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Thursday, May 9, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/05/09-The Morry Method: One Year Later

Facebook Live Video from 2024/05/09-The Morry Method: One Year Later


2024/05/09-The Morry Method: One Year Later

[NEW EPISODE] The Morry Method: One Year Later

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT) 


It will be a Live Retrospective of Morry Zelcovitch's appearance on Frank About Health

Morry Zelcovitch in one year's time has been an instrumental source of support for the show and for me personally. Having his guidance on issues like Managing Stress, Sleep Disorders, Alzheimer's and understanding the impact that AI has on healthcare came seamless with Morry. For this reason, I pay tribute to him in a 1 hour discussion about The Morry Method, his ongoing brain entrainment development programs as well as some possible new lessons that only Morry can bring at the final moment.


Tune in for this healthy conversation at

Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank welcomes back Morry Zelcovitch to reflect on older episodes and introduce new opportunities one year later. Morry explains the creation of the Morry Method. He shares with the audience how he was in a dark space before he started this project, which became one of the main reasons he came out of that dark tunnel. Frank gives a recap of a previous episode in which Morry and Frank discussed Frank’s family member’s health. Frank explains that the methods Morry taught him a year ago have resulted in progress. 

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Frank explains why he changed locations and how he is trying to fit the setting with the theme of the segment. Frank found a program for his family member where she would be monitored during the day, but able to go home at night. He shares how Morry’s methods helped relieve some stress and how to fix the problem. Frank asks Morry what would be his opinion on the functional limitation when it comes to one’s brain health. Morry explains that a lot of people don’t want to know the information, but knowledge is power. 

Segment 3

Frank and Morry discuss the influence of AI in healthcare. Morry shares his screen to preview a tool called perplexity. He explains why AI is so helpful and what it can do to the medical industry. Frank and Morry use the Perplexity tool to show how easy it is to access information with sources. Frank gives an example from personal experience about how AI was a helpful tool for medical questions.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Morry shows Frank how AI will help communities in the athletic world. Mind Trainer Pro was designed to boost your brain for peak performance. Morry takes Frank and the audience on a tour of the website to show everyone how easy it is to navigate it. Morry shares with Frank that he created Quantum Mind Workout which will be ready for release in the next few weeks. 


00:00:51.730 --> 00:01:08.719 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome everybody. It is May ninth, 2024. One year ago today was the introduction of my guest, Mr. Mauri Zelkovic, who introduced the mori method, and I just thought it would be fitting that on this one year anniversary we'd bring him back.

00:01:08.720 --> 00:01:27.279 Frank R. Harrison: Tried to recap some of the big moments that he has appeared on the show several times, and there, trust me. There were some key moments that he was very helpful to me and my family, as well as with his technology. I found him to be a very true influencer, especially in the fields of mental and neurological health.

00:01:27.330 --> 00:01:50.090 Frank R. Harrison: So we're, this is gonna be a combination of a return of the best of Maury. If you remember, 3 or 4 weeks ago I had done a retrospective of some of the shows that he appeared in. And then at the last minute Maury came in and said, Hey, I'm here, and I thought, Well, no, let's make you a genuine comeback on the one year anniversary, not only to reflect on some of those key episodes.

00:01:50.090 --> 00:01:58.210 Frank R. Harrison: one-to-one talking about them. I'm not going to share any old clips or anything like that. We're just going to have an organic conversation.

00:01:58.210 --> 00:02:18.070 Frank R. Harrison: the Walkthrough Memory Lane together. Be frank about his experience on the show. What the experience and impact has been for me and my family. And also he's gonna introduce some new opportunities that are coming out in the next few weeks. So this is a perfect opportunity to look at where he we were one year ago, and where we're going to be

00:02:18.140 --> 00:02:47.229 Frank R. Harrison: sooner than that. So that, all being said, am I gonna issue a disclaimer well out of formality? I will but keep in mind any of the information being shared is all food for thought. They're not mentions of what you should or should not do for your neurological or brain health. They're not something you should go to your Pcp. About, or your psychiatrists, or your neurologists, and start saying that Maury or myself had indicated. This is what you need to do. We are not trying to dissuade you

00:02:47.230 --> 00:03:06.169 Frank R. Harrison: from your ongoing treatments. If you have any, we're just giving you information for you to share comments on, feel free to chat in our Youtube page. Our twitch page. Even our Linkedin page and our engineer in the background will do what he can to get the question out. Live and Mori or myself, or both of us will try to answer it for you.

00:03:06.620 --> 00:03:28.330 Frank R. Harrison: So I'll be seeing that all being said, the disclaimer basically says these are not the thoughts of use of talk radio, Nyc. Or of Frank about health. They are a conversation between Mauri Zelkovich and myself. And for that being, said Maurie. Welcome back, happy anniversary. Thank you for all that you've done for the show as well as for myself.

00:03:28.640 --> 00:03:34.400 Morry Zelcovitch: Well, thank you, Frank. It's my absolute pleasure to be here as always. I feel like a part of the family.

00:03:35.030 --> 00:03:54.609 Frank R. Harrison: That's the intention. And trust me. The way that you you know about my recent technological expeditions. And one of the shows that we did actually, 2 of the shows that we've done together. We're on my mobile phone. And it seems to be the foolproof solution. So even though I was ready with a new computer. You know what

00:03:54.910 --> 00:04:04.349 Frank R. Harrison: I work best with what works best with us. So here we are on a Samsung phone Android, but doesn't matter even if you're using your iphone while watching this show welcome.

00:04:04.450 --> 00:04:06.020 Frank R. Harrison: So, Maureen.

00:04:06.630 --> 00:04:17.160 Frank R. Harrison: what can I say? One year ago I was testing a different environment. I was testing the Nyu Langoean health system, which proved for a good 50 60 shows to be a good place.

00:04:17.440 --> 00:04:22.439 Frank R. Harrison: However, I'm moving forward with new venues, especially because I need better technology.

00:04:22.510 --> 00:04:34.280 Frank R. Harrison: However, you did talk about the more we method on that first show. Do you wanna give everyone a recap of what the more method is, as well as what you've been able to do to

00:04:34.340 --> 00:04:35.750 Frank R. Harrison: enhance it.

00:04:35.820 --> 00:04:50.480 Frank R. Harrison: or, better yet, why you built it to be begin with, because if we all remember, it was because it was either that or continue to commit suicide because of your depression, and you obviously chose the better option. So do you want to recap for everybody what that was like.

00:04:51.790 --> 00:04:53.800 Morry Zelcovitch: Sure. So

00:04:54.530 --> 00:04:59.500 Morry Zelcovitch: basically, the creation of my methodology to help

00:04:59.790 --> 00:05:00.770 Morry Zelcovitch: people

00:05:00.880 --> 00:05:04.740 Morry Zelcovitch: was really a selfish construct. It was designed to help myself.

00:05:04.990 --> 00:05:14.900 Morry Zelcovitch: I had gone through 40 years of deep, dark depression, and when it changed it didn't go from deep dark to better. It went from deep dark to what I call super depression.

00:05:15.890 --> 00:05:17.290 Morry Zelcovitch: And

00:05:17.960 --> 00:05:24.419 Morry Zelcovitch: you know, as Frank alluded to, I did try to end my life. As a matter of fact, 6 times that I can remember.

00:05:25.390 --> 00:05:29.349 Morry Zelcovitch: interestingly enough, though it struck me that if I

00:05:29.360 --> 00:05:31.960 Morry Zelcovitch: really wanted to die, one should have been enough.

00:05:32.610 --> 00:05:37.659 Morry Zelcovitch: Of course it took me 6 times to figure that out. So you can tell, I wasn't exactly very smart.

00:05:38.323 --> 00:05:41.559 Morry Zelcovitch: And yeah, I also wasn't very good at it. So

00:05:41.770 --> 00:05:44.089 Morry Zelcovitch: which turned out to be good because

00:05:44.950 --> 00:05:52.719 Morry Zelcovitch: I used that information. If I couldn't find a way to die. I used that information to realize that I needed to find a way to live.

00:05:53.250 --> 00:06:08.339 Morry Zelcovitch: So I tried the usual suspects. You know. I won't go too in depth here, but I tried, you know, self medicating myself with drugs and alcohol and women. Yes, women are a drug to a man, anyway, or to women who like other women.

00:06:08.480 --> 00:06:12.669 Morry Zelcovitch: So basically it didn't help me.

00:06:13.100 --> 00:06:16.010 Morry Zelcovitch: Isn't that strange that addiction didn't help me get better.

00:06:16.510 --> 00:06:20.649 Morry Zelcovitch: I was so sure it would, but it didn't. It actually made things worse

00:06:21.440 --> 00:06:32.379 Morry Zelcovitch: in the end I decided to. Well, not necessarily the end. But in the middle I decided, well, if addiction isn't going to help me, maybe I need doctors, clinicians, psychiatrists, that kind of thing.

00:06:32.650 --> 00:06:34.520 Morry Zelcovitch: They couldn't help me, either.

00:06:35.790 --> 00:06:42.779 Morry Zelcovitch: Keep in mind that it's a downhill slope every time I thought something might help, and it didn't help, and it kept taking me lower and lower.

00:06:42.910 --> 00:06:47.570 Morry Zelcovitch: I started feeling more and more confined. More and more like this is just life.

00:06:48.670 --> 00:06:49.160 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:06:49.160 --> 00:06:55.349 Morry Zelcovitch: I couldn't end my life, but I couldn't go on the way it was either, so it was a very bad place to be in.

00:06:56.438 --> 00:07:15.730 Morry Zelcovitch: I went from there into trying everything I could try. So I tried drug like different kinds of drugs, different kinds of alcohol, different kinds of medications. I tried devices, you know. There's a lot of options out there. If you're depressed, if you're sad.

