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Friday, November 4, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/04 - Horrors of the Healthcare System

Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/04 - Horrors of the Healthcare System


2022/11/04 - Horrors of the Healthcare System

[NEW EPISODE] Horrors of the Healthcare System


The audience will hear from an accomplished doctor and author who has treated rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout, psoriasis, osteoporosis, arthritis and similar diseases since 1993.  You can expect Dr. Soloway and his team to work with you to treat your connective tissue disorder.


This week marks a major is the 100th episode of Always FreyDay!  Producing this radio show has felt like having another child, which brings back memories of my daughters dressing up for the 100th day of school in centenarian costumes.

For those without kids, or unfamiliar with this recent practice, the costumes are known as 100-year-old person costumes.  The little girls look so cute dressed in floral print dresses paired with comfy cardigan sweaters and spectacles.

While it is obviously better than the alternative, getting older is not easy.  Our special guest helps patients treat persistent pain in the hips, knees, back and/or wrists.

We are joined by Dr. Stephen Soloway, Rheumatologist and renown author.  Dr. Soloway's practice, Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates of South Jersey, P.C. offers specialized medical assistance for rheumatic diseases.  They treat patients who suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis and musculoskeletal pain. 

Since 1993, Dr. Soloway and his team have been treating individuals suffering from pain in the Vineland and Sicklerville, New Jersey areas.  Dr. Soloway will diagnose your symptoms, establish a treatment plan for your needs, as well as give you a peek into the world of medicine via his books, Bad Medicine and Medical Politics.  






Phone:  (856) 794-9090 

Tune in for this sensible conversation at

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00:00:36.550 --> 00:01:04.230 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: well, hello out there, everybody and happy Friday. I This is really really special for me guys. I can't contain myself. It's a big day over here. It's our one hundredth episode. It's Friday, and it's always Friday with me, Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy. I see why am I, in case you missed it. Smb. Stand for small and medium-sized business For the last twenty years i've been a consultant for Smbs, a voice and a sounding board for business leaders advocating on their behalf. Their employees to

00:01:04.239 --> 00:01:14.050 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you guys know it, I believe very strongly in sharing stories, providing perspective and creating connection. So every single Friday you could find me right here doing just that

00:01:14.150 --> 00:01:44.089 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: lending what's left of my mind and my voice to this radio Show right interview. Smb leaders and their trusted advisors. One thing that I've noticed over the years, everybody, some of the best thought leadership for Sms. It actually happens on Friday, right. About the time we feel that freedom of the weekend coming. However, we're also anxious to start the weekend. These crucial pearls of wisdom they're often overlooked. They're forgotten in favor of our fun, weekend activities and our freedom from work here on the show, we take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity. We discussed popular

00:01:44.100 --> 00:02:13.350 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: topics that are on the minds of our Smb leaders and their trusted advisors. Once again. My last name, not just to play on words. My last name actually means free and German. So a little bit of method behind the madness for everybody. Again, Major Milestone this week it's the one hundredth episode of the show producing and hosting this radio show has sort of felt like having another child which brings back memories for me of my daughters and their friends dressing up for their one hundredth day of school along their way

00:02:13.360 --> 00:02:29.610 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: in their centenarian costumes. For those of us Ah, without kids are unfamiliar with this recent practice. The costumes are known as one hundred year old person costumes. The little girls they look so cute, dressed in the floral print dresses, paired with comfy Cardigan sweaters and spectacles.

00:02:29.620 --> 00:02:42.310 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Well, it's obviously better than the alternative. Getting older is not easy, especially in the Us. Largely due to what we're going to talk about today, which is some of the horrors of the health care system.

00:02:42.320 --> 00:03:11.779 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: This past week we celebrated Halloween fun costumes, lots of candies, some horror movie Marathons one horror show that continues to rear its ugly head in the world of small medium-sized business is the topic of health care. You guys have heard me say it. Plenty of times, top things on business owners minds, business, operating expenses, taxes, and health insurance, aside from you know, making millions of dollars increasing revenue year over year. All that good stuff. Our special guest today is a renowned rheumatologist

00:03:11.790 --> 00:03:22.650 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: not only helps patients treat persistent pain in the hips knees, back, and or wrists. He is the go-to guy for doctors in the area who can't figure out what the hell is wrong with their patients.

00:03:22.660 --> 00:03:32.579 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: He also has a phenomenal staff that not only helps him with his zoom shenanigans. They also have had some stellar costumes as well. This past Halloween. So very cool

00:03:32.740 --> 00:03:39.119 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: while We're on talk radio, dot Nyc: You guys know it Talk is cheap. We don't want this to just be talk.

00:03:39.130 --> 00:03:57.509 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: The goal here is, let's use the insight on the business landscape and create some more impact on Monday morning. It is far too often the businesses that I talk with out there. They're focused on the product that's going to solve all of their problems. The shiny new mouse trap, the magic wand. One consistent thing I see out there is that

00:03:57.520 --> 00:04:23.129 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: the products change every single day in everything that we do. Medicines change every single day which the good doctor could attest to shortly. There's no substitute for having yourself surrounded by the right people, focusing on the process that's going to get you where you want to go. You do that. The bright products will be there when you need them. Everything begins and ends with the people. So i'm very excited. I hope you guys are excited. I have the right person around me today.

00:04:23.140 --> 00:04:52.330 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We are talking with none other than Dr. Steven Soloay, M. D. Renowned rheumatologist and author of bad medicine and medical politics. We're going to talk about the books in just a bit, but little bio behind the good doctor, originally from New York City. The doctor completed his undergraduate studies at Suni stony brook In pursuit of this lifelong dream to be a physician, he attended the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in the British West Indies.

00:04:52.340 --> 00:04:54.699 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Talk about what a party that must have been.

00:04:54.710 --> 00:05:24.700 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: London, Boston, Omaha postgraduate training at Mercy, Catholic Medical Center. I his resume is so long. I I honestly time myself with with the whole resume, and it took up the entire episode. So i'm not going to read off his entire resume. But Dr. Soloay has dedicated his life to helping patients and his colleagues for decades. Now the patient's visit from six countries. Many Us. States and cities. The doctor's devotion to his patients needs have earned in top Doctor Awards every year

00:05:24.710 --> 00:05:31.350 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: since two thousand and three, and he's regarded as one of the leaders in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware area for the

00:05:31.410 --> 00:05:35.869 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: or to logic care. Hopefully, I said that nicely and correctly,

00:05:35.880 --> 00:05:59.740 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: he's now recognized as one of the top physicians in his field nationally by Philadelphia Magazine, Castle, Connelly and Us. News and World Report. Industry Leader sits on numerous boards and panels within the pharmacology industry along with national advisory panels for all major companies involved in arthritis or osteoporosis research. He's known in the medical community as a medical detective, and will proudly announce if I can't fix you.

00:05:59.750 --> 00:06:11.160 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I'll get you somebody that can. His vast experience is second to none. Recently nominated Chairman Department of Rheumatology, division of Ah, Internal Medicine and Spirit Health network.

