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Friday, January 7, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/01/07 - What To Do When You Get Caught In It 2

Facebook Live Video from 2022/01/07 - What To Do When You Get Caught In It 2


2022/01/07 - What To Do When You Get Caught In It 2

[NEW EPISODE] What To Do When You Get Caught In It 2

It began with a little bite, a mere taste… 

You can’t quite remember when it was, but you remember that things were never quite the same. You decided not to follow the status quo, and that decision sets you on a brand new path.

It is a journey of adventure and failure that takes you many places, teaches you resilience, and how to embrace never-ending change.

Later it gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams, learning from the inevitable mistakes that are all part of the voyage. You, my friend, have been bitten by the Entrepreneurial Bug, and are now caught in The Entrepreneurial Web!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah kicks off by welcoming us into the New Year. He introduces his guest childhood friends and successful entrepreneurs in their own right, Matt Falvey and Lance Knaub. Jeremiah shares his message of the week which is that four percent of small business owners make it to ten years. Most of the fatalities are due to inside decisions rather than outside acts. Matt and Lance share their background and how they met. They talk about their individual businesses and how they maintain success while also training in martial arts in their free time. Before the break, the guys discuss the importance of determination and resilience. They also ask each other whether it’s important to know why you are on your mission.

Segment 2

Jeremiah and his guest talk about having a personal plan or mission. Matt mentions how he notices most entrepreneurs don’t start off with a concrete plan. Jeremiah talks about the difficulties he had in creating a business plan. The guys also discuss the importance of being a leader and leading by example. Jeremiah talks about letting go of your ego and how it can hinder you if you don’t. They discuss maintaining moral integrity in order to maintain a successful business. Before the break, Matt asks the guys whether fitness or martial arts has helped them in their personal lives in any way.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Jermiah and his guest discuss the importance of training and practice and how your work can show the effort you put in. Jeremiah talks about how fitness and being active helps improve his mood and confidence which helps him make better business decisions. Matt asks the guys how often they obsess over moving forward professionally. Jermiah and Lance talk about strategies to win in life and how to not fear failing or losing because they're all lessions. Before the break, Jeremiah asks Lance why would you ignore fifty percent of the body?

Segment 4

In the last segment, Lance answers Jermiah’s question. He uses martial arts as an example to explain his reasoning. Matt talks about moral integrity. He asks the guys about the importance of practicing self compassion. Jeremiah and Lance share how and why they practice self compassion. Jeremiah talks about not being afraid to dodge accountability. Jermiah and his guest talk about gender differences and how each sex has a different approach regarding martial arts and entrepreneurship. Before the end of the segment, the guys shared their last words and had some laughs with one another.  


00:03:03.390 --> 00:03:12.810 Jeremiah Fox: Well Happy New Year everybody welcome back you listening to the entrepreneurial where we're going to kick this one off right today's gonna be fun well.

00:03:14.760 --> 00:03:30.420 Jeremiah Fox: Gentlemen, make sure you have yourself unmuted Happy New Year lance happy fucking New Year matt welcome back Linda these are show alum they both been on lance knob and matt foggy and they just happen to be old high school buddies and.

00:03:31.110 --> 00:03:42.780 Jeremiah Fox: They promised to sell some are rated stories today about all the women's they will share over the years and all the stuffs thing was to after they move from Brazil to the United States.

00:03:46.740 --> 00:03:48.810 Jeremiah Fox: i'm going to try so hard to be serious, but.

00:03:50.580 --> 00:03:52.380 Jeremiah Fox: The rash guard was telling me.

00:03:52.440 --> 00:03:52.950 No.

00:03:54.030 --> 00:03:56.370 Jeremiah Fox: It was say yes, but it was telling me no.

00:03:56.880 --> 00:04:02.190 mfalvey: Honestly it's kind of saying that you you'd like to party, but you can be formal also yes.

00:04:02.220 --> 00:04:07.080 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it's kind of like a mole a but just I moved it around in other parts of my body.

00:04:10.380 --> 00:04:12.840 Lance Knaub: thanks for having us baby what's up boys yeah.

00:04:13.320 --> 00:04:14.790 Lance Knaub: To be a little bit dangerous.

00:04:15.000 --> 00:04:17.100 Lance Knaub: It could always good to see matt falvey in the.

00:04:17.100 --> 00:04:28.950 Lance Knaub: Air you have to go way back so it's going to be interesting, where this goes, but I know you guys are all things leadership and jujitsu so let's get the party started.

00:04:29.370 --> 00:04:35.730 Jeremiah Fox: So the real premise I I you know thinking about this we've been talking about this show for a long time getting getting all of us together.

00:04:36.090 --> 00:04:42.690 Jeremiah Fox: um you know, two things really stuck in my head and one and we could call this like the message of the week is that.

00:04:43.200 --> 00:04:52.920 Jeremiah Fox: Only 4% of small businesses make it to 10 years and I know lance's is a big a big topic of discussion for you and another thing i've heard about.

00:04:53.640 --> 00:05:02.730 Jeremiah Fox: Small business is that most business fades holidays are not the result of homicide meaning they were not taken out by outside forces.

00:05:03.030 --> 00:05:12.360 Jeremiah Fox: That they are the result of suicide, meaning that they they ex themselves um and that that brings to mind the the idea of.

00:05:12.780 --> 00:05:24.120 Jeremiah Fox: Getting your black belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu which is arguably the hardest black belt on the planet to get in our friend here matt falvey just happens to have one and a lot of people same.

00:05:24.570 --> 00:05:35.160 Jeremiah Fox: quit along the way, many, many, many millions of people start white belt you get to blue belt you start to truncate a little bit and by purple belt, which is usually like four to five years in.

00:05:36.000 --> 00:05:40.860 Jeremiah Fox: Your down to like 1% maybe of the people that started at white belt and then.

00:05:41.190 --> 00:06:00.780 Jeremiah Fox: actually getting to black Belt is less than 1% of the people that start so there's there's some similarities in in the results that people participate in these these functions, but also a lot of similarities in the people that survive so as we talk about all of your.

00:06:02.040 --> 00:06:02.760 Jeremiah Fox: You know.

00:06:04.140 --> 00:06:15.240 Jeremiah Fox: coming of age stories let's let's just sneak some of those some of those values in there i'm going to TEE it up there, and let you to take it wherever you want for right now.

00:06:15.900 --> 00:06:16.470 Lance Knaub: Oh boy.

00:06:17.010 --> 00:06:17.850 Lance Knaub: get started.

00:06:18.720 --> 00:06:20.370 mfalvey: yeah yeah so.

00:06:21.600 --> 00:06:27.330 mfalvey: Thanks so much for the kind introduction thanks for having me on and it's awesome to see lance and be part of this, I mean.

00:06:27.720 --> 00:06:36.150 mfalvey: If you would have told us back in the day when we were in grade school playing a game against each other and see why oh basketball that we'd be doing this, you know we probably would have laughed.

00:06:36.420 --> 00:06:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: Right.

00:06:36.870 --> 00:06:37.650 Lance Knaub: For sure.

00:06:37.770 --> 00:06:44.280 mfalvey: And I don't know you know I appreciate that you respect my opinion everything but i'm often wrong and never in doubt.

00:06:47.010 --> 00:06:48.450 mfalvey: I have to disclose that.

00:06:49.260 --> 00:06:49.740 Jeremiah Fox: i'm.

00:06:49.890 --> 00:06:57.120 mfalvey: All right, yeah I mean you know i'm i'm really fascinated and interested to hear lance and your.

00:06:58.260 --> 00:07:14.760 mfalvey: Take in this, you know with with the 4% and being entrepreneurs or solo printers etc, but as we've talked all three of us about the correlation between jujitsu and success in business and and being an entrepreneur.

00:07:15.780 --> 00:07:22.110 mfalvey: I currently serve as a business development director for warehouse architect engineer design firm here in York Pennsylvania.

00:07:22.950 --> 00:07:30.660 mfalvey: I also have a small book of business with company called Council trust where as an investment advisor I was able to start building up.

00:07:31.110 --> 00:07:38.100 mfalvey: Some assets under management that that was my background before I pivoted for some personal reasons um but you know.

