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Thursday, April 25, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/04/25-Overcoming Burnout with Ms. Wellness

Facebook Live Video from 2024/04/25-Overcoming Burnout with Ms. Wellness


2024/04/25-Overcoming Burnout with Ms. Wellness

[NEW EPISODE] Overcoming Burnout with Ms. Wellness

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT) 


in her local community in Atlanta, Georgia. She used the practice of engaging in self-love retreats and inner child play to help empower corporate women struggling with burnout. In our final episode of Stress Awareness Month, we will look at Tanisha's story and how she has been able to work with her community on developing this unique Stress Management practice of self-love.

The audience will learn how to deal with feelings of shame and guilt. Through Tanisha's guidance people will find joy, release stress and rediscover their authentic selves.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank tells his audience that this is the final episode of Stress Awareness Week. He then introduces his guest, Tanisha Naughton, Ms.Wellness. Tanisha will share her burnout story and help us find ways to overcome stress. Tanisha introduces herself and gives the audience a brief understanding of her background. Tinsha explains how she came from a stressful career in social work. She shares how, in her industry, workers make sure to help their clients with their mental health, but the workers in the industry struggle to get the same self-care. Tanisha discusses her first experience with burnout and how that affected her career. She talks about how she first overcame those obstacles and started helping other women struggling with the same issues with stress. 

Segment 2

Tanisha talks about her relationship with her mother and how her mother’s health problems affected Tanisha’s mental health. She explains how incorporating a natural lifestyle helped improve her life. Tanisha continues to share her journey and how her resilience kept her going through the depression and burnout. She explains how she started her business by reclaiming her power and wanting to allow women to do the same thing. Mediation was a great outlet for ​​Tanisha. It just does not work for her in a group setting. Tanisha also discusses how natural herbs and a cleaner diet helped improve her life.

Segment 3

Tanisha provides more insight into her business and how she helps other women with stress. She also discusses her wellness retreats and how they benefit her clients. Tanisha describes her event and the herbal products she offered to those who attended the retreat. She explains how she guides her clients to show them how Mother Nature can be a natural healer. Tanisha describes her activities as DIY workshops. To join Tanisha’s retreats or learn more information, visit her website at Tanisha explained why she chose Airbnb instead of hotels because of the privacy you can get in your apartment or house. 

Segment 4

Frank shares with his audience resources for stress as we close on Stress Awareness Month. Tanisha shares her plans for the future with Frank and his listeners through her business. If you want to contact Tanisha directly, you can reach her at


00:00:52.500 --> 00:00:56.459 Frank R Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about health.

00:00:56.480 --> 00:01:13.429 Frank R Harrison: The date is April 20, fifth, 2,024. The fourth and final episode of stress awareness month. And this episode is going to introduce you to Tanisha Naughton, or as otherwise known, Miss Wellness.

00:01:13.430 --> 00:01:29.820 Frank R Harrison: where she will talk during the show about her own story and her own experience in dealing with stress and possible burnout, and she will also help us in understanding ways that she has been able to learn to help others overcome burnout, while at the same time

00:01:29.930 --> 00:01:53.740 Frank R Harrison: she'll share with us about her practice that engages people in special retreats where people can gather and really convene with nature, and just try to do their best ways of looking at life differently, so that they don't have to get as stressed or as burnt out. And whatever is creating those triggers. Well, that being said, we are going to talk about something that has

00:01:53.740 --> 00:02:01.080 Frank R Harrison: sense of mental health or health-related content. So I'll issue my typical disclaimer, which indicates

00:02:01.860 --> 00:02:28.049 Frank R Harrison: that all the information is food for thought. They're not the views of Miss wellness or frank about health or talk radio. Nyc, it's food for helping you guys out there who's listening and viewing this podcast right now to determine if what you learn about what might be helpful to you, we're not trying to dissuade you from ongoing treatments that you might be engaged in with your primary care, physician or other mental health or neurological health provider.

00:02:28.050 --> 00:02:37.159 Frank R Harrison: They're just rather again, thoughts and views and opinions that might be useful, and I hope that they are. So that being said, I want to now introduce you to Tanisha Naughton.

00:02:37.160 --> 00:02:54.219 Frank R Harrison: or rather Miss Wellness, and I figure she is a referral from Sant Lewitz, our executive producer. So I always welcome his referrals because I learn a lot from you guys and as well as I have continued to get his support right here on the show. So.

00:02:54.310 --> 00:03:02.709 Frank R Harrison: Tanisha, I'm gonna let you just introduce yourself to everyone. Give us your background. Give us, you know, your views on stress awareness, you know, but.

00:03:02.710 --> 00:03:03.109 Tanisha (Mswellness): Comes in a.

00:03:03.356 --> 00:03:03.850 Frank R Harrison: Show up!

00:03:04.010 --> 00:03:10.750 Tanisha (Mswellness): Thank you, Frank. It's a pleasure to be here. As you said. I am Tanisha. I am a women's wellness empowerment coach.

00:03:11.150 --> 00:03:39.900 Tanisha (Mswellness): and I'm working with corporate women who are on the bring up burnout, and I'm helping them relieve that stress through wellness, mindfulness, tactics that can just allow them to reclaim their health and fall back in love with themselves. And I do a lot through the inner child. Healing play play is very important with my practice, just having more fun and doing small sustainable habits that can show these women wellness doesn't have to be so hard and overcoming. Burnout doesn't always have to be so daunting either.

00:03:41.420 --> 00:03:55.520 Frank R Harrison: No, that sounds very nice. Are you more of an advocate? Or do you have training in this form of stress management that you've been able to acquire patients and treat them accordingly? Or how is it that you got into this this line of healthcare.

00:03:56.040 --> 00:03:58.199 Tanisha (Mswellness): So it's both actually

00:03:58.780 --> 00:04:01.020 Tanisha (Mswellness): life was my biggest.

00:04:01.443 --> 00:04:27.296 Tanisha (Mswellness): I'd say lesson is because I experienced it first hand. So my background before I became a wellness empowerment coach was a social worker, and for anyone who knows about the social work world it is very tedious. It's a lot of hours. It's underpaid usually, and I've worked in homeless shelters. I've worked in foster care. I'm from New York originally, so I've also worked in New York City public schools as school mental health consultant all tough jobs.

00:04:27.640 --> 00:04:33.250 Tanisha (Mswellness): And while they yeah. So I've worked in a mental health space, social workspace.

00:04:33.290 --> 00:04:39.129 Tanisha (Mswellness): And my experience is that we are always helping people with their mental health and helping them

00:04:39.200 --> 00:04:49.550 Tanisha (Mswellness): try try to move through different phases in their lives. Our clients is who I'm talking about, but us as the employees, we didn't always receive the same type of mental health support that we needed.

00:04:49.680 --> 00:04:54.809 Tanisha (Mswellness): And so I experienced. It was around 2016,

00:04:54.940 --> 00:05:01.129 Tanisha (Mswellness): my first dose of burnout, but I didn't know it was burnout at the time, because it wasn't a term that people were really talking about.

00:05:01.130 --> 00:05:01.940 Frank R Harrison: Even.

00:05:01.940 --> 00:05:14.409 Tanisha (Mswellness): In my space. So I was experiencing a lot of exhaustion, fatigue. I wasn't my normal, smiling, happy, go, lucky, energetic self, and I was a supervisor at Foster care of this time.

00:05:14.450 --> 00:05:20.729 Tanisha (Mswellness): and I remember there was a client who was dealing with her own things, and she was yelling at me, and I yelled back.

