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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/04/18-Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID)

Facebook Live Video from 2024/04/18-Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID)


2024/04/18-Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID)

[NEW EPISODE] Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID)

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT) 


This marks the return of Sally Kalksma as they will learn about a Champion who has spent recovering from a new illness that may have been the impetus for her previous challenges.

Sally Kalksma has been on Frank About Health since 2022 where she spoke of her battle with Multiple Myeloma, Mindfulness, Challenges with Stress and her experiences in running up the empire state building as well as through stadiums while resolving her cancer. It appears that she was suffering through a misdiagnosed illness involving her immunity that may have been the reason why she developed Multiple Myeloma years ago. This is what Sally says about CVID: (Taken from her blog available at For three months I was seen by various specialists who prescribed different tests. The final diagnosis was Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), the lack of B fighter cells. This diagnosis made me wonder; was my CVID diagnosis a result or side effect of the chemo I'm on now, or the three other chemotherapy treatments I previously had? No, the doctors studied my bloodwork from prior years and saw I had CVID even then, and possibly my entire life! It had been completely overlooked. Every day I thought I had allergies when, in actuality, I was sick. It all made perfect sense as to why I became very ill very easily, so often. I was fighting MM; which is the lack of healthy white blood cells, along with CVID; the lack of B fighter cells. I have been one big germ magnet for, possibly, my entire life. Now let's hear her explain it on Frank About Health!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank welcomes back Sally Kalksma to discuss her latest diagnosis. Before diving into their discussion, Frank states his disclaimer and reminds everyone that he is not a medical professional and is simply looking to engage in a discussion that can be helpful advice. Sally shares why she hasn’t been around due to her health journey. She tells Frank how she was diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency. She mentions how she was constantly getting sick around a year and a half ago. It wasn’t until around last year when she was unwell, that she met with an immunologist. They found that the protein that helps fight infections was low. Many doctors thought it was from multiple myomas, but the immunologist also tested for antigens, which helps you when you get a vaccine or are in an illness like COVID-19. Sally’s body does not accept antigens.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Sally explains how she can be a transmitter of illnesses like the flu or COVID-19 because she has such a low immune system. She also mentions how she was not misdiagnosed but, better yet, undiagnosed. Sally had been taking allergy medicine for nearly forty years because she had such bad symptoms, but when she got tested, it was revealed she didn’t have any allergies. Sally shares that having to stop running was heartbreaking because she has been competing since she was seven. Frank and Sally discuss B cells and how Sally lacks B cells or fighter cells, which affects her immune system. They also discuss the importance of wearing a mask and how it protects you and others around you. 

Segment 3

Sally talks about how she found an outlet to keep her going. She explains that she has good and bad days but takes it one day at a time. When Sally has her infusions, she usually gets bloated. She says she has to make jokes about her journey to look at it differently. Frank Asks Sally what some of her coping mechanisms are since her new diagnosis.

Segment 4

In the final segment, Frank and Sally informed the audience that they could find her on her website and social media at Sally Kalksma. Sally shares with Frank how she quit her job to protect herself and her coworkers. Frank shares his plans with the Hilton and his past guests. He explains how advocating for yourself can help people with similar conditions.  


00:00:48.140 --> 00:00:52.199 Frank R Harrison: It is April eighteenth, 2024. Picture it.

00:00:52.210 --> 00:00:54.980 Frank R Harrison: It is January 2022,

00:00:55.140 --> 00:01:23.250 Frank R Harrison: and appears a vision of loveliness. Her name is Sally Kalczma. This is the return of Sally Kalksma. If you recall at that time she was championing her life through multiple myeloma. The episode was called championing her life through cancer. But her return is very interesting, as you will find out during the next hour, because we're going to learn that she now has a new disorder or a new condition

00:01:23.390 --> 00:01:26.249 Frank R Harrison: that may have been the cause

00:01:26.400 --> 00:01:34.620 Frank R Harrison: of her original diagnosis of multiple myeloma. So this is kind of a return and an introduction at the same time.

00:01:35.080 --> 00:01:59.760 Frank R Harrison: So that being said, the first thing I'm going to do before we relive the past, and I reintroduce you to Sally is issue my disclaimer, just to know out there that any of the information that is going to be discussed by myself or Sally Kalksma are not the views of Frank about health or of Talkradio, Nyc. But rather it is a case study from personal experience, from Sally Kalksma herself.

00:01:59.760 --> 00:02:15.660 Frank R Harrison: There will probably be some medical terminology or medical solutions that she has engaged in. That is not a measure of us trying to persuade you to do the same kind of treatment. Should you be dealing with that condition as well?

00:02:15.660 --> 00:02:30.980 Frank R Harrison: Therefore, any of the information is food for thought, and should be consulted with your primary care. Physician, your oncologist, your psychologist, your neurologist, whoever it is that you are seeing in relation to the disorders that we will be discussing today.

00:02:31.990 --> 00:02:43.129 Frank R Harrison: Now that I've mentioned the disclaimer the name of this episode, although, I would like to say, championing your life through Cv. Id. Is actually the name of the condition.

00:02:43.420 --> 00:02:47.049 Frank R Harrison: The name of the episode is common.

00:02:47.650 --> 00:02:53.409 Frank R Harrison: variable, immune deficiency. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Okay, got it

00:02:53.500 --> 00:03:15.950 Frank R Harrison: alright. And I am going to reintroduce Sally and let her talk to you all about it, because I'm learning a lot as well as she has been learning a lot, which is why she hasn't been on the show for the last 15 or so months, but I'm very grateful that she's still fighting and winning, and I'm hoping that all of you out there will learn a lot from that.

00:03:16.430 --> 00:03:19.080 Frank R Harrison: So, Sally, welcome back to Frank about health.

00:03:20.620 --> 00:03:21.650 Frank R Harrison: unmute.

00:03:32.490 --> 00:03:33.502 Frank R Harrison: There we go.

00:03:33.840 --> 00:03:41.929 Sally: I haven't been on a show in 18 months. I forgot I had to unmute myself. I'm very sorry, but I.

00:03:41.930 --> 00:03:44.129 Frank R Harrison: Oh, no problem!

00:03:44.130 --> 00:03:44.720 Sally: That.

00:03:45.190 --> 00:04:05.360 Sally: and I want to thank you very much, Frank, for having me, and I want to give a shout out to all the warriors out there who are listening and following. I want them to keep fighting, whatever it is, whether it's physical or mental. Don't give up. Okay, embrace it, joy it.

00:04:05.730 --> 00:04:07.629 Sally: I know that sounds crazy.

00:04:07.810 --> 00:04:09.109 Sally: but you could do it.

00:04:09.390 --> 00:04:10.649 Sally: So yeah.

00:04:11.470 --> 00:04:23.769 Sally: haven't been around. I had to digest what happened to me, and like anybody should. I had to get various opinions from different doctors.

00:04:23.860 --> 00:04:35.420 Sally: and start my treatment and get my life together before I could just go out in the public and start on talk shows again and trying to help other people.

00:04:35.820 --> 00:04:43.840 Sally: So let me rewind back to when I was on your show, probably about a year and a half ago

00:04:43.980 --> 00:04:51.490 Sally: I was constantly sick again, just like when I was diagnosed with multiple myloma. We didn't know yet.

00:04:51.900 --> 00:04:58.419 Sally: but again I was constantly getting sick, but my multiple myeloma levels were at bay.

00:04:58.740 --> 00:05:09.179 Sally: You know they were all good. I'm not going to say I was in remission, but I was all good. So why was I getting sick? Was it because of my daily chemo?

00:05:09.680 --> 00:05:13.389 Sally: No, because they checked certain blood work

00:05:13.670 --> 00:05:19.500 Sally: after I was in the hospital a couple of times last year and constantly sick.

00:05:19.920 --> 00:05:25.130 Sally: I was sent to various doctors, and one was an immunologist.