00:06:11.170 --> 00:06:41.159 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I'll let him talk to you more about that, Dr. Solo. I not only involved in arthritis and Osteoporosis treatment, but sports and occupational medicine as well runs Osteoporosis knee and back pain clinics. The good doctor enjoys giving back to the community through charity, and by teaching doctors from several medical institutions in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He's been board certified in internal medicine since one thousand nine hundred and ninety, one in rheumatology, since one thousand nine hundred and ninety three with specialized certificates in Osteoporosis. The doc has plenty to say, so i'm going to keep my shenanigans to a minimum as best I can. You know

00:06:41.170 --> 00:07:02.469 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: difficult for me. Uh, we are going to discuss my favorite questions. Your favorite movie, your Tv show character movie, your Tv show, your favorite musical instrument, the artist, you'd like to hear play it joining us from his home base in southern New Jersey before he ships off to Miami for the latest stop on his book, signing tour for his latest release. Medical Politics. Dr. Solway.

00:07:02.480 --> 00:07:03.559 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome to

00:07:03.660 --> 00:07:06.650 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: always. Friday, brother. Thank you for spending a hundredth episode with me.

00:07:06.860 --> 00:07:20.440 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Uh, good morning. I'm proud to be here. I'm proud to be on your hundredth episode. I want it to be your best. I want it to be your gold edition. I want it to be the standard that is set for your show.

00:07:20.490 --> 00:07:39.269 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I want to thank you for having me. I want to send a thank you to Seth Feldman, who connected us. I I also want to tell your listeners that you know I grew up in Queens, and this is a New York based radio show, and I went to Ps. Thirteen queens back in the sixtys, I think.

00:07:39.280 --> 00:07:47.410 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Then I went to is sixty-one which was a middle school right in the heart of Corona, across the street from Left Rack City. Now

00:07:47.610 --> 00:08:06.249 Stephen Soloway M.D.: the good news is they taught me, I guess, what I needed to know, to go to high school. The bad news is, I was the first and the middle and the last kid to be mugged so much that during ninth grade. My parents had to move to Long Island because I got mug just i'm the i'm the all time leader in muggings

00:08:06.260 --> 00:08:17.499 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and other things at is sixty-one middle school, which may be a prison today. I don't know, but I I hold the record for most muggings by being mugged not mugging other people.

00:08:17.620 --> 00:08:20.200 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So. What an experience that was

00:08:20.240 --> 00:08:23.220 Stephen Soloway M.D.: then along the Long Island expressway!

00:08:23.290 --> 00:08:49.800 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I was in ninth grade at the New Town High School Annex, which should have been in Jackson Heights, but they had four thousand kids per class, and so on. So okay, that's my That's my real bio. That's my undercover bio. That's my graffiti Bio. I was speaking to Graffiti back when I was in school, driving down the cross Bronx expressway when Howard Stern was really big into saying, Hey, did you get trim? Well, I actually have a photograph of

00:08:49.820 --> 00:09:00.610 Stephen Soloway M.D.: somebody who Spray painted the ultimate graffiti trim, and I've got that photo since. I don't know one thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven or seventy-eight. So those were the days

00:09:00.830 --> 00:09:21.350 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I I know you have a ridiculous amount of stories, and I i'm excited to hear a bunch of them today. Yes, definitely. Thank you to Seth Feldman, the show doctor, for introducing us. Seth was also a guest on the show Previously you. You got to give us a little bit of your journey, man, especially from go to to school in the Caribbean, and what that must have been like. Tell us about how you got where you are today.

00:09:21.480 --> 00:09:37.700 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Uh? Well, the short answer is, I took a plane down to the Caribbean, and my dad, you know, wrote a check, but in in reality, you know, I'm a Jewish kid born in New York City. So before I was born I was going to be a doctor. The question was, you know, Was it going to be an easy route or a hard route,

00:09:37.710 --> 00:09:54.630 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and even through high school? I did. Okay, I went to Stony Brook. It was considered a good school you needed like an eighty-five average. You needed a one thousand one hundred, sat, and when I got there. There was like forty thousand kids there, and i'm like geez. Okay? Well, you know Um,

00:09:54.640 --> 00:10:08.149 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I do. Interviewing for people going to Stony Brook medical school now, but when I was a student at Stony Brook I was advised. I couldn't be a doctor, so I said, Well, what can I be? And they said, you can be a badiatrist. So I applied and got into dietary school.

00:10:08.500 --> 00:10:09.939 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I I don't want that.

00:10:10.250 --> 00:10:21.799 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Well, you could be a dentist. I got into two dental schools. I didn't want that car factor. Did that do? School did that All these things that Weren't. M Md. School. I applied and got into all of them,

00:10:22.160 --> 00:10:23.660 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and it was um.

00:10:23.870 --> 00:10:42.660 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I think it was the Manchurian candidate in my mother that got me stimulated to say, Look, you know what it doesn't matter if i'm getting these like John Belushi, an animal house in every class. I'm focused on being a doctor, so you know there might have been a party here in a party there,

00:10:42.670 --> 00:11:00.250 Stephen Soloway M.D.: but I did. I really did work hard, and so somebody said to me, You know, are you? Are you regretful, remorseful about your time at Stony Brook, meaning like you didn't get into a us medical school. You know your grades were not straight, as I said, Wait a minute,

00:11:00.650 --> 00:11:03.560 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Stony Burke. That was the greatest time of my life.

00:11:03.790 --> 00:11:19.159 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I went to every party I didn't miss any. I went to every girl I didn't miss one. I played on every intramural sports team. I didn't miss any. I mean. What a better time in college I mean colleges to go to learn and make your bed learn to get away from your parents,

00:11:19.470 --> 00:11:37.789 Stephen Soloway M.D.: who said, You have to know biology because biology in college hell, If I went back to college. And now I want to be political science, philosophy. I want to be art, history. I want to know everything. I don't want to know about what fish eat, sneakers, the bad fish or the toadfish, you know. So college was amazing

00:11:37.990 --> 00:11:39.050 Stephen Soloway M.D.: then.

00:11:39.100 --> 00:11:43.689 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So here's the bad news. Comes time to apply for medical school,

00:11:43.730 --> 00:11:52.519 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and um, obviously I I didn't have the grades to go, you know, to down State or or New Brunswick, or whatever the case may be.

00:11:52.720 --> 00:11:56.940 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So we found an ad in the New York Times. It said, Pay here, and you're accepted.

00:11:57.010 --> 00:12:02.079 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Well, you know all kidding aside. My class started with two hundred and three kids.

00:12:02.280 --> 00:12:09.200 Stephen Soloway M.D.: A lot of them were retired veterans dentist, whatever really bright people that simply

00:12:09.280 --> 00:12:12.750 Stephen Soloway M.D.: had a change in plans, midlife, whatever the case may be.

00:12:13.020 --> 00:12:18.580 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I got down to that school, and I said, You know, if I don't do well here,

00:12:19.040 --> 00:12:30.259 Stephen Soloway M.D.: how much bigger of a loser can I be? So I put my uh putting the pedal to the metal. I was in the library all day, Saturday and Sunday, for for literally two years

00:12:30.370 --> 00:12:34.420 Stephen Soloway M.D.: some of the students would play softball on weekends, some of them would go swimming.

00:12:34.550 --> 00:12:37.169 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I made one trip to the volcano.

00:12:37.250 --> 00:12:43.239 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I I made no trips to the um plane crash that was up there since the one thousand nine hundred and sixtys,

00:12:43.780 --> 00:12:49.060 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and I studied hard. I did very, very well. I excelled. I got a's and everything.

