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Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/03/26-Mastering the Expecting Parent Experience: Mapping a Strategy to Retain This Top Talent Demographic

Facebook Live Video from 2024/03/26-Mastering the Expecting Parent Experience: Mapping a Strategy to Retain This Top Talent Demographic


2024/03/26-Mastering the Expecting Parent Experience: Mapping a Strategy to Retain This Top Talent Demographic

[NEW EPISODE] Mastering the Expecting Parent Experience: Mapping a Strategy to Retain This Talent Demographic

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In this episode, we'll map out strategies to support employee transitions into parenthood. What do they need? Are there generational differences in trends and expectations? How does this impact team culture, retention, and productivity? Sarah Olin will provide insights into the impact of making this a priority, how to do it gracefully and align it with company goals, and creative methods for maintaining team productivity during extended leaves.

The collision between parenthood and career presents critical retention issues for companies. Becoming a parent leads to shifting priorities. This requires leaders to understand what their employees might need to help them feel good about staying at the company. Get the transition right? Top talent plants roots. Bungle it? Risk losing them for good. How can you lead confident conversations aligned to parent needs, maintain productivity, and ease their return to work? Sarah Olin offers a roadmap to provide an A+ experience for parents while increasing retention and engagement, and sustaining productivity for the company.

In this episode we'll also delve into:

1. Millennial and Gen Z talent trends and why supporting their transition into working parenthood is critical.

2. How this connects to company culture and team impact.

3. Creative strategies to maintain team productivity during extended leaves.

Sarah Olin is the leading voice in coaching and transformation for working parents. With years of experience and understanding what parents need to thrive, Sarah co-founded LUMO to help progressive organizations support their employees with the transition to working parenthood. Trained by world-renowned leaders including Dr. Brené Brown, Sarah has coached leaders at the UN, NBA, Google, and Calvin Klein, among others. She was a featured keynote speaker at Amazon's first-ever International Working Moms’ Day.

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Show Notes

Segment  1

Mira began by introducing the guest, Sarah Olin. Sarah shared that she ventured into coaching after becoming a mother, realizing her career progression coincided with motherhood. She emphasized having a strong support network, acknowledging that many mothers in similar situations lack this advantage. Juggling career advancement with the added responsibilities and stresses of motherhood while maintaining leadership composure proves challenging. Maternity leave not only impacts the mother but also affects managers and coworkers, instilling fear of change and absence from work.Sarah emphasized “Having great LEAVE culture, and not just policies… cultures that support leave.” Mira added that it's not change in productivity and habits, but it’s changes in identity and roles. Moreover, parental leave encompasses all caregivers, including mothers, grandparents, and guardians.

Segment 2

How can we develop company policies for employees scattered across various locations? Sarah explained that smaller companies face a bigger challenge in crafting policies for maternal or parental leave. Mira then delved into demographics, asking about the approach of millennials and Gen Z towards parental leave in simpler terms. Sarah noted that although Millennials make up a significant portion of today's workforce, they are willing to switch to a company offering better benefits, even if it means less pay. She also mentioned the scarcity of data on Gen Z workers. Gen Z expects more from employers; simply offering benefits isn't sufficient. Companies must align with personal values and show appreciation to their workers daily. Mira added that while it's easy for companies to offer financial incentives, being empathetic and understanding towards workers is more challenging. 

Segment 3

Sarah began by emphasizing the value of coaching during challenging times, highlighting that every leader has areas for improvement. Coaching serves as a supportive tool, reminding individuals of their potential and guiding them towards their goals. She clarified the distinction between therapy and coaching, noting that coaching primarily focuses on leadership development and future-oriented goal-setting rather than addressing past trauma or addiction. However, coaches may still encounter individuals facing obstacles related to abuse, trauma, or addiction on their path to achieving their goals. Transitioning to the topic of taking leave from work and returning, Sarah acknowledged the potential risk of losing one's job if someone else fills the position effectively during their absence. Despite this risk, she mentioned legal protections and evolving workplace dynamics. She emphasized the importance of strong relationships in navigating changes, suggesting that open communication can facilitate resolving any adjustments needed in job descriptions, tasks, and relationships upon returning to work.

Segment 4

The main takeaway from this episode is the importance of advocating for oneself. Sarah emphasized the need to advocate for oneself with the same determination as one would for their children or those they care for, in order to achieve desired results. She observed that parents often demonstrate persistence in advocating for their children's needs in settings such as courtrooms or doctors' offices. However, they may not apply the same level of advocacy to their own needs. Sarah stressed the necessity of self-advocacy to bring about change. She highlighted the role of coaching in this process, noting that self-care is essential for investing in oneself and achieving desired outcomes. Without self-care and advocacy, reaching one's goals becomes challenging.


00:00:52.090 --> 00:01:07.849 Mira Brancu: Welcome welcome to the hard skills show with me, Dr. Mira Broncou. On this show we discuss how to develop the nuanced hard skills needed to drive significant systemic change, to make a real impact through your leadership.

00:01:07.870 --> 00:01:08.970 Mira Brancu: Be ready.

00:01:09.010 --> 00:01:17.949 Mira Brancu: Take notes. I always do reflect deeply and identify one small step to further develop your hard skills muscle.

00:01:18.650 --> 00:01:19.390 Mira Brancu: Now.

00:01:19.790 --> 00:01:24.389 Mira Brancu: every year organizations have employees who transition into parenthood.

00:01:24.960 --> 00:01:26.210 Mira Brancu: What do they mean?

00:01:26.580 --> 00:01:30.830 Mira Brancu: Are there generational differences in trends and expectations.

00:01:31.360 --> 00:01:35.509 Mira Brancu: How does this impact team culture, retention, productivity?

00:01:35.860 --> 00:01:45.269 Mira Brancu: Well, today's guest, Sarah Allen, will share insights into the impact of making this a priority, how to do it with grace.

00:01:45.370 --> 00:01:47.230 Mira Brancu: align it with company goals.

00:01:47.260 --> 00:01:50.180 Mira Brancu: Retain this top talent demographic.

00:01:50.260 --> 00:02:04.749 Mira Brancu: and we'll learn some creative methods for maintaining team productivity during extended leads. So this is a great topic for our season. Threes focus on mapping a leadership strategy and an organizational strategy so great to have you on the show, Sarah.

00:02:04.960 --> 00:02:07.389 Sarah Olin: Oh, so good to be with you! I'm thrilled.

00:02:07.430 --> 00:02:08.599 Sarah Olin: I'm thrilled.

00:02:08.600 --> 00:02:16.810 Mira Brancu: Yeah, I'm excited, too. So let me just tell you a little bit about Sarah Olin. She is the leading voice in coaching and transformation for working parents

00:02:17.030 --> 00:02:21.599 Mira Brancu: with years of experience and understanding what parents need to thrive.

00:02:21.830 --> 00:02:25.540 Mira Brancu: She co co-founded Lumo LUMO.

00:02:25.640 --> 00:02:30.579 Mira Brancu: To help progressive organizations support their employees with the transition to working parenthood

00:02:30.830 --> 00:02:40.839 Mira Brancu: trained by world renowned leaders, including Dr. Renee Brown, Sarah headest coach leaders at the UN Nba. Google

00:02:40.930 --> 00:02:52.880 Mira Brancu: Alvin Klein. Among others she was featured as a keynote at Amazon's first, ever international Working Mom's Day. So she has got the credentials to share this experience with you.

00:02:53.090 --> 00:02:57.120 Mira Brancu: So very excited to dig in fun. Icebreaker, Sarah.

00:02:57.250 --> 00:02:59.100 Mira Brancu: what was

00:02:59.240 --> 00:03:00.640 Mira Brancu: the most unique

00:03:00.940 --> 00:03:06.879 Mira Brancu: or creative working parent strategy you have seen or personally experienced.

