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Thursday, May 2, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/05/02-Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure with Dr. Jonny Bowden

Facebook Live Video from 2024/05/02-Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure with Dr. Jonny Bowden


2024/05/02-Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure with Dr. Jonny Bowden

[NEW EPISODE] Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure with Dr. Jonny Bowden

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT) 


The audience will learn how critical healthy blood pressure is to overall health and especially heart health...even more important than cholesterol. 

Dr. Jonny Bowden came to Karen's attention as the co-author of The Great Cholesterol Myth with Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Karen had the opportunity to interview Dr. Sinatra on her Chicago-based radio show many years ago when his first book came out. Since May is National Blood Pressure Education Month, Dr. Bowden has been invited to discuss with us how to best lower and maintain healthy blood pressure levels from a functional and nutritional perspective. His functional medicine approach fosters advocacy and openness for exploring alternative solutions while continuing the use of traditional medicines as prescribed.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank lets his audience know that May is Blood Pressure Awareness Month. He introduces his guest Dr. Jonny Bowden who is a certified nutritionist. In this episode, Frank, Karen, and Dr. Johnny are going to discuss how healthy nutrition can help your blood pressure. Karen informs the audience on Johnny’s background which includes appearances on TV shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors. Jonny, Frank and Karen discuss the topic of cholesterol and Johnny recommends a book Outlive that tackles the topic in a unique way. Karen asks Johnny what is the healthy range for blood pressure in adults. They discuss the range in which you should take action because it’s gotten too high. 

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Jonny gives some advice on what to do if you see your blood pressure rising. Jonny discusses the unfortunate circumstances of one of his patients who takes about fifteen medications and no doctor studies the interactions with those medications. Jonny suggests staying off as many medications as you can. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any medication. Jonny admitted to taking blood pressure medication because the most important thing is to get your numbers down. He explains how food impacts your blood pressure. 

Segment 3

Frank explains that due to his connection he missed the majority of the interview. Thankfully, his co-host, Karen, is there to take over and ask Johnny questions about the topic of blood pressure. Jonny tells the audience what intermittent fasting is and he also explains why he is such a proponent of intermittent fasting. Karen suggests fasting for twenty-four hours which Jonny agreed was a great idea. It would be helpful to look up the different kinds of fasting and see which one works best for you. Karen and Jonny discuss the benefits and the myths of apple cider vinegar. 

Segment 4

Frank asks Jonny for some advice for a friend who is struggling with his health. Jonny explains that he doesn’t give medical advice to people he is not treating because of the lack of information on the patient. He explains that his relationship with his patients is unique. Everyone is different so you have to tackle each case differently. 


00:00:58.730 --> 00:01:26.350 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about health. This is about maintaining healthy blood pressure in honor of blood pressure. Awareness month. This is May second 2024, and usually Karen and I are together at the double tree in Chicago, celebrating whatever that month is about. But we will be in 2 weeks, because May is a big month. It's mental health awareness month. And there are many other things that we were going to talk about. But we didn't want to escape our usual protocol of just having our guests

00:01:26.350 --> 00:01:38.810 Frank R. Harrison: talk about in this particular case. Blood pressure awareness month. So we have Johnny Bowden, Dr. Johnny Bowden, who is a Phd. Certified nutritionist, and is able to talk about

00:01:38.910 --> 00:01:57.429 Frank R. Harrison: how nutrition in particular, can hail a lot of our issues. But in particular we will spend the hour discussing a lot about blood pressure awareness, and then we will look at other aspects like cholesterol as well as just how nutrition can affect your mental as well as your physical health.

00:01:57.440 --> 00:02:18.129 Frank R. Harrison: But I just thought I would take the time to reintroduce Karen. There she is in Chicago. I'm sorry I'm not there with you today, and at the same time, before I introduce to you, Johnny, Dr. Johnny Bowden, I want to issue my usual disclaimer. Keep in mind a lot of the information here that is being

00:02:18.210 --> 00:02:38.199 Frank R. Harrison: shared is quote unquote food food for thought. They're not meant to be taken as prescriptions or recommendations of how extra needs. If you have an ongoing medical provider, such as a nutritionist, or even your primary care physician, just continue to have discussions with that individual to help you

00:02:38.610 --> 00:02:52.129 Frank R. Harrison: with what your concerns are. However, if we are able to provide you with additional insight that you can therefore discuss. Let's consider that our service to you. But again, they're not the thoughts and views of talk radio, Nyc.

00:02:52.140 --> 00:02:55.189 Frank R. Harrison: Or a frank about health. Rather again

00:02:55.360 --> 00:02:57.849 Frank R. Harrison: a conversation that we are now going to engage in.

00:02:58.560 --> 00:03:13.420 Frank R. Harrison: So that being, said, Dr. Bowden, and welcome to Frank about health, I would like you when you unmute, unmute, I would like you to spend the time to give us your overall professional background. I know you've appeared on a lot of media.

00:03:13.440 --> 00:03:28.050 Frank R. Harrison: and you have a lot of books out there, and you also have an academic history that's impressive. So I wanted to give you the chance to give that. And then, Karen, since you are familiar with with Dr. Bowden from your old radio show, I'd like you to add

00:03:28.110 --> 00:03:34.319 Frank R. Harrison: insight into his background as well, and give the big picture of what we can expect during the next hour.

00:03:36.210 --> 00:03:37.837 Karen Ross - Sounds good. Well,

00:03:38.380 --> 00:03:38.769 Frank R. Harrison: Hank me.

00:03:38.770 --> 00:04:00.680 Karen Ross - You have kind of introduced Dr. Bowden, and I understand he goes by Johnny. And so that's how we'll refer to him today. And as you mentioned, he's a Phd. He's also been an instructor on the Functional Medicine Academy. So he brings an aspect of medicine to the table, also

00:04:00.740 --> 00:04:24.209 Karen Ross - something kind of interesting that I think people might like to know, and he can expand on this. But he has appeared on so many TV shows. Every network you can think of Dr. Oz, the doctors. I don't know if that shows. Still on, I used to watch it, a lot, but over a hundred morning shows and podcasts

00:04:25.140 --> 00:04:25.845 Karen Ross - and

00:04:26.610 --> 00:04:27.929 Frank R. Harrison: It's also been a.

00:04:27.930 --> 00:04:33.989 Karen Ross - Very popular public speaker. So he speaks on many of these topics.

00:04:34.090 --> 00:04:38.100 Karen Ross - and one, as you mentioned, he's written a lot of books.

00:04:38.170 --> 00:04:42.700 Karen Ross - and one, I think, Donnie, you said this was your most popular book.

00:04:42.900 --> 00:04:53.620 Karen Ross - 150 of the healthiest foods. Well, we can't cover all 150 today, but we can certainly cover some of them.

00:04:53.916 --> 00:04:54.510 Frank R. Harrison: Thank you.

00:04:54.510 --> 00:04:59.090 Karen Ross - Just as important. I'm hoping that you'll talk about what are some of the

00:04:59.260 --> 00:05:09.239 Karen Ross - most unhealthy foods, the ones that we really should stay away from so just a little bit of background. As you mentioned, Frank.

00:05:09.240 --> 00:05:09.699 Frank R. Harrison: It is a.

00:05:09.700 --> 00:05:17.560 Karen Ross - Years ago, many years ago, when Dr. Steven Sinatra came out with his very first book on Women's Heart Health.

00:05:17.560 --> 00:05:18.609 Frank R. Harrison: Year he had Tiffany.

00:05:18.610 --> 00:05:28.799 Karen Ross - It was from all the research had been done on men, so he really did some groundbreaking work that was very, very important.

00:05:29.120 --> 00:05:29.440 Frank R. Harrison: What?

00:05:29.440 --> 00:05:32.320 Karen Ross - There were people that he co authored.

00:05:32.320 --> 00:05:32.970 Frank R. Harrison: I would.

00:05:32.970 --> 00:05:36.839 Karen Ross - A number of books with, and

00:05:37.520 --> 00:05:44.139 Karen Ross - came up with the book, and I see it behind Johnny, the great cholesterol myths.

00:05:44.280 --> 00:05:49.669 Karen Ross - So that is the book that he co-authored with Dr. Steven Sinatra.

00:05:49.750 --> 00:06:03.679 Karen Ross - And that's how I came to find Johnny. Dr. Sinatra has left us, unfortunately. But, Johnny, yeah, tell us a little bit more about your background, and then we want to get into the topic of blood pressure.

00:06:04.000 --> 00:06:07.620 Jonny Bowden: Oh, my God, you're gonna make me do my own introduction! Well, like you said, I have a.

00:06:07.620 --> 00:06:11.220 Karen Ross - So we've we've told them a lot about you. What did we miss.

