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Friday, October 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/08 - 100 Strong!

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/08 - 100 Strong!


2021/10/08 - 100 Strong!

[NEW EPISODE] 100 Strong!

This Friday at noon marks the 100th episode of my show!!

I’ve got a heavy handful of special guests coming on to help me celebrate & talk about the things we all love in life that have made a show like this a possibility.

Huge shout out to Lance Knaub, Tony Disilvestro, Belinda Di Giambattista, Ryan Kovach, Dom Jackson & Nick "Ronin" Lozano for making this happen….I could never do it alone.

Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

It’s the 100th episode! Message of the week: You are a product of the people you surround yourself with. Jeremiah welcomes three guests this week: Tony Disilvestro, Lance Knaub and Belinda Di Giambattista. All three people have been hugely influential in Jeremiah’s life, going back over 25 years. All three have built up, maintained and/or sold businesses and have branched off into coaching. This week’s episode will be Clubhouse-style. Jeremiah asks the group: what does Community mean to you? Each guest provides two-minute answers. Jeremiah shares anecdotes on how community engagement and trust over the years has helped his businesses prosper.

Segment 2

Jeremiah’s next question to the group: as a coach, what are the main mistakes/obstacles that young entrepreneurs are making or are not on their radars? Lance, Belinda and Tony all share their two-minute thoughts. Common mistakes include: focusing too much on “the grind,” ignoring self care, not having a niche, refusing to think outside the box, not systemizing processes, etc. Jeremiah and guests discuss the importance of remembering the basics of entrepreneurship, especially for young people with big aspirations.

Segment 3

Jeremiah welcomes guests Ryan Kovach, Dom Jackson & Nick "Ronin" Lozano to talk all things Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ryan, Dom and Nick are all entrepreneurs who also practice jiu-jitsu in their spare time and believe it bears a lot in common with entrepreneurship in ways you may not realize. Jeremiah continues the Clubhouse two-minute question trend and asks the group: How has training in jiu-jitsu informed your professional life? Whether it’s things like overcoming managing imposter syndrome or understanding when to change your move set, Ryan, Dom and Nick provide their personal insights. Jeremiah and Dom discuss how Dom recently got into jiu-jitsu. He’s been slowly but surely building up his abilities and has learned a lot of strategy along the way!

Segment 4

Jeremiah talks about the MMA lessons he started taking a few months ago, and how unprepared he was for it even with his jiu-jitsu skills. Jeremiah and guests build on this reflection to discuss how important it is to remain creative when adjusting to new and difficult situations. Whether it’s in the media world or in the ring, having the ability to focus on a strategy, and to adapt that strategy tactically, is key to continuous growth.


00:00:38.010 --> 00:00:46.290 Jeremiah Fox: boy do we got a ringer for you today welcome everybody welcome welcome the 100th episode of the entrepreneurial well.

00:00:50.970 --> 00:00:55.950 Jeremiah Fox: I am your host Jeremiah fox still after 100 episodes and let me stay the host.

00:00:57.870 --> 00:01:02.850 Jeremiah Fox: And the message we're going to do things a little differently today, two portions of the show first half the message of the week.

00:01:03.240 --> 00:01:08.820 Jeremiah Fox: You are the product of the five people you spend the most time with so it's important to take inventory.

00:01:09.090 --> 00:01:17.070 Jeremiah Fox: and check in with the people that are surrounding you are there, people that are lifting you up or they crabs in a bucket and trying to pull you down.

00:01:17.670 --> 00:01:23.370 Jeremiah Fox: These three guests that are joining me for this first segment they've all been on the show, at least two times each.

00:01:24.000 --> 00:01:31.740 Jeremiah Fox: Some i've known for many, many years some i've only known briefly some have never met before summer clothes summer far, but these three people as.

00:01:32.670 --> 00:01:41.730 Jeremiah Fox: I met them and our relationship has grown every time we interact the push is always up they pushed me hard and hopefully they.

00:01:42.000 --> 00:01:54.690 Jeremiah Fox: They get the same in some from me so first i'll Tony D semester, one of my first boss is ever going back to 1993 he is the CEO of why not Italian based in Virginia beach Virginia, but he's a Jersey boy.

00:01:55.920 --> 00:01:58.620 Jeremiah Fox: which takes us to lance knob who's actually in Jersey.

00:01:59.010 --> 00:02:04.680 Jeremiah Fox: But I think you're originally from Pennsylvania right you're from Pennsylvania yeah he he.

00:02:05.700 --> 00:02:20.940 Jeremiah Fox: he's the head of denali consulting but also breakthrough fitness and then Belinda DG on battista who lives right next door we usually do it in person, and I was concerned about the ECHO and all the other crazy things that might happen so she's actually sitting next door.

00:02:21.720 --> 00:02:38.040 Jeremiah Fox: zoom in from the the what is become the pop up studio since the beginning of pandemic my restaurant della here in New York belinda's business coach and successfully sold a business that she built up called butter beans that was also.

00:02:38.970 --> 00:02:48.570 Jeremiah Fox: A food industry, business here in New York City and she's from North Carolina so some swamp swamp of locations, but all these people have.

00:02:49.650 --> 00:03:05.220 Jeremiah Fox: have been highly influential in my life i'm you know going back 25 plus years to you know lance and I have known each other about a year, and never even met but we've spent countless hours on zoom we've all been on clubhouse together and just been the.

00:03:06.390 --> 00:03:12.660 Jeremiah Fox: The focus of really wonderful conversation surrounding entrepreneurship, all these people have successfully.

00:03:13.110 --> 00:03:21.930 Jeremiah Fox: Open built up maintained and or sold their businesses um and also have branched into coaching, which is something that.

00:03:22.260 --> 00:03:31.320 Jeremiah Fox: has my interest in the highest degree so we're going to chew the fat on all these things, the things that that I keep us so excited in life.

00:03:32.010 --> 00:03:41.580 Jeremiah Fox: And and have connected us through social media through other forms of media like zoom calls podcast and even clubhouse.

00:03:42.300 --> 00:03:49.890 Jeremiah Fox: Where I think we've all we've all probably been on tony's cut off at some point the marathon clubhouse so we're going to kind of kind of.

00:03:50.610 --> 00:03:59.610 Jeremiah Fox: Do it a little clubhouse down slightly um for this, I want to start by asking each of you, and you have two minutes to respond.

00:04:00.120 --> 00:04:08.040 Jeremiah Fox: What Community means to you Tony I know you you you practice this often but blended and lansing we've been in his three pillars.

00:04:08.370 --> 00:04:15.960 Jeremiah Fox: rooms before, and you know community is a big thing for him, but I know it's a big thing for all of you so just two minutes ready set go Community tell me what does it mean to you.

00:04:16.440 --> 00:04:21.540 Tony Disilvestro: The Community for me is if you're in business, you have to be part of the what you surround yourself with so.

00:04:21.870 --> 00:04:28.350 Tony Disilvestro: I for coaching, but I could businesses i'm like who are your customers, so if you're not involved in their lives.

00:04:28.560 --> 00:04:33.360 Tony Disilvestro: Then you shouldn't be in business, because you need to be surrounded by the great I surround myself with greatness all the time.

00:04:33.660 --> 00:04:43.710 Tony Disilvestro: And it's not about me it's not about the four walls sure I open do business with tables and chairs in it, but I need to fill it with my Community so investing in your community is the most crucial thing you can do.

00:04:45.030 --> 00:04:46.920 Jeremiah Fox: You have a minute and 30 seconds keep going.

00:04:47.040 --> 00:04:47.820 Tony Disilvestro: Okay i'm good.

00:04:48.180 --> 00:04:48.540 Jeremiah Fox: You got a.

00:04:50.640 --> 00:04:51.900 Tony Disilvestro: Jersey out fast so.

00:04:52.290 --> 00:04:52.770 Tony Disilvestro: The thing is.

00:04:53.430 --> 00:04:59.490 Tony Disilvestro: You know communities like I sponsor I sponsored little leagues, I mean during the pandemic 100,000 people.

