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Monday, March 28, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/28 - Becoming A Trusted Advisor

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/28 - Becoming A Trusted Advisor


2022/03/28 - Becoming A Trusted Advisor

[NEW EPISODE] Becoming A Trusted Advisor

Understand how to build relationships with diverse cultures. Why the difference is a strength. Diplomacy, and drive.

David McCredie OBE is a trusted advisor and expert on the Australian-British relationship, across the economic and political landscapes. He was a key external advisor in the development of the Australia-UK FTA which was signed in December 2021.

David’s unique access and depth of relationships across a varied range of businesses provide him with unique perspectives across a wide breadth of sectors. His ability to gain, cut through, and share insights into the opportunities for businesses to perform better, to grow, and to reach the right markets, has made him a key asset to the many companies and governments that he has worked with. David’s advice is regularly sought by leading industry and political figures and for the media, including ABC, AuzBiz, Sky News, as well as for radio, in print, and online.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham introduces his guest, David McCredie OBE. David is a trusted advisor and expert on the Australian-British relationship across the economic and political landscapes. David’s advice is regularly sought by leading industry and political figures and for the media, including ABC, AuzBiz, Sky News, as well as for radio, in print, and online. David talks about his background. He was born in Sydney, Australia. David also studied psychology and sports management. He also worked in cricket operations for mens and womens cricket. He talks about how these intertwined in his career and how it helped him build relationships as well. David has also worked for Hunter Business Chamber, the independent representative organization for Australia's largest regional business community. Currently he is the Chief Executive of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce.

Segment 2

Graham asks David what a Chamber of Commerce means. David says that a chamber of commerce is a collection of businesses that have different roles within their community whether its infrastructure and helping businesses to trade.. There are also regional and state levels. Part of his role in the Australian British Chamber of Commerce is helping businesses trade between both countries and supporting the development of the new trade agreement and more. They discuss how a lot of things between countries can be so similar yet with subtle differences that create a different experience. David says that a sense of belonging is important in the chamber of commerce. Everyone is trying to make sure they are profitable and grow their business. When you recognise that you can help other people, it can be beneficial to you as a business and you build relationships in the environment. He also mentions trust and how it's something hard to do but important. David discusses with Graham more about his role and helping small and large businesses.

Segment 3

Graham speaks with David about his thoughts on trust in business and politics. He says that when thinking about any politician he has met, he doesn’t recall ever meeting someone who doesn’t want to bring a positive change in the world. But you don’t always get what you want, especially in politics. David mentions how difficult it can be for politicians and what they do. He also discusses business and talks about relationships with stakeholders and coming to agreements with social issues as well as how this affects trust. He discusses with Graham about working with the chamber of commerce in the past couple of years and how it's important to understand where a business is coming from and how everyone works together even with differences in opinions and views. They also discuss Brexit, competition in the market and the FTA. He says that the more open Australia and the UK can be in trade and investment regimes with others, the better it is for their economy.

Segment 4

Graham asks David about his title as OBE and how it came to be. The British government offered him an award that he accepted. OBE stands for Officer of the Order of the British Empire. David explains the nomination process from the community to put someone forward. He got a call from the British High Commissioner to Australia who asked if he'd accept the award. He also said that it wouldn’t be announced until a later date at the time so he had to keep quiet. The response he got, he says was moving. Graham asks him whether people have treated him differently since then. David says that he has not and doesn’t want to be treated special either way. But people are always curious to know what OBE is about. David also speaks about participating in the Commonwealth Study Conference in the UK in 2015. The program brought together many people from countries all over the world where they learned about each other’s experience in leadership and life. Before closing the show, Graham asks David one more question about what is non compromise for him in terms of how we work with people, relationships, community, etc. He says that honesty and integrity for him are non compromisable. If you're not bringing your true self to work everyday, he says then you won’t be happy and it will feel like you have to compromise every time. Graham thanks David McCredie OBE for joining him for today’s episode.


00:00:52.470 --> 00:01:06.840 Graham Dobbin: Welcome to talk radio dot nyc my name is Graham dobbin, this is the mind behind leadership it's Monday 6pm Eastern in New York on Tuesday 9am in Sydney and a very wet and windy Sydney and.

00:01:08.460 --> 00:01:16.140 Graham Dobbin: we've got a really phenomenal shorter they know we taught regular weekly, in fact, about what approach you should happen in leadership.

00:01:16.710 --> 00:01:22.470 Graham Dobbin: I kitty key area that we've spoken about for almost two years is how to deal with change.

00:01:22.830 --> 00:01:32.520 Graham Dobbin: And i'm not trying to be clever here when I say that the only constant is change that's been proven it's probably more obvious than any other time we've had external influences.

00:01:32.970 --> 00:01:41.310 Graham Dobbin: But they always seem to happen we've got weather health economics conflict it's always been there It just seems it's a little bit more polarized at the moment.

00:01:42.090 --> 00:01:47.970 Graham Dobbin: i'm really privileged to have a guest, who has insights from different perspective commercially and politically.

00:01:48.390 --> 00:01:56.790 Graham Dobbin: and on kind of what the impact and those are and how they work and today's guest is David maturity will be.

00:01:57.240 --> 00:02:03.300 Graham Dobbin: Now, just to give a little bit of background let's give a little bit banker got big smile with that will be we're going to dig into that a little bit later.

00:02:03.870 --> 00:02:11.550 Graham Dobbin: and David is regarded as a trusted advisor an expert on Australian British relationship across both.

00:02:11.910 --> 00:02:24.000 Graham Dobbin: Economic and political landscapes and he was a key external advisor in the development of the Australia UK FT which which saying just a few months ago, in December of last year.

00:02:24.600 --> 00:02:35.550 Graham Dobbin: and David is kind of unique in a way that is got a relationships across a very varied range of businesses that give some really good perspective.

00:02:35.910 --> 00:02:45.630 Graham Dobbin: As that kind of advisor know I David has an unusual ability to be able to see the opportunities and businesses, also in the political side.

00:02:45.930 --> 00:02:54.180 Graham Dobbin: And from two different economies, so this is what makes them a really key asset and his advice as regularly sought by leading industry in political figures.

00:02:54.600 --> 00:03:13.650 Graham Dobbin: And for the media, including ABC aws best sky news as well as talk radio dot nyc, this is the pinnacle I get it, I get it David is excited and is a chairman of ECM attacks and asx listed company direct to have several unlisted businesses has been awarded an MBA.

00:03:15.480 --> 00:03:28.800 Graham Dobbin: From the University of Newcastle your scholarship to attend the Commonwealth studies conference in 2015 and, as I said, he was made an officer of the order of the British Empire 18 months ago.

00:03:29.280 --> 00:03:39.720 Graham Dobbin: In 2024 services to international trade and to the UK Australia relations Oh, I get it, I get chance to be here, David welcome good to see you.

00:03:40.770 --> 00:03:42.480 David McCredie OBE: Thanks, very much for having me grime it's.

00:03:43.680 --> 00:03:48.120 David McCredie OBE: it's always fun listening to somebody read what you apparently achieved in life.

00:03:48.660 --> 00:03:48.930 yeah.

00:03:50.040 --> 00:03:51.060 David McCredie OBE: that's great to join you.

00:03:51.510 --> 00:04:00.690 Graham Dobbin: Will we're gonna take him to kind of force, the background to these because we do we talk about achievements, all the time there's a whole lot of what goes on behind that and go.

00:04:01.080 --> 00:04:08.370 Graham Dobbin: For what's not seen, because we always see the trophies bit just to give us that what what's your story what's your background where the David come from.