00:05:25.220 --> 00:05:28.560 Sally: This immunologist did comprehensive blood work

00:05:28.750 --> 00:05:31.160 Sally: and saw that the protein

00:05:31.310 --> 00:05:34.970 Sally: that helps fight infections was low.

00:05:35.300 --> 00:05:40.650 Sally: Now it's kind of like a double-edged sword, because it's the same thing with multiple myeloma.

00:05:41.100 --> 00:05:46.999 Sally: And a couple of my oncologists were saying, well, that could be from the multiple Mylma.

00:05:47.090 --> 00:05:51.970 Sally: But the immunologists also tested for Antigens.

00:05:52.380 --> 00:06:06.400 Sally: And these Antigens are what helps you when you get any type of, you know, shot, for you know, covid or pneumonia. My body does not accept them.

00:06:06.430 --> 00:06:11.460 Sally: I had no idea I can get these, but it doesn't help me.

00:06:11.860 --> 00:06:22.070 Sally: So. Yes, one of the tests for common, variable, I mean, efficiency is to look at the Antigens, and

00:06:22.230 --> 00:06:23.650 Sally: I don't have that.

00:06:24.160 --> 00:06:34.969 Sally: So there is no reason for me to go get the. I will still get the vaccinations because you should, but my body does not

00:06:35.360 --> 00:06:38.209 Sally: react to them. My body does not take them in.

00:06:38.960 --> 00:06:44.839 Frank R Harrison: Really so does that, I mean, I think you even said you had Covid. How many times 3.

00:06:45.200 --> 00:06:47.970 Sally: Covid twice, and I had covid pneumonia.

00:06:48.030 --> 00:07:17.760 Sally: and I've also had pneumonia 3 times in the past 3 years, and I also ended up in the hospital twice so, and I always had. I'm up to date with all my Covid vaccinations, so I could travel and be around people, and I would always get my pneumonia vaccinations. But unfortunately, you know, it's kind of scary, because I wonder about all the other vaccinations like chickenpox and all that, you know. But.

00:07:18.100 --> 00:07:18.710 Frank R Harrison: Right.

00:07:19.570 --> 00:07:21.769 Sally: I guess I'll cross that bridge if I ever get there.

00:07:22.090 --> 00:07:34.270 Sally: But yeah, right? So yeah, so that is common, variable, immune deficiency. And the word common is because one in 25,000 people have this.

00:07:34.800 --> 00:07:41.269 Sally: they might not have it. That severe. But yeah, approximately, one in 25,000

00:07:41.670 --> 00:07:43.709 Sally: don't know what caused. Is it

00:07:43.920 --> 00:07:51.900 Sally: like? I said. They were looking to see if it was my chemotherapy or my multiple myeloma that caused it. Looking at.

00:07:51.900 --> 00:07:53.040 Frank R Harrison: Might work.

00:07:53.040 --> 00:07:54.370 Sally: Going way back.

00:07:54.810 --> 00:08:03.540 Sally: but because multiple myloma can smolder in your body for 30 years, we don't know which came first.

00:08:03.750 --> 00:08:04.760 Sally: That huh!

00:08:04.990 --> 00:08:12.490 Sally: My llama or the Cv. Id. Because I only had comprehensive blood work going back to 2,008,

00:08:12.790 --> 00:08:23.859 Sally: and they looked at the blood work going back to 2,015 before I started chemo, and they saw that I actually had cv id back then.

00:08:24.870 --> 00:08:29.420 Sally: So between multiple myeloma and the Cb. Id.

00:08:29.660 --> 00:08:31.779 Sally: I was a germ factor

00:08:31.790 --> 00:08:36.409 Sally: that's was one of my blogs was, I mean, I would just pick up anything.

00:08:36.440 --> 00:08:42.880 Sally: I would wear a mask. I would wear gloves always, you know, washing my hands. But I always, you know.

00:08:43.679 --> 00:08:44.410 Sally: Deck

00:08:44.810 --> 00:08:45.520 Sally: is

00:08:46.010 --> 00:08:48.030 Sally: was crazy. I just

00:08:48.040 --> 00:09:01.880 Sally: was very unhealthy because of this, but now that it's diagnosed. In addition to taking my chemo pill every other night, I now have infusions every other week

00:09:02.020 --> 00:09:04.700 Sally: to boost my immune system.

00:09:06.050 --> 00:09:07.070 Frank R Harrison: Incredible.

00:09:07.680 --> 00:09:12.229 Sally: Yeah. And I and I had to do a drastic change to my lifestyle.

00:09:12.460 --> 00:09:16.310 Sally: Very drastic. I do not compete races anymore.

00:09:17.569 --> 00:09:18.040 Frank R Harrison: Wow!

00:09:18.590 --> 00:09:23.260 Sally: Yeah, that was really, really hard to accept.

00:09:23.490 --> 00:09:24.070 Sally: That was very.

00:09:24.485 --> 00:09:24.900 Frank R Harrison: Yes.

00:09:24.900 --> 00:09:27.750 Sally: Started competing when I was 7 years old

00:09:28.230 --> 00:09:31.359 Sally: that would be difficult to give up

00:09:32.209 --> 00:09:44.150 Sally: so without competing, I stopped working out crazy because that would also bring my resistance down. I was working out 2 to 3 times a day.

00:09:44.290 --> 00:09:50.249 Sally: Now I only work out once, and it's not really the intensity I used to.

00:09:50.720 --> 00:09:52.439 Sally: and I had to stop working.

00:09:52.880 --> 00:09:59.560 Sally: So yeah, I my my life has totally changed. Once I got this

00:10:00.210 --> 00:10:03.919 Sally: like my immunologist said that

00:10:04.250 --> 00:10:06.500 Sally: if I don't make these changes

00:10:06.540 --> 00:10:10.890 Sally: and I stop the infusions, I will get pneumonia, and I will die.

00:10:11.990 --> 00:10:15.679 Sally: He came, fled out because I started the infusions

00:10:16.300 --> 00:10:18.340 Sally: absolutely hate them.

00:10:18.743 --> 00:10:30.079 Sally: I and I asked him, after you know I had a couple of months of them. I said so. How long a year, you know 2 years he goes. No, the rest of your life.

00:10:30.240 --> 00:10:33.229 Sally: If you stop you'll get pneumonia, and you'll die.

00:10:34.320 --> 00:10:34.829 Sally: Well, I mean.

00:10:34.830 --> 00:10:36.390 Frank R Harrison: So long.

00:10:37.050 --> 00:10:45.440 Frank R Harrison: This I'm processing this as you're explaining the story, and a part of me is knowing that you still have that fighting spirit.

00:10:45.510 --> 00:10:52.420 Frank R Harrison: It's in you. I see it. I see it even on this Zoom Platform right now. So are you sublimating all that?

00:10:52.540 --> 00:11:00.769 Frank R Harrison: That of running up the stairs with more writing or more creative outlets that you're able to do.

00:11:01.960 --> 00:11:10.290 Sally: Is a very good question, because we we didn't even discuss this prior. Yet, as you know, in the past, I wrote a book.

00:11:11.100 --> 00:11:11.450 Frank R Harrison: Yes.

00:11:11.890 --> 00:11:24.220 Sally: But that was more of a memoir self help. I am almost finished with my first children's book. It's a series of children's books, and I'm almost complete with that.

00:11:24.540 --> 00:11:29.259 Sally: And I took up an old hobby of mine photography.

00:11:29.360 --> 00:11:32.609 Sally: And I've been doing a lot of photography, too.

00:11:33.440 --> 00:11:34.599 Frank R Harrison: Very nice.

00:11:34.600 --> 00:11:35.380 Sally: I I

00:11:35.860 --> 00:11:37.230 Sally: constantly read.

00:11:37.620 --> 00:11:38.270 Sally: She's good.

00:11:38.270 --> 00:11:38.860 Frank R Harrison: Yes.

00:11:38.990 --> 00:11:39.600 Frank R Harrison: Yeah.

