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Thursday, July 15, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/15 - Connecting the World

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/15 - Connecting the World


2021/07/15 - Connecting the World

[NEW EPISODE] Connecting the World

Terry Hamill's full focus is on connecting people.

Originally from Scotland, he now lives in the beautiful coastline of Lisbon serving thousands of businesses as National Director for BNI Portugal He is also the Co National Director for Corporate Connections in Portugal and the United Kingdom.

One of his passions is helping young people through speaking engagements and seminars, teaching them how to network and build their career strategy.

Finally, Terry is also the co founder BE-BRAVE with Tim Vieira one of Portugal's investment clubs. He enjoys seeing companies be mentored and be who they want to be - BEING Brave.

Tune in for this insightful conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Starting off the podcast, Graham introduces this week’s guest Terry Hamill, the co-founder of BE-BRAVE, the National Director for BNI Portugal and Co-National Director for Corporate Connections. Asking the first question of the hour, Graham asks Terry how he arrived at his current career. Terry discusses how he struggled with abuse as a child, had difficulties in school, and even had some instances where he was told he wouldn’t amount to anything, but he was lucky enough to be able to recover from these negative experiences and move forward. He talks about how, now, he values helping others and he believes that in order to be a good leader one must serve others.

Segment 2

After the break, Graham asks more questions about Terry’s journey to his current career. Speaking on what his life was like at twenty-eight years old, Terry talks about how he married the love of his life and had a significant hypnotherapy breakthrough that completely changed him. Terry then talks about what success means to him, saying that success is when you take an opportunity that comes to you. To him, this is because of the courage it takes to pursue an opportunity. Switching subjects, Graham asks Terry how much planning, in his opinion, is involved in achieving one’s life goals. Terry launches into a personal anecdote about having the chance to work with a coach who helped him be both creative and structured. He then gives the advice to be creative in addition to being structured and planning, giving the example of drawing and surrounding yourself with pictures of your life goals.

Segment 3

Terry uses the metaphor that he doesn’t like dancing himself, but rather, prefers to provide others with the opportunity to dance. He reiterates how important serving others is to him before moving on to specifically what his life is like now. After this short discussion, Graham asks Terry what he thinks it is about himself that attracts people. Terry answers that he believes it is certainty; the fact that people can count on him. Everyone has made mistakes, he admits, but if someone needs him he will be there for them. The reason he believes he holds being someone people can count on so highly is because he has a deep hatred for injustice. Shifting to the kinds of people he chooses to surround himself with, he talks about how early on in his career he fired slow and hired fast. Now, he says, he hires slow and fires fast. This allows him to handpick the right people. Terry and Graham then shift to discussing people who have had a positive impact on Terry and his relationship with them.

Segment 4

He talks about how he had the opportunity to speak at this event and how he prepared for that. Terry also explains that to get this opportunity, he knew the right people, emphasizing how important connections are in the world of business and leadership. Following this opportunity, Terry talks about how he’s had many other opportunities to speak at other events. He’s still doing speaking events now, and in fact, is hosting a TEDx talk very soon. Once again shifting to another topic of conversation, Terry reiterates that it saddens him that there is a seven year old boy inside himself who wants to be loved. He talks about how terrible it is that abuse happens every day in the world to people who were just like him. To conclude the show, Graham goes over some highlights from today’s show.


00:00:42.390 --> 00:00:48.150 Graham Dobbin: Welcome it's talk radio dot nyc, this is the mind behind leadership, my name is Graham dobbin.

00:00:48.990 --> 00:01:05.220 Graham Dobbin: every Thursday we speak with leaders from all over the world looking for a fresh perspective, some ideas, how they approach things and just kind of the story, the background to there has been a theme running through since the show started just over a year ago where we've got.

00:01:06.240 --> 00:01:11.670 Graham Dobbin: connections seems to be a big thing relationships seems to be a big thing how people interact.

00:01:12.300 --> 00:01:21.810 Graham Dobbin: Theresa the group was from the evolutionary business Council spoke about it with a ginger Johnson we've had your heart the CEO of Dale Carnegie Tony Tony Alessandra.

00:01:22.530 --> 00:01:35.790 Graham Dobbin: every single one of just spoken about that, and all of those are available on podcasts are available here to download on talk radio dot nyc and on spotify stitcher etc um.

00:01:36.780 --> 00:01:45.420 Graham Dobbin: it's potentially a different mindset when we're thinking about connecting people, it can create huge results from probably really unexpected places.

00:01:46.230 --> 00:01:54.060 Graham Dobbin: today's guest is no different I am absolutely delighted we have Teddy hamill as our guest this evening know.

00:01:54.360 --> 00:02:02.910 Graham Dobbin: teddy's life has been focused on connecting people you'll see an award originally from Scotland, you know lives on the beautiful coastline in.

00:02:03.390 --> 00:02:15.030 Graham Dobbin: Lisbon and he's coming in, via Liverpool in northern England and he says, thousands of businesses as a national director for bna in Portugal, but there's more a lot more sit back and relax.

00:02:15.510 --> 00:02:22.590 Graham Dobbin: And in June this year, he started off as a core national director for corporate connections in Portugal in the UK.

00:02:23.010 --> 00:02:30.510 Graham Dobbin: And one of his passions and I noticed for a fact we're going to dig into this is helping young people through speaking engagements and seminars.

00:02:30.720 --> 00:02:38.460 Graham Dobbin: teaching them how to network and build their career strategy is a proud faculty member of the novice school of business and economics.

00:02:38.880 --> 00:02:49.050 Graham Dobbin: and has been invited to become a faculty speaker at the prestigious singularity Portugal shedding his vision of vulnerable leadership and authentic communication.

00:02:49.560 --> 00:03:04.950 Graham Dobbin: is also a Co founder of be brave, with TIM Viana what a portugal's from one of portugal's investment clubs and enjoy seeing companies be mentored and be who they want to be by being brave there's still more his latest project in underpins.

00:03:06.210 --> 00:03:25.080 Graham Dobbin: His own franchise regions and being is called the growth experts Academy, he is the Co founder of the Curry club there in a cash cash in Lisbon, which has grown from two to 600 members is a massive fan of golf pro father of lottie proud father of backs.

00:03:26.190 --> 00:03:35.010 Graham Dobbin: The love of his life as a lane, the only downside is is a Liverpool supporter, but there we go there's a few things that's going on Teddy this has been a year in the making.

00:03:36.330 --> 00:03:38.490 Graham Dobbin: Getting together great to see you.

00:03:39.750 --> 00:03:50.430 Terry Hamill: I am so glad that we are together grim and i'm laughing inside myself thinking, are you sure that that's my biography you know.

00:03:50.820 --> 00:03:58.530 Terry Hamill: When I look back at it, I think my teachers saying get your hands on the clothes you'll never do anything will go is that actually me.

00:03:58.950 --> 00:04:07.170 Terry Hamill: And i'm really glad that the audience has having to Scotsman tonight because that's a translation issue store it away so it's great to see you again thanks for the invitation know.

00:04:07.710 --> 00:04:21.690 Graham Dobbin: genuinely it's great to have you're here you're benching Scotland, you mentioned teachers i've got into the experience of that being told that we weren't going to amount to anything tell how does someone go from from that.

