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Friday, November 5, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/05 - Where did all the workers go?!

Facebook Live Video from 2021/11/05 - Where did all the workers go?!


2021/11/05 - Where did all the workers go?!

[NEW EPISODE] Where did all the workers go?!

This Friday at noon I'm rolling it back again with RKCMO, INC. president, Ryan Kovach.


Ryan has over 20 years experience in the staffing marketing industry.


He's been a regular guest on the show lately, and this time we're going to try to peel some layers away from this onion.....this blight on the business community & figure out why everyone is quitting their damn job.


Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah starts the show off by introducing his guest Ryan Kovach. Ryan has been a guest on the show previously. He is returning to talk about the current state of owning a business. Jeremiah and Ryan discuss the record number of employers attempting to hire and record number of people who are unemployed. Ryan went on to talk about everything associated with employment being at an all time low post pandemic. Before the break Jeremiah and Ryan discussed the trend of corporations trying to eliminate uncomfortable work environments when that is directly counter-productive to success.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break Jeremiah and Ryan continue their discussion of the current trend of trying to eliminate uncomfortable work environments. They go on to mention how it affects the employer and employee relationship. Ryan discusses cancel culture and how it creates the fear of isolation and or fear of standing out. Jeremiah and Ryan segwayed discussion to old work practices and talked about how much has changed since the pandemic. Before the break, Jeremiah and Ryan talked about the misconception of starting your own business and the common belief that you will make easy money. They chat about the importance of these obstacles and how it molds you into a stronger individual.

Segment 3

Jeremiah and Ryan continue their discussion on employees looking for a new path. Ryan talks about the influence of social media and how it depicts an unrealistic lifestyle. They talk about new generations seemingly looking for an easy life. He explains that even people who are believed to love what they do are miserable at work. Ryan makes the connection to celebrities who are known to have it all but have the highest rates of suicides. He believes you need a balance of failures and triumphs. Before the break, Jeremiah connects the discussion to a story about how a butterfly’s metamorphosis shows you why struggle is necessary.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Jeremiah and Ryan finish their discussion on obstacles and struggling. Ryan mentions trite tropes in films where the hero has to overcome an obstacle in order to prevail. They both agreed that wanting to make your life easier is understandable but it can become a problem when you expect everyone to accommodate you. Jeremiah believes everyone should spend some time in a service position before obtaining your degree. A way to start at the bottom and be ready for the obstacles that will come your way.


00:03:26.640 --> 00:03:36.330 Jeremiah Fox: Sorry, I didn't unmute what up everybody happy Friday you're listening to the entrepreneurial well welcome back if you're a new listener welcome.

00:03:36.930 --> 00:03:54.810 Jeremiah Fox: This week, welcoming back to the show my good friend Ryan callback he stepped up last minute my guest today was sick and didn't have a voice be hard to do this, you can't speak a you're still muted to Ryan, for both we're both on mute today i'm ryan's been on the show.

00:03:55.020 --> 00:03:56.250 ryan kovach: Such as you give you a.

00:03:56.520 --> 00:03:58.020 Jeremiah Fox: Fourth appearance now.

00:03:58.200 --> 00:03:58.800 ryan kovach: Wonderful.

00:03:58.890 --> 00:04:03.720 Jeremiah Fox: Wonderful dude to talk to black God Brazilian Jiu jitsu he's got his own company hot in.

00:04:04.290 --> 00:04:19.230 Jeremiah Fox: Marketing and staffing, which will talk to you, and instead of a message for the week which I like to offer the most profound thing for everybody, I think about this is from an npr article from two weeks ago and they refer to this as the great resignation.

00:04:19.680 --> 00:04:33.240 Jeremiah Fox: It said this was mid October, they said last week, the US bureau of Labor statistics and not that announced that 4.3 million Americans are 2.9% of the entire workforce somehow I think their math is off their.

00:04:33.780 --> 00:04:38.610 Jeremiah Fox: yep quit their jobs 4.3 Americans quit their jobs is that an exaggeration.

00:04:40.020 --> 00:04:43.980 ryan kovach: No it's not in fact I think it's much larger.

00:04:45.030 --> 00:04:48.810 ryan kovach: I think I think it's much, much larger than that.

00:04:51.000 --> 00:04:59.610 Jeremiah Fox: They must be referring to 2.9% of like the global workforce, because that wouldn't be 2.9% of the American workforce right or.

00:05:00.390 --> 00:05:03.150 ryan kovach: Well, I mean if you got maybe what.

00:05:05.190 --> 00:05:08.130 ryan kovach: yeah cuz a couple hundred million workers okay it'd be.

00:05:08.280 --> 00:05:13.710 ryan kovach: it'd be it'd be the American workforce, you know today they're touting the big job numbers, you know that.

00:05:14.010 --> 00:05:14.310 I know.

00:05:15.540 --> 00:05:36.480 ryan kovach: We know what that is that's Christmas and seasonal it's all bullshit numbers, but you know we us needs a boost in almost every facet of our country in order to seem like we're even competitive at all, and so they're going to do whatever they can to to play with numbers.

00:05:37.440 --> 00:05:40.620 Jeremiah Fox: and get that clickbait those advertisers want that money to.

00:05:42.540 --> 00:05:56.610 Jeremiah Fox: headlines up alright, so you have you have 20 plus years experience in the staffing marketing industry can you explain, for the guys and gals listening what that what that means exactly.

00:05:57.600 --> 00:06:07.050 ryan kovach: yeah so for about 24 years so almost a quarter century, I have been in the staffing industry staffing companies.

00:06:08.340 --> 00:06:16.560 ryan kovach: You know they they employ a a massive percentage of us well the world workforce, but the US workforce.

00:06:17.700 --> 00:06:29.610 ryan kovach: staffing companies like a DECO manpower Kelly services can make up you know together to make up you know, probably 20 something percent of the entire workforce in America.

00:06:30.540 --> 00:06:35.610 ryan kovach: staffing companies are used for a variety of reasons, limit liability.

00:06:36.270 --> 00:06:45.840 ryan kovach: Try before you buy type thing obviously just standard recruiting finding better talent, making it more efficient to hire better onboarding you know all kinds of reasons that.

00:06:46.170 --> 00:06:55.170 ryan kovach: staffing companies can be brought into the picture, so my clients have been staffing companies, for you know about 20 years and then prior to that.

00:06:55.740 --> 00:07:05.940 ryan kovach: I grew up in a staffing company by my my parents owned was so I just i've been around the employment numbers for a long time and i've been around employment and i've been around hiring and i've been around.

00:07:06.240 --> 00:07:15.630 ryan kovach: resumes and i've been around applicant tracking systems and and the whole thing, so you know I feel like I have a decent decent understanding of it.

00:07:16.560 --> 00:07:27.900 Jeremiah Fox: yeah that's great because the gentleman I had scheduled to come on today is an employment lawyer and we were gonna we were going to talk about you know another facet of this but.

00:07:28.500 --> 00:07:38.580 Jeremiah Fox: there's a lot of crossover that we can that we will discuss um so you like you pointed out you've been at this for for about a quarter of a century now.

00:07:39.150 --> 00:07:51.930 Jeremiah Fox: you've been around to see some some twists and turns what, what are the, what are the biggest trends in staffing that you see, and how does that compare to my previous.

00:07:52.020 --> 00:07:59.580 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I you know at least I national debacle, is that you know 2008 2001 that you know.

00:08:01.200 --> 00:08:21.420 ryan kovach: yeah well you know, like you said you know 911 2008 bust all these things you know never in the history so like right now we have a record number of employers trying to hire and a record number of people on unemployment.

00:08:22.680 --> 00:08:29.220 ryan kovach: that's never happened in my 24 years okay it's always been a candidate or an employer market.

00:08:30.930 --> 00:08:43.530 ryan kovach: And it's always either been there's not any jobs and people are out of work or there's a lot of jobs and everybody's working so there's no people right now we actually have both.

