Nourish the Soul

Thursday, November 8, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/11/07 - NYC's Premier Medium

Facebook Live Video from 2018/11/07 - NYC's Premier Medium


2018/11/07 - NYC's Premier Medium

[EPISODE #44]  NYC's Premier Medium

Have you ever heard of the Long Island Medium? She is famously known for her ability to communicate with spirit and spiritual guides...  She has a successful TV show where she relays healing messages from soul's who have passed to their loved ones.  Well, guess what?!  I have been gifted with the same abilities. Yes, many of you know I’ve been seeing, feeling, and sensing spirit since I was four years old, but it wasn’t until I was in my late 20's that I learned to communicate with spirit guides and soul's who have passed.  Join me this Wednesday for an exciting Nourish the Soul as I take you on a journey to discover what it means to be an intuitive healer.  I will be breaking it down as I give you the 101 on mediumship and intuitive healing. Questions like what is a spirit guide, how do you work with them, OR what can you hear and see will be answered. Join me as I speak about how I reawoke to my gifts three years ago and how I now use these gifts to empower clients around the globe to be the absolute best version of themselves!  Working with spirit has changed my life and I am blessed to share my abilities with all of you.  It is time to lead the life you deserve. I am ready to share my innovative approach to health and well-being with you! Tune in to learn more!

Segment 1:

Elizabeth begins this segment by urging her audience to lead lives full of wellbeing, health, and happiness. She shows that we act out our fears when we lose control over our lives; the more we avoid our problems, the more excuses we make, the more we choose to overeat, undereat, etc. we write another chapter of fear. She talks about different solutions to these problems and the many ways she can help her listeners.

Segment 2:

Elizabeth talks about her gift of communicating with spirits. She discusses how getting over her anxiety and fear allowed her to reawaken these abilities within herself. She also talks about the experience of working with her spiritual teacher and breaking away from pain and strengthening her intuition and how empowering it was for her.

Segment 3:

Elizabeth speaks some more on overcoming our personal issues. She states that breaking through the stories we create for ourselves is the first step in accessing and strengthening our intuition. Elizabeth answers some questions from a listener about a spiritual guide that was once close to her and speaks to another caller about the gift of seeing spirits.

Segment 4:

Elizabeth shares steps to tune in to intuition with her audience. She talks about how stepping outside of our comfort zones, letting go of our fears, and accepting ourselves is essential to harvesting our intuition. She talks about her work with people who have begun to communicate with spirits and how they use their gifts. Lastly, she talks some more about the different ways communicating with spirits can help us and guide us in our day to day lives if we are blessed with that gift.

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