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Friday, October 15, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/15 - #nofilter

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/15 - #nofilter


2021/10/15 - #nofilter

[NEW EPISODE] #nofilter

Friday at noon it’s the triumphant return of my brother, Jacob Fox.


We just celebrated 1 year of our Instagram Live side show, Zorro Bros Oddcast.


Tune in live on for lots of Chappelle-style banter but also thoughts on business, leadership & podcasting


Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Welcome to Episode #101! Jeremiah opens with a quote from Ric Flair. Jeremiah welcomes his guest this week, his little brother, Jacob Fox. It’s the first anniversary of their Zorro Bros Oddcast on Instagram Live. Jacob discusses how his life has changed since the launch of Oddcast. Jeremiah gives a progress update on his MMA training, which is considerably different than Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a number of ways, in particular the integration of wrestling into the fighting style.

Segment 2

Jeremiah shares some trivia about the podcast theme song! Jeremiah and Jacob discuss Dave Chappelle’s most recent Netflix special, The Closer, and how important it is for entrepreneurs to be able to accept criticism and rejection. Jacob outlines why this acceptance is key to being a successful salesperson. Jeremiah shares his thoughts on acceptance and confidence.

Segment 3

Jacob talks about the difference between being a sales manager versus a sales leader. Jeremiah and Jacob talk about the changes that take place once you reach “the top” and have to deal with things that are beyond your control, whether it’s in business or as a parent. Jacob shares what he believes are the strongest types of leadership. Jeremiah discusses questions his mentor asked him during Clubhouse discussions and his struggle to answer them, and how he redeemed himself when it came time to interview him on his own show.

Segment 4

Jeremiah and Jacob share pro tips on how to launch a show on Instagram Live: getting it set up, sharing across platforms, and editing clips for promotional purposes. They then turn back to the conversation about confidence, which is useful for anyone thinking about launching a show of their own. Jacob shares how vital it is to let go of your ego, something that also translates well to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Don’t be afraid to get knocked down - and if you do, be sure to get right back up.


00:03:07.710 --> 00:03:26.580 Jeremiah Fox: Welcome everybody, welcome to the entrepreneur a web APP or so 100 day one, we just did 100 last week going to kick it off hot with the message from the one and only ric flair if you want to meet and you gotta beat the man, if you don't like it learn to love it.

00:03:30.780 --> 00:03:44.220 Jeremiah Fox: You gotta unmute yourself for this guy after a year of doing podcasts he still was not know how to unmute himself welcoming back to the show today baby baby ric flair my little brother, the one and only.

00:03:45.390 --> 00:03:47.220 Jeremiah Fox: chica fox to how kobo yeah.

00:03:47.910 --> 00:03:49.590 Jacob Fox : I lost my punch line there as well.

00:03:51.390 --> 00:03:53.190 Jacob Fox : we're off to a great start one one.

00:03:53.310 --> 00:03:57.690 Jeremiah Fox: you've got to beat the man you gotta you first you always have to learn to beat the podcast so.

00:03:58.770 --> 00:04:13.950 Jeremiah Fox: He was on a little over a year ago we was taught some bullshit and it turned into a weekly show that we do on instagram live now called the zorro brothers odd cast not to be confused with podcast because this is odd, as our household was growing up.

00:04:15.450 --> 00:04:16.200 Jacob Fox : if not more.

00:04:16.440 --> 00:04:29.010 Jeremiah Fox: They, if not more, for lots of hick flare preferences and lots of all matches to the uncle match the one uncle he was never see who is not paying child support.

00:04:29.730 --> 00:04:33.180 Jeremiah Fox: If you don't know who these people are look them up, I get your.

00:04:34.080 --> 00:04:40.890 Jeremiah Fox: English to port your English translator out you're going to need it for this one, it was going to get a lot worse as the one Dave chappelle would say.

00:04:41.370 --> 00:04:54.720 Jeremiah Fox: um anyway, so we started after our last after our last show here on the entrepreneurial web started doing a weekly instagram live on Sundays centering around misappropriation of.

00:04:55.560 --> 00:05:00.930 Jeremiah Fox: Popular Brazilian culture mixed martial arts martial arts we've had on some pro fighters we've had on.

00:05:01.380 --> 00:05:06.630 Jeremiah Fox: retired marines and other military chicken has shown his guns and dressed up.

00:05:06.960 --> 00:05:17.370 Jeremiah Fox: he's got a penchant for festive hats, so if you're a hat person it's a good show to watch we usually do it at 215 Eastern standard time on instagram live, but every now and then, because one of us.

00:05:17.790 --> 00:05:21.510 Jeremiah Fox: was busy he was shooting his guns, or I was running businesses.

00:05:22.500 --> 00:05:32.640 Jeremiah Fox: We go at 9:15pm Eastern standard time but mainly to 15 Eastern standard time on instagram live, we will recap that at the end my first question for you plot is.

00:05:33.480 --> 00:05:48.450 Jeremiah Fox: After one year now of doing the show, and besides starting to feel some of the things that I feel regularly like that comes along with the fame of just being the famous podcast host how how has your life changed since doing the podcast.

00:05:49.260 --> 00:05:56.580 Jacob Fox : yeah man i'm gonna i'm going to do this entire show this is going to be like the linkedin version of Jacob, whereas that's my instagram or maybe even tender for.

00:05:56.880 --> 00:06:03.480 Jacob Fox : Some yeah i'm going to be going without but not to all day today on the on the show i'm gonna leave this stick completely out.

00:06:03.810 --> 00:06:06.420 Jeremiah Fox: Are you on your you on your company Internet is that the problems.

00:06:07.290 --> 00:06:08.430 Jacob Fox : yeah no.

00:06:09.480 --> 00:06:22.920 Jacob Fox : I am in my office, I mean it i'm literally I just got it from my from my desk and and came over to to get some sunlight to the little bronzer um but man it's you know the craziest thing i've noticed about the show is people watch it.

00:06:26.160 --> 00:06:31.140 Jacob Fox : started out it's so funny I look back at the at the first one, I watched our first show on here.

00:06:31.770 --> 00:06:38.190 Jacob Fox : Maybe about a month ago it was it was a good show, and then I watched our first show where i'm going to geek out back.

00:06:38.550 --> 00:06:51.660 Jacob Fox : And i've got like i've got no music we just we weren't really set up for anything the video starts and i'm like like it's you know it's stuck on a picture when the video starts and it's literally got me like wiping snot from my nose and.

00:06:52.200 --> 00:07:04.020 Jacob Fox : that's just how the show started in you know, like you said now we've got we've had pro MMA fighters jitsu black belts in school owners and everybody's like excited to get on the show world champions.

00:07:05.190 --> 00:07:10.770 Jacob Fox : And i'm really excited for for Dom this weekend, because i've never been able to pick a white belts brain I.

00:07:11.130 --> 00:07:17.280 Jacob Fox : It happens so fast jujitsu like I can't really go back to what it was like being a white belt like it just.

00:07:18.030 --> 00:07:25.770 Jacob Fox : It time you know it just absolutely flies and especially on the mat you know you're you're just rolling around you're scrambling it's like going through a tornado.

00:07:26.100 --> 00:07:38.040 Jacob Fox : um i'd be really interested to get his perspective on some things this coming Sunday but um nah man it's been it's been awesome it's it's a lot of fun it's definitely something I look forward to my wife does not look forward to um.

00:07:38.250 --> 00:07:39.270 Jacob Fox : I know that every Tuesday.

00:07:39.750 --> 00:07:51.930 Jacob Fox : yeah she's like she's like can you do it any other time of day, like you got to do it right at 215 so we can't really go out anywhere before we can't do a nice branch um we can't do anything really after it just sucks up right in the middle of the day.

00:07:53.070 --> 00:08:06.180 Jacob Fox : And she's like can you make me go to the bedrooms that you can sit in some various part of the House and show something off some stupid hat or something like that so she's probably the well i've got a couple of them, but she's probably the one that is the least big fan.

00:08:07.440 --> 00:08:07.680 Jeremiah Fox: of it.

00:08:09.030 --> 00:08:12.930 Jacob Fox : yeah i've had a couple couple direct messages a couple of chapels.

00:08:13.410 --> 00:08:15.210 Jeremiah Fox: got our about our first troll.

00:08:15.810 --> 00:08:31.290 Jacob Fox : yeah I mean so it's it's definitely come a long way oh man I didn't think about it, that guy if he sees he's because he said he's like i'm a fan of Jeremiah is under show but i'm not a fan of your show on Sunday and that guy goes on, he sees this man is a little world's gonna be.

