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Friday, October 29, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/29 - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/29 - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid


2021/10/29 - Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

[NEW EPISODE] Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Time to face your fears cause opening a business is fucking scary



John Busso & I got some tricks & treats for everyone this Friday at noon on



Costumes encouraged



Going live from Spacestation Prospect’s new spot on Talking Alternative Broadcasting

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah starts the show introducing his guest John Busso. They begin talking about John opening a business during the start of the pandemic. John expresses that his friends’ advice helped him focus on growing his business even though he wasn’t allowed to operate. John talks about reintroducing social skills to children since the pandemic. He talks about his business, Spacestation and how it can be used as an educational outlet for the children in the neighborhood.

Segment 2

Jermiah and John talk about surviving the pandemic financially. John talks about opening Spacestation on Prospect Ave in February 2020 and the obstacles he had to face as a new entrepreneur. The guys talk about their tight knit community and how difficult it was for small businesses to stay afloat before the pandemic. John mentions that businesses have been rising since the pandemic. Before the break, Jeremiah and John discuss Spacestation and what they offer.

Segment 3 

Coming back from the break, John talks about being a teacher for 20 years and how it inspired him to open his business. Jeremiah Johnny talks about growing up on Prospect Ave. and being part of a tight knit kid- friendly community. Jeremiah and John begin to talk about their families and share personal stories. John segways the discussion to the idea of gaming as an educational tool. He mentions how many of the new games can spark outside interests like farming or cooking. Before the break, the discussion focused on teacher burnout and the unrealistic training teachers have to endure

Segment 4 

Coming back from the break, Jeremiah and John discussed the things they learned from the pandemic. John mentions flexibility and keeping an open mind has helped him prosper with his business. Owning a restaurant, Jeremiah also mentioned approachability. Being there for people as an outlet; for your guests, staff and or vendors. Jeremiah expressed some of the burnout he experienced and how he had to overcome it. Before the end of the show, John left a link to reach him and his business if you are looking to book camp, afterschool, or parties. You can check out his website


00:03:05.790 --> 00:03:14.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: what's up everybody happy Friday welcome welcome you listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox before we kick it off today, the message of the week.

00:03:15.300 --> 00:03:16.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: be afraid.

00:03:17.130 --> 00:03:18.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: be very afraid.

00:03:21.420 --> 00:03:29.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Not just because of our gorgeous stage props here and my scary face.

00:03:30.540 --> 00:03:34.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But because business sometimes is fucking scary.

00:03:35.370 --> 00:03:40.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's fucking scary we're welcoming back to the show john boo cell, he was we just determine.

00:03:41.640 --> 00:03:53.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My last in studio guests, the last time we did the show from the studio on 38 street he was the last one that came in on Friday march 6 2020.

00:03:54.330 --> 00:03:59.820 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And uh and here we are back at it again and my man is on fire we'll get to that later, but.

00:04:00.420 --> 00:04:15.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What I think is most interesting I was just playing back in my head I didn't listen to it, but I just remember like the context of that show you would just open space station prospect, here we are going live from prospect tab we have been super local today um.

00:04:16.110 --> 00:04:22.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And, and I remember saying to you, you know your brand new like nothing's even happened yet right man.

00:04:24.570 --> 00:04:33.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The entrepreneurial gods were like we will rain all brimstone and hellfire and damnation on you will show you what's up oh Jesus Christ.

00:04:33.930 --> 00:04:43.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was thinking, maybe you'd get like a you know, a lawsuit for someone slipping on the sidewalk out front, or like a pipe would burst and like.

00:04:43.530 --> 00:05:00.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: rainwater down on one of your game station, or something like that I didn't happen to yeah I understand I did not think it was gonna be a fucking pandemic so john when when did you open space station I opened it up in February, the end of February, you know.

00:05:01.470 --> 00:05:11.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: 2025 world back then yeah it's different place Star Wars did not become a reality right right, and then we you know we were rocking along there for like two weeks and.

00:05:11.460 --> 00:05:17.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know everything was just like so fantastic and great two weeks Oh, it was like the world is our oyster and then you know.

00:05:18.930 --> 00:05:28.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I came on this show acted as a harbinger of the Apocalypse I don't know I don't know I wasn't aware of that, when it happened, but that's what occurred, and the next day.

00:05:28.470 --> 00:05:36.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: march 7 my birthday, we had this huge nice little part of Nice party for every for me and we had a our first like birthday party, where we made money doing it for a kid.

00:05:37.290 --> 00:05:47.730 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it was like Yes, this is all taken off and doing good we were happy, you came by you were like you know all right we're doing right yeah and then like the next day it was it was done right we're guessing that we're like.

00:05:48.030 --> 00:05:54.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: there's the next March 8 it was like things started to shut down and like a weekly or the schools were closed, and it was it was done and I was like.

00:05:55.650 --> 00:06:04.710 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: existential dread what what's going on here right, so the question, the first question is like what was going through your head you're like yeah I heard this can be difficult.

00:06:05.190 --> 00:06:13.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Business I heard shit can come on done like brand new prior you were a teacher for quite a long time, so it was a good first foray into like.

00:06:14.670 --> 00:06:26.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Private Business ownership and and you get hit with a yeah damn pandemic, I know I mean you know one thing that kept me, you know, to keep everything in perspective was like talking to you know guys like you.

00:06:26.790 --> 00:06:32.640 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Who are also business owners delis and juice box might want to throw that out there for you, you got two more times.

00:06:33.360 --> 00:06:40.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Get the check and then they should all right good good i'll sprinkle in there later on in the show um and you know you would tell me about like how you were.

00:06:41.130 --> 00:06:43.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: struggling to make sure that everybody was was.

00:06:43.770 --> 00:06:49.830 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: able to stay on payroll and like you know able to keep keep going and you got all these different responsibilities families different people and vendors and all this.

00:06:50.010 --> 00:07:01.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And i'm thinking to myself well you know I just opened up it's just me like I you know I i'm just responsible for myself right now I didn't do anything beyond that so like maybe you know, in a lot of ways, this is this is fortunate.

00:07:01.590 --> 00:07:09.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Unfortunate timing for me that I didn't you know, three months into this for months into this where i'd got more established and started to really like bring on people that now depended on me.

00:07:09.660 --> 00:07:16.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To have this happen, and then have to figure all that out, so I didn't have to figure that out, I was able to just kind of focus on, you know other like just.

00:07:16.650 --> 00:07:24.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Everything else that was going on at that time, but, but you weren't able to operate like and not know for a long time to worry about operate it was like nothing you read.

00:07:25.170 --> 00:07:31.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like I get you know I get at least you take out and yeah you know sell cocktails to go right yeah yeah with everybody saw.

00:07:32.370 --> 00:07:39.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Very yeah but then you know, eventually, we were able to start having camps again and we're able to do you know coven rules messed up distancing and things like that.

00:07:40.290 --> 00:07:47.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you know the kids took to it really well and a lot of time what I found was you know when I first built this place, I thought we were going to be like a.