00:04:22.950 --> 00:04:34.680 Graham Dobbin: To this incredible list of different businesses that not just the business digital involved with, but the businesses it touches give us a background, how did you how did you leave that class and get to hear.

00:04:35.790 --> 00:04:44.400 Terry Hamill: Well it's funny Actually, I was in a I was in a training session today and we were talking about an imposter syndrome, you know.

00:04:44.760 --> 00:04:51.120 Terry Hamill: You know, really, believing that you're in it, and I think part of part of great leadership is not forgetting where you come from.

00:04:51.600 --> 00:05:01.470 Terry Hamill: and respecting the roots and respecting the path and even though I was, I was a tool ragged school, there was a reason why I was a tour I but I never.

00:05:02.070 --> 00:05:21.090 Terry Hamill: kind of figured out until I was until I was later on in life, but you know think everybody has the same plainfield Graham it's what they do with it so and it's all about mindset and I think the biggest influences for me came from pain, because my father was.

00:05:22.260 --> 00:05:31.950 Terry Hamill: was a dreadful guy he beat my mother almost every day when we were there, so I remember those parts and thinking to myself, I never want to be that person.

00:05:33.000 --> 00:05:39.870 Terry Hamill: And I love barbecues, by the way, because she bought every piece of his clothing in the garden when she kicked him out, so I love the I love the.

00:05:40.260 --> 00:05:52.710 Terry Hamill: sense of flames and fire it's like almost like that release and my mother, even though she was about four foot six she was the one that always believed in me, no matter what was going going through our lives and then.

00:05:54.420 --> 00:06:01.680 Terry Hamill: Something happened something happened when I was seven that I didn't really understand that a time it was a game changer.

00:06:02.220 --> 00:06:12.450 Terry Hamill: Where I was extremely happy my mother was amazing I was pretty good at school at the youngest school and then at seven something can have clicked.

00:06:13.020 --> 00:06:21.120 Terry Hamill: And then my mother had to put me into your boxing club, because I was, I was fighting in the street and really off the scale.

00:06:21.930 --> 00:06:31.710 Terry Hamill: And then, like a long story short and I talked about this, one of the things you said there before is I I talked about vulnerability in leadership with singularity.

00:06:32.460 --> 00:06:40.140 Terry Hamill: Is that I discovered that I was actually abused, when I was a young kid I didn't know about it, Graham it wasn't something that I remembered.

00:06:40.770 --> 00:06:46.440 Terry Hamill: The other person who was the other Members every single day but Elvis was almost my subconscious was trapped.

00:06:47.130 --> 00:06:54.660 Terry Hamill: And then I discovered it by a great friend of mine, when I was 28 and all that suppression and that subconscious protection.

00:06:55.140 --> 00:07:04.710 Terry Hamill: made me an aggressive child and it took a while to get out of it, but I wanted to do is love people and I wanted people to love me and I had this.

00:07:05.190 --> 00:07:10.920 Terry Hamill: desire and passion, but I didn't have any clarity on it that I just wanted to help people, and you know what.

00:07:11.490 --> 00:07:24.420 Terry Hamill: I got kicked out of school at 15 grill and I was glad to leave, by the way, I had an agreement with them, they hated me and I hated them and my brother got a job in a hairdresser and selling and said why don't you come work in a headdress and sell.

00:07:25.440 --> 00:07:32.340 Terry Hamill: And I was like great you know I think success is doing the things that others won't.

00:07:32.910 --> 00:07:44.460 Terry Hamill: just go for it try it and see what happens, and I think hairdressing has been a really good grounding for me because I get to charm people from men to kids to all ladies.

00:07:44.940 --> 00:07:54.930 Terry Hamill: So that was a good training for me, and I think that was the start of service, because I think leadership is about serving leadership is about caring for people leadership is about.

00:07:55.380 --> 00:08:04.620 Terry Hamill: Listening to people, so the vulnerability piece, I think, is so important and leadership, and I hope we talk about that tonight, because I really want people to.

00:08:05.400 --> 00:08:15.720 Terry Hamill: To be better people in the world, stop trying to be the trying to pretend that everything is a certain way it's Okay, not to be okay, and I really I love.

00:08:16.440 --> 00:08:25.140 Terry Hamill: connecting with other leaders that are okay to kind of say that we messed up because you are also a bit of a drop out of school, you know I mean you, is.

00:08:25.290 --> 00:08:26.340 Terry Hamill: that little bit similar.

00:08:26.430 --> 00:08:27.240 Graham Dobbin: Thanks for highway.

00:08:29.190 --> 00:08:36.390 Graham Dobbin: i've got this persona Terry i've got a persona to keep up yeah I left school very early and it was it was kind of.

00:08:37.230 --> 00:08:49.020 Graham Dobbin: Almost done thing in Scotland, at that point in time we you went out and got some work if you manage to get you up to 16 you are doing well and that's that's just just when i'm.

00:08:50.610 --> 00:08:59.490 Graham Dobbin: Julian said, one of the things that get involved in heavily, you said that you're you know you were maybe aggressive, you will you would confrontational, but that was almost a protection thing.

00:09:00.180 --> 00:09:12.720 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting when we talk about behaviors and it's, this is probably one of the most difficult parts of leadership and or connecting and they're all parts of wife is looking to be on someone's behavior and what Why is actually happening.

00:09:14.880 --> 00:09:26.610 Terry Hamill: yeah I think the order that you get like 15 the the more understanding, you have of what's going on in someone else's life so you know many times.

00:09:27.270 --> 00:09:38.130 Terry Hamill: sampling and networking environment, the people that are almost aggressive have almost negative in a way it's a cause of something else, so if you.

00:09:38.550 --> 00:09:52.050 Terry Hamill: If you're the one that puts up the arm around them and listens you actually you went over that person more than anybody else, because no one wants to be around them because they're creating a lot of drama, but I really love that challenge because.

00:09:53.520 --> 00:10:09.450 Terry Hamill: We don't know what's happening, but if we can just pause and just listen and just get our own self sentence out of the way oh my God, you find some amazing conversations I remember going back.

00:10:10.170 --> 00:10:23.190 Terry Hamill: There was a guy who was in my first ever be in a group, and he was a really aggressive guy and he would turn up lay he'd be smoking in the room, you tell people to this world that people and all that.

00:10:23.730 --> 00:10:30.240 Terry Hamill: And I said to him, one day, I said, you need to kind of change what you're doing what you're doing you said you're the only one, the only person that spoke to me.

00:10:30.630 --> 00:10:41.520 Terry Hamill: I said let's go meet each other, he gave us one of the biggest introductions because I was the only one that actually went out and cared and talk to, so I think a lesson is.

00:10:44.130 --> 00:10:52.500 Terry Hamill: Always always look for someone that has that feeling of something's not right appear bit more attention you know.

00:10:52.950 --> 00:11:08.700 Terry Hamill: there's a great story great story just recently last Wednesday my wife and I were driving back from from friends and we'd seen a couple of hitchhikers now, this was at 930 at night and the dark and it was a young young teenage couple.