00:11:39.600 --> 00:11:42.740 Sally: Yeah, I I had to take up some

00:11:42.760 --> 00:11:44.790 Sally: calmer hobbies.

00:11:44.930 --> 00:11:54.060 Sally: less stress on my body hobbies. And it's difficult because I still have that very competitive spirit inside of me.

00:11:55.510 --> 00:12:10.780 Frank R Harrison: I'm sure there is a way that you will be able to participate in it, even if from a distance. Maybe you'll be helping people or training people to do their marathon runs. Or maybe you'll you'll continue working with the Multiple Myeloma Foundation. I'm sure.

00:12:11.120 --> 00:12:25.120 Sally: Yeah, no, I I would. I would love to help people. But then again, to volunteer to race would also put me in the same situation just around too many people, especially if it was a building enclosed with the germs and whatnot.

00:12:25.210 --> 00:12:26.030 Sally: So

00:12:27.140 --> 00:12:35.169 Sally: could I help people virtually and online and coach, I'm sure, down the line. That is something I could look into.

00:12:35.270 --> 00:12:42.790 Sally: But right now I'm just embracing my creativity. I want to get this children's book complete.

00:12:43.904 --> 00:12:49.207 Sally: I have the first story done, but I don't want to.

00:12:49.740 --> 00:12:53.829 Sally: I should say release it until the series is complete.

00:12:54.120 --> 00:12:58.669 Sally: And so it's something I started working on a while ago.

00:12:59.170 --> 00:13:01.290 Sally: Now they're grounded.

00:13:03.060 --> 00:13:03.610 Frank R Harrison: Finish.

00:13:03.610 --> 00:13:05.460 Sally: Really, I'm grounded.

00:13:05.930 --> 00:13:33.779 Frank R Harrison: Well, either way, we're about to take our first break, but I already have some other questions before we go into our next segment, which is to really educate the listeners and viewers about what Cv. Id. Is. What I find very ironic is that if you add the O to that, it's Covid. So isn't it funny how Cv. Id. Or Covid is about immune issues, especially since we are all got through the pandemic. Now you have your own

00:13:34.100 --> 00:13:37.360 Frank R Harrison: micro version of an epidemic, a lifelong

00:13:37.440 --> 00:13:46.200 Frank R Harrison: managing your immunity while keeping your multiple myeloma. They so I guess there's a lot to be learned from as we come back in our second segment.

00:13:46.430 --> 00:13:47.450 Frank R Harrison: Alrighty.

00:13:47.540 --> 00:13:57.590 Frank R Harrison: So, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned to this episode of Frank about health, the return of Sally Calcuma. But yet the knowledge base that you're about to obtain about

00:13:58.000 --> 00:14:10.980 Frank R Harrison: common, variable, immune deficiency or Cv Id. Right here on talk radio, Nyc and on our Youtube, Facebook twitch and linkedin platform. So we will be back in a few.

00:16:24.370 --> 00:16:36.689 Frank R Harrison: Everybody and welcome back. And, as you've just heard, Sally has had a very interesting and challenging experience over the last 15 to. I guess you said 18 months, actually.

00:16:36.690 --> 00:16:54.919 Frank R Harrison: And there's so many similarities in terms of immunity and the acronym for Cv. Id versus covid. I mean, you know, I don't want to get into, you know, mind reading or Karma issues, or whatever. But I think there are learning points to be taken from it. One question that got generated. As you mentioned

00:16:55.070 --> 00:17:00.199 Frank R Harrison: that you were considering yourself a germ magnet, as you wrote in your blog

00:17:00.370 --> 00:17:07.459 Frank R Harrison: that is available on our website, Sally And I just showed during the commercial break, a quote from that blog

00:17:07.840 --> 00:17:15.059 Frank R Harrison: what I wanted to ask you was, did that make you because of your experience in living with Cv. Id.

00:17:15.390 --> 00:17:23.250 Frank R Harrison: are you able to spread the disease to others just like the way Covid makes you a transmitter? Are you a transmitter, or just.

00:17:23.339 --> 00:17:25.780 Frank R Harrison: you become vulnerable to other diseases.

00:17:25.780 --> 00:17:42.849 Sally: No, I am not a transmitter of common, variable, immune deficiency that is not contagious, but I can be transmitter to any type of of cold or virus that I have fought.

00:17:43.680 --> 00:17:46.240 Sally: So, of course, if I catch Covid

00:17:46.300 --> 00:17:49.070 Sally: because I have a low immune system, I can

00:17:49.720 --> 00:18:00.769 Sally: pass that on same with the flu or anything like that, but just like multiple myloma. Cv, Id. Is not contagious. You cannot get it. Okay.

00:18:01.160 --> 00:18:06.820 Frank R Harrison: Okay, so what have what have you doctors? Wait? No, I say that again. I'm sorry.

00:18:07.160 --> 00:18:08.366 Sally: Around me.

00:18:09.313 --> 00:18:30.590 Frank R Harrison: No, no, I I just want everyone to understand that you you did tell me this is often misdiagnosed or overlooked or not tested, for I I guess there's very little research into it, or I guess a lot of people find out about it, such as yourself, through testing for other causes of other or other illnesses that you're going through.

00:18:30.970 --> 00:18:38.350 Sally: Exactly now. I wouldn't say that I was misdiagnosed. I think a better word would be undiagnosed.

00:18:38.620 --> 00:18:40.640 Frank R Harrison: Okay. I apologize. Yes.

00:18:40.640 --> 00:18:49.040 Sally: Say that because they weren't looking for this and called it something else, it was just never brought to my attention.

00:18:49.260 --> 00:18:57.950 Sally: The crazy thing is. When I was tested for Cb. Id. They did a multiple of tests, including allergies

00:18:58.150 --> 00:19:12.419 Sally: and my entire life. I thought I had allergies. I've taken allergy medicine since high school I was, you know, the vix inhaler. At 1 point I was addicted that in that high school and college, and

00:19:12.530 --> 00:19:18.469 Sally: every day in my life I took allergy medicine, and sometimes it would turn into a sinus. Infection.

00:19:18.860 --> 00:19:19.930 Sally: Thing is.

00:19:20.120 --> 00:19:22.379 Sally: I don't have any allergies.

00:19:22.920 --> 00:19:25.270 Sally: I was sick every day.

00:19:26.750 --> 00:19:31.340 Sally: That's a crazy thing. They tested me for allergies. I have no allergies.

00:19:32.020 --> 00:19:32.790 Sally: none.

00:19:34.050 --> 00:19:40.729 Frank R Harrison: So the sickness was a fatigue, or was it actual symptomology of fevers and other kinds of things?

00:19:41.100 --> 00:19:48.570 Sally: Think of it. If you have allergies, you feel tired, you feel run down. Your nose is runny, your eyes are running.

00:19:49.530 --> 00:19:50.820 Sally: I had that.

00:19:51.390 --> 00:19:53.880 Sally: but I don't have allergies.

00:19:54.590 --> 00:20:00.740 Sally: It was all from the common, variable new deficiency. I was ill.

00:20:01.590 --> 00:20:06.159 Sally: so I stopped all my allergy medicine.

00:20:06.780 --> 00:20:10.880 Sally: Once I was diagnosed and started my immune therapy. And

00:20:11.070 --> 00:20:12.680 Sally: I don't need allergy medicine.

00:20:13.290 --> 00:20:19.349 Sally: It's crazy. It's crazy that I was taking that every day of my life.

00:20:19.600 --> 00:20:29.499 Sally: Or oh, I hate to say over 40 years. I hate to tell the people out there that. But yeah, is that crazy.

00:20:30.792 --> 00:20:34.450 Frank R Harrison: It's it. There's a combination of ironic

00:20:34.590 --> 00:20:36.940 Frank R Harrison: and at the same time

00:20:37.600 --> 00:20:40.869 Frank R Harrison: yes, crazy. But at the same time you're surviving.