00:03:07.690 --> 00:03:09.060 Sarah Olin: Oh, my gosh!

00:03:09.320 --> 00:03:34.060 Sarah Olin: Well, gifts is one of my love languages, and I've just seen some really beautiful, thoughtful gifts that are just. You know it's the small things, even a cupcake on someone's desk saying, Welcome back when they get back from leave. Just things that are meaningful and important to the person are.

00:03:35.280 --> 00:03:40.338 Sarah Olin: you know, and you've got to know people and be in relationship to be able to do that.

00:03:41.110 --> 00:03:49.329 Sarah Olin: So yeah, I think little gifts in little thoughtful notes and things like that. It seems so small, but

00:03:49.490 --> 00:03:54.760 Sarah Olin: we know that what really matters to people is that they feel seen and supported.

00:03:55.300 --> 00:03:57.975 Mira Brancu: Yeah, I appreciate that. Because

00:03:59.280 --> 00:04:02.429 Mira Brancu: we have, we feel like you have to hide

00:04:02.610 --> 00:04:11.496 Mira Brancu: your not just your pregnancy. If you're pregnant or but also your parenthood. Sometimes some of us worry that

00:04:12.000 --> 00:04:17.519 Mira Brancu: leaders or other people in our organization are going to judge us or make assumptions

00:04:17.600 --> 00:04:28.059 Mira Brancu: that we're gonna be you know, not ready, not able to come back to work or that our attention will be split and just a welcoming gift.

00:04:28.620 --> 00:04:28.940 Sarah Olin: Just.

00:04:28.940 --> 00:04:31.009 Mira Brancu: I acknowledge you're a parent.

00:04:31.040 --> 00:04:40.809 Mira Brancu: and congratulations and welcome. And this is a nice good thing. Actually, I'm resonating with like, it's not just the gift. It's the meaning behind it.

00:04:40.810 --> 00:04:50.359 Sarah Olin: Totally the meaning behind it, because in again it could be a cupcake, or, you know, something really small. It's funny. I remember doing a training with this

00:04:50.912 --> 00:05:06.209 Sarah Olin: leader and her. The thing that she loved was mechanical pencils like little things like that. It it just tells people. I know you. I see you. I care about you. I've I've thought about you beyond this moment.

00:05:06.570 --> 00:05:07.896 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah.

00:05:08.640 --> 00:05:12.629 Mira Brancu: what got you into this? In the first place, what drives your passion for this topic.

00:05:13.070 --> 00:05:15.700 Sarah Olin: Yeah. So I became

00:05:15.920 --> 00:05:42.920 Sarah Olin: a coach and leadership trainer. At the same time I became a mother, and I was having this really high level coaching. I was in this container of lots and lots of support, and my career was doing this after becoming a mother, and so many of my peers and colleagues were having the opposite experience. They were overwhelmed under, supported just at their wits end. And I said, I've

00:05:43.050 --> 00:06:05.700 Sarah Olin: I'm learning things, and I'm getting support in a way that's allowing me to have this great experience. And I'm not this magical unicorn. I'm just a lady. And I said, the truth is that every woman in every mother needs these mindset shifts. They need this level of support in order to have a great experience, because

00:06:06.070 --> 00:06:16.809 Sarah Olin: becoming the and and that's the transition that we support at Luma working professional to working parent. That's the big paradigm shift in. How do we

00:06:17.610 --> 00:06:19.470 Sarah Olin: have a great experience

00:06:20.390 --> 00:06:31.490 Sarah Olin: versus being victimized by it. And it's happening to us. And now I have to react versus thoughtfully and intentionally respond and create my life in the way that I want to.

00:06:31.840 --> 00:06:33.013 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah.

00:06:34.470 --> 00:06:37.470 Mira Brancu: I don't think people think about just

00:06:37.480 --> 00:06:39.319 Mira Brancu: the massive.

00:06:39.440 --> 00:06:43.390 Mira Brancu: emotional, psychological and physical shift.

00:06:43.840 --> 00:06:44.510 Sarah Olin: But.

00:06:44.650 --> 00:06:48.240 Mira Brancu: People experience when they enter parenthood.

00:06:48.490 --> 00:06:51.030 Mira Brancu: Right? It is tremendous.

00:06:51.560 --> 00:06:53.220 Sarah Olin: It's huge, it's

00:06:53.290 --> 00:06:55.800 Sarah Olin: it's such a change. And

00:06:56.210 --> 00:07:05.130 Sarah Olin: oftentimes, especially when we've got really high performers in big roles, rising stars that are

00:07:05.240 --> 00:07:10.720 Sarah Olin: preparing for a leave. They're scared in in everyone's scared.

00:07:11.070 --> 00:07:24.179 Sarah Olin: you know. We we oh, we train and speak to the 3 demographics that are impacted by leave. It's the employee going out on leave. It's the manager, and it's the team left behind.

00:07:24.180 --> 00:07:50.370 Sarah Olin: There's a tremendous impact to the whole ecosystem, but everyone in their own way is scared, overwhelmed, the team left behind. They know what that means for them. It's gonna mean. It's just gonna mean more work. The employee going out on leave knows what it means. It's gonna mean more work for my colleagues, because this was me a year ago, 6 months ago, 3 years ago. Whatever the case is. And the manager is typically just

00:07:50.370 --> 00:07:56.710 Sarah Olin: hanging on by a thread and try to make it all work. And they're just like one more thing. So

00:07:56.920 --> 00:08:10.350 Sarah Olin: one of the conversations that we're in quite a bit is going beyond policy and actually into culture. And how can we create supportive leave cultures not just having great policies.

00:08:10.520 --> 00:08:11.360 Sarah Olin: but

00:08:11.590 --> 00:08:14.150 Sarah Olin: true cultures that support leave.

00:08:14.470 --> 00:08:15.735 Mira Brancu: Yeah. Yeah. And

00:08:16.800 --> 00:08:18.490 Mira Brancu: I'm also thinking.

00:08:19.870 --> 00:08:24.960 Mira Brancu: it's not just sort of the I like that you mentioned culture, because it's not just the

00:08:27.010 --> 00:08:34.262 Mira Brancu: sort of loss or change in work, productivity, and habits. It's also

00:08:34.830 --> 00:08:42.690 Mira Brancu: changes in in personal roles and identities. You know. What does this mean for me now that I'm a

00:08:43.020 --> 00:08:51.010 Mira Brancu: person in this role who is a parent, or what does this mean for me, who is stepping into this new

00:08:51.060 --> 00:09:03.590 Mira Brancu: opportunity or role, or extending the things that I do. That I didn't do before, or things like that. There's kind of some identity shifts among all the people involved as well, but especially the parent too.

00:09:03.890 --> 00:09:05.850 Sarah Olin: Absolutely. And

00:09:06.070 --> 00:09:08.810 Sarah Olin: and that's one of the things where

00:09:08.880 --> 00:09:34.410 Sarah Olin: there again, everybody's a little bit scared, some more than others in the process. But that person. Also, the employee also has to contend with the way that they were successful prior to having children is likely not gonna be the way that they're successful going forward right? Because for so many high performing women, we know that they're overworking.

00:09:34.420 --> 00:09:41.050 Sarah Olin: They've got perfectionist tendencies. They're they're in the grind. So

00:09:41.260 --> 00:09:46.570 Sarah Olin: we know that once you have a child that isn't accessible, you you just

00:09:46.820 --> 00:09:56.990 Sarah Olin: physically can't do it anymore. The way that you did. So a reinvention is possible. That's actually what's available. That's the opportunity.

