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Thursday, June 10, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/10 - Focusing On Others

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/10 - Focusing On Others


2021/06/10 - Focusing On Others

[NEW EPISODE] Focusing On Others

Sandra Kearney purchased New Life Health and Wellness, a fitness center, in 2008. Prior to the purchase, the fitness center was doing poorly with only 88 members. She applied her sales, marketing, and process improvement skills and doubled the membership each year, growing quickly to over 500 members.

She completed her goal in 2015 by selling the business at a healthy profit. Sandra has spent the last 5 years in the Learning and Development space.

She launched her own firm, Human Power Solutions in December of 2019. It has been an immediate success due to her network and focus on client experience. Sandra earned her Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Nichols College in 2018 and has a BS in Chemistry from Assumption University.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham Dobbin introduces guest Sandra Kearney, CEO of her own fitness center before launching into a discussion about Sandra’s previous experiences working in the hospitality industry. She says she loves serving and working with people, and feels that her background in the hospitality industry has greatly helped her with her current career as a CEO. Next they go into the topic of whether or not we’re returning to work as usual too quickly and how difficult it can be to return to what we used to experience as normal. They also touch on how many women specifically are needing to leave the workforce.

Segment 2

Graham and Sandra return to talk about the process in which Sandra tried out different careers, including running a daycare, before getting her personal training certification. From there, she was eventually asked to purchase a fitness center and she accepted. She details that she now is not afraid to ask for help from others and even talks about someone who currently is and has been her mentor throughout her journey. She reiterates throughout this discussion how important it is to her to make strong decisions.

Segment 3

Sandra explains what “leaders not getting out of their own way” means to her. She reveals that sometimes we need to fail in order to move up. She then gives her thoughts on the idea of “fake it ‘til you make it.” In many cases, she says, when you just start your business, you need to go into it with confidence. “Faking it,” she says, isn’t necessarily “lying” to ourselves or others, but rather manifesting what we want to become. Finally, Sandra and Graham talk about how to serve others, specifically in her career.

Segment 4

Graham and Sandra return to the concept of how the workplace should look like post-covid. Next, Sandra describes that there has been a shift; employees and employers have become more human. They both continue talking about what work post-covid could look like, and what Sandra believes will happen the next six months. According to Sandra, there’s a split; some are wanting to continue to work from home or have a more hybrid format for work, while others are entirely ready to return to work. They wrap up talking about how, as a result of this pandemic, empathetic leadership has become and will likely remain very important.


00:00:38.910 --> 00:00:46.410 Graham Dobbin: it's Thursday welcome once again talk radio dot nyc, this is the main behind leadership, my name is Graham dobbin.

00:00:46.890 --> 00:01:00.330 Graham Dobbin: And you know, every week or discussions revolve around all different aspects of leadership which can mean self or leading others and we were spoken over recent weeks with others company owners coaches.

00:01:00.870 --> 00:01:13.320 Graham Dobbin: Sometimes it's academics, sometimes just practical just in the last few weeks we spoke with Mike randolph The co founder and CEO of netflix former CEO of netflix and in way.

00:01:14.430 --> 00:01:22.410 Graham Dobbin: who wrote across Britain baker aid and ran two marathons what me Ian a little bit unusual was he did it when he was over 400 pounds that's when he started out.

00:01:22.860 --> 00:01:33.510 Graham Dobbin: And he works with business owners talking about resilience and how the get the mindset right was in business they're both available as podcasts and spotify apple stitcher.

00:01:34.140 --> 00:01:40.440 Graham Dobbin: Wherever you want to get it all right here on talk radio dot nyc so we talk, organizational and emotional.

00:01:41.430 --> 00:01:50.490 Graham Dobbin: i'm delighted today that we've got someone who has experienced it from both sides and today's guest is Sandra her name I just give a bit of.

00:01:50.940 --> 00:02:09.870 Graham Dobbin: background Sandra purchased a new life, health and wellness and fitness Center in 2008 she took underperforming business applied her own sales marketing processes improvement skills to grow it quickly to over 500 members selling the business in 2015 for a healthy profit.

00:02:11.280 --> 00:02:20.610 Graham Dobbin: In the last five years Sandra spent it in the learning and development space launching our own firm human power solutions in December of 2019.

00:02:21.420 --> 00:02:27.330 Graham Dobbin: it's been an immediate success, due to a network of fun to focus on client experience if sunday's.

00:02:28.260 --> 00:02:36.240 Graham Dobbin: ability to network several others and connect people is a large part of her success, this is like let's just think about it, this is a.

00:02:36.570 --> 00:02:52.020 Graham Dobbin: This is a training company development company doing this during Corbett we're going to really work out with us money to work as Sandra and her master's in organizational leadership from Nichols college in 2018 as if you didn't have enough to do such.

00:02:53.640 --> 00:03:09.120 Graham Dobbin: As a bs in chemistry from assumption university she lives in westboro Massachusetts for the three kids two grandchildren never old enough Sandra never all that off and has five siblings Sandra good to see you.

00:03:09.390 --> 00:03:11.160 Sandra Kearney: good to see you do I.

00:03:11.460 --> 00:03:24.300 Graham Dobbin: Talk to you I didn't know this about chemistry I didn't know this, how do you go from having a bachelor of science in chemistry to running a business that focuses on leadership and organizational development hotel.

00:03:25.380 --> 00:03:35.490 Sandra Kearney: And it is, I wanted to be a doctor, when I was younger and that's was the That was the path that I took going to college major major in sciences and.

00:03:35.760 --> 00:03:44.430 Sandra Kearney: start off as a biology major and realized that biology didn't make sense, it was too much theory and I needed things to kind of make sense, so I moved over to chemistry.

00:03:45.720 --> 00:03:51.810 Sandra Kearney: And then you know kind of life kind of takes you in a different direction, and I was taking I took a year off before applying to MED school and.

00:03:52.230 --> 00:03:58.620 Sandra Kearney: ended up in the hospitality arena and fell in love with that and just that kind of drove me to that path.

00:03:59.580 --> 00:04:16.020 Sandra Kearney: But I use the chemistry backgrounds very good because we're very much into processes in our training company and so again, things have to make sense, so as we're developing training programs I utilize a lot of those those early on skills to you know, to do what we do today.

00:04:18.330 --> 00:04:21.300 Graham Dobbin: Interesting biology is theory.

00:04:23.640 --> 00:04:36.120 Sandra Kearney: yeah it just there was never a complete answer you know you'd have to, we have to you know write a big thesis whereas you know X plus y equals Z it just you know formulas makes sense formulas balance out and.

00:04:36.510 --> 00:04:43.140 Sandra Kearney: Your biology there's a lot of you know well, this could happen this might this might have happened and I just didn't have time for.

00:04:43.530 --> 00:04:58.590 Graham Dobbin: i'm going to go into the background, a little bit more i'm really curious about the about the business but big just jumping on this, if the biology of CD when we talk it's interesting when we talk about leadership we talk about organizational development there's no one thing fits all.

00:04:58.920 --> 00:04:59.160 Sandra Kearney: Now.

00:04:59.220 --> 00:05:01.950 Graham Dobbin: A lot of it is is theory or it's trial and error.

00:05:02.760 --> 00:05:05.130 Sandra Kearney: yeah you're right you're right but.

00:05:06.720 --> 00:05:07.740 Sandra Kearney: yeah I do I do.

00:05:10.410 --> 00:05:10.740 Graham Dobbin: i'm.

00:05:12.300 --> 00:05:22.110 Graham Dobbin: supposed to go over this is, do you think that that background, has helped you, though, when you come into this I didn't seem the link before just finger kind of talking through it makes sense.

