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Friday, January 20, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/20 - Every Swipe Benefits Charity

Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/20 - Every Swipe Benefits Charity


2023/01/20 - Every Swipe Benefits Charity

[NEW EPISODE] Every Swipe Benefits Charity


Merchant services is a broad term used to describe a range of financial services for businesses and it is most commonly thought of as the vendors a business uses to accept and process payments,.The definition has broadened to encompass the various tools, companies, and payment processing methods used in your business.  As a business owner, it’s essential to build your understanding of merchant services so that you can choose the right provider for your business.We are joined by Mick Collins, Regional Vice President with Pay It Forward Processing.  Mick prides himself on helping business owners match or save money on their processing fees, while providing a major differentiator in the industry.The founders of Mick's organization, David and Renee VanHeel, also started a company called Every Swipe Benefits Charity, which is a non-profit that gives businesses a philanthropic arm, while providing a fundraising platform to charities through credit card processing fees.  This is an amazing way to help a worthy cause!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Today, Steve talks with his guest, Mick Collins, Regional Vice President at Pay it Forward Processing, about processing fees that businesses pay every time a customer uses a credit card to pay for their services. Mick has been with the company for 10 years. Steve talks about Renee, President of PF Processing, and her husband David, who started this business back in 2001 after watching small businesses get taken advantage of by processing companies. Renne started a nonprofit organization as well to help fire survivors which led to her starting the Every Swipe Benefits charity, “a unique giveback program that helps fundraise for charities and provides a philanthropic arm to businesses at no additional cost.” Mick talks about how he got involved with the company. Mick was an independent life and health insurance agent. After moving to Los Angeles, he realized that he wasn't selling insurance. He met someone who was involved with PF Processing. This person was recruiting and recommended that he'd join. He discusses his work with the company and the work of helping businesses save money as well as through charity.

Segment 2

Steve talks about merchant processing and how paying with a credit card affects businesses as well and not just consumers. As a full service merchant card processing company, Mick says that PF Processing doesn't do contracts, have termination fees, or rate hikes. What they do is to support a business and help them save money. He also mentions POS systems today being proprietary and being tied to one processor. When businesses work with the company, they are guaranteed a match or reduced rates. No business is paying more to help them give back. But even by paying the same at minimum, you’ll learn what kind of value they can add to your business; Mick says that it’s personal support, a charitable component, and a piece of mind knowing that you're not stuck in a contract. Mick and Steve discuss the fear of change that business owners have when changing processors. Mick also mentions working with EProcessing Network,a product that can help expand the business owners needs and a physical and mobile point of sale and incorporating more tools.

Segment 3

Mick speaks with Steve about the charity work with Every Swipe Benefits. He talks about approaching business owners and working with them on keeping the rates that they pay to be fair. Even if the owner says that their rates were reduced, Mick says that he would still be happy to take a look, because he believes that there are times where the rates weren’t as lowered as they could have been. They also discuss mobile payments and ecommerce which became bigger through the pandemic. They go back to their discussion on rates and businesses paying statements and being charged more than what they should be as well as how processing fees affects both businesses and customers who pay for services.

Segment 4

Coming back from the break, Mick talks more about PF Proccesing’s mission which is to show business owners that it doesn't have to hurt them and that it can be fair. Their further mission and purpose is to prove that it can do good. He talks more about the impact that they've created by donating to charity. He mentions community connecting and how his client became his network. They discuss the impact and ideas that business owners should think about when having the opportunity to work with people like Mick to save money. Steve gives us Mick’s answers to his questions about Mick’s favorite movie/tv show character, favorite musical instrument and artist to play it. You can connect with Mick Collins through Linkedin and learn more about the company by visiting and pfprocessing on Instagram.


00:00:22.850 --> 00:00:40.199 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Well, hello out there, planet Earth and Happy Friday. We've just about made it to weekend Freedom People and I need it this week. It's Friday, and it's always Friday with me. Stephen Fry, your Smb. Guy. I see why am I or in case you missed it. Smb stands for small and medium-sized business. For the last 20 years

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00:01:06.980 --> 00:01:16.869 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: One thing that I've seen over the years, everybody, some of the best thought leadership for SMS actually happens on Friday, just about the time we feel the freedom of the weekend coming.

00:01:16.910 --> 00:01:22.839 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: However, we're also anxious to start the weekend. Get into it, get free, forget about work for a little bit.

00:01:23.230 --> 00:01:23.970 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We

00:01:24.320 --> 00:01:31.369 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: forget about some of these crucial pearls of wisdom we come across, we get clear, we execute, we clear our plate for the weekend, and then

00:01:31.490 --> 00:01:35.939 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: we overlook things in favor of our fun, weekend activities and our freedom from work

00:01:35.950 --> 00:01:52.619 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: here on the show, we take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity, and we discuss popular topics that are on the minds of Smb leaders and their trusted advisors. Once again the name of the show, not just to play on words, everybody. My last name means free in German free freedom, free freedom.

00:01:52.630 --> 00:02:04.760 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: little bit of you know, rhyme and reason a little bit of method behind the madness it's getting. Towards the end of January. Most people have received their credit card statements from holiday time, and they're realizing just how much money they spent

00:02:05.120 --> 00:02:21.240 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: myself. I'm taking the kids to the happiest, most expensive place on earth in a few weeks, so there will be many swipes of my plastic to look forward to on that trip which i'm very excited about from the Smb. Side merchant processing the ability to take credit cards from your patrons.

00:02:21.260 --> 00:02:27.510 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Let's face it. It's a crucial part of the daily operations, and it's also an area of cost to business owners.

00:02:27.520 --> 00:02:42.219 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and in case they don't realize it on their own, they will likely be reminded about their processing fees on a daily basis by hungry sales, reps who are calling and stopping into their locations to see if there is any interest in switching processors to save a little bit of money.

00:02:42.250 --> 00:03:01.750 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: The world of payments processing can be complex to navigate, and while there are opportunities for SMS to save money. There are also some meaningful philanthropic types of opportunities to have some of those fees donated to worthy causes. Today we're going to talk a little bit more about this awesome concept, which is every swipe

00:03:01.760 --> 00:03:18.890 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: mit ctl and benefits charity. So the idea of merchant services. It's a broad term right. It's used to describe a whole range of different types of services for the businesses out there generally. When people think of it, they'll think of the idea of being able to accept and process payments with credit cards 150.

00:03:18.900 --> 00:03:34.229 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It encompasses way. More than that, a lot of behind the scenes type of work, you know, in invoicing integration with pos systems, all kinds of different work around hardware and software that's involved. It can be very complex. And it can also be confusing.

00:03:34.500 --> 00:03:51.219 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But the definition has brought in to encompass a whole lot more tools that are available to business owners out there, some of which they're aware of, and some of which you know they have no idea about. But you need to build a little bit more understanding these days of what's available out there, and what the mission is of your business.

00:03:51.230 --> 00:03:54.860 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: so you can choose the right provider for your business. Right?

00:03:55.060 --> 00:04:07.979 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Remember, we talk a lot here about people and process before product, and there's going to be a whole lot of it today, because this is something that gets looked at as a commodity on a daily basis for people who are in the Smb world. You need to have it.

00:04:08.010 --> 00:04:18.750 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but talk is cheap. We're on talk radio. We don't want this to just be talk. The goal here is, let's use the insight on the Smb. Landscape and create more impact on Monday morning.

00:04:18.760 --> 00:04:31.700 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Far too often these days. Once again, businesses, people in general, they will concentrate on products, technology, new apps, new toys that they think are going to fix everything that's going sideways in their business or just their life.

