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Friday, September 30, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/30 - Rapping with the Rabbi

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/30 - Rapping with the Rabbi


2022/09/30 - Rapping with the Rabbi

[NEW EPISODE] Rapping with the Rabbi

 Fridays 11:00am - 12:00pm (EDT)


The audience will hear from a local Rabbi for nearly 20 years who not only helps guide people through wisdom, comprehension, and knowledge, he strives to provide an inspiring, inclusive, easy-to-follow, family friendly experience for the community.


This time of year is when Jewish people celebrate the "High Holy Days" of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  A celebration of the new year, with a 10-day period of introspection and repentance that arrives at the day of atonement.

There are a range of ways that Jewish employees of SMBs may observe and celebrate these holidays.  Some may request days off in observance, while others may take a half-day off to attend services at synagogue, and others may ask to leave early to attend a holiday meal with friends and family.  Observant or not, this is a time to reflect.

We are joined by Rabbi Levi Wolosow, Adult Education Coordinator and Community Leader at Chabad of Western Monmouth County.  Rabbi Levi and the Chabad community go above and beyond to provide a unique High Holiday experience for everyone.

The word “Chabad” is actually a Hebrew acronym for three intellectual faculties that translate to wisdom, comprehension, and knowledge in will certainly find all of the above with Rabbi Levi, check it out!

Tune in for this sensible conversation at

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00:00:32.330 --> 00:01:01.909 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Well, hello out there, planet Earth and Happy Friday. Interesting week to wrap up the month of September. But we made it everyone. It's Friday, and it's always Friday with me. Stephen Bry. Your Smb. Guy, I see. Why am I, or in case you missed it? Smb. Stands for a small and medium sized business. For the last twenty years I've been a consultant, for Smb is a voice and a sounding board for business leaders advocating on their behalf wherever I can, their employees to, I believe very strongly in sharing stories, providing perspective

00:01:01.990 --> 00:01:29.319 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and creating connection. So every single Friday you can find me right here on talk radio, Myc doing just that with my special guests lending what is left of my mind and my voice to this live radio show where I interview Smb leaders and their trusted advisors. One thing that I've noticed over the years some of the best thought leadership for businesses. It actually happens on Friday, just about the time we feel that freedom of the weekend coming we get clear. We execute,

00:01:29.330 --> 00:01:59.320 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: However, we're also anxious to start the weekend that these crucial pearls of wisdom. They're very often overlooked. They're forgotten in favor of our fun, weekend activities and our freedom from work here on the show. We take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity. And we discuss popular topics that are on the minds of Smb leaders and their trusted advisors. Again, the name of the show is not just a play on words, although there's a whole bunch of plays on words in there. My last name actually means free in German. So that's fun fact for everyone. A little bit of method behind that.

00:01:59.330 --> 00:02:28.199 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Today's episode of always. Friday is brought to you by sda wealth strategies, a boutique financial services firm located in Hudson Valley, New York. Personal wealth, management, comprehensive business solutions is what they do. Sda stands for simplifying financial lives, designing financial strategies and advocating to implement them, they offer a concierge experience for both individuals and businesses. The highest priority always is the best interest of the client, and helping them to be proactive and to thrive today, tomorrow and beyond

00:02:28.210 --> 00:02:41.709 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: learn more visit. Sda. Well, strategies com big week, like i'd mentioned. I know my special guest grew up in the Massachusetts area, but I can't help paying some tribute to Aaron Judge. I was

00:02:41.720 --> 00:03:10.159 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: back and forth cars, appointments, chauffeuring the kids around trying to make sure I didn't miss the home run. I was coming from an appointment all the way out in Western Jersey got home just in time to see it. So I was thrilled about that congratulations there and judge making history. Ah, also, Hurricane Ian, my folks that are down in the Florida areas, especially the west coast, still dealing with power outages and massive flooding everywhere so definitely sending them. Everyone's best from the northeast

00:03:10.170 --> 00:03:26.540 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and stock market firm oil. Everyone's talking about it. Is this a fair market? Is this a recession? All kinds of perspective around that everyone be patient and speak with Your trusted advisor is very important to do that these days, but also we celebrated one hundred and fifty

00:03:26.550 --> 00:03:45.130 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Rosha Shanah, the Jewish New Year, and coming up next week we will be celebrating Yom Kipur, the Day of Atonement. So I thought this was a very appropriate time to do some rapping with the Rabbi himself. Rabbi of Kabat of Western Mammoth County, Rabbi Levy Wallace,

00:03:45.330 --> 00:03:48.690 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: we're going to have to help me pronounce that name a lot of fun that it grades up,

00:03:48.700 --> 00:04:13.259 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know. And you know what I um, I wouldn't want you to just pronounce it for me. Just want to make sure i'm not butchering it. But this is the time of this is the time of year where Jewish faults celebrate the holidays of Rusheshan and Yom Kippur. Ah! To you, You know businesses that are run from votes in the Jewish community might even be closing their doors this time of year for a little bit, so I thought it'd be appropriate to. I always think it's appropriate to sit and do some rapping with the rabbi,

00:04:13.270 --> 00:04:42.499 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but but also get a little bit perspective about the high holiday is what they mean. What they mean to the the community we have here in Mammoth County. But talk is cheap. We're here on talk radio and um, and we don't want this to just we talk. The goal here is, Let's really use the insight on the landscape and create some more impact on Monday morning. It's far too often the businesses that I deal with on a daily basis. They're focused on the product that's going to solve their problems. The shiny new mouse trap, the new tech, the new app, whatever it is.

00:04:42.560 --> 00:05:12.459 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: One consistent thing I see out there, and I know the Rabbi sees it, too. Products change every single day in everything that we do It doesn't matter if you're talking about your business, your personal life, everything begins and ends with people so personal relationships that you can put together. That's really what matters. Surround yourself with the right people, execute a nice process, something that's tangible and methodical that will typically let you arrive at the right product, anyway, even if they're changing on an hourly basis, everything begins. And

00:05:12.470 --> 00:05:42.449 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: so I know I have the right person around me today, especially for this time of year for Rabbi Levy, adult education, coordinator, and community leader at part of Western Mammoth County. He's been around this area for seventeen years, grew up in Sharon, Massachusetts, Rabbi through and brew. I'm going to let Rabbi Levy give us a little bit of his of his history in just a moment to tell you a little bit about his travels. But phenomenal rabbi, I was actually at my wedding. Ah, we didn't really know each other back. Then it wasn't.

00:05:42.460 --> 00:05:46.330 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I moved back to town in Muhammad County that we really started with.