00:09:57.000 --> 00:10:02.829 Sarah Olin: But we need support in order to be able to see that otherwise all we can see is

00:10:03.000 --> 00:10:06.700 Sarah Olin: I can't do this. I don't know how I'm gonna do this

00:10:06.960 --> 00:10:12.769 Sarah Olin: right. And and then we have people leaving because they don't see a clear path forward.

00:10:13.110 --> 00:10:15.360 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah, that that is

00:10:16.860 --> 00:10:26.179 Mira Brancu: that is the retention and flight risk issue. Right? Can you create enough of a strong supportive work culture for all involved

00:10:26.663 --> 00:10:34.709 Mira Brancu: that people stay engaged and can find it easy, or to stay engaged during these time periods. Right.

00:10:34.710 --> 00:10:44.670 Sarah Olin: Yeah, we say, when when an employee announces a leave of any kind, but particularly a parental leave, it's a love them, or leave a moment.

00:10:44.790 --> 00:10:47.910 Sarah Olin: So either this employee is

00:10:48.200 --> 00:10:54.019 Sarah Olin: going to be endeared to you forever, or they're they're plotting their exit.

00:10:55.010 --> 00:11:17.440 Sarah Olin: and we've had. You know we were meeting. I mentioned that we were in New York last week, and we met with a huge company, and they were telling us that they they have a challenge around their managers. They've got a beautiful po policy, parental leave policy, great benefits that just massages, I mean wonderful. But when

00:11:17.600 --> 00:11:27.749 Sarah Olin: you know this Rising Star announced, hey? I'm going out on leave. Parental leave. The manager said. Well, you're going to be out in Q. 4. That's really not great for us.

00:11:28.150 --> 00:11:29.200 Sarah Olin: and

00:11:29.850 --> 00:11:33.000 Sarah Olin: I mean, how do you think that employee was left.

00:11:33.470 --> 00:11:34.170 Mira Brancu: Yeah.

00:11:34.580 --> 00:11:42.769 Mira Brancu: yeah. So you can have the policies. You can have everything set. And that doesn't fully address the culture piece.

00:11:43.400 --> 00:11:44.999 Sarah Olin: It doesn't come close.

00:11:45.570 --> 00:11:49.614 Mira Brancu: Hmm, yeah. So let's as we're we're

00:11:50.730 --> 00:11:57.680 Mira Brancu: starting to think through the strategy. Let's take a step back. And just definitions, this is going to be a very simple.

00:11:58.150 --> 00:12:02.730 Mira Brancu: seemingly simple question. I think it's actually kind of a complex question.

00:12:03.191 --> 00:12:24.160 Mira Brancu: But cause there's a lot of nuance here. How, when, when you're thinking about parent parental leave, I I know you noticed that you were being sort of very intentional about how how you use that right? You didn't say maternity leave you, said parental. Leave how do you define parent? You know

00:12:24.170 --> 00:12:33.149 Mira Brancu: women, men adoption, grandparents, uncles fostering like. What do you think about when you think about leave and parental leave.

00:12:33.690 --> 00:12:38.459 Sarah Olin: Yes, I. All of the above. It is

00:12:38.560 --> 00:12:44.279 Sarah Olin: those that identify as parents in some would even say caregivers.

00:12:45.200 --> 00:12:48.910 Sarah Olin: And we do a lot of work. Because there's so much overlap.

00:12:49.070 --> 00:12:52.630 Sarah Olin: you know, when people identify as caregivers or parents.

00:12:52.790 --> 00:12:57.779 Sarah Olin: we, we empower that. And we look, how can we support those people in those roles.

00:12:58.890 --> 00:13:00.296 Mira Brancu: Yeah, I appreciate that.

00:13:01.850 --> 00:13:12.160 Mira Brancu: that we're. We're using words like parents and parental leave. But it really does apply to anybody who becomes a caregiver in some way to a dependent.

00:13:12.810 --> 00:13:16.619 Sarah Olin: Exactly, and it happens in so many different ways. Where.

00:13:17.680 --> 00:13:21.719 Sarah Olin: you know, there's there's a loss in the family, and a child needs

00:13:21.990 --> 00:13:24.389 Sarah Olin: a niece or a nephew, or

00:13:24.990 --> 00:13:26.880 Sarah Olin: it happens all the time.

00:13:27.210 --> 00:13:27.960 Sarah Olin: Yeah.

00:13:28.970 --> 00:13:32.770 Mira Brancu: Could this also apply to people who are

00:13:33.665 --> 00:13:37.129 Mira Brancu: going on leave

00:13:37.180 --> 00:13:46.489 Mira Brancu: for other kind of family care, like dependent care, but like aging parents, or something like that, or when you think about it, are you thinking, child?

00:13:47.410 --> 00:14:02.159 Sarah Olin: It's interesting. We do. We have different programs to support different things. But we have a specific manager program for leave, and it's for all sorts of leave. So the tough part is.

00:14:02.390 --> 00:14:04.560 Sarah Olin: policies are so different

00:14:05.100 --> 00:14:06.190 Sarah Olin: across

00:14:06.630 --> 00:14:10.200 Sarah Olin: across companies, across state lines.

00:14:10.220 --> 00:14:20.239 Sarah Olin: Right? We're seeing a lot of that with the organizations that they work with with. You know, hybrid work and people working from all over can be really challenging.

00:14:21.720 --> 00:14:31.070 Mira Brancu: let's dig into that after the ad break. I really wanna learn a little bit more after the ad break around like, how do you think about

00:14:31.300 --> 00:14:41.650 Mira Brancu: policy? I never even thought about the differences in how you navigate different state laws or global companies and their leave policies. So

00:14:41.943 --> 00:15:03.679 Mira Brancu: we are entering an ad break. You're listening to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mirabu and our guest, Sarah Ollen. We air on Tuesdays at 5 pm, Eastern, if you'd like to join our online audience and ask questions right now that we can answer in real time, you can find us on Linkedin and, and we'll be right back with our guest in just a moment.

00:17:16.290 --> 00:17:21.680 Mira Brancu: Welcome back to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mayor Broncu and our guest, Sarah Olin, from Lumo.

00:17:22.574 --> 00:17:31.285 Mira Brancu: We were talking about how we define parenting and parental leave. And we got into

00:17:31.840 --> 00:17:46.289 Mira Brancu: talking about something I've never thought about before, which is, how do we create policies for companies that have employees living all over the place. It could be in this country. And there might be different state laws and things to think about could be global companies.

00:17:46.740 --> 00:17:50.012 Mira Brancu: What do you think about Sarah? When

00:17:50.590 --> 00:17:57.379 Mira Brancu: you know, companies approach you and want to explore this like, what are the considerations that they need to be thinking about.

00:17:57.830 --> 00:17:58.630 Sarah Olin: It's

00:17:59.310 --> 00:18:26.029 Sarah Olin: it's really, really, it's so complicated. And I think to myself, thank you God, that I am not on the compliance side of this conversation. Because that's not our expertise. Our expertise is around developing parents and caregivers as leaders. So we really focus there, we can advise and make suggestions based on their values. And it's

00:18:26.070 --> 00:18:28.560 Sarah Olin: it's really complicated because it's

00:18:29.270 --> 00:18:37.210 Sarah Olin: highly regulated in some places unregulated in others. Then we've got global companies that

00:18:37.320 --> 00:18:49.420 Sarah Olin: you know, if they have certain laws in some companies and not in the Us. So it it becomes a really, really big challenge for organizations. And

00:18:49.470 --> 00:19:00.130 Sarah Olin: we but we tell everyone the same thing. You've gotta skill up and support this demographic. That's the most important thing. And think about how you're going to do that.

