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Friday, December 10, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/12/10 - Oki's World

Facebook Live Video from 2021/12/10 - Oki's World


2021/12/10 - Oki's World

[NEW EPISODE] Oki’s World

Friday at noon I’m super pumped to go live with Kent Yoshimura

He’s a co-founder of Neuro Gum & Oki’s World

He’s also spent a lot of time in martial arts so the stars are in alignment for a fascinating conversation stars.


Tune in for this energetic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jeremiah kicks off the show with a message of the week. He says the best version of ourselves starts with the mind. Jeremiah introduced his guest Kent Yoshimura who Jeremiah recently met at his restaurant in Brooklyn. Kent is a co-founder of Neuro Gum and Oki’s World. He shares his mission in wanting to produce a product that can make an individuals' life better. Kent shares how got the idea for Neuro Gum while training in martial arts. Before the break, Jeremiah and Kent chat about resilience and how quitters never win.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Jeremiah and Kent discuss the correlation between entrepreneurs and martial arts. Kent shares he finds a connection amongst creativity, martial arts, and business. In either aspect when there is a problem in front of you, you have to tackle it the best way you can. Jeremiah and Kent begin to chat about Kent’s business in NFT. Kent shares how his partnerships have helped move his company along. Before the break, Jeremiah and Kent discuss the benefits of NFTs and how its importance can be lost amongst meaningless content.

Segment 3

Jeremiah and Kent discuss Oki’s World financial plan and how they charge their NFT. Kent’s mission is to make art accessible. Jeremiah asks Kent what would be someone’s incentive for purchasing an Oki? Kent explains that when you purchase an Oki,you retain full ownership. He begins to share the steps he’s taken to further his business. Before the break, Jeremiah and Kent discuss the benefits of partnerships.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Jeremiah and Kent talk about the difficulties that creatives can have with marketing and business. Kent shares he focuses on making things accessible and approachable which has helped him further his business. Jeremiah shares his personal reasons for playing music and opening a restaurant. He loves sharing his work and passion especially to those who maybe aren’t aware or have access. Kent talks about the evolution of art being an ego thing in the beginning of his life and suddenly being more about sharing art with a community.


00:03:00.630 --> 00:03:12.960 Jeremiah Fox: What up what up everybody happy Friday welcome welcome you are tuned into the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah fox got an exciting show for you today they're always exciting, but this one I i'm.

00:03:14.010 --> 00:03:15.930 Jeremiah Fox: Not for nothing i'm a little nervous.

00:03:17.490 --> 00:03:28.920 Jeremiah Fox: So my guest I just met the other night he came into my restaurant with my friend neighbor and show alum Andrew berenbaum, who is also the CEO of first to media.

00:03:29.520 --> 00:03:42.600 Jeremiah Fox: Before I bring my guests on give you the message of the week, and this comes from one of his websites, he is the he's a Co founder and neuro GM and also okies world, and I saw this and and a number of places on the neuro GM website.

00:03:44.010 --> 00:03:54.450 Jeremiah Fox: I guess, they also trained with the Japanese Olympic Judo team hora the guy was no some take downs, it was know some stuff he might even have a little Brazilian accent to.

00:03:54.870 --> 00:04:06.540 Jeremiah Fox: and training, muy Thai so really got me excited, and this is a message that that really landed on my radar in martial arts training, particularly jujitsu and more Thai.

00:04:07.500 --> 00:04:21.510 Jeremiah Fox: And it is the best version of ourselves starts with the mind with that i'm very honored to welcome kit yoshimura to the show welcome make sure you are unmuted before you go.

00:04:23.010 --> 00:04:24.030 Kent Yoshimura: Alright, so.

00:04:24.210 --> 00:04:29.190 Jeremiah Fox: That that's going on man good to see you man we're hanging out already so.

00:04:29.190 --> 00:04:35.580 Jeremiah Fox: Soon yeah yeah it's fantastic as serendipity you know, are you you back in La are you still in New York.

00:04:35.670 --> 00:04:42.510 Kent Yoshimura: yeah i'm back no I mean New York, which is like a three day trip to meet up with my creative director made up with Andrew.

00:04:42.600 --> 00:04:43.710 Jeremiah Fox: And yeah.

00:04:44.400 --> 00:04:52.440 Kent Yoshimura: I yeah I don't know if you know i'm such an la guy I don't know if I could survive in New York outside of four periods, at a time and I used to.

00:04:52.500 --> 00:04:53.400 Jeremiah Fox: them yeah.

00:04:53.880 --> 00:04:57.000 Kent Yoshimura: it's like that intensity is it wears on you.

00:04:57.810 --> 00:05:14.340 Jeremiah Fox: yeah I I don't know for me it's like i've lived in New York, almost 20 years and I if i'm not here, I want to be in the complete country like completely removed from everything there's there's not much in between, for me, but yeah if you love it you love it if you don't.

00:05:15.060 --> 00:05:17.100 Kent Yoshimura: Understand I love it I love New York and.

00:05:18.270 --> 00:05:18.630 Kent Yoshimura: I think.

00:05:19.860 --> 00:05:24.600 Kent Yoshimura: That, if I were to live there, it would be where you are for sure yeah.

00:05:25.890 --> 00:05:26.190 Jeremiah Fox: Right.

00:05:26.490 --> 00:05:31.710 Kent Yoshimura: midtown yeah i'm back i'm back in my restaurant that's where we met my restaurant della in brooklyn.

00:05:31.710 --> 00:05:36.840 Jeremiah Fox: And ones are terrorists were Andrew and I live and yeah it's idea like so it's a wonderful.

00:05:37.320 --> 00:05:42.450 Kent Yoshimura: Like the most i'm like oh okay like I get it now like this is like perfect.

00:05:43.140 --> 00:05:55.050 Jeremiah Fox: yeah now and that, for me, it was a product of my wife's you know her her animate like desire to live in a place like this when we moved to New York from upstate she went to school in Rochester and I went to school in buffalo.

00:05:56.190 --> 00:05:59.910 Jeremiah Fox: For music, which we can we get with there's a lot to talk about there's a lot of time.

00:05:59.940 --> 00:06:01.950 Jeremiah Fox: guide our is going to go by, so fast.

00:06:01.950 --> 00:06:10.680 Jeremiah Fox: But yeah I studied music and I did my I did my Grad degree at university of buffalo we came straight from there to here, and she was like I am not living in East village.

00:06:11.340 --> 00:06:16.620 Jeremiah Fox: Like crazy neighborhood she wanted, you know this simplicity, and so I was, like all right, and one of my.

00:06:17.490 --> 00:06:27.870 Jeremiah Fox: Guy went to school, if he was a bass player he went transferred to the base collective so he was here already, and he he had an apartment in this neighborhood and we had some shows together and we came and stayed with him and.

00:06:28.530 --> 00:06:41.610 Jeremiah Fox: And she was like this is it we will live nowhere else and I, like all right fine made it easy and then, like so many great things came out of that you know just like if I wasn't in this neighborhood I don't know that I would have pulled off a lot of the stuff that I did.

00:06:42.450 --> 00:06:42.990 Kent Yoshimura: yeah.

00:06:43.650 --> 00:06:46.080 Kent Yoshimura: Did you get to the madness, but.

00:06:46.110 --> 00:06:48.180 Kent Yoshimura: separated from it as well, yes.

00:06:48.210 --> 00:06:48.660 Kent Yoshimura: Just like more.

00:06:51.480 --> 00:07:04.620 Jeremiah Fox: Controlling chaos turning order and making a order out of chaos so i'm neuro GM you're a Co founder in that really great website and I love that it really emphasizes.

00:07:05.430 --> 00:07:20.760 Jeremiah Fox: Improving yourself your your your your your product is not just about your product it's about making oneself better and what a commitment, what a you know just a statement where did that come from.

00:07:21.360 --> 00:07:27.030 Kent Yoshimura: yeah So when I was training pretty heavily and i've been training, since I was like five years old and.

00:07:28.110 --> 00:07:37.410 Kent Yoshimura: A combination karate Judo more time I later got into jujitsu um oh interesting right hopping in as well um.

00:07:37.830 --> 00:07:39.090 Jeremiah Fox: who's Ryan who's.

00:07:39.360 --> 00:07:47.130 Kent Yoshimura: who's this unexpected guests ryan's my co founder and neuro but uh I guess he saw it on my calendar and hopped in.

00:07:47.190 --> 00:07:48.540 Jeremiah Fox: And he's like he's like, here we go.