00:12:49.150 --> 00:13:01.429 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Um, Now, part of the thing is, it's Stony Brook. While I was getting a C in biochemistry when I go to medical school, it was the same class. So of course, I got an A. And that but

00:13:01.800 --> 00:13:03.520 Stephen Soloway M.D.: the reality is,

00:13:03.660 --> 00:13:15.669 Stephen Soloway M.D.: there's nothing I learned in medical school in the first two years that has any applicable uh knowledge or basis for what I do today. Now, the third and fourth year of medical school which um

00:13:15.680 --> 00:13:27.620 Stephen Soloway M.D.: had me fly to London. Now, interestingly enough, the first two kids in the class back then you know the ones with the highest Gpa. They were able to go to. I think Chicago or Detroit, and the truth is,

00:13:28.020 --> 00:13:39.359 Stephen Soloway M.D.: would you really want to be in Chicago or Detroit? I mean London is a little bit of a nicer place, and um, you know those I will tell you right now, and I mean this

00:13:39.540 --> 00:13:50.879 Stephen Soloway M.D.: um I I met my pal, Robert Fefferman, doctor endocrinology in um on the flight. We didn't know each other. We were in school together.

00:13:50.960 --> 00:13:56.689 Stephen Soloway M.D.: We didn't know each other, was a. There was a large class of a thousand people on the island from different classes

00:13:57.400 --> 00:14:01.630 Stephen Soloway M.D.: we met on the plane became best friends. We moved in together when we got to London

00:14:01.730 --> 00:14:03.319 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and um

00:14:04.520 --> 00:14:13.389 Stephen Soloway M.D.: we we studied hard, and we found out that the didactic training that would be the professor at the bedside with five students or three students.

00:14:14.190 --> 00:14:27.750 Stephen Soloway M.D.: If you didn't go home with a headache. You were doing something wrong, they would say. Look, you know, there's a spleen on the floor. Tell me five diseases where this is clean on the floor, and you better know him, because if you didn't know him, you'd get smacked on the hand seriously.

00:14:27.760 --> 00:14:53.649 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We we did hold that hold that thought I studied abroad in London as well, and i'm sure we could compare some fun notes on that, mostly folks being in the pubs by eleven Am. Comparing notes, but we do have to take a quick break. I know you have a ton to say, and i'm excited to hear it, and I hope everyone else is, too, because there's no substitute for experience like yours. We're going to take a break. We'll be right back with Dr. Stephen Soloay, Md. Renowned rheumatologist and author of bad medicine and medical politics. Stay with us.

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00:16:47.950 --> 00:16:48.940 you

00:17:09.540 --> 00:17:13.140 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: welcome back everybody. It's Friday. It's always Friday.

00:17:13.150 --> 00:17:42.670 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's one hundred episodes of always Friday, and it's me, Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy, We're chatting with the good Dr. Soloay, renowned rheumatologist, author of the books bad medicine and the latest release medical politics currently, potentially coming to a city near you for book signing. I know that Miami's next on the ah on the train. But ah! Before we get into the method behind Dr. Soloay's madness. I know he's going to have plenty to say about that. If you'll permit me, Doc, I like to sit out by the fire pit for just a minute. Tell a quick story. Perspective.

00:17:42.770 --> 00:17:59.920 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Ah! Since you've had some experience in Boston in the New England area, I visited Maine recently, so give you a little moment of zen out by the ocean there. I I really wanted to be a doctor for a long time, and it's lately. I I realized that bad medicine is definitely not just the Bon Jovi T. And for us Jersey boys.

00:17:59.960 --> 00:18:29.950 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I discovered that I like the occasional good time in high school. Uh led to me falling asleep in ap biology. Senior year, seven, thirty in the morning. So I kind of decided that the business world was was for me along the way, but some things that I've seen out there it They appear to make practicing medicine look very, very difficult, and I know you can attest to that, especially just given the the landscape with the health care system, working with the small medium sized businesses. As I alluded to earlier, health care is always something that's at top of mind for employers and

00:18:29.960 --> 00:18:37.769 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: employees kind of one of those basic things. If you're not healthy. You can't work. You can't make money real freaking easy when you get down to it,

00:18:37.790 --> 00:19:06.150 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but without the right partners to navigate the insurance brokers. The service providers, Hr. Professionals all of that. It can be a ridiculous nightmare to deal with for a small medium sized business owner. But even when you have some of the best coverage out there. It could still be a nightmare. Some of the hoops that need to be jumped through just to ensure that there's proper coverage. They can be confusing as hell. They can take a long time all while people are suffering, so what you do and how you do it.

00:19:06.160 --> 00:19:34.490 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I I I place a lot of value on. Just candidly, doctor, I hope you noticed I tried to put on my scrubs, but I love the green screen, so I I disappear with it when you know it's. It's kind of kind of a weird trick that I play. My wife is an attorney. She's a former medical malpractice attorney, and I remember her thoughts when she was work had to deal with any of the rheumatologists along the way. The only thing she would say is, you almost have to be a little crazy, right? And I and I know you're You're You're a cool dude, So we have a lot that we could talk about about crazy. But

00:19:34.500 --> 00:19:48.649 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: patients can be crazy for sure. There's no doubt about that, and but some of the conditions that they have that they've been misdiagnosed with, or they've been run through the ringer with of unnecessary tests for insurance that might have driven them crazy.

00:19:48.720 --> 00:19:58.519 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So I know that no one's more equipped to deal with this topic than you. But the method part of the show, the science behind what you do. We're not going to teach people how to be doctors in in one segment here. But

00:19:58.530 --> 00:20:09.680 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: the idea is to give color on. What do you do? How do you do it? And how do you go to market for it? Aside from being a Kick-ass personality and an author to boot lay it on us. What's your method behind your madness.

00:20:10.090 --> 00:20:13.769 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Heh! You threw a lot at me on that one. You're welcome

00:20:15.210 --> 00:20:16.250 Stephen Soloway M.D.: all right.

00:20:16.570 --> 00:20:19.109 Stephen Soloway M.D.: You gotta be motivated from within.

00:20:19.820 --> 00:20:24.900 Stephen Soloway M.D.: You must have a staff that you treat as a family.

00:20:25.070 --> 00:20:31.380 Stephen Soloway M.D.: You must remember that the lowest person on the totem pole must feed their family,

00:20:31.910 --> 00:20:35.090 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and if you can keep a group together

00:20:35.230 --> 00:20:42.810 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and make them a family. It's better than your own family, where you hate three cousins, and you want to kill six uncles or something like that.

00:20:42.870 --> 00:20:45.610 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So you get together a group of people,

00:20:45.690 --> 00:20:56.430 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and you know it's really irrelevant if they're educated or not, because the only thing they need to be educated in is, what do you do with your practice? And what do you need done from them?

00:20:56.570 --> 00:21:12.240 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So I could bring a lawyer on full time. But if they're a real estate lawyer, they're not going to really be able to help me, so I might as well get somebody cheaper than a lawyer who can learn medical law, etc. So you need. You need the infrastructure in place.