00:20:41.040 --> 00:20:47.000 Frank R Harrison: That's the gift. Well, that's I don't want to call that the gift, but that's the best part of it in your case.

00:20:47.130 --> 00:21:00.680 Frank R Harrison: I mean, you've gone through so many challenging illnesses. But I can. That's so many, 2 2 critical illnesses that, based on what? What do they say? Not the not the stat, the probabilities, or the the rates

00:21:00.760 --> 00:21:04.170 Frank R Harrison: of mortality are pretty high, correct

00:21:04.550 --> 00:21:05.950 Frank R Harrison: for multiple myeloma.

00:21:06.170 --> 00:21:08.889 Sally: That's true, and I'll tell you that.

00:21:09.621 --> 00:21:11.869 Sally: It's probably not over.

00:21:12.110 --> 00:21:14.529 Sally: I have to realize that

00:21:15.140 --> 00:21:17.465 Sally: I take a

00:21:18.670 --> 00:21:23.339 Sally: a pill every other night to keep the multiple myeloma at bay.

00:21:23.990 --> 00:21:24.620 Frank R Harrison: Rank! Hey!

00:21:24.620 --> 00:21:28.629 Sally: Long term can cause secondary cancers

00:21:29.320 --> 00:21:30.330 Sally: show

00:21:30.550 --> 00:21:37.790 Sally: it's do you want to die now of multiple myeloma, don't you know? Don't take this

00:21:37.850 --> 00:21:41.610 Sally: die now, multiple my lama, or take this

00:21:41.980 --> 00:21:46.270 Sally: and die later, perhaps, of another cancer. You know.

00:21:46.870 --> 00:21:52.990 Sally: you're going to end up with something, you know, when you have an illness. It's like my oncologist said.

00:21:53.320 --> 00:22:08.309 Sally: Probably not going to die from the multiple myeloma. Multiple myloma like gives you a low, immune system just like the Cb, Id. Desk. You're probably going to pass from something that

00:22:09.320 --> 00:22:10.480 Sally: caused.

00:22:10.620 --> 00:22:12.290 Sally: if that makes sense to you.

00:22:12.490 --> 00:22:13.580 Sally: So.

00:22:13.580 --> 00:22:14.830 Frank R Harrison: Yes, it does.

00:22:15.000 --> 00:22:21.500 Sally: I am not upset about it. We're all going to get something as we get older and.

00:22:21.828 --> 00:22:24.781 Frank R Harrison: Nobody gets out of this alive, as they say.

00:22:25.110 --> 00:22:27.180 Sally: Right? So

00:22:27.850 --> 00:22:56.910 Sally: it's what it is that it's life. I mean. You just have to deal with it. And that's one of the reasons why I was absent from your show, forgot how to maneuver everything is because I had to deal with this, and why I was dealing with this. I didn't want to be out by everybody, because I didn't know enough about it, and I didn't want to seem down and unknowledgeable. So I'm okay with it. I'm being treated. I'm okay with it.

00:22:56.910 --> 00:22:58.060 Sally: It's it's

00:22:58.210 --> 00:22:59.100 Sally: now.

00:22:59.840 --> 00:23:00.370 Sally: It's.

00:23:00.370 --> 00:23:08.770 Frank R Harrison: Biggest lesson is basically that given all of the challenges thrown at you, especially this new diagnosis that is lifelong.

00:23:08.830 --> 00:23:18.819 Frank R Harrison: You just gotta take that fighting spirit to live with it and not combat against it, and which could lead to mental health problems like depression and anxiety and fear and.

00:23:18.820 --> 00:23:19.930 Sally: All this.

00:23:19.930 --> 00:23:22.880 Frank R Harrison: And you seem to be doing that very well.

00:23:23.350 --> 00:23:25.700 Sally: The hardest part. For me

00:23:25.840 --> 00:23:28.569 Sally: it multiple mind is not the hardest part.

00:23:28.760 --> 00:23:39.320 Sally: Cv. Id is not the hardest part. Even all the drugs I have to take, and the infusions are not the hardest part. The hardest part for me

00:23:39.480 --> 00:23:42.950 Sally: was giving up competing in races.

00:23:44.010 --> 00:23:46.819 Sally: That's the hardest part, so that

00:23:47.500 --> 00:23:49.860 Sally: that I had to deal with mentally.

00:23:50.160 --> 00:23:55.989 Sally: Physically. Yeah, I'm not in the shape I was, but alright, you know, I'm alive. So it's okay.

00:23:56.280 --> 00:24:00.339 Sally: But the hardest part of all of this.

00:24:00.360 --> 00:24:06.590 Sally: All of this was giving up competing races, because it's something I just love doing.

00:24:06.920 --> 00:24:08.239 Sally: So. Yeah.

00:24:09.380 --> 00:24:19.739 Frank R Harrison: Nature is tapping you on the shoulder and saying, Use that same energy and convert it to something more relaxed, but gives you the same stimulation, the way that rounding did.

00:24:20.800 --> 00:24:31.489 Sally: I know like, I said earlier. I'm finding ways to deal with it. But just like, you know, that was, you know, the hardest part for me was to give that up.

00:24:31.930 --> 00:24:32.680 Sally: so.

00:24:32.720 --> 00:24:34.070 Frank R Harrison: Yeah. Still.

00:24:34.070 --> 00:24:35.700 Sally: Still copied with it, but

00:24:36.530 --> 00:24:38.029 Sally: I'm getting used to it.

00:24:38.440 --> 00:24:39.070 Sally: Could.

00:24:39.070 --> 00:24:59.619 Frank R Harrison: Good. Now, can you give the the biological or genetic implication as to where it's lack of B cells? That's what you said about Cvid in in your blog. Can you explain that? I mean, I I how how do B cells differentiate within the immune system that we all need to have I gather, you know.

00:24:59.620 --> 00:25:05.359 Sally: The best way for me to describe it is the B are your fighter cells.

00:25:05.370 --> 00:25:11.669 Sally: so I don't have the fighter cells to fight anything that comes along

00:25:12.270 --> 00:25:12.889 Sally: so like.

00:25:12.890 --> 00:25:14.000 Frank R Harrison: Don't have.

00:25:14.360 --> 00:25:27.300 Sally: When you're diagnosed with Cvid. You know your protein levels are low and the protein, you know that fights the infection. And in there are your bee fighter cells. I don't have them. I lack them.

00:25:28.074 --> 00:25:38.999 Sally: You know. I'm getting them with my immunotherapy with my infusions, but I will tell you. I have to get these infusions every other week, and I could feel myself

00:25:39.110 --> 00:25:42.780 Sally: when getting run down and sick

00:25:43.070 --> 00:25:47.459 Sally: when it's time for another one. It's like. I don't feel good.

00:25:47.470 --> 00:25:51.610 Sally: so I know it's time to get that boost again.

00:25:51.860 --> 00:26:12.490 Sally: So it's crazy. It's very crazy. So I belong to a lot of the Id groups now, so I could see what other people are going through. And you know we're all in the same boat. I hate to say that word. But we're on this. You know, the same situation where we have to be very careful in public

00:26:12.510 --> 00:26:17.220 Sally: or around other people who might be sick. You know

00:26:17.230 --> 00:26:18.889 Sally: a lot of people

00:26:18.940 --> 00:26:29.930 Sally: get upset that I you know I'm at a social function, and I don't hug them. Hello, you know, or I no longer shake their hands. I like to give up, you know. Hey, how are you doing?

00:26:32.170 --> 00:26:33.560 Sally: Which you know

00:26:33.570 --> 00:26:39.189 Sally: isn't professional in the workforce which I'm not in the workforce anymore. So I don't have to worry about that

00:26:40.260 --> 00:26:48.249 Sally: setting in a social setting. A lot of people, you know. I I don't hug them, and you know they get a little upset about that.

00:26:48.720 --> 00:26:49.520 Sally: So well.