00:08:31.620 --> 00:08:32.760 Jeremiah Fox: should have had a suit.

00:08:32.790 --> 00:08:34.020 Jeremiah Fox: and tie for today.

00:08:34.770 --> 00:08:36.780 Jacob Fox : yeah yeah for sure, but I did have.

00:08:37.200 --> 00:08:41.940 Jeremiah Fox: The bottle water and some silly beer or Woodford reserve.

00:08:41.970 --> 00:08:51.180 Jeremiah Fox: yeah um Well, I can tell you I can I can speak to the white belt feeling again after starting in May, just three weeks ago because.

00:08:51.840 --> 00:08:59.610 Jeremiah Fox: He was feel like a white belch all over again like I we might have I might have mentioned it on our show, I know I said it to a bunch of people recently but.

00:09:00.060 --> 00:09:10.110 Jeremiah Fox: I can remember clearly like my first few live rounds as a white belt and the guy sinks that gets on my back and sleep six arm around my neck, and you setting up the sleeper hold.

00:09:10.620 --> 00:09:22.260 Jeremiah Fox: And, and besides, that is a guy I know I know he's not going to hurt me this is a classroom in a controlled setting all I have to do is tap and I get out, but like deep in the recesses of the human brain you're like Fuck.

00:09:22.590 --> 00:09:27.480 Jeremiah Fox: Like i'm getting choked and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it it's such a helpless hopeless feeling.

00:09:27.750 --> 00:09:38.070 Jeremiah Fox: And I remember like that was my fuel for like i'm going to get good at this because that's an awful feeling it's just like one of the most terrible feelings, it was a king to like losing a business, you know you're just like.

00:09:38.430 --> 00:09:49.710 Jeremiah Fox: Fuck like I cannot survive and I trained for six years straight no breaks through injuries everything studying striking studying rap wrestling.

00:09:52.110 --> 00:09:53.340 Jacob Fox : You go certainly did not.

00:09:53.580 --> 00:09:54.120 flora.

00:09:55.680 --> 00:09:56.010 Jeremiah Fox: and

00:09:57.060 --> 00:10:00.030 Jeremiah Fox: And and some Judo and all these things and I felt like.

00:10:00.300 --> 00:10:09.510 Jeremiah Fox: A quick now like, I can handle like myself on a street and you go into an MMA class and even after everything i've been a striking instructor all the things that I teach.

00:10:09.750 --> 00:10:14.970 Jeremiah Fox: And you get discombobulated and you start getting crapped you start letting your hand stripped from your body.

00:10:15.360 --> 00:10:22.890 Jeremiah Fox: And all of a sudden you're getting punched and kicked in the head of repeatedly and and it's that feeling all over again that helpless.

00:10:23.130 --> 00:10:32.250 Jeremiah Fox: fucking feeling like God like if I got in a street fight right now, and the guy just like outmaneuvered me I would be I would be knocked out on the floor after all that training.

00:10:32.640 --> 00:10:36.960 Jeremiah Fox: I would just be like knocked out and that's like it became again the fuel.

00:10:37.470 --> 00:10:46.380 Jeremiah Fox: For like okay i'm going to go in and if nothing i'm just going to keep my hands up if I deliver no strikes that I don't let my hands drift from my face.

00:10:46.830 --> 00:10:57.570 Jeremiah Fox: that's that's one box checked off and like you get to start over like that way and it's it's been good it sucks at first, but it's it's it's helped me focus.

00:10:57.930 --> 00:11:04.350 Jacob Fox : keep a couple of things in mind you, I went through the same thing I went through when I started wrestling in middle school like just got smoked.

00:11:04.740 --> 00:11:11.430 Jacob Fox : And i'm looking at a guy i'm like look at my arms and i'm looking at his arms my arms are bigger than his arms my legs are bigger than Islam so i'm stronger than him.

00:11:11.880 --> 00:11:18.090 Jacob Fox : I don't know why he feels stronger than me like I don't know why i'm losing you can't figure it out, and then you start getting a little bit better and.

00:11:18.300 --> 00:11:25.170 Jacob Fox : Then you remember those first couple of times, where you start catching people in and hitting techniques and then will it will get to that point where you are that guy.

00:11:25.560 --> 00:11:33.030 Jacob Fox : yeah where i'm like i've got you in a crucifix and you can't even blink like you can't even move your little fingers I just got you completely trapped.

00:11:33.420 --> 00:11:44.250 Jacob Fox : um and I went through it again in jujitsu and then a third time with MMA but you made an interesting point because you're in the sample size we're all you're dealing with his martial artists.

00:11:44.790 --> 00:11:48.660 Jacob Fox : skilled martial artist and it sounds like martial artist that might be a little bit more skilled view.

00:11:49.920 --> 00:12:02.400 Jacob Fox : Is is you can still take on, you know I don't know 98% of the untrained world, but the untrained world isn't coming into the gym so your sample size is the savages.

00:12:02.730 --> 00:12:04.260 Jacob Fox : don't don't beat yourself up too much.

00:12:04.710 --> 00:12:12.690 Jeremiah Fox: The funny part is just outside of the school like midtown West right now is like a fucking war zone it's crazy it's like.

00:12:12.930 --> 00:12:20.370 Jeremiah Fox: Maybe not the 80s, but like like the 90s again there's just like garbage everywhere every other storefront is closed down.

00:12:20.670 --> 00:12:28.980 Jeremiah Fox: graffiti homeless encampment unlike you're just trying to get the school without getting into a fight so you can go play fight but we've all talked about it.

00:12:29.940 --> 00:12:39.750 Jeremiah Fox: it's like so crazy now that I don't even like look over my shoulder when I hear the sounds anymore I just know like it's time to cross the street I don't even have to look and see.

00:12:40.440 --> 00:12:49.830 Jeremiah Fox: If that's a crazy person coming up behind me, I know it is i'm just going to like cross the street and there's construction everywhere so i'd like meander through these little barricades and stuff like that, just to create.

00:12:50.190 --> 00:12:54.600 Jeremiah Fox: Separation so just get me to the front door, so I can go play fight I don't want to.

00:12:54.630 --> 00:13:06.420 Jacob Fox : say I was gonna say it's funny what that you the way you say that, like look at this from a 30,000 foot perspective it's like hold on hold on i'm terrified to fight some 120 pound crackhead that's never trained a day in their life.

00:13:07.020 --> 00:13:12.540 Jacob Fox : i'm mortified of that but man I can't wait to get to the school to fight this college wrestler slack to get your black belt.

00:13:12.630 --> 00:13:13.860 Jeremiah Fox: Micro yeah both.

00:13:13.860 --> 00:13:18.510 Jeremiah Fox: me exactly controlling what do they look consequence environment.

00:13:19.320 --> 00:13:26.310 Jeremiah Fox: that's what that's what I call the dojo like it's there's consequences it's just lower than what you're going to find on the street.

00:13:26.550 --> 00:13:27.600 Jacob Fox : You were on your ear.

00:13:28.110 --> 00:13:32.490 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I do, I mean I got it on the nose on the air, I even have a little gallery.

00:13:33.360 --> 00:13:41.310 Jacob Fox : On did i'm gonna have to do a Google search if it goes away my because I haven't trained in so many years it's been like five years, I feel like my cauliflower ears like photos is and.

00:13:42.390 --> 00:13:50.280 Jacob Fox : Where it's like turning to dust it's like my cauliflower ears nose that I don't train anymore, and then jujitsu slash wrestling slashing obey god's are like.

00:13:50.550 --> 00:13:54.300 Jeremiah Fox: You don't deserve that earring oh snap it's just going to disappear now.

00:13:54.330 --> 00:13:56.010 Jeremiah Fox: yeah um.

00:13:57.660 --> 00:14:08.250 Jeremiah Fox: The other thing is what MMA is forced me to do as well, and we will get back folks to the subject at hand after our first break We just have to get this out of our system.

00:14:10.620 --> 00:14:20.100 Jeremiah Fox: You know, I was my I know my wrestling has been garbage and we're taught, you know it's just like you know jujitsu guys doing Judo.

00:14:20.790 --> 00:14:29.790 Jeremiah Fox: You don't i'm saying, like the throws just aren't the same there guys don't make the same commitment it's not you know not doing the level changes you don't have to hit placement often and it's kind of the sloppy.

00:14:31.260 --> 00:14:36.180 Jeremiah Fox: representation, but you can get a guy to the ground still you know, using lapel.

00:14:36.210 --> 00:14:40.800 Jacob Fox : The gracie style right, so it looks so I learned, like the gracie wrestling to.

