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Friday, October 14, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/14 - Your Lawyer for Life

Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/14 - Your Lawyer for Life


2022/10/14 - Your Lawyer for Life

[NEW EPISODE] Your Lawyer for Life


The audience will hear from an attorney with decades of experience helping personal and business clients move beyond today's obstacles with careful guidance.  When life changes, they will be there for you!


No matter what stage of life you are at, having the right attorney to provide counsel can make all the difference.  Whether you are starting a family, buying a home, starting a business, ending a business or planning for your dependents if something unforeseen should happen to you, make sure your legal team can handle it.

Our special guest and his colleagues are not only experienced in the areas of Real Estate, Business Services, Family Law, and Estate Planning, he is one of few attorneys who will always greet you with a smile.

We are joined by Joe Asterita, Principal Attorney and Owner of Asterita & Associates, LLC.  Joe and his colleagues want to be your lawyers for life.  They understand how business planning, family disputes, and real estate transactions can intersect with personal life.  Through the good times and the bad, Joe and the team are ready to help your family and your business.



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00:00:20.950 --> 00:00:49.289 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Well, hello out there, planet Earth and Happy Friday. Almost time for game. Two of the American League Division Series. It's Friday, and it's always Friday with me, Stephen Fry your Smb. Guy, I see. Why am I, or in case you missed it? Smb stands for small and medium sized business over the last twenty years I've been a consultant for Smbs, a voice on a sounding board for business leaders advocating on their behalf, their employees to, I believe very strongly in sharing stories, providing perspective

00:00:49.300 --> 00:01:13.489 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and creating connection. So every single Friday you can find me right here on talk radio and Nyc, doing just that lending what is left of my mind and my voice to this radio show where I interview Smb leaders and their trusted advisors. One thing that I've noticed consistently over the years is that some of the best thought leadership for businesses actually happens on Friday, just about the time we feel the freedom of the weekend coming.

00:01:13.510 --> 00:01:24.610 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: However, we're also anxious to start the weekend. I'm guilty as well. These crucial pearls of wisdom they're often overlooked. They're forgotten there is the side in favor of fun activities,

00:01:24.620 --> 00:01:54.609 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: maybe some softball tomorrow, and our freedom from work here on the show, we take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity. We discuss popular topics that are on the minds of business leaders and their advisors. Once again, people the name of the show, not just to play on words, although I do like plays on words. My last name means free in German. So nice little tidbit for everybody, Thanks again to my friend and guest from a few weeks ago, Rabbi Levy for hosting a whole bunch of us for Sushi, Scotch, and cigars and his Suco last night. Happy Sukoto,

00:01:54.620 --> 00:02:16.920 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: my brethren, out there. Thursday is Whiskey Night so definitely appreciate you, Rabbi, grateful for your sense of community and leadership, and the desire to get loose always to coat commemorates the forty years the Jewish people spent in the desert on their way to the promised Land after escaping slavery in Egypt Today, when you see the Suka, that little hut in the backyard around me in suburbia. If you guys are seeing it,

00:02:17.390 --> 00:02:36.090 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: it's a reminder that only God creates a real sense of security and protection. Well, another reminder we're going to give you today is that if you have a legal matter and you need counsel, you should probably have a lawyer on your side in addition to the Almighty. So we're going to speak with your lawyer for life today,

00:02:36.100 --> 00:02:54.170 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: no matter what stage of life you're at having the right attorney to provide counsel can make all of the difference whether you're starting a family. You're buying a home. You're starting a business ending a business planning for your dependence, or handling the estate for a loved one who who's passed away. Make sure your legal team can handle it.

00:02:54.180 --> 00:03:02.550 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Our special Guest and his colleagues are not only experienced in the area of real estate Wills Trust in the State planning probate administration and business services.

00:03:02.830 --> 00:03:07.590 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: He's one of the few attorneys who will actually greet you with a smile. I should know i'm married to one.

00:03:07.720 --> 00:03:14.679 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: They understand how business, planning, family disputes and real estate transactions can intersect with personal life through the good times and bad

00:03:14.690 --> 00:03:42.950 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Joe and the team are ready to help your family, and your business talk is cheap. We know that we're on talk radio, dot Nyc: We don't want this to just be talk, everybody. The goal here is, Let's use the insight on the business landscape and create more impact on Monday when we get done with the cocktails and football, this weekend far too often Sms are focused on the product that's going to solve their problems. Money, shiny new mouse trap, new app verdict, whatever you want.

00:03:42.960 --> 00:03:53.729 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: One consistent thing that I see out there is that products change every single day in everything that we do. There is absolutely no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people, first

00:03:53.740 --> 00:04:23.730 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: keeping a good focus on process that's going to help you achieve your goal. You do that. The right products will be there when you need them. Everything begins and ends with people. So I love my people. I'm. Surrounded by Today we have Joe Esterita, principal attorney and owner of asteroid and associates attorneys at law. I always love reading my attorney. Guess Bios, because they're a mile long, so I I don't want to cut anything out. You did a good, pretty good job putting this together, Joe, so Joe maintains offices located in both Red Bank, New Jersey, and that

00:04:23.740 --> 00:04:34.349 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: in island New York was a partner of Bonfiglio and Ast to read Llc. For nearly twenty years, until the retirement and untimely passing of his partner earlier this year. Very, very sorry to hear about that

00:04:34.360 --> 00:05:03.000 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: mit Ctl. And Mr. Astorida has been admitted to practice law in New Jersey since one thousand nine hundred and ninety, nine in New York since two thousand. He's also admitted to practice before the United States Federal District Courts for the district of New Jersey and the southern and eastern districts of New York. Joe and his team focus on providing clients with the expertise in three big practice areas. Real estate Wills trust in the States and business law. The firm provides representation to individual and business clients in various real estate matters, two hundred and fifty,

00:05:03.010 --> 00:05:32.980 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: including residential and commercial purchases and sales, refinances and leases. Joe has successfully handled numerous related real estate litigation matters and disputes ranging from the enforcement of easements and property lines to the partition and sale of residential and commercial properties. Mr. Astorida also provides wealth, preservation and estate planning services through that portion of the practice which includes preparation of wells and trusts, powers of attorney living wills and health care proxies, together with the skillful incorporation

00:05:32.990 --> 00:05:50.329 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: mit ctl. And operation of these instruments into comprehensive estate plans, including long term care or state tax Planning further represents uh provides representation to clients who have an interest in the settlement of an estate, whether it's probate or administration, as well as handling a State disputes and related litigation matters one hundred and fifty.