00:26:49.520 --> 00:26:55.299 Frank R Harrison: When you have an infusion, are you immune to the point where you can actually engage in that activity at least immediately.

00:26:55.300 --> 00:26:56.230 Sally: Yeah, doing.

00:26:56.450 --> 00:27:03.369 Sally: I can't answer that, because I'm not getting the blood work done at that time to say, Hey, I'm healthy, you know.

00:27:03.370 --> 00:27:18.560 Frank R Harrison: Oh, I understand. You would have to literally track everything from your infusion to the results of your antibody levels or immune levels, and then determine your your what you want to. How do you want to behave and engage with others based on data?

00:27:18.740 --> 00:27:20.470 Frank R Harrison: You know I do. Some.

00:27:20.470 --> 00:27:27.330 Sally: I'm still getting sick, you know. I just haven't ended up in the hospital with pneumonia sick.

00:27:27.530 --> 00:27:31.410 Sally: but but I am. You know I still get run down and I still get sick.

00:27:32.170 --> 00:27:43.069 Sally: So I just, you know. So you just really have to watch yourself, you know, if you are going to go someplace, you know where you're going to be around a lot of strangers. Then you do have to mask up.

00:27:43.470 --> 00:27:50.850 Sally: you know, even though people just aren't doing that anymore. You know, planes, buses, things like that. You you have to mask up.

00:27:51.780 --> 00:28:00.479 Frank R Harrison: So you essentially unlike the rest of the world that has told they can take their masks off. You still go outside with your masks.

00:28:01.160 --> 00:28:04.340 Sally: In certain situations. Yes, I do.

00:28:04.340 --> 00:28:04.970 Frank R Harrison: Hmm.

00:28:05.830 --> 00:28:13.841 Frank R Harrison: okay, I I I hate to say it, but in a sense you got some direct practice beforehand. When we were all living through Covid.

00:28:14.620 --> 00:28:17.980 Sally: Exactly, and and I don't want to

00:28:18.170 --> 00:28:21.230 Sally: be selfish and pick something up

00:28:21.470 --> 00:28:41.139 Sally: and then give it to somebody else like I said I I could get sick very easily, so I don't want to get Covid and give it to somebody, or to get the flu or give it to somebody else, so I have to be careful, not just for myself, but for others, especially since some I have 2 new grandchildren 5 months and.

00:28:41.140 --> 00:28:42.950 Frank R Harrison: Congratulations.

00:28:42.950 --> 00:28:47.779 Sally: You know I can't get sick, you know, because then I wouldn't be able to see that.

00:28:48.200 --> 00:28:57.039 Sally: or I have a daughter-in-law who's, you know, pregnant, too, and I don't want to get sick, because then I can't be around her. So it's

00:28:57.160 --> 00:29:02.100 Sally: it's not just for my own health. I would end up being a carrier

00:29:02.120 --> 00:29:03.899 Sally: and giving it to other people.

00:29:04.380 --> 00:29:05.239 Sally: Right? So.

00:29:05.240 --> 00:29:06.320 Frank R Harrison: Right, careful.

00:29:06.320 --> 00:29:07.770 Sally: That sense, too.

00:29:08.330 --> 00:29:12.995 Frank R Harrison: Well, you are still fighting, even if it's in a different way now. I could see it.

00:29:13.701 --> 00:29:19.319 Frank R Harrison: Oh, we got a shout out from Youtube from Spencer Jones, you know who he is.

00:29:19.740 --> 00:29:22.994 Sally: Steve. Hi, Spencer, thank you for listening.

00:29:24.180 --> 00:29:25.370 Frank R Harrison: Yes.

00:29:25.440 --> 00:29:39.539 Frank R Harrison: he said. First of all, wow! To everything that you're going through and overall. I guess he's just watching the show. So, Spencer, if you have any questions, our next section that's coming up segment 3

00:29:39.540 --> 00:30:00.569 Frank R Harrison: is our Q&A interactive segment. So we want all of you on Youtube, Linkedin Twitch and Facebook. If you are watching right now to ask any questions about this, I mean what I'm learning as we as Sally and I are reconnecting here is that Cv. Id. Is not the type of condition that she first came on the show with which was a cancer story.

00:30:00.710 --> 00:30:13.030 Frank R Harrison: but it is an immune story which we all need our immunity, so that has its own challenges in her overall life. And since we all are questioning our immunity after we've all been through Covid.

00:30:13.170 --> 00:30:31.880 Frank R Harrison: I would think that any of you out there with any questions, please. No question is, is, is sensorable. It's it's all welcome. So when we return right here on Frank about health with Sally, we will go into the Q. And a portion of the show, as well as discuss other aspects

00:30:31.930 --> 00:30:39.040 Frank R Harrison: of Cvid and other related comorbidities. All right. We'll be back in a few. Stay tuned.

00:32:44.940 --> 00:32:58.179 Frank R Harrison: Thanks for coming back, and Spencer says, Of course, haha! So I'm glad I don't know who you are, but I'm glad. I guess, Steve, you said right so, Steve. Welcome to Frank about health. I'm I'm glad you're watching, and

00:32:58.220 --> 00:33:15.600 Frank R Harrison: by all means, if you want to look through the catalog that we have of Sally's other appearances. I think they were 5 shows that we've done together. Obviously the first story back in 2,022 was about your multiple myeloma diagnosis, including your book life gets in the way.

00:33:15.600 --> 00:33:28.900 Frank R Harrison: Then our second one was when we had all our technical mishaps and we decided to do a show on mindfulness, and working through all of those mishaps and going with the flow. Then we had, I remember we had a two-hour book special

00:33:28.960 --> 00:33:38.989 Frank R Harrison: with Christine Conti, as well as another guy whose name I'm sorry, escapes me, but you were doing a book tour together, and we were promoting each of your books?

00:33:40.450 --> 00:33:54.880 Frank R Harrison: I think there were some other ones, but the reality is is that this, I would say, is the recap of Sally Kauxma and her relationship with Frank about health. And you know I know you had a chance to meet our engineer earlier, Logan.

00:33:55.100 --> 00:34:02.599 Frank R Harrison: and he's he's been working with me on a side project about the history of Frank about health, and

00:34:03.040 --> 00:34:13.669 Frank R Harrison: you were one of the individuals that I was seeking to interview for it, and unfortunately, as your cousin Jeff Demetrak had indicated, you were going through some challenges, so

00:34:13.949 --> 00:34:21.620 Frank R Harrison: I'm glad to know what they are now, because I was actually worried about you thinking that your multiple myeloma had gone back to where it was. But

00:34:21.659 --> 00:34:28.860 Frank R Harrison: at least what you have still proven, even in your absence, is that you are just fighting your way through and living your life day by day.

00:34:29.480 --> 00:34:30.717 Frank R Harrison: you know. So.

00:34:31.239 --> 00:34:33.675 Frank R Harrison: Your spirit is still pick is still kicking.

00:34:33.980 --> 00:34:43.009 Sally: Hate saying living my best life. That's what people say. But I'm just living the best every day. Put it that way, you know, just.

00:34:43.639 --> 00:35:05.189 Sally: and you know, don't get me wrong. I don't smile all the time, and things do upset me and do get me down. I'm just like everybody else. You know you have your good days, you have your bad days, but in in the scope of things, you know, I I don't get all upset over that flat tire. There's bigger fish to fry that, you know things.

00:35:05.190 --> 00:35:06.090 Frank R Harrison: Correct.

00:35:06.430 --> 00:35:10.379 Sally: So, although sometimes you do find that

00:35:10.670 --> 00:35:35.549 Sally: you do get upset over little things because you've bottled so much up. And then all of a sudden one little thing will just be the last straw, and it's not particularly that that upset you. It's just everything around you that you know. You feel the weight. You know you're like Atlas with this weight on your shoulder. You just wanna you wanna collapse, you know, at times. But

00:35:35.690 --> 00:35:40.099 Sally: you know you can't you? Don't you know you have to move on?