00:04:09.660 --> 00:04:12.420 David McCredie OBE: yeah well, I was born in Sydney.

00:04:13.470 --> 00:04:29.790 David McCredie OBE: Both my parents, I think about three or four generations of Australian so people often ask me where from the were in the UK and more from but i'm not i'm definitely very definitely Australian can't even get myself a British passport let's go hot offline.

00:04:30.000 --> 00:04:30.450 wow.

00:04:31.860 --> 00:04:35.160 David McCredie OBE: But you have born in Sydney I spent.

00:04:36.750 --> 00:04:41.130 David McCredie OBE: ages sort of two to five living in falls church in Virginia.

00:04:42.300 --> 00:04:46.230 David McCredie OBE: My dad worked in Defense as a civilian in Defense procurement.

00:04:47.370 --> 00:04:50.430 David McCredie OBE: working at the Australian embassy in Washington DC.

00:04:51.480 --> 00:04:56.670 David McCredie OBE: came back to Australia, when I was five did all my schooling here in Sydney and.

00:04:57.690 --> 00:05:01.800 David McCredie OBE: And then disappeared, to the UK for a gap year went to a beautiful.

00:05:03.090 --> 00:05:14.070 David McCredie OBE: place in in southern job she called repton, which is a public school, as I call them in the UK boarding school cloud boarding school did a year there went to will and ronnie.

00:05:15.030 --> 00:05:29.340 David McCredie OBE: Did psychology in particularly fancy that after a year, so I did sports management and then yeah got got got a job at cricket new South Wales Boston university worked there for seven or eight years.

00:05:30.510 --> 00:05:31.800 David McCredie OBE: spent a fair bit of time.

00:05:33.000 --> 00:05:36.780 David McCredie OBE: Most my time was working in cricket operations, so making matches happen.

00:05:37.350 --> 00:05:38.550 Graham Dobbin: I must have been exciting.

00:05:39.240 --> 00:05:46.920 David McCredie OBE: yeah I was terrific everything from yeah understood and girls carnivals right through to international test match men's and women's cricket so.

00:05:48.180 --> 00:06:06.030 David McCredie OBE: Fantastic period of my life and yeah then my wife took a role in Newcastle in new South Wales, which is where I finished my MBA and I started working for the hunter business child by looking after the beautiful hunter valley very good for wine thoroughbreds and call.

00:06:07.050 --> 00:06:17.460 David McCredie OBE: Amongst other things, plenty of great stuff happens up up that way, and then, after a couple of years up there, I came back to Sydney was looking for a role and was lucky enough to.

00:06:18.180 --> 00:06:26.550 David McCredie OBE: To jag the gig is the executive, the Australian breweries Chamber of Commerce and i've been doing that for 12 years now, so been around a while.

00:06:28.230 --> 00:06:39.270 Graham Dobbin: Having well David so good so good, you mentioned, you mentioned them and cricket new so we'll just talk us through that that must have been for somebody who likes cricket now must have been a dream job.

00:06:40.650 --> 00:06:49.710 David McCredie OBE: yeah well I think um yeah I remember, being a very young boy going to the SE J with them have your it was a great family friend of mine.

00:06:50.460 --> 00:06:59.520 David McCredie OBE: And we used to go to the cricket is the ramen and safe seat early in the morning for those in in Sydney your mouth or heard of the Paddington gift.

00:06:59.850 --> 00:07:09.180 David McCredie OBE: Which is the Members run that used to happen before they started allocating seats to people and used to go and save seats right behind the ball is on and.

00:07:09.870 --> 00:07:19.230 David McCredie OBE: is to look out from the top of their mind I will stand and think Jesus and go I, who has the job to open the gates let the flies under the field that's a pretty cool gig and.

00:07:20.370 --> 00:07:23.640 David McCredie OBE: My ambition slightly went up from just being the guy that i've been the guy.

00:07:24.690 --> 00:07:41.550 David McCredie OBE: So I did something slightly more for achieving high achieving that but yeah I spent a lot of time working with international test cricket as men men and women and and and new South Wales state level a lot and.

00:07:42.990 --> 00:07:47.520 David McCredie OBE: It was just a lot of fun yeah it was it was yeah childhood dream stuff yeah definitely.

00:07:48.510 --> 00:07:58.200 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting is that i've done a little bit on my sports football and back in Scotland and met people who I can look up to.

00:07:58.950 --> 00:08:13.350 Graham Dobbin: And it changed my one perspective of people but but certainly how I communicated with with them as well, because you can, especially when you're walking beside them, you can kind of be an all you need to have that professional how did you deal with that.

00:08:15.030 --> 00:08:17.940 David McCredie OBE: yeah look to be honest, that was really hard when you yeah.

00:08:17.970 --> 00:08:26.880 David McCredie OBE: When I first started working there, I was still a teenager and and was yeah very excited to be there, and you know your idols you know guys.

00:08:27.420 --> 00:08:29.340 David McCredie OBE: Like Michael fighter who yeah when I was.

00:08:29.460 --> 00:08:45.990 David McCredie OBE: When I was 14 I had a poster of female my wall, you know and and there, he was in the dressing room and you know people like Stuart macgill Steve or mark or mark Tyler yeah these guys roll around, and it was just an extraordinary.

00:08:47.070 --> 00:08:55.290 David McCredie OBE: Extraordinary privilege really to be able to be in that space and yeah certainly some that I was in or of.

00:08:56.340 --> 00:09:02.550 David McCredie OBE: But I think you sort of get your mindset into i'm here to do a job and.

00:09:03.600 --> 00:09:11.760 David McCredie OBE: You go about it and alerts a lot then that's actually really relevant to what I do now, in terms of how you deal with people how you.

00:09:12.390 --> 00:09:26.970 David McCredie OBE: understand their expectations and and how they view the world and and then you know make make yourself the most useful that you can be in that in that environment, and you know it's a it's a.

00:09:28.500 --> 00:09:34.140 David McCredie OBE: there's a lot of great memories from working with with people who were absolutely childhood heroes.

00:09:35.190 --> 00:09:41.610 David McCredie OBE: But also there's lots of things that are special memories for me that are sort of fairly mundane for others.

00:09:42.930 --> 00:09:46.590 David McCredie OBE: it's just just lucky that I was there at that time, but.

00:09:46.650 --> 00:09:52.950 Graham Dobbin: Is there anything that sticks, I can have an interaction that you had that was maybe a surprise, or just change the perspective.

00:09:55.110 --> 00:10:03.810 David McCredie OBE: yeah look I think yeah it's probably the probably the the memories that i've had in the last little while, given that shane wants just passed away and.

00:10:03.930 --> 00:10:12.540 David McCredie OBE: and obviously he's memorial services tomorrow night and yeah I was lucky enough to work in a period that he was playing cricket for for Australia for Victoria and.

00:10:14.160 --> 00:10:17.940 David McCredie OBE: yeah, amongst other things, I remember having to.

00:10:19.170 --> 00:10:23.580 David McCredie OBE: get his shirt sign up because he'd he'd given away all the short sleeve shirts.

00:10:24.780 --> 00:10:32.700 David McCredie OBE: in Melbourne after the Melbourne test and come to Sydney with only long sleeve shirts and they wanted to have the team photo in front of the SE J Member Stan which is sort of a.

00:10:33.120 --> 00:10:45.630 David McCredie OBE: Traditional thing that they they do and it's quite an iconic photo and he put the shirt on and then cut the sleeves off, and if you if you've ever seen somebody do that you wind up with rather messy Carter sleeps.