00:05:50.340 --> 00:05:59.650 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: A lot of this does apply to businesses as well people. So, as an experienced business attorney, Joe serves as a trusted adviser who also has his own smb, by the way, one hundred and fifty

00:05:59.660 --> 00:06:28.909 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: to a wide variety of clients ranging in size and type from individual entrepreneurs, real estate investors, restaurants, retail stores, contractors, public relations, media, and even some it firms. He effectively handles business formation and structuring needs of his clients, as well as succession planning which he business owners need to pay attention to. Out there. Commercial contracts, leases, business purchases, sales of businesses, various types and sizes has handled and resolved numerous shareholder and partnership disputes

00:06:28.920 --> 00:06:32.460 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and commercial litigation matters for his diverse clientele.

00:06:32.730 --> 00:07:02.539 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I'm gonna take a quick breath, because there's still more bio here. But i'm going to let Joe take it away for the rest of this in just a moment. He is fantastic. I'm excited to get into the discussion here today. We're going to discuss my favorite questions around movies, Tv and music, because I can't help myself uh joining us from his home base here in Mammoth County. The attorney, with the best smile around to complement his stellar experience and execution. Joe. Welcome to always Friday, Brother Great to see you here,

00:07:02.550 --> 00:07:27.390 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Joe. The idea of having a lawyer for life always been of interest to me actually, not just because I married one, but uh I not not just because I like to push the envelope with certain issues either. But I love to have council dedicated for all phases of the crossroads of business and personal life. We're all people first, and I feel like a lot of businesses that I've worked with over the years. They will sometimes forget that.

00:07:27.400 --> 00:07:30.450 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Give us a little bit of your journey, man. How'd you get where you are today?

00:07:30.910 --> 00:08:00.899 Joe Asterita: Uh, how I became a lawyer I mean sort of accidentally. To be honest, I uh originally, when I attended College. Um. I went to George Washington University down in Washington, Dc. Um. Stones, throw away from the White House, and many seats of government down there, and don't throw away from me when I was there I went to University of Maryland. So there you go. Um, you know, Back then. I was very idealistic. I wanted to work in foreign service and things of that nature, and that was the place to be right if if you wanted to, Uh, you know, take a journey on that route, and I was about halfway through college

00:08:00.910 --> 00:08:29.370 Joe Asterita: or so when uh the government shut down uh you couldn't agree on a budget, and if you ever been in Washington, Dc: when that happens it's a ghost town, I mean tumble weeds. Nothing is happening, and I just kind of looked around, said, There's no way I want these guys in charge of my paycheck, you know, in my career growing up. So you know, you know I grown up entrepreneurial. My, my my family been in the restaurant business growing up, and had always worked in that. And for me. I was trying then try to turn back on those those routes, I guess.

00:08:29.380 --> 00:08:59.370 Joe Asterita: Um! And also look towards how I could apply, maybe some entrepreneurial aspects of my upbringing into into a professional career, and somehow landed on law. And next thing I knew I was applying a little schools and had to hit the books a little harder, right, you know I was uh, you know, to make sure that happened. And I, you know, fast forward twenty something years, and here I am. I. I had one of those brief moments where I I registered for the Lsat classes and everything. It took a practice one, and scored decent enough on the first practice one where I could have got.

00:08:59.380 --> 00:09:28.510 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I went into law school, and I was like, yeah, too much for me. I can't. But my my wife is an attorney as well. She she she started out in private practice. Now she's in the public world. She's been a deputy in the Attorney General's office for last six years, and she's uh she just changed over to the Comptroller's office uh to check out how Covid nineteen funds were spent. So it should be some an an interesting and enlightening things are moving forward. I just gonna say the same thing. But but back to you this is all about you. So

00:09:28.520 --> 00:09:35.900 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: real estate always been a big love of mine. Whether you're a business or a person, you need a roof over your head in some way, shape or form

00:09:36.450 --> 00:09:49.740 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: will stress in the States, something that a lot of people avoid, especially in the on the business side of things as opposed to the personal. If people get it done. They do it on the personal side for sure, but as far as buy, sell agreements and succession planning and really

00:09:49.750 --> 00:09:59.399 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: starting, that before they want to just flip a switch one day. I see a lot of that, you know, falling down out there, and you know just general business law. I'm the Smb. Guy, I love dealing with businesses.

00:09:59.410 --> 00:10:17.269 Joe Asterita: Talk to me about how all of this came about with those three areas of concentration, because it's a nice confluence of personal and business life. Sure, Um! When I When I first started out I had joined Uh, who who then became my partner, Tom Baklia, was a a practicing attorney. Cpa was about fifteen years ahead of me in life.

00:10:17.280 --> 00:10:46.510 Joe Asterita: Uh, and he, um, you know, was more of a practicing accountant than he was an attorney, so the law side was more of ancillary to his his counting practice. Um, when I came along, and we kind of hooked up he, you know the idea was. Look, i'll give you these opportunities. You have a whole counting practice here to potentially start morning for clients uh have at. Here's a desk a chair in a computer and go figure it out. So you know, I kind of jumped into it. To me it was a It was an opportunity to to build a business um for essentially from scratch.

00:10:46.520 --> 00:11:16.500 Joe Asterita: And uh, that, that was a very appealing to me. So I I jumped into it and back. Then, you know, as a young, hungry attorney, you know we were based in Brooklyn at the time. It was a storefront, you know. Law office. Everything imaginable would walk in the door, you know, so I dealt with almost anything you could think of, although every time I thought i'd seen it all I saw something new coming to the door. Yeah. So I started to get experience with lots of different things in very broad areas. Practice and over time sort of gravity

00:11:16.510 --> 00:11:46.479 Joe Asterita: towards the things I found that my clients most most people need throughout the course of their lives. I mean so a lot of the clients, you know, who started with were small and mid-sized business owners uh or property owners, or buying and selling houses and they would always continue to come back to me, Hey, can you help me with this? Can you help me with this? And I kind of looked at and eventually over time modeled my practice around that, because not only did I find that my clients needed all those particular services, whether it was real estate related, or States planning related um or business related. But um

00:11:46.490 --> 00:12:05.820 Joe Asterita: um! I found that to be most enjoyable, because I could be more of a a family advisor or a business advisor to my clients over the longer stretches of time, and I didn't want to be an attorney where I would just see a client. We do a one off transaction. Never see each other again. Um was always into it for relationships and long term, you know, experiences together, and I want to be there for my clients long term.

00:12:05.830 --> 00:12:24.710 Joe Asterita: So um, it just sort of developed naturally that way. And you know, as I started to focus more on those areas of practice, and it just became more of a more of a base of of clientele that i've, you know, dealt with over the years and continue to come back, and i'll be enough. People continue to find me for these things in ways I had to imagine before. But um,

00:12:24.720 --> 00:12:53.530 Joe Asterita: you know the advent of the Internet and all these other things in Google and all that stuff. Um, But you know, eventually these these areas of became more of a focus uh set of practice areas for me, and I quite. I I enjoy them more than you know. I I used to handle a lot more litigation, and things like that got a little bit away from that, because over over the years as a bright, shiny lawyer walking up the courthouse steps in my briefcase, and then open your in court, for you know, three years on the same case, and things don't move as quickly as you'd like them to, and

00:12:53.540 --> 00:13:11.959 Joe Asterita: you know most of my clients are regular people or small business, and it says business owners. They're not Ibm, you know, so they can't afford uh the luxury of litigating things for for years and years with it with little result. Um! So I I kind of start pushing away from that and more towards the other areas where it could be more of an advisor and long term attorney for my clients.