00:07:16.463 --> 00:07:24.529 Morry Zelcovitch: And I tried everything I tried technology. I tried, you know supplementation. I tried exercises. I tried something called Emdr.

00:07:24.620 --> 00:07:32.079 Morry Zelcovitch: I tried tapping technologies and systems and methodologies, and nothing would help me.

00:07:32.150 --> 00:07:35.809 Morry Zelcovitch: So at that point I graduated, if you want to call it that

00:07:35.970 --> 00:07:38.620 Morry Zelcovitch: to thinking. Well.

00:07:38.660 --> 00:07:47.429 Morry Zelcovitch: just throwing stuff against the wall, nothing sticking. Maybe I need to try to understand what's going on. So that's when I went to what I call the paper Internet.

00:07:48.130 --> 00:07:55.519 Morry Zelcovitch: And if anybody's out there and wants to type in what they think the paper Internet was. You'd be right if you said library

00:07:55.950 --> 00:07:58.189 Morry Zelcovitch: if you don't know what a library is

00:07:59.090 --> 00:08:00.439 Morry Zelcovitch: about 12 years old.

00:08:00.690 --> 00:08:06.109 Morry Zelcovitch: But that's what the Internet was for all of you out there who don't know what a library was. A library.

00:08:06.200 --> 00:08:09.880 Morry Zelcovitch: basically was the Internet before there was an Internet.

00:08:10.480 --> 00:08:10.870 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:08:10.870 --> 00:08:19.579 Morry Zelcovitch: Instead of us going on the web, we went on a bus. We went to a building where they had all these books and all these manuals and all these things there.

00:08:19.690 --> 00:08:32.439 Morry Zelcovitch: So I started studying things like neurology and quantum physics and perception and psychology pretty much anything that I thought you know, might have something to do with my why, feel the way I feel.

00:08:32.940 --> 00:08:33.350 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:08:33.350 --> 00:08:43.039 Morry Zelcovitch: And I started developing an understanding. And as I developed that understanding, I kept looking for ways to help myself. And eventually I came across this thing called brainwave entrainment.

00:08:43.210 --> 00:08:50.890 Morry Zelcovitch: which basically uses sound or imagery to alter brainwave activity. And by altering brainwave activity that alters

00:08:50.910 --> 00:08:52.670 Morry Zelcovitch: perception, it alters

00:08:52.950 --> 00:09:01.520 Morry Zelcovitch: basically how we see and feel the world around us. It turns out that's actually what brain chemistry. One of the many functions brain chemistry has

00:09:01.530 --> 00:09:10.899 Morry Zelcovitch: is to kind of be a code if you will almost like an app on your phone, where you tap certain areas and you do different things. And it gives you different results. Well.

00:09:11.570 --> 00:09:14.250 Morry Zelcovitch: turns out your brain chemistry is

00:09:14.330 --> 00:09:22.749 Morry Zelcovitch: functional in that sense, too. It actually allows you to feel what you feel. So in my case, it was allowing me to feel horrible and desperate and sad.

00:09:22.750 --> 00:09:23.360 Frank R. Harrison: Earth.

00:09:23.520 --> 00:09:25.469 Morry Zelcovitch: Anxious and depressed.

00:09:26.140 --> 00:09:26.840 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm.

00:09:27.250 --> 00:09:34.190 Morry Zelcovitch: But brainwave and tradements should have helped me to change that, because it uses tones and light and experience

00:09:34.470 --> 00:09:36.400 Morry Zelcovitch: to actually alter

00:09:36.670 --> 00:09:38.080 Morry Zelcovitch: brainwave activity.

00:09:38.450 --> 00:09:40.670 Morry Zelcovitch: The problem was, it didn't help me, either.

00:09:41.920 --> 00:09:48.520 Morry Zelcovitch: and that was pretty much the end of my road. 40 years of research, brainwave and trimming was the last thing I found.

00:09:48.560 --> 00:09:50.160 Morry Zelcovitch: and it didn't help either.

00:09:50.380 --> 00:09:54.709 Morry Zelcovitch: but I thought something nagged at me, and it wasn't my wife.

00:09:55.010 --> 00:09:58.439 Morry Zelcovitch: It was. It was actually me nagging at myself.

00:09:58.780 --> 00:10:07.980 Morry Zelcovitch: and it told me that maybe I need to reinvent the wheel here. Maybe there's something missing in this technology that didn't exist that needs to exist.

00:10:08.010 --> 00:10:12.069 Morry Zelcovitch: In my view, nature is about evolution. It's about change.

00:10:12.350 --> 00:10:15.669 Morry Zelcovitch: really they, there's synonymous evolution and change.

00:10:15.910 --> 00:10:23.859 Morry Zelcovitch: So I started changing it. And when I started changing the technology. And I tried it. Then all of a sudden, I started feeling better.

00:10:24.880 --> 00:10:31.160 Morry Zelcovitch: And since then I've just been working and I can't stop getting ideas, the ideas just flow.

00:10:31.370 --> 00:10:35.769 Morry Zelcovitch: I've gone from being someone who wanted to be dead forever to someone who wants to live forever.

00:10:37.060 --> 00:10:38.170 Frank R. Harrison: Very good. We're.

00:10:38.170 --> 00:10:38.930 Morry Zelcovitch: Very good.

00:10:39.300 --> 00:10:56.049 Frank R. Harrison: Well, you know what I'm I'm listening to your story again, and I know that we've we've talked about it on other episodes that you've done, and it's very interesting how, while one part of your brain was trying to end your life, another part was trying to save your life by doing the ongoing search.

00:10:56.220 --> 00:10:57.710 Frank R. Harrison: you know. Now.

00:10:58.160 --> 00:11:03.899 Frank R. Harrison: brain and train, it became a solution which you'd now grown leaps and bounds with. But

00:11:03.990 --> 00:11:11.969 Frank R. Harrison: it just shows you that the reason why you need it in trainment is because already I guess in your case and correct me if I'm wrong.

00:11:12.310 --> 00:11:29.500 Frank R. Harrison: Your wiring was already skewed, or there were deficits based on. I don't know if it was traumas, or if it was genetics, or if it was something else that was going on with your brain chemistry, because you know in our brain health well, mental health awareness month, which this is.

00:11:29.500 --> 00:11:58.070 Frank R. Harrison: you know, I guess. Did you discover when you discovered brain and trainment that your own brain itself, even if the doctors were not helping, and the addiction was not helping, just needed reprogramming. I'm most people don't see that they are in control of their brain. I do believe you are, but you just have to find out that secret key or that secret code that tells you. Wait a minute. I'm in charge. You're not, you know. So how did you finally realize that brain and train it while your last option was the only option.

00:11:58.100 --> 00:12:04.679 Frank R. Harrison: What inside you or in your brain, made you see that it was about your brain saying I need help.

00:12:05.360 --> 00:12:10.079 Morry Zelcovitch: My brain just kept telling me my mind just kept telling me that this was the key.

00:12:10.090 --> 00:12:13.289 Morry Zelcovitch: and yet it wasn't working. So there was a conflict there.

00:12:13.620 --> 00:12:21.490 Morry Zelcovitch: but I kind of I really didn't have any choice. So if my brain kept saying, This is what you need.

00:12:21.540 --> 00:12:26.709 Morry Zelcovitch: And yet the stuff I was finding online and out there wasn't working for me.

00:12:26.920 --> 00:12:29.649 Morry Zelcovitch: It kind of made me think, well, what if

00:12:29.870 --> 00:12:34.459 Morry Zelcovitch: you know, I mean, I feel like giving up because I've been looking for 40 years, and

00:12:34.540 --> 00:12:37.170 Morry Zelcovitch: I finally hit what I thought was the last thing

00:12:37.480 --> 00:12:39.160 Morry Zelcovitch: right, and it didn't help.

00:12:39.710 --> 00:12:41.580 Morry Zelcovitch: But it struck me that

00:12:42.240 --> 00:12:46.469 Morry Zelcovitch: I just have this real feeling that it should be helping me.

00:12:46.780 --> 00:12:53.859 Morry Zelcovitch: And somehow something snapped in my head like snapping fingers. It just suddenly became clear that

00:12:54.580 --> 00:12:56.000 Morry Zelcovitch: it should help.

00:12:56.030 --> 00:12:58.479 Morry Zelcovitch: I've got this gut feeling. It will help.

00:12:58.810 --> 00:13:00.329 Morry Zelcovitch: but it's not helping

00:13:00.470 --> 00:13:02.339 Morry Zelcovitch: in its present state.

00:13:02.970 --> 00:13:12.519 Morry Zelcovitch: And that's when I started thinking, well, maybe I need to change it. Maybe my 4 years of depression wasn't a waste of time. Maybe it wasn't punishment. Maybe it was something

00:13:12.690 --> 00:13:23.140 Morry Zelcovitch: that was designed from the very beginning to give me the background I needed in order to make things different, make things better, and not just for myself, but for others.

00:13:23.600 --> 00:13:46.909 Frank R. Harrison: Essentially basically a part of your brain had probably spent 40 years being inactivated. And yet your intuition was still going strong to be that bridge to find out that this brain and trayment solution that you dubbed the Maury method was the solution that fit your case, and I guess it served as a primer for everything else that you've built since then. Is that safe to say.

00:13:47.160 --> 00:13:50.790 Morry Zelcovitch: That's pretty safe to say, Yeah, it really comes down to

00:13:52.440 --> 00:13:58.749 Morry Zelcovitch: evolution again, change the technology from what I had seen really hadn't changed since it was first conceived.

00:13:59.530 --> 00:14:00.020 Frank R. Harrison: And that.

00:14:00.020 --> 00:14:02.820 Morry Zelcovitch: I think was the uncomfortable part for me.

00:14:02.920 --> 00:14:09.500 Morry Zelcovitch: and when I finally realized that I did what I needed to do to change it, and as I changed it.

00:14:09.570 --> 00:14:12.080 Morry Zelcovitch: my world around me seemed to change as well.

