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Thursday, November 22, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/11/21 - I am Whole: Give Thanks to Our Soul

Facebook Live Video from 2018/11/21 - I am Whole: Give Thanks to Our Soul


2018/11/21 - I am Whole: Give Thanks to Our Soul

[EPISODE]   I am Whole: Give Thanks to our Soul

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Join me this week as you travel to see family and friends to share deep gratitude for who we are at our core - light & love.  During this deeply intentional broadcast, I will be bringing you on a journey of self-discovery to align your mind, body, and soul as you become empowered to break free from what limits you from expressing the light and love of your soul. During the show, I will be sharing my gratitude for our soul's light as I read aloud the messages from my "30 Days of Gratitude" challengers.  To tie it all together tune in to hear me share my reflections of my Thanksgiving pasts. This riveting share will reignite the flame of your soul's light and guide you in the direction of your highest good.  There are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. This year something has shifted for me quite deeply and profoundly, and I am honored to share my gratitude for the Divine's presence in all of our lives.  Tune in to learn more!
Segment #1: Elizabeth begins tonight’s show by discussing her free e-book which contains three key steps to transform your health. She then asks us to consider how we respond to periods of unexpected change. Elizabeth discusses how at this time of year we find ourselves perhaps making different decisions with our diet or life than usual. She encourages us to seek our highest self especially during this thankful time of the year. Segment #2: Elizabeth reads the responses she’s received to this month’s gratitude challenge. Her listeners share all the things in their lives that bring gratitude: family, nature, pets, meditation. She guides us through how expressions of gratitude show us how blessed we truly are. Through gratitude, we can see the truth of our souls. Elizabeth then shares her story about how her past negative mindset held her back from recognizing her own true self. Segment #3: Elizabeth continues her story of how in the past Thanksgiving was difficult when she was dealing with other issues in her life. She felt inauthentic pretending to put on a facade among family during the holidays. She realized that by letting go of her past pain she awoke to her kind, gentle, confident self. She reminds us to reconnect to our inner light. We can find ourselves in gratitude for our families Segment #4:  Elizabeth discusses how we can break through our limiting beliefs or antagonistic mindsets. She shows how we can begin to serve others once we learn to open ourselves to the beauty within our own souls. She reminds us to embrace the idea that we are whole and to turn on our inner light to lead our best lives.  
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