00:14:41.280 --> 00:14:49.260 Jeremiah Fox: But now i'm working with a bunch of wrestlers and I was like nervous to wrestle I was nervous to start from my feet in an ogi.

00:14:49.500 --> 00:14:55.440 Jeremiah Fox: Class because these guys were so good, and I know that we're going to put me on my back and I knew like it was just going to go downhill from there.

00:14:55.920 --> 00:15:06.300 Jeremiah Fox: And you get thrown into MMA and you have to wrestle and you have to defend strikes so like wrestling becomes the least of your concerns and you're getting cracked and they still take you down to the ground.

00:15:06.630 --> 00:15:13.140 Jeremiah Fox: And then they start to cracking down there and then I go into no GI again and they're like start from your feet and i'm like you can't punch me.

00:15:13.950 --> 00:15:17.760 Jeremiah Fox: So now I don't give a shit i'm like all right let's wrestle and not for nothing like.

00:15:18.090 --> 00:15:26.760 Jeremiah Fox: it's gotten better you know it's still it's still got a long way to go, but i'm less concerned, although this guy did like this guy foot swept me the other day I know it's funny cuz like.

00:15:27.450 --> 00:15:34.410 Jeremiah Fox: he's like a younger dude and it's got that wrestler build and you know you know neck and big traps and a little bit smaller than me.

00:15:35.070 --> 00:15:39.510 Jeremiah Fox: And we train a lot i'm like a little bit better than in jujitsu than him so and control the situation.

00:15:39.750 --> 00:15:44.670 Jeremiah Fox: Where you're starting from the feed, we got down to the ground, three or four times and I always just wanted to go down to the ground and dominated.

00:15:45.060 --> 00:15:53.850 Jeremiah Fox: Like kept getting him and leg locks and stuff like that, until finally after like three or four submissions I was just like all right i'm gonna let this guy have his way with me for a minute, it was towards the end of the Rasmussen.

00:15:54.510 --> 00:16:04.920 Jeremiah Fox: launch me was not prepared, and you know when you hit the ground and you make that involuntary sound like it just comes out of your body, sometimes it's a it's a grown and a fart sometimes just a grind right.

00:16:05.760 --> 00:16:15.960 Jeremiah Fox: And I granted me just stop and he was like are you Okay, and I was, like you, better take top position before i'm going to turn it to us like real quick, but I will I hit the ground heart, I walk funny for the rest of the day.

00:16:16.020 --> 00:16:21.630 Jacob Fox : Was not fun it's funny when guys do that they'll like are you okay i'm like dude you just hit me with the earth.

00:16:22.860 --> 00:16:26.460 Jacob Fox : yeah either you know grabbed me right now, or I will retaliate.

00:16:26.580 --> 00:16:28.470 Jacob Fox : Right exactly you defend yourself shots.

00:16:28.470 --> 00:16:30.990 Jacob Fox : have been fired things or emotion that cannot be done.

00:16:31.470 --> 00:16:33.000 Jacob Fox : I will engage you and and again.

00:16:33.000 --> 00:16:39.600 Jeremiah Fox: competitors yeah exactly I was, like you, better move fast because i'm not going to lay on my side for too long, but right now i'm hurt somebody away for a second.

00:16:39.960 --> 00:16:41.490 Jacob Fox : And flips flips or demoralizing.

00:16:41.550 --> 00:16:52.860 Jeremiah Fox: Oh God it was awful yeah did no control over my hips just push my shoulder back foot sweet hit that I mean level in the air, made a big side you know, everybody looks I was like.

00:16:53.010 --> 00:16:54.060 Jacob Fox : Oh that's the worst.

00:16:54.120 --> 00:16:59.790 Jeremiah Fox: That was the old man hitting the ground that was Okay, I was just gonna lay here out, I was falling can't get up.

00:17:00.870 --> 00:17:01.680 Jacob Fox : Your life alert.

00:17:01.980 --> 00:17:16.830 Jeremiah Fox: yeah anyways I hit the buzzer I hit the little thing that the paramedics came to save me and with that we're going to take our first break I feel a little some he leaves now I got that out of my system we come back, we will try to be a little more serious see what a minute everybody.

00:19:36.030 --> 00:19:51.720 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back once again entrepreneurial web episode 101 I cannot wait until I was to the point of the one Joe hogan where he was have four digits episode, you will have to unmute you again can't hear you I will see you laugh, but I was not here, your stuffs.

00:19:52.830 --> 00:19:57.000 Jacob Fox : yeah I didn't I didn't say anything never an instagram opportunity last for you man you already.

00:19:57.300 --> 00:20:07.440 Jacob Fox : After the first segment managed to go in there and post something on on instagram size and I got a question I think you're the one who's asking questions go one where did, where do you get these commercials.

00:20:08.100 --> 00:20:11.610 Jeremiah Fox: it's all and it's the just the station, I know.

00:20:11.640 --> 00:20:13.050 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah.

00:20:13.620 --> 00:20:20.190 Jacob Fox : In 20 years entrepreneurial web is gonna be like, if you watch the zorro brothers podcast you could be entitled to a settlement.

00:20:21.090 --> 00:20:31.710 Jacob Fox : Or, if you are, if you are emotionally damaged by that My other question is where did you get this song this opening song with like every instrument in the orchestra just jamming you all at once.

00:20:31.800 --> 00:20:34.260 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, I give you one guess at that.

00:20:35.220 --> 00:20:36.330 Jeremiah Fox: You yeah.

00:20:39.060 --> 00:20:48.540 Jeremiah Fox: I wrote that I wrote that shit in Grad school towards the end of my Grad degree, and then we recorded it in New York and I 2007.

00:20:50.040 --> 00:20:55.200 Jeremiah Fox: Maybe like 2007 2008 and that was the opening track on my.

00:20:56.580 --> 00:21:00.630 Jeremiah Fox: On my my debut album my debut third space album.

00:21:01.050 --> 00:21:09.030 Jacob Fox : Nothing like insulting something and then to realize you're insulting the creator of that we had this when I was the company that I work for you guys.

00:21:09.030 --> 00:21:12.420 Jacob Fox : segue right yeah we had a we had a sales approach.

00:21:13.050 --> 00:21:21.030 Jacob Fox : That we use that was it was rough around the edges, in my opinion, and when I came in I just brought the approach that my previous employer who.

00:21:21.330 --> 00:21:28.200 Jacob Fox : is just a monster of a company that has just thousands, hundreds of thousands of deals that have molded this presentation into what it is.

00:21:28.470 --> 00:21:35.940 Jacob Fox : And it's just phenomenal and I brought it to the company that I worked for now, and I was talking with this manager and he's greenville South Carolina manager.

00:21:36.330 --> 00:21:42.210 Jacob Fox : And i'm just dumping on the previous presentation i'm like yeah there's so many holes in this that they're addressing all these crazy questions.

00:21:42.510 --> 00:21:54.780 Jacob Fox : And just i'm just bashing the hell out of it and, like 10 minutes into this just Tiree the guys like it, by the way, I was like the most instrumental manager and building that presentation, I was like it's actually pretty good.

00:21:54.810 --> 00:21:55.200 What do you think.

00:21:57.930 --> 00:22:05.970 Jacob Fox : Today I was gonna I was thinking on your song I was like yeah you know I don't know how to spin it think positive it's still I think it sounds pretty shitty but it's my brothers so damn.

00:22:06.570 --> 00:22:22.290 Jeremiah Fox: You know, in that that you know, the title of this show officially is hashtag no filter um that's what we're that's what was going to go to YouTube me and my space and the whole world was going to see um and and if.

00:22:23.220 --> 00:22:35.880 Jeremiah Fox: If you don't give a shit then it doesn't it doesn't matter so good, you know transition into the recent Dave chappelle you know debacle where.

00:22:36.390 --> 00:22:49.980 Jeremiah Fox: he's just a creator he makes shit up he makes up jokes he's hacks everybody nobody's off limits, and he has he doesn't have much of a filter he will draw the line somewhere he talks did you watch the show, did you watch the closer.

00:22:50.100 --> 00:22:50.880 Jeremiah Fox: Oh yeah i've watched.

00:22:51.060 --> 00:22:51.960 Jacob Fox : A lot of his stuff.

00:22:51.990 --> 00:22:52.920 Jeremiah Fox: Later, but I mean.

00:22:53.130 --> 00:22:55.080 Jeremiah Fox: his recent one, the one that just came out.

00:22:55.470 --> 00:22:57.690 Jacob Fox : You can't avoid it it's all over it's everywhere.