00:07:50.280 --> 00:07:51.450 Jeremiah Fox: Is he gonna embarrass you.

00:07:53.340 --> 00:08:14.820 Kent Yoshimura: Go enhance enhance the show um but during all this training, it was a it became like Okay, how do I supplement um my training was something that's a lot cleaner than energy drinks, or any of the things that were out there, that people were taking to basically optimize themselves and.

00:08:16.260 --> 00:08:29.730 Kent Yoshimura: weird weird to use the word optimization because it was it was never that with the supplements that are out there, during that time, so I went down this like research rabbit hole in the world and new tropics and eventually.

00:08:31.320 --> 00:08:43.950 Kent Yoshimura: Mixed V zero of what became neuro gum at the moment um and it in that journey taking like the supplements that I was just mixing in my bedroom.

00:08:45.060 --> 00:08:56.730 Kent Yoshimura: We realize like okay i'm sharing like mix supplements and pills in public is not the most approachable way to convince someone to be like hey, this is actually going to be good for you.

00:08:56.970 --> 00:08:57.750 Kent Yoshimura: So yeah.

00:08:57.870 --> 00:09:05.640 Kent Yoshimura: he's driving I took a step back, during a scuba diving trip was like hey, we need to make this more approachable and governments because of how intrinsically shareable they are.

00:09:06.000 --> 00:09:17.910 Kent Yoshimura: became the obvious choice and we went to an r&d process took all the modules of what we believed in which is It all starts with the mind how do we push ourselves further and built this company.

00:09:19.980 --> 00:09:22.680 Jeremiah Fox: Very cool and what you're doing, do you guys kind of kick that off.

00:09:24.030 --> 00:09:28.920 Kent Yoshimura: 2015 so it's it's been a while.

00:09:30.630 --> 00:09:41.310 Jeremiah Fox: you're not a baby anymore um you know, one of my fascinations lately i've got a friend who's also been on the show a number of times and he created this um.

00:09:41.880 --> 00:09:53.130 Jeremiah Fox: it's like a Facebook group called for percenters and the idea is that only 4% of businesses make it beyond 10 years so it's like this.

00:09:53.910 --> 00:10:04.320 Jeremiah Fox: it's almost like black belt right, you know, like why, why would you get a black belt, why did they create it, you know is it's this incentive for you to keep going it's this this thing you're trying to achieve.

00:10:05.340 --> 00:10:18.570 Jeremiah Fox: And and that's been that kind of my goal post lately, because for restaurants it's like the you know the stats are most of them don't make it to five years, so we got to five years we opened in 2015 as well as why i'm saying this i'm kind of where we're neck and neck in terms of.

00:10:19.710 --> 00:10:26.310 Jeremiah Fox: Our business life cycle, so I got the five years and it was like right in the middle of the pandemic and I was like well cool i'm.

00:10:29.220 --> 00:10:29.430 Jeremiah Fox: Not.

00:10:33.180 --> 00:10:34.470 Jeremiah Fox: Okay, now I get it.

00:10:34.500 --> 00:10:48.990 Jeremiah Fox: Now I understand um, and so I really was like okay let's let's like dig into this and try to be like, I want to be a 4% or I want to be a black belt, and I want to be a 4% or, at the same time, I think it's a good it's a good.

00:10:50.610 --> 00:10:51.510 Jeremiah Fox: Reasonable goal.

00:10:51.600 --> 00:10:56.340 Kent Yoshimura: What do you think the biggest lesson is like cuz I always say it's resilient with anything you know.

00:10:56.550 --> 00:10:57.630 Jeremiah Fox: Like yeah I mean.

00:10:57.870 --> 00:10:58.890 Kent Yoshimura: long enough like.

00:10:59.220 --> 00:11:00.330 Jeremiah Fox: you'll get better yeah.

00:11:00.810 --> 00:11:08.070 Jeremiah Fox: hey and and you know I started Jiu jitsu at the same time I started Jiu jitsu in the summer end of the summer beginning of September 2015.

00:11:08.520 --> 00:11:16.320 Jeremiah Fox: And we opened in December of 2015 and I think the real takeaway is like you have to show up every day, no matter what like.

00:11:16.740 --> 00:11:22.920 Jeremiah Fox: Whether you're injured you're paying double you know if you're injured, some guy POPs you're near your ankle your elbow whatever you still come to class.

00:11:23.040 --> 00:11:28.140 Jeremiah Fox: You still sit on the sidelines, you still watch you still like watch videos at home, you still think about it, you still talk about it.

00:11:28.560 --> 00:11:36.510 Jeremiah Fox: and stay connected to your people like you just have to show up every day, you are going to have bad days you know I have them all the time and they probably outweigh.

00:11:36.960 --> 00:11:46.800 Jeremiah Fox: The good ones, but it doesn't matter like it's just grab yourself by the back of the shirt and just like pull yourself to the door um I don't know how you felt about it, especially.

00:11:47.310 --> 00:11:53.220 Jeremiah Fox: Judo training like with the Olympic team that's got to be hard and you get your ass thrown all over the place and it's like.

00:11:53.640 --> 00:11:54.900 Kent Yoshimura: everyone's so good.

00:11:55.380 --> 00:12:02.880 Jeremiah Fox: And yeah I know probably pays you dreaded it right you're like I want to come in here, because this guy's gonna ragdoll me, and you know I just.

00:12:04.170 --> 00:12:07.620 Kent Yoshimura: Have like a I would stay at the dorm rooms at the coach john which is.

00:12:07.710 --> 00:12:17.700 Kent Yoshimura: To go into the Kyoto Connor and the coach on, which is what is the number one Judo college um and it would basically be like all right, like let's get.

00:12:18.600 --> 00:12:24.540 Kent Yoshimura: let's get beat up all day wake up in the morning at six o'clock you know and like your it.

00:12:25.470 --> 00:12:34.920 Kent Yoshimura: And like you're sleeping like this super like cruddy bed that's like rock hard it's and more than anything, it's, just like the mental.

00:12:35.670 --> 00:12:47.790 Kent Yoshimura: fortitude that you build doing that cycle, day in and day out yeah we'd be doing that you know every summer so it was a when you come back to the States and it's like okay training is just from like.

00:12:48.420 --> 00:12:54.570 Kent Yoshimura: Whatever like five to nine or five to 10 or whatever it is um it's just that just feels a lot easier.

00:12:54.660 --> 00:12:56.250 Kent Yoshimura: have been you know, really.

00:12:57.480 --> 00:13:04.380 Jeremiah Fox: Well that's I mean that's the idea for me behind like martial arts and and jujitsu and now I started doing there and i'm.

00:13:05.220 --> 00:13:10.740 Jeremiah Fox: In September at hens hours of all fucking places so i'm just like really get my ass up.

00:13:11.160 --> 00:13:23.040 Jeremiah Fox: And um it just makes everything easier like I come to work and, like no matter what's happening at the restaurant, it was like pipe spewing water whatever you know and we've got like slews the mandates and all that stuff i'm just like.

00:13:23.370 --> 00:13:26.610 Jeremiah Fox: still not as bad as what happened to me earlier today is that was humiliating.

00:13:29.640 --> 00:13:31.020 Jeremiah Fox: And humbling all those.

00:13:31.020 --> 00:13:31.470 Jeremiah Fox: Things for.

00:13:31.500 --> 00:13:32.730 Kent Yoshimura: Everything really playing.

00:13:32.790 --> 00:13:34.410 Kent Yoshimura: In the world of martial arts yeah.

00:13:34.470 --> 00:13:35.370 Jeremiah Fox: No matter what yeah.

00:13:36.330 --> 00:13:42.120 Jeremiah Fox: um and and the connection is always to the to the mind to the mental state, just like the mission statement.

00:13:42.810 --> 00:13:53.610 Jeremiah Fox: On neuro gums website and and like like you said you know you have you talking about training, you know you got to get up you got to go in there, you know you're just going to get mangled and it's like really rough.

00:13:54.090 --> 00:13:59.760 Jeremiah Fox: But like that's that's what gets you through that's what I think there's some quote you know about.

00:14:01.920 --> 00:14:14.130 Jeremiah Fox: yeah it's something about army generals in like the guy that makes it, you know, is not necessarily the guy That was the most advanced it's just a guy that survived, but he didn't die, you know he didn't die in war he, like he made it.

00:14:14.790 --> 00:14:20.190 Jeremiah Fox: He just like kept coming and he made it and then he got that you got to that position and he's got experience.

