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Friday, December 2, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/12/02 - Dancing to Success with DJ Zap

Facebook Live Video from 2022/12/02 - Dancing to Success with DJ Zap


2022/12/02 - Dancing to Success with DJ Zap

[NEW EPISODE] Dancing to Success with DJ Zap

Fridays 11:00am - 12:00pm (EDT)


The audience will hear from someone who pursued his childhood passions for dancing and DJing into his professional life, as his own Small Business owner.


Whether it’s your SMB’s holiday party, your daughter’s sweet 16, your wedding, or your kid’s “mitzvah” party, you want to make sure the special event is memorable and remarkable.

What makes that happen?  The right team of people to help you plan, DJ, and MC your party!  When guests and hosts feel the genuine, moving energy from the beginning to the very end of the event, the result is an enthusiastic, entertaining experience.

We are joined by Jason Zaplin, aka DJ Zap, President & Founder of DJ Zap Music.  Jason is a DJ that folks reach out to in the North NJ/NYC metro area for unforgettable parties, dancing the night away, and corporate events that SMBs rely on to celebrate with their employees.


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Steven Frey welcomes us to this episode of Always Freyday. He briefly discusses the holidays and how many gathering events are happening. This gives many the opportunity to get together at corporate events to network and fuel 2023 business initiatives. He introduces his guest, Jason Zaplin, aka DJ Zap, President & Founder of DJ Zap Music. He mentions that often, the businesses that he has worked with are only focused on their products. Frey mentions that products change all of the time, but success starts with being around the right people. Having a natural rhythm, Zaplin has been involved in entertainment and music since elementary school, doing a performance inspired by Michael Jackson in the 3rd grade, doing ballroom dancing, and running his own DJ business at the age of 12. Currently, DJ Zap and his team perform at corporate events, birthdays, graduations, special occasions, and more. Zap speaks with Frey about dancing, starting his own business with a neighbor, and the people he worked with while building his reputation locally.

Segment 2

Steven mentions how it’s the people around you that you work with that make the experience. Steven also mentions some reviews for DJ Zap as an example of people saying how it was a delight to work with him prior to the event, he would always answer calls and emails and be respectful to the client’s wants and needs. He connects with everyone at parties from children, to older children, to adults. Zap mentions his packages he offers on his website. He says that what separates him from others in his business is that although you can have the biggest package with many offers, it's about the connection with the people. The talent, the energy, the dance are all important factors. He talks about bringing memorable moments as well as catering to what the client’s vision is for the party. He says that being there for the client and personalization are the factors that it comes down to. Zap taks with Frey about how he implements these factors in different scenarios and how he works with clients to recommend the best options aside from specific package options. Sometimes a party with 150 kids for instance may need more than just a DJ. They might need a DJ, an MC, dancers, etc.

Segment 3

Zap and Frey continue their conversation on the “madness” part of the industry Zap works in. Although he meets amazing people and is a part of many parties and events, there is a ton of hard work and long nights that goes into this. They switch the conversation to the fun impromptu additions added to many bar and bat mitzvahs. Zap mentions how he would do this with kids where they would come up with dances and do dance battles on the floor to keep them and the adults engaged. Speaking of dancing, Zap goes back to tell more about his story of dancing to Michael Jackson in the 3rd grade. He mentions how Burnet Hill would have a talent show and how he would be at home with a friend prepping for the big show dancing tos songs like “Billie Jean'' or “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.” He mentions how he had the act that gained the most attraction and also mentions a funny part to this story that led to his mother getting a call from the PTA advisor. In this moment, he knew that he could work a crowd, have stage presence and be interactive. He also mentions being able to play various sports and says how dancing is also what has led him to where he is today. He credits this to his parents and family. Zap also talks about his experience doing production work during the pandemic and other experiences like DJing for Tracy Morgan

Segment 4

Zap reiterates how he and his team are there to be a part of peoples celebrations and it is a lot of work with late night and weekends. The message he wants to send is that they put their heart into their work for their clients. They always want to share great talent, put on great shows but also be present. He also shares that his goal is to keep his dancers going as well as the rest of the dance community. Zap mentions how grateful he is when people come up to them and tip them because there is a lot of work other than just playing music. They also discuss making changes based on what the room is like; Zap has to read the room and adapt to keep everyone engaged. Before closing the show, Frey shares Zap’s answers to some fun questions not related to his work like tv shows and movies. You can get in touch with Jason Zaplin, AKA, DJ Zap at and search for the same name to find him on social media.


00:01:08.930 --> 00:01:38.920 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: providing perspective and creating connection. So every single Friday you could find me right here on talk radio and Nyc doing just that lending what's left of my mind and my voice to this radio show where I interview Smb leaders as well as their trusted advisors. One thing that I've seen over the years is that some of the best thought leadership for Smbs actually happens on Friday right About the time we feel that freedom of the weekend coming. However, we're also anxious to start the weekend. These crucial pearls of wisdom. They're all

00:01:38.930 --> 00:02:08.920 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: forgotten, overlooked, swept aside whatever you want to call it, in favor of our fun activities and our freedom from work here on the show. We take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity. We discuss popular topics that are on the minds of Smb leaders as well as their trusted advisors. Once again the name of the show, not just to play on words. My last name actually means free in German. Nice fun, fact for everybody. I hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving. Maybe you ate too much. Maybe you spent too much money on Black Friday and Cyber

00:02:08.930 --> 00:02:30.139 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Monday deals regardless. It's important to be thankful and grateful this time of year, right before the holiday, my older daughter Hayden. She attended her first bot Mitzvah on her own, without Mom and Dad at the ripe old age of ten. If you know my daughter, she loves to dance and drink Shirley Temple so obviously she had a blast.

00:02:30.150 --> 00:02:50.019 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: My Smb. Friends are also having some fun this time of year, most of them with a little bit more rocket fuel than the Shirley Temple. It might be cold outside, but the season of holiday parties is heating up. I attended a few this week. I will be it more next week. There are some great opportunities to network and fuel your two thousand and twenty-three business initiatives,

00:02:50.030 --> 00:03:20.020 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: which is actually how I met my special guest for today. Today. We're gonna be talking about dancing to success with Dj. Zap. So whether it's your Smb's holiday party or your daughter's sweet sixteen, your wedding, your kids, Mitzvah party, whatever it is, you want to make sure that the special event is memorable and remarkable. What makes that happen? The right team of people to help you plan Dj. And Mc. Your party, when guests and hosts feel the genuine moving energy from the beginning to the very end of the event.

00:03:20.030 --> 00:03:47.799 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: The result is an enthusiastic entertainment experience. Our special guest is a Dj. That folks reach out to in the North, New Jersey, New York City Metro area for unforgettable parties, dancing the night away, and corporate events that Smbs rely on to celebrate with their employees. Talk is cheap. We know that we're on talk radio, dot Nyc: We don't want this to just be talk. The goal here is to use the insight on the business landscape and create more impact on Monday morning.

00:03:48.060 --> 00:03:57.629 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It is far too often that the businesses that I've worked with. They're focused on the product that's going to solve all of their problems. The magic wand, the shiny new mouse trap.

