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Monday, October 18, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/18 - Knowing the Value of Marketing

Facebook Live Video from 2021/10/18 - Knowing the Value of Marketing


2021/10/18 - Knowing the Value of Marketing

[NEW EPISODE] Knowing the Value of Marketing

Zev Asch has spent his entire career in the trenches of small business working for owners like you. He knows what it's like to maximize a modest budget and have successfully grown multiple companies using a combination of solid academic credentials (Honors Psychology, MBA Marketing) and invaluable hands-on street-smart experience allow him to make marketing and business decisions that produce results.

The post-Covid economy is challenging; he often refers to it as a "street fight for survival. " Every one of your competitors is going to fight like hell to make up for lost revenue. Now is the time to outsmart and out-think your competition and to improve your business.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham introduces his guest this week, Zev Asch, who has successfully grown multiple companies. He also has a new book out called “How to Get the Most Out of Marketing”. Graham asks him if he sees himself as a “street fighter” in marketing. Asch talks about where he grew up in Israel where he describes it as somewhere that is always tense, always living in survival mode. Growing up in this environment, he says it’s almost like it’s part of his DNA. The reason he uses “ street fighter” to describe marketing is because of how he grew up. His father owned a little grocery store and in his town, there were many others. Asch explains that his father was uneducated and didn’t have much himself, yet he owned a business and was able to help his family through a survival or “street fighter” mentality. Asch went to grad school but found out that he didn’t fit into a corporate role. He wanted to start a small family owned business as well. He explains the constant worry that small business owners may have everyday about what they have accomplished and what is next for them.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Graham asks Asch “why marketing?” Asch says that from a certain age in his life, he's always been fascinated by the human brain. He was also pressured by his father to become an accountant. When he came to the US he majored in psychology. Asch was interested in behavioral psychology. Because he realized that having only this major wouldn’t get him to where he wanted to be, he decided to intertwine his knowledge in psychology into marketing. Asch says that his one inspiration is Seth Godin. To Asch, he says that Godin is a marketing genius. While talking about Godin, Asch talks about how if you create something “ship it”. Some people may find it embarrassing if they may not get enough “likes” on social media for example, but you should still share it, publish it and not be embarrassed or think twice. Graham asks Asch about his new book. Asch talks about his first book that he published where he took a ton of his blogs and put it in a book called “Are you Sure About That?” He also talks about his knowledge about small business owners and its relation to marketing books. He says that what was missing from the “book world” in marketing was that there wasn't anything practical; something simple.

Segment 3

Graham and Asch speak more about the practical side in marketing and marketing books. Asch talks about a common thing that any business owner would want which are things like more customers. He then explains the common thing that one can view on platforms like Youtube where you can watch many videos on people who are rich and successful and then promises to show how the viewer can get rich too. This, he says, isn’t the best way to do better or improve one’s business. For an average customer, he says that customers are overwhelmed today with many advertisements. Asch says that owners are also overwhelmed because of the “digital noise” on social media, trying to do everything they can to gain more followers or customers. His book's message is to do the opposite. To stop. He says that the common principles of how to grow a business are overlooked. In his book , he walks the reader through those basic steps, the foundation of building a business first because he realizes that there are some businesses that overlook certain principles. Interestingly, Asch mentions that one reviewer gave him a 4 star because his book was “too skinny”, but this is exactly what he wanted to do. He purposely did this to make it easier for the target audience (business owners) to read and go over again.

Segment 4

In the final segment, Graham asks Asch about why someone who posts blogs every week, does it every week and not a different time frame. Asch says that there’s no best day to send out an email or blog. Asch says that one of things he uses is a technology system that helps him send out emails to his subscribers based on what time or when someone usually opens his emails. He doesn't think it matters how often or when someone sends out an email or newsletter. It's not about the quantity but the quality. Something that people can identify with. He gives the advice that you need to think and love like your customers in order to relate and engage with them. But Graham and Asch make it clear that this may work differently for everyone. He says that the best way to market is to “sharp shoot”, meaning to identify exactly who you want to go after. Asch uses the movie Scarface as an example where the main character spams his machine gun everywhere at the policemen. He uses this as a metaphor in that he sees a lot of businesses do their marketing by shooting their ads, emails and more to everyone and not anyone specific. Getting through as much as they could in their conversation tonight, Graham gives a big thank you to Zev Asch for coming on the show and definitely thinks that they need to do another couple of more!


00:00:39.930 --> 00:00:45.360 Graham Dobbin: Welcome welcome welcome good morning Good afternoon, good evening wherever you are it's 5pm Monday in New York.

00:00:45.360 --> 00:00:47.400 Graham Dobbin: it's 8am here in Sydney.

00:00:47.850 --> 00:00:51.180 Graham Dobbin: on a Tuesday morning, and we are blessed to have the opportunity.

00:00:51.360 --> 00:00:58.680 Graham Dobbin: Every single week to speak to leaders influencers from all walks of life, all different backgrounds.

00:00:59.100 --> 00:01:05.610 Graham Dobbin: But their experiences how the influence others can have what happens in business and on a regular basis, and we have.

00:01:06.270 --> 00:01:11.100 Graham Dobbin: We have a landscape is changing home was a weekly at the moment and.

00:01:11.820 --> 00:01:21.750 Graham Dobbin: Getting that experience getting that understanding and getting that knowledge from how other people are seeing it is absolutely vital, this week, I am absolutely delighted.

00:01:22.320 --> 00:01:28.470 Graham Dobbin: To say that we have, after a long time of persuading this man to be on his zach zach.

00:01:28.920 --> 00:01:40.020 Graham Dobbin: has spent his entire career, as he says, in the trenches of small business working with a small business owners, he knows what like to maximize.

00:01:40.620 --> 00:01:50.850 Graham Dobbin: A modest budget in marketing and has successfully grown multiple companies using a combination of solid academic credentials is on a psychology.

00:01:51.150 --> 00:02:04.800 Graham Dobbin: And MBA in marketing and also involve all hands on street smart experience, allowing him to meet marketing and business decisions that produce results we're going to test, those were beneficial knows.

00:02:05.580 --> 00:02:15.420 Graham Dobbin: The post covered academy is challenging, as he says, and he often refers to as a street fight server for survival we're hearing a lot of the same language here.

00:02:15.840 --> 00:02:33.270 Graham Dobbin: Every one of our competitors, is going to fight like hell, to make up for that lost revenue, we need to be able to outsmart them, he also has a new book out how to get the most out of marketing which we're going to explore zev absolutely delighted to have you in this afternoon.

00:02:34.890 --> 00:02:43.440 Zev Asch: it's a pleasure and and truly an honor to be on the show and I miss you Graham coffee the separated us but you'll be back.

