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Friday, October 7, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/07 - The Meditation Lab with Jennifer Monness

Facebook Live Video from 2022/10/07 - The Meditation Lab with Jennifer Monness


2022/10/07 - The Meditation Lab with Jennifer Monness

[NEW EPISODE] The Meditation Lab with Jennifer Monness

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00:47:51.710 --> 00:47:57.279 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: How could you even think about letting your friend drive the car right? That whole piece, and my daughter says to me,

00:47:57.490 --> 00:48:19.600 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: I don't think you were listening to me. I was telling you how scared I was. She was sharing about her fear her. I had that she felt pressure to do. What are all the reasons behind it? I immediately went to right my reaction. I wasn't able to take a pause and listen to what she was saying. In this case there was a story behind the story, and then respond. And so I was thinking about just

00:48:19.610 --> 00:48:23.320 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: if it's happening to me. And I'm a pretty, you know,

00:48:23.330 --> 00:48:52.369 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: experience practitioner. This has to be the experience for other parents. Um! And so we need tools. We need tools, and it's an ongoing practice, and a big part of it is slowing down and listening and pausing before we react. And how do we do that? We slow our breath down, So we start with the tools that we learn in the practice. And then, all of a sudden, now we're rather than leaning forward, rather ready to lunge, and like

00:48:52.380 --> 00:49:05.009 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: you know, yell at our kids. We're sitting back. We're taking it all in. Maybe Even The answer is, i'm going to take a moment to think about what you just said. I just need a minute, and then we're going to have this conversation and leave the room.

00:49:05.170 --> 00:49:07.889 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: I mean it's It sounds silly. But

00:49:08.080 --> 00:49:36.190 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: all of a sudden, now you're like Oh, i'm so glad that I didn't have that conversation when I was already at a ten. Right, let me bring myself down to a five, or maybe a two or three, before I handle this, you know. Approach this moment.

00:49:36.340 --> 00:49:46.590 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: It's so true. Oh, my gosh, do not write, don't! Send the text, don't send the email, put it in the draft folder. Take a moment, two or three minutes.

00:49:46.600 --> 00:50:01.579 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: Lengthen your exhale hands on the belly. Take some of those diaphragmatic breaths, maybe a stretch or two, and then you can revisit it, and sometimes, when you reread it, you are like Oh, my gosh! I'm so happy I didn't send this yet I mean that's at least my experience.

00:50:01.610 --> 00:50:29.890 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: So back to the mindful parenting thing I saw you have some. It looks like events coming up in the next couple of weeks on Wednesday evenings, seven, thirty to eight, thirty Pm. Talk to us a little bit about this. Yes. So that event. Actually, someone had come to me from an organization called heart generation. She really wanted to put a full platform of wellness offerings together for young people and um and for parents and children do together. And I had said to her, God, I would love to do something with just adults,

00:50:29.900 --> 00:50:45.960 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: because I think I think they're just two different conversations to be had. And so I What I love about this course is again the practice and more of the education. And then how do we integrate this practice into our day like

00:50:45.970 --> 00:51:00.329 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: um. Oh, there was this wonderful caricature cartoon in New York Magazine, and there were these two women like little stick figures, and they were on their yoga mats, you know, looking like. And then, when they left, one of the women rolled up her matt

00:51:00.340 --> 00:51:28.839 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: and put it like a yoga bag, and the other one just draped it on her back, and the one it was like looking at her like. Why do you have it on your back? And she said, because i'm trying to try to take it into my day, so we can create that. Then, when we're in a special place and calm and steady. But how can we bring that equanimity with us as we move through our life, whether it's in the business world and our home life, our social life with friends. I mean, that's That's the goal.

00:51:29.350 --> 00:51:45.099 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, definitely. And I, you have one coming up on October nineteenth. I was chatting with my wife this morning. Talk about losing your mind being a parent. I Ah, she's going on a girls trip with some friends to New Orleans on October nineteenth. So I have the kids by myself,

00:51:45.110 --> 00:52:14.150 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: so i'll just try to think of help me. However, possible kids are going to say, Dad, why is your hand on your belly all the time. What are you doing? I'm taking my diaphragmatic. So now i'm going to i'm going to share one thing with you, though, as it relates to even to things like this, because I do these workshops when people ask me to do that. Um! Then I was honored to have the invitation. But the challenge with a workshop like this, rather than having something that's offered

00:52:14.160 --> 00:52:16.970 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: during the course of your work day is that

00:52:16.980 --> 00:52:37.829 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: both it takes a lot of motivation to get myself to sign up for something and do it in my own in my spare time. But when there's something that's offered at lunch time or in the morning, and my boss is encouraging me to do it, and maybe my boss is doing it too. Now, there's much more likelihood that i'm going to

00:52:37.890 --> 00:52:50.690 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: make myself, you know, available to do it. And again, we're not asking businesses to to do this every day of the week, or invest. You know tens of thousands of dollars, even if it's something that you're doing quarterly

00:52:50.700 --> 00:53:03.910 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: right. Um, I think there's really a lot of benefit that you're offering to um to your people, and I think they see that they feel that I mean the feedback on the chats is like, Thank you so much. I so appreciate this.