00:07:47.490 --> 00:07:49.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like really high tech like going into like the.

00:07:50.190 --> 00:08:00.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: delving into coding and figuring out how yeah I remember talking about all this stuff right like that was like I was totally for, and then you know as soon as this stuff happened, I found myself becoming like a social skills teacher.

00:08:00.720 --> 00:08:14.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Because these I was reintroducing kids to the world again yeah after all this time, so like my job completely changed, and it was just like now, I just have to make sure that everybody is happy and able to speak to one another, again in a way that like shows that we are all human.

00:08:15.540 --> 00:08:21.750 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you know I tried really thankfully i've had a lot of years working in schools and be able to bounce 11 different personalities against each other so.

00:08:21.960 --> 00:08:32.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I think I did a good job of that and I think you know the kids were able, that that did come back to me and I was their first experience back in the real world, I think they benefited from that so at least I can kind of you know, put my hat on that.

00:08:32.700 --> 00:08:44.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that's a great point you know, because we do go into all these things with our vision like Oh, this is what we're gonna do my passion yeah oh yeah you have to respond to you know to your community into your clientele yeah.

00:08:45.210 --> 00:08:55.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And it doesn't mean you still can't do that but that's I know like you know in service, you know, like we are we all are in service in some way, but you know in food service like that's.

00:08:55.800 --> 00:09:06.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The first step is just like establishing that that happiness and communication before you get to like really do right the other things that you want to do course, you have to you have to establish that trust and.

00:09:07.350 --> 00:09:19.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Where it comes right if you don't have you know your the people that are working for you the people that are bringing in the food for you the people that are you know supplying all the materials for you that if they're not like engaged with you and want to be there with you then you're.

00:09:20.070 --> 00:09:29.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The customer as well, and the customer so yeah of course yeah you got it you got to factor in the customer, and then it all all that leads into the customer experience right like you know that's yeah, but I think you could still build that over time.

00:09:29.820 --> 00:09:38.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like I would say, you know for like for della as an example, I mean it's it's you know more of a challenging kind of menu and it's not you know.

00:09:39.390 --> 00:09:52.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You got a lot of moving parts yeah and then just not like a very ordinary you know your average meal, you know what i'm saying right um so we really had to like work on establishing that trust that's my dude serves duck.

00:09:53.460 --> 00:09:53.760 yeah.

00:09:55.980 --> 00:10:05.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um so you know you kind of have to like stick to your guns anyway, as far as that goes to where it's just like Okay, but this is really what we want to do, unlike.

00:10:05.460 --> 00:10:12.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: continue to provide that experience like you said, where I mean we've had to do the same thing man it's so what the way people like right.

00:10:12.870 --> 00:10:18.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, they were they were homebound for like a few months and forgot how to like come in right.

00:10:19.200 --> 00:10:22.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I do have space for two things that people yeah.

00:10:23.100 --> 00:10:30.390 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I mean you see it everywhere, like you know people coming back into the there's all this like pent up crazy right like crazy doesn't just go away it doesn't just disappear.

00:10:30.600 --> 00:10:35.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Right so it's there so it's been building up building a building a building up and now you just.

00:10:35.460 --> 00:10:44.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Have crazy weird explosions of crazy everywhere now man and you just have to like the okay man you're getting your crazy out hopefully it's not going to like mess up my world.

00:10:44.940 --> 00:10:52.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I mean I just try to be patient, I mean yeah I mean I was nothing really changed because i'm doing the same thing that it did on a daily basis, but.

00:10:52.830 --> 00:11:00.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It is weird to see people kind of come out that way, and then you, as you said, you know you kind of got to be the the usher yeah of normalcy again right.

00:11:00.750 --> 00:11:07.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Somebody came in last night and they I was busy, and they were like can we grab a table no so yeah just sit down right there and it took me a minute to get to them.

00:11:07.590 --> 00:11:18.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And they had their phones out already expecting that they've that it was gonna be a qr qr code sure, and I walked up with menus and they had a menu wow wow how close like.

00:11:21.180 --> 00:11:27.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah things have changed, I really like and then i'll go, you know I don't get to go out much so yeah I know yeah so you would everybody else.

00:11:28.680 --> 00:11:36.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Man yeah, no, no, and I went out for like the first time in like five years, I feel like we're like, how do we do this when I was really waiting.

00:11:36.690 --> 00:11:38.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Around for the menu for like 20 minutes like.

00:11:39.090 --> 00:11:51.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: where's were like nah dude you just order online like wait what's that thing oh my God the qr code what Okay, but there's places where you hit the qr code you place your order hey do all that stuff right person just comes in drops off it was just be a drone dropping it off.

00:11:54.660 --> 00:12:04.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I don't know I could go either way I would I either want like full intimacy yeah or full automation sure sure like I either don't want to be there at all, and I just want the deposits to come out your bank again.

00:12:05.730 --> 00:12:15.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You got the drones do that for you to get there any do um or or all up in it, hybrid I don't sure sure I hear ya know you gotta.

00:12:15.660 --> 00:12:31.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah one one direction or another that's why you get to places, so that you can go in both directions at once speaking, the two places well I segue now was that that was really nice I thought, so I didn't know where you're gonna go with that yeah he's like you go both ways listen man.

00:12:32.580 --> 00:12:34.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like did you see the chappelle especially yet.

00:12:36.180 --> 00:12:41.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I keep it oh i'm family family guy over here, you know not not family guy fox family.

00:12:41.760 --> 00:12:48.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Family oriented yeah you can handle the the adult crowd my my daughters and try to drag me down and yeah I will always.

00:12:49.110 --> 00:12:55.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My my the newest thing with my older two daughters is these nice job oh God we're always trying to get each other i'm like.

00:12:55.770 --> 00:13:11.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Our family is complainer now you know, I was a high school teacher for like 20 years yeah you know all that stuff is really nice yeah so speaking of two places okay yeah we are sitting within we're gonna go to break in a minute, but yeah well prophecy sure you should.

00:13:12.540 --> 00:13:15.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Have 30 seconds to explain now to dirty.

00:13:16.320 --> 00:13:19.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Dirty started potty talk already got the break.

00:13:20.970 --> 00:13:27.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: we're sitting in for the moment it's called fright on prospect yeah but a new a new space.

00:13:28.470 --> 00:13:33.990 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Across the street from his space station prospect location, which is all right here on prospect yeah i'll prospect.

00:13:34.380 --> 00:13:46.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Be you know beloved home oh yeah so many businesses and in mine included and a great a great place to be and so we'll talk a little bit further when we get back, but we are, we are zooming live from.

00:13:47.220 --> 00:13:54.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: From the newest addition to prospect prospect hours yeah hopefully edition that's what the hope is.

00:13:55.650 --> 00:14:08.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A big divide divide we're sitting on like a 1980s a burger time Sir yeah yeah tabletop yeah arcade taking me back so hang tight everybody will explain more when we come back from this short break Fiona minute.

00:16:26.160 --> 00:16:27.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You guys, what do you transformers.