00:07:38.940 --> 00:07:45.570 mfalvey: One of the things about jujitsu that you can apply to life is, you know that that pausing to take a breath and.

00:07:45.870 --> 00:07:57.930 mfalvey: always asking yourself, you know what did you want to accomplish what did you accomplish and if you had to do it all over again, what would you do different you know what can you celebrate what can you learn what corrective measures can you take.

00:07:58.950 --> 00:08:05.010 mfalvey: After your role or come off the what jocko willing, we call the mass of justice right so um.

00:08:05.880 --> 00:08:17.670 mfalvey: You know, I was just trying to think in preparing for this, I had a in South central Pennsylvania, we have a ton of very high level wrestlers a lot of division one we feed penn state, especially in our area.

00:08:18.630 --> 00:08:35.370 mfalvey: And, and I had a 250 pound young former wrestler for university of Pittsburgh on top he's only a blue belt, but for crying out loud i'm a 51 year old man, he was doing, he was trying to do there the black belt magic right, and you know.

00:08:36.450 --> 00:08:52.410 mfalvey: You can sit there and get paralyzed or you know and think perfection, or you can be flexible and pragmatic and I would, by the way, I we define pragmatic is as more flexibility versus realism, you know be flexible and.

00:08:53.520 --> 00:09:02.370 mfalvey: You know, take action it's not perfection, I was actually able to I was actually able to escape his side control because you know the longer you sit there you know if you don't make a decision.

00:09:02.970 --> 00:09:09.900 mfalvey: You know that is a decision and oftentimes it's wrong decision you apply it to business and you know if I didn't make a decision, real quick.

00:09:10.200 --> 00:09:15.210 mfalvey: I was going to have this 250 pound beast mountain on me and I don't know if i'm escaping that or not.

00:09:15.480 --> 00:09:24.840 mfalvey: You know and getting suffocated so that's just you know just kind of start off, I have some other you know comments long way, but that's kind of just an example for people that don't do jujitsu or grapple so.

00:09:25.800 --> 00:09:41.730 Jeremiah Fox: I just understanding, like the fight game in general, I mean I started taking MMA since Sep tember because i'm a glutton for punishment and I just wanted a reason to wear my tuxedo rash guard and more than just to my brother's wedding and it works, the other day.

00:09:42.030 --> 00:09:44.640 mfalvey: You don't want to catch you don't want to catch ringworm from lance and I.

00:09:44.640 --> 00:09:44.940 guess.

00:09:47.040 --> 00:09:47.790 Jeremiah Fox: No hang warm.

00:09:47.820 --> 00:09:49.260 mfalvey: No staff today warm it's.

00:09:49.920 --> 00:09:50.190 Warm.

00:09:51.450 --> 00:10:02.250 Jeremiah Fox: But it and you know I, I have the you know pleasure and benefit of having an MMA instructor that is quite philosophical and a true martial artist.

00:10:03.120 --> 00:10:09.690 Jeremiah Fox: And he really points out the most important parts of the game and number one is you can't win if you've lost.

00:10:10.080 --> 00:10:29.100 Jeremiah Fox: to your point i'm matt you know if you just decide to sit there and not take any action in a bad situation you're essentially giving up you know you it's a slippery slope from there under those circumstances and if you've lost you can't win back to my point earlier about you know.

00:10:30.480 --> 00:10:39.960 Jeremiah Fox: The mortality rate in business being really the result of suicide and that and it can show up as as inactivity we did nothing and eventually the ground just came out from under us.

00:10:41.220 --> 00:10:47.550 Jeremiah Fox: So I think one really important thing, and you held up jocko his book too it's so profound you know.

00:10:48.660 --> 00:11:03.120 Jeremiah Fox: Discipline equals freedom like just you were alluding to it it's those it's the internal dialogue, every day, every time you get off the mat or everyday wrap up as you wrap up shop for the day and you're like what the Fuck happened.

00:11:03.690 --> 00:11:09.330 Jeremiah Fox: Though like celebrate your wins and analyze your losses, but like get the Fuck back in there.

00:11:09.570 --> 00:11:10.590 Jeremiah Fox: Because if you don't.

00:11:10.620 --> 00:11:15.960 Jeremiah Fox: Then you've lost, and it is impossible to win if you lost yeah.

00:11:15.990 --> 00:11:27.210 mfalvey: yeah and i'd love to pass this let's go ahead and I i'm dying to get something over to lance into being that he's going down this consulting round and has been a successful business owner, but go ahead lance any thought.

00:11:27.630 --> 00:11:35.490 Lance Knaub: As well yeah just appreciate being here Jeremiah always love getting together and so thankful you, you know to spend time here with you and matt.

00:11:35.940 --> 00:11:44.640 Lance Knaub: as well and, and you know matt and I go back a long way, you know I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, you know in West York, and we had the same rose go.

00:11:45.120 --> 00:11:53.580 Lance Knaub: Go hard against St joe's and the East York folks and boys and you know we we had some fun rivalries and.

00:11:54.120 --> 00:12:00.390 Lance Knaub: It was good, thankfully, we got to join forces in high school and matt and I did play basketball together and.

00:12:01.020 --> 00:12:06.420 Lance Knaub: You know, we had a lot of good high school memories and and whatnot and we'll talk about that.

00:12:06.930 --> 00:12:15.030 Lance Knaub: So Jeremiah yeah you did TEE up something really you know fantastic with the you know the south, the suicide being self inflicted and I think.

00:12:15.450 --> 00:12:26.160 Lance Knaub: One thing I want to weave into the conversation is you know the mental part of the game which is you know so developed in martial arts and jujitsu and just leadership, I know matt is.

00:12:26.580 --> 00:12:41.970 Lance Knaub: You know, a student of leadership with his you know military background as well, and you know going through formal training that way, so you know getting your mind right getting your mind right every day shifting your mood shifting your mindset we're going to have to bring into it and.

00:12:42.990 --> 00:12:58.650 Lance Knaub: yeah I mean 4% is a low number it's very easy to quit right and just to tap out, so I mean you have to be ready to withstand some pain for sure so just a few quick thoughts off top of my.

00:12:58.650 --> 00:13:00.930 Jeremiah Fox: head, which is another reason I started.

00:13:02.910 --> 00:13:08.910 Jeremiah Fox: I was like I need a deeper threshold for pain and yes it's coming it's coming.

00:13:09.810 --> 00:13:10.800 mfalvey: yeah yeah.

00:13:11.400 --> 00:13:19.680 mfalvey: um, what do you guys think of this so you know we were talking about military I spent four years as a platoon leader in the 82nd airborne division after college and.

00:13:19.950 --> 00:13:27.570 mfalvey: He always talking to military jocko actually will talk about this to you know the importance of strategic thinking versus tactical thinking.

00:13:27.750 --> 00:13:28.710 mfalvey: And i'm dying to hear.

00:13:29.190 --> 00:13:32.640 mfalvey: Both your thoughts on this, but you know, a couple notes, I was making on it.

00:13:34.290 --> 00:13:39.390 mfalvey: You know, people often look for the shortcut and you know the hack which doesn't exist, obviously, but.

00:13:39.990 --> 00:13:57.570 mfalvey: When you think strategic I viewed is you know that's the big picture, the long term right, this is like Where are you and where do you want to end up okay versus the short term, you know tactical or immediate action aspect of of you know, taking action so um.

00:13:58.710 --> 00:13:59.430 mfalvey: Every.

00:14:00.690 --> 00:14:06.630 mfalvey: Every tactical action should move you closer to your strategic goal right.

00:14:08.190 --> 00:14:23.910 mfalvey: or every technical action can move you further away from so you know what do you think of figuring out the why and it's important so before you sit down and do your strategic plan or strategic goal, how important do you guys think the Why is, why are you doing this.

00:14:24.150 --> 00:14:25.860 Lance Knaub: Oh wow what Jeremiah go.

00:14:27.930 --> 00:14:36.150 Jeremiah Fox: let's let's do this we're going to take a break, because that that is it's a fantastic question and lance and I both have been in the hot seat with Tony D.

00:14:36.330 --> 00:14:45.810 Jeremiah Fox: and asked that question many times and even as well versus we thought we weren't answering that question we soon found out, we got some some digging to do so let's take a break and.

