Nourish the Soul

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/09/19 - Discover How to Nourish the Soul During Change

Facebook Live Video from 2018/09/19 - Discover How to Nourish the Soul During Change


2018/09/19 - Discover How to Nourish the Soul During Change

[EPISODE]  Discover How to Nourish the Soul During Change

In this Week's Nourish the Soul we will continue to explore change! Join me as we go on a journey to discover how to nourish the soul during periods of transition ✨ I'm ready to help you understand how feeding the mind (not the soul) during change not only makes change more challenging but actually creates opportunities to get swept away by your thoughts and feelings?✨ Emotions are what feed the need to control situations. What happens to us when we NEED to control? 👉Do we feel balanced and at ease OR more out of control? 👉Do we react or respond to others? 👉Do we use food or alcohol to feel better? 👉Do we hold onto our feelings or release them? The tendency to want to control is so automatic and it is the very reason why change is such a gift. Change moves us, shakes things up a bit, and keeps us on our soul's toes!✨ I want to know what do you do (or have done)when you feel stressed/ out of control? Feel free to call in at anytime 877-480-4120 and share your thoughts and feelings. I will be giving away something INCREDIBLE!✨ Come prepared to shift your perspective as I empower you to nourish the soul as you see the difference between needing control and being powerful during the ebbs and flows of life.✨ A healthy mind = happiness = power at all times in life= a healthy body, relationships, career, and so much more!✨ Tune in to learn more!   Segment 1 September’s theme is one of change and development. Following this theme, Elizabeth begins this segment by asking her listening audience to pay attention to what happens in the mind and the body during periods of change. She speaks about the challenges we face as we are changing and how we can face them. She also talks about a special giveaway for her audience! Segment 2 Elizabeth continues the discussion from last week about the way our bodies relay messages to us regarding change. Our bodies are compasses that can tell us a lot about how we are feeling. Diesease or “dis ease” is a signal that we’re not walking in our highest path. Once we figure out what you need to learn, we get healthier faster! She talks about how what we tell ourselves or feed our minds affect our bodies and vice versa. She uses an example of a date to further illustrate this idea. She also asks us an important question: “Does pushing our emotions down during change make change easier for us or more difficult?” Segment 3 In this segment, Elizabeth discusses control and where the need to control can often stem from. A lot of the time, our need to control is rooted in fear based on the stories we have told ourselves to make ourselves feel safe. She also tells a personal story about her reaction to a change and how she paused to figure out why she felt like she did. She discusses the importance of paying attention to what you feed your mind and talks about what it means to nourish the soul. She defines it as: Leaning into your feelings, cultivating an awareness within yourself and asking yourself why; why you have the feelings you’re currently experiencing as opposed to sweeping your feelings under the rug. She gives further advice: Instead of looking outside of yourself and creating more blockage, you must look internally so that you can connect with yourself and overcome what you are experiencing. Segment 4 The audience is reminded to look into themselves for our own comfort and to remember their own magnificence and their real power. She states that through change, we get the opportunity to find out who we really are and we become more capable of completing our higher purpose. She talks about the fact of how we must awaken our gifts and talents. She talks about walking in truth, nourishing our souls, and setting boundaries and defines this is power. Overall, she defines power as looking within and finding what is good for you.
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