00:14:20.430 --> 00:14:31.470 Jeremiah Fox: You know he's been to battle he's been through all this stuff and I feel like that's really what it comes down to is like you're gonna get knocked around but, like you, don't here's the thing if you quit you don't get to win.

00:14:31.740 --> 00:14:34.110 Kent Yoshimura: yeah the winners, the winners right history.

00:14:34.830 --> 00:14:37.740 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, right right the victors the victors.

00:14:37.980 --> 00:14:47.580 Jeremiah Fox: yeah all right great great place to take a little break we're gonna we're gonna soak all that in and we come back on it's not about okies world and nfl teams because.

00:14:49.020 --> 00:14:49.500 Jeremiah Fox: that's all I.

00:14:49.740 --> 00:14:53.370 Jeremiah Fox: saw all right so everybody hang tight we'll be back in just a minute.

00:17:13.590 --> 00:17:21.780 Jeremiah Fox: All right, everybody welcome back if you are just tuning in you're listening to the entrepreneurial web i'm your host Jeremiah Fox and today we have with us can't yoshimura.

00:17:22.110 --> 00:17:33.780 Jeremiah Fox: He is a Co founder of neuro gum and okies world which the nfp project and, as mentioned in the first segment also spend time training with the Japanese Olympic Judo team and.

00:17:34.200 --> 00:17:48.300 Jeremiah Fox: doing some way tie, as well as the elbow at the beginning of that segment i'm what i've found and before we go on to nfc is because that's going to just blow my mind I might not be able to talk after we get into that um.

00:17:50.010 --> 00:17:56.040 Jeremiah Fox: there's an interesting correlation between martial artists and entrepreneurs have you have you found that as well.

00:17:57.900 --> 00:17:59.790 Kent Yoshimura: um yeah oh absolutely.

00:17:59.910 --> 00:18:11.610 Kent Yoshimura: uh I think well going back to the whole idea of resilience and being able to flexibly maneuver through everything right that comes at you on a daily basis it's.

00:18:12.660 --> 00:18:23.040 Kent Yoshimura: Creativity martial arts and business all seem to share that where there's a problem in front of you, I have to tackle it in some way to provide the best outcome.

00:18:23.490 --> 00:18:40.620 Kent Yoshimura: Whatever is whether its capital, whether it's the final creation or whether it's beating your opponent and um I don't know if that's just me and trying to tie all things together in synchronicity, but I feel like all the all three of those things that have been profound.

00:18:42.090 --> 00:18:46.110 Kent Yoshimura: pieces of my background contribute to each other yeah.

00:18:46.170 --> 00:18:53.430 Jeremiah Fox: So do you think it's entrepreneurs are attracted to jujitsu war or that jujitsu makes on yours more.

00:18:53.760 --> 00:18:55.080 Kent Yoshimura: yeah like the chicken and the egg.

00:18:55.230 --> 00:18:56.250 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah yeah.

00:18:56.610 --> 00:18:57.120 Kent Yoshimura: Who knows.

00:18:57.180 --> 00:18:57.750 Jeremiah Fox: too tough.

00:18:57.810 --> 00:18:59.100 Kent Yoshimura: it's a tough that's a tough one.

00:18:59.130 --> 00:19:12.180 Jeremiah Fox: that's a question for the yeah yeah we'll take that and I do have a question actually from Twitter from my my my good friend ginger beloved who is hot on the nfc tip right now she's always been.

00:19:13.320 --> 00:19:29.460 Jeremiah Fox: Really really prominent on Twitter and now she's really connected with the fee friends and Gary these empty project, and she asked, she said, you have to ask him about actual months or and how he chose him to be super okie.

00:19:30.330 --> 00:19:37.830 Kent Yoshimura: Oh yeah so the reason so actual and I so i'm an empty space for about a year which feels like a lifetime.

00:19:39.120 --> 00:19:41.610 Jeremiah Fox: Basically, it is the life of an fcs right.

00:19:42.990 --> 00:20:09.030 Kent Yoshimura: um and crypto calm and clubhouse did a lunch together and actual and I asked for was the face of clubhouse so and I was an artist um and alongside my partner David go vay who also was in New York City i'm to help launch that nfp with crypto so yeah I I helped with the with that partnership.

00:20:09.870 --> 00:20:26.250 Kent Yoshimura: awesome anyone yeah excellent I stayed friends, because he's one of the coolest people I know and it just made sense to so the whole idea of super okie before we get into okies world is we designate 250 of the psp, which is a profile PIC project.

00:20:27.990 --> 00:20:38.280 Kent Yoshimura: To give 100% of the primary and secondary to charity and four and then 0.5% of everything we have also goes to charity but.

00:20:39.360 --> 00:20:49.350 Kent Yoshimura: The learnings we took from that person empty project is one it's incredibly like it's a hot market so from a business perspective it's incredible but to was like.

00:20:50.190 --> 00:20:55.650 Kent Yoshimura: That was it, how do we turn it into something that like is more meaningful, how do we turn it into something that.

00:20:56.220 --> 00:21:11.430 Kent Yoshimura: provides value back to the people like actual sense of utility and it, you know I went to several other project before hitting on okies worlds, but it all those learnings ended up to where we are now.

00:21:13.110 --> 00:21:17.190 Jeremiah Fox: Very cool um so okies rob is about is it less than a year old.

00:21:18.210 --> 00:21:20.790 Kent Yoshimura: At this point is about two months old.

00:21:21.150 --> 00:21:24.300 Kent Yoshimura: Oh, less than a week since our mint.

00:21:24.390 --> 00:21:32.670 Kent Yoshimura: went up so it's pretty brand new um and you know it's interesting because.

00:21:34.020 --> 00:21:44.910 Kent Yoshimura: We didn't hype it like all the other projects, but we still have this like in by all these other projects are using like these really dirty like mlm style tactics get.

00:21:45.000 --> 00:21:54.300 Kent Yoshimura: People because they know they can use that tactic because of market so fresh but for us it was like, how do we put art and utility and creativity first.

00:21:54.690 --> 00:22:06.540 Kent Yoshimura: And the ultimate goal with okies will well one stage one is all about okay do five drops, how do we treat a production, which incorporates storytelling animation music.

00:22:09.990 --> 00:22:20.220 Kent Yoshimura: murals and this this membership into a creators network so that's Stage one and we already started working on old stage to utilities, but.

00:22:21.060 --> 00:22:41.880 Kent Yoshimura: Taking from that this idea of training and beautiful art piece and allowing the Community members to tap into our creators net work one, but also the system that we're creating where it's a decentralized mechanism where you contributing to the Community allows you to earn back is.

00:22:42.990 --> 00:23:02.940 Kent Yoshimura: I think, in many ways mantras of web three so not user generated value to a corporation or whatever it is, but Community generated Community value where there's actual ownership and earnings that you could take from the things that you contribute to in the system into the ecosystem.

00:23:03.750 --> 00:23:12.000 Jeremiah Fox: I I read through the website extensively today, and it is it looked to me like you guys were almost creating your own kind of internal blockchain.

00:23:13.110 --> 00:23:16.320 Jeremiah Fox: that's also backed by the blockchain.

00:23:17.100 --> 00:23:21.660 Kent Yoshimura: A we everything we do is on chain um and.

00:23:21.690 --> 00:23:33.900 Jeremiah Fox: But I just went in terms of like like you, you just the key word, you said, like decentralized you know where you guys it had that feel to it um and and Community it's obvious that that's like paramount.

00:23:34.560 --> 00:23:37.590 Kent Yoshimura: Oh yeah I think like with us is it's almost like.

00:23:38.310 --> 00:23:47.580 Kent Yoshimura: um well it's not 100% this it's like YouTube is user generated content that raises the value of YouTube but.

00:23:48.780 --> 00:24:04.050 Kent Yoshimura: A with okies world and the stage to we're building, which is a already somewhat accessible and we keep like pushing forward with our roadmap, even though we didn't hit our goals, because.

00:24:05.190 --> 00:24:11.670 Kent Yoshimura: People still buy discover us and become part of this integrated network we were trading and they absolutely love it so.

00:24:13.980 --> 00:24:16.620 Kent Yoshimura: it's almost like decentralizing YouTube.

00:24:17.130 --> 00:24:18.690 Kent Yoshimura: it's almost like decentralizing these.

00:24:18.690 --> 00:24:33.870 Kent Yoshimura: creator networks, where if you're a traitor and you're actually contributing value in community, then why shouldn't you have governance within that Community so and same thing with like, so I just right before this call literally like.

