

00:53:01.440 --> 00:53:03.450 Bo Templin: people's eyes to what i'm talking about like.

00:53:03.930 --> 00:53:10.380 Bo Templin: I think it's maybe harder to understand if I just tell you it from like the 137 Gary vee dynamic, but when you think about.

00:53:11.130 --> 00:53:19.320 Bo Templin: Okay people aren't drinking beer they're not at the pub why aren't they at the pub they're not enough to do well, what do they do when they're like it when they are at the pub.

00:53:20.010 --> 00:53:24.330 Bo Templin: They like trivia night let's create the trivia night so Gary was, like all right.

00:53:24.810 --> 00:53:38.790 Bo Templin: let's create the tick tock platform that covers everything that i'm invested in, and when you just when you think about it a little bit differently, you can go wow like I don't have to just create a popular podcast for people to come.

00:53:39.930 --> 00:53:43.500 Bo Templin: Right to advertise on my show all do the advertisement myself.

00:53:44.580 --> 00:54:03.630 Jeremiah Fox: um and for you yeah I noticed like you do a lot on tick tock you're on you're on Twitter quite often those are like your main like everyday to instagram stories to that's where you're really pumping your your constant out is there anything I left out.

00:54:05.340 --> 00:54:09.630 Bo Templin: I mean i'm on yeah on instagram and then on YouTube as well.

00:54:10.650 --> 00:54:20.820 Jeremiah Fox: But I bought that yeah like because YouTube is like totally saturated I mean I put the show like this show on YouTube but it just it's just there in case someone's like because that's just a place to be.

00:54:21.270 --> 00:54:28.200 Bo Templin: I want to offer it, you know you want to offer it to anyone, because the last thing you want is like someone who's interested in your stuff that can't.

00:54:28.260 --> 00:54:30.180 Bo Templin: And then they say Oh, I only.

00:54:30.300 --> 00:54:37.710 Bo Templin: I only really use YouTube and then you're like oh sorry not on YouTube you know you have to download this it's like all right well you just lost a.

00:54:37.950 --> 00:54:44.940 Bo Templin: You just lost the viewer so be everywhere, so that you're adhering like to your audience but.

00:54:46.140 --> 00:54:57.810 Bo Templin: The YouTube things a little tricky because i've i've found that the the comments can be like nastier in the MMA sphere than they are in other places it's a little less regulated and.

00:54:59.580 --> 00:55:00.090 Bo Templin: can be rough.

00:55:00.120 --> 00:55:01.380 Bo Templin: around the edges, to set up.

00:55:01.440 --> 00:55:03.480 Jeremiah Fox: Some of those kfc guys you cutting through right.

00:55:03.990 --> 00:55:14.280 Bo Templin: Yes, yes and honestly like you know you try not be, but I am a sensitive like person, and I really care what people think, which I know is against everything that Gary says, but.

00:55:14.700 --> 00:55:23.910 Bo Templin: You also want to be self aware and be like conscious about it so YouTube is a little intimidating sometimes just from that dynamic but.

00:55:24.450 --> 00:55:41.250 Bo Templin: i've found a ton of success on tick tock and it's been really, really fun and exciting and the other thing is that kids under the age of 25 like don't know who Randy couture it's and it's like wow I that just blows my mind.

00:55:41.310 --> 00:55:42.510 Jeremiah Fox: And I don't read true.

00:55:43.170 --> 00:55:45.450 Bo Templin: Sad, but true and i'm like all right well if.

00:55:45.540 --> 00:55:50.610 Bo Templin: No one else is going to fix this, then I will fucking do it like so a lot of times, I think.

00:55:51.630 --> 00:56:00.510 Bo Templin: Someone in their 40s might look at my content or in their 50s and look at my content like dude you're telling the most obvious story like obviously we know this already.

00:56:01.170 --> 00:56:08.310 Bo Templin: you're not under 25 and the people under 25 don't know what happened in 1997 when couture took on Kevin randall that.

00:56:08.490 --> 00:56:10.950 Jeremiah Fox: You know what I mean like I don't know what Friday means when you.

00:56:10.950 --> 00:56:11.670 Jeremiah Fox: say you know what.

00:56:11.970 --> 00:56:18.270 Bo Templin: It is they don't even know what pride is so that's kind of something i've taken like responsibility in is.

00:56:18.720 --> 00:56:29.070 Bo Templin: Educating the under 25 demographic on some of the history of sports because, like I I just love history in general and then sports history it's like my favorite thing in the world, so nice.

00:56:29.340 --> 00:56:35.670 Jeremiah Fox: Well, you you almost answered your own question that like what's Next, I mean you could almost go like documentary style.