00:06:11.220 --> 00:06:13.109 Jonny Bowden: Have a masters in psychology

00:06:13.490 --> 00:06:18.229 Jonny Bowden: which served me incredibly well in my work, with weight, loss, and clients.

00:06:19.257 --> 00:06:30.110 Jonny Bowden: And I have, as you said Phd. In what used to be called holistic nutrition. It's now functional medicine, nutrition, or integrative nutrition very different than diatetics.

00:06:30.240 --> 00:06:44.500 Jonny Bowden: And I'm board certified. And that's that's my academic background, and I've written 15 books. 3 of them were, I'm happy to say, best sellers. You mentioned one, the great cluster. All myth is another. The one I wrote with Sinatra, and

00:06:45.090 --> 00:06:58.659 Jonny Bowden: anything else is all on my website. If you want to read it, I'd hate to waste time on all the things I've done. I'd rather talk about what we can do to help people now. And anyone who's interested in me. Please just go to my website, I have a higher bio complete with big.

00:06:59.160 --> 00:07:00.660 Karen Ross - Tons of things.

00:07:00.660 --> 00:07:01.670 Jonny Bowden: We're gonna have to pick.

00:07:01.670 --> 00:07:02.000 Karen Ross - Yeah.

00:07:02.000 --> 00:07:05.270 Jonny Bowden: I used to look like in the olden days. What I look like now

00:07:05.700 --> 00:07:07.699 Jonny Bowden: and and all of that.

00:07:08.040 --> 00:07:27.870 Karen Ross - Lots of stuff on Youtube. People can find a lot of Youtube segments that you've recorded. And you share a lot of information there. But yeah, let's talk a little bit about blood pressure. When I first reached out to you and talked about the book, the cholesterol myth.

00:07:28.040 --> 00:07:35.009 Karen Ross - you quickly said to me blood pressure is more important than cholesterol.

00:07:35.010 --> 00:07:48.366 Jonny Bowden: Yeah, I hate. I did say that. And let me let me give you a little context for it, because those things, when you take them out of context. They always sound kind of ex more extreme than the person who said them meant,

00:07:49.230 --> 00:07:50.930 Jonny Bowden: Total cholesterol

00:07:51.150 --> 00:07:53.370 Jonny Bowden: is a worthless metric.

00:07:53.955 --> 00:07:57.209 Jonny Bowden: Let me repeat that for those who may be startled.

00:07:57.580 --> 00:08:17.550 Jonny Bowden: Total, I'm gonna I'm not even gonna I'm gonna tell you what Peter or Tia said. Now, Peter or Tia, for those who don't know is one of America's greatest doctors, and he wrote, in my opinion, and I've done a lot of work on anti-aging, including writing a book on on it. I think he wrote the best book ever written on anti-aging.

00:08:18.300 --> 00:08:46.019 Jonny Bowden: and there was chapters in that book on Cancer and on heart disease they were all science based. He's one of the most science based doctors I know. He's also a mathematician, and he the book is I couldn't recommend it high, highly enough. It's called outlive. And this is what Peter to Dr. Peter O. Tia says about total cholesterol, and I'm gonna quote it from memory, because I've used it a million times, and I couldn't have said it better. And here's the quote. Total cholesterol has as much to do

00:08:46.050 --> 00:08:48.200 Jonny Bowden: with your risk for heart disease

00:08:48.390 --> 00:08:49.810 Jonny Bowden: is your hair color.

00:08:50.760 --> 00:08:51.760 Karen Ross - Well.

00:08:51.760 --> 00:08:52.569 Jonny Bowden: Okay, that's pretty. So.

00:08:52.570 --> 00:08:52.890 Karen Ross - Drawn.

00:08:52.890 --> 00:09:07.520 Jonny Bowden: Okay? So if you're talking total cholesterol, it's a it's a 1963 measurement. It doesn't it? It? It's incredible to me that doctors still use that and prescribe drugs based on that.

00:09:07.630 --> 00:09:26.959 Jonny Bowden: But when you're talking about that, and you're talking about blood pressure, there's no question in my mind that blood pressure is a more serious threat than total cholesterol ever was. Now you could argue that maybe Ldl or particle number, particle size, or all these other measures that you can get on more advanced cholesterol tests

00:09:26.960 --> 00:09:42.129 Jonny Bowden: are, in fact, very important, and they are, but I think blood pressure is right up there with any of the lipid tests that you could possibly do. It's it's a very serious. I never worry about people's total cholesterol. I always worry about their blood pressure.

00:09:42.410 --> 00:09:54.730 Karen Ross - Oh, very interesting. So I guess the best next question is, What is a healthy blood pressure? I heard people say different numbers. So what what's the range.

00:09:54.730 --> 00:09:57.339 Jonny Bowden: Well, I'll tell you what the what the

00:09:57.450 --> 00:10:03.020 Jonny Bowden: consensus of the Big 3 letter agencies is. It's 1, 20, over 80.

00:10:03.480 --> 00:10:10.859 Jonny Bowden: If you talk to functional medicine people. We we would prefer 1 10 over 70, I mean, lower is better.

00:10:11.322 --> 00:10:13.819 Jonny Bowden: You know, up again up to a point.

00:10:13.970 --> 00:10:15.560 Jonny Bowden: you know, my wife has

00:10:15.810 --> 00:10:32.769 Jonny Bowden: genetically, chronically, whatever her basic baseline blood pressure is about 1 10 over 68. Something like that. Some people are lucky. That's their low they? They're kind of born with, with a kind of low baseline, and God bless them! That's that's great.

00:10:33.075 --> 00:10:55.050 Jonny Bowden: So we really like to see it lower than 1, 20, over 80. All the doctors that I hang out with and respect. So yeah, 1, 20, over 80. But then those same standards say 150 triglycerides, which we think think is preposterously high. So, you know, again, 120 over 80 is acceptable. We would like to get it a little lower if you can.

00:10:55.050 --> 00:11:02.099 Karen Ross - Okay, when does it go to a high level that we need to take some action?

00:11:02.150 --> 00:11:04.120 Karen Ross - And what action should we take.

00:11:04.120 --> 00:11:11.379 Jonny Bowden: If you go by the the authorized. You know government approved standards, it would be 1, 40, over 90.

00:11:12.080 --> 00:11:37.140 Jonny Bowden: But, as we all know, all of these things. High blood pressure, high blood, sugar. There's they're not digital like day and night. They're not digital. There's a transition. So 1 39 over 89. That's not technically high blood pressure yet. But, boy, come on, you know. So you gotta look at what's going on. Not just when you get to this one arbitrarily decided number, like 1, 40 over 90.

00:11:37.140 --> 00:11:42.099 Jonny Bowden: But you know, is it? What's the trajectory? Is it climbing up there? Is it very close to that, you know?

00:11:42.830 --> 00:11:50.750 Karen Ross - Happens now you mentioned your wife's was very low. Mine has always been low, and then, just in the last year.

00:11:50.850 --> 00:11:52.889 Karen Ross - it started soaring.

00:11:52.890 --> 00:11:53.410 Jonny Bowden: Yeah, well.

00:11:53.410 --> 00:11:56.870 Karen Ross - And I felt what I hadn't changed anything.

00:11:58.310 --> 00:12:08.759 Jonny Bowden: It appears to be very frequent. If not, I don't. I don't like to say normal, because normal in this country is very unhealthy, normal in this country that we now know that 90

00:12:08.860 --> 00:12:14.130 Jonny Bowden: 2% of Americans have some marker for insulin resistance.

00:12:14.410 --> 00:12:15.090 Karen Ross - And.

00:12:15.090 --> 00:12:25.760 Jonny Bowden: You know, we're not gonna talk about that today. But I consider that maybe the most important topic to talk about, because insulin resistance is the metabolic plague of the 20 first century we used. I used to go on

00:12:25.760 --> 00:12:46.269 Jonny Bowden: broadcast and tell them the figure was 87% of Americans have some degree of that. And I mean, I'm sorry. 88, only 12 metabolically healthy. You can check that on Google. There'll be a million headlines from the North North Carolina University. Data on that but the 88 figure is obsolete. It is now 92, so.

00:12:46.270 --> 00:12:46.740 Karen Ross - Wow!

00:12:46.740 --> 00:12:52.220 Jonny Bowden: 92% of Americans with unhealthy metabolic markers. That's something you better look at.

00:12:52.540 --> 00:12:53.470 Jonny Bowden: Well, Frank, I guess.

00:12:53.470 --> 00:12:55.200 Karen Ross - We better do another show.

00:12:55.200 --> 00:13:01.939 Jonny Bowden: All you gotta do is show on insulin resistance. The most important topic people need to know about. And it's the most important topic nobody knows about. That's.