00:13:11.970 --> 00:13:31.390 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I I love the way you laid all of that out, and and although you have, you know, some transactional parts of your practice. Uh, very often, when I see attorneys and professionals out there that are very, very transactionally focused, I kind of look at it as almost like a product. First type of mentality. Which is it? It always scares me a little bit when I see Council Act that way

00:13:31.400 --> 00:13:48.080 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: have to be people in process oriented first, and there is no process more concrete than the the walk of life and all the phases of life that you go through. So we're going to take a quick break. But we will be right back with your lawyer for life, Joe Astorida, principal attorney and owner at Asterita and associate. Stay with us. Everybody.

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00:16:03.950 --> 00:16:07.560 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: welcome back everybody. It's Friday. It's always Friday,

00:16:07.570 --> 00:16:35.270 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and it's me. Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy, We're chatting with Joe Ast to Rita, owner, principal attorney of Asteroid and Associates Redbank, New Jersey, Staten Island, New York. We're gonna get into some of Joe's method discussion here in just a minute. I uh always like to sit out, Joe by my fire pit for just a moment and give a quick perspective on the situation. Uh, also on the coast of Maine. I went to uh last month. So a little bit peaceful. I'll give you my quick moment of uh, thought and Zen, and then we'll flip it over to you. So

00:16:35.280 --> 00:16:45.040 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: know when I, when I hear you talk and you know really being people-centric, and focusing on all the different aspects of personal and business life. It just makes me think that

00:16:45.170 --> 00:17:03.960 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Council doesn't have to be reactive people in businesses. I've worked with for years. They'll wait for an issue to arise. I speak to my attorney professionals, friends, family, all the time, especially if you're an Smb owner or leader. There's plenty of good reasons to have counsel before issues arise.

00:17:03.970 --> 00:17:12.130 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Just have to watch the building time with some of them obviously but proactive over reactive. I've said many times on the show before that,

00:17:12.250 --> 00:17:27.369 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know, being able to be responsive instead of reactive. Reactive. Always sounds like a fire drill and responsive, is like a conditioned way of of attacking something and kind of leaving the emotion out aside and getting the results that you want without panicking,

00:17:27.380 --> 00:17:40.470 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and it also makes me think of. I always like a you know somebody who's counseling me, and you know, folks, i'm really looking to for guidance, to be both wise and smart. But I do draw a line in the sand, and the differences between those things, because

00:17:40.480 --> 00:17:51.669 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know really about the people. First surround yourself with the right. People, work with somebody who is experienced personally and professionally, so that they have wisdom, because that's where wisdom comes from,

00:17:51.780 --> 00:17:56.939 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and wisdom I like, because a smart person has to think their way out of situations

00:17:56.950 --> 00:18:18.250 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: that a wise person doesn't walk into in the first place. So a lot of that comes with having the right people to bounce ideas off of before you start rapid firing. So, Joe, this is the method part of the show, the science behind what you do. You have a great great way about you as far as going to market with this. Give us a little bit more on exactly what you're doing these days,

00:18:18.260 --> 00:18:29.279 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: how you're doing it, and how you're going to market for it. I know you're a big networker. That's how I met you in a networking group. I love that serial networker, but give us a little more. Tell us a little bit about your methods.

00:18:29.290 --> 00:18:54.379 Joe Asterita: Sure in terms of getting out there and meeting people and things of that nature, you know. For a long time most of my business was just organic. It was who was walking in the door. Who way it started with, who was coming back, and things of that nature, and over time that built up its own gravity. But maybe about about twelve years ago or so I started to get more out there myself personally. So, uh, in terms of you know, joining networking groups, meeting people in the community and things like that,

00:18:54.390 --> 00:19:18.750 Joe Asterita: you know. It's different circles of of uh, of of influence and things of that nature. Um and uh, maybe about that's maybe about eight years ago is where I really start to focus more of that on on New Jersey where I live. Um, because, you know we were always originally a New York based firm over time, I mean. I've lived in New Jersey about seven. G. Is about seventeen years now, but uh, you know. So i'm like, Hey, I live here. I should be folks in my practice here and over time I've continued to do that.

00:19:18.760 --> 00:19:48.750 Joe Asterita: But um Yeah, I mean, networking is great. I love meeting people. There's no you know the zoom concept and all that kind of stuff is great. There's no no substitute for belly to be right, just meeting people in that nature. But what I will tell you is that you know particularly last few years with a pandemic and things of that nature, starting to offer opportunities for for clients and perspective clients to meet and consult with me by video. Um methods has dramatically changed my the nature of my practice, so that never used to be an option. You know I I can't remember

00:19:48.760 --> 00:20:01.499 Joe Asterita: before you know Covid and Pandemic, and all that that any of my clients really ever even wanted to do that, particularly my elderly clients, you know my State planning clients and long-term care clients who they would always want to meet person.

00:20:01.510 --> 00:20:28.990 Joe Asterita: The technology always seem to be a challenge for the for that, you know, group in general. But I could tell you that dramatically changed in the last few years. Uh, you know I I try to look back and think. Maybe you know the old generations are, you know, had to become reliant upon the technology now to keep in touch with loved ones. When we had our shutdowns and all that kind of stuff they want to be in touch. See the grandkids see their family, and that was really the only way to do it safely. Well, that's translated into, you know consultations with attorney. Surprisingly enough, I now get requests,

00:20:29.000 --> 00:20:58.989 Joe Asterita: you know, frequently, almost daily, to do consultations or meetings by video. Um, and that never used to happen, I mean completely different. So having, you know, investing in technology and the ability to do that and the willingness to do that and the methods. And you know certain things we have to do as attorneys to protect ourselves to. You know I get giving legal advice to people you never met before is is a bit daunting. Uh. So we have a process for that, to make sure. There's certain, you know, protections and things in place for both sides, but it's become a an absolute outlet for people to reach me who never would have otherwise

00:20:59.200 --> 00:21:29.190 Joe Asterita: been able to access legal services or have someone help them with with these types of things, and for me to to meet meet these people in the first place and develop their relationships with them. It's it's definitely changed for sure, uh, in the last couple of years, and you know, pivoting to be able to cat, you know, to capture that and to be uh available for that. Um, I think dramatically has changed. How we do business and home available to my clients for sure. Did you have litigation matters to deal with during the pandemic where you had to do video conferencing with the court.

