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Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/02/01 - Mental Fitness

Facebook Live Video from 2022/02/01 - Mental Fitness


2022/02/01 - Mental Fitness

[NEW EPISODE] Mental Fitness

How a business bounced back and grew after a devastating year for the whole industry. Why the power of community is so important in difficult times.

Andrew McCreary is a New York City-based master-level trainer with over ten years of experience training at top gyms.

Using his unique philosophy, which he calls kqool dimensional training™, Andrew has helped a wide range of clients—from professional athletes and busy executives to models and new moms achieve their ideal bodies in less time than they thought possible.

Andrew's projects include working with Women's Health magazine on a three-month study to determine the effects of training on men and women. He is also developing a new book in collaboration with Tyler Graham of Best Life magazine and the creative agency OSNOVA. impressively, Andrew & Dimensional were chosen to feature on a Verizon TV Show.

Tune in for this insightful conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

From Dimensional Training, Graham’s guests introduce themselves! Andrina Mcreary, works with her dad, Andrew Mccreary and has worked with him for the past 7 years building this physical fitness program. Andrina says that the difference from their studio and other gyms is the personal touch as they try to give people the personal experience going into their fitness journey. They also have a technique used in their training; strength and corrective training. From experience, she says that this is how they’ve come up with focusing on connecting with your body and to work on longevity for your body and muscles to continue to stay safe. She explains that her father, who has been in this industry for 30+ years, has worked with clients who have physical issues but it’s also about helping even people who don’t have any issues. Their goal is to help everyone move correctly and gain strengths for longevity. Andrina also discusses her relationship with her father and working together for the same passions and goals.

Segment 2

Graham and Adrina continue on discussing working with family, something that Adrina says can be more challenging. Family or not, good communication makes things easier. One challenge for Adrina and her father had to do with the idea that as a child, she learned to not talk back to her father. But in a business setting, they both need their voices to be heard. Andrew says that it was tough to make this shift of power and work together. He says that when you're a parent, age doesn’t seem to ever matter because parents tend to see their child as a child always. But of course, children grow up and make their own mark in this world. Graham asks Adrina if she ever had to fight for her voice to be heard. She never recalled having to do this as Andrew always wanted this from her to begin with; to speak up and take responsibilities and hopefully continue his legacy and vision. Adrina explains how she along with her family tend to be selfless. Andrew says that their family have always been religious and learned to give and serve to a community as well as educate and provide something better for others who are struggling. This has helped them build Dimensional Training.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Graham continues the conversation of selflessness and community. He brings up the idea that many companies and businesses mention community and building. Adrina says that their community is different as they have a wide variety of people from different age groups, ethnicities and more who tend to become close with each other. Andrew explains that as they learn about building a community and a relationship with others, they aren’t going to charge people high prices. They give and teach more and don’t expect a high price to pay. He doesn’t want to overcharge someone and makes it clear that their relationship with clients is like family. Adrina goes into talking about building their business through helping and even learning from their clients. Graham asks an interesting question about whether there’s a line where they stop being selfless. Adrina says that her routine is to first take care of herself in order to help take care of others. Graham, Adrina, and Andrew also discuss working through the pandemic. She says that it was challenging doing virtual training classes but they were able to make it work and find a way to help clients maximize their home space. They helped clients find their individual ways to stay active. It wasn't about how they keep clients but rather how they can maximize everyone’s experience.

Segment 4

Graham talks about how he met Andrew and Adrina. They met on a television show for Verizon. Their business was chosen by Verizon to talk about their experience through the pandemic. Adrina says that they were very honored and were excited when they met with Graham and worked with Verizon. Dimensional Training opened up at a second location thanks to the advice, knowledge, and experience gained with this experience. They managed to open up a second location by trusting and rebuilding the trust with their community, especially at a time when gyms and fitness studios were known as “spreaders” with the virus. They stayed connected online with everyone. Andrew says that they would be cautious and safe in every way including with opportunities. Andrew explains his reasons and vision for building his fitness program. Although Andrew never studied for a business degree, he says that he has a “degree” in “service” and “care”, noting that his passion for helping and serving others has helped them build a community and be successful financially. You can find Dimensional Training at their locations at Garden city, NY and Long Beach, NY. You can also learn more at and search for dimensional training on Instagram and Facebook!


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00:04:46.830 --> 00:04:56.700 Graham Dobbin: welcome is the the mind mind leadership here live on talk radio dot nyc my name is Graham dog and every week, I am absolutely privileged to be able to speak to.

00:04:57.660 --> 00:05:08.490 Graham Dobbin: lots of different people just kind of getting the insights the background or maybe they've set of business or johnny's what's happened what the deal with, especially over the last couple of years now.

00:05:10.170 --> 00:05:15.780 Graham Dobbin: I know I believe is a snowy Tuesday afternoon and New York and as a wet Wednesday morning here in Sydney.

00:05:16.320 --> 00:05:26.970 Graham Dobbin: in Australia and i'm really lucky today, because what we've got is, I believe i'm gonna be able to speak to more than one person today, and I know I know.

00:05:27.630 --> 00:05:35.880 Graham Dobbin: These guys have got stories these guys are definitely got background to tell us of what's happened no it's easy to talk about.

00:05:36.330 --> 00:05:41.010 Graham Dobbin: Business people having two different journeys and the two people here that are very close to each other.

00:05:41.640 --> 00:05:48.570 Graham Dobbin: But my guess is have different journeys coming into where they are and i'm lucky enough to be able to I would I would guess i'm looking for the green.

00:05:49.140 --> 00:05:57.750 Graham Dobbin: Man we call them friends and normally, this is the point, but I do begin to but i'm not going to do that, this time I think i'm going to let you guys introduce.

00:05:58.170 --> 00:06:15.660 Graham Dobbin: yourselves so from a dimensional trading, which is really out of the moment i'm going to give i'm gonna hand it over to first of all who's gonna go for adrenal adrenal I think you're ready to tell us just a little bit about your background give some people and insights it to you.

00:06:18.480 --> 00:06:20.820 Graham Dobbin: We can get the minute it will get you to.

00:06:23.760 --> 00:06:24.690 Graham Dobbin: Maybe go.

00:06:28.830 --> 00:06:29.190 Graham Dobbin: To see.

00:06:30.300 --> 00:06:33.240 Adrina Mccreary: My name is gina mccreery um I.

00:06:33.330 --> 00:06:33.630 Graham Dobbin: uh huh.

00:06:34.410 --> 00:06:44.790 Adrina Mccreary: And 32 years old and I work with my father at the national training studios and I didn't start in this industry so you're correct.

00:06:45.960 --> 00:06:50.970 Adrina Mccreary: I was doing a whole bunch of other different things, and then I realized.

00:06:52.560 --> 00:07:03.840 Adrina Mccreary: What I enjoy doing was helping people through fitness so I started off small and then I decided to help my dad built dimensional training, which I have been doing for the past seven years.

00:07:06.150 --> 00:07:22.020 Graham Dobbin: So we will we will dig into the past little bit understand why you got here, and maybe guess look a little bit of digging on your agenda you got you got some really good stories my guests and what you can what you can put you can share with us some experiences i'm drew with.

00:07:23.760 --> 00:07:24.150 Graham Dobbin: hey.

00:07:26.190 --> 00:07:27.570 Dimensional Training: Happy New Year people Hello.

00:07:28.710 --> 00:07:30.810 Graham Dobbin: Oh really still want to see it on February.

00:07:31.140 --> 00:07:32.730 Graham Dobbin: yeah happy to see.

