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Friday, June 28, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/06/28- Summer School for your PAPER!!!!

Facebook Live Video from 2024/06/28- Summer School for your PAPER!!!!


2024/06/28- Summer School for your PAPER!!!!

[NEW EPISODE] Summer School for your PAPER!!!!

Fridays 11:00am - 12:00pm (EDT)


On this episode of Always FreyDay, you’ll hear once again from three-time reigning champion, Kathleen Day. She’s the founder of 5outa5, you know her, you love her, and this week, we’ll be talking about cleaning up the paper clutter around your office and how Kathleen can help.

Only 3 types of paper business professionals use to do their work exist. Most of what is on the desk or in boxes or piles around the office should be filed. This accumulates due to FOF Syndrome – Fear Of Filing, so a reliable structure for FINDING the paper when needed is paramount to clearing the clutter. The other two paper categories are reference materials, if any, and what needs to be accomplished during a given week only. Kathleen helps remove this clutter by offering a special “summer school” for your paper clutter! To find out more go to the website:

 #professionalexcellence #cluttercreep 

Tune in for this sensible conversation at

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00:00:44.990 --> 00:01:09.949 Steven Frey: Well, hello out there, planet Earth and Happy Friday. If I look nice and relaxed, it's because we shipped my daughters off to Sleepaway camp last Sunday. So the summer of Fry has begun. Baby. It is party time, just like my shirt says today it's Friday, and it's always Friday with me, Stephen. Fry your Smb. Guy, I see. Why am I? Or in case you missed it? Smb. Stands for small and medium-sized business

00:01:09.950 --> 00:01:18.540 Steven Frey: the last 20 years I've been a consultant for Smbs, a voice, and a sounding board for business leaders advocating on their behalf their employees as well.

00:01:18.540 --> 00:01:21.620 Steven Frey: Folks, I believe, very strongly in sharing stories.

00:01:21.620 --> 00:01:40.470 Steven Frey: providing perspective and creating connection. That's the biggest product I can help everybody with. So every single Friday you can find me here on Talkradio, NYC doing just that lending what's left of my mind and my voice to this radio show where I interview business leaders as well as the folks who help them out. They're trusted advisors.

00:01:40.470 --> 00:01:53.179 Steven Frey: One thing that I've noticed consistently over the years, some of the best thought leadership for Smbs. It happens on Friday, right? About the time we feel that freedom of the weekend coming, and we smack all the papers off our desk and we head out.

00:01:53.200 --> 00:02:10.840 Steven Frey: Well, we're so anxious to start the weekend that these crucial pearls of wisdom they're often overlooked. They're forgotten. They're eased aside in favor of our fun activities and our freedom from the office here on the show, we take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity, and we like to discuss popular topics that are on the minds of the Smb leaders as well as

00:02:10.840 --> 00:02:25.769 Steven Frey: folks who steer them in the right direction. Once again. Name of the show. Not just to play on words. My last name means free in German. So there is some deeper meaning here. People. It's not just surface level plays on words and humor, although I do like that. I joke around very often

00:02:25.950 --> 00:02:38.999 Steven Frey: about sending my kids to camp. Some folks take it the wrong way for sure anywhere from my countdown, starting in May to singing show tunes. When I came downstairs last Sunday, when they were leaving, one of my softball teammates said.

00:02:39.000 --> 00:02:58.260 Steven Frey: I've never met anyone who hates their kids as much as you do. That is totally not what's going on. I love my kids very much, I promise you. I love them so much that my wife and I spend the money to send them away to camp so they could be kids for 7 weeks. No phones, no ipads, no TVS, no screens.

00:02:58.270 --> 00:03:21.480 Steven Frey: something that I considered to be a big privilege when I was a kid. I now view as almost necessary for kids. They need to break their dependence on these devices. It's good for them, and it's good for the parents. If you guys are watching out there in video land, here's a picture of my wife and I, as well as our parent friends, the Burgers, burger and Fry. That's also not a joke.

00:03:21.480 --> 00:03:49.080 Steven Frey: I'm not just thinking about wild parties and swinging from the chandelier with my wife and live music in a kid-free environment. It gives my wife and I time to work on things that we don't get to do when the kids are here, mostly because we're driving them back and forth to the dance school 40 times a week. One big focus of the summer for us is to get our house back in order, especially following the renovations that we did. There's a lot of stuff that's still out of place and out of sorts in the garage

00:03:49.190 --> 00:03:54.019 Steven Frey: today. I thought it was a very timely topic to bring back a very special guest.

00:03:54.300 --> 00:04:00.369 Steven Frey: But we're gonna talk with this with this returning champion about sending your paper to summer school.

00:04:00.570 --> 00:04:11.050 Steven Frey: What if your paper problem could be permanently solved by the end of the summer, or maybe even sooner. Imagine no more losing things in the vortex on your desk.

00:04:11.130 --> 00:04:36.540 Steven Frey: no more looking for paper for 4 weeks out of the year. Yes, that is the national statistic. That's how long me, it's probably a little bit longer, actually. But that's how long we spend looking for things no more reinventing the wheel when you can't find it no more damaging your reputation with overdue projects, no more leaving money on the table, no more evenings, weekends, or staycations to tidy up the piles and get your head on straight about priorities.

00:04:36.730 --> 00:05:01.269 Steven Frey: This workshop that we're gonna talk about here today is based on our special guest popular ebook. All the rules to keep your desk clear forever. This class was created because the guide to organize the paperwork is one thing, but thought, hey, why don't we build in even more support and velocity with a summer session and workshop to really help people get off their butts and get moving and hold them accountable.

00:05:01.410 --> 00:05:19.970 Steven Frey: and if anybody's met me I do need a little bit of an ass kicking here and there, and to be held accountable. So I will be participating in this workshop imminently. Talk is cheap. We aren't paid by the word over here. We want you guys to really hear what we're saying, even though we're on Talkradio, NYC, we want this

00:05:19.970 --> 00:05:32.710 Steven Frey: to be, not just talk. We want it to be insightful, right? We want you guys to get some insight on the business and personal landscape. This is also a personal deal and create some impact on Monday morning. That's what the idea is.

00:05:32.710 --> 00:05:36.410 Steven Frey: Far too often the businesses I deal with. They're focused on some type of

00:05:36.630 --> 00:05:51.419 Steven Frey: product, magic wand, shiny new mousetrap that's going to fix everything. It doesn't exist. The products change every single day, personal or business life. It doesn't matter. You need people around you that can help you get to where you want to go. Tangible thought, tangible process.

00:05:51.420 --> 00:06:14.410 Steven Frey: So you can kind of plot the line from A to Z as my special guest will get into. She likes, quotes from Winston. Churchill. Plans are meaningless. Planning is everything. And we'll talk about that, too. You gotta have the right people around you. I know we have the right people here today, because this is the 3rd time I'm interviewing this fantastic guest we have with us today. Once again Kathleen Day, the founder of 5 out of 5

00:06:14.410 --> 00:06:17.470 Steven Frey: quick backstory on Kathleen. Yes.

