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Monday, May 23, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/23 - Chaos to Clarity

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/23 - Chaos to Clarity


2022/05/23 - Chaos to Clarity

[NEW EPISODE] Chaos to Clarity

Because at the end of the day, it's one thing to love WHAT you do, and another to love THE WAY you do it!

Wendy Ellin's eyes were opened after decades in the corporate world when it became apparent that many really busy professionals were suffering from a lack of organizational skills, systems, and strategies. 

That's when she decided her mission was to help them achieve their goals and their dreams by teaching them how to operate in their workplace environment. 

No matter who they work for, what they do, or even where they do it from. Wendy is determined to Make Working From Home (and anywhere else) work for you. 

Wendy has been doing it successfully for the past two decades and hundreds of her clients have been doing it as well.

Tune in for this insightful conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham kicks off by talking about leadership and how it is all around us but it can also be overwhelming. He introduces his guest, Wendy Ellin. Wendy is a workplace productivity consultant, international speaker, and #1 best selling author, with her book, Working From Home… How’s That Working For You? Wendy says that she comes from a blended family. Early in her career, she got into corporate America, working in the advertising industry, from agencies to sales, selling tv ads, and selling radio time. She wound up observing the way people operated in their environment. She saw how much people were not organized, on time, and always stressed out, even if they were successful. Wendy left the corporate world in 2000 due to the toxic environment. She realized that she had a special way of getting things done on time and had no stress in how she operated. She has systems that she goes by that works. Wendy ended up creating a business to work with organizations to help with disorganization and overwhelm. This started long before messenger and email were as a big part of life as it is today. Wendy says that how people operate in their environment is their choice. Graham and Wendy also discuss organization and how covid has affected this within us as well as how do you know if you are disorganized.

Segment 2

Wendy talks about working with organizations to figure out the issues causing disorganizations. She talks to them about ensuring that she is not making anybody wrong for the way they operate. As long as they are committed to transforming, these things can work out. She mentions a basic assessment they take. Wendy also mentions first admitting you have a problem to then work on solutions. She gives examples such as having good time management skills , but having an email that is too cultured. There are also issues where people say “yes” so many times that they are very overwhelmed. Graham asks her about what is the worst situation that she has seen. Wendy mentions that when you set yourself up for success everyday, work looks different and it doesn’t feel bad. She also talks about the changes in the last 20 plus years since she started her business. Although today there is work from home, or in the office, or hybrid, Wendy says that it doesn't matter where you work, who you work for, or what you do. But it matters HOW you do your work. They also discuss what stress looks like for different people. Wendy also talks about how honest her clients are when discussing what's going on in their life. She isn't qualified to help you increase how much you earn or be a life coach. But your goals, personal life, and more are intertwined with your work and organization. So Wendy is there to hold her clients accountable if they really want to transform their ways to achieve their goals.

Segment 3

Wendy and Graham talk more about organization and reliability. Some topics that Wendy talks about when helping organizations are topics like the great resignation. She says that what people don't understand is that when they leave their job, they take their disorganization or lack of organization skills wherever they go. She mentions that a lot of people also focus on getting their M.B.A. She mentions her own acronym that she believes is more important to have and that's a degree in M.S.A (Mindset, Systems, Accountability). This is what her program reinforces and offers. She also mentions that she believes in being 80 percent organized. Wendy doesn't believe that being 100 percent exists. This is a mindset that people should change in order to not give up and make things more practical as Graham says. Wendy talks about 5 rules of engagement. First is to show up for yourself and others. The second rule is no more excuses. The third is to keep making choices. The fourth is to “just do you.” You don't need to do what everyone else is doing. The last rule is that there are a ton of things in our life that fall under the category of “it is what it is.” Stop trying to change this. Things like covid, masks, your kids, long commutes are things that sometimes many people may complain about for many reasons. But you have to get real about it and make a change, if possible, like with long commutes. When you get real about it, things get easier.

Segment 4

Graham mentions having too many apps on his phone and how sometimes that can clutter the mind and also cause disorganization when trying to find the right things. Wendy asks Graham if he recalls the color of certain apps like Facetime and Uber. She says that we remember apps by their color. All of her apps on her phone are organized by color. Usually, we organize apps by topics. But it ends up taking up many pages. Wendy also mentions having a call with someone recently who had a shirt that says “you can’t love the culture and not support the people.” This is something that resonated with Wendy. There are a lot of conversations about culture and wellness in the workplace. They go back to discussing one of the rules of engagement Wendy mentioned which is to keep making decisions no matter what. She explains that it's not just about making big life decisions, it also has to do with making decisions about things that come at you everyday. Clutter comes with being indecisive. Wendy also talks about being a coach. She says that she looks at a coach as a partner, so she is partnering with her clients. She also says that the person she works with has to be coachable. She has had a client once who was in a really bad place in her job. Wendy was able to completely transform the way she operated by using the systems she teaches. Her client was sobbing by the end of their journey and was able to do things like take a sick day or take a maternity leave with more peace of mind. Graham thanks Wendy Ellin for joining him for today's episode!


00:00:53.100 --> 00:01:05.970 Graham Dobbin: Welcome to 6pm Monday in New York and it's 8am on Tuesday here in Sydney and the show you are welcome to the mind behind leadership here live on talk radio dot nyc i'm.

00:01:06.810 --> 00:01:13.290 Graham Dobbin: Obviously kind of doing new sure we have a have a lot of chats with people both leadership and everyone seems to have an opinion.

00:01:13.680 --> 00:01:23.010 Graham Dobbin: about what it means, what we need to be doing, where is what actually encompasses and even when it's done in here's The thing is, all around us it's.

00:01:23.400 --> 00:01:31.170 Graham Dobbin: kind of like to think of it more about it's about how we influence people how we have an impact on others as part of it every day.

00:01:31.800 --> 00:01:44.790 Graham Dobbin: And we've got lots of opportunities to influence, but how do we do, and one of the things i'm hearing consistently over over the last little while has been that people can get overwhelmed.

00:01:45.450 --> 00:01:52.920 Graham Dobbin: there's so much to do so many things to get involved with things that maybe we talk about what we miss out on so today.

00:01:54.030 --> 00:01:59.850 Graham Dobbin: In today's show we're lucky enough to have Wendy Ellen he's going to going to talk to us rowing the boat.

00:02:00.570 --> 00:02:07.230 Graham Dobbin: productivity and what it means, how we can do it and kind of how we could maybe take some of those opportunities to get past overwhelm.

00:02:07.680 --> 00:02:12.900 Graham Dobbin: And maybe make a little bit of a difference in other people's lives, let me just give a bit of background here let's get a big bag and.

00:02:13.320 --> 00:02:17.220 Graham Dobbin: Wendy I hope you're sitting comfortably because we're good here's what I made the big introduction.

00:02:17.490 --> 00:02:28.080 Graham Dobbin: When these a workplace productivity consultant an international speaker a coach and a number one best selling author of working from home how's that working for you.

00:02:28.470 --> 00:02:41.280 Graham Dobbin: or insights into living an organized life or shared in our presentations with a reverence humor and a level of passion that motivates her audience to take immediate action i'm looking forward to this when.

00:02:41.730 --> 00:02:49.080 Graham Dobbin: He talks about real life challenges that we all experience and he asked the key about leadership this isn't theory, this is about, especially.

00:02:49.290 --> 00:02:56.340 Graham Dobbin: Thinking about how it is in context so just email overload being on time or not having lived in New York and or what that's like.

00:02:56.760 --> 00:03:00.150 Graham Dobbin: A reasonable expectations for getting things done, and much more.