00:05:46.340 --> 00:05:47.290 I don't know what

00:05:47.300 --> 00:06:14.700 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I missed the whole cocktail hour, and that was the only thing I had to say in any way. So a little little little sour about that still. But yeah. But Rabbi Lady is one of my favorite local celebrities, someone who works just as hard as Cpas this time of year to make sure that the young Jewish families they have a great high holidays experience as always, we'll discuss some of my favorite questions around movies, Tv and music, you know. I can't help myself. Possibly the closest special guest to my house that I've interviewed over the past two years, which

00:06:14.710 --> 00:06:30.129 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: just so, you guys know, we just celebrated our two-year anniversary of doing always Friday so pretty big, but joining me from home base, less than one mile from my backyard, Rabbi Levy, poker tove welcome to the show. I I can't tell you how appreciative I am that you're taking the time out to chat with me this morning.

00:06:30.140 --> 00:06:38.320 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. It was actually in shield was even you came up to me. You're like rabbit. We got to do it this year. I'm happy to be here with you

00:06:38.330 --> 00:07:04.089 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: first time doing something like this a little bit new to me, but a happy in any way for the message of the high holidays, and so on. We're where we Ah, you're no stranger to speaking in front of an audience. We know that. And um I know you grew up in Massachusetts. I couldn't resist wearing the Jo, the Yankee Jersey. I'm: sorry. But you know Yeah, very. I'm very conflicted with my brothers and my kids. I'm like right.

00:07:04.100 --> 00:07:23.289 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: And then Tom Rainy go over, you know there's a lot of we're actually Sharon is about. I don't know. Maybe a fifty minute drive from Foxborough Stadium. We have traffic in front of our house when the brothers are really big bads. My kids are not happy about that, but somehow it works out. We don't talk about sports.

00:07:23.420 --> 00:07:52.980 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I'm a big baseball guy, and I love baseball and allergies for the business world as well, but you know, let's give everybody a little bit of your journey.

00:07:54.000 --> 00:08:10.309 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So i'm from Sheriff, Massachusetts is a small town in uh in Massachusetts. It's like a suburb of Boston. Basically A lot of people were there. Uh: My father originally was bought at, brought out, brought down to the Boston area. This would be the roast Shshiva, the Dean of the Uh Ishiva in Boston,

00:08:10.320 --> 00:08:23.160 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and they moved to. You know a lot of people buy houses in the suburbs of Boston to and Sharon, and eventually my father went on to open a cabbage,

00:08:23.220 --> 00:08:32.719 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: the local Jewish community, the dominant to learn, and he opened that center up. I guess it was about maybe thirty five years ago somewhere roughly around that,

00:08:32.799 --> 00:08:49.569 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and Um grew up over there a small little town and went to Ishiva grew up, and I went to Ishiva in Brooklyn for many years. When she went Israel for a number of years, and then married my amazing wife from an alibi.

00:08:49.580 --> 00:08:52.890 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: I'm in Alica, New Jersey, where you're from. Right, Stephen. That's where you're.

00:08:52.900 --> 00:08:55.299 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: That is correct, right from over here,

00:08:55.310 --> 00:09:03.430 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and then you have to make a decision where you're going to move to You're going to move to shared. You can move to an outfit. It wasn't an easy decision. Not a lot of people were happy about it.

00:09:03.440 --> 00:09:25.820 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: But after why? Because I have to do that to people. So I was happy to do that to people.

00:09:25.830 --> 00:09:30.499 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: But that's it. That's how we it makes sense.

00:09:30.510 --> 00:09:49.790 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: I connected. It felt like it connected in a very personal way with many people. I did some roles of teaching and ah leaving different communities. Actually, I I don't know if I mentioned that to you like one of the things we do as young as Sheba boys. Before we're married one is still a single. We can go away to like distant places which a rab I couldn't get to, which is no community.

00:09:49.800 --> 00:10:00.010 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Yes, so two of the places I was when I was Yeshiva boy was actually you'll see it in the risk you ever played. Risk.

00:10:00.020 --> 00:10:24.390 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's a place called Beer Coats in the in Siberia. I went there for Pes out there. We had about one hundred and fifty people came into some large lobby that we rent, and we didn't speak a word of

00:10:24.400 --> 00:10:30.690 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Russian, but we had a beautiful watch it. We had a translator with us, and it was it was actually I'll just share with you a funny

00:10:30.860 --> 00:10:44.670 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: incident that happened there. We had, I know. When I landed I said I had to get a translator a little bit,

00:10:44.680 --> 00:11:02.639 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and they had some, and someone who's from Israel. Who was there? A young girl was here translating for us, and when the pace of Seder came there was one hundred and fifty people, or plus we're there. The translator, like. We even tell the translator what to say like this is what you do.

00:11:02.650 --> 00:11:16.400 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Basically She got very stage right from the big crowd. She basically backed out. So now we're stuck with one hundred and fifty people there with the translator. And I basically told the translator what to say. And then she told

00:11:16.410 --> 00:11:25.789 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: this other guy because she wouldn't speak to the crowd. Another like elderly Russian gentleman, to what we said like, Imagine broken telephone. You're trying to explain

00:11:25.800 --> 00:11:37.099 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: the the the exodus of Egypt we're telling it to, and and by the way, we show these full t-shirts so we have to our broken. He with the tell of what we want to say. She told this guy. I remember a bullying of the agn and said, Say, I said, this is

00:11:37.110 --> 00:11:59.709 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: this is an egg. Basically That was one experience that we had also Grenada Island. There's a medical school. I don't know if you're familiar there,

00:11:59.720 --> 00:12:10.699 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Anyway, that was a little bit of my experience. So that's my journey to becoming a rabbi. It was the right thing to right fit and back up seventeen years down the road. I feel like many lives

00:12:10.740 --> 00:12:19.679 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: when you were talking about doing pes off in Russia. It reminded me of being in Venice. So I did study abroad living in London.

00:12:19.690 --> 00:12:34.909 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you know, I drew my my second semester junior year of college and spring break was two and a half weeks, bought a plane ticket to Prague and a plane ticket home from Madrid, with absolutely no plan in between, and we made it through Italy. While we were walking through Venice

00:12:35.080 --> 00:12:54.039 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I was pulled up. Excuse me, my friend, you Jewish, and I was pulled into a seder on the canals of Venice, where they had me ask the four questions. So that was probably my most exotic peso experience, Passover, for everybody out there. But we're going to take a quick break. We will be right back with Rabbi Levy,

00:12:54.050 --> 00:12:59.400 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: adult education, coordinator and community leader for Kabad of Western Mammoth County. Stay with us.