00:05:22.200 --> 00:05:30.600 Sandra Kearney: yeah like I ended up majoring in chemistry mining and biology, so it all just kind of wraps together between the process, what you have to think about.

00:05:30.900 --> 00:05:45.900 Sandra Kearney: You know how things happen how things evolve, so it all it all just kind of married together, I think, but all the experiences i've had and my education and then all the experiences and it's just it's all kind of flowed i'm where i'm supposed to be it's my where I think.

00:05:46.230 --> 00:05:48.600 Graham Dobbin: Nice and that's always a good place to be isn't it.

00:05:49.410 --> 00:05:49.740 Sandra Kearney: To be.

00:05:50.250 --> 00:05:55.440 Graham Dobbin: um what other kinds of jobs that you have them talk to me about the the the hospitality industry.

00:05:55.470 --> 00:06:01.950 Sandra Kearney: yeah So when I got out of college, I was taking the year off and I had actually been working I worked my way through college and I worked for marissa.

00:06:02.340 --> 00:06:13.980 Sandra Kearney: Inside of our school, I was a student manager back then, and when I said I was taking a year off, they said Oh, you should go into our management program so I ended up working for marissa and the healthcare industry, so I was in hospitals.

00:06:14.580 --> 00:06:18.030 Sandra Kearney: running their retail operations so basically feeding the doctors and.

00:06:18.030 --> 00:06:23.490 Sandra Kearney: nurses and visitors and just kind of make that experience for them as as wonderful as possible.

00:06:24.330 --> 00:06:30.210 Sandra Kearney: I ended up leaving there when I moved out to California and went to work for chilis brinker international and.

00:06:31.110 --> 00:06:45.210 Sandra Kearney: Just loved the whole like serving people and and just talking to people and having some fun and food is love to me so really I just really thrived in that environment I love the management aspect of it, you know the inventory controls.

00:06:45.870 --> 00:06:51.660 Sandra Kearney: You know the providing a great customer experience and both of those companies are large companies, and I was.

00:06:51.930 --> 00:07:06.420 Sandra Kearney: Early in my career and the training that I got was incredible as far as how to serve how to be the best that you can possibly be so that background, you know just it has carried me through with all the different businesses that i've had so.

00:07:07.050 --> 00:07:23.370 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting because they'll do the two industries in two companies that I would guess that have people that don't see that as a career they do what you do they do what you did they fell into maybe because we're working through college or something like that um.

00:07:24.480 --> 00:07:28.560 Graham Dobbin: And then you find yourself managing teams in that area for what was that, like.

00:07:28.650 --> 00:07:32.910 Sandra Kearney: I was, I was young, so you know being being in my 20s.

00:07:34.020 --> 00:07:38.130 Sandra Kearney: And having to manage people that were a lot older than I was, and they were in.

00:07:38.160 --> 00:07:40.350 Sandra Kearney: These you know very low paying jobs and.

00:07:41.070 --> 00:07:45.420 Sandra Kearney: So, the one thing that I think that's that's really big with managers is just.

00:07:45.750 --> 00:07:54.150 Sandra Kearney: Just not being too good for anyone right it's it's relating to them in such a way that they know that you're a person and their person.

00:07:54.390 --> 00:08:00.450 Sandra Kearney: And working side by side and and especially in the hospitality industry if you're not willing to get your hands dirty.

00:08:01.350 --> 00:08:04.530 Sandra Kearney: You know MOP the floor, or you know pick up a tray.

00:08:05.310 --> 00:08:12.300 Sandra Kearney: You know, then you're then you're not well well loved and so I learned that very, very quickly, early on to.

00:08:12.570 --> 00:08:19.560 Sandra Kearney: You know, relate to people and and open up personally, you know who I am and I, and I still do that every you know, to this day is.

00:08:19.860 --> 00:08:31.650 Sandra Kearney: i've always been like every day we all wake up, we walk our dogs we feed our kids like whether you're a CEO of a multimillion dollar company or you know your stay at home, whatever if you're we're all the same, at the end of the day, so.

00:08:32.790 --> 00:08:35.370 Graham Dobbin: um don't be too good for anyone.

00:08:36.510 --> 00:08:38.610 Graham Dobbin: can be today struggling talk me through that.

00:08:38.790 --> 00:08:51.960 Sandra Kearney: yeah I mean yes i'm a CEO of a company, so what right, so what it's just it's a title it doesn't mean that i'm better than anyone else, or worse than anyone else if if my company is smaller than somebody.

00:08:52.290 --> 00:08:58.320 Sandra Kearney: it's really that we're all humans i'm so much into the human human connection and the human aspect and.

00:08:58.650 --> 00:09:10.710 Sandra Kearney: i'm not afraid to talk to anyone, and no one should be afraid to talk to me we're all humans, at the end of the day, so that's um and I think cove it has helped us to kind of take a reset and and.

00:09:12.060 --> 00:09:13.050 Sandra Kearney: Get get to that.

00:09:13.140 --> 00:09:16.530 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting Simon I the producer was talking just.

00:09:16.590 --> 00:09:21.000 Graham Dobbin: Just before you came on just about kind of that reset and and we were we were.

00:09:23.340 --> 00:09:35.970 Graham Dobbin: wondering if people are taken enough of an opportunity to reset or do we just see no the opportunity to open back up and just get excited I wonder if we've taken enough time to reset what's your thoughts on that.

00:09:37.260 --> 00:09:45.330 Sandra Kearney: So many discussions, I was at a Rotary meeting last night, and we were talking about the same thing this messy middle right it's.

00:09:45.630 --> 00:09:56.790 Sandra Kearney: The companies that are taking the hard line we have found the companies taking the hard line of we're coming back you need to commute in five days a week, are losing their top town.

00:09:57.450 --> 00:10:04.650 Sandra Kearney: Because the employees are now saying wait a minute we are working really hard during coven.

00:10:05.400 --> 00:10:15.090 Sandra Kearney: Whether you're in whether you're the feet and the you know feet on the ground and work in the restaurants, are working grocery stores, or whether you are working for a CPA firm everyone was working really hard.

00:10:15.390 --> 00:10:23.010 Sandra Kearney: Through this and they're saying we can do it from remotely we don't need to commute and there's been a lot of pushback.

00:10:23.850 --> 00:10:32.100 Sandra Kearney: From the employees, so the employees have we've seen are having a lot of controlling you look at the apple right look at that that the article about apple.

00:10:32.430 --> 00:10:43.920 Sandra Kearney: And how you know they're they're pushing the employees are pushing back for a reason, so I think I think there was a thing that they can everything's gonna go back to the way it was it's a new world now.

00:10:44.460 --> 00:10:50.730 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting you know what we've been talking about this on this show for probably seven or eight months.

00:10:51.300 --> 00:11:01.290 Graham Dobbin: That when it begins to open up that's when companies are going to have a real problem because we've created this this this this different novel Marcus and you know.

00:11:01.710 --> 00:11:11.760 Graham Dobbin: there's different normal and ask people to be flexible ask them to be creative and now we're going to say to them right, you can stop being creative and put back into the office yeah.

00:11:11.850 --> 00:11:18.150 Sandra Kearney: yeah so forbes is calling it the next normal because we're going to go from next to next to next right so that's really what.

00:11:18.450 --> 00:11:29.340 Sandra Kearney: What we're looking at here and and we've coined the phrase we're doing a webinar actually next week on the messy metal like How is this all going to happen this hybrid virtual a day's be days and.