00:16:29.910 --> 00:16:40.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Very scary like yeah no I mean well, but I love transfer now so we'll get to that that always thinking about the way here.

00:16:40.650 --> 00:16:51.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But we'll talk about so welcome back, I had a costume I you know you should national so the entrepreneurial web the serious the show.

00:16:51.750 --> 00:16:58.950 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Welcome you back to the show brooklyn's own shiny ball so forget about it, I feel like you did it that way, last time to have.

00:16:59.730 --> 00:17:04.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You guys been watching me have I talk with my hands at all I don't think he doesn't want he walks down the street, he goes into.

00:17:04.470 --> 00:17:09.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What I have to those in a giant sally's I come to get the chicken bomb and it works, you know.

00:17:10.500 --> 00:17:20.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Coming at you live from john's newest spot, which is affectionately known this this week, this week right all right on prospect.

00:17:21.120 --> 00:17:33.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: he's just taken over this this new space across the street from his flagship location and Space Station prospect which he opened in February of 2020 and there's for someone to show and then nothing exciting happens.

00:17:35.700 --> 00:17:39.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: everything's been totally totally normal sense and everything follow the path that I expect.

00:17:41.550 --> 00:17:52.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: which is what we talked about last time he was on the show which was in February of 20 and I was like oh you're so fresh and clean nothing even happened yet boy did he get that smack down of his life it's true but, like the undertaker he was like.

00:17:53.730 --> 00:17:58.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I will serve I don't know he just it just POPs right back oh yeah yeah.

00:18:01.110 --> 00:18:03.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So we actually did he actually survived.

00:18:04.230 --> 00:18:16.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The pandemic, both physically and financially, maybe not mentally maybe we want to say about that, on the first day I might not have made it yeah mentally right, you might not have been there, exactly exactly.

00:18:17.250 --> 00:18:26.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So he's recently taken over a space that was one of the only bacon spots on prospect that interesting part about what happened in Windsor terrorists, which is a neighborhood where we live and where our businesses are.

00:18:27.000 --> 00:18:34.170 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: where he grew up um is that a neighborhood like this, which is very small tight knit.

00:18:34.680 --> 00:18:41.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Especially you know we were what seven eight stops from lower Manhattan yeah but, like you feel like you're in the bird right like.

00:18:41.820 --> 00:18:50.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You go to the top of the Hill and you can see all the lower Manhattan and the full skyline it it's like right there, but like down here it's quiet and quaint we're nestled between prospect park and.

00:18:51.510 --> 00:18:58.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: greenwood cemetery who are grieving somebody has messed up on Halloween tours ago I was getting yeah i'm.

00:18:59.340 --> 00:19:02.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: On a few there to 500 acre green spaces, though, is that used.

00:19:02.730 --> 00:19:07.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To be the APP train goes right through it we're right we'd literally right above the F stop but for Hamilton.

00:19:07.560 --> 00:19:18.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Should you just be on the train and wonder what's what's up there as a great little spots hop out a bunch of restaurants and bars and liquor stores and all kinds and if you hear rumblings that's just the scenic beautiful.

00:19:19.140 --> 00:19:31.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: prospect expressway beginning a block away from us, but you know that's there's a bunch of pop cars, it sounds like gunshot never is just the prospect expressway it's never really got shot, but on.

00:19:31.890 --> 00:19:44.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So I you know if this was a place that actually I think more businesses are open now here than there were in February of 2012 there were there were a handful of.

00:19:44.970 --> 00:19:53.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Commercial spaces that were making because, even before the pandemic you started to see like small business who's feeling the crunch it's always been hard it's never been easy.

00:19:54.000 --> 00:20:03.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: People you know the space that we're in if there were there were two restaurants, like neighbor sister restaurants next door to each other and and they pulled out, maybe.

00:20:05.100 --> 00:20:16.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Sometime within the year before the pandemic because of the financial just just didn't make sense yeah sorry it's really, really hard so you started to see places kind of like fall off here and there, but.

00:20:17.370 --> 00:20:20.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, during the pandemic more places open.

00:20:21.120 --> 00:20:34.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And now I think there's not a vacant space yeah along here nice to see them at this point, especially you know me growing up and over here i'd worked on this block, it was like you know donald's pizzeria and now among laundromat where software Center.

00:20:35.370 --> 00:20:44.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know you keep talking about this place and what I don't remember this, this, but this spot was back then, you talked about it to how it was like this might have been part of the laundry mat yeah.

00:20:44.430 --> 00:20:47.250 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It might have been yeah but yes for a while it was.

00:20:47.610 --> 00:20:58.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It was a storage unit for the West Indian day parade float right yeah so i've been strange strange stuff men, but that was that was way process you haven't used to be man, you know Venus video that was used to go in there at my videos and.

00:20:59.010 --> 00:21:01.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And, and they used to get some domino's pizza now.

00:21:03.690 --> 00:21:13.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Good stuff yeah it was a good good times, back then, and the other thing that happened was you know, fewer places where open or or still are open, especially in Manhattan.

00:21:14.700 --> 00:21:27.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In like became a little bit more localized I think yeah we've definitely seen it, I think that yeah especially I think in this neighborhood you know I think we already we're moving towards kind of a localized centralized soda community, and I think that the pandemic really.

00:21:27.780 --> 00:21:33.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: solidified that and I think you know it's it's nice it's really nice thing to be involved in.

00:21:33.930 --> 00:21:39.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And that's why I kind of double down on it, because you know, the more i've spent time interacting with people in the Community.

00:21:39.690 --> 00:21:49.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The more I see how special displaces you know, and I like to be a perfect segue because I was gonna ask why, why would you do, why would you.

00:21:49.740 --> 00:21:54.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Well, you know the short answer is i've spent like the last four years across the street.

00:21:54.630 --> 00:22:02.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In my house staring at this place thinking about it and wanting it, you know, since it since it closed down yeah like this is, this is a cool spot I want this spot.

00:22:03.060 --> 00:22:07.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm going to do some cool I can do, really, really good things with it, and when I first open up space station.

00:22:07.860 --> 00:22:17.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We looked here, but it was, at the same time that they were involved with someone else for a little while, and so it didn't work out for me, so I I took that spot over there and made that into what I wanted.

00:22:18.000 --> 00:22:27.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you know, then everything happened but somehow some way, we made it through it, you know the summer we really saw what was possible with summer with our camp.

00:22:27.300 --> 00:22:34.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Where people were so enthusiastic to be there and we were filling up, and it was just so much fun I got you know, good quality people in there to.

00:22:35.010 --> 00:22:42.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: help with the kids so I knew that you know now like, if anything, now's the time to strike, and you know I saw.

00:22:43.050 --> 00:22:51.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know what i'm doing at space station, you know i'm very game centric you know we're standing on, we have a street fighter thing over here this this this.

00:22:51.720 --> 00:22:56.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: console that we're we're leaning on right now houses 4000 arcade games in it.

00:22:57.360 --> 00:23:09.150 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: From our from our youth, so if you want to play a burger time or PAC man or something like that this has you covered Nice, you know, so I I really believe in the value of that type of stuff but I know that you know.