00:24:35.130 --> 00:24:45.690 Kent Yoshimura: What I was on call with art is beautiful, which is a charity that was started and spearheaded by the music festival life is beautiful, which is the biggest music festival in Las Vegas.

00:24:46.530 --> 00:24:57.090 Kent Yoshimura: Their whole mantra is how do we provide universal basic income for artists, because creativity is a means of enhancing society and in that same mantra like.

00:24:58.260 --> 00:25:07.140 Kent Yoshimura: we're probably gonna like semi like you know we're partnering with that, like we're going to be the partner of for them, but i'm.

00:25:07.860 --> 00:25:24.630 Kent Yoshimura: In that same mantra it's like, how do we create economic value, how do you create a fulfillment and like personal value through the form of creation and if you are creating, how do you earn back from it.

00:25:26.430 --> 00:25:40.890 Jeremiah Fox: And it's so it's it's revenue generation beyond just like hey I created this in FT you buy it yada yada it's a it's a bigger picture in terms of.

00:25:41.040 --> 00:25:43.800 Jeremiah Fox: Sustainability quality of life.

00:25:44.460 --> 00:25:56.460 Kent Yoshimura: Its utility yeah it's just owning a you know it's not just owning like literally a jpeg on the blockchain like that is what most nfc it's not just owning that and then hoping that, like a trading cards.

00:25:56.730 --> 00:25:57.870 Kent Yoshimura: Like there's.

00:25:58.350 --> 00:26:05.550 Kent Yoshimura: No hiding it like I there's nfc products that are way more than that, but the majority of them are like hey look at this.

00:26:06.030 --> 00:26:20.820 Kent Yoshimura: This picture and you own it like that, that part's important like you have ownership of it before most php projects where it's like here's 10,000 like i'm whatever like baby sharks, you know that you got to have ownership.

00:26:21.810 --> 00:26:23.910 Kent Yoshimura: Like what is the ownership behind that like what.

00:26:24.600 --> 00:26:26.280 Kent Yoshimura: Are you own it, but what is the value behind that.

00:26:27.540 --> 00:26:42.990 Jeremiah Fox: And i'm glad you explained it that way, because it's been hard for people to wrap their head around it and it's like Why would I spend this kind of money on a pixelated monkey to use as my Twitter profile PIC you know but you're you're taking it much further.

00:26:43.950 --> 00:26:50.190 Kent Yoshimura: And you can connect your whining and you are an okie folder you have access to everything that our Community.

00:26:50.910 --> 00:26:57.120 Kent Yoshimura: gives you access to, which is a creators number that you could earn from the governance that we're going to treat like into the future, like there's a long term goals.

00:26:57.360 --> 00:27:04.230 Kent Yoshimura: The governance, you were like we're building we have like an entire map that we're building out that you can like start owning.

00:27:05.310 --> 00:27:16.680 Kent Yoshimura: And it that says like step, one of the metaverse not just owning a jpeg the beauty of blockchain is the fact that you could authenticate your ownership into something.

00:27:17.220 --> 00:27:27.210 Kent Yoshimura: So how do you build on top of that foundation like it's definitely you now, what do you get knowing that it's you in this digital.

00:27:28.200 --> 00:27:34.710 Jeremiah Fox: That that's a great foundation, and it can be applied to so many other things outside of art like art is the way it's really kind of popped off.

00:27:35.280 --> 00:27:46.410 Jeremiah Fox: But it could be applied to real estate, it can be applied to business investment, I mean there's just so many different things that that it can be utilized for even marketing for people talking about marketing that way, I mean.

00:27:46.800 --> 00:27:48.150 Jeremiah Fox: For that I feel so much better.

00:27:49.350 --> 00:27:50.460 Jeremiah Fox: yeah This is like.

00:27:50.460 --> 00:27:55.110 Jeremiah Fox: I can constantly like trying to get these explanations and you just really made that easy for me because i'm.

00:27:55.110 --> 00:27:55.530 Kent Yoshimura: Only good.

00:27:56.100 --> 00:27:59.490 Kent Yoshimura: Good good someone dumb it down in my own head to understand it.

00:27:59.880 --> 00:28:03.240 Jeremiah Fox: They know Thank you i'm on the savage so I need.

00:28:04.320 --> 00:28:10.380 Jeremiah Fox: Because it's really I Andrew the other day, he was like man we've been talking about it for hours, and I still don't know what the Fuck he's talking about.

00:28:11.940 --> 00:28:12.720 Jeremiah Fox: it's hard.

00:28:13.110 --> 00:28:19.920 Kent Yoshimura: it's also like I am surrounded by the smartest frickin people i've ever met in my life and i'm just like whoa like.

00:28:20.040 --> 00:28:25.380 Jeremiah Fox: I got that i'm looking around like whoa that's a little nervous today.

00:28:26.490 --> 00:28:42.300 Kent Yoshimura: Like I love like feeling like i'm the dumbest person in the room, because every single thing everyone says is a learning experience and it this space has like just my brain is in constant learning mode it's so cool.

00:28:42.690 --> 00:28:46.620 Jeremiah Fox: So you just got promoted because i'm now officially the dumbest person in the room.

00:28:47.250 --> 00:28:48.630 Kent Yoshimura: I have a yellow belt now or i'm.

00:28:48.630 --> 00:28:51.180 Jeremiah Fox: Oh yeah you are exactly exactly.

00:28:51.540 --> 00:28:57.000 Jeremiah Fox: But it's like same with you know martial arts like you want to go into a room where like everybody's better than you.

00:28:57.240 --> 00:29:05.730 Jeremiah Fox: It sucks at first, but that's how you get better where, if you come in and you're new and it's like oh we're all kind of like same skill level your growth could be studied and.

00:29:06.180 --> 00:29:11.370 Jeremiah Fox: I like that feeling I don't mind like i've been there enough to sell i'm kind of used to it at that price you get.

00:29:11.370 --> 00:29:18.480 Kent Yoshimura: back to your point online, you can be real estate, it can be so the whole idea of like the future of defy the call it, like the different matrix.

00:29:18.870 --> 00:29:31.320 Kent Yoshimura: it's there's also something I learned recently So hopefully I don't butcher it but um it's the the concept for the defined matrix is that you don't need.

00:29:32.010 --> 00:29:36.090 Kent Yoshimura: Something in the middle to trade against assets so for us it's like.

00:29:36.630 --> 00:29:47.340 Kent Yoshimura: I have this scissor that I saw and I get US dollar and then I use the US dollar to buy something else, but of this and this have the same value why can't you just swap between the two and trade between.

00:29:48.090 --> 00:30:01.230 Kent Yoshimura: And all those things are anchored on bitcoin right so that's why bitcoin or or any stabilized that you know, like other there's like oh there's a few others that are trying to stabilize like be the anchor but.

00:30:01.320 --> 00:30:11.610 Kent Yoshimura: yeah for the time being it's like all swaps exist within this matrix where everything can be traded against each other without currency and that's really freaking cool.

00:30:11.910 --> 00:30:15.330 Jeremiah Fox: Like is it is it's exciting it's very exciting.

00:30:15.990 --> 00:30:17.760 Jeremiah Fox: I have no idea where it's going to go with this exciting.

00:30:17.820 --> 00:30:18.690 Kent Yoshimura: yeah I thought it.

00:30:19.770 --> 00:30:20.190 Kent Yoshimura: Was cool.

00:30:20.370 --> 00:30:22.650 Jeremiah Fox: Right right the ball, but just like owning a business.

00:30:23.340 --> 00:30:24.120 Jeremiah Fox: What the hell's gonna happen.

00:30:25.500 --> 00:30:28.830 Jeremiah Fox: All right, we're gonna take another break everybody hang tight we'll be right back.

00:32:38.520 --> 00:32:50.010 Jeremiah Fox: Alright folks jumping right back in and talking today with can't yoshimura he is co founder of neuro GM and also okies world feel like we cracked, just like the top soil layer it up to the very top.

00:32:50.970 --> 00:33:11.850 Jeremiah Fox: I want to go too deep, because then i'm just going to look at, but um you know you just mentioned the connection to bitcoin and then you know, a theorem is also a big player in this and on your website you evaluate all your NF t's at point 088 is that right.

00:33:13.170 --> 00:33:23.190 Kent Yoshimura: yeah point 08 which kind of is the standard, it was the standard okay for like most of these projects so.