00:11:30.000 --> 00:11:36.300 Sandra Kearney: That The funny thing is not the funny thing but companies that are asking employees to come back.

00:11:36.870 --> 00:11:41.550 Sandra Kearney: they're thinking it's all going to be the same, but you still have errors and plexiglass your lunch rooms aren't open.

00:11:41.760 --> 00:11:47.220 Sandra Kearney: doors are going to be closed, some people are going to be vaccinated others or not there's there's this whole.

00:11:47.460 --> 00:11:56.010 Sandra Kearney: thing going on, that if you think that your culture is going to go back to the way it was pre pandemic just because you've mandated everyone to come back here another thing coming to you.

00:11:57.720 --> 00:12:03.750 Graham Dobbin: Is that there's this assumption, and there was assumption before covered that people.

00:12:04.650 --> 00:12:11.010 Graham Dobbin: When you're working with a company had never seen value same idea same thoughts in decision making processes know we've got individuals that.

00:12:11.250 --> 00:12:23.940 Graham Dobbin: Some people don't want to be vaccinated some people don't want to be doing certain things, some people want to be in the office, some people don't some people will happy to travel on mass transit, so what this is really opened up a canister.

00:12:24.510 --> 00:12:31.830 Sandra Kearney: It has, and you know, and you know, Graham as we're talking to our leaders and our CEOs we're just we're.

00:12:32.220 --> 00:12:43.980 Sandra Kearney: Really, stressing that empathy have an open conversation, because some people are excited to get out of the House like yep i'm good to go back in the office five days a week, and get away from everything right.

00:12:44.400 --> 00:12:52.680 Sandra Kearney: more productive there so that's great, but there are others that you know there's a lot of the women left a lot of women left the workforce and i'm not.

00:12:53.070 --> 00:12:58.920 Sandra Kearney: You know not going to get into anything political, but a lot of women left because of the burden of taking care of.

00:12:59.280 --> 00:13:11.730 Sandra Kearney: Everything around them that's not going to change it, you still have kids that are kind of hybrid ish you've got elderly parents that are still not comfortable with going out, you know there's still all these things are still happening.

00:13:12.480 --> 00:13:15.750 Sandra Kearney: Even as we're trying to figure out this this re entry.

00:13:16.860 --> 00:13:20.370 Sandra Kearney: it's it's I have, I have a colleague of mine, he just had his fourth child.

00:13:21.390 --> 00:13:33.210 Sandra Kearney: Great guy very energetic was always out and about and and he's like you know i'm i'm not going out with having this newborn at home and it's really hard but he's like i'm not doing it so.

00:13:34.500 --> 00:13:35.250 Graham Dobbin: You see.

00:13:36.660 --> 00:13:41.250 Graham Dobbin: You just mentioned something that dropped in the middle and you see a change in the workforce with women.

00:13:42.060 --> 00:13:44.370 Sandra Kearney: Is a huge change in work for some women yep lot of.

00:13:44.880 --> 00:13:45.570 Graham Dobbin: That going on.

00:13:45.900 --> 00:13:49.140 Sandra Kearney: We do we do see a lot of it they're not coming back.

00:13:50.460 --> 00:13:50.790 Sandra Kearney: So.

00:13:51.120 --> 00:13:51.660 Graham Dobbin: What happened.

00:13:52.170 --> 00:14:00.600 Sandra Kearney: I don't know I I don't know I think if the employees are flexible, so if the recruiting is right, and if their head hunting is right.

00:14:01.020 --> 00:14:14.490 Sandra Kearney: they're going to get some really, really good talent if they can be flexible and you know just empathetic I you know we talked about empathy constantly listen here react and do the right thing.

00:14:15.090 --> 00:14:20.850 Sandra Kearney: And you're going to get you're going to get what you want, as far as productivity is concerned, but if I.

00:14:21.300 --> 00:14:22.410 Sandra Kearney: pulled that line it's.

00:14:23.010 --> 00:14:31.020 Graham Dobbin: yep we're good Sandra we're going to go to break and when we come back from the break i'm curious and what's driving you with this.

00:14:31.410 --> 00:14:40.740 Graham Dobbin: Because I can see, I can only see the passion just come on oh when we're talking about this change and we're talking about you know Luke the workplace is not going to be the same, so it seems to excite you.

00:14:41.130 --> 00:14:51.660 Graham Dobbin: and also about how do we just get empathetic so we talk about that, but how did they actually manage access it so we'll talk about that, after break the mind behind leadership we're speaking with Sandra.

00:14:51.660 --> 00:14:54.450 Graham Dobbin: candy from human power solutions will be.

00:14:54.510 --> 00:14:55.800 Graham Dobbin: right back after these.

00:17:29.880 --> 00:17:35.070 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back this is the mind behind leadership we're speaking with Sandra kimmy Sandra.

00:17:36.030 --> 00:17:44.490 Graham Dobbin: So you came out you did hospitality, what was the next step will come back to the leadership stuff in a little minute because I.

00:17:44.910 --> 00:17:57.270 Graham Dobbin: kind of saw something there that we discussed leading teams that were you know low paid looking after can you need to look after each other, you need to be part of the team where did you take that next.

00:17:58.080 --> 00:18:03.660 Sandra Kearney: So I took that to having three children and took some time off from work.

00:18:06.360 --> 00:18:18.930 Sandra Kearney: When I re entered and I dabble there's a couple of different businesses, so I opened up a home daycare which I realized I didn't really like kids that much so that didn't last very long and.

00:18:19.650 --> 00:18:20.430 Graham Dobbin: short of you find that.

00:18:20.700 --> 00:18:22.350 Graham Dobbin: after you have three children I.

00:18:22.410 --> 00:18:23.220 Graham Dobbin: opened up a deal.

00:18:24.450 --> 00:18:25.410 Sandra Kearney: I love my on.

00:18:25.740 --> 00:18:26.370 Other people.

00:18:27.660 --> 00:18:33.330 Sandra Kearney: yeah so so that was and I wasn't I wasn't built to stay home I wasn't built to be a stay at home mom.

00:18:33.690 --> 00:18:44.460 Sandra Kearney: And I kind of knew that from the get go, but having the three kids was you know was awesome and fun, so I started a multi level marketing I sold herbalife for 12 years and did really well with that.

00:18:45.240 --> 00:18:53.970 Sandra Kearney: yeah kind of got me into the wellness industry, but I actually went into when I went back to work part time I went to go work for a staffing agency.

00:18:54.870 --> 00:19:01.530 Sandra Kearney: So it's just again it's it's it's again about people right, so I love doing I love going out to companies.

00:19:01.800 --> 00:19:09.330 Sandra Kearney: and finding out what their needs, were for employees and then helping to match the employees with the companies, so I did both sides, I did the recruiting side.

00:19:09.600 --> 00:19:22.950 Sandra Kearney: And then, also the sales side and I fell in love with with all of that, the human capital part of part of the world, and I guess i'm just realizing that today how much that's all together that how it else built together so.

00:19:24.750 --> 00:19:38.730 Graham Dobbin: it's interested tends to be number of people that speak to him on here, and you know getting everyday work but there's a common theme there's there's that there's that link and we've got we've also got the common theme of the biology at the beginning.

00:19:39.090 --> 00:19:39.780 Sandra Kearney: yeah with.

00:19:39.840 --> 00:19:41.610 Graham Dobbin: You know, with it not being absolute.

00:19:42.630 --> 00:19:48.570 Graham Dobbin: That we that we need to test test it and what is it a boat that there what's up by that human capital.