00:23:10.200 --> 00:23:17.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: there's been a lot of years of negative connotation to video games and and just screens in general, and all that so.

00:23:18.210 --> 00:23:22.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah but the burger time is not simulated murder sure, no, no, but you know.

00:23:23.160 --> 00:23:28.530 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: There are there are games out there, that that do that there are, and you know, there are arguments that can be made that that's that's okay.

00:23:28.950 --> 00:23:35.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: that's okay that that happens and it's not going to cause anyone to go out and do anything to anybody because they've done that you know.

00:23:36.540 --> 00:23:42.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Full disclosure I have killed a couple of people in the video game before it's happening, I know I shouldn't I probably shouldn't say that right.

00:23:42.330 --> 00:23:49.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like it's happening like i'm play video games and there have been you know people so thanks for watching everybody yeah you know it's it's okay it's not like.

00:23:50.430 --> 00:23:56.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's it's just we're just playing game he's trying to be scary because it's yeah it's also yeah right right it's also Halloween and i'm talking about yeah no.

00:23:57.300 --> 00:24:04.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: that's it's just you know gaming is it's an outlet for all of that, we have an especially after what's happened with pandemic.

00:24:05.370 --> 00:24:15.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Being able to do something like on to a screen and and venture frustrations out in a very safe sort of way that doesn't bother anybody else is is wonderful and helpful so.

00:24:15.990 --> 00:24:22.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Anybody anybody um so I believe in that strongly and I believe in the power of gaming as an educational tool.

00:24:23.250 --> 00:24:31.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But there are there are a roadblock to that I understand that you know I fight against that for years it's always been video games are not that way.

00:24:31.770 --> 00:24:36.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So I want to build something that's that moves beyond the video games because i'm an educator for educated first.

00:24:37.380 --> 00:24:48.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know I started as an English teacher, for many, many years before I even sniffed it at doing anything in terms of the video games um you know, I was always teaching literature I love my my class I love to read a book that's my you know.

00:24:48.810 --> 00:24:57.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My number one favorite thing if I have to go and read the classic you know I like like Johnny God is gonna like these old old books are wonderful of the cuckoo's nest all the different types of like you know, really.

00:24:58.560 --> 00:25:04.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: English teacher you type books, those are graphic novels and things like that I love that type of stuff and I want to.

00:25:05.010 --> 00:25:13.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: show that that that is something that I appreciate you so i'm hoping that this place here can can bring that out that this can be a more educational.

00:25:13.860 --> 00:25:22.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Spot that we can married a space station where kids can come in here and they can get Tutoring they can get their their homework done, they can get all sorts of educational help.

00:25:23.280 --> 00:25:25.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: and parents can receive support around the neighborhood for.

00:25:26.640 --> 00:25:32.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: terms of schooling for their kids and figuring out different options for tests and all the different things and going into middle school going into high school.

00:25:32.670 --> 00:25:40.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know all the different options that they have, because I, you know as a parent you're both of us know, like what it takes to like navigate get this shit sorry.

00:25:41.910 --> 00:26:00.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm we know my intro right yeah no, I know I know, but I say now on the PG or you know you you uh I got I got a reputation um so you know I really think that uh that that parents need that support and especially after what's been happening last year's kids are.

00:26:01.320 --> 00:26:12.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: There adrift and you know, in education they haven't had the full on support that they've needed for the last few years, so there's going to be a very, very big adjustment period so.

00:26:13.230 --> 00:26:21.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The more I can help with that the better, I will feel, and I think that that will make everybody happy like it makes me happy because i'll make enough money to be able to place and be happy.

00:26:21.630 --> 00:26:24.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I think the parents will be able to come in and bring their kids and have them.

00:26:25.410 --> 00:26:30.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know perform the way they're supposed to and up to back up to their expectations mutual benefit, exactly.

00:26:30.420 --> 00:26:45.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But But until then we're just gonna have fun at this space so yeah describe what's happening right now so right yeah right now I don't get education, no not at all right now that's just like a chain so yeah we're tying people right yeah I don't know we you know medieval education.

00:26:46.530 --> 00:26:54.090 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We right now, you know I got this place and I didn't we're not opening up anything big just yet, because we have to really kind of plan it out and figure out what's going on.

00:26:54.600 --> 00:26:58.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But you know, while I have it, I wanted to do something that was going to show that.

00:26:58.680 --> 00:27:07.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The space was open again that we were that we're here that we're not going anywhere that we're part of the Community, we want everyone to come in and enjoy themselves and be a part of this that we're building.

00:27:08.250 --> 00:27:15.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So I opened it up and I just turned them into like a fun little area with like different types of carnival games different types of arts and crafts activities.

00:27:16.140 --> 00:27:23.040 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: popcorn you know ice cream things like that yeah popcorn machine is actually we turn that on every Saturday morning.

00:27:23.820 --> 00:27:26.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you know we have a couple of like I said, these that have different little video game arcade.

00:27:27.180 --> 00:27:29.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We have a couple of different games for kids to play and stuff like that.

00:27:29.880 --> 00:27:39.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And we're just gonna we're going to be outside we have like face painting yeah this weekend will be doing all that sort of stuff and and we're just going to try and do that fun stuff for the next few months.

00:27:40.080 --> 00:27:46.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: While we still have you know the weather still decent enough and everything's okay anyway it's going it's not going to get cold yeah right exactly.

00:27:46.950 --> 00:27:54.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then you know come Christmas time we're going to do something really exciting yeah so i'm not gonna talk about that one too much, but but it for now it's going to be on a seasonal exactly.

00:27:54.750 --> 00:28:00.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah almost like holidays exactly exactly and vine leading up to Christmas to a big a big.

00:28:00.630 --> 00:28:12.120 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A big Christmas this year I like I like this idea of just like the introduction, yes it's like it can be very hard to be like I said at the beginning, can be scary where you come out, you know guns blazing.

00:28:12.570 --> 00:28:27.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm going to do this and yeah appeal appeal and and sometimes it doesn't work out, you know, and I can become very discouraging yeah and and can and and you blow a lot of money sure you've gotten in here relatively you know budget minded man.

00:28:28.680 --> 00:28:31.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you just like feel I think I will never speak of the finances.

00:28:32.970 --> 00:28:34.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Budget mining say like.

00:28:35.340 --> 00:28:47.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I know you didn't put up like 400 grand no idea how much money, I noticed oh my God you didn't see this place when I first walked into this fall apart, how do I throw hundreds of thousand dollars and just to get it up and running again, please come help me guys.

00:28:50.460 --> 00:28:50.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Black paint.

00:28:53.400 --> 00:28:56.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, you know the cost of black paint goes for your change the lights.

00:28:57.450 --> 00:28:58.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: they're really expensive.

00:29:00.510 --> 00:29:14.010 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But, but it is, it is a smart way to start yeah you like, I like to thank you you've created your own pop up when we back in the day I don't know if you remember, we did a pop up where the coffee shop used to be, this was like 2011.