00:06:17.470 --> 00:06:30.299 Steven Frey: she is one of those people who was born with it sometime around the 1st or second grade, probably when this picture was taken. But we'll get to that later on. Shortly after Kathleen learned the superpowers of

00:06:30.300 --> 00:06:56.140 Steven Frey: telling time and writing, Kathleen started creating 48 h schedules for housekeeping. Child care for her entrepreneur parents very, very valuable skills. And she built on those skills over the decades of being in the trenches. The big girl jobs were about organizing, too, from Wall Street database, design sales and design trainer at a custom closet franchise, and corporate event management. The driving force was always to create order out of chaos

00:06:56.380 --> 00:07:21.490 Steven Frey: to coordinate all the moving parts into a streamlined process, and although sometimes I like to consider things organized chaos, I know this special guest likes to go a little bit deeper and kind of eliminate the chaos from everybody's lives. Professional excellence is built on the foundation of personal skills. Kathleen and 5 out of 5 are dedicated to delivering proven frameworks for learning and integrating the many soft skills that are critical to that foundation.

00:07:21.490 --> 00:07:44.909 Steven Frey: Again, 3, rd appearance on the show with good reason. This is a very timely topic for me and Kathleen. There's nobody else I'd rather speak with about this. So, joining me once again from her stomping grounds in Port Jervis, New York, the woman created created committing to bringing the best out of business owners and people, soft skills, hard skills, corporate America robots! She can do it for you. Kathleen. Welcome back! I'm so happy you're here.

00:07:46.950 --> 00:07:50.009 Steven Frey: Don't forget you do need to unmute. I can hear you otherwise.

00:07:50.010 --> 00:07:51.393 kathleen Day 5outa5: I just found that button.

00:07:52.240 --> 00:07:53.380 Steven Frey: It's crazy.

00:07:53.380 --> 00:07:54.410 kathleen Day 5outa5: Be here again!

00:07:54.980 --> 00:08:19.619 Steven Frey: So we talked a little bit earlier this year. So not only is this the 3rd time you're here, and there's only one other person. I've interviewed that many times very close proximity and very timely discussion, because you had a little kind of informational session about your sending paper to summer school workshop and implementation process and all that. And I had a great story to tell, which I'll get to with everybody shortly. But

00:08:19.620 --> 00:08:36.869 Steven Frey: talk to everyone about the formation of this workshop and this approach, and how you're looking to work with people about it. Just kind of give us the journey of this. You've given us. The founders journey a few times. Talk a little bit about how you got to where you are today with implementing this program and give us some history.

00:08:37.630 --> 00:08:38.890 kathleen Day 5outa5: For sure.

00:08:40.820 --> 00:08:58.340 kathleen Day 5outa5: Years ago I wrote a series of articles for Linkedin, something about the rules for your paper rules for your paper. So last year I turned it into the ebook, which is like the comprehensive, all the rules to keep your desk clear forever, and people

00:08:59.330 --> 00:09:08.029 kathleen Day 5outa5: proceeded to download it, and then not read it, which is kind of a catch. 22 for busy people. You don't really have the time to

00:09:08.880 --> 00:09:15.490 kathleen Day 5outa5: take the steps to make more time. It's ironic. But so I thought.

00:09:15.500 --> 00:09:21.490 kathleen Day 5outa5: a workshop where I can be there people, it's based on the book and people.

00:09:21.930 --> 00:09:38.130 kathleen Day 5outa5: there'll be assignments. And Pop quizzes because it is summer school, and it's really about creating an external commitment structure to implement the book while I hold the back of the bike, because, even though

00:09:38.300 --> 00:09:55.075 kathleen Day 5outa5: people may feel like, you know, one of the cartoons in my in my book is about guys buried under paper, and they're sitting in the chopper and the dogs, and you know, and he says, I have a system. So you know, that's a common

00:09:55.720 --> 00:10:11.249 kathleen Day 5outa5: mantra, and I think of it as a coping mechanism. But it, even though you're somewhat familiar with everything that's in that vortex and that 3 inch deep pile on your on your desk and the other stacks hanging around.

00:10:11.790 --> 00:10:30.290 kathleen Day 5outa5: sometimes going through it. You're like, once I set up the structure for how to compartmentalize it and sort it appropriately, which is one of the key elements in the chapter. Everything you need to know about paper, which I guess we'll talk about a little bit, but once you start to really sort things.

00:10:30.740 --> 00:10:45.210 kathleen Day 5outa5: there's questions, it could go here. It could go there. So I'm there to guide people every step of the way, and it just adds so much speed to the process, which is why I'm making that bold promise. Get it done by the end of the summer.

00:10:45.220 --> 00:10:52.069 kathleen Day 5outa5: And I say, or sooner, because I'm having 2 rounds, one in July and one in August, but literally

00:10:52.580 --> 00:10:59.109 kathleen Day 5outa5: no clickbait. By the end of the summer your paper can be permanently dealt with in a set it forget it, fashion.

00:10:59.810 --> 00:11:11.370 Steven Frey: You know I love when Logan, the engineer, pipes in. So he talks about. He made comments on what you were saying. He's like sure downloads book about anti-clutter adds it to the clutter. Great.

00:11:11.450 --> 00:11:11.980 kathleen Day 5outa5: Exactly.

00:11:11.980 --> 00:11:29.250 Steven Frey: And then you know what like, I'm an information, junkie. It's just part of my background. It's part of my life. But yeah, I'm definitely guilty of doing the same like where I will gather information, gather information, gather information. And again, I kind of know that I have it somewhere.

00:11:29.360 --> 00:11:54.090 Steven Frey: But yeah, if I had to find it, I wouldn't be able to in a timely fashion where it would make sense to execute on it. And what you said about creating the time and having the time to actually do this. It's funny because I'm definitely one of those. It's like, yeah, I would do this. But I don't have time. I'm driving the kids back and forth to dance class Yada! Yada Yada. So now I do feel like I at least have a little bit more time. But then, when you look at the idea of

00:11:54.130 --> 00:12:02.509 Steven Frey: the average person takes 4 weeks a year looking for crap, it's like you have the time. You just have to reallocate it a little bit. That's it.

00:12:02.650 --> 00:12:19.499 kathleen Day 5outa5: Yeah. And look. By the way, you know, people feel like this clutter and paper chaos is some kind of personal private flaw. But that cartoon that's from 2016 pre-pandemic, and it's on the front page of the New Yorker. So it can't be just you

00:12:19.540 --> 00:12:33.359 kathleen Day 5outa5: and I really feel like, if it's not in your wheelhouse. That's okay, because it's in my wheelhouse, and I've done all the heavy lifting to make it astonishingly simple.

00:12:33.830 --> 00:12:49.589 Steven Frey: Yeah, simple is what I need. Simple is what most people need. And again, there's a big difference between easy and simple. And I've talked about it fairly regularly. It's like nothing in this life that's worth doing is easy. If it was, everyone would do it.

00:12:49.660 --> 00:13:14.729 Steven Frey: And, Kathleen, we've talked about you like helping people make progress and making it feel effortless. This is another one of those types of topics where it's not easy, but it can be simple, and it takes somebody who's very experienced with this. And let's face it a little bit impartial, right? Like you don't. I'll look at my mounds of paper and go. Yeah, somebody else can't help me with this, because I'm the only one who knows what's going on here.

00:13:14.730 --> 00:13:29.850 Steven Frey: Well, I might be the only one who knows intimately what's going on here, but by and large you know what's going on here is, I'm buried under this mountain of paper, saying, I have my system of organized chaos, and I don't want it to be like that. I want it to be something that's more functional and lends itself to my life.