00:10:46.500 --> 00:10:56.550 David McCredie OBE: So I had to get those tidy it up and him up, so I had to go out of the ground Turkey shut out of the ground and he asked me Would you mind just picking up a copy of new idea, while you're away.

00:10:57.300 --> 00:11:09.270 David McCredie OBE: My wife's got a piece in there about their relationship and stuff so I got that Lisa and while you're there the the news agent Would you mind picking me up a pack of smokes so yeah.

00:11:11.520 --> 00:11:17.700 David McCredie OBE: He was just a very normal sort of guy and I think that's The thing that that that are really take away for all these things is.

00:11:18.240 --> 00:11:35.040 David McCredie OBE: yeah often you see people and you think they're a bit aloof for their different or what have you but actually he was just a pretty normal sort of person as most of the cricketers that I ever dealt with were even even those who are yeah immortals and gods of the guy is still here.

00:11:35.760 --> 00:11:36.030 yeah.

00:11:37.140 --> 00:11:47.100 Graham Dobbin: And I know you said that you only that kind of a psychology for the year that that any of that help did any of that give you any any kind of preparation at all for for building relationships.

00:11:48.150 --> 00:12:01.710 David McCredie OBE: yeah look, I think I think you're always learning and and certainly I wouldn't say it was a wasted you I certainly enjoyed myself and and I did pick up quite a lot actually I think one of the interesting things is.

00:12:03.840 --> 00:12:16.740 David McCredie OBE: It partly probably basis back in that psychology framework but it's about understanding what other people's motivations are, and when you understand what their motivations are becomes much easier to understand.

00:12:17.250 --> 00:12:33.720 David McCredie OBE: How to how to deal with people how to find pragmatic ways that engage them in whatever you're trying to achieve whether it's building a team, whether that's you know, try to get a particular goal achieved at work or or elsewhere, so.

00:12:34.920 --> 00:12:38.010 David McCredie OBE: yeah there's a there's a lot that I took away from the year psychology just.

00:12:39.810 --> 00:12:50.370 David McCredie OBE: To be honest, the psychology part for me was looking at the pathway ahead was a long way to become a sports psychologist and I thought, well, maybe sports medicine might be a bit quicker.

00:12:50.730 --> 00:12:51.240 David McCredie OBE: And it was.

00:12:52.020 --> 00:12:53.640 David McCredie OBE: I enjoyed doing that a little bit faster.

00:12:54.180 --> 00:12:59.160 Graham Dobbin: Is that we just say that that was that being pragmatic are impatient, which was.

00:13:00.960 --> 00:13:03.750 David McCredie OBE: Probably pragmatic going by and patience is that a good.

00:13:04.650 --> 00:13:13.830 Graham Dobbin: Nice nice nice balance we're good we're good to go for a break and a couple of minutes we'll come back really curious about that move from.

00:13:14.730 --> 00:13:18.960 Graham Dobbin: A cricket new South Wales where you're surrounded build these people that that you.

00:13:19.680 --> 00:13:27.960 Graham Dobbin: That you maybe admire and getting involved in stuff you really love going into kind of the business community and where we are no so really beginning to dig into.

00:13:28.470 --> 00:13:41.730 Graham Dobbin: What Chamber actually enjoy listening to the main bank leadership and we are lucky enough to have David mccready here or be he from the Australian British Chamber of Commerce i've got that correct I was.

00:13:42.240 --> 00:13:53.160 Graham Dobbin: I was tripping over that earlier and your life I have a live on talk radio dot nyc I the main Bangalore to show brought to you by Dale Carnegie here in Australia we'll be right back after these.

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00:16:12.360 --> 00:16:21.060 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back here on the mind behind leadership we have David mccready obe i'm life here from the show in British chamber of commerce.

00:16:22.230 --> 00:16:24.870 Graham Dobbin: David what's a chamber commerce.

00:16:27.270 --> 00:16:34.230 David McCredie OBE: that's it that's a very good question and that there's not one answer a chamber of commerce is basically a collection of businesses.

00:16:35.520 --> 00:16:40.950 David McCredie OBE: Essentially, and and that they have different roles depending on on what they purport to do.

00:16:42.150 --> 00:16:48.030 David McCredie OBE: So I worked for the hunter business chamber and and within the hunter business Chamber there are many, many local chambers so.

00:16:48.510 --> 00:16:57.420 David McCredie OBE: yeah many people would be familiar with their local Chamber commerce that perhaps in their local community looks after the high street or or.

00:16:58.080 --> 00:17:06.180 David McCredie OBE: arranges a fight or make sure that beans are collected regularly and there's no rubbish around the Community all those sorts of good social.

00:17:07.140 --> 00:17:17.070 David McCredie OBE: aspects to that to the local trading situation obviously a regional level state level at national level things become a bit more political and driven by.

00:17:18.270 --> 00:17:26.250 David McCredie OBE: What are the big levers that we can pull rather than the smaller ones that you might need to pull with a local council, so I think he about everything from.

00:17:27.720 --> 00:17:36.330 David McCredie OBE: Taxation through to regulation different different methodologies of business different different issues that come up whether that's around infrastructure.

00:17:37.500 --> 00:17:45.090 David McCredie OBE: provision of services of different cons and so forth, that is a bilateral Chamber of Commerce, our focus is really.

00:17:46.410 --> 00:18:03.690 David McCredie OBE: very much about helping businesses to trade between Australia and the UK and vice versa, and also to invest in each other's countries and so part of our role is helping facilitate that directly so introducing businesses to other businesses that might need their services.

00:18:04.800 --> 00:18:15.630 David McCredie OBE: But also working with government to make that that journey is as straightforward and easy for businesses as possible connecting people to the right people that will help their business grow and.

00:18:16.440 --> 00:18:22.590 David McCredie OBE: Part of that, obviously, particularly the last couple of years since the guy decided to leave the EU.

00:18:23.100 --> 00:18:30.690 David McCredie OBE: it's been about forging a new partnership between Australia, the UK and and and supporting the development of the free trade agreements.

00:18:31.560 --> 00:18:40.920 David McCredie OBE: there's a whole bunch of other agreements that have happened at the same time as well the fintech bridge, a few years ago, the space bridge the low carbon or the clean technology partnership.

00:18:42.810 --> 00:18:48.000 David McCredie OBE: orcas which obviously includes the US as well the Australia UK us alliance.

00:18:48.780 --> 00:19:01.080 David McCredie OBE: So yeah there's lots of different elements that were working with governor on to understand what they're trying to achieve them and how we bring the business community into those conversations and provide the insights to them that they do to get ahead.

00:19:02.160 --> 00:19:10.980 Graham Dobbin: And it's really interesting actually just will you mentioned that, as someone who's lived in the UK, the US and know, Australia and.

00:19:12.300 --> 00:19:19.410 Graham Dobbin: You would naturally think there's all these similarities with the countries but that are that are just subtle differences that just.

00:19:21.180 --> 00:19:27.330 Graham Dobbin: Maybe make settling or doing business or something just not necessarily straightforward as you would read automatically think.

00:19:29.100 --> 00:19:30.060 David McCredie OBE: yeah look it's true.

00:19:31.740 --> 00:19:40.200 David McCredie OBE: I think the interesting thing is it's probably easier to understand, when you stop and think about just what it's like in your own country so.

00:19:40.590 --> 00:19:58.110 David McCredie OBE: If you think the difference between living in Scotland and living in London or or living living in New York olivia bit of cider yeah or living in the city olivia path or the apac subway yeah there's there's lots of different opportunities and different communities and.