00:19:48.930 --> 00:19:57.630 Sandra Kearney: hey yeah it's I do I think i've just always i'm the fifth the fifth child at a six time, like the pleaser like I want to make people happy.

00:19:57.960 --> 00:20:03.750 Sandra Kearney: And so that's always been in my whole my whole life, you know it's always want to make everyone.

00:20:03.900 --> 00:20:12.840 Sandra Kearney: Keep the peace for everyone, even now we're planning our mom's eating 80th birthday and i'm trying to manage these older siblings of mine from you know blowing up let's just have some fun for mom.

00:20:13.830 --> 00:20:20.100 Sandra Kearney: So that's been really fun, but I think overall in the in the end it's just I really enjoy.

00:20:20.640 --> 00:20:27.000 Sandra Kearney: you're making that fit I love puzzles so I like making the fit of the right I love the right person to the right company.

00:20:27.240 --> 00:20:34.080 Sandra Kearney: In what we do now is the right facilitator and the right program for the right company right so it's it's kind of all fitting it all together.

00:20:34.590 --> 00:20:38.130 Sandra Kearney: From there, and you know I stayed home for a little bit and.

00:20:38.940 --> 00:20:52.350 Sandra Kearney: And then you know got my personal training, certification, because I really was saying, the supplements was one thing and helping people with weight loss, but really the gym was kind of if you didn't do both you weren't able to lose any weight.

00:20:53.820 --> 00:21:00.660 Sandra Kearney: If you didn't do both so i'd actually I was, I went to the gym to gain weight, because I had I was just I wasn't healthy.

00:21:00.930 --> 00:21:05.730 Sandra Kearney: And in a in a really good way, so I went to the gym and gain weight and I loved it, it was really fun.

00:21:06.030 --> 00:21:15.600 Sandra Kearney: So I said to get my personal training, certification, so that would give me flexibility for my kids and you know for my husband and all the responsibility to have there and.

00:21:15.930 --> 00:21:24.600 Sandra Kearney: Again, just helping people get healthy and having good conversations and you know it's like hairdressing you become a counselor right, so you listen to people's.

00:21:25.860 --> 00:21:35.040 Sandra Kearney: You know, listen to people's issues and you hear more than you want to know and that's it's a lot of fun and and from there, I you know you talked about the fitness Center I.

00:21:35.520 --> 00:21:44.760 Sandra Kearney: kind of fell into that and it was one of those things where I been doing a lot of networking and was doing some corporate personal training and.

00:21:45.270 --> 00:21:53.640 Sandra Kearney: I had met someone that they had a fitness Center and they said, will you come up and do some classes and help us build the membership, and if that was fine I was.

00:21:54.270 --> 00:22:04.680 Sandra Kearney: Did that for a little bit and a year later, love the I love the gym I loved it they weren't very busy it was kind of a kind of a dead gym but the Members are really, really nice and.

00:22:05.160 --> 00:22:11.700 Sandra Kearney: went to lunch with the with the executive director and I said oh you little gym is so cute he's like you want to buy it and I was like.

00:22:12.270 --> 00:22:23.880 Sandra Kearney: No, no, maybe you know, so I went home, and I said to my husband at the time i'm like hey I think you're by fitness Center and he's like I think i'm gonna run a marathon i'm like you go ahead and do that and i'm going to do this.

00:22:25.770 --> 00:22:29.580 Sandra Kearney: But hindsight, I was not ready to buy business.

00:22:30.690 --> 00:22:37.140 Sandra Kearney: So I had no idea what I was doing so i've learned a lot I learned a lot there for seven years.

00:22:38.190 --> 00:22:43.950 Graham Dobbin: Okay interesting So do you think i'm by learning a lot and kind of learning, because you have to learn.

00:22:44.010 --> 00:22:45.180 Graham Dobbin: That helps you though.

00:22:46.020 --> 00:22:51.810 Sandra Kearney: Oh yeah yeah it's helped me frame out this particular business, you know what what we're doing here.

00:22:52.590 --> 00:22:59.700 Sandra Kearney: First of all, having a coach and having a lot of different mentors and people that are much more knowledgeable than I am to help.

00:23:00.000 --> 00:23:11.940 Sandra Kearney: hey I need some advice you know I, I have no problems reaching out for help, and in this particular business, I have one mentor who has been instrumental and just kind of guiding me with decisions and.

00:23:12.420 --> 00:23:22.380 Sandra Kearney: He has no vested interest in our business he's a six time CEO and just some of the super helpful to man anytime I run into anything I can just call them and say what do you think about this.

00:23:23.520 --> 00:23:38.160 Sandra Kearney: So I didn't do that I was too proud, I think, when I first bought the gym I didn't really take advantage of the people around me that I think could have helped me, you know grow it faster We grew pretty fast, but I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

00:23:39.270 --> 00:23:44.490 Graham Dobbin: i'm talking about mistakes and talk, because we all have and they just get away with that takes us to.

00:23:44.910 --> 00:23:57.960 Graham Dobbin: i've just realized the same as here because we had, as I mentioned daily read in white on last week who's who's written the across Britain bait right three times he's done two marathons his he's lost a couple hundred pounds.

00:23:58.440 --> 00:24:12.960 Graham Dobbin: And all fairness to the guy but he did start off, he was nearly four it was nearly 400 pounds when you first started off and our discussion was all about the connection between that between mental physical wellness as well as.

00:24:14.190 --> 00:24:24.570 Graham Dobbin: How we can perform in a business and it kind of came down to resilience also what's your thoughts on there My guess is that you've got sort of some great insights here.

00:24:25.020 --> 00:24:34.380 Sandra Kearney: um Well, yes resilience is very, very important and mental health exercise just being able to bounce back from from different things.

00:24:34.620 --> 00:24:37.350 Sandra Kearney: I had a life changing event in August that my.

00:24:37.410 --> 00:24:43.170 Sandra Kearney: My significant other passed away and he couldn't get out of his own way, you know it was really challenging for him.

00:24:43.860 --> 00:24:55.350 Sandra Kearney: He wasn't exercising and depression just kind of just kind of took him over he didn't commit suicide, but he died very early unnecessarily and it was the push to.

00:24:55.710 --> 00:25:07.050 Sandra Kearney: Every time I was like let's do this and let's get this going and get that he couldn't, for whatever reason he just couldn't and when that happened, you know I had a decision that I had to make you know whether it was how.

00:25:08.430 --> 00:25:13.020 Sandra Kearney: All the different challenges that i've been through in my life, this was probably the biggest The biggest challenge for me.

00:25:13.380 --> 00:25:20.490 Sandra Kearney: And it's it's about making a decision, you know I mean you make a decision whether you're going to let something take you down.

00:25:21.180 --> 00:25:30.570 Sandra Kearney: You know, or are you gonna make some changes that you might need I mean, I know I need to make a bunch of changes make some changes that you need to make and decide to do that.

00:25:30.840 --> 00:25:39.990 Sandra Kearney: So you know coming out of that in August, it was you know the fall was really tough Christmas was really tough but I decided to take a look at my bucket list.

00:25:40.920 --> 00:25:48.270 Sandra Kearney: And i'm fine, what I want to check off my bucket list so I just got my motorcycle license in April, you know I you know.

00:25:48.930 --> 00:25:56.790 Sandra Kearney: i've done a bunch of things i'm spending a lot more time with my grandkids and with my kids i've come out of the box then met a ton of different people.

00:25:57.330 --> 00:26:03.120 Sandra Kearney: Gone rock climbing and you know arch I tried archery so there's like all these things that you know.