00:02:44.160 --> 00:02:53.400 Graham Dobbin: hey how about having it as technology, though isn't it just fantastic, we can see each other on different days and have this this discussion so.

00:02:54.180 --> 00:03:06.210 Graham Dobbin: i've known you for that kind of two three years know we finished, would you record yourself there's a lot of language in there about being in the trenches be street smart do you see yourself as a street fighter and marketing here.

00:03:08.190 --> 00:03:16.020 Zev Asch: Well, I would say that that my background is i'm originally from Israel and it's a tiny little country.

00:03:17.280 --> 00:03:36.810 Zev Asch: surrounded by millions and millions of enemies who want in the old days the propaganda was we're going to push you into the ocean because it's on the Mediterranean Sea, and so, when you grow up in a country that at least the part that I lived in Israel before coming to the US.

00:03:39.000 --> 00:03:50.310 Zev Asch: You live in an environment that is constantly tense and there's always you know air sirens and and terrorist attacks and bombs going off and you can't really help but but.

00:03:50.850 --> 00:04:02.190 Zev Asch: Being that in that mode of survival constantly because the odds as an as a country the odds were against us, I mean 3 million people back then and now it's nine.

00:04:02.670 --> 00:04:11.580 Zev Asch: Against hundreds of millions of of Arab surrounding us who were nothing better than to completely destroy and eliminate us.

00:04:12.060 --> 00:04:33.030 Zev Asch: So when you go up in that in a top of a country and everywhere, you walk in the streets you'll see soldiers with with weapons, not because it's unsafe to walk around it's just this just military and survival and against the odds, is part of sort of like my DNA makeup of spending.

00:04:34.140 --> 00:04:47.550 Zev Asch: 22 years of my life in Israel, including serving Israeli army in and participating in in the war, the reason I use the term street fight when it comes to businesses because.

00:04:48.510 --> 00:05:00.690 Zev Asch: i'm a small business got my dad had a tiny little grocery store in Israel in the corner of two streets, and if you walk the one block in any direction, there will be another grocery store.

00:05:01.800 --> 00:05:09.480 Zev Asch: That was way before supermarkets came around and and I watched my dad worked from 4am till 8pm every single day.

00:05:10.200 --> 00:05:23.040 Zev Asch: Literally clothing and holding on to a business, there was pretty simple right you people used to come in get fresh roles and milk in the morning and get some Deli meat and some other stuff and in the evening, they they pick up some some canceled.

00:05:24.870 --> 00:05:36.270 Zev Asch: But if he if he missed if he failed to serve his customers all they had to do was literally when they came out of their apartment building instead of making a right there and to go see my dad store.

00:05:36.840 --> 00:05:48.360 Zev Asch: They will make a left turn and go see the other guy and it's sort of like imprinted on me that he was always worried about customers, he was always worried about the business.

00:05:49.080 --> 00:06:02.250 Zev Asch: And he went through hooks as somebody who was literally on educated he you know he he ran away from Poland in when he was in his early 20s immigrated to Israel before the big war.

00:06:02.820 --> 00:06:14.130 Zev Asch: never went to high school was really uneducated and wind up owning the business and intuitively through survival through that street smart mentality that I always come back to.

00:06:15.690 --> 00:06:28.920 Zev Asch: was able to support a family save enough money that allowed me at some point actually pay for me to come to the US and go to college and I stuck around and paid my own way for the rest of it.

00:06:30.000 --> 00:06:37.950 Zev Asch: So the term is not the militant term in terms of street smart, but I do believe that, just like my father's store.

00:06:39.540 --> 00:06:54.510 Zev Asch: Small Business and particularly after calls it it's a street fight for survival, because we many of our clients have closed down lost revenue and other things are getting back to normal, you have to play catch up.

00:06:54.990 --> 00:07:11.160 Zev Asch: And I don't think anybody is giving anything up and so it's truly roll up your sleeves and let's go out there and and claim what's ours and what's ours is really for the most part, is for the business to not just survive, but to continue to grow so.

00:07:12.540 --> 00:07:12.870 Zev Asch: Go ahead.

00:07:13.230 --> 00:07:15.240 Graham Dobbin: No good God God sorry sorry is over.

00:07:16.350 --> 00:07:28.770 Zev Asch: I said I am even though I come from, from a country, and as I described it, that is somewhat militant in its daily routines I come in peace, Graham i'm a peace loving person.

00:07:29.610 --> 00:07:36.930 Zev Asch: This is Nonviolent this is beat them with creative strategies and outsmarting your competition that's a street fight.

00:07:37.920 --> 00:07:47.190 Graham Dobbin: i'm gonna be i'm really curious are digging into the kind of the creative strategies that we're talking about i'm curious just on the language here, because one thing that jumps out.

00:07:47.790 --> 00:07:52.650 Graham Dobbin: And when you talk about your father it's it's do you think the the worry of loss.

00:07:52.920 --> 00:08:03.450 Graham Dobbin: is more than kind of people, creating things do you think that gets in the way of creativity, when people are afraid that they might come up that apartment it's on the left, rather than some right.

00:08:03.900 --> 00:08:12.330 Graham Dobbin: So i'm just wondering how that influences people wind up in the thinking about how to promote the business and how they how they improve that efforts into marketing.

00:08:13.560 --> 00:08:16.530 Zev Asch: So, as you said, in the intro.

00:08:18.180 --> 00:08:23.880 Zev Asch: I spent my entire career in in with small business small and family on businesses.

00:08:24.690 --> 00:08:31.890 Zev Asch: It was a choice because when I was in graduate school, I was an intern an IBM and I had a open door to go work for IBM.

00:08:32.580 --> 00:08:46.500 Zev Asch: And after spending enough time there I realized that number one I wasn't cut out for that type of a corporate environment, I think we share the same thing, we are very straightforward, we are opinionated we say how we feel.

00:08:47.610 --> 00:09:00.840 Zev Asch: I wasn't politically wired to always worry about what I say what I do and play the political game to to eventually 20 years later, get up to the upper floor get a corner office a window in a rubber plant that was not.

00:09:01.350 --> 00:09:11.580 Zev Asch: That wasn't my dream and the other the other piece was I I started my life sort of a 29 and I felt that I was already behind.

00:09:12.780 --> 00:09:22.950 Zev Asch: People my age who actually grew up in us went to college started to work, so there wasn't urgency for me to find a platform and environment where.

00:09:23.670 --> 00:09:35.040 Zev Asch: If i'm a hard worker and i'm really good what I do in a small business I would get noticed, and I will be able to move up for me financially was more important than titles or promotions.

00:09:35.940 --> 00:09:46.980 Zev Asch: I wanted to catch up, and I was here with a six month old baby so that pressure was on, but I wanted the small family owned business someone like my dad store but that's really small.