00:05:20.810 --> 00:05:24.789 Tanisha (Mswellness): and that was the first time where it was very apparent that I'm not myself.

00:05:24.840 --> 00:05:28.010 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah. And it was very out the norm for me.

00:05:28.010 --> 00:05:28.329 Frank R Harrison: Yeah, yeah.

00:05:28.330 --> 00:05:29.090 Tanisha (Mswellness): Person.

00:05:29.290 --> 00:05:40.727 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah, yeah, I was very, very triggered. And so it took. It made me take a step back that maybe I just need to leave this job because it's not. It's the job, right? Like it's not me. And what's going on.

00:05:41.284 --> 00:05:41.569 Frank R Harrison: Of.

00:05:42.070 --> 00:05:55.539 Tanisha (Mswellness): Just a job that I don't like anymore. And I want to get better pay. But I actually, it went on for about almost a month or more, and to the point where it actually hit depression for me. And that's when I realized, like, okay, if I would have known

00:05:55.600 --> 00:06:09.369 Tanisha (Mswellness): back then what it was, instead of trying to ignore it also, as a woman of color and parents who are from this country, we don't always acknowledge mental health. So I just kept pushing through previous athlete. I'm a high overachiever. You just keep going.

00:06:09.430 --> 00:06:20.919 Tanisha (Mswellness): and so I have all that against me at this time, and it came to a point where I just broke down crying consistently, and I was, even though I was sleeping. It felt like I didn't get enough sleep.

00:06:20.970 --> 00:06:26.260 Tanisha (Mswellness): and like I say, it did form into depression. That was just the first time that this occurred in my life.

00:06:26.618 --> 00:06:43.369 Tanisha (Mswellness): It's probably happened about 2 to 3 times from transitioning from a full time employee to an entrepreneur as well. It's happened. And then in between that time in my life, so life has been. My lesson has been my teacher, and from there I then started educating myself. But

00:06:43.430 --> 00:06:59.480 Tanisha (Mswellness): working in the social work field, you do learn about stress management. You do learn about depression, anxiety. But Burnout just wasn't a topic at that time that we really went deep into even things like meditation. Those weren't talked about in 2,016, in the space that I was in.

00:07:01.630 --> 00:07:21.379 Frank R Harrison: Haha! Very interesting. So when you actually were going to college, or either, I was a Master's degree program. Were you training to be a social worker with the healthcare mindset or as an agency mindset, also working with public safety and public wellness and public health. Where was your personal focus.

00:07:21.380 --> 00:07:25.460 Tanisha (Mswellness): So I'm actually gonna throw you for a loop because I didn't go to school for social work.

00:07:25.900 --> 00:07:30.400 Tanisha (Mswellness): I have minor in psychology. I've always been in the.

00:07:30.400 --> 00:07:31.409 Frank R Harrison: Public. Sir.

00:07:31.410 --> 00:07:34.750 Tanisha (Mswellness): Services. So my masters is actually in criminal justice.

00:07:36.560 --> 00:07:38.599 Frank R Harrison: Very nice, very nice.

00:07:38.885 --> 00:07:58.569 Tanisha (Mswellness): But you have to take social work. You have to take psychology classes. And actually, at 1 point, I wasn't gonna get my masters in school psychology, because that was always the route that I was going. So I finish. I actually graduated my masters in 2,013. So the job that we're talking about was after this. But once you have a public service type of

00:07:58.800 --> 00:08:15.619 Tanisha (Mswellness): public health, you tend to get put into these type of jobs. And because I'm a very people person, I understand how to talk to people. I'm really good with the counseling. It's always been inside of me. I just think sometimes there's a lot of training and certifications are amazing and going to college, for these things are great, and

00:08:15.640 --> 00:08:24.169 Tanisha (Mswellness): sometimes you just have an innate gift, and since I was a child people have always been coming to me about their problems. It's just always the route I knew. I thought I would have been a psychologist.

00:08:24.190 --> 00:08:47.640 Tanisha (Mswellness): Life just didn't happen out that way. So my first job being in the homeless shelters, working with people who didn't have homes also working with people who have were bipolar. Adh. Had Adhd had a lot of things going on, I was always able to talk to any kind of person and be able to help them work through their situations. And from that job. Then I went to foster care, and that's where to burn out

00:08:47.640 --> 00:09:09.839 Tanisha (Mswellness): occurred after working there for 3 years. So in the between those times, we always did trainings, weekly, monthly on these different type of things, how to interact when a client is heated and is trying to throw things at yours trying to fight you. How do you work around that? How do you work on stress management within your client, so we were always getting trained, even though I didn't go to school for it.

00:09:11.590 --> 00:09:35.550 Frank R Harrison: Interesting. Well, I guess your experience in criminal justice at least got you to see how public policy decisions on the State level, or even on the Federal level, are made in social work conditions. Whether it is like you say, the foster care system, or people in homeless shelters, I mean, you're not looking exactly at the criminal mindset. But let's look at some of the realities. Unfortunately, some criminals

00:09:35.550 --> 00:09:59.460 Frank R Harrison: are prosecuted when they're really suffering from a mental health disorder, and people don't see it as that. They just look at the crime and prosecute that individual accordingly. But you were able, therefore, to see both sides of the fence per se, when being in the social work, experience, even though your education was more on criminal justice, and I guess your own ability to provide empathy to others, even when they had

00:09:59.460 --> 00:10:07.409 Frank R Harrison: their own limitations, was enabling you to be as engaging and productive as you were as a social worker before you reached Murdown. Correct.

00:10:07.410 --> 00:10:33.359 Tanisha (Mswellness): Absolutely. Yeah. I look at everyone as an individual. We all have stories. We all have backgrounds, and it's just taking the time to listen to to that story and not judge. So that's what I bring into my practice. I'm very big on no shame, no guilt. Show up as you are, and sometimes I even say, like, show up as the mess that you are like. Don't try to be perfect around me, because we're all going through things, and we need a sacred space. And that's what I hold. And that's why I focus now on

00:10:33.370 --> 00:10:53.617 Tanisha (Mswellness): helping women who are experiencing burnout. But I do it through more like. I mentioned a very self love, a very playful manner, because these subjects that we're talking about are very tough, right? And sometimes women especially they have all these burdens, and they don't wanna dive into it. I will say that I do have this gift where people do love to throw a lot of things at me in the beginning, very early on.

00:10:54.100 --> 00:11:06.580 Tanisha (Mswellness): But then there's also times where you need to take a slow. And it's okay for us to focus on the journaling or meditation. And that's now I blend the holistic side with talking about the stress management

00:11:06.580 --> 00:11:36.329 Tanisha (Mswellness): techniques that one can use, because sometimes. That's what the person needs. It's not diving in, because I'm not a clinical psychologist where I'm not gonna prescribe you medication. That's not my thing. That's not what I do. We're gonna do self discovery. We're going to explore you as a human. So self discovery is what I work on the most with these women who are experiencing burnout. So I just wanna make that clear like this, the social workers and the psychologists. I love what you will do. That's amazing. But I'm coming from more mindfulness, empowerment. And that's what we're focusing on, that my body and soul of an individual.

00:11:37.980 --> 00:11:53.030 Frank R Harrison: You know, one of my observations, and this is again, I'm not a social worker, but I do observe that social work has a little. It operates on a gray area, which is why I think that a lot of the State, especially in in like New York, for example.