00:07:36.780 --> 00:07:48.900 Dimensional Training: Everything for me, I think it's like like Katrina said has been obviously a great partnership to be in which a daughter and working together sticking thing so when things go bad you don't have to explain it to anyone else.

00:07:50.070 --> 00:07:56.700 Dimensional Training: You know you'd have to explain it at home because she knows very well what's going on with everything so when things are going great they know the same you know.

00:07:58.890 --> 00:08:07.950 Graham Dobbin: i'm really curious about kind of the backbone dimensional how it came about I get to the Johnny, what can I what's happened over the last couple years leading how how.

00:08:08.850 --> 00:08:20.970 Graham Dobbin: We got together are we connected, which was, which was Kevin special i'm so pleased, whoever wants to give us just a little bit of black and white, I mentioned, or why is it different first of all.

00:08:22.440 --> 00:08:22.920 Dimensional Training: Katrina.

00:08:24.120 --> 00:08:34.710 Graham Dobbin: So i'm just before that I know you've got things go to the bike please feel free to put your camera off a good sort yourself out and rejoined us if that if that works for your adrenal.

00:08:37.230 --> 00:08:40.200 Adrina Mccreary: And why, why did the naming convention or.

00:08:40.200 --> 00:08:44.010 Graham Dobbin: Whatever but like I mentioned oh what's the difference what's.

00:08:44.550 --> 00:08:56.790 Graham Dobbin: what's what's what what's going on here that kind of makes us very different that again, I suppose, where we're coming from is we look at the fitness industry in you know where it's like it's like the training and.

00:08:57.450 --> 00:09:05.700 Graham Dobbin: The coaching industry everybody kind of wants everyone together and everybody thinks that everybody does all the same stuff that's just not true so.

00:09:06.210 --> 00:09:09.900 Graham Dobbin: So yes, what kind of stone job and what was the thought process behind it.

00:09:10.530 --> 00:09:12.450 Adrina Mccreary: yeah we worked really hard to.

00:09:13.500 --> 00:09:31.290 Adrina Mccreary: To prove our theory and technique different than others things and other studios so the difference between dimensional training what you're going to get at our studio that you're not going to get at most gyms is the personal touch so, even though we have group fitness training.

00:09:31.710 --> 00:09:41.610 Adrina Mccreary: It feels like private training in those classes and we make sure that that's The one thing we will continue to let happen because everybody's different everybody has their own.

00:09:42.660 --> 00:09:48.840 Adrina Mccreary: Injuries their own histories things of that they own fears and you have to deal with people differently to.

00:09:49.290 --> 00:09:58.380 Adrina Mccreary: make them go in the direction that you want that they want to go in in the fitness world and that you know the way you want them to go into be moving correctly as well.

00:09:59.220 --> 00:10:08.730 Adrina Mccreary: So that's that's one of our big differences our studio we also have a specific a specific technique that we use.

00:10:09.360 --> 00:10:21.090 Adrina Mccreary: In our training and it works for most of our classes, even though our classes are different our our belief in strength training corrective exercise combined is what makes our studio different in our classes different.

00:10:23.220 --> 00:10:23.670 Graham Dobbin: um.

00:10:26.700 --> 00:10:31.050 Graham Dobbin: How did you come up with this why, why did you see this as something that was missing.

00:10:32.280 --> 00:10:37.740 Graham Dobbin: Welcome, welcome to welcome to the park is what we're looking at now at the moment is probably the traditional way that.

00:10:38.310 --> 00:10:47.880 Graham Dobbin: People look at training companies that gems studios around like that it's all about the physical side will come to the mental side at the moment, because I know that's that's huge for you guys.

00:10:48.300 --> 00:10:55.170 Graham Dobbin: yeah the psychological part of it which isn't always taken into account how did you come up with this this parts missing.

00:10:56.160 --> 00:10:58.950 Adrina Mccreary: Well, a lot from experience you.

00:10:59.190 --> 00:11:02.070 Graham Dobbin: Go to different fields you you pretty much.

00:11:02.130 --> 00:11:12.390 Adrina Mccreary: Get the same thing right you're gonna go like you want to go and work hard, and whether you don't want to go and work hard you're going to get some sort of working right, and then you have those different types of people who.

00:11:13.140 --> 00:11:24.240 Adrina Mccreary: just want to sweat you know, but what we believe in is the mind body connection that allows you to be better and do better than if you just walk into any gym class so.

00:11:24.750 --> 00:11:36.960 Adrina Mccreary: On top of our technique we teach how to connect with your body in a way, so that it can always move safely and the longevity of your joints and muscles, is why we do what we do, why we.

00:11:37.380 --> 00:11:48.300 Adrina Mccreary: Make sure that we don't just allow everybody to do the same thing, because we want everyone to be safe, and we want them to learn how to in a manner that bill will keep them safe.

00:11:50.580 --> 00:11:52.230 Graham Dobbin: Why do you think that's something that.

00:11:53.730 --> 00:12:05.910 Graham Dobbin: Maybe isn't considered as much bye bye other techniques other gyms and the trainers, that are not just going to be really clear and here's we're not saying that everybody else is wrong.

00:12:06.540 --> 00:12:16.770 Graham Dobbin: it's not i'm not suggesting that they're not bad gyms that sold by gemzar, but you have a very specific kind of approach this so i'm just curious about by others don't see that see it that way.

00:12:18.090 --> 00:12:33.120 Adrina Mccreary: um it takes a lot of experience, so I indiana's you know I would have been like the trainer at a regular gym if it wasn't for my father, who has a 30 years in the in the game, you know in this industry.

00:12:33.210 --> 00:12:35.970 Graham Dobbin: Or you can give just H to Medina, is not going to be happy.

00:12:36.270 --> 00:12:36.450 yeah.

00:12:43.140 --> 00:12:43.740 Adrina Mccreary: Sorry.

00:12:46.200 --> 00:12:46.410 Graham Dobbin: Good.

00:12:51.030 --> 00:13:03.870 Adrina Mccreary: Well, he has a lot of experience and then you have you have the trainers in the fitness world who are passionate of what they do and it's bigger than just giving people a good workout you know you.

00:13:05.490 --> 00:13:14.520 Adrina Mccreary: can see with my dad experience he gets a lot of people who have medical injuries and different histories, that you have to be careful with them.

00:13:14.940 --> 00:13:24.960 Adrina Mccreary: But when you learn when you think about it it's not just the people who are already having issues right you're trying to prevent people from gaining issues and that all comes along with.

00:13:25.410 --> 00:13:41.010 Adrina Mccreary: Being you know strong enough to recover from certain things or learning how to move correctly, so you don't get injured even athletes like you can have the very talented naturally talented child who is very fast, or can be very good in specific sport.

00:13:41.850 --> 00:13:49.740 Adrina Mccreary: But if they don't learn how to move correctly they'll never be better than the person who knows how to move better so you know that's what we like to teach.

00:13:51.480 --> 00:13:59.910 Adrina Mccreary: How to gain those strengths, for the longevity longevity of your life experiences before you have injured.

00:14:01.710 --> 00:14:12.120 Graham Dobbin: yeah it's interesting hands i'm yoga i'm being being spoken about on many occasions, as if you practice is it's just getting.

00:14:12.540 --> 00:14:21.930 Graham Dobbin: back to what we could do not going away from its kind of it is getting the body back to almost we could naturally do that, we will wish tryna our office as we get older and we do different things.