00:11:09.750 --> 00:11:17.760 Terry Hamill: And I drove past them I said, like a dog pass them and my wife said something's not right there, so we said let's go and go back.

00:11:18.630 --> 00:11:30.030 Terry Hamill: If we didn't go back room, they would have a three hour walk because the tourist bus had left them at the middle of a place called cavity Rocker, which is the most westerly point is to foster the last point of Portugal.

00:11:30.510 --> 00:11:40.200 Terry Hamill: And we went back and pick them up and i'm so glad that it doesn't matter to your business whatever but Luca and help people I think that's a great sense and.

00:11:40.740 --> 00:11:47.820 Terry Hamill: You know, it was both a decision, because you never know what crazy people you're going to pick up these days, but I thought that could be my daughter or my son.

00:11:48.390 --> 00:11:56.520 Terry Hamill: So everywhere, you can find a moment of helping others, whether it be in business or universities or wherever take it do that risk because.

00:11:56.880 --> 00:12:07.860 Terry Hamill: I know that those two Italian kids will be back in PISA PISA almost in gratitude for this weird Scotsman that's driving 150 miles an hour and a Porsche.

00:12:08.280 --> 00:12:17.310 Terry Hamill: What they are, they are they going to kidnap us, but it was that one that we've saved them that day, so I think whenever you can save someone stand up and be courageous.

00:12:18.030 --> 00:12:24.600 Graham Dobbin: i'm so interested interesting because it seems to be that we meet rules for the small percentage of things that might go wrong.

00:12:25.440 --> 00:12:35.340 Graham Dobbin: Rather than than the times, where so we say there's a fear of maybe picking someone up there's a fear of stepping out and looking different as a filter it just just making that difference.

00:12:35.820 --> 00:12:47.220 Graham Dobbin: And it, the amount of businesses that are work with them at the leaders of speak with that do things to cover that 5% not the 95% of teams win or go right is that something you phone does that.

00:12:47.760 --> 00:12:50.610 Terry Hamill: yeah and i've got to say agree on that I all.

00:12:51.750 --> 00:13:06.330 Terry Hamill: I had very much that mindset also until I started to hang around with people who lived in abundance and there's a new partner of mine 10 we've known each other for four or five years, Tim and I formed the.

00:13:07.440 --> 00:13:21.210 Terry Hamill: Be brave, which is the investment club, but we also founded the bridge generation entrepreneurs club for kids and he has he's 47 and Sunday, I have.

00:13:21.930 --> 00:13:32.550 Terry Hamill: never met a guy who is extremely risk averse extremely passionate and positive everything.

00:13:33.060 --> 00:13:40.230 Terry Hamill: And I would sometimes go in a little bit of you know what do you think of that person it's like hey doesn't matter it doesn't matter let's go for it so.

00:13:40.830 --> 00:13:50.190 Terry Hamill: I think we are natural default is a protection system there's lots of protection for that, but I think if you can find people that are insanely positive.

00:13:50.760 --> 00:14:07.230 Terry Hamill: Then it really rubs off on you and I loved him I call them today and I love them I love them he's done so much for me, I mean his businesses are phenomenal but just the attitude, and I think it's a common statement, these days, but you are the average of the five people you hang.

00:14:07.230 --> 00:14:07.890 Graham Dobbin: around with.

00:14:08.430 --> 00:14:15.930 Terry Hamill: So if there's people that are pulling you down just choose another one just get some day I was like you know when I went to Manhattan with you grill.

00:14:17.010 --> 00:14:27.240 Terry Hamill: I was told the story for over I had five manhattan's in Manhattan with you that's what life's about it's about enjoying yourself and enjoying this piece, you know.

00:14:27.810 --> 00:14:29.160 Graham Dobbin: don't remember doing that at all.

00:14:29.340 --> 00:14:30.360 Terry Hamill: I don't remember much of a.

00:14:31.950 --> 00:14:32.400 Terry Hamill: secret.

00:14:33.510 --> 00:14:40.290 Graham Dobbin: I work we're going to go to a break in a moment what we'll do is we'll come back and i'm really curious about how we move from being that hairdresser.

00:14:40.650 --> 00:14:46.920 Graham Dobbin: sort of 15 1617 year old up to the 20 year old then we've got we've got that that that that change.

00:14:47.910 --> 00:14:56.520 Graham Dobbin: And also wonder what culture and kind of that upbringing does that make us different and our outlook and how we care about people and then we'll look at vulnerability.

00:14:56.760 --> 00:15:07.170 Graham Dobbin: In leadership as well you're listening to the main bank leadership here on talk radio dot nyc we have Teddy hubble which i'm absolutely delighted to say we'll be back after these messages.

00:17:28.500 --> 00:17:29.790 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind.

00:17:29.790 --> 00:17:32.040 Graham Dobbin: Behind leadership, this is an international sure we're.

00:17:32.040 --> 00:17:39.120 Graham Dobbin: Coming live from New York City via Sydney to Portugal, this evening, this afternoon, this morning i'm not quite sure what it is.

00:17:39.450 --> 00:17:56.130 Graham Dobbin: i'm Teddy we have Teddy hammer with us, I just need to clarify something before we go on, you mentioned, you were taught ag now just for international listener, because we've got we've only got the one not sure where we are this evening and that's not a Volkswagen, is it.

00:17:57.480 --> 00:18:00.360 Terry Hamill: that's none of us know, but you used to drive one of them agree.

00:18:03.300 --> 00:18:06.900 Graham Dobbin: So why Sir Torah like what's your definition of what's all right.

00:18:07.230 --> 00:18:11.460 Terry Hamill: Well it's not my fault it's a Scottish definition for basically a.

00:18:12.630 --> 00:18:21.570 Terry Hamill: How would you how would you describe it someone that their teachers doing agree with that would carry them by the end of the classroom because they were disruptive something.

00:18:21.870 --> 00:18:31.770 Terry Hamill: I would say that was probably the best way to describe it, and anybody can be a tool right but it's mainly in that young children that are probably a little bit too vocal than they should be.

00:18:32.160 --> 00:18:36.450 Graham Dobbin: So very mischievous and dragged down by the year of when you were allowed to do that kind of thing.

00:18:36.870 --> 00:18:37.650 Terry Hamill: Exactly.

00:18:37.770 --> 00:18:49.260 Graham Dobbin: we're 28 years old revolve a sudden, we can have this moment where we're we're beginning to look at life in a different way and talk us through what kind of what what that led on to them.

00:18:50.370 --> 00:18:59.910 Terry Hamill: It was probably the best times of my life because I I had met the love of my life elaine here we've been married for 2020 years.

00:19:00.360 --> 00:19:16.080 Terry Hamill: And we've been together for about four years, we decided to get married and we we we got married, we launched be an eye in the same month there was it was so funny we I was a hairdresser so I worked with a lot of.

00:19:18.330 --> 00:19:23.760 Terry Hamill: A lot of very excited man, let me say, and I decided not to wear to kill at my wedding because.

00:19:24.540 --> 00:19:33.300 Terry Hamill: I think a lot of those guys would have would have enjoyed that's why I ended up wearing trousers at my wedding and I remember having 300 people there.