00:03:00.690 --> 00:03:13.890 Graham Dobbin: and know that we're all working from home or or part of it is certainly a large part of our life, the challenges are new the vast the real and they're here to stay, when he believes there's one thing to love what you do.

00:03:14.550 --> 00:03:20.850 Graham Dobbin: Another to love the way that you do it, I got that right i've been practicing that what Wendy it's great to see you.

00:03:24.330 --> 00:03:25.740 Graham Dobbin: can't quite hear you the moment.

00:03:25.740 --> 00:03:27.630 Graham Dobbin: Yes, there we go.

00:03:28.080 --> 00:03:29.910 Wendy Ellin: Great to be here thanks for having me.

00:03:31.530 --> 00:03:34.530 Graham Dobbin: Being on time it's a big word isn't it.

00:03:36.000 --> 00:03:48.240 Graham Dobbin: Will kind of dig into that in a little while but, really, really curious when we kind of just where did this all start with your background, how to be a really always curious about how people get to where they are now okay.

00:03:48.570 --> 00:03:59.910 Wendy Ellin: So I started out, and you know as a kid i'm one of five kids i'm come from a blended family my mother and father had two kids she got divorced she married, a man who had three kids.

00:04:00.210 --> 00:04:00.870 Wendy Ellin: So at age.

00:04:00.930 --> 00:04:07.530 Wendy Ellin: 28 years old, my mother was a mother of five children ages 3456 and seven.

00:04:08.970 --> 00:04:26.580 Wendy Ellin: So, as you can imagine, she ran a very, very tight ship like really the one word to describe my upbringing, would have to be rules, we had rules for everything, Graham you name it we had rules for TV watching eating dating dressing weekends, you name it.

00:04:27.420 --> 00:04:36.270 Wendy Ellin: And so I grew up in this very tight ship environment and then I went and then I grew up and I got into corporate America, I was on I was in the advertising world for many, many years.

00:04:36.630 --> 00:04:45.600 Wendy Ellin: And went from the Agency side to the sales side and started out of selling newspaper ads and then TV ads and then I ended with Radio time.

00:04:46.500 --> 00:04:54.810 Wendy Ellin: And I wound up observing the way people operated in their environment, I worked in a cubicle I was 100% Commission.

00:04:55.380 --> 00:05:10.320 Wendy Ellin: And I would come in every day and I was astounded and what a mess everybody around me was paper everywhere never on time, never honored their word and we're always stressed out and I couldn't imagine.

00:05:11.400 --> 00:05:22.740 Wendy Ellin: Even as successful as people were how they can operate that way people used to always make fun of me because I never had anything on my desk except the one thing I was working on right there right then.

00:05:23.490 --> 00:05:40.680 Wendy Ellin: So I left the corporate world in 2000 I had enough, I was done selling radio time I was working for in a toxic environment and I just couldn't do it another minute and I realized that I had a gift, and that is that I get things done in a way that serves me will.

00:05:42.300 --> 00:05:44.520 Wendy Ellin: I have no stress about the way I operate.

00:05:45.660 --> 00:05:59.610 Wendy Ellin: I have systems, I follow them they work and, at the end of the day, I get to turn my head off when the light goes off at night because i'm not worried about all the things that I didn't get to or that could have fallen through the cracks.

00:06:00.240 --> 00:06:04.170 Wendy Ellin: And so I literally created a business from a natural talents.

00:06:05.490 --> 00:06:08.700 Wendy Ellin: And started talking to organizations about.

00:06:10.170 --> 00:06:20.790 Wendy Ellin: disorganization and who needed help and what kind of help do they need, and this was just right at the time when the Internet was starting so.

00:06:21.480 --> 00:06:33.210 Wendy Ellin: I saw so much over overwhelmed long before we had paying facetime messenger email that had just begun right when I left the corporate world.

00:06:33.690 --> 00:06:43.170 Wendy Ellin: Now fast forward to 21 years later i'm doing this and everyone is suffering and it's not the coven.

00:06:43.710 --> 00:07:06.900 Wendy Ellin: made people disorganized it's that coven shed a light on all the people that have been disorganized all these years So here we are 21 years later i'm into this business I am 100% committed to getting people to see that how they operate in their environment is their choice.

00:07:08.280 --> 00:07:09.000 Wendy Ellin: hundred percent.

00:07:10.350 --> 00:07:18.450 Graham Dobbin: I really cared so there's a lot there's a lot of nowhere and i'm curious let's pop back over five kids what with a huge did you see.

00:07:18.450 --> 00:07:23.190 Wendy Ellin: 45673456 and seven, I was right in the middle.

00:07:23.850 --> 00:07:33.330 Graham Dobbin: 3456 and seven, and you said that but rules, so you talk about natural talent, this is something that was just kind of naturally a ranger.

00:07:33.660 --> 00:07:42.660 Graham Dobbin: Where you had to be organized there had to be organized to get everybody here to school and time each other, we will be fed right and number was called and clean and all these kind of things.

00:07:43.020 --> 00:07:44.730 Wendy Ellin: messy wasn't an option.

00:07:46.320 --> 00:07:47.520 Wendy Ellin: was not an option.

00:07:48.690 --> 00:08:00.930 Wendy Ellin: That it wasn't worth it what it would not be worth this consequences to not be organized not be on time not do what you say you're going to do, I mean this is how I was raised and I listened.

00:08:02.640 --> 00:08:11.460 Wendy Ellin: I couldn't imagine 28 years old five kids so I get it, however, she did it, this is how she had to do it and I get it um but.

00:08:12.330 --> 00:08:21.960 Wendy Ellin: I learned really early on what the value of being organized was, I never spend time looking for things I knew where everything was because I put it back where it belongs.

00:08:23.100 --> 00:08:31.470 Wendy Ellin: Right, so I see the value here's the thing people don't take this on unless there's something in it for you.

00:08:33.180 --> 00:08:40.920 Wendy Ellin: Right so For those of you that are listening, the question I throw out there is what's in it for you to get organized.

00:08:42.240 --> 00:08:47.340 Wendy Ellin: What will you have better sleep, could you make more money, will you get to spend more time with your family.

00:08:48.270 --> 00:08:53.970 Wendy Ellin: Because you get really focused and get everything that you said you were set out to get everything you set out to get done today today.

00:08:54.720 --> 00:09:05.100 Wendy Ellin: Is it, are you having hard time with relationships are you teaching your children how to live there are so many reasons why people do this and it always boils down to what's in it for you.

00:09:06.660 --> 00:09:16.380 Graham Dobbin: I suppose that kind of fair on on most things and we talk about structures which i'm really keen to kind of as we go through this talk about the mindset.

00:09:17.220 --> 00:09:22.140 Graham Dobbin: Because it's it's it's really easy to know how to organize ourselves, we can pick up a lot of books.

00:09:22.620 --> 00:09:36.150 Graham Dobbin: That will tell us how to organize ourselves it's actually the doing it there's, the issue is it's not the noise absolutely, so we will definitely dig into that curious if you made a comment about and I call it kind of bringing this own.

00:09:37.470 --> 00:09:41.670 Graham Dobbin: That I hear that so disorganized people would it kind of highlighted it.

00:09:42.300 --> 00:09:55.320 Wendy Ellin: Well, when march 2020 came and I saw my husband backup his convertible into our driveway and unload his office and I looked at him and said, what are you doing, and he looked at me funny and said, what do you think i'm doing i'm moving home, like the rest of the world.

00:09:55.770 --> 00:10:04.950 Wendy Ellin: Right, all of a sudden, I realized oh so this is how it's going to affect me here i've been working out of my Home Office for 21 years me and my puppy Ruby.

00:10:05.280 --> 00:10:13.470 Wendy Ellin: getting things done no interruptions no distractions uber organized and all of a sudden he's in the mix.