00:03:57.640 --> 00:04:27.630 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: One consistent thing I see out there is products change every single day, including the Tv that I just got during Black Friday. Right? It's different than the one that I got ten years ago. Every other facet of our lives, business and Percival products change every single day. There's no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people very excited for the

00:04:27.640 --> 00:04:36.420 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: discussion today. Our special guest is Jason Zaplin, also known as Dj. Zap, president and founder of Dj. Zap Music. The

00:04:36.430 --> 00:05:06.410 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So Jason is a young, talented Djmc. Who has the personality and positive energy to ensure that your party will be a success very passionate about what he does, and his professionalism and and attention to detail is evident in everything that he does. Dj. Zap has loved music and entertainment since elementary school. He was gifted. The natural ability to dance, and an instinct to entertain. In third grade. He performed a choreograph. Michael Jackson's song in an elementary school Talent show, received a lot of

00:05:06.420 --> 00:05:22.539 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: compliments, and the seed had been planted, he went on to become a seasoned ballroom and motivational dancer. To add to his interest in becoming a Dj. By the time he was twelve years old he was running his own Dj. Business. At fifteen he was working junior proms and parties with decent size attendance.

00:05:22.550 --> 00:05:42.090 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Jason feels that he was one of those real, rare kids that found his calling very off. Very early in life he fast forward to today. He continues to live his dream and run his own. Dj. Company, Dj. Zapp and team perform at corporate events Barbot, mitzvah's, birthdays, graduations, anniversary special occasions, and more. The mission is simple.

00:05:42.100 --> 00:05:51.900 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: To make sure that everyone in attendance has a great time that every event is memorable. Each party is unique, and he knows how to make sure that each one is spectacular. Also

00:05:51.910 --> 00:06:20.230 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Dj. Zap Loves sports played some soccer along the way, and still coaches basketball at his local Ymca. Just like a great Nfl. Quarterback can read a defense. Dj. Zap is an expert at reading the dance floor. He knows the right music to play at the right moment, and could keep it rocking all night long. He has some great perspective on the industry from his days as an elementary school dancer to the Smb owner that he is. Today, as always, we're going to discuss my favorite questions around movies, Tv and music

00:06:20.240 --> 00:06:43.179 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: go joining us from home Base and Livingston before he hits the party circuit for the weekend. Welcome to the show, and thank you for spending your last few minutes of peace before the weekend with me. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me really say to be on here today. So, Dj. Zap, Your story is awesome. There's a very small handful of people that I know who've harnessed their passion for the Dj. Business

00:06:43.190 --> 00:06:53.190 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: early on as a kid, and continued the journey into their professional lives. I love it. I want to hear more talk to everyone about how you got where you are today.

00:06:53.690 --> 00:07:23.649 jasonzapin: Yeah, of course. So thanks so much for having me um. So I started uh a Dj. Business locally, and living in New Jersey. I was my buddy next door by name of Jake Posnack, and we started Jane J. Entertainment and we were young. We were doing kids parties. We were just doing parties left and right in the local community in town, and um one of our first parties, where it was actually locally right in my neighborhood, and Livingston was at a house we showed up. We had uh, he had speakers, and he wanted me to be an Mc. Kind of person, and I you know we started doing some parties and stuff,

00:07:23.990 --> 00:07:53.170 jasonzapin: and um, you know, I think my dancing ability really took off on that level where people were like. Wow! This guy's very high energy. He's got great energy with the kids. He would be perfect for this kind of business, and we were starting doing kids parties. Um! And we just did the circuit around the Livingston local area, and a lot of the parties that were local in the Livingston community were at the else Club, which is the Ppac poo, poochy forming Art Center. If It's still there, and then it's pretzel factory below. So a lot of the um local, you know. Dj: uh,

00:07:53.530 --> 00:08:17.059 jasonzapin: you know, companies that were locally in the town, you know. Of course we're doing their own thing, and we would do all those kids events. Um at that space. And we were just requested pretty much every time to do those events in the local community of Livingston, and it was just an amazing, you know. Uh, start for me to begin um, but my journey was with Jake Posnack, of course, is Jj. Entertainment, and we would do local school events in Livingston,

00:08:17.070 --> 00:08:18.799 jasonzapin: and then um

00:08:18.940 --> 00:08:28.780 jasonzapin: also going back into my early ages as a dancer, I would basically just automatically just had a natural rhythm for dancing. I can mention a name by the name Spencer Davidson. Uh,

00:08:28.790 --> 00:08:43.830 jasonzapin: I was dancing my living room, I think maybe around eight, nine years old, and uh, just he pulled out the cameras doing Michael Jackson or no stay alive. I was doing stay alive uh um stuff with uh John Travolta. So that was really my starting to music as well, and then got involved with Jake

00:08:43.840 --> 00:09:11.699 jasonzapin: and Um. It was really one of my start, my starts as being a dancer, and being in that as well. And then, of course, I can relay that to Roger G. Who is one of my most inspirational persons uh in dance, who really just got me off with Michael Jackson, and really just fermenting that kind of uh piece in terms of Billy Jean, and just really bringing that amazing energy. Um, But that was really the the start in terms of like sort of my young career in in

00:09:11.710 --> 00:09:16.859 jasonzapin: my age, and just being out there and just pushing myself to the limit as a young

00:09:16.890 --> 00:09:29.429 jasonzapin: as a young kid I just had. I had so much energy, and I had I, you know even my parents saw me, my parents, my mom, would drive me to. Do, you know, dance practice, And with Roger Roger you would come to my house in Livingston. He would teach me how to do Michael Jackson,

00:09:29.440 --> 00:09:49.389 jasonzapin: to shout to Roger G. If he's listening right now. Um, but um! That's how it really started, and it was just an amazing journey Um, as a as a kid and um! A lot of people said, Oh, you know this would be perfect for him. He's got so much energy he's just great at what he does, and he's great with kids, and that's sort of how I sort of started when I was younger.

00:09:49.400 --> 00:09:56.090 jasonzapin: Um, as a you know, as basically um a dancer. And and really in that, you know, limelight. So yeah,

00:09:56.100 --> 00:10:25.410 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: when you talk about starting a Dj. Company from the age of twelve, one of my best friends, his family's in the Delhi and catering business, and he, he, I can remember at the age of twelve, was already slicing me and arranging the store and getting everything positioned like better than anybody else. Who was, you know, in the in their twenties or thirtys who was there, and he, you know you fast forward to today. He's still doing the same thing. He found his calling early in life. So it again. I love stuff like this where you find you're calling that early in life. But

00:10:25.420 --> 00:10:40.809 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: yeah, you talk about twelve to thirty at this point. You know. What was it like to be? You know kind of running your own business with your with your neighbor like versus getting to this point. Now, where you're a full-blown you know party, you know, I would say at the time, you know, like between that

00:10:40.860 --> 00:10:52.119 jasonzapin: that age we were just handing out cards and promoting and going to place to place and putting myself out there, and you know, doing great work. And you know we're people requesting us so when we were young

00:10:52.130 --> 00:11:21.480 jasonzapin: it was just really about like getting our name on the map and in the local Livingston area, and also other areas, you know, in the kids, you know, because we were just doing kids parties, but was so what was really interesting as well, like a lot of the Dj companies that were younger in the local Livingston area, used to reach out to me, saying, Hey, Jason, I need you to dance for me, um for my company, so they would reach out to me. But like, Hey, Zach, Can you come dance for me? I You know I I'll be the Dj. You know you. I need you to be able to interact with the kids at the Oux Club.