00:19:33.900 --> 00:19:44.190 Terry Hamill: And just loving being around people, because it was at the point grill that I had I had worked with a therapist to deal with the abuse thing.

00:19:44.820 --> 00:19:56.040 Terry Hamill: A guy called eminem Brian who's and liverpool's the most amazing guy and he I walked into his office after I had found this this thing had happened to me as a child.

00:19:56.520 --> 00:20:03.150 Terry Hamill: I walked into his office and I said i've been recommended to come and see you, and he said, should you feel the way you feel.

00:20:04.650 --> 00:20:13.470 Terry Hamill: So that'll be no he said, you should it's no time to deal with it and it took six weeks, he said i'm going to have your fixed in six weeks or.

00:20:14.700 --> 00:20:25.260 Terry Hamill: Six weeks and on the Sixth week I sat down and use the form of hypnotherapy but never regression back to the moment he always took me a minute afterwards.

00:20:26.070 --> 00:20:36.090 Terry Hamill: And he bargained with my subconscious this is really the key for me, I think, because it's a moment of release and I know there's a lot of people that really love that whole releasing thing but.

00:20:37.320 --> 00:20:45.900 Terry Hamill: He bargain with my subconscious mind, he said to me what part of the have you have the subconscious mind is holding Terry back, and I said sexuality.

00:20:47.130 --> 00:20:54.570 Terry Hamill: And he said Thank you so much for looking after Terry for all these years, do you know realize that there's no need to protect them at the age of 28.

00:20:55.020 --> 00:21:11.550 Terry Hamill: Are you prepared to let it go and I said no, like a spoiled child that was amazingly I was in hypnotherapy and he said it in a way, and again in a slightly different way, and he said I prepare to let it go and I said yes, and I, my body erupted man, it was the most.

00:21:12.570 --> 00:21:13.470 Terry Hamill: cathartic.

00:21:14.970 --> 00:21:26.310 Terry Hamill: moment of my life i've sat in the chair and just a huge energy was released, it was thinking that defines my life, because if someone is oppressed like that.

00:21:26.820 --> 00:21:37.860 Terry Hamill: And something was a cause of that I have to have a future mission to kind of fix it so what I didn't really know is that all the things i've done the networks and things that that on the way i'm sure we'll talk about.

00:21:38.310 --> 00:21:48.540 Terry Hamill: have come to a point, now that I want to fix and help half a billion young people's lives through some of the new projects so.

00:21:49.590 --> 00:21:56.460 Terry Hamill: When I say it's the happiest moment of my life, it was a game changer at that time, but I got married a launch be and I.

00:21:57.360 --> 00:22:04.680 Terry Hamill: We move to Portugal, we bought countries that were just like this she's really imagine Graham if I had that released when I was younger.

00:22:05.190 --> 00:22:16.320 Terry Hamill: What I would have appreciated education, because i'm a smart guy but the academic world little recognized as because we were different characters back in back in the day.

00:22:16.890 --> 00:22:24.690 Terry Hamill: And and, by the way, I love my path because, if I hadn't been beaten around the head by these teachers, I might not have had that drive or if I hadn't.

00:22:25.440 --> 00:22:32.280 Terry Hamill: been aggressive I might not have had that extra oomph to to go for it, so I think gratitude there's a recent.

00:22:32.820 --> 00:22:37.530 Terry Hamill: book called the gratitude diaries and we were asked to read it thought.

00:22:38.010 --> 00:22:45.600 Terry Hamill: We should be grateful for the things that we've had and carry them through our lives so so really interesting that that time was very, very interesting.

00:22:46.230 --> 00:22:53.550 Terry Hamill: And there's one thing i'd like to talk about those choices and questions so.

00:22:54.450 --> 00:23:02.700 Terry Hamill: I teach my son, this is 16 I said, if somebody gives you an opportunity to say yes and figure out how to do afterwards it's a common phrase right.

00:23:03.420 --> 00:23:10.110 Terry Hamill: And that's what I did I had no idea what the hell was do but someone who I can relate said here's an opportunity I took it.

00:23:10.770 --> 00:23:21.720 Terry Hamill: That I think is success, because that is where you become brave and what's the what's the what's the fear and fear you know false evidence appearing real.

00:23:22.200 --> 00:23:31.080 Terry Hamill: Is my mother, used to say son there's no blood and there's nobody did go for and as always lived my life is just go for it what's what's the worst could happen.

00:23:31.530 --> 00:23:43.680 Terry Hamill: traveling and then you'd move to New York you've traveled to see what's the worst can happen, and here we are hose that to scotts people are talking from Lisbon Australia in New York, as that is bravery just moving away, you know.

00:23:44.520 --> 00:23:46.620 Graham Dobbin: A team that takes them into something else because.

00:23:48.810 --> 00:23:55.650 Graham Dobbin: When I think about paths there's a couple of things you mentioned, there, I wonder how much the society around us.

00:23:56.190 --> 00:24:09.150 Graham Dobbin: Changes so to be very, very blunt Scottish, to say the Scots everywhere all over the world, discussing in brave all over the world, but in all fairness, the Culture doesn't necessarily generate that would encourage it to a large extent.

00:24:10.950 --> 00:24:23.880 Graham Dobbin: But also planning in goldsmith's discussion I had this discussion last week with the guests that what's your thoughts on on setting goals and planning out what you're going to do and.

00:24:25.200 --> 00:24:29.070 Graham Dobbin: The reason i'm asking is, could you have planned out what you've done.

00:24:32.640 --> 00:24:44.280 Terry Hamill: You know, I was very fortunate to be introduced to and coach when I was 28 so after my my time with the with Ayman the therapist.

00:24:44.910 --> 00:24:50.970 Terry Hamill: I by chance, had a conversation with one of them, one of my most favorite directors and be an eye pat yourselves richie.

00:24:51.480 --> 00:24:58.890 Terry Hamill: And she said, honey, you have to meet this guy called David Hill and David hill was one of Michael gerber's E myth national gorgeous.

00:24:59.550 --> 00:25:10.260 Terry Hamill: And then, what with them for eight years and the first thing he asked me was right your funeral funeral speech, so I really I always then started thinking about begin with the end in mind.

00:25:11.460 --> 00:25:22.710 Terry Hamill: Because i'm insanely creative I mean if you can put me into any situation and I don't plan anymore I just go for it because I trust my gut and need to see visual things so.

00:25:23.730 --> 00:25:34.260 Terry Hamill: We can show it here, but I put the visuals on my office wall actually wallpaper that if you ever seen been when you're there by wallpaper the whole wall with the maps of the countries.

00:25:34.650 --> 00:25:42.060 Terry Hamill: And the five things I had to do, and then the front Wall was facing was the vision of my life living on the beach with the kids and I think.

00:25:43.170 --> 00:25:57.840 Terry Hamill: You if you're creative draw pictures put a lot of color into it put a lot of emotion into that thing it's amazing what happens so it doesn't have to, and I think a lot of people get caught up with.

00:25:58.590 --> 00:26:05.010 Terry Hamill: You know, a specific if it changes that's okay yeah my sister, by the way, sent me a picture yesterday.