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00:15:15.430 --> 00:15:25.219 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back everybody It's Friday. It's always Friday, and it's me. Stephen Fry your Smb. Guy, We're chatting with my good man Rabbi, lady,

00:15:25.230 --> 00:15:42.880 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: community, leader, adult education, coordinator for about a Western Mammoth County Rabbi Levy, before we get into the method behind the madness in your world. I wanted to just sit out by my fire pit for a moment, which is actually located directly across the street from about of Western Mammoth County, which is wonderful

00:15:42.890 --> 00:16:03.489 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Also I um. My wife and I were ah recently up in Maine for her fortieth birthday, so I also think of it as sitting on the coast at this point, just to give a quick perspective. There are so many lessons to be learned from sharing stories. I use the plumber example all the time. It's funny that you mentioned that of If I If I line up ten flumers and ask, What do you do, You're going to get ten

00:16:03.500 --> 00:16:12.819 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: pretty similar answers. But if you go down the road of how do you do it? Why do you do it? How do you get started? All that fun stuff? You're going to get ten different stories,

00:16:13.300 --> 00:16:30.239 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and that's a lot of times where the magic is. So I spent a lot of time around my temple, growing up youth, group activities, Hebrew School, Hebrew High School Post, Hebrew High School rabbi, study volunteer work. I did whatever I could, and about ten years ago I I came to an interesting realization

00:16:30.250 --> 00:16:34.960 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: that I developed some great skills for the business world from Temple, but

00:16:35.070 --> 00:16:39.799 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I've referred to the book story based, selling many times by Jeff Bloomfield, the

00:16:39.810 --> 00:16:55.820 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Great read lots to take away from it one of the jobs that I had along the way, sponsored a special training with Jeff himself, which was fantastic. My boss asked me later that evening what I thought of the training. I said I loved it, and I feel like I've been practicing these skills for most of my life,

00:16:55.900 --> 00:17:02.719 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: he said. How so? And when I said, Because I'm Jewish, and I've been sharing stories since I could talk you.

00:17:02.730 --> 00:17:23.980 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I don't know if it necessarily registered with him, but the stories from the Torah have been around for thousands of years, and they're still applicable today, and can be relayed in a multitude of ways which I know Rabbi lady is going to get into with us very often in the form of sermons and stories. But when I realized that there was a lot of magic in personal and business life around.

00:17:24.050 --> 00:17:27.799 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Not so much what you say, but how you say it.

00:17:27.810 --> 00:17:55.640 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: This is just a great lesson out there for for the businesses that comes from this type of world. It's the same text that Jews read from the Torah every single year. But the interpretation and perspective for that particular time and place routinely changes, especially when you're listening to discussion from Rabbi Levy. So, Rabbi Levy, This is the method, part of the show where we talk a little bit about the science behind what you do. So especially because we just celebrated Rosh Hashanah.

00:17:55.740 --> 00:18:25.709 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: There's There's some great method behind how you guys run, Project Roche, and what you guys have been doing as a way easy to follow step by step, service, inspiring stories and anecdotes which obviously we love. Everyone participates. Super cool children's programs. We get some piece of quiet from them for a few minutes. So Sushi, Kittish and Kosher line, which is a big thing that my my kids and wife got excited about, but no membership required everyone's welcome. Come, pray talk to us a little bit more about about the methodology, what you,

00:18:25.720 --> 00:18:28.900 what are you doing, and how you're doing it, and how you're putting it out to the community.

00:18:29.630 --> 00:18:37.790 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Wow! So that's a full. You want a story, or you want me to start with Project Groch, where we want you to start.

00:18:37.800 --> 00:18:40.089 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: What, wherever you feel is appropriate.

00:18:40.590 --> 00:18:54.810 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Let me share a story. I love it. I think the madness. That's the next part. But I love stories, no matter what.

00:18:54.820 --> 00:19:03.830 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Um, this something comes to mind about. A. Maybe this is a good idea behind it. There was someone who called me up about two years ago.

00:19:04.030 --> 00:19:22.670 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: They were a son, I believe, of someone who was a member at another temple, and they said, Rabbi, can you please come lead, shiver services at our house? The Rabbi is only allowed to under his contract to lead services. If you're a member of the one

00:19:22.680 --> 00:19:34.580 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: of the of the of the congregation, a member of the Temple, and even though the rap is a very nice guy, and this is a very nice people, but since they're not members, rubber can't lead the services of the Shiver House. And I remember somebody say like,

00:19:34.590 --> 00:19:44.880 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: basically so they they called another railway up we we, whatever they knew, was some connection or so on it. Family needed somebody to do sugar services out there, and they were they came to do it.

00:19:44.890 --> 00:19:52.550 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: I'm questioning out the temples, and that it's not my I don't put anybody else down. I'm just explaining an idea behind this message to

00:19:52.560 --> 00:19:55.119 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: is that maybe if they would,

00:19:55.460 --> 00:20:07.860 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: we would offer sometimes, you know, a not a right to be a charge, not right away, membership for something, and then they have a good experience. Maybe they want to become a members. Maybe they want to become supporters of the synagogue.

00:20:07.870 --> 00:20:25.100 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So I guess also this to me to a whole business, you know, when you talk about it, you have a lot of small businesses that are like a rabbi, and I try to stick to try to do the best at that. But I think that maybe sometimes

00:20:25.400 --> 00:20:28.720 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: um, if you allow people to have,

00:20:28.730 --> 00:20:45.770 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and this is the lead people that take advantage of you when it's unfortunate, and whatever it's like, and it happens. But as long as there's more people that understand that they need to step up to the plate and support the organization and the soul and the synagogue, and so on, so that that's one of the parts. To it is like, Come, and and also honestly, as we've been working before.

00:20:45.780 --> 00:21:15.480 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Unfortunately, there's a lot of people in town who don't go to. Ah, that that are not going to show. I don't want to put people down now, of course, that are so on. But we're looking for a way. Watch the reasons. They're not going right, I said. I'm actually a good friend. I have to work at it, Seth. Fellow member we were doing For years he worked in marketing. You had him on here a long time ago. We started. We started highlighting services many or seventeen years ago. He joined me about ten years ago, somewhere around there, and he gave us some of this. And why are people not going? So one of the things is,

00:21:15.640 --> 00:21:37.380 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: they? You have exactly a very good thing that people people are not paying membership. So not again. We're not looking to take away membership. People pay, but there's so many people that they're not going to pay membership all year, just to be able to come for us to try and give her. So we we felt we had to do something for thousands of people who don't have her to vote, and so on. That was one of the things. Another thing. We found that,

00:21:37.390 --> 00:21:43.949 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: like some of the examples I gave you. This is Rab, I imagine, coming into room, and everyone's speaking Chinese, and you know what they're saying for three hours.