00:19:59.160 --> 00:20:07.860 David McCredie OBE: yeah we have a lot of things that are underpin our relationships, both within their own countries, but across those three geographies yeah.

00:20:08.550 --> 00:20:17.280 David McCredie OBE: Whether that's English share respect for the rule of law yeah the way we go about this is the way the way we can't there are lots of things that are.

00:20:17.550 --> 00:20:19.650 David McCredie OBE: Pretty straightforward that we do the side right.

00:20:21.060 --> 00:20:25.830 David McCredie OBE: So so there's there's a lot of cultural things that are the pillars, because.

00:20:27.090 --> 00:20:30.630 David McCredie OBE: yeah largely were all built on a British style of society.

00:20:31.830 --> 00:20:37.740 David McCredie OBE: The US across all the different legal system, and there are 50 states of all very different it by personal experience.

00:20:38.310 --> 00:20:49.800 David McCredie OBE: And certainly very, very parts of the UK and Australia very different, but that we all are, and the by the common language and a similar experience of life, I guess, a lot of wise.

00:20:50.460 --> 00:20:53.310 Graham Dobbin: It that's actually a really good point I remember.

00:20:53.820 --> 00:21:01.110 Graham Dobbin: that a lot of work in New York, I don't think I left New York for almost a year, the first year there and there wasn't all left New York I realized the bubble that i'd been in.

00:21:01.560 --> 00:21:06.810 Graham Dobbin: Because everything was completely different, and it was culturally, it was definitely approach needed to be different.

00:21:07.230 --> 00:21:15.480 Graham Dobbin: And, as somebody who stands up in front of room speaking regularly there was lots of times I would I would come up with a phrase, and I would get blank Luke said it was just.

00:21:16.380 --> 00:21:30.060 Graham Dobbin: So i'm so still kind of going through that you know little little bit i'm keen to dig into the Community part you mentioned what Community and within a Chamber I know that's important is to talk us through that kind of your thoughts on that.

00:21:31.590 --> 00:21:35.340 David McCredie OBE: yeah look, I think that a sense of belonging, is really important to a.

00:21:35.340 --> 00:21:35.790 Graham Dobbin: chamber of.

00:21:35.820 --> 00:21:42.990 David McCredie OBE: Commerce and and the sense of recognizing that was you might have a different business from the person next door.

00:21:44.160 --> 00:21:54.330 David McCredie OBE: you're in a similar boat because we're all trying to find customers we're all trying to make sure that we're profitable hopefully at the end of the day that we have enough money to pay the bills that were.

00:21:55.140 --> 00:22:01.140 David McCredie OBE: Trying to try to grow, a little little business, whatever it is, or big business, as the case may be, but.

00:22:02.250 --> 00:22:09.120 David McCredie OBE: yeah when you recognize that other people have similar challenges and you recognize that sometimes you can help other people.

00:22:10.350 --> 00:22:13.320 David McCredie OBE: And sometimes that's beneficial obviously to is a business.

00:22:13.890 --> 00:22:14.970 Graham Dobbin: Income clients or.

00:22:14.970 --> 00:22:16.440 David McCredie OBE: die by pick up supplies.

00:22:17.640 --> 00:22:23.430 David McCredie OBE: And you build relationships i'm really conscious, particularly at the Chamber but.

00:22:24.300 --> 00:22:40.080 David McCredie OBE: I think more broadly this the Australian environment, certainly, and I think it's true the UK is people do business with people they like, and so building those relationships and building a Community feel where people feel hey I need some help ground can you.

00:22:40.440 --> 00:22:43.560 David McCredie OBE: help me find somebody who looks like this, or looks like that that's.

00:22:43.560 --> 00:22:55.020 David McCredie OBE: within your your network, how do I find people who are trusted how do I find people who will do what they say they will you do, what do what it says on the tin that.

00:22:55.830 --> 00:23:09.780 David McCredie OBE: Increasingly there's lots of information out there, but being able to trust is is one of the hardest things in business and in life it's probably the most of his try and do automatically probably first up.

00:23:10.350 --> 00:23:10.740 Graham Dobbin: But we've.

00:23:11.220 --> 00:23:16.890 David McCredie OBE: we've all had experiences i'm sure where people have have broken that trust the way or another.

00:23:17.730 --> 00:23:24.930 David McCredie OBE: So, working with trusted partners is is a strong element of any child they're being able to recommend people, knowing that.

00:23:25.440 --> 00:23:36.660 David McCredie OBE: yeah the last person you recommended to them said yeah they did a great job with our fantastic yeah those are the that's sort of Community pulls together support each other and finds ways that.

00:23:37.980 --> 00:23:49.860 David McCredie OBE: That that a mutually beneficial and yeah it started out like a Socialist Republic it's it's it's about finding ways that we can help each other commercially to get ahead and.

00:23:51.210 --> 00:23:55.950 David McCredie OBE: I think that's really important it's a it's an important construct that we need to share more of.

00:23:56.970 --> 00:24:03.270 Graham Dobbin: yeah it's I regularly we talk about how we get introductions to people refer people.

00:24:04.590 --> 00:24:14.250 Graham Dobbin: and build that trust and and I think one of the things is forgotten about is the trust that somebody is putting in your vendor introducing you to someone else how much respect we've got to give that.

00:24:15.030 --> 00:24:24.990 Graham Dobbin: Because if you're recommending someone else you're putting your complete trust that they're going to they're actually going to respect the other person they're not just going to go in and sell to them or they're not just going to go in and.

00:24:25.260 --> 00:24:27.780 Graham Dobbin: And and and have the whole world of self interest.

00:24:29.730 --> 00:24:35.550 David McCredie OBE: yeah I mean obviously there's an element of self interest in actions, of course, but, but I think.

00:24:36.570 --> 00:24:47.550 David McCredie OBE: yeah I think it comes down to authenticity yeah yeah if I always turn up on the side person or this radio show is what i'll bet you in the past.

00:24:49.050 --> 00:24:59.970 David McCredie OBE: The same person when I walk out of here and talk to my staff of the same person when I got home and talk to my wife and kids and my friends at the pub yeah whatever the circumstances.

00:25:01.110 --> 00:25:13.830 David McCredie OBE: I think if you turn up with authenticity and and you're honest then trust is something that's relatively easy to earn and hold the hard part is when.

00:25:15.120 --> 00:25:23.400 David McCredie OBE: When people are less than less than honest with themselves offered as much as they are with you and that's that's where the challenges come, but.

00:25:23.970 --> 00:25:33.150 David McCredie OBE: I think you know part of part of turning up authentically is big apple all sides of sable you know what I can't help you on this one and and people react.

00:25:33.840 --> 00:25:46.860 David McCredie OBE: To that as much, and I think that's where where do you get that sense of community and if you can't help that's Okay, because somebody else will be able to and that's why these sorts of communities are so important.

00:25:48.570 --> 00:25:56.550 Graham Dobbin: um so we've got you've got you've got this unique perspective you're you're working with some really large businesses and know you are.

00:25:57.180 --> 00:26:15.690 Graham Dobbin: And and you're on the board of an asx listed we've got huge global businesses within the Chamber and you've also got kind of what we call one man bands of sole practitioners or or sole proprietors consultants and small businesses, how do you bridge those kind of.

00:26:16.800 --> 00:26:27.030 Graham Dobbin: Because My guess is everybody's coming in wanting the introductions to to to the global companies and the global companies going to you know know why people wouldn't an introduction to them.

00:26:28.650 --> 00:26:35.760 David McCredie OBE: yeah look it's it's always one of those those things so yeah it's about understanding.

