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Tuesday, February 22, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/02/22 - Keeping Ahead

Facebook Live Video from 2022/02/22 - Keeping Ahead


2022/02/22 - Keeping Ahead

[NEW EPISODE] Keeping Ahead

We'll be discussing the importance of not only being aware of the markets trends but how we have come to expect change. Additionally, what's likely to impact our businesses in 2022.

As Chief Research Officer for Vistage, Joe Galvin is responsible for providing Vistage members with the most current, compelling and actionable thought-leadership on the strategic issues of small and midsize business. 

This proprietary research is focused on best practices from the exclusive Vistage community of more than 23,000 CEOs, senior executives and business owners across a broad array of industries in 20 countries.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham starts off the show speaking about leadership and introducing his guest, Joe Galvin, the Chief Research Officer for Vistage. He has published more than 500 research briefs and has engaged with many people through conferences. Joe says that in his role, he gets to tap into the strategies and ideas of small and midsize businesses around the world. Vistage has a unique model in that they provide CEO coaching for example. They help owners and leaders especially during this time and many of them get to learn from each other. Joe says that it was a progression to get to where he is now. He started off as an athlete playing college basketball and then transitioned into becoming a salesperson. He then moved from being a salesperson to a business analyst. He discusses more about Vistage and who are the members who they help, including CEOs and leaders from various industries. Joe focuses on the issues based on data and looks at what others CEOs are doing that works, from the financial area to the pandemic, and even dealing with the great resignation. Joe also talks about the rapid changes that have happened with human behavior and changes in the workplace.

Segment 2

Graham and Joe speak more about changes in businesses and accelerated human behavior. Graham speaks about doing work with Google and how in june of 2020, many workers were expecting to come back to the office. But that wasn’t happening just yet, and so everyone ended up accepting this new change of working from home. Joe says that when this all happened when we were all going through fear, we all looked at what we had and were vulnerable of losing. This caused many people to rethink their careers, working hours, pay, and more. While talking about the great resignation, Joe says this is something he thinks won’t play out or go away anytime soon. He says that people don’t quit unless they have somewhere to go. Joe says that the Vistage community tries to stay ahead on these kinds of issues. Joe compares what the workforce and economy was like in 2008 compared to 2020. Talking about leadership, Joe says that he engages with others in Vistage about trust. He also talks about the shifts with people looking at leadership development much deeper and how that affects employees wanting to work with or for leaders.

Segment 3

Joe talks more about what integrity and other traits means for leaders. He talks about the Vistage groups that help define group rules and boundaries. He says that these important terms can get lost, but what’s important is the actions and behaviors that occur. He also mentions again about the change in retention rates and how now that we are two years ahead of what the beginning of the pandemic was like, it seems like employees are “punishing” CEOs by leaving their job and evaluating what is important to them. Graham talks about a company he once worked with and how on Linkedin, he read a post from someone who was leaving the company. He didn’t realize this was what he was reading until the end of the post. What he read was about how great the culture and people were. Joe also talks with Graham about the culture in companies being connected with each other, and how this affects retention . They also discuss the accelerating change in sales and digital marketing.

Segment 4

In this segment, Graham asks Joe about what businesses should be looking out for in the future. Joe mentions how Vistage does something called the CEO Confidence Index; it takes a measure of six different factors. Based on his research, he says that by the time we get to the second half of this year, we’ll go through a period of new benchmarks and a growth spurt in different aspects of businesses. He says leaders who can show a positive employee experience will do good as time goes by. If employees would ever go back to the office, he says it should be a better experience from engagement and flexibility. They switch gears to talk a little about Joe’s professional basketball career. Joe is 7ft tall. He played high school and college basketball. He played three years professionally in Spain. Joe has played in front of thousands of people while traveling as an athlete. He compares athletes to employees during the pandemic and almost losing their identity not knowing when they can do what they enjoy again. With even more changes happening through this year, Graham would love to have Joe Galvin back. Today’s show was brought to you by Dale Carnegie in Australia.


00:00:53.700 --> 00:01:00.690 .: Welcome you're listening to the mind behind leadership and we're live on talk radio dot nyc is 4pm Eastern.

00:01:01.170 --> 00:01:12.750 .: In the US is ATM you some Australia and and Sydney here and leadership we talk every week to leaders, but i'm really, really excited this week because.

00:01:13.410 --> 00:01:26.670 .: leadership's defined in many different ways, one of the biggest focuses recently, you probably have to if you're if you're a regular listener, to the show that we're discussing this every single time is about what's going to happen in the future.

00:01:27.690 --> 00:01:38.190 .: The big predictors and we've got the big predictive with us today, I hope that will be doesn't may be calling in and change your some of the some of the aspects of what's happened in the past.

00:01:38.700 --> 00:01:53.340 .: But, looking forwards, a huge challenge is massive massive change and here's the thing everybody has an opinion, without a doubt, and because someone with opinions today but well thought out and research opinions and.

00:01:53.850 --> 00:02:04.410 .: i'm really delighted that we've got the chief research Officer of this stage is Joe Galvin he is with us today he's responsible for providing vestige Members with the most.

00:02:05.070 --> 00:02:13.800 .: compelling and probably here's, the most important part actionable thought leadership on the strategic issues of small and midsize businesses.

00:02:14.490 --> 00:02:22.500 .: This is proprietary research there's it's focused on the best practices from the exclusive vistage Community will dig into what this digits in a moment.

00:02:22.800 --> 00:02:33.060 .: But getting this we've got more than 20 30,000 CEOs senior execs and business owners across a broad array of industries in 20 countries.

00:02:33.390 --> 00:02:43.350 .: This has really given a great snapshot of lots of different things are happening in different markets different parts of the curve that we've seen over the, especially over the last couple of years.

00:02:43.770 --> 00:02:49.080 .: I just a little bit of background Joe Joe Joe is an established thought leader and business analyst.

00:02:49.590 --> 00:02:59.760 .: from his former roles as chief research officer for CS or insights and Miller heiman VP of sales optimization strategies at serious decisions.

00:03:00.060 --> 00:03:20.280 .: And VP and research director CRM for governor just published more than 500 research briefs and engaged audiences at hundreds of conferences and is about to engage audiences in a radio show as well forums executive presentations all around the world job.

00:03:21.360 --> 00:03:24.480 .: waited a while, for this is an absolute privilege to have you on.

00:03:24.900 --> 00:03:28.950 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well, thank you so much it's just jumpers be on your show and have a chance to talk with you a little bit.

00:03:30.000 --> 00:03:36.510 Joe Galvin: Vistage: I mean there's really unique position in that as chief research officer vestige I get to tap into.

00:03:36.930 --> 00:03:49.260 Joe Galvin: Vistage: The thoughts, the ideas, the strategies of some of the very best small and mid sized business leaders in the country around the world update your data little bit we have over 26,000 Members now in over 23 countries.

00:03:49.830 --> 00:03:55.200 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Here in the States it's over 16,000 it's we really focus on the small and mid sized business leaders.

00:03:55.680 --> 00:04:04.800 Joe Galvin: Vistage: CEO President business owners, but also the leaders that report to them, and we see even more so in today's will be importance of leadership and leadership development.

00:04:05.070 --> 00:04:08.880 Joe Galvin: Vistage: all the way down to that worker level i'm sure we'll get into that with some some bits but.

00:04:09.840 --> 00:04:20.580 Joe Galvin: Vistage: I get the CDC knows our Community responds four times a year, I can close to 1516 1700 CEOs and share the thoughts on all things that are going on the world we try to focus on the decisions.