00:21:43.960 --> 00:22:04.069 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So we looked at the and and honestly, I feel like that way myself that the

00:22:04.120 --> 00:22:27.340 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and i'm not into the whole

00:22:27.610 --> 00:22:46.409 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: services, mostly just to explain it enough, and I have all paper knows what each page has come with the messages, and then also i'll tell you something else the services we write, our Times,

00:22:46.420 --> 00:22:56.730 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: the Torah reading, and till till the Kittish and we have a very nice kid this, by the way. So at the end a sushi the first day we have sushi. The second day. We have cold cuts,

00:22:56.740 --> 00:23:10.289 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: so people I know, can't sit. And so for three, four hours, so we tell them this is the free service it's the post-service, and come at least for two three hours. If you could sit that long and at the same time you have an amazing kids program. Thank you to my wife. It doesn't amazing job. If you get a hundred children

00:23:10.300 --> 00:23:26.679 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: at the service and the children are the center of the service. When we build a chauffeur we have the kids sit, as you know. So on the front of the stage the kids are part of the services, and they love it, and they have fun in, and and it's just it's enjoyable. And you know, before Corona, I think we get seven hundred for what we have

00:23:26.690 --> 00:23:32.490 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: for the public school. They can also very nice helping us out with them. They see what a service I think we're doing for the community.

00:23:32.500 --> 00:23:56.669 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So. Um! So it's it's It's two to three hours. Those who fence it, you know. We're not forcing anybody to say where they are, though we have little pieces of English that we respond to candidates with everything in people. I say a little bit to explain what's going on, and there's no membership. And, thank God! As you saw this year, I think we had about three hundred adults, one hundred kids. We're in sure that many of them would not have gone anywhere. Otherwise i'm really happy at least that one's in here

00:23:56.680 --> 00:23:57.940 haven't come for some.

00:23:57.950 --> 00:24:22.779 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's It's one of the the most engaging types of programs I've seen around for the high holidays, and you know not not that I've gone extensively around the country and profiled everything, but it's it's it's It's almost magical. What you guys do, so as far as Ah, the components of Project Roche that are listed. If if anybody out there Google's Project Rose, you'll see it. You know the the comments that are under underneath all the different components of how project, grocery structure,

00:24:22.970 --> 00:24:43.350 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: a totally unique, high holiday experience. Tradition with a twist which I think might even be applicable to a lot of the activities that go on with about a Western mamma county but family-friendly, fast-moving, and fully interactive These are some of the big, you know. You talk about Seth Feldman being a marketer, somebody who really tries to craft a message and and get it out there in a big way.

00:24:43.360 --> 00:24:52.619 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You know. My kids are getting a little bit older, like my older one is getting closer to about Mitzvah age and my younger one getting closer to going to Hebrew school age, and I'm starting

00:24:53.810 --> 00:25:10.790 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: starting to get questions out there. And this is the type of stuff that I I tend to relate to then that that starts to get deep, more interest. So talk, talk to us a little bit about really going out to the community, and expressing how you differentiate from other from other other shoes, like the tradition with the twist part.

00:25:11.250 --> 00:25:30.190 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So I want to mention. I suppose your kids are in the equal school and right to provide and keep in school here. My brother-in-law would surely give him you know the credit for that. Kids love it like, you know, a lot of parents hated unfortunately going people. So they were forced to. They had no choice. They had to, and and they can't believe it. Yeah, that's a funny video.

00:25:30.200 --> 00:25:43.370 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I love it. By the way, all these pictures are posting. I'm wondering if someone wanted to research me. It's funny watching all this stuff like I never put it together myself. We did something funny. We were right. That's That's where we have project for our and services. We finished setting up

00:25:43.480 --> 00:25:45.610 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: um and um,

00:25:45.680 --> 00:25:52.990 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and we said, Let's do a little, You know practice. We We took a little video of it. It was last time we called it the Three tennis, but I don't know if you saw it on Facebook.

00:25:53.000 --> 00:25:54.320 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I sure did.

00:25:54.330 --> 00:26:20.870 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We're having a good. We had a great time,

00:26:20.880 --> 00:26:22.089 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: you know, instead of

00:26:22.100 --> 00:26:29.799 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: you know. And, by the way, I want to bring out, I don't know if this is the place. But maybe this we did before Rosa Sna,

00:26:29.820 --> 00:26:45.389 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: we had. Yeah, by the way, that's in key of that picture. You just posted my for my final sixtieth birthday. My one of my brother was arranged. We went over last summer. It was a year ago right now, a few months before all the crazy we had the time of our life over there. By the way,

00:26:45.400 --> 00:26:46.670 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I believe you.

00:26:46.680 --> 00:26:48.690 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Yes, we did. We had a really good time,

00:26:48.700 --> 00:27:02.160 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: hey? Yeah. So um. What I want to share something. I think this is going to Russia. So this is the message that I want to. Ah, that I want to share. We had a kiddish, a high holiday kid is preparing for the services two weeks before us to sign up,

00:27:02.400 --> 00:27:18.600 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and I arranged that I arranged the theme. What it did is I took one of the prayers like I Ah, I I took a piece. I cut it off. I printed it, cut it up, and give everyone in the in the room. Not like ten people. Explain the prayer they got you. You decide what the meaning means. You figure it out, and the prayer says God opens his hands,

00:27:18.610 --> 00:27:32.650 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and and kind of forgives every it forgives every person which is beautiful, which is a beautiful lesson that I said, Oh, yes, you don't want to know what the person said. God opens his hand, and if you don't behave, he smacks. Now it didn't say that anywhere in the master it didn't say that anywhere

00:27:32.660 --> 00:27:50.990 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and then person before them had I forget which sentence I gave them. But they literally prayer was saying, I open a sense to to argue, to bring you in to accept you, no matter what you did, it's going to. I think the English word was like a fancy where it is exculpicate, or something like that. I would like to go better than English. Some of these English words, and the Master of the Guards for me to understand,

00:27:51.240 --> 00:28:07.259 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: but so so. But but then but the prayer was saying, How God loves you! He's like a father, and instead the person said, God, who puts his hand to smack you. And the same thing happened with a person before, and it was such a beautiful prayer, and, like people, have this fear of of God, like He wants to do something bad to you.