00:05:00.120 --> 00:05:06.720 Tony Disilvestro: You know, and that is paid back believably and keep them in like you know why we come here, for what you do for the Community.

00:05:07.020 --> 00:05:13.620 Tony Disilvestro: I mean it just creates longevity in your business it really does because they people want to go where you know with the people that are investing in them.

00:05:14.370 --> 00:05:24.720 Tony Disilvestro: And I don't know any other way to say it, but if you're not doing it you're making a huge mistake and there's a lot of change and it's kind of funny I see a lot of change in life people come in, like Oh well, the change on sponsor us.

00:05:25.050 --> 00:05:35.250 Tony Disilvestro: I mean I don't know where that core value fell out but it's a huge problem, you know so that's what I would say it's not it's a must right.

00:05:35.700 --> 00:05:41.850 Jeremiah Fox: Excellent all right lance you're up two minutes ready set go, what does it mean to you it's almost like jeopardy, I like this, we should do this more often.

00:05:42.480 --> 00:05:47.700 Lance Knaub: Well, Tony D teed it up so well, and maybe i'll just share a story, because he kind of just sparked one for me.

00:05:48.330 --> 00:05:55.830 Lance Knaub: You know, I was helping a youth Athletic Association fundraiser with a golf tournament a couple years ago and we had a new neighbor in one of our plazas.

00:05:56.340 --> 00:06:09.330 Lance Knaub: And I asked them, it was a franchise I asked them if they would participate and they politely declined it, I was astounded and to me.

00:06:09.900 --> 00:06:18.420 Lance Knaub: yeah adding to Tony giving back to the Community is a win, win, win from all angles, like why wouldn't we donate minimally our time.

00:06:18.870 --> 00:06:23.160 Lance Knaub: To this organization to help them raise money, these are the people that.

00:06:23.640 --> 00:06:32.580 Lance Knaub: The pay our bills, one of my mentors taught me that every day, we need to she was coaching me and in coaching me to coach the team that people in our doors, right now, and this.

00:06:33.000 --> 00:06:42.900 Lance Knaub: is particularly with a fitness business if we don't make eye contact don't greet them as our guests, they are literally paying our paychecks, we need to be all over them.

00:06:43.230 --> 00:06:54.570 Lance Knaub: and treating them like the valuable people they are so yeah lovely Tony D said, and you know I guess with Community i've spoken to teachers in the past kind of pre pandemic who.

00:06:55.230 --> 00:07:03.210 Lance Knaub: You know, had mixed opinions are on the Community topic and whether they want to live, where they teach and that kind of thing for me, I live, where we had our first office.

00:07:03.540 --> 00:07:14.400 Lance Knaub: You know, it took us a couple years I realized how nice of a town, it was and we came here but absolutely every day, I want to help my neighbors help my friends, those are the people that we serve, and I want to just give back and pay it forward.

00:07:15.780 --> 00:07:21.690 Jeremiah Fox: very nice under two minutes to you guys got this clubhouse thing down to a TEE all right Belinda Europe.

00:07:22.080 --> 00:07:22.650 Belinda DiGiambattista: Okay.

00:07:22.680 --> 00:07:25.110 Belinda DiGiambattista: Just Community meaning when I think about community.

00:07:25.680 --> 00:07:33.660 Belinda DiGiambattista: I think about a couple of different things, one I always come and i've said this on probably both shows that I was on for you, you need to figure out a way to have a win, win.

00:07:34.020 --> 00:07:38.310 Belinda DiGiambattista: And so, whatever it is you're trying to accomplish for.

00:07:38.790 --> 00:07:51.090 Belinda DiGiambattista: yourself your company your employees, it needs to be a win, win, not just for you, but also for the employees, also for the people that you're serving also for the stakeholders, regardless of who they are, and so that is.

00:07:51.540 --> 00:07:58.140 Belinda DiGiambattista: You know how you engage with each of those different types of communities those category of communities is extremely important.

00:07:58.590 --> 00:08:04.710 Belinda DiGiambattista: Note was working with a client, the other day, who had a pricing model that was completely out of whack and I was like.

00:08:05.160 --> 00:08:16.440 Belinda DiGiambattista: You know this is there's no win, win in this, so you really have to evaluate all those different parts to understand how it actually works for both of you, regardless of what is in your system.

00:08:17.940 --> 00:08:19.890 Belinda DiGiambattista: There was something else I was going to say which is.

00:08:20.160 --> 00:08:34.950 Belinda DiGiambattista: That you know, in order for this society to work in general, we all have to be thinking about how we're raising the whole thing all all all taught tide raises all boats if we if we allow it to so the reason that we need to support.

00:08:35.670 --> 00:08:42.900 Belinda DiGiambattista: You know the small businesses, so that they can hire employees those employees now are able to spend money at another.

00:08:43.200 --> 00:08:53.760 Belinda DiGiambattista: Establishment, which is allows them to you know pay their rent and you know the landlords are okay so it's an ecosystem and if we understand the support.

00:08:54.600 --> 00:09:05.670 Belinda DiGiambattista: That we all give each other in the ecosystem, then we understand why community is a value that you can't compromise on and that you know so it's important to understand that.

00:09:06.870 --> 00:09:14.220 Belinda DiGiambattista: You know, to engage in community is to is to serve everyone and make it make it ultimately a win, win, so I think it's it's very important.

00:09:14.970 --> 00:09:19.500 Jeremiah Fox: And that's kind of like the definition of Community right it's like all the people around you and everybody.

00:09:19.800 --> 00:09:33.330 Jeremiah Fox: Like if you're in a you know you're in a neighborhood and everybody's got their yards, and you make yours really nice and the rest of the people leave their is looking ugly you know that comes out of balance and then it gets like you know i've heard it gets caddy.

00:09:33.420 --> 00:09:34.410 I don't have a yard swatter.

00:09:37.080 --> 00:09:46.380 Jeremiah Fox: um and and all of you, like made such great points in terms of how I view it, I mean going back to what Tony said I remember working those.

00:09:47.010 --> 00:09:57.510 Jeremiah Fox: Those, like little league lunches where they would come in, they would come in, after the lunch ship of the for the dinner ship, and it would just they would pack the place and they were all so happy.

00:09:57.810 --> 00:10:08.340 Jeremiah Fox: And you know, I was young, at the time I was like 1718 I was like it's a bunch of like annoying kids coming in, but like years later I realized that when we you know established roots here in brooklyn.

00:10:08.580 --> 00:10:15.090 Jeremiah Fox: And started opening businesses and started doing the same things and I was like at one point I was like, why is this yourself familiar and I was like oh yeah.

00:10:15.600 --> 00:10:20.580 Jeremiah Fox: This is all those lunches were just on the opposite end and we started doing it mainly with with.

00:10:20.940 --> 00:10:27.180 Jeremiah Fox: Without called the juice box, where we would you know do these huge setups for these for school function, especially the schools that.

00:10:27.750 --> 00:10:34.170 Jeremiah Fox: The school that our kids want to, and you know it we create these like pop up bars and it was a lot of work but it just.

00:10:34.470 --> 00:10:45.000 Jeremiah Fox: It felt so good, and then it turned into years you know, not even thinking about it, we were like we just take care of our kids you know just like be there for our kids and our neighbors kids and our friends kids.

00:10:45.330 --> 00:10:54.210 Jeremiah Fox: um and then, of course, they all patronize and then years later, when we open della my God if we did if we weren't like you said Tony like embedded in the Community.

00:10:54.420 --> 00:11:06.690 Jeremiah Fox: And had those huge relationships, this would never first of all, it and never gotten off the ground, secondly it never would have survived Kobe because we've created all those connections everybody's world got super duper small.

00:11:06.990 --> 00:11:16.440 Jeremiah Fox: And that was that was what survive this during that time period and to your point to Belinda we realized, who are alliances were industry wide.

00:11:16.890 --> 00:11:30.930 Jeremiah Fox: So we had like the local community that was our our our financial support, but then we're also like who are the people in our industry who maybe we purchase from all these you know different relationships we have who's going to band together.