00:13:01.940 --> 00:13:03.550 Karen Ross - Wow! Wow!

00:13:03.550 --> 00:13:04.980 Jonny Bowden: We really upset.

00:13:05.400 --> 00:13:23.000 Karen Ross - Well, I know we're going to have to go to break before too long. So we want to come back, though, and talk about the impact of nutrition on blood pressure and healthy aging, and talk a little bit about healthy foods and unhealthy foods. But, Frank, back to you until we go to break.

00:13:23.000 --> 00:13:27.479 Frank R. Harrison: And and I just wanted to add that basically.

00:13:28.690 --> 00:13:58.330 Frank R. Harrison: well, yeah, exactly. I wanted to just say that. Obviously, with your big background, that goes not only across media platforms and your talking events and your academic experience and your own Youtube channel and everything else that we're gonna explore throughout the hour. Blood pressure is just one thing that you focus on. You obviously focus on all these other issues, especially people with diabetes. Type 2. I guess that's the insulin resistance category you're referring to. And then also anyone else dealing with any kind of heart problems that are due to the

00:13:58.330 --> 00:14:07.129 Frank R. Harrison: what the intake of overuse of food, or whatever unhealthy eating is going on, so we will probably more than likely do another show with you. That is a definite.

00:14:07.130 --> 00:14:30.030 Frank R. Harrison: because your background is broad. So it'll be interesting to see how, in the next segment, we actually focus in on blood pressure awareness month. Or you know what, Karen, why don't we just relive the last time you had Dr. Sinatra on your radio show and try to do the interview again? But this time with Johnny and cover all the gamut because it's still about nutrition.

00:14:30.070 --> 00:14:46.929 Frank R. Harrison: And though blood pressure is the driver of the theme of the episode, it doesn't have to be specifically just about that, although I do understand, Johnny, that you also believe in a much more functional approach to nutrition. So that is, I guess, the secret sauce that we want to learn more about in the next segment.

00:14:46.930 --> 00:15:01.340 Frank R. Harrison: So, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned right here on Frank about health, as Karen and I, as well as Dr. Johnny Bowden, will be discussing more about a lot of his books and a lot of the nutrition aspects that he is concerned about whether it's blood pressure or the like.

00:15:01.340 --> 00:15:06.630 Frank R. Harrison: Right here on talk, radio, Nyc and on our social media. Be back in a few.

00:17:28.970 --> 00:17:32.509 Frank R. Harrison: Looks like, frankly says permanently.

00:17:32.810 --> 00:17:35.098 Karen Ross - Looks like Frank has frozen so.

00:17:35.480 --> 00:17:36.529 Frank R. Harrison: Enough is to.

00:17:36.530 --> 00:17:37.140 Karen Ross - Yeah.

00:17:37.140 --> 00:17:38.040 Jonny Bowden: That's invented.

00:17:38.220 --> 00:17:39.570 Frank R. Harrison: We're starting to screen share.

00:17:40.220 --> 00:17:41.490 Frank R. Harrison: Yep, aye.

00:17:41.630 --> 00:17:43.170 Frank R. Harrison: Danny's web.

00:17:46.740 --> 00:17:53.159 Karen Ross - Frank, why don't you mute? You've frozen a little bit or you've frozen a lot, but.

00:17:53.160 --> 00:17:54.640 Jonny Bowden: Bruce yourself right off the screen.

00:17:54.640 --> 00:18:05.869 Karen Ross - Right right, Johnny. I wanna just touch a little bit more on the the blood pressure thing. So you said at a certain level we should start paying attention to it, and maybe take some action.

00:18:06.030 --> 00:18:16.570 Karen Ross - What kind of action should we take? Should we go toward medical correction of our blood pressure. Try alternative methods.

00:18:16.610 --> 00:18:22.800 Karen Ross - give us a little bit of direction on what you recommend. If our blood pressure does start to creep up.

00:18:23.240 --> 00:18:24.630 Jonny Bowden: All of the above.

00:18:24.630 --> 00:18:25.916 Karen Ross - Okay. Then.

00:18:26.560 --> 00:18:28.999 Jonny Bowden: You know I I'm not anti. Look!

00:18:29.580 --> 00:18:34.749 Jonny Bowden: A long time ago I had a client, a celebrity client, a composure

00:18:34.890 --> 00:18:46.979 Jonny Bowden: whose work you would absolutely recognize in 1 s who had written 5 Major Broadway shows, and he came in. A director friend of mine, lifelong friend, brought him to me and said, Would you please

00:18:47.160 --> 00:18:48.269 Jonny Bowden: take a look?

00:18:48.680 --> 00:18:50.129 Jonny Bowden: And he came in.

00:18:50.510 --> 00:18:53.809 Jonny Bowden: I said I asked him to bring in all this to his medications.

00:18:54.610 --> 00:18:58.099 Jonny Bowden: And he came in. He was about 7 years younger than I am now.

00:18:58.380 --> 00:19:00.990 Jonny Bowden: and he came in with a walker.

00:19:01.530 --> 00:19:03.969 Jonny Bowden: walking very gingerly.

00:19:04.670 --> 00:19:07.170 Jonny Bowden: and he sat down. It looked like an old man.

00:19:07.420 --> 00:19:09.359 Jonny Bowden: and he had a yellow pad.

00:19:09.740 --> 00:19:12.030 Jonny Bowden: a yellow legal pad

00:19:12.160 --> 00:19:13.999 Jonny Bowden: that was about

00:19:14.010 --> 00:19:15.749 Jonny Bowden: 3 quarters spilled

00:19:15.790 --> 00:19:17.429 Jonny Bowden: with a list of medications.

00:19:17.430 --> 00:19:18.480 Karen Ross - Oh, wow!

00:19:18.690 --> 00:19:20.049 Jonny Bowden: And I said to him.

00:19:20.620 --> 00:19:24.539 Jonny Bowden: Has anyone ever looked at this as you? Have you ever had a doctor?

00:19:24.660 --> 00:19:35.959 Jonny Bowden: Because he had 1 one person prescribed in something for sleep, another one for depression, another one for high blood pressure, another one for Gerd. He had, like 15 different medicines.

00:19:36.150 --> 00:19:41.499 Jonny Bowden: No one had ever looked at the interaction, those medicines, and, in fact.

00:19:41.960 --> 00:19:46.389 Jonny Bowden: no study has ever been done in the world on the interaction of any.

00:19:46.690 --> 00:19:47.230 Frank R. Harrison: Who.

00:19:47.230 --> 00:19:52.970 Jonny Bowden: Medicines, and we'll probably never have that, because there's an infinite number of combinations.

00:19:53.200 --> 00:19:56.230 Jonny Bowden: So my belief has always been.

00:19:57.370 --> 00:20:00.980 Jonny Bowden: try to stay help as many medicines as you can.

00:20:01.320 --> 00:20:01.840 Jonny Bowden: that.

00:20:01.840 --> 00:20:03.119 Karen Ross - I agree with that.

00:20:03.120 --> 00:20:08.009 Jonny Bowden: Does not mean that there aren't life saving medicines that people should use.

00:20:08.160 --> 00:20:30.659 Jonny Bowden: but reaching for one after the next after the next, so that you got this whole pot pourri of of heavy pharmaceuticals interacting in an environment that's never been studied before. We don't know how the antidepressant works with the antis, with the pro sleep, one with the high blood pressure, one with the, you know. There's 50 of them.

00:20:31.230 --> 00:20:31.760 Karen Ross - Yeah.

00:20:31.760 --> 00:20:42.779 Jonny Bowden: No, I would like to see people at on as few medicines as possible, which does not mean I'm anti medicine, or that I don't believe that they need to be used one now. Steve

00:20:42.970 --> 00:20:56.769 Jonny Bowden: had Steve, of course, who was a medical doctor, and had a lot more experience with the medical side of it. Recommended a number of blood pressure medications. I myself am on a blood pressure medication. I mean, it's important. You gotta get your blood pressure. Dan.

00:20:57.270 --> 00:20:58.070 Jonny Bowden: you can't.

00:20:58.070 --> 00:20:58.510 Karen Ross - Okay.

00:20:58.510 --> 00:21:00.319 Jonny Bowden: That's a good point.

00:21:00.320 --> 00:21:02.710 Karen Ross - What happens if we don't get our blood pressure down.

00:21:02.710 --> 00:21:04.050 Jonny Bowden: Imagine.

00:21:04.710 --> 00:21:07.290 Jonny Bowden: Imagine the ocean waves.

00:21:07.610 --> 00:21:19.430 Jonny Bowden: and imagine a rock, a big boulder if you've ever seen on the beach, like when we go to Saint Martin, and the boulders have all these little like, not crevices, but these little like indentations.