00:28:07.410 --> 00:28:25.509 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Why would God created you just like your parents who love you and I? I think I said, it's much of them when you're there. When I spoke about this in Russia shot on the second day before I started the services, I I wrapped one of my kids with me, Sheiva, and I couldn't sit the whole night because I cared about him so much. And there was a little incident, and I was very worried about that,

00:28:25.520 --> 00:28:47.589 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and I'm, like God created us. Why would He be any less loving or caring about us?

00:28:47.600 --> 00:29:04.689 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So I would put that message out there, and that's what we're trying to promote. That's the truth. And that's what we're we're sharing. I give it Kimber is the best day in the year. It says it in the problem, because God forgives you for all your sin. So imagine there was a day, a year instead of like April fifteen taxes with our imaginers a day which all mortgages

00:29:04.700 --> 00:29:23.589 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: imagine all your more every day you will run free. I know there's a whole conversation about student debt. But imagine there was an official date which nobody cared about, but somehow all your deaths would be paid off would be the happiest day of the year. That's a healthier way than William Tipper. It's a serious day, but it's not a bad thing. It's not. It's a great day,

00:29:23.600 --> 00:29:38.919 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and as I was getting ready this morning. I was listening to the fish version of Avi, Nuamal, K Andu as well. So we'll talk more about that in just a bit. We we're going to take a break, but we will be right right back with Rabbi Levy with all education, coordinator and community leader at Habad of Western Rhonda County. Stay with us, everybody.

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00:31:41.290 --> 00:31:48.040 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen Fry. Here, Smb. Guy, We're chatting with Rabbi Levy Wallace,

00:31:48.050 --> 00:32:05.820 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: community leader, adult education, coordinator with Havana or Western Mammoth County, some great tidbits from Rabbi Levy thus far which I had no doubt was going to happen. It's funny that you you weren't sure if you were cut out for radio or podcasting, and you talked about them seeing the live show in the service, because that's exactly how I looked at it. That's exactly what they're doing,

00:32:05.830 --> 00:32:26.750 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but the madness portion is where we're at so madness. Rabbi levy the stories that you have from the field no subject to taboo anything goes. I know you have plenty of them, and you were getting somewhere really good in the In the last second we were talking about the the lens and perspective of fun versus fear, as it relates to tash up to God, and

00:32:26.790 --> 00:32:44.479 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: it's interesting because it goes right along with the business landscape to me. You know where you you think about years ago. You know people just afraid that they weren't going to have money and going to work at the same company for thirty forty years, and being forced to go to services if they didn't, if they didn't go on their own volition.

00:32:44.490 --> 00:33:02.870 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You know there's a lot of ways that you can steal and still fear in people that way. But nowadays there's a big sentiment that I I like to believe in as well that if i'm not having fun, i'm not making money. This is like if i'm not happy and not healthy, like all that stuff comes before money, anyway. So

00:33:02.880 --> 00:33:09.389 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: if i'm not having fun, i'm not making money. The idea of tradition with a twist. All the important stuff from the tradition,

00:33:09.400 --> 00:33:19.829 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know, is is there but the interpretation and the way the messages are relayed, and really just trying to have as much fun as possible, especially with the kids. The kids always have a blast.

00:33:19.990 --> 00:33:21.910 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's: Yeah. So part of it.

00:33:21.920 --> 00:33:32.400 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah. So i'm saying also, like tradition, full on the traditional way. It's always been for the last thousands of years, but not changing that. But you can have a great time with that at the same time.

00:33:32.490 --> 00:33:33.870 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Ah,

00:33:34.510 --> 00:33:42.290 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: i'm trying to think which way to go, so let me share with you. I was going to share with you a story, right? The nice picture they got over there, the pomegratical

00:33:42.300 --> 00:33:44.130 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: always always.

00:33:44.650 --> 00:33:54.190 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So i'll share with you a small story, and I think, like some of the biggest successes a bit in the most challenging time. Sometimes for my shower.

00:33:54.200 --> 00:33:57.589 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Yeah, I actually believe it's. It's a shame,

00:33:57.780 --> 00:34:17.529 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and some we. We have some leads our steps where we need to be in light by way which is goes to happiness. If you realize that God takes you where you need to be in life, and you accept. Let me just jump over the saying, the famous saying and ethics of her fathers that people quote who is rich, the one who's happy with what he has.

00:34:17.670 --> 00:34:22.259 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So it's all. Often I heard it growing up so it's simply translated as

00:34:22.370 --> 00:34:30.999 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: you're you're you're if you're happy with the not the money, you can have ten million dollars if you're not happy with that, you want to have more than the next Guy, your friend next to you has double the now that you're not happy. But if you have,

00:34:31.199 --> 00:34:50.809 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: uh, whatever you're making fifty thousand dollars a year, one hundred thousand dollars here. You're happy with your lot with with that much you make. But I I actually realize I think it's totally, not much more than just money. So in your position in like like what you're married to, and what your position in your job is, and i'm not saying you shouldn't try to grow it doesn't. Take away from growth no one make that mistake.

00:34:50.820 --> 00:34:57.199 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: But if you are happy with you, realize that you're supposed to be where you are in life, your position in the family

00:34:57.210 --> 00:35:22.169 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: which, kid you are, which number, kid you are, and all that stuff who your parents are,

00:35:22.230 --> 00:35:24.250 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: runs the world,

00:35:24.260 --> 00:35:51.470 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: you know, and then and sometimes it's harder than others to to realize that. And because we don't have very challenging stores in our life. But he's he's he's the Ceo. He's in charge, He runs the world, and and it's a scary life. Sometimes it's the most challenging One of my greatest successes, and I want to share with you a small story that I felt that it was very meaningful to myself that that happened and happened Actually, I've had high highlighting services. So when I when I was first starting out, you know we had literally maybe ten money people the first year that we started,

00:35:51.710 --> 00:36:09.549 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and um like i'm like, you know, i'm getting to the high holiday services, and I need to prepare a speech and like all, into it and working on it, You know i'm like, and and I'm coming to give a speech first year we did it, and even like our living room, got just a few people together, and when we got them together, and then the next year we were a little bit bigger, so we that we read to we months of gone

00:36:09.560 --> 00:36:12.589 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: five, six different places to go with the growth,

00:36:13.040 --> 00:36:15.659 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: so to to where we are today, mar for some,

00:36:15.670 --> 00:36:38.519 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Thank God! So one one year his earlier years I got up, and I and I prepared to know what I'm going to say, and i'm like, Hey, this is my and I was like. This is my like fifteen minutes, and I have to very important job, and I got inspired the crowd. I have to. There's a lot of pressure on a lot of rabbits, but that's their biggest time, not just because it's also its responsibility and your responsibility to inspire your congregation.