00:26:36.270 --> 00:26:51.240 David McCredie OBE: Going back to I guess what I was saying earlier it's about understanding what people's motivations are and yeah there's lots of people here like meeting to use them to the CEO of BHP Billiton yeah I remember a guy actually and when I first started here about.

00:26:53.580 --> 00:27:04.500 David McCredie OBE: was probably about a year after I started and Maurice coppers was the CEO of HP at the time, and he gave a presentation for us on BHP.

00:27:06.810 --> 00:27:15.600 David McCredie OBE: really looking into climate change is something that they wanted to to address them and be part of and we've seen them take some giant strides over a number of years there so.

00:27:16.560 --> 00:27:24.090 David McCredie OBE: that's very pleasing but about a week after that that guy who'd been at the lunch yeah there's 700 or 800 people in the room.

00:27:25.260 --> 00:27:35.430 David McCredie OBE: Small Business person said came up to me and said, like i've got this new lighting technology could you introduce me tomorrow as couples, so I can tell him all about it, and I said.

00:27:36.150 --> 00:27:47.280 David McCredie OBE: Like Maurice corpus doesn't want to know about your mining technology, there are 100 guys and girls who work for him who would look at that all over the world, different scenarios, etc, etc.

00:27:47.850 --> 00:27:57.720 David McCredie OBE: You need to find the right avenue into that particular process rather than just getting to the top so it's sort of about helping people understand what's the right message for them.

00:27:58.290 --> 00:28:07.650 David McCredie OBE: Because literally you could write that letter to various colors and it just shake your head and go give it to somebody else or that may wind up in the right place, whereas what we try and do is.

00:28:08.130 --> 00:28:18.270 David McCredie OBE: Just connect Australian to the right person for you, rather than yeah the person at the top of the tree who's not particularly interested in your your small part of their big business that.

00:28:18.360 --> 00:28:24.930 Graham Dobbin: Yet they may have other priorities I suppose it's about being appropriate and it's just about about learning that so.

00:28:25.500 --> 00:28:33.990 Graham Dobbin: i'm gonna have another break when we come back from break curious about we've looked at kind of big business and smaller business political.

00:28:34.770 --> 00:28:42.420 Graham Dobbin: Leadership alongside business leadership my guesses as it was a big difference in you've got probably a little bit of a unique insight so we're going to have a break.

00:28:43.260 --> 00:28:55.770 Graham Dobbin: This is talk radio dot nyc are you listening to my bank leadership we're really lucky to have David mccready from the Australian British Chamber of Commerce, this is brought to you by Dale Carnegie and a Shell yeah we'll be right back after these.

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00:31:05.010 --> 00:31:13.170 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind buying leadership David you didn't even done so i've gotten you've not been dancing yet to that theme chin we normally get people dancing but it's time when it's a thought what.

00:31:13.440 --> 00:31:18.600 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back we're talking everything around Community around empty ta.

00:31:19.260 --> 00:31:31.860 Graham Dobbin: around the Chamber was just kind of how we've pulled businesses together now one of the things I mentioned just before the break was you've got probably a bit of a unique insight where you see some some serious business leaders here.

00:31:32.700 --> 00:31:38.700 Graham Dobbin: And you also see politicians know we use the let's just be upfront here, David we use the word trust.

00:31:39.270 --> 00:31:47.880 Graham Dobbin: earlier about leadership, and I think it's fair to say, or what would some politicians myself and trust isn't something that's always given to politicians.

00:31:48.420 --> 00:31:58.110 Graham Dobbin: I think in business, sometimes we assume trust, and then they will look at politics it's almost the reverse well foot foot which of us thoughts, what have you seen.

00:32:00.960 --> 00:32:04.350 David McCredie OBE: yeah it's a it's an interesting question wrekin's um.

00:32:05.640 --> 00:32:12.600 David McCredie OBE: I think I think it's always important to understand people's motivations for doing what they do and I think.

00:32:13.500 --> 00:32:28.050 David McCredie OBE: What are the things that are now about politicians, in fact, this is a great quote, that I picked up from my Commonwealth study conference program when we're talking through a group of us were talking through your challenges of leadership and.

00:32:30.030 --> 00:32:38.550 David McCredie OBE: We really felt that most people don't generally turn up to a job day in, day out thinking, I really want to do a dreadful job today.

00:32:40.350 --> 00:32:45.750 David McCredie OBE: I think most people turn up thinking, even if it's a bit of a drudge yeah.

00:32:46.020 --> 00:32:51.450 David McCredie OBE: A bit of a grind at work, and I think we all have those days doesn't matter what you do.

00:32:53.130 --> 00:32:54.420 David McCredie OBE: yeah I think.

00:32:55.920 --> 00:33:02.400 David McCredie OBE: People generally turn up wanting to do a good job, and when you think what I think about all the politicians that i've ever met.

00:33:04.380 --> 00:33:08.820 David McCredie OBE: I can't really think of any who didn't want to make a positive change in.

00:33:08.910 --> 00:33:09.480 Graham Dobbin: The world.

00:33:09.960 --> 00:33:14.520 David McCredie OBE: And look there's lots of reasons why the edges get baked out of them why.

00:33:15.870 --> 00:33:28.860 David McCredie OBE: Why the the shape of what they deliver the end isn't necessarily what they thought that they would bring to the table when I first joined a political party or or you know, have the idea of running.

00:33:30.480 --> 00:33:42.360 David McCredie OBE: it's a hard world politics, it really is it a lot of ways, and I think people have to find the pragmatic and compromise and everything that's I mean.

00:33:42.900 --> 00:33:48.840 David McCredie OBE: They say the politics is the art of compromise right, so you don't always get what you want, and.

00:33:49.590 --> 00:33:57.870 David McCredie OBE: You know, sometimes the perfect can play the enemy of the good you just got to take what you get a move the needle forward and and hopefully yeah.

00:33:58.440 --> 00:34:08.310 David McCredie OBE: Slowly but surely your your move move the ball down the field and and hopefully during the year your 10 year, however long that might be whether it's one turnover average number of terms.

00:34:09.390 --> 00:34:11.430 David McCredie OBE: Whether that's in government or in opposition.

00:34:11.910 --> 00:34:28.380 David McCredie OBE: or of the cross fetches yeah there, there are roles that people can play that can help shape a better world and it's hard and look the trust part is difficult for for politicians, because they are pulled by so many different the.

00:34:29.700 --> 00:34:46.620 David McCredie OBE: Business people is pretty simple i've got a job to do, I know who, by shareholders are by key stakeholders are, I know, roughly the direction of travel and I can expire it almost everything I do by reverting back to those core stakeholders.

00:34:46.860 --> 00:34:47.160 yeah.

00:34:48.900 --> 00:34:52.440 David McCredie OBE: I think if you ask politicians about that generally that's true as well.

00:34:54.000 --> 00:34:57.720 David McCredie OBE: Besides true in every case, because in business it's not always true either there's.

00:34:57.720 --> 00:34:57.990 Graham Dobbin: Always.

00:34:58.200 --> 00:34:59.580 Graham Dobbin: Say that it's completely agree.

00:35:00.210 --> 00:35:01.830 David McCredie OBE: there's always somebody who's going to be at.

00:35:03.690 --> 00:35:21.420 David McCredie OBE: 100% honest or or tribe for what I view or all of those sorts of things, but I think it's it's just a very challenging space where you have stakeholders about a particular issue that don't necessarily break with the stakeholders in your own constituency.