00:04:21.150 --> 00:04:35.370 Joe Galvin: Vistage: The issues and the topics that CEOs find most relevant as it's connected to business optimization and leadership enhancement, so we try to create an environment where where leaders can make better decisions that they can become better leaders and they get better results and i'm.

00:04:35.550 --> 00:04:45.540 .: Just since we're talking about vestige give a little bit background ago might be why why CEOs or business owners business leaders engage with it with with with yourself yeah.

00:04:45.780 --> 00:04:58.740 Joe Galvin: Vistage: First, it has a very unique model and there's a lot of other Co leadership things out there, but what vestige uniquely provides is CEO coaching and facilitated peer advisory boards I just spoke to a gentleman.

00:04:59.100 --> 00:05:07.950 Joe Galvin: Vistage: In Dallas we had a big event in Dallas last week has been a Member for three years, he joined because he felt as a CEO he was all alone, he had no one could really talk to him.

00:05:08.430 --> 00:05:15.720 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Now he said i've got a group of 15 CEO mentors people who are dealing with the same types of issues that I am.

00:05:15.990 --> 00:05:27.660 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But in different environments non competitive businesses literally just trying to solve these issues of what do we do about the talent wars, how you getting over on inflation, what about the rising cost of of new employees, they scraped resignation.

00:05:28.200 --> 00:05:35.130 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know transition succession planning, all these issues it's small and midsize business owners are dealing with leaders or deal with on a daily basis.

00:05:35.490 --> 00:05:44.730 Joe Galvin: Vistage: We create an opportunity for them to not just learn from some very best we've got over 1000 speakers in our Community are experts on topics, but yeah we think CEOs learn from each other.

00:05:45.150 --> 00:05:53.160 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So I can't imagine there's last two year period i'm trying to figure out how to solve the corona experience on your own because no one's ever been through it.

00:05:53.520 --> 00:06:04.260 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So we've just found it to be real beneficial for our Members be part of our Community and the ability to share and learn from each other and we inside of this is trying to facilitate that everywhere we can and.

00:06:04.770 --> 00:06:05.640 .: Joe just just.

00:06:06.870 --> 00:06:13.140 .: Just for everybody's insight and we broadcast obviously from Australia would in New York urine Where are you calling in from.

00:06:13.380 --> 00:06:15.870 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Connecticut i'm just outside of just outside of New York to that.

00:06:16.320 --> 00:06:19.980 .: Job never should have we still calling nowadays if we still call it calling in.

00:06:20.040 --> 00:06:22.110 Joe Galvin: Vistage: We we connected like this when we first started the.

00:06:22.140 --> 00:06:23.820 Joe Galvin: Vistage: First time long time first time long time.

00:06:25.560 --> 00:06:30.180 .: And i'm vista just known as the executive network is that correct and.

00:06:31.020 --> 00:06:39.990 Joe Galvin: Vistage: It was originally it was called the executive connection TC and it's still called tech in Canada it's called tech in Australia.

00:06:40.710 --> 00:07:00.150 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Around 2001 of the leadership at the time, chose to change the main name from tech to this outage, which was a vista advantage right in Buda that word because tech was very much technology 2001 2002 yeah so parts of us the other parts of US didn't but still many folks were just.

00:07:01.110 --> 00:07:06.570 .: In case anybody is looking to engage here is the executive connection right.

00:07:07.680 --> 00:07:12.390 Joe Galvin: Vistage: yeah it was in eisenstadt the executive connection and the US, it goes to.

00:07:13.140 --> 00:07:22.320 .: Right i'm Joe hope you're sitting comfortably because I don't want to have this one I probably got about seven or eight hours worth of questions.

00:07:23.400 --> 00:07:23.850 .: So just.

00:07:24.120 --> 00:07:24.330 So.

00:07:25.530 --> 00:07:27.630 .: we're going to squeeze those ended an hour um.

00:07:28.830 --> 00:07:39.480 .: How do you get here, how do you become the chief research officer for a business that is looked up to by business owners we're talking smart people here.

00:07:39.780 --> 00:07:47.640 .: But talking to people you've gone out and done under on people aspire to do what they do and now they're looking to you yeah.

00:07:47.880 --> 00:07:57.180 Joe Galvin: Vistage: I don't think you plan on being in this job obviously it's any balls but for me it was a progression, you know I like to think of careers.

00:07:57.540 --> 00:08:03.300 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And I had a career as an athlete I started, I was a basketball player I played college I played professional in Europe in college and then transition.

00:08:03.660 --> 00:08:08.880 Joe Galvin: Vistage: and enjoy and became a professional salesperson and was in sales for many years it was while at gartner.

00:08:09.210 --> 00:08:15.540 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And some folks may be familiar with gartner than the preeminent information technology research advisory firm I was there in the early days burner.

00:08:16.050 --> 00:08:30.150 Joe Galvin: Vistage: I was the gartner sales side and then for a series of circumstances transition and became a gartner analyst because I let it gartner initiative to globalize this first generation sales force automation platform well we're still running on the.

00:08:32.070 --> 00:08:35.940 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Network back in the back in the mid 90s, it was everything everything I couldn't, be it wasn't.

00:08:36.420 --> 00:08:42.150 Joe Galvin: Vistage: That transition to became a business analyst and that progressed here after after five years of gardener I joined the company.

00:08:42.630 --> 00:08:49.740 Joe Galvin: Vistage: was founded by a couple guys that worked for a gardener etc, I now work for Sam reese who see on vestige I work with Sam and Miller heiman.

00:08:50.010 --> 00:08:58.020 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Who strongly believes in the importance of having this research perspective that is not researching why you should buy a specific company specific vistage.

00:08:58.380 --> 00:09:04.860 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But that we focus on what is top of mind to our members and our Members to get our CEOs of small and midsize businesses.

00:09:05.190 --> 00:09:13.110 Joe Galvin: Vistage: One to 100 million is probably our sweet spot manufacturing construction business services, professional services tech healthcare dominant verticals.

00:09:13.410 --> 00:09:21.240 Joe Galvin: Vistage: folks that are out there, driving business, not a third maybe a little bit more are family owned businesses about 22 to 24% now or female owned businesses.

00:09:21.810 --> 00:09:28.050 Joe Galvin: Vistage: there's just an amazing community of humans who are all navigating the same you know the same challenges that we see.

00:09:28.350 --> 00:09:34.860 Joe Galvin: Vistage: of inflation, the supply chain challenges really disturb manufacturing Community construction Community wholesale trade community.

00:09:35.310 --> 00:09:44.460 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So really understanding how these issues all connect and it is constituencies, but again, we focus on high integrity leaders, the type of people that are lifelong learners.

00:09:45.060 --> 00:09:52.230 Joe Galvin: Vistage: who never want to be the smartest person in the room, they always want to learn from others, and it really is a high trust environment.

00:09:52.830 --> 00:10:03.330 Joe Galvin: Vistage: where people can bring in opposite the other problems and challenges of being a CEO, some of which transcend the business and get into some very personal issues that all of us deal with is humans.

00:10:03.750 --> 00:10:11.790 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And it really becomes this very, very trusted by the group so it's just an amazing community on whether we kind of been loving completing six years here shortly.

00:10:12.270 --> 00:10:21.930 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And again my job is to bring this gartner esque approach of business, research and analysis not academic not not that type of stuff i'm not that's not what I do.

00:10:22.320 --> 00:10:25.110 Joe Galvin: Vistage: it's really a business level issue say what is the issue.

00:10:25.920 --> 00:10:31.890 Joe Galvin: Vistage: what's the data that frames because research without data is just another opinion right to your point or but you got opinions.

00:10:32.220 --> 00:10:38.820 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well we've got data we've got the opinions of this amazing CEO community and then what are those implications.