00:36:38.530 --> 00:36:39.839 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So

00:36:40.020 --> 00:36:56.810 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: So I got up there, and my wife went inside to prepare something to take care of something, and thank God, because with many come out families we have a lot of children, the greatest blessing. Greatest investment By the way out there that there is it's children. Don't, get caught up with your other investments versus this. This is your greatest investment,

00:36:56.880 --> 00:37:14.889 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and um one of the kids, as they often do. You know, when you pick up your phone hopes on your kids and your attention the second that that you're there. So I stand up, and all of a sudden one of them needed my attention, and they did not stop. They kept on. You know they they they wouldn't let go, and like I'm standing there with my papers. I'm supposed to prepare.

00:37:14.940 --> 00:37:16.640 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: And um!

00:37:16.730 --> 00:37:32.559 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: What are you supposed to do? And the kid is like not, you know It's not not allowing you to speak. This is you're preparing for this, but, like outside, I have the complexion. You can imagine what's going on inside. You know, when your kids are like at the time that they're,

00:37:32.570 --> 00:37:40.570 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: you know, and i'm standing in front of people, and I like. I don't know. I don't know how I kept it together. I definitely remember the story, and that was like a disturbing, so I forgot about it. Years later

00:37:41.030 --> 00:37:56.139 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: a friend of ours, who we know, have it, and i'll just say the first man I don't know I don't want to say Kevin's a grandmother or grandfather. A lovely couple um passed away and did the their funerals, and so on, and I went to visit them before I forget which one. It was the the husband or the wife before they passed.

00:37:56.150 --> 00:38:05.479 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: You know. They told me we were sitting there together at the table, and before they passed away. They I came to the house, and they said, I want to tell you about my my favorite

00:38:05.510 --> 00:38:15.589 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: memory with you. You know we had a lot of memories together. Is there a member? When there was a high holiday services and your kid was driving, you wouldn't let you speak.

00:38:15.600 --> 00:38:33.169 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: I'm not kidding you. So this person is is passing away, and they're like the day before they patch their way, and that's the memory they shared with me, and i'm like Wow! Like that. You never know what. So to me I was a failure to me. I failed. I didn't give what I was supposed, what I supposed to do, but you touched people in a different way that wasn't meant for you. So

00:38:33.180 --> 00:38:45.989 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: I want to say I feel that it's like the hardest struggles that I had with the greatest blessings that came to me in the end. You never know where it is, and you never know what you're supposed to accomplish where you're supposed to go. So that was a That was a high holiday story for you.

00:38:46.000 --> 00:38:53.120 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: How just go with the flow? Asham leads you. God leads you where you need to go and just be happy where you are, and try to be the most successful. You can

00:38:53.320 --> 00:39:08.930 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: absolutely Big time. Big time lesson there and I unfortunately, this time of year I feel i'm always focused on growth with the small medium-sized businesses I work with as well. But after all the food that I ate this past week. I feel like the only thing that's growing is my waistline. But we'll take care of that on young people.

00:39:09.390 --> 00:39:12.789 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You got to come jogging with me in the mornings

00:39:12.800 --> 00:39:28.090 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: we'll see. It depends on how early you go. I I do get up early, but I about this time of year, having having a little conversation next to the fire,

00:39:28.100 --> 00:39:28.990 you there.

00:39:29.000 --> 00:39:57.829 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But yeah, it's Ah, you know again, like we were, we're We're talking a little bit around here, you know, especially this area and the Jewish population around here is one of the big reason why I grew up here and came back here. But it's, you know, around this this time of year again, Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year, and you know, getting to young Kippur, which you eloquently put before, is considered to be the best best day of the year. It has a serious connotation to it. It's voting for sins and

00:39:57.840 --> 00:40:11.780 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: kind of wiping the slate clean, but it's It's something that is looked at as like again with utmost respect. I holidays it talk to us a little bit about that a lot of times. It's not perceived that way in the community,

00:40:13.420 --> 00:40:22.600 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: so i'll share something that I heard. I think Robert Jacobson's famous, because I think it was in that I heard it. I just wanted to make there over that point I made earlier.

00:40:22.610 --> 00:40:34.089 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: He said that I think the the West side of man. Had the the big Jewish community used to be right off the Williamsburg Bridge over there,

00:40:34.100 --> 00:40:35.490 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You've asked your side. Yeah.

00:40:35.500 --> 00:41:00.049 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: And it would raise our kids like that, like like, you know. But you have to do it anyway, and it's not going to work. I guess they they a lot of your having grabs. You realize that really you're on.

00:41:00.060 --> 00:41:13.240 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: And then Jewish were caught up with that that used to work It's hard to be Jewish, but you've got to do it, anyway. It's not going to work in the Us. Or in modern times, and it has to be done in a joyous and positive way,

00:41:13.400 --> 00:41:16.860 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: my son, in the book of usual. It says that we come dressed up

00:41:16.890 --> 00:41:28.390 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: with our clothes because we know we're going to be successful in victorious in an in for our family, so it's a very serious day. It's not only as day of the year. It's the highest day of the year. We wear a lot of people. We're white

00:41:28.420 --> 00:41:37.510 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: to recognize the seriousness of the day, and it's not taking away from being serious. I'll say one thing i'll finish with this point. I see we're one minute to break

00:41:37.520 --> 00:41:49.090 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: the being in awe of something doesn't mean. It's bad like I went to. I was in Israel the other day, and we went to this army training, and it's a really cool. It's called caliber for a really cool thing we did,

00:41:49.100 --> 00:42:15.909 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and they told us that you have to respect the gun. You have to be in awe of the gun doesn't mean It's bad. You have to be respectful of it. I think that's a little bit of the sky, the fear of heaven. It's not really going to smack you just, but it really means at all that if you have to be responsible because it's a very holy day, we need to see Holiness goddess in our life. We need to treat remember the problems back, but in a way of respectable and not in a way of like fear that it's gonna.

00:42:15.920 --> 00:42:36.810 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: And and and again, within the business world I see a lot of decisions that are made out of fear, and a lot of times that that pulls people away from going from being focused on the people and the process. It puts them right on a product of magic wand to try to solve the problem, and it's just it's. It's no way to do things and a lot of times. If you're making a decision based on fear,

00:42:36.900 --> 00:42:55.430 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: it can, it can force you to make the wrong decision. So I think there's a lot of important points there, and it's very very comparable to the small medium-sized business world. As Well, love it, Rabbi. We're going to take a quick break. We will be right back with Rabbi Levy, Wallaceo, and both education, coordinator and community leader of a lot of Western Mammoth County. Stay with us.