00:21:19.770 --> 00:21:29.790 Jonny Bowden: these waves are hitting it time and time again every single day. Right? That's what blood pressure does to your arteries.

00:21:31.110 --> 00:21:51.759 Jonny Bowden: It hits it and wears it down and hits it and wears it down, and the harder it goes, and the faster it goes, and the more often it goes, the more damage can be done to the auto, the arterial walls, the endothelium, the lining of the walls of the of the cardiovascular system. So you don't want that pounding. Just think of it as pounding

00:21:52.780 --> 00:21:53.340 Jonny Bowden: and.

00:21:53.340 --> 00:21:54.090 Karen Ross - And I'm

00:21:54.280 --> 00:21:58.519 Karen Ross - is it mean? Heart attack, stroke? All of the above.

00:21:58.520 --> 00:22:21.820 Jonny Bowden: Related to all the above. It is a risk factor for all of this Cbd in general cardiovascular disease, atherosclerotic, cardiovascular disease. All of them. It is a risk factor, for it doesn't necessarily be the the single causal thing. But as we know, or hopefully, we'll explore with our disease, there isn't necessarily one singular cause. It's often a confluence of different risk. Factors.

00:22:21.940 --> 00:22:22.310 Karen Ross - Okay.

00:22:22.686 --> 00:22:26.829 Jonny Bowden: You know. And and so it's it's an important risk factor.

00:22:26.830 --> 00:22:30.899 Karen Ross - Yeah, well, you've done so much research on food.

00:22:31.570 --> 00:22:34.670 Karen Ross - Does food impact blood pressure.

00:22:34.670 --> 00:22:36.070 Jonny Bowden: 100%.

00:22:36.900 --> 00:22:38.400 Karen Ross - In what way, how.

00:22:38.680 --> 00:22:42.279 Jonny Bowden: Well, let's take the Kona Indians in Panama. They have.

00:22:42.410 --> 00:22:51.599 Jonny Bowden: You had mentioned that your blood pressure was great up until a certain point, and you didn't do anything different and starts going up. So for most people, blood pressure rises as we get older.

00:22:52.910 --> 00:22:54.079 Karen Ross - I did get older, I mean.

00:22:54.080 --> 00:22:54.400 Jonny Bowden: From the.

00:22:54.695 --> 00:22:56.469 Karen Ross - Afraid to admit I go home.

00:22:56.470 --> 00:22:58.279 Jonny Bowden: The Kona Indians.

00:22:58.520 --> 00:23:00.150 Jonny Bowden: It doesn't happen with them.

00:23:01.580 --> 00:23:06.580 Jonny Bowden: They they have the same blood pressure at 20 than they that they do at 70 in general.

00:23:07.160 --> 00:23:11.650 Jonny Bowden: and so they have been widely studied, like what are they doing?

00:23:11.870 --> 00:23:13.739 Jonny Bowden: And in their case

00:23:14.090 --> 00:23:16.420 Jonny Bowden: the consensus seems to be.

00:23:16.560 --> 00:23:25.999 Jonny Bowden: They eat cocoa all day long they they chew on the cocoa leaves, and they they. Cocoa is a big part of their diet, and cocoa has flavonoids in it.

00:23:26.640 --> 00:23:40.679 Jonny Bowden: and flavonoids are chemical compounds that are found in fruits, vegetables, plants, all kinds of different things, and the cocoa flavinals are believed to have blood, anti hypertension.

00:23:40.750 --> 00:23:41.760 Jonny Bowden: properties.

00:23:42.180 --> 00:23:49.069 Jonny Bowden: and one example of one dietary component that might make that strong of a difference

00:23:49.470 --> 00:23:52.220 Jonny Bowden: now in Steve's program.

00:23:52.400 --> 00:24:13.669 Jonny Bowden: and I hope I can do it justice because he wrote a book about it. It's a very good book. In fact, if people want more information, there are 2 books on blood pressure that I would highly recommend, one of which is Steve's book, 8 weeks to lower blood pressure. But that's a little old. So there's some of the information on the drugs is not necessarily up to date. The other book is what your doctor doesn't, doesn't tell you about hypertension

00:24:14.310 --> 00:24:15.680 Jonny Bowden: by Mark Houston.

00:24:15.680 --> 00:24:16.280 Frank R. Harrison: Blue.

00:24:16.280 --> 00:24:19.320 Jonny Bowden: Both an Md. And a master's level nutritionist.

00:24:19.580 --> 00:24:29.710 Jonny Bowden: and those books will give you a very good idea of how diet impacts your your nutrition, your, how your nutrition impacts it. And in Steve's

00:24:30.450 --> 00:24:46.209 Jonny Bowden: lowering blood pressure program is 4 components, diet supplements, exercise and stress reduction. And I think that all 4 of those need to be talked about and addressed. If you're if you're looking at supplemental ways to lower your blood pressure. Besides, medication.

00:24:46.210 --> 00:24:47.090 Karen Ross - Okay. Okay.

00:24:47.090 --> 00:24:52.850 Jonny Bowden: And some medications are better than other medications. I like Arbes better than A/C inhibitors.

00:24:53.190 --> 00:24:55.010 Jonny Bowden: but you know that's again

00:24:55.940 --> 00:25:17.679 Jonny Bowden: matters for debate. But but in there are a number of these medicines that that have really positive effects and don't seem to be, you know, have a lot of side effects. Like statin drugs, for example, they they seem, and and they do a lot more good than they do harm. So if somebody is not able to lower their blood pressure with Nat with quote unquote natural things, and it can't always be done.

00:25:17.750 --> 00:25:22.879 Jonny Bowden: I I absolutely think you should see a functional medicine doctor and get on

00:25:23.030 --> 00:25:24.180 Jonny Bowden: medication.

00:25:24.180 --> 00:25:24.900 Karen Ross - Okay.

00:25:25.150 --> 00:25:34.569 Karen Ross - you mentioned cocoa beans. Now, cocoa to me sounds like chocolate. I'm a big fan of chocolate, so.

00:25:35.312 --> 00:25:39.669 Jonny Bowden: Yeah, when you get dark chocolate there will be a number on it, 65% cocoa.

00:25:39.670 --> 00:25:40.300 Karen Ross - Right? We're.

00:25:40.300 --> 00:25:59.160 Jonny Bowden: Owl same thing 55%, which is much sweeter and not as rich in the flavin, or it's 85, which is as bitter as you can get 90% very bitter. It takes like baking chocolate. But it's got the most concentration of. So people look often for percentage, that is, you could still eat it. It's palatable, but.

00:25:59.455 --> 00:25:59.750 Karen Ross - Huh!

00:25:59.750 --> 00:26:04.399 Jonny Bowden: Enough, and usually around 70% is a good number to look for in cocoa.

00:26:04.400 --> 00:26:05.170 Karen Ross - Okay.

00:26:05.320 --> 00:26:06.930 Karen Ross - well, what else? Which.

00:26:06.930 --> 00:26:07.490 Jonny Bowden: Student.

00:26:08.000 --> 00:26:09.429 Karen Ross - I'm sorry. Say that last thing.

00:26:09.430 --> 00:26:14.139 Jonny Bowden: Bars. When it says about 70 72, you're getting a lot of flavonoids.

00:26:14.140 --> 00:26:28.969 Karen Ross - And I'm I'm learning. I have to admit I've always liked milk chocolate, and I'm learning to like dark chocolate because of the value that you just talked about. So I think that is very, very important.

00:26:30.080 --> 00:26:39.149 Karen Ross - what are some of the other foods that impact blood pressure? If it we should either avoid or be sure that we incorporate into our diet.

00:26:39.150 --> 00:26:47.390 Jonny Bowden: Well highly processed food of what's called ultra processed foods now are the enemy of every kind of metabolic metric of health.

00:26:48.370 --> 00:26:49.909 Jonny Bowden: They raise insulin.

00:26:50.080 --> 00:26:56.781 Jonny Bowden: So they they are a big factor in insulin resistance. They raise blood pressure, they raise

00:26:57.670 --> 00:27:02.530 Jonny Bowden: They do everything that you don't want done in the body, metabolically speaking.

00:27:03.280 --> 00:27:03.810 Karen Ross - Wow!

00:27:03.810 --> 00:27:14.879 Jonny Bowden: The foods we really want to abort. I always say the 3 worst foods in the American diet. If you could eliminate these 3, you would make a double digit improvement in the health of America. Donuts, French fries, and sodas.

00:27:15.430 --> 00:27:16.559 Karen Ross - What was that third one?

00:27:16.560 --> 00:27:19.549 Jonny Bowden: Donuts, French fries, and sodas.