00:13:30.380 --> 00:13:36.929 kathleen Day 5outa5: Yeah. And by the way, Steve, so there's 4 weeks of looking for things that doesn't even

00:13:37.500 --> 00:13:56.000 kathleen Day 5outa5: touch. How many times people like they get to that tipping point, and they just they they can't get anything done because of that chaos. And so you have to stop the action. Drag out the heavy equipment power through the rubble. And then but the other side of that, it kind of feels good.

00:13:56.070 --> 00:14:00.440 kathleen Day 5outa5: But it's not a permanent solution. So that's why I'm

00:14:00.530 --> 00:14:04.909 kathleen Day 5outa5: making this bold promise permanent. No kidding. It's it's it's

00:14:05.860 --> 00:14:07.630 kathleen Day 5outa5: because once it's done.

00:14:07.820 --> 00:14:08.910 kathleen Day 5outa5: it's easy.

00:14:08.990 --> 00:14:33.159 Steven Frey: And no kidding is right. I don't have the kids this summer, and last summer was the 1st year I had that, and we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We were just so excited to have a break, but this summer, especially the next couple of weeks that I'm doing shows and all that. You're going to see a little bit of a focus on things that I'm trying to do around the house and trying to do personally and business wise, and how I can actually get a jump on it because the kids aren't around this summer. They're at camp.

00:14:33.160 --> 00:14:41.900 Steven Frey: We got to take a quick break. We will be right back with my buddy, my PAL. 3rd time, champion on the show, Kathleen Day. She's the founder of 5 out of 5 stay with us. People.

00:16:58.080 --> 00:17:09.209 Steven Frey: Welcome back everybody. It's Friday, it's always Friday, and it's me, Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy. It is not just me. It's third-time returning champion, Kathleen Day. She's the founder of 5 out of 5.

00:17:09.210 --> 00:17:34.169 Steven Frey: We're talking about sending your paper to summer school, which is very timely topic for me. Kids went to Sleepaway camp last Sunday. I'm trying to get the house cleaned up and maintain some semblance of order here, and I do have a mountain of papers that I need to go through. But it's more than that. Kathleen and I were talking right before we started the show, and if it were up to my wife, she would just throw everything in the fire pit, which you guys know is how I like to start out. The second segment

00:17:34.170 --> 00:17:45.750 Steven Frey: here is to sit out by the fire pit and give a quick perspective. And this while this is an image I've had for a while. The fire pit was blazing nicely last night. So, Kathleen, just to kick this off with a couple of thoughts. I have. I have 2 quick

00:17:45.760 --> 00:18:10.049 Steven Frey: stories here that center around dealing with the paper. Number one is, I started going through a couple things in my garage right after the kids left, and I found a big box of paper that most of it looks like it needs to be burned exactly like my wife would wish. But then I came across a couple of memories, and the one that I came across that got a lot of laughs this week was, I found, underground superlatives from when I was in high school.

00:18:10.050 --> 00:18:17.699 Steven Frey: like in the yearbook you have superlatives and everything. These were the underground, very dirty, very off color, very probably not

00:18:17.700 --> 00:18:30.880 Steven Frey: politically correct for this day and age. So I was about to flash it on my screen, and I was like I'd have to redact this entire piece of paper. So I'm not going to do that. But memorabilia is cool, right like mountain of paper is bad.

00:18:30.930 --> 00:18:51.309 Steven Frey: and I do have to go through all my stuff and see which stuff I want to keep is memorabilia. I can be a little nostalgic, so I'm probably going to keep more than some people. My mother-in-law throws away everything she throws away everything my brother throws away everything. He throws away his varsity letters from high school, and everything throws away everything right. Just this morning my second story.

00:18:51.890 --> 00:19:10.369 Steven Frey: I came downstairs, and my wife was like, Oh, it's funny. We got one of these emails for one of our credit cards saying that beginning certain date, if you don't go paperless. They're gonna start imposing a dollar 99 charge on the account, just for sending out the paper. And it's paper I don't want. Anyway.

00:19:10.440 --> 00:19:33.890 Steven Frey: it's stuff that ends up in a pile for stuff that we end up managing online, anyway. And again, I know this stuff. I haven't taken the steps to go paperless with every account that I have, because let's face it. I have 2 daughters, and I spend money like water, but it's something that should be done, no matter what, and even stuff that I get in the mail, and I want to keep. And but I don't really need the physical copy of it.

00:19:33.960 --> 00:19:57.899 Steven Frey: scan it and throw it out. I know what to do. I just don't do it. You know what I need. I need, Kathleen, to help me stay accountable to my system so that it doesn't happen anymore. So, Kathleen, this is the method part of this of the show. This is the science behind what you do. What do you do? How do you do it? How do you go to market for it? We've talked plenty in the past about some of your methodology, and you know I love it. I subscribe to it. But let's talk a little bit about the methodology behind

00:19:57.920 --> 00:20:04.500 Steven Frey: creating the system that will allow you to ship the paper off once and for all. Let's talk a little bit about that with everyone.

00:20:06.370 --> 00:20:06.979 kathleen Day 5outa5: Sure

00:20:08.100 --> 00:20:11.069 kathleen Day 5outa5: I want to do a bit of a rewind, because I

00:20:11.090 --> 00:20:15.180 kathleen Day 5outa5: I have a section in the book called The Before time.

00:20:16.740 --> 00:20:23.410 kathleen Day 5outa5: And it's really about how it gets there, to begin with, because it's a cumulative process. So

00:20:23.430 --> 00:20:33.659 kathleen Day 5outa5: and there's like 3 ways that people manage to build this giant morass of clutter creep. One is constantly adding.

00:20:34.020 --> 00:20:35.130 kathleen Day 5outa5: of course.

00:20:35.250 --> 00:20:35.920 kathleen Day 5outa5: and

00:20:36.620 --> 00:20:43.459 kathleen Day 5outa5: that you add, because to you know, it's like I give the example. A piece of paper comes across your desk.

00:20:43.530 --> 00:20:49.280 kathleen Day 5outa5: You look at it, and you say, you know what I I'm going to need this. Where should I put this?

00:20:49.310 --> 00:20:53.459 kathleen Day 5outa5: And the answer is always, well, I'm just going to put it here for now.

00:20:53.650 --> 00:20:56.069 kathleen Day 5outa5: and I call that the haystack method.

00:20:56.770 --> 00:20:58.009 Steven Frey: Not wrong.

00:20:58.010 --> 00:21:03.317 kathleen Day 5outa5: So it's adding, and then it's keeping. It's funny you were talking about. That doesn't help because

00:21:03.710 --> 00:21:19.829 kathleen Day 5outa5: keeping is a fascinating, decision-making thing that's often under the radar. It's like again, because you don't really have a home for it. So you have to relegate it into the future. You got to throw it in that pile. That black hole called later

00:21:20.520 --> 00:21:23.320 kathleen Day 5outa5: and then the 3rd way that it

00:21:23.870 --> 00:21:46.929 kathleen Day 5outa5: stays in place is by churning. You're not really handling the paper. You don't really have a status of completion. So you're just churning it over and over again, often because you're looking for something. And again that heavy equipment moment, or really going through that archaeological dig of their haystacks. And and yet nothing emerges, as

00:21:46.930 --> 00:22:07.200 kathleen Day 5outa5: I mean, very little emerges as complete, you know. Sometimes you run across those that invitation, or some certificate that's expired. It is a walk down Memory Lane, but keeping is so often I need this for the future or my other favorite, just in case.