00:19:00.210 --> 00:19:03.839 Sarah Olin: What's meaningful. What do your people actually need.

00:19:05.760 --> 00:19:08.349 Mira Brancu: Yeah, so it sounds like, sometimes.

00:19:09.098 --> 00:19:11.489 Mira Brancu: It's important to partner

00:19:11.560 --> 00:19:21.869 Mira Brancu: with someone like you who focuses on sort of the the gaps, the skills, the supporting leaders who are going through this transition plus

00:19:21.960 --> 00:19:29.100 Mira Brancu: Hr partners and regulatory partners to think about this sort of complicated policy culture

00:19:29.670 --> 00:19:30.470 Mira Brancu: stuff.

00:19:30.850 --> 00:19:46.329 Sarah Olin: Yeah, the policy stuff is huge and the paperwork alone would would send me running. And there's great. We have great partners that we use that specialize in this sort of work in in supporting companies, in

00:19:47.000 --> 00:19:52.650 Sarah Olin: in handling this, because, especially for small and mid-sized companies, it's just it's a monster.

00:19:53.020 --> 00:19:56.550 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah. So there's 2 other

00:19:56.560 --> 00:19:58.400 Mira Brancu: sort of demographic

00:19:59.088 --> 00:20:04.531 Mira Brancu: questions I have. So the the first was about like making sure that

00:20:05.220 --> 00:20:07.879 Mira Brancu: company leaders are thinking through.

00:20:08.210 --> 00:20:13.390 Mira Brancu: you know, challenges differences across state lines, policies.

00:20:13.745 --> 00:20:28.929 Mira Brancu: and things like that. The second is curious about generational needs. What do you? What do you see? If anything, as differences in millennials or Gen. Z's, when it comes to how they're thinking about parental leave, and how they're sort of

00:20:29.050 --> 00:20:32.379 Mira Brancu: hoping their company is thinking about supporting them.

00:20:32.700 --> 00:20:39.450 Sarah Olin: Yeah, I I joke all the time with my team that the youth are gonna save us all and

00:20:39.590 --> 00:20:47.590 Sarah Olin: millennial talent now dominates the workforce. And I read A. Stat that Gen. Z. Will be

00:20:49.290 --> 00:20:53.479 Sarah Olin: 40 plus percent by 2040. So

00:20:54.190 --> 00:21:01.740 Sarah Olin: it's coming and they have a different value system. They were brought up in a very different way.

00:21:02.570 --> 00:21:06.700 Sarah Olin: we. We have data around millennials that say that they'll leave

00:21:07.480 --> 00:21:12.600 Sarah Olin: one company for less money to go to a company with better benefits.

00:21:12.830 --> 00:21:22.570 Sarah Olin: Right? So we're really seeing value driven behavior. And they they relate to that. They're in a

00:21:24.020 --> 00:21:33.989 Sarah Olin: that the company is interviewing them as much as they're interviewing the company. It's they they operate outside of the old command and control model of work.

00:21:34.270 --> 00:21:37.100 Sarah Olin: They're not willing, and we know that they'll

00:21:37.160 --> 00:21:58.750 Sarah Olin: leave, because that's what the data tells us. Gen. Z. We're still gathering data, I think what we're seeing is some decline in births. That's the trend right now, and it's evolving and changing all the time. But what we but what we do know about younger generations is that

00:21:59.050 --> 00:22:03.069 Sarah Olin: they're very clear on their values. And

00:22:03.320 --> 00:22:10.859 Sarah Olin: it's not enough for companies just to say we care about you. They actually have to demonstrate it with empathy

00:22:11.280 --> 00:22:24.580 Sarah Olin: every day. Mira, I'm in these conversations, and someone just yesterday said I left a competitor because their leadership was terrible, and I'm making less money now. But the culture was so poor. I couldn't stay. And I said.

00:22:25.060 --> 00:22:26.950 Sarah Olin: Wow, it's just

00:22:29.260 --> 00:22:33.330 Sarah Olin: companies have to stop pretending that it doesn't matter how they treat people.

00:22:33.740 --> 00:22:34.370 Mira Brancu: Yeah.

00:22:34.560 --> 00:22:36.619 Mira Brancu: it's a massive shift.

00:22:38.490 --> 00:22:39.450 Mira Brancu: right and

00:22:39.920 --> 00:22:40.890 Mira Brancu: end.

00:22:42.140 --> 00:22:49.909 Mira Brancu: I, this is, this is where the hard skills comes in right? Like, it's, it's easy to just give money like up from the.

00:22:49.910 --> 00:22:50.390 Sarah Olin: Sure.

00:22:50.390 --> 00:22:52.450 Mira Brancu: Right, or or a bonus, or whatever

00:22:53.000 --> 00:22:56.440 Mira Brancu: giving empathy and knowing how to meet people's

00:22:57.240 --> 00:23:00.040 Mira Brancu: value-based needs. Not easy.

00:23:00.660 --> 00:23:01.620 Mira Brancu: not easy.

00:23:02.600 --> 00:23:04.430 Sarah Olin: It's true, it's

00:23:04.990 --> 00:23:18.260 Sarah Olin: it means that you have to take time with people. It means you need to be in relationship. And we're in the most multi generational workforce that we've ever been in. And we actually, inside of our manager training, have

00:23:18.840 --> 00:23:40.849 Sarah Olin: a module on managing leave in a multi-generational workforce because as leaders, we have to be self aware about our own bias. You know, we've we've talked to leaders who have literally said things like, well, nobody did anything for me when I was going out and leave, and it's like I'm so sorry that that happened, and that's true, and

00:23:41.100 --> 00:23:44.139 Sarah Olin: that doesn't mean that we shouldn't take care of our people

00:23:45.210 --> 00:23:50.499 Sarah Olin: right. But there's some some unhealed things that need to be attended to.

00:23:50.500 --> 00:23:55.820 Mira Brancu: That's a that's a good point. Sometimes managers don't think about it

00:23:55.860 --> 00:23:59.171 Mira Brancu: because they didn't have access to it. And so

00:23:59.890 --> 00:24:06.579 Mira Brancu: Some of the work is retraining ourselves in giving what we weren't given.

00:24:07.150 --> 00:24:10.559 Sarah Olin: Yeah, right? Sure. And and being a champion for that.

00:24:10.560 --> 00:24:12.279 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

00:24:12.774 --> 00:24:20.599 Mira Brancu: Okay. So we talked about considerations about state lines and policies around that generational needs and differences.

00:24:20.966 --> 00:24:28.010 Mira Brancu: The last one was that was on my mind, and mainly because I'm very interested in this is supporting women and leadership.

00:24:28.240 --> 00:24:28.630 Sarah Olin: Hmm.

00:24:28.965 --> 00:24:56.109 Mira Brancu: You know. And I write a lot about this in psychology today. And I focus a lot about the hidden challenges that women don't bring forth. But they're navigating when they personally become parents. Whether it's because they've given birth or through other, you know, means and some of the things that that I think about with that is number one, like if they're undergoing fertility treatments. I wrote a blog post about that one and

00:24:56.749 --> 00:25:25.149 Mira Brancu: how. This is not something that's spoken. It's still taboo. We don't share right? Those challenges. And yet it's it. Affects many women in the background while they're trying to also lead right? Or women leadership who undergo breast cancer treatments and things like that. Right? These are things that women don't necessarily talk about, but they're still trying to navigate the the leadership role expectations. And so

00:25:25.490 --> 00:25:28.799 Mira Brancu: oh, and then there, there's still disparities in household.