00:08:43.950 --> 00:08:51.960 ryan kovach: We have a lot of jobs that the companies are dying for people and we have a lot of people that could take those jobs that are refusing to.

00:08:53.460 --> 00:08:55.530 ryan kovach: See the most insane thing i've seen yeah.

00:08:56.370 --> 00:09:03.090 Jeremiah Fox: And, and what what are some of the things that you think are the source of that.

00:09:04.230 --> 00:09:12.090 ryan kovach: Well, so you know, I have a unique view on everything, probably a very unpopular view on everything, but I still think i'm right.

00:09:12.420 --> 00:09:13.950 Jeremiah Fox: that's why you're here baby.

00:09:14.580 --> 00:09:24.780 ryan kovach: yeah well look let's just let's just cut to the chase at the end of the day we have flipped everything on its head, the employee is now the customer.

00:09:26.190 --> 00:09:36.330 ryan kovach: Employers are spending four times as much time trying to do, employee candidates satisfaction versus customer satisfaction.

00:09:36.930 --> 00:09:50.880 ryan kovach: customer satisfaction is at an all time low in our country just look up look it up, I mean from every sector from retail to service to everything customer satisfaction has tanked.

00:09:52.290 --> 00:10:04.080 ryan kovach: customer service customer experience everything from everything from our utilities to our services to our retail to everything is at an all time low.

00:10:05.160 --> 00:10:19.020 ryan kovach: And if you look at it it's the most bizarre thing typically we get paid by customers, now we are paying our customers and we call them employees.

00:10:20.370 --> 00:10:37.920 ryan kovach: we're spending billions and billions and billions of dollars trying to figure out how to continue being the helicopter parents to millennials and gen z's and alphas whatever the Fuck you want to call them right.

00:10:38.100 --> 00:10:39.090 Jeremiah Fox: Is that the new one.

00:10:39.420 --> 00:10:40.200 ryan kovach: I think so.

00:10:40.380 --> 00:10:41.730 ryan kovach: Ah yeah.

00:10:42.420 --> 00:10:57.690 ryan kovach: Okay we're spending billions and billions of dollars trying to figure out as employers, how to linearly continue helicopter parenting in the workforce don't let anybody get hurt bubble wrap them.

00:10:58.770 --> 00:11:10.350 ryan kovach: don't let anything, be said that can be considered offensive experience experience experience culture culture culture to the point of it's just it's nauseated.

00:11:11.280 --> 00:11:33.570 ryan kovach: Okay, you know as a as a as a jujitsu person going on your journey to black belt that any thing in the world that is worth having anything in the world that is worth having kids a black belt in jujitsu an education anything it doesn't matter.

00:11:34.680 --> 00:11:37.890 ryan kovach: takes uncomfortable hard.

00:11:39.120 --> 00:11:44.190 ryan kovach: inconvenient stressful and painful journeys.

00:11:45.900 --> 00:11:59.790 ryan kovach: As a country we are literally trying to eliminate any aspect of being uncomfortable in the workplace, and we are going to see a backlash.

00:12:00.630 --> 00:12:09.750 ryan kovach: And a fall, unlike anything we've seen before, look at our United States military for the last 20 years we've been playing well games, instead of war games.

00:12:10.350 --> 00:12:26.010 ryan kovach: In recent weeks, our military has gone from the most powerful most respected to everybody we're playing word games with this kicking our absolute ass and it's not even close.

00:12:26.820 --> 00:12:39.750 ryan kovach: And it's because of this garbage and now we're taking it into the workforce, we will never see innovation like apple or anything ever again if we do not.

00:12:40.890 --> 00:12:58.950 ryan kovach: As employers and as senior leaders, as people if we do not reverse this trend, you cannot be competitive, you cannot be innovative, you cannot dominate if you remove being uncomfortable.

00:12:59.970 --> 00:13:03.570 Jeremiah Fox: that's that's a great example like where would apple be.

00:13:04.350 --> 00:13:07.110 Jeremiah Fox: It wouldn't be if Steve Jobs was subject.

00:13:08.340 --> 00:13:21.630 ryan kovach: They wouldn't be he would be exploring created online, to this day and age, through you know glassdoor and and and all of these things they would never have gotten off the ground, he would be considered.

00:13:22.080 --> 00:13:34.230 ryan kovach: An absolute tyrant massage in his crazy lunatic and he never would have ever been able to get off the ground in this current environment, I am telling you.

00:13:37.680 --> 00:13:43.470 ryan kovach: into this, the sickest thing I think about all of this is.

00:13:44.670 --> 00:13:56.640 ryan kovach: The leadership in America cow towering and virtue signaling this garbage because when you get off of podcasts and office social media and you just talk to them on the phone.

00:13:57.660 --> 00:14:04.440 ryan kovach: base, they say the exact same thing that we're saying, or that i'm saying you're not saying that i'm saying right.

00:14:05.940 --> 00:14:10.980 ryan kovach: it's measurable these people, you know are useless absolutely useless.

00:14:12.780 --> 00:14:20.490 ryan kovach: But they go and they still continue to spend 10s of thousands of dollars trying to placate it.

00:14:21.720 --> 00:14:29.580 ryan kovach: posting on social media about their their culture and about their inclusiveness and about all this bullshit that they don't believe it.

00:14:31.320 --> 00:14:31.860 ryan kovach: at all.

00:14:33.780 --> 00:14:35.820 ryan kovach: and feeding into this.

00:14:36.870 --> 00:14:45.750 ryan kovach: And in my opinion i'm sitting look i'm old so you know it sucks for my kids that we're leaving them this society.

00:14:46.710 --> 00:14:57.810 ryan kovach: But i've made money you know i'm doing well and I will continue to do well and i'll eventually you know fade off into dust in the wind, but between now and that day.

00:14:58.140 --> 00:15:11.070 ryan kovach: i'm just sitting back eat my popcorn i'm literally Michael Jackson in the movie theater watching this epic fucking failure of an experiment that is going to send people into breadlines you watch yeah.

00:15:11.580 --> 00:15:21.090 Jeremiah Fox: I agree, I, so I had a lot of conversations with with business owners, you know and i'm fortunate to be in a very.

00:15:21.150 --> 00:15:22.200 ryan kovach: Those evil people.

00:15:23.160 --> 00:15:24.420 Jeremiah Fox: Which which evil people.

00:15:24.930 --> 00:15:25.560 ryan kovach: The business oh.

00:15:25.650 --> 00:15:27.060 Jeremiah Fox: yeah the devil's.

00:15:27.390 --> 00:15:27.930 ryan kovach: know those.

00:15:28.350 --> 00:15:29.730 Jeremiah Fox: People fucking everything up.

00:15:29.850 --> 00:15:32.370 ryan kovach: yeah you know the people that put their risk and their mortgages.

00:15:32.580 --> 00:15:34.140 Jeremiah Fox: Everything on the fucking lie.

00:15:34.350 --> 00:15:39.690 ryan kovach: To give you a paycheck and a place to work to feed your family those evil people that the one you're talking about.

00:15:39.690 --> 00:15:40.350 Jeremiah Fox: yep exactly.

00:15:40.380 --> 00:15:41.100 ryan kovach: Okay cool.

00:15:41.400 --> 00:15:48.870 Jeremiah Fox: um and it's funny a lot of what you said is actually a lot of these things that have happened to me as a business owner recently like personally.

00:15:49.290 --> 00:15:57.720 Jeremiah Fox: I taught you're listening to like the play by play of what's happened, you know, in the last few months and i'm just like wow what the Fuck happened.

00:15:58.170 --> 00:16:04.800 Jeremiah Fox: Right, but a lot of conversations and i'm fortunate to be in a very you know densely populated populated area with a lot of.

00:16:05.190 --> 00:16:08.940 Jeremiah Fox: A lot of talent, a lot of people in in like you know your neighbor will be just like.

00:16:09.210 --> 00:16:18.570 Jeremiah Fox: A high level person at like a financial institution or whatever, so one conversation I had the other day this lady's I think she's probably been in finance for like 40 years.