00:11:21.490 --> 00:11:43.220 jasonzapin: So that's sort of how it started when I was younger, and I could mention the person that I did that, for that was by the name of Ryan Gotzie again. I think it was by beat by beat entertainment. I'm not one of sure if that's when he started. But Ryan used to reach out to me to be one of his dancers to, you know, interact with kids on the you know the parties that that were thrown in Livingston at the Else's Club, because that was basically the main spot

00:11:43.230 --> 00:12:02.160 jasonzapin: to do events um in town. And then they started doing, you know, as the years went by they had other facilities as well that they had the sixth grade parties for the kids that would be present. Um in Livingston. So um, but just getting our word and and name out with James, and entertainment was really just about handing out cards

00:12:02.170 --> 00:12:16.859 jasonzapin: getting our name out there, you know, really just telling people about who we were. And you know Jake was Really, I could tell you Jake Poison was very entrepreneurial, so I have to give him a shout out to really putting his name on the map. Um,

00:12:16.870 --> 00:12:32.819 jasonzapin: you know, starting his business because he was very entrepreneur. I was basically more of the talent aspect of an Ic. And a dancer. Jake was more of like the business. Savvy guy um for what he did, and and um shout out to David Posnack if he's listening to this. David is uh one of my my dear friends to my dad. Um!

00:12:32.830 --> 00:13:00.630 jasonzapin: He was one of the guys actually as well. Uh, you said this would be a great fit for you. This would be an awesome opportunity for you to do this. Um! And it was just been amazing, and I've had such an amazing journey, you know, at that young age. And then, of course, I started right after that, I, you know, had to figure out, and you know, and of course Bill Dj's app, and And then Jane J. Was really my first start and go from there. Yeah, We're coming up to a break here in just a moment. But as you'll see with me, I love stories and analogies right. So when you talk about

00:13:00.640 --> 00:13:09.889 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: reading the dance floor like you're reading the football field like an Nfl. Quarterback when you did this interview with Dj. Times, or, as it says, Jersey Jock dances to success.

00:13:09.900 --> 00:13:39.880 jasonzapin: Do you still feel that to this day, like some of your experience being being involved in sports, really helps you become an effective Dj. And reader of the room. It's one hundred, I think, if if you're an athlete and your competitor, and you want to be able to, you know it's something that I've always had in my in in me. So to it's about reading a dance floor, and in that competitive it is in terms of sports relayed into dancing as well. So it's just It's a it's a combination. So and it's, and it's, you know. Dj: Times was an incredible piece

00:13:39.890 --> 00:13:57.810 jasonzapin: Um! That they wrote about me during the height of the pandemic um shadow to Dj. Times. Thank you for you know having me um a part of that magazine. I know I know you like to Emmett Smith and dancing in the Star, So that sounds very relatable as well, but we gotta take a quick break. We'll be right back with Dj's app president and founder of Djs app music. Stay with us.

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00:16:13.740 --> 00:16:41.229 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: welcome back everybody. It's Friday. It's always Friday, and it's me, Stephen fry your Smb. Guy, we're chatting with Jason Zaplin, Aka, Djs app president and founder of Dj Zap music. Dj. Zap before We get into the method behind your madness. I wanted to just take a moment here on this brisk Friday and sit out by my fire pit and looks looks like. It was probably a little bit warmer than too, when I had that fire burning that it is today. But yeah, just real quick before we get into it

00:16:41.240 --> 00:16:48.459 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: the people that you work with make the experience. I can't say it enough, but especially with a discussion like this.

00:16:48.470 --> 00:17:17.829 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You can't look at this function as a product or a commodity, even if there are packages around, you know, distributing Dj. And Mc. Types of services. People who price shop, you know Djs, and ultimately say that they can make a playlist for a party. It makes me laugh hysterically. A playlist on autopilot doesn't make a party, although you know, can be a real cheap way of of making it feel like you have a Dj. At a party when you really want to make a party, and you want to make an experience there. There's no substitute for the right people

00:17:17.839 --> 00:17:41.379 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: having the most expensive venue. Also that doesn't make a party either, although Uh Dj. Zap has been at metlife, stadium, and places like Barclays and all of that. But there's a whole. There's a whole bunch of people in this area. Talk about relating sports to this right? There's a whole bunch of people in this area who've had bar mitzvahs and bot Mitzvah with seven figure price tags, and Dj. Zap has been at some of those, too.

00:17:41.390 --> 00:17:48.150 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But when push comes to shove, you want the team, the Dj. And team that you connect best with

00:17:48.290 --> 00:18:17.379 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Dj. Zap has fourteen pages, fourteen pages of testimonials on his website, and a lot of them sound just like this one. He was a delight to work with prior to the event, returning calls and emails promptly, and was very respectful of our specific wants and needs. He showed up properly day of set up quickly, and during the party he was amazing. The kids dance all night. Older kids who hadn't planned to stay for the party all stayed because they were having the best time with Jason.

00:18:17.390 --> 00:18:19.130 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Adults loved him, too.

00:18:19.170 --> 00:18:49.059 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We couldn't have been happier. His focus on connecting to the kids through dance and not shouting orders through a microphone is what really made him stand out from all the other Djs we've seen. At other events, I recommend him highly dude harder to get a better endorsement than something like that for the business that you're in. So, Jay, this is the method, part of the show, the science behind what you do. The idea is, what do you do? How do you do it? And how do you go to market for it?

00:18:49.070 --> 00:19:19.060 jasonzapin: So I have some thoughts for what we're going to talk about. But give me some of your initial, you know responses to that. What's the method behind your madness,

00:19:19.070 --> 00:19:31.680 jasonzapin: the dance ability that I bring to my events. Um! And that's what really that really separates me from a lot of companies. I mean. You could have the biggest package, at your events. But it's not really about that. It's about the connection

00:19:31.690 --> 00:20:00.060 jasonzapin: with people and being with the Kid, and being with the family of the Bar Mitzvah, or it's a wedding, or if it's an after party, whatever event i'm doing, or whatever Dj: i'm sending out. It's really about that connection one to one. I feel that in our industry there's so much out there, and people are looking at so many packages and so many big setups in my eye. It doesn't come down to that anymore. I feel like it comes down to the personal experience of having an amazing experience.

00:20:00.070 --> 00:20:13.289 jasonzapin: The talent, the Dj. The Mc. The dancers, the energy, the enthusiasm, the dance ability that I bring to my events. It comes down to those factors. Yes, the setup is key to have it. Your party.