00:56:36.090 --> 00:56:44.550 Jeremiah Fox: For like that specific demographic because yeah the rest of the enemy and it's funny because I would watch it just because I love it and be like I know this shit but like.

00:56:44.760 --> 00:56:53.370 Jeremiah Fox: yeah let's do it again, like, I still go back I don't know how many times i've watched you I see one and if i'm like scrolling YouTube and it pops up in the feet i'm like Fuck yeah.

00:56:53.550 --> 00:56:57.600 Jeremiah Fox: yeah just like I just want to watch boys beat the shit out of everybody again.

00:56:58.050 --> 00:57:10.200 Bo Templin: Of course, and you know the the the 28 year anniversary just passed of UFC one like last week or whatever, and just I really don't think.

00:57:11.760 --> 00:57:17.730 Bo Templin: people over the age of 45 or 50 understand that under 25 like.

00:57:18.690 --> 00:57:27.210 Bo Templin: Do you know how few kids have seen the godfather under the age of 25 like like i'm serious I know we're shaking our heads, but like under the age of 25.

00:57:27.720 --> 00:57:35.040 Bo Templin: I would speculate more than 70% have not seen the godfather until I can like.

00:57:35.940 --> 00:57:41.640 Bo Templin: educate or share or you know I got this Muhammad Ali photo behind me, and this is like.

00:57:42.030 --> 00:57:49.410 Bo Templin: This has been one of my most successful tech talks is telling the story of sonny liston to versus Muhammad Ali or Sunday listen to this Mohammed Ali to.

00:57:49.950 --> 00:57:59.130 Bo Templin: Like telling this story right here is one of my most successful tech talks and a lot of people that are older were like yeah obviously we know the story well.

00:57:59.580 --> 00:58:11.310 Bo Templin: 500,000 people who likes this post have never heard the story before so yeah I have to tell this like it, no one else will I gladly will I will gladly take the information that is commonly known on.

00:58:11.670 --> 00:58:18.990 Bo Templin: Twitter or in the fight game, and I will share that on tick tock, even if it seems like low low hanging fruit, a little bit.

00:58:19.050 --> 00:58:28.470 Jeremiah Fox: yeah you can't worry about that shit and that's what makes people unique and stand out is there is their content specialties, so I think.

00:58:28.980 --> 00:58:35.550 Jeremiah Fox: I think that's a great direction for you to go and we got to wrap up, so I just want to say thank you again for coming on and.

00:58:35.880 --> 00:58:48.330 Jeremiah Fox: anybody listening that wants to check bow out it's at both templin on Twitter instagram and know you got a Facebook and linkedin account but not much going and is, and is it at both template on.

00:58:48.870 --> 00:58:50.550 Jeremiah Fox: Everywhere everywhere all right.

00:58:50.580 --> 00:58:55.440 Jeremiah Fox: Everywhere very cool you know, like me and I change this i've got different handles all over the place, like.

00:58:55.980 --> 00:59:02.400 Bo Templin: bows and easy name bows and easy name, though, so before we go I just like the whole time and I named the show bono's to.

00:59:02.430 --> 00:59:08.430 Jeremiah Fox: just remind me of Bo Jackson and that whole campaign in like the late 80s early 90s, and I was just like oh no.

00:59:10.620 --> 00:59:12.570 Bo Templin: I got like five bono's.

00:59:13.050 --> 00:59:16.350 Jeremiah Fox: sure you sure you do well, thank you again man.

00:59:16.380 --> 00:59:18.030 Bo Templin: For coming on really appreciate you.

00:59:18.270 --> 00:59:22.980 Bo Templin: Thank you for having me apologize for the the voice that I got going on.

00:59:23.370 --> 00:59:25.050 Jeremiah Fox: Like Oh, thank you for the time I just.

00:59:25.410 --> 00:59:27.390 Bo Templin: I really enjoyed This had a blast.

00:59:27.420 --> 00:59:31.230 Jeremiah Fox: awesome me to there'll be some post promo i'll put it out on social all tag you.

00:59:31.440 --> 00:59:35.670 Jeremiah Fox: will cut up some of these best parts and send it out to all the people that didn't make the show today right.

00:59:36.240 --> 00:59:38.100 Bo Templin: amazing Thank you so much happy Friday.

00:59:38.550 --> 00:59:45.270 Jeremiah Fox: Happy Friday and happy thanksgiving everybody, not sure there's gonna be a show next week cuz Friday Saturday after thanksgiving I have to do a.

00:59:46.620 --> 00:59:59.940 Jeremiah Fox: Like a rogue Facebook live on my own we'll see I got a lot, a lot of stuff going on this year, so if I don't see you next week we'll See you in two weeks in December again happy thanksgiving have a great weekend we'll see you next time peace out.

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