00:22:09.240 --> 00:22:25.319 Steven Frey: Just in case means a lot with insurance just in case. And again, I'm guilty of this, too. So I want to keep this just in case I have files and files and files of stuff that I've even just read over the years that I can reference. But

00:22:25.470 --> 00:22:46.499 Steven Frey: if I had to find it at a moment's notice again in the organized chaos world a lot of times. I know where things are, in what quadrant of the office and whatnot, but it's still, it's not efficient. It's not effective. And it's no way to live like anytime. I really need to find something which is a very kind of last minute reactive. I got asked about this, and I need this piece of paper from the office.

00:22:46.500 --> 00:23:01.689 Steven Frey: It looks like a crime scene. It looks like I'm tossing the entire house looking for what I'm looking for, and you come back after you find whatever it is or after you've dealt with it. And just like Jesus, this place looks like a bomb hit it, and it looked like a bomb. Hit it before. Now it looks even worse.

00:23:02.300 --> 00:23:14.750 kathleen Day 5outa5: Well, it's a great segue for me to talk about the everything you need to know about paper section of the book which is there's really only 3 types of paper that you need and use.

00:23:15.030 --> 00:23:18.890 kathleen Day 5outa5: and reference is one of those things

00:23:19.450 --> 00:23:36.589 kathleen Day 5outa5: that's what I call a you know, you have to have when you're setting up the proper home for all your paper reference is one of those sections, and it needs to be in the proper real estate in the office, and then archive things that should be kept like insurance policies have to be

00:23:37.226 --> 00:23:41.490 kathleen Day 5outa5: put in a place where you can find it otherwise.

00:23:41.690 --> 00:23:45.479 kathleen Day 5outa5: People accumulate those haystacks because they have fof syndrome.

00:23:45.800 --> 00:23:47.280 kathleen Day 5outa5: Fear of filing

00:23:48.880 --> 00:23:57.089 kathleen Day 5outa5: it does not really fear of filing. It's fear of finding like even the the filing cabinets can be what I call horizontally accept.

00:23:57.380 --> 00:24:05.650 kathleen Day 5outa5: So you know, those 3 types of paper is part of the whole infrastructure that I will be teaching about to

00:24:05.740 --> 00:24:07.210 kathleen Day 5outa5: make it

00:24:07.750 --> 00:24:23.859 kathleen Day 5outa5: a no-brainer with so much of the maintenance baked in, because once you have a home for everything, you can put it back, and that's micromanage. It's really a beautiful thing, or at least for like me. Yeah. So some things you have to keep.

00:24:24.130 --> 00:24:27.579 kathleen Day 5outa5: and a big part of the the course is setting up

00:24:27.680 --> 00:24:42.739 kathleen Day 5outa5: business model buckets. So what what are your business model buckets, activities that you go that you need that and use every day as part of your workflow that require a place for paper, not everything you do.

00:24:42.740 --> 00:24:43.360 Steven Frey: Corner, so.

00:24:43.360 --> 00:24:52.830 kathleen Day 5outa5: Place for paper, but once you have those buckets which are custom, you'll use my model and create your own. And then, yeah.

00:24:53.990 --> 00:25:05.559 kathleen Day 5outa5: instead of cacophony mode. You really have things compartmentalized. I set up the exact structure for how to set up your filing cabinet so that you never misplace or misfile.

00:25:05.600 --> 00:25:10.639 kathleen Day 5outa5: It's again astonishingly simple. Once you get it, and once you know, you know.

00:25:11.000 --> 00:25:40.320 Steven Frey: Again, simple, not easy. And again I love Logan jumping in with some of his comments. 1st of all he built a toolbox at Lowe's Kids Center in the early 2 thousands, and he still has it. He named it Justin. He's there just in case. So I like that. But the power of micromainance is big. And another thing that Logan said he was making an analogy to Adhd, which let's face it. I have, and lots of friends have, and most of the population has.

00:25:40.320 --> 00:25:51.450 Steven Frey: But with the Adhd, which Logan also called. I don't know if this is a real thing, Logan. I haven't heard this, but it sounds like it should be a real thing. He calls it Dave. Also dopamine, attention, variability, executive dysfunction.

00:25:51.450 --> 00:25:59.669 Steven Frey: That sounds like a mouthful. But it's pretty funny. Actually, the along with that comes the All or Nothing personality which I have a lot of.

00:25:59.690 --> 00:26:05.629 Steven Frey: It's like, either I get all this done in one fell swoop, or I get none of it done in one fell swoop, and that's

00:26:05.800 --> 00:26:11.170 Steven Frey: no way to be. That's almost like seeking perfection again. Perfection does not exist.

00:26:11.200 --> 00:26:14.729 Steven Frey: And you and I've talked about that in the past like, but it doesn't exist.

00:26:14.730 --> 00:26:16.940 kathleen Day 5outa5: It's a setup for failure, because.

00:26:16.940 --> 00:26:17.410 Steven Frey: 100%.

00:26:17.410 --> 00:26:46.059 kathleen Day 5outa5: And plus, you get no accomplishment reward. You get no dopamine feedback from that kind of a process. It's usually highly stressful. And usually there's something you're anxious about, something about tackling it. So my solve for that is to really create project plans so that you have line items. So you are moving the ball up the court, which is how the summer workshop is structured.

00:26:46.160 --> 00:26:58.900 kathleen Day 5outa5: Nice, leisurely hours, no beach time needed, and we do a class where you learn the models and you create your own, and you begin the process of really

00:26:59.290 --> 00:27:00.630 kathleen Day 5outa5: properly

00:27:00.750 --> 00:27:04.780 kathleen Day 5outa5: organizing your paperwork. And then there's a triage work day.

00:27:05.090 --> 00:27:17.369 kathleen Day 5outa5: So that's a 90 min workday where you're you're doing your thing, and I'm here to answer questions like the classic questions. Should it go in admin? Or should it go in clients, you know. So

00:27:17.430 --> 00:27:20.969 kathleen Day 5outa5: I walk people through the proper answer for that for them.

00:27:22.095 --> 00:27:23.170 kathleen Day 5outa5: And

00:27:24.130 --> 00:27:54.030 kathleen Day 5outa5: yeah, I mean, it's just these little details that's not in people's wheelhouse, which is why the typical solution is, you know, you got to get organized. You go out and you buy attractive and expensive bins, folders, files, and then you organize the paperwork, not by the business bucket, not by what you actually use it for, and the function it serves in your business workflow, but by urgency to do must do this week. Top priority.

00:27:54.210 --> 00:27:57.370 kathleen Day 5outa5: Whenever I do. On-site makeovers.

00:27:58.020 --> 00:28:02.860 kathleen Day 5outa5: those files and bins and boxes are just. They haven't really been used.

00:28:02.860 --> 00:28:03.220 Steven Frey: Yeah.

00:28:03.220 --> 00:28:04.950 kathleen Day 5outa5: Since, week after they were created.