00:16:18.810 --> 00:16:25.740 Jeremiah Fox: She works on Wall Street very large company, she said they had 400 people that some big company so 400 wasn't like.

00:16:26.430 --> 00:16:36.870 Jeremiah Fox: It wasn't like detrimental but 400 people quit and it wasn't because of vaccine mandates or anything like that they're just like going to go find themselves or something you know gonna go figure out their life.

00:16:36.900 --> 00:16:39.390 ryan kovach: i'm so glad you brought that up yeah keep going.

00:16:39.690 --> 00:16:41.460 Jeremiah Fox: So you know she said.

00:16:43.830 --> 00:16:48.900 Jeremiah Fox: Something similar to you, she was saying how you know i'm struggling to get people to come to work.

00:16:49.320 --> 00:16:59.460 Jeremiah Fox: I was asking her what she thought you know the the reason, people were leaving jobs were in some way you know I think people there were some people that certainly got squirrely with unemployment.

00:16:59.850 --> 00:17:06.630 Jeremiah Fox: And, and they tucked it aside they weren't going out as much out of fear, whatever they just but they've got enough money to coast right now.

00:17:06.990 --> 00:17:17.160 Jeremiah Fox: And they're going to take this opportunity to like fill it out, but they're you know, like Not for nothing same for me we're making we're making endorphins cash, I mean we're not we're doing great right now oh.

00:17:18.630 --> 00:17:19.380 Jeremiah Fox: it's amazing.

00:17:19.950 --> 00:17:20.850 ryan kovach: i'm doing awesome.

00:17:20.940 --> 00:17:23.430 Jeremiah Fox: I gotta do I gotta do all the work which kind of sucks.

00:17:23.430 --> 00:17:25.830 ryan kovach: It is hard brutal.

00:17:25.890 --> 00:17:29.820 ryan kovach: But my bank account absolutely look reflects it.

00:17:29.850 --> 00:17:36.210 Jeremiah Fox: Look it's ready and so she was like so consider this and, like maybe like six months time.

00:17:36.630 --> 00:17:42.360 Jeremiah Fox: All those people that are spending the money at your place that have the free time and the money to burn they're going to run out of money.

00:17:42.750 --> 00:17:50.460 Jeremiah Fox: and not be spending it at your place anymore in places like yours and then they're going to want to go back to work, but you're not going to need to hire them anymore, because.

00:17:50.940 --> 00:17:58.260 Jeremiah Fox: sales are down because they're not spending that money that they had put aside anymore, and then you don't need them and it's going to cause a fucked up situation.

00:17:58.440 --> 00:18:07.860 Jeremiah Fox: And I like when she said it to me just kind of hit me and I was like whoa and she was like so if that if that grape is is juicy right now, and you need to squeeze it for all its core.

00:18:08.190 --> 00:18:16.020 Jeremiah Fox: Absolutely and be smart yourself because, because this could this could really unravel before you pick up on that we're going to take a break, I want.

00:18:16.290 --> 00:18:20.730 Jeremiah Fox: You just going to grab the reins when you come back, because I know I know you're ready to share it so.

00:18:20.790 --> 00:18:21.180 ryan kovach: yeah man.

00:18:21.510 --> 00:18:24.240 Jeremiah Fox: hang tight everybody come back get this juice pumping.

00:20:43.980 --> 00:20:49.650 Jeremiah Fox: Everybody welcome back again I scenario where i'm your host here on my socks welcoming back to the show Ryan callback.

00:20:49.860 --> 00:20:50.640 ryan kovach: I just thanks man.

00:20:50.910 --> 00:20:58.200 Jeremiah Fox: put out a little a little a little dangled a little meat out for him at the end of that last segment he's gonna he's gonna run with it let's go.

00:20:58.710 --> 00:21:06.810 ryan kovach: yeah so he brought up okay look man you brought up the whole they need to go find themselves i've seen a lot of that are you know now's the perfect time.

00:21:07.020 --> 00:21:08.100 ryan kovach: To you know, to go.

00:21:08.400 --> 00:21:28.920 ryan kovach: it's neat it's real right, I mean for Fuck sakes, if you don't know who you are that's cool, but you still need to eat you still need to provide quality service to whoever is paying you, you still need to be there, you know.

00:21:30.450 --> 00:21:31.260 ryan kovach: I you know I.

00:21:33.660 --> 00:21:44.670 ryan kovach: If you look at things from the macro and the micro I always talk about this to people that i'm close to when we're having our cigars and whiskies is I say you know anything that's in the macro happens in the micro.

00:21:45.480 --> 00:21:57.060 ryan kovach: If you look at if i'm if i'm in a marriage, and I am selfish and I am all about me me me me me me welcome my spouse dude for me.

00:21:57.780 --> 00:22:17.340 ryan kovach: What can you know what can my spouse do every day to make sure i'm comfortable good and and all that and it's just me me me that marriage is not gonna last period if I have friends and as a friend if it's all about me what can my friends do for me.

00:22:18.450 --> 00:22:36.150 ryan kovach: You know that friendship isn't going to last right selfishness and me me me is actually if you look at any world religious not just Christianity, look at Buddhism, if you look at you know Hindu if you look at Christianity is you know.

00:22:37.410 --> 00:22:38.460 ryan kovach: Islam anything.

00:22:40.170 --> 00:22:51.240 ryan kovach: Every world religion every spirituality you know, whatever you want to talk about will tell you that me mindset is poison literally poison.

00:22:52.350 --> 00:22:58.860 ryan kovach: You cannot break that just because it's an employer employee relationship.

00:23:01.440 --> 00:23:12.810 ryan kovach: What we are seeing is a me, what can you do for me i've been seeing these little cute means that are like you know yeah I went on an interview and.

00:23:13.440 --> 00:23:24.390 ryan kovach: The guy asked me, you know for three references and I told him no motherfucker you give me three references okay I don't necessarily have a problem with that.

00:23:25.980 --> 00:23:26.370 ryan kovach: Right.

00:23:26.580 --> 00:23:28.920 ryan kovach: I do, but, but the tone.

00:23:29.370 --> 00:23:37.440 ryan kovach: We know what the tone is the tone is shitty there's another meme going around that says, I don't want your cute.

00:23:38.130 --> 00:23:41.850 ryan kovach: T shirts and water bottles when I do something good I want money.

00:23:42.600 --> 00:23:50.580 ryan kovach: And i'm thinking you're already getting a paycheck they're already paying you money what they're doing is recognizing you for something you've done and they're giving you a.

00:23:50.880 --> 00:24:15.150 ryan kovach: You know, a gift card a target or a or whatever right like it's a kind gesture, but it's the tone and it's the me me me me i'm telling you Jeremiah we do when I tell you I am Michael Jackson in the theater eating popcorn the pendulum always swings.

00:24:15.180 --> 00:24:33.570 ryan kovach: Right always and I don't want it to ever swing in a disfavor to somebody or in a disfavor to another person I feel like balance, you know the pendulum pendulum should do this not this right, but the pendulum is going to swing so far back because industry will always find a way.

00:24:35.220 --> 00:24:49.770 ryan kovach: This experiment that we are doing is going to fail on such a catastrophic way that I don't think this Gent these generations coming up understand.

00:24:50.850 --> 00:25:07.590 ryan kovach: Number one they're not looking at history and they're not looking at this experiment that's already been done a million times and other countries that has led to figuring out, am I going to eat the cat tonight or am I going to eat the neighbors cats okay.

00:25:08.970 --> 00:25:17.490 ryan kovach: This mentality that we have is 1,000% leading to that and they don't even know that they're setting their own trap.

00:25:18.780 --> 00:25:19.770 ryan kovach: and shame on.

00:25:20.820 --> 00:25:23.490 ryan kovach: Sorry that's just my opinion that's my opinion.

00:25:24.690 --> 00:25:31.680 Jeremiah Fox: I brought you on because I I in some way, are our outlives jive and.