00:10:13.920 --> 00:10:16.260 Wendy Ellin: It took a while, for us to figure out where's he going to settle.

00:10:16.530 --> 00:10:26.100 Wendy Ellin: He started at the kitchen counter then he went to the dining room table, then he decided, he would try the screened in porch Finally I said dude pick a room I don't care what it is just pick one and stay there.

00:10:26.670 --> 00:10:38.490 Wendy Ellin: And you know I said to him why don't we buy a cheap writing desk and put you upstairs in the sitting area outside our bedroom because we never use that area and he literally looked at me Graham and said we're not going to spend money on this it's not going to last.

00:10:40.080 --> 00:11:01.680 Wendy Ellin: Famous last words by July, we had the writing desk upstairs and he's been working there ever since, so I started to panic for the world, I literally said to myself wow all these disorganized people now have to figure out how to go home and work amongst they're disorganized life.

00:11:03.150 --> 00:11:11.010 Wendy Ellin: How are they going to do it, how are they going to figure out where the best places to work, how am I going to work next to their kid who's online trying to learn right.

00:11:11.700 --> 00:11:22.080 Wendy Ellin: So that's why I wrote the book I literally left town went to an airbnb wrote the book working from home how's that working for you got it to number one best seller and my business.

00:11:22.500 --> 00:11:34.290 Wendy Ellin: You can only imagine what's happened since there because people need tools and so it's not that coven made everybody disorganized it just brought.

00:11:34.920 --> 00:11:40.740 Wendy Ellin: It brought all the disorganized people up to the surface, because the suffering is now revealed.

00:11:41.670 --> 00:11:46.830 Wendy Ellin: And I talked about how this is sort of like people in organizations who are disorganized look.

00:11:47.250 --> 00:11:59.430 Wendy Ellin: Nobody really raises their hand and says help me i'm drowning i'm disorganized I don't know how to deal with my inbox I don't know how to deal with paper clutter people don't admit that they're not proud of being that way, so a lot of people suffer in silence.

00:12:00.600 --> 00:12:10.440 Wendy Ellin: If you can, if you can, if I can get to learning and development in HR and culture people in an organization which are the people that i'm talking to to say.

00:12:11.520 --> 00:12:21.090 Wendy Ellin: You don't know what you don't know about your people let's find out how many people actually need this tool, because more people do, then you even know they're just afraid to tell you.

00:12:23.160 --> 00:12:23.580 Graham Dobbin: i'm.

00:12:24.690 --> 00:12:32.970 Graham Dobbin: curious, this is just rate raises a question right away, how does someone submits a really strange question how does someone know that disorganized.

00:12:33.900 --> 00:12:35.490 Wendy Ellin: Wait say that again how does someone.

00:12:35.550 --> 00:12:44.490 Graham Dobbin: How does someone know if the disorganized because my guess is there's a lot of people out there that that's just how I work that's how I am.

00:12:44.820 --> 00:12:45.750 Graham Dobbin: I said we kind of.

00:12:45.810 --> 00:12:48.780 Wendy Ellin: Order right so here's how you know.

00:12:49.800 --> 00:12:50.610 Wendy Ellin: How do you feel.

00:12:52.470 --> 00:13:02.940 Wendy Ellin: Everything we do Graham literally everything you can do we do in life, I believe, always boils down to one thing and one thing only, and that is, how does it make you feel.

00:13:03.660 --> 00:13:12.840 Wendy Ellin: right if you're stressed out if you're exhausted, if you can't even focus, because you got so much coming at you, at one time you don't know what to do first and.

00:13:13.650 --> 00:13:20.550 Wendy Ellin: itself a problem you see it as a problem, maybe you want to take a look at the way you're working right.

00:13:21.270 --> 00:13:31.350 Wendy Ellin: So I don't have any stress around the way I operate I love, what I do not only because I love, what I do when i'm out there, making a difference in people's lives but I love the way I do it.

00:13:32.700 --> 00:13:37.080 Wendy Ellin: I don't have any stress about the way I operate, because I am in control.

00:13:39.120 --> 00:13:42.720 Wendy Ellin: And it's huge when you get in control versus it controlling you.

00:13:44.040 --> 00:13:53.820 Graham Dobbin: i'm going to go for a break in a moment when we come back I kind of want to dig into just something you said there is let's find out where your people, so one of the things i'm finding.

00:13:55.080 --> 00:14:00.480 Graham Dobbin: we're working with with global organizations we're working organizations, you have to share we have and.

00:14:01.500 --> 00:14:08.010 Graham Dobbin: there's a real lack of data at the ones that are real lack of information is a real lack of understanding of what's really going on.

00:14:08.790 --> 00:14:17.910 Graham Dobbin: And I just feel that a lot of the times that people just i'm curious about how we're kind of getting that data, how we get those points of of understanding that and also.

00:14:18.540 --> 00:14:24.300 Graham Dobbin: i'm real i'm going to be really curious your what your what your definition of stress that's because I know it means something.

00:14:24.630 --> 00:14:32.190 Graham Dobbin: Different to everyone and you're listening to me behind leadership we're really lucky, this morning we have this morning and this afternoon we've got when the Ellen.

00:14:32.730 --> 00:14:44.490 Graham Dobbin: With us is a productivity consultant you're listening to make a leadership here live on top radio dot nyc this is brought to you by Dale Carnegie you and Australia and we'll be back right after these.

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00:17:04.830 --> 00:17:14.820 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back we're speaking with Wendy on top radio dot nyc the mind behind the leadership and Wendy you mentioned, I just before the break there.

00:17:15.450 --> 00:17:32.730 Graham Dobbin: You talk to organizations or dis organizations, I love that i'm going to tell you know i'm stealing it i'll give you credit, the first time I use it, but this respect with this organizations just about the teams and finding out what's actually going on, how do you do that.

00:17:34.140 --> 00:17:43.950 Wendy Ellin: So the first thing I do is talk to organizations about ensuring that we're not making anybody wrong for the way they operate.

00:17:44.790 --> 00:17:55.080 Wendy Ellin: Right like if I made you wrong if I made all my clients wrong for the way they operate, I wouldn't have a business i've been doing this for a long time, and trust me when I tell you I have seen everything.

00:17:55.710 --> 00:18:01.620 Wendy Ellin: i've seen the worst of the worst of the dysfunctional the disorganized the chaotic and.

00:18:02.250 --> 00:18:08.790 Wendy Ellin: As long as they're committed to transforming the way they live i'm committed to getting them there.

00:18:09.270 --> 00:18:19.320 Wendy Ellin: So that's number one is really letting people know we're not making you wrong you're not going to get fired we want to reveal reveal this so that we know who to help.

00:18:19.860 --> 00:18:31.470 Wendy Ellin: Right and then there's just a basic assessment that you take that basically tells you on a scale of one to 10 I got this or i'm a train wreck or somewhere in between.

00:18:32.100 --> 00:18:37.530 Wendy Ellin: Right and you got to be the first problem obviously to getting a solution to anything is admitting you have a problem.

00:18:38.070 --> 00:18:49.920 Wendy Ellin: So let's talk about where the problems lie, maybe your uber on time all the time you're totally committed to that, but you have 10,000 emails in your inbox and you're a little worried.

00:18:50.670 --> 00:19:00.150 Wendy Ellin: About what's down there that you can see right, so there are people who are not completely disorganized.

00:19:00.570 --> 00:19:15.870 Wendy Ellin: from A to Z but they have a couple issues when it comes to setting boundaries around their time that's a big one people don't want to say no, thank you so they say yes and yes and yes and yes and yes, and then before you know it you're overwhelmed you're over scheduled.