00:20:13.300 --> 00:20:28.070 jasonzapin: I've done events where I've been at a Vfw. Hall with a hundred and twenty kids, and the party is incredible. The energy is amazing. The kids want to be there. They want to be involved. They want to be dancing. They want to just have a good time.

00:20:28.080 --> 00:20:33.680 jasonzapin: Then, when we do big events with bigger setups. We see a lot of different

00:20:33.690 --> 00:21:01.809 jasonzapin: variables where they might not want to be there. They're jaded. They've been to hundreds of bar and bought Mitzvah. They've seen a lot that's out there. So I think, with with what I bring to the table, is that um there to really bring that enthusiasm and energy and earthly, crunchy kind of guy that I am, and to be special and and and be memorable. And my method is always been. Whatever the client wants, we do the best we can to our ability to really bring that enthusiasm and energy.

00:21:01.820 --> 00:21:05.310 jasonzapin: That event i'm not superman, and i'm not,

00:21:05.340 --> 00:21:17.380 jasonzapin: but i'm there to work my ass off and do the best I can for that client. No matter which client it is, I will be there. I'll set up early. I'll break down. I'll bring whatever equipment it needs to be done on site.

00:21:17.390 --> 00:21:45.960 jasonzapin: But, as I said, I think the method behind what I do is really about the personalization, and really the attention to detail that I bring on my events to be the best I can, and put on great dancers bring on Great town a lot of my dancers that are coming up right now in the New Jersey, New York Scene: I have a dancer who's in the city? She's local and Milburn she is phenomenal. Shout out to her, Um, I have a dancer by the name Morgan Preston. Um Sidney Wolf shout her as well. Those two dancers that just recently did a job for me,

00:21:45.970 --> 00:21:55.790 jasonzapin: and they're just local, and they're here to support small business. And you know right now. I think the method is really just really personalization, and really just being there for the client. Um.

00:21:55.800 --> 00:22:09.410 jasonzapin: And really about, you know, we do have amazing packages that we do offer from this app the buzz and electrify packages which our most popular package right now has been the Z. That package. Dj. Mc two dancers. Um,

00:22:09.510 --> 00:22:26.779 jasonzapin: and we get requested a lot on that package right now. We do additional add-ons depending upon if you want to photo Booth, or if you want to do lighting, or you want to do other additional ads, we could do stages. Everything is really all a cart based on what their needs are. But the method about about about what I do is really about those factors and what I bring to the table.

00:22:27.750 --> 00:22:31.360 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You know what relating it to the business world. Right?

00:22:31.550 --> 00:22:59.000 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah. The idea of somebody barking orders into a microphone, or even better, somebody giving a presentation and reading things word for word off of a Powerpoint slide where it's like. Thanks. I I I learned how to read a long time ago. It's like, Give me some type of humans been to this right? It's just like It's It's to me. It makes all the difference in the world of something that's just checking a box like I had to have this meeting, or I had to have this event

00:22:59.010 --> 00:23:02.700 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: versus actually connecting with the crowd.

00:23:02.710 --> 00:23:26.740 jasonzapin: Do you? Do you see it that way as Well, yeah, it's It's just about connecting with the crowd. It's it's it's being personal and being having that connection with the people. Um, I feel as if you know, when we don't, we do bigger setups. It just depends on the event. Everything is really based on the structure of the event. Um! It's it could be a hit or miss. Uh I I've been in some situations where I could be at a big venue like, you know, metlife stadium

00:23:26.750 --> 00:23:54.990 jasonzapin: uh was an incredible opportunity that I had, and that was back in two thousand and eighteen, where i'm at the Stadium Uh. It was a rainy day. I had a video person. There's even a Youtube link of me actually rocking the event itself with kids. It was a rainy day. Shout out to the video guy, John Boley if he's listening to this right now. He shot the video. Morgan was there. Ralph, you know, was there as well. Um Dj. Jules was there as well um shout out to my team that day. Um, so really um!

00:23:55.000 --> 00:24:04.479 jasonzapin: It's it's It's a you know. It's. It was an incredible moment, but I think the it's really about the connection aspect of the event, really, and that in that forefront

00:24:04.980 --> 00:24:14.359 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, no doubt about it. So where, like again, you know, you have these packages. You talk about the zap, the buzz, the electrify all very, very cool. By the way,

00:24:14.370 --> 00:24:44.360 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know, there's There's a fine line there, because, you know, you get all these praises and all these testimonials that i'm reading about. He listened to everything we wanted, and tried to deliver everything the way that we said it. How we said it all that you know. I'm. I'm very big by the way, on the idea of It's not what you say It's how you say it, but you know you get to the point like you have these things kind of packaged and bucketed to a certain extent. You have three different packages for for for Mitzvahs. You have three different packages for weddings, but it's not kind of limited to that again. It's like It's kind of a guideline.

00:24:44.370 --> 00:24:57.890 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's not like a hard and fast rule. It's like, i'm sure that there are companies out there where it's just like. No, we don't do that in this package. It's the other package, and like sometimes i'm sure that there's a little bit of blurred lines like, How do How do you work with that?

00:24:58.020 --> 00:25:01.900 jasonzapin: Yeah, The The blurred lines. Yeah. I mean, every package is not

00:25:01.910 --> 00:25:19.910 jasonzapin: exactly the package that a client is looking to have. So scenarios, you know a client will say to Jason, Hey, We saw you at my, you know we saw you at a party last weekend, you know. They might want to add on some line items they might want to stage. They might want to photo boot. They might want to have a specialty act show up during midway of the party. So everything is really like

00:25:19.950 --> 00:25:49.940 jasonzapin: it could be variable like, hey? I only want to Dj. At my party for my daughters, but I don't want to have the whole four person team. I only want to have just a Dj. With one hundred and fifty kids in one room, which I wouldn't recommend, because it's more work on the Mc. And the Dj. Perspective. So from my perspective, since I have clients to say, I have moms that reach out to me, and different uh events is that it's really I I have to drive. I have to be the driver seat, you know, and and and tell them, you know, if you have a Dj. For one hundred and fifty kids in one Country Club, and you're looking for one Z.

00:25:49.950 --> 00:26:07.749 jasonzapin: To do your event, I would not recommend that you need to have a team. You need to have an experience. You need to have your dancers. You need to have someone that's going to run the crowd, and I think the the dry I'm in the driver's seat is that I think I need to. The The key is to educate these clients to know what goes into what we do,

00:26:07.760 --> 00:26:21.549 jasonzapin: and that's the biggest thing right now. Um, for my method is that I have to educate my clients moving forward with a mitzvah, and and how to celebrate a proper event, and how to do the right thing on an event. If you have just one. Dj:

00:26:21.560 --> 00:26:41.420 jasonzapin: I think, for a bar mitzvah. I think the Dj. Is going to have a very hard time, and he's going to be he? He's going to run all over the place. He's got to do candlelighting. He's got to do introductions. He's got to set up his equipment. It's only a one person show. How is he going to play the montage? Is he going to run to the right of the room? Does he have to be able to jump into the cotton. I, Joe, and the Cha Cha slide at the same time.