00:25:33.450 --> 00:25:33.930 ryan kovach: I look.

00:25:34.410 --> 00:25:36.090 ryan kovach: there's a lot of great people out.

00:25:36.090 --> 00:25:48.180 ryan kovach: There i've got great employees here better young ambitious and all that you know I know that there's some killer killer people coming up through the ranks I do.

00:25:49.710 --> 00:25:59.820 ryan kovach: The problem that we also have Jeremiah is cancelled culture fear of state, you know standing out and having a differing opinion.

00:26:00.450 --> 00:26:10.530 ryan kovach: The ones that believe, like us, tend to stay more silent because there's backlash there's reviews, they can go out to review what happened to my company this past week.

00:26:12.750 --> 00:26:21.960 ryan kovach: You know I cut a couple of people because they were fucking worthless literally I mean when I say worthless i'm talking fucking worthless.

00:26:23.010 --> 00:26:38.670 ryan kovach: And overnight, you know I get review bought by a bunch of fake accounts yeah literally fake first first and only review all terrible you know, and this and that.

00:26:40.680 --> 00:26:41.370 ryan kovach: and

00:26:42.420 --> 00:26:47.610 ryan kovach: The cancelled cultures big it's real and so because of that.

00:26:49.410 --> 00:26:55.140 ryan kovach: Most people that have our viewpoint, keep their mouths shut, which is a humongous mistake.

00:26:56.520 --> 00:27:09.900 Jeremiah Fox: Well it's it's I think of it like you can see, you know there's there's a time there's always a time to attack and the smarter you get and the more strategic you get your success rate goes up.

00:27:10.290 --> 00:27:10.860 ryan kovach: Correct.

00:27:11.010 --> 00:27:14.760 Jeremiah Fox: You know, so if I don't think there's any any.

00:27:17.490 --> 00:27:22.980 Jeremiah Fox: chance of like converting somebody you know when you hear these conversations and I trust me I hear a lot up here.

00:27:23.850 --> 00:27:28.980 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, you know and i'm like nothing, nothing I say is going to change this person's mind.

00:27:29.160 --> 00:27:29.640 ryan kovach: I know.

00:27:29.700 --> 00:27:31.350 Jeremiah Fox: it's just not getting into it.

00:27:32.910 --> 00:27:44.340 Jeremiah Fox: But you know the other part of it is like and you pointed it out and, in other words, none of these nice people they're afraid to lose they're all afraid to lose, and when you take guys like you and I.

00:27:45.420 --> 00:27:46.860 Jeremiah Fox: we've already lost before I.

00:27:47.190 --> 00:27:49.440 Jeremiah Fox: got beaten down where.

00:27:49.770 --> 00:27:51.570 ryan kovach: Are our bank accounts that we talked.

00:27:51.570 --> 00:27:53.370 ryan kovach: About earlier look like.

00:27:53.430 --> 00:27:55.650 ryan kovach: A look because of our losses.

00:27:55.650 --> 00:28:06.270 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, exactly and and i'm just not afraid to lose like you want to you want to cancel me you want to strip everything I mean i'll be like chappelle i'll be like i'll give a Fuck to take.

00:28:06.750 --> 00:28:10.560 Jeremiah Fox: Up take it, you can take the liability for it too good luck.

00:28:10.620 --> 00:28:20.640 Jeremiah Fox: I love this yes what some of you do like you could give them all the successful pieces it's everything is running perfectly and they will drive it into the fucking ground and.

00:28:20.820 --> 00:28:23.550 ryan kovach: Yes, they will, over and over and it's one of the reasons, like.

00:28:23.550 --> 00:28:31.920 Jeremiah Fox: Now why i'm just so hands on because i'm like I work too hard and I care too much about my business to pass it off to somebody that's going to Fuck it up.

00:28:32.190 --> 00:28:32.880 ryan kovach: that's right and.

00:28:32.940 --> 00:28:45.660 Jeremiah Fox: You know it's it's going well now and it will continue to go well with proper training and like you said you know we don't want the pendulum to swing back necessarily so far, the way it was 2030 years ago it wasn't great you know.

00:28:45.810 --> 00:28:47.910 ryan kovach: It was a great working dish look.

00:28:48.480 --> 00:29:01.290 ryan kovach: Nobody is saying let's go back to you get to 15 minute breaks in a 30 minute lunch and you hear a bell go off and you better be fucking back at your seat, no one saying that yeah I grew up in that.

00:29:01.440 --> 00:29:02.370 ryan kovach: That sucks.

00:29:03.600 --> 00:29:13.650 ryan kovach: That sucks that was you know slave driver mentality and there was nothing great about that, but we fixed that.

00:29:14.610 --> 00:29:15.270 Jeremiah Fox: A while ago.

00:29:15.690 --> 00:29:16.440 ryan kovach: A long time.

00:29:17.520 --> 00:29:27.390 ryan kovach: I feel like pre pandemic and everything in you know work conditions in America are so fucking good.

00:29:28.770 --> 00:29:33.180 ryan kovach: And all I hear is toxic work environment toxic bosses.

00:29:33.180 --> 00:29:40.170 ryan kovach: Top right dude work environments in the United States are so good.

00:29:42.120 --> 00:29:46.530 ryan kovach: it's it's it's mind blowing how actually good.

00:29:46.620 --> 00:29:47.940 ryan kovach: yeah work conditions are.

00:29:48.450 --> 00:29:56.400 Jeremiah Fox: I my my main two guys at the restaurant are both from West Africa, and they just laugh when they hear this ship because they're like oh.

00:29:56.430 --> 00:29:59.070 ryan kovach: project manager in there is from Nigeria.

00:29:59.130 --> 00:30:02.790 ryan kovach: Right right and he's just like what the Fuck is fucking great.

00:30:04.260 --> 00:30:07.290 ryan kovach: This is the best life I could ever have you know.

00:30:07.380 --> 00:30:10.170 Jeremiah Fox: We just need to drop their assets over in Africa for a little bit.

00:30:10.440 --> 00:30:10.770 ryan kovach: Like.

00:30:11.220 --> 00:30:19.350 Jeremiah Fox: you're going to do a three month three month internship and then we'll see we'll see how you how your your what tune your thinking when you come back.

00:30:20.070 --> 00:30:21.930 ryan kovach: I agree man it's it's.

00:30:21.990 --> 00:30:22.860 Absolutely.

00:30:23.880 --> 00:30:28.290 Jeremiah Fox: that's what I tell my kids got a job in Africa, and can you play.

00:30:30.270 --> 00:30:45.390 Jeremiah Fox: An important unfortunately for my kids, and I assume it's the same thing for you is the same for years it's like they're growing their growing up and seeing you know the reality of it all they're there they're seeing us get screwed by by by employees and their parents.

00:30:45.450 --> 00:30:46.140 ryan kovach: What I what I.

00:30:46.200 --> 00:30:47.520 ryan kovach: What I pray for.

00:30:48.030 --> 00:30:50.850 ryan kovach: yeah what I don't like about it is, if you raise them right.

00:30:52.380 --> 00:31:10.950 ryan kovach: which I feel I am and they're not afraid of this up they're not afraid of the grind they're not afraid of that and they're ambitious I feel like they might actually get canceled they might actually not do well in this society and that's bothersome to me.

00:31:11.910 --> 00:31:24.090 Jeremiah Fox: yeah, but I still like I tell my kids I mean my my older two you know they're they're 14 and 11 and i'm like it just straight out tell them to Fuck off like yeah in those words like.

00:31:24.120 --> 00:31:24.780 ryan kovach: yeah So do I.

00:31:25.020 --> 00:31:27.390 ryan kovach: You know I tell them to go suck yourself.

00:31:27.420 --> 00:31:28.770 ryan kovach: yeah and go mow my lawn.

00:31:28.830 --> 00:31:29.430 Please yeah.

00:31:30.570 --> 00:31:35.490 Jeremiah Fox: Well, though, they will be soon um you know this was brought up to my attention.