00:14:45.810 --> 00:14:46.410 mfalvey: we're gonna Pack.

00:14:47.130 --> 00:14:47.730 Jeremiah Fox: Pack it yep.

00:14:48.390 --> 00:14:52.050 Jeremiah Fox: yeah well that's fantastic i'm so glad you.

00:14:52.050 --> 00:14:52.860 Jeremiah Fox: asked that so.

00:14:53.490 --> 00:14:54.360 Jeremiah Fox: hang tight everybody.

00:14:54.510 --> 00:14:55.830 Lance Knaub: Those Catholic manners.

00:14:58.770 --> 00:15:00.180 Jeremiah Fox: we'll be right back hey time.

00:15:00.480 --> 00:15:00.930 All right.

00:17:20.130 --> 00:17:22.980 Jeremiah Fox: Go ahead Fabio unmute yourself and bring us in let's hear it.

00:17:27.390 --> 00:17:29.970 mfalvey: It should be on Wednesday Wednesday for ric flair.

00:17:31.260 --> 00:17:45.720 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, all right, so you you brought up a really great point a mad about understanding your why in this whole process and my first instructor I spent my first four years with.

00:17:46.110 --> 00:17:55.590 Jeremiah Fox: Who, I was explaining earlier is Dan black belt another very philosophical instructor very, very adamant about martial arts values as like.

00:17:56.040 --> 00:18:07.800 Jeremiah Fox: The North star then technique, you know, like if you if you get the two of you get the car in front of the horse something's going to suffer so values first and and techniques second.

00:18:08.130 --> 00:18:12.450 Jeremiah Fox: And he always said, like you have to know your why so get you know, going back to the.

00:18:13.110 --> 00:18:20.460 Jeremiah Fox: context of Brazilian Jiu jitsu you know if you want to get your black belt you're looking at a solid 10 year journey, some people do it.

00:18:21.120 --> 00:18:25.140 Jeremiah Fox: quicker most take longer but that's that's like getting a PhD.

00:18:26.040 --> 00:18:38.130 Jeremiah Fox: And you've got to train nearly every day and it's hard it's hard to get your ass in there when you're tired when shifts going on in your life when you're injured, all these things, but you have to like grab yourself by the back of the shirt and pull yourself to the door.

00:18:38.730 --> 00:18:53.310 Jeremiah Fox: and his suggestion was like understand like focus on why you're doing it not how you're going to do it and back to your you know the the you know, the idea of strategy versus tactics if you're all if you're all strategy.

00:18:54.360 --> 00:19:06.930 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it's hard to know like daily what to do to get your goal, and if you're all tactics and you have no direction like where's this really taking me, then, are you actually going to get.

00:19:07.560 --> 00:19:14.100 Jeremiah Fox: To that end point so really understanding why like are you doing this because on self Defense so you doing this.

00:19:14.400 --> 00:19:26.190 Jeremiah Fox: And or for health, you know what are, what are the reasons that you're doing this for and constantly checking in with why, and I mean, I have to do it all the time, especially with this damn restaurant that i'm.

00:19:26.190 --> 00:19:28.410 Jeremiah Fox: sitting in my garage because there's a.

00:19:28.470 --> 00:19:29.940 Jeremiah Fox: there's a full gas can.

00:19:30.060 --> 00:19:31.470 mfalvey: In the backyard oh.

00:19:34.260 --> 00:19:35.220 Jeremiah Fox: yeah always here.

00:19:35.250 --> 00:19:36.420 mfalvey: yeah.

00:19:36.690 --> 00:19:37.920 mfalvey: God bless you guys.

00:19:37.950 --> 00:19:47.340 mfalvey: I don't know how you proprietors do it, I mean oh my gosh I mean you talk about relentless persistence, for all of you that are running a restaurant, I mean it's been.

00:19:47.370 --> 00:19:48.570 mfalvey: You know, one of the hardest.

00:19:48.660 --> 00:19:51.570 mfalvey: environments ever ever I mean it's just unbelievable.

00:19:51.630 --> 00:19:53.280 Jeremiah Fox: Right it's always scrapping.

00:19:53.310 --> 00:19:54.570 Jeremiah Fox: What we're dealing with right now.

00:19:55.110 --> 00:19:55.500 yeah.

00:19:56.640 --> 00:19:58.680 Jeremiah Fox: sucks in a different way, you know.

00:19:58.710 --> 00:20:08.340 Jeremiah Fox: But yeah um but I really just like daily check in when I feel like some days I feel good it's just like Jiu jitsu some days i'm like damn man, I feel amazing I feel like i'm 18.

00:20:08.520 --> 00:20:17.310 Jeremiah Fox: i'm gonna go in there whoop some ass and then their days i'm like man I don't know how i'm going to get in the door, and like once I get into the door it's going to be ugly, but I still like make myself do it.

00:20:17.550 --> 00:20:21.120 Jeremiah Fox: And, and with the restaurant i'm just like always checking in on those bad days and pay like.

00:20:21.510 --> 00:20:30.780 Jeremiah Fox: Like you said stop take a breath think like think for a minute take a breath it's not like I don't have to do something explosive in the media, but I do have to make a decision to set it on fire.

00:20:30.810 --> 00:20:34.260 Lance Knaub: or not, the Jeremiah your your why helps you get through these tough times.

00:20:34.320 --> 00:20:38.460 Jeremiah Fox: Absolutely absolutely it just gives me clarity, where i'm like okay.

00:20:38.670 --> 00:20:50.400 Jeremiah Fox: Like maybe it's just me, maybe i'm just in a bad mood maybe like my kids are you know driving me crazy or I didn't sleep or whatever has absolutely nothing to a business, but I walk in and i'm like Fuck this place was burning and then i'm like okay.

00:20:51.990 --> 00:20:54.360 Lance Knaub: You guys teed up my favorite topic Jeremiah.

00:20:54.570 --> 00:21:01.320 Lance Knaub: I don't know if you remember, but you know mad I realized that most entrepreneurs.

00:21:01.890 --> 00:21:10.290 Lance Knaub: don't have a plan and they don't you know know how to put a plan together, you know they haven't had the benefit of you know, having somebody mentor them in a business plan.

00:21:10.770 --> 00:21:15.510 Lance Knaub: So i've got you know this process, I like to help entrepreneurs with and Jeremiah.

00:21:16.080 --> 00:21:27.720 Lance Knaub: Was you know someone I worked with and i'm trying to remember the one thing I added to a traditional business plan I basically shrunk it down, so it was doable so we can do it in two hours, but the one extra step I added was a personal mission.

00:21:27.750 --> 00:21:40.530 Lance Knaub: Number one biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make is they want to jump straight to their sort of their company mission, like, I want to cure cancer, whatever it is, but they don't really say look, I want to you know whether it's religion or.

00:21:41.850 --> 00:21:49.530 Lance Knaub: Where their family or their health know, one of the common ones is you know, like the oxygen mask approach right, you have to be healthy, before you can help other people.

00:21:49.950 --> 00:21:55.800 Lance Knaub: And I guess I probably fall into that camp, but i'm trying to remember Jeremiah I think you actually struggled on your personal mission you.

00:21:55.950 --> 00:21:56.910 Lance Knaub: Know went straight to.

00:21:57.300 --> 00:21:59.040 Lance Knaub: kind of professional stuff right.

00:21:59.340 --> 00:22:07.830 Jeremiah Fox: Right yeah I had no idea how to answer that at the beginning and I felt like you know we broke some ground there and then Tony D.

00:22:09.660 --> 00:22:12.510 Jeremiah Fox: He was like you're you're on you're on sand my friend.

00:22:14.430 --> 00:22:20.250 Jeremiah Fox: Is there's no bedrock beneath that I remember being in one of his clubhouse rooms and he asked me to like.

00:22:20.790 --> 00:22:32.040 Jeremiah Fox: If i've written it down, and I was like yeah I did, and you might have been in the room, and I was like let me pull this up and I looked at it in several months and i'm reading it out loud and in the moment as i'm reading and i'm like this is fucking garbage.

00:22:33.240 --> 00:22:39.570 Jeremiah Fox: It was so bad, so I feel like that's something that you really have to flip over and over and over similar to.