00:11:53.030 --> 00:11:59.490 Frank R Harrison: gets involved because it's the question of the kind of care the individual needs? And does it fit

00:11:59.490 --> 00:12:23.620 Frank R Harrison: their income level? Are they eligible for social support programs that are available, and then the bureaucratic process takes into effect and kind of dehumanizes the individual in its process. Although it requires someone like yourself in that social work position to be the mediator between the state as well as the person's condition, but that is, there are no rules on how to overcome burnout when you really have

00:12:23.620 --> 00:12:41.759 Frank R Harrison: not a separation of Church and State. What would be the right analogy here? Individual, individual and social, or society, you know, and and I don't know if anyone is ever really fully prepared to manage burnout, because that's almost like a given, especially in that field. Would that be safe to say.

00:12:42.390 --> 00:13:09.119 Tanisha (Mswellness): I mean, if you're going to experience it, probably at one time or another, if you don't have the right tools, I think, in place. If you have a good support system, if you're in therapy consistently, I think that that's a better way to manage it. If you have an empowerment coach like myself. You have the people around you. Then I feel that any social worker, any person who's working at a high end, high stress job that you can manage burnout, because the point is to get to it before you hit burnout.

00:13:09.120 --> 00:13:24.599 Tanisha (Mswellness): not go and get the help, like I probably would have done after I'm already in the thick of it, because then it's hard to to swim your way up right to the top. So you know, it's hard to to manage these things. We're about proactive care. That's that's what I put focus on the most.

00:13:27.230 --> 00:13:33.760 Frank R Harrison: It's amazing, too, because I figure, if anything, a lot of the people that are in the social work system, for whatever reason.

00:13:33.830 --> 00:13:59.759 Frank R Harrison: have already been going through a life without proper boundaries, and I think it is boundaries that we need in order to cope with potential burnout within our own individual lives. I mean to being not only the recipient of social services, or at the same time the administrator of services. There's a constant balancing act between not only being aware of the situation, and of course the regulations involved in managing it, but

00:13:59.760 --> 00:14:11.729 Frank R Harrison: keeping that inner balance between yourself and the situation. So I think in our next section, because we're about to take our first break. But in our next section I'd like to learn more about your story, how you were in that position, and then.

00:14:11.730 --> 00:14:22.150 Frank R Harrison: by share experience, you were able to individuate and become Miss Wellness as you are, and I think you'll be able to help those fellow social workers out there that are

00:14:22.150 --> 00:14:46.929 Frank R Harrison: probably experiencing burnout right now how to be a role model for them, and how to either cope with it in that position, or branch out to be more entrepreneurial in their caregiving. So, ladies and gentlemen, one thing I did not say is that we are live from Las Vegas at the Alara Hilton Grand Vacations and Hilton Club. And so we wanted to be able to have this setting because it's kind of a stress reliecer.

00:14:47.020 --> 00:15:02.740 Frank R Harrison: At the same time we will learn throughout the rest of the hour how Miss Wellness, or rather how Tanisha uses her practice by getting involved, I guess, sort of with the hospitality industry, but

00:15:02.740 --> 00:15:30.889 Frank R Harrison: definitely helping people engage in getting out of the home and getting into social settings that are helping in stress management. So when we return right here on Frank about health, we will learn more about Tanisha and her retreats and her program, and we are available right now on talk radio, Nyc, as well as Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and twitch. So please stay tuned and we'll be back in a few.

00:17:44.460 --> 00:17:56.370 Frank R Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back, as you just saw during the commercial break I showed you the I guess you could say, was it the cover page of your website? Or was it your retreat page

00:17:56.400 --> 00:18:15.760 Frank R Harrison: to really you could talk more about what's gonna be happening in October? But at the same time to wrap that into how you moved on from the field of social work to really not just overcome your own burnout, but at the same time really share that knowledge that you inherited with your community that you now engage with.

00:18:16.060 --> 00:18:18.959 Frank R Harrison: So explain exactly your story.

00:18:19.170 --> 00:18:30.950 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah, thank you. So it to explain my story, I have to explain a little bit about my mom, who actually is a part of my why and why I'm in business. So my mom actually, at the time when I was

00:18:31.040 --> 00:18:39.330 Tanisha (Mswellness): achieve having burnout, she was diagnosed with having diabetes, and I was actually at this time about 30, 35 pounds overweight.

00:18:39.630 --> 00:18:52.159 Tanisha (Mswellness): and I'm a former college athlete. So that's why I mentioned the high overachiever like I've I've known to just keep going, no matter what's going on in my in my life, and the same thing when she was sick. But my mom went temporarily blind at this time.

00:18:52.180 --> 00:19:04.980 Tanisha (Mswellness): and it was extremely stressful time. So again, I didn't know what burnout was, but when I look back I can see all the stressors that were going on in my life as to why it could happen in addition to my high, stressful job.

00:19:04.990 --> 00:19:06.789 Tanisha (Mswellness): So I became my mom's caretaker

00:19:07.090 --> 00:19:15.920 Tanisha (Mswellness): and all the medications were not working for her. Like I said, she went temporarily blind. Her fatigue, her energy was extremely low, she was losing weight.

00:19:15.930 --> 00:19:18.659 Tanisha (Mswellness): and I decided to take a more natural

00:19:18.710 --> 00:19:39.319 Tanisha (Mswellness): path from my mom. We looked into alternative medications, and that happened to be herbs. In addition to following a more Vegan lifestyle, and about a year later she was pre diabetic. She didn't need her medications. And so I continued on from there with this Vegan lifestyle, with using herbs, focusing on more natural ways to help

00:19:39.370 --> 00:19:51.795 Tanisha (Mswellness): and helping her. It helped me one to lose the weight, but 2. I started learning about different herbs that can help calm me down with the stress that I was going through that can help me with the pain that was going on in my body.

00:19:52.120 --> 00:20:19.590 Tanisha (Mswellness): Because one thing that I know I I didn't do at that time was I didn't grieve what was happening with my mom. I just dove in, and that's what I'm I'm known to do is just handle what's going on around my life. I'm not gonna stop. I'm not gonna pause. I'm gonna be this strong woman, and so as a woman of color, it's we're known to be like that strong black woman has that label, and it's like you don't pause, you don't stop. And so I was able to do that. It was amazing. And we celebrated.

00:20:19.660 --> 00:20:36.469 Tanisha (Mswellness): But then I actually I left the job where I had the what I thought the burnout was just from the job, but it was truly from my mom, the job a toxic relationship. It was a lot of things at one time. So I moved on to the school. Mental Health consultant job in New York City. And at the time that's why I started birthday.

00:20:37.010 --> 00:20:52.400 Tanisha (Mswellness): So I got my holistic health coaching certification. Yeah. And I just started learning about ways where I can reclaim my health. I did it with my mom. I've done it with myself. Now I want to help people, and now I want to coach people and empower them to do what I've been doing.

00:20:52.470 --> 00:21:03.720 Tanisha (Mswellness): And from there I started in my job. Actually, we started learning about meditation for schools to give it to the school staff and to give it to the kids, and I didn't catch on at that time.

00:21:03.720 --> 00:21:05.680 Frank R Harrison: I mean, yeah. But.

00:21:05.680 --> 00:21:20.609 Tanisha (Mswellness): It was like the universe's way of saying, This is my push for you, like we're putting this in your in your face, like these are ways these are modalities to relax. And what I learned was that I just didn't like doing in a group setting. But when I did it by myself.