00:09:48.540 --> 00:10:01.620 Zev Asch: I didn't mind wearing multiple hats, which is what we do in a small and small business, you know you just you wind up having multiple roles, because the company is willing to pay to hire six different people to do.

00:10:03.720 --> 00:10:15.990 Zev Asch: So this is where by design, I spent my entire career and I, you know it's it's kind of sometimes dangerous dangerous to come out and say I know.

00:10:16.890 --> 00:10:32.430 Zev Asch: So when I say I know it's it's it's three decades, plus four decades of experience of working with family and small business owners, so I know their psyche I understand that I know their DNA, I know how they think.

00:10:33.270 --> 00:10:47.370 Zev Asch: And that's what allows me allowed me to be successful later on when I actually started my own business 10 years ago I understand where they come from and so your typical small business owner to going back to your question about being afraid to lose.

00:10:48.600 --> 00:10:58.680 Zev Asch: When they come into work in the morning and when they go home at night, the one questions that sort of like reverberates in their in their mind all the time is.

00:10:59.460 --> 00:11:10.890 Zev Asch: That they make enough sales today can I pay the bills tomorrow what's going to happen tomorrow morning it's it's a roller coaster right, we have our businesses have a great day, have a bad day.

00:11:11.340 --> 00:11:24.750 Zev Asch: And it's a constant fear of what's life going to hand me tomorrow right, so the point that I make in the book which i'm sure we'll get to later and and what i've learned throughout my career.

00:11:25.380 --> 00:11:39.870 Zev Asch: Is that if you are smart enough to build a consistent business that has systems and processes and over men not over managed but overseen by.

00:11:40.380 --> 00:11:48.030 Zev Asch: A culture and leadership that allows all the parts to work together, the fear of loss becomes.

00:11:48.630 --> 00:12:04.950 Zev Asch: Non existent it's always there right, I mean you're going to get up in the morning and someone's going to walk over to you and say I just got an email, we lost our biggest customer right it happens all the time, or you find out that your best salesperson just left and went to the competition.

00:12:06.210 --> 00:12:18.180 Zev Asch: But that's part of the reality of small business it's a continuous living in continuous surprise, but the point is if it's if you build a business on a solid basis.

00:12:18.870 --> 00:12:33.660 Zev Asch: And all the critical parts in a business or working in sync yes you're always going to worry but it's not going to be i'm going to go out of business tomorrow it's Am I ready for whatever is coming at me tomorrow, out of left field and how is that going to affect.

00:12:36.450 --> 00:12:44.160 Graham Dobbin: computed 29 years old and you went into small, but what was the first rule YouTube COM, so what what what was what did that look like.

00:12:45.270 --> 00:12:45.780 Zev Asch: So.

00:12:47.310 --> 00:12:54.780 Zev Asch: I my parents had enough money for me to pay my tuition and board for college, for the first year, then I was on my own.

00:12:55.440 --> 00:13:09.150 Zev Asch: I was lucky enough big an Israeli an ex military guy to get a contract to be one of the people that ran Israeli airline security at JFK and that actually paid extremely well.

00:13:10.170 --> 00:13:19.410 Zev Asch: And so the only commitment I had to make was to actually work eight to 10 hour shifts but I was able to weave that into my my classes, it was OK, so at the end of that.

00:13:19.980 --> 00:13:31.500 Zev Asch: of my undergraduate degree, when I decided to stick around and get my MBA I needed to not support myself that contract ended with the airlines to see was actually with the government.

00:13:32.340 --> 00:13:42.750 Zev Asch: And so, one of my fellow security officers went to work for a fine jewelry company in Manhattan and they were looking for a marketing guy.

00:13:43.680 --> 00:13:53.400 Zev Asch: And he said so, what do I have to do and said well JC penney who I think they're still in business JC penney was there, their main customer.

00:13:54.030 --> 00:14:03.120 Zev Asch: seven and a half million dollars worth of jewelry buying and he said we need someone to be the key person that works with the head buyer was in sixth avenue.

00:14:04.140 --> 00:14:13.950 Zev Asch: work with them and support this major account so that was That was my first job there was my going to an MBA night school in marketing but also working during the day.

00:14:14.400 --> 00:14:22.950 Zev Asch: With JC penney and the fine jewelry store and I think they had over 350 stores at the time, so it was pretty fascinating was a great training on the retail.

00:14:25.770 --> 00:14:34.080 Graham Dobbin: side, a dream job for some people being able to work with a with a national retailer like that, and like kind of being one of your first your first intros and.

00:14:34.560 --> 00:14:41.310 Graham Dobbin: you're absolutely right after the break we're gonna we're going to talk about your book how to get the most out of marketing and also kind of.

00:14:41.850 --> 00:15:02.340 Graham Dobbin: decide what was the drive for marketing, what was the thing that designated zev to be looking at that you're listening to the main behind leadership here live on talk radio dot nyc it's Monday evening in New York, and we are speaking with Sam ash we'll be back right after these messages.

00:17:21.030 --> 00:17:21.870 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the.

00:17:22.560 --> 00:17:23.760 Graham Dobbin: Language we're speaking.

00:17:23.820 --> 00:17:27.630 Graham Dobbin: With Sam ash so zeb why marketing.

00:17:30.120 --> 00:17:39.030 Zev Asch: Great question and and i'm going to go right into a confession so ever since I was don't worry it's okay it's all it's all clean.

00:17:40.650 --> 00:17:50.790 Zev Asch: Ever since ever since I can remember myself, I was, I was obsessed with the human brain I don't know why, but the whole thing just just fascinated me.

00:17:51.360 --> 00:17:59.340 Zev Asch: And, as I was getting older and getting ready to go to school, my dad kept pushing me to be an accountant, he said, you should be an accountant they make a lot of money.

00:18:00.090 --> 00:18:14.610 Zev Asch: And, of course, being an only child spoiled and also not listening to what your parents tell you I said no, I want to be a psychologist so I came to the US and my major in college was will psychology.

00:18:16.170 --> 00:18:33.570 Zev Asch: And, as I was getting towards the end of the four year degree everybody was asking you what you're doing so, you should get a PhD in in psychology and they said there's no way that I can afford to be here on my own and take a five year PhD program so.

00:18:34.590 --> 00:18:38.760 Zev Asch: I thought about it, and I was never interested in therapy as a couch.

00:18:39.630 --> 00:18:49.350 Zev Asch: You know somebody sitting on the couch or lay on the couch my interest was in what today, interestingly, is called I believe organizational behavior.

00:18:49.770 --> 00:19:04.650 Zev Asch: When I was going to school, it was called the industrial psychology That was my interest and how do, how does the environment influences people in terms of psychology and productivity and performance that was my interest so.