00:22:57.960 --> 00:23:12.180 Jeremiah Fox: So he's like he said at one point he was like even I knew I fucked up there, you can understand, so he does have a little bit of a filter but um you know he insulted just about everybody in you know that he really went after like.

00:23:13.230 --> 00:23:20.340 Jeremiah Fox: He cast a wide net and you know certain certain groups who are offended in certain groups, you have heard no worse from like.

00:23:20.940 --> 00:23:27.720 Jeremiah Fox: White guys was not care because we think that should is funny and even though the truth hurts sometimes you just have to laugh.

00:23:28.590 --> 00:23:41.130 Jeremiah Fox: But you know I I feel very much the same way, and I think especially I mean I definitely like I get slightly more ships with this show than I do, the odd cast, but with the archives like I really don't care.

00:23:41.970 --> 00:23:42.480 noticed.

00:23:44.220 --> 00:24:02.610 Jeremiah Fox: um I haven't gotten slightly inappropriate here but um, but at this point, I feel like I was still 100 episodes I was, I was famous I was not hits yet, but I was going to be rich and famous soon um that I I just don't care, but yeah it's like I feel like if you're the Creator.

00:24:03.780 --> 00:24:09.240 Jeremiah Fox: You particularly have to have thick skin, to be able to.

00:24:10.740 --> 00:24:17.610 Jeremiah Fox: just hear criticism from anybody and everybody like you're gonna find people I know this from opening a business and opening like.

00:24:17.880 --> 00:24:32.880 Jeremiah Fox: Creative small businesses that you are not going to attract everybody, in fact, you may turn a lot of people off and if you're okay with that, if your successes is measured by the right things for you.

00:24:34.170 --> 00:24:42.900 Jeremiah Fox: Then, then you can be successful and just not care, you know I mean my restaurant turns a lot of people off a lot of people do not.

00:24:43.230 --> 00:24:57.360 Jeremiah Fox: want to eat duck or baby octuplets or a lot of the things that we have on the menu, and I do not have Miller lite and a lot of that stuff's and what's not have the Heineken, that was not have the right again and.

00:24:58.140 --> 00:25:04.530 Jeremiah Fox: If that's your bag then don't come here and i'm not upset by that if you want to go to the place across the street or down the street, because they have those things.

00:25:04.920 --> 00:25:15.780 Jeremiah Fox: that's what you should do i'm doing well enough here we're profiting we're making you know we're making enough money and I attract enough of the people, and I, you know i've seen the negative reviews and people that are out there, they.

00:25:16.380 --> 00:25:28.050 Jeremiah Fox: don't care I don't care so when you don't care, but was very was this great sense of liberation, where I can go into the world and feel free and run my hands, through my hair and was not care.

00:25:28.710 --> 00:25:35.640 Jacob Fox : So i'll try to relate this to the my take on this to the to the show it's an entrepreneurial show i'm a salesman a sales manager.

00:25:36.870 --> 00:25:48.990 Jacob Fox : And i'll kind of give you my sales spin on this, so in sales we experienced rejection and and i'll get into this in a second yeah I don't want to go off on a rant because I can rant on sales stuff and just concept.

00:25:49.230 --> 00:25:51.000 Jeremiah Fox: You have five minutes until the next break.

00:25:51.570 --> 00:25:54.630 Jacob Fox : Alright, so i'll try to i'll try to make this a reader's digest version so.

00:25:54.990 --> 00:26:01.470 Jacob Fox : you're going to experience rejection and the people that can experience the rejection and move on from it are the successful ones so.

00:26:01.770 --> 00:26:05.700 Jacob Fox : The number one reason that more sales aren't made in any industry is customers feel.

00:26:06.090 --> 00:26:11.580 Jacob Fox : their fear of making a bad buying decision we've all made bad buying decisions, my goodness i'll go have a lunch somewhere.

00:26:11.970 --> 00:26:19.830 Jacob Fox : And i've never been before my stomach is kurtulan i've got to get back to the office or home within 15 minutes while I just made a bad buying decision that I regret.

00:26:20.130 --> 00:26:28.560 Jacob Fox : And what ends up happening is when people go into conversations with sales people the bad buying decision that they've made throughout their lives, start to fester up from the subconscious.

00:26:29.010 --> 00:26:35.100 Jacob Fox : They remind themselves of the buick that they bought that had an oil leak in the salesman it and tell them the timeshare that they bought that didn't.

00:26:35.280 --> 00:26:40.560 Jacob Fox : You know, travel and exchange the way that they were told it was and sales people have this stigma around that well.

00:26:41.010 --> 00:26:49.320 Jacob Fox : We as salespeople we don't have a lot of control over that, but we do need to be aware that sometimes people want to buy on their terms because they've made bad decisions buying decisions.

00:26:49.740 --> 00:26:57.090 Jacob Fox : In the past, well, the number two reason that more sales aren't made in any line of work cars real estate investments, you name it.

00:26:57.330 --> 00:27:04.200 Jacob Fox : Is our fear as salespeople and that's our fear of rejection and it ties back to self esteem and i'll get to that in just a second so.

00:27:04.470 --> 00:27:10.140 Jacob Fox : i'll prove to you that this is true real quick let's say Jeremiah that you're a salesperson and you're selling.

00:27:10.860 --> 00:27:15.120 Jacob Fox : let's say you're selling your spirits to liquor stores wine stores and such in New York.

00:27:15.570 --> 00:27:23.070 Jacob Fox : And let's say that your your company hired a marketing firm and the marketing firm had made a route for you and the route was so precise.

00:27:23.280 --> 00:27:37.080 Jacob Fox : That these business owners are guaranteed to be in the business when you go and they're guaranteed to be ready to have a conversation, and they have the qualifying credit to buy if you had that list it was so precise, it was only good for one day, would you have time for coffee breaks.

00:27:38.760 --> 00:27:39.300 Jeremiah Fox: Would I.

00:27:39.360 --> 00:27:42.150 Jeremiah Fox: Would yeah I would not take time for coffee breaks.

00:27:42.570 --> 00:27:47.790 Jacob Fox : Exactly, would you have time for a sit down lunch in any of these things well, of course, the answer is no.

00:27:48.270 --> 00:27:54.060 Jacob Fox : But here's the thing, the only difference between real life and that scenario, with the marketing firm.

00:27:54.420 --> 00:28:03.000 Jacob Fox : Is rejection is that rejection is inevitable and that you're going to experience it and that's why more sales aren't made more sales aren't made because we're not talking to enough people.

00:28:03.300 --> 00:28:05.640 Jacob Fox : The rejection bothers us because of our self esteem.

00:28:05.910 --> 00:28:12.330 Jacob Fox : Things that you see like eating duck or whatever in a restaurant people having that on their menu it's because your self esteem is low.

00:28:12.510 --> 00:28:19.050 Jacob Fox : The higher your self esteem, is the more broad range different ages, race, sex, gender, you name it that you can make friends with.

00:28:19.350 --> 00:28:26.850 Jacob Fox : And you'll the more rejection, you can handle as well you've already made up your mind that you feel good about yourself, and no one else with an outside influence of rejection.

00:28:27.210 --> 00:28:31.200 Jacob Fox : and telling you know to your offering your proposition, which has nothing to do you.

00:28:31.500 --> 00:28:38.010 Jacob Fox : can affect your self esteem, so it becomes a one way train where when you sell people buy from people they like you more.

00:28:38.190 --> 00:28:44.160 Jacob Fox : Your self esteem goes up you feel good about what you do there's an old saying in sales, we say the best time to make a sale is right after making a sale.

00:28:44.400 --> 00:28:49.950 Jacob Fox : Of course it does, because your self esteem has been reaffirmed that you're good at what you do that's why people do monstrous.

00:28:50.250 --> 00:28:58.470 Jacob Fox : While, on the other side of that there is nothing that someone can say to me that's going to affect my self esteem and I guess to close this you we've all know people like this.

00:28:58.740 --> 00:29:03.570 Jacob Fox : People with low self esteem, they can only make friends with people have a very even keeled temperament.

00:29:03.900 --> 00:29:11.820 Jacob Fox : They can't make friends with people that are much older than them are much younger than them or come from a different walk of life, a different background a different part of the world.

00:29:12.390 --> 00:29:20.310 Jacob Fox : Different belief system different religion, those people will always struggle, making friends with those types of people because their self esteem is low same with the people.

00:29:20.820 --> 00:29:33.660 Jacob Fox : That get bent out of shape over every little thing they see sales people we've got to take pride in not letting things bother you you just got to keep it moving that's why i'm David goggins book is called can't hurt me hmm.

00:29:34.590 --> 00:29:40.920 Jeremiah Fox: So I just you know, a couple things about that one of the things we were talking about an MMA just yesterday.