00:11:31.290 --> 00:11:40.740 Jeremiah Fox: And you know, like you said, all the boats will rise if we do this the right way and I saw people that were like not only my ship is going to rise and it's like yep I see your whole already.

00:11:41.010 --> 00:11:53.190 Jeremiah Fox: And there you know, some of them are not around anymore they're certainly not on my radar anymore, and as as things are opening back up it's gotten so much better, and I think it's enlarge, I have to credit that sense of community.

00:11:53.730 --> 00:11:59.850 Jeremiah Fox: to it, and then, once you get into the digital landscape and you start podcasting you started in social media and all these things.

00:12:00.090 --> 00:12:04.380 Jeremiah Fox: Like my relationship with lance would never would have happened when I first started this show I used to be kind of a snob.

00:12:04.590 --> 00:12:09.390 Jeremiah Fox: and say you got to come into the studio you got to be a New York you got to come in and sit across the table from me.

00:12:09.720 --> 00:12:15.720 Jeremiah Fox: And I and everything shut down, it was like Oh, we got to go to zoom and i'm like man, this is not my style I don't like this.

00:12:15.960 --> 00:12:25.140 Jeremiah Fox: And it opened up so many more doors and became this like digital community which lends itself, like in the next the next segment my guest and I are going to talk about.

00:12:25.560 --> 00:12:37.380 Jeremiah Fox: You know, media in a big way, and especially digital media, and if you don't have that sense of community already I feel bad for like younger people who never worked a job, like that, like maybe tony's restaurant or lenses.

00:12:38.070 --> 00:12:47.490 Jeremiah Fox: You know PT clinics were like you're you're in the Community servicing these people and you make these connections, if these kids come in and they don't have that.

00:12:47.730 --> 00:12:59.550 Jeremiah Fox: And they're trying to build these like digital companies and they just want this anonymous kind of like flat screen wall between them and everybody and think you're going to you just the money it's just going to come in, I think it's very unrealistic.

00:13:00.960 --> 00:13:03.330 Jeremiah Fox: And no, thank you all for.

00:13:03.540 --> 00:13:03.870 Lance Knaub: You know.

00:13:04.650 --> 00:13:21.030 Jeremiah Fox: For for showing me that, even going back you know over 25 years ago, but then also just continuing to be the example for that as as my world opened up i've looked at all three of you so many times for that, and you guys have always been there, so I appreciate that.

00:13:21.720 --> 00:13:25.980 Lance Knaub: JEREMY I think you said it well, if I had if I had to put it into one word I would say relationships.

00:13:28.410 --> 00:13:28.950 Jeremiah Fox: hundred percent.

00:13:30.090 --> 00:13:43.200 Jeremiah Fox: And relationship stock is down now it's really bad, so we have to carry the torch that to do this and distribute this this portion of the show across the digital landscape.

00:13:44.010 --> 00:13:50.640 Jeremiah Fox: So, so people remember all right we're going to take our first break guys hang tight I got another question for you want to come back oh.

00:13:52.080 --> 00:13:52.800 Lance Knaub: ready baby.

00:16:08.460 --> 00:16:23.040 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back again if you're just tuning in the 100th episode of the entrepreneurial web hosts Jeremiah fox returning guest, dear friends lance nah Tony de silvestro Belinda DG on battista damn that's a mouthful.

00:16:24.900 --> 00:16:42.420 Jeremiah Fox: All entrepreneurs business owners and also business coaches, we talked on the last segment about Community and how important Community is for you as an entrepreneur and a business owner to ensure longevity and success my next question I have and lance you're going to go first this.

00:16:42.420 --> 00:17:01.440 Jeremiah Fox: Time again two minute answer is as a coach what is what are, what are the one of the main mistakes or or obstacles, you see up and coming entrepreneurs either making or they're just it's not on their radar that could be something that that would be a.

00:17:02.520 --> 00:17:05.070 Jeremiah Fox: Banana in the tailpipe a little later on down the road.

00:17:06.360 --> 00:17:11.520 Lance Knaub: Great question and you put me in a hot seat so fast earlier, I didn't get to thank you for just.

00:17:12.090 --> 00:17:23.970 Lance Knaub: and congratulate you for this platform it's it's awesome you've had amazing guests, and you know it's hard to believe yeah we've known each other, you know under two years year and a half, I mean I feel like i've known you a lifetime, and I know we've.

00:17:24.000 --> 00:17:24.690 Lance Knaub: got a real.

00:17:25.260 --> 00:17:35.010 Lance Knaub: connection and so many you know aligned in so many ways and Tony D and Belinda I mean you know you guys are amazing we spent time together and so nice to know you and sit here together.

00:17:35.490 --> 00:17:39.300 Lance Knaub: So yeah some of the common mistakes that that I see.

00:17:39.720 --> 00:17:47.970 Lance Knaub: You know the first one that rises to my head is you know just being in that daily grind mode and just having your head down and even with the best intention and the best work ethic.

00:17:48.390 --> 00:17:57.750 Lance Knaub: Not taking a pause day to day or week to week or month or annual basis and stepping back giving yourself some free space and white, space and open space to have those Aha moments.

00:17:58.170 --> 00:18:09.990 Lance Knaub: And to create your vision and your your goals and then you know inner integrate that strategic thinking you know backwards into your year your months or weeks in your day.

00:18:10.440 --> 00:18:13.740 Lance Knaub: You know that's definitely one of the big mistakes and i'm very passionate about that and.

00:18:14.160 --> 00:18:20.400 Lance Knaub: You know that's one of the things I have identified that more than 90% of small business owners don't have a plan in place and that's why I really wanted to.

00:18:20.850 --> 00:18:30.660 Lance Knaub: bring that to them to serve them and make it fast and functional I created a you know, a two hour format to do that with me and a tool, where people can do it themselves.

00:18:31.860 --> 00:18:43.530 Lance Knaub: So that really rises up and resonates and then again I guess the next thing I think is you know with my background is physical therapist personal trainer and owning you know businesses in those industries.

00:18:44.040 --> 00:18:55.140 Lance Knaub: is making sure that you are taking care of yourself and putting the oxygen mask on first so that you can keep yourself healthy, I really believe.

00:18:55.500 --> 00:19:07.650 Lance Knaub: That it is possible to scale a business, while you are keeping yourself healthy it's not necessary to pull all nighters and not sleep and to get burnout and.

00:19:08.250 --> 00:19:19.740 Lance Knaub: Have no life syndrome, you know as I like to refer to it, and you can actually do both it's not easy, and you do need to know your priorities and reflect on them and incorporate them.

00:19:20.430 --> 00:19:24.780 Lance Knaub: However, you know what's it all worth if you know you really compromise your health.

00:19:25.740 --> 00:19:37.110 Lance Knaub: On your you know journey let's say to to create wealth, so those are a couple of the big things that I think people I like to see entrepreneurs, you know, keep in front end of course humbling moments we've talked about that that could be a whole seminar.

00:19:38.820 --> 00:19:47.700 Jeremiah Fox: that's just like well Belinda he he he coined one of your terms, I know you heard it the white space, what about you, what are some of the biggest obstacles, you see.

00:19:48.000 --> 00:19:57.990 Belinda DiGiambattista: yeah I guess I would frame this up to say that people getting in their own way is just off the charts.

00:19:58.500 --> 00:20:04.050 Belinda DiGiambattista: And I think that, depending on the past experience of the individual.

00:20:04.440 --> 00:20:12.990 Belinda DiGiambattista: It is a varying degree of getting in their own way, but, honestly, like if you've done something a number of times and it hasn't worked.

00:20:13.290 --> 00:20:21.210 Belinda DiGiambattista: Then you a lot of times people convinced themselves it's just can't work instead of understanding that they need to do what lance just said, take a step back.

00:20:21.630 --> 00:20:34.620 Belinda DiGiambattista: To evaluate the situation and understand and ask questions about what if we did it this way, and whenever you make recommendations, sometimes for them to really change perspective that can be very hard for people.