00:14:22.410 --> 00:14:37.890 Graham Dobbin: is a part of that there will be talking about but but kind of talk about kids their kids to understand potentially how the whole body moves and others who just kind of understand that that really novel field off this is what I need to do to be fast or kick kick our butt or something.

00:14:38.790 --> 00:14:39.780 Adrina Mccreary: Right, well, I mean.

00:14:39.960 --> 00:14:42.060 Graham Dobbin: I rewriting rewriting the same type of.

00:14:42.870 --> 00:14:48.240 Adrina Mccreary: Well it's it's kind of the same it's just the differences, the child who wants to learn how to be better or the child who.

00:14:48.600 --> 00:14:56.760 Adrina Mccreary: Who is just naturally good at they don't feel like they need to learn those things, because the technique is the same to whatever you have to do to.

00:14:57.270 --> 00:15:08.010 Adrina Mccreary: run faster, is what we teach because you have to gain muscle in certain areas to run faster, but is wanting to take the time to learn that knowledge of doing.

00:15:10.230 --> 00:15:11.010 Adrina Mccreary: Sorry, I had to.

00:15:12.870 --> 00:15:13.350 Graham Dobbin: Go.

00:15:15.450 --> 00:15:23.400 Graham Dobbin: Through this i'm life goes on around us that's the big thing just stuff happens so so so.

00:15:23.910 --> 00:15:32.820 Graham Dobbin: Good and will be joining us a minute, and what will we do want to cut up what I want to do dig into and i'm going to ask you this we're gonna have a break and to few minutes time.

00:15:33.150 --> 00:15:49.800 Graham Dobbin: But before that, for still like working with family and know that we've got spoken with a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of business owners who kind of walk by default we work with family and it's not always easy now i'm just not here, you can tell us.

00:15:50.250 --> 00:15:52.560 Graham Dobbin: Whatever you've already aged and you can tell us, whatever you want.

00:15:52.920 --> 00:16:00.240 Graham Dobbin: And just talk, talk us through that that that that That closeness but also maybe the independence that you need.

00:16:01.260 --> 00:16:05.640 Adrina Mccreary: yeah well luckily we're close enough that I can say this in front end but hey.

00:16:06.720 --> 00:16:07.500 Graham Dobbin: I know you can.

00:16:09.540 --> 00:16:24.000 Adrina Mccreary: it's it's beautiful when you learn how to work together and me and my dad we have great relationship and we've gone through those stages of our lives with my life rather because i'm his child.

00:16:25.020 --> 00:16:30.930 Adrina Mccreary: Will you learn how to communicate and once you get past that part it can be so great and building something together.

00:16:32.250 --> 00:16:47.190 Adrina Mccreary: Through your family named it makes it that much exciting having someone who's just as passionate as you i'm doing the same thing is, you know the best part about it, so I really I really enjoy it, I really can't.

00:16:48.570 --> 00:16:59.100 Adrina Mccreary: You know I can't make it look like it's easy because it's not it's harder working with family probably then someone you can just be like forget it i'll see you tomorrow, you know.

00:17:00.420 --> 00:17:08.610 Adrina Mccreary: But it's worth it it's worth it, and it's really great to have that that bond and passion which someone that you love.

00:17:09.840 --> 00:17:15.210 Graham Dobbin: And we will will will can after the break we'll dig into this fight, as hard, though, the communication, one of the things that that.

00:17:16.320 --> 00:17:24.120 Graham Dobbin: i'm even repeat, so you might hear me saying this again sometime I hear this phrase regular with familiarity breeds contempt that was kind of one of those.

00:17:24.540 --> 00:17:30.090 Graham Dobbin: kind of throw away phrases, but when you grow up and there's there's all this and and it's true.

00:17:30.810 --> 00:17:38.400 Graham Dobbin: Sometimes in communication of the thing we just meet all these big assumptions are closer we are to people that we actually need to explain it.

00:17:39.210 --> 00:17:48.510 Graham Dobbin: Or that they're on the same wavelength, or we kind of I know what I know what I want us to the person is closest to me must also know, it must be really clear to them.

00:17:49.140 --> 00:17:52.170 Graham Dobbin: know has a huge huge challenge yes.

00:17:54.540 --> 00:17:59.820 Graham Dobbin: Okay, that gives us some where it goes, so what we're going to do well have a chat about that, after the break.

00:18:00.180 --> 00:18:11.100 Graham Dobbin: And, and also about kind of the journey special over the last couple of years has been so much movement within the industry, and I know you guys have really, really, really dug in.

00:18:11.610 --> 00:18:27.720 Graham Dobbin: And i'm excited to hear about what what's happened you're listening to the main bank leadership here live on talk radio dot nyc we are with adrenal mccreery at the moment from dimensional training Andrew will be joining us in a few minutes and we'll be back after these messages.

00:20:49.290 --> 00:20:55.110 Graham Dobbin: Combine you're listening to my mind leadership we are lucky enough to have a Tina be creative with us.

00:20:56.130 --> 00:21:00.030 Graham Dobbin: This afternoon, so we're talking about working with family.

00:21:01.530 --> 00:21:01.680 Graham Dobbin: You.

00:21:02.880 --> 00:21:05.160 Graham Dobbin: said I think gina was.

00:21:06.390 --> 00:21:10.230 Graham Dobbin: Just hopped up working with family talk me through that.

00:21:12.210 --> 00:21:22.680 Adrina Mccreary: um yes, it can be challenging sometimes working with family and because you often you know, like you said you think that oh this person knows me they know how I moved in the hall, I think.

00:21:23.130 --> 00:21:30.360 Adrina Mccreary: I don't need to explain myself but communication is always the best thing in any relationship family or not.

00:21:31.470 --> 00:21:40.380 Adrina Mccreary: And then, once you've established a good communication and things get easier, you know with me and my father, particularly um.

00:21:41.460 --> 00:21:50.310 Adrina Mccreary: You know I grew up as a child, when you don't talk back to your parents right, but now when you're running a business together it's like well, I have to be vocal about not agreeing with certain.

00:21:50.850 --> 00:21:58.680 Adrina Mccreary: Things that we have to decide together on and that took a little challenging you know, it was a little challenging beginning of our business stage together but.

00:21:59.700 --> 00:22:02.550 Adrina Mccreary: You figured it out, and now we are on a roll.

00:22:05.070 --> 00:22:11.070 Graham Dobbin: yeah it's interesting I actually I have gone through with us and we're just talking about working with family members i'm.

00:22:12.840 --> 00:22:18.600 Graham Dobbin: Saying everything positive essentially I had my son working with me for some for some time.

00:22:19.110 --> 00:22:27.930 Graham Dobbin: And it was it was actually quite interesting that I got to the stage quite quickly the kind of the role that he had in the business he knew better than I did.

00:22:28.590 --> 00:22:40.860 Graham Dobbin: I knew what needed to be done, be he could implement it much, much more quickly, much more clearly and he made good decisions i'm kind of curious of event, if Andrew is with us with us.

00:22:42.540 --> 00:22:54.810 Graham Dobbin: Probably self off of me i'm just really curious kind of how was that transition of huge it or two years the past person i'm supposed to be teaching in and she's learning from me in this arena just said at the top back.

00:22:55.530 --> 00:23:06.120 Graham Dobbin: And everything to all of a sudden we've got an adult with us with an opinion yeah but it's Sunday we've got that kind of that emotional attachment with how was that well.

00:23:06.150 --> 00:23:09.540 Dimensional Training: It was very, very tough, for me, because this was.