00:25:28.820 --> 00:25:34.670 Mira Brancu: you know contributions at home. And so I'm just curious like

00:25:35.514 --> 00:25:41.430 Mira Brancu: what are the the kinds of things that you think about with that demographic

00:25:41.792 --> 00:25:48.099 Mira Brancu: in terms of support, and the things that you you talk with leaders about when it comes to.

00:25:48.210 --> 00:25:52.429 Mira Brancu: you know, supporting women and leadership going through these kinds of things.

00:25:52.430 --> 00:26:01.907 Sarah Olin: Yeah, we we say, Mira, that the closest thing to a silver bullet is really high level coaching to support these women, because.

00:26:02.570 --> 00:26:13.939 Sarah Olin: you know this was part of the reason for gathering last week. Women are facing unprecedented challenges in 2024. Whether it's women's rights or

00:26:14.530 --> 00:26:39.499 Sarah Olin: the the rising demands of caregiving an election. There's so many considerations in the modern leader is expected to be all things to all people, right and collectively, we're experiencing so much trauma. There is wars happening all over the world. People are being impacted, you know, gun violence. There's so many things right. A bridge collapsing together

00:26:39.500 --> 00:26:56.859 Sarah Olin: today. There's just always things happening in the world that leaders aren't equipped to deal with. They're and oftentimes, you know, when we look at managers, they they're just promoted over and over again, because they're great at their job. They're great at a specific skill. They're not necessarily fabulous leaders.

00:26:57.200 --> 00:27:02.359 Sarah Olin: So we need to support skill up and train

00:27:03.820 --> 00:27:10.029 Sarah Olin: our leaders, men and women, but particularly women, because now we've got.

00:27:10.040 --> 00:27:12.050 Sarah Olin: in addition to those

00:27:12.130 --> 00:27:17.960 Sarah Olin: amazing women going through fertility treatments and breast cancer. Now we've got.

00:27:17.970 --> 00:27:19.910 Sarah Olin: you know, our

00:27:20.680 --> 00:27:44.413 Sarah Olin: our strongest women leaders in perry menopause and menopause. There's so much to contend with, and we we have to take care of people, because I promise you there are companies that are, and that's who will not only retain those fabulous people, but build strong talent. Pipelines attract talent.

00:27:44.910 --> 00:27:57.909 Sarah Olin: one of our clients is Bobby. They're the first ever baby Formula company in the Us. Women founded women led, and they transparently posted their

00:27:59.028 --> 00:28:06.569 Sarah Olin: parental leave policy, and within 24 h of posting they saw a 50

00:28:07.020 --> 00:28:09.579 Sarah Olin: increase in applications

00:28:09.700 --> 00:28:17.430 Sarah Olin: to jobs, and the caliber of applicant had increased as well. So

00:28:17.920 --> 00:28:25.969 Sarah Olin: there's something to be said. And I'll tell you, Mira, my own experience is that when at Luma, when we post a job

00:28:26.160 --> 00:28:30.330 Sarah Olin: opening, we are inundated with

00:28:30.460 --> 00:28:50.159 Sarah Olin: far over qualified candidates because they wanna be in a culture where they're cared for, where they can be authentic, where they can be vulnerable, where they can be. All the things that they are, where they can be mothers, daughters, friends

00:28:52.580 --> 00:28:54.380 Sarah Olin: where they can be themselves.

00:28:54.380 --> 00:29:02.605 Mira Brancu: That's the business case, folks, if I needed a reason. That's the business case. Folks.

00:29:03.230 --> 00:29:06.749 Mira Brancu: Now, when we're reaching an ad break when we come back.

00:29:08.060 --> 00:29:17.336 Mira Brancu: this is this is partly public service announcement for for listeners, and what I want you to speak to after this, add break, which is that?

00:29:18.090 --> 00:29:20.310 Mira Brancu: Sarah is not saying

00:29:20.863 --> 00:29:26.539 Mira Brancu: coaching is there because we need to fix women. This is not a fixed women. Mentality.

00:29:26.540 --> 00:29:27.110 Sarah Olin: Right.

00:29:27.680 --> 00:29:38.779 Mira Brancu: So this is about helping women navigate additional challenges on top of the usual challenges, and recognizing that the challenges have increased for all leaders and

00:29:39.000 --> 00:29:42.180 Mira Brancu: for women they're still navigating more right? So.

00:29:42.180 --> 00:29:42.890 Sarah Olin: 100%.

00:29:43.327 --> 00:30:12.172 Mira Brancu: There's a difference there for this kind of executive coaching that she's talking about. The second is, it's also not mental health. She described a lot of things that were things that are in affecting our mental health globally. Right? And there's a difference between when you need to seek mental health care versus when coaching is the ideal intervention or engagement for

00:30:13.070 --> 00:30:20.390 Mira Brancu: optimal performance in your role as a leader when you're navigating all of these challenges. So I'd love to hear when we come back.

00:30:21.425 --> 00:30:27.632 Mira Brancu: What is the kind of coaching, and why people seek that for

00:30:28.522 --> 00:30:42.500 Mira Brancu: navigating these challenges during and after parental leave the parental leave transition. When you're in leadership, when you're sort of navigating leadership. So we'll be right back after this add, break with Sarah Ollen and with me on the hard skills.

00:32:44.300 --> 00:32:50.379 Mira Brancu: Welcome back to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mira Branco and our guest, Sarah Olen, from Lumo.

00:32:50.400 --> 00:32:54.699 Mira Brancu: And we're talking about making the best

00:32:54.850 --> 00:33:00.310 Mira Brancu: of our high talent, who are also expecting parents in transitioning into parenthood.

00:33:00.928 --> 00:33:02.840 Mira Brancu: Where we left off

00:33:03.050 --> 00:33:04.180 Mira Brancu: is

00:33:05.141 --> 00:33:09.409 Mira Brancu: thinking about how we can support

00:33:09.550 --> 00:33:18.090 Mira Brancu: our caregivers and parents who are transitioning into the parenthood, who are also in leadership roles

00:33:18.130 --> 00:33:34.071 Mira Brancu: or on their way or expanding in much higher greater leadership roles, which is a very unique subsection of of leaders. And we're seeing more and more of these leaders. We're seeing more millennials and leadership roles.

00:33:34.590 --> 00:33:48.060 Mira Brancu: Who are, you know, entering parenthood, because this is the age right? Usually and then, you know, we're also seeing all all kinds of other sort of caregiver experiences when we talk about

00:33:48.917 --> 00:33:50.980 Mira Brancu: offering high, level

00:33:51.250 --> 00:34:00.119 Mira Brancu: executive coaching and leadership coaching, you know we hear things like upskilling, and when we talk about

00:34:00.340 --> 00:34:10.449 Mira Brancu: offering that to highly talented women. I don't want people to get the perception that women need some special fixing right. That's an old school

00:34:10.560 --> 00:34:21.060 Mira Brancu: thing. But rather that they're navigating the same cha much higher challenges as other leaders. And in addition.

00:34:21.469 --> 00:34:30.929 Mira Brancu: these parental challenges that come with them all kinds of questions around identity and leadership identity questions around.

00:34:30.949 --> 00:34:32.920 Mira Brancu: can I make all of this

00:34:33.110 --> 00:34:37.182 Mira Brancu: happen and work? How do I? You know

00:34:37.800 --> 00:34:38.760 Mira Brancu: sort of

00:34:40.170 --> 00:34:47.706 Mira Brancu: meet my own values around this as well. Right? So what? When you think about those?

00:34:48.280 --> 00:34:50.750 Mira Brancu: how? Where does coaching fit?

00:34:51.127 --> 00:34:57.439 Mira Brancu: And then I can sort of add more if we sort of delve into the mental health piece, too. But where does coaching fit in all of this.