00:21:29.200 --> 00:21:59.180 Joe Asterita: It's interesting because you know, you never know who's off camera prompting a witness, or you know. Give it someone the little background. Say, who's holding up with, You know the the cards. Yeah, cue cards. And uh, you know, there's been some interesting things I've seen, you know, online social media and stuff like that with crazy stuff happening to. But um, yeah, we've been doing it. You know the courts are a little by little moving off of that um depending upon where you are. But, um, you know, for the most part it's. It's kind of work just to keep some wheels turning and things going. And although it certainly hasn't,

00:21:59.190 --> 00:22:00.139 it's been ideal.

00:22:00.930 --> 00:22:27.529 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, I I i'm with you just with There's no substitute for the personal contact like I can't believe we didn't get a picture, but we we we saw each other last night at the Source Brewery locally. Here I get. We wouldn't do that, you know. Talk about belly to be but shaking hands, giving hugs, having drinks, kissing babies. All the above is the way to do it. But I love the flexibility and enabling, like I started doing this radio show during the pandemic and soon fast forward. It's been over two years already.

00:22:27.540 --> 00:22:35.290 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You know these these things are great to be able to have a forum to speak this way. But you're right. There's no substitute for doing things in person

00:22:35.300 --> 00:22:48.480 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: has. Ah, just because of increasing capacity. That's always one big thing like I was very used to doing virtual presentations even before the pandemic, because some of the roles that I've had along the way involve national account work and key account management,

00:22:48.600 --> 00:23:04.090 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and when you do that so you can't be everywhere at once, especially if the organization you're working with is private and smaller than corporate America. You know it's you can't be everywhere at once, but you can be walking out of the courthouse and take a zoom call in the car with a new client. Matter couldn't you?

00:23:04.230 --> 00:23:34.219 Joe Asterita: Yeah, I mean in concept, sure not ideal. Obviously. Yeah, Do you feel like it like your your capacity to for for work has has increased as a result, absolutely. I mean absolutely. You know, to You know the efficiency of you know, popping on to the zoom, you know, without having a way for someone to show up who's late and early scheduling conference rooms. All that kind of stuff. All goes away. Um, you know. Well, not completely. I was waiting for some guy yesterday for a half hour for,

00:23:34.230 --> 00:23:57.689 Joe Asterita: but at least I was in the comfort of my own house. Yeah, that's true, that's true. But but yeah, I mean it definitely does this. But if i'm you know you're waiting for that. I'm not sitting in a conference room. I could be working, you know, and and they also in book. You get the alert. There they are, and you pop on um! It's definitely definitely change the ability to to to be available. Be in touch and just to increase a a higher, you know even volume of of touches on with clients for sure.

00:23:58.300 --> 00:24:09.699 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So I I know You're heavily focused on real estate. I love real estate. One thing that I've seen as of late, is with the with the uptick of Web three and the metaverse, and that whole discussion.

00:24:09.710 --> 00:24:39.440 Joe Asterita: There's people who are actually buying virtual real estate and talking about owning it and renting it and leasing it out. Now i'm curious to get your perspective on that in general. But i'm also thinking of it Now, from the League, the the law sets of having virtual court and doing litigation actually that way give us some perspective on that.

00:24:39.560 --> 00:25:09.539 Joe Asterita: Even Zuckerberg's try to figure that out right, you know. And uh trying to design whatever it means. Yeah, and you know what it means. It's very, very subjective, I think, right now, I mean So you know I don't know. Is it real? Is it tangible like, Can you? Can you? Is it, you know? Is it have value? You know You get to those conversations anything like that, as you know, that's out there in the e to, so to speak. You know you could have the whole Bitcoin discussion, and all that kind of stuff, too. It's it's tricky. It's. It's almost like you. You try to discuss it, try to think about it, and it's

00:25:09.550 --> 00:25:31.930 Joe Asterita: you just say it's like sand shifting on your feet as you're talking about it so quite honestly. I I don't have a lot of experience with it, and uh, you know, and I i'm sure it's all coming. I've I've been talking to some realtors who've had, you know, transactions done in, you know, Bitcoin, you know. So in the past so, and and virtual currencies, and you know, but at least translates into a tangible asset at at that point. But you're talking about,

00:25:31.940 --> 00:25:57.629 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know, potentially buying something that doesn't really exist except in virtual reality. I'm not sure what that means yet, but but we we're starting to cross into the madness part of the show, and it's like as it's. Actually I didn't intend to do it that way. But that's a good segue actually, as far as uh as as far as where some real real madness is. But yeah, like the idea of virtual real estate and renting it out and leasing it out, seems

00:25:57.640 --> 00:26:10.289 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: really weird and and interesting, but weird and not necessarily tangible. But the valuation side of things, which is also a big interest in mind, which you know we we'll talk about in a in another show in another time, probably. But ah!

00:26:10.300 --> 00:26:37.840 Joe Asterita: How do you value a lot of these damn things? It's like you see the housing market. How haywire it's gone in the last couple of years, and then you see, like the valuations of certain things like in the cryptocurrencies, the blockchain world of like How all volatile and weird, all that gets and it's it's, it seems almost related. Yeah, like in and virtual tokens, you know, they all took a massive hit. The values, you know, with the with wacky stuff, in my opinion that people were, you know, holding it at such high values in my mind, made no sense. But some people that did, I guess.

00:26:37.850 --> 00:27:07.630 Joe Asterita: But uh, yeah, it's it. I I think it's. It's so rapidly changing, you know, and stuff is so day to day it's It's hard to be a real, true investor in that in the in the, you know, in in the traditional sense. Right? Um, yeah, you. You refer You referred to it as the ground changing underneath your feet, and I think of it as building the plan in the air, and uh, potentially without a parachute. In some of these discussions in case anything goes wrong. But, uh, what's not cross into the madness Too crazy yet. Let's let's go in gradually, so

00:27:07.640 --> 00:27:15.239 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: we'll take a quick break, and we will be right back with Joe Astorida, a founder principal attorney of Aserita and associate. Stay with us.

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00:29:17.660 --> 00:29:27.849 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always. Friday with me, Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy. We're chatting with Joe Ast to Rita, owner and principal attorney at Astorida, and associates your lawyer for life.