00:26:41.430 --> 00:26:46.229 jasonzapin: I've been in these situations, and I personally, as me as a Dj. I don't recommend it.

00:26:46.710 --> 00:27:15.940 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, can totally can totally relate to the idea. And and if for nothing else, if there's only one person running the party. It could easily put some more pressure on the hosts of the party, and making them feel like they can enjoy things. Which is why I want to read this next testimonial to everybody, said we were able to put everything in his hands and trust him to run the show so we could enjoy the party. I personally have been in situations where I feel like I can't enjoy my own party because of how it was set up. He did not disappoint.

00:27:15.950 --> 00:27:31.779 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Jason was also remarkably available and patient, leading up to the big day, answering questions, providing guidance and helping us make decisions. A consummate professional. We cannot speak highly enough about Dj's app would hire him again in an instant for future events again hard to get. Better endorsement than that.

00:27:32.160 --> 00:27:45.889 jasonzapin: Yeah, of course. No, I I you know I put my heart, my soul on my sleeve every day, and do the best I can. And I I you know, as I said. You know It's It's really about just putting your sweat and tears into the work, and really show

00:27:45.900 --> 00:27:56.850 jasonzapin: the the the you know the New Jersey market or the New York market. Ha! The The local community that I I really just put my heart my sleeve in my, you know, every day, just trying to get

00:27:56.950 --> 00:28:25.269 jasonzapin: to do the best I can. You know It's I'm. I'm not superman. As I said before, I just do the best I can, and really put on a great show and put on great Djs and great talent. And um, you know, people think this industry is easy work. No, it's not. It's hard work. It's long night. You get home between three o'clock in the morning. We're loading up equipment um into. You know my mini van on late nights, and I think that's really the biggest message that I said to people. You know I don't work a a Monday through Friday job I

00:28:25.280 --> 00:28:34.979 jasonzapin: on a Dj. Business. I run a small business. I've started this business when I was a kid. Um! I think the messages I would love to send that to people to let them know this industry. You know it's you think it's easy work.

00:28:35.010 --> 00:29:04.910 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Come, come, join me on an event, so it's. I love it. What I love it when people say crap like that, because it's just like, yeah, It's like the entire rest of the plan. It feels free and ready for the weekend, but from the work week it's like your work. Week is just starting right now, and it's like an entire work week that's crammed into two and a half days a lot of times. So there's a lot of different aspects of madness which I can't wait to get into with you when we come back from this break again. We're chatting with Jason Zaplin, also known as Dj. Zap, president and founder of Djs App Music. Stay with us. Everyone.

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00:31:08.150 --> 00:31:20.179 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen Fry your Smb. Guy. Not just me, though I am joined by Jason Zaplin, also known as Dj. Zap, president and founder of Dj. Zap. Music.

00:31:20.370 --> 00:31:50.360 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Dj. Zapp. This is the madness part of the show, and it's always my favorite part, and your industry is shocked, full of madness. We were just getting into some of it in the last segment. How a lot of people think that you know being a Dj. Being an Mc. Is the easiest job ever. You're just partying all the time and hanging out with people, and maybe having the occasional cocktail alongside of the party that I I feel like nothing could be further from the truth between between you starting so early in life and dealing with the pandemic as of late. Interesting, crazy.

00:31:50.370 --> 00:32:15.990 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You request from from people who are, you know, clients of yours hanging with famous people like people may be focused on doing the absolute wrong things. There's I don't know if we could fit all of the madness into one segment. I'm pretty sure that we can't. But let's start with this one. So something like an impromptu dance competition is that is that something that's part of your normal rhetoric, or is it like you know, people came out of the woodwork to say, Yeah, we want to have a dance off. Just whip it out in front of the in the middle of the party

00:32:16.000 --> 00:32:40.080 jasonzapin: one hundred percent. I I I always try to advocate that on ba bot misses and bar It's because it just keeps the kids engaged. It keeps the party flow, and it keeps the actual event going, and the kids are into it, and the kids are actually trying to come up with cool choreography of different. So of different tracks. And then I basically come up with the like I'm on the mic. And then i'm in the middle of the party itself. And that was actually a tennis themed event

00:32:40.090 --> 00:32:56.780 jasonzapin: where we come up with two, you know it could be another song or another, you know a new trending song like, let's say It's Vb. Rex's new song. I'm good. We would do a dance off basically to that song. And the kids would basically come up with a choreography, and they would battle each other

00:32:56.790 --> 00:33:15.020 jasonzapin: on the dance floor. I just think it's something that it it it some of the madness of what we do to keep kids engaged while the adults are at the party, because you want to keep the kids engaged as much as you can. That's that's your job. Your job is to keep the kids engaged as much as possible in that situation.

00:33:15.030 --> 00:33:43.220 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I don't. I don't think they had that at at the Bot Mitzvah that my daughter went to. But these are all of her dad's friends, anyway. It's like, of course, that would have went over amazing like we did we do her? But it's it's got to happen. Yeah, of course. Yeah. One hundred. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure. So so. But you know, going back to some some earlier madness. I mean, you started out super early in life. I mean everything. Going back to the the Michael Jackson event you got. Tell us a little bit about this event, because I I heard a little bit about it. I feel like everyone else needs to hear about it. So.

00:33:43.410 --> 00:34:01.150 jasonzapin: So Bernard Hill has a talent show, and it was actually in a podcast that I was in with Jason for self. He's listening to. It's on it. You know we're on the Youtube Channel, and it's awesome. Um! So I did a performance in Michael Jackson, my third grade, and a shout out to Roger G. He would come to my house. We would practice

00:34:01.160 --> 00:34:05.100 jasonzapin: the you know, Billy Jean, you know all that, you know. Don't stop. You get enough,

00:34:05.110 --> 00:34:22.520 jasonzapin: and I was in my you know my living room, you know, in my in my you know the living room here and Livingston in my house, and he was come to my house, and then you were just prepping for the the big show. So the show happens. I'm doing my thing, and you know I have everybody from you know that era to names. When I had my performance uh for the town show at Bernard Hill

00:34:22.530 --> 00:34:29.239 jasonzapin: I probably had probably the most attract like the biggest act, and everybody was so engaged, and that that was my biggest start. You know

00:34:29.250 --> 00:34:58.859 jasonzapin: family friends, people from Livingston, you know. Do you know, Fret. My mom's friends showed up, and they were in the crowd, and they were just watching me do my thing, and all of a sudden, you know when you hold this guy, Bailey, you know. Boom! Boom! I hold my crash, and then the next. The next following day the show is off the charts. My mom gets a call from the Pta Advisor, saying, Your son's holding a scratch. We can't have him do that. No, I was just. I was just like what's going on here. I'm like this is this is crazy. This is, you know, that is my mom called me Should this This is what happened,

00:34:58.940 --> 00:35:28.600 jasonzapin: and then um my first grade teacher, you know she she was one of my other inspirational uh uh people as well. Um, Marc crupa um, You know she was uh very inspirational in my life as well as a dancer. Um, but that was the that was really my start, and I got I'd be basically the Pta advisor called my mom, saying you were holding your crotch, you know, Midway performance, you know you can't have that happen. Uh, you know, I was like I was like, Okay, you know, this is what happened. But I can tell you from that. That was my really big start.