00:33:23.220 --> 00:33:26.070 Kent Yoshimura: Okay, with a lot of the decisions we made for okies world.

00:33:27.120 --> 00:33:34.920 Kent Yoshimura: um it was like okay like let's try to make it as accessible as possible, not trying to change, like the surface layer of how people are entering into it.

00:33:35.670 --> 00:33:47.430 Kent Yoshimura: With like the pricing anything else but provide just way more in the back end for specifically what we're passionate about which is just traders trading you know building yeah.

00:33:47.550 --> 00:33:54.240 Jeremiah Fox: Right and that comes out to like roughly 300 and some change dollars, is that right.

00:33:54.570 --> 00:34:00.300 Kent Yoshimura: yeah 300 so i'm sure you heard a gas fees before.

00:34:00.840 --> 00:34:01.350 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah.

00:34:02.070 --> 00:34:05.940 Kent Yoshimura: Oh gas fees are what are smart contract is incredible.

00:34:07.260 --> 00:34:18.960 Kent Yoshimura: Like our gas fees aren't that agree just compared to these other projects we've seen but because so like refining find you but i'm every time you upload you know, like all other another line of code.

00:34:20.160 --> 00:34:31.590 Kent Yoshimura: It takes more processing power to put something onto the chain, so the networked computers has to work on way harder and that is the gas you're paying for so um but for us it's is really optimized and.

00:34:32.970 --> 00:34:38.070 Kent Yoshimura: Even then gas fluctuates between like $40 all the way up to like $150.

00:34:38.550 --> 00:34:39.210 Jeremiah Fox: gotcha it's.

00:34:39.660 --> 00:34:41.730 Kent Yoshimura: crazy and that's just that's just.

00:34:42.330 --> 00:34:44.340 Jeremiah Fox: disappears it's gone right.

00:34:46.230 --> 00:34:48.660 Jeremiah Fox: Not it kind of like us so.

00:34:49.200 --> 00:35:00.750 Jeremiah Fox: So you know what would be again let's like take it back to like i'm a caveman I know absolutely nothing about this, what would be some bodies.

00:35:02.070 --> 00:35:07.740 Jeremiah Fox: incentive for purchasing like an okie what would what would they do with that.

00:35:08.220 --> 00:35:17.790 Kent Yoshimura: So there's several things one is a black with all psp projects or like nfp projects, you get ownership of a piece of art for our piece of art.

00:35:18.270 --> 00:35:29.880 Kent Yoshimura: what's cool that for pure is this purely for the purists but um we built out assets in properties and we don't cure it those assets before putting them directly onto the chain.

00:35:30.300 --> 00:35:39.030 Kent Yoshimura: We trust our generative art algorithm to go and put the okies onto the chain so it's truly randomized so one I think that's super cool.

00:35:40.020 --> 00:35:54.810 Kent Yoshimura: And you get to have ownership in that too, since your okie that you meant it is an authentication mechanism that you're part of our Community, when you connect our walk connect your wallet that has that long hash.

00:35:56.340 --> 00:36:11.940 Kent Yoshimura: into okies world you get access to all the utility that we provide now and into the future, so that can that includes the asset packs the creator network that we're that we're building.

00:36:13.320 --> 00:36:32.370 Kent Yoshimura: All the smart contracts to help you launch your own project and to really expand art into this nfp and what three space so hoping people born necessarily able to get the dads or, like other illustrators to help them out launch their projects and learn from it.

00:36:33.540 --> 00:36:47.130 Kent Yoshimura: Step three is as our roadmap expands into the future, you are part of the governance of what we are playing tomorrow is where it lives you're part of the governance of.

00:36:48.840 --> 00:36:57.690 Kent Yoshimura: This new metaverse I guess that we're creating where you can start owning different plots of land where you can start building on the plots of land where you can start like having.

00:36:58.200 --> 00:37:06.120 Kent Yoshimura: Certain voting rights based on your okie i'm to do things in this in this world and earn from that as well.

00:37:07.170 --> 00:37:17.730 Jeremiah Fox: And if you're not artistically inclined, like myself, I could barely write my name what's what would be you know, an incentive for her.

00:37:18.600 --> 00:37:21.660 Jeremiah Fox: Again, though, like a caveman to to invest.

00:37:21.960 --> 00:37:30.330 Kent Yoshimura: yeah so we give you like, if you own an okie you own 100% of the commercial license right so.

00:37:30.870 --> 00:37:34.950 Kent Yoshimura: And it's authenticated through the blockchain so one of the big things we're doing is.

00:37:35.280 --> 00:37:46.860 Kent Yoshimura: partnerships with these companies, you know, one of our advisors, is the CMO of kiko which is like one of the coolest stem like children's project like companies out there, so building I can okies world.

00:37:47.340 --> 00:38:03.600 Kent Yoshimura: She just needs to mention okie for the 300 whatever dollars you're fine jewelry and now, instead of paying for like thousands of dollars in licensing fees, she was able to take the assets in okies world to create an okies world branded kiwi code toy.

00:38:04.230 --> 00:38:05.220 Kent Yoshimura: same thing with.

00:38:05.340 --> 00:38:12.150 Kent Yoshimura: bravery brewing who's making it's a little more complicated because I don't know how alcohol sales work and we have to look into that but.

00:38:15.150 --> 00:38:26.580 Kent Yoshimura: By maintaining an okie to use it on like an entire series of beer and we don't have to worry about licensing deals or anything because they are an okie holder um.

00:38:26.610 --> 00:38:29.070 Jeremiah Fox: So it becomes it becomes marketing at that point.

00:38:29.760 --> 00:38:37.620 Kent Yoshimura: that's one that's yeah that's one element of marketing, but basically like breaking down the concepts of what IP previously was.

00:38:38.220 --> 00:38:50.460 Kent Yoshimura: Like his knee will come after you and, like they will hunt you down if you use Mickey you know if you're an older, you have commercial rights to it, like you can do whatever you want to know that you own.

00:38:51.090 --> 00:38:59.400 Jeremiah Fox: So it's it's like a trademark it's like you, you branded your it's almost like a brand in a way, you can attach that to whatever you want and that there.

00:39:00.600 --> 00:39:03.270 Jeremiah Fox: is potentially value behind that for somebody.

00:39:03.990 --> 00:39:15.060 Kent Yoshimura: yeah yeah and you know, like, of course, people who aren't okie holders can go out and use their own like us okies and do whatever they want with it, but um and we're not going to like come after them, but.

00:39:17.160 --> 00:39:19.320 Kent Yoshimura: You can Sue somebody that use your okie.

00:39:20.640 --> 00:39:23.220 Jeremiah Fox: But you would have an okie simply.

00:39:23.430 --> 00:39:26.550 Jeremiah Fox: To see if other people use it and Sue them and make money that way.

00:39:27.330 --> 00:39:28.680 Kent Yoshimura: That I guess if you're.

00:39:29.130 --> 00:39:30.930 Jeremiah Fox: Just a new that's the new yorker and me.

00:39:33.390 --> 00:39:35.820 Jeremiah Fox: I don't do that i've just been sued enough times now that i'm like.

00:39:37.140 --> 00:39:38.670 Jeremiah Fox: If you're somebody who's going to do that.

00:39:38.730 --> 00:39:38.970 Kent Yoshimura: Good.

00:39:39.090 --> 00:39:53.700 Kent Yoshimura: I think that the way the world works and, at least in America, but on it in that regard, though it's just like you know it's it's having yes it's true ownership, you mentioned okie it's true ownership you actually get down to it.

00:39:55.290 --> 00:40:00.990 Jeremiah Fox: it's an interesting space i'm like still trying to wrap my head around the art component of it because i'm again me.

00:40:01.320 --> 00:40:13.920 Jeremiah Fox: it's funny I went you know went to school for music, I have a master's degree in music i've been a food and beverage for long times all very creative things the art, like the visual art scene just eludes me i'm just like that's a nice picture.

00:40:15.480 --> 00:40:18.090 Jeremiah Fox: Like so when all this started to come out, I was just really like.

00:40:18.750 --> 00:40:27.810 Jeremiah Fox: I don't get this I don't understand and Gary v's like doodling you know giraffes on a whiteboard and i'm like wow How is this worth anything.

00:40:28.980 --> 00:40:30.600 Kent Yoshimura: Without a lot of will guarantee says.

00:40:30.660 --> 00:40:31.830 Kent Yoshimura: Just, of course.

00:40:32.730 --> 00:40:40.110 Kent Yoshimura: Other than I don't think he really understands the space as much as he but he is a loud enough to claim that he understands it.