00:29:27.970 --> 00:29:36.490 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: All phase is personal and business. You can grow together with you. You can grow old, and you can still have the same council. It's a beautiful thing,

00:29:36.500 --> 00:30:06.489 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Joe. This is the madness part of the show, the artistic, observational view. I like the method before the madness, but I do like a good intersection of science and art, and I'm. Relatively certain that there's plenty of it that you could talk about right now everything from the world of real estate, and what that's been like for the last couple of years to estate planning both on a personal and a business level. I know I've seen some ridiculous stories myself, working with the Sms out there. But again, give us some stories from the field. No subject to to taboo anything goes

00:30:06.850 --> 00:30:27.690 Joe Asterita: but lay it on us. What kind of madness have you seen out there lately? Oh, i'll tell you I mean particularly in the last two years I've I've seen things like. I keep saying every time you think you see it all, you see something new uh, from clients buying houses, you know site unseen, you know, waiting every possible right to inspect, Kick the tires to see what they're buying.

00:30:27.700 --> 00:30:52.280 Joe Asterita: Uh, You know that that that became commonplace for a while. Uh, you know particularly early pandemic. Um, you know. As you know, I practice in both the vault New York and New Jersey. Many of my clients were selling in New York and buying in New Jersey, or if they were apartment livers, you know, and or dwellers in in New York City. We're looking to get out of Dodge. You know, when everything was closed and shut down, and they didn't know if everybody next to them who's calling in? The elevator was passing along something

00:30:52.290 --> 00:31:22.129 Joe Asterita: Um! They were doing whatever it took to get these properties, particularly out in the you know, in the suburbs. And uh, we were very busy and handling a lot of that, i'll tell you. And but to terms. And of the deals that we were engaging in we're we're, you know, wild. They just like like, never seen before. Yeah, I you know. And you know, prior to that, if someone was waving inspections, we, you know this be a full on discussion about Okay? Why, what's going on, you know, and all that kind of stuff. But it became commonplace that if you weren't putting that in an offer, you weren't even getting it looked at

00:31:22.140 --> 00:31:52.129 Joe Asterita: you weren't getting looked at you weren't getting that, even if it was more money, you know. Like it it, you know Sellers had. They had the luxury. And you know, particularly in the areas we are, and you know, in mammoth, those counties like you know of, you know, having multiple buyers, you know, with the days of putting the house on, you know, out for a list to sell the inventories then, and even now it's still very low. Uh you know what's out there available to buy Avenue is just an influx of buyers like, and uh so you know, we had a lot of that um i'd. I had never seen that in all my use practice

00:31:52.140 --> 00:32:21.649 Joe Asterita: as as as much as we had in the last couple of years. Um! That's tapering off a little bit. I could tell you that. Um! The deals are getting more uh more customary in terms of terms, although you know. So property comes out, and what might be considered desirable areas or particular style of house. For example, you know, you might see a whole bunch. I just had a a client last week had to twelve offers in a house, was out a couple of days, got seventy thousand or a list almost to give or take, and the the terms were, you know, waving this.

00:32:21.660 --> 00:32:27.149 Joe Asterita: Okay, Um. So it's still happening. But i'm also seeing buyers

00:32:27.160 --> 00:32:48.930 Joe Asterita: being more aggressive on things like their inspections now, because they can be There's not five, you know, five or ten buyers lined up behind them on certain deals, and uh they know it, you know, and they know it. And now maybe rates all higher. And then, being a little more conservative on on taking a plunge and buying something without at least checking it out right. Um! So that's that's happened, and it's been a roll coast to ride, and it's,

00:32:48.940 --> 00:33:05.350 Joe Asterita: you know, when you're dealing with challenges like that and things you haven't seen before, particularly in the early pandemic when we were nobody was even near each other. How will we close the deals? I mean we're doing park benches and hoods of cars. Everything you could possibly think of does never happen before, you know, and in my my use of practice, So it's.

00:33:05.360 --> 00:33:12.280 Joe Asterita: It's been an interesting waving inspection and waving appraisal, and people paying

00:33:12.660 --> 00:33:42.650 Joe Asterita: cash in a lot of cases for houses like for a while. I remember that if you weren't offering cash you were getting a look at. Yeah, the the the terms of your financing were heavily scrutinized, you know, like a lot of partners I work with, who are in the mortgage business, you know, and and we're giving, you know, pre-qualifications for clients on, you know, making those offers getting calls from agents who are listing listing properties. Hey? Is this real, you know? Tell me about this? Is it underwritten, or do you just? You know you just take their information over the phone and and give them a letter. Right? So you know, people were getting more

00:33:42.660 --> 00:33:51.830 Joe Asterita: about betting their buyers, particularly when they had multiple multiple offers. Um: Yeah, it was definitely a, you know, a a change in time for sure.

00:33:52.500 --> 00:34:09.919 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So let's talk a little bit about the some of the other practice areas that you have, and the Wills Trust in the State side, because it was the Covid pandemic. It happened, you know, you you were able to navigate and do virtual meetings and virtual presentations, and consulting, and it's like that stuff is going to go on, you know, in perpetuity.

00:34:09.929 --> 00:34:19.420 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But in fact, there is a lot of folks out there passed away unexpectedly, and I would say a fair amount of them probably did not have their affairs in order.

00:34:19.429 --> 00:34:49.420 Joe Asterita: And certainly, if they were business owners or leadership in any sort of way, a lot of times, that stuff not in order. So what kind of madness. Have you seen around that side of things? Yeah. Unfortunately, we often get calls. You know what you know after the fact, You know, after someone passes away, you know. You know mom or dad didn't really do any state planning. They didn't really set up their their assets in such a way to pass to their errors, and the way that they probably should have or intended. You know i'll get the call so mom or dad, or said I was supposed to get this so and so we're supposed to get,

00:34:49.429 --> 00:34:50.459 but it

00:34:50.469 --> 00:35:20.349 Joe Asterita: they never committed to writing in a proper way to make it happen. Um, you know, and you know it's. It's not the end of the world sometimes, because even even despite those facts, we can help clients, you know, dealing with selling these states of the loved ones and still sort through, you know, sort through all that to help them make it work. Um, you know where it gets more sticky. When there's young children involved they lose both their parents or guardians, and you know the designating someone who should be, you know, caring for these kids, you know, is really important. Rather have you, you know,

00:35:20.360 --> 00:35:44.059 Joe Asterita: pick your own person for that right, nominate your own person that rather than someone in the black robes who you've never met, decide for you who's best to raise your kids. Things like that. Unfortunately, we've seen quite a bit of, particularly in the last couple of years, um, you know, and even for caring for more elderly clients, you know, I get a call. Mom's going to a nursing home next week. How do I protect her house uh things like that? But, like you mentioned earlier, like just doing some

00:35:44.070 --> 00:36:14.059 Joe Asterita: really fundamental basic planning earlier earlier along that, you know in life can really help uh address those challenges and and head them off before they even become issues. But you know who wants It's a tough thing to think about who wants to think about their own mortality or their inability to manage their own affairs, you know. And then, uh, you know if I, when I give presentations, is how many people in this room have a will always less than half or without without fail, You know it's not the kind of thing you really want to think about, but it's so fundamentally important. Um, you know, we try to encourage people to leave

00:36:14.070 --> 00:36:17.140 Joe Asterita: to get the basics in place, and we can help with that.