00:35:23.100 --> 00:35:33.240 David McCredie OBE: We say plenty of examples of that over recent years, whether it's paid issues like climate change or gay marriage or or other things where, for whatever reason.

00:35:34.290 --> 00:35:35.820 David McCredie OBE: People have different views and.

00:35:35.850 --> 00:35:36.420 Graham Dobbin: That is.

00:35:36.450 --> 00:35:38.880 David McCredie OBE: One of the great things about a democracy is where I would.

00:35:40.770 --> 00:35:43.140 David McCredie OBE: And I think yeah fundamentally for the.

00:35:44.700 --> 00:35:57.360 David McCredie OBE: sort of somewhat libertarian I sort of feel like you're that you should be allowed to do whatever you like, as long as you don't hurt somebody else or john somebody else's rights whilst whilst you're doing that, so you know.

00:35:58.920 --> 00:36:09.990 David McCredie OBE: That that sort of that sort of motivates me to sort of always look for what is it that somebody else wants out of life and help facilitate that for them that's good.

00:36:10.980 --> 00:36:22.560 Graham Dobbin: it's a large part of our respect and just you know when we really respect the other person, and we see this in leadership all the time we see this, especially in some of the larger companies that we work with that.

00:36:23.370 --> 00:36:33.480 Graham Dobbin: they've got the vision that everybody knows the message we know what the purpose of the businesses, and even then people aren't engaged with it there's still there's still that struggle, so when it comes to politics.

00:36:33.870 --> 00:36:38.310 Graham Dobbin: I mean what I wrote down with no kind of the phrase was like they're always under scrutiny.

00:36:38.880 --> 00:36:45.300 Graham Dobbin: it's constantly and you must have felt some of that, especially over the last couple of years where no matter what decisions we made.

00:36:46.140 --> 00:36:53.880 Graham Dobbin: There was always somebody turn around and say we should have been doing something else, or having a different opinion i'm curious is.

00:36:54.360 --> 00:37:03.150 Graham Dobbin: kind of leading a chamber you got Paul, and you know got the political side as well as the economic side this last couple of years must have been difficult when making decisions and.

00:37:04.620 --> 00:37:14.490 David McCredie OBE: yeah look I think again when you base it back in in the conversations that you have with members and endure understand what what they're feeling and attitude is.

00:37:15.600 --> 00:37:22.380 David McCredie OBE: Then you get yourself into a pretty solid position to represent that coming forward and and I think you know.

00:37:23.850 --> 00:37:27.900 David McCredie OBE: As I said earlier, I don't think there are many people who turn up to work wanting to do a bad job and.

00:37:28.020 --> 00:37:29.400 David McCredie OBE: Absolutely no.

00:37:29.970 --> 00:37:45.690 David McCredie OBE: Respect other people's opinions and even if they're in the minority view on an issue and, and you know we've been in plenty of places over the last couple of years, whereas sort of a black or white option there isn't the shade of Gray, which is.

00:37:46.710 --> 00:38:03.210 David McCredie OBE: way yeah quite often chivers like to operate, where we can sort of help people maneuver through things yeah brexit was in or out the FDA has provisions and doesn't have provisions, there are there are things which are.

00:38:04.650 --> 00:38:22.920 David McCredie OBE: yeah fairly battery and and it's understanding, where the people who are, on the other side of that decision come from and understand their motivation and then supporting them to find what that new reality must be if they're not going to be on the winning side of a decision and.

00:38:24.090 --> 00:38:35.520 David McCredie OBE: there's lots of examples of things that have yeah I think of a good progress steps take it, but have had detrimental impacts on on some of the businesses, we work with it.

00:38:35.640 --> 00:38:37.860 David McCredie OBE: So we've had to find other ways to support them.

00:38:39.060 --> 00:38:48.360 David McCredie OBE: And I think that's that's part of a parcel of a again going back to that Community sense it's making sure that you're not leaving people behind when you do.

00:38:48.420 --> 00:38:50.580 David McCredie OBE: Take it in a particular direction.

00:38:51.150 --> 00:38:57.510 Graham Dobbin: You know I know again it's all about a tent the intent right, then, then the tough decisions.

00:38:58.050 --> 00:39:16.890 Graham Dobbin: still need to be made, but they're making them a little bit easier kind of did may be justified personally i'm i'm cured without getting into the rights and wrongs or the other, the proof of coin brexit did that make the FDA easier or more difficult that's maybe a big question.

00:39:17.820 --> 00:39:22.710 David McCredie OBE: yeah well the FDA couldn't have happened a bilateral FDA couldn't have happened previously.

00:39:23.250 --> 00:39:30.120 David McCredie OBE: Right so part of part of the European Union construct is that they have a shared trading area, the single bucket.

00:39:30.690 --> 00:39:40.290 David McCredie OBE: And the only people who are allowed to negotiate on behalf of the supermarket with any other market is the EU Commission and in Australia have been negotiating.

00:39:40.830 --> 00:39:56.280 David McCredie OBE: Think we're up to around 12 of negotiations with the you it's taking a while there's 27 countries obviously within the EU and there's one on on the Australian side so getting that sort of the here it's across all of them will take a little wall.

00:39:57.780 --> 00:40:09.240 David McCredie OBE: But with the UK once it left the EU was regained its own independent trade policy that enabled us to be able to have an FDA a bilateral FDA directly with the UK.

00:40:10.470 --> 00:40:26.130 David McCredie OBE: Somebody that wasn't possible were they were part of the negotiations, where we started and obviously left those negotiations where they left the EU, and they are, they are with berries to start a free trial agree with that, with the UK independently so yeah it was it was critical.

00:40:26.820 --> 00:40:28.680 David McCredie OBE: brexit is critical for us to have a bilateral.

00:40:29.100 --> 00:40:32.850 Graham Dobbin: So it couldn't it couldn't have happened with brexit that's kind of where I was going with this.

00:40:33.720 --> 00:40:36.030 David McCredie OBE: yeah no, I could not a not a bilateral one.

00:40:36.060 --> 00:40:36.300 Graham Dobbin: know.

00:40:36.330 --> 00:40:38.850 David McCredie OBE: i'll be writing today, you want to come together.

00:40:39.780 --> 00:40:43.650 Graham Dobbin: So i'm going to test you on the different parts that and i'm not going to touch upon.

00:40:44.880 --> 00:40:45.120 David McCredie OBE: and

00:40:46.140 --> 00:40:49.680 Graham Dobbin: What was the purpose of an FDA what does it do.

00:40:50.910 --> 00:40:55.860 David McCredie OBE: The the basic premise of a free trade agreement is to provide free type.

00:40:56.490 --> 00:41:01.320 David McCredie OBE: yeah it's pretty simple it's in the names in there in the title says does what it says on the tin us.

00:41:01.470 --> 00:41:03.540 Graham Dobbin: So what does that mean practically for businesses.

00:41:04.200 --> 00:41:14.790 David McCredie OBE: So between two countries, and we have things, called tears, which are applied yeah to goods that are imported into our into our country so, for example.

00:41:15.330 --> 00:41:28.980 David McCredie OBE: If you are importing motor vehicles into Australia, we have a 5% tariff on passenger vehicles, we also have a 5% tariff on things like Scotch whiskey there's all sorts of machinery books all sorts of things that we have tariffs on.

00:41:30.060 --> 00:41:32.790 David McCredie OBE: And the UK has a set of tariffs as well.

00:41:33.900 --> 00:41:43.410 David McCredie OBE: So yeah things like our agricultural products and other things that we want to export to the UK also have a have a tariff that that terrifies effectively.

