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Always FreyDay is a weekly reflection on Small & Medium-Sized Business (SMB) in the USA, through the eyes of organizational leaders and their trusted advisors.  Each week, we focus on a particular idea, problem, or popular topic of discussion, on the minds of organizational leaders in 2020 and beyond.  We explore the people, processes, and products that give the appropriate context (and geek translation) to the theme of the day.

Our impactful conversations will be facilitated by Steven Frey, who will be joined by business owners, management staff, trusted advisors, industry subject matter experts, and other special guests.  

It is important to note that while financial, tax, and insurance related topics may be discussed on the show, the content should not be taken as direct financial, tax, or insurance advice.  Any direct advice and action taken on the part of listeners should be done in partnership with their respective, licensed, professional trusted advisors.

Come spend some time with us right before lunch, at 11:00am each FreyDay, for an insightful ending to the business work week, in preparation for a more impactful Monday.

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