00:21:20.610 --> 00:21:44.100 Tanisha (Mswellness): It's like I feel I feel better even just 5, 10 min, like I'm very big on small, sustainable changes within a person's lifestyle, so you'll never hear me say I wanna diet like, no, I'm a plant based is how I identify, and that's my lifestyle. How I eat, how I sleep! Everything that I do. It's a lifestyle change, because that means it's forever. There's no end

00:21:44.100 --> 00:21:50.990 Tanisha (Mswellness): in a diet. You always have an amount of time right like 3 months until I fit into the dress, or until I go on vacation.

00:21:51.010 --> 00:21:52.170 Tanisha (Mswellness): and that's harder.

00:21:52.320 --> 00:21:58.229 Tanisha (Mswellness): because then you're just going to hit it. And then it's like I'm done. It's like this is never done. Life is forever ongoing.

00:21:58.290 --> 00:22:11.269 Tanisha (Mswellness): So within that I was able to overcome Burnout that first time I started feeling better, but then I had a time where I was drinking a lot. I always mentioned this because it's part of my story, and I actually passed out on the train.

00:22:12.030 --> 00:22:18.199 Tanisha (Mswellness): and it was due to yeah. It was due to the drinking, but it was due to the stress. And again I got hit with

00:22:18.210 --> 00:22:27.829 Tanisha (Mswellness): people thought that I had Ms. And the doctors wanted to either give me an injection to my spine or take medication. So it was like the same, but different with my mom.

00:22:27.910 --> 00:22:34.980 Tanisha (Mswellness): and I just found that out. I was like neither of these sound great, because they're pretty sure I don't have it, but they still want to check.

00:22:35.080 --> 00:22:42.880 Tanisha (Mswellness): I'm like, but checking isn't going on medication. So from there I again just pause. And I was like, this isn't going to work, and I just left.

00:22:42.890 --> 00:23:09.839 Tanisha (Mswellness): And that's when I really got really intense with taking herbs for myself and drinking more water and getting even cleaner with what I'm eating, and that allowed my mind to open up to really meditation, to journaling. And those are ways that I've been able to overcome. Burnout is getting the thoughts outside of my head. Getting onto paper and going outside to nature is probably one of my biggest ways to reset my nervous system.

00:23:10.120 --> 00:23:19.410 Tanisha (Mswellness): you know, just being outside with the trees. It's free air. I don't say right. Like Mother Nature. It just feels good putting my feet in the grass grounding

00:23:19.440 --> 00:23:28.100 Tanisha (Mswellness): those things, and I didn't have the awareness that I was doing those things for burnout. I was just doing it because I'm an athlete. I love to be out. I love to hike.

00:23:28.250 --> 00:23:31.850 Tanisha (Mswellness): but it was free, and I always felt better when I did it.

00:23:31.880 --> 00:23:37.019 Tanisha (Mswellness): and so that was something, and when I left right. So when I left New York.

00:23:37.040 --> 00:23:39.280 Tanisha (Mswellness): 2,021 and the 2,021

00:23:39.650 --> 00:23:41.369 Tanisha (Mswellness): during the whole pandemic.

00:23:41.410 --> 00:23:45.260 Tanisha (Mswellness): When I moved to Georgia, I would say that that was probably my biggest healing

00:23:45.300 --> 00:24:00.519 Tanisha (Mswellness): on overcoming burnout, because now I'm probably hiking 2, 3 times a week, cause it's it's a very serene out here. It's very quiet, it's very peaceful, and sometimes you do need to remove yourself if you have the ability to, from your environment. New York was very chaotic for me.

00:24:00.520 --> 00:24:01.889 Frank R Harrison: We are very confident.

00:24:02.340 --> 00:24:17.510 Tanisha (Mswellness): So within that I started journaling every single day. I started meditating every single day, going outside, eating cleaner, taking myself on detoxes, where I'm abstaining from food cause. Sometimes you need to be able to cleanse your mind, body and soul.

00:24:17.580 --> 00:24:29.420 Tanisha (Mswellness): as can sound extreme. But if you're willing to get out of the situation that you're in. Sometimes you'll you'll take that. But you don't have to do a week detox. Sometimes it's just a day of not eating food

00:24:29.470 --> 00:24:56.950 Tanisha (Mswellness): and have uses and smoothies and water, you know, people like, oh, I gotta stop eating for 2, 3 weeks again. That's not sustainable like. Don't do that if you've never done it before. So that's where I merge the wellness with empowerment, like I'm here to guide you along your journey. I'm not here to uproot you and put you in a whole different ball game of like, become plant-based today. That's not in. That's also not everybody's story or their journey, but it was mine.

00:24:56.950 --> 00:25:18.510 Tanisha (Mswellness): and I am a better channel for working with people energetically when I am eating cleaner, when I do detox, even my meditations are clearer when I'm in this free, flowing state. So that is a very long way to to answer your question. But that is the reason why I am focusing on these retreats, and we can get into that as well. But yeah, that's how I've gotten to where I am now.

00:25:19.690 --> 00:25:34.640 Frank R Harrison: But it sounds like your mother was a catalyst in all of it, especially with the fact that as you were already going through burnout in the workplace, and then, having to deal with the stress surrounding her own health, you found yourself by default.

00:25:34.670 --> 00:25:38.449 Frank R Harrison: engaging in these special programs for yourself

00:25:38.490 --> 00:25:59.380 Frank R Harrison: that your I guess you could say the the logical part of your brain or the the entrepreneurial part of your brain decided. Well, well, these are programs that I can offer others. Now that I've learned it, you earned the right to call yourself Miss Wellness, because you basically were able, through your own personal experience to formulate your business model.

00:25:59.460 --> 00:26:14.859 Frank R Harrison: you know, and I guess, like you said, we will talk in the third segment more about your retreats and things like that but for your mother to be the catalyst. One question I have is you said she was temporarily blind? Was it some of the work that you were doing with her that brought her sight back.

00:26:15.470 --> 00:26:42.900 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah, it was. It was eating clean. So I became the person who was making all the food. So at home we were eating pretty much all the Vegan food and drinking the herbs even when she didn't want to. I was like, you're gonna have this burdock root just to give a quick tip pelt. Tip, like burdock root is really great for cleaning your blood. So that was something she was drinking consistently. And yeah, it was able to help her cause. I didn't know at the time that diabetes would do that, and when my mom said that she couldn't see

00:26:42.900 --> 00:26:51.190 Tanisha (Mswellness): I was, I was beyond. I can't even get the word out like when I think about it, but it's scared. Scared is the word that comes out now. But back then

00:26:51.320 --> 00:27:10.930 Tanisha (Mswellness): it was probably petrified, and it was oh, it was very temporary, like, not long. But yeah, the work, I think, is what has nothing I know is what's helped her get back to where she is, cause her skin color was even the same back then versus now, my mom looks younger than the age that she is today. So it's amazing what things can can do.

00:27:12.040 --> 00:27:19.010 Frank R Harrison: Did the doctor say? What in particular helped with your mother's sight? Was the herbs themselves, or was it the food you were offering her?

00:27:19.010 --> 00:27:41.760 Tanisha (Mswellness): So that is the hilarious part is that when we went back to the doctor to do her blood work, so I don't even think that my mom shared about her temporary site with her doctor cause we we were just doing our own thing. But when she went to do her blood work, and he deemed her prediabbed. Didn't need her medications. He told her I wasn't with her at a time, that I don't know what your daughter did but just tell her to keep doing it.