00:19:17.640 --> 00:19:26.310 Wendy Ellin: And you don't know how to get out of it, so we just literally taken assessments, we say to our people we care about you.

00:19:28.200 --> 00:19:34.830 Wendy Ellin: And we want to make sure you have all the tools to stay engaged enjoy what you're doing and give us your best work.

00:19:36.630 --> 00:19:37.470 Graham Dobbin: And I.

00:19:39.060 --> 00:19:49.440 Graham Dobbin: know you know you're you're correct my interest here what when you see you've seen the worst kind of things that we talked about I get no names I get that but what kind of things will be talking about.

00:19:53.100 --> 00:19:57.660 Wendy Ellin: People who can't even walk into their office.

00:19:59.160 --> 00:20:10.290 Wendy Ellin: They now have to they now have to revert to working from their dining room table their office you can't actually get in the space, there is crap everywhere.

00:20:11.580 --> 00:20:18.930 Wendy Ellin: And it gets to a point where you don't know where to start, so you just keep loading that loading it up and loading it up and loaded up and if you possibly can you shut the door.

00:20:19.770 --> 00:20:31.650 Wendy Ellin: yo I it's crazy what i've seen I don't deal with hoarders i'm not educated to deal with hoarders nor am I interested but i've sort of go right up to that line where someone is about to be.

00:20:32.220 --> 00:20:38.550 Wendy Ellin: And they're in pain they're in so much pain about the way they live in their mortified they're embarrassed.

00:20:40.560 --> 00:20:45.300 Wendy Ellin: But they don't have the tools, which is why I can't make anybody wrong for this, they just didn't learn it.

00:20:47.190 --> 00:20:51.330 Graham Dobbin: you've got me look at home office, no, no, no you've got me worried about.

00:20:52.530 --> 00:20:52.740 Graham Dobbin: What.

00:20:53.250 --> 00:20:55.410 Graham Dobbin: Is this line what's this line.

00:20:56.520 --> 00:20:57.660 For the business.

00:21:00.720 --> 00:21:08.040 Wendy Ellin: I wish I could describe it i'm trying to find the words to describe what that line is i'm desperation.

00:21:08.730 --> 00:21:16.920 Wendy Ellin: You know, people will get to a point where they're desperate and here's the thing Graham I really like to focus my work is mainly focused in the workplace.

00:21:17.370 --> 00:21:27.240 Wendy Ellin: it's not in home it's not in the home, now chances are, how you do anything is how you do everything so if you're disorganized in your work, most likely you're disorganized in your life and certainly these.

00:21:27.720 --> 00:21:38.820 Wendy Ellin: This toolbox that I have applies to every aspect of your life but I care deeply about the people who work full time because that's where they spend more time than not in their work.

00:21:40.140 --> 00:21:43.080 Wendy Ellin: And when you set yourself up for success every day.

00:21:44.220 --> 00:21:47.820 Wendy Ellin: Work doesn't work looks very different it doesn't feel good.

00:21:48.960 --> 00:22:04.230 Graham Dobbin: it's and again that's where this is all become blurred so kind of you said you started this over 2020 odd years ago in the last two years has bought those lines, so how has that impacted about about how you're working how people kind of interacting with you.

00:22:05.610 --> 00:22:18.690 Wendy Ellin: Well, a lot of people are reaching out because they are now they now see the value in offering a toolbox like this to everybody in the organization versus just the ones they think might be disorganized.

00:22:19.110 --> 00:22:26.520 Wendy Ellin: So if you don't if you don't pull anybody out of the crowd but you say this is something that we're going to offer to everybody use which tools, you need.

00:22:26.970 --> 00:22:38.130 Wendy Ellin: don't use which tools you don't need I never want to put a square peg in a round hole I don't want to train anybody if what you're doing is working keep doing it, but if something's not working, I have a tool for that.

00:22:39.780 --> 00:22:56.190 Wendy Ellin: So now they're all all the talk about hybrid and I keep saying it doesn't matter where you work it doesn't matter who you work for and it doesn't matter what you do it matters, how you do your work it's all about the how.

00:22:58.440 --> 00:22:58.800 Wendy Ellin: i'm.

00:23:01.320 --> 00:23:01.980 Graham Dobbin: You know i'm.

00:23:03.180 --> 00:23:05.520 Graham Dobbin: gonna come back to something that might get in the way of the hope.

00:23:06.630 --> 00:23:18.270 Graham Dobbin: We spoke about you use the word stress stress and stress a few times How does that show up for people in your experience, because the reason they asked the question is.

00:23:18.720 --> 00:23:35.520 Graham Dobbin: And we've all gotten one definition for stress the client, so what makes me stress may not make you and vice versa, so we kind of put a label on it and which is difficult to define, but we feel it i'm just curious how that can hold that hold that shows on.

00:23:35.940 --> 00:23:46.620 Wendy Ellin: Okay, so here's how stress how shows up for me you're ready stress shows up for me if I am getting to a point where I see that I can't honor my word.

00:23:48.150 --> 00:23:55.110 Wendy Ellin: Okay, because my core value my number one core value is reliability to I am in the world.

00:23:55.650 --> 00:24:02.250 Wendy Ellin: Okay, so when I tell you that i'm going to get you something on Friday gram and Thursday rolls around, and I know I have.

00:24:02.580 --> 00:24:10.830 Wendy Ellin: Some preparation work to do in order to get that to you on Friday, the anxiety, the stress will build up in me if i'm running late to a meeting.

00:24:11.130 --> 00:24:16.680 Wendy Ellin: And there's traffic or construction and all of a sudden i'm at a standstill, I start to get stressed out.

00:24:17.460 --> 00:24:30.720 Wendy Ellin: I pick up the phone I call somebody I say look, I want you to know right now i'm in traffic, I might be a couple minutes late, I have to do that i'm wired that way but stress for other people who are disorganized comes in the form of.

00:24:32.250 --> 00:24:36.750 Wendy Ellin: unhealthy eating weight gain mythology.

00:24:37.980 --> 00:24:37.980 Wendy Ellin: i'm.

00:24:39.390 --> 00:24:52.080 Wendy Ellin: Binge watching not being able to have honest conversations with people you live with depression, you know that it it plays out in so many people's lives differently, but.

00:24:54.210 --> 00:24:55.290 Wendy Ellin: If you, as you said.

00:24:57.000 --> 00:25:11.250 Graham Dobbin: It so I my guesses then is getting people to be kind of honest where we are, because you know do assessments and the assessments are always only work with people that really honest.

00:25:13.500 --> 00:25:27.570 Graham Dobbin: And you know, the amount of times i've seen people not answering honest and then say i'm fine and we know that that's kind of not the case, and what what what's what's your experience around that where people are actually looking at how the working.

00:25:30.480 --> 00:25:32.100 Wendy Ellin: asked me that, again I.

00:25:32.340 --> 00:25:37.170 Graham Dobbin: Should experience of that kind of way we're asking people about how there was I honest honestly.

00:25:37.830 --> 00:25:44.220 Wendy Ellin: So here's the thing this is what's so interesting I don't know why people want to tell me the deep dark secrets, but something about me.

00:25:44.250 --> 00:25:44.670 Wendy Ellin: People when.

00:25:46.500 --> 00:25:49.440 Graham Dobbin: When do you could share them it's just us yes just.

00:25:50.040 --> 00:25:53.670 Wendy Ellin: When I go when I say to Somebody tell me what's going on in your life.

00:25:53.700 --> 00:25:57.300 Wendy Ellin: Right and here's The other thing not only what's going on in your life.

00:25:58.320 --> 00:26:01.110 Wendy Ellin: What do you want your life to look like that it doesn't look like right now.