00:20:35.520 --> 00:20:47.850 Belinda DiGiambattista: And so you really quickly start to understand how how fast or slow somebody's going to have to go in a certain direction, based on their response to that, and what it's going to take to get them to shift that perspective.

00:20:48.390 --> 00:20:59.880 Belinda DiGiambattista: So I would say, you know whether it is in terms of you know nietzschean down, you know it's very important whenever you're going to start a new business to have a niche.

00:21:00.330 --> 00:21:12.570 Belinda DiGiambattista: idea go after a niche target market and sometimes people are hesitant to do that, because they are concerned that it's going to be too small, when actually it's going to make them so much more successful To begin with, so.

00:21:13.260 --> 00:21:27.360 Belinda DiGiambattista: If they have a past experience that tells them on leaving this on the table i'm leaving down the table, I spoke to so, and so, and they were interested in they don't fit my niche and they can get stuck, so I would say just you know, a general.

00:21:28.920 --> 00:21:51.750 Belinda DiGiambattista: That to me is is a real thing that I feel like entrepreneurs need to push through their their there where they you know stick themselves, you know they really kind of put a barrier up sometimes to making adjustments or trying something new, because they think it's not going to work.

00:21:52.920 --> 00:22:13.260 Belinda DiGiambattista: And there's a lot of fear, maybe and i'm not sure, but, basically, I think that if you can figure out a way to push through it and figure out a way to just you know put your predisposed mindset aside about what your opinion is and try something new.

00:22:14.400 --> 00:22:18.750 Belinda DiGiambattista: yeah I think people will start to understand that things really are possible.

00:22:19.020 --> 00:22:29.610 Belinda DiGiambattista: And they really can't see so, for example, if you ask somebody what's your how much money you want to make next year if it's a new entrepreneur they might say, I want to make $50,000 and that feels like a huge amount of them, and you might.

00:22:29.910 --> 00:22:38.550 Belinda DiGiambattista: say, well, what if that were $250,000 and what, if that were $500,000 and they're like mind is blown I could never do that.

00:22:39.120 --> 00:22:53.520 Belinda DiGiambattista: But actually are you sure like let's really get uncomfortable for a minute and figure out what that would actually look like so helping people to understand that it's okay to sit in the uncomfortable to put themselves into a position where.

00:22:54.810 --> 00:23:06.480 Belinda DiGiambattista: They really need to think outside the box and try new things to try to get them outside of their own way, and you know people come along eventually and it's funny you can sometimes after working with somebody for a year.

00:23:06.990 --> 00:23:13.890 Belinda DiGiambattista: You can show them some recordings of what they said a previous year and they'll be like wow yeah, I guess, I guess, I did say that didn't I.

00:23:14.940 --> 00:23:28.050 Belinda DiGiambattista: yeah Now I know better, so it's just figuring out how to help people learn their own style of pushing through the obstacles that they can put up for themselves, regardless of what the issue is.

00:23:28.890 --> 00:23:31.080 Jeremiah Fox: it's very jujitsu and that's going to be.

00:23:31.200 --> 00:23:38.370 Jeremiah Fox: The topic of the next half we won't get there, but yes, that your jujitsu is very similar all right Tony you're up two minutes go.

00:23:38.820 --> 00:23:42.660 Tony Disilvestro: Again guys love being here today Jeremiah is like my brother so.

00:23:44.070 --> 00:23:47.400 Tony Disilvestro: So for me, I could talk about this for 10 hours.

00:23:48.780 --> 00:23:51.300 Jeremiah Fox: You guys have two minutes you got a minute 45 seconds now.

00:23:52.170 --> 00:24:01.410 Tony Disilvestro: So my thing but entrepreneurs right, the first thing is out of 100 100 businesses right now, if you took 100 businesses Jeremiah how many of them are entrepreneurs right.

00:24:01.920 --> 00:24:11.790 Tony Disilvestro: How many 5% 5% right what I so entrepreneurs and technicians right, so we all get into business, and we all think we're great entrepreneurs with all we are technicians, we have a job.

00:24:12.000 --> 00:24:16.350 Tony Disilvestro: So that's, the first thing I had to really identify do you want to be an entrepreneur or do you want a job.

00:24:16.650 --> 00:24:19.440 Tony Disilvestro: Right you on a subway you on job you're a technician that's all you are.

00:24:19.740 --> 00:24:27.450 Tony Disilvestro: Right The next thing is systemized in your system so every entrepreneur, they do not invest enough time to document the processes procedures that they're actually creating every single day.

00:24:27.780 --> 00:24:40.470 Tony Disilvestro: Right, so that leads into the next one, which is delegation right, how do we delegate this is the art of delegation, do you know the four elements of delegation really defining that and making sure that they understand it thoroughly and work through that process of delegation.

00:24:41.820 --> 00:24:45.780 Tony Disilvestro: And that, for me, I asked people all the time, I asked them all kind of say okay.

00:24:46.140 --> 00:24:58.290 Tony Disilvestro: Tell me how many hours are in a week, and I say what is the number 168 right and that's okay well that to be an entrepreneur, you have to know that right, so I sleep 50 hours a week 718 hours a week to accomplish my goals my job.

00:24:58.740 --> 00:25:07.680 Tony Disilvestro: Right so then it's the work and how are you working on your business, but when you start to delegate properly you created as an art than you can use those hundred and 18 hours very efficiently.

00:25:08.220 --> 00:25:14.400 Tony Disilvestro: And then I go into two and I make sure when I look at entrepreneurs i'm like are you bro focused, are you profit and our focus.

00:25:14.730 --> 00:25:22.350 Tony Disilvestro: Right, because I think it's very essential to teach every entrepreneur what it means to be growth focus for me i've been in business, for a long, long time.

00:25:22.800 --> 00:25:34.560 Tony Disilvestro: And I am growth focused i've never been money focus never been power focused and that's how I function every single day, so it really there's a lot of elements I teach the six steps to scaling your business.

00:25:35.250 --> 00:25:41.040 Tony Disilvestro: it's been something i've been working on really hard lately and we're getting there so but it's helped a lot of people over 20 years.

00:25:41.700 --> 00:25:43.020 Jeremiah Fox: When when's the book coming out.

00:25:45.810 --> 00:26:01.260 Jeremiah Fox: crazy yeah no it's it's yeah and i've sat through many of those those clubhouse rooms and been put on on the spot, like, how do you get 1,000% and I was rambling and mobile mobile I don't know whatever you say Tony.

00:26:03.780 --> 00:26:05.130 Jeremiah Fox: delegation motherfucker.

00:26:05.190 --> 00:26:12.660 Jeremiah Fox: How many times I showed you that you know it's funny and, for me, you know again tying back in that that you all.

00:26:14.070 --> 00:26:23.760 Jeremiah Fox: You know, successful business owners and entrepreneurs, but but also coaches and and how easy it is for you as a business owner and successful entrepreneur.

00:26:24.060 --> 00:26:35.160 Jeremiah Fox: To and Belinda you kind of you know you hit on it, I think it's like it's ego you know you get comfortable you get confident you're like oh I got this and, like you always need to be reminded of the basics and again.

00:26:35.550 --> 00:26:38.790 Jeremiah Fox: jitsu guys are starting to creep in they're starting to slide in I could see them.

00:26:39.210 --> 00:26:49.740 Jeremiah Fox: um you know you did you do is all about that you can't forget the basics, you always go back and you have to you have to reinvest time in the basics on and and I think it's important for.

00:26:50.220 --> 00:26:59.550 Jeremiah Fox: Anybody that's listening that that has aspirations, I think now is pretty hot time for people looking to open their own business, because everything the world got turned upside down and people.

00:26:59.820 --> 00:27:08.550 Jeremiah Fox: realize how fragile their position was at their company or or maybe they had a business already and now they're like Okay, we survived it's time to grow let's go there's fewer there's less competition.

00:27:08.850 --> 00:27:18.780 Jeremiah Fox: um as as you as you take those steps like find somebody you know belinda's said it a couple times on the show like find an accountability partner if it's, not even a coach just.