00:21:12.460 --> 00:21:20.100 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Now, on top of the infrastructure. You need to offer the services that your patients, or at least the patients that you feel

00:21:20.740 --> 00:21:36.700 Stephen Soloway M.D.: will require uh certain things. So I draw a fluid from the knee. The first thing that has to be done with it? Is, it has to be looked at under a certain microscope. Well, I have to have the microscope, because if I don't have the microscope. Then the insurance company may turn around and leverage that against me and say,

00:21:36.710 --> 00:21:49.350 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Dude, you don't have a microscope. Why would we even have you on our staff. It doesn't matter that you're board certified with the State license, and it doesn't matter that you know everything. But how can you possibly diagnose the patient. If you Don't, have the tools at your office,

00:21:49.360 --> 00:22:06.020 Stephen Soloway M.D.: so you have your you have your staff infrastructure. And then you have your physical infrastructure, whether it's your X-ray machine, whether it's your microscope, whether it's your syringe, your needle, your medicines that you use on a daily basis. If you have all that in place, and you have a good cup

00:22:06.100 --> 00:22:14.369 Stephen Soloway M.D.: for those of you who aren't Jewish good head on your shoulders. But those of you who have a good head on your shoulders and have good direction and good focus.

00:22:14.430 --> 00:22:16.670 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Um! You can go very far,

00:22:16.730 --> 00:22:22.420 Stephen Soloway M.D.: However, here's what Here's what's happened over the last ten to fifteen years like fifteen years.

00:22:23.050 --> 00:22:33.550 Stephen Soloway M.D.: We talk about um, You know you You actually hit a keyword. You know those who have the best insurance. So let me just make something very clear.

00:22:34.060 --> 00:22:36.200 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Everybody who comes to me

00:22:36.230 --> 00:22:39.540 Stephen Soloway M.D.: has the best doctor, you know. Why, I know that. They tell me

00:22:39.640 --> 00:22:54.980 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I went to this Ivy League school, or I've here. I've heard this. I've gone to Mayo Hopkins, Mass. General Penn Blah blah! I have the best. Well, if they're the best, why are you here. Apparently i'm the best if you're here.

00:22:54.990 --> 00:23:07.730 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So let's get it clear. Nobody, no matter what they think, and no matter how much they love their doctor. They could even be having a sexual relationship. They don't have the best. There is no such thing as a best doctor,

00:23:08.620 --> 00:23:21.410 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and the other thing, If you think you have the best insurance? Sorry you better go see a psychiatrist, because all insurances are created equal. Their job, with the help of government over each

00:23:21.430 --> 00:23:26.010 Stephen Soloway M.D.: is to collect your copay and not pay out when you need something paid for,

00:23:26.050 --> 00:23:27.320 Stephen Soloway M.D.: because

00:23:27.410 --> 00:23:31.719 Stephen Soloway M.D.: that's how capitalism is, except when the government

00:23:31.740 --> 00:23:33.540 Stephen Soloway M.D.: is over

00:23:33.670 --> 00:23:38.160 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and the Government is sent setting guidelines how to audit

00:23:38.300 --> 00:23:40.220 Stephen Soloway M.D.: with bounty hunters

00:23:40.240 --> 00:23:43.409 Stephen Soloway M.D.: the highest tier of billing doctors.

00:23:43.630 --> 00:23:59.379 Stephen Soloway M.D.: These guys now lose their incentive to work hard instead of a doctor who works hard and sees fifty people a day. Maybe somebody should thank them and interview them and ask him what it What's your business model. How do you? How do you get through so many people in a cohesive fashion?

00:23:59.660 --> 00:24:18.480 Stephen Soloway M.D.: You know what is? What's your way of doing it? You know my way of doing it is. Oh, you know I have a really smart, the best medical assistant. Why is she the best? Well, she's a good listener. She doesn't forget anything, and if I tell her something, she does it so that makes you the best. So if you have a person with you,

00:24:18.490 --> 00:24:36.430 Stephen Soloway M.D.: you can actually look at the patients. Now, if you've been to the doctor recently, you'll notice that that little guy from Southeast Asia, who's not looking at you, is typing as fast as possible, because he's working for a system, and he's on a fifteen minute uh time limit, and if he misses the time limit he gets demerits.

00:24:36.440 --> 00:24:51.080 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Now let's just pretend they hired the the best, and they brought in the best guy for gastroenterology. I'll just throw that one out as A. You know a field, and let's just pretend the guys making five hundred thousand dollars a year, and let's just pretend

00:24:51.320 --> 00:24:54.570 Stephen Soloway M.D.: that the average in that field is three hundred and fifty thousand.

00:24:55.010 --> 00:25:09.300 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Well, those doctors! They lose their motivation. Why? Well, the guy performs double the work, and he should get a five hundred thousand bonus on top of his five hundred thousand salary, except then the system turns around, and they say, you know

00:25:09.370 --> 00:25:25.629 Stephen Soloway M.D.: we're not going to give you a bonus. But why I I did all this. Yeah, but you know the average in your field is three hundred and fifty. We already gave you five hundred, so we're not giving you a bonus. But wait. That's not in the contract. Yes, but it doesn't say we have to give you the bonus. It just says this is the bonus structure.

00:25:25.760 --> 00:25:43.139 Stephen Soloway M.D.: It doesn't say you're going to get it. See? So this is where you need a lawyer who's really experienced in reading between the lines. Very, very well, because their team of lawyers, which is subsidized by the Government. I'll explain that. Um. Why, don't, I just explain how the government gets their hand in there. So

00:25:43.150 --> 00:26:01.600 Stephen Soloway M.D.: fifteen years ago there were, let's say, a million doctors, and there were a thousand hospitals. Well, now, what they've done by giving money to the hospital system, especially the system that has trainees or students. All right, We're going to give you one hundred and thirty thousand dollars

00:26:01.630 --> 00:26:16.989 Stephen Soloway M.D.: for each person being trained at your institution, you pay them fifty. You keep the eighty eighty times a hundred is a ton, and you know what we can use that ton to buy our helicopter, because, you know, if there's an important meeting, we can't sit in traffic with the peasants.

00:26:17.000 --> 00:26:24.410 Stephen Soloway M.D.: And, by the way, in my book I define Class one, two, and three peasants versus type, one and two I type two billionaires. So

00:26:24.420 --> 00:26:37.259 Stephen Soloway M.D.: you see, we we can. We We have to go right up to that low level billionaire class, and we we leave the peasants behind getting on our corporate helicopter because the Government gave us so much money that we're going to do a good job, and we're motivated

00:26:37.610 --> 00:26:39.960 Stephen Soloway M.D.: to buy up every doctor in town,

00:26:40.180 --> 00:26:51.750 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and by buying them up we pay their salary, and if we don't like the way they operate, and if they refer more to him than him, we'll fire him, and then, if we fire him. He has to go to another town, because there's no other hospital system around.

00:26:52.240 --> 00:26:56.289 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So this is a problem. Now, if you're a plastic surge in New York City

00:26:56.380 --> 00:27:00.549 Stephen Soloway M.D.: As long as you're doing a good job You're going to make a hundred thousand dollars a day

00:27:00.690 --> 00:27:05.419 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and they're going to pay cash. They're going to come from Saudi Arabia. They're going to come from wherever

00:27:05.690 --> 00:27:18.039 Stephen Soloway M.D.: you're gonna make your money. So those people are making ten million or more. No problem, no issues no audits. Maybe Irs orders. But certainly no, you know we all have to get Irs audits.