00:27:41.760 --> 00:27:54.159 Tanisha (Mswellness): So the regular Doctor Western society, you know, practitioner, had no clue. He couldn't pinpoint it, but obviously it wasn't the same as to where she was when he was with her, taking all the medications.

00:27:55.860 --> 00:27:59.320 Frank R Harrison: Well, she did have diabetes. Type 2, or was it type? One.

00:27:59.320 --> 00:27:59.740 Tanisha (Mswellness): Type, 2.

00:28:00.017 --> 00:28:00.849 Frank R Harrison: What type? 2

00:28:01.620 --> 00:28:30.419 Frank R Harrison: right as type 2 has always been questionable, because, like I had on my show a couple of years ago, a nutritionist. Come on and talk about how that is all about your food and all the intake of your food and measuring. Of course, your sukers with your carbohydrates and whatever. But in in the discussion we had back then he had mentioned that most people don't realize it's type 2 can actually be considered reversal. It's just how you own

00:28:30.420 --> 00:28:49.849 Frank R Harrison: your condition, and what foods and exercise and treatments and and things that you do to make the symptoms that most medical professionals probably won't see as reversible. They'll just know the medication is what you take to keep yourself sustained. But no, the reality is type 2 is actually an opportunity for you to actually at 1 point in time

00:28:49.880 --> 00:29:01.100 Frank R Harrison: reverse it, I can tell you, my cousin, who right now has different types of conditions. She was diabetic type 2. And because she lost so much weight because of another condition. She's no longer diabetic.

00:29:01.870 --> 00:29:27.150 Frank R Harrison: you know, but at the same time it took another condition to get her away from something that she thought she had to live the rest of her life with. So I guess that's just one of those anomalies. I'll get to live and learn depending on our situation. Well, it appears we're about to take another break when we return right here on Frank about health. We're gonna learn. Not just about how you heard the story of how Tanisha and her mother's experience not not only helped her overcome burnout.

00:29:27.150 --> 00:29:42.839 Frank R Harrison: but it also helped her develop her mindfulness, practice and her retreats, which we're just going to take some time to really explore a lot in the next section. So please stay tuned right here on talk, radio, Nyc. And on all of our socials, and we will be back in a few.

00:31:47.770 --> 00:32:07.579 Frank R Harrison: Hey, everybody right, we're back in segment 3 right now. If you all saw my last commercial break, I showed you the episode. I started the month with with Karen Ross and I in Chicago, and Dr. Orman and his book, The Anger Cure, which is still available for free download until April thirtieth.

00:32:07.580 --> 00:32:27.089 Frank R Harrison: I just wanted to give you guys a reminder on that, especially as you just heard Tanisha's story, and how she was able to overcome Burnout, while at the same time helping her mother recover from what she presumed was diabetic blindness. Among other situations that occurred, you did touch upon how.

00:32:27.090 --> 00:32:56.419 Frank R Harrison: during a train ride. You were unconscious, and people thought you had multiple sclerosis. Isn't it interesting how perception kind of drives the narrative. And yet the reality is for us not to get stuck on that that narrative from others, just to be aware of your own internal mechanisms that make you work. And apparently you were because we're gonna learn now about how you were able to turn this into your own practice, where you actually engage with others in retreats. So once you share what that's about.

00:32:57.310 --> 00:33:20.123 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah, absolutely. I have been on such a journey in my business. I will say I've been a being coach first. Then I went to women's wellness empowerment coach, and I was working with individuals, one on one being their accountability coach helping them more on the nutrition side, and also just seeing that everyone needs the cheerleader and just helping them in that setting to get to their goals.

00:33:20.490 --> 00:33:42.400 Tanisha (Mswellness): But within that I've learned that I'm able to hold sacred containers for women as well in group settings. And just let everyone share their story, because I believe that every woman has a story to share, and it's important, and it's valuable. It's not just about me sharing what I have going on and helping you move through. Sometimes hearing somebody else's story is empowering to another person.

00:33:42.520 --> 00:34:02.859 Tanisha (Mswellness): So I realized that probably last last year, although I would say I've been put on the path, because in New York, about 2,018, I was actually holding my own wellness. Events, they were one day events in New York. They were called Miss Wellness presents social Saturdays, and I would bring in the community. I'm from Long Island, New York, originally.

00:34:02.860 --> 00:34:20.819 Tanisha (Mswellness): and we would have financial advisors come through because I'm really big on your wellness is your finances, your health, your mindset, it's everything. So I may not be talking to you about finances, but I have the people, and I have the community. And I have the network. And I'm a big community person. So I would throw those events every couple of months and.

00:34:20.820 --> 00:34:21.150 Frank R Harrison: Has been.

00:34:21.150 --> 00:34:26.041 Tanisha (Mswellness): When I moved here I was like, I I know I'm gonna get back to it. But I didn't know how, and I didn't know when.

00:34:26.260 --> 00:34:32.529 Tanisha (Mswellness): But last year in the summertime it just felt like I kept getting. It's time.

00:34:33.139 --> 00:34:50.440 Tanisha (Mswellness): So I did my first one day event here in Kanye, Georgia, actually, and it was on just a nice reset. So we people came. We had fresh juices for them. We made actually a herbal blend, for there was a body oil. I showed people having.

00:34:50.440 --> 00:34:51.290 Frank R Harrison: Loyalty.

00:34:51.290 --> 00:34:52.380 Tanisha (Mswellness): National setting.

00:34:52.620 --> 00:35:12.890 Tanisha (Mswellness): and people were so amazed as to how easy it was to make their own natural oil, and we infused it with crystals bangles into crystals. They have a lot of healing energy in it, and sometimes I always say, Mother Nature provides everything that we need, but sometimes you need to be in a space for someone to show you that I'm a guide.

00:35:13.020 --> 00:35:26.859 Tanisha (Mswellness): and I've accepted as my call in like I'm a teacher. I'm a healer in that. And so we were having conversations. We did journaling sessions, and from there I thought about well, I always need that retreat. I always need a reset

00:35:26.860 --> 00:35:44.573 Tanisha (Mswellness): during that time when I was dealing with burnout, but I never got it. I may have went away every couple of months, but it wasn't enough, because I was probably still not getting rest. Sometimes you have those vacations right where you're doing all the excursions. You're out here. You're out there, but you're not truly focusing on yourself and quieting down.

00:35:44.890 --> 00:36:00.910 Tanisha (Mswellness): So that leads to the retreat that you showed the cosmic self love playground. And in this retreat it's for the corporate woman who, whether you've experienced burnout or you're really ta tired and exhausted. This is for you to have your reset for you to look back on you.

00:36:00.910 --> 00:36:02.110 Frank R Harrison: That's what we say.

00:36:02.110 --> 00:36:16.470 Tanisha (Mswellness): Nature soul. I intentionally have downtime where you will be in on your own experiencing, quiet being in nature. It's in Douglasville, Georgia, from October fourteenth, to the seventeenth of this year 2024,

00:36:16.790 --> 00:36:19.060 Tanisha (Mswellness): and it really is just

00:36:19.350 --> 00:36:30.199 Tanisha (Mswellness): taken time to understand. Like are your values the same? Have you been taking time for yourself? Have you been putting other people before you like? What are your boundaries? Do you know them, and do you stick to them?

00:36:30.300 --> 00:36:34.189 Tanisha (Mswellness): Those are questions that open up in the space, and

00:36:34.270 --> 00:36:37.549 Tanisha (Mswellness): we've mentioned slightly about the inner child healing. So

00:36:37.670 --> 00:36:56.439 Tanisha (Mswellness): I've learned that a lot of us forget about the little. You know, little Frank, little Tanisha, what did we like doing as a kid? And are we still doing those things? We come to this Sidel adult world where it's like, oh, I have to be so serious. I have to make the money. I gotta take care of everyone. But we're not having fun.