00:26:06.270 --> 00:26:11.580 Terry Hamill: We had a conference in Portugal and I asked everybody to write down what their life goals would be.

00:26:12.090 --> 00:26:20.670 Terry Hamill: And three three out of the five of her goals that she done because she just wrote them down, and I have life goes on my phone that I live my life with.

00:26:21.150 --> 00:26:28.740 Terry Hamill: And i've achieved all of them, so it's I think it's important to be clear about what you want, but also be flexible to change.

00:26:29.640 --> 00:26:41.490 Terry Hamill: But I think the lessons of good coaching put me in a position when I was very young, I really didn't understand business and to have a good coach and the structure helped me be creative but also big.

00:26:42.300 --> 00:26:48.030 Terry Hamill: be structured, to make sure that the business can support my life, not the other way around makes sense.

00:26:48.090 --> 00:26:58.110 Graham Dobbin: That makes sense yeah I, the reason I ask this, I think, have most of the things i've done since we first met probably about 10 years ago and I really Manchester.

00:26:58.320 --> 00:27:01.020 Graham Dobbin: it's a good luck and about this time in the morning for me.

00:27:02.190 --> 00:27:13.770 Graham Dobbin: I would never have believed it would have been achievable if i'd written them down and My guess is when when we're younger most people most people would have people around them, saying that will never happen.

00:27:15.210 --> 00:27:25.890 Graham Dobbin: And it's just how do we get out of that mindset says what i'm curious about goals and very much the same that when the opportunity comes ticket see what happens and take it from there um.

00:27:26.760 --> 00:27:29.520 Terry Hamill: Let me give you a give me a flip on that before we go into the next.

00:27:29.520 --> 00:27:39.000 Terry Hamill: course because it's always been a bit of a dilemma me right, because the teacher said I would I would never make I would never be successful.

00:27:40.110 --> 00:27:47.580 Terry Hamill: And I know they were intelligent enough to think that the reverse psychology was there, they were actually pretty nasty people.

00:27:48.600 --> 00:27:58.230 Terry Hamill: And, but it worked for me, because if you tell me I can't have it i'm gonna i'm gonna do it twice and send you a selfie.

00:28:00.030 --> 00:28:10.440 Terry Hamill: I think it and in a way, if you look at, if you look at the pain and suffering from from Scotland that was quite an abusive time as as young kids and sort of.

00:28:11.130 --> 00:28:25.110 Terry Hamill: alcoholism and things that that I think it drove us, I think it gave us gumption I think he gave his drive, so, if you like, I love it when people say I can't have something, because I genuinely want to prove them wrong.

00:28:25.950 --> 00:28:34.980 Terry Hamill: Because I not because of just me but I if people are walking around telling people they can't do it, maybe it's central iver.

00:28:35.760 --> 00:28:45.390 Terry Hamill: Or maybe we're hanging around with the wrong people, so I don't know it's also a bit of reverse psychology and you remember the teachers were smart and I just didn't realize it i'd like to call them up know and ask them how they're getting on.

00:28:46.830 --> 00:28:48.570 Graham Dobbin: yeah it's.

00:28:49.830 --> 00:28:52.770 Graham Dobbin: it's one of those things, and I suppose what i'm hearing is.

00:28:53.070 --> 00:29:03.480 Graham Dobbin: Your a lot of your life what know your reports live is making sure that nobody else is going through that you're actually lifting people if there was that that thing about the reverse psychology we'd be doing it to everyone.

00:29:03.840 --> 00:29:10.800 Graham Dobbin: But we actually know the best way is is lifting them we're going to go to a break in a moment when we come back really cutest thing know digging in.

00:29:11.370 --> 00:29:28.440 Graham Dobbin: A little bit more deeply about the work that you're doing at the moment, especially with northern singularity and and and and the young entrepreneurs you're listening to the mind behind leadership we have Terry hamill it's live on talk radio dot nyc I will be back after these.

00:32:05.910 --> 00:32:12.000 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind behind leadership chat to see that you're enjoying that music soccer it's not quite a bit, but it's not bad as it.

00:32:12.990 --> 00:32:16.830 Terry Hamill: Can I love I love music, you know in my spot in my spare time I DJ.

00:32:17.910 --> 00:32:29.070 Terry Hamill: And here's a here's a take on that I I think you've seen what I did this in America, I don't like to dance I like to be the one that provides the space for people to dance, which is an.

00:32:29.580 --> 00:32:36.000 Terry Hamill: Interesting dilemma i'd rather be a server that's why i'm with the other, by the way, i'm a terrible DJ.

00:32:36.330 --> 00:32:40.350 Terry Hamill: But you know what people, people say play that song I can't mix it.

00:32:40.500 --> 00:32:49.050 Terry Hamill: But I give people the songs that they want, so I just love music and Grimm i'm really I really miss you and really like working with you it's so nice to see when I see.

00:32:50.850 --> 00:33:02.430 Graham Dobbin: Likewise, this is taking too long to get together um but i've got this i've got this list here i've got this list of the things that you're involved with I don't know how many hours you've gotten the day.

00:33:03.090 --> 00:33:17.520 Graham Dobbin: But what is what is that typical kind of a week or a month look like when we've got things like the novice skill be brave singularity about a Curry club gonna be and I taught me through kind of what you're doing no telling how you're touching people.

00:33:19.080 --> 00:33:29.400 Terry Hamill: So a couple of there's a there's a couple of formulas that i've came up with to run the business in I think the thinking behind the business, which is based on the email stuff.

00:33:30.150 --> 00:33:41.610 Terry Hamill: Is I would rather have 10% more hundred pies than 90% of one, so all of my businesses are recurring revenue or legacy businesses that run.

00:33:42.180 --> 00:33:49.710 Terry Hamill: And because I have scale, and now I have the good fortune that I have the stability of many groups, for example, we have.

00:33:50.220 --> 00:34:09.540 Terry Hamill: Two and a half thousand members and Portugal note so it's taken since 2003 to build that up but it's a recurring revenue or Members when we were in a franchises are happy we don't lose people, so I have a I have a formula which is our tm recruit train and motivate people.

00:34:10.590 --> 00:34:22.260 Terry Hamill: recruit train and motivate people and if you're not doing that in the business your business is dying and, by the way, i'm not i'm not against employment.

00:34:22.860 --> 00:34:29.370 Terry Hamill: But I don't employ anybody, so I have five or six different companies but I don't employ people I use outsourcing.

00:34:29.970 --> 00:34:42.090 Terry Hamill: And I have done that, since very, very early days, where everybody that works with me as an independent person, and they have the freedom to do what they want, all I wanted to do as a specific service or or product whatever.

00:34:42.540 --> 00:34:54.780 Terry Hamill: And they're happy and i've never fired any of them, in fact, you can't fire your mother, because my mother and my business for many, many years people love a Scottish voice so she was the head of my Merseyside.

00:34:55.230 --> 00:35:12.120 Terry Hamill: Operations back in Liverpool, so I think that's a really key key part of it, and when you, by the way, when you recruit you recruit people who are much better than you so you don't have to babysit them I am surrounded by mega talented people and they know my position.