00:29:15.180 --> 00:29:23.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And for us that was you know was on there they had the lease and everything they liquor license we just like sublet from them and night and.

00:29:23.910 --> 00:29:29.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: operated on are all their licenses and try to is our way of dipping their toes in the water to see.

00:29:29.790 --> 00:29:35.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: How we weren't on the yeah we weren't on the hook for anything yeah we've also created a scenario here where you're not on the hook like.

00:29:35.730 --> 00:29:44.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For like massive amounts and you, you have this liberty yeah we had like yeah and I think that's a really good way to start if you're if you're trying to I.

00:29:45.120 --> 00:29:47.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: know well, I tried, you know i'm looking at it from.

00:29:47.550 --> 00:29:54.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A long term perspective, you know, like you know we I came here not to be here for three months, like Wagner, to be for a long time, I live here, and you know I already have my other place.

00:29:55.200 --> 00:29:59.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: This is where I want to be, and he survived to paint him and I survived the pandemic man, so you know, like.

00:30:00.480 --> 00:30:06.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um so I wanted to look long term yeah you know there's no reason for me to rush things into happening.

00:30:06.510 --> 00:30:13.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: By January and it not be as great as it can be when we can take our time and and build something well that's what I like your like.

00:30:13.410 --> 00:30:23.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Lack of anxiety around the whole thing you just like removed some of the pressure that a lot of business owners know and he learns quick, I mean for somebody who's only open for like two weeks last year.

00:30:25.560 --> 00:30:30.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But then, you know we got we were open to that and, like all summer Europa by summertime summertime yeah.

00:30:31.470 --> 00:30:38.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah um you know it's he can't be anxious about like what's going to be in the next like two months man he's not always as long, especially, as you know, like.

00:30:38.310 --> 00:30:49.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: where you want to go and, if anything that can be taught, you know even the best plans that you can have you're going to get you're gonna have to adapt them and change them so so be ready for that I had other plans today i'm stuck here with him so it's true.

00:30:49.950 --> 00:30:51.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah you think I was his first place.

00:30:52.860 --> 00:31:00.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: number five you are i've actually been thinking about this for a while I just found it on you and it worked he does when he returns he gets caught for is that oh come on man, I need you.

00:31:01.860 --> 00:31:03.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Sorry bottom of the barrel.

00:31:04.650 --> 00:31:14.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Listen man, you know you gotta you gotta standbys i'm fine i'm fine with either standby totally fine I any any Friday i'll come in and talk for an hour I don't care i'm gonna be gone for the next month.

00:31:15.750 --> 00:31:24.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: People will tune out you'll lose all your viewership but uh yeah whatever they've already happened, this is a very big word basically talking to each other, we are yeah so we're gonna take a break.

00:31:25.110 --> 00:31:31.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just to give them a break sure the one listener yeah that one that's the Left it's not as my brother show.

00:31:32.460 --> 00:31:34.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: All right, we'll be back in a few everybody hang tight.

00:34:14.970 --> 00:34:19.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So you said something in the last segment I did you did a bunch things.

00:34:20.370 --> 00:34:26.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: One of them at least was good and what I was thinking about I was walking here is like you've taken something that you just thoroughly enjoy.

00:34:27.210 --> 00:34:34.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you've turned it into a business like yeah you know you were a teacher, you have a good job, probably like pension and.

00:34:35.190 --> 00:34:48.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It was yeah good paying job right exactly you, you know, like a bunch of the boxes were checked off for you, but then you had this is like itch yeah and you're like I was more like like like yeah like.

00:34:50.850 --> 00:34:53.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like working at the schools man, you know there's like Ward.

00:34:55.710 --> 00:35:01.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: scratching scratching scratching file just keep spreading Dr know you got to remove yourself from the environment.

00:35:02.340 --> 00:35:16.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Man yeah um yeah no I was just doing this time, and you know 20 years of being in the schools going through a bunch of different scenarios and working with a bunch of different schools and seeing the same failures whenever I went seeing the same like brazen just just.

00:35:17.970 --> 00:35:27.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Ignoring of those failures or somebody came to attack, which is was like my baby at the point where I couldn't take it anymore I figured what, let me just do my own thing man, and you know I got a nice place here.

00:35:28.470 --> 00:35:34.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I knew this neighborhood like I watched this neighborhood grow up, I saw like you know how many parents were around here with with children.

00:35:35.130 --> 00:35:42.780 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I know if there was one thing that i'm good at it's it's having helping kids to have a good time enjoying themselves, while also you know learning some things.

00:35:43.080 --> 00:35:56.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: that's what i've been doing for so many years, so let me see if I can just apply it to the to the outside world and I did you know and like that's it, you know this that's a keen observation anything that has to do with kids yes neighborhood right there's a way, like some way you.

00:35:58.470 --> 00:36:09.960 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Can kids around yeah yeah we've each contributed three as part of it, then we're like you know we're like the everybody looks at us, like all three I know I.

00:36:11.160 --> 00:36:11.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: have one or two.

00:36:14.160 --> 00:36:18.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I was talking I just I just I feel like i'm, just like the warning you know I oh guys just really.

00:36:18.780 --> 00:36:28.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Please think about it before you have that third child at my old neighbor on vanderbilt street she steered me in the opposite direction, we were I was out front with the older to.

00:36:28.440 --> 00:36:33.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Was way before my my third and they were just being annoying yeah they were at that age or.

00:36:34.440 --> 00:36:43.530 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just the age, which is any any of the agent easy I know this was like when they were young and just like we're waiting for a car or something and and they were just like being obnoxious and.

00:36:44.160 --> 00:36:51.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And she just she had three and she's kind of laughing I was like what do you have in the third and I was like you all people should be the poster child right I should actually do.

00:36:52.320 --> 00:36:59.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And she's like, no, no, you got it all wrong making kids is kind of like making pancakes the first one comes out fucked up the second was.

00:36:59.850 --> 00:37:05.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But like it's getting better by the third one, I just like hung my head and then, when when we found out.

00:37:06.420 --> 00:37:22.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You got a business call I know it's okay it's okay it's okay it's probably it's a scam likely for really he's like Johnny my competition he's like you got a few spots on the bottom Napoli now no yeah you don't mind me out, please, please do it come on come on.

00:37:25.920 --> 00:37:27.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: tears yeah.

00:37:30.000 --> 00:37:30.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You got changed for $1.

00:37:32.370 --> 00:37:33.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: or or just.

00:37:35.220 --> 00:37:35.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um.

00:37:36.840 --> 00:37:46.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I got off track a little bit that third one, so maybe it applies to business is to so you saying I should open up the third business, this is like your the oddly shaped one is the.

00:37:47.820 --> 00:37:55.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Third, one down nailing wow so I haven't really started this when you're already telling this one, the oddly shaped like like forgotten child of my of my business career.

00:37:56.070 --> 00:38:02.370 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Okay, I mean i'll take it as a compliment that means that i'm going to go on to bigger and better things but a call them out and try to enjoy this one right now kidding.

00:38:03.690 --> 00:38:08.280 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um but I like your back to the series.