00:29:41.370 --> 00:29:51.840 Jeremiah Fox: You know in there would like some providers for some guys it's not we're not we're never going to be, you know fighters that way whenever you know no intention to being pro we're just doing this because it's fun we'd like to get kicked and punched in the head.

00:29:53.070 --> 00:29:54.810 Jeremiah Fox: And, and I was just saying at the end of the class like.

00:29:55.710 --> 00:29:59.760 Jeremiah Fox: Every time you're in a bad position in MMA class they were like get up.

00:30:00.090 --> 00:30:16.740 Jeremiah Fox: just get up like it's always get up here and bottom close guard get up here in the bottom a turtle get up you're up against spence get them off be able to stand up and have your hands on um and and you know you hear it all the time, like failure is inevitable, like winning is not guaranteed.

00:30:17.850 --> 00:30:22.470 Jeremiah Fox: Failure is like you're going to make mistakes you're going to blunder you're going to fall.

00:30:23.550 --> 00:30:35.160 Jeremiah Fox: How quickly you just get the Fuck back up is really going to determine your set success and you were saying like you're getting at the more people you talk to the higher your your your potential for.

00:30:36.120 --> 00:30:47.850 Jeremiah Fox: for getting a yes is so like if you, you know you got 10 people that you want to talk and you, you, you know you allocate i'm going to go see 10 people today how many sales, will you likely get.

00:30:48.570 --> 00:30:55.500 Jeremiah Fox: One two if your average, but if you go to see 20 and you're still average.

00:30:56.070 --> 00:31:01.890 Jeremiah Fox: you'll probably make four or five and the more successes, as you said you get will lead you to.

00:31:02.100 --> 00:31:12.060 Jeremiah Fox: An even higher number of successes and the other thing you're talking about marketing like right now we're doing no marketing because everything's all fucked up we're just like showing up every day, but once you have that confidence.

00:31:13.020 --> 00:31:16.830 Jeremiah Fox: In your shit and you market that confidence.

00:31:17.610 --> 00:31:29.340 Jeremiah Fox: that's when I think you really kill it like not just marketing not just like oh hi X, Y Z, this is what we do like yeah no shit everybody knows that oh you're a restaurant, you have food Fuck that's crazy, you know.

00:31:29.580 --> 00:31:33.360 Jeremiah Fox: Like you have to really market your confidence like.

00:31:33.810 --> 00:31:46.080 Jeremiah Fox: like this is what we do it's not about making food it's about this component of what we do and like wearing here, and then you attract like for me at least that's like i'm attracting the people that are.

00:31:46.350 --> 00:31:56.220 Jeremiah Fox: i'm looking to attract the people that see that and want that it's more like lifestyle than anything else, and that was happened when you become rich and famous like.

00:31:56.310 --> 00:31:59.880 Jacob Fox : Well, people like people that are like themselves or like how they want to be people.

00:31:59.910 --> 00:32:00.990 Jacob Fox : forget that second part.

00:32:01.350 --> 00:32:04.590 Jacob Fox : That it's not just people that are like you, but people that are like how you want to be you.

00:32:04.590 --> 00:32:05.850 Jeremiah Fox: want to be who you want to be.

00:32:06.660 --> 00:32:14.040 Jacob Fox : that's the second portion of that is oftentimes forgotten when people say people like people that are like themselves people like people that are like themselves or like how they want to be.

00:32:14.580 --> 00:32:15.450 Jeremiah Fox: yeah exactly.

00:32:15.480 --> 00:32:17.250 Jacob Fox : And then think about how will go ahead.

00:32:17.640 --> 00:32:20.160 Jeremiah Fox: I was gonna say that's why I was selling high profile stuff.

00:32:21.780 --> 00:32:35.040 Jacob Fox : and think about what with all That being said, how fragile someone must be if something on a menu if they allow something on a menu to bother them how weak and fragile that individual must be scary that that's that's that's the world we live in.

00:32:35.310 --> 00:32:35.520 Jeremiah Fox: I mean.

00:32:36.000 --> 00:32:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: He was like our sister.

00:32:36.900 --> 00:32:37.500 Jeremiah Fox: Like our sister.

00:32:38.400 --> 00:32:38.790 yeah.

00:32:40.260 --> 00:32:41.850 Jeremiah Fox: For all right yeah.

00:32:43.980 --> 00:32:46.950 Jeremiah Fox: gonna take another break we'll be back in a few everybody hang tight.

00:35:26.970 --> 00:35:39.210 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back and we just tuning in the entrepreneurial web episode 101 that's right we cross the milestone and we're looking forward to like when we're the Joe rogan 1633 episode.

00:35:39.630 --> 00:35:46.800 Jeremiah Fox: Here, with my little brother Jacob fox he's in North Carolina he's a sales manager for who.

00:35:48.300 --> 00:35:51.150 Jacob Fox : will be disclosed you've already said some stuff that I should probably leave it out.

00:35:52.650 --> 00:35:56.730 Jacob Fox : Well i'll say, one of the one of the top 10 largest home security and automation companies.

00:35:56.970 --> 00:35:57.780 nationwide.

00:35:58.800 --> 00:36:05.970 Jacob Fox : number five in the residential deposit department, I guess, you could say it's broken up into different different divisions and such.

00:36:06.510 --> 00:36:17.250 Jacob Fox : But I consider myself a sales leader, not a sales manager, because you can't you can't you literally cannot manage people it's impossible to manage people you can't you can only manage processes.

00:36:17.430 --> 00:36:18.810 Jacob Fox : And this is a big failure that.

00:36:19.020 --> 00:36:24.210 Jacob Fox : That managers do they manage their processes and they don't lead and inspire their people.

00:36:24.990 --> 00:36:31.500 Jacob Fox : If you if you make it about the processes, then you skip the people but it's all about the people you care about the people.

00:36:32.040 --> 00:36:36.060 Jacob Fox : And the people can take care of the processes, you know people talk about leaders.

00:36:36.450 --> 00:36:43.530 Jacob Fox : And everyone else, I want to be a leader, I want to be in charge you're not in charge you're responsible for those in your charge.

00:36:43.890 --> 00:36:50.910 Jacob Fox : And being a leader you got to be careful, it is a you know you're a servant as a leader you're a servant to your people and being a leader.

00:36:51.330 --> 00:37:00.060 Jacob Fox : Is it's it's like being a priest man it's a thankless job you know there's there's a lot, you have to give up the selfishness, that you really have to give up.

00:37:01.440 --> 00:37:14.370 Jacob Fox : Avoiding negativity you just you cannot, you have to be a filter to avoid letting negativity get to your people from any various source from the rejection from price and promotional changes industry changes, you name it.

00:37:15.390 --> 00:37:20.130 Jacob Fox : So I don't consider myself a manager, in fact, I hardly manage anything my people manage the day in and day out.

00:37:21.210 --> 00:37:28.410 Jacob Fox : I manage my people it's if you ever seen Simon cynics stuff I love Simon sick, he says he talks to some B or C level executive and they.

00:37:28.800 --> 00:37:40.980 Jacob Fox : He says to them, you know what's important to you what what drives you and he puts his hands on his hips and he's proud and he says, my customer and Simon cynics as maybe i've talked to a customer 15 years.

00:37:41.040 --> 00:37:41.310 No.

00:37:44.940 --> 00:38:01.170 Jeremiah Fox: No it's true and and i've experienced the same thing climbing from you know dishwasher to owner you get to the top and then it just builds back down and now you're you're literally subservient to all your employees and all of your customers.

00:38:01.350 --> 00:38:02.670 Jacob Fox : That you're not an empathetic.

00:38:03.090 --> 00:38:13.350 Jeremiah Fox: And yeah and you're not you're not in charge, I mean the old saying like you know granny the wisdom to control the things that I can and know.

00:38:14.550 --> 00:38:19.620 Jeremiah Fox: To you know how to recognize the things that I can't and people are like like I have children, you can't control.

00:38:20.460 --> 00:38:28.620 Jeremiah Fox: Your i'm sure like if you're if you're a parent need to control your child you're out of your mind I got a three year old that'll drop me to my knees and tears.

00:38:28.950 --> 00:38:38.280 Jeremiah Fox: it's just awful so yeah don't try to control the people that the processes you sound like Tony do over there for a minute, you know, like your processes.

00:38:38.940 --> 00:38:58.530 Jeremiah Fox: The controllable the non variable things those like you that's your holy grail, you know that's your North star you got your book and you walk around with that that should isn't that is chiseled in like the 10 commandments squat and and let them Let that be, you know your leadership.