00:34:57.700 --> 00:35:07.000 Sarah Olin: Yeah. Well, I always tell people we don't do remedial coaching. We just don't. It is for

00:35:07.730 --> 00:35:16.960 Sarah Olin: high performers who are great and have some things in the way they might be overwhelmed. They've gotten into a rut. Their

00:35:17.090 --> 00:35:22.039 Sarah Olin: every great leader has gaps, and

00:35:22.330 --> 00:35:24.590 Sarah Olin: you know the modern

00:35:25.190 --> 00:35:45.709 Sarah Olin: employee is is contending with so much, especially as parents and caregivers. Right? We've got unprecedented work. We have all the work that we do at home. You know, if we've got family members who need support a child that needs extra care. There's so many considerations. So

00:35:45.930 --> 00:35:55.490 Sarah Olin: our philosophy is just. We've got to support these people, and coaching is a great tool for support. I tell the I'm working with

00:35:55.780 --> 00:36:15.340 Sarah Olin: Mira. My work is only I only work with the C-suite now, and I tell them I'm here to take out the trash. I'm here to be a safe space for them to work through all the things that they've gotta work through professionally, personally, to listen, to provide an objective.

00:36:15.780 --> 00:36:16.790 Sarah Olin: you know.

00:36:17.960 --> 00:36:41.839 Sarah Olin: to be a thought partner, right? But also to say, This is who you are. But this isn't what I'm seeing right like this is who I know you to be. But I noticed that the experiences way over here what's going on, and and it's really about reminding people who they are and about what's possible because people get hurt, they get upset. They're not great at processing. We're not

00:36:41.960 --> 00:36:49.530 Sarah Olin: taught that stuff. We're not taught how to forgive and deal with our own emotions and our own humanity. We're taught, like, you know.

00:36:49.670 --> 00:36:51.600 Sarah Olin: I think, about the earliest

00:36:51.880 --> 00:37:20.839 Sarah Olin: places where we learn learn about forgiveness. It's with your siblings usually where you know your sibling does something to you, or you do something to your sibling, and your parents says, say, sorry, and you say sorry, and you're not sorry. You're not sorry. Oh, you just learn to lie and keep on trucking, and then get them better next time, or hide it, or whatever it is, and we're the same as adults. We have no muscles around this stuff. So we're really from a coaching perspective.

00:37:21.870 --> 00:37:27.829 Sarah Olin: helping people work through the humanity of what it means to be a leader.

00:37:28.650 --> 00:37:33.289 Sarah Olin: And from a therapeutic perspective, there's the old adage right

00:37:33.690 --> 00:37:35.749 Sarah Olin: with coaching. We don't deal with

00:37:36.440 --> 00:37:38.579 Sarah Olin: trauma, addiction or abuse.

00:37:38.810 --> 00:38:08.580 Sarah Olin: Have I ever coached people who've had trauma dealt with addiction and abuse? Of course, because I've dealt with human beings. However, once they get into a coaching conversation, it's very future focus. It's, hey, what do you wanna create? And if they've had these experiences, the addiction, the trauma. They've already been through therapy, or had the right healing modalities in place to be able to be in a coaching conversation which is really direct.

00:38:08.580 --> 00:38:18.600 Sarah Olin: which is not meant to work around issues, you know. And I think in in a therapeutic sense, there's there's more sensitivities right.

00:38:19.090 --> 00:38:20.752 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

00:38:22.980 --> 00:38:26.655 Mira Brancu: yeah. The the greatest difference here is

00:38:28.230 --> 00:38:30.039 Mira Brancu: coaching for any leader

00:38:30.180 --> 00:38:31.110 Mira Brancu: helps

00:38:31.975 --> 00:38:33.250 Mira Brancu: when you're ready

00:38:34.103 --> 00:38:41.130 Mira Brancu: to really engage in being pushed to really think thoughtfully about. Is this working for me?

00:38:41.140 --> 00:38:44.660 Mira Brancu: And how do I function optimally? And how do I create

00:38:45.260 --> 00:38:48.770 Mira Brancu: the team and organization around me to function optimally, effectively.

00:38:50.149 --> 00:39:02.360 Mira Brancu: And then there's that culture piece and the values piece right? It's hard to to enter into that kind of you know experience with the coach, though if you haven't sort of resolved

00:39:02.861 --> 00:39:06.390 Mira Brancu: these other things, or you're under such distress.

00:39:06.839 --> 00:39:21.200 Mira Brancu: or impairment because of depression or anxiety or trauma experiences. And it's still raw, right? So that's just for audiences sake. That's how you sort of like evaluate where you are and where you need to lean into right.

00:39:21.370 --> 00:39:22.279 Sarah Olin: 100%

00:39:22.490 --> 00:39:24.140 Sarah Olin: fully. Agree? Yeah.

00:39:24.310 --> 00:39:24.765 Mira Brancu: Let's

00:39:25.400 --> 00:39:33.580 Mira Brancu: Let's now think broader from a coaching perspective to organizational perspective. You had mentioned that. You have

00:39:34.238 --> 00:39:37.799 Mira Brancu: develop some creative strategies, to help

00:39:37.970 --> 00:39:47.679 Mira Brancu: companies around team productivity during extended leaves. And retaining top talent. So I'm super curious about what are. See some of these creative strategies that you've seen Brooke.

00:39:47.950 --> 00:39:49.620 Sarah Olin: Yeah, well.

00:39:50.000 --> 00:40:08.309 Sarah Olin: no strategy can stand without the right mindset. So we always start there. So for example, when we're gonna go and do culture work or strategy work or organizational work. We first have to start with what's the relationship to leave

00:40:08.330 --> 00:40:15.170 Sarah Olin: what's the culture around leave and not what we say it is, what do people actually experience?

00:40:16.190 --> 00:40:25.073 Sarah Olin: Not the idealistic version, but but what are people's lived experiences? So we start with the culture. And then we look at.

00:40:26.490 --> 00:40:33.329 Sarah Olin: what kind of structures do we have in place to support what's working about it? Right?

00:40:33.620 --> 00:40:35.540 Sarah Olin: And then what's missing?

00:40:35.650 --> 00:40:38.970 Sarah Olin: What do we actually need? And

00:40:39.320 --> 00:40:46.919 Sarah Olin: we work with organizations where it's truly, truly an opportunity for growth and development.

00:40:47.180 --> 00:40:57.509 Sarah Olin: When someone's out and leave, it's an opportunity to get to know the team better. And to go across the organization and have leaders come together and say, Hey.

00:40:57.840 --> 00:41:16.940 Sarah Olin: we need support in these 3 areas. Who on your team are you looking to develop from this standpoint or this standpoint, where it's true partnership. Not just like this is a great opportunity, winky, winky, for you to do more work or learn a new skill where it's actually

00:41:17.000 --> 00:41:29.310 Sarah Olin: where there is, buy in. And it's a true win win where this person really does wanna learn and grow, and it means they can let go of things. And it's a real opportunity for people to say.

00:41:29.570 --> 00:41:39.409 Sarah Olin: What do we stop? What can we let go of what's a not now. Right? So the organization, there's an opportunity to actually be more agile and

00:41:39.520 --> 00:41:46.450 Sarah Olin: and cut the fat on things that aren't serving us. And to get really clear around

00:41:46.880 --> 00:41:52.380 Sarah Olin: efficiencies and things like that. It's an opportunity to assess and

00:41:52.620 --> 00:41:59.830 Sarah Olin: part of the training work that we do mirror with the employee is, how do you leave it better in your absence?

00:42:00.210 --> 00:42:11.459 Sarah Olin: How do you support the team and give them what they need? Right? So it's all about deepening relationship. It's all about partnership. It's all about ownership.