00:27:19.890 --> 00:27:20.770 Karen Ross - Wow!

00:27:20.770 --> 00:27:22.690 Jonny Bowden: There are no good exceptions.

00:27:23.080 --> 00:27:23.630 Karen Ross - Hmm.

00:27:23.630 --> 00:27:27.420 Jonny Bowden: No good French fries, no good sodas, and no good

00:27:28.210 --> 00:27:31.340 Jonny Bowden: chips. What was the third one? I said, don't.

00:27:31.340 --> 00:27:37.610 Karen Ross - Sodas, sodas, sodas. Okay, now, most of well, all 3 of those include sugar.

00:27:37.770 --> 00:27:39.730 Karen Ross - So where does.

00:27:39.730 --> 00:27:41.967 Jonny Bowden: No, actually, no, they don't

00:27:43.310 --> 00:27:45.850 Karen Ross - Soda does down donuts.

00:27:46.350 --> 00:27:48.080 Jonny Bowden: And French fries, French fries.

00:27:48.080 --> 00:27:49.320 Karen Ross - I guess French fries don't.

00:27:49.320 --> 00:27:53.510 Jonny Bowden: So I mean they may have a little sugar, and some some of the companies may use them, but

00:27:53.540 --> 00:27:57.400 Jonny Bowden: you have to remember that that stretches like

00:27:57.460 --> 00:28:02.249 Jonny Bowden: Cheerios that have been told. You know we've been told a healthy for us

00:28:02.260 --> 00:28:13.300 Jonny Bowden: are crap, and they turn to sugar faster than you can snap your fingers, so by the time you've swallowed them you might as well just taken the dominoes box of sugar and poured it down your throat.

00:28:13.570 --> 00:28:14.330 Jonny Bowden: so don't.

00:28:14.330 --> 00:28:14.710 Karen Ross - Yeah, and.

00:28:14.710 --> 00:28:17.789 Jonny Bowden: That it doesn't have sugar, because it turns into sugar like.

00:28:17.790 --> 00:28:24.400 Karen Ross - Yeah. And then if you eat a cereal, there are so many cereals out there now that are sugar coated.

00:28:24.560 --> 00:28:26.570 Karen Ross - So it's handy.

00:28:26.570 --> 00:28:26.990 Jonny Bowden: You eating.

00:28:26.990 --> 00:28:30.280 Karen Ross - Don't eat. Yeah. Yeah. Well, again, I know we're

00:28:30.570 --> 00:28:41.099 Karen Ross - we're getting close to another break. So, Frank, I'm gonna pass it back to you when we come back. Do you want to talk a little bit more about foods? Yeah.

00:28:41.100 --> 00:28:42.639 Jonny Bowden: We have a whole list of.

00:28:42.640 --> 00:28:44.090 Frank R. Harrison: Do? I do? I don't.

00:28:44.090 --> 00:29:10.279 Jonny Bowden: Supplements to include. And there's a lot of different things that you can do. And and I think one of the most important is the fourth one on his list, which is the one that I am most passionate about talking about. He calls it stress reduction. I call it a broader it. It's definitely stress reduction. But it really has more to do with how you live and your relationships with the universe and yourself and other people, because that is, in my opinion, number one, with a bullet.

00:29:11.740 --> 00:29:13.639 Karen Ross - Alright. We'll tackle that when we.

00:29:13.979 --> 00:29:28.230 Frank R. Harrison: That all being said when we return I will have loads of questions. Basically. I think that. I'm I really haven't speechless. So let's just go ahead and return after these few messages. We'll be back in a few.

00:31:31.760 --> 00:31:43.399 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back. I have a few words to say, and I hope that people are listening to me right now. During the last segment. I was completely shut out of the system.

00:31:43.430 --> 00:31:46.699 Frank R. Harrison: and I had not heard any of

00:31:46.840 --> 00:31:48.050 Frank R. Harrison: the interview.

00:31:48.090 --> 00:32:11.360 Frank R. Harrison: so, unfortunately, what that has done is set me to the point where I am completely speechless in terms. I believe that Karen and Johnny were able to really flesh out a lot of the topics related to his nutrition programs, and of course, in discussing blood pressure and other issues, that there was a lot of information out there widely shared. This, however, was going to be the question and answer segment.

00:32:11.400 --> 00:32:33.890 Frank R. Harrison: I don't have any questions, because I really don't know what the interview was in detail. So that being, said Karen. I think I'm going to defer the entire segment over to you, so that you can follow up on whatever happened in the previous section. But, quite frankly. I guess the last resort will be in the final segment when I just pretty much promote all of the various programs and books and.

00:32:33.890 --> 00:32:34.390 Karen Ross - Okay.

00:32:34.390 --> 00:32:36.550 Frank R. Harrison: Information that's necessary.

00:32:36.750 --> 00:32:38.320 Karen Ross - Sounds good. Well.

00:32:38.320 --> 00:32:38.850 Frank R. Harrison: Way.

00:32:38.850 --> 00:32:48.960 Karen Ross - Thank you, and we missed you. We missed you. But Johnny, you're a big proponent of intermittent fasting.

00:32:49.110 --> 00:32:52.730 Karen Ross - Now, I think everybody's probably heard that term.

00:32:52.770 --> 00:33:02.550 Karen Ross - Many people know what it means, but a lot of people probably don't. So if you could kind of describe it then and then tell us. Why is it a good thing? Why should we consider it?

00:33:04.710 --> 00:33:06.270 Karen Ross - You're you're muted.

00:33:08.800 --> 00:33:09.340 Jonny Bowden: Oh!

00:33:09.550 --> 00:33:09.940 Karen Ross - There!

00:33:10.330 --> 00:33:17.840 Jonny Bowden: It's a very good thing something I practice regularly. I don't even think of it anymore is intermittent fasting. Just the way I eat

00:33:18.930 --> 00:33:32.999 Jonny Bowden: and it has a lot of benefits, a lot of proven, scientifically bet, based back benefits. And there, if you go to pubmed and look up intermittent fasting and chronic disease. You'll see there's a double digit percentage of reduction in risk for

00:33:33.360 --> 00:33:41.760 Jonny Bowden: half dozen chronic diseases that we all want to not get, and and which are reduced to some degree by intermittent fasting.

00:33:42.107 --> 00:33:50.039 Jonny Bowden: As I mentioned earlier, I think insulin resistance is the metabolic plague of the 20 first century, and when you fast, your insulin comes down

00:33:51.188 --> 00:34:05.870 Jonny Bowden: and there's there's there are lessons from the intermittent fasting world that we can all incorporate to to with great benefit, including to blood pressure, and those are, don't eat between meals.

00:34:06.630 --> 00:34:09.150 Jonny Bowden: Don't snack, don't graze.

00:34:09.199 --> 00:34:22.909 Jonny Bowden: Give 4 h between each feeding, even if you're not intimate in fasting. If you're doing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great do. 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock. You do 4 h between. Let 2 h go between the last meal and bedtime. If you can just do that.

00:34:23.739 --> 00:34:28.809 Karen Ross - Okay, what would be an optimal period of time to not.

00:34:29.270 --> 00:34:51.850 Jonny Bowden: We don't know. People experiment with all kinds of schedules. The most popular intimate investing schedule in America is 16 8, which means you basically fast for 16 h, and you eat from 12 to 8 pm. I mean those. I'm just randomly picking those numbers, because that'll accommodates dinner hour for most people wanting with their family and stuff like that. So you can. You can choose that interval. But

00:34:51.850 --> 00:35:14.919 Jonny Bowden: it. There's some evidence that choosing an early interval is even more effective. But it's almost impossible to do socially. If you have a family, if you eat with other people. But if you could do eating from 9 am. To whatever 12. I can't do it. My head 9, 1011, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, from 9 to 5, or something like that, or even a smaller interval. That's probably preferable. But it's socially very difficult.

00:35:14.920 --> 00:35:21.407 Karen Ross - Yeah, what about taking like an entire 24 h once in a while? Not.

00:35:21.840 --> 00:35:22.280 Jonny Bowden: One.

00:35:22.280 --> 00:35:23.540 Karen Ross - Really, yeah.

00:35:23.960 --> 00:35:25.150 Karen Ross - really, good for us.

00:35:25.150 --> 00:35:35.919 Jonny Bowden: Some of the benefits, some of the benefits like autophagy, which is cellular cleaning. It's a deep kind of detoxification doesn't really kick in until 24 h and 30.

00:35:35.920 --> 00:35:37.050 Karen Ross - Really.

00:35:37.050 --> 00:35:52.079 Jonny Bowden: So well, I mean it does, but not to the level. It's gonna make a little difference. So you know, people like Jason Phone, who do these really wonderful structured programs to bring to to reduce or eliminate diabetes. They will put people on 36 h fast all the time.