00:04:31.840 --> 00:04:32.630 Right

00:04:32.710 --> 00:04:51.240 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: products change every single day and everything that we do. You surround yourself with good people. You execute a good process together. You'll find the right products that are going to fit your business and your model. So I know I have the right people around me today. Today we're going to chat with Mick Collins, regional vice President at pay it forward processing.

00:04:51.250 --> 00:05:18.469 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So originally I had. said last week we were going to speak to Rene Van Heel, the president of the organization. She had to go out in some field business for the organization unexpectedly last minute, so wanted to give you guys just a quick peek behind how the company was started from Rene and her husband, David's standpoint. So they started pay it forward, processing in 2,001. After watching several small businesses, really get taken advantage of by credit card processing companies.

00:05:18.480 --> 00:05:25.359 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Again, a lot of different solutions available around the country, whether they're direct or they're brokered, etc., etc.

00:05:25.570 --> 00:05:30.839 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: They knew that they wanted to do something a little different, and catered to the small medium-sized business community

00:05:30.860 --> 00:05:44.000 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: after they lost their house in a wildfire in 2,007. Renee actually started a non-profit organization, fired up sisters, it helped raise over 5 million dollars in goods and services for fire survivors.

00:05:44.010 --> 00:06:01.530 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Erez

00:06:01.550 --> 00:06:11.560 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and I just. I fell in love with this concept ever since I first heard about it. Over $450,000 has already been donated to charities nationwide, very powerful.

00:06:11.570 --> 00:06:22.650 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Rene and David are family-focused, and believe the best way to grow. Business is leading by example, serving others and being uncompromising and ethics while filling each day with importance and significance.

00:06:22.760 --> 00:06:39.249 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But back to my friend Mick, who's joining us today. So Mick has been with the company for just about 10 years. Now, phenomenal person to speak with about this topic. He each sleeps, lives, breathes it every day from coast to coast. He used to live out in California, now lives on the east Coast, not too far from me.

00:06:39.260 --> 00:06:51.560 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but, we'll discuss my favorite questions as always, he likes movies, TV and music as well, joining us from his home base in Maryland. One of always Friday's biggest fans, Mick. Welcome to the show, Brother Great to see you.

00:06:51.670 --> 00:06:56.279 Mick Collins: I'm one of Steve's biggest fans high 5. I love it

00:06:56.480 --> 00:07:07.859 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: so, Mick, you know you know I love this concept right Ever since I heard about it, the not the profits for profit side the nonprofit side. I've been super intrigued. I know that the give back side of things.

00:07:07.870 --> 00:07:18.629 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I was introduced very soon after you join, so i'm excited to hear your perspective on how things have evolved. Tell us a little bit how things got where they are today. You You might love it almost as much as I do 150.

00:07:18.750 --> 00:07:24.170 Mick Collins: So how how I got involved was my wife and I moved to California 2,011.

00:07:24.190 --> 00:07:43.350 Mick Collins: I was a life and health insurance agent, independent. So I get to a new community. Nobody's buying insurance for me. I gotta get to know him right. So you start networking and doing all this stuff. I meet a guy who was involved with with pay it forward before it was paid forward. Almost from the beginning. we became friendly. He started recruiting

00:07:43.360 --> 00:07:54.289 Mick Collins: right. Come, sell for me. You'll be great. You'll be great and quite frankly after about a year and a half I wasn't selling insurance. So I sat down with them January 2,013. My My

00:07:54.340 --> 00:08:00.200 Mick Collins: anniversary was just within the past 2 weeks. To be honest, didn't know anything about the industry.

00:08:00.380 --> 00:08:04.419 Mick Collins: got a little crashed course, and I said, You know what i'm in

00:08:04.500 --> 00:08:12.440 Mick Collins: Steve. My thought process from a sales perspective, was i'm going into businesses talking about Afflak talking about insurance products

00:08:12.520 --> 00:08:24.310 Mick Collins: and businesses are saying. I don't need to add that right now. Obamacare had just been implemented. They wanted to see what was going to happen long term with that. So it was kind of it was. It was a harder discussion to broch.

00:08:24.700 --> 00:08:33.889 Mick Collins: Conversely, credit card processing. You got a retail store. You're taking credit cards. You're already using that service. Now the question is, can we do it better? Right

00:08:33.990 --> 00:08:43.410 Mick Collins: the the thing I use then to differentiate myself. Was i'm local. You get my cell number. I'm your guy. You call me

00:08:43.510 --> 00:08:56.720 Mick Collins: right? so that, and we had a nice little Tagline. You know we're gonna do a side by side comparison. We guarantee good news either way. Either you're in a good spot now, or we can save you some money and go from there

00:08:56.890 --> 00:08:58.459 Mick Collins: 6 months in

00:08:59.050 --> 00:09:00.930 Mick Collins: every slight benefits. Charity.

00:09:01.080 --> 00:09:13.069 Mick Collins: and you know, took a minute to wrap my head around it. But it's a game changer. That's that, was my initial thought, and it's been a game changer from that day. because now I have a different

00:09:13.340 --> 00:09:16.249 Mick Collins: way to to to open the conversation.

00:09:16.490 --> 00:09:17.410 Mick Collins: Right.

00:09:17.570 --> 00:09:29.939 Mick Collins: Steven. Nice to meet you. My name is Mick. Let me ask you a question. If your money, because if your if your business could save some money and generate an ongoing donation to charity. Is that worth about 15 min of your time?

00:09:30.880 --> 00:09:32.810 Mick Collins: Hell, yes, great

00:09:33.280 --> 00:09:39.860 Mick Collins: great. Let's sit down and talk, you know. And and conversely, when we have partner nonprofits in a community like

00:09:39.970 --> 00:09:50.190 Mick Collins: the Friendship Club back in California. I come in, Stephen. Hey? My name is Mick. I'm working on a fundraiser for the Friendship Club, but i'm not going to ask you for money. Do you have a few minutes.

00:09:51.960 --> 00:09:58.010 Mick Collins: So this again a very different entree into opening that conversation with the business owner.

00:09:58.190 --> 00:10:03.109 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's very non-invasive that way, and, you know, look a lot of people

00:10:03.120 --> 00:10:23.709 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: want to do some philanthropic things, and a lot of them feel like they. They never have time for it. And when you talk about small medium-sized business owners. A lot of them never have time for anything because they're so busy operating their business right but you know this way. The look they always want to save time and money. You know it. I know it's where a lot of my work initiatives have been born out of over the years.

00:10:23.810 --> 00:10:34.419 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But you know this is something where they can not only save some time, save some money potentially just like you know, most people that come and pounding down their door about credit, credit, card processing.

00:10:34.490 --> 00:10:43.989 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: This is such a powerful discussion like it. Almost everybody has some type of charity that hits home for them. So what are the reasons? They wouldn't do this?

00:10:44.230 --> 00:11:01.600 Mick Collins: Who knows? It's it's fear of change. That's I think that's the number one objection behind the objection. but honestly so. It's not only the charitable arm that you're adding to your business at no additional cost, because we are guaranteed to match or reduce rates, but it's also peace of mind.

00:11:01.780 --> 00:11:14.660 Mick Collins: We're providing peace of mind to a business owner to know they know they don't have to keep a hawkeye on this part of their business. They're in good hands. They have somebody call text or or Facebook message away

00:11:14.960 --> 00:11:15.890 Mick Collins: right

00:11:15.990 --> 00:11:18.700 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and and let and let's face it. You know, these days.

00:11:19.030 --> 00:11:21.270 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: especially following the pandemic.