00:22:40.800 --> 00:22:55.590 Jeremiah Fox: You know answering your why like checking in with that constantly because you know matt will tell you as well, like the reason why you started Jiu jitsu is often not to get your black belt, and the reason you get your black belt will evolve.

00:22:56.220 --> 00:23:05.010 Jeremiah Fox: Through the years were like at one point it's it's, for you know you want the status and then maybe after years you're like man, I want to open my own school.

00:23:05.220 --> 00:23:16.140 Jeremiah Fox: And it's it's encouraged to have a black belt and then you know it, by the time you get it, it can be completely different, so I think really constantly checking in with that and milligan over and rewriting it, you know.

00:23:16.440 --> 00:23:24.330 Lance Knaub: I want to hear your i'm sorry to interrupt your my why and before you answer that I just want to say I feel like this interplay between.

00:23:24.840 --> 00:23:38.220 Lance Knaub: You know strategy and tactics is you know, may be the secret to success and again, you know I realized that 90 plus percent to connect to the theme of today's show.

00:23:38.730 --> 00:23:45.600 Lance Knaub: 90 plus percent of small business owners don't have a plan which correlates with this 96% of small business owners that fail in 10 years right.

00:23:45.990 --> 00:24:02.160 Lance Knaub: it's not by accident or coincidence that these numbers are about the same, and you know you can't stand at the top of the mountain and just do strategy and you can't just go down in the trenches and fight either way, you will fail, you have to it's really hard right, this is why.

00:24:02.460 --> 00:24:07.200 Lance Knaub: How many people succeed to figure out that right dance that right balance between the two.

00:24:08.040 --> 00:24:14.730 mfalvey: yeah dude I love what you just said, I mean if you don't have so you always have to think strategic.

00:24:15.450 --> 00:24:25.590 mfalvey: um while you're doing your tactical you know make your tactical decisions or or actions, I mean otherwise lance to your point, you know we've all heard the saying the death of 1000 cuts right.

00:24:26.130 --> 00:24:33.150 mfalvey: It adds up you know, and if you're making one bad decision or hasty decision are looking for that instant gratification.

00:24:33.420 --> 00:24:41.850 mfalvey: you're going to make one bad decision after the other, and kind of like you know you put a frog in a pot right and you start the water turn in temperature often and next thing you know.

00:24:43.200 --> 00:24:51.690 mfalvey: The water's boiling writing you're done or or as jocko would probably say you know all of a sudden one donut gets by security boom, you know.

00:24:52.290 --> 00:25:02.760 mfalvey: You miss one workout whatever um and really you know jujitsu has taught me, I mean you know you win by sticking your ass to the seat and you don't leave until it's over and.

00:25:03.660 --> 00:25:10.470 mfalvey: Jeremiah to your point very similar to business, you know I didn't get in jujitsu to get a black belt and I always figured you know i'll just let the Belts come to me.

00:25:10.980 --> 00:25:21.660 mfalvey: And then, of course, you get a black belt, and I mean the people coming in to kids coming in and the young, I mean they're better stronger faster, a lot of them have wrestled at high levels.

00:25:22.200 --> 00:25:35.640 mfalvey: or some are just crazy athletes and you know part of that responsibility, then to as a black but, as you gotta roll with everyone don't be afraid to roll with me you gotta lead by example and do I tap the lower belts yeah man you bet I do.

00:25:36.510 --> 00:25:47.610 mfalvey: You know, good better to tap you on the mats and on the streets, you know and learn but i'm getting back to you know winning tactically and thinking strategic all the time um.

00:25:48.510 --> 00:25:55.680 mfalvey: Do you think how important you think having moral integrity is is both you both as business coach and entrepreneur.

00:25:56.130 --> 00:26:05.010 mfalvey: You know, we can't lie to ourselves, we have got when we do these assessments and lance I don't know if, in your process when you take your clients through you know you you.

00:26:06.120 --> 00:26:18.930 mfalvey: Really stay on them like hey here are your long term goals, why are they important to you and then be honest with yourself, you can't lie or bs yourself how important you think moral integrity is I mean and that's not a loaded question i'm just you know.

00:26:19.050 --> 00:26:22.170 Lance Knaub: i'd love to just give a quick answer i'll turn it over to Jeremiah I mean I guess.

00:26:23.160 --> 00:26:34.530 Lance Knaub: You know the most recent challenges that i've gone through you already brought up jocko and I adopted his definition of integrity just doing the right thing you know in 2021.

00:26:34.920 --> 00:26:42.780 Lance Knaub: When I was going through some big things I just had to step back and just keep asking myself, you know and i'm going to do just make sure i'm doing the right thing.

00:26:43.260 --> 00:26:51.300 Lance Knaub: And from all angles and it wasn't easy it was some big stuff but it got me through, so I think it's it's crucial it's everything and.

00:26:51.750 --> 00:26:58.470 Lance Knaub: I guess just in different words are different way of saying it, I think you have to be if you're aligned from all angles you'll be able to sleep at night.

00:26:58.920 --> 00:27:14.430 Lance Knaub: So you know connecting the leading by example part right, I really can't lead entrepreneurs lead my team lead the Community right to connect to today and our pillars Jeremiah you know, unless i'm doing the right thing.

00:27:15.630 --> 00:27:15.780 mfalvey: You.

00:27:15.810 --> 00:27:25.170 mfalvey: got to lead yourself first person yeah leaders yourself, I mean and and I think that's probably one of the biggest challenges that I face all the time I got to lead myself and I fall short so often.

00:27:26.220 --> 00:27:32.820 mfalvey: But if you, you know one thing that I think i've been blessed with is i'm able to self analyze myself and try to.

00:27:33.450 --> 00:27:50.970 mfalvey: try to get better every day and it's hard, I mean there's a lot of times, where where I am a hypocrite when it comes to being a leader, and you know, I think it takes a constant diligence or diligence to to keep moving in the right direction, you know.

00:27:51.660 --> 00:28:02.970 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I was, I was gonna say something similar, I mean, I think, I think, honesty and having your ego in check, are super important and forget about you know, for your business like we're talking about lance.

00:28:03.390 --> 00:28:11.610 Jeremiah Fox: Your personal mission because it's going to trickle down into everything into all of your endeavors and that's the beauty of something like Jiu jitsu you know.

00:28:12.450 --> 00:28:27.750 Jeremiah Fox: practicing honesty and practicing positivity it's just like a muscle it gets stronger, the more you do it and you choose one of those those you know daily check ins on that, like you always say the mats of justice man, because you can't lie, you can talk.

00:28:27.780 --> 00:28:29.670 Jeremiah Fox: All kinds yeah yeah.

00:28:30.660 --> 00:28:39.210 Jeremiah Fox: You can say you know, whatever you want, you know I know what I can do now, we can apply this to business too, I mean we were talking about being honest brutally honest.

00:28:39.480 --> 00:28:45.420 mfalvey: You know, with yourself and your goals everything else lance or something that's that we kind of make fun of.

00:28:46.020 --> 00:29:01.470 mfalvey: you'll find someone for their purely for their ego will get into a problem with the lower belt and they can't escape they're not they're not practicing what they should be practicing and they'll start coaching about it Jeremiah they'll start coach.

00:29:01.470 --> 00:29:03.660 Jeremiah Fox: P yeah and then you're in the middle of it.

00:29:04.020 --> 00:29:06.180 mfalvey: that's our coaching us to cover it up so it's so.

00:29:06.180 --> 00:29:12.300 mfalvey: funny I mean, but you know don't start coaching yourself, in other words bullshitting your way out of a position.

00:29:12.540 --> 00:29:14.850 mfalvey: Right, you know um so.

00:29:15.900 --> 00:29:24.150 Jeremiah Fox: yeah So for me like it's really helped in that regard, where I have to be honest with myself, because, as we said earlier, you know you can't you can't.

00:29:24.750 --> 00:29:37.140 Jeremiah Fox: You know, improve somebody else's health if yours is bad, you know the oxygen mask metaphor and and it's the same you can't it's really hard to encourage like say your staff to be honest to.

00:29:37.620 --> 00:29:43.320 Jeremiah Fox: make these like moral decisions that and maintain the moral integrity of your company of yourself or not.