00:10:39.390 --> 00:10:44.430 Joe Galvin: Vistage: For what people need to be thinking about now because it's one thing to be able to say hey we know what the issues are.

00:10:45.150 --> 00:10:50.520 Joe Galvin: Vistage: it's something entirely different to be able to say and here's what the really smart CEOs are doing about it.

00:10:50.970 --> 00:10:58.350 Joe Galvin: Vistage: here's a litany of things of tactics that they are using and here's why and where and how they're using them in the various mark.

00:10:59.280 --> 00:11:07.560 Joe Galvin: Vistage: it's just a fascinating place to be and i'm just, you know as a researcher i'm blessed every day because I get this amazing data from.

00:11:08.370 --> 00:11:16.800 Joe Galvin: Vistage: A very unique and specific Community that I know is pure because there are Members and they self identify in terms of who they are, and their business.

00:11:17.190 --> 00:11:25.470 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And they're willing to answer questions that I asked them and it's a lot is to explore all types of really interesting topics we got into business transformation, we got into culture.

00:11:25.920 --> 00:11:38.730 Joe Galvin: Vistage: we've got into employee development and we just published a report on marketing last last November, our Member said 78% of our Community said that buyer behavior had changed as a result of the pandemic.

00:11:40.110 --> 00:11:47.250 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So you think about all the change that everyone's gone through, we went through a personally or professionally all this change well buyers have changed as well.

00:11:47.820 --> 00:11:53.880 Joe Galvin: Vistage: In our communities picked up on that and what does that mean well, it means if you're aware of what the shift is.

00:11:54.480 --> 00:12:00.570 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And you can identify how those components are connected to where you are in your strategy, you now have a time advantage.

00:12:01.140 --> 00:12:13.680 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Because you're aware of it sooner, you can put in plans to act on it quicker and, should it go left or right you're more nimble to move in either direction as it evolves because we're at a time i'm kind of rambling your cut me off, if you want.

00:12:13.980 --> 00:12:23.490 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But we're in this time, this time of accelerated disruption, I mean if you just go back two years ago it was ironic because last week we had our event in Dallas.

00:12:24.030 --> 00:12:39.690 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And it was Dallas February 11 2020 and you know big Member of the Dallas market when a woman comes up to me, says, Joe to my factories in China are shut down they're not coming back from the holidays and they said it might be March or April into their open again what am I going to do.

00:12:40.950 --> 00:12:46.860 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And that's when coven star that's to me when when i'm also but anyway we're back on that stage live in person.

00:12:48.360 --> 00:12:54.330 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Just last week, talking about the issues, the CEOs are photo but this concept of how quickly changes occur.

00:12:54.960 --> 00:13:03.270 Joe Galvin: Vistage: That you know you look back and you think about what the industrial revolution over 80 years a lot of things change as we went from kind of manual to the automated.

00:13:03.990 --> 00:13:12.810 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And then technology, but really the Internet you think about the 20 years following the bubble, the Internet well we've transitioned from an analog to digital world.

00:13:13.770 --> 00:13:21.660 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Now we're in this this covert pandemic and what it will bring us is accelerated human behavior change.

00:13:22.530 --> 00:13:30.030 Joe Galvin: Vistage: All the trends were already in place before i've worked from home for I could never work in an Office, if you had been working from home.

00:13:30.300 --> 00:13:35.670 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Since 2010 2011 I could never go back to the office right because my secret little sauce.

00:13:36.030 --> 00:13:45.030 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well, there were there were areas texts disability, who are having people work from home or work, you know hybrid hours now everybody's tasted that and that's that's shifted the workplace completely.

00:13:45.570 --> 00:13:53.700 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Right, the use of technology, like we're on today right that was all favorable but nobody ever uses it's great the woman, I worked very closely with the MP trip.

00:13:54.180 --> 00:14:03.720 Joe Galvin: Vistage: She and I have worked remotely for 10 years and it wasn't until we got until we got slack internally and we started doing zoom calls and video calls we started doing video calls.

00:14:04.320 --> 00:14:10.830 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So you've seen this rapid acceleration of human behavior change across all these friends and that's what cobras legacy is going to be.

00:14:11.280 --> 00:14:21.570 .: It feels like we've become a little bit more tolerant of what's going on i'm really i'm i'm interested in digging in Canada, but the buyer behavior and accelerated human.

00:14:21.930 --> 00:14:33.420 .: behavioral change as well we're just about to go to break when we come back we'll look at these but also, and you click through something a little bit in there as well, Joe, we will need to talk about this at some point.

00:14:33.750 --> 00:14:49.530 .: is how did you become go from a professional basketball player this that was thrown you're listening to the main behind really sure we're live on talk radio dot nyc were brought to you by Dale Carnegie in Australia and we'll be right back after these.

00:17:08.970 --> 00:17:25.170 .: Welcome back you're listening to the mind behind leadership brought to you by Dale Carnegie here in Australia and we're really, really lucky today that we're speaking with the chief research Officer of this stage, Joe Galvin job and you mentioned it, what coincidence, you mentioned dialogue.

00:17:26.490 --> 00:17:34.770 .: yeah so we were talking in the office something happened and we mentioned dial up and I actually went online and find that you know that AOL noise.

00:17:35.010 --> 00:17:36.420 .: Noise, can you connected.

00:17:37.320 --> 00:17:41.190 .: And press the button and just let it go and the age, the whole office.

00:17:42.300 --> 00:17:54.600 .: After the office you don't win what's happening, and the other half when i've no idea what that is so it's amazing what kind of happened, and when you've got incremental change and what we expect.

00:17:55.080 --> 00:18:09.360 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well, we try we try to deploy a client server based sales force automation with remote database sync to someone named dawn in des moines at 28 dotty and you can imagine how well that when.

00:18:11.160 --> 00:18:17.520 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know, they say you're going to see an expert is someone who's made every mistake possible in a very narrow niche I qualified.

00:18:17.910 --> 00:18:19.530 Joe Galvin: Vistage: For that, when they came to CRM.

00:18:19.680 --> 00:18:22.290 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Based on their project back in the day yeah let's.

00:18:22.350 --> 00:18:25.710 .: listen to me, I can I can still find new mistakes to make.

00:18:25.770 --> 00:18:26.880 Joe Galvin: Vistage: All the time but.

00:18:27.180 --> 00:18:30.180 .: we're talking about an accelerated human behavior that was one of the.

00:18:30.180 --> 00:18:31.170 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Things that you mentioned.

00:18:31.890 --> 00:18:48.120 .: Before Julia interested in being in New York, when it happened, I not spoke about this, a lot of the time, but I remember run the boat the me June, July tire probably about roundabout June we're all kind of waiting for things to happen June 2020.

00:18:49.140 --> 00:18:53.460 .: I never remember because i've been doing some work with Google and earlier that year.

00:18:53.700 --> 00:19:02.610 .: Right and I remember Google made an announcement that they weren't going back to the office until Sep tember in New York and you could almost hear the gas.

00:19:03.420 --> 00:19:12.600 .: yeah you could almost it was almost audible the gas pedal, but we can wait till Sep tember and then within about 40 hours my phone started ringing again.

00:19:13.740 --> 00:19:20.790 .: yeah it was really interesting that kind of everybody's gone through like the grief completed the kubler Ross curve.

00:19:21.120 --> 00:19:28.560 .: There was the denial and then they got to acceptance quite quickly right, we need to do something we can wait till June till September.

00:19:29.250 --> 00:19:39.120 .: And we've now got a deadline and so find a really interesting human behavior change really quickly with one announcement definitely in New York and New York business community.

00:19:39.930 --> 00:19:53.070 .: And what have you seen that kind of changed and shifted behavior not just kind of that that is the denial stage but right, we need to do something different, is that anything is jumped totaled in the last couple of years.