00:38:59.340 --> 00:39:04.260 Jacob Fox : yeah and Tony do I mean he looks like he's there's kind of there's there's there's levels in.

00:39:04.620 --> 00:39:09.750 Jacob Fox : What I get to me what I consider the final stage of leadership being fulfillment.

00:39:10.050 --> 00:39:20.430 Jacob Fox : You know there's there's money and then there's pride and there's all these things as you build to success and people want to be successful, but a step above successful is fulfilled.

00:39:20.700 --> 00:39:28.080 Jacob Fox : And I can't tell you, if if Tony has gotten to fulfill yet, but I can tell you that Tony has definitely gotten to to successful I mean.

00:39:28.500 --> 00:39:37.500 Jacob Fox : By all means i'm sure he feels quite fulfilled when he looks back and all the hard work and everything that he's put into building just what I every time I go back to Virginia beach the bigger.

00:39:38.250 --> 00:39:52.650 Jacob Fox : The the empire that he's built and it's because of doing things like caring about your people really caring not oh yeah patch on the back how's little whatever I mean really genuinely caring about your people and putting them before yourself.

00:39:53.730 --> 00:40:01.980 Jacob Fox : And people get when they when they hear the leaders they think managers, they think that to be a leader, you have to be a manager, but leadership is is is.

00:40:02.340 --> 00:40:08.490 Jacob Fox : Its full circle it's encompassing so meaning, you can lead laterally I can lead other people have my equal rank.

00:40:08.910 --> 00:40:22.680 Jacob Fox : I don't manage them, but I can lead them and then there's the week have you absolutely weakest type of an jocko willing talks about this in extreme ownership, the weakest type of leadership is positional leadership positional leadership is do this because I told you to.

00:40:22.860 --> 00:40:32.070 Jacob Fox : write that is the number you can't think of any better reason for someone to do something at for their own good, perhaps then because you told them to because you're ahead of them in rank.

00:40:32.400 --> 00:40:41.520 Jacob Fox : that's the reason that's the best that we can come up with and that's getting into managing but my opinion, the strongest form of leadership is those that can lead up.

00:40:42.150 --> 00:40:51.690 Jacob Fox : Those that that people above them say that was really good I can implement that in my leadership style and its leadership doesn't there's no rank and file.

00:40:51.990 --> 00:41:02.190 Jacob Fox : and leadership it's you anyone can be a leader and grow themselves into being a more powerful leader here's one for you, you know what what oftentimes people don't think of when it comes to leadership.

00:41:02.970 --> 00:41:05.790 Jacob Fox : curiosity leaders need to be curious.

00:41:06.660 --> 00:41:17.970 Jacob Fox : curious curious leader will empower their people, if any, if anybody out there's listening and they are constantly answering questions you're becoming a human dictionary and you're keeping your people from.

00:41:18.270 --> 00:41:25.290 Jacob Fox : Being able to think on their own and developing skills that are going to allow them to think in real time when I say a leader is curious.

00:41:25.740 --> 00:41:32.880 Jacob Fox : let's say one of my REPS calls me and says hey you know i'm dealing with a customer right now how much is this outdoor camera.

00:41:33.810 --> 00:41:39.540 Jacob Fox : Well, for depending on if it's an urgent situation i'll give them the answer, but if not i'll say, have you had a look at the promotion.

00:41:40.530 --> 00:41:49.440 Jacob Fox : i'm curious Have you had a look at the promotion because it's in there well now next time I don't get that call because they're thinking oh he's going to tell me, I need to look at the promotion.

00:41:49.950 --> 00:41:56.580 Jacob Fox : And the more did I don't mean curious like a why have you worked hard curiosity with meaning with substance.

00:41:57.240 --> 00:42:02.880 Jacob Fox : will encourage your people to be able to think on their own and develop themselves perhaps into leaders as well.

00:42:03.780 --> 00:42:12.060 Jacob Fox : Many times not something that often comes to mind when it comes to leadership, of course, the empathy the positivity the loyalty there's a number of things, but.

00:42:12.270 --> 00:42:25.110 Jacob Fox : Real leaders are curious get curious about your people get curious what's going on in their personal lives get curious what their pain points are get curious about their their work life, just get curious ask questions.

00:42:25.860 --> 00:42:28.800 Jacob Fox : Not the first thing people think of but it's a very powerful tool and leadership.

00:42:29.400 --> 00:42:43.530 Jeremiah Fox: And and going back to what you were saying about Tony as well is you know, demonstrating that curiosity so for a guy like him, I don't think fulfillment is achievable, because his vessel is so big you know.

00:42:44.340 --> 00:42:45.090 Jacob Fox : there's worse problems.

00:42:45.660 --> 00:42:47.820 Jeremiah Fox: Like the kuchi, of course.

00:42:52.080 --> 00:42:54.870 Jacob Fox : he's talking about frank he's talking about frank hoochie the guy that started ads.

00:42:54.870 --> 00:42:55.590 Jacob Fox : academy right.

00:42:55.680 --> 00:43:07.800 Jeremiah Fox: Exactly, so you know my old instructor used to say, if you get to a well a water well and your your vessel is too small supply is not the issue.

00:43:08.190 --> 00:43:17.070 Jeremiah Fox: You know and and Tony just like he literally carries around like the biggest chalice you know he demonstrates that curiosity.

00:43:17.610 --> 00:43:23.400 Jeremiah Fox: And I think that's what's inspiring about him he's hungry like a like a like a 15 year old.

00:43:24.090 --> 00:43:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: You know freshman wrestler who wants to be an ncaa nc double a champ like still he's that hungry, you know when you talk to him, and you hear his excitement and his passion and he's he's still looking.

00:43:37.260 --> 00:43:47.130 Jeremiah Fox: For all these things, and he man he put me on the spot so many times in this clubhouse room asking good questions like that and had me just like bumbling.

00:43:47.460 --> 00:43:51.570 Jeremiah Fox: And it was funny because, like it was shit that I knew, but when you're you know.

00:43:51.930 --> 00:44:06.510 Jeremiah Fox: you're in this room there's like 75 people he's got you on as one of like the panelists you know you're one of the top guys up at the top, I know, like maybe you know you're at work and you get engaged in something, but you still hear the conversation, just like Jeremiah I got like.

00:44:06.840 --> 00:44:08.970 Jeremiah Fox: I wasn't paying attention, or like I you know.

00:44:09.270 --> 00:44:20.400 Jeremiah Fox: I don't I wasn't walking around committing those things like you said, like it's in the pamphlet broke like it's things that we've gone over so many times so it's funny because I flipped it on him and I had him back on the show.

00:44:21.480 --> 00:44:31.590 Jeremiah Fox: On this show is the second time on and I made notes finally over the course of a few weeks in the clubhouse room What are his big questions, what is he asked everybody that we all Fuck up on.

00:44:32.010 --> 00:44:39.600 Jeremiah Fox: And I turned it on him I brought him on the show and I asked him those questions, so I got like the one on one in depth answer and.

00:44:39.960 --> 00:44:48.660 Jeremiah Fox: i'm was recorded, so I can always go back and reference, the ones, and remember all that stuff's but it worked in terms of like.

00:44:49.110 --> 00:45:01.320 Jeremiah Fox: It feeling it in my brain and it sucks because he doesn't really do those rooms anymore, and all people only remember the times that I was Fuck up the answer and I didn't get a chance to be myself and do it that way.

00:45:03.720 --> 00:45:12.840 Jacob Fox : that's good these people that have been listening to like why don't you talk like that why Why is he talking like that I don't understand the artist, he is and Why is he where the silly shirt.

00:45:13.170 --> 00:45:15.660 Jacob Fox : Two different into our Sunday show it will make sense of it, you know.

00:45:15.930 --> 00:45:18.390 Jeremiah Fox: Cultural misappropriation hashtag.

00:45:19.230 --> 00:45:22.470 Jacob Fox : No fillers a lot of things that are not appropriate about you host.

00:45:22.530 --> 00:45:25.470 Jeremiah Fox: hashtag ever forgets all right.

00:45:26.610 --> 00:45:32.490 Jeremiah Fox: we're gonna take our last break and come back and we will actually talk about podcasting for the last portion I promise.

00:45:34.320 --> 00:45:35.580 Jeremiah Fox: hang tight everybody will be right back.

00:47:41.040 --> 00:47:47.790 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, everybody wrapping it up as promised here with my brother Jacob socks we over a year ago started an instagram live.

00:47:51.060 --> 00:48:03.180 Jeremiah Fox: zorro brothers on cast that name is complex, oh did we lose we lose you, I think we lost him for a moment, give him a moment to get back on so we started this instagram live.