00:36:56.450 --> 00:37:17.470 Tanisha (Mswellness): And in that that's where things can get blocked. Energy can get blocked. Sometimes your back pain is actually a lack of fun in addition to the lack of fear, and maybe your financial stability. And we don't think about those things. So that's the type of space and the energy that I'm bringing into these retreats is to let you have time to actually look at yourself.

00:37:17.650 --> 00:37:32.799 Tanisha (Mswellness): And I'm gonna be there, guiding you within that and then healing you within the plant based foods. Everything's gonna be natural foods, juices, smoothies. We have a chef that'll be there. And then just those mindfulness times, right? So we're gonna be doing some stretching meditation.

00:37:32.890 --> 00:37:55.060 Tanisha (Mswellness): and having that time to ask me questions, if if there are any, but doing some diy workshops where I mentioned to deodorant like making things yourself and seeing how. Okay? Well, I can do this. I don't need to buy the deodorant. This cancer is, I don't have to have these things that are slowly killing me, even though I'm not aware of it. But we're gonna bring those things into awareness at this retreat.

00:37:55.250 --> 00:38:22.059 Tanisha (Mswellness): and that playful part is gonna be games. You know, we're gonna do the Uno have the game night, have the open mic night. Move your body dance is so healing. It is the free and easiest modality there is for someone to help with overcoming burnout and do it in a playful manner, so that I'm I'm so grateful that I've I've come to this place that I've had these experiences. I may not believe that it was great at the time, right, but now

00:38:22.060 --> 00:38:28.460 Tanisha (Mswellness): I can understand why? Because now I have the vision as to what I want to do, and how I want to help people and continuously run

00:38:28.460 --> 00:38:35.509 Tanisha (Mswellness): retreats, and some of them are in Airbnb's. This one will be, and in the future some of them will be out, the country

00:38:35.530 --> 00:38:48.780 Tanisha (Mswellness): being in hotels and just having that that very earthly vibe. I'm a very earthly down nature girl. So that's what I usually strive for the environment. I want people to feel that because, like I said, nature is healing.

00:38:48.780 --> 00:39:08.189 Tanisha (Mswellness): but it's just a different feel being in the jungle right? Versus like being outside in the city, you know, like having an apartment. It's it's so different. You're you're a more clearer channel. So yeah, I'm very much looking forward to that. And you know, I invite any anyone that's interested definitely apply for the cosmic self love playground or free.

00:39:08.210 --> 00:39:24.929 Tanisha (Mswellness): And yeah, just taking time off for you. I know. Sometimes we think like, Oh, I can't take days off. But what can you do, you know? 3 days away, and with a sisterhood, too. So we're building community with each other. It's not just gonna be you. You're gonna have people who are going through the same thing that you're going through, or in a different way.

00:39:24.950 --> 00:39:31.140 Tanisha (Mswellness): And it may not be my story, but it might be somebody else's that really pushes you. And then you leave with a couple of friends, too.

00:39:32.480 --> 00:39:47.509 Frank R Harrison: So BA, basically in terms of the Airbnb, and they have to sign up with your website, or do they work directly with you on us on a social media page to apply for the rich. How does that get people to be involved.

00:39:47.520 --> 00:40:12.100 Tanisha (Mswellness): So you go straight to the first site that you listed, which was the Miss Wellness cosmic playground website and then click on. I'm ready for self love that will take you to a form that someone fills out, and then you will book a call with me because I wanna make sure that it's a good fit for both people, and that I'm having to write individuals. So I'm only bringing 9 aligned souls on this first retreat here in Georgia. And so yeah.

00:40:12.100 --> 00:40:22.350 Tanisha (Mswellness): definitely has to be special and intentional. So I love having a conversation with someone beforehand. So yes, definitely apply. Fill out the form book a call with me, and then we'll hop on a call and

00:40:22.350 --> 00:40:33.569 Tanisha (Mswellness): see if it's a fit. And I'm going to be doing pretty much. Actually $500 off until May fifteenth. For people who are signing up and listening to to this as well, so definitely take advantage.

00:40:34.800 --> 00:40:56.089 Frank R Harrison: Yeah, absolutely. And I get, I gather, if you're watching, live right now, or even if you're watching this after the fact, just remember that you have until May fifteenth. That's about a month, actually 3 weeks from now, you know, to to go ahead and participate in these retreats. I'm kinda curious. Why Airbnb's, is that because you're still starting things out, and you're really trying to expand beyond that.

00:40:56.890 --> 00:41:05.939 Tanisha (Mswellness): Honestly as a traveler myself. So I mentioned how I used to go away every 3 months. I love Airbnb's versus the hotels, because I like privacy.

00:41:06.030 --> 00:41:17.859 Tanisha (Mswellness): So with in my experience of hotels, even all inclusive hotels, there's still someone right next door to you. I don't know who who they are. And on a big floor, right? There's multiple people. There's there's.

00:41:17.860 --> 00:41:18.700 Frank R Harrison: Right, right.

00:41:18.700 --> 00:41:26.470 Tanisha (Mswellness): Those things I get to control it in the Airbnb setting. It's like, Okay, it's a 5 bedroom house. It's just me, my friends.

00:41:26.470 --> 00:41:54.482 Tanisha (Mswellness): and that's it. So that's my preference with within that. I just like that setting. But I do like the perks of it all inclusive hotel resort right like I love the drinks, the food airb you have to bring that. That's so. It's a trade off right? Depends on what you ex what you like, but for me, I like going to bed with no, no noise, so every piece for me always, usually always usually hit, but.

00:41:56.730 --> 00:42:23.960 Frank R Harrison: I understand. I understand. I mean, I I would say also like if I were to look at the Hilton family, because that's where we are today. There are so many different brands within it. But Hampton, in comes a close second to the air, and B+B model, I see. So if you were, for example, to get into a Hilton type of relationship in the future, you would definitely wanna start small. You wouldn't go to the Waldorf story, you you would just start out at a Hampton in and then work your way up through. Hilton

00:42:24.700 --> 00:42:25.849 Frank R Harrison: didn't go

00:42:25.920 --> 00:42:27.170 Frank R Harrison: garden in.

00:42:27.270 --> 00:42:50.770 Frank R Harrison: and then eventually double tree mate. The thing is is that, of course, once you continue to develop your brand as Miss Wellness and your website presence and your social media presence, I think maybe you're gonna want to develop a podcast, or at least probably even have video summaries of how those retreats were especially the one in October. So you can really show that whatever people missed out on in 2,024, they can really participate in 2,025,

00:42:50.770 --> 00:42:58.009 Frank R Harrison: and who knows? 2,025 is going to bring to all of us. But hopefully it will allow us to manage our stress much better on all fronts.

00:42:58.010 --> 00:42:59.870 Tanisha (Mswellness): Absolutely. And you.

00:42:59.870 --> 00:43:00.470 Frank R Harrison: So.

00:43:01.380 --> 00:43:02.609 Frank R Harrison: Who can you?

00:43:02.750 --> 00:43:19.439 Frank R Harrison: Well, I I just gotta say I have a I it's not so much a personal story, but you know I have been dealing with, as most of my listeners and viewers know, out in New York City where I live and work, and also, and caregiving for my father, my my cousin, and other people.