00:38:09.390 --> 00:38:15.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um the idea of gaming as an educational issue you know you were talking about like a lot of people don't.

00:38:15.600 --> 00:38:21.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: see that as valid that like look at the knows Harry you'd like armed forces and that's why I brought that up about.

00:38:21.780 --> 00:38:28.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: They piloted a submarine with an xbox controller yeah that's what they find like they were trying to figure out like how to do it and, like, finally they're like yeah.

00:38:29.130 --> 00:38:41.850 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We have a controller that's like perfect for this kind of thing why don't we just use it and they did they modified their flexibility use it so some of the most effective training these days for for new recruits, whether it be military or or.

00:38:43.140 --> 00:38:58.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: police departments is is virtual sure you know kind of training and simulators and there have been arguments that you know some in the hands of some youth youth, if you would say.

00:38:59.970 --> 00:39:01.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: what's what does he do anything.

00:39:03.420 --> 00:39:05.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I didn't do that at all right again, you can do.

00:39:07.080 --> 00:39:14.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The job yeah what is a huge I don't know I didn't practice practice anyway to see john at it to you.

00:39:16.680 --> 00:39:19.560 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That, in the hands of i'm not on my game to.

00:39:21.090 --> 00:39:23.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My mom so I can do chappelle.

00:39:24.720 --> 00:39:31.530 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Okay, just keep making references, I see you're trying to get me talking about that i'm not doing it i'm not gonna happen not gonna happen.

00:39:32.370 --> 00:39:42.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: um you know that that there was potential for like malice and in the hands of a couple, but in general it's like yeah it's like really a.

00:39:43.020 --> 00:39:49.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: great educational tool for getting them prepared, because you could you can actually simulate the stress mm hmm exactly.

00:39:50.580 --> 00:40:06.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: yeah of the situation and those guys, in particular, they need to do that with entrepreneur is to be like an entrepreneurial like game where it's, just like the world is falling apart around you you're watching your finances dwindle the air temperature is getting hotter.

00:40:07.770 --> 00:40:18.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What do you do, do you panic would be like one of those 40 experiences where like you just have like you ever go to the movie theater like in like we went to Lego land like before the experience with water in your.

00:40:20.220 --> 00:40:31.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: head just be like people popping up your question yeah and then you see you want to finish it now the most popular virtual reality game.

00:40:31.800 --> 00:40:39.810 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: For the kids in my place is job simulator yeah job simulator which it's it's awesome I love it they love job simulator man it's.

00:40:40.440 --> 00:40:43.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like funny like it's like the apprentice and, at the end trump comes on.

00:40:44.520 --> 00:40:52.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: you're fired that would be that would be a totally different thing um No, this is just like you do like you're an office worker or you're an auto mechanic or you're a chef.

00:40:52.500 --> 00:40:57.720 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you just like do like these wacky tasks and they like they eat it up, they love it like so much and like.

00:40:58.110 --> 00:41:03.870 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I don't know why I don't I don't even understand like i've kids have come in and they feel like farming simulator you know, or like like.

00:41:04.380 --> 00:41:12.690 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The tycoon games, though, like build like they're like planets IQ a roller coaster tycoon know they do all this crazy stuff and i'm like like you know.

00:41:13.320 --> 00:41:19.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So interesting to see like how many different interest these kids will have like in these you know we it's all video games right but it's like.

00:41:19.830 --> 00:41:26.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: In farming simulator is nowhere near you know, Mario brothers it's just not they're not the same thing kind of removed from.

00:41:26.490 --> 00:41:32.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: brooklyn average brooklyn K right right but they love it, you know they love this type of stuff you know and and.

00:41:32.430 --> 00:41:39.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: To be able to tap into that and for them to find it on their own, yes, the most amazing thing, like, I am a firm believer in education that.

00:41:39.960 --> 00:41:46.350 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The most meaningful moments that you have in education come when you find them on your own, so what I always try to do is just kind of.

00:41:46.980 --> 00:41:47.880 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: sneak them in there, like.

00:41:48.090 --> 00:41:58.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Oh, can you stumble upon this one, and this one, and this one, you know discover it for yourself here you go, but I I set the room up I set the tone yeah you know and that's what always had kind of worked for me in that, and you see it, you see, like that genuine.

00:41:58.650 --> 00:42:07.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: moment of understanding that that eyes light up moment and it's, the best thing you can have, and as a business owner to I mean that's that's a great approach for employees only because.

00:42:07.650 --> 00:42:20.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know you bring people in for certain positions and you start to see over time, like what really motivates them oh absolutely if it's somebody that you want to keep around that's something to dial into because that way you know you're showing.

00:42:20.970 --> 00:42:28.830 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: some level of empathy right, you know which, which is a commodity, these days is no i'm just starting to get used to that bar to you and I didn't really have any.

00:42:29.280 --> 00:42:34.230 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Employees before and now i'm starting to have some people, and you don't have employees, no man, you know it's all about.

00:42:34.560 --> 00:42:38.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Empowering employees and making sure that they can do you know what they wanted to like.

00:42:38.820 --> 00:42:45.030 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I think that's a big reason you know we've had a little bit of this conversation before about you know, the way that workers are leaving in droves from yeah places.

00:42:45.330 --> 00:42:52.290 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I think that that has a lot to do with empowerment, you know that people are figuring out that you know I don't need to hate my job, for you know.

00:42:52.770 --> 00:43:02.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Most of my waking hours, every day, like I need to find something that has that provides a balance and makes me happy and i'm all for that right, but they do need a paycheck they do need.

00:43:03.000 --> 00:43:07.830 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like a lot of people not working right now and there's no more unemployment right something's gotta give yeah.

00:43:08.940 --> 00:43:15.840 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm not i'm not sure how that's gonna play out yeah I know I don't know the numbers of it not judging anything I do say you know.

00:43:16.560 --> 00:43:27.240 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: People people, the most the most rare read well I guess it's not a rare resource, but for us personally the most rare resource, we have is our time it's, the only thing I can't get back so to place any sort of.

00:43:27.480 --> 00:43:35.940 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Number of value on time seems like a meaningless sort of thing to me well, have you ever like come up with the calculation like what is it what does an hour, what does the weekend, our costs right it's.

00:43:36.420 --> 00:43:39.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: kind of like you know what if you wanted to get me somewhere.

00:43:39.900 --> 00:43:50.220 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That I don't really want to be how much is that going to cost you right and it like it depends like when or how much is gonna cost you right right right, you know, like if you have to go yeah I have to go I I do.

00:43:51.000 --> 00:43:55.800 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Some sessions, with a coach and he's been a guest in number of times on the show Dr lance nom.

00:43:56.100 --> 00:44:03.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And he talks about that all the time he's always like because guys will say oh yeah no I got this you know sweetheart situation.

00:44:03.240 --> 00:44:09.510 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: It costs me nothing I just like I all I gotta do is go in there and do it he's like yeah but that's your that that's time cost you something.

