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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/11/14-Discover Your Intuition

Facebook Live Video from 2018/11/14-Discover Your Intuition


2018/11/14-Discover Your Intuition

Episode 45: Discover Your Intuition   Segment 1 Elizabeth begins tonight’s show by asking her audience to dig deep and explore themselves. She urges her audience to ask themselves about whether the stories they tell themselves are authentic: fears and other negative emotions that may cause overeating, overspending, oversleeping, etc. are not necessarily the most truthful versions of who they are. She talks about the light inside of each of her listeners and encourages them to be their strongest, most truthful, powerful selves.   Segment 2 Elizabeth talks about the process of connecting with intuition, which exists to direct them on the path of their purpose and to discover their maximum potential. She states that when her listeners explore themselves, they may find all sorts of stories that aren’t true. She urges them to work with her to clear these stories and to connect more with their intuition or their “gut feeling” so that they may avoid the negative feelings associated with NOT following their intuition. Elizabeth also talks more about her ebook and the other ways she can help her listeners to transform their health.   Segment 3 Elizabeth shares a personal story about learning to follow her intuition. She was struggling with her business, with student loan debt, credit card debt, and was late on rent and was considering selling jewelry from her late grandmother. She ignored her intuition when it came to entering the pawn shop and ended up being right (They tried to take advantage of her and offered her far less than the jewelry was worth). When she went back home, she decided to take a breath, quiet herself, and trust her gut. After making the conscious decision to listen to her intuition and ended up immediately receiving money to cover her rent and keep her afloat.   Segment 4 Elizabeth talks some more about quieting the negative stories her audience may tell themselves and not allowing their inner childhood to dictate the lives they live now. She also talks about guides and how to connect with them. Lastly, she announces her plan to discontinue her LIVE broadcasting at by the end of November. She will still continue to put her podcast out once a week.   Stay in touch with Elizabeth on Instagram @NourishtheSoulNYC or her website Tune in to learn more!

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