00:29:44.280 --> 00:29:51.060 Jeremiah Fox: At least demonstrating and, in some way and and being able to own like you were just saying that your your mistakes.

00:29:51.360 --> 00:30:02.700 Jeremiah Fox: You know, and not being so egotistical were like yeah you're the Leader you're in charge sure you've got a lot more experience you know you you've been right a lot of times but it's easy you know to.

00:30:03.600 --> 00:30:04.230 Jeremiah Fox: To kind of.

00:30:05.670 --> 00:30:13.440 Jeremiah Fox: Create that that a character, where like you're always that person and it's it's I think it's important to be like yo all right, I thought.

00:30:13.470 --> 00:30:28.020 mfalvey: Well, and lance I mean we talked I mean you know the other thing about Jiu jitsu is it keeps you physically fit and I think there's and lance being a doctor of physical therapy and exercising and actually let you have some trainers under you to write you you.

00:30:28.200 --> 00:30:30.720 Lance Knaub: Absolutely, we do yeah we do fitness as part of our model.

00:30:31.200 --> 00:30:40.920 mfalvey: Yes, so getting into talking to a good friend of mine, I actually use her to give her a shout out margo smelter from VIP personal training here York she's amazing we talked about this.

00:30:41.220 --> 00:30:50.550 mfalvey: All the time she leads me through a high intensity interval training half hour, maybe two times a week and it helps me with jujitsu with my Cardio when I had Kovac.

00:30:51.000 --> 00:31:01.260 mfalvey: Last January, I didn't get very sick last taste and smell, but I developed my own card itis and then I had a heck of a time trying to get my cardiovascular system back so I hired margo and.

00:31:02.250 --> 00:31:05.010 mfalvey: But we talked about the importance of being physically fit and how it.

00:31:05.520 --> 00:31:19.110 mfalvey: It translates into so many other aspects of your life, you know, and I think it's what I love about Jiu jitsu and fitness and I don't know lance and Jeremiah if you have something to say you know within each spectrum around that you operate in what do you guys think.

00:31:20.370 --> 00:31:32.040 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I think I again you teed up a really great question and it's time for a break so let's give us like a minute and a half to come up with a good response i'm just trying to buy some time because I really don't know.

00:31:34.410 --> 00:31:34.950 mfalvey: Trying to come.

00:31:34.980 --> 00:31:38.340 mfalvey: Like surmounted wait wait.

00:31:40.140 --> 00:31:42.150 Jeremiah Fox: No, I i'm sure lance and I both have some.

00:31:42.150 --> 00:31:47.190 Jeremiah Fox: Great responses to that, but we are going to take a break so hang tight we'll be right back.

00:31:47.280 --> 00:31:47.820 alright.

00:33:56.550 --> 00:34:00.600 Jeremiah Fox: Alright last i'm gonna let you take this one go ahead by myself, some more time.

00:34:01.680 --> 00:34:16.830 Lance Knaub: Okay, so one exercise question you know I think the good news is that, no matter which variable you, you know attack first, whether it be exercise sleep nutrition mental health.

00:34:18.150 --> 00:34:26.430 Lance Knaub: You know posture it has a compound effect a synergistic effect a domino effect, and it will improve the other areas.

00:34:26.850 --> 00:34:43.860 Lance Knaub: You know the same is true if you miss a night sleep right amount you mentioned missing a workout and all those things where you can spiral fast so that's the that's the really good news and just to touch quickly on you know part of where we talked about last segment.

00:34:46.170 --> 00:34:54.240 Lance Knaub: You know it's just like your training you play the way you practice we were just telling you know my son seventh grade boys basketball team last night.

00:34:54.960 --> 00:34:59.970 Lance Knaub: They weren't focused at practice and we lost a close game last night and.

00:35:00.900 --> 00:35:07.260 Lance Knaub: You know some of our leaders didn't step up and I actually you know called them out a little bit and our assistant coach was.

00:35:07.650 --> 00:35:12.600 Lance Knaub: was happy I did that and it's the first time I kind of did that said listen, you know you're really one of our.

00:35:12.930 --> 00:35:24.630 Lance Knaub: leaders, and you know you weren't focused in practice, you know you were silly and goofing off and whatnot, so we need you to lead by example and do that, and obviously it's just like.

00:35:25.080 --> 00:35:40.380 Lance Knaub: boxing rate in the early hours of the morning if you're not getting the training in when you set step on stage or you step into the match it'll all be revealed, it will all be revealed your preparation and whatnot so anyway Jeremiah back to the exercise part for you.

00:35:40.680 --> 00:35:52.140 Jeremiah Fox: that's that's those mats and justice creeping in um i've heard that it's impossible to have gratitude and anxiety, at the same time.

00:35:52.800 --> 00:36:05.490 Jeremiah Fox: Right, the brain just doesn't get if you're a full of gratitude anxiety can't slip in, and I think a what a great practice to just add more gratitude to your life.

00:36:05.580 --> 00:36:08.790 Jeremiah Fox: Is is exercise and the endorphins that come from that.

00:36:08.790 --> 00:36:12.510 Jeremiah Fox: discipline that, and you know rogan talks about it all the time.

00:36:12.540 --> 00:36:13.590 mfalvey: Oh yeah I do any.

00:36:13.590 --> 00:36:19.140 Jeremiah Fox: Big so many great points to that effect, I can't speak as eloquently about it, as he does, but.

00:36:19.380 --> 00:36:28.890 Jeremiah Fox: It is proven that getting your heart rate up and and doing all those things definitely makes you feel better about yourself and it's like just one more coin.

00:36:29.220 --> 00:36:35.160 Jeremiah Fox: In the in the piggy bank of gratitude and and the way that shows up for you as a business owner.

00:36:35.700 --> 00:36:49.260 Jeremiah Fox: Is you're going to face some tough decisions, basically, every day, and if you come in, anxious already and a little edgy it's going to affect the way you respond to those things, whereas if you come in.

00:36:50.040 --> 00:36:54.240 Jeremiah Fox: full of gratitude already you're pretty pleased with your situation.

00:36:54.660 --> 00:37:08.790 Jeremiah Fox: you're probably going to make much better decisions and I noticed that you know i've always had a good workout ethic, but once I started training Jiu jitsu which was 2015 the same year I opened for businesses i've been for brick and.

00:37:08.790 --> 00:37:09.840 Jeremiah Fox: mortar garage okay.

00:37:10.440 --> 00:37:11.670 Jeremiah Fox: Are you serious dude.

00:37:12.510 --> 00:37:13.320 mfalvey: Oh, my God.

00:37:13.350 --> 00:37:15.450 mfalvey: Not like you're only slight.

00:37:15.750 --> 00:37:25.980 Jeremiah Fox: Not single handedly but, but I was, I was a cornerstone of each of them and and I started training that year and getting you know getting that particular.

00:37:26.550 --> 00:37:34.020 Jeremiah Fox: endorphin rush that while I just survived that God was trying to choke me and didn't and or I was trying to choke that guy and I did.

00:37:34.620 --> 00:37:36.510 Jeremiah Fox: That just those those pat's on the back.

00:37:37.080 --> 00:37:39.930 Jeremiah Fox: help me, but you know it's very physical as well.

00:37:40.200 --> 00:37:47.640 Jeremiah Fox: And, and I just remember you know train early in the day and then I come into work and i'd be like bring it dumb Fuck on baby like nothing.

00:37:47.790 --> 00:37:58.260 Jeremiah Fox: You do to me it's going to be as bad as what I just went through and it still gives me that, like again i've had to bump up now, and it has a very see headquarters, you know room full of just like killers they're Nice.

00:37:58.260 --> 00:38:07.350 Jeremiah Fox: guys are killers and then stepping up in MMA as well, but I still every day i'm like I fucking survived and I if I don't make it in man my brains just different.

00:38:07.440 --> 00:38:13.530 Lance Knaub: it's Jeremiah this goes back to your your point at the beginning of the show the suicide self inflicted.

00:38:14.040 --> 00:38:24.060 Lance Knaub: it's that it's This is why I love neuroscience so much it's the chemicals in our brain right I you know I just read a neuroscience a book on humor and how immediately, you can change people's.