00:35:13.380 --> 00:35:21.690 Terry Hamill: i'm really good at scouting great people and i'm really good at making them feel good and not the smartest guy in the room, but i'm okay with that.

00:35:22.530 --> 00:35:27.780 Terry Hamill: But what I can, what I can do, like a ninja is put smart people together to create great stuff.

00:35:28.290 --> 00:35:35.490 Terry Hamill: And by the way, I think it also comes from being honest being transparent being authentic being vulnerable.

00:35:35.760 --> 00:35:44.250 Terry Hamill: Do what the hell, you say you're going to do all of those traits if you don't have those you can't recruit teams because they're going to have they're going to live in fear.

00:35:44.700 --> 00:36:00.420 Terry Hamill: So I don't lose people, and if we lose people it's a transient thing people go and people come so that's the the one farmer there's our team, the other farmers IPA is, what are we doing to create income producing activities.

00:36:01.590 --> 00:36:15.990 Terry Hamill: Because we get bogged down with so much stuff right, you can get involved in lots of stuff I always strip it back and say we've only got enough time in the day, what am I going to do with it, so I asked myself a question every day, what are we doing to grow, the team.

00:36:17.820 --> 00:36:24.900 Terry Hamill: Let me tell you what happened we recently bought six franchise regions back okay in Portugal.

00:36:25.680 --> 00:36:35.160 Terry Hamill: They went developed the Web development we bought them back and within two years, one of the people had not recruited one director grim one direct to in two years.

00:36:35.730 --> 00:36:46.140 Terry Hamill: And the key of DNA is to have directors, the launch groups, so we said okay that's cool we we attracted 45 new directors, two weeks ago and train them.

00:36:46.770 --> 00:36:57.810 Terry Hamill: know if not all of them launch a group that's Okay, but by doing nothing, your business will be in decline, and if you can attract people to your vision.

00:36:58.440 --> 00:37:05.910 Terry Hamill: And you can motivate them and train them well your golf you'll go forward so i'm a big fan of putting people in place.

00:37:06.240 --> 00:37:20.250 Terry Hamill: loving them, giving them security so that they feel really, really good is I think everybody feel safe with me i'm not crazy I don't go off the boil I don't train not greedy, you know very generous I think that's an important part of leadership.

00:37:22.380 --> 00:37:29.100 Graham Dobbin: And I was actually just about to ask you, what do you think it is about yours, probably a difficult question, but what do you think is about you.

00:37:29.490 --> 00:37:38.700 Graham Dobbin: That attracts people around you that you're you're that central point you don't need to be the smartest nothing you don't need to do everything yourself what.

00:37:39.960 --> 00:37:41.100 Terry Hamill: Did you say.

00:37:41.160 --> 00:37:43.020 Graham Dobbin: If you were to sorry gone.

00:37:43.560 --> 00:37:55.380 Terry Hamill: South county, you can count on me Okay, you can count on me and I think that comes from years of experience in that work everybody screwed up everybody's made mistakes.

00:37:55.800 --> 00:38:06.870 Terry Hamill: But if you want, you know you know if you if you need me i'm there for you yeah that's that South 72 almost a level of.

00:38:08.520 --> 00:38:16.140 Terry Hamill: Of i'll die for people you don't I mean I have that desire and I tell you where it comes from it comes from in justice.

00:38:16.950 --> 00:38:29.220 Terry Hamill: Because I hate and justice, I hate in justice with a passion, if I see something that's not right i'll step up and and sort that out, so when people see me do that it's almost like a protection.

00:38:29.610 --> 00:38:33.420 Terry Hamill: I get like as a psychology thing it's about me protecting myself.

00:38:33.840 --> 00:38:40.740 Terry Hamill: But I hit in justice and I will never do it to others and i've had plenty of injustice thrown at me over the last four or five years.

00:38:41.070 --> 00:38:50.070 Terry Hamill: of people that I don't want to be in my life, but that said maturity thing to make sure you don't attract the right people and stop that and I think i'm smart no Oh, by the way, here's a nice thing.

00:38:51.690 --> 00:38:57.570 Terry Hamill: Up until I was 14 I hired fast and fired slow.

00:38:58.590 --> 00:39:01.740 Terry Hamill: No, I hire slow and fire fast.

00:39:03.120 --> 00:39:09.030 Terry Hamill: Big shift, because you don't need a million people around you you almost get the right people around you and that takes.

00:39:09.360 --> 00:39:14.730 Terry Hamill: It takes maturity, because when you're young you just want everybody to be part of the party let's go in, you know there's a lot.

00:39:15.150 --> 00:39:24.060 Terry Hamill: know and selecting hand picking people and making sure that they don't go, but if they have to go, they have to go, so I think that's a good way of thinking about it.

00:39:27.570 --> 00:39:33.210 Graham Dobbin: Really unpleasant we've never spoken about this before and that's probably my biggest driver unfairness that's the trigger.

00:39:34.170 --> 00:39:39.900 Graham Dobbin: something's unfair buying your stamp on so billy is exceptional first one in there i'm.

00:39:40.560 --> 00:39:46.110 Graham Dobbin: Not the smartest guy in the room, have not spoken about that either that was the big shift for me when did that come.

00:39:46.410 --> 00:40:00.030 Graham Dobbin: To you, that you were comfortable not being the smartest guy in the room, I remember clearly where it was for me it was it was I wish it was much longer ago, but it was about six or seven years ago, for me, when was it for you.

00:40:01.230 --> 00:40:10.110 Terry Hamill: I think it was 1010 Vienna has a lot to answer for because TIM gave me the belief to go ahead and do it, and I would ask them questions remember.

00:40:10.650 --> 00:40:18.840 Terry Hamill: When you're coming from zero you know when we were in Scott my mother was running a couple of jobs, she She fought against the.

00:40:19.380 --> 00:40:28.290 Terry Hamill: The race one tribunals, we were she was struggling we never had money and then suddenly unlicensed this world where my business partner is a.

00:40:28.920 --> 00:40:42.750 Terry Hamill: shark tank big investor like how do I, how do I, how do I treat these guys and he's like no go for it do it go for it, and this is what happened when we had the.

00:40:43.260 --> 00:40:51.510 Terry Hamill: invitation to Nova because TIM said, you should have a glass of wine with the dean of normal university, it was up there Curry club with us right now great so talk to.

00:40:52.140 --> 00:41:02.190 Terry Hamill: You you could never have access to these people yeah so we had a wine with with pedal Santa Clara super super smart guy he said, what are you doing I said i'm inspiring young people.

00:41:03.060 --> 00:41:19.680 Terry Hamill: come and see me oh great i've been walking it normal for the last three years it's been an amazing journey and TIM gave me the belief to just go ahead and do it, so I think that was where I realized that I have a lot of very, very wealthy friends here.

00:41:21.060 --> 00:41:30.990 Terry Hamill: And sometimes wealth comes with paranoia and sometimes wealth is created by the most unique businesses that aren't to do with relationships.

00:41:31.380 --> 00:41:38.070 Terry Hamill: i'm a relationship guy and I know that i'm not a finance guy in order to scale up guy in terms of those things.