00:48:04.200 --> 00:48:07.860 Jeremiah Fox: As our main platform to distribute and.

00:48:09.870 --> 00:48:16.290 Jeremiah Fox: Air our podcast as a number different ways, you can do it, but instagram live as a great functionality now.

00:48:16.770 --> 00:48:27.720 Jeremiah Fox: When we first started, you could only have two people on, but now you can have up to four people so it's a very good free budget way to you've got to turn was have to turn yourself there you go.

00:48:29.040 --> 00:48:34.020 Jeremiah Fox: Free way to get to get yourself up and running, if you want to start a podcast or an odd cast.

00:48:34.650 --> 00:48:42.960 Jeremiah Fox: The only requirement for your guests, is that they have an instagram account to join and they can hop right on, and you can have up to four people at a time which is really great I.

00:48:43.410 --> 00:48:51.420 Jeremiah Fox: don't believe Facebook offers that functionality yet or Twitter linkedin possibly but you got to like request to.

00:48:52.050 --> 00:49:03.810 Jeremiah Fox: be able to do live on linkedin instagram you just get to do it just make sure you do the updates because we've had a few guests that was Come on, and was not do the updates, that was not able to come on um so we You said something.

00:49:05.040 --> 00:49:17.460 Jeremiah Fox: very compelling at the beginning of the show and I asked about the podcast and you said, people watch people do watch when do people watch it's a live program much like this, when when do most people watch.

00:49:17.940 --> 00:49:21.180 Jacob Fox : After the fact, because we can see how many people are watching and real time.

00:49:21.540 --> 00:49:23.640 Jeremiah Fox: But yes light bulb will go on yeah.

00:49:24.150 --> 00:49:34.230 Jacob Fox : People will come at midnight it's baffling to me the attention that we've gotten there like that people asked me like how much money we're making on it, of course, we know our radio people approaching us and whatnot.

00:49:34.650 --> 00:49:44.190 Jacob Fox : um yeah it's it's super interesting to see that, like you actually are getting traction at the end of the day, I have fun with it either way, so you know it's.

00:49:44.340 --> 00:49:44.580 Jeremiah Fox: Right.

00:49:44.610 --> 00:49:52.200 Jacob Fox : it's not it's not like like Hickson gracie says, if I if I fight you for money i'll stop when the referee tells me if I thought you for on or i'll stop when I wanted.

00:49:52.440 --> 00:49:56.100 Jacob Fox : Right, well, we don't do this for money we do to have fun, so it will stop it when we want it.

00:49:56.340 --> 00:50:09.570 Jeremiah Fox: Exactly exactly, and it is true, like so we do this, show on instagram live a post to Jacobs feed and then I copy it I save it and I.

00:50:10.080 --> 00:50:18.060 Jeremiah Fox: posted to my Facebook page which he gets to then share on to his Facebook profile so then we start to get magnified.

00:50:19.050 --> 00:50:23.340 Jeremiah Fox: viewership from there, and I think we may probably get more views on Facebook.

00:50:23.700 --> 00:50:34.890 Jeremiah Fox: When we post it there, and the other great thing about Facebook and linkedin is that you can you can post long form video I mean like long form sometimes the show's over an hour and Facebook and linkedin will put the whole thing up instagram.

00:50:35.280 --> 00:50:47.850 Jeremiah Fox: You gotta chop it up into a bunch of little segments you're going to do that sub 10 minutes and it's a pain in the ass Twitter only gives you like to our two up two minutes and 20 seconds something to that effect so tick tock it's like 15 seconds.

00:50:49.260 --> 00:50:50.070 Jacob Fox : For little kids man.

00:50:50.130 --> 00:51:01.410 Jeremiah Fox: yeah but uh but I cut it I do cut it up into small I do cut it up into tick tock size bits for promotion and what i've noticed from this show, especially now that i've been working.

00:51:02.820 --> 00:51:11.040 Jeremiah Fox: With a company that cannot reveal who the mastermind is behind it just yet, but all will be known one day very soon.

00:51:11.970 --> 00:51:24.570 Jeremiah Fox: i'm getting this show caught up into anywhere from 15 second to like more than two minute segments in bits and pieces and distributing that through outs Twitter Facebook instagram.

00:51:25.440 --> 00:51:39.780 Jeremiah Fox: linkedin and tick tock um and then you really get this magnified view where like maybe the show you know the it goes the Facebook live video goes to the stations on Facebook.

00:51:40.290 --> 00:51:50.490 Jeremiah Fox: Professional page, and you know, sometimes we'll get like 50 to 100 or 200 views the one Bobby seeger let's get over 300 the guy was kill it, but he was hitting famous.

00:51:52.650 --> 00:52:03.570 Jeremiah Fox: You know oftentimes though it doesn't that get that many views, but when you when you add up all the views from all the different channels once I chop it up, then you've got like a meaty portion.

00:52:04.050 --> 00:52:11.910 Jeremiah Fox: Immediate engagement and then that's only the people that you know it's only what the algorithm is telling me that they see and you get the lights and everything, but then I get people stuff from the all the time, saying.

00:52:12.150 --> 00:52:18.720 Jeremiah Fox: This one dude that I trained, with all the time, never liked anything he's never liked commented or liked or anything on anything that I put out.

00:52:19.050 --> 00:52:27.420 Jeremiah Fox: And he was just telling you the day is like y'all my girl, and I watched the shit all the time, and she was like it was he famous he goes he's about to be and I was like corolla.

00:52:27.870 --> 00:52:29.010 Jeremiah Fox: You might get onto something.

00:52:29.190 --> 00:52:30.030 Jacob Fox : His brother is.

00:52:32.010 --> 00:52:33.030 Jeremiah Fox: Was way ahead of you.

00:52:33.600 --> 00:52:34.350 Jacob Fox : I was headed right.

00:52:34.560 --> 00:52:38.820 Jeremiah Fox: I was have more hair, I was having better hash squads I was going for the.

00:52:39.900 --> 00:52:42.180 Jeremiah Fox: dawn Jana her style of fame.

00:52:42.960 --> 00:52:45.120 Jacob Fox : Right gets off and shorts.

00:52:46.800 --> 00:52:46.980 Jeremiah Fox: But.

00:52:47.010 --> 00:52:48.150 Jeremiah Fox: If you could have scored.

00:52:48.840 --> 00:52:56.070 Jacob Fox : yeah it's funny with with starting something like this because i've had people that i've talked to over the past year, especially the last six months, where the traction is kind of picked up.

00:52:56.520 --> 00:53:05.340 Jacob Fox : And they're like yeah you know i've thought about doing something like that i'm just scared you know I thought it, I thought about doing something like that it just you know I just don't want to say that wouldn't go well.

00:53:05.610 --> 00:53:06.960 Jeremiah Fox: Back to that confidence.

00:53:07.290 --> 00:53:12.450 Jacob Fox : yeah well, I mean in self esteem I don't care if it doesn't go well i'm having fun.

00:53:12.960 --> 00:53:19.860 Jacob Fox : You know and, and I say this to sales people all the time it gets back to rejection when you go out in the field when you prospect, when you start a show.

00:53:20.160 --> 00:53:41.850 Jacob Fox : What do you have you have nothing so you can't be scared to lose something that you don't have fear of failure, fear of failure, can be just it's it's exorbitant fear of failure is just an incredibly powerful parasitic thing you just cannot walk through your life scared to fail it's.

00:53:41.940 --> 00:53:43.980 Jacob Fox : Like you said earlier it's it's gonna happen.

00:53:44.160 --> 00:53:48.090 Jacob Fox : I either win or I learn fail good get up to do it again.

00:53:48.150 --> 00:53:49.860 Jacob Fox : You know schedule what kids.

00:53:49.950 --> 00:53:58.530 Jeremiah Fox: Good get up and it ties into anxiety and anxiety is a fear of the future it's a fear of what has not happened yet.

00:53:58.890 --> 00:54:07.140 Jeremiah Fox: I didn't just said, makes very little sense to me like every now and then I get a little anxious and I remind myself like yeah but nothing has happened, yet I haven't lost nothing yet you know.

00:54:07.470 --> 00:54:20.400 Jeremiah Fox: And if people tell me all the time, like my boy matt valenti trying to get him to come on last week, and he was just like i'm not confident and, like all you have to do is talk and be as goofy as we are all the time, you know.

00:54:20.520 --> 00:54:21.660 Jacob Fox : What the other night together.

00:54:22.230 --> 00:54:27.960 Jacob Fox : And the other thing about, that is, you know how I can I can guarantee that you're not going to gain confidence if you keep saying.