00:28:04.950 --> 00:28:10.559 Steven Frey: It almost creates more chaos than anything else. I love the fact that you look at it as triage.

00:28:10.570 --> 00:28:35.100 Steven Frey: but I also anytime I hear triage. What do I think of? I think of an emergency room right? And there's a good analogy there for being someone who's kind of on call and impartial to a certain extent, and there to kind of steer things in the case of an emergency. But the whole idea with this is to get things to a point where it doesn't feel like an emergency period where it feels like it's

00:28:35.100 --> 00:28:57.769 Steven Frey: instead of a bad reaction. We've talked about this a lot of times on the show instead of a bad reaction. It's a conditioned response. It's almost like going to for chiropractic stretching a couple of times a week or going for physical therapy, strengthening your muscles, and all of that. You don't want it to feel like you're going to the emergency room every time you have a piece of paper that comes in.

00:28:58.180 --> 00:29:26.040 Steven Frey: you know, another way to look at it. That kind of like a Chinese fire drill where you're at the traffic light, and you jump out and run around the car until it turns green. And whoever's by the driver's seat drives from there on out. That's what it feels like it feels like a straight emergency. Every time I get papers I have papers I'm doing taxes, or when stuff comes in the mail there's absolutely no reason for it to feel that way. And again like having somebody like you in your corner, as Logan's like. That's what a Chinese fire drill is. Yes.

00:29:26.040 --> 00:29:27.399 kathleen Day 5outa5: I thought the same thing.

00:29:27.400 --> 00:29:54.819 Steven Frey: That's what a Chinese fire drill is. But yeah, there's no reason for it to feel like that. And that's what a lot of times. It's that feeling that leads to more chaos, more disorganization, more weeks, hours spent looking for papers that might even go above and beyond the average American Logan. I haven't heard from you that it's time to go to break yet, but my clock is telling me it is. Do we have to take a break now. I think we do.

00:29:55.400 --> 00:30:00.460 Steven Frey: All right. Well, we're going to take a quick break, but we will be right back with the one, the only

00:30:00.770 --> 00:30:14.199 Steven Frey: Kathleen day. She's the founder of 5 out of 5. You want a good experience. You want the 5 out of 5 5 star type of experience. Kathleen is the one that could bring that to you personally. Business wise. Your clients stay with us, people. Let's go.

00:32:19.720 --> 00:32:48.160 Steven Frey: Welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen. Fry your Smb. Guy. It's not just me, it is Kathleen Day joining me. She's the founder of 5 out of 5. She's the one you want to talk to when you need to get life in order, personal and business wise. She's doing an interactive workshop this summer. Send your paper to summer school, and it's you know, it's a little. It's a joke, almost, because it's kind of send it packing for the most part like send it to where it needs to go, if you need to keep it.

00:32:48.160 --> 00:32:51.690 Steven Frey: but otherwise send it. Packing is really what she's trying to tell you

00:32:51.690 --> 00:33:02.649 Steven Frey: again. I was going to put some pictures in the background of my actual paper mess, and what's in the garage right now? And what's in filing cabinets, and I just can't bring myself to do that. It's a horror show.

00:33:02.650 --> 00:33:26.220 Steven Frey: But pictures and cartoons like the ones that you guys have seen. If you're watching out there in TV. Land from the ebook. This does very often feel like what's going on around certain things in my house, and I am dead set on dealing with this over the next 6 weeks. My kids are gone for 6 weeks and a couple of days. At this point. We're ready into the bank of time that we have by ourselves for this summer.

00:33:26.430 --> 00:33:53.359 Steven Frey: There's a lot of madness around this topic, Kathleen, some of which I've experienced intimately myself, and a lot of which I'm sure you've seen from the front lines, where you know as well as I do. This is on everybody's to-do list. Everybody kind of needs it, but not everybody's willing to take a class pay any money, or I think it's really more than that. It's really be held accountable for it, and for one like I need to be held accountable for it, and it needs to be from somebody who's

00:33:53.360 --> 00:34:18.760 Steven Frey: not my wife because my wife is. She's close to everything that's going on here, and she thinks I'm a knucklehead, no matter, she thinks I'm a knucklehead, no matter what. So I need somebody who's not as connected to all of our stuff to give some guidance and whatnot. But the madness part of the show, as you well know, this is the artistic, observational part of what you do. And we started with a couple of things that kind of go along wonderfully with the madness, not the least of which is people downloading your ebook

00:34:19.380 --> 00:34:41.400 Steven Frey: about clutter, basically, and then adding it to the pile of clutter and doing absolutely nothing with it. So let's talk a little bit about this. Let's get some stories you have from the field. No subject to taboo anything goes. Obviously we don't want you to embarrass any of your clients if they were totally crazy and knuckleheaddish. But we love hearing those stories, so lay it on us. Let's hear some baddest from the field.

00:34:42.020 --> 00:34:46.893 kathleen Day 5outa5: Well, I I have an overview kind of a story which is

00:34:47.760 --> 00:34:51.900 kathleen Day 5outa5: not so much anymore, but for quite a while in Manhattan.

00:34:52.446 --> 00:35:01.179 kathleen Day 5outa5: Which I live near a couple hours away. I've had some on-site clients, and the 1st session of an office makeover

00:35:01.370 --> 00:35:03.060 kathleen Day 5outa5: is 6 h.

00:35:03.580 --> 00:35:12.130 kathleen Day 5outa5: So that sounds like a lot of time. However, it goes by really, really fast at the end of that And by, it's like.

00:35:12.550 --> 00:35:28.120 kathleen Day 5outa5: somehow I picked that number, and it's the perfect cut off because it's it's you're talking about the sorting and the triage. When you talk about what's hard about organizing your paper. It's that process because it's

00:35:28.820 --> 00:35:29.750 kathleen Day 5outa5: It's

00:35:29.860 --> 00:35:36.840 kathleen Day 5outa5: taxing. If you don't have a home for it. Once you go through the sorting and the triage.

00:35:37.590 --> 00:35:41.759 kathleen Day 5outa5: you're just shuffling and churning that papers. Nothing really gets accomplished.

00:35:41.950 --> 00:35:53.879 kathleen Day 5outa5: But when I'm on site at the end of that 1st day I look around the office with the client, and what happens is one of 2 things. We either look at it and say, what the hell did we do all day

00:35:54.730 --> 00:35:55.820 kathleen Day 5outa5: or

00:35:58.250 --> 00:36:03.310 kathleen Day 5outa5: it's amazing. I can't believe we got this much accomplished in 6 h.

00:36:03.710 --> 00:36:07.860 kathleen Day 5outa5: and the difference, the main difference is that

00:36:07.920 --> 00:36:12.190 kathleen Day 5outa5: connection to the Memory Lane aspect of your paperwork.

00:36:12.670 --> 00:36:23.499 kathleen Day 5outa5: So what takes substantially longer is when you are pouring through every piece of paper, and it's it's either intriguing or upsetting, or you know

00:36:23.560 --> 00:36:30.129 kathleen Day 5outa5: something in between those 2 things, but it's you know. Oh, let me just go handle this. It'll just take a minute, and

00:36:30.610 --> 00:36:34.870 kathleen Day 5outa5: you do that enough times and 6 HA shot, so

00:36:35.200 --> 00:36:39.660 kathleen Day 5outa5: I'm there with my chair and whip, which I will do virtually in the class.