00:19:06.630 --> 00:19:15.060 Zev Asch: I was told that having a master's in psychology is pretty much useless, you need a PhD so I really thought about what would make sense.

00:19:15.630 --> 00:19:29.100 Zev Asch: In tying psychology to what other discipline and and since i've taken a few courses in marketing and colleges said, this is, this is where I think I can I can be happy in sort of because to me.

00:19:30.480 --> 00:19:33.150 Zev Asch: Marketing has always been continues to be.

00:19:34.230 --> 00:19:49.800 Zev Asch: Some some function of the human brain because we rely on humans to make decisions to buy our products and and that has to do with the mindset, the perceptions, so that whole thing fascinated me, and so I immerse myself in markets.

00:19:51.090 --> 00:19:51.360 Graham Dobbin: i'm.

00:19:52.590 --> 00:19:54.990 Graham Dobbin: Really curious with this then i'm.

00:19:56.100 --> 00:19:57.870 Graham Dobbin: you've created this cycle.

00:19:59.040 --> 00:20:02.370 Graham Dobbin: really interested, you know what here's another confession from reserve.

00:20:03.180 --> 00:20:15.840 Graham Dobbin: My father told me that kansans make good money as well and it's an only child he tried to kick me in the accountancy it didn't work I can't imagine neither one of us sitting here filling out ledger's as it was at that point is that point in time.

00:20:16.710 --> 00:20:17.430 Zev Asch: Absolutely.

00:20:17.490 --> 00:20:29.940 Graham Dobbin: As an accountant and interested with your understanding how accountancy works and how they have the influence on business, I might have been a little bit more interested in it, rather than just the numbers side because they do have.

00:20:30.840 --> 00:20:40.020 Graham Dobbin: A large part to play and and kind of how businesses work and so you've gone from this to writing a book of.

00:20:41.430 --> 00:20:52.440 Graham Dobbin: numbers and what's been in between who's been your inspiration, so one person that you can turn around and go then that's it that's that's the person who's just got it for me in marketing.

00:20:52.500 --> 00:21:06.030 Zev Asch: Oh, that really easy for me there's only one as always been one there always will be one it seth godin and i've i've come across it over 20 years ago.

00:21:07.410 --> 00:21:17.790 Zev Asch: In in started reading his book called purple cow yeah and, as I remember, as I was reading the book, I said to myself.

00:21:18.450 --> 00:21:33.300 Zev Asch: holy crap somebody actually put into words what i've been thinking about now, this is not to say that I am anywhere near seth godin seth godin to me, is an absolute marketing genius yeah um.

00:21:33.750 --> 00:21:52.290 Zev Asch: So i'm not i'm not at all comparing myself to seth but I had this intuitive sense about differentiation and I could never I mean it was too early too early in my career was 20 plus years ago, but all of a sudden, I read it, and everything clicked and I said holy crap This makes sense.

00:21:54.090 --> 00:22:07.800 Zev Asch: And I have read every single thing he's ever written i've got a few of them with his autograph clothes I run into him everywhere, he goes on, if I can chase him i'm like a justin bieber groupie i'll just go over there.

00:22:10.170 --> 00:22:20.490 Zev Asch: And I even bought it, I mean he's he's brilliant there's a book he published, maybe, four years ago on unlimited edition, I believe, only 500 books were published it.

00:22:21.060 --> 00:22:31.710 Zev Asch: If I was ready, I would have it, for you it's about 25 pounds it's huge it's a complete it's a complete work of art and I bought it.

00:22:33.300 --> 00:22:46.200 Zev Asch: And when seth was with with my good friend Ramon Ray and one of his events and Ramon had this VIP club where only a select few could actually go meet safe during the break and talk to him.

00:22:47.160 --> 00:22:57.000 Zev Asch: I like this monster from from long island on the train walked over to the contracts this and and I have lower back issues, this was.

00:22:57.930 --> 00:23:16.140 Zev Asch: brutal and but sets I have pictures of set signing it so one person absolutely seth godin, without a doubt, no questions asked that doesn't mean that there are there aren't some brilliant minds in marketing are the ones, but for me.

00:23:17.430 --> 00:23:27.270 Zev Asch: seth is not just brilliant be as close as you get to a fortune Teller in marketing everything is talked about years ago is falling into place, to this day.

00:23:29.010 --> 00:23:37.470 Zev Asch: And as interesting there's a book that I actually had him autograph a few years ago, and he looked at me said oh my God I forgot about this one it's called the red fez.

00:23:38.400 --> 00:23:58.770 Zev Asch: And it's about how to you build a website it's a tiny little book it's a tiny little book and you know what that's all you need I mean he nailed every single aspect of a good performing website, and this is 20 years so seth has been my influencer.

00:24:00.000 --> 00:24:05.730 Zev Asch: I admire him I read everything I watch every YouTube videos ever been made on seth.

00:24:07.620 --> 00:24:08.430 Zev Asch: that's the answer.

00:24:09.630 --> 00:24:22.680 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting he said kind of goes against what what the common logic is so he sends out an email, and remember the UK was like noon every day you got an email so it's just a little bit of a snippet.

00:24:23.280 --> 00:24:38.790 Graham Dobbin: So rather than rather than rather than a newsletter or something like that going I want someone it was just a little snippet of a thought and approach, an idea on a daily basis and it probably takes two minutes to read, if that.

00:24:39.990 --> 00:24:40.260 Zev Asch: it's.

00:24:40.350 --> 00:24:41.580 Graham Dobbin: A signal.

00:24:42.510 --> 00:24:48.600 Zev Asch: No one's doing it it's his blog comes into my inbox every single day never misses it.

00:24:49.260 --> 00:25:05.100 Zev Asch: first thing in the morning, the first thing I do is read seth blog I believe he's got five to 6 million subscribers to it, but he I think he coined it because I never heard that term before when seth said what you should do is ship your stuff.

00:25:06.540 --> 00:25:18.720 Zev Asch: I didn't understand what he meant I thought shipping meaning put something in the box, but incest terminology shipping meaning if you create something publishing it and look.

00:25:20.070 --> 00:25:28.950 Zev Asch: i'm a marketing guy and i'm a creative guy and i'm a writer and and I do all the stuff that all of us do, but we all have this this fear and hesitancy.

00:25:30.180 --> 00:25:47.460 Zev Asch: Even to this day is are people going to like write it is Am I good, am I going to have enough people commenting liking my article on linkedin my post on Facebook, or anywhere else, and one of the things I learned from seth very, very early on.

00:25:48.690 --> 00:25:52.110 Zev Asch: Is that if you have something to say.