00:27:19.020 --> 00:27:27.090 Jeremiah Fox: Somebody that's been there, somebody that's been in your position that knows the basics and will watch you walk into the wall three times and be like okay.

00:27:27.750 --> 00:27:35.580 Jeremiah Fox: I just want to point out, you walked into the wall three times that wall isn't moving so it's it's time to move yourself, you know take that back up and.

00:27:37.530 --> 00:27:39.480 Jeremiah Fox: find the door like yeah do something.

00:27:39.510 --> 00:27:54.390 Jeremiah Fox: turn the light on just anything um and and I have to say, like my time spent with you all that's been the real value, where you just take me a confident go getting somebody who's like i've worked through a lot of shit.

00:27:54.660 --> 00:27:55.500 Jeremiah Fox: i'll figure it out.

00:27:55.530 --> 00:27:56.610 Jeremiah Fox: it's been so much.

00:27:56.640 --> 00:28:02.040 Jeremiah Fox: easier to have you grab me like by the ear and just say like look look right here it's just it's.

00:28:02.070 --> 00:28:08.340 Jeremiah Fox: Just a couple inches off of where you're you're focusing, I know, change your trajectory and you know.

00:28:09.060 --> 00:28:14.880 Jeremiah Fox: make life better and and get to the point where you're in lance's position where you're you know.

00:28:15.210 --> 00:28:21.660 Jeremiah Fox: getting more sleep and you're not head down you're not beat down you feel good about what you're doing and I think it is possible.

00:28:21.990 --> 00:28:28.350 Jeremiah Fox: i've gone through the meat grinder and come out and it's like yeah you can you can do all this, and still feel good about yourself.

00:28:28.800 --> 00:28:38.250 Jeremiah Fox: So we're gonna have to wrap up this portion and get ready for the next one, I want to thank you all three so much for coming on and taking the time, yet again, but also just being there.

00:28:39.240 --> 00:28:52.590 Belinda DiGiambattista: With Thank you so much Jeremiah I didn't get to say you know, congratulations to you, like the other guys also, I just want to echo what they said it's been amazing to you know watch you on this journey and be you know accountability partners to each other.

00:28:53.220 --> 00:28:54.330 Tony Disilvestro: Thank you, brother.

00:28:55.320 --> 00:29:05.190 Lance Knaub: Good Jeremiah thanks for having us as part of the celebration baby you got another thousand episodes man and you're supporting the entrepreneurs out there, keep it coming baby.

00:29:05.730 --> 00:29:06.120 Tony Disilvestro: Thank you.

00:29:06.270 --> 00:29:07.290 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you all so much.

00:29:08.700 --> 00:29:09.510 Jeremiah Fox: to talk to you soon.

00:29:09.870 --> 00:29:10.770 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody.

00:29:11.010 --> 00:29:15.360 Jeremiah Fox: hang tight another half coming up we're going to get nitty gritty on the bj J whoa.

00:31:56.400 --> 00:32:05.040 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back if you're just tuning in today is the 100th episode of the entrepreneurial Web.

00:32:06.870 --> 00:32:07.440 Nick Lozano: All right.

00:32:07.500 --> 00:32:09.570 Dom Jackson: awesome 100 baby.

00:32:09.780 --> 00:32:13.980 Jeremiah Fox: 100 i'm your host Jeremiah Fox, yes, they let me stay on for all hundred episodes.

00:32:14.130 --> 00:32:23.970 Jeremiah Fox: we'll see how that goes at the end first half had some dear friends up some business coaches and entrepreneurs now we're going to switch gears a little bit to something that emerged over the show.

00:32:24.210 --> 00:32:33.660 Jeremiah Fox: And my social media over the course of time and and has become a major part of it, and that is Brazilian Jiu jitsu joining us now Ryan co back.

00:32:34.020 --> 00:32:45.360 Jeremiah Fox: Coming out of Austin Texas present rk CMO philosophy got Nick was nano out of Washington DC he's the producer of the lead X podcast and then don Jackson.

00:32:45.630 --> 00:32:55.860 Jeremiah Fox: San Diego be a way of New York and New Jersey and he's he's got his hands in all kinds of podcasts and digital things so these guys all.

00:32:56.430 --> 00:33:05.220 Jeremiah Fox: excel and media and outreach and podcast but they all three are also Brazilian Jiu jitsu practitioners at different.

00:33:05.880 --> 00:33:21.180 Jeremiah Fox: stages of the journey which never ends and my message for this portion of the show, yes, there are two methods, just because it's that freakin hot something my my first Brazilian Jiu jitsu instructor used to say, all the time about the journey to black belt and he would say.

00:33:22.440 --> 00:33:40.440 Jeremiah Fox: it's not about what you get in the end it's about who you become along the way, and I think the same is very true of being a business owner and entrepreneur but also um when you're running media, you know you're not the same person way down the road once you once you make it.

00:33:41.460 --> 00:33:53.910 Jeremiah Fox: Once you become famous like me i'm you you're not quite the same person as as you were when you started and you're never done there's still way more road to go but, but you do reach this point of proficiency.

00:33:54.180 --> 00:34:11.160 Jeremiah Fox: When you kind of feel good you've gotten knocked around you've gotten banged around you've been through enough enough shit in turmoil and and technical difficulties and malfunctions that you just shake it off brush the dirt off, you know wipe the tears away.

00:34:12.870 --> 00:34:20.910 Jeremiah Fox: and get back in there and do it again, so I don't know if you guys were listening, but I think any of you are strangers to to clubhouse.

00:34:22.050 --> 00:34:29.070 Jeremiah Fox: i'm pretty sure we've all shared some rooms, at some point I want to pass some questions around we'll do a kind of clubhouse style.

00:34:29.520 --> 00:34:39.990 Jeremiah Fox: you're going to get to two minutes each the first one Ryan i'm going to see you up first Ryan, is a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu and again, also the President of this company.

00:34:41.790 --> 00:34:47.430 Jeremiah Fox: How is training in jujitsu informs your professional life.

00:34:48.000 --> 00:34:51.300 ryan kovach: To man yeah i'm in a huge way.

00:34:52.800 --> 00:35:04.380 ryan kovach: Brazilian Jiu jitsu obviously teaches you to be comfortable in the uncomfortable and I think as a business owner, you know almost every day present something uncomfortable.

00:35:05.400 --> 00:35:13.350 ryan kovach: there's a lot of wins and happiness and laughter internally but everyday present something uncomfortable right.

00:35:14.580 --> 00:35:22.980 ryan kovach: You know, a customer feedback that maybe wasn't exactly what you wanted, or you know, an internal employee, you know, having.

00:35:23.970 --> 00:35:33.330 ryan kovach: You know, some personal issues or health issues or whatever that you want to you know work with right or maybe the campaign that you spend a bunch of money on isn't.

00:35:34.320 --> 00:35:45.360 ryan kovach: You know isn't performing the way you thought so it's it's all uncomfortable but you don't lose you don't lose your shit over it right, like you learn that being uncomfortable.

00:35:46.050 --> 00:35:53.490 ryan kovach: can be comfortable you learn that sometimes just getting smashed isn't all that bad it's helping you become better you know.

00:35:54.690 --> 00:36:07.650 ryan kovach: refining your process right, so in my opinion, and it also like you know, we want to talk imposter syndrome syndrome right like I feel like when I got my black belt and every other black belt i've ever spoken to.

00:36:08.130 --> 00:36:20.010 ryan kovach: has been embarrassed like I don't deserve this like I don't I don't deserve this belt I don't know shit these blue belts coming up, no more technique and submissions and.

00:36:20.640 --> 00:36:35.610 ryan kovach: everything under the sun that, then I know right like i'm i'm not knowledgeable in this are right, like it that's the day it's just it's infinite so as business owners, you know I think we show up every day going.

00:36:36.660 --> 00:36:47.010 ryan kovach: damn you know we we've got a good business, I know I know that i'm running a good business my bank account says that now feel like I know it, I don't feel like I know shit right.

00:36:48.030 --> 00:36:56.190 ryan kovach: always changing always changing always evolving something new every day to learn some program some law some.