00:36:17.630 --> 00:36:28.420 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So in the three big practice areas that you have, you have real estate, which to me, whether your personal or business. Everyone needs a roof over their head.

00:36:28.730 --> 00:36:47.499 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You talk about guarantees in this life, Will's Trust in the States two guarantees. You gotta pay taxes and you gotta die. So it's a rough thing to talk about. So yeah, for yourself, personally, and certainly for the business important. So that's something that applies to really everybody. So both those first two things really apply to everyone,

00:36:47.680 --> 00:37:06.810 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know, getting into the business law side of things. If you are an entrepreneur. If you are a risk taker, and you go into business for yourself. So this this one might not necessarily apply to everybody out there, but it is rooted to me in a lot of personal type of crossroads like this is like owners of businesses are people first,

00:37:06.880 --> 00:37:08.779 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but if they have a business

00:37:08.790 --> 00:37:28.470 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: they have to think about the business and think about the business family, if you will, versus their own individual family, and I, you know, trust me, I I know that not every business owner looks at the employees as member of the family. It might be looked at as cattle or slavery in some cases, but you know, for for having, you know. Really, I'd like to think that

00:37:28.930 --> 00:37:41.559 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: it's getting to a point these days where most business owners are looking to provide the ideal experience and to get the best production out of their employees. But, you know, talk to us about some of the madness you've seen around the the business law side of things.

00:37:41.830 --> 00:38:11.799 Joe Asterita: Sure, I mean, you know the most common thing I see with clients who have partners right in a business, for example is, what happens if one of them should pass away all of a sudden? You know you now partners with that person as a husband or wife. They inherit the other half of your business, and have no clue how to operate or run it, but are entitled to half of the money that it might generate. And now you're carrying, you know, an entire other family that's not helping, you know. Operate or run that business. Um, you know, setting up the basic agreements between partners

00:38:11.810 --> 00:38:24.080 Joe Asterita: so important, Uh, in whatever form or structure of business you have. And again, you know, some simple planning you could do in advance, you know. Get the document, get the agreements in place, sign, and put them in a drawer. Don't. Worry about it. Go on about. Life

00:38:24.090 --> 00:38:54.079 Joe Asterita: is really how I kind of encourage my clients to view things. You know that nature, because it can have a dramatic, fundamental life changing, you know, influence on you. If something should happen to a partner that you're involved with. Um. I mean, that's you. That's just one example, and that happens all the time. Um, yeah, I I get partners, you know, when there are, you know, retired uh cops, maybe, and they they've been friends for, you know, partners for twenty years on the force, and they get out, and they start a business together right, and they'll you know they love each other. They've been raising it, you know their kids. They

00:38:54.090 --> 00:39:09.360 Joe Asterita: go to their communions, and whatever all it, for years and years and years they're in business for three months. One of them calls me, it says, hey? Well, how do I get out of business with this person? I hate them. It's like what you know, but it happens more often than you might think, and you know, you know, in those situations.

00:39:09.630 --> 00:39:21.789 Joe Asterita: Hey, let's go back to that agreement. We I You know we had prepared, or it's hey? Remember that agreement, I suggested. You guys enter into that would have covered the situation, but you know it's tough sometimes, and you know new business owners.

00:39:21.800 --> 00:39:50.360 Joe Asterita: The you know, concerns they have is how much am I going to spend on this? I'm trying to put money into my business? I'm trying to develop my systems and hire employees and fuel, insurance and leases, and whatever it might be. So, you know. Sometimes these these agreements and legal expenses are secondary to them. But you know. I I encourage people in general to think about it as a priority when you're when you're getting set up, because it'll It'll save you. You know ten times that much, and not only money, but time and in pain in dealing with unraveling a problem like that at the end.

00:39:51.190 --> 00:40:04.549 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, yes, I I was getting a a little introspective there for a second, just dealing with small medium sized businesses for years, and you you do it from the Hr Perspective and try to, you know, provide the best experience in house, and for the clients that you're serving.

00:40:04.560 --> 00:40:16.079 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I always used to love it when you business has started with two, three peoples all of a sudden, you know, fifty, seventy, five, one hundred people, and they're like, Oh, yeah, no, no problem. We don't need help with any of this stuff. We're like a family,

00:40:16.280 --> 00:40:28.959 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and you know it's not in my nature to be like any sort of scary or threatening, or whatever. But I am a calculated risk type of Guy, and i'll look at them and go. You do realize that one out of every two families hence in divorce. Right

00:40:29.950 --> 00:40:31.969 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: sad but true. But you know

00:40:32.180 --> 00:40:43.189 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's uh it nowadays, especially though, like you know whether whether they there were partners, that one of them might have passed away as a result of the pandemic which I've seen. A few things happen. I don't know if you have to, but

00:40:43.200 --> 00:41:02.320 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know, or It's just general disagreement. I've seen definitely some of that happen where it's uh it it lasts, whether it was three months or three years or or thirty years, and there's somebody buying into a practice to try to to maintain some type of status quo to get rid of any sort of bad blood. It's not easy.

00:41:03.180 --> 00:41:04.390 Yeah, definitely.

00:41:04.730 --> 00:41:12.700 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We're gonna take. We're gonna take a quick break. But we'll be right back with my man Joe. As to Rita, owner and principal attorney at asteroid and associated with us

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00:42:41.180 --> 00:42:51.269 You're listening to talk Radio Nyc: at Ww: talk radio and Yc: now broadcasting twenty, four hours a day.

00:43:14.360 --> 00:43:39.549 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy. We are chatting with Joe Astorida, owner and Principal Attorney at Astorida, and associates some pearls of wisdom like none other today from Joe Astorida. I hope you guys were taking notes and listening, and if not, you're going to have to call him in either the New York or the New Jersey office and consult with him and talk to him a little bit about your world because he can be your lawyer for life

00:43:39.560 --> 00:43:58.030 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: many phases of business and personal life. So, Joe, this is the message part of the show, the idea, weekend insight to Monday impact. Everyone's gonna get loose this weekend and watch football and all that. The Yankee game starts at one o'clock or one o five or something. What are some quick, sound bites that we could leave everybody with for the weekend

00:43:58.960 --> 00:44:12.300 Joe Asterita: uh, you know. Going back to some things you mentioned. Prepare. Think ahead. Um, you know. Take, you know, embrace, you know, somewhat of the pain now. It could save you enormous amounts of pain, time and expense later, if not just for you, but for your loved ones,

00:44:12.310 --> 00:44:34.959 Joe Asterita: just by doing some advanced planning. And you know the lawyer for life concept is really how I look at my practice. You know my outlook is long term relationships with my clients. Uh, you know, we do a very large volume of real estate here, but really um um, you know, in that, not only because of the you know, to help people get in their homes and sell their homes, but also to develop relationships with my clients that they come and earn their trust. So they come back to me.