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00:44:56.840 --> 00:45:06.390 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always. Friday with me, Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy We're chatting with my good friend Rabbi levy, Wallaceaw, community leader,

00:45:06.400 --> 00:45:36.369 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: education, coordinator at a lot of Western Mammoth County. Some great thoughts insights stories from Rabbi Levy, as I had no doubt it would be Rabbi Levy. This is the message part of the show what we're trying to accomplish here from weekend insight. The Monday impact. Give everybody some sound bites to remember over the weekend. There's definitely been a couple of things that have stood out to me. One of them came right from the website. It was around. Educate your child and educate a generation. I think this is a big one right about now, especially coming

00:45:36.380 --> 00:45:38.920 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: out of the the Covid pandemic. The

00:45:38.930 --> 00:45:58.550 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: there's a lot of different ways that that the kids are digesting information these days, but it kind of revolves around the idea that you put out there earlier, which I love around trying to have fun. The idea of tradition with a twist being able to learn a lesson and share a story, but have it impact in a way that's memorable and fun and engaging in all of the above

00:45:58.560 --> 00:45:59.939 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: big things.

00:45:59.950 --> 00:46:21.049 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Also, the idea of just embracing Shabbat racing Shabbat, or you know it's about to be about to be shabbat this weekend again. It's things that we've kicked around Rabbi Levy and my daughters have dance four days a week. You know just the idea of being swept up in society where there's activities that we're running back and forth like a taxi service to

00:46:21.060 --> 00:46:40.810 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: embrace your but unplug. Go back to, you know, to to finding yourself a little bit like really. Have some me time. That that's that kind of thought resonates deeply with me. But what are some other thoughts that that really strike you, especially this time of year, as we're in between Rusheshan and Yum Kippur, that that you'd love to get out to the community.

00:46:43.740 --> 00:46:57.959 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Sorry I So let me let me talk about shout. Let me say something about Chavis. For a minute. I heard something very powerful about it, and so some people might want my thing to say. You might want to say

00:46:57.970 --> 00:47:11.769 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Sabbath is for the old times. Um in the steeple, you know, when when it wasn't much going on. So this idea of like not driving anywhere staying home just going to Scholen Daff, and and you're just eating with your family. Friday at the time of day

00:47:11.960 --> 00:47:21.789 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: doesn't fit the modern culture where we are today. And then I heard somebody say that it's exactly the opposite. We need Chavis more than ever before.

00:47:21.800 --> 00:47:30.210 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: One hundred percent important for our health, our mental health, our our our well-being, our physical well-being,

00:47:30.700 --> 00:47:37.580 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: or just to be in a healthy mindset. There's never been a time in history. It's like like it's not like that. Moses

00:47:38.110 --> 00:47:44.490 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: gave us the commandments of God and the Jews in the desert it was that it was meant, for then, when Jews were living in the desert,

00:47:44.500 --> 00:47:53.920 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: if anything, he saw what was going on. I don't know about that picture. If anything, he saw what was going on

00:47:53.930 --> 00:48:06.609 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: um today. What's happening where we live in Minneapolis, New Jersey, Marlborough, New Jersey, and in the world in New York City, like the world, needs just people need a time to just real community, not

00:48:06.620 --> 00:48:20.919 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: even social media community or so, and they just need to live with people. Fortunately. Um! I I don't know i'm not a professionally still, but drugs are so high and and and suicide of. Unfortunately, even people I know in the community

00:48:21.020 --> 00:48:27.219 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: the bond, the family bond, you and I'll tell you something. It's not some, some something very beautiful actually the other. Just yesterday

00:48:27.300 --> 00:48:37.860 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: they love my my brother won't join us, and then I have another friend who's the closest, the cantor. They're like I grew up in such a family strong family unit. I love seeing you guys

00:48:37.870 --> 00:48:49.830 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: have that bond. Just have fun together and be that unit like what I write exactly like we were about the same, you know, the ten years of each other. We just sat, and we had a real

00:48:49.840 --> 00:49:05.069 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: connection bonding connecting to them being spiritual and connecting to God. There's nothing more healthy. There's nothing healthier than that in life, so I know we're busy. And we said, I want to say what I mentioned before. People who didn't grow up observant

00:49:05.550 --> 00:49:19.090 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: sometimes much more spiritual than people that did. I find that they're the beautiful people they're such spiritual people. They just didn't have the opportunity to learn about it. And the society they're in is not is not geared towards that, so it's harder to get out,

00:49:19.100 --> 00:49:36.660 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: but if they would come to show that they would give themselves a time, their family would blossom in such a beautiful way. So, as I I told you, you know some of the boys say, come to you for school or come to show that, and every day I have to drive my kids to basketball and soccer and dance, and they're very important physical things for health. I'm um i'm very, very important.

00:49:36.670 --> 00:49:49.540 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: But if you can't go to Shaolinavin, and you can't spend jobs with your family at a cost of that. I don't know if it's worth it for mental health. So what I could say is, we don't grow overnight? I'm not. I'm not telling people you can become

00:49:49.550 --> 00:50:08.010 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: serve all six hundred and thirteen commandments, you know, and like one day but one one. If I had one message that I could take. If you can connect to Russian the gods, our Creator and and and keep, let's say Shab is, or set aside time. Just get away. If you put on, fill in for five minutes the boxes we put in our hand your head and just meditate

00:50:08.020 --> 00:50:11.300 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: on connecting to God and do that with your kids,

00:50:11.320 --> 00:50:21.880 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: you know, and like, and shut the phone and shut the Tv. You have that Shavis experience, you'll be so much healthier. The investment in your kids will be the greatest thing you could do,

00:50:22.400 --> 00:50:31.119 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: and usually often at the synagogues are very meaningful people, not everyone always, but are very purposeful people with a lot of

00:50:31.130 --> 00:50:46.829 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: with ethics and values. You want to hang around that crowd of people that are going to the synagogue that is watching them and their life based on that kind of a feeling.