00:44:09.720 --> 00:44:20.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: evaluate that that's investment and he's funny see people get stumped Joe yeah and I love it I can't remember what movie was you know, in the 80s, when I was like time is money yeah it's like it's totally true.

00:44:20.370 --> 00:44:27.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like Wall Street or some shit like that it's it's your most valuable resource that's it there's nothing more valuable than you have, and you get it back you can't get it back man.

00:44:28.050 --> 00:44:31.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: there's nothing you can do that that's more valuable than your time so like.

00:44:31.800 --> 00:44:40.110 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Yes, you should place a lot of value on that, and you shouldn't be miserable during your time yeah that's the major thing you know, maybe if jobs weren't so freaking miserable for.

00:44:40.320 --> 00:44:50.700 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So many people they wouldn't want to quit all the time, you know, like teachers teachers is a perfect example teachers burnout is the highest in the fields right and the first couple years teachers leave because.

00:44:51.300 --> 00:45:05.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The expectations are absolutely ridiculous kind of training is shit and the training is shit you know you get I was reading I forget, where I saw it, but was like you know, imagine being trained to like like drive a Porsche you know and then you're you get putting like in semi.

00:45:07.050 --> 00:45:11.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The training for teaching is not realistic to the job like and not especially nowadays with what.

00:45:11.850 --> 00:45:19.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: happened again I think you're more of a social worker, then you are, if anything else because you have to help these kids we connect to the world and you've got teachers, leaving and mass right.

00:45:19.740 --> 00:45:26.790 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: vaccine mandate you know they're just taxing the one thing more than giving them more bigger and bigger burnout.

00:45:27.600 --> 00:45:37.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm married to a teacher, so I get here all the dirt I was a teacher and i'm married to a speech therapist who is in the school sign, you know we we know very close with her yeah very close to the heart of the situation yeah.

00:45:38.130 --> 00:45:43.410 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Speaking of time we got one last break and we'll be back and wrap this baby up hang tight everybody will be back in just a minute.

00:47:48.060 --> 00:47:52.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Alright, I promise john we were going to do nothing but talk about the closer by Dave chappelle.

00:47:53.520 --> 00:47:54.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: My business now.

00:47:57.360 --> 00:48:02.700 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Education boy right right it's using its using something fun to educate the space issue.

00:48:04.020 --> 00:48:07.050 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: On weekends going given this field.

00:48:08.220 --> 00:48:16.590 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: So actually i'm now i'm very happy to say that space station has expanded our services, and we are open a lot more than we were before.

00:48:17.010 --> 00:48:33.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We are open for after school from three to six, you can drop off or your kids There we have hourly rates $15 that's that's flat, you can do it online just make sure if you're new you fill out a registration form for your child we're open on weekends now so.

00:48:35.700 --> 00:48:38.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: so that you can come in with your family or you can drop off your kid.

00:48:39.930 --> 00:48:46.830 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And there were there was a scary person at the at the window there sorry about that um it's Halloween it is Halloween it's true.

00:48:47.820 --> 00:48:58.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you can come in with the family, if you want, or you can drop off with your child with us and they can stay for a while um you guys, can you can come in as family and stay for a while and play.

00:48:58.770 --> 00:49:07.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: We are ready to go, you know we're ready to go for for fun, you know you want to drop off the kids and go eat it does come and get a couple of drinks and then stay there for a while and.

00:49:08.160 --> 00:49:13.500 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Again, you know about the closer you want to die chappelle, this is what words it doesn't doesn't get.

00:49:14.400 --> 00:49:22.260 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The synergy, you know sorry we got he's got the restaurant i've got the entertainment man, you know let's let's you saying i'm not entertaining you are you sure you are and.

00:49:22.470 --> 00:49:30.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i've been in there a few times now it's it's entertaining yeah um and you're doing pick up from the schools yeah from local schools which 131 3230.

00:49:31.380 --> 00:49:44.670 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And maybe one for the for everyone yeah well you know we talked about small and we can do it we basically we figure it out yeah i'm not people now that we can that we get the pickup going pretty well yeah that's why I want to be a buffer you know everything that people need.

00:49:45.780 --> 00:49:54.420 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: so that you know everybody's happy that's my main goal, and then the plans for here for the rest of like let's let's like.

00:49:55.290 --> 00:50:01.020 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Ours for like the next four weeks yeah we're gonna be up on the weekends for fun stuff I don't know if we'll be open during the weeks right now.

00:50:01.560 --> 00:50:08.310 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Because i'm kind of extended a kind of thing on everything, and when we're kind of preparing for the next big step with here, and we have a lot of work to do in the building.

00:50:08.940 --> 00:50:20.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But we want to you know have as much while we want to be as open as much as possible, we want people to be able to know that we're open and they can come in, and this is a good place to have a good time and will be, you know doing.

00:50:21.360 --> 00:50:29.610 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like I said a little bit of food popcorn and drinks and people who come drinks drinks wink wink nudge nudge say no more um.

00:50:30.570 --> 00:50:49.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And then, and then you'll make announcements about that yeah I know will be sending out stuff yeah I mean yeah yeah so to to kind of start to close up, I want to ask you what the biggest lesson as a business owner you learn during the pandemic was hmm.

00:50:50.760 --> 00:50:58.200 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: has now it's gotten serious ya know now he's getting serious now the hooks right now, you can't leave right not not you can't leave me oh.

00:50:58.740 --> 00:51:06.450 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: I don't know man i'm there's a lot of things to be learned by fire like three all right i'd say flexibility is number one you know.

00:51:06.990 --> 00:51:15.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: If you are not flexible in this day and age to what is going to happen, because if you think you can predict the way that she was going to turn out from here on out.

00:51:15.750 --> 00:51:17.520 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: i'm predicting one fucking nightmare.

00:51:17.820 --> 00:51:22.080 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Exactly i'm like Okay, the last three Fridays we're busy tonight's gonna be busy.

00:51:22.260 --> 00:51:35.550 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: will be dead right I didn't like Monday yeah like the last three days have been slow and were slammed like you cannot predict, so you gotta you gotta take that shit as it comes man, you know and that's something that you really need to keep in mind when you're running this stuff.

00:51:36.840 --> 00:51:46.470 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's it's it's impossible, especially now, like even even back in the day was impossible to understand what the market was, but now, with the way things change and there's all sorts of new.

00:51:46.650 --> 00:51:50.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Things popping up man, you know I, you have to really keep an open mind to it.

00:51:50.400 --> 00:51:59.910 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, I was thinking of opening up a crock store in here saying you know we do that, instead of anything like rocks dude cracks cracks the shoes crocs yeah man, I went to like the outlets, you know.

00:52:00.300 --> 00:52:10.440 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You go there and, like every store is like empty and there's a line around the block for crocs man everybody loves the crocs and they have like you know the charms on them, and so you know it's not a businessman.

00:52:11.040 --> 00:52:21.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Do you find that stuff for the kids man oh yeah that's that's what that's what's all about just correct yeah just craftsmen spots people you want around block cracks and drinks crocs yeah when he said crocs as I.