00:36:56.640 --> 00:37:14.940 ryan kovach: This or that right that's a major shake up that you just gotta stay on top of So for me it's been super helpful in understanding, you know don't lose your shit when stuff gets uncomfortable stay stay stay comfortable in the uncomfortable excellent excellent.

00:37:15.480 --> 00:37:27.030 Jeremiah Fox: um and I think what you said about you know getting black Belt is probably true of like nearly every belt promotion Nick is Nick and I are in a very similar.

00:37:28.080 --> 00:37:30.240 Jeremiah Fox: stage did you get your purple belt Nick.

00:37:31.440 --> 00:37:38.760 Nick Lozano: I have not, but you know I so, unfortunately, for me, I travel a lot for work yeah that impeded, so my progress but i'll get there soon i'm not.

00:37:38.910 --> 00:37:42.030 ryan kovach: Number One way to get it, because go ask your instructor for it.

00:37:45.690 --> 00:37:48.240 Nick Lozano: Well, when I was in white, but i'm like white belt for life, you know.

00:37:49.590 --> 00:37:49.890 ryan kovach: well.

00:37:50.070 --> 00:37:56.040 Jeremiah Fox: So, like when I got my blue belt, I felt like i'd earned that you know, but when they gave me my fault, I was like.

00:37:56.670 --> 00:38:14.280 Jeremiah Fox: I don't know man I don't Am I am I am I really a purple belt and then you know the school shut down and I ended up a hint zones headquarters and I come in there as a purple belt and i'm like Fuck man, I am not a purple belt and they were like Yes, you are just keep working so I.

00:38:14.340 --> 00:38:16.680 ryan kovach: yeah there's even levels to purple.

00:38:16.980 --> 00:38:25.380 Jeremiah Fox: yeah right exactly exactly all right, Nick Europe two minutes, how is training helps you stay the course.

00:38:26.370 --> 00:38:35.010 Nick Lozano: yeah so I you know I would agree with everything that Ryan said earlier, you know about comfortable being uncomfortable with that the other thing it is also taught me as.

00:38:35.640 --> 00:38:39.360 Nick Lozano: You know, learning as you go adaptability right because it's constantly changing.

00:38:39.750 --> 00:38:49.500 Nick Lozano: Like it like when we do Brazilian Jiu jitsu you start getting your a moves right your game that works on your training partner works all the time, then all the sudden they start in wise to it and it doesn't work anymore.

00:38:50.220 --> 00:38:58.680 Nick Lozano: And you've got to adjust how you're doing stuff in the same thing applies to the media business, you know we do things for a long time they work they work and then all of a sudden, they stop.

00:38:58.710 --> 00:39:09.420 Nick Lozano: Stop and you know it's it's giving you that ability to go okay there's a problem here, I need to address this right you don't freak out about it initially it's like there's an issue here, I can just figure out my way around it.

00:39:09.960 --> 00:39:21.360 Nick Lozano: It might not work, the first few times I do it, but as we go on as I adjust and they adjust to me, then I can use that to continually continually learn and progress in my journey.

00:39:21.720 --> 00:39:29.340 Nick Lozano: And I feel like just that mentality alone has helped me through my entrepreneurial journey or digital media, you know that's.

00:39:29.700 --> 00:39:34.110 Nick Lozano: that's how I got into doing digital media is I just threw stuff on the wall and seeing what works like.

00:39:34.530 --> 00:39:43.350 Nick Lozano: You know I got on linkedin and I just did what everybody else did right it's like oh what's Gary vee doing, let me try that do a screenshot of my tweet and nobody reacts to it, so, then you.

00:39:43.950 --> 00:39:44.310 Nick Lozano: Do it.

00:39:45.510 --> 00:39:54.990 Nick Lozano: So I would say, the main thing that's come up for me it's just the ability to learn and and constantly constantly have that learner hat on I don't feel like i'm an expert in anything.

00:39:55.770 --> 00:40:06.270 Nick Lozano: But I feel like I can pick up anything at any point in time, because I have this willingness and this ability to just figure it out and learn the resources are there you just have to be willing to put out the effort.

00:40:07.500 --> 00:40:11.040 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny we all laughed when he said that, but there was just masking our tears.

00:40:12.810 --> 00:40:16.020 Jeremiah Fox: were like yeah oh that's he does that shit i'm gonna do that too and it's like.

00:40:16.020 --> 00:40:16.650 Jeremiah Fox: crickets.

00:40:16.680 --> 00:40:18.450 Nick Lozano: chirping we'll do it we'll do it.

00:40:18.600 --> 00:40:20.700 ryan kovach: it's like oh man such a lead.

00:40:23.820 --> 00:40:30.570 Jeremiah Fox: And then, and then down here we we connected on Twitter, you know, Nick and Ryan, we both connected on linkedin and.

00:40:31.680 --> 00:40:41.880 Jeremiah Fox: Via Twitter and and it was around fitness Dom was a like you may still be a personal trainer but no That was what you were mainly doing and I know you started to transition away from it.

00:40:42.390 --> 00:40:49.560 Jeremiah Fox: um and so you know we started a conversation around fitness and then we realized we both had podcasts and it went down the rabbit hole.

00:40:49.950 --> 00:40:56.670 Jeremiah Fox: And I kept you know, suggesting Brazilian Jiu jitsu to Dom and things were totally shut down at this point.

00:40:56.970 --> 00:41:02.400 Jeremiah Fox: And he's like he's like i'm totally into it i'm going to start and we got started literally I would put up a technique.

00:41:02.730 --> 00:41:13.170 Jeremiah Fox: it's something basic like a technical get up or sprawl or something like that leg pummeling and I would I would put it on tick tock and I would send it to him and he would do at it and we started like this, like.

00:41:13.530 --> 00:41:13.770 Dom Jackson: Not.

00:41:14.340 --> 00:41:16.860 Jeremiah Fox: It not instruction, but just like you know.

00:41:17.220 --> 00:41:28.350 Jeremiah Fox: Just a little introduction let's say, and now, Dom is actually started, you know training he's gone in for some rounds very early stages white belt, but.

00:41:29.220 --> 00:41:33.060 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, oh something often people argue that's the best one.

00:41:33.270 --> 00:41:49.080 Jeremiah Fox: that's, the most important promotion is is the white belt so you're up Dom you're you're fresh into it, but no stranger to how fitness and just you know exercise and health can influence your your professional life, you got it two minutes.

00:41:49.140 --> 00:41:53.640 Dom Jackson: cool yes, yes deck to have me on hundred episode, you know so glad to be here.

00:41:54.270 --> 00:41:59.460 Dom Jackson: But yeah being like the white is of a white boat right now, like i'm four months into the game, you know, like.

00:41:59.790 --> 00:42:05.280 Dom Jackson: I was the couple weeks ago I was still figuring out like what even the strategy is to go in before, just like you know you come in.

00:42:05.820 --> 00:42:10.590 Dom Jackson: coming in with a fitness background I was, like all right, you know i'm kind of big kind of strong I can take that you know I got.

00:42:10.920 --> 00:42:18.600 Dom Jackson: I worked out like i'm not completely you know, a new person to this but I learned very quickly that you know, without technique you're nothing.

00:42:19.020 --> 00:42:26.490 Dom Jackson: So i'm having guys half my size choking me out though me around, and it was great you know that feeling of like Oh, you know i'm getting.

00:42:27.060 --> 00:42:31.770 Dom Jackson: I have no idea what i'm doing but, like the first step was like just learn how to survive, you know get that.

00:42:32.490 --> 00:42:38.220 Dom Jackson: Get that close garden and get that half card and just find a way to keep yourself sustained before they before they get you.

00:42:38.730 --> 00:42:44.520 Dom Jackson: And then you know i'm at the point now where i'm finally getting like a little bit of a strategy now like we can get an arm bar, you know, maybe I can get.

00:42:44.820 --> 00:42:51.930 Dom Jackson: An americano like I have, I have an idea of how to get places now just as far as executing how to get there, and I think it really i'm.