00:38:24.480 --> 00:38:30.900 Lance Knaub: You know all the chemistry in somebody you know in their in their brain it's the same with with gratitude right.

00:38:31.290 --> 00:38:40.710 Lance Knaub: It can be instantaneous and if we're not in that right mindset we're we're going to be less optimal less effective, we may quit right and.

00:38:41.370 --> 00:38:48.360 mfalvey: All bad thing and it's so simple but but yeah we don't practice it we always focus on we're so quick to focus on the negative um.

00:38:48.870 --> 00:38:58.590 mfalvey: You know the other thing is, you know we get paralyzed I mean I love the and i'm sure Jeremiah service and lance i'm sure you've heard it in it, whether you're practicing PT or or your business well.

00:38:58.890 --> 00:39:13.530 mfalvey: You know i've got to get in shape before I can do jujitsu or margo and I joke about this well I gotta get in shape before I can hire you to do my personal training or you know, like you get so paralyzed and think about perfection um do you guys.

00:39:15.090 --> 00:39:25.170 mfalvey: Let me think out of phrases kind of along those lines, but how often do you see or maybe even you guys use Sometimes I get so obsessed about moving forward.

00:39:25.860 --> 00:39:35.280 mfalvey: That I forget that there are other ways to get where I want to go, in other words, I want to get to Point B, you know from point A but there, there are other ways to get there, it doesn't have to be a straight line right.

00:39:35.520 --> 00:39:38.250 mfalvey: yeah talk a little bit about that both yeah i'd love to hear it.

00:39:38.400 --> 00:39:48.570 Jeremiah Fox: So that question, and something you said right before that made me think of something that my MMA coach says, and he says, everybody wants to win, but nobody thinks about not losing.

00:39:49.590 --> 00:39:56.700 Jeremiah Fox: to your point like there's so many different ways, if you think about like I got it when you really you're really doing this your new.

00:39:57.000 --> 00:40:02.160 Jeremiah Fox: Your options because you're like if it's a fight, you know you're like I either got to knock them out or I gotta submit them, you know.

00:40:02.640 --> 00:40:07.350 Jeremiah Fox: But if you if you think about Okay, the one thing I know I have to do.

00:40:07.650 --> 00:40:18.870 Jeremiah Fox: To win is not lose, there are a bunch of ways to not lose, and then you can start it's the whole strategy versus attack and things like all right, my strategy is, I want to win like that's my angle that's my why I want to win.

00:40:19.110 --> 00:40:29.280 Jeremiah Fox: But like how do I win it's not like this driving forward like banging your head against the wall like I do sometimes in training um it's it's survival it's survival.

00:40:29.310 --> 00:40:34.500 Lance Knaub: And as long as it's probably not at Jeremiah as long as probably not a place, out of fear, because that right.

00:40:34.530 --> 00:40:36.090 Lance Knaub: Right negative chemistry.

00:40:36.150 --> 00:40:37.170 Jeremiah Fox: No, no, but just like.

00:40:37.380 --> 00:40:42.390 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it's like how like talking myself off the ledge of burning down this place every day.

00:40:43.020 --> 00:40:56.160 Jeremiah Fox: it's like Okay, if I do that, then all those goals all those dreams and aspirations, I had for this project are gone and that would that would hurt you know it would be public and not that good and then yeah I might.

00:40:56.580 --> 00:41:00.900 mfalvey: spend a little time in a box, you know something that you reminded me of.

00:41:02.460 --> 00:41:09.840 mfalvey: Land traps we're right on fear and the both you, you know, sometimes, and I know in jujitsu.

00:41:10.800 --> 00:41:28.410 mfalvey: And i'm not trying to speak out of both sides of my mouth alone good at doing that, but sometimes not action can be action you know if we use the power of others and we absorb their power per se right um we can incorporate into you know ourselves.

00:41:29.820 --> 00:41:33.840 mfalvey: kind of like propel ourselves forward, I guess, if that makes does that make sense.

00:41:33.960 --> 00:41:38.550 Lance Knaub: When not action is definitely action I mean timing is so important right Steve Jobs was a.

00:41:38.550 --> 00:41:46.680 Lance Knaub: Big timing person, and you know finding gaps in the market and making sure things got there in time, you know and.

00:41:47.760 --> 00:41:51.540 Lance Knaub: I guess, to answer your question, you know matt a little bit better.

00:41:52.170 --> 00:42:01.440 Lance Knaub: I think that you know I tend to be a little rigid in self assessing like when i've got a you know what I believe is a plan to get there, and I do have to I think it's a skill.

00:42:01.890 --> 00:42:13.290 Lance Knaub: To be, as you said earlier, flexible right, we have to take an action and assess the results, and you know make that iterative and just keep adjusting and pivoting and tweaking.

00:42:13.590 --> 00:42:30.660 Lance Knaub: yeah because it is very easy to believe, even if we do take the time which most entrepreneurs leaders small business owners don't and have a strategic plan you kind of believe that's the right way, the only way the one way and if you do not pivot again, you will fail.

00:42:30.750 --> 00:42:46.770 mfalvey: Well that's a great point lance I mean sometimes you know we, for I know I forget all the time, moving sideways even, dare I say, moving backwards, you know those those movements may ultimately allow you to see what's impeding your roof right does that make sense.

00:42:47.070 --> 00:42:47.370 Lance Knaub: yeah.

00:42:47.430 --> 00:42:48.210 Jeremiah Fox: Absolutely oh.

00:42:48.570 --> 00:42:49.380 Jeremiah Fox: yeah certainly.

00:42:49.410 --> 00:43:03.810 mfalvey: So not action can be positive or moving sideways can be a good thing or taking you know you know, a step back to take two steps forward, we can assess and see what's impeding our growth in whatever aspect of our life or business so.

00:43:04.050 --> 00:43:06.060 Lance Knaub: It should not run into brick walls.

00:43:06.150 --> 00:43:08.310 mfalvey: yeah absolutely yeah yeah.

00:43:09.030 --> 00:43:10.380 Jeremiah Fox: that's why this one's behind me.

00:43:10.710 --> 00:43:17.640 Jeremiah Fox: um I really love what you said about absorbing it that energy reminded me of a around, I had the other day and toes.

00:43:18.480 --> 00:43:23.400 Jeremiah Fox: with another another tough purple belt and he got my arm yeah to be in a camera.

00:43:23.970 --> 00:43:30.840 Jeremiah Fox: And, and he was he was in solid and he was digging his elbow and in my rib like trying to get me to move in the right direction.

00:43:31.110 --> 00:43:39.420 Jeremiah Fox: And I just it came to me and I was like you know what he's trying real hard and i'm not really and his arms are going to gas out, I know there are.

00:43:39.720 --> 00:43:44.280 Jeremiah Fox: And and and your your other challenges like in business, at the same but they don't have.

00:43:44.550 --> 00:43:59.820 Jeremiah Fox: exponential energy, most of the time, like all these things are cyclical and they and they will peter out you got it just like kind of survive and and I, you know I just chilled and he burned out and he let go and I spun and turn and replace guard and he was like Fuck.

00:44:00.000 --> 00:44:05.400 Jeremiah Fox: It I think it's so powerful data her talks about this a lot, so does Gordon Ryan, where you like.

00:44:05.970 --> 00:44:17.820 Jeremiah Fox: So my Carmelo who was dangerous first blackball took over for like most of the classes and students that that Dan or her had when he left and he said that john always says the guy that can.

00:44:18.450 --> 00:44:29.580 Jeremiah Fox: The guy that can escape everything you throw at him and warded off and then like when there's just a few minutes or seconds left, turning attack like that's the most dangerous.

00:44:29.580 --> 00:44:29.910 mfalvey: Guy.

00:44:30.120 --> 00:44:34.230 Jeremiah Fox: that's the guy that you really got to watch out for because he's constantly absorbing your.

00:44:35.040 --> 00:44:36.600 Jeremiah Fox: your ability to execute.

00:44:36.780 --> 00:44:42.270 Jeremiah Fox: And then he just like like you know, like the Avatar turns it in and uses it against you.

00:44:42.570 --> 00:44:56.370 Jeremiah Fox: And I get think of a million different ways that shows up in your professional life, where like sometimes you got to just chill and see where that energy is coming from and see how you can kind of like redirect it and then use it for yourself.