00:31:35.490 --> 00:31:37.590 Jeremiah Fox: To you know what i'm saying they're going to be out of.

00:31:37.770 --> 00:31:39.330 Jeremiah Fox: me next they're going to be I want.

00:31:39.540 --> 00:31:42.240 ryan kovach: i'm saying you know, like they're gonna go Fuck.

00:31:42.240 --> 00:31:43.860 ryan kovach: themselves and they're going to go mow my lawn.

00:31:43.980 --> 00:31:44.730 Jeremiah Fox: Exactly.

00:31:45.210 --> 00:31:51.690 Jeremiah Fox: there'll be feeding you the popcorn you won't even have to pick it up with your own hands on, you know that the the.

00:31:52.230 --> 00:31:59.880 Jeremiah Fox: You know, student teacher relationship to it's it's happened in college and college is like you know they're they're a big part of this because they create that shift because colleges.

00:32:00.180 --> 00:32:05.490 Jeremiah Fox: Are the part their their bubbles they're these little mini universes unto themselves, they got a shit ton of money.

00:32:05.520 --> 00:32:08.010 ryan kovach: Well, imagine being a professor that cannot get.

00:32:08.010 --> 00:32:13.170 Jeremiah Fox: fired right oh it's a New York City public school system you.

00:32:13.290 --> 00:32:13.680 ryan kovach: can get.

00:32:13.860 --> 00:32:15.780 Jeremiah Fox: A hard it is to fire a teacher.

00:32:16.110 --> 00:32:16.620 ryan kovach: A breath.

00:32:16.680 --> 00:32:18.360 ryan kovach: Raising you literally.

00:32:18.390 --> 00:32:21.450 ryan kovach: taking advice from people who literally.

00:32:21.480 --> 00:32:23.010 ryan kovach: cannot get fired.

00:32:23.760 --> 00:32:40.320 Jeremiah Fox: But then they've also created this atmosphere where the students like you said they become like these empower customers and all of a sudden they're telling the teacher, like the way things are supposed to go, and this is just that's the beginning of degradation as.

00:32:40.350 --> 00:32:40.740 ryan kovach: It is.

00:32:40.980 --> 00:32:49.260 Jeremiah Fox: you're just taking the most important foundational aspects of whatever it is you're building and you're yanking them right out from underneath the whole thing's.

00:32:49.320 --> 00:32:50.130 ryan kovach: Not just hold on.

00:32:50.190 --> 00:32:51.210 Jeremiah Fox: But everybody.

00:32:52.200 --> 00:33:12.300 ryan kovach: There, there are societal spiritual whatever natural laws, whatever you want to call them and you can't fucking break them i'm sorry you can't they're there because they're there and they're how the universe works, not the metaverse right which, by the fucking way.

00:33:13.110 --> 00:33:23.580 ryan kovach: You know, think it's hard to find people to come to work now wait till everybody's got a stupid headset on their face yeah walking around acting like they're hanging out with fucking people.

00:33:24.720 --> 00:33:25.560 ryan kovach: Well fucked.

00:33:25.650 --> 00:33:31.200 Jeremiah Fox: And this is, this is the thing that I think a lot of people are holding out, for I think people are leaving jobs, especially like.

00:33:31.890 --> 00:33:44.010 Jeremiah Fox: You know, mine that require some hustle because they think they're going to walk around with the headset and have like this, this easy life and they're going to make great money to just like be on a game essentially.

00:33:45.210 --> 00:33:49.320 Jeremiah Fox: And, and I think that bubble is going to pop and it's it's gonna hurt when it does.

00:33:49.560 --> 00:33:53.940 ryan kovach: Oh, I know you probably have a break coming up, but I definitely want to talk on that.

00:33:54.240 --> 00:33:54.510 Jeremiah Fox: Okay.

00:33:54.630 --> 00:33:57.090 ryan kovach: Well, that it ties ties into employment perfect.

00:33:57.120 --> 00:34:01.080 Jeremiah Fox: So let's take a break, and you can pick right up on that, when we get back hang tight everybody, we got.

00:34:01.110 --> 00:34:02.130 Jeremiah Fox: pop that bubble.

00:36:11.760 --> 00:36:14.310 Jeremiah Fox: All right, Ryan co back is up tight all together.

00:36:15.240 --> 00:36:21.240 ryan kovach: dude Okay, so we left off on this whole metaverse thing, and all this, who knows what that's going to go, but we.

00:36:21.600 --> 00:36:31.230 ryan kovach: Again, we know where it's going to go everybody's gonna be walking around with stupid headsets on living in some virtual world without human touch staying out of the sunlight all this other stuff look.

00:36:32.700 --> 00:36:53.280 ryan kovach: I read a report from a doctor, the other day, talking about the power of sunshine and i'll tell you how this ties into employment, the average person that gets 10 hours or more, a week of sunshine is like literally almost non existent.

00:36:54.600 --> 00:36:57.450 ryan kovach: On the coven depth charts on.

00:36:59.370 --> 00:37:07.350 ryan kovach: flus on viral infections and and all kinds of stuff right like that the health benefits are through the roof right.

00:37:09.540 --> 00:37:20.370 ryan kovach: we've got a situation to where I actually was on a podcast that hasn't aired yet, and it was by a employment psychologist.

00:37:21.090 --> 00:37:31.260 ryan kovach: He says he's never been busier with young people coming to him so depressed and so down on their mental health.

00:37:31.710 --> 00:37:46.560 ryan kovach: He said it's epidemic Okay, and these are part of the people that were that were speaking of it ties into what you said, trying to find themselves, they have they have gotten into the instagram world.

00:37:48.090 --> 00:37:56.700 ryan kovach: of watching people live in tiny homes or live out in the woods, or what the Fuck ever they're doing, which is all great I love all that shit.

00:37:57.390 --> 00:38:04.290 ryan kovach: Now it's not realistic it won't you know in our modern society it won't it won't serve you.

00:38:04.590 --> 00:38:12.330 ryan kovach: And all that the hey good for you trying to go find yourself in the interim you're comparing yourself with all these other people.

00:38:12.600 --> 00:38:25.410 ryan kovach: You you are beginning to think that there is some dream unicorn job out there, that is going to somehow magically you know fixture live fixture world and bring you all this general happiness.

00:38:25.890 --> 00:38:37.410 ryan kovach: But we know through studies and statistics that even people that believe or that a spouse that they're doing what they love are fucking miserable at work.

00:38:37.830 --> 00:38:48.750 ryan kovach: Take, for instance rock stars, who have everything in the world, all the money all the adoration all the fame people waiting on them hand over feet.

00:38:49.230 --> 00:38:59.760 ryan kovach: And, and everything commit suicide at such a high rate it's fucking believable we know this about actors, we know this about.

00:39:00.120 --> 00:39:06.660 ryan kovach: You know, all these people that are in the spotlight half of the people on instagram that have these wonderful lives.

00:39:06.930 --> 00:39:19.440 ryan kovach: living in the mountains doing this with these beautiful bodies and stuff are on every kind of adderall and Prozac and everything you can think of in the world, yet we are trying to do the same thing.

00:39:19.800 --> 00:39:33.120 ryan kovach: With our careers we're trying to find that unicorn career now going back to the metaverse what we're going to do with this is take mental health.

00:39:34.650 --> 00:39:50.130 ryan kovach: To a whole new level of shit with this people will stay out a son more they will be less healthy physically, they will be more obese, which is harder to fight things like coven and things of that nature.

00:39:50.610 --> 00:39:59.580 ryan kovach: They will have less physical human touch, which is paramount, we know that from studies date dating back 100 years.

00:39:59.910 --> 00:40:10.260 ryan kovach: people that have physical touch from a baby, all the way up into their adulthood have healthier lives more more sense of community or sense of well being and better all of this.

00:40:11.340 --> 00:40:25.560 ryan kovach: Jeremiah the epic fucking crash is coming, the more we isolate the more we become employees become customers and we cater to it.