00:42:52.560 --> 00:43:00.960 Dom Jackson: Really fine tuned like I really felt myself transform the other places to, whether it be my podcast or with my my training business it's like oh like you know.

00:43:01.260 --> 00:43:08.670 Dom Jackson: I never better strategy for how I plan to go into these things, because you know, I was kind of in that that empty space is like oh like.

00:43:09.030 --> 00:43:18.750 Dom Jackson: I have an idea what I want to do, I have an idea of what my goal is, but as far as the funnel of which way to put my actions is where to go next, so I think that um.

00:43:19.350 --> 00:43:25.740 Dom Jackson: You know, being in that beginner space like Nick said, like Ryan was saying, like that beginner space of like you're always learning and always adapting.

00:43:25.950 --> 00:43:33.720 Dom Jackson: Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is is so true because when you have a guy twice your size or half your size, on top of your units like I don't know what to do here, this is.

00:43:34.260 --> 00:43:35.760 ryan kovach: tough and.

00:43:36.390 --> 00:43:41.700 Dom Jackson: You know that humility, of being like all right, like you got me this time but i'm gonna learn how to get better next time.

00:43:42.060 --> 00:43:45.240 Dom Jackson: And, and even just going through some of the videos that you were sending me Jeremiah.

00:43:45.600 --> 00:43:56.310 Dom Jackson: Just like basic shrimping or you know the rolling like the fact that we burst those videos versus me now is just so funny because the progress of just the basics of doing them over and over again so.

00:43:56.700 --> 00:44:06.870 Dom Jackson: I mean, I think the biggest thing that take away from from whether you're doing well, the training jujitsu or business media, you know, following Gary vee yo is going to come in.

00:44:07.410 --> 00:44:12.660 Dom Jackson: You got it you gotta you gotta have that space for you have no idea what you're doing and have no idea what anything is.

00:44:13.020 --> 00:44:17.550 Dom Jackson: And once you're like okay with being like all right, I know what i'm doing, let me just find one.

00:44:18.180 --> 00:44:30.600 Dom Jackson: way to get some some some ground that I can kind of hold on to and build up from there, you will have your foundation, be able to to adjust into whatever form of whatever you're trying to do, will become.

00:44:31.170 --> 00:44:34.920 Dom Jackson: So i'm having a great time i'm learning a lot but definitely get my ass kicked along the way.

00:44:36.330 --> 00:44:38.280 ryan kovach: As it sounds like business yeah.

00:44:38.280 --> 00:44:40.680 Jeremiah Fox: Exactly no it's wonderful right.

00:44:41.100 --> 00:44:42.390 Jeremiah Fox: out of the mouths of babes.

00:44:42.420 --> 00:44:50.160 Jeremiah Fox: You know, Dom is the newest got it, but that was like the most profound response and it's because you're so fresh and and.

00:44:51.600 --> 00:45:00.270 Jeremiah Fox: That excitement it's like when you first start jujitsu or first start your business and you're just like everything's like all the colors are so bright so great.

00:45:00.450 --> 00:45:00.930 ryan kovach: yeah.

00:45:00.960 --> 00:45:08.520 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're gonna pick back up with this in just a minute we're going to take another i'm going to take a break and we'll come back and and run a little further with that right so hang tight everybody.

00:47:15.210 --> 00:47:21.210 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody wrapping up the 100th episode of the entrepreneurial web is.

00:47:21.600 --> 00:47:22.260 Jeremiah Fox: Gus.

00:47:22.530 --> 00:47:27.810 Jeremiah Fox: i'm your host Jeremiah fox joining me for this portion Ryan co back Nick rosano Dom Jackson.

00:47:28.380 --> 00:47:37.890 Jeremiah Fox: Talking about all of us Brazilian Jiu jitsu practitioners in various levels of the journey on its influence over our professional life, whether it be.

00:47:38.460 --> 00:47:50.070 Jeremiah Fox: You know, business ownership entrepreneurship social media podcasting mixed media all these things, and you know lots of really great things said, and I wanted like dissected into to.

00:47:51.030 --> 00:48:00.510 Jeremiah Fox: Two different realms um you know Ryan you're talking about getting comfortable being uncomfortable and I think of like just starting my business and how you're just.

00:48:01.020 --> 00:48:06.450 Jeremiah Fox: Under the you're in the mortar and pestle and you gotta wait it out man you just gotta wait it out and.

00:48:07.170 --> 00:48:15.000 Jeremiah Fox: All right, you got to adjust you got to figure it out, but then like that's for me that was like the early stages, but Dom I think you really nailed it.

00:48:15.450 --> 00:48:24.300 Jeremiah Fox: With this this focus on strategy and it's so great that you're thinking about are ready, because I just started thinking that, like last month and i've been at it for six years.

00:48:24.840 --> 00:48:34.530 Jeremiah Fox: So I I recently started like two weeks ago recently started taking MMA classes at hens o's which, if you think the jujitsu classes, there are hard.

00:48:37.080 --> 00:48:37.470 ryan kovach: yeah.

00:48:39.270 --> 00:48:57.300 Jeremiah Fox: Everything everything I thought I knew was question you know and and you understand the reason for the most basic movements in jujitsu at a much, much deeper level when someone can punch you in case.

00:48:57.300 --> 00:49:07.410 Jeremiah Fox: You standing or on the ground, or in the middle or up against the wall, like, I will never take a shrimping exercise for granted again i'm.

00:49:07.680 --> 00:49:17.400 Jeremiah Fox: Right and it's funny because you know, I was never an A studious person I dropped out into high schools i've managed to squeeze out a master's degree in music that only because.

00:49:17.790 --> 00:49:24.090 Jeremiah Fox: It was in music and they they let my dumb ass slide through the system, and I, you know I did Okay, but.

00:49:24.960 --> 00:49:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: I you know I I never was big into college i've been in the food industry, for all these years and I get these kids and like are fresh out of culinary school and i'm like you suck you've never worked you've never actually put this into practice.

00:49:37.170 --> 00:49:49.050 Jeremiah Fox: and studying Brazilian jujitsu and muy Thai for six years and walking into an MMA MMA class i'm like oh I just was given a job, I was, I was just in school for six years and now.

00:49:49.620 --> 00:49:55.470 Jeremiah Fox: i'm in the workforce and i'm getting fucked up and the instructor talks constantly he's like.

00:49:56.010 --> 00:49:58.170 Jeremiah Fox: You know fights are chaotic.

00:49:58.560 --> 00:50:04.800 Jeremiah Fox: You know you're you're in there and they're just so many variables, even an MMA that has rules like imagine if it was a street fight Jesus.

00:50:04.980 --> 00:50:13.200 Jeremiah Fox: You know MMA with this rule set is still like super duper chaotic and he's like yeah there's a million different things that can happen.

00:50:13.380 --> 00:50:24.480 Jeremiah Fox: Sure, you could come in and just throw it up against the wall and see what works he's like, but nothing will benefit you more than having like a three step strategy and, just like.

00:50:25.200 --> 00:50:36.120 Jeremiah Fox: Constantly try to come back to that you know, they say, make the fight the guy that wins is the guy that makes the fight his fight so you get these two guys like both have these fantastic skill set that whoever gets to impose their will.

00:50:36.330 --> 00:50:43.980 Jeremiah Fox: On the other, who gets to fight his fight is the one that often wins whether it's a decision or or something more decisive like a knockout or.

00:50:43.980 --> 00:50:55.320 Jeremiah Fox: submission and I started to really think that way in terms of business and more so in terms of like future success and growth, not just like okay I survived like it's not enough to survive.

00:50:55.740 --> 00:51:03.240 Jeremiah Fox: You know if you're if you're thinking that way is dead, you know it's like how am I going to grow because today's money is not going to be tomorrow's money it's not going to be suffice.

00:51:03.420 --> 00:51:08.100 Jeremiah Fox: So now i'm starting to think really strategically in terms of business and not just be.

00:51:08.340 --> 00:51:16.140 Jeremiah Fox: You know we're entrepreneurs we're creative I mean Ryan you're a musician and you do all this stuff and media Nick and Tom you both do podcasts and stuff I mean.