00:44:56.520 --> 00:44:56.730 you're.

00:44:57.840 --> 00:45:02.970 Lance Knaub: Putting your strengths, where there's gaps and opportunities at the right time boom.

00:45:03.510 --> 00:45:11.760 mfalvey: yeah yeah no doubt i'm lance so i'll throw this jujitsu concept, so you know a lot of times we're so focused on the upper body.

00:45:12.270 --> 00:45:19.470 mfalvey: But we have 50% of our body right is a leg and thinking outside the box so apply that so you can attack the legs or sweep the legs.

00:45:19.710 --> 00:45:35.160 mfalvey: legs whatever you don't have to go forward, you know camorra's or you know under hooks and all these things are chokes for the upper body and so often we overlook the leg attacks, we overlook the the the foot attacks etc apply that to business coaching.

00:45:37.470 --> 00:45:44.550 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, good quote, that the one D lister who was right hand man with jocko I think they're business partners.

00:45:44.940 --> 00:45:45.690 mfalvey: They aren't they aren't.

00:45:45.720 --> 00:45:46.350 mfalvey: yeah yeah.

00:45:46.380 --> 00:45:52.110 Jeremiah Fox: he's he what Dean said when he was visiting his a gracie academy years ago to john danaher that that.

00:45:53.130 --> 00:45:57.210 Jeremiah Fox: You know started this whole leg lock thing was why would you ignore 50% of the body.

00:45:57.840 --> 00:45:58.140 mfalvey: yeah.

00:45:58.320 --> 00:45:59.640 Jeremiah Fox: Dean dominic i'm going to apply.

00:45:59.820 --> 00:46:00.210 Jeremiah Fox: man.

00:46:00.270 --> 00:46:01.230 mfalvey: Do you man.

00:46:01.470 --> 00:46:10.770 Jeremiah Fox: So we're gonna take a break you got you got like 90 seconds lance to think about that, why would you ignore 50% of the body How does that apply to some of the problems you see in coaching.

00:46:11.790 --> 00:46:18.270 Jeremiah Fox: And then I want some 30 stories for the last segment of the whole the one i'm the only one that said a curse word.

00:46:18.450 --> 00:46:20.880 mfalvey: Oh, my gosh Maybe I should put a dip into.

00:46:21.780 --> 00:46:24.150 mfalvey: i'll do a live for for the last half for the audience.

00:46:24.210 --> 00:46:27.660 Jeremiah Fox: All right, hang tight everybody come back to that last segment for that dirt.

00:47:56.970 --> 00:48:03.900 Listening to talk radio nyc at www talk radio dot nyc now broadcasting.

00:48:30.840 --> 00:48:45.330 Jeremiah Fox: I really love the direction that this has gone in I I, since I have the rash guard on i'm going to try to do that question in my best john danaher voice, why would you want more 50%.

00:48:45.600 --> 00:48:46.350 Jeremiah Fox: human body.

00:48:48.030 --> 00:48:48.450 Lance Knaub: question.

00:48:48.480 --> 00:48:50.760 mfalvey: pretty good, very good actually.

00:48:50.880 --> 00:48:52.350 Jeremiah Fox: I practice in the mirror lot.

00:48:53.910 --> 00:48:54.300 mfalvey: Now we gotta.

00:48:54.900 --> 00:48:56.100 mfalvey: Get we gotta shave your head.

00:48:56.190 --> 00:48:57.030 Jeremiah Fox: Not gonna happen.

00:48:57.870 --> 00:48:59.250 mfalvey: You know that guy never competed.

00:48:59.280 --> 00:49:00.690 Jeremiah Fox: Did you know that I know.

00:49:01.110 --> 00:49:01.740 mfalvey: crazy.

00:49:01.890 --> 00:49:14.640 Lance Knaub: crazy and to me, to me, this is an easy answer right it's exactly what we've spoken about this would be an example of one straight down to the trenches and not reflecting on top of the mountain and thinking about.

00:49:15.300 --> 00:49:19.350 Lance Knaub: You know 50% of the ways to win and being strategic and.

00:49:20.100 --> 00:49:32.880 Lance Knaub: You know 50% of those ways may be the best ways we should really be coming up with a top 10 ways our game plan and then, of course, just like in any sport right we're going to need to adjust because you know our opponents or the other team is.

00:49:33.000 --> 00:49:33.990 Lance Knaub: going to.

00:49:34.320 --> 00:49:35.820 Lance Knaub: make their own adjustments right.

00:49:35.820 --> 00:49:36.870 Lance Knaub: So it's going to be that whole.

00:49:37.200 --> 00:49:42.450 Lance Knaub: interplay so that's kind of you know, really a short answer to that.

00:49:42.690 --> 00:49:51.810 Jeremiah Fox: You made me think of a of an old saying when you were describing that you know the the one of the old ball than the young bull standing on the.

00:49:51.810 --> 00:49:52.470 Jeremiah Fox: top of the mountain.

00:49:53.730 --> 00:50:01.140 Jeremiah Fox: ball looks down, it says let's go let's run down there Fuck one of those cows and noble says let's walk down and Fuck them all.

00:50:01.650 --> 00:50:06.360 mfalvey: Your so Dennis hopper you're so Dennis hopper and lance your Sean penn.

00:50:08.280 --> 00:50:10.200 mfalvey: la la drug gangs.

00:50:12.210 --> 00:50:22.290 mfalvey: hey you know lance and endure might sometimes we talked about moral integrity, sometimes we have to add the moral integrity is say the enemy had a better day.

00:50:22.860 --> 00:50:34.680 mfalvey: or our competitors in business, had a better day, of course, and it's jocko would say good more time to get better and figure out how to not have that happen again um how important.

00:50:35.760 --> 00:50:37.200 mfalvey: As I enjoy my dip.

00:50:37.530 --> 00:50:38.100 Jeremiah Fox: And I love how.

00:50:38.400 --> 00:50:40.560 Jeremiah Fox: mashable has taken over as like the whole make.

00:50:40.560 --> 00:50:41.460 Lance Knaub: yourself comfortable.

00:50:41.580 --> 00:50:42.900 Jeremiah Fox: is great it's just.

00:50:43.440 --> 00:50:44.490 mfalvey: I love this this is.

00:50:44.730 --> 00:50:45.420 mfalvey: My day, this is.

00:50:45.810 --> 00:50:49.500 Lance Knaub: Like i'm back in high school that's got a shirt and tie on I mean this is a.

00:50:49.800 --> 00:50:56.520 mfalvey: This is like old ways basis i'm not i'm not getting detention for having smokeless tobacco in my lap you know hey um.

00:50:57.300 --> 00:51:05.670 mfalvey: how important that is going to be deep and you guys don't have a break for this one so i'm gonna put you on the spot, how important is self compassion.

00:51:06.240 --> 00:51:17.580 mfalvey: To the entrepreneur the jujitsu player, the the the business development guy whatever How important is practicing self compassion, I have a very difficult time doing that.

00:51:18.480 --> 00:51:20.670 Lance Knaub: yeah for sure I mean this is big part of my.

00:51:21.690 --> 00:51:30.360 Lance Knaub: You know my story, and my problem and sort of if you mean self compassion like self care connected to that right, because many entrepreneurs abuse themselves beat himself up.

00:51:30.720 --> 00:51:45.090 Lance Knaub: yeah it's to survive right and, for me, you know 2011 we had three offices 30 employees, we just had her third child of under the age of four and you know my body's stopped working my digestive system my GI system.

00:51:45.300 --> 00:51:56.220 Lance Knaub: No God dropped and that rendered me helpless right I couldn't continue to you know, to fight I had to crawl my way through that and gradually pick myself up so.

00:51:56.820 --> 00:52:06.390 Lance Knaub: that's really one of the main messages that I, you know i'm an advocate for getting out there to have a little better balance along the way you know, even if you don't win.

00:52:06.720 --> 00:52:15.960 Lance Knaub: The battles right, you can you do have to win the war, which would be your why your part, you know and your vision, create that vision, even if it takes an extra year longer.