00:26:01.710 --> 00:26:07.950 Wendy Ellin: Because it's really about the end result remember it's what's in it for you, what is in it for you, Graham to want to get organized.

00:26:08.370 --> 00:26:21.600 Wendy Ellin: What do you not have in your life that you have you want to maybe work, four days a week, instead of five right do you want to have feel really good about what you jot down at the end of every day versus feeling defeated.

00:26:22.920 --> 00:26:24.360 Wendy Ellin: Do you want to make more money.

00:26:26.100 --> 00:26:35.580 Wendy Ellin: Right so it's always about what the end game is because, if someone says to me, I want to in three months, make a million more dollars and i'm making now i'm not your person.

00:26:36.000 --> 00:26:45.660 Wendy Ellin: i'm not going to commit to you, being able to do that i'm committed to you, being able to make more money, but I have to be realistic i'm one of the most realistic human beings, I know.

00:26:45.960 --> 00:26:55.890 Wendy Ellin: Like I clearly understand that I only have 24 hours in a day and I work according to that most people don't they book themselves as if they have 36 hours in a day.

00:26:57.210 --> 00:26:58.950 Wendy Ellin: And they were never going to get to that all day.

00:27:00.420 --> 00:27:05.640 Wendy Ellin: So really having an honest conversation with people and people want to tell me things and they do.

00:27:06.000 --> 00:27:15.840 Wendy Ellin: they'll say to me my husband is so over it, he is so sick of living with me this way and now he's blaming me because he sees that our 10 year old is just as disorganized as I am and i'm like okay.

00:27:16.620 --> 00:27:23.730 Wendy Ellin: let's talk about this, because this should not be coming in between you and your husband, nor should this be example you're setting for your child.

00:27:26.640 --> 00:27:27.150 Graham Dobbin: i'm.

00:27:28.470 --> 00:27:30.720 Graham Dobbin: A coach being realistic really.

00:27:32.280 --> 00:27:33.960 Graham Dobbin: So I know I.

00:27:35.160 --> 00:27:39.090 Graham Dobbin: Thought I coach could be realistic to kind of talk me through your mindset with that.

00:27:39.480 --> 00:27:48.060 Wendy Ellin: And, but you know what i'm a little sassy i'm a new yorker, as you probably well can imagine right now and, from my accent i'm living in the south there's nothing southern about me.

00:27:48.660 --> 00:28:00.210 Wendy Ellin: And i'm a little irreverent and that's because i'm trying to get you to change the way you live and that's not an easy thing to do, you've been living your certain way for how many 2030 4050 years.

00:28:00.630 --> 00:28:06.810 Wendy Ellin: So when you try to get someone to change the way they live, I kind of be done, I kind of have to be as.

00:28:08.580 --> 00:28:09.900 Wendy Ellin: Tough love, as I can.

00:28:11.490 --> 00:28:19.470 Wendy Ellin: And that's what people want people work with me because they want the tough love, they want the accountability that's what's going to get them through to where they want.

00:28:21.150 --> 00:28:27.900 Wendy Ellin: Right, they want me to call them on what they're not doing they want me to hold them accountable and i'm willing to do it.

00:28:29.190 --> 00:28:38.880 Graham Dobbin: I Wendy it comes across as absolutely i'm absolutely convinced that you definitely you're definitely willing to do when we come back after the next break.

00:28:39.600 --> 00:28:49.680 Graham Dobbin: It kind of curious let's have a think about kind of what's in it for the organizations, because we're talking a lot about what's in it for for the individuals, quite rightly, because that's where we want the movement.

00:28:50.730 --> 00:28:58.440 Graham Dobbin: But what's in it for organization really interesting kind of get some examples some ideas on on what difference it's made for businesses.

00:28:58.830 --> 00:29:03.240 Graham Dobbin: And maybe kind of what what's the biggest challenges as, as we know, being organized.

00:29:04.050 --> 00:29:10.800 Graham Dobbin: Being productive especially nowadays is, and I will see especially you know these I actually don't think corbett's changed a whole lot for us.

00:29:11.160 --> 00:29:17.970 Graham Dobbin: But this is a kind of thing that has impacted so kind of what may be some of the biggest challenges you've had apart from the husband.

00:29:18.690 --> 00:29:30.390 Graham Dobbin: Working in every different room, but some of the challenges you've had over over over the last little while you're listening to the mind behind leadership with Wendy Ellen and we will be back right after these messages.

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00:31:40.500 --> 00:31:51.210 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back you listen to the mind behind leadership we have when the Ellen with us Wendy about me nervous step so you're rolling up your sleeves I don't know if that means I mean when trouble or not I don't know if i've done something.

00:31:54.420 --> 00:32:01.500 Graham Dobbin: We talk about one thing, but still, you said that reliability is kind of your that's your value that that's that number one.

00:32:02.040 --> 00:32:09.660 Graham Dobbin: it's kind of high up there, for me, one of the things I noticed when I moved to New York every time on a program or a session people we turn up late.

00:32:10.380 --> 00:32:25.620 Graham Dobbin: I could never quite understand and he told me, it was because of the subways and anybody has spotted told me to subways we're really desperately bad and I kind of built with it and it actually even took me quite a few weeks to realize that the same Socrates I was there on time.

00:32:27.030 --> 00:32:37.080 Graham Dobbin: And it wasn't till that moment now become less tolerant, with people coming in late or with all the time, and I suppose this kind of that mindset I knew that I needed to be by what kind of time.

00:32:37.470 --> 00:32:49.470 Graham Dobbin: And it was a real that's big change for me and voice your biggest um I hear you saying there's no stress you've got all this you're good with us, but what's been your biggest challenge.

00:32:50.100 --> 00:33:00.450 Graham Dobbin: Working with organizations or kind of getting your message out there, of what you're doing kind of the benefit that you, it can help with you know individuals.

00:33:02.220 --> 00:33:03.030 Wendy Ellin: So.

00:33:05.010 --> 00:33:09.300 Wendy Ellin: i'm talking to organizations about a couple of things, the first thing is.

00:33:09.840 --> 00:33:17.370 Wendy Ellin: This big great resignation, you know people, this is it's real people are leaving jobs and they're going to other jobs for several different reasons.

00:33:17.820 --> 00:33:30.390 Wendy Ellin: But what they don't understand is that when they leave their job they take their disorganisation or their lack of organization skills, wherever they go okay i'm everybody Graham over the last.

00:33:31.770 --> 00:33:45.090 Wendy Ellin: 40 years of my life I keep hearing MBA i'm going for my MBA I want to get my MBA and MBA seems to be really important to a lot of people okay never crossed my mind to get an MBA but I listen.

00:33:45.510 --> 00:34:02.370 Wendy Ellin: And I understood that an MBA gets you a job, but then you get into this job and you don't know how to do this job because you don't have what I think is way more important, which is an MSA.

00:34:03.090 --> 00:34:27.330 Wendy Ellin: And that's a degree in mindset systems and accountability and that's what my program reinforces and offers it's it's a degree in mindset systems and accountability that subway story you just told me it's completely a mindset, because if you took the same exact subway you someone else.

00:34:27.330 --> 00:34:37.380 Wendy Ellin: Did but you also know that the subway may run late and therefore you're going to build in more time in order to make sure that you get there on time right.

00:34:38.490 --> 00:34:41.520 Wendy Ellin: My one of my tag lines for my businesses you ready.

00:34:42.390 --> 00:34:44.520 Wendy Ellin: One because I said I would.

00:34:48.030 --> 00:34:58.800 Wendy Ellin: no other reason than I said I would and i'm one of those people that wants the lack of stress by honoring my word.

00:35:00.180 --> 00:35:15.720 Wendy Ellin: Right, so much so, then when it comes to going to a party Marty will say to me my husband will say to me remember the party starts at seven right and I said to him we're not going to be on time it's the only place that I can be laid is a party.