00:25:53.850 --> 00:26:09.450 Zev Asch: Just bloody ship it publish it who cares if nobody reads it who cares if one person on linkedin give you a thumbs up and no one else bothered it doesn't matter, what matters is that if you create something, and if you have an opinion.

00:26:10.620 --> 00:26:14.760 Zev Asch: Or, if you want to share shipping do it send it out.

00:26:16.200 --> 00:26:28.830 Zev Asch: And to this day when when I write an article on linkedin yeah there's there's a part of me that says okay it's a giant universe isn't going to be embarrassing if only three people comment on my my article or just like right.

00:26:29.340 --> 00:26:36.450 Zev Asch: And do people look at at the work that we produce and they their eyes immediately go to Okay, how many likes does it get.

00:26:37.380 --> 00:26:44.130 Zev Asch: But it's to me it's a condition behavior that's that's that's just idiotic because it doesn't mean anything.

00:26:44.880 --> 00:26:50.820 Zev Asch: There are plenty of people that read this stuff and just don't bother to like it or comment because everybody's busy, and they get distracted.

00:26:51.210 --> 00:27:03.030 Zev Asch: what's important is for me when I write when I publish something if I can make a difference in someone's life or business because of an opinion or something that I wrote.

00:27:03.870 --> 00:27:14.640 Zev Asch: Then I hope that I did right and once in a blue moon somebody reaches out and says, you know I read your thing it actually touched me Okay, they like it no they did I mean.

00:27:14.670 --> 00:27:15.990 click on the like, but yeah.

00:27:17.700 --> 00:27:29.100 Graham Dobbin: So you've had the opportunity, you know you've taken the opportunity you've published the book talk us through the process talk us about what's in the book what's the approach here.

00:27:30.360 --> 00:27:38.820 Zev Asch: Okay, so this is actually my second book and you're going to smile because i'm going to tell you about why I wrote the first one.

00:27:39.510 --> 00:27:51.570 Zev Asch: I was actually a pretty prolific consistent blogger, on my website and this goes back, maybe seven years ago, and as I started to network and meet people, because I was a.

00:27:52.230 --> 00:28:01.650 Zev Asch: Corporate executive that's been all this time on planes flying around the world, when I started my own company, the big advice everybody told me was you have to network.

00:28:02.670 --> 00:28:11.850 Zev Asch: Dr Graham number two, you have to you, should you should be a speaker get yourself speaking engagements and number three you got to publish a book.

00:28:12.540 --> 00:28:21.420 Zev Asch: So when people see you under your title that you are a speaker author, you know all the other stuff it adds credibility so.

00:28:22.320 --> 00:28:29.010 Zev Asch: Unlike me I usually don't follow the herd when people tell me how to do things like this, but in this it made sense, so I took.

00:28:29.550 --> 00:28:40.680 Zev Asch: A three years worth of blogs, and I put him into a book and the title of the book was are you sure about that because I tend to question everything and I wanted people to accept that that approach.

00:28:42.060 --> 00:28:49.560 Zev Asch: I met a publisher he promised me the world I handed him the book and the the head the rest is history, nothing happened to the right.

00:28:51.300 --> 00:28:59.310 Zev Asch: In the first two weeks, I was actually remembering the book next to the book, it says number one hot new seller.

00:29:00.180 --> 00:29:06.210 Zev Asch: and on Amazon and stupid me I didn't learn about the public the self publishing publishing.

00:29:06.600 --> 00:29:21.600 Zev Asch: This was actually the equivalent of being a best seller, but for a very short period of time right yeah so had I known that I would have done something to continue that momentum I looked in I said okay great and then it disappeared so fast forward.

00:29:23.160 --> 00:29:28.890 Zev Asch: um i've always working with small business owners, is very challenging.

00:29:30.060 --> 00:29:39.420 Zev Asch: it's it's it's dynamic it's exciting but it's incredibly incredibly tasking from from an energy standpoint and.

00:29:40.890 --> 00:29:46.410 Zev Asch: As a marketing guy one of the things that I always preach and I do it myself I study the competition.

00:29:46.830 --> 00:29:56.460 Zev Asch: So if there's a webinar on marketing does a book on marketing there's a podcast I try to learn as much as I can, and expose myself too much information.

00:29:57.300 --> 00:30:06.780 Zev Asch: And one of the things that I realized when it came to marketing books on Amazon, is that there are some really, really good books, written by some Famous people.

00:30:09.120 --> 00:30:16.980 Zev Asch: But I know my people my tribe of small business owners who fight the trenches back to the intro right.

00:30:19.020 --> 00:30:19.620 Zev Asch: and

00:30:20.790 --> 00:30:25.320 Zev Asch: there's a few things that I know about small businesses is number one they don't want to be told what they're doing wrong.

00:30:26.550 --> 00:30:34.200 Zev Asch: Number two they are incredibly busy all the time, and so, if you give them more work to do, it's not going to get done.

00:30:36.720 --> 00:30:45.480 Zev Asch: And one of the The thing that I identified in terms of marketing books was that there wasn't anything out there.

00:30:46.170 --> 00:30:57.330 Zev Asch: That would be the equivalent of a simple action sort of a roadmap for any business owner to pick up the book read a relatively short chapter.

00:30:57.900 --> 00:31:08.400 Zev Asch: have some action points at the end and be able to implement it, so one of the things that is there was missing from from the book world in marketing.

00:31:09.210 --> 00:31:22.500 Zev Asch: was something that's practical something that any business owner can grab easy to read, no jargon know complicated theories know convoluted ways to do things, but something that's really simple.

00:31:22.830 --> 00:31:35.220 Graham Dobbin: So what we'll do is we're just about to take a break, when we come back from the break let's look at some practical things exactly what's in the blue what it really could continue this discussion is sounds like we've got a lot to talk about in this book.

00:31:35.520 --> 00:31:35.820 Graham Dobbin: Yes.

00:31:36.450 --> 00:31:45.810 Graham Dobbin: there's going to be really practical and relevant to a lot of people who are listening and you're listening to the main bang leadership and we you know so lucky to have them actually with us.

00:31:46.530 --> 00:31:53.520 Graham Dobbin: Talking about marketing, how are we get the most of it and how we fight corner we'll be back right after these.

00:34:35.280 --> 00:34:45.780 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back you're listening to the mind behind leadership we're live here on talk radio dot nyc we're speaking with Sam ash said we've talked about a book.

00:34:46.110 --> 00:34:55.620 Graham Dobbin: I hope to get the most out of marketing the influence that you've got from seth Gordon and also kind of just that not practical side.

00:34:56.040 --> 00:35:10.530 Graham Dobbin: of marketing talk us through why that's really important i'm with you on it i'm just curious about your your thoughts your opinions about practical rather than kind of the academic and intellectual side of of of what people talk about.