00:14:12.940 --> 00:14:42.050 Frank R. Harrison: Awesome. Well, we're about to take our first break, and I'm going to now cover another episode that we did together, which I think was 2 episodes after your first appearance it was called energizing your mind to energize your life, and if you recall it, was talking about my cousin and her bout with dementia ordering on Alzheimer's. And some events happen this past week that I wanna share with you to show how what you taught me back at that episode actually helped me.

00:14:42.050 --> 00:14:43.760 Frank R. Harrison: and doing what I need to do

00:14:43.760 --> 00:15:04.300 Frank R. Harrison: to potentially find a facility for her in the near term or long term, depending on what other results come out in the near future. So, ladies and gentlemen, right here on, Frank, about health, we are welcoming Maury to his one year anniversary on the show. He is definitely a true influencer in brain health, neurological brain and trainment.

00:15:04.380 --> 00:15:07.780 Frank R. Harrison: Please check out his website. The Moorie

00:15:07.800 --> 00:15:34.239 Frank R. Harrison: check out the samples of his sound files and quantum video files that I have used to help with my mother's sleep problems. I've tried using and understanding how to control Alzheimer's. But, more importantly, when you use them, you can see how you can take charge of your brain. That is the hidden message in all of this. Learn and hone your intuition, and train your brain to think the way you want to have a better quality of life

00:15:34.330 --> 00:15:41.959 Frank R. Harrison: right here on talk radio. Nyc linkedin Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. We will be back in a few.

00:17:56.420 --> 00:18:01.996 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back. This is segment 2 welcoming Maury to one year on Frank about health

00:18:02.460 --> 00:18:11.539 Frank R. Harrison: being that I'm doing this from my home and on my phone I decided to be a little creative. Every segment. I will have a different scene

00:18:11.620 --> 00:18:24.069 Frank R. Harrison: right now. I'm sitting in a nice, comfortable, lazy boy chair, because I'm going to get one on one with Maury about my cousin and her brain health. It is a retrospective on the episode we did together called

00:18:24.200 --> 00:18:29.349 Frank R. Harrison: energizing your mind to energize your life. But

00:18:29.500 --> 00:18:34.739 Frank R. Harrison: thanks to the conversation that we had which hopefully Maurie and I will be able to recall.

00:18:34.830 --> 00:18:43.609 Frank R. Harrison: I'm going to show the actions that I took with my cousin this past Tuesday when we met with her neurologist to get the official diagnosis of dementia.

00:18:43.930 --> 00:18:52.870 Frank R. Harrison: So that being, said, Maurie, when we talked about that, I know you were also talking about, I think it was your father who also had Alzheimer's. Is that correct?

00:18:53.020 --> 00:18:54.350 Morry Zelcovitch: Yes, that's correct.

00:18:54.670 --> 00:18:59.399 Frank R. Harrison: Okay? And then I remember you mentioned about how the sound files that you created.

00:18:59.965 --> 00:19:08.610 Frank R. Harrison: If you could remind me what the title of that file was, it was basically to help reduce the amyloid protein buildup in the neurons.

00:19:09.620 --> 00:19:14.139 Morry Zelcovitch: Actually in the neurons it's called Tau tangles.

00:19:14.720 --> 00:19:15.110 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:19:15.110 --> 00:19:19.720 Morry Zelcovitch: Yeah, outside the neurons is called betamoid protein.

00:19:19.940 --> 00:19:26.270 Morry Zelcovitch: So these are just things that come up the works and get in the way of the electric electrical transmissions between. You know the messaging.

00:19:26.400 --> 00:19:30.310 Morry Zelcovitch: Really, it makes it difficult to access memory and things like that.

00:19:30.850 --> 00:19:37.690 Morry Zelcovitch: But yeah, my father, my father's I mean. Alzheimer's didn't kill him, but Alzheimer's

00:19:37.750 --> 00:19:42.170 Morry Zelcovitch: led him to his death because it made him forget things that he couldn't do.

00:19:42.730 --> 00:19:43.100 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:19:43.100 --> 00:19:46.409 Morry Zelcovitch: Fell one too many times, and that was it.

00:19:47.450 --> 00:20:06.259 Frank R. Harrison: Understood. And I and I know basically that you know, everyone hears the word Alzheimer's, and they think it's it's a fate of complete or that it's gonna be the the thing that ends you. But yet there are medications out there that slow the progression of it. And yet, in some cases like in the case of my cousin.

00:20:06.300 --> 00:20:26.419 Frank R. Harrison: It's not even Alzheimer's, or at least the way people know it to be, especially when what was discovered over the past year of doing my caregiving for her, that she was basically smoking cigarettes nonstop to the point of reducing the oxygen to her brain, probably shrinking the temporal lobes on both sides

00:20:26.420 --> 00:20:37.549 Frank R. Harrison: and showing increasing blood pressure when she would be denying that she's doing the cigarette smoking. Now, obviously, whatever habits or stress that was provoking. The smoking is one aspect of it.

00:20:37.550 --> 00:20:41.759 Frank R. Harrison: But she was basically providing her own dementia.

00:20:41.760 --> 00:21:02.889 Frank R. Harrison: Now that would be a difference between that typical Alzheimer's buildup that grows on the brain as seen on MRI's and other cat scans. But in this particular case what it does show is that when you have tobacco poisoning, or some form of oxygen debt to the brain, due to the ingestion of smoke

00:21:03.080 --> 00:21:21.680 Frank R. Harrison: or vaping even for all that could be considered. You could be not only helping to speed up dementia, but you're also helping to trigger Alzheimer's, because tobacco can lead to Alzheimer's disease as well. So in all the research that I've done starting with you

00:21:21.720 --> 00:21:29.590 Frank R. Harrison: and trying to implement those sound files onto her. But she completely wiped. Take off the headphones and say it was distracting her.

00:21:29.660 --> 00:21:43.720 Frank R. Harrison: But it, it at least helped me when when I needed to keep myself focused. So I was able to use that for myself in understanding her case and doing the right, caregiving, the right research, the right doctors to see.

00:21:44.500 --> 00:21:57.940 Frank R. Harrison: And thankfully we were able to get her a primary care assistant or Pca. I think it's patient care advocate, or patient care. Assistance is typically a nurse, and she was the one that actually met with her.

00:21:58.150 --> 00:22:11.189 Frank R. Harrison: My cousin's name, by the way, is Gladys, so I will just be open about that at this point, and she was able to pinpoint that while she had increasing dementia, and she was given 2 powerful drugs that slowed it.

00:22:11.200 --> 00:22:15.540 Frank R. Harrison: Cause it could have been she could. It could have been worse now without those medications.

00:22:16.224 --> 00:22:27.000 Frank R. Harrison: It was definitely not seen as Alzheimer's disease. So the way I looked at it is, oh, there's a longer life span, longer life potential, but could potentially.

00:22:27.070 --> 00:22:33.300 Frank R. Harrison: and because of another circumstance similar to, as you mentioned your father, all the falls and stuff like that.

00:22:33.310 --> 00:22:46.860 Frank R. Harrison: Now, this past Tuesday, I was actually looking for that official diagnosis from the neurologist because I found a program that can put her in daycare that would allow her to go home at night

00:22:46.950 --> 00:22:54.279 Frank R. Harrison: so she can have someone monitor, her normal motor functioning and her safety.

00:22:54.350 --> 00:23:01.729 Frank R. Harrison: while at the same time her forgetfulness is now at the point where she can visualize who the President is.

00:23:01.840 --> 00:23:03.729 Frank R. Harrison: but the name escapes her.

00:23:04.070 --> 00:23:16.309 Frank R. Harrison: you know, or she doesn't know what day or year it is, and it has gotten worse to the point where, when I was with her, I thought I was with a 12 year old, but you know it. It is what it is.

00:23:16.330 --> 00:23:18.950 Frank R. Harrison: and understanding what it is is

00:23:19.020 --> 00:23:24.490 Frank R. Harrison: is the is like like when you found out about your own brain needing in trainment.

00:23:24.620 --> 00:23:34.639 Frank R. Harrison: Knowledge is power. So there's more confidence in how to approach it rather than Oh, why did this have to happen? And this is gonna I mean, it's upsetting the family as it would.

00:23:34.700 --> 00:23:47.749 Frank R. Harrison: But at least there's information sharing now. And I want to thank you for that, Maury. So the thing is is that as a result, I was able to come to the conclusion that okay, the dementia diagnosis was provided. But the version of it.

00:23:48.200 --> 00:23:56.059 Frank R. Harrison: Alzheimer's Louie body dementia, tobacco poisoning. If that's even a diagnosis. I have no idea.

00:23:56.110 --> 00:24:03.850 Frank R. Harrison: The only way to find that out is to go ahead and see her primary care physician in June, which is for her annual visit.

00:24:03.860 --> 00:24:06.019 Frank R. Harrison: and have that person

00:24:06.470 --> 00:24:15.809 Frank R. Harrison: so suggest an MRI in a cat scan and come up with what version is it, and what is the appropriate daycare or long-term care that she's going to get for it

00:24:16.210 --> 00:24:20.209 Frank R. Harrison: until the eventual time happens. So that being said.

00:24:20.380 --> 00:24:23.540 Frank R. Harrison: my story echoes yours in the following way.

00:24:23.880 --> 00:24:37.699 Frank R. Harrison: well, we own the phrase, knowledge is power. It provides us to use whatever resources that we have to get, the information that we seek to do what we can, you know, given certain limitations. But

00:24:37.770 --> 00:24:42.199 Frank R. Harrison: as we will talk about later on in the show, I could say that AI also helped.

00:24:42.290 --> 00:24:51.549 Frank R. Harrison: you know. So what I'm trying to figure out, though, is that what would you say? That even though I have myself a pro, a work in progress with my cousin

00:24:51.700 --> 00:24:54.890 Frank R. Harrison: with less stress, because at least I know what I'm dealing with.