00:11:21.310 --> 00:11:37.290 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: The need for businesses to have some type of, you know, payment processing module it. It. It was there beforehand, anyway. But now it's like you're almost dead in the water without it. Yeah, that need was was exponentially increased.

00:11:37.490 --> 00:11:51.610 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But the educational side of it, too. It's like now more and more, and I know we're going to talk about this a little bit. You know you go into your favorite places to eat. You see a sign that says, if you use a credit card, you know we're we're gonna charge you an extra 3 and a half percent. It's like

00:11:51.860 --> 00:12:05.569 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: that whole concept. There. There's there's education upon slideshow upon Pdfs, upon documents, upon documents, even state to state nationwide about how business owners should be handling that discussion right

00:12:05.840 --> 00:12:06.800 Mick Collins: right

00:12:07.080 --> 00:12:14.729 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So once again a lot of information about this topic out there. It's a very simple concept. It's moving the money and information

00:12:14.800 --> 00:12:20.050 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: from the company between the company, the clients, the customers, the vendors involved all of that.

00:12:20.150 --> 00:12:23.209 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But just the nuances around it are vast.

00:12:23.650 --> 00:12:33.380 Mick Collins: correct, correct, and and that's where some business owners can get lost if they're jumping at the first thing they see when they when they open their business or they jump at a chance to save 10 bucks a month.

00:12:33.900 --> 00:12:41.779 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, I know we're going to talk a little bit more about this. We gotta take a break. We'll be right back with Mick Collins, regional vice President at pay it forward processing. Stay with us.

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00:14:32.660 --> 00:14:33.540 you

00:14:35.300 --> 00:14:35.990 you

00:14:39.210 --> 00:14:39.940 okay

00:14:58.040 --> 00:15:14.960 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: welcome back everybody. It's Friday. It's always Friday, and it's me. Stephen Fry your Smb: guy, not just me. We're here with Mick Collins, regional Vice President at pay it forward processing payment Processing with a purpose. Every swipe benefits charity that's the nonprofit arm, and it's

00:15:14.970 --> 00:15:18.159 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: a wonderful concept again. Don't understand why

00:15:18.410 --> 00:15:37.960 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: everybody wouldn't try to do something like this. It's it's it's phenomenal. But we're going to get into the method behind the madness of mixed world, which, as somebody who's seen a lot of this type of madness from the front lines as well, Nick. I know there's a lot of it. So. But yeah, before we get there, just a quick perspective for everybody out by the fire pit. For a moment.

00:15:38.080 --> 00:15:44.510 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: The movement of money is always a big discussion whether you're talking about your personal life or your business life.

00:15:44.760 --> 00:16:03.559 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Everyone can relate to it from their personal lives again. Going to Disney World in a few weeks with the kids. There's going to be a lot of movement from my pocket to theirs, for sure. But you know, especially in today's world, when more and more folks go out and they're in their daily errands and travels, and going into their favorite restaurants, and they and they see that

00:16:03.570 --> 00:16:08.119 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: they'll be charged an extra percentage if they decide they want to use a credit card.

00:16:08.610 --> 00:16:20.760 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and that's not just from the personal side of things as a consumer for the business owners. There's tons of things to consider when when you're dealing with this type of topic around merchant processing.

00:16:20.790 --> 00:16:34.920 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you gotta be able to be compliant. You want it to be simple. You want it to be flexible enough for everybody. You want things to be funded as soon as possible, so that you have your money in your account. You want the fees to be minimal. Yes, every business owner loves to save time and money.

00:16:35.220 --> 00:16:53.979 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but a lot of times when that's the sole focus of saving the time and saving the money things get commoditized. And If there's one thing I kind of want to take a position on here, it's Don't commoditize this discussion. So, saving a couple of pennies here and there, if you sacrifice the service, if you sacrifice the education, if you sacrifice.

00:16:53.990 --> 00:17:08.789 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know a lot of what's around this topic. It it might not be worth it; whereas, having the right partners like a Mick Collins and a Renee van Heel with pay it forward processing, and every swipe benefits charity. You'll not only Have you know the advocacy that you want on your behalf?

00:17:08.800 --> 00:17:15.540 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: You have a philanthropic arm of your business that donates to charity. Which again, beautiful concept. So, Mick.

00:17:15.700 --> 00:17:25.799 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: the method behind the madness. This is the science behind what we do. Give everybody a little taste of what you guys are doing, how you're doing it, and how you're going to market for it.

00:17:25.890 --> 00:17:43.650 Mick Collins: So I I always go back to the core concepts of the company. When Renee started the company in in 2,001. It was with the idea of not having things that aren't fair to business owners. So day one we didn't, we've never done contracts. We've never had a termination fee.

00:17:43.680 --> 00:17:45.620 Mick Collins: We don't do rate hikes

00:17:45.650 --> 00:17:51.830 Mick Collins: right. Your rate is your rate. What we will do is an annual basis. Review. Those rates, and see if we can save you more money

00:17:51.990 --> 00:18:06.880 Mick Collins: right? Because it's all about again. It's that peace of mind. It's about being an advocate and supporting that business, not just taking their money right so to that effect i'd be I in California. I was on a board of a chamber for 6 years

00:18:06.930 --> 00:18:13.620 Mick Collins: I I led their volunteer committee for 3 years. I'm. Involved in the chamber here in Maryland.

00:18:13.960 --> 00:18:19.570 Mick Collins: Pay it forward is is on the Us. Chamber small Business Council, so which

00:18:19.860 --> 00:18:27.199 Mick Collins: is not not not to the point. But I got to play kick ball next to the Washington Monument last year. So that's fun.

00:18:27.330 --> 00:18:46.429 Mick Collins: So yeah, it is about that core concept and and kind of educating business owners who maybe did a quick Google search to pick a company to process their payments to. You need to know a little bit more about what goes on in this industry, and what can be happening to you. And the fact is is that most merchants Aren't, looking at their statements.

00:18:46.620 --> 00:18:48.880 Mick Collins: and when they do, they don't know what they're seeing.

00:18:49.660 --> 00:18:58.729 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but also because because you're you're right, especially as detail to some of those statements get there's no way that the merchants understand everything that's going on there. But how about

00:18:58.830 --> 00:19:12.000 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: connectivity, integration with other systems that they have. I mean nowadays. I I feel like when I speak with certain SMS they're They're getting more sensitive to that, because they don't necessarily want to reinvent the entire wheel for their organization, but

00:19:12.010 --> 00:19:30.209 Mick Collins: some of them will forget like that. They want certain things to talk to each other. I'm sure. You see that in your travels as well, yeah, definitely. And and the other side of that coin is a trend in the industry for a specific software for an industry to be tied to one processor and and become proprietary. And it's happening in restaurants, too.

00:19:30.220 --> 00:19:37.780 Mick Collins: Theos systems will be proprietary. I walk in and see them. There's not really a conversation to be had unless

00:19:37.940 --> 00:19:41.000 Mick Collins: the the business owners ready to throw that out start over.

00:19:41.270 --> 00:19:51.610 Mick Collins: So so that that's the other side of that. It is making sure that, and one of the core concepts of the company is is the freedom of choice for business owner.

00:19:52.170 --> 00:19:59.770 Mick Collins: So you know that being said there was a time when, if a business was invoicing through quick books, that was, we're done.

00:19:59.970 --> 00:20:17.239 Mick Collins: I can't integrate unless you want to process on the side and take 2 steps. Some people, Some people will do that. Those people do like 5 or 6 transactions a month, you know others will not, and they I like that integration. So we have found a vendor that can take invoices created in quick books.