00:40:40.620 --> 00:40:42.300 Jeremiah Fox: right and it doesn't matter because he's like.

00:40:42.450 --> 00:40:47.820 Jeremiah Fox: he's done something similar where he's created this Community, but he is like the mover and shaker.

00:40:48.480 --> 00:40:55.050 Jeremiah Fox: He is the you know the godlike hand that that makes everything happen, and I was you know it's really trying to understand.

00:40:55.470 --> 00:41:02.010 Jeremiah Fox: Why this would be valuable to somebody and it was in a clubhouse room and this guy he's also been on the show.

00:41:02.730 --> 00:41:14.070 Jeremiah Fox: He has an FT company in Florida and it's based off of it's a tangible thing it's like a card, but if its artistic you know it's like a baseball card, but it's it's like these characters that they made him.

00:41:15.150 --> 00:41:23.070 Jeremiah Fox: And he was in this clubhouse room and I was asking like, why is this worth shit you know, like Why do people care and he's like it's it's about his fans, you know it's about.

00:41:23.760 --> 00:41:30.840 Jeremiah Fox: Like that's his like I keep connecting it on a blockchain just know any better, but um that's like.

00:41:31.500 --> 00:41:42.720 Jeremiah Fox: that's like his blockchain is just like all the millions of people that just like adore him he writes the thing up and they create the value for it because there's so many of them and then like it just takes one.

00:41:42.930 --> 00:41:44.280 Jeremiah Fox: that's exactly what it is yeah.

00:41:45.210 --> 00:41:49.320 Kent Yoshimura: That is actually you know, like that is it it's just whether or not.

00:41:50.760 --> 00:41:54.690 Jeremiah Fox: Man i'm telling you this is the show is making me feel about myself.

00:41:55.350 --> 00:42:01.710 Kent Yoshimura: No, I think you have a distinct understanding of it like it's just whether it's you know in this other world.

00:42:02.370 --> 00:42:07.740 Jeremiah Fox: yeah well, everything is another world these days right, I mean we're going like that talking about Ai and shit like that, I mean it's all just.

00:42:08.820 --> 00:42:10.890 Kent Yoshimura: yeah oh my God that is like.

00:42:11.040 --> 00:42:12.660 Kent Yoshimura: I can't even write it started.

00:42:12.960 --> 00:42:20.940 Jeremiah Fox: it's just a crazy it's a crazy real estate grab and everybody needs like we're all like holy shit what's going on, I need like two, I have a piece, so I have like something yeah.

00:42:21.060 --> 00:42:22.380 Kent Yoshimura: So cool like.

00:42:23.610 --> 00:42:25.080 Kent Yoshimura: It is very Wild West.

00:42:25.110 --> 00:42:31.590 Kent Yoshimura: And i'm very grateful that smart people or a bad you know, like photog, for example, the founder of a theory and we were just actually.

00:42:32.310 --> 00:42:41.850 Kent Yoshimura: talking earlier this morning with a Liam Horn, who is the biggest is he's like one of the biggest contributors to ethereum so like can't be considered one of the cofounders of ethereum.

00:42:42.690 --> 00:42:51.450 Kent Yoshimura: But like these are really smart people that are focused on decentralization and not any one person owning like so much of the network.

00:42:51.690 --> 00:42:52.560 Kent Yoshimura: Like the tokens.

00:42:52.620 --> 00:43:01.710 Kent Yoshimura: Less than like half a percent of ethereum you know because he knows it needs to be mass adopted to me it's like awesome.

00:43:02.520 --> 00:43:15.240 Jeremiah Fox: Well, it just my understanding of finance, in general, I mean i'm not I am definitely not proud of the way the US this handled the dollar, you know and i've been doing research on.

00:43:18.210 --> 00:43:19.830 Jeremiah Fox: what's the Central Bank here oh my God.

00:43:19.920 --> 00:43:22.740 Jeremiah Fox: i'm a space cadet this overtime and they're in lower Manhattan right here.

00:43:23.190 --> 00:43:24.150 Kent Yoshimura: yeah the reserve.

00:43:24.210 --> 00:43:26.340 Jeremiah Fox: The Federal Reserve yeah the Federal Reserve so.

00:43:26.400 --> 00:43:28.380 Jeremiah Fox: You know i've been reading about them and.

00:43:29.190 --> 00:43:30.840 Kent Yoshimura: borrows from yeah yeah.

00:43:31.050 --> 00:43:42.210 Jeremiah Fox: Exactly, so this idea of like decentralized money is appealing to me because of my disdain for their their you know what I consider mishandling of finances.

00:43:42.570 --> 00:43:43.980 Kent Yoshimura: And this comes from you know how.

00:43:44.010 --> 00:43:45.330 Kent Yoshimura: Like one person, you know.

00:43:46.260 --> 00:43:48.660 Jeremiah Fox: yeah exactly let's just make more.

00:43:50.670 --> 00:43:59.460 Jeremiah Fox: Money you know it's talking to my 14 year old daughter, who is like you know anybody that's on the Internet, these days is like somewhat aware of enough teas and and.

00:44:00.330 --> 00:44:09.060 Jeremiah Fox: You know bitcoin and and such and I was talking about buying bitcoin and buying ethan and you know, investing in an ftp and she's like why, and I was.

00:44:09.750 --> 00:44:19.470 Jeremiah Fox: The first thing that came to my mind was like well I could just you know contributed to you know destabilizing a foreign government just from my phone like that's just really cool and she said Fuck are you talking about.

00:44:19.740 --> 00:44:30.060 Jeremiah Fox: And I was like well it's also an investment, she was like when you go to just say that, and I was like yeah but the other person's cooler man it's just like i'm sitting on my phone like are you guys need money cool you may find spoke there you go you got a wallet.

00:44:30.300 --> 00:44:32.940 Jeremiah Fox: Alright, Guatemala now you're going to be fucked up like it sounds.

00:44:34.650 --> 00:44:37.800 Kent Yoshimura: Like you're 15 or 16 year old daughter something like.

00:44:39.330 --> 00:44:40.890 Kent Yoshimura: 16 hours of video game.

00:44:42.630 --> 00:44:47.070 Jeremiah Fox: I got like I said I don't understand the art application so what else can I use this ah OK now.

00:44:48.360 --> 00:44:54.210 Jeremiah Fox: We can have some fun yeah that's that's where it that all right, we got one more break hang tight everybody will be back in just a minute.

00:46:23.400 --> 00:46:31.980 we're listening to talk radio nyc at www talk radio dot nyc now broadcasting 24 hours a day.

00:46:57.720 --> 00:47:09.780 Jeremiah Fox: Alright let's wrap this baby up again, we are talking deep stuff in empties metal versus all kinds of crazy things that usually makes my brain hurt, but actually feel a little bit better today.

00:47:10.530 --> 00:47:24.360 Jeremiah Fox: Really, a pleasure, having you on the show man and getting to hash this out um one other question I wanted to ask you, because it was on I think I saw it on both of websites for neuro gone and okies world is.

00:47:25.380 --> 00:47:31.680 Jeremiah Fox: Your commitment to innovation, what how, why is it so important to you.

00:47:32.820 --> 00:47:33.420 Kent Yoshimura: um.

00:47:34.560 --> 00:47:39.240 Kent Yoshimura: I think it's just the artists of me and to constantly be providing new.

00:47:40.860 --> 00:47:46.170 Kent Yoshimura: it's it's weird because, like I don't think I am is innovation.

00:47:46.560 --> 00:47:54.300 Kent Yoshimura: In like my eyes, I guess it's just putting two disparate things together and that's what art is right, being able to view something and i'm putting a disparate thing.

00:47:54.630 --> 00:48:13.920 Kent Yoshimura: Alongside what exists in the current system and then pushing that out there, and if it gets adopted then great if it doesn't, then you know you keep innovating on that if you are firm believer in it um, so I think more than anything is just exciting it makes life more exciting yeah.

00:48:14.310 --> 00:48:21.690 Jeremiah Fox: And you, you know pointed out, and I mean I failed to mention sorry that you're also an internationally renowned journalist as well, so like.

00:48:21.990 --> 00:48:30.960 Jeremiah Fox: Creation and art is a big part of everything you do, and I feel the same you know for me it's I was always driven by you know music was a huge part of my life for a long time.

00:48:31.980 --> 00:48:38.790 Jeremiah Fox: And then it transferred into you know, food and beverage and then it just transferred into business and for me like.