00:23:09.540 --> 00:23:20.760 Dimensional Training: My she was my star child and so she was the daddies favored and so that made it very challenging for me to be too too hard to shift our.

00:23:21.090 --> 00:23:28.050 Dimensional Training: You know power shift of power for a child that you know you do anything for it and you're like oh God what am I going to do cuz she's.

00:23:28.560 --> 00:23:31.920 Dimensional Training: You know she could just you know be upset with me and say Daddy I want this and i'm like.

00:23:32.640 --> 00:23:40.320 Dimensional Training: You know so um I actually had to consult one of my family members, my my closest number, which is my brother, to help me.

00:23:40.770 --> 00:23:55.470 Dimensional Training: make this transition, because I knew that if anything should happen that I was powerless with her, I said at least have to have someone talking to this because you know I do anything for her and so that just made it a little bit more tough but we weren't right through it, so I was happy.

00:23:56.580 --> 00:24:06.180 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting used to power, and it is interesting that we've kind of got we've got this Poder responsibility in the role as a parent.

00:24:07.800 --> 00:24:21.930 Graham Dobbin: kind of to look after to not sure to develop into the winner, but then we've got to give part of that away, and I suppose part of part of the issue here is hosted VoIP to make mistakes, but in a safe way.

00:24:23.100 --> 00:24:23.400 Dimensional Training: well.

00:24:23.880 --> 00:24:24.510 Graham Dobbin: come into.

00:24:25.020 --> 00:24:26.280 Dimensional Training: yeah well when you're a parent.

00:24:27.540 --> 00:24:36.960 Dimensional Training: You know it doesn't he doesn't seem to ever matter and no and that's very, very difficult as a parent, because you will always be the parent.

00:24:37.500 --> 00:24:52.320 Dimensional Training: And, and then you, you may often expect the the child to still be the child, but also remember that you're the parent and for most cases the child tend to always say i'm not a child anymore i'm still an adult i'm an adult now.

00:24:52.770 --> 00:25:04.860 Dimensional Training: So there is this transition there that the children have you know, have you know children tend to want to make sure they know that they've made their place and marketing life.

00:25:05.250 --> 00:25:16.830 Dimensional Training: So their decisions they want to be heard you know they want a lot more, but you watch them, since you know infancy so you're like okay so you're humbled by you know and then.

00:25:18.540 --> 00:25:20.550 Graham Dobbin: I suppose will want to make a mark don't wait.

00:25:20.820 --> 00:25:30.900 Graham Dobbin: Right onto that that's why we do what we do that's why we open a business as I spoke with develop businesses that's when we put our heart and souls lives and everybody straight into it.

00:25:32.580 --> 00:25:40.380 Graham Dobbin: into business is partly history or identity and to make our mark and when we're doing that again i'm really curious.

00:25:41.790 --> 00:25:57.210 Graham Dobbin: Did at any point you feel that you need to fight to Canada for your part of this, the kind of your personality to be to be included with the nine it wasn't just i'm my dad's daughter actually a business will get i'm part of this.

00:25:58.260 --> 00:26:13.200 Adrina Mccreary: um I don't think there was, I recall a point where I had to fight for it because he always wanted to drag that out of me I started with saying i'm his daughter, but he's like you don't even have to tell people get my daughter, you know.

00:26:13.770 --> 00:26:26.100 Adrina Mccreary: yeah it took more it took me to learn how to move move in that manner of having the power or you know, being able to be the person in this position which.

00:26:26.130 --> 00:26:26.550 Graham Dobbin: I wasn't.

00:26:27.180 --> 00:26:27.840 At first.

00:26:28.920 --> 00:26:32.340 Adrina Mccreary: But he always wanted that from me, so I didn't have to really fight for that.

00:26:34.620 --> 00:26:36.870 Graham Dobbin: Nice, but how easy was it.

00:26:39.360 --> 00:26:39.930 Adrina Mccreary: For him.

00:26:41.460 --> 00:26:44.070 Graham Dobbin: I just want you do I watch it i'm just smile.

00:26:45.990 --> 00:26:47.730 Graham Dobbin: smile so curious what's the.

00:26:48.030 --> 00:26:49.800 Graham Dobbin: How easy was that too.

00:26:50.160 --> 00:26:52.050 Graham Dobbin: Well, that transition you then.

00:26:52.560 --> 00:26:58.860 Dimensional Training: You know, it was a lot, because my daughter is you know she's a she's a daughter, but she's a.

00:26:59.250 --> 00:27:10.500 Dimensional Training: wife so she tends to think like both you know, so you certainly get you can get yelled at as a daughter, I mean as a as a father, you can get your there's a slight husband, could the way she tends to be like.

00:27:10.860 --> 00:27:28.890 Dimensional Training: hammer with things that she wants so um but she she did exactly what I expected her to do because that's what I was looking for I was looking for to secure the messages behind you know my my career my career and what I put into the industry.

00:27:30.180 --> 00:27:42.060 Dimensional Training: I needed to pass it on to someone I can I can trust and I needed to to hand it to someone who could move that vision for me in my absence and so.

00:27:43.560 --> 00:27:44.700 Dimensional Training: I always believe she said.

00:27:46.620 --> 00:27:47.010 Graham Dobbin: i'm.

00:27:48.630 --> 00:27:53.310 Graham Dobbin: Even with the best business, but the most successful business partnerships in the world.

00:27:55.020 --> 00:28:01.260 Graham Dobbin: we've got a vision, but not everybody wants to move forward, so we kind of talked about the emotional side of things, how, how do we deal with.

00:28:01.530 --> 00:28:09.000 Graham Dobbin: We deal with that transition, how do we allow somebody to develop is is is is a person that we love, as well as respect.

00:28:09.750 --> 00:28:24.900 Graham Dobbin: That opinion within business, how did you guys deal with maybe Andrew you think we should be doing this and adrenal is not so sure what kind of neat it's a little bit more convincing got a little bit more evidence, how do you deal with situations like that.

00:28:26.520 --> 00:28:29.610 Graham Dobbin: And, first of all, can you think of one one.

00:28:29.700 --> 00:28:32.430 Graham Dobbin: Was they have maybe not 100% alignment.

00:28:34.980 --> 00:28:37.140 Graham Dobbin: So, yes i'm looking at the actions.

00:28:38.070 --> 00:28:38.970 Adrina Mccreary: I think that.

00:28:40.410 --> 00:28:42.690 Adrina Mccreary: In our situation being family.

00:28:43.110 --> 00:29:00.030 Adrina Mccreary: that's good the pros come in, in that, in that question that you asked, because a lot of it has to do with how we really were raised to be as people, and we believe you know how we run our business, it has a lot to do with our beliefs and how you should be.

00:29:01.170 --> 00:29:08.760 Adrina Mccreary: With people to people how you should treat people things of that manner so what's the word i'm looking for that that means that he, like.

00:29:09.960 --> 00:29:12.930 Adrina Mccreary: It you know, like how how we treat our Members, we treat them.

00:29:12.930 --> 00:29:15.780 Adrina Mccreary: Like how we would treat them so so.

00:29:16.020 --> 00:29:16.860 Adrina Mccreary: So love and.

00:29:16.950 --> 00:29:29.040 Adrina Mccreary: Yet when your selfless so we but we agree on that, and then, when one of us go out of that the other person brings us back and it's it's what we have.

00:29:29.070 --> 00:29:37.650 Adrina Mccreary: always been on work for us, and when I say us, I mean I family in every single trial anything that we've been through it always brings us back.