00:20:17.290 --> 00:20:29.909 Mick Collins: Send them to customers and put them back in once paid without extra steps. So that's very exciting to be able to to offer that to save businesses money and keep that integration. Keep that one step process for them.

00:20:29.990 --> 00:20:36.640 Mick Collins: Yeah, it's a big difference if you're doing 5, 6 transactions a month versus 5, 6 transactions every 10 min right

00:20:36.680 --> 00:20:37.749 Mick Collins: right? Right? Right?

00:20:38.030 --> 00:20:40.240 Mick Collins: So so that sort of thing.

00:20:40.270 --> 00:20:41.230 Mick Collins: you know

00:20:41.270 --> 00:20:43.739 Mick Collins: we don't we don't do cold calling

00:20:43.880 --> 00:21:00.809 Mick Collins: even when I first started, and I didn't have a a book of business or a base appliance. It was stopping in and introducing myself. It was building a relationship. It was referrals. that sort of thing. And and that's to this day how we continue to build business.

00:21:01.530 --> 00:21:16.040 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, and that's obviously how I met you along the way, and in our in our networking types of initiatives in the virtual world during the pandemic, so grateful, grateful to have met you there as well. shout out to Michael Goldberg and Major Mcdonald

00:21:16.050 --> 00:21:34.989 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and Tommy D. Philanthropy and Tommy D. Philanthropy, and focus on before me all All all the crew get the band together. No. But yeah, this this these types of topics there's I. I feel like every single day that unfolds. There's just there's more and more education that's that's almost needed.

00:21:35.000 --> 00:21:43.689 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and I feel like a lot of times the business owners get the opposite effect with people bombarding them for change. I'll save you money change, I'll save you money.

00:21:43.780 --> 00:21:57.090 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and it's there. It's not really about advocating for the business owner. It's about making a sale happen, and the sad part is that some people buy into it, and and and and that leads to my next point. Great you You're the best, Steve.

00:21:57.100 --> 00:22:16.169 Mick Collins: It is that race to the bottom. It's all about saving money right? So the other thing that changed when Renee changed the name of the company to pay it forward, was instituting a guarantee to match or reduce rates. Right? So a business no business is going to pay more to help us give back at a minimum. You're going to pay the same

00:22:16.180 --> 00:22:19.729 Mick Collins: and help us donate. So, taking that part

00:22:19.870 --> 00:22:27.830 Mick Collins: of the equation off the table now, we can have a deeper conversation about what's the value. Add, if you're going to pay the same at minimum.

00:22:28.180 --> 00:22:45.810 Mick Collins: what kind of value can we add to your business on top of top of the pricing right, and that's again. It's personal support. It's a charitable component. It's the piece of not my knowing you're being treated fairly. You're not locked in a contract. You're not married to us. You can fire us whenever you want

00:22:46.130 --> 00:22:59.600 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: so all big differentiators to me. Yet, you know, I think of all the all the business owners I've dealt with over the last 20 years, and I could easily see some of them with that with that cold-hearted type of feel, saying, oh, you know what i'm going to pay the same fees.

00:22:59.610 --> 00:23:09.800 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It'd be nice to have the philanthropic orbit, everything. But yeah, I'm not going to change for that. It's, you know it's too much effort to change, and the one that really gets me that probably gets you, too.

00:23:09.890 --> 00:23:15.730 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: when, like you said in the last segment. Fear of change is probably the biggest reason why people don't use this

00:23:16.230 --> 00:23:20.030 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: when they, if you show them a potential savings.

00:23:20.130 --> 00:23:29.319 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and you know, just like a lot of industries, if you give it something to that to an Smb owner or their management in writing, and they take it to their existing processor, and they go.

00:23:29.330 --> 00:23:42.849 Mick Collins: Hey, Guess what like. If you can't match this, we're leaving right, and then they oh, yeah, you know what we looked at our books and everything. You know what we can match this for you, Grant. I've I've worked some miracles, and they think that's great.

00:23:42.860 --> 00:23:50.970 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So the fact that you guys audit the statements every year, and you're like, hey? If there's a way to save you more money, we will. If we can't, we can't. We're gonna take a look at it for you, though.

00:23:51.120 --> 00:24:10.600 Mick Collins: But it's. Does that not drive you madly insane when when people have that discussion with you? Yeah. And and and that comes into that's probably the next segment. But but that's a story. Yeah, I mean, I mean, it's happened I've I've talked to business owners. And while i'm with so and so they actually just lowered my rates. I'm like great. I'm still happy to take a look

00:24:10.900 --> 00:24:13.029 Mick Collins: right, because what do they lower it to.

00:24:14.250 --> 00:24:16.069 Mick Collins: you know. Exactly

00:24:16.210 --> 00:24:31.369 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you know I, you know, looking at some of the breakdown of the different services right? And you see this with a lot of, you know, payments processing folks. So you you don't see the philanthropic every swipe benefits charity. There's no doubt that's a massive differentiator and some of the differentiators we've spoken about.

00:24:31.380 --> 00:24:47.810 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but invoicing point of sale integrations being able to do things from the Mobile. You know things that everybody is asking for nowadays and surcharge cash discounts again something that we see as people going in as consumers, and something that business owners need to deal with

00:24:47.850 --> 00:24:56.480 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: building more of an e-commerce presence. If people traditionally haven't had their own websites where they can take payments, and take orders yeah, all that got big from the pandemic.

00:24:56.520 --> 00:25:02.639 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: but one of the ones that that intrigues me from from what you guys have out there, and some things I've seen with some other platforms.

00:25:02.890 --> 00:25:18.910 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: the strategic partners, the gateway the integrations that you might be able to work out, but also potential free equipment. And any time I see free, I you know I always have a little bit of an element of yeah, you know, just like anybody does. But talk to us a little bit more about this.

00:25:19.370 --> 00:25:22.030 Mick Collins: So we're we're very agnostic.

00:25:22.160 --> 00:25:41.139 Mick Collins: as as far as equipment or gateways. Solutions? because at the end of the day our goal is to find the best fit for that business, not only for today, but where they want to be in 5 years. Okay, so we have some strategic partners. i'll mention one briefly is e-processing network.

00:25:41.190 --> 00:25:43.999 Mick Collins: and it's a tremendous product that

00:25:44.190 --> 00:26:01.069 Mick Collins: a la cart can expand with a business owner's needs with a virtual terminal with a point of sale physically with a mobile point of sale with e-commerce incorporating many other things in that system. A ch for example recurring payments, that sort of thing

00:26:01.340 --> 00:26:16.270 Mick Collins: so really powerful tool. again. It's not like we. We don't have 1 point of sale that we push. Hey? You gotta buy this right. There are people out there that just deal with point of sale systems. And here I'm. Going to put this system in your store, Whether it's a fit or not.

00:26:16.880 --> 00:26:34.060 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know it it makes. It takes me back a long way actually to thinking about. You know, just some of the the regular banking model out there where it's like you. Have. You have your checking account, and then what happens like they want to offer you a savings account, a line of credit, credit, credit cards, mortgages, like all this type of stuff.

00:26:34.070 --> 00:26:47.929 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and you know I've I've worked for some organizations along the way in the human capital management space. We're very, very similar, and there's absolutely been, and rightfully so, a change in the tide, a little bit of being more of that consultative solution. Where.

00:26:47.940 --> 00:27:01.820 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: when you think of me. I want you to think of this everything else that could ever plug into this or that you ever want to communicate and transmit information or money, or whatever I can try to help steer you in the right direction. But think of me for this piece

00:27:02.300 --> 00:27:03.090 right?

