Nourish the Soul

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What does it mean to Nourish the Soul?

To Nourish the Soul is to feed the essence of your being with love & light. It is through the process of uncovering the root of your life’s physical and emotional imbalances you gain the power to cultivate optimal health and well-being.  Designed to explore how food and body are extraordinary tools to uncover limiting beliefs and behaviors, the show illuminates the true power of aligning the mind, body, soul to create a truly nutritious relationship with yourself while healing from the inside out.  

Nourish the Soul talk radio show is geared to assist you to discover permanent solutions to living a life of true balance, vibrancy, and ease.  At its core, it is about helping individuals bridge the mind and body to the desired lessons of the soul. Your host, Elizabeth Tripp, Owner & Founder of her private practice Nourish the Soul in NYC, captivates the audience by showcasing food & the body as amazing avenues to deeply change the way you think, feel, and talk about yourself. A truly healthy body starts with a healthy mind.  

Questions like why can’t I ever lose this weight or how do I stop yo-yo dieting, or why do I stress eat will be discussed and much more! Elizabeth will openly talk about how to identify, break free, and clear away unhealthy beliefs and behaviors, so listeners begin to live a life full of freedom and ease today!

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Nourish the Soul