00:52:16.320 --> 00:52:27.330 Lance Knaub: Right, what do we have if we achieve financial freedom or some kind of company that was worth a lot of money, or some kind of high paycheck in a short period of time right if we lose our family and.

00:52:27.870 --> 00:52:30.840 Lance Knaub: Religion whatever health, whatever the most.

00:52:31.800 --> 00:52:32.550 Jeremiah Fox: We reason.

00:52:33.330 --> 00:52:39.240 Jeremiah Fox: And I I think it's really important, but I think it has to be in checks that you take like you know take like.

00:52:39.990 --> 00:52:49.830 Jeremiah Fox: You know our workforce generation and in particularly the one before us, who was just like really hard and not very self compassionate it was just like grind motherfucker until you die.

00:52:50.970 --> 00:53:00.540 Jeremiah Fox: versus like the youngest you know workforce generation, right now, who may be a little too self compassionate i'm.

00:53:01.230 --> 00:53:01.980 Lance Knaub: waiting to hear how you were.

00:53:02.160 --> 00:53:03.870 Jeremiah Fox: Not naming any names.

00:53:05.640 --> 00:53:07.290 Lance Knaub: That was very gentle very.

00:53:07.290 --> 00:53:07.770 gentle.

00:53:08.970 --> 00:53:12.630 Jeremiah Fox: I think i've generated my moral integrity of the off on this show.

00:53:14.130 --> 00:53:14.670 Jeremiah Fox: But.

00:53:15.120 --> 00:53:18.570 mfalvey: We don't want any of that generation call lance and I old codgers now.

00:53:20.820 --> 00:53:30.780 Jeremiah Fox: So I think you have to know when to take a step back as lance was saying, and say like Do I really have to take care of myself now or the whole the whole the wheels are going to fall off the bus.

00:53:31.350 --> 00:53:39.630 Jeremiah Fox: But not be so easy on yourself in in those difficult times, where you're afraid to take action you're afraid to push through the hard times you really.

00:53:39.630 --> 00:53:39.930 mfalvey: have them.

00:53:40.140 --> 00:53:42.450 Jeremiah Fox: it's it's a delicate dance man and it's.

00:53:42.840 --> 00:53:46.290 Jeremiah Fox: gotten i've gotten better at over time, but it is not in a.

00:53:46.320 --> 00:53:51.900 mfalvey: You know point you don't want to dodge accountability right and i'll tell you uh you know.

00:53:52.380 --> 00:54:04.530 mfalvey: I think I think this is, you know, an area that women have right that men don't I think you know, especially a tight males or you know alpha males I mean you know we're so.

00:54:05.100 --> 00:54:13.110 mfalvey: embarrassed or scared to get help you know and i'm not just thrown out whether it's mental health help or or coaching lance I mean.

00:54:13.470 --> 00:54:23.130 mfalvey: You know it'd be interesting to hear our women solo printers are entrepreneurs, more likely to be open minded right away to to getting that coach on board right.

00:54:23.640 --> 00:54:38.610 mfalvey: I know in jujitsu the women, men, they pick up technique 10 times faster they don't have the strength to deal with the big guys right they don't they don't have the ego and boy they become pretty slick pretty fast and they'll put it on you.

00:54:39.000 --> 00:54:46.860 Lance Knaub: Okay, you know regarding sex differences gender differences you do make a good point right, we see it in healthcare and physical therapy, I mean.

00:54:47.460 --> 00:54:59.010 Lance Knaub: males we tend to really ignore ourselves, I mean it's you know 60 to 70% female versus male I mean our legs arms have to be thrown off before we seek help you know, generally speaking.

00:54:59.370 --> 00:55:03.000 Jeremiah Fox: yeah really interesting so part of it is definitely just an eight.

00:55:04.050 --> 00:55:04.500 mfalvey: mm hmm.

00:55:04.740 --> 00:55:10.350 Jeremiah Fox: For sure, but it will it will bite you in the ass on your long term pursuits.

00:55:10.380 --> 00:55:18.450 mfalvey: If you know if if if the three of us guys we're out in the woods and we make a comment and there's no woman around to hear us said, are we still wrong.

00:55:20.100 --> 00:55:20.760 Jeremiah Fox: Definitely not.

00:55:23.940 --> 00:55:32.760 Jeremiah Fox: Definitely not all right, we got a few minutes left to go i'm going to open it up to you to closing remarks dirty stories whatever you want to do i'll give you a cut off when it's time.

00:55:33.390 --> 00:55:34.800 mfalvey: to lance go ahead.

00:55:36.000 --> 00:55:49.860 Lance Knaub: hey listen i'm just you know so appreciative to be here to start off the New Year Jeremiah with your Community thanks for the invite and for inviting you know my great friend and my childhood friend matt falvey I mean this is spectacular.

00:55:51.210 --> 00:56:02.940 Lance Knaub: You know I love talking about leadership, and you know the benefits of of strategy right taking a moment to pause and reflect.

00:56:03.270 --> 00:56:12.390 Lance Knaub: Not just take action that's the biggest mistake, I see with with entrepreneurs is taking action and I like to say, take strategic action.

00:56:12.840 --> 00:56:24.540 Lance Knaub: You know, take a pause and do some mindset work journal meditate right get this brain chemistry right, so you don't tap out so you don't surrender, so you can be your optimum self.

00:56:24.990 --> 00:56:32.130 Lance Knaub: And you know when you do take these immediate actions, the tactics you'll know whether you're headed towards that North star, if you do reflect.

00:56:32.520 --> 00:56:46.800 Lance Knaub: You know, at the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, just briefly it doesn't have to be a lot, obviously, if you stand at the top of the mountain only you're going to lose right, so you do have to take action, take that balance do all those things.

00:56:48.450 --> 00:56:56.880 Lance Knaub: You know, create a business plan at the beginning of the year right anybody that needs help with a business plan I just happened to be having a complimentary room and clubhouse.

00:56:57.210 --> 00:57:08.460 Lance Knaub: Today at 4pm Eastern where I will personally help you with a business plan i'm going to use my joke framework which Jeremiah knows and i've used kind of perfected it's the way to get a fast and functional.

00:57:08.850 --> 00:57:19.350 Lance Knaub: business plan and under two hours but come with any of your planning issues and I will personally walk you through today 4pm and clubhouse and, as far as like stories.

00:57:19.410 --> 00:57:21.360 Lance Knaub: You know man stories i'm where.

00:57:21.780 --> 00:57:23.370 mfalvey: Should we tell the prom story of my.

00:57:23.430 --> 00:57:26.430 Jeremiah Fox: own, and we are, we are out of time.

00:57:28.800 --> 00:57:30.390 mfalvey: Oh, my God, let me just say.

00:57:30.570 --> 00:57:38.400 Lance Knaub: My mom called the families to say, Mr Mrs falvey bringing a case of beer over to prom just wanted to let you know.

00:57:40.980 --> 00:57:45.390 mfalvey: 11th grade library, you know there's good Irish Italian Catholics man.

00:57:45.540 --> 00:57:46.140 Jeremiah Fox: yep.

00:57:46.410 --> 00:57:47.400 mfalvey: hey go you guys.

00:57:48.000 --> 00:57:49.740 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you fail, thank you both.

00:57:49.800 --> 00:57:50.460 Lance Knaub: love you guys.

00:57:50.700 --> 00:57:51.900 Jeremiah Fox: God man, a man got.

00:57:51.900 --> 00:57:52.770 Jeremiah Fox: A way to.

00:57:53.820 --> 00:57:56.340 mfalvey: start that saw me to road trip up to your restaurant brother.

00:57:57.840 --> 00:57:58.500 Lance Knaub: i'm ready.

00:57:58.590 --> 00:58:00.060 mfalvey: No sleep til brooklyn man that's.

00:58:00.060 --> 00:58:00.450 Lance Knaub: Right.

00:58:00.510 --> 00:58:02.700 Jeremiah Fox: Do it right alright guys Thank you so much.

00:58:02.760 --> 00:58:03.360 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you.

00:58:03.390 --> 00:58:06.360 Jeremiah Fox: Great fucking year everybody will see you next time.

00:58:07.230 --> 00:58:08.490 Lance Knaub: All right, job guys.

00:58:08.580 --> 00:58:09.420 See you guys.

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