00:51:16.320 --> 00:51:24.660 Jeremiah Fox: It requires a certain level of creativity so we're good with that were like yeah i'm Okay, with the chaos, but you can't live in that shit forever it.

00:51:24.660 --> 00:51:36.180 Jeremiah Fox: Just takes its toll so like this strategy component like it's working it's working really well because I would never survive I wouldn't have made it out of my third MMA class I wasn't like okay.

00:51:36.420 --> 00:51:52.680 Jeremiah Fox: Fuck this i'm tired of getting punched I need a strategy and being exhausted, but relying on on like these things that are that are vetted and tried and true i'm like Okay, I can do this in business, maybe I got to get some belt one day from somebody.

00:51:53.670 --> 00:51:53.940 Nick Lozano: yeah.

00:51:54.390 --> 00:51:58.740 Jeremiah Fox: i'm curious we have we don't even have two minutes per person, just like really quickly, what are your thoughts.

00:51:59.610 --> 00:52:14.220 ryan kovach: On yeah i'll start, I guess, we go in the same order so essentially what you're really finding out is is you spent six years in jujitsu you have a great foundation there, but in MMA there's boxing you have spent no time in boxing there is.

00:52:14.250 --> 00:52:14.550 Jeremiah Fox: What.

00:52:14.850 --> 00:52:17.250 ryan kovach: i've done boxing to okay well and more time.

00:52:17.490 --> 00:52:19.050 Jeremiah Fox: But all of it together that's the whole.

00:52:19.260 --> 00:52:20.790 ryan kovach: thing putting it all together.

00:52:20.880 --> 00:52:21.570 ryan kovach: Right so.

00:52:21.780 --> 00:52:30.810 ryan kovach: You know you've cooked chicken before and you've cooked pasta before but have you cook the chicken pasta dinner right like so you it's a recipe right so.

00:52:31.200 --> 00:52:41.190 ryan kovach: Putting it all together is an entirely different sport and you know i've trained with multiple multiple active currently active UFC fighters right now that are that are in their prime.

00:52:42.150 --> 00:52:51.540 ryan kovach: And some of them don't even have a blue belt in jujitsu but their jujitsu is so fucking good, and it has to be, because if they're not.

00:52:51.900 --> 00:53:05.070 ryan kovach: Then they're getting their faces pound in so they rarely do jujitsu classes, is the grappling in the MMA that is keeping them from getting punch kick need and everything else that actually creates amazing jujitsu.

00:53:05.520 --> 00:53:08.910 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny that a bunch of guys are all blue belts and they just.

00:53:08.940 --> 00:53:09.840 Jeremiah Fox: get me up and.

00:53:10.170 --> 00:53:11.130 ryan kovach: they'll just keep your.

00:53:11.880 --> 00:53:13.080 Jeremiah Fox: jujitsu is better than.

00:53:14.370 --> 00:53:16.830 ryan kovach: No, it really it really honestly is.

00:53:17.820 --> 00:53:20.400 Jeremiah Fox: it's great alright that go 60.

00:53:21.120 --> 00:53:25.770 Nick Lozano: degree, you know the the strategy it's having a focus when you're when you're coming into something and.

00:53:26.130 --> 00:53:32.340 Nick Lozano: Even though you know you're doing it, but even jujitsu people get lost right they see all these fancy techniques and all of a sudden, you know.

00:53:32.760 --> 00:53:37.200 Nick Lozano: they've got a handful of things that they try to do and they're not very good at anything, instead of.

00:53:37.560 --> 00:53:45.330 Nick Lozano: honing down getting a strategy saying okay i'm gonna focus on these three things and I want to be really good at these three things because sometimes a lot of times that's all you need right.

00:53:46.020 --> 00:53:52.680 Nick Lozano: When we do the same thing with meteor podcasts right we look at the stuff that people are creating like Okay, well, I may be good at creating the graph.

00:53:52.890 --> 00:54:04.170 Nick Lozano: And the audio and doing the pre rolls and ads, and all this, instead of just focusing on two or three things at a time, so I think the having that ability to come in and focus to create that strategy to.

00:54:04.680 --> 00:54:13.170 Nick Lozano: kind of like what you're saying when you do your fight or your match you're imposing your will right so you're taking that strategy to to go somewhere and do something tactically.

00:54:13.680 --> 00:54:23.160 Nick Lozano: I think a lot of times people get tactics confused with strategy in a strategy is how you're going to get somewhere and the tactics are the things that you're going to do to implement your strategy.

00:54:23.670 --> 00:54:25.530 Jeremiah Fox: very nice very nice.

00:54:25.560 --> 00:54:26.910 Jeremiah Fox: All right, don 60 seconds.

00:54:26.910 --> 00:54:38.490 Dom Jackson: Absolutely yeah I think the difference between you know, being a being like an animal what a domestic animal at home and being an animal in the wild like a whole whole different world you know.

00:54:39.510 --> 00:54:54.930 Dom Jackson: I could, I can only imagine that, even if someone isn't at the same tears you his belt, but like so let's use the training in the in the trenches they their level of just adaptability and experience definitely totally different so um yeah I think.

00:54:56.070 --> 00:55:06.600 Dom Jackson: Being in being in the media, space and trying to figure out what to do, I think that strategy thing of me being like oh like Gary vee does this or Joe rogan does this and kind of trying to find out who you actually are.

00:55:06.960 --> 00:55:16.080 Dom Jackson: In a more wild setting because anything can could work, you know finding finding your spot in the in the in in nature.

00:55:16.590 --> 00:55:26.850 Dom Jackson: In the wild is definitely the best way, so, whether it be an MMA or in media having your strategy finding a strategy and nature is definitely the best way to grow because school is not going to get you there in a system that way.

00:55:27.450 --> 00:55:41.400 Jeremiah Fox: Right yeah and you got to put yourself out there, you know and like starting this show, I had no fucking idea what I was doing never done a show before I knew Joe rogan was, and that was it I know shit out, and I put myself out there at least 100 times.

00:55:42.540 --> 00:55:43.650 ryan kovach: do that so awesome.

00:55:43.770 --> 00:55:49.680 Jeremiah Fox: I know there's great and so many awesome things that come out of it, including relationships with people like yourselves.

00:55:50.250 --> 00:55:51.900 Jeremiah Fox: You know you've all been on the show multiple.

00:55:51.900 --> 00:56:03.450 Jeremiah Fox: times and I look forward to having you on multiple times more and and I wish you all continued success in your in your jujitsu and entrepreneurial journeys.

00:56:03.660 --> 00:56:04.620 ryan kovach: Because you as well.

00:56:04.890 --> 00:56:05.400 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you.

00:56:05.430 --> 00:56:20.130 Jeremiah Fox: Time that you got you guys, I want you to know like you all, whether it was just a social media post or a DM or a text message or show you guys have always been a positive influence on what i'm doing and i'm imitating you all.

00:56:22.050 --> 00:56:22.950 ryan kovach: right back to you man.

00:56:23.940 --> 00:56:26.280 Jeremiah Fox: Just as much as Joe rogan and Gary be.

00:56:26.310 --> 00:56:38.970 Jeremiah Fox: So thank you all, we got to wrap it up, I really appreciate you taking the time once again to come on and being here for this, it means so much to me and and you know, look forward to you all hitting these milestones as well, so.

00:56:39.030 --> 00:56:40.260 ryan kovach: Happy 100 brother.

00:56:40.500 --> 00:56:42.600 Jeremiah Fox: 100 100 feel young man appeal.

00:56:42.600 --> 00:56:42.930 yo.

00:56:45.420 --> 00:56:46.830 Jeremiah Fox: I train twice a day.

00:56:49.050 --> 00:56:49.470 Jeremiah Fox: All right.

00:56:49.620 --> 00:56:55.080 Jeremiah Fox: Thank you, one on one coming up next week, where the fire everybody have a great weekend we'll see you.

00:56:55.110 --> 00:56:57.030 Jeremiah Fox: Next week, peace out take care.

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