00:48:39.120 --> 00:48:47.220 Jeremiah Fox: Entrepreneurship and business is creative it's a continuation of it all, you know it's like writing it's like writing a symphony and then you grow up in martial arts and all like.

00:48:47.550 --> 00:48:49.980 Jeremiah Fox: holy shit it's really amazing um.

00:48:50.400 --> 00:49:04.350 Jeremiah Fox: But, but as as creative people like one thing I find is like creative people kind of can suck at business and suck even more marketing like you might be able to create the things for marketing, but then like do you get it to people, and I think.

00:49:04.950 --> 00:49:14.760 Jeremiah Fox: Artists and creative people suffer from that a lot what is something that's helped you kind of keep your keep your focus and make that happen.

00:49:15.600 --> 00:49:21.150 Kent Yoshimura: yeah I mean i'm a terrible marketer I don't consider myself a marketing person, by any means.

00:49:22.500 --> 00:49:30.690 Kent Yoshimura: I do really like creating and making sure, things are accessible to the public, I think, if anything like that is like a mantra and everything.

00:49:31.230 --> 00:49:37.440 Kent Yoshimura: That I do so with the art like I used to be in the fine art world like my I think see like so my old paintings.

00:49:38.010 --> 00:49:55.230 Kent Yoshimura: um that i've made and then, like all my newer paintings have just evolved into more whimsical things that I could paint on walls, so that the public and appreciate it instead of within like the four walls of a gallery where only certain people can access it and.

00:49:57.030 --> 00:50:05.130 Kent Yoshimura: that's why looking girl, so much the reason I love okies world is like it's a very it's a much more approachable owned format of the.

00:50:05.700 --> 00:50:16.770 Kent Yoshimura: Former production model or it's not a studio room of like for white you know old white Dudes deciding whether something gets greenlit or not is a Community deciding whether these projects, get to be pumped out.

00:50:17.220 --> 00:50:41.520 Kent Yoshimura: And then, with neuro it's not taking you know, a bottle of pills it's having something that's shareable and GM and mid form, which is already shareable but, as I think, to make things approachable is intrinsically marketable in that regard so and the Community helps you market it more.

00:50:42.240 --> 00:50:42.840 Kent Yoshimura: And right.

00:50:44.610 --> 00:50:44.820 Jeremiah Fox: that's.

00:50:45.960 --> 00:50:49.860 Jeremiah Fox: filling the void yeah right like the you know, the more.

00:50:51.000 --> 00:50:57.600 Jeremiah Fox: refined and specific against the more friction, you have, which means you have to be better at marketing.

00:50:58.290 --> 00:51:07.530 Jeremiah Fox: Right and if that's not your forte, then you need now that shit down and make it, but I think I really love the analogy of the murals so like you were doing you know.

00:51:07.980 --> 00:51:19.680 Jeremiah Fox: Whatever oil on canvas or whatever it was and like you said it was going to be confined to like four walls, you know and and not everybody will have access to it, but when you when you put it out to the public, you have this, it seems to me like this, this.

00:51:20.790 --> 00:51:30.480 Jeremiah Fox: real drive to connect with people and that becomes your marketing because that at the end of day, who is making the decisions.

00:51:31.170 --> 00:51:31.920 Kent Yoshimura: yeah.

00:51:31.950 --> 00:51:37.710 Kent Yoshimura: I love people I love hanging out with people like you and stuff you know.

00:51:38.310 --> 00:51:38.550 Why.

00:51:40.560 --> 00:51:41.130 Jeremiah Fox: The hardest thing.

00:51:42.930 --> 00:51:46.590 Jeremiah Fox: To do yeah I would recommend against it, but we can talk.

00:51:48.120 --> 00:51:52.320 Jeremiah Fox: And and shout out to Andrew also because Andrew loves people and he's brought so many people like.

00:51:52.320 --> 00:51:58.350 Jeremiah Fox: yourself the doors here and he's always like every time he's always like Oh, you should review this guy's got a badass and i'm like oh cool.

00:51:58.380 --> 00:51:59.610 like this is awesome like.

00:52:00.780 --> 00:52:06.030 Jeremiah Fox: he's great, this is the first one that's been out with like one of his friends came through and actually like hop on the show but.

00:52:06.930 --> 00:52:15.330 Jeremiah Fox: But that you know it comes up so much like we create i'd like for me I started playing music, because it made me feel good you know it was like therapy.

00:52:16.290 --> 00:52:20.910 Jeremiah Fox: You know, it just gave me energy and then, once I learned how to share that.

00:52:21.360 --> 00:52:28.710 Jeremiah Fox: And the same with food like particularly like I i'm in the food industry because i'd love to share that with other people like i'm very fond.

00:52:29.070 --> 00:52:41.700 Jeremiah Fox: of good food and quality ingredients, like all the things that are on the neuro gun website i'm like yes that's what it's about and to be able to share that especially for people that maybe are less aware of that or have less access, you know.

00:52:41.970 --> 00:52:43.680 Jeremiah Fox: to it, I mean that's really important.

00:52:43.980 --> 00:52:48.630 Kent Yoshimura: to your point it's like one the food at a restaurant was incredible so thank you.

00:52:49.260 --> 00:52:49.650 Jeremiah Fox: avail.

00:52:49.710 --> 00:52:50.130 Thank you.

00:52:52.080 --> 00:53:00.450 Kent Yoshimura: Too it's like yeah it's funny because, like when I was younger art to me was an ego thing like looking back at it like right and you play music and you're trying to show off or whatever it is.

00:53:00.960 --> 00:53:12.300 Kent Yoshimura: Like art to me was always an ego thing and then at some point, it became like not an ego thing is like there's like this weird inflection point where it's like oh like.

00:53:12.720 --> 00:53:29.430 Kent Yoshimura: It needs to be shared like food is I can make this amazing thing to impress a girl or whatever it is, but it's like Oh, but why not share it to enjoy the company and, like the joy that comes out of the food and I think we all go, not all of us, some of us never got through that path.

00:53:29.670 --> 00:53:40.710 Kent Yoshimura: For each other, like going through that path with business and art and music and a little like has been really beautiful and um.

00:53:41.820 --> 00:53:42.210 Kent Yoshimura: I don't know.

00:53:42.240 --> 00:53:44.520 Jeremiah Fox: And you and you can still impress the girl that way.

00:53:44.670 --> 00:53:56.490 Jeremiah Fox: Like you could still you know, like that's the beauty of it is like you did it without without that direct you know it's like to Jesse when you want to get a guy your Judo you know you want to get.

00:53:57.150 --> 00:54:02.460 Jeremiah Fox: You know, you want to get a koichi Gari you don't go straight to the coaching car you set it up you gotta do some of the shift.

00:54:03.960 --> 00:54:04.410 Kent Yoshimura: yeah.

00:54:04.470 --> 00:54:04.950 Kent Yoshimura: You know.

00:54:06.570 --> 00:54:07.590 Kent Yoshimura: It might do you want to get the.

00:54:07.590 --> 00:54:08.790 Jeremiah Fox: girl you don't just want them to like.

00:54:09.870 --> 00:54:11.430 Jeremiah Fox: me I want you.

00:54:11.460 --> 00:54:12.840 Kent Yoshimura: You know right right it.

00:54:15.690 --> 00:54:23.670 Jeremiah Fox: makes it food and be like I need this for all of you, I just love people and then this girl is gonna be like hey you know that's how, at least that's how I got married.

00:54:26.040 --> 00:54:29.160 Jeremiah Fox: She don't cook so that's that's where.

00:54:29.940 --> 00:54:32.940 Kent Yoshimura: I try i'm just I tried to cook.

00:54:34.290 --> 00:54:35.310 Kent Yoshimura: let's let's leave it at that.

00:54:35.760 --> 00:54:38.550 Jeremiah Fox: Oh, like like I said I tried to write my name and it doesn't come out.

00:54:38.550 --> 00:54:38.760 So.

00:54:40.050 --> 00:54:41.280 Jeremiah Fox: visual or thing.

00:54:41.310 --> 00:54:42.330 Kent Yoshimura: just asked me but.

00:54:42.780 --> 00:54:51.690 Jeremiah Fox: um well this whole thing has got me really excited like I, I want to, I want to own an okie so like sometimes soon.

00:54:52.200 --> 00:54:57.240 Jeremiah Fox: i'm going where you're going to walk me through this you're going to be like my nfc consultants, in a way, because I.