00:26:03.450 --> 00:26:12.720 Sandra Kearney: In it's a decision everybody has to make a decision, and when the gym was when my first three months at the gym and you know when I bought it I.

00:26:12.990 --> 00:26:26.400 Sandra Kearney: I had people look at the the deal, and everyone said Oh, this was a really good deal and you're gonna you're going to make money right away, and you know I have 300 members only at we're paying and I didn't know that until the first month of billing.

00:26:27.480 --> 00:26:27.990 Sandra Kearney: It was.

00:26:28.320 --> 00:26:39.150 Sandra Kearney: I was well devastated I sunk my whole life into this and I, you know put that loans and things like that, and it was hard and the first three months, I was like.

00:26:39.870 --> 00:26:46.260 Sandra Kearney: Oh, my gosh what did I just do, and you know didn't really tell my husband how bad, it was because I didn't want him to know and.

00:26:47.070 --> 00:26:59.820 Sandra Kearney: I was working a million hours a week, you know, I was in there at 5am and and you know work until 9pm and you know it was crazy and I remember sitting at lunch, one day, with one of my with an early mentor.

00:27:00.600 --> 00:27:09.300 Sandra Kearney: And I was crying I was like we're sitting we're sitting at this restaurant i'm bawling my eyes out and i'm like I don't know what I just did like I I don't know.

00:27:09.630 --> 00:27:18.930 Sandra Kearney: And he looked at me and he and he looked me dead on he's like sandy because do what you do best just go to work and do what you do best and he's like can stop crying.

00:27:19.740 --> 00:27:28.830 Sandra Kearney: It was like one of those like moments that you like okay you're right, I am good at this and and so from there, I just.

00:27:29.490 --> 00:27:39.330 Sandra Kearney: shook hands kiss babies and built relationships and got corporate memberships and we just chopped recruits along and had a great at it was an unbelievable facility and loved him.

00:27:41.010 --> 00:27:41.490 Graham Dobbin: um.

00:27:42.630 --> 00:27:56.670 Graham Dobbin: Where do you get that resilience from quickly you get that that not bounce back where do you get that I need I need to find something okay i'm allowing myself to go to that point, no that's the point I need to know come back with the you get up for.

00:27:56.940 --> 00:27:57.570 Sandra Kearney: My mom.

00:27:59.100 --> 00:28:17.100 Sandra Kearney: My mom definitely yeah my father died when I was young, I was very young and she had five kids under the age of 10 and she got a degree at the age of 40 she's a to me and my absolute she's she's like the best the best so she taught me well.

00:28:19.740 --> 00:28:21.420 Graham Dobbin: My guess is that you're teaching your.

00:28:21.510 --> 00:28:22.890 Graham Dobbin: Children well as well.

00:28:24.240 --> 00:28:33.600 Graham Dobbin: So being able to take that I we're going to go to a break in a minute, when we come back we'll come with a little bit more up to date, but one of the things that you said then going to.

00:28:34.800 --> 00:28:41.310 Graham Dobbin: want to lead us into context, when we think about business, as well as get out of your own way, and sometimes.

00:28:41.850 --> 00:28:48.210 Graham Dobbin: We get in our own way some things with our own worst enemies and just make it really, really difficult for ourselves so good oh.

00:28:48.420 --> 00:28:55.470 Graham Dobbin: let's have a look at what kind of experience you've got how people make it that little bit easier for themselves and what human power solutions.

00:28:55.860 --> 00:29:00.330 Graham Dobbin: is doing to change people's thoughts on that you're listening to the main bang leadership.

00:29:00.780 --> 00:29:15.060 Graham Dobbin: i'm delighted we've got Sandra kearney with us today, you will probably hear me sing Sunday every now and again, or she'll go sell that but I always give her Sunday name is Sandra and you're listening to us on talk radio dot nyc will be back in a moment.

00:32:07.980 --> 00:32:19.950 Graham Dobbin: Welcome it's a talk radio dot nyc, this is the main bank leadership we're speaking with Sandra Kenny, my name is Graham dobbin we're here every Thursday Sandra with.

00:32:20.100 --> 00:32:21.120 Graham Dobbin: My leadership.

00:32:21.510 --> 00:32:23.070 Graham Dobbin: don't think so what is the top.

00:32:24.450 --> 00:32:28.500 Graham Dobbin: Leaders potentially not getting out of the way.

00:32:29.910 --> 00:32:32.880 Graham Dobbin: What do you think I know what you mean by that, what do you, what do you mean by that.

00:32:33.720 --> 00:32:46.530 Sandra Kearney: So we can we can lie to ourselves that everything is great, and you can tell yourself any kind of story and sometimes that story stops you from actually getting to that next level.

00:32:46.950 --> 00:32:59.130 Sandra Kearney: And so, if you think you can you can, if you think you can't you can't so it's it's it's that mindset of that that forward thinking you know where.

00:32:59.610 --> 00:33:06.270 Sandra Kearney: You can you may have to let something go that you're holding on to in order to get to the next level, you might have to fail.

00:33:06.570 --> 00:33:15.210 Sandra Kearney: You might have to go into the valley, to be able to get to the top right, and so I think that a lot of times people think oh this didn't work so i'm done.

00:33:15.570 --> 00:33:33.120 Sandra Kearney: Right well, so what it didn't work try something else and that's that's where people get and getting their own way and then sometimes personal things kind of hit yeah and that they that consumes you so how, how do you kind of roll out of that and easier said than done, I hear you but.

00:33:34.320 --> 00:33:42.630 Graham Dobbin: is working with the team at the woman and we were talking about V jacking and how we how we go to market and the kind of marketing messages that go out.

00:33:43.110 --> 00:33:53.250 Graham Dobbin: So we've done this, this whole it's not strategy which is kind of the approach to it and how we're going to go and the gut the question yesterday it's just what if it doesn't work as a teacher it's.

00:33:54.630 --> 00:33:59.760 Graham Dobbin: kind of obvious I know is this there was all you could see the relief in the team.

00:34:00.150 --> 00:34:07.740 Graham Dobbin: Because it was almost this fear that we're making this huge decision that's going to mean that everything's riding on us will know, within a week if it works.

00:34:07.740 --> 00:34:08.460 Graham Dobbin: And if it doesn't.

00:34:08.910 --> 00:34:12.360 Graham Dobbin: I would suggest changing it just let's keep it Nice and simple.

00:34:12.600 --> 00:34:18.390 Sandra Kearney: yeah I had a training today same thing, it was like we were creating email, you know quote unquote email skeletons.

00:34:18.780 --> 00:34:31.680 Sandra Kearney: And they were like well what if what if, and I said it's not so stone we're going to try it, you know if it doesn't work, then you can try it this way, you know, so it is interesting how you know that fear of failure, I think it really holds people back.

00:34:32.250 --> 00:34:44.640 Graham Dobbin: For I think what really surprised me was it was this this moment for so many people do go wow that's a great idea that we you know we can change it, I could you said we lie to ourselves.

00:34:45.990 --> 00:34:55.410 Graham Dobbin: about what we can and can't do and yeah I hear this thing this fake it till you make it on on on which is effectively lying to ourselves.

00:34:56.880 --> 00:34:58.320 Graham Dobbin: push your thoughts on that.

00:34:58.800 --> 00:35:05.850 Graham Dobbin: It was fake it to you, you could you could tell you can say whatever you want on this, I could I could tell it, this is, this is a button so go.

00:35:05.880 --> 00:35:11.670 Sandra Kearney: yeah yeah so I don't you probably read my linkedin post this week, so I like I said I just got my motorcycle license.