00:24:55.110 --> 00:25:04.640 Frank R. Harrison: what has been the functional limitation that everyone is faced with when it comes to their own brain health? Is it a lack of desire to seek the truth?

00:25:04.690 --> 00:25:08.249 Frank R. Harrison: Or is it something else? What? Based on your own opinions.

00:25:09.400 --> 00:25:11.510 Morry Zelcovitch: Keeping in mind. This is only my opinion.

00:25:11.830 --> 00:25:12.530 Frank R. Harrison: Bright.

00:25:12.980 --> 00:25:16.489 Morry Zelcovitch: I'm not a doctor, that's it. I'm not a doctor. I don't play one on TV

00:25:16.960 --> 00:25:19.979 Morry Zelcovitch: or on or on New York radio, for that matter.

00:25:21.115 --> 00:25:21.740 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:25:23.080 --> 00:25:26.749 Morry Zelcovitch: The thing is a lot of people, you know, and I hear this all the time.

00:25:27.400 --> 00:25:28.840 Morry Zelcovitch: They don't want to know.

00:25:31.110 --> 00:25:31.490 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:25:31.490 --> 00:25:38.760 Morry Zelcovitch: Better to not know, and than just to have it happen. But the thing is, I understand it's uncomfortable to know.

00:25:39.730 --> 00:25:40.510 Morry Zelcovitch: But

00:25:41.140 --> 00:25:47.930 Morry Zelcovitch: with what's happening, and we'll talk about AI and another knowledge bases in in the next segment.

00:25:48.070 --> 00:25:48.880 Morry Zelcovitch: But

00:25:50.920 --> 00:26:01.559 Morry Zelcovitch: there are things that can be done. You mentioned. Smoking could be an issue. Drinking is also an issue. You know, my dad, we had to install cameras in the in his condo, so we could

00:26:01.670 --> 00:26:02.560 Morry Zelcovitch: check on them

00:26:03.100 --> 00:26:06.000 Morry Zelcovitch: because for a long time he was still functional.

00:26:06.620 --> 00:26:07.270 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:26:07.870 --> 00:26:12.840 Morry Zelcovitch: And he would go to the cabinet, and he would pour himself a shot

00:26:14.190 --> 00:26:16.740 Morry Zelcovitch: of Scotch or a vodka

00:26:18.040 --> 00:26:19.729 Morry Zelcovitch: like couple times an hour

00:26:20.050 --> 00:26:20.570 Morry Zelcovitch: drinking.

00:26:20.570 --> 00:26:21.090 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah.

00:26:21.090 --> 00:26:24.229 Morry Zelcovitch: And smoking are 2 things that

00:26:24.740 --> 00:26:25.980 Morry Zelcovitch: let's face it.

00:26:26.020 --> 00:26:27.939 Morry Zelcovitch: We don't really know a lot

00:26:29.420 --> 00:26:33.640 Morry Zelcovitch: about dementia. We don't really know a lot about Alzheimer's disease.

00:26:34.310 --> 00:26:40.199 Morry Zelcovitch: And one thing we are finding, though, is that smoking and drinking don't help.

00:26:41.235 --> 00:26:44.899 Morry Zelcovitch: and they actually can speed things up and make it much worse.

00:26:45.290 --> 00:26:46.320 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly.

00:26:47.050 --> 00:26:49.180 Morry Zelcovitch: Which is tough, because

00:26:49.340 --> 00:26:54.439 Morry Zelcovitch: it's not a comfortable thing for an individual to know that their mind is going on them.

00:26:55.310 --> 00:26:57.600 Morry Zelcovitch: and that causes stress and anxiety.

00:26:57.970 --> 00:26:58.590 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:26:58.590 --> 00:27:03.590 Morry Zelcovitch: And let's face it. A lot of people use smoking and drinking to cope with stress and anxiety.

00:27:05.320 --> 00:27:11.699 Morry Zelcovitch: So if we can come up with something else and use it early enough. You know my dad comes from an era

00:27:12.920 --> 00:27:13.370 Morry Zelcovitch: of

00:27:14.080 --> 00:27:16.090 Morry Zelcovitch: bars in offices.

00:27:17.720 --> 00:27:18.590 Morry Zelcovitch: Literally.

00:27:18.730 --> 00:27:22.049 Morry Zelcovitch: it was not uncommon to seal a deal with a drink

00:27:22.540 --> 00:27:24.229 Morry Zelcovitch: or a series of drinks.

00:27:24.520 --> 00:27:30.049 Morry Zelcovitch: or to take clients to bars and restaurants and get them drunk to help them sign of paper.

00:27:30.240 --> 00:27:30.860 Morry Zelcovitch: So.

00:27:30.860 --> 00:27:31.470 Frank R. Harrison: Open.

00:27:32.170 --> 00:27:38.079 Morry Zelcovitch: You know, but he wasn't drinking a lot. He wasn't smoking a lot, and then all of a sudden he started smoking again. He started drinking again.

00:27:39.060 --> 00:27:39.580 Frank R. Harrison: Well.

00:27:39.580 --> 00:27:45.740 Morry Zelcovitch: Part of the problem with dementia's is that we lose track of time and and and what time of life it is, too.

00:27:46.370 --> 00:27:50.450 Morry Zelcovitch: So we don't know. I mean he used to. I remember he used to

00:27:51.450 --> 00:27:53.580 Morry Zelcovitch: ask about his sister and his mom.

00:27:55.730 --> 00:27:57.910 Morry Zelcovitch: They were gone for 1020 years.

00:28:00.020 --> 00:28:09.219 Frank R. Harrison: Wow! That kind of leads me to one of the other questions I had while we were sitting with the neurologist. And she's basically failing every memory question.

00:28:09.620 --> 00:28:14.630 Frank R. Harrison: Here we are mentioning publicly in front of her the words Alzheimer's and dementia.

00:28:15.030 --> 00:28:35.989 Frank R. Harrison: Do you think that even though they're not processing it at at full capacity that they even know the word Alzheimer's or dementia. Or do you think they know inside that? That's what's happening. And they're just. And that's just adding to their internal stress. Or maybe they really a Alzheimer's could be known as the word umbrella. I mean, what W. What would you say could be happening.

00:28:36.730 --> 00:28:37.210 Morry Zelcovitch: Anything.

00:28:37.210 --> 00:28:37.950 Frank R. Harrison: Insight.

00:28:38.220 --> 00:28:40.380 Morry Zelcovitch: I would say anything could be happening

00:28:40.832 --> 00:28:44.949 Morry Zelcovitch: I used to feel bad when the doctor would talk about Alzheimer's with my dad right there.

00:28:45.460 --> 00:28:46.120 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:28:46.640 --> 00:28:51.169 Morry Zelcovitch: But I'm not sure he was processing it the way you process it, or the way I process it.

00:28:51.480 --> 00:28:54.039 Morry Zelcovitch: And the thing is.

00:28:54.110 --> 00:28:58.959 Morry Zelcovitch: I still say, knowing is better, because I believe as long as there's breath there's hope.

00:28:59.370 --> 00:29:06.459 Morry Zelcovitch: And with technology and with even just common sense, there are things that can be done, I believe.

00:29:06.660 --> 00:29:07.910 Morry Zelcovitch: to slow it

00:29:07.940 --> 00:29:14.730 Morry Zelcovitch: and maybe even stop it. There are techniques and technologies out there. Now. There's even doctors who have come up with ways.

00:29:14.790 --> 00:29:22.229 Morry Zelcovitch: I was written up in a book called The End of Alzheimer's by Dr. Dale Bredesen, and I strongly suggest anyone who's out there and gets a diagnosis

00:29:22.240 --> 00:29:26.839 Morry Zelcovitch: looks for it because there's things that we do that might be making our lives worse.

00:29:26.870 --> 00:29:35.279 Morry Zelcovitch: and might even be bringing on signs of these things. And you know there's lots of people who I know we're going to break in a second. But there's a lot of people out there

00:29:35.990 --> 00:29:37.760 Morry Zelcovitch: are thought to have.

00:29:37.960 --> 00:29:40.900 Morry Zelcovitch: you know, come back and defeated cancer

00:29:41.170 --> 00:29:50.380 Morry Zelcovitch: and aids and all kinds of things, maybe even Alzheimer's, and in some cases I think they have, and in other cases, I think that they were misdiagnosed.

00:29:51.740 --> 00:29:57.479 Morry Zelcovitch: So y'all you gotta fight, man. Everybody needs to fight, and knowing there's something to fight for

00:29:57.520 --> 00:29:58.660 Morry Zelcovitch: and against

00:29:58.960 --> 00:30:00.320 Morry Zelcovitch: is a motivator.

00:30:00.800 --> 00:30:08.396 Frank R. Harrison: Correct. Now, before we go to break, you did say offline what the test I should be looking for. Can you say publicly again.

00:30:09.063 --> 00:30:16.069 Frank R. Harrison: For my cousin when she meets her Pcp. What is the test to determine Alzheimer's versus any other type of dementia.

00:30:16.070 --> 00:30:20.379 Morry Zelcovitch: There's there's tests out there, but that's more left. Better left to a doctor.

00:30:20.850 --> 00:30:21.200 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:30:21.200 --> 00:30:25.960 Morry Zelcovitch: Decide which is best. I don't want to put a thought into people's heads, and then, you know.

00:30:26.275 --> 00:30:26.590 Frank R. Harrison: There!

00:30:26.590 --> 00:30:38.970 Morry Zelcovitch: Be an authority. I think it's really important that a doctor who suspects any kind of cognitive issues that they suggest, and they prescribe someone to see a neurologist.

00:30:39.060 --> 00:30:41.859 Morry Zelcovitch: and the neurologist will know the appropriate test

00:30:42.040 --> 00:30:45.390 Morry Zelcovitch: that would help to diagnose the appropriate treatments.