00:35:28.740 --> 00:35:55.600 jasonzapin: Um, for my like for my career, because people saw that I have a stage presence. I could rock a crowd. I could be interactive, and I was at Livingston High school, my hometown here in town, and just crushing it like into it, like I wanted to crush that show. I wanted to show people that I could do this. This is this is what I could do, and this is how I started my career, and this is really the blossoming to to where I am today,

00:35:55.610 --> 00:36:14.649 jasonzapin: and you know it's not just me being a Dj. I think people need to understand that i'm a dancer. That's how I got started in this whole Dj. Business. I know I played sports. I was athletic. I have trick shots. I could play basketball, I could play soccer, I could play tennis. I could play any sport. I get it for my mama. Betsy got leave. I am a true Gottlie.

00:36:14.660 --> 00:36:26.629 jasonzapin: Real blood got leave. Got leave zapping so um, you know. That's That's how I got my start. It's just that's That's how it began, and just in really lost him from there. Dancing was really what

00:36:26.670 --> 00:36:38.060 jasonzapin: got me to? Where I am today, and shout out to my parents, my dad, who's Who's an amazing person? My dad's incredible. Um! Not going to tear up right now. But um,

00:36:38.170 --> 00:36:54.380 jasonzapin: he's just an incredible guy, my dad, which is very inspirational. He saw he saw something in me that you know most people didn't see any, he just said. Just keep pushing. Keep going, Keep going in, and that's what I did. I kept going. I kept pushing. I kept striving for greatness,

00:36:54.390 --> 00:37:09.340 jasonzapin: and um shout to my dad and my mom that really helped me in the dance career as a ballroom dancer when I competed in ballroom as well. Um in my mid age, between fourteen and fifteen, who I uh was dancing as well with, uh Gosha Kuwinski at uh Rogers Dance sports center.

00:37:09.350 --> 00:37:18.319 jasonzapin: And then um, you know, of course, my parents as well. Uh they, They're really big advocates of you know me to keep keep to keep dancing today as well, and keep it going.

00:37:18.410 --> 00:37:35.509 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: The The story. For some reason it struck a nerve with me where I I remember getting in trouble, for when I when I was in in elementary school back in the day I was wearing a and i'm a huge Simpsons fan, always happy and always will be. I was wearing my my t-shirt. That, said I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you

00:37:36.010 --> 00:38:02.140 jasonzapin: right? It's like early that Wasn't: Okay. So so it's like, I I look at back then it's like I was like Bart's age. Now i'm like over's age. It's just very, very yeah. Yeah. But yeah, you got you a big star grabbing your crotch on stage and getting people engaged. You got a call from the Pta big deal like more things have happened right worse versus things that you get a call for the Pta advisor. Um, that was really my. That was really my biggest start in

00:38:02.410 --> 00:38:31.959 jasonzapin: the I guess, in the community of Livingston, where, you know people were doing acts they were doing shows you had other. You had other performances as well that were performing their own skits. So you had other, you know. Maybe they were doing the back. I don't know what they were doing at the time, but I actually had the call sheet, which is crazy on my. I don't even have it on my phone, but it's on my phone. It It it's somewhere in my house. But um. But yeah, it's. It was just an agre. It was an amazing opportunity. And um i'm, you know, grateful for that opportunity and and to showing, you know

00:38:31.970 --> 00:39:01.630 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: at the at at my young age as a kid doing that. So So so, speaking of the Pta, let's take the T out of there and talk about pa work. For a second we came. The pandemic came. Yeah, Special events were cancelled, put on hold like I I had to. I had a fortieth birthday in my backyard with a band that that my that my wife had hired, and everything with a class absolute blast. But but you know, during the pandemic. A lot of folks in in your type of world, even a whole bunch of them that you know, and that I know even

00:39:01.640 --> 00:39:30.889 jasonzapin: even folks that I have been on my show previously. You know they had to find other ways to to make ends meet while everything was on hold. So you know you actually had the opportunity to do some production assistant work with one of your cousins. Right? Yes, I have. Yeah, I was on um. Um. I did some pa work uh for my cousin. We did a music video in in two thousand and twenty. Uh we did a video with a Pierre Bjorn uh for you. Video: Um, I was a a pa on that which was incredible and incredible experience for me to uh do

00:39:30.900 --> 00:39:46.259 jasonzapin: um chat to my cousin steph zapplin um. He is in the rap industry. Um! He was at just at Thanksgiving, So um, you know, he gave me the opportunity to see if I could help him. He just knows I have a lot of event production, side savviness in terms of loading equipment for many, many years.

00:39:46.270 --> 00:40:02.089 jasonzapin: So we utilize me to uh facilitate um that production uh as a pa, which I learned a lot. I didn't have a lot of experience in that certain field. Um, and it was a great opportunity just to see how um a music video shoot would work.

00:40:02.100 --> 00:40:32.020 jasonzapin: Um, and we were on site. I would have to pick up props I would have to, you know, be on site, for when he needed me to be there. Um! There was a lot of different things that I saw that we're very familiar to event work as well, meaning You're you know you're moving a lot of equipment you're putting in different, you know. Uh, you know, different equipment into a car, taking it out on top of, you know. Uh being with my cousin Seth, who was doing that shoot as well um, and being there present um with all the talent that he had to uh get on that uh music video shoot as well.

00:40:32.030 --> 00:40:40.479 jasonzapin: So it was a great opportunity to keep myself busy during the height of the pandemic, which I did. Um and um, yeah, it was just great opportunity.

00:40:40.740 --> 00:41:01.260 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you know this this also kind of fits into the madness category Your cousins in the rap industry, like you have all these pictures out and about, of of of famous folks that you that you've hung out with along the way. You know you got. You got some P popular people from the rap industry going on. You got Preston Bailey. You got Tracy Morgan. It's like what's What's all your travels with these guys.

00:41:01.270 --> 00:41:10.109 jasonzapin: It's amazing. Um, Well, I think the biggest thing for me has been really um, you know, with Tracy Morgan I could go back to relay that and talk about Tracy.

00:41:10.120 --> 00:41:39.439 jasonzapin: Um! I had an opportunity uh, I think It was in two thousand and seventeen, with a party planner by the name of Jenny Orsini, who, I've been reaching out to for many, many years. I used to. I still email party planners consistently looking to get work on a consistent basis. Because i'm hungry with work. I want the work. I want the better work, and that's what i'm looking to do. Um. So I reached out to her multiple times, and I had an opportunity um to Dj. For I guess it wasn't, you know it was for tracing work, and I had no idea. And then I show up to his house in Alpine, New Jersey.