00:35:40.610 --> 00:35:41.230 Sally: Sounds good.

00:35:41.230 --> 00:35:47.690 Frank R Harrison: So what would you say to people who are dealing with other illnesses? That

00:35:47.720 --> 00:35:52.859 Frank R Harrison: aren't? You know they're they're not looking at their immunity as in question.

00:35:52.920 --> 00:35:54.120 Frank R Harrison: like you are.

00:35:54.270 --> 00:35:56.309 Frank R Harrison: But they have

00:35:56.690 --> 00:36:02.050 Frank R Harrison: recovered from cancer issues, or maybe a stroke.

00:36:02.160 --> 00:36:17.769 Frank R Harrison: maybe even Ptsd. And for some reason, I notice, like in my own personal situation. I you know, about my father's situation with his cancer experience. He's in Resolution stage. But now I'm seeing a decline

00:36:17.800 --> 00:36:19.689 Frank R Harrison: in mood.

00:36:20.496 --> 00:36:21.869 Frank R Harrison: Some fear.

00:36:21.890 --> 00:36:41.120 Frank R Harrison: a lot of emotional outbursts. I it sounds like what you just said in terms of you get stressed over minor details because you keep a lot inside, I assume when you're facing your mortality, you learn to expect mainly the negative mindset, and when you're told the great news you don't know how to process. It.

00:36:41.650 --> 00:36:44.710 Frank R Harrison: Is that the same kind of thing you're talking about like

00:36:44.780 --> 00:36:45.990 Frank R Harrison: in your case?

00:36:46.110 --> 00:36:55.370 Sally: Exactly. If you remember, when I was on the show in the past, when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and I had other, you know.

00:36:56.070 --> 00:36:59.520 Sally: happening in my life. After my husband passed

00:36:59.610 --> 00:37:04.970 Sally: of cancer, I took it out on the stairs. I was able to take

00:37:05.220 --> 00:37:11.109 Sally: my frustration and my anger and my disappointment out on the stairs.

00:37:11.130 --> 00:37:14.339 Sally: and it was a really good outlet for me.

00:37:14.570 --> 00:37:23.170 Sally: So it's really important. I don't expect, you know everybody who's going through something to climb the Empire Estate Building. But you

00:37:23.860 --> 00:37:32.960 Sally: really good to find and mental. Mine just happened to be physical. But it's really good to find a mental outlet

00:37:33.180 --> 00:37:36.020 Sally: when you are going through

00:37:36.120 --> 00:37:38.019 Sally: something, you know.

00:37:38.250 --> 00:37:41.020 Sally: life-changing or life threatening.

00:37:41.740 --> 00:37:42.629 Sally: So keep your.

00:37:42.630 --> 00:37:43.400 Frank R Harrison: Slaves.

00:37:43.610 --> 00:37:45.939 Sally: And to keep others around you safe.

00:37:46.300 --> 00:38:00.213 Sally: Now I have to, you know sometimes, you know I don't practice what I preach. I know that you know I could be a bear to. You know those around me, especially if it's the medicid

00:38:00.700 --> 00:38:08.589 Sally: steroids is probably the worst medicine in the world to take, because it messes with your mind

00:38:08.910 --> 00:38:24.730 Sally: other drugs mess with your body, and you could cope with that. But when something messes with your mind you really can't control that, and steroids do that. So they're like dreaded as much as I hate these infusions. I

00:38:24.840 --> 00:38:30.110 Sally: just dread the thought of ever having to take heavy doses of steroids again.

00:38:30.150 --> 00:38:34.080 Sally: and when it has happened in the past

00:38:34.560 --> 00:38:42.979 Sally: couldn't control it, and I took it out on those around me. So I I had to learn. I had to learn how to, you know. Pull back

00:38:43.710 --> 00:38:44.390 Sally: and

00:38:45.040 --> 00:38:47.140 Sally: be mindful like we did.

00:38:47.140 --> 00:38:48.660 Frank R Harrison: Right, right.

00:38:49.360 --> 00:38:52.549 Sally: Of what's happening to me and what I'm doing to others.

00:38:52.740 --> 00:38:53.490 Sally: So.

00:38:53.490 --> 00:39:06.910 Frank R Harrison: The only way I look at it, even in the case of my father is is like me. I'm still taking my epilepsy medication, even though I've been seizure free for about 18 years. Now I think it is. But the point is is that I know that if I don't take it.

00:39:06.910 --> 00:39:34.219 Frank R Harrison: I'm not going to feel myself. I'm going to even feel a sense of disconnection or something is missing. What's missing is a very ingredient that my brain normally does not produce because I have epilepsy. So I look at my medication as something to live with, and not that it's going to be the trigger for something fatal in the future. And I think it's taking your mind knowing that like in your case with the fusions, or in my father's case with his cancer medication.

00:39:34.420 --> 00:39:38.159 Frank R Harrison: And you also have your own cancer medication that you're still taking.

00:39:38.300 --> 00:39:48.359 Frank R Harrison: You just incorporate it into your existence. So you can still live. The best quality of life possible without letting your mind take over in the way it likes to. I gather.

00:39:49.220 --> 00:39:50.540 Sally: That blade boots

00:39:51.080 --> 00:39:55.439 Sally: you. You really have to train your brain. And I've told people

00:39:55.780 --> 00:40:03.309 Sally: in the past. Your your mind controls everything. It controls your whole body, controls your muscles.

00:40:03.430 --> 00:40:08.340 Sally: You have to train it just like you would train any other part of your body.

00:40:08.710 --> 00:40:16.070 Sally: and sometimes it takes exercises, repetitive exercises in your head to get it right.

00:40:16.140 --> 00:40:18.899 Sally: I mean, you think about it. I tell people you.

00:40:19.110 --> 00:40:30.090 Sally: you want to pick up a pencil. Your your brain automatically knows to send your hand to pick up the pencil because you've been doing your whole life. You don't have to stop and say.

00:40:30.250 --> 00:40:32.330 Sally: How do I do this? So.

00:40:32.330 --> 00:40:33.020 Frank R Harrison: Right it.

00:40:33.020 --> 00:40:42.209 Sally: Same thing. If you want to be positive, you have to train your brain to be positive, and when you feel like you.

00:40:42.570 --> 00:40:44.509 Sally: you know might not be

00:40:44.540 --> 00:40:51.820 Sally: there, or you're falling behind. You have to go back to those exercises and keep training your brain again.

00:40:52.330 --> 00:41:05.989 Sally: So it's it's just like anything else, and it's work. It's hard work, but it pays off. I told somebody that you don't want to use negative words like.

00:41:06.490 --> 00:41:08.430 Sally: I can't, you know

00:41:09.770 --> 00:41:13.990 Sally: or I don't you wanna change that like

00:41:14.080 --> 00:41:15.660 Sally: I can't do that.

00:41:16.040 --> 00:41:17.600 Sally: You could say

00:41:17.730 --> 00:41:19.510 Sally: I'll try to do that.

00:41:19.590 --> 00:41:22.049 Sally: you know. I don't want to do that.

00:41:22.340 --> 00:41:23.319 Sally: Right.

00:41:23.890 --> 00:41:32.230 Sally: maybe I'll do a bit later, or something. You just can't always use negative words, because then

00:41:32.380 --> 00:41:35.040 Sally: turn into a negative person.

00:41:35.430 --> 00:41:36.789 Sally: You know the person like

00:41:37.010 --> 00:41:42.529 Sally: I can't do that. I don't want to do that, you know. You don't want to be that Debbie downer.

00:41:43.080 --> 00:41:43.680 Sally: Yeah, cool.

00:41:43.680 --> 00:42:12.301 Frank R Harrison: Correct, correct. What's ironic is? It's the disease or the disorder that you're carrying, that trains your brain to be in the negative to begin with, and when you're in recovery you have to go in reverse, and that is the challenge that I guess we all face, or in your case, when you know that you'll be taking these fusions for the rest of your life, you have to just incorporate that into your fighting spirit that you already have and and continue to train your your brain daily.