00:36:40.420 --> 00:36:40.930 kathleen Day 5outa5: Say.

00:36:41.560 --> 00:36:56.950 kathleen Day 5outa5: you're not allowed to read it. I mean just enough to identify. Once you've established your business buckets that you keep paper for, you can only identify which bucket it goes in. We're not handling anything. We're not doing anything with it. You're just sorting.

00:36:57.000 --> 00:37:07.380 kathleen Day 5outa5: which is a skill. It's it's a soft skill and a hard skill. It's like finish. This task which is called sorting, and I also will be imposing a small batch.

00:37:07.570 --> 00:37:11.250 kathleen Day 5outa5: You could only do a little bit at a time, because triage is messy.

00:37:11.410 --> 00:37:15.549 kathleen Day 5outa5: and you don't. The last thing you want to do is make a mess. You have to clean up later or

00:37:15.620 --> 00:37:22.460 kathleen Day 5outa5: make a mess and not have the time to go back and clean it up. So I'm kind of instructing people in

00:37:22.710 --> 00:37:25.249 kathleen Day 5outa5: a professional organizer approach to.

00:37:25.635 --> 00:37:25.980 Steven Frey: Hess.

00:37:26.330 --> 00:37:28.869 kathleen Day 5outa5: Because you're gonna want to

00:37:29.120 --> 00:37:32.960 kathleen Day 5outa5: ruminate and think about and do and examine.

00:37:33.080 --> 00:37:49.800 kathleen Day 5outa5: And it doesn't work. And this is really from my event management days. Rough cut everything essentially in the place it belongs, and then you can go back and fine, tune it. So that's like a common situation that people get into

00:37:49.990 --> 00:37:52.080 kathleen Day 5outa5: little rabbit hole of

00:37:52.170 --> 00:37:59.580 kathleen Day 5outa5: deeper dive into that paperwork which means it takes forever. And you don't really produce any meaningful results.

00:38:00.200 --> 00:38:00.810 kathleen Day 5outa5: You know.

00:38:00.810 --> 00:38:09.840 Steven Frey: Well, it's 1 of those things where a lot of times, especially if you think about it from like a corporate and business perspective, where everybody wants instant gratification, they want to see the results immediately.

00:38:09.940 --> 00:38:20.499 Steven Frey: Listen, man, if you look at the piles of paper. I found my Senior year superlatives in my garage in a box of paper. I graduated high school 26 years ago.

00:38:20.610 --> 00:38:25.579 Steven Frey: so it's not going to be undone in a matter of a couple of hours, but yet

00:38:25.650 --> 00:38:35.590 Steven Frey: everybody kind of always thinks that way. I know that about myself. It's not going to be undone in a couple of hours, and yet I'll still work on. It's like, Oh, yeah, I can get all this cleaned out in a matter of hours. No.

00:38:36.030 --> 00:38:38.510 Steven Frey: Last time you joined last time. Yeah. Go. Ahead. Sorry.

00:38:38.510 --> 00:38:47.630 kathleen Day 5outa5: I was gonna say, one of your buckets, even though it's not a business category, could still be memorabilia. But it.

00:38:47.630 --> 00:38:48.210 Steven Frey: Yes.

00:38:48.210 --> 00:38:52.950 kathleen Day 5outa5: Be in one place, because there's nothing as calming

00:38:53.380 --> 00:39:01.040 kathleen Day 5outa5: as having like items grouped together. Imagine, like, you could still have stacks on your desk.

00:39:01.410 --> 00:39:09.170 kathleen Day 5outa5: which I don't recommend, but they were at least all finance, all admin all you know, your search for things would be

00:39:09.350 --> 00:39:12.099 kathleen Day 5outa5: like exponentially smaller.

00:39:12.800 --> 00:39:14.960 Steven Frey: So we talked about last time.

00:39:15.020 --> 00:39:33.350 Steven Frey: The idea of getting organized is not a matter of convenience since you were talking about organizational skills, but a strategic imperative for eliminating overwhelm and installing efficiency into your business. And with me these days right like doing the show, doing my full time, job and everything.

00:39:33.350 --> 00:39:47.699 Steven Frey: One thing that's also become a strategic, imperative and a fun one is working with somebody like Logan, the engineer, doing production, assistant work and all that he's awesome. And when I look at some of the makeup of your interactive workshop and what you're trying to do.

00:39:47.820 --> 00:40:13.000 Steven Frey: you do have options to bring team members or assistance or virtual assistants or production assistants with the person who's trying to get organized in the workshop so that it can be a very collaborative effort. Talk a little bit about that. And if you've had any experience doing that in the past where the results were compounded and very successful over somebody doing it themselves. I love that idea.

00:40:13.720 --> 00:40:19.720 kathleen Day 5outa5: Yeah, cause when you are, you know, when you're the CEO of your business.

00:40:20.160 --> 00:40:24.270 kathleen Day 5outa5: You tend to have a some people are micromanagers, and

00:40:24.450 --> 00:40:26.170 kathleen Day 5outa5: but you become a bottleneck.

00:40:26.260 --> 00:40:30.469 kathleen Day 5outa5: and your ideas about how to categorize things

00:40:30.920 --> 00:40:32.209 kathleen Day 5outa5: might be off.

00:40:32.430 --> 00:40:49.519 kathleen Day 5outa5: Imagine, believe it or not. And so, having someone who's actually working with you and understands the business the way you do to just be there as a partnership for suggestions and really creating a well-oiled machine for the paperwork is.

00:40:49.840 --> 00:40:53.280 kathleen Day 5outa5: I mean, 1st of all, partnership is just such a ambulance

00:40:53.510 --> 00:41:05.709 kathleen Day 5outa5: experience, anyway, and which leads me to another thing, another benefit of getting this done. It's the ability to delegate. So let's you set these systems up

00:41:05.940 --> 00:41:21.339 kathleen Day 5outa5: like you can't tell someone you're working with to go dig through your haystacks to find something. How about? I mean, you could. But you'd be paying them for a lot of time to not get much results when you have a system like I do for the paperwork

00:41:21.500 --> 00:41:32.209 kathleen Day 5outa5: you can delegate. You can delegate the maintenance. You can delegate the finding. You can delegate the filing. You can delegate the the categorization, you know, and and that is

00:41:32.320 --> 00:41:35.940 kathleen Day 5outa5: already an extremely efficient, time-saving

00:41:36.690 --> 00:41:38.499 kathleen Day 5outa5: way to your business.

00:41:38.840 --> 00:41:58.980 Steven Frey: And, like Kathleen said, even though this is somewhat of a summer school thing which you don't want it to feel like the pain of going to summer school. It's 100 degrees out, and you don't want to have to feel like you're sitting and taking a lecture. But there is definitely some accountability here. And, by the way, I love all the pictures, the clutter, creep, monster, and everything. I have a system. It's beautiful.

00:41:59.060 --> 00:42:12.789 Steven Frey: but there are pop quizzes, and there are some thoughts here you have how paper happens. Here's a pop quiz. You have these different reasons, and mine was very easily when we were talking about this the other day. This is straight up all the above for me. It's coming from everywhere.

00:42:13.100 --> 00:42:13.700 kathleen Day 5outa5: Yeah.