00:35:16.920 --> 00:35:24.420 Wendy Ellin: Because in every other aspect of my life I care about walking my talk i'm not going to be late for a meeting i'm trying to get you not to be late for a meeting.

00:35:24.870 --> 00:35:31.680 Wendy Ellin: But when we go to a party on a Saturday night all bets are off when I get there, I get there and we laugh about it but it's my leeway.

00:35:32.430 --> 00:35:41.940 Wendy Ellin: Okay, and I got to have it, I believe strongly in 80% organized i'm not looking for 100% I don't think it exists.

00:35:43.050 --> 00:35:57.000 Wendy Ellin: And people get so hung up with needing to be right 100% around this topic that they give up, they throw in the towel I can't be 100% so I may not way as well not be anything 80% is good enough.

00:35:58.770 --> 00:36:03.750 Graham Dobbin: that's actually really interesting i'm talking almost daily at the moon about lowering the bar.

00:36:04.560 --> 00:36:14.280 Graham Dobbin: let's give ourselves, something that we can actually get to let's make it practical and when when we when it doesn't happen doesn't need to see the field it just means it didn't happen.

00:36:14.910 --> 00:36:22.260 Graham Dobbin: that's that's that's all I mean I actually generally wonder if I thought about this before it's just kind of popped up again when.

00:36:23.040 --> 00:36:32.220 Graham Dobbin: I accepted people being late for that I facilitated that but I will almost giving them permission to be way rather than totally just I.

00:36:32.820 --> 00:36:38.370 Graham Dobbin: I remember the first thing is, he said, the whole section that this is really interesting because I caught the same subways everyone else this morning.

00:36:38.760 --> 00:36:50.430 Graham Dobbin: I got the same lines, I was on the same system, the got here, and it was really uncomfortable people were really uncomfortable just be called out like that and I had a laugh and joke about it but wanting to get message over.

00:36:51.300 --> 00:36:57.900 Graham Dobbin: But before that it felt like I allowed it to happen, the way now that's okay yeah I get how tough, it is.

00:36:58.530 --> 00:37:15.300 Graham Dobbin: Thank you, but you know, forgetting that I was playing by can have different rules so i'm to what what kind of differences that have you seen with organizations that manage to get that buy in from the you know the teams of individuals have pulling this together.

00:37:15.540 --> 00:37:21.180 Wendy Ellin: Well that's the key, the key is you got to start at the top right, you can ask me to do something you're not willing to do.

00:37:22.290 --> 00:37:29.340 Wendy Ellin: So we get leaders at the top and the sea levels to walk the talk.

00:37:30.660 --> 00:37:42.120 Wendy Ellin: To do what they're willing to ask other people to do, which is why I always like to roll out this workshop that I do that introduces the three P academy to the C suite and the lead and the leadership levels.

00:37:42.990 --> 00:37:59.010 Wendy Ellin: so that they can get familiar with the content and the toolbox, so they can start thinking about how they want the rest of their employees to to to engage with it right mm hmm and I think that how you engage in learning is really.

00:38:00.120 --> 00:38:15.000 Wendy Ellin: Important and I have five rules for engagement and they're actually the five rules that I use and engaging in my life that I invite people who go through this training to engage that way.

00:38:16.500 --> 00:38:29.130 Wendy Ellin: Okay, my five rules of engagement, the first one is show up every time for yourself and others just show up right and a lot of times, people who are willing to show up everybody else but themselves.

00:38:30.330 --> 00:38:33.060 Wendy Ellin: i'm not willing to do that i'm going to show for myself.

00:38:33.300 --> 00:38:35.550 Graham Dobbin: And everyone, what does that mean what is.

00:38:35.580 --> 00:38:37.920 Graham Dobbin: The premise is short for ourselves for something.

00:38:40.920 --> 00:38:45.120 Wendy Ellin: be able to take a meeting with yourself as easily as you would with someone else.

00:38:46.170 --> 00:38:47.460 Wendy Ellin: So I think having.

00:38:47.490 --> 00:38:48.630 Graham Dobbin: time for ourselves.

00:38:48.780 --> 00:38:57.930 Wendy Ellin: yeah yeah maybe make the time to do what you say you're going to do even is for yourself and not somebody else at make sure for yourself when it comes to exercise.

00:38:58.320 --> 00:39:09.780 Wendy Ellin: People say to me I can't find time to exercise you're going to find it it's not going to just appear on your calendar, you have to create time to exercise right, and then you have to show up for it.

00:39:11.760 --> 00:39:23.280 Wendy Ellin: So this this whole big thing about of finding versus creating and then the other one that I really like to change the verbiage about is work life balance you're never going to work as much as you play on any given day.

00:39:23.790 --> 00:39:29.850 Wendy Ellin: So instead of trying to go for work life balance i'd rather see you go for work life integration.

00:39:31.140 --> 00:39:32.040 Wendy Ellin: integrate.

00:39:33.630 --> 00:39:40.680 Wendy Ellin: Personal time in the middle of your day go get out of your desk since you've been sitting there for three hours in a row and go take a 30 minute walk.

00:39:41.490 --> 00:39:51.420 Wendy Ellin: Go throw the dog you throw the ball to your dog in the front yard right integrate your life and work versus trying to make it balance that's a lose lose situation.

00:39:53.250 --> 00:40:08.130 Graham Dobbin: that's a really interesting that's actually one that we live by here and in our office in Dale carnegie's about workplace integration I mentioned to you that I kind of finished at 1am this morning and back in here for seven it's one of those days, and what can kind of a verse.

00:40:09.300 --> 00:40:20.820 Graham Dobbin: I that's kind of a neat integrated within a short period of my life, and so do other things to compensate for so do other things that bring it back on bring it back on board for me.

00:40:21.330 --> 00:40:36.690 Graham Dobbin: Right and the only people say to me how do you want to one o'clock in the morning it's that's that's a choice it's just I take my time elsewhere exactly engine right work life, integration, your first person i've had to kind of talking about that.

00:40:37.800 --> 00:40:42.360 Graham Dobbin: Practically I would say this office, which is what what's the what's number three when.

00:40:42.810 --> 00:40:53.280 Wendy Ellin: I was a number to show up every time number two is number two is no more excuses if we let excuses run our life, they will i've heard all of them about why I can't get organized.

00:40:54.570 --> 00:40:58.290 Wendy Ellin: they're just excuses number three keep making choices.

00:40:59.910 --> 00:41:08.880 Wendy Ellin: it's that it's when you don't make a decision about something that it gets you stuck just keep making decisions, it might be the wrong one you'll know and it's the wrong one and you'll pivot.

00:41:09.960 --> 00:41:10.440 Wendy Ellin: Right.

00:41:11.610 --> 00:41:14.850 Wendy Ellin: Number four just do you.

00:41:15.990 --> 00:41:17.610 Wendy Ellin: You don't need to do what everyone else is doing.

00:41:18.000 --> 00:41:27.150 Wendy Ellin: I remember when I first when when when cellphones started coming out and they were all these Apps everybody was getting i'm like oh my God, what does that APP what is that APP and they would show me the APP and i'd be like.

00:41:27.480 --> 00:41:33.120 Wendy Ellin: That looks cool i'm going to download it and then not only did I never use it, I couldn't even tell you what it did.

00:41:34.230 --> 00:41:43.890 Wendy Ellin: And so I went through all my Apps and if I can't tell you what it does and I don't use it it's not on my phone I don't need to do what everybody else does your APP doesn't work for me.