00:35:12.480 --> 00:35:20.940 Zev Asch: So if we go to any small business owner and we asked them what is one thing you wish for your business.

00:35:21.960 --> 00:35:31.170 Zev Asch: The the answer most people would give I need more sales, generally speaking, probably today, some of them would say I need more employees.

00:35:33.090 --> 00:35:52.530 Zev Asch: or or good employees, but more often than not any passionate business owner that i've ever worked for or work with with first thing would say, of course I want more customers, and so this is this that you go to sleep you wake up with I need more customers, I need more customers and.

00:35:55.500 --> 00:35:57.930 Zev Asch: In our in our quest.

00:35:58.950 --> 00:36:00.420 Zev Asch: To find customers.

00:36:02.100 --> 00:36:20.820 Zev Asch: We always look for what's the latest and greatest thing that we can press a button and boom, you know, things are going to happen right so because I study my competitors and I study the industry in the marketing industry.

00:36:21.960 --> 00:36:28.920 Zev Asch: And i'm sure you've run into them also you can miss, particularly on YouTube all these I call them.

00:36:29.520 --> 00:36:38.850 Zev Asch: Self appointed experts and gurus that will come in and they stand in front of a bentley and they tell you how much money they make, and then they walk you through this.

00:36:39.120 --> 00:36:46.470 Zev Asch: rented house in California that's not theirs, and sometimes they'll show you their checks of how much money they made and they're going to teach you.

00:36:46.860 --> 00:36:55.170 Zev Asch: And by the way, all of them quit college lived in their car eight from eight on the garbage right they all have the same story and then all of a sudden.

00:36:55.500 --> 00:37:05.730 Zev Asch: They became marketing geniuses and they have a system and a process that they're going to teach you exactly how they made their millions and YouTube can be rich.

00:37:07.110 --> 00:37:17.850 Zev Asch: To some extent it appeals to two part of our brain that's the primitive side that always wants what everybody else has, especially if they're successful What if they're going to show me how to do it.

00:37:18.270 --> 00:37:28.080 Zev Asch: Why can I do the same thing happens at a smaller scale, with small business owners, we all want, including myself, we all want more customers and.

00:37:28.980 --> 00:37:41.040 Zev Asch: it's definitely has gotten increasingly more challenging and difficult to get customers, from the start of the Internet to where we are today the Internet was a game changer.

00:37:42.060 --> 00:37:53.070 Zev Asch: All of a sudden, you know I always say that my worst competitor can be some guy living in a porta potty in at the Vegas desert having a wi fi and then, I know, let them.

00:37:53.790 --> 00:38:10.590 Zev Asch: And as long as he has a beautiful website and he he does the content right and he can make up testimonials because nobody ever checks those he can actually compete with me so we live in a global universe, where everybody's a competitor, and I refer to this in a book.

00:38:11.850 --> 00:38:30.780 Zev Asch: What the result is that there is a tremendous amount of noise that's coming at our customers constantly so when when I lecture on marketing I said look here's the equivalent of of marketing is today imagine that there's a single person standing.

00:38:32.040 --> 00:38:37.500 Zev Asch: And they're facing a very thick cloud covering hundreds of people.

00:38:38.190 --> 00:38:46.500 Zev Asch: And all that person can hear you can see anybody, but it can hear by for me buy from me by for me i'm the best i'm the best where the leading company.

00:38:47.070 --> 00:38:50.640 Zev Asch: That that non stop knows it's coming out of the closet you can see him.

00:38:51.270 --> 00:39:02.580 Zev Asch: And for for average customer, this is sort of what they're faced with when it's consistent digital junk and noise that comes out there, which is, which is overwhelming.

00:39:03.150 --> 00:39:11.790 Zev Asch: And again now we're going to psychology what happens to human beings, when they get overwhelmed they get anxious and when they're anxious and have to make a decision.

00:39:12.540 --> 00:39:17.520 Zev Asch: They make a quick decision that makes them feel good because they need to get rid of that anxiety.

00:39:18.300 --> 00:39:30.090 Zev Asch: Right it works in my field that somebody needs to hire me to help them grow their business and how much do you charge and they spoke to five other people, and all of a sudden it's it's incredibly stressful.

00:39:30.630 --> 00:39:42.210 Zev Asch: The decision they'll make more often than not, is to go, probably with the one that charges, the least amount oh price low price always wins when the customer is anxious and so.

00:39:43.290 --> 00:39:56.100 Zev Asch: When we think about how do we get customers, today I need more customers more customers, we can help bye bye but to be overwhelmed and to be stressed out because.

00:39:56.550 --> 00:40:06.090 Zev Asch: you're trying so many different things, and most of them don't work, and the reason why they don't work is because of that digital noise you just one out of.

00:40:06.600 --> 00:40:15.810 Zev Asch: Many people that post on Facebook Is anybody going to see your post i'd like to watch the feed and you'll see how quickly your post disappears yeah so.

00:40:17.070 --> 00:40:25.200 Zev Asch: So the business owners are trying everything that they can and but the always looking for what's the latest and greatest, and so they get tempted by.

00:40:25.890 --> 00:40:44.430 Zev Asch: I know marketing automation platform I new way to to scan Twitter and no way you know you can go on linkedin and buy all these cheap things that draw email addresses of decision makers and you can start spamming them there's so much stuff out there and.

00:40:45.690 --> 00:40:56.850 Zev Asch: And every single client i've worked with in the past 10 years, including some of the companies that I worked for we all acted that way because of the pressure to get new customers, so we grasp it everything.

00:40:58.290 --> 00:41:02.550 Zev Asch: My books mission or the messages, please stop.

00:41:03.630 --> 00:41:12.930 Zev Asch: Take a look at your business, they are basic principles of how to build and grow a business, and I know, Graham you know them because you've built one.

00:41:13.560 --> 00:41:20.340 Zev Asch: In Europe, very, very successful those building blocks those principles of how to create a company.

00:41:21.120 --> 00:41:35.160 Zev Asch: That can achieve consistent growth and I always repeat the words consistent sustainable growth, not the spike because you use something and then it going to drop and it's going to stay down.

00:41:36.090 --> 00:41:51.090 Zev Asch: Those principles, I refer to in my book, as the most common overlooked principles of how to grow a business that eight out of 10 business owners that i've worked with have all missed some of them.

00:41:52.170 --> 00:41:54.030 Zev Asch: So my message is simple.

00:41:55.560 --> 00:42:08.940 Zev Asch: i'm going to write a book for you, that covers those overlooked principles and going back to basics right nothing fancy nothing complicated, but you know what simple words basic stuff works.

00:42:09.450 --> 00:42:16.170 Zev Asch: i'm going to walk you through those basic principles overlooked principles that so many business owners and neglect.