00:30:46.290 --> 00:31:03.459 Frank R. Harrison: Alright. So, ladies and gentlemen, when we get back in segment 3, we're gonna recap AI in healthcare. The episode that Maury and I did together during cardiac awareness month. I'm not wearing my red sweater this time, because is that actually hot in here? But at least we'll be able to recap that, and also show again

00:31:03.460 --> 00:31:22.850 Frank R. Harrison: how his appearance on the show had served practicality for me. On another case, which is my father, another person that a lot of my listeners and viewers know that I've been doing caregiving for, and thanks to your lessons on AI, I was able to help him with some recent diagnoses. So when we return right here on Frank about health.

00:31:23.070 --> 00:31:32.840 Frank R. Harrison: we're continuing celebrating Maury's anniversary on on the show and right here on talk, radio, Nyc. And all of our socials. We'll be back in a few.

00:33:34.460 --> 00:33:58.459 Frank R. Harrison: Alright, everybody. We're at segment 3 from my living room. Basically, we're at the AI segment of the show. If you recall back in February, during cardiac awareness month more we gave a webinar on heart Health and AI, and if this was on my computer, I would be showing you a clip from that show where he started to talk about brain health and AI.

00:33:58.460 --> 00:34:14.349 Frank R. Harrison: But instead, I think, Mori, you're in the position to share some of that if you want to, or if you can. I don't want to distract you from your computer at the moment. But I do want to discuss about AI's influence in things like diagnosis in brain health in

00:34:14.762 --> 00:34:17.819 Frank R. Harrison: some of the things that have happened with

00:34:17.880 --> 00:34:22.089 Frank R. Harrison: my my father's case, or even just in general, anything you want to share.

00:34:23.550 --> 00:34:25.630 Morry Zelcovitch: Okay, thank you. So

00:34:25.679 --> 00:34:27.179 Morry Zelcovitch: here's a tool.

00:34:27.469 --> 00:34:39.999 Morry Zelcovitch: Everyone's heard a lot about. AI. And I did mention in the in the other show about an app called perplexity. So it can be downloaded on an Ios phone apple phone

00:34:40.690 --> 00:34:46.170 Morry Zelcovitch: or on an Android phone like a Samsung or any other android based phone.

00:34:46.639 --> 00:34:50.090 Morry Zelcovitch: And what it does is it's an amazing research tool.

00:34:50.760 --> 00:34:53.880 Morry Zelcovitch: The thing about AI is AI is incredibly valuable

00:34:54.120 --> 00:34:58.449 Morry Zelcovitch: because it's going to help change the world at lightning speed.

00:34:58.670 --> 00:35:03.609 Morry Zelcovitch: As a matter of fact, there's been a recent breakthrough in AI for medical research.

00:35:04.100 --> 00:35:07.610 Morry Zelcovitch: and medical researchers will now be able to.

00:35:07.770 --> 00:35:12.520 Morry Zelcovitch: Literally, I mean, check out this. This is like Star Trek, and beyond.

00:35:12.960 --> 00:35:15.620 Morry Zelcovitch: they are now going to be able to

00:35:17.210 --> 00:35:18.610 Morry Zelcovitch: basically

00:35:18.850 --> 00:35:19.790 Morry Zelcovitch: test

00:35:21.000 --> 00:35:23.980 Morry Zelcovitch: chemical combinations. Medicines.

00:35:24.190 --> 00:35:31.689 Morry Zelcovitch: Okay, new ideas for cures or possible cures, and they will be able to run it through. And a special AI

00:35:32.160 --> 00:35:34.269 Morry Zelcovitch: and they'll be able to tell how

00:35:34.540 --> 00:35:35.630 Morry Zelcovitch: cells

00:35:35.830 --> 00:35:43.660 Morry Zelcovitch: will and cell structures will react to the medicine they'll be able to tell if it's dangerous. If it's effective.

00:35:44.570 --> 00:35:50.169 Morry Zelcovitch: Quite literally, they will be able to tell if something might be able to cure something

00:35:50.940 --> 00:35:53.300 Morry Zelcovitch: in advance of even producing it.

00:35:53.630 --> 00:35:55.520 Morry Zelcovitch: And the beautiful thing is

00:35:55.940 --> 00:35:57.860 Morry Zelcovitch: not. Everybody is the same.

00:35:58.160 --> 00:36:02.989 Morry Zelcovitch: So AI is going to be able to help people and doctors and researchers

00:36:03.140 --> 00:36:10.790 Morry Zelcovitch: to literally input specific conditions, states, cellular structures that are unique to individuals

00:36:10.880 --> 00:36:12.580 Morry Zelcovitch: and create custom

00:36:14.610 --> 00:36:15.740 Morry Zelcovitch: medicines

00:36:16.220 --> 00:36:18.119 Morry Zelcovitch: to help with various

00:36:18.380 --> 00:36:25.299 Morry Zelcovitch: events and various illnesses and various, you know, especially things like with respect to cancers.

00:36:27.290 --> 00:36:33.540 Morry Zelcovitch: It's just blowing me away. What's capable? And when we spoke the first time about AI,

00:36:33.930 --> 00:36:36.949 Morry Zelcovitch: it was crazy already. What they were capable of

00:36:37.240 --> 00:36:43.929 Morry Zelcovitch: the capabilities now have gone up a hundred fold or a thousand fold compared to how they were back then.

00:36:44.330 --> 00:36:46.359 Morry Zelcovitch: and the whole point is

00:36:47.340 --> 00:36:49.729 Morry Zelcovitch: that I would like people to understand is

00:36:50.050 --> 00:36:53.700 Morry Zelcovitch: that when we actually combine

00:36:54.060 --> 00:36:58.689 Morry Zelcovitch: the knowledge that we have now the understandings that we have now.

00:36:58.830 --> 00:37:02.710 Morry Zelcovitch: by the time I'm finished stating the potential and the possibilities.

00:37:02.990 --> 00:37:05.240 Morry Zelcovitch: It's already gone up a thousandfold.

00:37:05.680 --> 00:37:06.310 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:37:06.550 --> 00:37:20.670 Morry Zelcovitch: I know it sounds kind of silly to say that that by the time I finish telling you how great AI can be for this and this and the other thing. They've already made more advancements because it's not just people working on AI. It's now people using AI

00:37:21.040 --> 00:37:28.029 Morry Zelcovitch: to evolve AI and make it that much better as an example? I don't know. Can people see my screen?

00:37:28.230 --> 00:37:28.920 Morry Zelcovitch: Yes.

00:37:29.775 --> 00:37:30.250 Frank R. Harrison: Tasking.

00:37:30.570 --> 00:37:38.939 Morry Zelcovitch: Right? So this is a window for perplexity. Perplexity is a research. It's kind of like Google on hyper steroids.

00:37:39.140 --> 00:37:41.150 Morry Zelcovitch: It's like Google from crip time.

00:37:42.100 --> 00:37:46.210 Morry Zelcovitch: You know, this is a job for perplexity.

00:37:46.840 --> 00:37:47.870 Morry Zelcovitch: Yeah, okay?

00:37:48.110 --> 00:37:52.499 Morry Zelcovitch: And it's just incredible. So we can ask it. Anything we can say.

00:37:53.730 --> 00:37:54.850 Morry Zelcovitch: can

00:37:54.970 --> 00:37:57.120 Morry Zelcovitch: AI help

00:37:57.480 --> 00:37:59.400 Morry Zelcovitch: me to

00:37:59.630 --> 00:38:01.250 Morry Zelcovitch: understand.

00:38:02.591 --> 00:38:05.159 Morry Zelcovitch: Can AI teach me how to type better?

00:38:05.190 --> 00:38:10.469 Morry Zelcovitch: That would probably be a really good thing. But can AI help me to understand it's

00:38:10.890 --> 00:38:12.220 Morry Zelcovitch: potential

00:38:12.850 --> 00:38:14.130 Morry Zelcovitch: value

00:38:14.740 --> 00:38:15.660 Morry Zelcovitch: to

00:38:15.860 --> 00:38:17.090 Morry Zelcovitch: medicine.

00:38:19.040 --> 00:38:20.270 Morry Zelcovitch: science.

00:38:22.990 --> 00:38:24.710 Morry Zelcovitch: psychology.

00:38:24.880 --> 00:38:26.869 Morry Zelcovitch: The nice thing is it does

00:38:27.920 --> 00:38:34.430 Morry Zelcovitch: it does. It corrects spelling as well. So psychology

00:38:34.520 --> 00:38:35.570 Morry Zelcovitch: and

00:38:35.720 --> 00:38:37.260 Morry Zelcovitch: literally.

00:38:38.200 --> 00:38:39.700 Morry Zelcovitch: yeah, evolution

00:38:41.890 --> 00:38:44.660 Morry Zelcovitch: oops don't even evolution

00:38:50.050 --> 00:38:51.490 Morry Zelcovitch: just something

00:38:51.990 --> 00:38:52.540 Morry Zelcovitch: general.

00:38:52.540 --> 00:38:53.310 Frank R. Harrison: West.

00:38:53.510 --> 00:38:55.999 Morry Zelcovitch: Now, you see, I left the spelling wrong

00:38:56.370 --> 00:39:01.930 Morry Zelcovitch: because I wanted to make sure. So here's a cool thing. Perplexity, unlike just anything.

00:39:02.400 --> 00:39:04.379 Morry Zelcovitch: asks me more questions.

00:39:04.550 --> 00:39:12.800 Morry Zelcovitch: So do I want to know about AI applications definitely, AI research definitely impact definitely, I can even put other things in.

00:39:12.830 --> 00:39:14.939 Morry Zelcovitch: So how about what it's saying.

00:39:15.280 --> 00:39:16.420 Morry Zelcovitch: AI

00:39:16.830 --> 00:39:22.080 Morry Zelcovitch: limitations, too, because it's important to know the limitations so that we hit enter.

