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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/07/09 - Best Foot Forward


2020/07/09 - Best Foot Forward

[NEW EPISODE] Best Foot Forward

Micheal R Neece is the founder of 7 companies, a TED Talk speaker, and a start-up advisor. His companies have over 56,000 customers in 120 countries, and across 20 major industries.

His current company, provides video-based learning apps that transform the hiring process into a prosperous and joyful experience for all participants including recruiters, hiring managers, career coaches, and job seekers.rate and a professional sports team.

What are the drivers that keep an already successful businessman motivated and, most importantly, why every shot must count when it comes to leadership.

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Segment 1

Founder of several companies and TedTalk speaker, Michael Neece, joins Graham tonight to talk about how success is discovered and maintained. Michael is a proprietor of wellness, education, and philanthropy. He is involved in many non-profits that have taught him how to be a better leader in his day job. The way you lead is by aligning your values with your team of volunteers, opposed to a for-profit endeavor. By treating paid employees like volunteers, you better value your team’s time and skills. 

As a former physicist, Michael wanted to figure out how the world worked. Yet, he soon discovered he was more interested in people rather than numbers.

Segment 2

Michael used to be a talent recruiter and HR manager for multiple companies. He brought his engineer mindset to business, and saw room for improvement. So, when tasked with hiring a large amount of employees, he brought new innovative hiring processes to companies who need it.

Traditional interviews often rely on how someone “fits”. So Michael found that by asking interviewees about their experiences and strengths rather than relying on whether the interviewer “likes” them, ultimately someone better will be hired.

Graham and Michael go on to discuss why human resources are so important to the success of a company.

Segment 3

His current company,, helps companies and job seekers make the interview process more enjoyable and successful. Through teaching tools and classes, Michael trains all parties to be better at interviews. For example, he will teach how to answer questions like “what are your weaknesses?,” by providing a formula for answers and how to make them sound the best.

The two continue by analyzing why hiring is crucial to not only monetary success, but company reputability. Companies need to prioritize each layer of employees, because each person contributes to the proper function of the system. Michael has found that through his business, other companies have discovered what they need to improve on and have grown for the better.

Segment 4

Michael recounts times where he hired great employees and times he made big hiring mistakes. Despite some failure, his experiences have made him a better leader and hirer. Therefore, he has been able to use poor experiences to improve his company for others. 

Michael parts by detailing his philosophies in business. To conclude, Graham ties everything together with a plane metaphor about how others must come first in a successful business.

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