00:43:19.440 --> 00:43:38.529 Frank R Harrison: I think I was going through Burnout recently, you know so. But what I noticed is that while doing the show. It's been able for me to talk with people like yourself about what I'm going through through hearing your own story as well, and by putting myself in other locations like in Chicago, or even here in Las Vegas.

00:43:38.600 --> 00:43:57.990 Frank R Harrison: I feel like it's helping me go through a retreat of some sort. So I do believe in in your whole perspective that getting away from your comfort zone, if that's the right word, whether it's your home or your office, or whatever, and just being in an environment that's totally different and experiencing yourself, reflecting, working with others.

00:43:58.000 --> 00:44:06.069 Frank R Harrison: It's definitely something I would highly recommend. So I think that's what's happening to me and me here, I'm finding myself on a relaxed level.

00:44:06.130 --> 00:44:27.010 Frank R Harrison: but a little bit nervous also making sure that there are no typical technical difficulties as we're having this conversation. But I'm hoping that there is a lot of takeaway where people are going to learn the value of these retreats and actually participate just from watching the show alone. So please give me your feedback. Of how many people actually saw the show as they sign up.

00:44:27.010 --> 00:44:27.469 Tanisha (Mswellness): The entrance.

00:44:27.470 --> 00:44:35.260 Frank R Harrison: The city. What kind of show this this particular show had for you? And you said, October the fourteenth, through 17.

00:44:35.640 --> 00:44:39.914 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yes, October fourteenth to the seventeenth. Yeah, looking forward to it. And I definitely will.

00:44:41.040 --> 00:45:00.479 Frank R Harrison: Awesome. So, ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, I'm gonna try my best to show you guys the Alara backdrop in our next commercial break. But if I even sense technical difficulties, at least you know you can find it yourself on Youtube. So we'll be back after that. This brief message from Hilton. Grand vacation. The Alara Hilton Club.

00:45:01.950 --> 00:45:03.170 Frank R Harrison: Back in a few.

00:47:07.360 --> 00:47:19.239 Frank R Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back so Tanisha, can you do me a favor and tell me, were you able to see clearly, and transparently how the Alara looks in its backdrop and stuff like that

00:47:20.050 --> 00:47:21.650 Frank R Harrison: during the commercial break.

00:47:22.020 --> 00:47:23.589 Tanisha (Mswellness): I did not know.

00:47:24.440 --> 00:47:35.490 Frank R Harrison: Okay. So I gather that probably what I'm noticing is that as I'm looking at the videos as I'm sharing the screen, probably the bandwidth of the Youtube file is blackening out

00:47:35.640 --> 00:47:37.550 Frank R Harrison: the space. That's what's that? Yeah.

00:47:37.550 --> 00:47:38.209 Tanisha (Mswellness): I saw the.

00:47:38.210 --> 00:47:38.569 Frank R Harrison: So in your.

00:47:38.570 --> 00:47:39.930 Tanisha (Mswellness): Logo. That's what I saw.

00:47:41.090 --> 00:47:45.970 Frank R Harrison: Ok. But other than my logo, when at least I showed your website, were people able to see it.

00:47:45.970 --> 00:47:47.149 Tanisha (Mswellness): I bet I did see.

00:47:47.940 --> 00:47:54.290 Frank R Harrison: Okay, good. And they were able to see also my home page, where I showed the book with Dr. Orman.

00:47:54.490 --> 00:47:54.880 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yep.

00:47:54.880 --> 00:48:21.500 Frank R Harrison: Okay. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's nice to promote Alara and Hilton, and I truly believe in them. They've been a good partner for me right here on Frank about health. But the real aspect of stress awareness month is showing you your resources that you need in order to make sure that you maintain your stress and avoid burnout. And you did get obviously for the last 45 min a whole understanding of Tanisha's story, and what she's been able to do with her whole retreats program that she's developing.

00:48:21.500 --> 00:48:30.909 Frank R Harrison: And you also did get another reminder to get that download of that free book before April thirtieth, as well as an understanding of how you can sign up for the retreats. So

00:48:30.950 --> 00:48:42.429 Frank R Harrison: I'm doing my part to help with stress awareness management month. And I'm just doing my best to also get your story across because you're still in development with your practice. Correct.

00:48:43.277 --> 00:49:02.280 Tanisha (Mswellness): With the retreat part. So with coaching, people know. Been doing that for for a while now. So yeah, now, it's just about the retreats, and eventually doing this for corporations with helping their employees directly with burnout and doing wellness workshops. So that is the newest venture, I would say, that is being and worked on.

00:49:03.790 --> 00:49:25.059 Frank R Harrison: Okay. And I could tell you I'm doing my best to also work work with Hilton and making Frank about health more inclusive. Not just for the show itself, but also for having potential live events in the future. Probably even book clubs, people who have their own books that they wanna be able to share with the time share owners or

00:49:25.060 --> 00:49:45.990 Frank R Harrison: the residents of the various hotels, or not to mention the management of those hotels. So let's just see how long we we only met today. But at the same time, as we continue to collaborate over the next 8 months or so, let's see how we are able to eventually possibly do something together with Hilton. No promises, but only hope.

00:49:45.990 --> 00:49:46.440 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah.

00:49:46.440 --> 00:49:47.200 Frank R Harrison: And see.

00:49:47.200 --> 00:49:49.580 Tanisha (Mswellness): I want my feet so.

00:49:49.900 --> 00:49:51.829 Frank R Harrison: You want what I missed that? Say it again.

00:49:51.830 --> 00:49:57.099 Tanisha (Mswellness): I walk by faith, so whatever is meant to be will be so. I love it.

00:49:57.530 --> 00:50:04.429 Frank R Harrison: Exactly. And for me it's been a situation where you know I and I ended up getting involved with Hilton originally because of the pandemic.

00:50:04.500 --> 00:50:32.892 Frank R Harrison: you know, especially in New York, when they were turning their hotels into essential worker homes. But when I eventually worked with the people here in Las Vegas back in 2021. It has been a slow, gradual build, but I think I'm at a point where I'm ready to start negotiating things for the New Year. I just you know, I'm going on faith, like you are. And I'm also going on just seeing what is rather than seeing what I wanna see.

00:50:33.230 --> 00:50:34.782 Tanisha (Mswellness): I understand that.

00:50:35.980 --> 00:50:39.885 Frank R Harrison: Cause. Otherwise that'll create stress unto itself, and that'll be counterproductive.

00:50:40.240 --> 00:50:43.282 Tanisha (Mswellness): I've I've been in them both stages. So yes.

00:50:44.831 --> 00:51:06.398 Frank R Harrison: So so overall. What would you want the the frank about health listeners and viewers to know most about what your plans are for the future, not just with your retreats, but with your overall programs that you still continue to develop over time. I gather you're not gonna become a social worker again. You're gonna stick with your own direction going forward. I can understand that.

00:51:06.720 --> 00:51:08.000 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah. Lady.

00:51:08.000 --> 00:51:10.910 Frank R Harrison: Already know what burns you out. You try to work

00:51:11.580 --> 00:51:18.960 Frank R Harrison: distance rather than completely gone from them. But what are your plans to be more inclusive within your own practice.