00:35:11.730 --> 00:35:12.270 and

00:35:13.470 --> 00:35:21.210 Sandra Kearney: You can't fake it till you make it on a motorcycle or you'll die or be seriously injured right so so that thinking that way of thinking, you have to decide.

00:35:21.780 --> 00:35:35.400 Sandra Kearney: Where it's appropriate to have that that type of thinking, so you know if you're just starting, your business and you believe that you're an expert in this field, I was talking to someone today was 999 weeks into his new business.

00:35:35.730 --> 00:35:46.350 Sandra Kearney: And he's got a wealth of knowledge he's he's going to be amazing so that's that's a case where he's got to go on with confidence, like I got this right that's a fake it till you make it.

00:35:46.560 --> 00:36:00.870 Sandra Kearney: But you know if you're a physics, if you want to be a you know someone in physics, or a NASA astronaut, you can do that, so I think there's there's certain times there's been a lot of times it, you know with the gym I definitely was like.

00:36:01.590 --> 00:36:15.780 Sandra Kearney: Great now again, you know you're you're dying inside, but you have to project that if you're going to try to grow, you know you're a business it and it's not lying it's just you're you're manifesting what you're looking for.

00:36:17.520 --> 00:36:21.930 Graham Dobbin: curious I remember, working with a network group in northern England.

00:36:23.010 --> 00:36:32.370 Graham Dobbin: And not that a few years ago and kind of taking a couple of things that you said, there was the we're constantly coming in and saying, everything was great and can we get more business.

00:36:33.090 --> 00:36:41.640 Graham Dobbin: And when I actually discovered that they've lost one or two contracts and the business is actually in jeopardy, etc, you need to tell the people around you what's really going on.

00:36:42.600 --> 00:36:55.350 Graham Dobbin: And as soon as they did that everybody, you know, everybody pulled in so some things are faking it to the MIC to you make it doesn't work they replace the contracts that they'd lost really, really quickly and that was only because they asked for help.

00:36:55.710 --> 00:37:02.820 Graham Dobbin: authenticity isn't it so we're tying back in here we're getting in their own way we're thinking about authenticity we're saying.

00:37:03.150 --> 00:37:18.510 Graham Dobbin: That you said, one of the things that this big free at the moment is you can ask for help, or talking about leaders not being empathetic what is it this emotional side that seems so difficult because, being able to ask for help shouldn't be unusual shouldn't be.

00:37:19.170 --> 00:37:25.860 Sandra Kearney: shouldn't be I mean society right if you're you know society it's the JET it's worrying about what other people think.

00:37:26.940 --> 00:37:37.140 Sandra Kearney: about you and so many people get in that you're going that mindset, I mean i'm agenda i'm a mother i'm a gen X, you know we're very you know our parents taught us, you know yeah.

00:37:37.680 --> 00:37:42.510 Sandra Kearney: You got to look good you know you gotta you gotta keep keep it all together, you know.

00:37:42.750 --> 00:37:56.490 Sandra Kearney: You know our parents put everything in a box and never talk about anything, and you know that's the leaders right now are roughly in in in our age group my age group, we are age group and we're we've been very much taught that.

00:37:57.000 --> 00:38:02.430 Sandra Kearney: That you that you are not allowed to be vulnerable and you're not allowed to let people know when things are wrong.

00:38:02.670 --> 00:38:18.420 Sandra Kearney: I think we're teaching the younger leaders and the younger leaders are basically saying no that's not that's not right because we've taught our kids a different a different thing, so I think that I i'm really curious to see how how all of it kind of comes together, you know very curious.

00:38:18.900 --> 00:38:27.930 Graham Dobbin: People of our age of learning from younger people, what are the biggest moments for me every single time when i'm in training or any any kind of.

00:38:28.230 --> 00:38:34.140 Graham Dobbin: facilitation of development is when people get that moment that they know they don't have to be who they are, at that moment in time or.

00:38:34.440 --> 00:38:43.740 Graham Dobbin: or they can take down the guard, they can just take it down and look over the top and see what's happening and allow others to see that they're doing that it is it's always a huge moment.

00:38:44.760 --> 00:38:47.550 Sandra Kearney: The human aspect of it all so.

00:38:48.360 --> 00:38:57.390 Graham Dobbin: I suppose authenticity, they were coming back to bucket list certain off something authentic and goals, do you think we should all have bucket lists.

00:38:58.380 --> 00:39:00.270 Graham Dobbin: I should i've got one know should i've got one.

00:39:01.410 --> 00:39:02.160 You don't.

00:39:03.600 --> 00:39:05.790 Sandra Kearney: come into Boston is one of them right that's.

00:39:06.000 --> 00:39:07.500 Sandra Kearney: Absolutely yeah yeah.

00:39:11.910 --> 00:39:18.420 Sandra Kearney: You know I i'm a big believer in in your goals and pushing yourself to.

00:39:19.020 --> 00:39:29.160 Sandra Kearney: Things that you might not have been thinking about before, and you know, I was on I was talking with my girlfriends today and she went to Iceland and she was posting these beautiful pictures i'm like I just added to my bucket list.

00:39:30.150 --> 00:39:39.120 Sandra Kearney: You know, as you as you're checking things up, I think that if you don't have a direction and you don't have passions that you're going for and that you're thinking about doing.

00:39:40.080 --> 00:39:50.760 Sandra Kearney: What what's life about for you, you know that's just my own that's my own philosophy and the motorcycle license has been had been on my list for years and in.

00:39:51.120 --> 00:40:01.140 Sandra Kearney: Prior to my map right format passed away, we were talking about going to get our our motorcycle licenses and you know after after at all and i'm like you know why my what am I waiting for.

00:40:01.440 --> 00:40:05.340 Sandra Kearney: Like what am I waiting for little did I know how hard it was going to be it's hard.

00:40:06.150 --> 00:40:23.430 Sandra Kearney: But it's fun and it's but it's a it's an accomplishment so when when you finish something when you do something off of your bucket list new complete that you check that box it's like ah did that and it's fun and it just gives you such a sense of satisfaction so so great about.

00:40:24.390 --> 00:40:26.700 Graham Dobbin: You frustrated you've not done it before no then.

00:40:28.110 --> 00:40:38.460 Sandra Kearney: yeah I think so yeah I think i've missed it there's a lot of things I want I didn't go to Europe until I was 50 and I, you know there's certain things I wish I had done.

00:40:38.670 --> 00:40:41.400 Sandra Kearney: I mean out to California, when I was 23 and.

00:40:41.460 --> 00:40:48.960 Sandra Kearney: lived out there for five years and that was that was really fun part of my adventure, but then I stopped I stopped being adventurous so.

00:40:50.100 --> 00:40:56.010 Graham Dobbin: talk to me human power solutions, what was the thought process behind, why is it different vaizey approached it.

00:40:57.180 --> 00:41:01.110 Sandra Kearney: Oh gosh that the formation of that was.

00:41:02.370 --> 00:41:10.260 Sandra Kearney: serving our clients I just found that when I when I was working before and what i'd seen in the industry was a lot of just.

00:41:11.370 --> 00:41:14.820 Sandra Kearney: templates and cookie cutter and you know just.

00:41:15.330 --> 00:41:27.840 Sandra Kearney: we're going to pay a trainer you know, whatever to go and just deliver and not a really immersive interactive experience and then the clients didn't really have much of a say and what was being delivered.

00:41:28.740 --> 00:41:40.080 Sandra Kearney: Because it was about the facilitator, so that facilitates the experts, so they know what they're doing and and we just don't roll That way we We understand that we don't we're not in the companies we don't.