00:29:38.850 --> 00:29:47.880 Adrina Mccreary: So we have each other to like kind of remind us know but it's always worked so why do you want to go outside of that and I think, to add on to the question you asked.

00:29:49.710 --> 00:29:57.030 Adrina Mccreary: That remind like what with us both having the same vision is what's important because, if you have a partner who.

00:29:57.660 --> 00:30:12.690 Adrina Mccreary: who may like your vision and want to change it to be better but different it's not the same vision and that's the good part about what we have is like I believe 1,000% in the vision that he created and i'm just here to help make it happen.

00:30:14.640 --> 00:30:32.400 Graham Dobbin: hmm um we could have the same vision and we can look at different ways of actually going to to get to that point i'm curious about this one selfless and that's that's your natural product can see that that's a natural poor Andrew yes.

00:30:33.720 --> 00:30:42.480 Dimensional Training: Yes, on my family my family, we were always always We grew up in very religious family, we will always very sermon we.

00:30:43.050 --> 00:30:51.990 Dimensional Training: We taught we're taught very young, that to love is to serve, and so in in serving people are learning to help people.

00:30:52.350 --> 00:31:00.600 Dimensional Training: and learning to be to give more for less that's how we also built a business built off by giving to people learning to give of ourselves.

00:31:01.410 --> 00:31:06.720 Dimensional Training: It would always come back you give out good it comes back and so based off of those fundamentals.

00:31:07.350 --> 00:31:12.990 Dimensional Training: Those are the core fundamentals, that the business was founded on and should continue to stay on.

00:31:13.470 --> 00:31:21.360 Dimensional Training: as it relates to helping people who need help the surface itself is to help people educate people to to give to them to help provide for them.

00:31:21.930 --> 00:31:28.860 Dimensional Training: provide a better way for them when they they're struggling with things so it's not a it's not a system that's designed that you know.

00:31:29.520 --> 00:31:36.000 Dimensional Training: This isn't it for me so i'm going to do that it's more so, how do we help someone else we see people struggling and.

00:31:36.480 --> 00:31:50.730 Dimensional Training: Most people have been suffering mostly with their health and life, you know, for years, I mean for centuries it's just a matter who can help them see a different path to do it and so that's what we we ventured out in this industry to be those people.

00:31:52.950 --> 00:31:58.290 Graham Dobbin: i'm Patricia, thank you for Katrina so you have you have anything to add to that.

00:32:00.150 --> 00:32:06.210 Adrina Mccreary: No that pretty much I mean that sounds it up that's that's that's what I was taught here and.

00:32:07.530 --> 00:32:21.120 Adrina Mccreary: Working it works for us and it always comes back and, to be honest, I believe that's that's how he got through Kovac because there's businesses who open longer than us that were bigger than us that didn't last you know so.

00:32:22.290 --> 00:32:22.590 Adrina Mccreary: i've.

00:32:22.620 --> 00:32:33.180 Adrina Mccreary: Really, what I choose to keep the values within and pray that you know that we can continue to find partners that believe in the same thing and keep going.

00:32:34.290 --> 00:32:43.830 Graham Dobbin: To we're gonna do we're gonna take a break in a moment when we come back let's dig into why am I here companies coming up with visions and values, and all these beliefs.

00:32:44.310 --> 00:32:54.900 Graham Dobbin: And it almost seems like to shoehorn some of the teams into it or or the Nice British remind the agenda you just said, this is how I was brought up, so this is, who I am yeah.

00:32:55.650 --> 00:33:03.810 Graham Dobbin: So who I am is is who did what what the company vision is or the approach rather than just division, so we know what the vision is, but their purchase selflessness.

00:33:05.190 --> 00:33:06.750 Graham Dobbin: So the approach is being.

00:33:08.160 --> 00:33:16.950 Graham Dobbin: Being a servant of it so let's let's explore into that what the impact of that in the communities are really curious about the Community, because I know you're big on community.

00:33:17.580 --> 00:33:22.650 Graham Dobbin: second thing I think, is that Johnny what's happened through over the last couple of years.

00:33:23.220 --> 00:33:36.060 Graham Dobbin: And, and where you've kind of gone from two three of you are know you're listening to the main bank leadership live on talk radio dot nyc we have a greener and Andrew from dimensional chanting will be back after this.

00:35:46.230 --> 00:35:51.990 Graham Dobbin: i've got i've got to me welcome back you're listening to the main bank leadership i've got TIM i'm disappointed nature, I think this is the.

00:35:52.440 --> 00:35:59.970 Graham Dobbin: First time they've got to this break and you're not dancing to the theme chin will get that we're getting that fixed night before they before the end of the show i'm.

00:36:00.420 --> 00:36:13.590 Graham Dobbin: So we're talking about self, with this being a servant and being that the company had kind of a vision and a more kind of incisiveness approach and and all that community is huge, for you, so when we talk about.

00:36:14.880 --> 00:36:19.200 Graham Dobbin: fitness training and gyms and studios and all that kind of stuff.

00:36:19.710 --> 00:36:29.430 Graham Dobbin: And I know a lot of companies talk about Community and let's say you're coming joining us and you'll meet lots of other like minded people and they'll keep you going and we've got accountability and.

00:36:30.420 --> 00:36:40.020 Graham Dobbin: It feels like your communities different can talk through that really curious about who you who you track tracked the wind, the state.

00:36:45.270 --> 00:36:47.190 Graham Dobbin: Agenda will just bring you off.

00:36:48.210 --> 00:36:48.900 Graham Dobbin: We go.

00:36:54.480 --> 00:37:07.320 Adrina Mccreary: Community is different, we have you know, like when a lot of people go to gyms they usually fall into meeting people that are similar to them, you know whether it's the same.

00:37:08.460 --> 00:37:22.170 Adrina Mccreary: weight loss goals or experience or fitness levels our community has a wide variety of different fitness levels different age groups, different ethnicities, you know and.

00:37:23.190 --> 00:37:28.770 Adrina Mccreary: We encourage them to all be super cool so we kind of make them move together in classes things that.

00:37:29.100 --> 00:37:40.830 Adrina Mccreary: They can't they can't go out and talk about it with anybody else because they will never experience anywhere else, so I think that part of it brings them closer together, because they literally become like best friends somehow some way.

00:37:41.910 --> 00:37:45.000 Adrina Mccreary: The groups of people that we have, which is great.

00:37:45.180 --> 00:37:47.760 Adrina Mccreary: Because when we do challenges, when we have coming up.

00:37:49.020 --> 00:37:54.480 Adrina Mccreary: They feel like they're not alone doing them, you know so that you want to add them.

00:37:55.680 --> 00:38:07.800 Dimensional Training: yeah so our Community is is you know, we in respect to servitude in the Community itself is because you know the Community itself is is a very saturated community with fitness and.

00:38:08.370 --> 00:38:09.330 Dimensional Training: And there's a lot of.

00:38:10.350 --> 00:38:19.470 Dimensional Training: You know as the call shocks for businesses they're just in it for the money and they just end it in a common goal go and we're you know we we position ourselves to say.

00:38:20.010 --> 00:38:28.170 Dimensional Training: As we learn, you know about about the Community and build a Community we're not going to charge prices that are super high as we're learning how to.

00:38:28.680 --> 00:38:37.530 Dimensional Training: um to plant our feet in in this in with the method that we use and uniqueness of our service, you know we're going to not going to charge people outrageous.

00:38:38.010 --> 00:38:47.010 Dimensional Training: Prices just so that we can get ahead and and we don't grow with a Community um so that's what we wind up doing we started giving more for less we started allowing.