00:40:25.920 --> 00:40:40.410 ryan kovach: And we remove anything uncomfortable and we don't embrace the suck and we put shit over our faces and act like we're really in a room talking to people, the more we do that, the more suicide is going to go through the roof.

00:40:41.610 --> 00:41:05.370 ryan kovach: death from disease is going to go through the roof and unhappiness and mental health challenges our guns are just going to skyrocket, this is an absolute disaster facebook's been a disaster for society 90% of all divorces mentioned Facebook in the filings it's a disaster.

00:41:06.150 --> 00:41:07.590 Jeremiah Fox: What do you think that has to do with.

00:41:09.300 --> 00:41:18.660 ryan kovach: Where do you eat the ease of use to connect with opposite sex or let's say you're gay people have the same sex whatever I you know the ease of use to connect and voyeurism.

00:41:18.840 --> 00:41:27.420 ryan kovach: And you can immediately identify with somebody vulnerable and coming right out of a relationship that's the perfect time for a narcissistic pounds or whatever.

00:41:27.810 --> 00:41:35.910 ryan kovach: The ease of use for private messaging and all of these things where you can literally voice you're into people's lives and know the appropriate time.

00:41:36.330 --> 00:41:52.770 ryan kovach: To do things and it creates an environment of of easy cheating easy you know all these things, or being being non existent in the relationship because you're in this stupid fake world over here right.

00:41:52.800 --> 00:41:56.100 Jeremiah Fox: right and it looks so pretty and you're like oh thanks would be so much better.

00:41:56.130 --> 00:42:13.230 ryan kovach: yeah yeah yeah this sandwich maker over here in my house, you know she's not even talking to me, but this girl, you know she's fucking hot and she likes all of my stuff she comments, maybe I should send her a private message right.

00:42:15.030 --> 00:42:16.380 Jeremiah Fox: about them comments man.

00:42:18.090 --> 00:42:20.340 ryan kovach: and senior point in my wife watches this.

00:42:23.100 --> 00:42:24.330 ryan kovach: sandwiches for her.

00:42:25.020 --> 00:42:25.710 ryan kovach: Saying that what.

00:42:25.830 --> 00:42:28.050 Jeremiah Fox: you're gonna get you're gonna get a sandwich.

00:42:30.180 --> 00:42:35.400 ryan kovach: She knows i'm the one in there, making the sandwiches and bringing them to her so she knows i'm full of shit on that.

00:42:35.580 --> 00:42:36.960 ryan kovach: But you get what i'm trying to say.

00:42:37.170 --> 00:42:37.470 Jeremiah Fox: I do.

00:42:38.160 --> 00:42:39.810 ryan kovach: And it does tie back.

00:42:39.810 --> 00:42:55.410 ryan kovach: to employment, because when you're unhappy at home when you're divorcing when you're this or when you're that you bring that shit to work, this is just an epic domino effect of garbage and I wish I could shake the world.

00:42:55.890 --> 00:42:56.220 Jeremiah Fox: yeah.

00:42:56.250 --> 00:42:57.570 ryan kovach: and make them wake up man.

00:42:57.600 --> 00:42:58.920 Jeremiah Fox: I got a question for.

00:42:58.920 --> 00:43:08.850 Jeremiah Fox: You this from an employer perspective, so you know restaurant industry service industries, we all know, and it happened, for you know decades.

00:43:09.060 --> 00:43:16.290 Jeremiah Fox: Like attracts like the craziest you know CD is you know most unstable people from society sure, but what i've noticed and like.

00:43:16.740 --> 00:43:37.080 Jeremiah Fox: I mean i've been i've been a boss, like a manager, since the mid 90s so i've seen you know, a bunch of people come through the ranks i've never seen more employees coming through that are they're all 20s and 30s um that have like serious mental health issues and.

00:43:37.260 --> 00:43:44.370 Jeremiah Fox: right there they don't have to disclose that to me at any point, until now, what happens is they work for me for a while.

00:43:44.790 --> 00:43:51.510 Jeremiah Fox: And they have to go away temporarily for something like maybe their meds got changed or something happened in their life and i'm like.

00:43:51.960 --> 00:43:59.040 Jeremiah Fox: What are you talking about I had one employee on a on a new year's Eve, he was supposed to come to work and one of our busiest nights a year.

00:43:59.370 --> 00:44:07.680 Jeremiah Fox: Calls me that afternoon he's in a car service on the way to psych Ward saying that he thinks he's going to kill himself and I had to stay on the phone with them and tell.

00:44:07.890 --> 00:44:08.670 ryan kovach: me Mike allege.

00:44:08.970 --> 00:44:13.110 Jeremiah Fox: Well, he was on his way, so he already made his effort and I stayed on the phone with him till he got there, but I was just like.

00:44:13.500 --> 00:44:19.170 Jeremiah Fox: And you know he disclosed to me at that point, like that he was on medication and then like it just kept happening.

00:44:19.590 --> 00:44:30.300 Jeremiah Fox: But i'm not able to i'm not able to ask, I mean I feel like that's something that way, especially if it's going to be like you can't come to work for a couple weeks because you're you're in a psych Ward.

00:44:30.690 --> 00:44:37.980 Jeremiah Fox: If it's if your situation is that severe I feel like I should that should be something shared they give you have you know have.

00:44:38.700 --> 00:44:44.820 Jeremiah Fox: You know, a gimp leg or something i'm going to see that it's going to be obvious, and it doesn't mean like i'm not gonna hire you necessarily.

00:44:45.570 --> 00:44:58.020 Jeremiah Fox: At least I have like the tools to create an environment for you um and it really like it put us in a bind and a bunch of times and i'm like I feel like this is something I should know but also it was something that did not happen.

00:44:59.160 --> 00:45:00.900 Jeremiah Fox: Much back in the day I mean.

00:45:00.900 --> 00:45:01.680 ryan kovach: JEREMY I do.

00:45:01.710 --> 00:45:03.780 Jeremiah Fox: Listen self medicated a lot but damn.

00:45:03.990 --> 00:45:06.300 ryan kovach: Well let's just be real.

00:45:06.510 --> 00:45:15.660 ryan kovach: You know, at the end of the day when I was coming up in high school high school kids showed up in their trucks with gun racks with rifles on the gun Rack.

00:45:16.020 --> 00:45:26.490 ryan kovach: In their trucks and went into class and no one thought shit about it, I don't want to shoot up schools, no one cared COPs weren't driving in saying oh my God, a terrorist is here right.

00:45:27.360 --> 00:45:38.640 ryan kovach: What has happened i'm going to tell you, and if I hope anybody out there listening has been stewing about what i've been saying which i'm going to post this shit out to, and I know i'm going to get a ton of hate.

00:45:39.270 --> 00:45:45.090 ryan kovach: That i'm going to give you some advice if you're listening to this pay very close attention.

00:45:47.130 --> 00:45:54.990 ryan kovach: There are laws of humanity nature, the universe, whatever the Fuck you want to call.

00:45:57.510 --> 00:46:09.780 ryan kovach: tone and did not become conan originally he was the scrawny week sick one but they put him on the grinding wheel and he turned.

00:46:10.260 --> 00:46:26.040 ryan kovach: And he turned and he grinded and grinded and became the biggest force, no okay Michael Jordan didn't wake up the way was people will tell you, he stayed three hours after practice okay.

00:46:26.970 --> 00:46:35.730 ryan kovach: i'm back daryl from panthera good friend of mine, when he went to the restroom and sat down on the pot took his guitar with them and play the scales.

00:46:36.930 --> 00:46:37.350 Okay.

00:46:38.430 --> 00:46:51.300 ryan kovach: Anybody who's anybody has done anything, there is a level of suffering and grind that has to come with the good it's the butterfly effect.

00:46:51.690 --> 00:47:13.320 ryan kovach: You know you die as a caterpillar go in the womb, and you come back right there's a metamorphosis the mental health that were the mental health epidemic and crisis don't you find it funny that we're actually in that today when things are as easy and as they ever fucking been.