00:19:53.460 --> 00:19:59.400 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know I think we, when this all happened, they all think back to those personal moments of fear and we all had them.

00:19:59.910 --> 00:20:06.930 Joe Galvin: Vistage: We all were actually teleported to some movie that we had seen about some pathogen of whatever variation or you know, whatever it may be.

00:20:07.380 --> 00:20:16.680 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And I think there was a legitimate sense of primal fear that we all felt at some level, this was all spinning out of control and was going so quickly, nobody knew.

00:20:17.820 --> 00:20:27.360 Joe Galvin: Vistage: I wasn't in New York City, but I had friends like you in New York was an especially scary place to be in April of that year and then it passed and and and while it was bad it wasn't.

00:20:28.140 --> 00:20:40.470 Joe Galvin: Vistage: The elimination of it to you go to coin phrase from a movie, but I think during that that period of intense fear we all looked at what we had, and what we were vulnerable of losing.

00:20:41.040 --> 00:20:50.250 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And, in a situation and I think that cause some people to do some reset we also all got changed at least those knowledge workers who could the not a central place.

00:20:50.640 --> 00:20:58.530 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Those who could were transported to a very entirely completely different work environment and work model, and we all kind of learn through that.

00:20:59.040 --> 00:21:08.820 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So we all went through the shared trauma and the shared work transformation and now as we come and we approach the other side is kind of like you know some of this for some people.

00:21:10.110 --> 00:21:18.900 Joe Galvin: Vistage: It required a real real hard rethinking what they're doing, and this goes all through your hourly employees are able to walk across the street $50 an hour hour more maybe a better working conditions.

00:21:19.320 --> 00:21:24.240 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Or you know used to be the getting Amazon was when Amazon, we would would compete in your market.

00:21:24.840 --> 00:21:30.930 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Now, getting Amazon is when they drop a distributed distribution facility in your town and they suck all the workers out of your business.

00:21:31.230 --> 00:21:41.820 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Right so hourly workers have places to go skilled workers, if you're a truck driver and you better you've got your truck driving license or some of these others carpenter you can you can pick your shot, there was a nurse.

00:21:42.150 --> 00:21:47.250 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Who are your high skilled lawyers who who left the job because he didn't want to get vaccinated.

00:21:48.540 --> 00:21:50.820 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And there was a traveling nurse making more working less.

00:21:51.480 --> 00:21:58.020 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So there's opportunities for priority for skill that obviously for knowledge workers to move up, we heard I just heard stories last week of.

00:21:58.320 --> 00:22:11.280 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know about mediocre people getting massive pay raises to go to another company, so I think people have gone through this, but you also have to look and see that coming out of 2008 2009 great recession, there were 10 applicants for every job.

00:22:12.420 --> 00:22:22.170 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Now there's 10 jobs for every applicant that power shift has been completely over has moved out from the employer to the employee there's two is an entirely new experience.

00:22:22.650 --> 00:22:28.440 Joe Galvin: Vistage: For CEOs to try to figure out well how do I address this shortage because it's hard to find people.

00:22:29.220 --> 00:22:40.740 Joe Galvin: Vistage: When I lose someone it cost me more and it takes longer to get somebody with less experience to all these dynamics going on, or you know getting onto this behavior change the rules kind of rethought, and when you combine.

00:22:41.310 --> 00:22:49.440 Joe Galvin: Vistage: That introspection with the best hiring market for employees as the skilled ones, it suggests you've got to work for us revolution going on.

00:22:49.800 --> 00:22:57.030 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know they call it the great resignation but that's just because we can track clicks right, this is people don't people don't quit this have somewhere to go.

00:22:57.420 --> 00:23:04.590 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Now that may be retirement for this bold since last 45 years older baby boomers and maybe some people leaving the workforce, but by and large.

00:23:04.950 --> 00:23:18.960 Joe Galvin: Vistage: it's not my it's not a resignation to migration, people are going it's a from to situation and what you're asking is our most recent data we saw the percentage of organizations who retention was increasing was growing slightly.

00:23:20.130 --> 00:23:32.250 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And the percentage of organizations whose retention was getting worse growing just a little bit more so there's movement, it shows there's movement in the workforce and I don't think it's a trend that's going to play out anytime soon.

00:23:32.940 --> 00:23:41.250 .: i'm really curious because you'll be really Joe hope you're impressed that did a bit of research before we came on here not not not to unix that but.

00:23:41.430 --> 00:23:41.970 .: I noticed that.

00:23:42.270 --> 00:23:48.390 .: A paper that was published in February, but in February that saying that the main focus and you've published it.

00:23:48.690 --> 00:23:56.670 .: The main focus and decisions that were needed to be made by CEOs and business owners, but around hiring recruitment and talent and technology and everything that.

00:23:57.060 --> 00:24:05.010 .: Everything made sense we're talking about the green resignation and the migration until I realized you actually published this in 2021.

00:24:07.950 --> 00:24:12.210 .: Everybody was talking about the great resignation towards the last quarter of last year.

00:24:12.660 --> 00:24:22.830 .: Right and this became this this this you've been asking your see yours, and they were talking about this last year 12 months ago.

00:24:23.760 --> 00:24:34.260 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well you're interested what we try to stay ahead of what's really going on, and again I think what's unique about about about the visits communities in my role is that.

00:24:35.130 --> 00:24:42.450 Joe Galvin: Vistage: I don't just get the heartbeat but I get the blood pressure from what's going on in our CEOs and even talking about these issues, and this has been coming up so.

00:24:42.900 --> 00:24:49.980 Joe Galvin: Vistage: we've been trying to there's there's a couple things we need to accept, and that is that you know we live in this time of accelerated change.

00:24:50.700 --> 00:24:57.270 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And that we have to be conscious of our subconscious because you don't have a lot of time to consider these massive decisions right.

00:24:57.750 --> 00:25:06.090 Joe Galvin: Vistage: there's not a lot of experts out there you don't have experienced trainer this so you have to be conscious of your personal biases but you also have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

00:25:06.900 --> 00:25:13.140 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You think about this, no one, no one in our generation has ever dealt with inflation like this, so the mill has been 40 years right.

00:25:14.220 --> 00:25:19.320 Joe Galvin: Vistage: A hiring scarcity, like this we haven't dealt with, none of us ever dealt with a pandemic in our lifetimes.

00:25:19.710 --> 00:25:24.630 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And you have these are the forces that are driving and propelling our culture and the business climate follower.

00:25:25.260 --> 00:25:35.820 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So, making decisions is never been harder than that because there's there's simply there's no path we live in this really nice period from the end of the great recession until 2020.

00:25:36.180 --> 00:25:46.710 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Wherever here the markets grew the kind of your one to two to 3% you know, an employer slowly came down to is that it was the quintessential all boats rise with the tide.

00:25:47.460 --> 00:26:00.480 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And then somebody pulled the plug and the water out and we had code, but what was different as if the economy wasn't broken in 2008 the economy was fundamentally broken and it shed jobs and 2020 weeks we shut the economy off.

00:26:01.830 --> 00:26:11.040 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And we turn we let people go with it we turn it back on just as radically it took eight years to recover the number of quits following the great recession.

00:26:11.790 --> 00:26:20.460 Joe Galvin: Vistage: It took one year to recover following conan so we were already in this, we are in the early days of the talent wars.

00:26:21.030 --> 00:26:35.160 Joe Galvin: Vistage: That that lexington and concord and that was probably around 2015 2016 when ready to quit surpassed what it was before, but it's just radically and again it's people looking for a better life, a better balance, a better mix I call it, I call it work life alignment.

