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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/10/24 - Break Through Limitations: Claim True Confidence!

Facebook Live Video from 2018/10/24 - Break Through Limitations: Claim True Confidence!


2018/10/24 - Break Through Limitations: Claim True Confidence!

[EPISODE #42]  Break Through Limitations: Claim True Confidence!

ASK YOURSELF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: Would you like to put a stop to self-sabotaging beliefs or behavior? Would you like understand the root cause of limiting beliefs? Would you like to begin to break through your own limitations and transform the relationship you have food, your body, and or your entire life? Would you like to reclaim true confidence and shift your attitude to manifest your hearts truest desires? If you answered YES to ANY of these questions its time you tune into Nourish the Soul and break through what holds you back from being the ABSOLUTE best version of yourself today! It's time to put an end to looking for validation and running ragged from trying to please others all the time. You don't deserve to be tired, angry, upset, or using food or alcohol as a means to cope. Tune in to learn more!

Segment 1:  

Elizabeth knows and believes that she is in control and she wants her listeners to know that as well. She talks about the e-book she plans on releasing. In the book, she will include tips, exercises, and a meal plan that will feed your mind, body, and soul. She urges her listeners to break through their limitations and get everything they deserve and desire.

Segment 2:

Elizabeth talks about pain being one of our greatest teachers. She also urges listeners to get to the root cause of their limitations. She shares her personal struggles with limiting beliefs and how dealing with those problems allowed her to transform her life. She shares even more personal struggles and teaches her audience how to overcome a limited belief .

Segment 3:

Limiting beliefs hold back so many. Elizabeth talks about polls she has taken that demonstrate this fact. Many people seem to agree that eating healthy is too hard. She breaks down how that statement actually compounds many limiting beliefs. She delves deeper still and talks about the long term effects of this example belief. By continuing to allow ourselves to think these limiting thoughts, we actually create more of what we don’t want.  

Segment 4:

Elizabeth starts this segment by explaining where limiting beliefs come from: the past. She opens up to her audience about different struggles from the past. One of her limiting beliefs came from a dance class when she was 9. For years, she thought her body wasn’t good enough and this type of thinking created a story. She kept getting what she didn’t want. She asks her audience to once again, not let their younger selves drive and to take control of their lives.

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