00:41:41.010 --> 00:41:52.290 Sandra Kearney: You know, we don't know their culture and we're going to learn as we go, so the philosophy behind it was let's get some generic curriculum generic powerpoints generic everything.

00:41:52.680 --> 00:41:59.040 Sandra Kearney: And you know choose the topics that we think are going to be relevant, but then be flexible if we need to switch it up.

00:41:59.520 --> 00:42:15.780 Sandra Kearney: And that our clients, really, really appreciate that and they and the other thing is, is that we have a lot of different facilitators with a lot of different expertise so we're plugging in people that are in the industries into these clients and not just one train, not one size fits all.

00:42:17.190 --> 00:42:17.520 Graham Dobbin: um.

00:42:18.600 --> 00:42:26.280 Graham Dobbin: You know this being being part of this industry i'm always curious and people talk about serving clients and serving others as a motivation.

00:42:27.090 --> 00:42:33.120 Graham Dobbin: Because you've got to be something that comes back to us, and we know that we probably be we dig a little bit more if we were.

00:42:33.810 --> 00:42:44.040 Graham Dobbin: If we were in a room training and can so what's yours hear you talking about a lot, you mentioned that but maddie you mentioned about Chile, you mentioned that you know about the gym.

00:42:45.780 --> 00:42:47.100 Graham Dobbin: Over sentence well the sentence.

00:42:48.240 --> 00:42:48.630 Graham Dobbin: i'm.

00:42:49.980 --> 00:42:57.090 Sandra Kearney: seeing results, I mean just npr someone calling you and saying this is me like this was amazing, and this we made this change and.

00:42:58.320 --> 00:43:03.450 Sandra Kearney: You feel like you've made an impact on someone on someone's life, it makes you, of course, it feeds you It makes you feel good.

00:43:03.810 --> 00:43:15.390 Sandra Kearney: As as a human, knowing that you helped other humans and it feels terrible when you fail, I mean we've i've had you know we've had trainees have fallen flat on their faces and that stinks but you know.

00:43:15.870 --> 00:43:30.360 Sandra Kearney: it's just the way that you do best to care for people and it's just that's what feeds me it's like when I make a really fantastic dinner, or you know or have some sort of a food spread like people leave now like i'm so full that was so good.

00:43:31.650 --> 00:43:32.850 Sandra Kearney: Not much to ask for.

00:43:33.120 --> 00:43:35.370 Graham Dobbin: So that's that please have think coming back again.

00:43:35.490 --> 00:43:36.660 Sandra Kearney: yeah for sure.

00:43:37.830 --> 00:43:41.820 Graham Dobbin: And we'll talk a little bit more after the break about this is flying in.

00:43:43.770 --> 00:43:49.050 Graham Dobbin: about their approach what you've discovered, maybe what some surprises are as well.

00:43:50.070 --> 00:43:59.040 Graham Dobbin: What are we different companies different working with different people in different organizations and maybe high the last year, even changed what you thought the business was going to be.

00:44:00.030 --> 00:44:08.010 Graham Dobbin: we're listening to your listening to the main bank leadership with with Sandra cairney this is talk radio dot nyc and we'll be back after these.

00:44:14.580 --> 00:44:15.720 Education and.

00:46:29.700 --> 00:46:34.080 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the main behind leadership we're speaking with Sandra kearney and Sandra.

00:46:36.240 --> 00:46:43.290 Graham Dobbin: First happened in the business over over the last year, a couple of things are jumping over from the conversation that we've had we've talked about.

00:46:44.040 --> 00:46:57.450 Graham Dobbin: Leaders struggling to be empathetic or even making mistakes, nobody can have failed to make mistakes in the last year or made decisions that the reverse of change or something like that what what what should experience that on there.

00:46:58.290 --> 00:47:07.710 Sandra Kearney: yeah there's been I think like we were talking about whether people were saying they need to come back in the office or working remotely and things like that policies have just changed and it's.

00:47:07.950 --> 00:47:14.790 Sandra Kearney: really being having that flexibility and being able to think out of the box and and I think the biggest thing is.

00:47:16.050 --> 00:47:25.890 Sandra Kearney: accessing the resources, the people that can help you, you know navigate navigate through this and and grabbing a coach you know in in knowing that.

00:47:26.460 --> 00:47:38.100 Sandra Kearney: Everything that you've everything you knew everything you thought you knew is out the window at this point so all the leadership styles, are you know, need to be updated, I guess, you could say it's a it's an update right.

00:47:39.090 --> 00:47:52.980 Sandra Kearney: The leadership styles and and and how how it's all going to work, so our experience has been you know attending webinars and talking to experts and getting you know getting really good advice and listening to that advice.

00:47:55.110 --> 00:48:09.420 Graham Dobbin: Is there anything he's jumped on what has john so just kind of over the over the last few weeks, then that you think that obviously people coming back to work, and just the approach to that i'm curious what you mean about the leadership styles and changing.

00:48:10.770 --> 00:48:12.030 Graham Dobbin: or even a view on them.

00:48:13.020 --> 00:48:20.940 Sandra Kearney: yeah, so I think the leaders are becoming more human, I mean there's been a big shift it all around with.

00:48:21.900 --> 00:48:32.220 Sandra Kearney: You know the noises in the background zoom and you know before you had to be you couldn't have any noises now you got kids and cats crawling all over the place, and you know just that.

00:48:32.760 --> 00:48:39.690 Sandra Kearney: That has been great because what's happened is you get people have had an inside look.

00:48:40.170 --> 00:48:50.280 Sandra Kearney: Right at their employers and their employees and you get it, you get a little bit more about you get these filter backgrounds and things like that, but you definitely get this feeling of we're all.

00:48:50.880 --> 00:49:00.810 Sandra Kearney: We all live in a House with a bedroom and have a kitchen, you know and we're all kind of the same, even if our lifestyles and our status isn't the same and.

00:49:01.290 --> 00:49:14.490 Sandra Kearney: that's what that's what we're seeing the most of is that the leaders that have embraced this change are going to get better and better and better you know the leaders that are thinking to go back are going to have a hard time.

00:49:15.120 --> 00:49:17.220 Graham Dobbin: It feels like we've become more tolerant.

00:49:17.880 --> 00:49:21.270 Graham Dobbin: or just everything that has gone on and.

00:49:22.500 --> 00:49:33.150 Graham Dobbin: I remember, working with sales teams, almost a year ago no so really don't know we're having these meetings online be really aware that you've been invited somebody whole not into the office.

00:49:33.990 --> 00:49:42.570 Graham Dobbin: So, how would you treat being invited into someone's home, whether they've got a background on it or me, but how do we keep respectful of that.

00:49:44.820 --> 00:49:47.010 Graham Dobbin: Because it's been it's been a tough gig and.

00:49:48.420 --> 00:49:55.410 Graham Dobbin: Where do you see it going what, what do you see going to be the main focus for you over the next 566 to 12 months.

00:49:55.680 --> 00:50:02.730 Sandra Kearney: The next six months is definitely going to be the hybrid you know what how to manage this hybrid model that people are going.

00:50:03.150 --> 00:50:15.030 Sandra Kearney: going for and and how to communicate and have open communication with your teams and if you're going to stay remote how to keep them engaged, so the employee engagement piece is one of our big.

00:50:15.390 --> 00:50:22.740 Sandra Kearney: One of the big initiatives, right now, so, because if you are having a&b days, and some people are coming in you're not going to have your full team together all the time.

00:50:23.550 --> 00:50:32.430 Sandra Kearney: A lot of i've heard a lot of companies are staying remote so now you have a whole team building communication structure that you may have thrown together.