00:51:19.280 --> 00:51:26.670 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah, so it's it's actually to be more, I'd say worldwide. So like, I mentioned being a big community person, I've known that

00:51:26.680 --> 00:51:43.979 Tanisha (Mswellness): my other gift is networking. So just how like we've interacted. And now we're doing this podcast interview, i'm able to touch a lot of people. And that's why I like my business being predominantly online, for the most part minus the retreats. And so I definitely see this community, whether it's an app

00:51:43.980 --> 00:52:03.439 Tanisha (Mswellness): or something digital that I will be creating where we can all network, we can all connect with each other. But and in addition to that being given wellness and self discovery that I'll be teaching on. So something could be similar to a platform like Mind Valley. Something of that nature. But just it wouldn't be the same cause. That's very spiritual mindfulness based.

00:52:03.440 --> 00:52:18.125 Tanisha (Mswellness): I like to be all inclusive, and have people and experts on sharing their their wisdom too, and not just me. So each one teach. One type of platform is what I know eventually will will happen, and then from that the retreats will always be occurring.

00:52:18.750 --> 00:52:37.759 Tanisha (Mswellness): So that's what I'm I'm I can kind of see it's not fully there with the picture, but I do know in some capacity it would be networking parties and and coaching within that that realm. And from there here your videos on burnout, you know, to help people walk through because everyone learns different to. Not everyone

00:52:37.760 --> 00:52:50.127 Tanisha (Mswellness): wants a workshop. Sometimes they want to self pace video. So I like to work in both rounds, both worlds. And you know, from time to time. Then I could be a consultant for some large corporations, and just come in a couple of months and do these workshops too.

00:52:50.370 --> 00:53:09.239 Tanisha (Mswellness): So I think I'll be doing a a couple of things, cause I do think I'm multi passionate, and I love to travel. So that's the beautiful part about doing those workshops and the retreats, and then having something that someone in in India or Switzerland can touch as well. I think that that's great where we can bring that environment. We can bring the world together, and just be one.

00:53:09.240 --> 00:53:09.840 Frank R Harrison: Right?

00:53:10.460 --> 00:53:33.120 Frank R Harrison: So you would say that predominantly, about 70 to 80% of your practice is going to be virtual, whether it's through a Zoom Platform or social media, or an app, as you indicated, and then the other 20 to 30% is pretty much those retreats where everybody has already created that social network that you're formulating through Miss Wellness. And then you'll all gather together once a year, or something like that.

00:53:33.190 --> 00:53:36.920 Frank R Harrison: That's how you see things in the long term, or at least the mid range term.

00:53:36.920 --> 00:53:42.209 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah, the mid range. Yeah, I definitely see at least retreats being 3 times a year.

00:53:42.550 --> 00:54:01.260 Tanisha (Mswellness): And then having, yeah, like, you said, that's 60, 70% on online, because there's something about saying like, Oh, I'm going to Costa Rica. And then I'm going to the woods in Georgia for a retreat. That's it's just beautiful. It's a different feel. And in addition to that, you know, hosting my weekly zooms that I that I already do.

00:54:01.260 --> 00:54:29.699 Tanisha (Mswellness): and that's it's very easy to manage, because I can be away at the location of the retreat while hosting my my events. It's just that I would get to the retreat spot right before it's time for my guests to come. So it's a beautiful life as that digital nomad having the ability or the luxury to travel like that. So I'm grateful like, I know I'll be in New York in a couple of months. So I hopefully look forward to meeting you, and I'll still be working, and I'll be playing in my retreat. That's in October. So yeah.

00:54:32.500 --> 00:54:35.250 Frank R Harrison: Well, I do welcome that, I mean, I can tell you

00:54:35.390 --> 00:54:56.019 Frank R Harrison: many of the guests that have been on the show again, partially, thanks to Sam. I've ended up meeting in person in New York. And we we actually, we're working on a well, some of those members and I are working on a side project right now for Frank about health. That'll be released along the next few months or so. But we all gathered together at a Hilton in New York for a week

00:54:56.120 --> 00:55:15.529 Frank R Harrison: to meet up and go out to dinner, and at the same time work and collaborate on that project which is going to hopefully make the platform that I've built over almost 3 years now become more expandable and interactive and engaging, especially from the level of not just being.

00:55:15.530 --> 00:55:26.470 Frank R Harrison: you know, in the hybrid mode, not the hybrid, the the virtual mode that the pandemic forced us into, but eventually to do the kind of thing like I was saying, with your practice, where

00:55:26.470 --> 00:55:54.020 Frank R Harrison: we get together once a year, hopefully, or once or twice a year, during holidays, or whatever to be able to say, yes, I do breathe. I am a human being. I'm not behind a screen and a nameplate all the time, but that we're all together as kind of a family, but at the same time doing what we can to continue to advocate for different healthcare issues, whether it is stress or whether it's cardiac care or everything else that we've been talking about over the last 3 years.

00:55:54.350 --> 00:56:05.769 Frank R Harrison: Now, when people want to sign up or find you rather whether it's on social media, or whatever do do they have email addresses for you? Or do you have other places where people can find you?

00:56:06.000 --> 00:56:15.140 Tanisha (Mswellness): Yeah, definitely, my email is Tanisha at Miss Wellness, Llc, Com. So it's Ms Wellness, Llc, com, you can just email me directly.

00:56:15.140 --> 00:56:40.399 Tanisha (Mswellness): But of course, I have Instagram Youtube, which they're both plant based vibes, PLAN, TBAS. EVIB ES. We'll see about tick, tock. I do have it. It's the same handle plant based vibes. But we'll see what happens with that platform and then on Linkedin. You can find me at Tanisha naught, and last name, NAUG. HTON. And of course, my website that you shared Wellness,

00:56:42.180 --> 00:56:53.330 Frank R Harrison: Okay. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I see I'm 1 min to ending. So I think we have the full picture here on stress awareness month for the last 4 weeks on Frank about health.

00:56:53.430 --> 00:57:09.420 Frank R Harrison: beginning with Dr. Orman, and ending the month with Tanisha Norton, or otherwise known as Miss Wellness, and I think those 4 episodes that we, broadcasted were showing ways of being able to deal with

00:57:09.470 --> 00:57:36.219 Frank R Harrison: stress, either through your own knowledge base that you get from reading books like Dr. Orman presents, or even learning about AI, and how it can help us with stress management techniques which we did when we did a retrospective episode on Maury Zelkovich, and last week, when Sally Caloxma returned and we talked about her understanding that she had another disease that actually triggered the one that she had been battling for most of the last 5 years.

00:57:36.320 --> 00:57:53.810 Frank R Harrison: That talk about stressful and realizing that the cure was recognized, I mean the cause was recognized after the problem. But here, understanding that the value of retreats and finding your way away from home, getting into a different environment just to refrain, refocus.

00:57:53.840 --> 00:58:08.269 Frank R Harrison: revive, revitalize, I mean, that's what I would say would be the mantra I learned this month. So I'm going to just sign off by saying, because of the limited amount of time that I will be back next week on another episode of Frank about health with Karen Ross.

00:58:08.270 --> 00:58:25.859 Frank R Harrison: We're going to kick off blood pressure awareness month. And I understand it's also mental health awareness month. So next week, next month we're going to have 2 shows together, one on May second and one on May sixteenth. The one on May sixteenth will be live from Chicago's Hilton, the double tree

00:58:26.161 --> 00:58:50.610 Frank R Harrison: but the one next week will be through zoom like Tanisha and I did today. And I just wanna thank you all again for listening to this episode of Frank about health. And we will see you all next week. So thank you again, Tanisha, for being here, and thank you all, and thank you, Sam, for the introduction. So, and of course, Logan, thank you for all the work you do. We will see you all next week. Take care.

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