00:52:22.050 --> 00:52:33.000 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Do all crossing crepes cracking do the crepes again, you know I think the crave since they've bought a sale that's a good made crocs and creates Gemini shoes and.

00:52:33.780 --> 00:52:43.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Together we'll take it, I think you're being a little too flexible they serve a great game, I like yogi master and the course of an hour, can you make a crock shaped crips.

00:52:44.820 --> 00:52:52.860 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: know what would it would be easier to make a take a crepe tastes like a crock wow and to make a creep into the shape of a combo with that.

00:52:56.040 --> 00:53:05.460 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And with that this is what he learned during the pandemic yeah no flexibility man it's all about, no, no that's great and and you know what you said about like.

00:53:06.120 --> 00:53:11.580 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Being is like you got to be like a social worker, you have to be that way for for your for your guests.

00:53:11.910 --> 00:53:19.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: but also for your staff right, and then you got like neighbors and vendors and all these yeah approachability I think is another really important one to it.

00:53:20.190 --> 00:53:29.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know, especially now with everything that's been going on, like you need to be there as an outlet for people, you know we've chosen this life we've chosen to be.

00:53:29.670 --> 00:53:39.300 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know the faces of this thing yeah together right so because of that we have that responsibility to be that forward face, oh no and you know people.

00:53:40.530 --> 00:53:46.140 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: need back people you know they and they use that, and you have to kind of understand that responsibility in.

00:53:46.590 --> 00:53:54.180 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: A certain way, like and it's not it's not easy, I mean that was something that definitely i've always kind of known that and in the food and beverage industry, but like.

00:53:54.630 --> 00:54:04.920 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Over the last year and a half it's really hit hard and it's been times when i've been like particularly tired yeah and not up for it right it's still like only have like a handful of days off in the last year and a half and.

00:54:05.430 --> 00:54:14.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And I just keep reminding myself like these people have been stuck in you know, like last January, it was crazy like people sitting outside the email i'm like.

00:54:14.550 --> 00:54:17.970 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But I get it you've been stuck inside all day you've been in your House.

00:54:18.270 --> 00:54:25.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like your significant others probably either on the other side of the room, or in the next room and they're doing the same thing and your kids are running amok in there.

00:54:25.710 --> 00:54:34.530 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And like this is like the only significant outside interactions you are going to me like they were just like I will sit outside and 25 degree weather like shaky.

00:54:34.920 --> 00:54:40.320 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Like Parker dub just like you know the wine is getting colder this interaction yeah.

00:54:40.620 --> 00:54:50.130 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Just to get out and like have that little sliver that's that's like a hard that's a really great point and just one of the ones that's the hardest i'd say on a day to day, you know, for us to though you when we.

00:54:50.280 --> 00:54:56.070 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: When we do have those moments, we do have our our secret weapons that we get to pull out whenever we need to the wives.

00:54:57.450 --> 00:55:04.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Of the other faces and remember, we need them there yeah I heard some of them so much I heard some complaints about that today already.

00:55:07.290 --> 00:55:10.650 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But it's you know, one of the you know, one of the compliments that i've gotten.

00:55:11.370 --> 00:55:15.900 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: a bunch of times and I didn't know which way it was going to play out we just didn't have any choice, just like.

00:55:16.170 --> 00:55:21.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: The whole family's there all the time before you know they weren't it was like a couple you know everything kind of separate.

00:55:21.540 --> 00:55:31.380 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And you're in a very similar boat where you live on the same block, yes, no keeping that separate yeah um it's it's really pay big dividends, or even some of our views lately have been like.

00:55:31.950 --> 00:55:36.630 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: wow This is like a throwback like you just don't see business like this anymore, where like.

00:55:36.900 --> 00:55:49.770 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's a it's you know husband and wife team and the kids are there, and if they're not helping their greeting or they're just like playing, and do you come into the place, you see our daughters be like yeah dig and dig and then a pot.

00:55:51.000 --> 00:55:51.360 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Out of a.

00:55:52.440 --> 00:55:58.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: kitchen spoon it's a beautiful thing, then it is, it is um and and not I mean it just further.

00:55:59.850 --> 00:56:07.620 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: kind of adds nuance to this like this cool neighborhood what this is what it used to be right, all the time, this is what neighborhood yeah.

00:56:08.040 --> 00:56:16.740 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: This is the way it was in brooklyn for a long time that's what people say when they come in now they're like and there's you know, obviously there's some people that don't dig that and if that's the case then likes whatever maybe.

00:56:17.070 --> 00:56:26.760 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: there's a lot of other restaurants go eat at restaurants, you everywhere, this thing real quick we gotta we gotta sign off next dresses of both locations on.

00:56:27.570 --> 00:56:41.430 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: instagram or Facebook, so when I spend the big thing is space station prospect man 1240 prospect avenue, we have a nice website with all of the information that you might need up there, you can contact us for more information or you can.

00:56:42.480 --> 00:56:53.340 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: sign up for parties or after school or camps anything that you want what's the website space station space station prospect calm about that.

00:56:56.310 --> 00:57:06.480 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: and your instagram and Facebook yeah all that space station stuff yeah same sort of thing but what's the address here, this is 1293 to 93 yeah 23 prospects.

00:57:06.990 --> 00:57:20.160 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And we're right now we're fright on prospects we're not going to find us on the Internet or anything like that i'm put us up there just yet, look at speakeasy style yeah Nice and Nice, and you know get some bathtub gin we're worried about sort of thing.

00:57:21.180 --> 00:57:33.060 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You know we're just we're just doing our thing eventually we will, when we're ready to be out there, we will be and come on in and with this weekend will be open we're just going to be partying up, we have a lot of different games you want bringing kids for like.

00:57:34.230 --> 00:57:42.660 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Face painting or pumpkin carving or just some some old class and video games or some shooting games and things like that, like carnival games, we got that.

00:57:43.530 --> 00:57:54.540 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: And yeah so stoked yeah so yeah well i'm glad you made it, but he came back on you like your official now you're a goddamn entrepreneur boy oh shit.

00:57:56.040 --> 00:58:00.330 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: What it feels like I couldn't see you walking around with it man I got it I gotta get it for myself.

00:58:01.590 --> 00:58:02.100 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: it's awful.

00:58:03.630 --> 00:58:07.890 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: That like so I saw somebody the other day on the street in there, like man you look tired.

00:58:11.670 --> 00:58:18.210 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: But it's there's there's some solace and there's nice nice I can't work for other people yeah to be too.

00:58:19.590 --> 00:58:27.270 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: Too much for personnel, I hear you man i've done it for a long time it's not it's no fun so nice work yeah Thank you alright, I hope you guys have stuck around for a little.

00:58:29.850 --> 00:58:30.600 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: stayed long enough.

00:58:32.070 --> 00:58:45.570 The Entrepreneurial Web Radio: You got a free coin, if you come to frayed on mentioned, I mentioned this show one free gold coin all right, and one quote you got to give us one quote yeah one quote from the shop all right good alright guys Thank you have a great weekend we'll see you next week, yes.

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