00:39:22.710 --> 00:39:27.940 Morry Zelcovitch: And it takes advantage of everything we've asked. And now it's coming up with an answer.

00:39:30.630 --> 00:39:35.409 Morry Zelcovitch: So first of all, it gives you some sources of where it's getting this information from.

00:39:35.490 --> 00:39:39.739 Morry Zelcovitch: So there's 1720 different sources that it's pulling all this information from.

00:39:40.410 --> 00:39:41.950 Morry Zelcovitch: To give you an idea.

00:39:42.190 --> 00:39:43.830 Morry Zelcovitch: I'm not going to read everything.

00:39:43.920 --> 00:39:51.509 Morry Zelcovitch: but it holds transformative potential across various fields, including medicine, science, psychology, even our understanding of evolution.

00:39:52.447 --> 00:40:10.209 Morry Zelcovitch: Applications range from enhancing diagnostic accuracy, treatment in healthcare to advancing medical methodologies, improving mental health interventions and offering insights into evolutionary processes, and then it goes through medicine science, because these are the ones we asked. Right.

00:40:10.210 --> 00:40:10.890 Frank R. Harrison: College.

00:40:11.040 --> 00:40:12.040 Morry Zelcovitch: Evolution.

00:40:12.210 --> 00:40:14.969 Morry Zelcovitch: Keep in mind these are general things.

00:40:15.410 --> 00:40:17.179 Morry Zelcovitch: Yeah, what if we used

00:40:17.210 --> 00:40:20.499 Morry Zelcovitch: AI? What if we use perplexity specifically

00:40:20.850 --> 00:40:23.310 Morry Zelcovitch: to help us with our personal issues?

00:40:23.640 --> 00:40:24.480 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:40:24.480 --> 00:40:26.270 Morry Zelcovitch: You can even say, Hey.

00:40:26.840 --> 00:40:34.040 Morry Zelcovitch: like here, it's saying it's saying here like, Ask a follow up. The beautiful thing is it gives you follow up questions anyway.

00:40:35.270 --> 00:40:35.880 Morry Zelcovitch: But what if.

00:40:35.880 --> 00:40:36.740 Frank R. Harrison: Like said.

00:40:37.430 --> 00:40:40.019 Morry Zelcovitch: Can you help

00:40:40.220 --> 00:40:41.180 Morry Zelcovitch: me

00:40:42.070 --> 00:40:43.000 Morry Zelcovitch: with

00:40:43.280 --> 00:40:45.270 Morry Zelcovitch: some ideas

00:40:46.000 --> 00:40:46.800 Morry Zelcovitch: to

00:40:46.980 --> 00:40:47.990 Morry Zelcovitch: feel

00:40:48.260 --> 00:40:49.220 Morry Zelcovitch: better

00:40:49.530 --> 00:40:51.090 Morry Zelcovitch: emotionally.

00:40:51.630 --> 00:40:52.990 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm nice.

00:40:52.990 --> 00:40:54.829 Morry Zelcovitch: I'm a little

00:40:55.840 --> 00:40:56.900 Morry Zelcovitch: down

00:40:57.030 --> 00:40:57.980 Morry Zelcovitch: today.

00:41:02.840 --> 00:41:05.789 Morry Zelcovitch: and I leave the spelling errors in, because I want to show you.

00:41:06.220 --> 00:41:06.770 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:41:06.770 --> 00:41:14.979 Morry Zelcovitch: That it doesn't matter. It doesn't judge. So here we are. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down what type of activities help to improve your mood.

00:41:15.490 --> 00:41:18.720 Morry Zelcovitch: Well, for me it's exercise, meditation.

00:41:19.020 --> 00:41:22.180 Morry Zelcovitch: Music can help, too. It makes people feel better.

00:41:22.590 --> 00:41:23.060 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:41:23.060 --> 00:41:25.289 Morry Zelcovitch: Talking to a friend. That's an interesting idea.

00:41:25.400 --> 00:41:28.330 Morry Zelcovitch: Creative activity, sure. Why not just pick everything?

00:41:28.360 --> 00:41:29.930 Morry Zelcovitch: If there's something else

00:41:30.030 --> 00:41:36.390 Morry Zelcovitch: that makes me feel better. Here, let's put in something here. Okay, like, let's even say drinking

00:41:36.790 --> 00:41:38.010 Morry Zelcovitch: alcohol.

00:41:38.920 --> 00:41:39.960 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:41:40.160 --> 00:41:46.340 Morry Zelcovitch: Because I think in my head right? I think that it makes me feel better. So let's see

00:41:46.460 --> 00:41:48.440 Morry Zelcovitch: what it says for all of this

00:41:48.470 --> 00:41:50.240 Morry Zelcovitch: just to give you an idea.

00:41:50.460 --> 00:41:52.880 Morry Zelcovitch: Okay? Because I suspect

00:41:53.110 --> 00:41:58.809 Morry Zelcovitch: I'm sorry you're feeling down today. It's important to acknowledge your feelings and take steps toward healthcare and self care.

00:41:59.050 --> 00:42:01.070 Morry Zelcovitch: So it's going to go through the things

00:42:01.280 --> 00:42:08.829 Morry Zelcovitch: that it suggested. So, exercise taking a brisk walk to a nearby park in your neighborhood, it's giving me ideas right.

00:42:09.510 --> 00:42:10.120 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:42:10.120 --> 00:42:11.340 Morry Zelcovitch: Meditation.

00:42:11.920 --> 00:42:13.400 Morry Zelcovitch: listening to music.

00:42:13.450 --> 00:42:14.970 Morry Zelcovitch: talking to a friend.

00:42:15.460 --> 00:42:25.469 Morry Zelcovitch: creative activities, drawing or painting, writing. Now watch what it says regarding alcohol, while it might seem like drinking can temporarily lift your mood.

00:42:25.520 --> 00:42:31.239 Morry Zelcovitch: It's important to be cautious, as it can also lead to increased feelings of sadness and anxiety over time.

00:42:31.660 --> 00:42:37.190 Morry Zelcovitch: focusing on activities to promote long-term wellness is generally more beneficial.

00:42:37.670 --> 00:42:38.630 Frank R. Harrison: Very, nice.

00:42:38.630 --> 00:42:39.270 Morry Zelcovitch: Okay.

00:42:39.850 --> 00:42:47.719 Morry Zelcovitch: remember, it's okay to have days when you feel down taking small steps towards it's literally helping you in that respect.

00:42:48.950 --> 00:42:55.100 Frank R. Harrison: The way that it worked for me recently is that my father was experiencing edema on his foot.

00:42:55.512 --> 00:43:03.489 Frank R. Harrison: and with the knowledge that he has already been surviving cancer. After a couple of years of taking these medications that have

00:43:03.550 --> 00:43:17.000 Frank R. Harrison: basically contained his tumor and not allow it to metastasize. It's unfortunate that 4 years of that creates triggers. So anything like a swollen foot all of a sudden is an emergency room visit waiting.

00:43:17.060 --> 00:43:25.330 Frank R. Harrison: I went into perplexity, and I said, I have a patient who is a cancer survivor currently suffering from swelling

00:43:25.570 --> 00:43:26.710 Frank R. Harrison: on his foot.

00:43:26.860 --> 00:43:31.319 Frank R. Harrison: Can you describe if this is another disorder, or if it's related.

00:43:31.520 --> 00:43:42.150 Frank R. Harrison: It went through a whole breakdown of stuff, saying that it is typical for anyone, especially at this patient's age, to go through Venus insufficiency.

00:43:42.390 --> 00:43:48.219 Frank R. Harrison: and in order to verify that it would be wise to take to a doctor to just test for it

00:43:48.230 --> 00:43:57.180 Frank R. Harrison: by the way, he has his appointment for that test tomorrow, and the swelling has gone down the psychological component. The fact that it was upsetting

00:43:57.300 --> 00:43:59.300 Frank R. Harrison: for him and my mother

00:43:59.500 --> 00:44:08.410 Frank R. Harrison: continue to exacerbate the swelling, and with constant Tylenol, which I provided as as a so, you know, as a painkiller, if anything

00:44:08.510 --> 00:44:16.579 Frank R. Harrison: helped. But after I'd given all the information to the doctor on a telehealth session, he said to me.

00:44:16.660 --> 00:44:24.403 Frank R. Harrison: you made an excellent diagnosis for your father, and I said, I can't take the credit I have to give it to perplexity.

00:44:25.300 --> 00:44:33.400 Morry Zelcovitch: You know what? That's funny, because I had the same thing happen with my foot. I hurt my knee recently. Last couple of months it's been taking a long time to heal

00:44:33.410 --> 00:44:37.050 Morry Zelcovitch: the first month and a half. I didn't exercise at all. I barely walked.

00:44:37.230 --> 00:44:37.910 Morry Zelcovitch: I did a lot.

00:44:38.236 --> 00:44:38.890 Frank R. Harrison: Zoom Apps.

00:44:39.370 --> 00:44:54.609 Morry Zelcovitch: And I had the same thing. My foot started swelling and I got worried. What's going on? What's going on? I typed it into perplexity, it said, Look, you should go see a doctor to get checked out, but it's very likely that your lack of activity, combined with a lot of sitting

00:44:54.840 --> 00:45:07.660 Morry Zelcovitch: was causing a problem with your circulation. As a matter of fact, I learned from perplexity that walking around actually gets the muscles moving in the legs, and that pumps blood back to the heart.

00:45:07.760 --> 00:45:11.970 Morry Zelcovitch: This is a natural thing that everybody has, but if you stop moving.

00:45:12.220 --> 00:45:14.190 Morry Zelcovitch: it hinders that ability

00:45:14.350 --> 00:45:20.899 Morry Zelcovitch: correct. And the doctor told me the same thing. Your doctor told you good diagnosis, and I also thank perplexity.