00:26:35.970 --> 00:26:43.410 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Meaning that you know I need to align these two things and I don't want to be intersect I don't want them to you know become one, but I need to make sure they're aligned.

00:26:43.800 --> 00:26:54.060 Joe Galvin: Vistage: With what I wanted it and, again, as you go through this what's important to you, evaluation and we all did at some level I think it's gotten some people really think about and in turn it's put tremendous pressure on seo.

00:26:54.900 --> 00:27:00.870 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Because people have choices and they will go and work in environments consistent or more consistent with how they want to live.

00:27:02.790 --> 00:27:03.210 .: um.

00:27:04.350 --> 00:27:10.380 .: You mentioned the groups that you have and the two words you mentioned was was high trust.

00:27:11.940 --> 00:27:18.270 .: And i'm curious where that kind of plays oh when we're thinking about tone retention and with that because.

00:27:18.660 --> 00:27:31.170 .: My guess is if you're building high trust within your peer groups that filters into the business as well, so this isn't just kind of a one off you just talk me through how you how you achieve them, maybe what what you see different to other businesses.

00:27:31.410 --> 00:27:39.060 Joe Galvin: Vistage: yeah it's about trust and integrity and leadership, one of the attributes of a leader is again, those are things that we teach.

00:27:40.080 --> 00:27:52.710 Joe Galvin: Vistage: should say we teach as much as we engage with our Members yeah let's talk about what it means to them and those words but we talked about people that are making decisions, based upon what's in the best interest of their business and the people that work for them.

00:27:53.820 --> 00:28:02.160 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Their families that rely on not just the executives, but everyone who works there, their families and their livelihoods and the communities that they prosper in.

00:28:03.060 --> 00:28:08.640 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know you think about the impact it was a two thirds 70% of all workers work for a small or midsize business.

00:28:09.450 --> 00:28:12.570 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know your big companies They dominate the Wall Street Journal has lines as they should.

00:28:13.170 --> 00:28:20.070 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But if you go town to town across the country around the world it's a small and mid sized businesses that are really the backbone.

00:28:20.490 --> 00:28:29.250 Joe Galvin: Vistage: of our economy and all economy so when you have leaders who are focused on on making decisions from a place of personal integrity.

00:28:29.970 --> 00:28:36.330 Joe Galvin: Vistage: When employees feel they can trust those leaders you now begin to to bleed into those attributes of culture.

00:28:37.080 --> 00:28:43.860 Joe Galvin: Vistage: That have become more important than ever before, because I can go and find a higher paying job I can probably find better working conditions.

00:28:44.370 --> 00:28:55.260 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But what's more important than ever, is what am I a part of right what is my workspace meaning, where I work, how do I work and who do I work for specifically who's my boss.

00:28:56.310 --> 00:29:02.940 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So we're seeing a lot of shift now with people looking at leadership development much deeper into the organization.

00:29:03.660 --> 00:29:08.640 Joe Galvin: Vistage: recognizing that for the worker employee, the most important person in their life is their boss.

00:29:09.390 --> 00:29:18.690 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Right traditional traditional management industrial era management say bosses defines my task here's the activities here's how much you should do here is expected results.

00:29:19.470 --> 00:29:26.850 Joe Galvin: Vistage: that's the classic industrial era boss, but now it's evolved that these line these line leaders, they have to be leaders as well.

00:29:27.510 --> 00:29:39.000 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And they have to be able to be coaches right a leader is going to set the tone tell you where to go the leader is going to connect that culture that the CEO is trying to amplify from on high.

00:29:39.540 --> 00:29:53.940 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But bring it into that workbook that's that that's what that manager has to be that leader has to do manage yes hold people to test the coaches help people improve performance and how you when's that now you put in those remote environment.

00:29:54.960 --> 00:29:58.320 Joe Galvin: Vistage: it's a very different world for for team leaders were.

00:29:58.350 --> 00:30:01.350 .: justified to go to break let's dig into that a little bit more, because when.

00:30:01.770 --> 00:30:07.380 .: I think an important thing that you after the break when when one of the things that you said there is what it means to them.

00:30:07.650 --> 00:30:15.720 .: The kind of the honesty and integrity, how it shows up in there, because there is not a single formula for this and you're listening to the mind behind leadership.

00:30:15.990 --> 00:30:25.170 .: And I am so pleased we are so lucky to have Joe Galvin on from this stage today this show is brought to you by Dale Carnegie in Australia, I will be back after these messages.

00:32:33.810 --> 00:32:42.570 .: Welcome back you're listening to the mind behind leadership and but Joe Galvin with us from this stage or, if you are listening in the studio is noticing executive connection here.

00:32:42.870 --> 00:32:50.430 .: And, just in case you want any more information which My guess is you probably will do after this after this discussion.

00:32:51.900 --> 00:33:02.670 .: And I said I picked up just the You said something we don't hear many people saying if we start to talk about behaviors and traits of leaders like honesty integrity, etc, and that's that's almost a given.

00:33:03.450 --> 00:33:12.150 .: and have really hear people beginning to define it or beginning to think about what it means to them, but that was something you, you cannot view you jumped on now.

00:33:12.540 --> 00:33:20.220 .: You say that it is what it means to you see yours your Members individually just just talk us through a little bit more about Nigel.

00:33:21.960 --> 00:33:24.450 .: Well, I can't quite hear you at the moment.

00:33:25.290 --> 00:33:31.770 Joe Galvin: Vistage: it's me my bad now I say two aspects there's two aspects, one is the actual experience that occurs inside of each group.

00:33:32.580 --> 00:33:38.460 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Each group goes through a series of activities and events that define group rules and boundaries.

00:33:38.820 --> 00:33:44.400 Joe Galvin: Vistage: yeah and one of the keys is the ability to have trust inside that group so you can say what you need to say to get to those issues.

00:33:44.850 --> 00:33:56.640 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But if you take that concept and apply it as a leader in the out in the workplace, leading a company leading a business those aspects those words like like integrity like trust.

00:33:57.540 --> 00:34:05.310 Joe Galvin: Vistage: They tend to get allocated the way words and culture do and that they've got broad definitions, they get painted on walls rather.

00:34:05.880 --> 00:34:15.900 Joe Galvin: Vistage: What is most powerful is is the behaviors that leaders exhibit that, and this was this This was especially true during the darkest days of the pandemic.

00:34:16.470 --> 00:34:24.240 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Is that humans look to their leaders and how they behave and how they act and are they saying what they're saying and doing two different things.

00:34:24.630 --> 00:34:45.180 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know, adherence to very different protocols, or whatever people don't need clarity as much as they need someone to provide direction that they are going towards something, and if it, especially in times of trying times of challenge in times of fear, we spoke about earlier.

00:34:46.440 --> 00:35:03.030 Joe Galvin: Vistage: People are watching with one Isaac got both eyes on what you say and what you do and that's when you can't fake integrity that's when you can't fake honesty you can't fake empathy that's when you have to get out and be real and it's even tougher.

00:35:04.140 --> 00:35:10.320 Joe Galvin: Vistage: it's tougher for everyone in this environment because you're doing it in this little you know six by nine square or rectangle.

00:35:10.680 --> 00:35:16.200 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Right, as opposed to you know, some people are charismatic able to just walk around the office in touch people and talk to people.

00:35:16.530 --> 00:35:25.920 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Other people in their own different ways they do differently, but now everyone is forced into this box, at a time again, you go back 18 months ago, when there was a fair amount of travel going on.

00:35:26.730 --> 00:35:36.030 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And what happens is that we said this at the time was that employees real reward or punish their workers, their workplace.