00:35:52.590 --> 00:35:57.759 Karen Ross - Hmm, interesting, interesting. I did talk to somebody recently who was

00:35:58.250 --> 00:36:07.451 Karen Ross - in functional medicine, and they talked about I they really talked very highly about fasting and going out of water fast, and just drinking water.

00:36:07.820 --> 00:36:36.827 Jonny Bowden: You've done that, and I I assume that those have benefits, but they're out of my pay scale. I I can't claim to have ever done a long fast, and I am not a big fan of water fasting, and I think it should be done supervised only. And but I can talk about general application of these principles to everyday life, and it just means don't eat between meals, and give you some time to bring your insulin and your blood sugar down, and forget everything you learned in the eighties about grazing.

00:36:37.130 --> 00:36:41.699 Karen Ross - Yeah, okay, sounds good. Something else you talked about that

00:36:41.780 --> 00:36:47.260 Karen Ross - I know some people have heard of, and maybe others haven't, and that's apple cider vinegar.

00:36:47.970 --> 00:36:50.820 Karen Ross - and I was thinking in

00:36:50.840 --> 00:36:57.389 Karen Ross - something you were talking about that being really a healthy thing to digest ingest.

00:36:57.390 --> 00:37:17.389 Jonny Bowden: It it is. I think it's a little overrated. I have some in my refriger refrigerator and use it from time to time, and it's a great thing, and it has some. If you get a real good one, it's got probiotics in it, and it's got enzymes, and it's nice, and it helps with appetite and digestive enzymes and all that stuff. But I don't think it's a cure. All. I don't think it's a weight, loss.

00:37:17.420 --> 00:37:19.060 Jonny Bowden: panacea, or any.

00:37:19.705 --> 00:37:20.350 Karen Ross - Yeah.

00:37:20.350 --> 00:37:32.909 Jonny Bowden: It's promoted as a lot of things that are ahead of what it really does. But there's no doubt that it does do some good things, and there is some good publish research showing that vinegar before meal helps reduce appetite and.

00:37:32.910 --> 00:37:33.620 Karen Ross - Up

00:37:33.800 --> 00:37:41.879 Karen Ross - now I'll be honest that my father used to use apple cider vinegar, and he said his dad did so. That goes way way back.

00:37:41.970 --> 00:37:53.900 Karen Ross - and I was going through a period of time where it just seemed like I was having more indigestion than I was used to having, and I happened to remember that, so I thought, Well, I'll just make a little concoction, and.

00:37:53.900 --> 00:37:54.420 Jonny Bowden: Like I'll.

00:37:54.420 --> 00:37:55.420 Karen Ross - It worked.

00:37:55.420 --> 00:37:55.889 Jonny Bowden: It does.

00:37:55.890 --> 00:37:57.929 Karen Ross - I was amazed.

00:37:57.950 --> 00:38:00.409 Karen Ross - Yeah, yeah, it is.

00:38:00.410 --> 00:38:03.109 Jonny Bowden: No impact on bloodshot, on, on.

00:38:03.560 --> 00:38:03.980 Karen Ross - Pressure.

00:38:03.980 --> 00:38:05.160 Jonny Bowden: That I know of.

00:38:05.160 --> 00:38:20.780 Karen Ross - Okay. Okay, okay, let's talk a little bit as much as we can about your 150 healthiest foods. If we had time we talk about all 150 we can't. So what's it? What is the top of the list?

00:38:20.780 --> 00:38:29.249 Jonny Bowden: Sure that I know what you want me to focus on because we're talking, you know, if you want to focus on blood pressure, I can talk about what I think.

00:38:29.250 --> 00:38:30.190 Karen Ross - Yeah, let's let's.

00:38:30.404 --> 00:38:30.620 Jonny Bowden: You.

00:38:30.620 --> 00:38:31.370 Karen Ross - A and B.

00:38:31.370 --> 00:38:32.710 Jonny Bowden: But overall.

00:38:33.150 --> 00:38:55.910 Jonny Bowden: Yeah. So in in Steve's program he liked what he called a Pan Asian diet pan, a a Pan Asian Mediterranean diet. It was kind of a a mixture of the best of the Asian way of eating, with a lot of fermented foods like tempa and Miso Miso is a great food. There's something that everybody could use. And

00:38:56.200 --> 00:39:02.036 Jonny Bowden: I think if there was any light at all between me and Steve, it was that I like meet a little bit more. He does.

00:39:02.640 --> 00:39:06.229 Jonny Bowden: He definitely would eat a grass fed steak. There's no.

00:39:07.869 --> 00:39:24.760 Jonny Bowden: He was not anti meat. It's just I sometimes eat meat every day, and and that was a difference, and that's not a huge feature of the Mediterranean Diet. But a lot of people think it's not in the Mediterranean diet, and that is a myth book, the great cost to all myth. One of the things I did cause. I never believed

00:39:24.970 --> 00:39:32.330 Jonny Bowden: the press on the Mediterranean dot. There isn't the Mediterranean. How many countries boarded the Mediterranean 22.

00:39:32.330 --> 00:39:33.460 Karen Ross - Oh, my!

00:39:33.460 --> 00:39:54.910 Jonny Bowden: But Turkey and Israel, and and you know some of the other African North African. They don't all eat the same diet. There's no one Mediterranean diet. That's kind of a marketing plug, and there are things about the Mediterranean style of eating that are very good, and that we could all incorporate. But there's a lot of varieties that we could. We could do a

00:39:55.280 --> 00:40:09.450 Jonny Bowden: a low grain Mediterranean diet. We could do a higher protein Mediterranean diet. So I think there's a lot of principles from the Mediterranean style being that we could adapt. But it's not an an anti meat diet. What I did for the book for my own research

00:40:09.700 --> 00:40:13.630 Jonny Bowden: was, I found, the most popular restaurants

00:40:13.930 --> 00:40:17.710 Jonny Bowden: in a sample of about 20 of the 22 countries.

00:40:18.390 --> 00:40:22.150 Jonny Bowden: Every single one of them had meet on the menu

00:40:23.581 --> 00:40:27.189 Jonny Bowden: person. That they don't eat. Meat is nonsense.

00:40:27.330 --> 00:40:28.340 Jonny Bowden: They eat.

00:40:28.370 --> 00:40:32.182 Jonny Bowden: you know better meat, but they do eat meat in in

00:40:32.510 --> 00:40:33.660 Jonny Bowden: absolutely, but they.

00:40:33.660 --> 00:40:34.280 Karen Ross - You mean.

00:40:34.280 --> 00:40:42.089 Jonny Bowden: Vegetables. They eat more greens than I would necessarily like, but I think the part about the Mediterranean style beating that we miss.

00:40:42.160 --> 00:40:58.220 Jonny Bowden: That may be the most important part, is the style of eating the style of the Mediterranean, the Sardania, for example, and which is, has, is home to the most number of healthy functioning 100 year old men in the world.

00:40:58.610 --> 00:40:59.460 Karen Ross - Bailey's.

00:40:59.460 --> 00:41:01.119 Jonny Bowden: If you look at what they do.

00:41:01.960 --> 00:41:28.470 Jonny Bowden: they make the lunchtime meal one of the most important. They sit around in the afternoon and talk to their friends and share their feelings. They walk everywhere, they eat their big meal in the daytime, as I mentioned, they spend time in the sun. We don't talk about that. We just talk about how much olive oil they drink. They they eat, which is one of the greatest foods ever invented. But there's also things that have to do with stress reduction and general healthy living.

00:41:28.470 --> 00:41:44.009 Jonny Bowden: such as connection, and such as the part of it, that, I said, stress reduction is the most important. They they are experts, stress reduction. So I'm not sure how much of the benefits are coming from that and the style of living, and how much is coming from exactly what's on their plate.

00:41:44.010 --> 00:41:55.039 Karen Ross - Okay, what about fat you? You mentioned olive oil? What about other fats are? Do you think that's the best fat? And are there fats we should just absolutely avoid.

00:41:55.610 --> 00:41:59.989 Jonny Bowden: Well, yeah, of course, of our facts we should absolutely avoid. I. I

00:42:00.280 --> 00:42:08.279 Jonny Bowden: join many of my colleagues in thinking that the 2 most inflammatory substances in the American diet, the 2 most health

00:42:08.420 --> 00:42:09.620 Jonny Bowden: draining

00:42:09.760 --> 00:42:12.919 Jonny Bowden: elements of the American diet or sugar and vegetable oil.

00:42:13.420 --> 00:42:34.759 Jonny Bowden: So as as far as I'm concerned. My original nutrition teacher, the one who turned me onto nutrition and made me passionate about this subject used to say, You you have somebody you wanna kill. I'll tell you exactly what to do. Go into their kitchen and take and and replace all of their cooking oils with safflower oil, sunflower oil, canola oil soybean oil.