00:27:18.170 --> 00:27:29.700 Stephen Soloway M.D.: But why is it? Because you're in medicine? You're so over regulated that if you're in that top ten percent of billers, which means ninety-five of you people in that ten percent

00:27:29.860 --> 00:27:35.649 Stephen Soloway M.D.: our hard workers. And yes, there is always a small group of bad eggs that are ripping off the system.

00:27:35.950 --> 00:27:39.020 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Honestly, it's not that hard

00:27:39.090 --> 00:27:44.819 Stephen Soloway M.D.: to find out who's ripping off the system? You just need to know how to look and where to look, and frankly,

00:27:44.840 --> 00:27:55.159 Stephen Soloway M.D.: generally, the patients will tell you, because they'll be sixty-five complaints about the one doctor who says you know you have to take off your bra before I can look in your eye

00:27:55.400 --> 00:28:07.859 Stephen Soloway M.D.: what I mean. I know I listen. I spent years on different boards. This stuff goes on. It really does. But when you said that it reminded me of a t-shirt that i've had along the way it says, Trust me, i'm a doctor

00:28:08.220 --> 00:28:13.250 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Exactly. Exactly. But the truth is, this is real stuff, and you can't make it up,

00:28:13.260 --> 00:28:34.980 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and you know the things that I've seen are just um some despicable, but nobody has the best doctor. There is no such thing as the best hospital There's no such thing as the best insurance you find who's right for you, who's going to work for you and fight with your insurance company on your behalf, so you can get the medicine that you need, that your doctor believes in, not what they have on their formula to pay for cheaper.

00:28:35.330 --> 00:29:02.989 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, absolutely. This. This topic is one that that that hits home with me a great deal. In fact, I've I've I've interviewed uh some members of the Chiropractic integrative health and wellness practice that I visited over the years, and they they're in New Jersey. They're not in New York City. They flat out. Do not take insurance now. Most people, when i'm talking to small medium sized businesses. I do all the time. It's like Oh, they don't take my insurance Well, I can't go see them. Then It's like i'm going to pay completely out of pocket.

00:29:03.000 --> 00:29:15.709 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: The irony of all of that is when you're going through insurance for a lot of different specialties you have to do test after test after test in a particular order with the particular equipment. Everything like you were saying

00:29:16.250 --> 00:29:27.949 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: just to get the coverage that you're looking for, and and especially in chiropractics, it almost it almost incentivizes the whole system to be like. Oh, well, you need to come back and see me twice a week for the next twenty years,

00:29:27.960 --> 00:29:38.139 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: where, if somebody's doing it on a feed type of basis, and it's out of pocket, and it's no insurance, and They even offer unlimited visits on a monthly basis. They're incentivized to keep you out of pain.

00:29:38.420 --> 00:29:41.939 Stephen Soloway M.D.: My solution to this is,

00:29:42.970 --> 00:29:46.059 Stephen Soloway M.D.: understand that when you buy health insurance.

00:29:46.160 --> 00:29:57.189 Stephen Soloway M.D.: You're really just buying an umbrella that if you, God forbid, get in the hospital for an extended period of time, and the bill gets up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

00:29:57.390 --> 00:30:09.139 Stephen Soloway M.D.: You know that your insurance is really only for that, because, whether it's the chiropractors you spoke of, or whether it's my office, or whoever's office doing an X-ray or a shot, or whatever.

00:30:09.190 --> 00:30:28.619 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Yes, that bill may be five hundred, but your insurance may not cover it. They may not approve of it. They and they all have different reasons. But just know that the reason you have that insurance is legitimately. I always say your parts lose their warranty at age thirty. Your engine light comes on when you're fifty,

00:30:28.630 --> 00:30:39.989 Stephen Soloway M.D.: so if you're between thirty, five, and fifty or older, you have to have hospital coverage, so that if you're stuck in the hospital for a long time with either cancer or whatever

00:30:40.420 --> 00:30:49.649 Stephen Soloway M.D.: you know, that six month Bill is going to be um a million dollars, and you need to know that your responsibility is five or ten thousand, Max, and then you're done.

00:30:49.660 --> 00:31:12.229 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: That's the truth. Nobody has anything the best you. But you need that coverage. That's something I've said on the show. My guests have said along the way. There is no such thing as perfection, although people are always pursuing it. It's progress, not perfection. We're going to take a quick break, but we will be right back with Dr. Stephen Soloay, Md. Renowned rheumatologist and author of Bad Medicine and Medical Politics. Stay with us.

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00:33:15.100 --> 00:33:30.429 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen Fry, your Smb guy. It's not just me. It's the good Dr. Steven Soloay, Md. Renowned rheumatologist and author of the books Bad Medicine, and the latest release medical politics.

00:33:30.440 --> 00:33:58.469 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Doc This is the part of the show where we like to talk about the madness that's out there, and I know you've got plenty of it to talk about. But this is the artistic observational view. The stories that you have from the field. No subject to taboo anything goes You've given me some sprinklings of some here and there. By the way, i'm a big car, guy, and I know you are, too. Some of the cars that you told me you have. You'll talk about madness! Who the hell has a one thousand nine hundred and seventy-six police cruiser uh Dr. Soloay,

00:33:58.480 --> 00:34:13.500 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Yes, you do. And, by the way, I want you to know that the um, the Walkie Talk, he works The radar detector works the lights work, and because it's a highway interceptor and cruiser, the lights go up six feet.

00:34:13.510 --> 00:34:22.770 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Um! You can have the lights and the dashboard and the back. Go, boo- do do do the while those other ones are going crazy, and then you got the cherries flipping on top. So,

00:34:22.780 --> 00:34:41.140 Stephen Soloway M.D.: um! When I acquired this, I told the town mayor and the police chief, You know, guys, I have this. So if you see me driving around, I don't want you to think there's some nut with a stolen police car. So they gave me a list. They gave me a list of all the events in town, like for community service, that that episode out there where you see the car

00:34:41.150 --> 00:34:53.210 Stephen Soloway M.D.: is. I was in a I was it a um! It was Halloween. Uh for the kids, I guess I mean not for the not. I guess it was a Halloween thing for the kids that the city puts on the city of Island

00:34:53.610 --> 00:35:07.750 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and um they call it trunk or treat. So So this is insane. We filled up the trunk of this car with almost a thousand dollars worth of candy, and there were like fifty or seventy-five cars there.

00:35:08.200 --> 00:35:09.700 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Literally,

00:35:10.030 --> 00:35:11.620 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I mean seriously.

00:35:11.750 --> 00:35:22.319 Stephen Soloway M.D.: If if we didn't run out of candy, the kids would still be there. Their parents were to come their grandparents, everybody who needed candy. They Weren't going to Walmart that night. They were coming to trunk or treat.

00:35:22.330 --> 00:35:51.119 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I, too, have attended some of the trunk, or treats with my daughters, and ah! My wife is now having me donate the lion's share of the candy to local places that could use it, so I can actually fit into some of my clothes moving forward instead of this I love. But but let's go back to some of the madness that is your life. You know you told me a story. I don't know if it was reflexive of this picture I found out there the idea of a good-looking picture. It's a good looking picture, obviously. Come on now for forty years of tears cured in one visit.