00:41:45.690 --> 00:41:58.860 Wendy Ellin: So just do you be who you are don't try to be like everyone else, you have to have the best technology that i'm you know I don't have the best technology, I have the technology that works for me that I actually know how to use.

00:41:59.310 --> 00:42:02.760 Wendy Ellin: And then the last one is the most important one, I think, and that is.

00:42:04.080 --> 00:42:18.420 Wendy Ellin: There are a ton of things in our life that fall into the category of it is what it is, stop trying to change it is what it is coven it is what it is.

00:42:19.020 --> 00:42:27.750 Wendy Ellin: masks they are, they are kids yeah Adam you could either sell them or kill them but they're killing your kids.

00:42:28.260 --> 00:42:40.230 Wendy Ellin: Right long commutes I have people who say to me for years, oh my God I don't know what to do, I have no time I have a two hour commute every morning and every afternoon and i'm like well either change your job or move your House.

00:42:41.430 --> 00:42:49.620 Wendy Ellin: Like those are the things that fall into the category of it is what it is when we get really real about those things it's a lot easier, just to work around them.

00:42:50.760 --> 00:43:02.070 Graham Dobbin: And it's interesting I we kind of put blame on other things I have this to you I can't do this because i'm special my circumstance and get how that works for everyone else but.

00:43:02.670 --> 00:43:08.460 Graham Dobbin: you've actually just brought something i'm really curious gonna have to think about kind of the phone sitting in Apps.

00:43:09.780 --> 00:43:23.280 Graham Dobbin: I would probably guess 80% of the Apps and, most of us so wonder if even when I look at that it kind of begins to clutter the mind when i'm looking for things and it's not organized and it's just kind of all this information is going in.

00:43:24.390 --> 00:43:27.300 Graham Dobbin: And sometimes we can need to cut down the information that's going in.

00:43:28.740 --> 00:43:29.940 Graham Dobbin: To being the important stuff.

00:43:32.250 --> 00:43:34.830 Wendy Ellin: break i'm going to share something with you about phone Apps.

00:43:35.760 --> 00:43:41.280 Graham Dobbin: Oh no you're rosen the other person legal on street from the Dale Carnegie book.

00:43:42.450 --> 00:43:51.360 Graham Dobbin: it's a new words, people will listen we're talking with the alien here who's our productivity console when a fascinating discussion just kind of read about mindset.

00:43:51.750 --> 00:44:04.980 Graham Dobbin: And how has changed a little bit, but you know what it doesn't seem to have changed that much it's just that we're doing in a different environment, nothing else and we'll be right back after these messages when when there's going to share something really intriguing with us.

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00:46:11.370 --> 00:46:19.860 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back you're listening to the mind behind leadership we have when the Ellen with us, and when they i'm gonna have to make just done something really unprofessional.

00:46:20.760 --> 00:46:29.100 Graham Dobbin: During the break you've just made me think about picking up before having a look at the Apps and I have just deleted 10 Apps.

00:46:29.730 --> 00:46:45.630 Graham Dobbin: On my phone that I am I just know I don't use it, I don't need any more, and even for a short period before I actually just deleted setups a few so good and i'm sure there's a lot more to go with top doctors you've got you've got you've got some insights into this.

00:46:45.660 --> 00:46:51.600 Wendy Ellin: yeah i'm going to ask you a question, Graham what color what color is your uber APP.

00:46:53.370 --> 00:46:53.850 Graham Dobbin: black.

00:46:54.900 --> 00:46:56.970 Wendy Ellin: What color is facetime.

00:46:59.490 --> 00:47:01.140 Graham Dobbin: facetime is blue.

00:47:02.550 --> 00:47:03.180 Wendy Ellin: Green.

00:47:04.530 --> 00:47:04.770 Graham Dobbin: man.

00:47:05.280 --> 00:47:05.670 Okay.

00:47:09.930 --> 00:47:11.280 Wendy Ellin: Do you have a bank APP.

00:47:12.210 --> 00:47:13.770 Wendy Ellin: Yes, what color is it.

00:47:14.250 --> 00:47:14.760 yellow.

00:47:18.600 --> 00:47:20.250 Wendy Ellin: What color is Facebook.

00:47:21.270 --> 00:47:21.720 Graham Dobbin: blue.

00:47:22.980 --> 00:47:26.790 Wendy Ellin: Do you have text on your phone yes.

00:47:26.820 --> 00:47:27.420 Graham Dobbin: Yes.

00:47:27.570 --> 00:47:29.070 Graham Dobbin: it's green yeah see.

00:47:29.220 --> 00:47:32.670 Wendy Ellin: We remember Apps by their color.

00:47:33.690 --> 00:47:36.600 Wendy Ellin: All my Apps or organized.

00:47:38.040 --> 00:47:49.320 Wendy Ellin: By color and when you do that it's only on one page, so I have a little thing there that's got all my white Apps together.

00:47:50.340 --> 00:47:50.760 Wendy Ellin: I don't know.

00:47:52.080 --> 00:47:53.160 Graham Dobbin: Yes, you that.

00:47:53.550 --> 00:48:02.610 Wendy Ellin: I have white blue purple pink green orange multicolored and black and pink and it's all on one page.

00:48:03.720 --> 00:48:13.020 Wendy Ellin: So a lot of people organize their Apps by topic right all the productivity Apps all the photography Apps to find.

00:48:13.020 --> 00:48:25.080 Wendy Ellin: It but you wind up having a gazillion pages, I only want one page and when when I think uber I go right to the black Apps because I know that black just a little tidbit there.

00:48:26.610 --> 00:48:27.030 Wendy Ellin: um.

00:48:27.840 --> 00:48:36.750 Wendy Ellin: You asked me something earlier that I want to finish the COP the read the question on you asked about how do you talk about this with organizations versus individual one of the two things I want to say.

00:48:37.470 --> 00:48:46.200 Wendy Ellin: I was on it, I was on a call with a client last week and the woman on the call had a T shirt That said, you can't love the culture and not support the people.

00:48:48.570 --> 00:49:01.080 Wendy Ellin: And I thought wow I really like that that really speaks to me because there's so much talk right now about culture in organizations, I have, I have their titles, now the people culture person right.

00:49:02.190 --> 00:49:04.410 Wendy Ellin: And there's so much talk about wellness.

00:49:07.020 --> 00:49:20.430 Wendy Ellin: and organizational toolbox is completely within the wellness initiative, how do we support our employees, so that the end of the day, they have less stress, which is all about wellness.

00:49:21.780 --> 00:49:22.290 Wendy Ellin: Right.

00:49:22.920 --> 00:49:23.970 Graham Dobbin: So absolutely I.

00:49:24.870 --> 00:49:30.630 Wendy Ellin: Just thought I would throw that out there, I remember seeing that T shirt going you can't love the culture and not support the people.

00:49:33.120 --> 00:49:50.910 Graham Dobbin: talk to people, regardless of what business were in this it's it's it's always about about that, and one thing that you that you mentioned coming your five rules was make choices and kind of what I had was.

00:49:52.500 --> 00:50:06.870 Graham Dobbin: Just make the decision may be the wrong decision but meet the decision we talk about that a lot here and that seems to be kind of a common theme to one of the things I remember one of our first guests spoke about kind of emergency planning or emergency response.

00:50:08.280 --> 00:50:19.830 Graham Dobbin: I will be talking about decision making, when it's that you make decisions in the moment with the information you've got you know you might get more information and find minutes, but you can't wait, you need to make a decision and take action know.

00:50:20.400 --> 00:50:27.570 Graham Dobbin: And then, when you get more information, you are just that action it feels like sometimes people just want there's never enough information.

00:50:28.830 --> 00:50:29.640 Graham Dobbin: To make a decision.