00:45:21.880 --> 00:45:41.779 Frank R. Harrison: But either way, what I'm what I'm pointing out is in the first 3 segments of the show. We talked about your situation, my cousin situation. And now my father's situation, and we know that the tools that you've created, the tools that AI is creating, and just the whole nature of owning this mass that's up here.

00:45:41.810 --> 00:45:44.210 Frank R. Harrison: and being more proactive with it.

00:45:44.230 --> 00:45:51.539 Frank R. Harrison: can actually make those chronically ill conditions, or those previously stressful conditions

00:45:51.620 --> 00:45:52.720 Frank R. Harrison: liveable.

00:45:52.930 --> 00:45:58.090 Frank R. Harrison: accommodating, manageable, less stress induced, but

00:45:58.190 --> 00:46:24.749 Frank R. Harrison: more aware of what you're dealing with rather than feeling like. You have a guillotine over your head that you don't know when it's going to drop. And so when we come back after the next break, I want you to talk about how you've managed in the past year since you were first on the show to take all of your own intellect that saved you from eventually killing yourself as well as helped. You look at your father's case and everything else you just said about your foot

00:46:25.030 --> 00:46:46.860 Frank R. Harrison: and what you're gonna do on a much more professional level going forward. I know you have a little something to introduce. So I'm kind of setting up the stage for that. So, ladies and gentlemen, please help me continue to celebrate Maury Zelkovich, having been on this show one year ago, and after the last 45 min of review, we're now ready for the future. So stay tuned. We'll be back in a few.

00:48:52.200 --> 00:49:00.831 Frank R. Harrison: Everybody. I'm back where the show began, right in front of my computer that is not working for tonight's broadcast. But my phone is. So. Thank you, Android.

00:49:01.140 --> 00:49:23.849 Frank R. Harrison: That being, said, Maurie, we've just had a nice 45 min review, not only of your appearances on Frank about health, but also how both you and I were able to make the best of the knowledge that we shared with each other. And we've had a competitor along the way, and it's AI. However, it's been our ally, and I I think we just just like we had to get on top of our own brain health, or, in my case, my father's

00:49:24.190 --> 00:49:34.060 Frank R. Harrison: edema, and my my cousin's brain. Health we all have to get on top of AI to make it our companion, and not our challenger, which has been

00:49:34.060 --> 00:50:01.429 Frank R. Harrison: the fear that everyone has when it comes to AI. But we do know that with with regulations and healthcare there's probably more safety in using AI in the healthcare space. And I guess that being said, I want you to. Now take the time to show how you're gonna be doing just that, not only with your brain and trainment programs, but also with all the other stuff that you had mentioned to me. Is gonna benefit a lot of people in in the professional sports world. I guess.

00:50:02.440 --> 00:50:05.329 Morry Zelcovitch: Sure. Well, this isn't just about sports. So.

00:50:05.510 --> 00:50:05.830 Frank R. Harrison: Ok.

00:50:05.830 --> 00:50:07.699 Morry Zelcovitch: Whole thing is, it's very

00:50:08.744 --> 00:50:14.130 Morry Zelcovitch: evolutionary, the kind of work I do see. The brain is unlimited. I believe

00:50:14.270 --> 00:50:15.990 Morry Zelcovitch: it's a muscle, and it

00:50:17.510 --> 00:50:22.859 Morry Zelcovitch: getting stronger. I don't think there's any limit. There's no ceiling to what humankind can achieve

00:50:23.080 --> 00:50:26.550 Morry Zelcovitch: when it, you know, thinks when it's using its head.

00:50:26.870 --> 00:50:28.000 Morry Zelcovitch: So

00:50:28.130 --> 00:50:36.810 Morry Zelcovitch: one of the new areas and avenues that I was asked to delve into in the last couple of years, and I have since created

00:50:36.890 --> 00:50:38.829 Morry Zelcovitch: is peak performance.

00:50:39.880 --> 00:50:42.779 Morry Zelcovitch: So super productivity, super performance.

00:50:43.170 --> 00:50:48.420 Morry Zelcovitch: And that gave birth to what you see on the screen right now. Mine trainer pro.

00:50:48.630 --> 00:50:56.459 Morry Zelcovitch: So with mind trainer pro, it's basically designed to rev up if you couldn't get the joke there with revving up right.

00:50:57.455 --> 00:50:58.069 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:50:58.070 --> 00:51:00.129 Morry Zelcovitch: So revving up and revving up

00:51:00.360 --> 00:51:06.089 Morry Zelcovitch: peak performance, our ability to perform our ability to succeed, our ability to

00:51:06.190 --> 00:51:08.619 Morry Zelcovitch: increase our abilities quite literally.

00:51:08.790 --> 00:51:10.720 Morry Zelcovitch: So with my trainer pro

00:51:11.258 --> 00:51:16.190 Morry Zelcovitch: which is about ready to launch in about a week, probably maybe a few days.

00:51:17.710 --> 00:51:22.350 Morry Zelcovitch: Basically, we talk about peak performance. We talk about brainwave entrainment.

00:51:22.510 --> 00:51:25.359 Morry Zelcovitch: And then we introduce people to our first

00:51:25.960 --> 00:51:27.570 Morry Zelcovitch: evolutionary

00:51:28.040 --> 00:51:29.200 Morry Zelcovitch: product line.

00:51:29.270 --> 00:51:30.730 Morry Zelcovitch: which is really

00:51:33.100 --> 00:51:40.060 Morry Zelcovitch: developing the brain's ability to peak perform. Because that's basically the same for everything. It's really just changing certain

00:51:40.770 --> 00:51:43.000 Morry Zelcovitch: factors, certain parts

00:51:43.140 --> 00:51:48.680 Morry Zelcovitch: that focus in on what we so actually want to progress with and what we want to perform with.

00:51:48.930 --> 00:51:55.759 Morry Zelcovitch: So we're starting off with business. Believe it or not, you compete, perform in business you compete, perform in sales.

00:51:56.170 --> 00:51:57.280 Morry Zelcovitch: Quantum

00:51:57.660 --> 00:52:01.569 Morry Zelcovitch: is talking about the smallest bits.

00:52:02.170 --> 00:52:05.669 Morry Zelcovitch: the most basic areas, and building up from there

00:52:06.200 --> 00:52:09.220 Morry Zelcovitch: to become a peak performer in almost anything.

00:52:10.250 --> 00:52:11.320 Morry Zelcovitch: Athletics.

00:52:11.330 --> 00:52:12.430 Morry Zelcovitch: wellness.

00:52:12.560 --> 00:52:16.780 Morry Zelcovitch: even pickle ball. Actually, that's what started the whole idea

00:52:16.880 --> 00:52:22.456 Morry Zelcovitch: people were telling me, oh, pick a ball is going crazy in the United States. It's absolutely going nuts.

00:52:23.060 --> 00:52:29.030 Morry Zelcovitch: Can you create a system that would be effective to help people excel at pickable.

00:52:29.270 --> 00:52:33.680 Morry Zelcovitch: And I said, Well, I can create a system that will help people to excel at anything.

00:52:34.170 --> 00:52:35.649 Morry Zelcovitch: because again.

00:52:35.800 --> 00:52:41.710 Morry Zelcovitch: the ability to excel is similar in everything. It's just a matter of focusing on specific

00:52:42.180 --> 00:52:43.260 Morry Zelcovitch: areas.

00:52:44.132 --> 00:52:49.210 Morry Zelcovitch: So as an example, let's go with pickle ball. So people with pickle ball.

00:52:49.560 --> 00:53:10.810 Morry Zelcovitch: you know, want to elevate their performance. They want to be better at it and pick a ball is not like tennis. Well, it's similar to tennis, but it's on a much smaller scale. It's not as hard on the body. People of all ages can do it. You don't have to be, you know, 15 years old or 20 years old to do pickle ball. As a matter of fact, a lot of seniors do pickle ball, because it's a great way to stay in shape.

00:53:10.950 --> 00:53:13.929 Morry Zelcovitch: It's social. There's a lot of great things about it.

00:53:14.120 --> 00:53:17.570 Morry Zelcovitch: So when we talk about pick a ball.

00:53:18.210 --> 00:53:23.279 Morry Zelcovitch: we talk about different things that we can do to become better at it.

00:53:23.630 --> 00:53:25.870 Morry Zelcovitch: So as an example.

00:53:26.190 --> 00:53:31.379 Morry Zelcovitch: let's go into the pick of all mind trainer pro area of membership.

00:53:31.620 --> 00:53:35.510 Morry Zelcovitch: And basically, what happens is we

00:53:35.520 --> 00:53:43.429 Morry Zelcovitch: introduce people to why the brain is such an important aspect to anything into sport in general and pick a ball specifically.

00:53:43.860 --> 00:53:48.299 Morry Zelcovitch: And we talk about that. We give people instructions on what they can do.

00:53:48.440 --> 00:53:56.530 Morry Zelcovitch: and then we move into what they need to do to prepare, to be able to use brainwave and treatment technologies to help them to help themselves be better.

00:53:56.780 --> 00:54:00.899 Morry Zelcovitch: There is a standard listening protocols. So these are special

00:54:01.020 --> 00:54:17.790 Morry Zelcovitch: motivational and optimizing brainwave frequencies that have been shown to help people people who peak perform. If you measure their brainwave activity. These are the dominant states, there's triliminals which help to reprogram, negative, reflexive thought processes.

00:54:18.990 --> 00:54:19.450 Frank R. Harrison: Ray.

00:54:19.450 --> 00:54:20.849 Morry Zelcovitch: There's even

00:54:21.370 --> 00:54:23.510 Morry Zelcovitch: training videos

00:54:23.790 --> 00:54:31.440 Morry Zelcovitch: which use a new technology called Vi, which stands for visual image and trainment. And I'll give you a little bit of an idea of what that is.