00:41:38.460 --> 00:41:47.610 Terry Hamill: So I know that a lot of people that hang around with me like the energy that I bring but and i'm going to let them be be smart and i'm okay with it.

00:41:47.970 --> 00:42:00.180 Terry Hamill: I do talk about it, but I don't I talked about it from a fun point of view, I can do, put myself down, but I want people to realize that i'm not arrogant because it's very easy to be arrogant if you're a professor at university.

00:42:01.980 --> 00:42:09.240 Terry Hamill: University don't you know and i've got this I don't like that stuff I want people to be real, so I don't mind talking about my past and.

00:42:09.660 --> 00:42:21.780 Terry Hamill: You know what grammar if people don't resonate with me i'm all right i've got plenty of people that that resonate with us, you know, so I think hanging around with people that are bigger thing has has been the biggest shift in my life.

00:42:23.490 --> 00:42:30.780 Graham Dobbin: um you mentioned TIM who else has been who else has had a massive impact on you.

00:42:31.440 --> 00:42:34.440 Terry Hamill: i've got i've got mentors that I asked questions of.

00:42:35.460 --> 00:42:43.920 Terry Hamill: I would say, can can mentor as my friend will actually going to go and spend the night with them one Saturday.

00:42:44.430 --> 00:42:56.940 Terry Hamill: He is from corporate finance he's him and his wife were really into heavy finance and stuff in Dublin, they came to retire in Portugal that come back to Dublin, but can I think one of the smartest guys that I know.

00:42:58.230 --> 00:43:04.920 Terry Hamill: And I would ask him stuff and i'd say, can I get your advice on this, and he just would have the answers nailed.

00:43:05.370 --> 00:43:10.860 Terry Hamill: The other frame to have us really completely the other side of the scale, by the way, we're actually friends together.

00:43:11.700 --> 00:43:24.720 Terry Hamill: Is a guy called Kuhn and couldn't come they couldn't is a very, very fascinating background, he set up a social network in Holland 11 million subscribers in 1996.

00:43:25.260 --> 00:43:35.220 Terry Hamill: It was almost before Facebook before Facebook can is the most re engineered think so, if I asked him something he comes out of a completely different answer.

00:43:35.700 --> 00:43:46.680 Terry Hamill: And by the way my son has been mentored by can right no boy no decimal 16 and Kevin who's one of my dearest friends, I play golf with his own lawyer and he's my balance guy.

00:43:47.250 --> 00:43:54.990 Terry Hamill: You know, he knows exactly what's going on in my life, he treats me like a son, but he so I go to those people and ask for advice, I think.

00:43:55.380 --> 00:44:05.160 Terry Hamill: I think if you can surround yourself with good mentors and people that care for you and not be not be afraid to to ask difficult questions you know, like.

00:44:05.790 --> 00:44:09.900 Terry Hamill: When your life has gotten their own way, I mean I was lost a couple of years of my.

00:44:10.380 --> 00:44:15.870 Terry Hamill: LIFE I got involved, as you know, I got involved in a business that just the leadership was wrong for me and I lost a lot of time and money.

00:44:16.500 --> 00:44:24.810 Terry Hamill: And my friends knew that, but they were they had the guts to tell me, I made mistakes and they had the guts to tell me that I should do the things that i'm good at.

00:44:25.290 --> 00:44:34.830 Terry Hamill: That we can distracted by doing things that we think we're good at, but go back to what you're great you're great at this you're great at doing the training.

00:44:35.310 --> 00:44:46.620 Terry Hamill: What you know don't go make widgets, so I think it's having a having the people around you understand your strengths and tell you to be grounded in those strengths, has been a big again a big game changer for me.

00:44:47.340 --> 00:44:59.310 Graham Dobbin: Thanks for we're going to go to a final break after the break just want to keep on exploring what else you're doing with the with the topic connections with singularity really curious about that and.

00:45:00.270 --> 00:45:12.330 Graham Dobbin: How you managed to fit in golf around all that you're listening to the main behind leadership, we are delighted to have Teddy hamill here with us this afternoon, this evening we'll be back after these.

00:47:49.530 --> 00:47:58.260 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back you listen to the main behind leadership live on talk radio dot nyc we have Teddy hammer with us live from Portugal.

00:47:58.890 --> 00:48:07.560 Graham Dobbin: Teddy tell us a bit more about the the the other businesses that you're involved with it looks like you've got a couple of new ventures have happened over the last year or so.

00:48:08.400 --> 00:48:19.470 Terry Hamill: yeah Thank you Graham so you know for 22 years i've been a big fan and national director and stuff like that, and then this can a new direction and the University has been fascinating.

00:48:20.460 --> 00:48:32.310 Terry Hamill: i've met some incredible people, and you know, so I think the difference of being an entrepreneur university, is that you, you deliver things like you would do inside your business you.

00:48:33.030 --> 00:48:43.770 Terry Hamill: You deliver the structure differently, you you bring a whole new flavor to it and, again, and I know that you also feel this is no disrespect to the academics to teach there.

00:48:44.490 --> 00:48:48.840 Terry Hamill: But when I do my sessions music's on at the beginning.

00:48:49.590 --> 00:48:59.190 Terry Hamill: Everybody sounds together there's no laptops it's about connecting it's about understanding each other's but moving around so you bring in that entrepreneurial spirit inside the university.

00:48:59.880 --> 00:49:08.070 Terry Hamill: So I was actually I was home, I was in Scotland and I had a call from a guy, who headed up singularity University in Portugal, and he said.

00:49:08.610 --> 00:49:17.790 Terry Hamill: TIM Viana has recommended you as a potential speaker again this is hanging around with the right people right and I said what would you like me to talk about you said.

00:49:18.810 --> 00:49:31.920 Terry Hamill: I don't know what do you want to talk about so I think i'd like to talk about vulnerability and leadership said okay let's go for it, we spent four days with a company called talk boutique which are the guys who teach the tedx people.

00:49:33.150 --> 00:49:44.280 Terry Hamill: Spent spent the most incredible time ripping our story apart and transforming in a way that makes an impact and this lady who and never forget her.

00:49:44.730 --> 00:50:02.460 Terry Hamill: She told my story and I cry my eyes out like that, as an unbelievable way of of structuring it, and since then i've been doing talks for large oil companies for large insurance groups people that I would never talked to before on singularity.

00:50:03.690 --> 00:50:10.680 Terry Hamill: And because of the last six years i've been hanging around with more corporate just because of you know, certain other things.

00:50:11.160 --> 00:50:18.870 Terry Hamill: It seemed to be the perfect storm to get involved in and corporate connections so corporate connections.

00:50:19.440 --> 00:50:30.390 Terry Hamill: Is for businesses above 3 million, in fact, one of the groups that was just launched last week, the average revenue of the members of that group is half a million.

00:50:31.170 --> 00:50:42.180 Terry Hamill: euros each so 500,000,500 million euros each so you're putting leaders together in groups to create impact Why am I doing it.

00:50:42.930 --> 00:50:49.830 Terry Hamill: Because I can't make a massive impact on a small business community, because they're desperate to run their businesses and do it.

00:50:50.490 --> 00:51:00.870 Terry Hamill: But i'm network known globally with big thinkers and billionaires that can actually say no military let's go and change the world and it comes into this.