00:50:30.120 --> 00:50:35.640 Wendy Ellin: They are the hundred percent organized so they're not going to do it at all, because they feel like they're not going to ever get to that level right.

00:50:35.670 --> 00:50:42.990 Wendy Ellin: that's that person and here's The other thing when I talk about making decisions and choices it's, not just in.

00:50:44.760 --> 00:50:55.890 Wendy Ellin: big decisions about our life or business, etc, it also has to do with making decisions with things that come at you all day like email make a decision about that email.

00:50:56.790 --> 00:51:04.290 Wendy Ellin: Paper make a decision about it because clutter Graham is nothing more than the manifestation of indecision.

00:51:04.920 --> 00:51:12.300 Wendy Ellin: it's why people have piles of crap all over their office they're not making a decision about where it goes, so it just sits there in a pile.

00:51:12.900 --> 00:51:25.350 Wendy Ellin: Right, so when I talk about making decisions, I talked about it in both in both ways make a decision, someone coming in at you do, you need it no then toss it to you needed to give it somebody else great then forward it.

00:51:28.650 --> 00:51:35.700 Graham Dobbin: Okay, so um here's an excuse that i've used in the past, not that I would use it now, obviously, then because i'm extremely well organized.

00:51:37.260 --> 00:51:43.350 Graham Dobbin: And, but and maybe in the past that I might need this, I wanted to hand.

00:51:45.000 --> 00:51:53.850 Graham Dobbin: So i'm going to keep that bear paper because you never know and guess what I probably tend not to use it, I know it's good information, so I kind of keep it there.

00:51:56.250 --> 00:52:15.780 Wendy Ellin: Well, with the technology that we have available to us, these days, i'm fine for anything that's on paper to be scanned and filed you could keep it versus in a in a piece of paper look I always talk about how I straddle the paper slash technology world do you have paper in your life.

00:52:17.730 --> 00:52:19.050 Graham Dobbin: Do I have paper my life, yes.

00:52:19.110 --> 00:52:25.410 Wendy Ellin: yeah Okay, so we straddle the paper slash technology world if you're going to live that way.

00:52:26.520 --> 00:52:27.990 Wendy Ellin: You have to have a system for both.

00:52:29.250 --> 00:52:41.520 Wendy Ellin: I have a system for paper, and I have a system for technology and I work both systems and they work for me, but what I never have is a pile anywhere, because I have a system for paper.

00:52:44.280 --> 00:52:45.420 Graham Dobbin: Your systems a pile.

00:52:47.070 --> 00:52:47.580 Wendy Ellin: Though.

00:52:47.940 --> 00:52:49.830 Wendy Ellin: If it works for me.

00:52:51.090 --> 00:52:56.730 Graham Dobbin: i'm was unclear we kind of mentioned this earlier on a coach being realistic, because I know you.

00:52:57.540 --> 00:53:12.390 Graham Dobbin: You do training you're an author, but we're also talking about about being a coach and what do you think some of the biggest kind of misconceptions are a bow if you mentioned to somebody that your culture, this is kind of what your expertise is.

00:53:14.670 --> 00:53:15.120 Wendy Ellin: um.

00:53:15.150 --> 00:53:25.410 Wendy Ellin: But I look at a coach as a partner, when I partner I partner with my clients who I do one on one coaching with i'm partnering in them with them.

00:53:26.400 --> 00:53:33.480 Wendy Ellin: You know a lot of people that I that I that I work with i'm not just coaching them in the organization space i'm coaching them in the business.

00:53:33.780 --> 00:53:51.570 Wendy Ellin: In the business growth space entrepreneurs solo printers, not only do they not have systems, but they don't have strategies for how to grow a business, and you know I could I could you know i'm training off of 21 years of of knowing what not to do quite frankly right.

00:53:52.770 --> 00:53:53.250 Graham Dobbin: Okay.

00:53:53.910 --> 00:54:02.880 Wendy Ellin: and helping them weave in the systems that I teach as i'm helping them get to what their business goals are.

00:54:04.830 --> 00:54:10.830 Wendy Ellin: But I look at a coach as a partner and the first thing about coaches, is the person has to be coachable.

00:54:12.840 --> 00:54:13.230 Wendy Ellin: Wait.

00:54:14.670 --> 00:54:15.030 Wendy Ellin: I have.

00:54:15.390 --> 00:54:19.500 Graham Dobbin: A spot back, how do you see that early if somebody is coachable.

00:54:21.510 --> 00:54:30.840 Wendy Ellin: Oh, I had I literally just fired a client that wasn't coachable that didn't show up that never honored a word Egan about our appointments.

00:54:31.950 --> 00:54:39.600 Wendy Ellin: I really wasn't interested i'm like I can't do this i'm just like swimming upstream my arms getting tired that's not going to happen right.

00:54:40.200 --> 00:54:46.500 Wendy Ellin: yeah if you're not as invested in this experience or more than I am in this not going to work.

00:54:47.280 --> 00:54:57.780 Graham Dobbin: It you know there's so many misconceptions about coaching about how we approach it and who needs it, I get the highest performance almost in every walk of life have a coach.

00:54:58.260 --> 00:55:06.360 Graham Dobbin: because somebody there there's this going to help them make that adjustment, or even just challenge what they're doing and.

00:55:07.980 --> 00:55:15.270 Graham Dobbin: When they were coming today we've only got a couple of minutes left i'm curious what's the what's the one.

00:55:17.250 --> 00:55:27.540 Graham Dobbin: client or kind of interactions you've had the one that was that was just kind of the biggest impact that could have happened I didn't see that coming, what do you think's been one of the biggest ones.

00:55:29.010 --> 00:55:30.480 Wendy Ellin: I have, I am.

00:55:31.590 --> 00:55:33.540 Wendy Ellin: I have a client that was working.

00:55:34.650 --> 00:55:38.760 Wendy Ellin: In a company in Oklahoma city that was really, really, really.

00:55:41.250 --> 00:55:49.080 Wendy Ellin: In a bad place in a bad place about her job, and I think she thought she was going to get fired or there might have been a chance that she was going to get fired but.

00:55:49.080 --> 00:55:49.650 Graham Dobbin: She was really.

00:55:49.770 --> 00:55:58.290 Wendy Ellin: She really was good at what she did, but she just couldn't get our shit together that just that simple and I flew out to Oklahoma.

00:55:59.310 --> 00:56:07.440 Wendy Ellin: and spent eight hours in her cubicle and completely transformed the way she operated by walking her setting up the systems that I teach.

00:56:07.860 --> 00:56:18.750 Wendy Ellin: And at the end of the experience, she was sobbing and I said tell me what the emotion is about because I get it, she said Wendy now I can take a sick day and I thought, what.

00:56:19.740 --> 00:56:25.590 Wendy Ellin: I can never take a sick day because I was always afraid that somebody was not would not be able to find anything in my absence.

00:56:25.920 --> 00:56:36.870 Wendy Ellin: And i'm thinking, if I had to come into that cubicle every day, I have to take a sick day, every day, well, not only that you get to take a sick day but she got pregnant and three months later left on maternity leave with peace of mind.

00:56:38.340 --> 00:56:53.520 Graham Dobbin: When the war started to finish this off, and thank you so much for time sort of five rules show up no more excuses make choices just do you, and that is what it is lower lumbar do it 80% and see what happens.

00:56:54.330 --> 00:57:01.740 Graham Dobbin: When the Ellen Thank you so much we'll make sure to know the social media that we give you will give you a hope people can contact you.

00:57:02.250 --> 00:57:15.060 Graham Dobbin: And you've been listening to the mind behind leadership, my name is Graham dog and we're live here on talk radio dot nyc I thank you to do it in the background for keeping us right and we'll see you again next week take care, get on Thank you.

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