00:42:35.270 --> 00:42:36.419 Jonny Bowden: They'll be dead.

00:42:36.870 --> 00:42:38.040 Karen Ross - Wow!

00:42:38.480 --> 00:42:39.960 Jonny Bowden: But they won't really be dead.

00:42:39.960 --> 00:42:40.650 Karen Ross - No, I know.

00:42:40.650 --> 00:42:43.389 Jonny Bowden: We will have so much information as we do all.

00:42:43.390 --> 00:42:45.080 Karen Ross - Oh, my! Gosh! So men!

00:42:45.080 --> 00:42:47.760 Jonny Bowden: Metabolic issues. And I remember.

00:42:47.930 --> 00:42:50.370 Jonny Bowden: oh, God! Kate Shanahan

00:42:50.550 --> 00:42:57.390 Jonny Bowden: wrote this wonderful book called the Fat Burn Fix, and she went on Bill Maher during the pandemic.

00:42:58.400 --> 00:43:00.600 Jonny Bowden: and she said, I want to issue a challenge.

00:43:02.090 --> 00:43:03.959 Jonny Bowden: I would like somebody

00:43:04.030 --> 00:43:09.740 Jonny Bowden: out there who has been abstinent from sugar and vegetable oil for 5 years.

00:43:10.290 --> 00:43:13.570 Jonny Bowden: who has a serious case of Covid to please come forward.

00:43:13.820 --> 00:43:15.350 Jonny Bowden: Nobody took her up on it.

00:43:15.350 --> 00:43:16.720 Karen Ross - Really.

00:43:17.090 --> 00:43:18.190 Karen Ross - wow.

00:43:18.190 --> 00:43:20.179 Jonny Bowden: So I'm not claiming that I'm just saying.

00:43:20.180 --> 00:43:20.820 Karen Ross - Yeah.

00:43:20.820 --> 00:43:22.779 Jonny Bowden: These are bad news foods.

00:43:22.990 --> 00:43:25.559 Karen Ross - I would say so, I would say so.

00:43:25.560 --> 00:43:26.000 Jonny Bowden: Yeah, both.

00:43:26.000 --> 00:43:26.710 Karen Ross - Frank.

00:43:26.710 --> 00:43:36.890 Jonny Bowden: Sorry we get 16 times more than we do. Omega threes the ratio of Omega 6. Which is what's in sapphire sunflower, you know. All feed oils. They're not even vegetable oils.

00:43:36.890 --> 00:43:37.680 Karen Ross - Yeah.

00:43:39.370 --> 00:43:48.590 Jonny Bowden: The ratio should be one to one between Omega 6 and Omega 3. It's 16 to one in most places, and in some places. It's 25 to one. So we are walking.

00:43:48.720 --> 00:43:49.410 Karen Ross - And down.

00:43:49.917 --> 00:43:54.990 Jonny Bowden: Talk about heart disease and blood pressure, inflammation, inflammation, inflammation.

00:43:54.990 --> 00:43:55.890 Karen Ross - Okay.

00:43:56.120 --> 00:43:59.449 Karen Ross - Frank. I know we're ready for our last break. It's back.

00:43:59.763 --> 00:44:24.810 Frank R. Harrison: Ready for our last break, and I am going to speak through most of the final segment, so that, all being said, thank you, Johnny, for when I when I look back at the show I will know more specifically what you talked about. I'm sure it was not only the questions that Karen was discussing with you, but you had touched upon blood pressure awareness. You'd obviously touched upon all the other issues. I do have a personal

00:44:24.890 --> 00:44:38.760 Frank R. Harrison: question about a friend of mine who is having issues with his nutrition. So maybe that'll be something we can share in the final segment. But, more importantly, ladies and, gentlemen, just be aware that when we come back we will be

00:44:38.760 --> 00:44:57.170 Frank R. Harrison: pretty much wrapping where you can find information not just on Karen and Karen Ross now, and hypnotherapy's role is in nutrition. But you'll also learn more about how you can contact Dr. Johnny Bowden if you want any kind of consultation with him, and you'll also get to hear a verbal

00:44:57.230 --> 00:45:14.939 Frank R. Harrison: expungement, if you will, of everything I was going to show on the Internet during the commercial breaks. So let's stay tuned right here for this episode of Frank about health on talk, radio, Nyc and on Facebook twitch Youtube and Linkedin. We will be back. See you soon.

00:47:20.330 --> 00:47:39.379 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back! For the last 45 min you especially the last half hour you've had the opportunity to hear both Karen and Dr. Johnny Bowden talk about his nutrition programs, his nutrition books, and all about how you can really be mindful of your blood pressure. Among other nutrition aspects.

00:47:39.390 --> 00:47:50.119 Frank R. Harrison: I find them very inspirational, especially when I review the video later on, and really get on point with some of the things that I was expecting you to say which you probably did, so. Forgive me for not.

00:47:50.120 --> 00:47:52.270 Jonny Bowden: We didn't. We didn't talk about supplements.

00:47:52.712 --> 00:47:54.040 Frank R. Harrison: I have approved.

00:47:54.410 --> 00:47:55.639 Jonny Bowden: Okay. Go ahead.

00:47:57.480 --> 00:47:58.330 Jonny Bowden: Hello!

00:47:58.550 --> 00:47:59.220 Jonny Bowden: You froze.

00:47:59.220 --> 00:48:02.212 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, okay, you didn't talk about supplements.

00:48:02.640 --> 00:48:03.720 Jonny Bowden: Talk about sufferers and.

00:48:03.720 --> 00:48:05.420 Frank R. Harrison: All. All I can say.

00:48:08.560 --> 00:48:09.570 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:48:09.580 --> 00:48:26.380 Frank R. Harrison: alright. All. All I can say is that basically we will have to do another show, and it'll probably be at a Hilton or somewhere with better Wi-fi. I'm I'm personally disappointed because I've had technical difficulties before even some of them, though I look back on fondly because I learned my lessons from.

00:48:26.380 --> 00:48:26.780 Jonny Bowden: Yeah.

00:48:26.780 --> 00:48:28.789 Frank R. Harrison: But this to me I mean I I'm.

00:48:28.790 --> 00:48:29.460 Jonny Bowden: It can't help.

00:48:29.460 --> 00:48:30.620 Frank R. Harrison: Show with Karen.

00:48:30.990 --> 00:48:51.790 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah. And I I don't know what was discussed, and that to me I take personal shame in that. Actually. So the thing is is that what I'm trying to really focus on now is just basically promoting the very valuable assets that you have out there on social media, such as your website, such as all your book listings that are available on Amazon Com.

00:48:51.790 --> 00:49:16.399 Frank R. Harrison: Copies of your well, not copies your actual Youtube channel where I had a chance to look earlier at some of the segments of shows you've been on. Whether it was Dr. Oz, or whether it was on Cnn. Or wherever else you've been. You're very respectful in your field, and unfortunately, I don't think that I personally gave you the service that you deserve on this particular episode. I do know that Karen did her best to really foster the.

00:49:16.400 --> 00:49:37.819 Frank R. Harrison: and I hope that those people who had a chance to really absorb your information will actually contact you, because I have to believe, from what I've seen in your background, that you are someone that people can consult with. So that being said, let me give you an actual, real life situation. I have a very good friend of mine, who unfortunately keeps gaining weight.

00:49:37.850 --> 00:49:41.729 Frank R. Harrison: but is taking medication in order to reduce his

00:49:41.920 --> 00:49:54.140 Frank R. Harrison: his blood pressure. But it's not really adding value to whatever the appropriate nutrition needs are. And while he's being now recommended to take cholesterol medication as well.

00:49:54.280 --> 00:50:19.629 Frank R. Harrison: He was recommended those Osmic and Wagovi shots which I know is the craze for everyone now in terms of losing weight. But it's still taking away from the big issue of nutrition. I think there's more of a psychological component involved here. And that's something I wanted to try to learn from you today? Would you have any comments on what possible psychological limitations are impacting someone who might be losing.

00:50:19.630 --> 00:50:30.040 Frank R. Harrison: controlling their blood pressure through supplements or or medications and things like that. But what what message are they missing in not looking at the appropriate nutrition needs that might.

00:50:30.040 --> 00:50:30.870 Jonny Bowden: Nico, never.

00:50:30.870 --> 00:50:32.260 Frank R. Harrison: What would be your opinion?

00:50:32.260 --> 00:50:34.399 Jonny Bowden: I could never, ever, ever

00:50:34.610 --> 00:50:38.459 Jonny Bowden: comment on a person I am not treating, and don't know.