00:42:14.150 --> 00:42:19.810 Steven Frey: But again, it can be dealt with. It's simple. It's not easy.

00:42:20.310 --> 00:42:45.590 Steven Frey: This is something that I feel like so many people should be taking advantage of this summer, and I know I'm going to be, because this is the time that if I don't do it now, it's not going to happen. When the kids get back, it's going to be straight into chaos again, and I'll be driving back and forth to dance and other activities multiple times a day. So again, timing being everything for me, it's a little special because the kids are gone.

00:42:46.300 --> 00:42:58.879 Steven Frey: Talk about like with people like I think of a lot of schools and nonprofit organizations. This is the time where they're they're kind of gearing up and getting ready for the new school year and the new fiscal year and everything.

00:42:59.130 --> 00:43:05.630 Steven Frey: How can we get some folks motivated here to do this? Because this is something like we've talked about. That's been on the to-do list forever.

00:43:07.530 --> 00:43:10.610 kathleen Day 5outa5: Well, number one.

00:43:10.960 --> 00:43:20.109 kathleen Day 5outa5: I did all the heavy lifting. I'm going to give you the system, and you're going to customize it, and I'm going to work with you to make sure that it's the right kind of customization.

00:43:20.692 --> 00:43:26.360 kathleen Day 5outa5: You will get every single question answered. You will have guided sorting

00:43:26.966 --> 00:43:30.619 kathleen Day 5outa5: and there's a component of it. So the book

00:43:30.650 --> 00:43:37.610 kathleen Day 5outa5: solves a lot of problems. The typical problems that people have when it comes to getting organized. So, by the way.

00:43:38.890 --> 00:43:40.330 kathleen Day 5outa5: stop tidying up.

00:43:40.590 --> 00:43:46.871 kathleen Day 5outa5: Start getting organized to complete distinct different experiences. And

00:43:48.590 --> 00:43:52.689 kathleen Day 5outa5: one thing I don't cover in the book, by the way, is the incoming.

00:43:52.920 --> 00:44:04.309 kathleen Day 5outa5: and that will be dealt with in the class like how to deal with the mail, and you know things that you need to print out and just work products material.

00:44:04.825 --> 00:44:09.334 kathleen Day 5outa5: So I cover that in depth in the class as well. And

00:44:10.440 --> 00:44:20.040 kathleen Day 5outa5: I'm just gonna make it easy. I'm gonna make it easy. You know you keep saying that it's hard, but the hard part is the sorting. The hard part is, you know.

00:44:20.200 --> 00:44:24.270 kathleen Day 5outa5: configuring your business buckets your archive, because

00:44:24.330 --> 00:44:28.419 kathleen Day 5outa5: 80% of what's on people's desks belongs in a file cabinet.

00:44:28.730 --> 00:44:43.220 kathleen Day 5outa5: And the 3.rd So there's the 3 types of paper reference we spoke about archive and filing eliminating that fof syndrome. And then the 3rd thing is what I call the on-deck system, the baseball analogy.

00:44:43.606 --> 00:44:52.189 kathleen Day 5outa5: The only thing you're allowed to have on or near your desk, and I tell you exactly how to structure it. Is what you're working on this week.

00:44:53.110 --> 00:45:17.740 Steven Frey: I'm so happy to hear you say just about sorting the mail and everything. I know we talked about that, but I feel like my wife and I just get anxiety walking to the mailbox because we manage most things by our phones. Anyway, these days we get excited because the kids are sending us letters and everything. So that's all very cool. But a lot of times going back to a few things that we've been talking about here, there is a very tangible process here that people need to understand. You got to understand how it happens. We talked a little bit about

00:45:17.740 --> 00:45:28.409 Steven Frey: about how paper happens, you download the ebook, you don't just add it to the pile of clutter. You actually look at it, and then, if you can use what's outlined in the ebook to kind of

00:45:28.820 --> 00:45:43.949 Steven Frey: help deploy the strategy with Kathleen and with the support and with the handholding and with the impartial outsider view, you're going to have a very successful outcome. We need to take a break, but we will be right back with the master of organization.

00:45:45.140 --> 00:45:52.089 Steven Frey: Kathleen Day. She's the founder of 5 out of 5. This is her 3rd time joining us. She's talking about sending your paper to summer school. Stay with us people.

00:47:59.310 --> 00:48:23.929 Steven Frey: Welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen. Fry, your Smb. Guy, we are chatting with Kathleen Day. She's the founder of 5 out of 5. We're talking about her new interactive workshop. Send your paper to summer school. Some great thoughts from Kathleen here. I'm so happy you were able to join us today very timely topic the kids left. I need to get my life in order. We're going to work on it very shortly, but in the meantime we got to tell everybody a little bit

00:48:23.930 --> 00:48:43.300 Steven Frey: about the messaging here. Remember, when I started the show many moons ago, the whole idea was from weekend insight to Monday impact. And I think a lot of people can relate to what we're talking about here. The pile of papers that are in the office in the garage in an entire room of your house, the organized chaos type of feeling.

00:48:43.360 --> 00:49:11.200 Steven Frey: Everybody wants to kind of get a little bit more of a grip on it. However, not everybody is willing to do what might ultimately be necessary to get the job done, and to get it done in such a way where it just doesn't happen anymore. There's no relapse. Right again, the whole add-d adhd thing again, I suffer from it. Logan suffers from it. It's something that the whole country suffers from. I feel like one of my kids suffers from it.

00:49:11.210 --> 00:49:20.030 Steven Frey: It's tough, but once you have a system to follow when you have the right perspective from somebody who's done it since they were in elementary school.

00:49:20.110 --> 00:49:40.270 Steven Frey: You really have the right person in your corner, and that's what really what we're talking about here today is to have Kathleen in your corner coaching you along. I've done other work with Kathleen that I've talked about with some of you folks in the past. There's definitely a method behind the madness. Everything does kind of tie together, but with a focus on getting the paper under control.

00:49:40.270 --> 00:50:08.909 Steven Frey: Kathleen, talk to everybody. 1st of all, give them a little bit of sound bites right as far as how they can take action on Monday morning, and as far as where the mental space can really be after getting something like this going. But let's show everybody how we can engage to get this moving. So they register for the program they register for the actual sessions, to work with the paper for the actual triage, to figure things out. Towards the end of the week. Let's talk to everybody a little bit about some messaging and about getting enrolled in the program. Let's go.

00:50:11.100 --> 00:50:17.039 kathleen Day 5outa5: It's it's really easy 5 out of 5 com forward slash summer.

00:50:17.610 --> 00:50:28.000 kathleen Day 5outa5: That's the landing page that will give you a little bit more detail you'll be able to download the book on that page. And then.

00:50:28.478 --> 00:50:37.020 kathleen Day 5outa5: there's a place where you can get the bring. Bring an assistant bundle there. So everything's already mapped out for you.

00:50:37.810 --> 00:50:40.780 kathleen Day 5outa5: I like people to think about it as

00:50:42.000 --> 00:50:44.839 kathleen Day 5outa5: clear. The runway for your personal, best

00:50:46.090 --> 00:50:49.769 kathleen Day 5outa5: chaotic paper is not your friend.

00:50:50.220 --> 00:50:59.030 kathleen Day 5outa5: You do not have a system, you do not have a system, and I do, and I'm delighted to share it with people. And I.