00:27:04.250 --> 00:27:11.790 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So it's. It seems like you would find yourself in a whole bunch of those conversations which I know is part of the madness that we're going to talk about after we take this break.

00:27:11.840 --> 00:27:29.249 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But also it's gonna be some fun. Madness, too, like you have the big check behind you of the Friendship Club, and that was one of the pictures that I had in my crazy queue of pictures, and my green screen all queued up. But there's so many other fun stories that you and the organization have of being able to walk into places

00:27:29.260 --> 00:27:40.619 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: with with checks. And just because of the way that that you guys are set up, and that and that you work with the business owners as an advocate for them, but also as an advocate of of charitable causes.

00:27:41.040 --> 00:27:49.179 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So we're going to take this quick break. But we'll be right back with Mick Collins, regional vice President at pay it forward processing. Stay with us.

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00:29:53.020 --> 00:30:12.810 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your Smb. Guy, we're chatting with Mick Collins, Regional Vice President at pay it forward, processing Awesome platform, awesome concept sister company nonprofit versus for profit every swipe benefits charity creating philanthropic arms for for profit, businesses for them, taking credit cards.

00:30:12.850 --> 00:30:27.029 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: sending some of the money to charity. I just. I love this whole concept. I feel like I could talk about it all day listening to listening to Tommy D's commercial during the break. I just I think about. You know, Tommy being so focused on nonprofits and the work that

00:30:27.040 --> 00:30:39.709 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: that you guys do, and the work the type of work that I do a lot of times. I'm working with for-profit businesses. But you guys have kind of the best of both worlds. And you talk about the concept of community connection. Tommy D, the nonprofit sector connector.

00:30:39.820 --> 00:30:43.129 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: There's just so many ways to do such positive work here

00:30:43.160 --> 00:30:55.580 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: with this type of concept, with this type of crew as opposed to the cutthroat race to the bottom race to 0, like you talked about before commoditized approach to this industry. It's such a breath of fresh air. I can't even tell you.

00:30:56.310 --> 00:30:57.210 but

00:30:57.220 --> 00:31:20.089 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: we are going to talk a little bit about the madness piece now. So, Mick, the madness of the show. Here is the artistic observational views that you have the stories you have from the field. No subject to taboo anything goes. We touched on a couple of things that could definitely borderline madness of the industry. And I definitely want to talk about some of the fun stuff, too. It's You've handed out lots of these big checks over the last 10 years

00:31:20.100 --> 00:31:35.269 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: to you know, folks that are so appreciative. It's so grateful. It's such positive energy and aura around a topic that's commoditized every single day in the business world. But enough of me talking. Let's hear a little bit from you. Give us a little bit of the madness of your world.

00:31:35.320 --> 00:31:38.539 Mick Collins: I I want to tell you a quick story about one of the first checks

00:31:38.650 --> 00:31:43.519 Mick Collins: I gave to these guys. So in the old days it wasn't automated, so I get a check in the mail.

00:31:43.590 --> 00:31:57.399 Mick Collins: saying this, how much we're going to donate, and I gotta make that thing. So before I get to check in the mail we schedule. Hey? Let's do it after your board meeting. I'll get some more dirt there, some finger food, and we'll do a photo OP in front of your board. Great, and this was like

00:31:57.430 --> 00:32:02.970 Mick Collins: a few months after they got on board right, so I get the check in the mail. It's $520.

00:32:03.470 --> 00:32:09.019 Mick Collins: This organization just came off their annual fundraiser where they raised 80 Grand

00:32:09.230 --> 00:32:11.170 Mick Collins: I'm. Going

00:32:11.570 --> 00:32:29.010 Mick Collins: 500 bucks, really so I do this whole thing where they don't know the amount, and I flip it over. I gotta tell you. And mention was at that event, By the way, mentioned Mcdonald. the the surprise and the gratitude they showed when I flipped that check right because every dollar counts

00:32:29.360 --> 00:32:40.629 Mick Collins: absolutely so that that kind of that drove at home for me. All right. This is cool. 500 bucks is cool. Now let's work to increase it, and the biggest check we gave them was like 5,700 bucks a few years later.

00:32:40.960 --> 00:32:59.059 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So yeah, I mean, especially when you're talking about a worthy cause and charitable organizations like it's. I can understand how you probably felt like coming off of the big fundraiser. Oh, yeah, I got a little bit, too. Oh, no. But yeah, yeah, it's. It's been a tremendous journey on on that side of the business.

00:32:59.070 --> 00:33:17.299 Mick Collins: on the other side. It's also been very interesting. Some of the things I've I've run across. there is a business in in Grass Valley, California that I had my eye on a woman had just recently purchased it. So I went in there and introduced myself, started that process, and she goes. Look, i'm i'm really busy running the business. Give me some time.

00:33:17.310 --> 00:33:23.409 Mick Collins: No problem. Few months later she gives me statements. We come back. We can save you about $65 a month.

00:33:23.500 --> 00:33:30.499 Mick Collins: but you're gonna have to buy a new machine right the math doesn't really work out from you right now. But i'll keep you in mind fair enough.

00:33:30.860 --> 00:33:35.120 Mick Collins: so I keep popping in. Get a beer. Get a slice, whatever, and

00:33:35.140 --> 00:33:41.500 Mick Collins: and you know, a few months later, she says, I've I've had time to look at this, and I think they raised my rates. Can you take a look again?

00:33:41.710 --> 00:33:46.899 Mick Collins: Sure. She hands me a statement at 3 s I look down. Yeah, they almost doubled what they're charging you.

00:33:47.360 --> 00:34:00.110 Mick Collins: So yeah, now, we could save you about 130 bucks a month. Yeah, let's get started right. So Those are the kind of things I went across all the time, and you and I talked before the show and and I mentioned it earlier.

00:34:00.180 --> 00:34:06.789 Mick Collins: you know, hey? I. I approach your business, and they say, well, my processor just reduced my rates great. I'm still happy to take a look

00:34:07.140 --> 00:34:11.369 Mick Collins: right, because i'm i'm thinking pretty much they didn't lower him as much as they could have

00:34:11.690 --> 00:34:13.310 Mick Collins: right. And and again.

00:34:13.330 --> 00:34:17.010 Mick Collins: after her rates were lowered, we were saving her a 180 bucks a month.

00:34:17.280 --> 00:34:28.679 Mick Collins: so you know a small business that can mean a lot. last story i'll tell. What story i'll tell is is a business that had was in the contract, or she wants to work with us.

00:34:28.810 --> 00:34:34.020 Mick Collins: Let's find out if i'm in a contract. All right. Great she calls. Yes, I'm. In a contract. Ask them how to get out of it.

00:34:34.210 --> 00:34:37.589 Mick Collins: and she said I could pay $11,000 to get out of the contract early.

00:34:38.280 --> 00:34:46.370 Mick Collins: 11 great, so I can't do that, I said I wouldn't expect you to. That's ridiculous, right? So ask them how to cancel.

00:34:47.290 --> 00:34:49.760 Mick Collins: They required a 90 day notice.

00:34:50.120 --> 00:34:52.470 Mick Collins: and a 30 day notice

00:34:52.810 --> 00:35:02.360 Mick Collins: to with for the attempt to cancel at the end of the term of the contract. Otherwise it auto renews, and that's something. A lot of businesses don't get the contract will auto renew for at least a year at a time.

00:35:02.500 --> 00:35:04.130 Mick Collins: So you're You're kind of stuck.

