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Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/10/31 - Treat Your Soul This Hallows Eve

Facebook Live Video from 2018/10/31 - Treat Your Soul This Hallows Eve


2018/10/31 - Treat Your Soul This Hallows Eve

[EPISODE]  Treat Your Soul This Hallows Eve

Witches, ghosts, goblins, pirates, haunted houses and oh so much more all come out to play on Hallows Eve... But what are we really celebrating on Halloween? The origin of this holiday can be traced back to the ancient Celts who celebrated an Autumn Festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in). Samhain marked the end of the growing season and the beginning of winter. It signified the death of light and the birth of darkness. It was time where communities believed the veil between the living and the afterlife lifted as they joined together to honor the cycles of our life - birth, death, and rebirth. These ancient Autumn gatherings celebrated the Soul's Journey. Today, on Halloween we FRIGHTEN ourselves and others by dressing up as our worst fears - ghosts, witches, globins and celebrate with handfuls of Twix and Snickers.  It's time to celebrate the true meaning of Halloween. Join me for a spooky edition of Nourish the Soul as we explore how to be powerful during scary times. Our mind can play tricks on us when we get frightened. But, it's time to break free from your old storyline...  Would you like to know who is in the diver seat of your car when life gets scary?  If I tell you, you might get scared! (LOL) I know you want to be truly confident so let's go on a journey of self-discovery to treat your soul with love & light as we shift out of fear and into power this Hallows Eve...  Before this spooktacular broadcast I want you to be thinking about the following:  🎃What triggers me to feel scared? 🎃What do I do to feel better?  ? Sweets? Food? Shopping? Sleeping? No Food?  🎃Why do scary things happen in my life?  ✨Bonus✨ Call in and answer this 👉 Why is Halloween ALL about candy? (Think Deeply..) It's time to be powerful and enjoy Halloween and all the cycles of our life experiences. Tune in to learn more!

Segment 1:

Elizabeth begins by talking about the pressures many face around this time of year. She wants her listeners to shift their thinking from “if something happens in my life, I will then be happy” and instead focus on what we do have and feeling gratitude for those things instead. She talks some more about the amazing effects of gratitude on our lives and specifically about how it makes us overall happier people.

Segment 2:

Elizabeth talks about the origin of Halloween: it originally signified the death of life and the birth of darkness. She discusses the joy that the ancient Celts felt when they let go and celebrated the parts of them that they were letting go of; It wasn’t scary then. Elizabeth wants to remind her audience the original meaning of Halloween: letting go and embracing change.

Segment 3:

The audience is reminded by Elizabeth that death is a rebirth. It is an opportunity to revitalize, not what we have been conditioned to believe. Change can be frightful, the dark can be spooky, and death can be devastating BUT it doesn’t have to be. She talks about fear and how it influences our thoughts. We usually hold onto this fear but she urges her audience to let it go.

Segment 4:

Elizabeth shares a special story about her gift and how she overcame the fear associated with it. She talks about finally facing her fear instead of using food to make herself feel better and she looks forward to changing the world with her gift by bringing love and light to everyone.

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