Nourish the Soul

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/09/26 - Transforming Stumbling Blocks into True Health & Happiness!

Facebook Live Video from 2018/09/26 - Transforming Stumbling Blocks into True Health & Happiness!


2018/09/26 - Transforming Stumbling Blocks into True Health & Happiness!

[EPISODE]  Transforming Stumbling Blocks into True Health & Happiness!

This week on Nourish the Soul we will wrap up the theme of Change by exploring how to transform the obstacles we face in life to long-lasting health & happiness. Change, expected or unexpected, can make us feel like we have hit a stumbling block as it often presents hurdles, stopping us in our tracks, throwing us of course, or shaking things up in a big way. What if life's hurdles are opportunities to break free from doubt, uncertainty, feeling stuck, or unhappy. What if they are an opportunity to end unhealthy habits with your body, food, and personal relationships? Here are some questions I want you to think about before Wednesday's broadcast: What if life's hurdles are the Universe propelling you towards walking in the path of your highest potential? Do you think you deserve to be happy and healthy today? Is there anything right now you want to change about your current state of health and well-being? What if change is the solution to long-lasting health and happiness? Would you be curious to open yourself to seeing how stumbling blocks are the Universes way of mirroring to you what you have been thinking, saying, and believing about yourself? What if change is the Universes way of saying "Hey, I want you to see your potential.." Are you ready to get present to the happiness and health you deserve and explore how to break free from what limits you to living your best life? Tune in to learn more! Segment 1 Elizabeth begins today by talking about how important sharing is. We are often afraid to share because we think we are going to be judged but in fact, sharing is immensely powerful. Later she speaks about her weekend workshop and all the attendees that were able to transform their lives. She urges us to seriously look at what is limiting us. Are we limiting ourselves by the conversations we’re having with ourselves? What have we been telling ourselves? She also gives a special message to her listeners and even shouts out a listener. Segment 2 Elizabeth tells us that we truly deserve to be happy and healthy. She again urges us to think about what we want to change in our lives. We need to get to the bottom of whatever it is that is holding us back, set ourselves free from it, and start a new conversation. We begin to walk in our highest potential when we let go off all of those things. We have access to all the power in the world. Once we clear out all the negative images, we come in contact with it. We are going to talk about stumbling blocks and the idea that the things that don’t work out are actually benefiting us even if we do not see it. Segment 3 Elizabeth talks about wanting to make this life journey a positive experience. She believes that stumbling blocks are gifts of the universe. Through adversity, we’re offered a choice: either sit in the mud or figure out why you’re in the mud. By figuring it out, you are forced to look deeper within yourself. Stumbling blocks are the Universe’s desire to want to see you walking in your higher purpose. It mirrors back to us what we are thinking and feeling about ourselves. She tells us a personal story about her life and about how she felt that situation revealed her own fears.   Segment 4 Elizabeth continues on the topic of stumbling blocks. Elizabeth further talks about her stumbling blocks and the choices she made in dealing with them. She reflects on the mistakes she made and how she was able to refine her thinking and then change her life. She urges us to think of ourselves as seeds or trees, learning to trust that the universe is giving us what we need. Before signing out, she tells her guests once again that our stumbling blocks are there to help us, not hurt us.  
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