00:35:04.830 --> 00:35:18.590 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah, and it's! I've seen it happen as well a lot of times with the restaurant, hospitality, leisure world where they get swept up in. The idea of this is what everybody in the industry is using, and it's all about a particular product.

00:35:19.080 --> 00:35:19.970 Mick Collins: right?

00:35:20.010 --> 00:35:34.540 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you know, there is a big need to be to be more on the consultative side here, and you know we've spoken a little bit about the bombardment around the country to to switch processors, some of them big national names, some of them local.

00:35:34.550 --> 00:35:40.920 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know, white labeled brokered solutions, whatever it is that people start up and decide. They want to be in the payments type of business.

00:35:41.840 --> 00:35:55.980 Mick Collins: right? Right? So we talk about madness. And and obviously the pandemic was like the height of madness. Right? So, One of the things that was happening on the business side. was instituting mobile payments

00:35:56.060 --> 00:36:00.890 Mick Collins: as well as e-commerce for retailers who traditionally wouldn't have considered that

00:36:01.000 --> 00:36:17.410 Mick Collins: now they need to because of crude side corps I pick up because I want to sell my products online because people are coming in the store or less people are coming in the store. Right? Another thing that that I don't think gets enough. Attention was the contact with payments

00:36:17.770 --> 00:36:26.259 Mick Collins: right, which is relatively new in the States pre pandemic. The United States was at about 25%

00:36:27.080 --> 00:36:34.099 Mick Collins: contact use on on transactions versus canada, Britain and Australia. We're at like 75%

00:36:34.520 --> 00:36:40.380 Mick Collins: way ahead of us. And pandemic obviously increased that Well, some merchants didn't have

00:36:40.470 --> 00:36:45.670 Mick Collins: contactless machines, so we need to upgrade those, either the software or the hardware.

00:36:45.740 --> 00:36:58.820 Mick Collins: right? So a again. Just just you gotta look. You gotta pick outside the box and and be ahead of these things. I mean, we were like that with with emb requirements, you know, 10 years ago, 8 years ago. Whatever it was.

00:37:00.330 --> 00:37:14.959 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: so the emv requirements Pci compliance is like in my world of of, you know, dealing with small medium sized businesses, you know. Smb. Guy. Fine like there's so many acronyms out there, and some of them I just find to be like totally unnecessary, almost like

00:37:14.970 --> 00:37:26.140 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I feel like all the business owners I've seen, like even alongside of other folks in the industry that do merchant processing, and they'd be they'd be talking for them in kind of like a scary manner of like. Oh, you need to be pci compliant

00:37:26.420 --> 00:37:33.679 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: right? Tci: Does that just stand for like payment card industry. It's really simple, like. Yes.

00:37:33.860 --> 00:37:37.279 Mick Collins: payment, card industry and and basically what it is. It's it's

00:37:37.330 --> 00:37:42.210 Mick Collins: those Guys visa mastercard discover, Amex decided.

00:37:42.240 --> 00:37:45.890 Mick Collins: We need a schedule, a standard

00:37:45.930 --> 00:37:47.759 Mick Collins: for securing card holders.

00:37:47.800 --> 00:37:54.310 Mick Collins: because the fact of the matter is, if you and I, as card holders lose faith in the system or stop using them.

00:37:54.380 --> 00:38:01.530 Mick Collins: Yeah, absolutely, you know. but but the other, the other token is that businesses need especially small businesses

00:38:01.560 --> 00:38:09.620 Mick Collins: need to be protected. a a a security breach for a small business can be devastating. It can.

00:38:09.660 --> 00:38:25.259 Mick Collins: Yeah, put them out of business even. So you don't like on depot target. They've had breaches and guess what? Oh, no, big deal right there. It happens. Yeah, it happens, moving along nothing to see here, we've tightened our security, and and everybody, you know eventually forgets about stuff like that.

00:38:25.920 --> 00:38:28.350 Mick Collins: because I know there's time. I don't want to shop a target. Now.

00:38:28.920 --> 00:38:36.179 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: if you go back in there, you know what, even with some of the biggest names out there, though, like that, when that happens

00:38:36.520 --> 00:38:41.319 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: the memory is long. People remember that that information was compromised.

00:38:41.420 --> 00:38:50.379 Mick Collins: Oh, a decade later.

00:38:50.540 --> 00:38:55.649 Mick Collins: But yeah, I mean, think about a small business that's doing, you know, 60 $80,000 a month.

00:38:55.830 --> 00:38:57.910 Mick Collins: Now, with that that stigma

00:38:58.050 --> 00:38:58.779 Yeah.

00:38:58.840 --> 00:39:18.340 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I mean the vulnerability liability like simple stuff that you know business owners want. They want it to be simple. They want it to be compliant. In theory they want it to be cost-effective. Same money it's like and you you and I discussed it in very simple terms. It's like looking at a statement is is a lot of times about the Can I save you money?

00:39:18.350 --> 00:39:24.300 Mick Collins: Then the further discussion of actually getting to know someone, people to people and building the relationship

00:39:24.590 --> 00:39:44.330 Mick Collins: like the big question you ask is, are we the right fit for you and to me that's so much more important for this industry than the can. I save you money? And yet guess where most people concentrate the attention. I go back to go back to some madness and things I've seen on statements right. You're being charged for pci assistance.

00:39:44.740 --> 00:39:58.799 Mick Collins: and the very next line is pci non-compliance a fee right? So if i'm paying for assistance, how am I? I'm not getting assistance. What do you? What are you doing? In that case the processor has no incentive to get that merchant compliant.

00:39:59.220 --> 00:39:59.990 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Right?

00:40:00.070 --> 00:40:09.769 Mick Collins: None so so that sort of thing. extra service fees on statements. Right? What are you paying for? Do you talk to? You? Rep. Do you have a guy to talk to? Not really. It's an 800 number.

00:40:09.850 --> 00:40:11.629 Mick Collins: Oh, you're paying for, you know

00:40:12.560 --> 00:40:14.699 Mick Collins: you should have that.

00:40:15.640 --> 00:40:20.139 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: and you know what it's like. I again been part of some of those systems, too, where

00:40:20.190 --> 00:40:46.319 Mick Collins: you know the dedicated contact, that role by definition. Sometimes in certain organizations it's like Well, if they're not good at it, they either quit or get fired, and if they are good at it, they get promoted. So the dedicated, the dedicated contact doesn't stay dedicated for too long. Got it, no matter what. I I can't tell you how many times I've I've tried to help a merchant cancel their old processor, and I got a business card in there, and the phone number is disconnected and the email bounces for the rep that sold them the service.

00:40:46.480 --> 00:41:03.769 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Yeah. And and you know again, there's that comes down that when you hear about sales reps around the country, bombarding business owners day in, day out. It's a it's a very simple barrier to entry business for people to get involved in that are looking to do something new, let's say, a build a new career.

00:41:03.780 --> 00:41:11.109 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But the ones who really stand the test of time, and, you know, get real passionate about what they do and how they do it in this type of space.

00:41:11.440 --> 00:41:23.880 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: They're They're not the fly by night, hey? Like you know, switch processors. It's a piece of cake. I'll save you a 5 cents a year like it's it's not. Yeah, and they're taking the time to learn how this part of a business impacts a business

00:41:24.140 --> 00:41:27.759 Mick Collins: beyond. Just hey? I'm making money. I'm saving you money. Let's do this.

00:41:27.780 --> 00:41:35.040 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I gotta throw one thing of madness by you myself, because this is something that is on my mind anytime. I walk into a store

00:41:35.340 --> 00:41:42.010 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: as a consumer right and again, like I've dealt with puns and tons of small medium-sized businesses, but as a consumer.