00:47:14.400 --> 00:47:26.610 ryan kovach: Your life is not supposed to be easy it is supposed to be a series of trials and triumphs wins and losses grinds.

00:47:27.090 --> 00:47:45.090 ryan kovach: Easy grind easy and obstacles and i'm not talking about obstacles like they didn't have your vanilla bean frappuccino that morning i'm talking real obstacles that you have to expect to happen yeah you should expect bad.

00:47:45.960 --> 00:47:46.380 Jeremiah Fox: You know.

00:47:46.440 --> 00:47:47.580 ryan kovach: And then get through them.

00:47:48.030 --> 00:48:01.170 Jeremiah Fox: Do you know the parable of the the butterfly it's like an old Chinese parable where to got like caterpillar was like the butterfly was trying to come out of the cocoon and the guy side and he helped it out any open and cuckoo for it.

00:48:01.200 --> 00:48:04.110 ryan kovach: And it fell and die and it falls and dies because it's not ready.

00:48:04.230 --> 00:48:09.060 Jeremiah Fox: yeah and it did not develop the strength that needed to be a butterfly and fly away like you right you got it.

00:48:09.450 --> 00:48:21.030 ryan kovach: it's got it's not ready yeah and I want to tell people, the reason people get to the highest levels of industry, you spoke about the lady 40 years and she's very high up at a bank probably.

00:48:21.480 --> 00:48:45.480 ryan kovach: super successful with a huge bank account, but I can assure you, she spent years in the uncomfortable in the suck in the grind she made it through, I guess what the young people are calling this terrible age of bad bosses and toxic work environment right right mark my words mark my words.

00:48:46.500 --> 00:48:55.680 ryan kovach: were so there's a crash coming the likes America has never seen it coming.

00:48:55.980 --> 00:48:58.980 ryan kovach: Self inflicted to which is self inflicted yeah.

00:48:59.490 --> 00:49:02.970 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're gonna take one last break and come back everybody hang tight we'll be back in a minute.

00:51:05.010 --> 00:51:11.070 Jeremiah Fox: So I don't know if I mentioned it, the last time you run but I started taking them to make classes now yeah we were talking about how like I feel like.

00:51:11.430 --> 00:51:20.160 Jeremiah Fox: i'm a white belt again, but I have a story, I want to tell, but you just made me think of something and and our instructor said this, the other day, and this dude is like he's amazing.

00:51:20.730 --> 00:51:27.630 Jeremiah Fox: he's a great coach he's been with hands Oh, for over 20 years small unassuming guy he will destroy you.

00:51:27.840 --> 00:51:36.870 Jeremiah Fox: And he's just he's just been through it all and he's always got some strong messages and he said that the other day said, you should make yourself do something uncomfortable at least once a day.

00:51:37.080 --> 00:51:44.610 Jeremiah Fox: Like something I would absolutely do not want to do i'm like well if I came to MMA then i've got that would not get check off because I don't want to fucking go.

00:51:44.970 --> 00:51:57.210 Jeremiah Fox: that's precisely why I make myself, because it scares me and i'm just like Fuck this is gonna be awful, but I just know it's going to chisel me and make me better, but my story you we both have a musical background.

00:51:57.300 --> 00:52:03.120 Jeremiah Fox: um and you were mentioning like like the most famous musicians and what they go through so.

00:52:04.140 --> 00:52:18.150 Jeremiah Fox: Again, being in New York, and you know just neighbors being like top of the talent pool as well, I ended up on a gig with one of my neighbors who is not a he's a he's a lawyer, of all things, but he said this ban this cover band just rockin.

00:52:18.300 --> 00:52:22.770 Jeremiah Fox: Cover band he's he's like late 60s, so you know, like he see.

00:52:22.830 --> 00:52:23.820 Jeremiah Fox: He grew up around.

00:52:23.850 --> 00:52:25.170 ryan kovach: yeah he grew up in the 60s and.

00:52:25.170 --> 00:52:31.020 Jeremiah Fox: 70s and started playing in and just let you know he loves the stones he loves you know he loves.

00:52:32.160 --> 00:52:37.830 Jeremiah Fox: Well, he also loves wilco which is really interesting but um you know just classic rock and roll era God and.

00:52:38.430 --> 00:52:44.970 Jeremiah Fox: So they do a bunch of cover tunes and he added some point the friended jj French from twisted sister.

00:52:45.870 --> 00:52:56.100 Jeremiah Fox: who's also from New York and they go way back and so he invited me to play with his band is his drummer was sick and they needed so and he knew I knew all the tunes so I came in it's just like classic rock.

00:52:56.100 --> 00:53:00.420 Jeremiah Fox: covers and he invited jj and jj gets OPS, which is.

00:53:02.310 --> 00:53:02.700 ryan kovach: epic.

00:53:02.940 --> 00:53:09.540 Jeremiah Fox: I do a fucking set with Jay French and plug in midtown Manhattan and I was just like you all, can have my sticks after this.

00:53:09.600 --> 00:53:10.650 Jeremiah Fox: is done.

00:53:10.800 --> 00:53:14.730 ryan kovach: I twisted sister has an amazing story in New York yeah.

00:53:14.850 --> 00:53:15.270 ryan kovach: Exactly.

00:53:15.840 --> 00:53:30.690 Jeremiah Fox: Like Oh well, I was just gonna say at the end we're all hanging out doing it was an email that I had gotten around to after afterwards, and it was my buddy was playing bass it's got that I played bass with forever, so we were just like we've been and all these fans we.

00:53:30.720 --> 00:53:31.860 ryan kovach: toured together, he and I are.

00:53:32.430 --> 00:53:43.050 Jeremiah Fox: Talking laid it out and I never been I mean we really like driving it we really liked had it locked in and I, we were playing coming come together and it was so.

00:53:46.260 --> 00:53:54.510 Jeremiah Fox: I just remember at one point J, for instance, doing a solo and he just turns and looks at us he's got his back to the audience and you just like Fuck yeah boys.

00:53:56.040 --> 00:53:57.180 Jeremiah Fox: i'm just like mind.

00:53:57.720 --> 00:53:58.560 Jeremiah Fox: blown so.

00:53:59.070 --> 00:54:11.190 Jeremiah Fox: After the show there's like an email going around and he preemptively just send us an email saying thank you guys for showing me that rock and roll could be fun.

00:54:11.220 --> 00:54:12.030 ryan kovach: And i'm loving it.

00:54:12.210 --> 00:54:19.140 Jeremiah Fox: I respond no just fun he didn't respond again, you said just fun and I responded back i'm like man you gotta be kidding me like your.

00:54:20.010 --> 00:54:31.890 Jeremiah Fox: dude you're the enemy, he goes twisted sister was a job don't get me wrong, it was great, but he was like that shit was fucking work and I did not enjoy playing music the way.

00:54:31.890 --> 00:54:34.200 Jeremiah Fox: I did when I played with you guys and again.

00:54:35.970 --> 00:54:38.100 Jeremiah Fox: Like and then I quit, then I literally.

00:54:38.760 --> 00:54:39.690 ryan kovach: But it was a job.

00:54:39.930 --> 00:54:44.370 ryan kovach: And he viewed it as that and he took his job seriously and he just viewed it as that.

00:54:44.430 --> 00:54:50.070 Jeremiah Fox: But it's not a twisted sister hey guys still don't talk to each other.

00:54:50.100 --> 00:54:51.420 ryan kovach: You know, yes yeah.

00:54:51.540 --> 00:54:52.050 Jeremiah Fox: easy.

00:54:52.230 --> 00:54:56.280 ryan kovach: But that's that's what I wanted you're not gonna find yourself.

00:54:57.720 --> 00:54:59.460 ryan kovach: you're not so stop.

00:54:59.880 --> 00:55:00.090 ryan kovach: At.