00:50:59.050 --> 00:51:01.280 kathleen Day 5outa5: You know my bold promise is

00:51:01.460 --> 00:51:16.882 kathleen Day 5outa5: I'm only doing 2 rounds. So it's a limited edition. I'm doing a July program and an August program, and it's an evening or late afternoon workshop for learning and understanding the principles. And QA. And then we have.

00:51:17.470 --> 00:51:31.209 kathleen Day 5outa5: it's going to be flexible, based on the cohort. But there's at least one morning triage session that's like a workday, a community work day, not a mastermind, but just you're doing the work, so

00:51:31.360 --> 00:51:40.379 kathleen Day 5outa5: you'll you'll get 5 h of class. You get 6 h of triage, and if you think about spending 6 h on your paperwork.

00:51:40.560 --> 00:51:47.339 kathleen Day 5outa5: you tried to set aside time to do that you will be out of your mind, but if you do it with me.

00:51:47.400 --> 00:51:58.189 kathleen Day 5outa5: you're going to have the experience, the visual experience of progress and the internal experience of accomplishment. And by the time the end of the summer comes

00:51:58.430 --> 00:51:59.550 kathleen Day 5outa5: it's done.

00:51:59.710 --> 00:52:11.100 kathleen Day 5outa5: I mean, substantially done in some cases depending on the volume of paper that you have, we might need to set up a little additional. I have another workday program, a monthly Member workday program. But

00:52:11.360 --> 00:52:13.760 kathleen Day 5outa5: this is like my promise. You will.

00:52:14.340 --> 00:52:19.990 kathleen Day 5outa5: You will be left to just finish up the job. Do a little punch list by the end of the course.

00:52:20.930 --> 00:52:22.200 kathleen Day 5outa5: Think it's pretty cool.

00:52:22.200 --> 00:52:38.950 Steven Frey: So you talk about the before time, and you also have some some graphics and things that say all about the after. And I couldn't agree more, because this is something that I feel like like addiction. It's very easy to relapse into the old ways of being.

00:52:38.960 --> 00:52:40.349 Steven Frey: If you don't

00:52:40.870 --> 00:52:50.929 Steven Frey: follow the system beyond the initial kind of implementation. So talk to us a little bit about how we kind of maintain that moving forward, because that's very important.

00:52:50.930 --> 00:52:51.710 kathleen Day 5outa5: Yes,

00:52:53.130 --> 00:53:04.650 kathleen Day 5outa5: So if you think about that 4 weeks a year looking for things and compare the offset to that is, you spend these 10 or 11 h with me, and you're done

00:53:04.780 --> 00:53:18.959 kathleen Day 5outa5: 2030 min a week where you are basically able to put things back where they belong without fear of losing them. You are able to get your work done substantially, more efficiently, and

00:53:19.030 --> 00:53:25.209 kathleen Day 5outa5: you will do the on-deck review. So each week you can keep.

00:53:25.510 --> 00:53:31.850 kathleen Day 5outa5: Keep abreast of what's happening next week. What's the paperwork? What are the work materials I need on my desk

00:53:31.920 --> 00:53:40.680 kathleen Day 5outa5: for next week? So it's a refresh that doesn't take long. It's a maintenance and put it back. That doesn't take long plus or minus 20 min a week.

00:53:41.740 --> 00:53:50.249 Steven Frey: Definitely all about the timing. The word refresh is very big for us this time of year, because when the kids are at camp every morning around 7 AM.

00:53:50.250 --> 00:54:16.590 Steven Frey: That's when their camp pictures get sent out. So there's actually some funny videos out there. We're just like, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, and see if we have pictures of the kids every morning. But yeah, it's something that again, this is not easy, but it is simple, even though Kathleen says she makes it easy, and she does. She makes it simple, is definitely the way that I put it. It's something that's worth doing. You need to put some time and effort into making things work for you.

00:54:16.630 --> 00:54:22.249 Steven Frey: Kathleen. Thank you so much for joining us here again. I really appreciate it 3rd time. The charm right.

00:54:22.470 --> 00:54:25.169 kathleen Day 5outa5: Thanks so much for having me. I really appreciate it. It's fun.

00:54:25.170 --> 00:54:36.980 Steven Frey: Before I let you go. I've asked you my questions about movies, TV and music. Plenty of times. I'm gonna bring back a blast from the past and ask you. I don't know if I showed everybody this picture the last couple of shows. I don't think I did.

00:54:38.110 --> 00:54:39.150 Steven Frey: My, how old was.

00:54:39.150 --> 00:54:41.530 kathleen Day 5outa5: And I was born a geek Victor.

00:54:41.530 --> 00:54:44.559 Steven Frey: Yes. How old were you with this picture?

00:54:45.550 --> 00:54:45.980 Steven Frey: But what group?

00:54:46.240 --> 00:54:46.500 kathleen Day 5outa5: Hooper!

00:54:46.500 --> 00:54:47.260 Steven Frey: School.

00:54:47.260 --> 00:54:48.509 kathleen Day 5outa5: 11, or 12.

00:54:48.690 --> 00:55:14.540 Steven Frey: Okay. So my older daughter is 12. So that's what I was thinking that you would say. So. You always said, your favorite instrument's the accordion, and no doubt looking in this picture, I don't know how to play the accordion, but my grandfather, who passed away before I was born, was an accordion player, and I've always been fascinated by it from a very young age. I think I told you this, and might have told the audience this at the time. I've always loved weird Al Yankovic. So I forgot who your favorite accordion player was.

00:55:15.030 --> 00:55:16.006 kathleen Day 5outa5: That's who I said.

00:55:16.250 --> 00:55:19.389 Steven Frey: Okay, good. See? That's great. Great minds. Think of like, there you go.

00:55:19.620 --> 00:55:20.429 Steven Frey: It is.

00:55:20.430 --> 00:55:22.607 kathleen Day 5outa5: I wish I was still playing.

00:55:22.970 --> 00:55:44.320 Steven Frey: Well, like, listen, if I'm not having fun. I'm not making money, and you look at Weird Al, and he always looks like he's having fun, but in the spirit of having fun. Thank you, Logan, for all of your commentary along the discussion. I have so much fun with you lately putting this stuff in, Logan, put in the messaging side. He's like, I have a system versus trust the process. What do you hear? More frequently?

00:55:44.390 --> 00:55:49.379 Steven Frey: And I think that's a really good thought, because people need to trust the process more.

00:55:49.520 --> 00:56:04.449 Steven Frey: And like, you know, it's a very similar type of thought. You also need to trust the people. You need to have the people around you. You need to have someone like Kathleen face it. You need to have Kathleen, and you need to have a trust in the process. When you do all that, you will have the right end results. I promise you. People

00:56:04.590 --> 00:56:15.710 Steven Frey: thank you so much for joining us here on always Friday. We hope you got some weekend insight to make that Monday impact have a phenomenal weekend. Enjoy the end of June, and we will see you next Friday 11 AM. Eastern time.

00:56:15.710 --> 00:56:16.420 kathleen Day 5outa5: So? Why.

00:56:16.420 --> 00:56:21.129 Steven Frey: Happy 4th of July right here on Talkradio. NYC. Bye-bye, people, we'll see you later.

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