00:41:39.450 --> 00:41:55.340 jasonzapin: Um! It was probably the most um for me. I was really. It was really an amazing experience. And um, I was also very nervous. Um, because he's a big wig in comedy, and I was literally, you know I showed up to his house um, you know. And uh,

00:41:55.350 --> 00:42:07.840 jasonzapin: it was just a great opportunity, and I was. I Dj. In his backyard, his first kid's birthday party, and it was just an amazing experience. And you know, Tracy is an amazing person. He's been through a lot in his life.

00:42:07.850 --> 00:42:17.470 jasonzapin: Um, and just to be there and be present, and being a part of his uh family's day, which is very special to me. Um, just because we've been in some similar situations. Um,

00:42:17.520 --> 00:42:20.070 jasonzapin: and um, you know, he's a you know,

00:42:20.080 --> 00:42:49.829 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and he's a big New York nick fan. So uh, yeah, I I I remember that he had a really bad car accident. I know you had a car accident at some point, you know, when you had some Dj equipment stuff in the car, and that's he didn't know what no one ever likes hearing stories like that. But you know it's you know, ten percent. What happens to you ninety percent. What you do with it. It's awesome to see. So you guys together hang it out, you Dj. At his backyard. Everyone's doing great. I'll put it upward, baby. It was a it was. It was just a um, a heart forming experience for me, and um

00:42:49.880 --> 00:42:55.520 jasonzapin: to be a part of that day. Um, I had a little, you know. It's It's funny because I've Dj. And I was djing, and

00:42:55.530 --> 00:43:25.520 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: my mind was really going through a lot, and um lot of emotions and a lot of different things were going on. But I was happy to be there and happy to be present and be a part of his day and part of the celebration with this with this family absolutely. There's some crazy madness. There's some really fun. Madness. There's all kinds of men that's around the industry. We should actually make another episode where we only talk about the madness of the industry because we could probably fill up one one of the better episode with all of that. But in the meantime we got to take a break. We will be right back with Jason Zapplyn, also known as Dj. Zap, president and founder

00:43:25.530 --> 00:43:27.599 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: of Djs at Music. Stay with us,

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00:45:34.750 --> 00:45:44.699 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy, We are chatting with Jason Zaplin, Dj. Zap, president and founder of Dj Zap music.

00:45:44.710 --> 00:46:14.699 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Zap great stuff from you here today really appreciate you coming on. Love the story, Love what you're doing, love, how you're doing it. This is the message: part of the show. This is the idea. From weekend insight to Monday impact. We want to leave people with some sound bites that they don't forget over the weekend. You know a lot of a lot of what I've been thinking about, as it as it relates to you. Is, your people really need to see the value in this type of function. Sometimes it's it might be looked at as a line item on a huge list of things that comprise a party and comprise a special

00:46:14.710 --> 00:46:15.549 event

00:46:15.560 --> 00:46:45.079 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: again. You know. It's all about how you connect with the team who's running the party? If there's somebody who's just barking barking orders into a microphone. And this is what comes next like similar to doing an interview if it's just questions one through twenty-seven like an interrogation doesn't really feel like you're engaged with the guests like That's why I like to, you know. Keep this as conversational as possible, and really be able to make a connection with the person on the other side of the zoom right? But you know, talk to us a little bit about the message. The sound bites that you want to leave everybody over the weekend. Lay it on us.

00:46:45.310 --> 00:46:56.760 jasonzapin: Yeah, no, I, as I said, I mean for the weekend I would say the message that I was saying is just. You know we put on great events, and we're really there to be a part of people's days, and really be a part of

00:46:56.770 --> 00:47:19.970 jasonzapin: the parties, you know. It's a lot of work in terms of what we do, and you can really the message. You know It's it's late nights and late weekends, and and it's a lot of um hard work and determination in terms of the event production we do, and and out to all the you know event professionals all across New York and New Jersey, and you know, as I said, I mean, I think the message i'd like to send is just, you know, we put our heart and our You know our heart into the work that we do

00:47:19.980 --> 00:47:37.700 jasonzapin: for our clients on a daily basis, and just really put on great events for people all across New York and New Jersey, and just to relay the message of you know, we're here to put on a great show and and great events, and put on great talent, and not be, you know, all, you know, not be over the top, but also just be really present

00:47:37.710 --> 00:47:54.420 jasonzapin: for people, and during these times, and be and be there for people, and and be present on these events, and really just do the best you can to your ability and and put on a great event.

00:47:54.430 --> 00:48:12.689 jasonzapin: But, uh, I know you. I know you're djing a Haduka party in uh Temple Bay, or right by It's in Livingstone, right? That is um, That is actually a t of many, or is in Mars town. So it's funny. I got hit up, I think, from a catering company that has reached it reached out to me, I think, a couple of times, and I guess maybe she dropped my name.

00:48:12.700 --> 00:48:28.040 jasonzapin: So um, which is great uh on that level. And um we're doing a Hanukkah event on the sixteenth. So um that is at a temple event. Um, hopefully, you know, we get a great great turnout for that where people want to come, and you know, dance it's It's a kid more kid uh oriented event.

00:48:28.050 --> 00:48:53.689 jasonzapin: Um, but I think the the biggest message is really about telling people that you know this industry is a late night industry, and it's a late night business, and we put me personally putting staff and dancers, my goals to put people to work and keep dancers going and keep the dance community because my background is dance when I put dancers to work, and when I come home from an event I do a bot mix, but my biggest satisfaction is when my client

00:48:53.700 --> 00:49:09.840 jasonzapin: comes up to my dancer and tips my dancers when they tip my my, my team, my Dj. My dancers. It means a lot to them because we work tirelessly to make these events so special, and people need to understand. We work our butts off,

00:49:09.850 --> 00:49:14.459 jasonzapin: we are there, we're sweating, We're setting up equipment. We're loading it equipment.

00:49:14.470 --> 00:49:33.490 jasonzapin: And I think the biggest thing is really value of what we bring to the table, and that's the message we bring value. It's not just a spotify playlist. It's not just a computer playing music. It's not just someone showing up to a beautiful home with the spot, you know, with a with an ipod. It's about the connection with the people

00:49:33.500 --> 00:49:57.569 jasonzapin: of the

00:49:57.600 --> 00:50:17.630 jasonzapin: playing music off your phone. Yes, you could do that, but it's about the connection of having a party with the Dj. Playing the music, the Mc. The dancing energy. I think the pandemic was sort of in that spiral mode of saying, Hey, I could be accessible to all of these things and play music. No, it's really about the connection being there.

00:50:17.750 --> 00:50:47.730 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, absolutely. And yeah, not to go back to our our sports analogies to your world, that life, stadium or otherwise, you know, being that Nfl. Quarterback that's really trying to read the field a lot of times a quarterback has to call in audible. They have to call, you know, something that they might not have planned to play for so it it relates very well to the idea of It's not a planned playlist. It's something where you have to be able to read the room, whether it's a dance floor, whether it's inside metlife, stadium at a party or it's in somebody's backyard.

00:50:47.740 --> 00:51:05.820 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It doesn't have to be Tracy Morgan could be my backyard, but but just being able to read the room, read the crowd, read the kids, read the adults, read how everybody's interacting and be able to maybe adjust something on the fly, so that everybody gets re-engaged and everybody wants to stay partying, rocking through up through the night.