00:54:57.930 --> 00:55:08.310 Jeremiah Fox: I i'm so interested in it, and I feel especially after the show I feel like I have a little bit more of an understanding of it, but I need guidance and I, you know I just feel like i'll Fuck it off if I.

00:55:08.790 --> 00:55:20.220 Kent Yoshimura: Complicated right now it's crazy they make it so complicated and they're so like open see it, they do, they need to figure stuff so Baron Baron Davis.

00:55:20.790 --> 00:55:32.310 Kent Yoshimura: is a friend of ours is a big supporter of okies world i'm minted a bunch of about a scam okies on open see not knowing that it was not the legitimate website.

00:55:32.760 --> 00:55:35.280 Kent Yoshimura: So i'm going to go later today and helping sorted out, but.

00:55:36.060 --> 00:55:37.110 Jeremiah Fox: His ass around a little bit.

00:55:38.970 --> 00:55:50.250 Kent Yoshimura: it's like so unfortunate because, like one like that's a person that wants to support the vision of the project, but to the spaces so ripe for the taking.

00:55:50.400 --> 00:55:52.140 Kent Yoshimura: Because there's so many newbies coming into.

00:55:52.140 --> 00:55:57.900 Kent Yoshimura: It that it's it's inevitable, but it will eventually be.

00:55:59.430 --> 00:56:07.590 Kent Yoshimura: The thing is, with urgency, there still a web two platform right that uses web three and if authentication really be managed and these issues won't happen.

00:56:07.860 --> 00:56:08.190 Jeremiah Fox: Right so.

00:56:10.500 --> 00:56:12.120 Jeremiah Fox: We have to innovate right and just keep.

00:56:13.140 --> 00:56:15.630 Jeremiah Fox: just keep moving the best versions of ourselves.

00:56:16.050 --> 00:56:26.940 Jeremiah Fox: exam so thank you so much it's been really cool I want you before we go to let people know where they can find out more information on okies world neuro Dom and if they have any questions for you, if anybody listening is like.

00:56:27.300 --> 00:56:31.860 Jeremiah Fox: I too wanted Okay, where where should they go, how should they approach this.

00:56:32.100 --> 00:56:44.100 Kent Yoshimura: So for for neuro gum you can find us in whole foods nationwide I can pull out the cash wrap right now um but uh and CDs were in 7500 stores um so at.

00:56:44.640 --> 00:56:52.980 Kent Yoshimura: Your local store or you can find us online I get in any URL on with okies world if you go to Okay, I asked doll worlds.

00:56:53.370 --> 00:57:06.960 Kent Yoshimura: You could meet your okie there on the button on the on the header banner and join our community as links to our discord you can see how activities you feel amazing everyone in there is.

00:57:07.050 --> 00:57:08.850 Jeremiah Fox: right we didn't even talk about discord I can't.

00:57:09.120 --> 00:57:09.840 I don't have the data.

00:57:11.010 --> 00:57:11.640 Jeremiah Fox: Like wait if.

00:57:13.080 --> 00:57:13.740 Jeremiah Fox: This court.

00:57:14.100 --> 00:57:14.460 Kent Yoshimura: Do I.

00:57:14.550 --> 00:57:15.900 Jeremiah Fox: got this quarter if I get an okie.

00:57:16.290 --> 00:57:18.870 Kent Yoshimura: yeah you can be on our discord even without an okie like.

00:57:18.900 --> 00:57:21.840 Jeremiah Fox: it's the same do I have to be on discord if I get an okie.

00:57:22.230 --> 00:57:22.950 Kent Yoshimura: I think so.

00:57:22.980 --> 00:57:26.490 Kent Yoshimura: I think, so I think you need to add your notification count by like tenfold.

00:57:28.320 --> 00:57:30.240 Jeremiah Fox: Alright we're going to work this out we're gonna.

00:57:30.870 --> 00:57:41.310 Kent Yoshimura: we're gonna work out um and then you can find us on on Twitter at at okies world or you can find me I can count roddick or I can toggle on instagram to see so much.

00:57:41.520 --> 00:57:48.540 Jeremiah Fox: And you guys are killing it on Twitter already it just like you guys i'm pretty new to it, and then the size of me for.

00:57:48.630 --> 00:57:54.840 Kent Yoshimura: Already like i've never been part of a such like a good group of people that I don't know you know.

00:57:54.900 --> 00:57:55.800 Kent Yoshimura: yeah right.

00:57:56.310 --> 00:58:01.170 Jeremiah Fox: Well that's how I put her to i've connected with so many people that way, and it was all through the show the only.

00:58:01.230 --> 00:58:05.700 Jeremiah Fox: My only Twitter account currently is my radio personality and.

00:58:06.150 --> 00:58:17.910 Jeremiah Fox: I just I was like this is a good place to promote this and it's been so cool and that's exactly how I learned about nfp and first someone shared something about okies well recently, so I was like when Andrew said it to me, I was like no should I just saw that so.

00:58:18.690 --> 00:58:28.470 Kent Yoshimura: yeah we were scattered around random places and like as a as a final thought it's like there's only I think it's something like 10 million wallets.

00:58:28.890 --> 00:58:45.120 Kent Yoshimura: Like crypto wallets now in the entire world, think of how small that number is yeah there's people using coinbase and all these other places to hold their crypto and buy it, but people actually doing transactions in with crypto is like 10 million or around that range.

00:58:45.660 --> 00:58:47.340 Kent Yoshimura: Worldwide we're just at the cusp of it all.

00:58:47.400 --> 00:58:49.470 Kent Yoshimura: it's gonna be it's gonna explode.

00:58:49.740 --> 00:58:50.790 Kent Yoshimura: it's gonna be amazing.

00:58:50.850 --> 00:58:52.110 Kent Yoshimura: And yeah i'm.

00:58:52.410 --> 00:58:57.090 Kent Yoshimura: In theory is less than $4,000 right now so during the break I just bought a bunch of the theory.

00:58:57.510 --> 00:58:59.130 Kent Yoshimura: Behind for the real.

00:58:59.520 --> 00:59:00.780 Jeremiah Fox: So you gotta you gotta.

00:59:00.960 --> 00:59:02.400 Jeremiah Fox: help me we're going to talk.

00:59:02.550 --> 00:59:02.640 To.

00:59:03.870 --> 00:59:08.220 Jeremiah Fox: me i'm gonna make one good decision in my life and it's not going to be another fucking restaurant.

00:59:09.420 --> 00:59:09.930 Kent Yoshimura: yeah.

00:59:11.070 --> 00:59:15.450 Jeremiah Fox: No, I love it it's just it's such so much work so i'm looking for something.

00:59:15.780 --> 00:59:16.980 Kent Yoshimura: that's running the metaverse.

00:59:17.430 --> 00:59:21.330 Jeremiah Fox: yeah exactly that will make one in okies world i'll make a little restaurant.

00:59:21.360 --> 00:59:24.360 Jeremiah Fox: Oh, my God oh okay now I get it.

00:59:24.390 --> 00:59:29.220 Kent Yoshimura: All right, yeah that's what yeah that'll be awesome and okie rest is done.

00:59:29.550 --> 00:59:30.330 Jeremiah Fox: let's do it i'm gonna.

00:59:30.900 --> 00:59:31.740 Jeremiah Fox: i'm gonna walk a little.

00:59:31.770 --> 00:59:35.100 Jeremiah Fox: Yes, now i'm gonna walk a little more proud today, after this.

00:59:35.160 --> 00:59:45.210 Kent Yoshimura: join our disco check out the channels, so we have a bunch of channels right and our server you have a recipe section on how to make food out of things you find in our planet, Mario.

00:59:45.720 --> 00:59:46.470 Jeremiah Fox: yeah yeah.

00:59:46.560 --> 00:59:48.450 Kent Yoshimura: Perfect resident of that space.

00:59:48.480 --> 00:59:49.770 Jeremiah Fox: let's do it let's do it.

00:59:49.830 --> 01:00:06.450 Jeremiah Fox: sounds great awesome man Thank you so much, what a cool conversation all of you, thank you, I hope you got some value out of this there's some great stuff in here and there'll be some I suppose proud of my social media platforms everybody can check it out into so thanks again can't man.

01:00:06.720 --> 01:00:10.170 Jeremiah Fox: Having a New York definitely hit me up and i'll talk to you soon we'll we'll hop on a.

01:00:10.170 --> 01:00:17.070 Jeremiah Fox: Call and make this all happen the rest of you have a great weekend, we will see you next week peace out.

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