00:42:12.620 --> 00:42:18.720 Sally: Last night I had to do my infusions, and I found myself saying.

00:42:18.850 --> 00:42:34.509 Sally: I hate this. I hate this, and I'm like, why am I, why am I saying that to my myself? You know it's it's only gonna make it worse, you know. So then I made jokes about with my boyfriend because he puts the needles in me.

00:42:34.650 --> 00:42:38.449 Sally: and it's 80 milliliters of

00:42:39.181 --> 00:42:42.369 Sally: fluid. So my stomach blows up

00:42:42.850 --> 00:42:55.370 Sally: you. You have to drink a lot of fluids the day before the day of, and the day after. So you're already bloated. But then you're putting 80 milliliters sub Q right under the surface. You're not going intervenously.

00:42:55.680 --> 00:42:58.349 Sally: You're putting it some cue right skin.

00:42:58.470 --> 00:43:04.299 Sally: So it's going to take a day or so for it to dissipate to your body. So

00:43:04.510 --> 00:43:05.400 Sally: stomach?

00:43:05.870 --> 00:43:06.770 Sally: Yeah, give them

00:43:07.050 --> 00:43:08.090 Sally: until that

00:43:09.510 --> 00:43:18.220 Sally: to dissipate. And so then I just had to make jokes about it, you know, you know, because it's not

00:43:18.490 --> 00:43:23.150 Sally: subtractive thing, you know I admit it, but you had to make jokes about it because

00:43:23.540 --> 00:43:25.519 Sally: I can't do anything about it.

00:43:25.850 --> 00:43:33.050 Sally: because if I just don't want to do something about it, then I know the consequences. So I

00:43:33.160 --> 00:43:37.420 Sally: myself saying, I hate this. I hate this. I don't want to do it, and I'm like, what am I saying? Just

00:43:37.440 --> 00:43:44.989 Sally: you know it's it's ugly. Let's joke about it, and that's that's what he came down to, you know. That's what he came down to last

00:43:45.130 --> 00:43:46.180 Sally: magic

00:43:46.220 --> 00:43:47.369 Sally: to joke about it.

00:43:48.020 --> 00:44:01.070 Frank R Harrison: Well, Steve or Spencer Jones has asked a question. Several questions. Actually, I see on Youtube, which you may have already answered. Actually. But that's based on me eyeballing his questions. But I will read it right now.

00:44:01.090 --> 00:44:17.839 Frank R Harrison: Quote unquote. I've read your book, and of course I've known you since 2,018, you have faced so many adversities over the years most would fold under that kind of pressure. What are your coping mechanisms? I think you talked about that a little bit, especially in light of this new diagnosis.

00:44:18.460 --> 00:44:20.319 Sally: Okay. Well, my

00:44:20.480 --> 00:44:27.320 Sally: coping mechanism in the past was climbing stairs, and always a sense of humor.

00:44:27.410 --> 00:44:32.929 Sally: So now that I don't work out as hard as I did I.

00:44:33.330 --> 00:44:38.870 Sally: My coping mechanism is really now my sense of humor.

00:44:39.570 --> 00:44:53.669 Sally: So I just have to be very delicate with it, because what I find funny. I realize some people may not. I can make jokes about my health.

00:44:55.470 --> 00:45:03.870 Sally: you know, and I realize that's that's sensitive to other people. But my coping mechanism is really a sense of humor.

00:45:03.930 --> 00:45:05.380 Sally: All of this right.

00:45:06.080 --> 00:45:09.903 Sally: I don't take myself too too seriously.

00:45:11.960 --> 00:45:13.689 Sally: There's no reason to.

00:45:14.120 --> 00:45:14.730 Frank R Harrison: And rally.

00:45:15.170 --> 00:45:30.539 Sally: There really is it? I mean, you know, I I talk to myself. I make jokes to myself sometimes. My jokes are so bad, like my kids will laugh at me instead of at my joke.

00:45:30.720 --> 00:45:37.170 Sally: and I say it doesn't matter. I got the response I wanted. You laughed.

00:45:37.980 --> 00:45:41.289 Sally: It doesn't matter, laughing at me and not at my joke.

00:45:41.600 --> 00:45:47.050 Sally: You did what I wanted. You laughed. So yeah, that's basically it.

00:45:48.190 --> 00:46:06.919 Frank R Harrison: Well, we're about to take our final break, and, ladies and gentlemen, when we return we are going to talk about the future of Sally Calcma, and other things happening here at Frank about health. But, more importantly, what we've learned from Sally just now is that when faced with such a challenge, like in her case, this immune condition

00:46:06.950 --> 00:46:22.240 Frank R Harrison: that is lifelong while still recovering from multiple myeloma in my father's case, recovering from prostate cancer, and now, having to deal with the traumatic effects of it psychologically, or, in my case, the constant medications that I take for living with epilepsy.

00:46:22.710 --> 00:46:41.610 Frank R Harrison: Your brain is the driver you have to own it, train it, re-educate it, and of course, at the end likely even on this show advocate. So please stay tuned as we wrap up this episode of Frank about health right here on talk, radio, Nyc and on all of our socials. We will be back in a few.

00:48:45.930 --> 00:49:01.590 Frank R Harrison: Everybody and welcome back. So it has been a nice reunion between you and I, Sally, and I just want everyone to know where they can find you right now through your social media, your email, your blogs, your websites, your books.

00:49:02.190 --> 00:49:08.733 Frank R Harrison: Go ahead right now. Take the stage and promote yourself. You know all your glory.

00:49:09.170 --> 00:49:26.460 Sally: Thank you, Frank. I'm very easy to find. I have a website, Sally I'm on Facebook, Sally Kalksma. I'm on Instagram at Sally Calcma. I am on Twitter. I'm on Linkedin.

00:49:26.660 --> 00:49:35.680 Sally: you. You could just about find me anywhere, and I do blog often, however, like

00:49:35.720 --> 00:49:40.530 Sally: the past 18 months when I was incognito. I wasn't blogging, but I'm back.

00:49:40.670 --> 00:49:54.600 Sally: So yeah, you can follow me with the blogs if you want to know all about my history. It's in my book. Life gets in the way powering through adversity with grit and grace. That's very important.

00:49:55.040 --> 00:49:55.563 Sally: And

00:49:56.820 --> 00:50:11.989 Sally: I am almost done with my children's book. And I'm really excited about that because it it helps kids. It's it's teaching. But I I hope it's fun for them, too. So that's that's what's happening now.

00:50:12.860 --> 00:50:19.499 Frank R Harrison: Awesome, are you? I I gather you're not doing the book tours anymore, based on your new diagnosis. Correct.

00:50:20.710 --> 00:50:27.390 Sally: No, I have not done any book tours in a while. There is a

00:50:27.680 --> 00:50:37.489 Sally: a books. I don't know if it's a book signing, but there's something for local authors here in Tom's River. I have to look more into that.

00:50:37.990 --> 00:50:42.919 Sally: Think they will have some outside vendor tables. I read.

00:50:43.090 --> 00:50:57.010 Sally: So if I am invited to participate in that, I'll inquire about the outside vendor tables. But yeah, no, I'd be. I'd be happy to do that. It just depends on the situation.

00:50:57.690 --> 00:50:58.740 Frank R Harrison: Understood.

00:50:58.850 --> 00:51:02.837 Frank R Harrison: Were you doing prior to the diagnosis, or even

00:51:03.410 --> 00:51:08.649 Frank R Harrison: in the future, Ted Talks or type of speaking engagements? Were you doing things like that?

00:51:08.960 --> 00:51:11.270 Sally: I was in the past. Yes.

00:51:11.350 --> 00:51:24.100 Sally: but I haven't done anything in the past 18 months. I believe the last thing I did was probably your show, and I'm back. This is the first I've done.