00:54:31.480 --> 00:54:35.030 Morry Zelcovitch: That particular one is more advanced. So let's go.

00:54:35.830 --> 00:54:37.469 Morry Zelcovitch: Okay, let's go here.

00:54:38.620 --> 00:54:42.579 Morry Zelcovitch: And this will give you and a better idea of what it is.

00:54:42.660 --> 00:54:44.229 Morry Zelcovitch: So actually.

00:54:44.620 --> 00:54:46.450 Morry Zelcovitch: people will be hearing

00:54:46.530 --> 00:54:47.930 Morry Zelcovitch: specific

00:54:48.120 --> 00:54:49.280 Morry Zelcovitch: sounds

00:54:49.500 --> 00:54:57.489 Morry Zelcovitch: that entrain the brain along with the visual and the colors here which entice and create a special frequency in the brain

00:54:57.710 --> 00:55:04.410 Morry Zelcovitch: and condition in the brain that will help them to peak, perform. And, as you can see, these are images with respect to pickable.

00:55:04.970 --> 00:55:05.590 Frank R. Harrison: Right

00:55:05.900 --> 00:55:06.840 Frank R. Harrison: thanks guys.

00:55:07.120 --> 00:55:12.830 Morry Zelcovitch: Yeah, and what happens is these things actually work to increase performance.

00:55:13.020 --> 00:55:17.129 Morry Zelcovitch: There's accelerated learning techniques. So people can apply

00:55:17.480 --> 00:55:31.600 Morry Zelcovitch: educational learning techniques to becoming better at pickable and in better condition to deal with pickleball. There's brain health GPS, which helps us with diet, movement, stress, reduction, sleep, sleep. Sleep is so important to overall mental health.

00:55:32.460 --> 00:55:32.900 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm.

00:55:32.900 --> 00:55:33.313 Morry Zelcovitch: And then.

00:55:33.520 --> 00:55:33.910 Frank R. Harrison: Crosby.

00:55:33.910 --> 00:55:37.009 Morry Zelcovitch: Bonuses, because we want people to be able to perform

00:55:37.290 --> 00:55:42.269 Morry Zelcovitch: even better. So we give them certain things that the main system doesn't include extra.

00:55:42.390 --> 00:55:44.650 Morry Zelcovitch: So this is one example

00:55:44.730 --> 00:55:46.920 Morry Zelcovitch: of how brain

00:55:47.390 --> 00:55:56.600 Morry Zelcovitch: health and brain training can really make anything in your life better. The thing is, everything has to pass through your brain in order to be better, anyway.

00:55:57.120 --> 00:55:57.890 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:55:58.130 --> 00:55:59.599 Morry Zelcovitch: So why not

00:56:00.700 --> 00:56:02.860 Morry Zelcovitch: train the brain? How to be better.

00:56:02.900 --> 00:56:08.749 Morry Zelcovitch: and then allow us to zoom in or focus in on specific techniques

00:56:08.760 --> 00:56:10.660 Morry Zelcovitch: that can help us to

00:56:10.750 --> 00:56:16.900 Morry Zelcovitch: do better. If we're doing better, we feel better. If we sleep better. Our waking hours are better.

00:56:16.970 --> 00:56:31.699 Morry Zelcovitch: That's really how it works. Now I will stop sharing my screen because I wanted to let you know that there have been lots of studies, also that work, and show that if someone can imagine themselves exercising.

00:56:33.210 --> 00:56:40.529 Morry Zelcovitch: They will actually experience the effect of exercising, even just by visualizing or imagining it.

00:56:40.540 --> 00:56:43.900 Morry Zelcovitch: There was a study done in a hotel chain, where

00:56:44.030 --> 00:56:56.990 Morry Zelcovitch: 2 locations, one of them, the cleaning staff, was told that what they do in their cleaning, the stretching, the bending over the vacuuming, the making of the beds, the cleaning of the mirrors, all these things

00:56:57.220 --> 00:56:59.490 Morry Zelcovitch: actually constitute exercise.

00:57:00.280 --> 00:57:00.690 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm.

00:57:00.690 --> 00:57:03.959 Morry Zelcovitch: Audio strength core all these different things.

00:57:04.240 --> 00:57:07.169 Morry Zelcovitch: and the other location wasn't told anything

00:57:08.337 --> 00:57:15.879 Morry Zelcovitch: within a certain amount of time. After they were retested, the group that was told their work constituted exercise.

00:57:16.320 --> 00:57:19.110 Morry Zelcovitch: We're stronger, faster, more resilient.

00:57:19.662 --> 00:57:24.309 Frank R. Harrison: Amazing is that what you were alluding to earlier in terms of workouts.

00:57:24.310 --> 00:57:36.679 Morry Zelcovitch: Yeah. So I've created a system, and it will be ready, probably in another couple of weeks. And then we have to create a page for it and everything else. But it's called quantum mind workouts

00:57:36.920 --> 00:57:44.789 Morry Zelcovitch: and advantage of my triliminal technology, which is a special kind of technology that reprograms thought processes

00:57:45.220 --> 00:57:52.290 Morry Zelcovitch: by giving command structures and brainwave entrainment in the left ear for the right hemisphere and the right ear for the left hemisphere in the center for both.

00:57:52.720 --> 00:57:53.260 Frank R. Harrison: Next question.

00:57:53.260 --> 00:57:54.649 Morry Zelcovitch: Brain frequencies

00:57:54.850 --> 00:57:57.409 Morry Zelcovitch: to elicit certain responses in the brain.

00:57:57.530 --> 00:58:05.830 Morry Zelcovitch: and then a guided meditation with brainwave and treatment, where I actually will be guiding you through imagining visualizing

00:58:05.870 --> 00:58:12.239 Morry Zelcovitch: different exercise routines in 5 different areas, including Yoga core strength, cardio.

00:58:13.060 --> 00:58:14.859 Morry Zelcovitch: that will allow

00:58:15.390 --> 00:58:22.149 Morry Zelcovitch: human who listens to this to actually increase their physical wellbeing and their physical

00:58:22.500 --> 00:58:27.259 Morry Zelcovitch: really effects of exercise without actually exercising.

00:58:27.310 --> 00:58:33.750 Morry Zelcovitch: Initially, the idea was to be used with people who have physical issues like, maybe they're elderly and they can't.

00:58:34.230 --> 00:58:35.080 Morry Zelcovitch: Used to.

00:58:35.190 --> 00:58:38.100 Morry Zelcovitch: Maybe they're quadriplegic, or

00:58:38.360 --> 00:58:40.659 Morry Zelcovitch: you know, they have different issues

00:58:41.440 --> 00:58:44.160 Morry Zelcovitch: that stop them from physically exercising.

00:58:44.870 --> 00:58:45.380 Frank R. Harrison: Help them.

00:58:45.380 --> 00:58:53.199 Morry Zelcovitch: Get that physical exercise psychologically, which shows that it does have a physiological effect.

00:58:53.610 --> 00:58:55.770 Morry Zelcovitch: right? And this system

00:58:55.830 --> 00:59:02.320 Morry Zelcovitch: will be available within the next couple of months. I would expect we just have to get the written parts down.

00:59:02.770 --> 00:59:09.300 Morry Zelcovitch: But I'm almost done the creation aspect. And there's 5 different areas of physical fitness

00:59:09.480 --> 00:59:17.760 Morry Zelcovitch: that we're dealing with here. And I'm really proud of this, because this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and because of AI.

00:59:17.970 --> 00:59:21.299 Morry Zelcovitch: And I'm not going to tell you how I used AI, because then I'd have to kill you.

00:59:22.857 --> 00:59:27.130 Morry Zelcovitch: But because of AI it has made the process possible.

00:59:27.750 --> 00:59:28.100 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:59:28.100 --> 00:59:30.019 Morry Zelcovitch: Possible, much faster.

00:59:30.660 --> 00:59:37.489 Frank R. Harrison: Well, we're actually over the time to to to clock out. But I wanted you to get everything through. Ladies and gentlemen.

00:59:37.560 --> 00:59:39.200 Frank R. Harrison: I can just say that

00:59:39.230 --> 00:59:58.089 Frank R. Harrison: having more. Resilkovitch, being part of Frank about health this past year, has been a gift to me. Thank you again, Sam, for introducing me to him back in in May of 2023. At the same time, we're all facing the AI Revolution together. I'm gonna do what I can on Frank about health.

00:59:58.471 --> 01:00:12.529 Frank R. Harrison: Probably the next 6 episodes of the remaining season. I'll be touching upon it. But trust me in the fall. I'm gonna have more AI integration with the show again, Maury, I intend for us to be more involved together.

01:00:12.550 --> 01:00:19.960 Frank R. Harrison: and I just want to thank everybody for tuning in on all of our social media and on talk radio.

01:00:20.110 --> 01:00:29.156 Frank R. Harrison: The slate of shows tomorrow is always Friday and philanthropy in focus on Tuesday. It's the hard skills and the happy spot on

01:00:29.650 --> 01:00:37.999 Frank R. Harrison: Thursday. It's the conscious, consultant hour, body, mind, politics, and health. Then me. I'll be back again next week.

01:00:38.160 --> 01:00:55.100 Frank R. Harrison: Thank you, Mauri, as you could see. It's time for us to clock out, but I will be giving you a call, probably within the hour. So I just wanna go ahead and thank you again for the past year and beyond. And I will be looking into those programs that you just showed to everybody.

01:00:55.270 --> 01:00:55.810 Frank R. Harrison: Thank you.

01:00:55.810 --> 01:01:03.670 Morry Zelcovitch: Very much. I'm honored to have been asked to be here for this and for everything. You are all wonderful people here at New York talk radio.

01:01:04.415 --> 01:01:10.280 Frank R. Harrison: Alrighty! Thanks again for signing off everybody. Thanks for thanks for attending today. Show. We'll see you soon.

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