00:35:36.750 --> 00:35:44.970 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Once this passes right, no one leaves a hurricane oh there's a story about a little bit hurricane, but once the storm has passed everybody's back at the dock.

00:35:45.450 --> 00:35:54.480 Joe Galvin: Vistage: People will change and we said that employees would reward or punish their their their CEOs and we're seeing that in our data we're seeing this movement on retention data.

00:35:54.810 --> 00:36:03.900 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Where we're seeing some organizations are increasing their retention rates while others are seeing their loss of people there and retention rates are getting worse.

00:36:04.380 --> 00:36:11.700 Joe Galvin: Vistage: As people leave and in this in this world it's a zero sum game right I lose someone because you hired somebody.

00:36:12.180 --> 00:36:16.830 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And that's what's going on in the spiral, which is why we come back to you talk about leaders.

00:36:17.520 --> 00:36:27.510 Joe Galvin: Vistage: There was an MIT sloan study That said, you know balanced out against compensation right money's money but it's a toxic culture that drives people away.

00:36:28.350 --> 00:36:37.950 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And who determines your culture most dominant well for the worker i'm an hourly worker i'm a skilled worker have a knowledge worker it's my manager is the boss, that I work for.

00:36:38.520 --> 00:36:45.150 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So there's this growing awareness of what is the connection or disconnection between a corporate CEO level.

00:36:46.110 --> 00:36:53.490 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Culture about the words that we stand for our mission our vision our purpose, you know, the level of trust in the energy behind this.

00:36:53.880 --> 00:37:01.440 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And then, what culture exists in the work group that i'm in because it's not just the integrity of the CEO but if integrity.

00:37:02.160 --> 00:37:08.160 Joe Galvin: Vistage: is one of those values rooted in culture, then you would expect, that would be exhibited at the line manager level.

00:37:09.030 --> 00:37:19.440 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So what do you as a CEO do to ensure that line manager is bringing forward that and that's a recognized attribute versus having the individual five times ago and most places have individual workbooks.

00:37:20.250 --> 00:37:29.790 .: you've just reminded me of a business that was working with the New York, just before the the oldest hip I did a lot of work with a company called popping over there, we had day Jeff about.

00:37:30.480 --> 00:37:49.170 .: seo one is a guest a couple of years to get Jeff back be really interesting to see where they've gone phenomenal business really high energy really smart thinking in the market, when all this heck they sell office furniture guess what offices been using this for the chapter.

00:37:49.200 --> 00:37:50.190 .: It was a huge shift.

00:37:50.820 --> 00:37:57.030 .: And, and unfortunately have to downsize and I never forget it, one point Jeff and I don't want conversation about this.

00:37:57.720 --> 00:38:11.310 .: And I was on linkedin and I saw someone that I knew this long post about hoping, but a phenomenal business and the people that may never so grateful and it wasn't till the final line or realize the person have been released from the job.

00:38:12.840 --> 00:38:22.590 .: Everything have a few four paragraphs we're just talking about the culture amazing people in thanking them this was something in the middle of everything that we're going through as an employee.

00:38:23.160 --> 00:38:40.110 .: losing the any any security that the heart still felt that the culture of the thing was you know popping the grown back up again that they'll expanding massively the really committed to strongly, but it was just that moment that an employee, which must have been so tough for them.

00:38:41.250 --> 00:38:49.260 .: You know fail, and this was this was a common theme it wasn't the only one, I saw was that first one now, so that people will post a phenomenal business was.

00:38:50.490 --> 00:38:54.750 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well, hopefully in the in the resurgence of that that person was able to be hired back into that.

00:38:54.750 --> 00:39:03.210 Joe Galvin: Vistage: organization wanting to come back into a bit you know you think culture is is we describe it is it's a graph it's like gravity you can't see it.

00:39:03.630 --> 00:39:10.200 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But you feel it with every step, you talk to you know some of the we've got we've got an excellent collection speakers who spend all their time just on culture.

00:39:10.620 --> 00:39:17.340 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And they'll tell you they walk into a company and they can feel the culture right it's very, it is very tactile in that in that regard.

00:39:17.700 --> 00:39:26.580 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well it's kind of gravity right, it is that of that unseen force it holds really good employees or in this case, you had to let an employee go, but they came right back.

00:39:26.880 --> 00:39:36.450 Joe Galvin: Vistage: He does that gravitational pull it has same gravity that that repels people and, most importantly, is the gravity that will attract people in the market, who might want to work for a business like.

00:39:37.200 --> 00:39:49.620 .: A job i'm really curious about this, though, when you're talking about business we're topic seals were talking about predictions we measure things we instinctively measurement for numbers look for patterns building for all this.

00:39:50.790 --> 00:39:53.550 .: gravity is really difficult to measure.

00:39:54.450 --> 00:39:54.900 Joe Galvin: Vistage: How long is.

00:39:55.260 --> 00:39:56.160 Joe Galvin: Vistage: very, very.

00:39:56.430 --> 00:39:56.910 .: Sorry.

00:39:57.330 --> 00:39:58.680 Joe Galvin: Vistage: I said how long is a piece of string.

00:39:58.860 --> 00:40:09.870 .: yeah, how do we get, how do you allow your network to kind of access that thought process where you can go into someone and the gut feel was good that we should act on.

00:40:10.800 --> 00:40:16.320 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well, I think it would begin with a discussion of of your worker level employees.

00:40:16.920 --> 00:40:24.210 Joe Galvin: Vistage: know, one of our one of our CEOs tells a great story about how he was new to the company was a new CEO first day he came and he got the parking lot at 6am.

00:40:25.050 --> 00:40:30.480 Joe Galvin: Vistage: I just sat there in the dark and he wants to see people's behavior as they came into the building.

00:40:30.870 --> 00:40:35.940 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know who sit in their car until the last minute on their phone or your people coming in earlier people just make it in.

00:40:36.450 --> 00:40:46.470 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And he learned, he said I learned more about the culture of the company and that 60 minutes, then, is and he was able to bring in the entity to make the changes to get people connected to him.

00:40:46.920 --> 00:40:54.840 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And I think you know, again we come back to the lessons of this pandemic it's about connectedness I think we all got connected, maybe it's always not so good, but with our families.

00:40:55.200 --> 00:40:58.170 Joe Galvin: Vistage: yeah and and the people are most important to us.

00:40:59.640 --> 00:41:08.790 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know, and a lot of people get through this job this job of evaluation time hey its challenges leaders and ways no one's been open how to deal with this before and we've.

00:41:09.240 --> 00:41:20.040 .: spoken a lot, which we actually doing the show about engaging teams engaging people genuinely really excited we're talking about behavioral change, and not just statistics exceptional.

00:41:20.670 --> 00:41:28.260 .: One other thing you mentioned the beginning, I think the statistic, you said was 78% of buyers have changed behavior was that Is that correct.

00:41:28.620 --> 00:41:30.390 Joe Galvin: Vistage: We asked, we asked our seo community.

00:41:31.020 --> 00:41:34.020 .: You have a buyer behavior change yeah.

00:41:34.230 --> 00:41:35.190 Joe Galvin: Vistage: What was that easy.

00:41:35.280 --> 00:41:36.780 .: What are you, seeing that changed.

00:41:36.960 --> 00:41:41.730 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well there's the There again, this is the acceleration of trends that we're already in place.

00:41:41.940 --> 00:41:52.470 Joe Galvin: Vistage: The movement towards digital buyers today are more autonomous they're more eager to do their own work, they are less willing to see a salesperson.

00:41:52.950 --> 00:41:59.520 Joe Galvin: Vistage: partially because they weren't in the office and now they're not of the opposite as much but, partly because they don't want to go down that path now.