00:44:34.970 --> 00:44:51.649 Joe Asterita: Um, for the various other things, whether through life, you know, and setting up their state plans, dealing with loved ones, you know, who may pass on uh dealing with their business interests and purchases and sales and all the things that come along the way these areas these practice areas kind of intersect constantly. Um, you know. So it's

00:44:51.660 --> 00:45:05.070 Joe Asterita: it. It's, you know, in having narrowed our practice, you know, and focusing more on those areas. It's uh giving me the opportunity to be, you know, be able to be an advisor to clients over long periods of time and throughout their lives. And that's That's my plan that's my intent.

00:45:05.170 --> 00:45:18.800 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I love it, and I don't really think that a lot of the lawyers out there that I've run into over the years they they embrace the idea of lawyer for life. It's lawyer for the case at hand, lawyer for the issue at hand,

00:45:18.810 --> 00:45:32.759 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and again, like it, always feels like kind of product driven to me like where it's. There could be some some scare tactics and threatening, and all that, and it's. It almost makes the the the relationship between the the client and the attorney,

00:45:33.140 --> 00:46:03.129 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: like like the attorney's not approachable home host, and it's like that of out of fear of bad news or fear of of judgment, or anything like that from the from the attorney themselves. A lot of a lot of prospective clients, and people with issues might not be comfortable, even reaching out to them. You're just so approachable. I I want to take you everywhere for all of the stuff that I'm doing Well, you know. I think that goes for anything, though it's all about relationships. You know I I have problem with my car. I want to find my go to mechanic right who I know. I can get on the phone. Who's not? Who's going to give me the straight, though,

00:46:03.140 --> 00:46:16.309 Joe Asterita: so tell me what really is wrong and trust them. You know I have the back phone to whatever professional or person that handles that thing, you know, and having that option, I think, is important for people, and I I strive to be that for people, and you know, on the legal in legal sense.

00:46:16.390 --> 00:46:46.379 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: And I do, too, not so much in the legal sense, although I you know I I took my lsat class, and didn't go to law school, and didn't do any of that stuff. People still come to me for legal advice, for some reason which is interesting, so I have to, and you're in it for life. You're married to a lawyer. Yes, so it's a I I I have to. When I ask my question, ask questions of my wife, and she asked me back another question, and doesn't give me the answer. I just keep asking the same question over and over again, like like uh, until she breaks down like an Austin Powers, too. I can't stand to be asked the same question. Three

00:46:46.390 --> 00:47:00.200 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: sounds sounds familiar, but you know life and business go on right. It's just a matter with a lot of what you're doing. It's a matter of how smoothly

00:47:00.250 --> 00:47:24.269 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and it's again. It's It's a lot more about the you know how you say it as opposed to what you're saying, which I always find to be important in all walks of life, personal and business. And you, you know, putting together, you know, if it's, you know, litigation or or transaction doesn't really matter. It's It's more about how you how you say it. Things are going to go on if you know again the state planning wise succession, planning wise. So you might lose somebody unexpectedly.

00:47:24.280 --> 00:47:42.580 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Life is still gonna go on. It's just a matter of how smoothly and the smooth part comes in where you can be a little bit more proactive and more connected to some of your trusted advisors like I. I don't like if you're a business owner, and in pretty much any industry vertical. I could think of it's like I would have

00:47:42.600 --> 00:47:45.670 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: regularly scheduled meetings with somebody like you.

00:47:45.970 --> 00:48:15.959 Joe Asterita: Do you have that going on with some of your business clients

00:48:15.970 --> 00:48:34.759 Joe Asterita: we've opted for that of his has increased. Um, I think, as the value of that relationship. You know it kind of is realized. I think you know, I think it becomes more of an attractive option for for clients and business owners. Not only do I agree, you know, attorneys, even the Cfo type of function, Cfo bookkeeping.

00:48:34.770 --> 00:48:44.950 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You know things. I I find that that those types of functions being outsourced more and more these days, and a lot of that actually makes sense to me, because

00:48:45.200 --> 00:49:07.330 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: sometimes the closer you are to things like that, the harder it is to really see, see it clearly and explain it to others. And when you have somebody who's outsourced, and maybe a little bit more impartial, and has a couple of different businesses that they might do, you know, fractional General Council work for something like that. They might be able to bring a different perspective to the table than if somebody's just in House counsel for an organization. Do you agree?

00:49:07.340 --> 00:49:34.540 Joe Asterita: Yeah, I think so. I I think you know, having that go to expertise and long term relationship is is is vital. I really do um, you know. And and also you know it's not just me. I have a great team behind me, uh, you know. There, you know I it. It's surrounding yourself a good people, if it's, and if it's something I don't know. I mean, that happens, you know, like I I got a team of people I can rely upon and turn to, or even a network of colleagues, you know. Hey, have you seen this before? Because, like I said, Every time I think I've seen it all I see something new.

00:49:34.550 --> 00:49:44.309 Joe Asterita: Um! But uh, you know, having that, and you know, really, you know, provides more of a broad spectrum, broad base of resource for a client to turn to. I I really feel it's important.

00:49:44.580 --> 00:50:05.200 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you have some great testimonials and reviews out there just a couple of quick ones from from your site. I was referred to this law office by a family member, just as satisfied as they were top notch professionals took care of everything easy transition. Highly recommend them. Thanks, Joe wouldn't have gotten through this without you working so tirelessly to help,

00:50:05.210 --> 00:50:23.849 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and you know you're in my support group now. You have two daughters. I have two daughters, so we're always going to be tired, no matter what. So you might as well just keep working through that. Yeah, They made buying a home for the first time a much easier process than I could have ever imagined definitely recommend. You know, great great reviews, great testimonials, the idea of the lawyer for life

00:50:23.860 --> 00:50:35.120 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: awesome to me. And you know, really you could be there for every phase of what people are going through, whether they're just starting out or they're starting to sunset. I think it's a brilliant approach, and it is very people-centric. Bravo!

00:50:35.430 --> 00:50:37.430 Joe Asterita: Well, thanks!

00:50:37.530 --> 00:51:07.520 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Before I let you go for the day. We are going to revisit some of the answers you gave me to the questions I asked you which once again were: Who is your favorite movie, your Tv show character? What's your favorite movie or Tv show? And what's your favorite musical instrument? And who's the artist? You'd like to hear play it so, you know. And in the true lawyer fashion I got exhibits A. Through Z, with all the different answers that you gave uh, but you you you did started off saying you're a huge star, wars fan, and I I didn't do any pictures for you

00:51:07.530 --> 00:51:23.790 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you for that, but you got your daughters into it from an early age, and got them super engaged with it, which is very impressive, like the you like with their Jedi mine tricks, or any hypnosis any involved, because that's been a tough one for me.