00:41:42.300 --> 00:41:50.380 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Would you think that people as a whole feel better when they see a sign that says, If you use a credit card, you will be charged 3 and a half percent extra.

00:41:50.600 --> 00:41:57.759 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: or if they see something that they normally pay $10 for it, cost them $10 and 40 cents or $10 and 50 cents.

00:41:57.790 --> 00:42:13.309 Mick Collins: which one, do you think impacts them in a in a more positive way or negative way? I'm curious to get your commentary on that. Well, the I mean, the easy answer and kind of obvious is a cash Discount is an incentive for the customer versus a penalty.

00:42:13.610 --> 00:42:24.720 Mick Collins: So that's all frame of mind, and you talk about. Can I fit your business? that's the other thing that comes into play? I just had this conversation that last night with the business owner. We talked about surcharging.

00:42:24.740 --> 00:42:26.720 Mick Collins: and he said I would never do that.

00:42:26.890 --> 00:42:45.830 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: I would never do that to my customer. Just a business expense. I'll pay it right as long as you view that and cover that expense. You're golden. Yeah, and i'm, i'm just saying in general, because, like this, this topic obviously has come up a ton in the last couple of years with business owners trying to navigate it. And I look at it, and i'm just like Well, if you really want to

00:42:45.870 --> 00:42:49.809 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: have a positive effect on your your customers, your clients.

00:42:49.820 --> 00:43:14.050 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: it's like. If they see something, go from $10 to 1040, or 1050, they might not get too upset about it. But if they see a big sign in their face that says, if you pay by the North, if you pay by the means that everybody pays by, we're gonna bang you back you out, and it's specific, too. So like as a card holder. I don't mind paying an extra 50 cents at a coffee shop for for a cappuccino right

00:43:14.060 --> 00:43:19.510 Mick Collins: big deal. I don't carry cash. But i'm not going to pay an extra $300 for my transmission.

00:43:19.790 --> 00:43:40.059 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: because I gotta use a credit card. So it's that kind of thing, too. Yeah. And yeah, definitely, you know, people do start start crunching the numbers when they see those signs right in their face. But if they're making a financial decision. You know what. Maybe i'll. I'll just wait on this. I'm gonna need to call my account, and i'll be right back before I buy this burrito.

00:43:40.070 --> 00:43:50.129 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: We're going to take a quick break, but we'll be right back with Mick Collins, regional vice President at pay it forward, processing. Stay with us, everybody.

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00:45:57.300 --> 00:46:09.740 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Welcome back to always Friday with me, Stephen Fry your Smb. Guy. We are chatting with my good friend, Mick Collins, regional vice President with pay it forward, processing some great little tidbits from Mick here on the world of

00:46:09.920 --> 00:46:26.189 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: payments processing, but especially with the spin that this organization has with every swipe benefits. Charity again love the concept so powerful, so interesting, and so differentiated from the other folks that are out there just trying to, you know, say 5 cents a year on payment processing.

00:46:26.200 --> 00:46:44.320 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Mick. You know I love the concept. This is the message part of the show to bring everything home the whole idea from weekend insight to Monday impact. And there's no doubt that you guys are making an impact with a goal of donating a 1 million dollars to charity and having you guys about halfway there as far as all the efforts thus far.

00:46:44.370 --> 00:46:48.309 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: That's unbelievable. That's it for a concept that started what like 9 years ago.

00:46:48.480 --> 00:46:49.259 Mick Collins: Yeah.

00:46:49.600 --> 00:46:50.359 Yeah.

00:46:50.860 --> 00:46:58.019 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you know, I look at something like this, you know, just to kick this in the in the direction here, like some of the things that you said along the way.

00:46:58.510 --> 00:47:13.820 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you know, and and that you know I've heard from Renee to you know everyone can get together and make a difference. The idea of community connections, like, you know. Again, I I like to stay away from product product first mindset. It's all about the people in the process. But at the end of the day

00:47:13.830 --> 00:47:21.150 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: one of the best products I can do is make a connection for somebody, and that's again, we're we're networking folks like that's how we ended up meeting each other.

00:47:21.190 --> 00:47:30.659 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: But something like this, you know, instead of looking at it in a vacuum of Here's my business. Here's how we take payments. And here's how we report things. And here's how we want to save money in time.

00:47:30.940 --> 00:47:43.330 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: It's about. Yeah, like, let's let's see if we could save the time and the money. Let's make sure that we have the right fit for our organization, the right equipment hardware software that we need. But let's say if if at the same time we can donate to a worthy cause

00:47:44.160 --> 00:48:07.810 Mick Collins: really really cool, is that I had a coffee with a guy yesterday, I one to one, and then I'm. At a networking event. Last night, at the networking event, I got a referral for the guy I just met with that day right insane. So I did the email introduction this morning, and he's beyond. He's over the moon with it. So i'm a hero. so I want to go back to You You call it pain processing with a purpose.

00:48:07.820 --> 00:48:18.820 Mick Collins: That's a that's a a phrase we've coined. We also say merchant services on a mission credit card processing for a cause. yeah, part of the the mission and the purpose and the cause

00:48:18.840 --> 00:48:23.559 Mick Collins: is to show business owners that it doesn't have to hurt them.

00:48:23.570 --> 00:48:51.019 Mick Collins: It can be fair. And then the further mission is, and purpose is to prove that it can do good. spending the time in Northern California. We're working with 3 organizations. Locally, I saw the impact of what we're doing up close and personal, right. So this isn't just hey? We're throwing money over here, and here's some money over here now, I mean, we really see this. You know we've had some of our nonprofit leaders on our weekly company call

00:48:51.060 --> 00:48:54.709 Mick Collins: to talk about their mission and and how important this program is for them.

00:48:55.090 --> 00:48:59.700 Mick Collins: I I mean you have to. I feel like it's some of the best stories out there.

00:48:59.720 --> 00:49:10.050 Mick Collins: to go back to to the message for business owners. It's taking a closer look at your processing situation, right? So I go back to when I first started.

00:49:10.090 --> 00:49:13.689 Mick Collins: You're doing this thing. You gotta do it. Can we do it Better

00:49:13.710 --> 00:49:22.080 Mick Collins: right. Let's shine some light on this that maybe you didn't see before, because you're not opening those statements, or you're not reading it right, which is.

00:49:22.100 --> 00:49:23.290 Mick Collins: you know, understandable.

00:49:23.400 --> 00:49:27.159 Mick Collins: and if everything is equal, why not help? Give back

00:49:28.460 --> 00:49:30.789 Mick Collins: Steven. In 10 years of doing this

00:49:30.820 --> 00:49:32.600 Mick Collins: I count one person.

00:49:32.840 --> 00:49:33.709 Mick Collins: one

00:49:34.180 --> 00:49:37.230 Mick Collins: i'm talking about this program, and he stopped me.

00:49:38.220 --> 00:49:40.989 Mick Collins: and he said, If I don't care about that.

00:49:41.380 --> 00:49:43.799 Mick Collins: if you save me money, you have my business

00:49:44.000 --> 00:49:51.280 Mick Collins: right. There's always one right. You know what you win versus countless people have told me I would pay more

00:49:51.520 --> 00:49:59.670 Mick Collins: to get back right. So we had. We had a business in San Diego, not my client, but we were saving them some astronomical number 5, 600 bucks a month.

00:49:59.700 --> 00:50:03.669 Mick Collins: and he said, Why, don't you keep my pricing the same. Then you have more to donate.