00:51:01.560 --> 00:51:12.210 Terry Hamill: original passion that I discovered, as you know about stopping abuse for half a billion your people, it seems to be a number that that works for me.

00:51:12.750 --> 00:51:19.560 Terry Hamill: And when I was speaking at singularity there was a artificial intelligence guy in the audience, who was one of the Faculty guys.

00:51:19.890 --> 00:51:27.960 Terry Hamill: He said, you need to meet the people at form so just Ashton kutcher is actually one of the chairman of that.

00:51:28.320 --> 00:51:43.050 Terry Hamill: they've created an artificial intelligence program that's catching predators in half a day, as opposed to six weeks it's saving children so imagine me connecting someone like thorne to big thinkers and changing the world so.

00:51:44.310 --> 00:51:51.870 Terry Hamill: Its impact, its impact and, if I can do that with a network that I love and i'm having fun with, and they can shift it.

00:51:52.770 --> 00:51:59.730 Terry Hamill: I think that's the that's the path i'm actually going to head up i'm going to host tedx and Portugal for its first time with the university.

00:52:00.330 --> 00:52:11.310 Terry Hamill: And I love that type of stuff you know I did a comedy stint in Liverpool and, by the way, if you're a comedian blessed piece to test it as Liverpool because everybody's a comedian and.

00:52:12.870 --> 00:52:22.800 Terry Hamill: If you can create rapport and humor with an audience, who should get away with most of it so they're delighted that i'm hosting because it takes a lot of pressure off him, so I would, I would say.

00:52:23.940 --> 00:52:30.600 Terry Hamill: I had no idea that i'd be a professor, but i'm just going to go for enemy and learn how to do it and I brought my other skills to it so.

00:52:30.990 --> 00:52:40.980 Terry Hamill: that's my path i'm really excited i'm know the national director for Portugal and with my partner's your second title and in the UK, with Peter higgs.

00:52:41.550 --> 00:52:45.150 Terry Hamill: Peter higgs is currently the number one being a franchisee there.

00:52:45.900 --> 00:52:52.470 Terry Hamill: His wife has taken over the big business and he's 100% copper connections with me so i'm had a franchise and for the country.

00:52:52.830 --> 00:53:10.410 Terry Hamill: We already have eight franchisees set up within a month it's going to rock it and it's make an impact of those groups will be big economic groups, but again I think it's more about regional, national, international collaboration top level so i'm i'm scared but i'm loving it.

00:53:11.010 --> 00:53:11.490 Terry Hamill: you're scared.

00:53:12.120 --> 00:53:15.900 Graham Dobbin: I never thought your Teddy savers scared of a business.

00:53:16.590 --> 00:53:20.340 Terry Hamill: You know, because that is that little guy in your shoulder that says you're not a good enough.

00:53:22.290 --> 00:53:23.700 Graham Dobbin: answer is that.

00:53:23.820 --> 00:53:24.570 Graham Dobbin: Still, this.

00:53:25.980 --> 00:53:26.010 Terry Hamill: and

00:53:27.570 --> 00:53:37.710 Terry Hamill: cream it's so it's so sad that there's a seven year old boy and save me that just wants to be loved for god's sake and it's so sad that.

00:53:38.610 --> 00:53:45.570 Terry Hamill: That that happens every single day in the world, so I do have a disbelief of myself because of what happened.

00:53:46.170 --> 00:53:55.170 Terry Hamill: But i'm mature enough to break through the barriers so you know always my mother God bless arrest her so she always said, the.

00:53:55.860 --> 00:54:04.860 Terry Hamill: Word you know some there's new blood in his name to deed just go for it that's what that's what kicks out a little guy off the shoulder as my mother's just saying just go for it son.

00:54:05.400 --> 00:54:13.500 Terry Hamill: And i'm proud of what we've created as a family together, because our families is really the driver for this.

00:54:14.100 --> 00:54:24.720 Terry Hamill: And if we can continue that with other people in the world, then then Soviet you know i'm looking forward to going back and doing a talk at my high school when I was first kicked out of that would be a good invitation i'm looking forward to that.

00:54:25.440 --> 00:54:37.770 Graham Dobbin: You know, we hear stories of kind of like going from from this background and making billions and that's the so many boo you make it sound as if it's kind of so natural and anybody.

00:54:38.160 --> 00:54:46.650 Graham Dobbin: can do this and I genuinely mean anybody, we hear that happening over here people saying that the way you talk about this, this is accessible for anyone.

00:54:47.280 --> 00:54:51.900 Terry Hamill: Anybody I believe in anybody in the game, I believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

00:54:52.950 --> 00:54:59.220 Terry Hamill: I believe in people more than they believe themselves, and when I work with the students i'm dealing with the masters of economics, finance and management.

00:54:59.670 --> 00:55:06.450 Terry Hamill: they're the top 1% smart people in the country I go in, the first thing I say to them is by the way you don't know me yet, but after two days you'll realize.

00:55:06.810 --> 00:55:23.970 Terry Hamill: I believe you in you more than you believe in yourself and someone if someone can put your arm around people in drag them through the dote that's great leadership give people a chance and I love that I love diversity, I love it when someone is in the.

00:55:25.650 --> 00:55:37.650 Terry Hamill: crap situation in their life and someone that me that they wouldn't expect them to pick up a call with call them and say let's go meet for coffee let's help you never lose those levels, you know the.

00:55:39.750 --> 00:55:45.930 Terry Hamill: i'm looking forward to going back to Scotland to just reconnect because I really miss Scotland never lose the roots yeah.

00:55:47.670 --> 00:55:58.470 Terry Hamill: I think stay true to yourself, and I think that transparency, in truth, the thing is is hopefully will get me to the next 50 years because i'm looking forward to live in live in long and prosperous.

00:55:59.370 --> 00:56:04.800 Graham Dobbin: And Teddy what a way to to finish off this Otis up sort of one by.

00:56:06.330 --> 00:56:14.160 Graham Dobbin: kind of some of the highlights about not being the smartest guy in the room being comfortable with that I think the question that you said you know.

00:56:14.880 --> 00:56:28.620 Graham Dobbin: Should you feel how you feel is incredible question to get anybody to really reassess where they are and your approach to business and you're welcome back on here anytime and we will maybe have a Manhattan together.

00:56:29.010 --> 00:56:30.450 Terry Hamill: When we're all next day.

00:56:31.410 --> 00:56:31.770 Terry Hamill: bye.

00:56:32.010 --> 00:56:35.670 Terry Hamill: bye style 505 as a special number.

00:56:35.730 --> 00:56:39.030 Terry Hamill: has five and has to be in Manhattan.

00:56:39.090 --> 00:56:40.350 Terry Hamill: It can be whatever you.

00:56:41.910 --> 00:56:42.660 Terry Hamill: it's a pleasure being.

00:56:42.690 --> 00:56:44.940 Graham Dobbin: Thank you for it, thank you, thanks to some.

00:56:45.000 --> 00:56:54.240 Graham Dobbin: Live events for for producing this evening you've been listening to the mind behind leadership here live on talk radio dot nyc will be back next Thursday goodbye.

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