00:50:32.760 --> 00:50:44.760 Sandra Kearney: You know in this emergency, but now we're going to live with it so what's the best kind of technology to use and how to how to have your coffees and your happy hours and things like that, so the employee engagement piece.

00:50:45.840 --> 00:50:54.270 Sandra Kearney: And just really trying to help leaders not lose their good talent, because they're kind of have their stake in the ground so.

00:50:54.510 --> 00:51:03.870 Graham Dobbin: yeah I did you know, we do not see it so far i'm done i'm calling in today from Sydney in Australia so it's Friday, but one of the things that I noticed.

00:51:04.890 --> 00:51:18.270 Graham Dobbin: just looking kind of the job market human what's happening, one of the things that the larger one of the largest job boards here said is they've got the record number of job vacancies over the last two months there's a big company.

00:51:19.260 --> 00:51:25.200 Graham Dobbin: called seek who are a big competitor of indeed but got the majority of the market in Australia.

00:51:26.520 --> 00:51:32.010 Graham Dobbin: And they're saying that they have more vacancies know than they've ever had in the company's history.

00:51:33.240 --> 00:51:34.260 Graham Dobbin: that's I would have put.

00:51:34.530 --> 00:51:43.230 Graham Dobbin: It and it's one of those points where we're seeing that businesses ton don't assume that people want stability so they're not moving on it's actually the opposite yeah.

00:51:43.380 --> 00:51:48.120 Sandra Kearney: yeah people are people are looking they are they they're looking for companies that are.

00:51:48.540 --> 00:51:55.830 Sandra Kearney: going to be like have the empathetic leader that's going to allow for some flexibility it's gonna you know not make them commute and sit in traffic.

00:51:56.190 --> 00:52:08.580 Sandra Kearney: not make them travel again, but you got another subset of people that are wanting to do that, so you know it and that's where the that's where people are going to they're going to migrate and shift and find their their niche.

00:52:09.240 --> 00:52:16.740 Sandra Kearney: Some people are dying to get back on a plane and travel, you know, four days out of the week and I don't know anyone that's really looking to commute but you know.

00:52:18.030 --> 00:52:25.170 Sandra Kearney: But you do have a subset of people, so I think it's understanding it's understanding, who you're dealing with and that that that's where the issue comes in.

00:52:26.430 --> 00:52:33.210 Graham Dobbin: is really interesting because if you'd asked me, six months ago where i'm I want to get straight back into the office i'm good or what everybody around me.

00:52:33.630 --> 00:52:41.010 Graham Dobbin: Now i'm not so sure it's all key here because it's been a different environment but back you know back in the US back in New York i'm not so sure.

00:52:41.310 --> 00:52:49.080 Graham Dobbin: yeah and so that way, and one of the things i'm struggling with this i'm certainly not going to be traveling as much as I used to know that that's you know that's a personal decision.

00:52:49.830 --> 00:53:01.950 Graham Dobbin: Before we got a few minutes left i'm kidding you we've spoken a lot about getting that balance the the mental wellness health, and that gives us approach, how do you so we know that we know that this.

00:53:03.000 --> 00:53:08.700 Graham Dobbin: You go riding your bike and go for breakfast riding your bike what else, what else.

00:53:09.060 --> 00:53:12.060 Graham Dobbin: To do well, how do you get away from this.

00:53:12.660 --> 00:53:22.680 Sandra Kearney: I you know we try to walk every morning or run I ride my bicycle I spend a lot of time with my grandkids so they.

00:53:23.190 --> 00:53:28.470 Sandra Kearney: They live about 20 minutes for me and the beauty of working by yourself, for yourself and by yourself.

00:53:29.160 --> 00:53:38.250 Sandra Kearney: You know you have a little bit of flexibility so yesterday they like, I heard these little I was upstairs and I heard these little voices and I was, like all right i'm shutting down went back to work, later on, but.

00:53:38.790 --> 00:53:46.950 Sandra Kearney: So I I would normally in the old days be like oh kids I can't you know I you guys got to be quiet i'm sorry I can't.

00:53:47.430 --> 00:53:58.890 Sandra Kearney: Now it's like no I appreciate every single moment that I have and taking the time i'm doing some meditation and and spending a lot of time with friends and I think that's really I think it's really important.

00:54:00.030 --> 00:54:07.140 Sandra Kearney: To to take care of yourself and you hear the self care thing all the time, but what it means different different things for different people.

00:54:08.190 --> 00:54:17.580 Graham Dobbin: it's you know what you've done you've just said, we hear the self care thing and it's almost dismissed but almost embarrassed to be talking about to hear these words thrown around.

00:54:18.420 --> 00:54:20.220 Graham Dobbin: we'll get into content, what does it really mean.

00:54:21.330 --> 00:54:22.500 Sandra Kearney: means different things to everybody.

00:54:22.500 --> 00:54:23.370 Graham Dobbin: yeah exactly.

00:54:23.430 --> 00:54:26.100 Sandra Kearney: Right, you know it's it's whatever that is for you.

00:54:26.520 --> 00:54:28.500 Graham Dobbin: So, what are you looking forward to getting back to.

00:54:29.310 --> 00:54:29.880 um.

00:54:31.500 --> 00:54:39.810 Sandra Kearney: I am looking forward to doing some trainings in person, I do like the virtual space, because the virtual space, I find you don't have the sidebar conversations and.

00:54:40.830 --> 00:54:52.740 Sandra Kearney: You know I do like training virtually it's it's been really good and it it people aren't stressed about Community and getting to a location and getting coverage and all that stuff, so I do enjoy that piece of it but.

00:54:53.190 --> 00:55:04.320 Sandra Kearney: Definitely looking forward to getting in front of you know, doing a team building event, you know with somebody or co co leading something together so yeah I think there's a little bit of everything going on.

00:55:04.680 --> 00:55:21.450 Graham Dobbin: We talk about it's funny we talk about tolerance it's incredible this happened yesterday i've got a session virtually with 25 people there's one minute till it starts and there's like three people in the room i'm like i'm quite relaxed if that was happening in person, I would be panicking.

00:55:21.480 --> 00:55:23.760 Graham Dobbin: yeah i'm Sandra.

00:55:25.080 --> 00:55:33.300 Graham Dobbin: Thank you for your time with this has been an extremely quick our i'm just going to kind of recap, and a couple of things go your own way don't be good.

00:55:33.960 --> 00:55:37.800 Graham Dobbin: don't be too good for anyone, in other words, you know roll the sleeves up.

00:55:38.400 --> 00:55:46.680 Graham Dobbin: But I think one of the big themes has been about how we approached about empathetic leadership is going to be the big thing over the next few.

00:55:47.100 --> 00:55:59.910 Graham Dobbin: few months, certainly not probably just be embedded in so thank you for that we've also managed to go for a full hour without talking about sports teams and falling out so i'm extremely impressed that we've managed to do that and.

00:56:01.080 --> 00:56:11.820 Graham Dobbin: So Sandra, thank you for coming on I thanks to Sam leibovich for for making sure that everything was running smoothly in the background, I remember, if you want to catch up on it.

00:56:12.210 --> 00:56:32.640 Graham Dobbin: podcasts on spotify stitcher and, of course, you can catch up the show here on talk radio dot nyc my name is Graham dobbin you've been listening to the main behind leadership and we will be back next Thursday, at the same time, four o'clock Eastern have a great week thanks again.

00:56:32.760 --> 00:56:33.510 Sandra Kearney: bye thanks Graham.

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