00:51:23.800 --> 00:51:52.040 Joe Asterita: I didn't, you know, have boys. I was like they. My my kids, were on playing the sports that I grew up playing. I need something right. So that was uh, that was Star Wars. I was a bit of a passion of mine, and I I had them start watching it very when they were very young, but in order of release, right? So the original Star Wars that came out in the theaters. We started with that um, and they just got into it, and I I don't know if it was they really were enjoying it, or really wanted to be, you know, having fun with that at that point. But somehow, along the way they really got into it. And uh,

00:51:52.050 --> 00:52:20.370 Joe Asterita: you know, they jumped up at the end of Empire, strikes back and yelled, That can't end like this. You know the guys winning, and the the guys lost everything. Um, it was uh, that's that's what I knew like they got it, you know. That was that was that was deep moment for me. That's that's also, as it may be somewhat relatable to even the profession of everything's wrong, nothing's right. Everything's out of control. I don't know the resolution. There is a resolution out there somewhere. Patient. We'll get there. Yeah.

00:52:20.530 --> 00:52:27.419 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So let me get into some of the other answers that you gave me so this first one you gave me. I loved you, said you

00:52:27.430 --> 00:52:48.799 Joe Asterita: the outlaw, Josie Whales, which I don't know. I don't know if anybody's given me that answer. I think that's that's a really good one. I have to go back, and ninety-five or something. Episodes I can't remember. But Missouri Farmer Josie wells joins a Confederate gorilla unit and winds up on the run from the Union soldiers who murdered his family. It's real hard to mess with Clint Eastwood. Right? Yeah, he's fantastic in that movie, too. It's great.

00:52:48.880 --> 00:52:54.020 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you know the this one I wasn't necessarily expecting. But I love it.

00:52:54.240 --> 00:52:57.369 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: One of them that I kind of was expecting,

00:52:57.410 --> 00:53:27.399 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: was you? Said Michael Corleone from the godfather, and I just immediately, when you said that as the lawyer just like my offer is this? Nothing but yeah, kind of yeah, yeah, you got this. Not a hair going on there. But uh, yeah, no, love it kind of. I thought that one might be in there somewhere, and it's been on a whole bunch lately, you know, to talk about like getting trapped. It's like you have, godfather. What a godfather to audit rapid successions like, or the whole Indiana Jones series is like your

00:53:27.410 --> 00:53:35.720 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You're doomed like. You can't get up from the couch to the bed or whatever. So you on to the favorite movie side of things.

00:53:35.730 --> 00:53:54.809 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You said the hunt for red October. But I thought that was an interesting one, too, like November, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four Soviet Union's best sub Captain violates orders and heads for the Us. And an undetectable sub. Americans Cia and military have to decide. Is he trying to defect or start a war? And it's like

00:53:54.820 --> 00:53:56.829 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I feel like there's a lot of

00:53:56.840 --> 00:54:25.650 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: a lot of similarity and analogies you can make to being a lawyer. There, now, your conclusions are all wrong. It's. Oh, you really should get to know your adversary like all these this business is this is crazy like it's, you know this is all for like this is gonna get out of control like there's there's so much similarity here. It's ridiculous, but it's that you said that one. Anytime it's on you get trapped watching that like That's It's a it's one I haven't seen it a while. But there's a lot of movies I put in the category of

00:54:25.660 --> 00:54:54.439 Joe Asterita: If I If I get drop trap watching this, i'm doomed like I'm never getting up from anything exactly, no matter what stage that movies in. And i'm once it's on, i'm trapped, and then uh my my wife and my kids. They walk through the family room. They start rolling their eyes at me immediately when they see it, because they know what's what's happening. Yeah, you can't please everybody. What are you gonna do? So you also said Shawshank. Which that answer I've got it a bunch of times, but love it, and uh, you know, to like tunnel tunnel, tunneling the way out and roll that like. I don't want to give away it. If nobody seen Shawshank. If you haven't seen Shawshank,

00:54:54.450 --> 00:55:04.300 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you should probably stop listening to this, and go watch a shank for the rest of the day. But great, great answer, love it! You said. As far as music goes.

00:55:04.330 --> 00:55:08.390 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I can't help myself, you know it's it's, too. It's too easy

00:55:08.400 --> 00:55:35.990 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: uh as far as music goes. You said you love the sweet sounds of the guitar. And you, said Jimmy Hendrix, which has been a very popular answer. Love it, and you know, putting your face on the Jimmy Hendrix, just like it definitely. Put a smile on my face. I'm: sorry. But uh, you have music like a religion. Yeah, yeah, being part of people's lives, you know, for through all phases, part of your religion. You know, Jimmy, that yup wasn't wasn't around by the time I was born pretty much, but

00:55:36.000 --> 00:55:44.129 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: bugging love is music. But you also said Slash, which, when you were in high school, did you have hair like this?

00:55:44.170 --> 00:55:53.620 Joe Asterita: I wish no, I wasn't able to do it either. So I just just was wondering. Slash's name is actually Saul Hudson. I didn't know that.

00:55:53.630 --> 00:56:05.999 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Did you know that? So? Saul Hudson? Aka Slash! She sweet sounds of the guitar. You saw him in high school. We're ten feet away from him, and uh, you may be slightly jealous of the hair just a little bit

00:56:06.010 --> 00:56:15.590 Joe Asterita: I still have to like. I've seen him like on on things lately. He still got that same haircut. You know pretty much what I remember,

00:56:15.770 --> 00:56:39.999 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Joe, I can't thank you enough for joining me here today. It's a long time in the making. I've been wanting to sit and talk with you for quite a bit uh folks. If you, if you have real estate, needs, you have Will's trust, and estate needs you have business law needs has to read a law dot com you can find, Joe. He's part of the Chamber of Commerce in Staten Island and Eastern Mammoth County. He's been networking groups. He's all over the place. So reach out Asteroida law, dot com

00:56:40.010 --> 00:57:06.429 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: all of your needs New York and New Jersey coming up next week. We're going to keep on the real estate theme a little bit with a mutual friend of ours, the lighter side of home inspections, Jonathan Moses, of High Point Home Inspections, who is actually a stand up comedian in addition to being a home inspector. So uh you're We're bound to get some fairly decent material from him. But uh, until then. Thank you so much for joining us on always. Friday, Joe. Thanks again for coming.

00:57:06.440 --> 00:57:20.180 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We ah hope you got some weekend insight to make a Monday impact. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Yankee game, Enjoy football. We will see you next Friday, Eleven Am. Eastern time, right here on talk radio and Nyc Bye, bye, everybody.

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