00:51:05.830 --> 00:51:22.420 jasonzapin: Yeah, I I mean, I am the quarterback. For many, most events. I I hold the range, you know. If you know, if somebody doesn't go right, I have to be it change. Accordingly on site when something goes wrong, or there's a dancer, or maybe does something to show up. Or this is This is just so many

00:51:22.430 --> 00:51:34.539 jasonzapin: crazy things that could pop up last minute, being in this industry for quite some time, and it's seen a lot on the back end. You just have to go through it, and do the best you can to accommodate at that time

00:51:34.550 --> 00:52:01.970 jasonzapin: where you're in that situation. So I am basically the quarterback, and the key is to protect the quarterback which I am the court back. So I have to be able to accomplish the task and do the best I can to my ability, and be that person and um i'm at a point in my career where i'm trying to get more people more involved in my business a little bit more um since I am small business. Um, and just do the best I can to, you know. Put dancers on. I think the biggest thing I

00:52:01.980 --> 00:52:04.439 jasonzapin: I I am here to support the dance community

00:52:04.520 --> 00:52:20.210 jasonzapin: one hundred percent, because there are so many dancers out there in New York and New Jersey that need gig work. They need work, and then the biggest thing for mids this and bar about mixes I need to I It makes me satisfied that when I put a dancer on it just brings me joy

00:52:20.220 --> 00:52:50.209 jasonzapin: because it it gives them work. It gives them opportunities. It doesn't, you know they're sitting home waiting for their next gig, you know. I try to do that as much as I can to put on those, you know, talented, amazing. You know, professionals that are in the New York City, New Jersey region that are dancers as well. So I love the idea of protecting the quarterback. You also Don't, have a defensive line to protect the people who are hosting the party from the onslaught

00:52:50.220 --> 00:52:56.049 jasonzapin: of crap that they might have to deal with. Oh, correct So yeah nuts, it's it's a it.

00:52:56.060 --> 00:53:18.249 jasonzapin: It's it's really um just doing just really doing the best you can, and and really just being present for these clients. Um, there is a lot of madness, as you know, and there's a lot out there um in the industry. Um, And just really just working with people that actually value what you do value me personally. You know we we're we're i'm a person. So when I wake up in the morning

00:53:18.260 --> 00:53:23.300 jasonzapin: i'm here to do the best I can for that client on a Saturday. But i'm not here to, you know.

00:53:23.310 --> 00:53:53.299 jasonzapin: If there's pricing that's lower than what what I do. I just can't do it for that, and i'm not valued at that perspective. Then it's, you know I have to, you know. Pass on that event, but it's just you do the best you can, and you pick and choose where you want to go. Um, i'm at sort of trying to get at that level um, and you'll be in that forefront and try to, you know. Do that kind of stuff once again? Dj's app really appreciate you coming on today? Dj: Zap. Music dot com is the website. Dj: Zap. Music is the handle for all social media. He's got a great following. Get in touch with him. Get an introductory discussion going about

00:53:53.310 --> 00:54:22.309 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: out your mitzvah, your wedding, your party, your prom, whatever is going on, whether it's this year. Next year well not much time left in this year. You probably don't have time for that now, but next year, a couple of years from now get in touch with Dj's app. He's the man before I let you go for the day. We are going to revisit the answers to my favorite questions: Who's your favorite movie or Tv show? And what's your favorite musical instrument. And who's the artist? You'd like to hear play it. So let's get into it. Your favorite movie character is Andy Duffrain

00:54:22.320 --> 00:54:52.310 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: from Shawshank Redemption. So Shawshank, one of the top top rated movies of all time. Guy, that's you know what he has has to go away for a real long time. Real smart about how to get out of particular situations eventually. You know, I won't spoil the movie for people if you haven't seen it yet get a freaking Tv. But ah, yeah, yeah, it's a great great character, love it. You also mentioned one of your favorite Tv shows as well from entourage. Johnny Drama. Somebody who is particularly the underdog, always trying to make it big, always missing. Oh,

00:54:52.320 --> 00:55:02.550 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: he's getting crappy directors and crappy auditions and everything. But you know, ultimately he always seems to find his way, whether it's alongside of his of his brother or not. Right?

00:55:02.560 --> 00:55:32.550 jasonzapin: So what if what if one of your favorite Tv shows again being entourage. My favorite character personally is Ari gold. I can't get enough of it. It's all it's all it's amazing. I mean, Johnny is just just He's just the character itself, I mean. There's a lot of relatable parts in terms of where he's he in just to me as well just you know in in general. So you you mentioned the movie invincible. So, going back to some of your your sports type of analogies like somebody who's told that they can't do this. Can't do that against all odds

00:55:32.560 --> 00:55:51.889 jasonzapin: over overcomes it. Does what they got to do, you know, awesome discussion there. You also told me about a new movie that. Has it come out yet, the fable men, or do you got a sneak peek at it? I haven't seen it yet? I so I saw it with my dearest family friends in um in short hills. And the film was very, very inspirational for me, because, you know, Spielberg

00:55:51.900 --> 00:56:15.839 jasonzapin: is an amazing, you know. Probably one of the top, you know, amazing movie directors of all time, and to to see where he came from, and and a lot of the obstacles that he had to overcome. You know I was in a very similar way. I wasn't not the direct way of going, hey? I'm gonna I'm gonna go, You know. I'm gonna go this this direction and go to college. You get all this. But he he went in a total direction in terms of following his passion, his heart.

00:56:15.850 --> 00:56:40.229 jasonzapin: And I think that that's sort of you know what my data, we said I I wasn't always the and if people knew this I wasn't always the straight least guy saying, Hey, you gotta go to college. You gotta go get a degree. You gotta go get a Monday through Friday job with benefits that are going to provide you with this sustainability. So uh, I was in a total opposite direction, and I just went with the Dj. Industry and the Dj. Business. Um because of dance

00:56:40.240 --> 00:56:53.860 jasonzapin: and um, that's sort of where I That's how I became Djs app, and just you know, went through all obstacles, and but going back to fablements I mean It's a phenomenal film. I highly recommend it. If anybody definitely see it, go see it.

00:56:54.040 --> 00:57:24.030 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We'll see you right away. The The fable man's loose loosely based on the life of Stephen Spielberg. No surprise that your favorite musical instrument is the human voice. Ah, by the King! By the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson! So uh plenty of Michael Jackson to relate to this conversation, we'll we'll keep the crotch grabbing to a minimum. But again, Z. Z. Z Zapp, great to have you on the show here today. Love it, man, keep doing what you do, and definitely uh wish you the best for this weekend with all the parties that you gotta do. It's like the again, the exact opposite of a lot of the folks

00:57:24.040 --> 00:57:42.160 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I have on the show. This is their free time, and this is your busy time. So yeah, once once again, everybody, we will be back Friday next week. Eleven a M. Eastern time here on talk radio dot Nyc with more always. Friday. We're gonna be talking to my buddy, James Jacobi, with ascend advisors, have a great weekend. We will see you next week, Bye bye, everyone.

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