00:42:11.600 --> 00:42:22.840 Sarah Olin: and that's the model of leadership that we train in. We train the managers, the team left behind and the employee in this model of 100 ownership. So if everyone's owning it.

00:42:23.070 --> 00:42:38.859 Sarah Olin: there's a lot there's high accountability. There's high trust. There's I know on my team, because we're all trained that way. If there's a breakdown, no matter where it's happening in the business, any of the founding members of my team could raise their hand and say I could own it.

00:42:39.890 --> 00:42:42.559 Sarah Olin: Whether or not it was in their

00:42:42.720 --> 00:42:43.970 Sarah Olin: per view or not.

00:42:44.250 --> 00:42:47.516 Mira Brancu: Yeah, I love. I love all of these ideas.

00:42:49.270 --> 00:42:53.479 Mira Brancu: what's coming to mind? I'm gonna poke a little bit at it just to see.

00:42:53.480 --> 00:42:54.380 Sarah Olin: So? How.

00:42:54.735 --> 00:42:55.090 Mira Brancu: Of.

00:42:55.690 --> 00:42:59.299 Mira Brancu: So I love. The idea of

00:42:59.680 --> 00:43:09.230 Mira Brancu: this is an opportunity for people to to flex, for people to take ownership, for people to have new opportunities for you to explore efficiencies.

00:43:09.530 --> 00:43:14.414 Mira Brancu: Is there ever a risk? And if so, like, what do you do with the risk?

00:43:15.100 --> 00:43:26.810 Mira Brancu: that you find other people who have sort of taken on the opportunity to take on more things. And you've improved efficiency so much that the person who now wants to come back

00:43:26.890 --> 00:43:29.350 Mira Brancu: is finding that there isn't

00:43:29.590 --> 00:43:35.430 Mira Brancu: the same role or opportunity for them, or they've sort of been pushed out. And if so, like.

00:43:35.550 --> 00:43:39.229 Mira Brancu: then what? What is? What is the adjustment? There.

00:43:39.600 --> 00:43:53.059 Sarah Olin: Yeah, I think there's always risk with ever. I mean, there's never not risk. We're just either present to it or we're not. And I think that it's interesting, because I think that's many people's fears

00:43:53.180 --> 00:44:08.829 Sarah Olin: right when they're going out on the that's the number one. According to some research by Bernie Brown. The number one fear in any organization is irrelevance. So I think that people have that across the board and

00:44:09.238 --> 00:44:31.920 Sarah Olin: I've never met an organization that has said, we don't have work for you, and and it might look slightly different, because that's that's part of natural consequences. I think that things change and evolve right if if we're taking it an extended leave. And you know we work some with some companies that have a 6 month

00:44:32.920 --> 00:44:34.810 Sarah Olin: parental leave policy.

00:44:34.840 --> 00:44:57.230 Sarah Olin: Things change in 6 months. Teams change, dynamics change. So it's if we have enough relationship, we can, we can deal with anything and we can work it out. And and fortunately we have laws to protect people. It's like, Okay, well, if this shifted enough so that it's unrecognizable. Now, what do I need to create. So I'm not saying that

00:44:57.520 --> 00:45:03.809 Sarah Olin: it's always easy or welcome, but I think most of the time

00:45:04.890 --> 00:45:13.719 Sarah Olin: it can. It can have more positive outcomes when when we are giving people opportunities in really in that inquiry, because

00:45:13.890 --> 00:45:24.209 Sarah Olin: if it's the highest and best for the person, it's the highest and best for the org, and vice versa. I really think that when we're looking at the highest and best, it will be the highest and best.

00:45:24.540 --> 00:45:29.679 Mira Brancu: Yeah, and that's a really good point that I hadn't really thought about is

00:45:30.790 --> 00:45:43.960 Mira Brancu: you know, 3 to 6 months. A lot can change. Organizations are constantly changing now, right? So there is never a guarantee that that things will be the same for your job, regardless of whether you sit in your seat or not here, right.

00:45:44.260 --> 00:45:54.499 Sarah Olin: Right, I know. And that's the thing. It's just it's so funny because everyone went bananas around the pandemic. And they're like we have no control. It's like you never did.

00:45:55.970 --> 00:46:01.369 Sarah Olin: Well, thinking that that way, you know. And it's like, that's it's

00:46:01.590 --> 00:46:05.950 Sarah Olin: they're hard conversations. It's it's it's a hard to be with.

00:46:06.710 --> 00:46:07.600 Sarah Olin: Thank.

00:46:07.790 --> 00:46:09.250 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah,

00:46:10.200 --> 00:46:15.130 Mira Brancu: Oh, I'm gonna leave us off at this before. Add break. You never had control.

00:46:15.690 --> 00:46:26.939 Mira Brancu: That's deep. I'm gonna just keep it right there we are entering our next and break. You're listening to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mira Branco and our guest, Sarah Olin, and we'll be right back in just a moment.

00:48:32.440 --> 00:48:44.889 Mira Brancu: Welcome back to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mira Bronku and our guest, Sarah Olen, now where we left off, which I just love. How we came to this point

00:48:44.990 --> 00:48:48.610 Mira Brancu: is to make a really important

00:48:50.040 --> 00:48:53.439 Mira Brancu: point about you never had control.

00:48:53.800 --> 00:49:01.290 Mira Brancu: and it sort of made me start thinking about people attribute this saying to Peter Drucker, he.

00:49:01.650 --> 00:49:10.700 Mira Brancu: I read that. Actually he didn't say it. This concisely. He had a much longer phrase, but culture eats strategy for breakfast right? Meaning if

00:49:11.180 --> 00:49:13.499 Mira Brancu: you never had control. In the first place.

00:49:13.710 --> 00:49:14.490 Sarah Olin: Yep right.

00:49:15.335 --> 00:49:18.370 Mira Brancu: Then we have to be intentional

00:49:18.540 --> 00:49:21.170 Mira Brancu: about leaning into change.

00:49:21.630 --> 00:49:32.159 Mira Brancu: And therefore it's the culture that's left that you can be most intentional about that affects people the most that affects, outcomes the most.

00:49:33.140 --> 00:49:35.050 Sarah Olin: Yeah, it's

00:49:37.960 --> 00:49:49.970 Sarah Olin: listen. All of it matters, of course, strategy matters. But again, it's the same thing with policy. If we don't have the leadership chops to back it up. It just it's paper thin, and it's

00:49:50.390 --> 00:50:00.169 Sarah Olin: it's not going to be empowered. And it's not going to work. It's not going to be effective without the culture you need both. It's it's not an either. Or actually, we need both.

00:50:00.860 --> 00:50:01.610 Sarah Olin: Yeah.

00:50:02.510 --> 00:50:10.459 Mira Brancu: So that was my one takeaway. What is the one thing you would like people to take away from today's conversation?

00:50:10.870 --> 00:50:12.130 Sarah Olin: Oh, my gosh!

00:50:13.560 --> 00:50:18.499 Sarah Olin: I think for the women, parents, and caregivers.

00:50:18.950 --> 00:50:23.619 Sarah Olin: I think the takeaway I would give is to practice advocating

00:50:23.850 --> 00:50:32.590 Sarah Olin: for yourself in the same way you would for your children or the people you're caring for, because that's what's actually required to

00:50:33.230 --> 00:50:34.610 Sarah Olin: create change.

00:50:36.267 --> 00:50:41.190 Sarah Olin: willing to advocate for yourself. So I've seen parents

00:50:42.380 --> 00:50:55.560 Sarah Olin: in in, in court rooms, you know, doing wild things, marching to protect and advocate for their children, going in to see principals, and, you know.

00:50:55.670 --> 00:51:02.699 Sarah Olin: fighting with doctors, I mean PE, when it comes to their children or the people that they're caring for.