00:41:43.800 --> 00:41:58.530 David McCredie OBE: attacks that does nothing other than slightly discourage people from wanting to export where our country because the big snake their products less competitive video back, though, as a free market country as Australia or the UK or the US, for that matter.

00:42:00.090 --> 00:42:13.020 David McCredie OBE: But I would argue, the UK, the UK, Australia, probably bought free back at is that the US obviously that the US have a very strong and tried division that are very good at protecting us interests.

00:42:14.310 --> 00:42:23.100 David McCredie OBE: Australia, the UK, take a slightly different view, which is the ball open, we can be our trade and investment regimes with our friends particular.

00:42:23.760 --> 00:42:30.750 David McCredie OBE: The better the the activities for our economy, because you could get more of whatever it is that you're doing at a better price.

00:42:31.290 --> 00:42:46.020 David McCredie OBE: better quality POPs happening in your academy on a regular basis, so whether that's around goods or services whether that's investment, whether that's capital moving people around the place to be able to deliver services or products.

00:42:47.250 --> 00:42:59.190 David McCredie OBE: The easy you bake that the better it is fewer calories more chairs your kirby as a as a whole has to grow and it makes your your economy more competitive, so if if if Australia and.

00:43:00.180 --> 00:43:13.620 David McCredie OBE: Yet they, for example, can turn up on a supermarket shelf in the UK be price competitive and quality competitive with your beef that's currently important from France or Ireland terrify.

00:43:15.150 --> 00:43:26.190 David McCredie OBE: Well terrific but i'd suggest you it's going to be pretty hard to do that for the other side of the world we've got a huge amount of shipping costs and other things that would have to go into it, but yeah.

00:43:27.330 --> 00:43:38.100 David McCredie OBE: If you bake them back at more competitive in bikes your businesses more resilient and exporting bikes companies more resilient because you're operating a number of different economic markets with different.

00:43:38.520 --> 00:43:44.550 David McCredie OBE: traditions, you might have a damn Teddy one or the other ones might be doing well and say you're out of balance, the business.

00:43:45.060 --> 00:43:59.610 David McCredie OBE: more effectively the simple diversification strategy, if you like, we need your own business that allows you to be in a better place to take on the world so that's what free trade it's really about is building better businesses a better economy it's.

00:44:00.510 --> 00:44:18.390 Graham Dobbin: it's it sounds as if they should be something that's fairly easy My guess is is not my guess is everyone negotiation, but when when that's the purpose of it is to create kind of that that not economic movement My guess is, it should be much easier than it is.

00:44:19.230 --> 00:44:32.340 David McCredie OBE: yeah look, I think it should be, and the reality is that yeah there are lots of things that historically were there, for various reasons, like the 5% tariff for passenger vehicles, was to protect their car industry.

00:44:32.880 --> 00:44:43.080 David McCredie OBE: We don't have a car industry in Australia or evil so there's no real point, having that terrorists, we should get rid of, we should get rid of it across the board, but if negotiations.

00:44:43.080 --> 00:44:43.650 Graham Dobbin: yeah I think.

00:44:43.830 --> 00:44:51.930 David McCredie OBE: The trade, so we don't just give it away to everyone on day one, we find other things the way what what we find a way to negotiate those out.

00:44:52.530 --> 00:44:57.420 Graham Dobbin: If you've managed to negotiate a 5% tariff and Scotch whisky your mom and David.

00:44:57.870 --> 00:45:07.500 Graham Dobbin: i'm going to go for a break, when we come back at really curious um let's kind of dig in dig into some of the other things that you've been involved with especially around the Ob.

00:45:07.740 --> 00:45:15.210 Graham Dobbin: Of curious about how that happens, and also this Commonwealth study group that you were part of you mentioned kind of briefly earlier and we'll.

00:45:15.690 --> 00:45:25.590 Graham Dobbin: we'll have a little look at that you're listening to the top radio dot nyc and we have David mccready obe my name is Graham dobbin, this is the main behind leadership will be back after these.

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00:47:30.300 --> 00:47:42.450 Graham Dobbin: hi David I tried to a dance it didn't happen welcome back everybody see the mind behind leadership we have David mccready all be he how did that happen.

00:47:45.630 --> 00:47:51.990 David McCredie OBE: Well, the British Government decided to offer me an award and I decided to to accept it's.

00:47:54.090 --> 00:47:55.590 David McCredie OBE: I don't know the.

00:47:57.030 --> 00:48:00.990 David McCredie OBE: Who dominated me that's not part of the process, you don't get to find that out, but.

00:48:02.550 --> 00:48:06.390 David McCredie OBE: i've been involved in nominating other people for similar awards and.

00:48:07.200 --> 00:48:07.890 Graham Dobbin: Is that correct.

00:48:07.950 --> 00:48:09.840 Graham Dobbin: David you know many dollars.

00:48:10.650 --> 00:48:12.690 David McCredie OBE: I have, yes, not you yet grown but.

00:48:12.750 --> 00:48:15.750 Graham Dobbin: OK OK i've always liked your neighbors with just just.

00:48:15.750 --> 00:48:16.590 Graham Dobbin: We just so you know.

00:48:17.520 --> 00:48:18.780 David McCredie OBE: We can we can work on that it's.

00:48:18.780 --> 00:48:19.110 Graham Dobbin: like that.

00:48:20.400 --> 00:48:22.710 David McCredie OBE: But there's basically a nomination process where.

00:48:23.880 --> 00:48:33.600 David McCredie OBE: Again it's sort of people from the Community recognize that somebody has achieved or been valuable to the Community as a whole and and.

00:48:35.220 --> 00:48:38.880 David McCredie OBE: dominates an individual and they get supporting.

00:48:40.140 --> 00:48:57.480 David McCredie OBE: corroborating evidence, if you like, from from others in the Community to put somebody forward and then it's sent off to whichever body, it is that, in this case the British Empire awards and somebody decided yeah there's a committee that decides that you're worthy.

00:48:58.680 --> 00:49:05.610 David McCredie OBE: To be the first idea about it was about seven o'clock on a Sunday evening I got a call from the British high commissioner.

00:49:07.530 --> 00:49:10.950 David McCredie OBE: I was at home with my wife and my two young kids who were.

00:49:13.230 --> 00:49:24.420 David McCredie OBE: bothering time at all yeah Sunday night trying to get ready for the week ahead and I thought Oh, my goodness what's happened, this is not good if there's the High Commission does or doesn't normally ring me on a Sunday night at seven.

00:49:27.750 --> 00:49:33.450 David McCredie OBE: Is a Her Excellency vicki treadwell the British High Commission to Australia Reagan said.

00:49:34.530 --> 00:49:42.120 David McCredie OBE: Have you got a bit, and I said yeah yeah absolutely and I took myself off away from the fairway and she asked if she basically said look.

00:49:43.380 --> 00:49:46.200 David McCredie OBE: there's a funny routine that go that happens because.

00:49:49.020 --> 00:49:56.790 David McCredie OBE: you're not going to turn down to the award so first thing he asked is if the British Government were considering giving you an award would you accept it.

00:49:57.510 --> 00:50:09.000 David McCredie OBE: And I said Well, yes, if you're considering giving me award I would of course be delighted to accept that she said well you've been nominated for an order of the British Empire and.

00:50:10.290 --> 00:50:13.380 David McCredie OBE: To be covered officer of the order of the British Empire and.

00:50:14.520 --> 00:50:19.230 David McCredie OBE: So yeah would you accept that I said yes definitely be delighted.