00:50:04.240 --> 00:50:07.020 Mick Collins: And it it was Rene that said, No, we don't work that way.

00:50:07.250 --> 00:50:08.509 Mick Collins: That's your money

00:50:08.860 --> 00:50:16.090 Mick Collins: right if you want to donate it, donate it. If you want to expand your business, expand, if you want to take your wife on a vacation, do that, it's your money.

00:50:16.160 --> 00:50:26.360 Mick Collins: We're going to give you the fair pricing. Right? So the the personal service having an advocate for your business, you you talk about community connecting my clients become my network.

00:50:26.600 --> 00:50:37.450 Mick Collins: Right so in in in a in a community in California it it was that it was, you know I became known, hey? You know somebody? Yeah, I know somebody and connect those those clients that maybe didn't know each other.

00:50:37.630 --> 00:50:38.750 Mick Collins: We didn't know, but

00:50:38.760 --> 00:51:02.660 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: possibilities being a serial networker and a serial connector. It's a I. I love that whole concept. Obviously it's like it a lot of times, my clients, my my show guests and things like that. They they end up being friends, and there's a real relationship, long time, business and personal, and it's, you know, a lot of times. Why, I don't have time to do anything ever, because i'm busy hanging with everybody. But that's it's so much more fun that way to me.

00:51:02.670 --> 00:51:03.299 Mick Collins: Yeah.

00:51:04.280 --> 00:51:12.480 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: So you bring it, bringing the you know the community together again a lot of times. You're talking about networking it. It it revolves a lot around community

00:51:12.780 --> 00:51:32.260 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: a lot of times. Business owners, SMS like they feel, especially from the ownership and leadership type of side of things. They feel like they're a little bit alone. Sometimes Some of them have, you know, strategic partnerships and everything. But it's all about everyone. You know. The Almighty dollar cash is getting making the money that they need to make, and and growing the business growing the revenues.

00:51:32.490 --> 00:51:36.539 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: There's just there like just having having this type of a a mission.

00:51:36.860 --> 00:51:53.449 Mick Collins: There's so much good that can come out of it like it again, like you said you saw it up close and personable. It's it. It can do good in addition to just being there. So yeah, our our our tagline before we became pay it forward, was your business is our business, and when I first started those

00:51:53.460 --> 00:52:08.819 Mick Collins: just 6 months of selling processing. I took that to heart. So now listen. When when you do good, i'm gonna do good. So i'm gonna help your business when I pop in on a service call or to check in i'm gonna do a little social media check in. Give you some love right?

00:52:09.270 --> 00:52:24.710 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: There are so many like business models I can think of out there that are, you know, somewhat reflexive of that like the better you do the better i'm gonna do, and that's you know. I totally understand that. But you know, having the the like, I can add a philanthropic arm to your business. We can

00:52:24.720 --> 00:52:44.179 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: use the existing structures that you have not only potentially improve them, save a little bit of money, etc., but be able to donate to a worthy cause, and you can see that impact you talk about from weekend insight to Monday impact. It's like Not only should everybody be thinking about? All right, let's grab a quick statement and have Mick take a look at it.

00:52:44.250 --> 00:52:53.570 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Think about. If you had that extra money in your coffers, instead of giving it to a vendor. Where would you donate it to? That's a great thing to think about over the weekend for Monday impact.

00:52:55.250 --> 00:53:24.030 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: so there didn't mean to me to put words in your mouth, but I I got really excited about it real there for you to think about for a Monday impact. So, Mick, you give give. Give my give our regards to Rene. I know she had to go out and do some work with the organization, you know. You know I've wanted you to come in here and hang out with me for a while. So i'm happy to this this. This was great pleasure to have you here as always kick around some ideas. And this is a topic again. Both of us have kind of seen it and a bunch of different ways from the front lines. And

00:53:24.140 --> 00:53:35.169 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: yeah, I have no doubt that there will be ever revolving madness and discussion and education that needs to happen around it. So i'm sure this topic will be revisited in some way, shape or form again. But before I let you go for the day.

00:53:35.180 --> 00:53:52.670 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: we're gonna let everybody in on the answers that you gave me to my questions once again, who is your favorite movie, your TV show character? What's your favorite movie, your TV show? What's your favorite musical instrument. And who's the artist? You'd like to hear play it so I was. I was totally into these answers. Some of them repeat offenders from my from my guests. But

00:53:52.680 --> 00:54:04.710 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: you said your favorite character was Don Draper from madmen, and I know you have actually put together some quotes and thoughts around each of these. So why don't you share with us what you know Something from Don Draper's Pearls of wisdom.

00:54:04.730 --> 00:54:09.920 Mick Collins: so that one that's apropos is success comes from standing out, not fitting in.

00:54:10.830 --> 00:54:12.109 Mick Collins: Couldn't agree more

00:54:12.150 --> 00:54:22.020 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: couldn't agree more and a lot of times when people are coming around trying to do the commoditized approach. It's trying to insert themselves, fit them into the business, however possible.

00:54:22.350 --> 00:54:26.470 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Not. It's not a standout performance. They get bombarded with it every freaking day.

00:54:27.980 --> 00:54:42.639 Mick Collins: That was another one of my favorite books, and honestly, that was a tough call favorite character. Oh, of course it is for me, too. But you know a lot of times. Yes, that question. There's something that'll immediately pop into the head, right? But

00:54:42.650 --> 00:55:01.889 Mick Collins: you you said that your favorite TV show was the sopranos, and you also said that wasn't just to kiss my ass, because i'm a Jersey guy. But you know that is also because you've watched it through and through 7 times at this point 7 times all the way through. Yes, what are you here? What do you say? What are your pros of wisdom? Here it it stands a test of time. i'm going to go to a tony soprano. Quote

00:55:01.900 --> 00:55:03.189 Mick Collins: no profanity.

00:55:03.220 --> 00:55:16.530 Mick Collins: A wrong decision is better than indecision, more is lost by indecision than wrong decision. That's one of my favorites, though when I saw that it reminded me of a famous Yogi bear a quote one of my favorites of all time. When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

00:55:16.540 --> 00:55:23.329 Mick Collins: but if you're right or wrong, just keep moving forward. Right. Keep moving forward. Pay it forward. Keep moving back and forward.

00:55:23.380 --> 00:55:28.910 Mick Collins: and you said you like the drums and the sweet sounds coming from Dave Groll. Yes.

00:55:29.150 --> 00:55:32.530 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: so what? What kind of wisdom do you have from from from Mr. Grohl?

00:55:32.910 --> 00:55:34.139 Mick Collins: Dave said.

00:55:34.160 --> 00:55:36.950 Mick Collins: No one is you. That's your power.

00:55:37.580 --> 00:55:53.089 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: love it it goes goes along with some of some of my thoughts as well, and having a picture of him in a carpool. Karaoke was something that I wasn't prepared to find while I was looking for pictures out there, but I kind of I kind of dug it, Mick. Thanks again for being here, man. I really appreciate it. Great great topic of discussions.

00:55:53.100 --> 00:55:58.850 Mick Collins: something that people definitely need to be educated about and not commoditize for sure. Thanks for having me, and as always, Hi.

00:55:59.470 --> 00:56:00.770 Mick Collins: it's right there.

00:56:01.260 --> 00:56:16.990 Steven Frey @alwaysfreyday @smbguy: Hi! Hi! Fry back to you, man. we will be back next week. 11 am. Eastern time, right after Tommy D. On philanthropy and focus right here on talk radio and Nyc. We hope you got some weekend insight to make a Monday impact. We'll see you next time everybody have a great weekend.

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