00:54:28.320 --> 00:54:34.020 Jacob Fox : i'm not confident you know people say seeing is believing but it's the opposite, believing is seeing.

00:54:34.380 --> 00:54:40.440 Jacob Fox : You will never see something into fruition, if you don't believe it first so as long as you keep saying i've mentioned mantras earlier.

00:54:40.680 --> 00:54:49.560 Jacob Fox : i'm a great salesman this is goes back to like Tony robbins in the 80s and stuff I like myself right all these old mantra as well, I talked about this, the last time I was on your radio show.

00:54:49.770 --> 00:54:56.670 Jacob Fox : This subconscious is what's taking that on this subconscious doesn't have an opinion to say, well, maybe I, like myself, or maybe I don't.

00:54:56.880 --> 00:55:04.890 Jacob Fox : It simply accept those things as opinions and now it's going to give you the behaviors that are consistent with what you told yourself, you are, and if you keep telling yourself.

00:55:05.190 --> 00:55:14.280 Jacob Fox : i'm not confident I guarantee one thing's gonna continue happening you're not going to have confidence you got that people, the way we don't think about what we think about.

00:55:14.910 --> 00:55:25.860 Jacob Fox : And the things that goes through our brains, if you allow them to they can just eat you alive like like beings I hear the pills and medications that people take frank what what it hasn't even come yet.

00:55:26.220 --> 00:55:34.500 Jacob Fox : How can you be scared you don't even know you could win the lottery, you could meet your soulmate like that day that night, but if you're too anxious your.

00:55:34.920 --> 00:55:38.130 Jacob Fox : Two ships passing in the night you're going to miss opportunities by thinking about.

00:55:38.460 --> 00:55:46.320 Jacob Fox : Something that you have no can you talk about this earlier, I have absolutely no control over things other than building them in real time now.

00:55:46.710 --> 00:55:53.160 Jacob Fox : what's going to happen in the future, and that the sad part is you're not building out the things that you want, for your future.

00:55:53.370 --> 00:56:00.420 Jacob Fox : Because they're they're happening right now, when you're worried about that, instead of being here, in the present where you can affect what occurs in the future, sad.

00:56:00.900 --> 00:56:15.960 Jeremiah Fox: It is um you know my my old instructor also used to say, the thing that you want to do the least is the thing that you need to do the most I, like the one hick flair was saying we set it up the chop if you don't like it learn to love it.

00:56:16.530 --> 00:56:17.760 Jacob Fox : Because it's, the best thing going.

00:56:17.790 --> 00:56:18.900 Jeremiah Fox: that's what I was good for.

00:56:21.180 --> 00:56:28.620 Jacob Fox : that's what he used to say, and I was muted when I said that was the next slide to start your story of my life dude muted myself right through it love it.

00:56:28.740 --> 00:56:34.560 Jeremiah Fox: We got we got there and and and tying back into the MMA practice and I set it on on the I guess.

00:56:34.860 --> 00:56:43.110 Jeremiah Fox: Like I don't want to go I dread it I fucking hate it like i'm like i'm gonna get my ass Well, this is gonna be awful it's going to be embarrassing it's just like.

00:56:43.650 --> 00:56:50.610 Jeremiah Fox: it's been my ego up you know it's been like my oh I train on top I you know, and I get an air and i'm like a rag doll you know.

00:56:50.880 --> 00:57:03.300 Jeremiah Fox: But i'm forcing myself to go, because every day I get just like a touch better, and I know that I will never get to that point if I don't do it, so I just like drag myself there as awful as it is.

00:57:03.570 --> 00:57:06.840 Jeremiah Fox: On no sleep like everything's just a mess and i'm like you know what.

00:57:07.020 --> 00:57:15.000 Jeremiah Fox: i'm just going to do it anyways and that's like I think the most important thing, like really there's something that you want to get done and you're Dreading it like you need to just do it.

00:57:15.210 --> 00:57:23.730 Jeremiah Fox: You know, as long as it's like i'm not talking about like hey I want to be able to fly so i'm going to jump off of like the golden gate bridge and to see if it happens that's not what we was talking about.

00:57:24.480 --> 00:57:30.720 Jacob Fox : So it leads to the interest you used an interesting word their ego you know and i've.

00:57:31.290 --> 00:57:37.500 Jacob Fox : kind of come from the school of hard knocks I I learned the benefits of hard work by not working hard and seeing.

00:57:37.950 --> 00:57:49.560 Jacob Fox : You know that there's a lack of freedom that goes into a lack of discipline and, of course, when you gain discipline you gain freedom, and it was the same with my ego I used to I mean you know me man.

00:57:50.400 --> 00:57:58.470 Jacob Fox : I used to have this massive ego yeah and and I didn't understand until it came to a boiling point where I just wouldn't listen to people.

00:57:59.100 --> 00:58:08.820 Jacob Fox : How detrimental and just toxic the ego is and especially we've talked a little about leadership today for the aspiring leaders out there checking that ego.

00:58:09.150 --> 00:58:17.580 Jacob Fox : is like it's a conscious effort it's something you you've constantly got to be aware of, and it comes down to what we talked about being curious being able to learn.

00:58:17.940 --> 00:58:25.920 Jacob Fox : If you just think you're right all the time, and you think you're something even if you are even if you are great if you tell yourself you're great that you won't listen to people.

00:58:26.490 --> 00:58:42.450 Jacob Fox : That you're that you're just too great you're above these things you stop growing and as as human beings we've got to continue growing and learning from A to Z from cradle to grave we are learning living organisms and you've got to have your ego in check.

00:58:43.800 --> 00:58:47.820 Jacob Fox : or you'll stop learning and and that's that's a slippery slope that's a scary place.

00:58:48.270 --> 00:58:55.260 Jeremiah Fox: that's why everybody so important that you is to that you just because he was have to leave your ego at the door, because you come in they're all tough guy.

00:58:55.560 --> 00:59:01.470 Jeremiah Fox: And little girls going to put you down they're going to put you on your MAC and what's gonna what that's what happened to be at least.

00:59:02.010 --> 00:59:03.030 Jacob Fox : We know a thing or two because.

00:59:03.030 --> 00:59:03.390 Jeremiah Fox: we've seen.

00:59:05.040 --> 00:59:11.970 Jeremiah Fox: What I always we gotta wrap up but I, you know what you were just saying is I get that you got to stay curious to like look at it this way, what happens to the line that doesn't he.

00:59:14.790 --> 00:59:15.300 Jacob Fox : doesn't he.

00:59:15.720 --> 00:59:28.500 Jeremiah Fox: doesn't he dies, because nobody was going to cannot do the grub hub not have the thumbs was not going to work that way yeah so I like curiosity, who stay hungry all those things.

00:59:29.790 --> 00:59:42.750 Jeremiah Fox: You know if you get knocked down get up and if you're afraid go at it go at it not like actually with the lion but you know be be smart be safe by the listen to uncle notch.

00:59:44.010 --> 00:59:47.490 Jeremiah Fox: By my DVDs and come to my seminar with that.

00:59:48.180 --> 00:59:49.710 Jeremiah Fox: we're going to have to sign off everybody.

00:59:51.390 --> 01:00:05.550 Jeremiah Fox: Once again zero brothers odd cast Sundays to 15 PM Eastern standard time on instagram live, if you like, what you see here, or you just want to troll you want to track those guys on Twitter, which is not a heel place.

01:00:06.660 --> 01:00:09.600 Jeremiah Fox: Come bring all you love bring all your ah.

01:00:09.900 --> 01:00:12.000 Jacob Fox : I my my handle is Jacob fox.

01:00:12.000 --> 01:00:17.250 Jacob Fox : bb and I don't know where you got your handle from but Jeremiah it.

01:00:18.630 --> 01:00:20.340 Jacob Fox : Is it, what is it the kids or something.

01:00:21.000 --> 01:00:21.420 No.

01:00:22.500 --> 01:00:25.050 Jeremiah Fox: wasn't another story for another time there was have another.

01:00:25.050 --> 01:00:25.530 Jacob Fox : So day.

01:00:25.740 --> 01:00:27.330 Jeremiah Fox: To come on we gotta chalk.

01:00:27.360 --> 01:00:30.330 Jeremiah Fox: Sunday to 15 Eastern standard time will.

01:00:31.110 --> 01:00:31.470 handle.

01:00:32.610 --> 01:00:35.160 Jeremiah Fox: bring your child supports all right, everybody.

01:00:38.790 --> 01:00:40.500 Jeremiah Fox: Oh it's fine we'll see you next week peace out.

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