00:35:51.130 --> 00:36:14.350 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I I know you have a couple of stories that are like this, but there was one that you told me yesterday about something so a guy that was in pain. And you you found a a a fatty, you know. Lipola. Oh, yes, it? Was it this one, or is it something else? No, no, this is something totally okay. Well, I want to hear it all. So give it to everybody let's hear some madness, all right. So the the forty years in Pain Lady

00:36:14.360 --> 00:36:27.790 Stephen Soloway M.D.: was um if I off the top of my head i'm gonna say she's about fifty-five years old. She came here and um she walked in frustrated because she knows that she's been to

00:36:27.800 --> 00:36:47.539 Stephen Soloway M.D.: you know Harvard, Yale Princeton Brown Cornell Stanford Mayo clinically. Ivy League here. Yeah. So she's been to all those places and see what people don't understand is when you go to one of those institutions. You're usually met with a student who really doesn't even know

00:36:47.880 --> 00:36:56.819 Stephen Soloway M.D.: doesn't know anything. Frankly knows how to check off the boxes. Um, Do you have green eyes, ma'am. Do you have green eyes? Oh, hold on, let me check the mirror.

00:36:56.950 --> 00:37:13.710 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Um the right eye, Green left eye Brown, and that's how it goes, and that'll take two hours at a at a big institution. And then, after that, that student has to go and talk to the next level up, which is usually called an intern, and then they talk to the Resident, and then they talk to the fellow.

00:37:13.720 --> 00:37:17.599 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Now the fellow is when you're actually training within the field.

00:37:17.630 --> 00:37:24.519 Stephen Soloway M.D.: But you're not an attending. So my first year that I graduated out of my fellowship, I became an attending,

00:37:24.900 --> 00:37:27.539 Stephen Soloway M.D.: so i'm in attending right now for thirty years.

00:37:27.820 --> 00:37:37.830 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So you're getting people that have had negative years. Student He Hasn't, reached that level Intern. No fellow resident. They're not there yet.

00:37:38.190 --> 00:37:54.690 Stephen Soloway M.D.: You spend the whole day, and you see well say, well, when am I going to meet the chairman, The guy with you know the guy between fifty and seventy? Who's written the books whose knows everything? Oh, he he's in! He's in um London, lecturing this week to a group of British rheumatologists,

00:37:54.710 --> 00:37:57.680 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and and all of a sudden the face goes. Huh!

00:37:57.880 --> 00:38:03.460 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I've heard this at every other place. So they come here, and all they do, They They only have me.

00:38:03.590 --> 00:38:10.730 Stephen Soloway M.D.: And so this woman when she did her video, which was, you know, filmed. Live here, she said. You know

00:38:11.170 --> 00:38:20.519 Stephen Soloway M.D.: um, she said. I was laser focused. She says that I was um very spot on with my questions that none of my questions were a waste of her time,

00:38:20.530 --> 00:38:36.450 Stephen Soloway M.D.: because when I read over her notes and so on, and I realized how much time had gone by. I already formulated it in my head that she's either the biggest psycho in the world, and lying to everybody where she has a real disease, and it has to fit into, you know, A, B C or D.

00:38:36.560 --> 00:38:46.980 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So I asked her every question for Ab. A, B, C or D. I examined, or I poked on her belly. I did this. I did that, or to test. She came back for one visit, and, by the way, before the visit,

00:38:47.250 --> 00:38:53.799 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I apologize before the follow up. I started her on some medication because I really felt bad for her. She was really suffering.

00:38:54.030 --> 00:39:04.840 Stephen Soloway M.D.: She came back, and you know we don't want people to come back before the results. So at forty-five days, she says, you know This is the first forty-five days since I'm. Twelve years old that I've been out of pain

00:39:05.250 --> 00:39:09.620 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and um at that visit we did uncover a genetic defect

00:39:09.750 --> 00:39:27.040 Stephen Soloway M.D.: to her disease, and she's now on that medicine and life is great for her. She's having a normal life. But wait, i'm gonna interrupt myself to tell you another really cool story, and then i'll get to the guy who I told you about yesterday. I had a guy come here um twenty years ago,

00:39:27.230 --> 00:39:45.120 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and um, for whatever reason, and I don't remember the details. The guy came here, and we checked him for osteoporosis, so there are many occasions where you'll check a man for osteoporosis. Maybe they shrunk, you know, an inch or two or three, or maybe they broke a bone inappropriately or or something.

00:39:45.210 --> 00:39:57.779 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So I tested the man for us. You process. His bone density was was horrible. It was the worst I ever could even imagine. It was like he didn't have any bones. Basically So I said, Okay, this needs a serious evaluation.

00:39:58.050 --> 00:40:11.300 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So I go through the evaluation. And one of the things you look. If if a man has very low testosterone. I'm sorry if a man has the very low bone density. You want to make sure they have hormones. So the guys testosterone level with zero.

00:40:11.320 --> 00:40:28.960 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Not not fifteen or twenty when zero, two hundred and fifty to eight hundred and fifty is normal, the guy with zero. Okay. So we're talking about a guy who has a zero. So I said to him, You know you told me that you have two kids, I said, You know. When Do you think it changed?

00:40:28.990 --> 00:40:32.459 Stephen Soloway M.D.: He goes Well, you forgot to ask me they're adopted.

00:40:33.470 --> 00:40:52.020 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So lo and behold, we did some testing, and he had a um I mean in in the world of medicine it would be more common than the other rare diseases. But this guy had client filters syndrome which he had. He was born with it, and

00:40:52.130 --> 00:40:59.570 Stephen Soloway M.D.: because of that he got placed on testosterone, and at the age of fifty-five he went through puberty for the first time.

00:40:59.870 --> 00:41:18.780 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Okay, true story. Can't make it up now. I got it. Yeah, I want to get in this other one. So I don't see patients on Friday. Friday is my paperwork day, fight with insurance company day, write letters and deal with lawyers. But um! If a friend, family, or a doctor calls me

00:41:18.790 --> 00:41:21.220 Stephen Soloway M.D.: and says, can you fit in so and so

00:41:21.380 --> 00:41:33.960 Stephen Soloway M.D.: i'm going to see them. On Friday. I saw a man during the week who literally looked worse than Quasimodo. In fact, his shoulder was higher than his head, and I said, Gosh, what's going on with that?

00:41:34.020 --> 00:41:47.400 Stephen Soloway M.D.: He says. Well, you know nobody will touch it, because I have bad insurance, and I said, Of course, what do you mean? You have the best insurance. Everyone has the best, he said. No, no, you know I have I? I have shitty insurance. Nobody wants me

00:41:47.760 --> 00:41:49.890 Stephen Soloway M.D.: so I felt it, and I said, You know

00:41:49.980 --> 00:41:53.439 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I I think it's just a live home. All I poem is Um.

00:41:53.610 --> 00:42:12.020 Stephen Soloway M.D.: We have life home of farmers, and we have non-formers. So if you're a former, you make these big clumps of fat, and they take a shape of their own like you can have something growing like a grapefruit, and it's just a piece of fat. I said to him, You come here on a Friday when i'm not stressed out and busy, and i'm going to take it out for you. He's it really really.

00:42:12.030 --> 00:42:20.409 Stephen Soloway M.D.: So my assistant and I, we got out of all the tools. Um, you know we have plenary license. We can do medicine or surgery whatever we want.

00:42:20.450 --> 00:42:27.780 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I cut the guy about twelve inches from his neck to his shoulder, and I made an opening, and I put my hands in the guy

00:42:28.000 --> 00:42:40.109 Stephen Soloway M.D.: uh elbows deep, and I came out with this thing. And I held it up like this, and it was about four or five feet long, weighed about twenty-five pounds It was nothing but a piece of fat. It was a giant Li Poma.