00:38:47.490 --> 00:38:54.450 Dimensional Training: Allowing our work to show people that we cared we're not we weren't in it for just the money we all, you know we always took less money.

00:38:55.170 --> 00:39:03.030 Dimensional Training: is never a point that we overcharged we've always taken less just so that we can learn to the experience and then we teach the same humility to the.

00:39:03.780 --> 00:39:09.960 Dimensional Training: You know, to the new arm on borders to new trainers who come in to learn, we teach them how to.

00:39:10.410 --> 00:39:14.850 Dimensional Training: To you know to do the very simple things like clean up behind yourself, you know because.

00:39:15.090 --> 00:39:21.960 Dimensional Training: You know this, this is, these are things learn to learn to choose your customer is your client, as you know, as if you were to entertain yourself.

00:39:22.260 --> 00:39:37.890 Dimensional Training: You know you you don't want to chip away at it, they can give you good service, so you know we teach the same this this tank same on work at each to our team as we continue to grow and then, as the business grows we learn or to grow together as a family.

00:39:39.930 --> 00:39:40.140 and

00:39:41.160 --> 00:39:48.540 Graham Dobbin: Something just jumped to wait this, this is why I love doing this because, when we have a chat we've spoken many times and can.

00:39:49.440 --> 00:39:55.230 Graham Dobbin: discuss that later this other kind of things jump out what was a lot of businesses where we get the process in place.

00:39:55.710 --> 00:40:07.260 Graham Dobbin: Where this is how you serve someone this is how you do this, and if you do that you're going to earn your money you're going to get a tip and everybody's going to feel good this isn't a process for you know, this is just an approach, so you.

00:40:08.580 --> 00:40:13.530 Graham Dobbin: Would it be fair to say that you've actually struggled to write all this down yeah because.

00:40:14.160 --> 00:40:20.280 Graham Dobbin: This is what you do it's not about what you is how you approach, it is the mindset of it, yes, yes.

00:40:21.300 --> 00:40:21.720 Dimensional Training: Yes, so.

00:40:22.200 --> 00:40:32.490 Adrina Mccreary: You love what you do like when it comes to this industry like you want to learn more to help other people so it's never really about you like you have someone who come in and they have.

00:40:33.090 --> 00:40:40.050 Adrina Mccreary: You know this injury that you've never heard of like you do the research, you want to find out the best way to help this person and it's.

00:40:40.710 --> 00:40:48.180 Adrina Mccreary: it's helping your business by gaining the knowledge right but you're ultimately doing it to help someone else and it always comes back full circle.

00:40:49.170 --> 00:40:57.690 Adrina Mccreary: And that's where are serving comes from you, you you stay up late at night, trying to figure out how to help someone else that's just how it.

00:40:58.230 --> 00:41:13.890 Graham Dobbin: i'm really curious quit this quit this that line come in, then, if we're always looking to set we've got that that mentality of servitude of selflessness who do we stop and look after us is how how much of a challenge is that.

00:41:14.940 --> 00:41:23.880 Dimensional Training: Well, I actually don't actually um you know I don't have an experience any any experience of learning how to to.

00:41:24.960 --> 00:41:33.120 Dimensional Training: You know, take care of myself first is it's not what I do like I just i'm the guy that opens the door for the people, so it's like this, my nature right.

00:41:33.570 --> 00:41:40.560 Dimensional Training: You know, when you see people you don't have people just won't buy they don't care it's not in my nature, so I don't have the best experience so for me.

00:41:41.220 --> 00:41:49.050 Dimensional Training: I yeah moving forward to have other team team players who do know how to measure these these elements of.

00:41:49.770 --> 00:42:04.680 Dimensional Training: Our practices protected, yes, I do we know we have we have that in place, but as a practice how we how we practice now our hands on directly to the to the customer must be you know with with service.

00:42:05.130 --> 00:42:05.310 i'm.

00:42:06.630 --> 00:42:07.500 Graham Dobbin: Sorry agenda.

00:42:08.130 --> 00:42:15.900 Adrina Mccreary: Well, I want to add on because this brings us back to the original topic is that my dad has always been like that you know.

00:42:16.470 --> 00:42:27.480 Adrina Mccreary: Putting other people first you making sure that these clients, I was taking care of he doesn't turn off barely sleep right because he just loves what he does so much zone trying to figure out how.

00:42:28.980 --> 00:42:47.310 Adrina Mccreary: I learned, not to fully do that, where I don't take care of myself, I learned that I have to take care of myself to be able to take care of others so it's more my morning routine is take care of myself and then I go and search for the rest of the day.

00:42:49.710 --> 00:43:04.440 Graham Dobbin: I really kid this is really insightful that we've got a person we've got a driver got a vision, but the porch we know this works um but but also Tyrone said, I know that I know that I need to get other people around me to be to have that self checking.

00:43:05.550 --> 00:43:07.260 Graham Dobbin: I have to kind of maybe readme file.

00:43:08.130 --> 00:43:16.260 Adrina Mccreary: that's where we have a good band like that it will work until we can't work, no more and I learned how to find the balance between both so when we get our onboarding people.

00:43:16.950 --> 00:43:27.390 Adrina Mccreary: You know it's just not like this is what you have to do in order to you know, be it is us like there's a good balance, where we we teach them both teach them how to work hard.

00:43:28.110 --> 00:43:33.030 Adrina Mccreary: teach them how to take care of themselves first, but this is what the goal is that we all have to be on the same page.

00:43:35.040 --> 00:43:43.590 Graham Dobbin: Difficult that you do, you know how many books have been written and how many hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of bucks that companies pay people to come in.

00:43:43.830 --> 00:43:55.500 Graham Dobbin: and try to create that and you you've got that balance here, so I don't want to go into the kind of what the impact is and that, on a personal basis you've got you know what you're doing this, but i'm definitely curious off.

00:43:56.010 --> 00:44:07.200 Graham Dobbin: Is we've got that Community something happened about two years ago that kind of changed business significantly you talk us through just briefly kind of.

00:44:08.370 --> 00:44:23.280 Graham Dobbin: I make my guess is I can guess part of what happened when we went into lockdowns and all that kind of stuff can just begin to to kind of talk us through what the journey is Community impact and how you began to think about getting back end of it.

00:44:24.780 --> 00:44:28.740 Adrina Mccreary: yeah so Kobe that happened and.

00:44:29.100 --> 00:44:33.360 Graham Dobbin: That was it I couldn't remember the name of that mentioned will lose 10 minutes.

00:44:36.150 --> 00:44:39.480 Adrina Mccreary: It happened and it was a huge.

00:44:40.860 --> 00:44:44.760 Adrina Mccreary: It was it was tough, it was a huge struggle for a year.

00:44:45.960 --> 00:44:50.700 Adrina Mccreary: to figure out how we're going to continue doing what we've built for all of these years.

00:44:52.170 --> 00:44:55.350 Adrina Mccreary: We were shut down for almost seven months.

00:44:56.850 --> 00:44:59.820 Adrina Mccreary: With not being able to step foot into our studio.

00:45:00.870 --> 00:45:07.470 Adrina Mccreary: We had to figure out really quick how to transition and we transition into virtual training via zoom.

00:45:10.740 --> 00:45:14.070 Adrina Mccreary: And then we you know found different platforms, where we.

00:45:15.120 --> 00:45:18.060 Adrina Mccreary: Did the virtual training on and.

