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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/10/17 - It's All About Mindset 

Facebook Live Video from 2018/10/17 - It's All About Mindset 


2018/10/17 - It's All About Mindset 

[EPISODE]  It's All About Mindset 

Would you like to ditch feeling tired, unhappy, and unhealthy right now? If I were to provide you with a permanent solution to having the body you want, the career you want, the health you want, the relationship you want, would you take it? Let's activate the power of our root chakra, the Muladhara and grow roots of safety and security in your life and reclaim all of what you truly deserve. You deserve to have all of these things and the Universe wants you to have it too! I would like to get you present to your current mindset. Before this broadcast I want you to be observing the following: The thoughts you have about yourself throughout your day. Keep a record of what your thinking and saying, the good and the bad. Notice what you say about yourself while at work, the gym, on the street, at the coffee shop, with friends. During the show, I will be taking ALL of you on an incredible journey to discover the power of our mindset and how it continually shifts our confidence and the circumstances of our life. I know you're ready to land the body you want, the health you want, the job you want, the career, power, success. It's all about mindset. Tune in to learn more!
  Segment 1 Elizabeth opens up the show giving advice to listeners about the spiritual journey that everyone goes through in the universe, especially when there’s obstacles. She reminds people that even though there’s a daily struggle, we have to stay present in our minds so that our challenges in life can help all of us learn and grow. She also offers listeners a chance to share concerns their body, mind, and soul. Segment 2 Elizabeth begins to take questions from listeners. She talks to the caller about finding outlets that allow her to shift your mindset, even if it’s a little challenging. They talk about ways to continue to feel powerful even in difficult situations. She also talks about ways to reshape our thoughts and feelings in ways that allow us to be and remain in control and in the “driver’s seat.” Our mindset or ethos is how we think. It can be our motivator or self-sabotager. Our mindset needs to come from a truly positive place in order for us to feel true confidence. Segment 3 Elizabeth speaks about how our mindsets can allow us to attract more negative or more positive. She shares a personal middle school story about gym class. Her experience running a mile inspired a sense of shame during this time and influenced how she felt for the rest of middle school, high school, her 20’s and almost her 30’s. This experience and this mindset shift from when she was 9 set the tone in a negative way for years. Segment 4 Elizabeth takes another caller. She speaks more about the fact that the root of our problems often have to deal with our past. She speaks more about her life and how these feelings of inadequacy that stemmed from her childhood had many negative repercussions throughout her life. She gives more advice about not letting “little you” drive. You must remain in the driver’s seat and drive your own car. She urges everyone to remain in control.
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