00:42:40.130 --> 00:42:54.989 Stephen Soloway M.D.: As soon as it came out of his back the guy took a breath. He says, this is the first time in twenty, thirty years that I could take a deep breath. I said, You see that you came here. I did it for free, and all these guys hated your insurance. So maybe the best insurance is having a nice personality.

00:42:57.210 --> 00:43:09.909 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, and have having the right people around you at all times. Not the not. What is it commonly looked at as a product with insurance, which, by the way, is something that I struggle with all the time a lot of times depending on the size of the business,

00:43:10.090 --> 00:43:28.629 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know. They might pass me off to hr folks and whatnot it's like. There. There was an article that came out a few years back talking about how the health insurance decisions for a business. It should be an owner, c-suite type of discussion, because it's a big deal. Here's something to throw in real quick here.

00:43:28.870 --> 00:43:35.850 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Why is it that when every year comes on a certain date you get a thing it says, renewing your insurance. The rates one up twelve percent.

00:43:36.010 --> 00:43:48.060 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Did you know your doctor gets cut every year for the last seventeen years for office visits? How come, I mean, and i'm not saying i'm not going to do this, but I think going forward. My new plan is going to be

00:43:48.070 --> 00:44:01.360 Stephen Soloway M.D.: to call the insurance company every year or two, and say, Oh, no, I'm not signing that contract until I get a ten percent increase. Because how am I supposed to absorb, you know, losing ten percent when i'm paying more. You won't Give me more,

00:44:01.860 --> 00:44:04.539 Stephen Soloway M.D.: you know. This is another big

00:44:04.850 --> 00:44:18.590 Stephen Soloway M.D.: big um black hole in the system where things are just like. Nobody looks at this stuff. Nobody thinks about it, and if it's not a Congressional hearing, you know, that has something to do with a personal interest like insider trading, which is allowed.

00:44:18.600 --> 00:44:35.100 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I mean, if you're if you're in the know, you know how to inside a trade you're allowed you and me. We we'd be looking at the ceiling and the bars. Oh, man! The guy made one hundred grand on the inside of trade, but the dude who made a million on Google, No problem, no problem at all.

00:44:35.530 --> 00:44:55.710 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I mean, somebody might come after him with a hammer. But that's okay. You're You're delving into an area of madness that we're going to need another couple of episodes for which we we might be able to make happen very shortly. But In the meantime we got to take a break. We'll be right back with Dr. Steven Solway, Md. Renowned rheumatologist and author of bad medicine and medical politics. Stay with us, everyone,

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00:47:02.630 --> 00:47:31.930 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen Fry. Your Smb. Guy episode One hundred. We're sharing it here today with my new friend, Dr. Stephen Soloway, Md. Renowned rheumatologist and author of the books, bad Medicine and medical Politics, medical Politics. Hot off the presses. The good doctor is leaving for Miami Beach in the morning for his book, Siding and Book Distribution Event. Seven o'clock tomorrow evening at the Setai in Miami Beach.

00:47:31.940 --> 00:48:01.930 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Doc, you've given us some some very interesting thoughts here that promote another episode or five that we need to get going on. But it's a very complex world. Even people within the industry, whether they're a doctor, an insurance carrier, an insurance broker at Hr. Professional, a lot of times. They're still trying to figure out what's going on with some of the patients that have been referred to you by other colleagues and doctors in the industry. There's a there's a lot of things that I think about when it comes to messaging from somebody like you. You have some.

00:48:02.040 --> 00:48:14.979 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You have some great testimonials out there. I would urge everyone to go to Dr. Soloway, Com. S. O. L. O. W. A. Y for those of you out there who have some spelling issues. But for the the message side of things

00:48:14.990 --> 00:48:44.190 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You, you say, walk into the week without pain. I think that's a great thought, especially for listeners in my show, and people who have small medium sized businesses. They get really clear and get get some execution done. On Friday they clear their plate, and then they come back on Monday, and they try to figure out what the hell they did the week before, and there it's. It's almost like starting a little bit of pain all over again. Have a have a response, and have a way to to deal with that with your body and your business. Manage the pain,

00:48:44.200 --> 00:48:47.210 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: your life. You gave us some great examples of that,

00:48:47.220 --> 00:49:17.209 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but also everyone is different. Right? Like you can't generalize this type of thing. That's something I see all the time with people focusing on products and apps and magic wands to to try to figure things out. You know, people like I have arthritis. I'm getting a little older. It's like you, you'll have it yourself and your content. There's ah o over one ah hundred different types of arthritis. There's probably more than that. That. You could tell me about. All of them probably need to be treated a different way. But give us some of the sound bites that people need to remember this weekend. What do you want people to remember during their cocktails and foot,

00:49:17.220 --> 00:49:18.949 all watching on Monday morning?

00:49:19.930 --> 00:49:21.899 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Sound byte number one,

00:49:22.250 --> 00:49:23.899 Stephen Soloway M.D.: you you're very correct.

00:49:24.120 --> 00:49:26.500 Stephen Soloway M.D.: If people come to my office.

00:49:26.520 --> 00:49:44.680 Stephen Soloway M.D.: I cannot cookie cut, and I cannot pigeonhole, because no two people have the same problem, and all the problems to a degree are treated differently, even if it is an art, not a science. And i'll explain. However, if you go to an urgent care or an emergency room

00:49:44.690 --> 00:49:55.150 Stephen Soloway M.D.: where they are trained specifically to treat heart attacks, strokes, and the urgent care of a true emergency. If you go to an emergency room on a Sunday,

00:50:12.410 --> 00:50:13.920 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Doc, did I lose you.

00:50:17.900 --> 00:50:19.750 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I don't know if that's me or you,

00:50:31.600 --> 00:50:32.879 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Doc. You there

00:50:34.730 --> 00:51:00.259 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: well seem to have lost the good doctor. Hope you guys can can hear me out there. Uh, sometimes that happens with me like right about this time of day, the Internet somehow goes out to my house. But, uh, yeah, you know. Live radio. Always something that we gotta contend with. I know. Uh the good doctor has. Some has some great sound bites for you guys, and we'll make sure that we get them to you hopefully comes back online in just a second, or we put them in the show notes. But there are no two people created

00:51:00.270 --> 00:51:30.249 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: equally with with something like what what Dr. Soloay does. You can't pigeonhole. You can't generalize, you can't stereotype. You can have a couple of thoughts, but you can never judge a book by its cover right? And the same is true with a lot of the business folks that I deal with, whether they're a trusted adviser or they're actually running their own practice, their own enterprise. It's a it's it's just not that cookie cutter, especially when you're talking about people's, individual bodies and their individual health, but also, like just the individual demographics of each business,

00:51:30.260 --> 00:52:00.249 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: each. Each business is its own kind of unique entity, even though, as we've discussed many times here, they might perform similar services and provide the same types of products out there. You know it's it's it's just not the same. Everybody has a little bit of a different story, a different demographic of folks different census information, and they have all kinds of different needs, want some wish lists, and you have to be able to cater to that as much as possible. It's a big part of my world, you know business solutions consulting, and you know, really it's it's part of Dr. Soloways world, too, as far as being as consultant