00:42:00.150 --> 00:42:08.160 Joe Galvin: Vistage: there's a continual products to solutions right a product can be bought a solution must be sold, so this is not all things if you're buying a box.

00:42:08.550 --> 00:42:15.540 Joe Galvin: Vistage: of safety gloves right there's differences in providing for a consortium of 50 hospitals in the major metro area.

00:42:15.840 --> 00:42:24.120 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But beyond that continuum you're seeing this continuous chef towards autonomy So you see a real shift in an SMB spending on digital marketing.

00:42:24.900 --> 00:42:32.340 Joe Galvin: Vistage: The importance of seo the importance of positioning the alignment with you know the sales and marketing alignment conversations been going on for a long time.

00:42:32.730 --> 00:42:39.810 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But it's now become even more important because this shift in how much marketing interacts with the digital customer.

00:42:40.500 --> 00:42:49.890 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Until a sales person comes this isn't the B2B sale until a B2B sales person comes in and connects so at what point at what progression of knowledge.

00:42:50.430 --> 00:42:53.070 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Is the buyer at when they actually talk to a seller.

00:42:53.850 --> 00:42:58.860 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And that's what's changed because it's not like you know the old days I started selling back in New York City in the 80s.

00:42:59.190 --> 00:43:06.750 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know you knock on the door and you start selling there was no Internet there was no technology now the buyers have again accelerated through this period of time.

00:43:07.230 --> 00:43:14.370 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know some of our folks rely on the big industry events, the trade shows and boom those event, those are gone now they're coming back.

00:43:14.760 --> 00:43:31.800 Joe Galvin: Vistage: In a different form in a different volume, but if that's how you did your business it's created tremendous change, so the key word is change the the adjective is accelerated and it's driven this level of disruption forces to think on our feet be more nimble than ever before.

00:43:32.610 --> 00:43:45.630 .: If it was like kind of the digital marketing seo exception so it's a credibility piece of front of the people need to be up so that that comfort level needs to be there before they engage in a conversation we're going to we're going to go.

00:43:47.040 --> 00:43:51.930 .: To a final break and when was this keep talking about kind of what.

00:43:52.950 --> 00:43:57.060 .: We should be looking for going forward not gonna hold you to this a bit.

00:43:57.540 --> 00:44:00.360 .: Given what you said last February i'm quite i'm quite comfortable with.

00:44:00.360 --> 00:44:08.220 .: It we're going to be in the right ballpark here and I do want to talk about ballparks I do want to talk about ballgames and what it's talking about basketball before they.

00:44:08.460 --> 00:44:19.140 .: Listen to the mind behind leadership and we're speaking with Joe Galvin from the stage this is brought to you by Dale Carnegie in Australia will be right back after these.

00:45:47.880 --> 00:45:54.990 you're listening to talk radio nyc at www talk radio dot nyc now broadcasting.

00:46:23.190 --> 00:46:37.680 .: Welcome back to the mind behind leadership we're speaking with Joe gambon from this stage and Joe one of the things kind of what are the messages that we will be using here and I talked a lot to leadership teams about was holding him now.

00:46:38.760 --> 00:46:50.760 .: Is kind of having we spoke about gut instinct and just like if if we feel something's right keep going with them until something said it's about getting some consistency and for the team's bit just.

00:46:51.270 --> 00:47:00.540 .: Even when it's not going right holder now what What should we be looking out for the next few months, these I mean what's what's your network telling you.

00:47:01.230 --> 00:47:08.520 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well, I think we do something called the CEO competency index, which takes our measurement of six different factors we've been doing this, since 2003.

00:47:09.090 --> 00:47:18.480 Joe Galvin: Vistage: It generally runs three to six months in advance of GDP so it's really good indicator, because our CEOs comment on their thoughts on the economy, looking backward looking forward.

00:47:18.960 --> 00:47:22.830 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Their thoughts on their profits and revenues and their thoughts on investments in hiring.

00:47:23.370 --> 00:47:29.370 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Now we blend those through to create our index and our index in December was was basically flat from the prior quarter.

00:47:29.910 --> 00:47:38.160 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And I think that's attributed to the I called an economic tug of war going on right now you've got some real positive historically low interest rates, unemployment down.

00:47:38.610 --> 00:47:48.660 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Revenue expectations are up and you got headwinds of inflation in supply chain and coded talent scarcity so you're trying to figure out what's going to go next, and I think.

00:47:49.230 --> 00:47:57.600 Joe Galvin: Vistage: The headlines that I see, and this is just based upon by the other research that I do and the people i'm connected to that will see the bad numbers get a little bit better.

00:47:58.440 --> 00:48:05.970 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And we'll see the good numbers, you know come down a little bit we work with it our economics, they use the phrase a decelerating growth.

00:48:06.870 --> 00:48:15.180 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Meaning we're still growing just not as fast as we were so what I think's going to happen is, by the time we get to second half.

00:48:15.660 --> 00:48:21.420 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Of this year, assuming there's not another arm a crowd out there some other way some other black swan event we couldn't see.

00:48:22.290 --> 00:48:32.610 Joe Galvin: Vistage: That will go through a reset will enter a period of of kind of okay here's the new benchmarks here's the new level for employees for expenses and we'll kind of do a reset.

00:48:33.270 --> 00:48:42.330 Joe Galvin: Vistage: catch our breath and then we'll see another growth spurt up into 2526 maybe, so I think part of it is we create this thing we call it a corona curve.

00:48:42.840 --> 00:48:49.170 Joe Galvin: Vistage: was really just an inverted bell curve that said here's where it triggered here's where it happened, down to the bottom, the path up.

00:48:49.500 --> 00:48:57.330 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And now we've kind of our our index was we kind of we kind of peaked and now we're selling into a new place so we're approaching a new plateau I think.

00:48:57.960 --> 00:49:06.120 Joe Galvin: Vistage: We will have a chance to catch our breath the winners will continue to lead and the losers will try to catch up and and then we'll be poised for growth.

00:49:06.570 --> 00:49:17.640 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And you'll look out to 2324 i'm just I remain incredibly optimistic, I think there are good things other now, having said that, it doesn't mean the turmoil going on in the Ukraine today.

00:49:18.120 --> 00:49:24.480 Joe Galvin: Vistage: couldn't couldn't take a really nasty turn it doesn't mean that other geopolitical global events couldn't occur.

00:49:25.020 --> 00:49:29.220 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But if you were to attempt to you know, take a black swan off the table.

00:49:29.730 --> 00:49:36.570 Joe Galvin: Vistage: That, I think we're in a pretty good position, especially for small and mid sized businesses, provided you can get the people to drive your business.

00:49:37.080 --> 00:49:45.780 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Humans are the fossil fuel of growth and that's why it comes back to the major decisions, the major investments and the top leadership challenge.

00:49:46.080 --> 00:49:58.260 Joe Galvin: Vistage: was all about recruiting hiring people and then supporting that of course is retention so folks that didn't make the investment in culture and aren't making the investment leadership development before.

00:49:59.040 --> 00:50:10.500 Joe Galvin: Vistage: are going to find a challenge to keep up because I think organizations that can present a compelling employee experience will be best able to compete for employees, as we go through this next.

00:50:10.950 --> 00:50:22.290 Joe Galvin: Vistage: got a positive economy right it's you know the employee experience is set by the culture at a corporate team level workspace i'm in and flexibility, you provide me and who I work for.

00:50:22.950 --> 00:50:23.310 and

00:50:24.450 --> 00:50:27.300 .: Flexibility to do a whole show and flexibility.

00:50:27.780 --> 00:50:28.920 .: and your because I could.

00:50:29.130 --> 00:50:43.500 .: I hear how much flexibility employees want and how much flexibility is really practical within different businesses it's really difficult to turn around and and compare businesses and compare and movement to the market.