00:51:24.340 --> 00:51:30.289 Sally: I was very upset about a year ago. I had to turn down something pretty, Major.

00:51:31.590 --> 00:51:32.350 Sally: But

00:51:32.640 --> 00:51:35.190 Sally: my health comes first. You know.

00:51:35.630 --> 00:51:42.060 Sally: my kids said to me, Mom, we're getting sick of seeing you in the hospital.

00:51:42.300 --> 00:51:42.920 Sally: So.

00:51:43.660 --> 00:51:53.930 Sally: Eye opener, you know, so not just for me, but for my children. You know I had to change my lifestyle, and

00:51:54.530 --> 00:51:58.939 Sally: also I had to stop working, you know, one for my health.

00:51:59.250 --> 00:52:02.250 Sally: 2. It wasn't fair to my coworkers.

00:52:02.480 --> 00:52:04.299 Sally: you know. I was

00:52:04.430 --> 00:52:08.709 Sally: the jerky employee that went out sick

00:52:09.070 --> 00:52:14.080 Sally: when we got busy at work because I couldn't handle

00:52:14.530 --> 00:52:20.040 Sally: hours, the people, the stress, you know, the groups of people, the stress. And I was

00:52:20.110 --> 00:52:28.369 Sally: I was always the one who went out sick, you know. You always talk about that one person who can't do their job, and that was me.

00:52:28.800 --> 00:52:37.210 Sally: It wasn't because I did want to do my job. I just couldn't handle my job. And and it takes a lot to admit that, too, like

00:52:37.300 --> 00:52:39.959 Sally: I can't do this. I can't do this anymore.

00:52:40.190 --> 00:52:49.619 Sally: So I can see why super citizens have a hard time giving up their driver's license, because it's it's hard to say. Wow! I can't. I can't do this anymore, you know, and.

00:52:49.620 --> 00:53:04.229 Frank R Harrison: It's like giving, not giving away a part of yourself, but giving away some of what keeps you going, or what one of your not triggers. What's the right word? One of your MOS, your mojo. What keeps driving you.

00:53:05.040 --> 00:53:16.460 Sally: I. It's like I told my boss. This isn't the way I wanted to go out. I only had 2 and a half more years until I could retire. This was not how I wanted to stop working, but

00:53:16.880 --> 00:53:18.310 Sally: I didn't have a choice.

00:53:18.430 --> 00:53:19.270 Sally: you know.

00:53:19.270 --> 00:53:19.910 Frank R Harrison: Something.

00:53:19.910 --> 00:53:26.960 Sally: Like you don't have to have. You don't have a choice. You have to accept it, and you have to make the best of it, and you know that's what I'm doing now.

00:53:28.230 --> 00:53:44.999 Frank R Harrison: Awesome, awesome. Well, I could tell you right now, Frank, about health has expanded where you are the 100 and twelfth episode, and I'm approaching 3 years at the end of May. But I think this cycle ends around the end of June.

00:53:45.130 --> 00:54:14.790 Frank R Harrison: and what I am planning on with Hilton is a possible gathering of people promoting different books and stuff like that. It'll be a virtual gathering. But I don't want to give any more information until things are more solidified, you know, and hopefully, next week I will be able to find out answers to those questions. But at the same time you do have Frank about health to come back on again.

00:54:14.820 --> 00:54:20.108 Frank R Harrison: even if it's just to talk, you know, not just to promote a book or whatever. But

00:54:20.550 --> 00:54:28.360 Frank R Harrison: I do consider you part of the Frank about health family, especially since Sam made the initial introduction, and

00:54:28.430 --> 00:54:34.880 Frank R Harrison: definitely, if it wasn't for shows like yours when we we appeared together. Even in that two-hour book panel.

00:54:35.477 --> 00:54:48.320 Frank R Harrison: I don't know the direction the show would have taken when we were still living through Covid, you know you helped me expand more in getting outreach with various communities. And then there's also your cousin Jeff.

00:54:48.350 --> 00:55:14.840 Frank R Harrison: who had done episodes of Frank about health by doing a stages of epilepsy episode. So it was his show with his guest that I would be hosting and moderating with him. So that was my way of of keeping you in the loop, even though I knew you were. You were mia, because of your health. So definitely, we will definitely work together on another episode at some point in the near future.

00:55:15.290 --> 00:55:28.559 Frank R Harrison: And, huh! I must have been thinking in terms of my own body clock, because now it's 3 min to ending. So I'm just gonna say, everybody, the major talking points that I've learned, and I hope that you've gotten as well

00:55:28.950 --> 00:55:30.450 Frank R Harrison: is that when faced

00:55:30.460 --> 00:55:38.820 Frank R Harrison: with a condition that you have lifelong treatments in order to maintain your health, your immunity, as well as your peace of mind.

00:55:38.880 --> 00:55:44.460 Frank R Harrison: Remember, this is stress awareness month also. So we're trying to focus on that part of it.

00:55:44.610 --> 00:55:46.949 Frank R Harrison: Learn to train your brain.

00:55:47.080 --> 00:56:10.747 Frank R Harrison: live with it, advocate for it. Look positively if you can, or get help to reframe your thinking. If you know Mori Zelkovich, who's been on the show. He showed me techniques and devices and and little files that can help people who are suffering from any kind of debilitative, neurological, psychological, or even physical ailments.

00:56:11.420 --> 00:56:19.979 Frank R Harrison: if you need to reach me to get any of those tools you can contact me, Frank R. Harrison, one at Gmail Com.

00:56:20.100 --> 00:56:32.860 Frank R Harrison: or at the same time they can reach you on your website, Sally, so they can learn from your inspiration and also from your books that you've written. I want to thank Spencer Jones for being our

00:56:33.040 --> 00:56:42.900 Frank R Harrison: questionnaire of the day, and I also wanted to thank Logan behind the scenes, who everyone who's watched this show knows that he has shared his own story, and

00:56:42.920 --> 00:56:56.349 Frank R Harrison: all of us together are advocating for our conditions, so we can all help educate all of you who might be suffering from those conditions. So you can see that there are ways to live with them, or maybe even possible solutions that you haven't considered

00:56:57.012 --> 00:57:13.837 Frank R Harrison: this week's slate of shows starting with tomorrow with philanthropy and Focus and Tommy D. At 10 o'clock, and then always Friday with Steve Fry at 11. Then we have on Tuesday the hard skills with Dr. Mira Brandkoo and the happy spot with

00:57:14.240 --> 00:57:28.720 Frank R Harrison: Jake, Thomas, or Jack Thomas sorry. And then next week, after the conscious consultant hour with Sam Leibowitz and our new show, mind, body, health, and politics. With Dr. Richard Miller.

00:57:28.760 --> 00:57:40.920 Frank R Harrison: There'll be a new episode of Frank about health, but next week I will be live from Las Vegas at the Alara, the Hilton Grand vacations resort, where we will have a discussion on

00:57:41.110 --> 00:57:43.249 Frank R Harrison: hospitality and healing.

00:57:43.340 --> 00:57:50.050 Frank R Harrison: and more information on that will be coming forth in our website and other promotions.

00:57:50.080 --> 00:58:00.260 Frank R Harrison: If you haven't seen the show live, this will be archived immediately on our Youtube channel. And of course, talk radio Nyc. Will probably encore it next week

00:58:00.350 --> 00:58:09.680 Frank R Harrison: and throughout the off hours, because I like the way that talk radio re-airs a lot of our shows, especially during holiday time.

00:58:10.120 --> 00:58:29.709 Frank R Harrison: and for those of you who are celebrating Spring Break, I hope you have a wonderful time, no matter what you're doing. Stay healthy, stay wise, stay informed and stay focused, and everyone else. Thanks for being here. And Sally, thanks for coming back. And we'll all see you next week signing off. Now take care.

00:58:30.370 --> 00:58:31.570 Sally: Bye, everybody!

00:58:32.680 --> 00:58:33.050 Frank R Harrison: I.

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