00:42:17.190 --> 00:42:18.600 Zev Asch: And the message is.

00:42:19.800 --> 00:42:33.960 Zev Asch: Take care of the House, first, before you start to build an extension, because if your foundation is writing if the roof is leaking if the electricity is got not a trustee was done not too cold it's going to start a fire.

00:42:35.160 --> 00:42:41.490 Zev Asch: it's pointless for you to start building a second floor and expand what's that what's the point and and it's costly.

00:42:42.540 --> 00:42:43.950 Zev Asch: Speaking of costly.

00:42:45.030 --> 00:42:50.670 Zev Asch: I could tell you, and again I, I know that because i'm in the trenches and and I work at ground level.

00:42:51.510 --> 00:42:57.690 Zev Asch: Every single customer i've ever worked with and people that I meet in networking and public workshops.

00:42:58.470 --> 00:43:06.660 Zev Asch: they've all spent many fortune on all marketing tools and marketing consultants who don't know what they're doing and agencies.

00:43:07.440 --> 00:43:16.020 Zev Asch: Just pray that something's going to happen and, at the end it doesn't happen, and the reason it doesn't happen is because.

00:43:16.920 --> 00:43:26.280 Zev Asch: You cannot use someone else's template for your own business and that's what all these self made gurus and experts sell i'm going to show you.

00:43:26.880 --> 00:43:39.990 Zev Asch: What i've done successfully copy me and YouTube should be successful right no doesn't work, you cannot rubber stamp someone else's business onto yours, because one your customers are different.

00:43:40.440 --> 00:43:50.850 Zev Asch: Your culture internal culture is different, your employees and different you might have a different mission or vision for your business you just can't do it, so the book is simple.

00:43:52.170 --> 00:44:06.360 Zev Asch: Interestingly, one of the reviewers recently gave me four to five stars she loved the book, but you wouldn't give me the fifth star going why because the book was too skinny.

00:44:07.890 --> 00:44:26.550 Zev Asch: And so back to psychology right if I wrote it to 300 marketing book and there's plenty of them out there that perception in the minds of potential reader or customer well a 300 page marketing book that has some good reviews I should buy it I should read.

00:44:28.200 --> 00:44:36.390 Zev Asch: I know, without hesitation grant none of the people that i've ever come across what business owners and many of them were successful.

00:44:36.990 --> 00:44:51.930 Zev Asch: Not one of them is ever going to sit down and read a 300 marketing book what every chapter every chapter has got things you should do they don't have the time to read, but more importantly, they don't have the time to go and implement what they're reading about.

00:44:52.830 --> 00:45:05.490 Zev Asch: So my my book is purposely under 100 pages that you can sit down read it in an hour come back star Chapter one highlight I give you action points for the basic principles which i'm sure you want to talk.

00:45:06.360 --> 00:45:14.070 Graham Dobbin: We do when we come back after the break I do want to talk about that, but when you throw in a question when they give you i'm going to give you time to think about this one.

00:45:14.670 --> 00:45:14.880 Zev Asch: All right.

00:45:15.420 --> 00:45:28.560 Graham Dobbin: Good very few people have been able to give me a decent answer you're talking about testimonials has kind of been something that everybody puts on but they're always going to be there nobody's going to get a testimonial and see my business was okay.

00:45:30.810 --> 00:45:40.200 Graham Dobbin: um yeah I mean we've talked about seth Gordon putting up a blog on a daily basis, which is just almost unheard off and get people to access that so we took a few minutes.

00:45:40.680 --> 00:45:48.810 Graham Dobbin: i'm still always confused have invited newsletters of the four weeks, not every two and a half weeks i'm i'm interested in why we have blogs every.

00:45:49.200 --> 00:46:00.870 Graham Dobbin: Every four weeks or that this is cadence and marketing that just seems to be kind of a set around the calendar, rather than what people actually the quiet i'm curious about.

00:46:01.320 --> 00:46:11.700 Graham Dobbin: Your kind of your now so i'll give you time to think about that, why is okay, please join us later every four weeks and you're listening to the main behind leadership we are speaking with a bash we're talking about.

00:46:12.000 --> 00:46:20.820 Graham Dobbin: real practical ways that we can go to market, I can be stand out from others, and not just follow the crowd will be right back after these.

00:48:28.170 --> 00:48:34.290 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back you're listening to the bank bank leadership so save say come on you've got out of this answer.

00:48:34.710 --> 00:48:43.470 Graham Dobbin: nobody's ever been able to tell me why we send out blogs every two weeks or every four weeks and A newsletter every fourth week.

00:48:44.160 --> 00:49:00.690 Graham Dobbin: We talked about seth Gordon get the kindle the regularity and up the movie out of it, I remember in the UK 12 and doing it in a ping in my email box and then you got to that point, it was safe, it was interesting in new 12 noon that that was his email.

00:49:01.500 --> 00:49:07.020 Graham Dobbin: hey Why did we do it in the other way, I do have this kind of everyone thought.

00:49:08.100 --> 00:49:09.540 Zev Asch: kinda so okay.

00:49:09.600 --> 00:49:17.430 Zev Asch: So I love the question and and you got me excited because I might be going into a rent which.

00:49:18.750 --> 00:49:20.400 Graham Dobbin: that's what we want to run.

00:49:20.790 --> 00:49:30.570 Zev Asch: And and and I want to tell you that and try i'm gonna try and use a an English word, because I don't know what it is in Scottish but it's a bunch of bullets.

00:49:33.000 --> 00:49:34.170 Graham Dobbin: Worse, in Scotland as well.

00:49:34.800 --> 00:49:42.450 Zev Asch: Okay, or or what I don't know what they say your malarkey i'm not going to use bad words but it's a bunch of crap.

00:49:43.770 --> 00:49:46.890 Zev Asch: Graham I don't believe in i'm sorry I don't believe in it.

00:49:48.360 --> 00:50:02.340 Zev Asch: No one can tell me that the best day to send emails out is Tuesday and Wednesday it's crap it's human behavior people don't act this way Okay, so if you use a good man email system.

00:50:03.960 --> 00:50:13.620 Zev Asch: Some of them I use a company commander light are using the past may look mailchimp or do you believe, has the same thing when you when you send an email out, they could be the newsletter right.

00:50:15.090 --> 00:50:25.710 Zev Asch: You can schedule it, you can send it immediately, but my platform either like gives you an option that says will choose the best time to send your email up now, how do they know.

00:50:26.250 --> 00:50:39.480 Zev Asch: Well, simple, in this case it works when they look historically at my email list they know and they can tell when my my clients my subscription my subscribers actually.

00:50:39.840 --> 00:50:48.900 Zev Asch: consistently open their emails they run their algorithm and they say Okay, Graham tends to open his emails on Wednesday evening.