00:53:03.920 --> 00:53:11.439 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: Now. I have the tools to do it on my own right. The audios that I offer, or other apps that I recommend, and I can't wait to see you back in a few months,

00:53:11.660 --> 00:53:31.689 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: hey? If it's good enough for the Nba, which you have testimonials about, it should be good enough for a lot of the businesses out there. They're looking to train their folks in the right way. As as far as training their brain. They have the right mindset the right mindfulness to be the best employee and the best person that they can be. It's all interconnected. It's not just about business or personal. It's we're all people. Yes,

00:53:31.700 --> 00:53:32.460 yes.

00:53:32.510 --> 00:53:43.049 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So the meditation lab dot org is the website. You can get in touch with Jennifer at the Meditation lab dot org is the email any other spots where everyone should be looking for you.

00:53:43.650 --> 00:53:56.549 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: That's a great question. Well, I've got on my linkedin i'm oftentimes posting different activities to be done, or things that where i'm working and um and engaged, and on Facebook as well. Jennifer, heller

00:53:56.910 --> 00:53:58.080 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: awesome

00:53:58.090 --> 00:54:27.749 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: before I let you go for the day we are going to revisit the answers to my questions: Who is your Who is your favorite movie, your Tv show character? What's your favorite movie? Your Tv show what's your favorite musical instrument? And who's the artist? You'd like to hear play it. So you you had. You gave me a couple of different Tv characters, and they're all ones that I happen to love. Uh. Your first one, you said was Don Draper for madmen, creative director of the good old Manhattan, advertising firm. So always always fun to to put your face on the on these types of characters.

00:54:28.730 --> 00:54:41.409 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But uh, Michael Scott was the next one, which is one that I think about all the time you imagine doing your type of work in the office for oh, it's! It is truly hard to imagine. He's one of my favorites, though

00:54:41.420 --> 00:55:02.329 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: regional manager of the completely dysfunctional, Dnder, Mifflin, and Scranton, Pa. Totally awesome love it. And then, last, but not least, you, said Ray Donovan, which I actually thought was. It was kind of a surprise, but I kind of liked it, You know, Ray Donovan, professional fixer for the rich and famous in in La can make anyone's problems disappear except the ones created by his own family and by himself.

00:55:02.340 --> 00:55:08.690 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's almost in some ways kind of similar to being introspective, and doing some of that deep self-reflection, business or person.

00:55:09.140 --> 00:55:34.850 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: There was just something about him he was so edgy, but he was so steady. No matter. I mean when I think about it on a deeper level. When I think about equanimity, like you rarely see him. You see him losing his cool in his home, but when faced with tremendous stress, he's the guy you're going to right, Mr. Steady, Mr. Cool Common collected and fixes things and executes. So that's where you're going to look to.

00:55:34.860 --> 00:55:53.999 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But next your favorite movie, you said with Silver Lining's playbook, which I thought was interesting for all of this after a stint in a mental institution, Former teacher, Pat Solatonum, who's back in with his parents tries to reconcile with his ex-wife Things get more challenging when he meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of his own.

00:55:54.010 --> 00:56:00.500 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: And I like this because very often the Sms and companies we work with can feel like mental institutions. Very often.

00:56:00.790 --> 00:56:04.450 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: Did you see the movie? I actually Haven't. Yet

00:56:04.510 --> 00:56:27.630 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: it is a wonderful movie, and and in the as the movie unfolds, and he does have a lot of mental health issues that he's navigating and turns to dance, falls in love with the girl who who wants to be in a dance competition and learn how to breathe and move, and and using the tools and techniques, and moving at breath and dance um, is able to really become a much healthier person, and any it's a great story.

00:56:28.150 --> 00:56:56.970 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I'm. I'm. Looking forward to cracking it open. This weekend. Possibly you said your favorite musical instrument was the piano played by none other than the piano man himself. Billy Joel, one of my favorites, probably one of the most popular answers I've had over the last couple of years. Yeah, probably one of the most popular ones. But I'm: i'm a piano and saxophone guy. That's the Those are the instruments that I learned along the way so definitely Love my Billy Joel. Thank you so much for joining me here today. Jennifer really appreciate it. Love the work that you're doing. Continue to rock in both the schools

00:56:56.980 --> 00:57:02.290 Jennifer Monness/The Meditation Lab: and the corporate settings. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me, Steven. This is fun.

00:57:02.300 --> 00:57:26.390 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yep, Sorry about the little technology blip there. But coming up next week a peek into the uh current real estate market with my Buddy Joe Ast to Rita, managing attorney and owner of asteroid and associates attorneys at law. Until then, Thank you so much for joining us here on always. Friday. We hope you gain some weekend insight to make a Monday impact. Have a great weekend, and we will see you next Friday. Eleven Am. Eastern time right here on talk radio, Dot Nyc bye, everybody.

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