00:52:00.260 --> 00:52:04.439 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: as possible to both his colleagues in the industry That,

00:52:04.450 --> 00:52:34.429 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: uh, you know, send send folks with un unknown issues, and and you know, treatment need that that might not be as evident. They They send it over to Dr. Solway to be that medical detective, and to figure things out. I I very often find myself in the same position of trying to to figure things out with the different businesses that I that I work with out there and definitely the folks that uh that I interview here on the show There's there's a lot to be a lot to be said for for everybody being its own individual, unique entity as a person and as a business where a lot of the uh,

00:52:34.440 --> 00:52:50.710 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: the good discussion happens at the crossroads. It's things that remain constant in our personal lives will remain constant in our business lives if you want to be successful. So I know the doctor's trying to work on coming back right now. I did receive a text from him just Now i'm going to go ahead and share the

00:52:50.720 --> 00:53:07.909 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: awesome answers that the doctor gave for the questions that I asked. So I always ask all one hundred episodes that I've done. Who is your favorite movie, your Tv show character? What's your favorite movie, your Tv show, And what's your favorite musical instrument? And who's the artist, you'd like to hear play it so without further ado.

00:53:07.920 --> 00:53:25.800 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You know the good doctor and I almost like like the attorneys that I speak with out there. You can even give me a straight answer to a lot of these questions. But I love the way that he answered them. His favorite movie or Tv show character. He's in love with the fictional Miss New Jersey herself from the miscongeniality movie Sandra Bullock.

00:53:25.810 --> 00:53:55.799 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: He He did say a favorite movie in any way, shape or for him. He just wants to marry her. And, by the way, the good doctor is single, so here he is. He's got some help with zoom and all that. Hey, Don't worry, Doc, It happens to me Sometimes the Internet goes out to my studio right in the middle of a live feed, so don't worry about it. It's all good. We're talking to everybody. Just about the uh about the answers you gave me. So I I I know you're in love with Sandra Bullock, and you would you? Would that It seems like you would marry her if you had the chance. But yes, I I I think of you know movies that have been on

00:53:55.810 --> 00:54:24.490 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: as of late. That remind me of her. I think of demolition. Man. I don't know if you saw that one. But yeah, she she looks pretty pretty good in that movie. And then uh speed also, you know, definite favorite. Those are the ones that come to mind for me. You probably think more of the proposal because you're in love. I like the one where she put the uh the syringe to the guy's neck when she was in the hospital. I'm not good with the name of that one. Oh, all the all, all the the two weeks notice movies and everything you you you could pull off, You grant, probably.

00:54:24.500 --> 00:54:54.489 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, but it's it might might be a little bit of a reach, but i'll let you know she has been divorced from Jesse James for a little bit now, so you might have a shot. Maybe she's got some type of arthritis condition that you could help her out with. Who the hell knows? Well, other than that, Maybe she doesn't have any arthritis, and I could teach her about it. Well, we'll. We'll find out one way or another by by ways of my network. We'll see what what she's, what she's playing with. But yeah, Matt, matchmaking services also included here your favorite movie, You didn't really you didn't really hesitate. You went straight to stripes.

00:54:54.500 --> 00:54:55.759 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Oh, come on!

00:54:55.810 --> 00:54:58.329 Stephen Soloway M.D.: My name is Francis Soyer.

00:54:58.650 --> 00:55:01.939 Stephen Soloway M.D.: If any of you people call me Francis

00:55:01.950 --> 00:55:31.839 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: i'll kill you. Stri stripes for those out there. Haven't. Seen this two friends who are dissatisfied with their jobs. They decide to join the army for a bit of fun, and I know a few people personally who actually are doctors who join the army way back in the day. I'm not sure they did it for fun. But just knowing you at this point, I could totally see you doing that if it didn't limit your schedule of having a good Well, yeah, I mean, look! If I could be in the mud wrestle instead of John Candy, why wouldn't I be, you know, if I could be playing with

00:55:31.850 --> 00:55:33.350 Stephen Soloway M.D.: the um the pancake

00:55:33.420 --> 00:56:00.249 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: thing in in the General's house, why wouldn't I be so? You started rattling off a bunch of other movies. The one that I thought was funny that you brought up was Police Academy, because it's It's a group of good heart and hearted complete misfits that enter the Academy and the instructors. Aren't necessarily going to put up with the pranks, probably like some of the pranks that you and your buddies conducted in medical school and beyond. But I love this series of movies, and you and I were talking about the first movie for the most part.

00:56:00.260 --> 00:56:30.239 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But yeah, my brother and I talk in movie quotes all the time. It's one of the reasons that I'm: i'm big on movies. But I I was thinking about Officer Z from three and four, and beyond Bobcat Gothwaite's character. When you started talking about it, I kept thinking of Zed saying, You dudes are setting a bad example. Yeah, And it's somewhat like the bad example of the health care system. For not for like not taking care of patient needs first and worrying about all the mechanics of the insurance carriers and everything that, and the fact that you have a nineteen, seventy, six police cruiser is pretty funny

00:56:30.250 --> 00:56:44.490 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: talking funny, actually. But uh, yeah, that's that. That's some great stuff, as far as the music goes. You also didn't really give me an answer for that. But when we were talking, just because of your your books, bad medicine and medical politics again out. Now,

00:56:44.500 --> 00:56:50.850 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: yeah, if you guys want any books that are signed. You can email books at Dr. Soloway. Com. By the way,

00:56:50.860 --> 00:57:15.010 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: this is a book book. Singular book book. Sorry be. Oh, okay. Those are you out there. I Dr. Soloay, at Dr. Soloay, at Dr. Soloway. Dot Com. Yeah. I kept thinking of motley Crew. Oh, because because Mick Mars Mick Mars suffers from echolos and spondylitis. And the only reason I know that is because I read the book and saw the movie the dirt. That's how I learned about that condition.

00:57:15.270 --> 00:57:44.469 Stephen Soloway M.D.: Oh, I think I told you about my little story with motley crew yesterday. It's probably not the well you did, I'll give everybody The quick summary of it is that the good Dr. Solowway was trying to compete with Tommy Lee for love interest, which is very difficult if you've seen some of Tommy Lee's exploits. But uh, you know the good good doctor knows how to work some magic that's for that's for sure. I lost that battle, though. Dr. Soloay dot com. There's lots and lots of fun testimonials out there,

00:57:44.480 --> 00:58:00.660 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know. One thing i'll say about about the book bad medicine. You see some of this the commentary out there. It's been out for a couple of years. Bad medicine is a must read for anyone concerned about the future of America's health care system, and that was said by Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey.

00:58:00.670 --> 00:58:29.640 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So that's you know. There's a lot around this whole topic. And again, Doc, I appreciate you being here especially for my one hundredth episode. Great time. Great stories. Sorry the Internet went out on you for a second. But, hey, Shit happens, I can't believe the time went so fast. I love this. This is like That's how it is, man. Everybody goes. We're gonna talk for an hour, and then they go. Wow! That went by really fast. But it is time for the next show here on the network. So I do have to say goodbye. You know we are going to work on one hundred more episodes of always Friday. So look forward to that with all of you guys

00:58:29.650 --> 00:58:39.429 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: have a great weekend. We will see you next week. Friday. Eleven A. M. Eastern time right here on Talk radio. Dot Nyc: Take care of Doc soon. Bye,

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