00:50:20.340 --> 00:50:31.710 David McCredie OBE: This was in June of 2020 and wow she said right there'll be some paperwork and things that you need to do, but you'll be announced on the queen's birthday weekend the oddest list.

00:50:32.400 --> 00:50:44.610 David McCredie OBE: Okay terrific so she said you don't have to tell anyone, and until it said outs formally you don't have to tell anyone, so I thought well that's Okay, so the only awake to the queen's birthday would be fine.

00:50:46.350 --> 00:50:56.130 David McCredie OBE: So I filled out the paperwork, the next day and send it back and then on the Wednesday she Reagan said, Boris Johnson decided as progress of the UK to delay.

00:50:56.580 --> 00:51:07.260 David McCredie OBE: The announcement of the awards this year until we've got some idea of some people that we can give awards to who played responses to the pandemic.

00:51:08.340 --> 00:51:17.340 David McCredie OBE: And so I had to keep the the news under my hat until it was finally announced on the 10th of October.

00:51:18.540 --> 00:51:25.170 David McCredie OBE: So it actually we are not being from June to October idea that I was going to get one of these things, but I had to keep it out of a hat.

00:51:25.350 --> 00:51:26.760 Graham Dobbin: How difficult was that.

00:51:27.690 --> 00:51:30.750 David McCredie OBE: i'm not particularly difficult actually building.

00:51:31.770 --> 00:51:34.830 David McCredie OBE: I mean, I was, I was obviously very chuffed to.

00:51:35.940 --> 00:51:44.460 David McCredie OBE: be incredibly helpful to think that other people think that what i've done is has made a significant contribution and that I felt.

00:51:45.660 --> 00:51:50.490 David McCredie OBE: that there should be no but I did, that the committee felt that I should it should be awarded it so.

00:51:51.540 --> 00:51:53.790 David McCredie OBE: I took that as a nice pat on the back, but.

00:51:55.560 --> 00:52:01.230 David McCredie OBE: They were times, certainly where are you know with friends and things that you sort of what uh yeah.

00:52:01.620 --> 00:52:10.320 David McCredie OBE: The back end because I could I could I tell him data to go do this right, but it was it was just terrific other sports that people.

00:52:10.860 --> 00:52:29.430 David McCredie OBE: When I was announced the response from my team and for our board and for about their baseball broadly it for my friends people hadn't seen some of the potential 15 years making note of it and dropping be about to say congratulations there's really incredibly really.

00:52:30.390 --> 00:52:37.740 Graham Dobbin: This links back kind of community thing that we spoke about earlier it's it's all about people you don't necessarily need to see somebody.

00:52:38.250 --> 00:52:48.000 Graham Dobbin: To kind of have that emotional reaction when something positive happens and we reach out with probably easier now than ever curious did people treat you differently.

00:52:49.170 --> 00:52:50.940 Graham Dobbin: That with that at the end of the name.

00:52:52.080 --> 00:52:54.990 David McCredie OBE: Now I don't get any upgrades on.

00:52:55.020 --> 00:52:56.130 on flights, no.

00:52:57.270 --> 00:52:58.770 David McCredie OBE: Better say to restaurants not.

00:52:59.940 --> 00:53:02.820 David McCredie OBE: Not not that not that i've noticed anyway let's put it that way.

00:53:03.870 --> 00:53:09.690 David McCredie OBE: Look, I think people are always curious about one of these, particularly in Australia, because I think.

00:53:10.860 --> 00:53:22.020 David McCredie OBE: Of course we're fairly fairly egalitarian society we don't even necessarily recognize that the all day Oh, and I am that I see is that other things here as much as as perhaps we should but.

00:53:23.940 --> 00:53:33.480 David McCredie OBE: yeah there's no particular special treatment, I think that's part of being part of the Community to is that, yes, it's a great recognition credibly humbled by it, but it doesn't.

00:53:34.200 --> 00:53:49.380 David McCredie OBE: want to be treated any differently, actually, because for me it's, this is a mark of the the role i've had in in the Community, but it's actually about how we pulled back to unity is in the conversation but broadly.

00:53:51.780 --> 00:54:05.400 Graham Dobbin: interesting how we come back to come in, even even in something like this, we come back to me, you mentioned earlier that you were part of a commonwealth study program came together just touch on that because that seemed like it kind of crossed all the different types of leadership.

00:54:06.510 --> 00:54:17.490 David McCredie OBE: yeah it was it was an incredible experience for me, actually, I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the study conference in the UK.

00:54:18.810 --> 00:54:29.160 David McCredie OBE: In 2015 and the program was a week in the UK in April, and then a week in the UK sorry India in July and.

00:54:30.060 --> 00:54:38.400 David McCredie OBE: Others on the side program went to Kenya others went to Singapore, but the great thing was experiential learning and we had people from.

00:54:38.820 --> 00:54:55.860 David McCredie OBE: I think 53 or 54 countries now the Co author, I think, was 53 back then we had about 27 countries represented, so people that are never met otherwise from various countries in the Caribbean from Canada from Malaysia India.

00:54:57.060 --> 00:54:57.270 David McCredie OBE: yeah.

00:54:57.330 --> 00:55:10.170 David McCredie OBE: All over the summer yeah all over the world and and really learning about people in a very different way and and about their experience and sharing experiences of leadership and life.

00:55:10.770 --> 00:55:30.600 David McCredie OBE: amongst people was really, really fantastic, and I really encourage people there's a Canadian program going to happen next year, if you look up CSE Canada you'll find it and it's a really great experience that I really highly recommend it to anyone who'd like to participate.

00:55:31.740 --> 00:55:33.780 Graham Dobbin: And sounds that amazing experience David.

00:55:34.830 --> 00:55:39.660 Graham Dobbin: will get the details from you and we'll share that as well on and we've only got a couple of minutes.

00:55:40.290 --> 00:55:49.950 Graham Dobbin: Left really cute and we kind of were spoken about authenticity about belonging about Community for in your eyes of non compromising clock what can.

00:55:50.340 --> 00:56:00.720 Graham Dobbin: What puts the things that absolutely have the gauge for David when we talk about how we how we work with people the relationships leadership what's what's your non non compromise.

00:56:02.520 --> 00:56:05.070 David McCredie OBE: I think, honesty and integrity.

00:56:06.330 --> 00:56:15.360 David McCredie OBE: Absolutely non compromised and if you if you got into a position where I felt any of those things.

00:56:16.800 --> 00:56:30.030 David McCredie OBE: If I felt that I was being impinged upon or or that that wasn't what was going to happen in a relationship that would that would terminate it for me and and i've been i've had to have those frank conversations with people in the past.

00:56:31.500 --> 00:56:35.790 David McCredie OBE: Because if you're not bringing your true self you know if you're not bringing your true self to work every day.

00:56:36.150 --> 00:56:47.550 David McCredie OBE: you're not going to be happy you're not going to enjoy it you're going to feel compromised all the time, but that's not good for anybody's personal well being and mental health, particularly when you think of the last couple of years, you need to be in a position that.

00:56:49.020 --> 00:56:56.580 David McCredie OBE: we're in a you're in a good mental health space to deal with other people because that's that's, the most important thing at the end of the day.

00:56:57.870 --> 00:57:11.910 Graham Dobbin: David mccready obe from the shogun chain Australian British Chamber of Commerce Thank you so much for the last stone for your insights you mean listening to the main bank leadership on talk radio dot nyc we'll be back with you next week.

00:57:13.710 --> 00:57:14.580 Graham Dobbin: Have a good week bye bye.

00:57:16.260 --> 00:57:16.800 David McCredie OBE: Thanks Graham.

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