00:55:00.960 --> 00:55:11.100 Jeremiah Fox: The other part I think is cute about it it's like well all these people are off work like on government money finding themselves i'm i've got to find myself to every day at my business work.

00:55:11.130 --> 00:55:11.370 ryan kovach: yeah I.

00:55:11.400 --> 00:55:13.320 Jeremiah Fox: find myself working my God.

00:55:14.640 --> 00:55:15.090 ryan kovach: You know.

00:55:15.360 --> 00:55:33.990 ryan kovach: And that money that they keep taking from me is going so that you can go fucking find yourself, and I say go Fuck yourself right that's uncool it's not American is lazy and it's in its poor character i'm sorry just is say what it is.

00:55:34.890 --> 00:55:47.790 Jeremiah Fox: And, and I think you're right, like you, and I will continue to eat that we've had so many great like 80s movie references to that the kids are really going to have to go do their homework like why they keep talking about popcorn you and I are gonna sit back and eat the popcorn.

00:55:47.820 --> 00:55:59.790 Jeremiah Fox: Like, no matter what like even after this like if you if you find yourself if you don't still it's like jujitsu it's like that guide that leaves like he was getting you and he leaves for like two years and you stay grinding and he comes back and he's like i'm gonna.

00:55:59.790 --> 00:56:00.600 ryan kovach: end up against.

00:56:00.840 --> 00:56:01.260 ryan kovach: him up.

00:56:01.320 --> 00:56:03.390 Jeremiah Fox: And you're like boy, he was never going to get me again.

00:56:04.560 --> 00:56:04.950 ryan kovach: yeah.

00:56:05.040 --> 00:56:18.480 ryan kovach: yeah absolutely and again, you know talking about talking about any kind of movie reference look there's no there's no great movie where the hero of the story doesn't have to grind.

00:56:20.670 --> 00:56:36.810 ryan kovach: dissolve a bomb or defuse a bomb or do something they've the hero always has to overcome that's the storyline of any movie is they go through hardships and they overcome.

00:56:37.950 --> 00:56:45.840 ryan kovach: What this new generation will tell you is oh we're going through hardships we've had a pandemic and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah right.

00:56:46.260 --> 00:57:03.300 ryan kovach: The fact of the matter is you're not viewing it what the way we're trying to say is you get refined in the fire gold can only be purified inspire you have to go through the fire what we're saying is.

00:57:04.830 --> 00:57:14.400 ryan kovach: You can try to make your life as comfortable as possible there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with wanting alive without drama life without sickness alive, without this and that.

00:57:14.940 --> 00:57:37.650 ryan kovach: Where it becomes a problem is when externally you begin to expect the other people in the world to make your life comfortable and and all of that that's the difference self I can try to make my life as comfortable as possible, but I can't say Jeremiah I need you to do that as well.

00:57:38.730 --> 00:57:53.850 ryan kovach: that's where we're going wrong, and I think if we can get some of these guys, to see that you know the the frailty of their thinking that maybe we can change a life, I know that sounds crazy and cliche but do.

00:57:54.420 --> 00:57:58.080 ryan kovach: Know it's gonna be bad it's gonna be bad.

00:57:58.530 --> 00:58:02.190 Jeremiah Fox: I mean, so I have my own opinions on this and and and.

00:58:02.640 --> 00:58:14.400 Jeremiah Fox: and thoughts on how to reverse it and we've got just a few minutes left now when I get shirts, but like I think like how Israel they make all the kids go in the military for two years, I think everybody should work in some sort of service as.

00:58:14.430 --> 00:58:16.380 Jeremiah Fox: Like as I low in employee.

00:58:16.440 --> 00:58:19.350 Jeremiah Fox: Like a foundry dishwasher or something like that.

00:58:19.410 --> 00:58:31.440 Jeremiah Fox: agree for like at least six months but preferably longer before you go like to college and and like get your degree, you know, like you, should be at the bottom just for a little while just.

00:58:31.440 --> 00:58:31.890 ryan kovach: agree, I.

00:58:32.100 --> 00:58:38.640 Jeremiah Fox: Just don't understand what I think it would change everybody's perspective, what we got like three minutes left you get you know you got the floor.

00:58:39.210 --> 00:58:48.960 ryan kovach: yeah I think so Germany does the same thing when I lived over there in the 90s, and when I was in the military, you had to do, nine months yeah right right, I mean.

00:58:49.440 --> 00:59:00.750 ryan kovach: You had to go serve your country and you had to do something that was service oriented, and it sucked and it was hard, and it was outside of your you know life goals in life plans right that's number one number two.

00:59:02.430 --> 00:59:22.530 ryan kovach: As leaders, the leaders need to stop being scared of the cancel culture, and they need to stand their ground and they need to, because if we genuinely love people and we genuinely care about people, then we will not let them continue down this path.

00:59:23.910 --> 00:59:28.650 ryan kovach: that's what I would say so, if you love Somebody tell them the truth.

00:59:29.760 --> 00:59:32.160 ryan kovach: And, and even if it's a hard pill to swallow.

00:59:32.490 --> 00:59:36.180 Jeremiah Fox: No yeah right leadership has to be honest and not afraid.

00:59:36.660 --> 00:59:45.030 Jeremiah Fox: yep you know, unfortunately we've got like these breakthrough mother fuckers like rogan in Chicago who, just like you say whatever you want I don't care i'm good you know all.

00:59:45.060 --> 00:59:45.420 ryan kovach: Right.

00:59:45.540 --> 00:59:50.850 Jeremiah Fox: I think more people need to be doing I assume guide that headspace.

00:59:50.970 --> 00:59:54.480 ryan kovach: I think everybody whether you're famous or not should assume that exactly.

00:59:54.690 --> 00:59:55.560 ryan kovach: Exactly but they're.

00:59:55.650 --> 01:00:01.920 Jeremiah Fox: they're good examples last question real quick, we got one minute, have you trained with the death squad yet, since they came to Austin.

01:00:02.490 --> 01:00:10.620 ryan kovach: No, I have not it's on my list I think they're still getting settled in and move yeah and all that but I, there will be a day that I go get my ass kicked by them.

01:00:10.800 --> 01:00:15.030 Jeremiah Fox: Nice and I I Sean do you have barrel, is also opening school there.

01:00:15.450 --> 01:00:16.170 ryan kovach: yeah man.

01:00:16.230 --> 01:00:16.470 Jeremiah Fox: We.

01:00:16.620 --> 01:00:18.510 ryan kovach: We just saw my brother so nosy.

01:00:18.600 --> 01:00:22.890 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I my brother's show we just interviewed one of his brown belts, we got to get you on that show, at some point to.

01:00:23.070 --> 01:00:23.340 ryan kovach: Do it.

01:00:23.400 --> 01:00:26.880 Jeremiah Fox: it's all just like jujitsu fighting and really fucking silly we have a great time but yeah.

01:00:26.940 --> 01:00:29.250 Jeremiah Fox: I love it like austin's the new San Diego.

01:00:29.310 --> 01:00:30.510 ryan kovach: Oh Fuck yeah dude.

01:00:30.510 --> 01:00:31.230 Jeremiah Fox: crazy man.

01:00:31.320 --> 01:00:32.370 ryan kovach: All Texas baby.

01:00:32.670 --> 01:00:33.600 Jeremiah Fox: i'm gonna get there one day.

01:00:33.660 --> 01:00:36.540 Jeremiah Fox: I promise Thank you so much for coming on again short notice.

01:00:36.570 --> 01:00:38.400 Jeremiah Fox: always a pleasure man, we will do it again.

01:00:39.480 --> 01:00:43.500 Jeremiah Fox: Have a great week and get off your lazy ass is go get a.

01:00:43.890 --> 01:00:45.900 Jeremiah Fox: Word don't get your ass a job.

01:00:47.640 --> 01:00:48.060 Jeremiah Fox: alright.

01:00:48.120 --> 01:00:50.250 ryan kovach: Have a go and see everybody bye.

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