00:50:49.560 --> 00:50:59.970 Zev Asch: So we're going to send Graham the email on Wednesday My point is when the data comes from your actual subscriber list and their behavior it's reliable.

00:51:00.570 --> 00:51:11.970 Zev Asch: But when it comes from some idiot that decided that tuesday's the best time to send an email out I don't buy it the same thing goes to the same thing goes to newsletter I don't think it matters.

00:51:13.230 --> 00:51:22.470 Zev Asch: Whether you send a newsletter every two weeks or once a month or every quarter, the point that everybody misses and i'm going to speak like seth.

00:51:23.280 --> 00:51:36.450 Zev Asch: It is not about the quantity it's about the quality, if you actually produce a newsletter that truly that your subscribers or customers can identify with.

00:51:37.470 --> 00:51:45.150 Zev Asch: then send them one every week, they will open it and love it because it serves a purpose it's providing value to the readers.

00:51:45.960 --> 00:51:50.280 Zev Asch: But if you just want to be a monkey that's the presses the send button.

00:51:50.730 --> 00:51:56.790 Zev Asch: Every two weeks because somebody wrote an article that you should send a newsletter every two weeks, not every four weeks.

00:51:57.150 --> 00:52:04.080 Zev Asch: you're wasting your time it really at the end comes down to one of the mantras that I repeat in my book.

00:52:04.650 --> 00:52:15.570 Zev Asch: And that is, if you want to provide good customer service that includes marketing, by the way, because blogs newsletters whatever it is videos it's part of part of marketing.

00:52:16.530 --> 00:52:24.390 Zev Asch: Then you just have to adopt a mindset that I call being the customer, you need to think and live.

00:52:25.110 --> 00:52:35.760 Zev Asch: and be able to relate to your customers mindset their life and what they go through that will allow you to produce content that they wouldn't mind getting.

00:52:36.450 --> 00:52:44.220 Zev Asch: And content that they can engage with and i'm not talking about sending them promotions and coupon codes.

00:52:44.730 --> 00:52:50.490 Zev Asch: i'm talking about real content, something that will make a difference in their life, so please educate me.

00:52:51.000 --> 00:53:00.840 Zev Asch: entertain me if it's funny I love to see something funny it should relate to your business, of course, but to me that's the answer, Graham there is no set.

00:53:01.260 --> 00:53:18.000 Zev Asch: Time to send stuff Although some people will disagree with me, I think it has to do with your own audience your target audience, the people that you are serving and if you know them really well when you send it is not that critical, the only thing I would say don't overdo it.

00:53:19.050 --> 00:53:33.600 Zev Asch: Right, so I don't allow my clients to send more than maybe two emails per month one email we're going to send to the list that's educational that has some some practical information.

00:53:34.080 --> 00:53:49.650 Zev Asch: The second mo will have the same but we receive a little bit of promo but it's very, very soft sale okay I don't want the emails to become promotional tools, but 90% of people I know use email to send somebody reminder that there's a coupon code.

00:53:51.210 --> 00:54:02.820 Graham Dobbin: And yeah seth does it on a daily basis and that just shows the approach can can can can work for me i'm not disagreeing with us ever not disagree yeah, no, no.

00:54:03.150 --> 00:54:10.440 Zev Asch: Because correct yeah because seth if you we've also read seth says emails a blog every single day.

00:54:12.720 --> 00:54:23.280 Zev Asch: I start my day with this stuff it's challenging it's it's you get you to think about something it's not just about marketing seth covers a lot of other areas he's just sharing.

00:54:24.150 --> 00:54:36.750 Zev Asch: Information that he wants people he wants to challenge us right, most of our customers use email and everything else for the wrong reason and that's just to promote their products and discounts, which is turns everybody off and he goes no.

00:54:37.320 --> 00:54:48.480 Graham Dobbin: it's interesting the link here within the marketing applaud that comes into the show I can't believe how quickly this is gone, so we need to chat again I think we've got another three or four shows, and this this discussion how.

00:54:49.800 --> 00:55:05.280 Graham Dobbin: You approached with marketing and approach with leadership is very, very similar if you get if you get one right, you can get the other way we think about employees were likely to meet them in the right way we think about our customers were likely to give them the right kind of message.

00:55:05.700 --> 00:55:18.660 Graham Dobbin: So this is a approach rather than necessarily the kind of the technical do this do that do the other it's a boat, the approach that there's right I is this coming back to there's no one way of doing it for the business.

00:55:20.430 --> 00:55:27.870 Graham Dobbin: So we're thinking about the customer, so we need to move that around our approach to the customers and how we how to do good to engage with us.

00:55:28.890 --> 00:55:32.010 Zev Asch: 100% your customers if you get to know them.

00:55:33.030 --> 00:55:40.260 Zev Asch: correctly, if you get to them by becoming intimate with them by engaging them by actually speaking to them.

00:55:40.800 --> 00:55:52.140 Zev Asch: Then you then tailor a marketing program to your customers that fits with their needs and what they're looking for you to do for them right if you just throw stuff at him.

00:55:53.100 --> 00:56:02.910 Zev Asch: Then it, you know look there is there's a marketing approach that I call and I don't know if you watched the movie scarface.

00:56:03.690 --> 00:56:17.820 Zev Asch: cuz I love I love Al pacino it's you know he's a gangster and, at the end of the movie he stands on the balcony when all the law enforcement and FBI people storm is his house he stands at the top of the balcony with a machine gun.

00:56:18.150 --> 00:56:24.480 Zev Asch: And you know, the famous saying is say hello to my little friend and he sprays bullets in all directions right so.

00:56:25.500 --> 00:56:36.300 Zev Asch: My problem is most people do scarface marketing, what does that mean they think the shotgun the machine gun and they spraying all direction and they hope that they hit someone IE they find a customer.

00:56:36.630 --> 00:56:49.770 Zev Asch: yeah the problem with that approach is you run out of bullets I a money and then, what do you do OK, so the best marketing is sharpshooter marketing identify exactly who you want to go after then go yeah.

00:56:50.580 --> 00:57:03.180 Graham Dobbin: So that's where we're going to have to finish it and scarface marketing avoider I absolutely love this we have got another two or three shows that really love to dig into this more, so please love you to come back on you're listening.

00:57:03.390 --> 00:57:19.200 Graham Dobbin: To the main behind manage we've been on talk you're on top radio dot nyc a big thanks to some live events producer keep it as right in the background, will be back next week Eastern 5pm on Monday live in New York.

00:57:20.610 --> 00:57:22.140 Graham Dobbin: Have a good evening take care bye bye.

00:57:23.040 --> 00:57:23.550 Zev Asch: Thank you.

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