00:50:44.250 --> 00:50:52.380 Joe Galvin: Vistage: What is really a radical shift if you go to this hybrid model because yeah the days when people are in the office you have to make that worth their while.

00:50:52.800 --> 00:51:02.490 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You have to create office photo so people want to be a part of it right, I mean you know folks giving up the commute I mean that's just an obvious one right but.

00:51:03.000 --> 00:51:07.140 Joe Galvin: Vistage: When in the office is energizing is a positive does it make me better.

00:51:07.890 --> 00:51:21.750 Joe Galvin: Vistage: By developing Am I engaging by collaborating with an office experience I just don't want to sit in a cube I don't need to do that don't make me do that and that's this this accelerated disruption of what the new the new workplace is going to be like in this new reality.

00:51:23.100 --> 00:51:35.940 .: And, which is probably exciting for the two of us because there's such a passion for both of us, and it is the area that we're constantly evolving way we've only got a few minutes left and I need to come back to this professional.

00:51:35.940 --> 00:51:46.200 .: basketball, but now i'm going to make this 10 years linkedin we're talking about teams and offices and obviously you started off being a member of a team, talk, talk to me about being a professional basketball player.

00:51:46.380 --> 00:51:46.770 You know.

00:51:47.790 --> 00:51:49.560 .: You don't want that tolan this little.

00:51:50.610 --> 00:51:59.580 Joe Galvin: Vistage: or no sound at all, either, but that's yeah that's This is my my superpowers been taken away i'm actually seven feet tall least I was back in the day, just kind of kind of brought me down a little.

00:52:00.180 --> 00:52:10.440 Joe Galvin: Vistage: While but I was, I was a high school basketball player and Illinois I played college basketball Illinois state, I was 100 of the player selected the 1980 nba draft a Spanish team.

00:52:11.340 --> 00:52:16.230 Joe Galvin: Vistage: located outside of Barcelona tangled up to, so I mean will replace three years professionally in Spain.

00:52:17.100 --> 00:52:27.180 Joe Galvin: Vistage: was going to go for a fourth year and some things went sideways with the club, but I went from playing in front of nine or 10,000 people in the finale and I copy that right.

00:52:27.780 --> 00:52:37.020 Joe Galvin: Vistage: In May of 1983 against FC Barcelona to knocking on doors and lower Manhattan in November of that year, so in sharp Rico and Panasonic copiers.

00:52:37.380 --> 00:52:46.860 Joe Galvin: Vistage: or a subsidiary of a long island biz office products company and I got into Xerox six months later, but yeah like say I went from the penthouse to the outhouse really quick.

00:52:48.120 --> 00:52:49.710 .: I always I expected.

00:52:51.060 --> 00:52:57.840 .: How did that experience help you when you're beginning on a business career because i'm assuming a big change.

00:52:58.080 --> 00:53:04.800 Joe Galvin: Vistage: It was, it was a massive change, and then you see athletes go through it today because, especially in today's hyper hyper sensitive world.

00:53:05.250 --> 00:53:13.860 Joe Galvin: Vistage: It becomes such a part of your identity that all of a sudden ends right and you'll see it, you know the big college basketball fan here in the states or college tournaments coming up.

00:53:14.340 --> 00:53:19.230 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And you see these seniors playing their last games, because then they're done they're not going to play more.

00:53:20.460 --> 00:53:23.880 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So it's it's just a real powerful motivator.

00:53:25.170 --> 00:53:37.260 Joe Galvin: Vistage: that's part of your identity, all of a sudden it ends and how do you transition, well, I always knew there was going to be another thing for me, I took basketball, as far as I could I learned some amazing lessons that you can only learn in that team environment.

00:53:38.580 --> 00:53:42.540 Joe Galvin: Vistage: about winning about losing about working together working hard common goals, all that stuff.

00:53:43.650 --> 00:53:53.160 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You learn about limits both physical and mental that you can approach it as you get higher and higher up up that chain, it becomes more and more intense and more more challenging.

00:53:54.750 --> 00:54:00.660 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But I think the lessons I learned is a college athlete and the realities talk to me as a professional in Spain.

00:54:01.590 --> 00:54:17.040 Joe Galvin: Vistage: helped me to better prepare to enter the real world and to be able to put forward the consistent and Focused efforts to be able to find my path to get to the best job of the planet, that I have today, which is work with CEOs from vistage to better understand what's working for them.

00:54:17.670 --> 00:54:29.160 .: Is in check, because i'm just thinking, I was actually listening to podcast last week I think it's called sporting chance, has been a charity started in the UK for X professional sports videos about how that transition, maybe into business.

00:54:29.430 --> 00:54:36.060 .: Over getting that kind of mindset, how you go from 50,000 people cheering you on to nothing on a Saturday afternoon.

00:54:36.390 --> 00:54:51.690 .: yeah, and so I support one of the things that can have jumped out to that was the inconsistency is often you you knew in the back your mind that this could be your last game, you can get an injury that anything could stop it as a business, we don't think like that.

00:54:52.140 --> 00:55:06.420 Joe Galvin: Vistage: You know it's it was a concept of that transition from college professional is that you're now playing for food, I mean literally you're playing for food, because you get the rebound he doesn't you get a better contract and he does and that's That was a very.

00:55:07.830 --> 00:55:21.120 Joe Galvin: Vistage: trend challenging transition from the College will we're all on the same team, but it's a you know, to get the world of athletes they learn things about hard work and dedication that they make a difference, I happen to work for a guy, who was a world class distance runner.

00:55:21.600 --> 00:55:23.910 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So we share some of those same you know athletic.

00:55:25.320 --> 00:55:29.910 Joe Galvin: Vistage: And you know that culture that is because lot so many positive to go with it.

00:55:30.540 --> 00:55:40.380 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But yeah it's a defining part of your life, the only see so many kids today come through high school college and other and other sports and and they were what they learn the right lessons of hard work and teamwork, and all those things.

00:55:41.610 --> 00:55:53.760 .: i'm Joe I can't Thank you enough i'm looking or you've probably seen that been scribbling down wants to think 70% of buyers have changed the behavior well create office for more.

00:55:54.240 --> 00:56:09.480 .: i'm not heard of it like that, before and absolutely give people a reason to come back to and culture is like gravity i'm probably going to use those I will give you an attribute attribute to it to you and first time, then, is mine.

00:56:09.840 --> 00:56:11.340 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Well, you know that it's.

00:56:11.820 --> 00:56:14.460 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Open senior just repurpose it and improving a good ideas.

00:56:14.820 --> 00:56:19.350 Joe Galvin: Vistage: But halfway over the half life of fresh ideas is about zero in today's world so.

00:56:19.500 --> 00:56:22.050 Joe Galvin: Vistage: So there are facts that you would consider as a compliment, I thank you for that.

00:56:23.250 --> 00:56:30.390 .: Joe i'm quite genuinely I think that as we move through this year there's going to be so much changing the love for you to come back to the show I think there's.

00:56:30.390 --> 00:56:30.840 Joe Galvin: Vistage: Probably some.

00:56:31.350 --> 00:56:38.490 .: really great insights that we can do and we've been speaking with a Joe Galvin from, who is the chief research Officer of this stage.

00:56:39.480 --> 00:56:47.730 .: in Australia here in Australia it's known as the executive connection, just in case anybody is looking to connect with of Thank you to kale.

00:56:47.940 --> 00:57:01.500 .: who's kept us all right in the background and making sure that take technically we've been great Thank you to Dale Carnegie and Australia, for making the show possible you've been listening to the mind behind leadership we'll see you again next week bye.

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