00:45:19.830 --> 00:45:35.580 Adrina Mccreary: Look literally that has that's my dad he figured that out, we just followed followed every steps he's the technical person and and how he did it our biggest goal was to trick figuring out how to do what we do in the studio, which is so personal so in person.

00:45:37.770 --> 00:45:48.240 Adrina Mccreary: So individualized via virtual settings That was the biggest struggle, but we did well and that's where our Community came in.

00:45:48.690 --> 00:46:02.850 Adrina Mccreary: They really spread that word and we had over 100 people in one class and multiple classes, a day pete the people loved it now everybody missed being in the studio but we figured that out, which was great.

00:46:04.680 --> 00:46:22.020 Graham Dobbin: Q, what was the pressure, then, if we're being selfless we've got this this this attitude of servitude and we know others are going through some real tough times real tough times this does that come into.

00:46:23.340 --> 00:46:31.110 Graham Dobbin: How does that play when you're looking to kind of restructured our business and make sure that you're you're looking after each other and we're all going through as well.

00:46:31.470 --> 00:46:36.900 Graham Dobbin: What do we, you know we're going through stuff that we've never gone through before individually, how did, how do you balance that.

00:46:39.360 --> 00:46:50.400 Dimensional Training: So, so it was it was very challenging because we didn't understand Stan the economy, the temperament of the economy, we didn't understand the atmosphere.

00:46:51.360 --> 00:46:59.220 Dimensional Training: We had to learn, like everyone else, learn, but we had to we had to be as frugal as possible, and we also had to be mindful.

00:46:59.850 --> 00:47:14.610 Dimensional Training: For as possible for what it meant to the to our Community so, given the fact that we weren't in in person, we had to find a way to to maximize their home space, so we basically.

00:47:15.090 --> 00:47:21.900 Dimensional Training: Always you know we hope we were big on having them really position themselves in a way that they can.

00:47:22.350 --> 00:47:27.390 Dimensional Training: You know, put a position themselves in a way that they can we can see how to communicate with them clearly.

00:47:27.630 --> 00:47:36.000 Dimensional Training: You know we're such a hands on we had to make sure we saw angles and they understand angles and they understood what the value of what we brought to the table like to be to train in your home.

00:47:36.420 --> 00:47:43.440 Dimensional Training: To be able to understand what you have in your home versus the person in the camera before have an arrow we learned these things really, really fast.

00:47:44.190 --> 00:47:50.640 Adrina Mccreary: And what we had to do was pretty much know that the world has experienced the same thing that you're feeling.

00:47:50.910 --> 00:47:51.240 Graham Dobbin: yep.

00:47:51.390 --> 00:47:55.080 Adrina Mccreary: That you're going to what, no matter if it's your business your personal life, whatever.

00:47:56.010 --> 00:48:06.150 Adrina Mccreary: That that's what a lot that's what made us know, we had to be more selfless because it's not about us right we're all going through the same thing at the same time, so that was our opportunity to give more.

00:48:06.510 --> 00:48:13.200 Adrina Mccreary: To the Community and just know and have faith that it's going to come back around and it did she kept our doors open.

00:48:14.370 --> 00:48:21.810 Graham Dobbin: um um this is, I mean it's incredible faith that you're showing but also say, is probably one of the first times i've had.

00:48:22.380 --> 00:48:39.720 Graham Dobbin: A company or a timeline and say it was about them, rather than how do we keep clients, is how do we, how do we make sure that we maximize the space, how can we maximize that experience, rather than just keeping clients remember going through this you know this kind of the siege mentality.

00:48:40.230 --> 00:48:40.530 Adrina Mccreary: Where we're.

00:48:41.640 --> 00:48:45.060 Graham Dobbin: going to go to our final break and when we come back from the break what I see.

00:48:45.570 --> 00:48:51.150 Graham Dobbin: What it's not brought a really cute because I know there's been development since we last spoke so we'll talk about.

00:48:51.540 --> 00:49:04.590 Graham Dobbin: How we met, and also the developments in the business which i'm really excited to hear about your listening to my mind, I leadership live on talk radio dot nyc we have adrenal and Andrew will be back right after these.

00:51:10.470 --> 00:51:13.860 Graham Dobbin: and welcome back final part here, this has just flown in.

00:51:15.180 --> 00:51:26.730 Graham Dobbin: everytime speak services could get an hour that's a long time what we're going to talk about and it's never enough time it feels like we've got I was that we could actually talk, you know we met.

00:51:27.480 --> 00:51:34.350 Graham Dobbin: This is this is this, this is the plug this this is us, this is us getting a little bit of ego here, we met on a TV show.

00:51:35.310 --> 00:51:49.170 Graham Dobbin: i'm for verizon and where you were I have thousands and thousands and thousands of businesses that could have been chosen, you will have chosen as a business by verizon to kind of talk about your experience.

00:51:50.130 --> 00:52:05.460 Graham Dobbin: Through the initial stages of cover that color for seven months that you spoke about adrenal i'm how you were coming out of it, what the plans were and everything like that talk us through color how that came about and then we'll go to where we're gone to from there.

00:52:06.960 --> 00:52:17.700 Adrina Mccreary: Oh, we were super honored to be chosen by verizon to do that and and definitely excited that we got to meet you Graham as our coach.

00:52:19.200 --> 00:52:23.220 Adrina Mccreary: We learned so much it through that short period of time and we.

00:52:24.450 --> 00:52:38.970 Adrina Mccreary: really took in everything that was advised for us grow and especially during the pandemic and we do believe that a lot of it helped us get to where we are now and we kept our promise and we opened up our second location.

00:52:40.470 --> 00:52:50.490 Adrina Mccreary: which really was with the help of the not you know the knowledge and advice that was given to us during that show, so you know, we are grateful super great but.

00:52:52.080 --> 00:52:59.550 Graham Dobbin: If you open up another place, this is still, this is still where the industry is contracting.

00:53:00.510 --> 00:53:07.590 Graham Dobbin: or it's shifting the demographics are shifting people's locations are shifting people's ideals are shifting people you.

00:53:08.100 --> 00:53:14.430 Graham Dobbin: Have a sudden we've said let's let's go on the line let's give them great experiences and people are like well why should I go to the gym.

00:53:15.330 --> 00:53:28.860 Graham Dobbin: I should go and visit somewhere, but I can do this at home so we're getting those massive migration and shift of people in the workplace, as well as personalized how have you managed to open up another location really curious.

00:53:29.880 --> 00:53:30.840 Graham Dobbin: How did that come about.

00:53:31.500 --> 00:53:34.230 Dimensional Training: Well, the I use the word.

00:53:35.400 --> 00:53:36.120 Dimensional Training: temperature.

00:53:37.230 --> 00:53:38.370 Dimensional Training: When I described.

00:53:40.440 --> 00:53:45.210 Dimensional Training: You know how we looked at what was happening for the fitness industry.

00:53:46.860 --> 00:53:57.720 Dimensional Training: When cove it, you know deemed you know the law officials Dean Coleman was gyms were spreaders you know popular spreaders so.

00:53:58.050 --> 00:54:08.910 Dimensional Training: we're the healthiest industry, but we was deemed as like the most was the place so so we um that's what that's what was humbling for us and so.

00:54:09.480 --> 00:54:19.260 Dimensional Training: we're a lot of other companies did not understand what that temperature was what that temperament was that we just kind of stayed very tight close and.

00:54:19.740 --> 00:54:29.010 Dimensional Training: Trust it we had to learn to trust the Community learn how to rebuild the trust within the Community from both platforms Community for people who are online.