00:50:46.840 --> 00:51:14.190 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: But if that's one of the reason why it's more important. So coming Russia Stress or Charlotte and Kittber Don't change overnight. It's not going to work the baby steps. You gotta take one step. One thing to bring God into your life, to your child's life. Imagine, tell your child God is watching wherever you are. That's where you need to behave, you know, and you know this will be somebody watching. It's a greatest gift. You can give your kid to feel that there's responsibility, and I I want to make. I want to be one more point the

00:51:14.200 --> 00:51:25.940 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: you believe you. You were created. Specifically he made you to be you to accomplish a mission that he wants you to accomplish in this world. You have such a meaningful purpose for life

00:51:25.950 --> 00:51:41.469 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: that you're living versus just random. Let me just go to the next watch the next show. Go to the next game, and you have to have

00:51:41.480 --> 00:51:46.649 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: having social time is important, but doing it as a real community with real people

00:51:46.780 --> 00:51:51.190 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: building. That bond over connecting to that is the greatest thing you can do. So

00:51:51.200 --> 00:51:53.189 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: do it once a month, as you said, even before

00:51:53.200 --> 00:52:10.630 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: well do you do it get another time. Besides, we're showing you, Pipper. Bring yourself to make some resolution. Give charity, take care of somebody else. Do something, because that's what God wants us to do to add it to your life. We can get your children involved in that. It'll be something That's my message.

00:52:10.640 --> 00:52:24.330 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: That's that's phenomenal, and there's there's no such thing as as perfection out there a lot of times. People think of it as an all or nothing type of thing. There's only progress if you want to take progress and steps in that direction, like if you don't go to Temple, go once a month,

00:52:24.360 --> 00:52:27.379 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: it's. I agree. We we do it all the time. We have like a film

00:52:27.450 --> 00:52:48.299 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: because we serve a whole breakfast while we do it, one hundred percent. And there's by the way today. This class is online and and all kinds of you know. You can just go online and search for you like best,

00:52:48.310 --> 00:52:59.890 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: but we have to shift it to the other way of getting into spirituality, getting into goodness and kindness just to do it just, you know, to make that time to do more, you know. And if we're asking people not to get more,

00:52:59.900 --> 00:53:02.799 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: that we get to grow and add a me a little bit more of that.

00:53:02.810 --> 00:53:32.779 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I couldn't agree more, and you know there's good and bad with social media stuff out there. There's a lot of bad, but you know some of the good parts are building a little bit of a sense of community. But i'm one hundred percent with you that people are so far tilted that way these days that they miss a lot of the in-person real life community that they can walk across the street, and you know, surround themselves with and i'm. I'm guilty as well like I've I've put a lot of emphasis on things that that I felt like I needed to focus on the last couple of,

00:53:32.790 --> 00:53:50.719 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and this is always on my mind, and I I I do want to make it happen, but at the very least i'm so thrilled that you join me here this morning because I had it on my calendar, and we were able to spend a whole hour together, and we could share it with the community.

00:53:50.730 --> 00:54:00.499 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: I'm reading up just on our message and reading the book. Now I think it's all the body remembers, or something like that. A very famous book that came out about mental health and trauma, and so on.

00:54:00.510 --> 00:54:22.140 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: And it's just one line in there that that the writer um, the psychologist um says is like, you know a lot of times The trauma comes from other people like it, whatever it is in your life. But they, they said, just like it would be affected. It goes to be healing, but they having good, healthy experiences with community, with people that will also heal it at the same time. So this community,

00:54:22.150 --> 00:54:42.389 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: even you're right, even on having on the social media by having some kind of community. But nothing better than a job is sitting with my family, and none of the teams have their phones on or anything like that, and they're just, and they know, and it's an obvious thing that's not.

00:54:42.400 --> 00:54:51.910 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: There's so many activities, and so much of a community feeling through a about of Western Mammoth County Rabbi. Thank you so much for everything you do before I let you go, which we got a wrap up.

00:54:51.920 --> 00:55:20.660 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I wanted to share the answers to the questions that I always ask my guests, and I understand that you and the family. Don't watch all that much Tv or movies. But you told me about the character Young Abraham and I checked it out, and it was very, very cool, like, very impactful, very great storytelling. It's cartoon, and i'm the sort of cartoons, anyway, but impactful for the kids impactful for the parents fun for the whole family. There's Jewish kids Org, in in addition to Faba Org, you can get all these, all these links online Google and search for it.

00:55:20.670 --> 00:55:30.189 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Come, visit come out of Western Mammoth County. I I asked you about your favorite movie, and you said you hadn't seen it yet, but that's basically what you would look like if you were Indiana Jones, But,

00:55:30.200 --> 00:55:40.889 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: uh Indiana Jones, raiders of the Lost arc. If you if you haven't seen that yet, Rabbi like, let's do a men's night out like and do it with Scotch and cigars or something good. You gotta do it immediately.

00:55:40.900 --> 00:55:43.990 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: I was going to tell you the background to it. But I don't think I think we're out of town.

00:55:45.300 --> 00:55:46.839 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I will be out of time.

00:55:46.850 --> 00:56:11.589 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Your favorite musical instrument, you said, was the guitar, and you gave me a name that I hadn't heard yet. Joey Nuko started listening to some of his tunes also.

00:56:11.600 --> 00:56:12.189 Very good.

00:56:12.200 --> 00:56:18.379 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Well, they might be very cool like. I want the three Rabbi tenors. I think this should be your first album cover.

00:56:18.800 --> 00:56:21.190 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I don't know about that.

00:56:21.200 --> 00:56:34.590 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Oh, we'll see. By the way, I saw this picture of this huge chauffeur out there. That's one thing that I always I always get nervous about when you're closing out Russia. I'm at the ready in case you're going to pass out. But it's a pretty big one. But

00:56:34.600 --> 00:56:37.330 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: yeah, that chauffeur. I'll blow it for you.

00:56:37.370 --> 00:56:38.089 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Be on t.

00:56:38.100 --> 00:56:42.509 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I played the saxophone when I was younger, and I can't. I can't get the chauffeur right to save my life.

00:56:42.520 --> 00:56:46.089 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: Okay, i'm sure you could. You can figure it out. If you can play the saxophone you can definitely

00:56:46.100 --> 00:56:48.289 Rabbi Levi Wolosow: to the over. But that's a hard one to blow that big one.

00:56:48.300 --> 00:56:49.290 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, definitely,

00:56:49.300 --> 00:57:11.260 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Rabbi, Thank you so much for joining me once again. Good Chavis. I will see you very soon in Temple, but everybody coming up next week. We're going to be talking about merchant advocacy for small medium-sized businesses with my friend Eric Cohen. The ceo of merchant advocate helps businesses, lowered their merchant processing fees without changing processors I know that businesses get pursued all the time for that stuff

00:57:11.270 --> 00:57:24.340 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: some great ways to save money, especially if people are worried about a looming recession. Have a wonderful weekend. We will see you next Friday, eleven A. M. Eastern time, right here on talk radio.

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