00:50:38.460 --> 00:50:39.040 Frank R. Harrison: Correct.

00:50:39.040 --> 00:50:43.020 Jonny Bowden: There's 50 layers here that we're missing, because it's a friend of a friend.

00:50:43.020 --> 00:50:43.510 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah. Ready.

00:50:43.510 --> 00:51:05.300 Jonny Bowden: Right? I so just so. You know what I do. I don't see people like a normal nutritionist. I I don't follow people. I don't look at their food diaries, and I don't see them, for continue, I have what I call power sessions that one time things we look at the whole person's life, their nutrition, their psychological box, to

00:51:05.300 --> 00:51:16.120 Jonny Bowden: putting into practice the information that is widely available. Most people, nobody changes their life because of information. That's that's a basic premise of.

00:51:16.120 --> 00:51:44.500 Jonny Bowden: So you know, I, I was once asked, what are the 3 things I learned most in my master's program in psychology, and that was one of them. You don't change people's opinion or behavior by information. In fact, they tend to double down on what they're doing. So you really have to talk to each person individually and find out what what they really believe, about what they're able to do and what they're not able that people walk around with all kinds of hidden glass ceilings that they impose on themselves without really even knowing it.

00:51:44.520 --> 00:52:00.370 Jonny Bowden: And sometimes, if you can help them, explore that and see what they are getting out of remaining in a place. They don't. They say they don't wanna be in what what's really going on there, and that that takes a little bit of, you know, really deep conversation and connection

00:52:00.400 --> 00:52:07.540 Jonny Bowden: and sharing, and we can't really say at a distance. Well, this is going, because I have no idea what's going on with your friend.

00:52:07.630 --> 00:52:11.339 Jonny Bowden: you know, and and tell them to call me, and I'll.

00:52:11.340 --> 00:52:13.389 Frank R. Harrison: Well, that all good.

00:52:15.090 --> 00:52:16.240 Jonny Bowden: But I'm sorry.

00:52:16.240 --> 00:52:23.799 Frank R. Harrison: That that was going to be my segue in terms of that was going to be my segue. Maybe I'll have him go to your website, where I saw this.

00:52:23.800 --> 00:52:24.590 Jonny Bowden: Check it right then.

00:52:24.590 --> 00:52:26.630 Frank R. Harrison: That says, make an appointment with me.

00:52:27.420 --> 00:52:39.179 Frank R. Harrison: Would you like to share with the audience unless you've already mentioned it? So forgive me if I'm unaware of that. Would you like to share with the audience how people can have a session with you, or what else they can find by accessing your website.

00:52:39.180 --> 00:53:05.320 Jonny Bowden: We've set it up by. If you go to my website, Johnny no H. And Johnny JON. Ybowd there is, and you scroll down eventually there'll be like work with Johnny. And and if you go to that page that's linked, there's a little video of under 2 min. That explains what I do in the sessions, and if something that appeals to you, it doesn't appeal to everybody. But if it appeals you and you go. That's what I need. That's the people I want to see.

00:53:06.830 --> 00:53:07.680 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:53:07.850 --> 00:53:09.470 Jonny Bowden: Everybody is not a good entity.

00:53:09.470 --> 00:53:09.930 Frank R. Harrison: And know.

00:53:09.930 --> 00:53:11.769 Jonny Bowden: Everybody isn't a great candidate.

00:53:12.830 --> 00:53:13.360 Jonny Bowden: you know.

00:53:13.360 --> 00:53:24.960 Frank R. Harrison: Either way, I will definitely have this person contact you. I think he needs some advice or input. I was hoping that the show itself would provide. Who knows? Maybe it does, and I, when I check it over, I could show him, and then.

00:53:25.130 --> 00:53:25.300 Jonny Bowden: Take.

00:53:25.300 --> 00:53:25.979 Frank R. Harrison: And him too.

00:53:26.496 --> 00:53:29.079 Jonny Bowden: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know.

00:53:29.750 --> 00:53:30.940 Jonny Bowden: you, you really didn't.

00:53:30.940 --> 00:53:33.520 Frank R. Harrison: Do you have any upcoming plans? Just.

00:53:35.270 --> 00:53:36.579 Jonny Bowden: You breaking, you frozen.

00:53:36.580 --> 00:53:37.910 Frank R. Harrison: Didn't hear you say that again.

00:53:38.160 --> 00:53:39.120 Jonny Bowden: I didn't hear the question.

00:53:39.120 --> 00:53:40.500 Frank R. Harrison: There you go and did it.

00:53:41.330 --> 00:53:52.390 Frank R. Harrison: Okay? Basically, what I was just gonna say is, are there any upcoming podcasts or events, or any place that people can find you in the near future.

00:53:53.080 --> 00:53:58.773 Jonny Bowden: I believe I'm doing the Dave Ramsey podcast tomorrow 5 o'clock on Facebook.

00:53:59.310 --> 00:54:04.447 Jonny Bowden: that that's we're still working out the booking. But I believe that's coming up. And

00:54:04.940 --> 00:54:13.849 Jonny Bowden: no, I mean, I usually put everything up. If I'm about to do something or something. I put it up on Instagram, and so people can usually follow me and find out what I'm up to them.

00:54:16.380 --> 00:54:33.859 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, alright. Well, I'll definitely be on the lookout. But like I said, I'm going to definitely do another show with you. I'll I'll talk with Karen about figuring out what the angle would be. But we are gonna have much more of a respectable show. Who knows? Maybe, if whether you're in the Chicago area, or if I've.

00:54:34.560 --> 00:54:35.620 Jonny Bowden: Unlikely.

00:54:37.510 --> 00:54:38.089 Jonny Bowden: Great. Yeah, but.

00:54:38.090 --> 00:54:40.058 Karen Ross - Frank, you keep freezing.

00:54:41.020 --> 00:54:42.140 Karen Ross - Sorry.

00:54:42.140 --> 00:54:42.740 Jonny Bowden: You're frozen.

00:54:43.090 --> 00:54:49.009 Karen Ross - Yeah, you're frozen again. Yeah, I think we covered a lot of the things that.

00:54:49.660 --> 00:54:59.430 Frank R. Harrison: With live and in person, I think even if the technology doesn't pick up the conversation, at least I will. Yeah, I know. And so this is definitely, this is definitely a

00:55:03.490 --> 00:55:03.990 Frank R. Harrison: Karen.

00:55:03.990 --> 00:55:05.360 Jonny Bowden: And I think you take over. But.

00:55:05.360 --> 00:55:08.834 Karen Ross - Yeah, I'll I'll take this. Yeah. I'll take just a minute.

00:55:09.150 --> 00:55:10.090 Jonny Bowden: Constantly frank.

00:55:10.090 --> 00:55:38.110 Karen Ross - Yeah, first, I want to thank you, Johnny, and I know Frank is really upset, that that he hasn't been able to participate better. I'll take just a moment to talk about Karen Ross. Now I am a performance mindset expert specializing in hypnosis right now I'm working with a lot of athletes, and they are very interested in their nutrition and doing whatever they can to be healthy.

00:55:38.130 --> 00:55:41.749 Karen Ross - and I help them keep their minds healthy.

00:55:41.860 --> 00:55:46.970 Karen Ross - and anybody who's trying to change their nutritional life

00:55:47.000 --> 00:55:52.840 Karen Ross - and has struggled with something for many years. Sipgnosis can be a life changer

00:55:53.190 --> 00:56:14.859 Karen Ross - and changing belief systems that we have about certain foods and what we've been eating for a very, very long time. I know that Frank wanted to talk about the upcoming shows, so we'll go back to him. See if he has a better connection. Frank, are you able to talk about some of the other shows coming up? Because I unfortunately don't have that list in front of me.

00:56:16.260 --> 00:56:35.159 Karen Ross - but it looks like he's still frozen. So I just wanna thank everybody for sticking with us today. And Johnny, thank you again, and I can pretty much guarantee our audience that they're going to hear you again, cause she just brought up too many things today that need follow up and.

00:56:35.160 --> 00:56:35.750 Jonny Bowden: 0 but.

00:56:35.750 --> 00:56:37.689 Karen Ross - Appreciate this very, very much.

00:56:37.690 --> 00:56:41.480 Jonny Bowden: I appreciate the opportunity to be on and meet you. Wonderful audience. Thank you.

00:56:41.480 --> 00:57:04.080 Karen Ross - Great great thanks so much. Bye, bye, thank you. Okay, we're gonna go back to it. Looks like Frank is still frozen. So, Logan, we're gonna send it back to talk radio. Nyc, thank you for engineering the show today, and sorry that we've missed Frank like we have. But he'll be around next time. We'll see you soon.

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