00:54:29.430 --> 00:54:33.540 Dimensional Training: to let sure that they knew they were still able to reach us and know that we're still available.

00:54:34.080 --> 00:54:39.600 Dimensional Training: As well as the people who wanted to be out of their house, who had cabin fever I don't know about his business, you know.

00:54:40.290 --> 00:54:47.760 Dimensional Training: And so, in a lot of us an opportunity to learn both atmospheres the temperature of both atmospheres as best we can.

00:54:48.480 --> 00:54:54.210 Dimensional Training: it's still like any other forecast, you know that's just the way that the the.

00:54:54.900 --> 00:55:04.710 Dimensional Training: pandemic, really, really affected most businesses it's, just like the weather, you know getting a weather report you gotta kind of feeling and find out where it's at you know there's No one.

00:55:05.130 --> 00:55:12.360 Dimensional Training: You know, investing 100% hundred percent here at hundred percent of everything the rest take guava number, no matter what.

00:55:12.930 --> 00:55:22.020 Dimensional Training: You know, so in this case in this environment we just learned to to see opportunities that come to us and we slowly walk we don't.

00:55:22.620 --> 00:55:36.780 Dimensional Training: We don't risk take heart risk we take very small cautious precautions frugal on being safe safety is everything to us from fitness to help to wealth everything safety is first.

00:55:40.680 --> 00:55:43.710 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting being addicted especially being an industry that.

00:55:44.940 --> 00:55:46.230 Graham Dobbin: route is so personal.

00:55:47.370 --> 00:55:49.440 Graham Dobbin: My guess is you're under a lot of scrutiny as well.

00:55:50.340 --> 00:55:59.670 Graham Dobbin: Because you know other people here in your space and we're gonna say competitors or people who were in your space would maybe be doing a different way of taking a different approach and having different ideas.

00:56:00.240 --> 00:56:06.690 Graham Dobbin: So must have been a lot of scrutiny about why you're doing it this way you just say, you know that it's building that trust trust we can do, underlining.

00:56:06.930 --> 00:56:16.170 Graham Dobbin: trusted we bring you back in the studio was safe trust that we've got we've still got your best interest at heart trust that there's still a community of them there's a massive lot going on now.

00:56:17.370 --> 00:56:20.610 Dimensional Training: Well, Graham again like we started, you know.

00:56:21.450 --> 00:56:32.220 Dimensional Training: We didn't approach this business to try to get rich, you know we didn't come in industry, determine like most people I guess open businesses that's not our background it's my back i'm not I don't have a business degree at all.

00:56:32.880 --> 00:56:41.340 Dimensional Training: You know I come from a service degree, you know I come from a caring as my degree, you know the school of hard knocks like learning how to.

00:56:41.850 --> 00:56:54.780 Dimensional Training: You know, learning how to give and receive a rather give them, you see, you know that's my background and i'm if I can help somebody that's my life, you know and and and and.

00:56:55.860 --> 00:57:03.090 Dimensional Training: I believe the blessings come, I believe the reward comes back with every hard worker you get your reward I believe that I just don't believe in people taking.

00:57:04.050 --> 00:57:11.940 Dimensional Training: You know so that's my my philosophy on personal life I don't believe that people taking what doesn't what you didn't earn so that's where I come from.

00:57:14.310 --> 00:57:15.630 Graham Dobbin: Introduce yourselves.

00:57:18.090 --> 00:57:22.380 Adrina Mccreary: Well, you know a lot of people would do it differently, but we've had to.

00:57:22.950 --> 00:57:33.450 Adrina Mccreary: Keep continue doing what works for us and I during the pandemic, we also limited on how many people can come to this one location, so we needed another location to get more people.

00:57:34.020 --> 00:57:44.940 Adrina Mccreary: In because everybody wanted to be in you know, so it works, it just worked out, you know I could definitely see a lot of people would probably do things differently, but it's working.

00:57:45.510 --> 00:57:58.740 Adrina Mccreary: For us, and as as we both said it it's proven to the more we give the more the business just continues to rise up and we we haven't stopped we're continuing to you know do better and better.

00:57:59.250 --> 00:58:07.980 Adrina Mccreary: With our knowledge and growth and understanding the temperatures that are given to us, we definitely are following and watching.

00:58:08.580 --> 00:58:17.940 Adrina Mccreary: But also keeping our Community first which the more happy that they are so I was going to say at the last of the last call it works, hand in hand right it's that we.

00:58:18.540 --> 00:58:31.740 Adrina Mccreary: We don't we're not doing it for money, but if it's coming back back to us because the more people we keep happening, the more people they want to tell how happy, they are, and it it just works that's where the money comes in and we don't have to do so much.

00:58:32.130 --> 00:58:32.640 Melissa.

00:58:34.290 --> 00:58:41.340 Graham Dobbin: do the right thing it's not difficult to the right thing I Jamie think something's over process this stuff.

00:58:41.730 --> 00:58:42.150 yeah.

00:58:43.890 --> 00:58:48.150 Graham Dobbin: i'm So when I went on the region benefit all you have to studios now.

00:58:48.960 --> 00:58:51.210 Adrina Mccreary: yeah by our first location is in garden city.

00:58:51.240 --> 00:58:53.070 Graham Dobbin: Sugar but he knows how to get hold of your sunny.

00:58:53.940 --> 00:58:54.900 Adrina Mccreary: garden city New York.

00:58:54.930 --> 00:59:00.870 Adrina Mccreary: In long island and then our second locations in long beach New York often long right on the beach.

00:59:02.460 --> 00:59:07.170 Graham Dobbin: right on the beach, you should you make me jealous been saying that we've got someone here.

00:59:08.550 --> 00:59:15.120 Graham Dobbin: is raining to hear moment, so we don't have the weather, for it i'm quitting How can people get in touch with you both.

00:59:16.350 --> 00:59:17.250 Graham Dobbin: posted website.

00:59:17.850 --> 00:59:31.530 Adrina Mccreary: Our website is dimensional training calm and our phone number 51648800 and I also did dimensional training, as well as our Facebook.

00:59:33.210 --> 00:59:49.710 Graham Dobbin: Right um guys, this is, this has been really, really insightful and interesting and what you said you know put good things out there that that's that's what comes back to us that's why you're involved with verizon I get that you know, one of these things, was that we were.

00:59:50.760 --> 00:59:58.860 Graham Dobbin: Very much chosen to do so thousand, but that was the reason that you were chosen because you're doing good things out there and i've seen the Community firsthand.

00:59:59.580 --> 01:00:17.040 Graham Dobbin: And pulling for each was amazing and and i've also experienced experienced some of your stuff online as well, and all I can say that this this conversation has not gone well thought it would go and tie up so grateful for that that we're you know we're really exploring.

01:00:18.180 --> 01:00:26.640 Graham Dobbin: servitude and selflessness that's the candidate two things, the two things that have jumped out, so thank you so much for jumping on I know I know you've got such a busy day.

01:00:27.120 --> 01:00:40.320 Graham Dobbin: And it is what are those times at four o'clock in the afternoon everything's up in our own space in your industry so audrina Andrew Thank you so much for coming on and spending some time with django love to have another conversation that sometime.

01:00:41.400 --> 01:00:47.280 Graham Dobbin: Maybe maybe share that with with with everybody else, thank you to kyle mcalester as a.

01:00:52.410 --> 01:00:58.770 Graham Dobbin: producer in the Boston I here on talk radio dot nyc for another show of the mind behind leadership take care bye bye.

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