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Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/10/03 - Building True Confidence

Facebook Live Video from 2018/10/03 - Building True Confidence


2018/10/03 - Building True Confidence

[EPISODE #39]  Building True Confidence

Welcome to October and to Nourish the Soul's theme: Root Chakra - Building True Confidence Did you know... You are the answer! I know you want be powerful, confident, successful, healthy and in an awesome relationship today!
I want to deliver to you what you DESERVE! WHY? Because I love transforming people's lives!
Tune in to learn more!
  Segment 1 Elizabeth begins tonight encouraging her listeners to get involved, submit their reviews, and share what Nourish The Soul has taught them. We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves. We learn to identify what we are doing to hold us back. Elizabeth shows us how we can find the answer within ourselves to get the body, relationship, and career we want . As fall begins a season of change, we realize we all have the ability to transform, grow, and learn. Segment 2 Elizabeth introduces the theme for October: Building True Confidence. She emphasizes the key phrase “You are the Answer.” This month we will learn how to build the confidence and harness energy to meet our goals. Elizabeth asks us to evaluate whether we are looking outside ourselves for answers and how looking outside makes us feel. By looking within, we can access our chakras and our foundation of confidence. Segment 3 Elizabeth explores how we all can lose confidence along our journeys. By returning to the sources of our doubts, we can see how to we started believing other people were the answers to our issues. We must learn to overcome the doubts and clear out what limits us from walking in our highest potential. Elizabeth shares her own story of leaving her past career to create Nourish the Soul to demonstrate how confidence helps us to follow our dreams. Segment 4 Elizabeth shares stories from her childhood and college to show how she looked for validation from professors, friends, and people outside herself. Through her own story, Elizabeth warns how looking outside of yourself for fulfillment can actually lead us to lose confidence. She demonstrates how our past issues can continue to hold us back unless we engage our chakra energy to become the master creator of our lives.


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