00:51:02.760 --> 00:51:04.700 Sarah Olin: People will

00:51:04.920 --> 00:51:19.849 Sarah Olin: go very far. They will. They will fight, they will be who they need to be to get the result that they're committed to. But when it comes to themselves I don't see that same level of advocacy, especially with women. So

00:51:19.970 --> 00:51:21.629 Sarah Olin: that would be

00:51:21.980 --> 00:51:25.520 Sarah Olin: my takeaway practice. 5% more.

00:51:26.390 --> 00:51:29.970 Sarah Olin: you know, working towards that of.

00:51:30.660 --> 00:51:35.509 Sarah Olin: you know. Are you advocating for yourself the same way you would for your pet.

00:51:35.740 --> 00:51:46.420 Sarah Olin: for your child, for your partner, for your mother, for your best friend. Right we've we've got to start advocating for ourselves in that same way.

00:51:46.800 --> 00:51:48.730 Sarah Olin: in order to create change.

00:51:49.120 --> 00:51:51.329 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah. And I'll

00:51:51.850 --> 00:51:53.910 Mira Brancu: I'll add a little bit more to that.

00:51:53.910 --> 00:51:54.830 Sarah Olin: Yeah, mom.

00:51:54.830 --> 00:51:55.670 Mira Brancu: One

00:51:56.030 --> 00:52:03.867 Mira Brancu: one barrier. I see it's not, you know, at all barriers. But one barrier, I see is that

00:52:04.310 --> 00:52:07.780 Mira Brancu: Women especially are socialized

00:52:08.188 --> 00:52:10.520 Mira Brancu: at least in our culture, to

00:52:10.630 --> 00:52:13.120 Mira Brancu: care for others, to the point of

00:52:14.680 --> 00:52:16.410 Mira Brancu: being so good.

00:52:16.650 --> 00:52:23.920 Mira Brancu: catching when someone else needs something and serving others and supporting others

00:52:24.120 --> 00:52:25.070 Mira Brancu: that

00:52:25.944 --> 00:52:27.909 Mira Brancu: they become almost

00:52:28.827 --> 00:52:34.329 Mira Brancu: blind to when they need to serve themselves

00:52:34.692 --> 00:52:41.049 Mira Brancu: just as much because they don't necessarily recognize it because they haven't been socialized to care for themselves in that way.

00:52:41.240 --> 00:52:45.690 Sarah Olin: Yeah. Another great reason for coaching, because

00:52:45.700 --> 00:52:52.849 Sarah Olin: a great coach will point to that, and and actually won't let you get away with it, because it doesn't work. It's unworkable.

00:52:54.130 --> 00:52:55.370 Mira Brancu: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

00:52:55.570 --> 00:52:59.970 Sarah Olin: There's this great book. I'm gonna grab it off my shelf really, quickly to show you.

00:53:00.502 --> 00:53:04.120 Sarah Olin: It's called on our best behavior. We're actually

00:53:04.400 --> 00:53:10.839 Sarah Olin: it was given to me. By a client. But we're actually reading it this month for our

00:53:11.170 --> 00:53:17.099 Sarah Olin: our book club at Lumo, the 7 Deadly sins and the price women pay to be good.

00:53:17.100 --> 00:53:17.980 Mira Brancu: Oh.

00:53:18.210 --> 00:53:21.029 Mira Brancu: that sounds amazing. Thank you for recommending it.

00:53:21.910 --> 00:53:25.670 Sarah Olin: I'm I'm excited. I haven't dug into it yet, but

00:53:26.080 --> 00:53:35.019 Sarah Olin: you know we you're right. We have been totally socialized in in one particular way, and our work is about unlearning.

00:53:35.529 --> 00:53:35.889 Sarah Olin: Yeah.

00:53:36.820 --> 00:53:37.530 Mira Brancu: Absolutely.

00:53:38.180 --> 00:53:42.150 Mira Brancu: If people want to learn more about Lumo and your work, where they where can they go?

00:53:42.780 --> 00:53:56.340 Sarah Olin: They can go to Linkedin Lumo LUMO. We are. We're out there in the world. We're we're doing all kinds of things all the time. It's wild. It's so

00:53:56.600 --> 00:53:58.809 Sarah Olin: fun. It's so fun.

00:53:59.060 --> 00:54:22.729 Mira Brancu: Yeah, absolutely. I can't share my screen just yet, but it is lumo, and you'll see lots of information there about insights and articles, and for businesses for employees, all kinds of things. So oh, look! I just got the share screen. So let me quickly share, for those of you who are watching this either now or later on. Here is the website.

00:54:23.090 --> 00:54:26.360 Mira Brancu: See that you can see to how to learn more.

00:54:26.530 --> 00:54:28.120 Mira Brancu: I've scheduled a call

00:54:28.210 --> 00:54:30.090 Mira Brancu: all those stats that she was

00:54:30.250 --> 00:54:33.260 Mira Brancu: describing. Alright, okay.

00:54:33.390 --> 00:54:34.295 Mira Brancu: So

00:54:35.400 --> 00:54:38.929 Mira Brancu: what did you audience take away from today?

00:54:39.130 --> 00:54:46.560 Mira Brancu: And more importantly, what is one small change that you can implement this week, based on what you learn from Sarah.

00:54:46.810 --> 00:54:48.789 Mira Brancu: Share it with us on Linkedin.

00:54:49.040 --> 00:54:51.630 Mira Brancu: at Mirabranku or Sara Poland.

00:54:51.740 --> 00:54:58.040 Mira Brancu: or at talk radio. Nyc, so we can cheer you on. We're also on Facebook.

00:54:58.110 --> 00:54:59.440 Mira Brancu: Instagram

00:55:00.110 --> 00:55:01.140 Mira Brancu: Twitter.

00:55:01.280 --> 00:55:03.550 Mira Brancu: which all over the place

00:55:03.839 --> 00:55:08.689 Mira Brancu: Linkedin is where I live online. So that's where I'm gonna respond. I don't know about you, Sarah.

00:55:09.210 --> 00:55:16.999 Sarah Olin: Oh, I'm on the Linkedin. I'm on the Linkedin for sure. Yeah, absolutely. Via email, the Facebooks, the instas

00:55:17.090 --> 00:55:20.080 Sarah Olin: I try to stay away. It's just too much.

00:55:20.080 --> 00:55:20.813 Mira Brancu: Too much.

00:55:21.210 --> 00:55:24.610 Mira Brancu: In addition to being a live show, we're on OP

00:55:24.700 --> 00:55:34.667 Mira Brancu: apple podcasts and spotify. Please go, subscribe to the podcast leave a review, share with others to help increase our visibility, reach an impact. This is me advocating for myself.

00:55:35.000 --> 00:55:35.529 Sarah Olin: Yes.

00:55:36.060 --> 00:55:51.459 Mira Brancu: That's right. The stuff we talk about on the show is part of our research based strategic leadership pathway model that we teach in our towerscope Leadership Academy, a private coaching and learning community for socially conscious leaders in healthcare, academia, tech and stem

00:55:51.520 --> 00:55:54.570 Mira Brancu: industries, looking to make a greater impact.

00:55:54.790 --> 00:56:01.980 Mira Brancu: to learn more and apply to the Leadership Academy. You can check us out at Www. Go

00:56:02.280 --> 00:56:06.129 Mira Brancu: and I'd like to thank Hawkradio, Dot, NYC. For hosting.

00:56:06.280 --> 00:56:09.460 Mira Brancu: I'm Dr. Mira Branco, your host of the Hard Skill show.

00:56:09.500 --> 00:56:11.839 Mira Brancu: Thank you for joining us today, Sarah.

00:56:12.470 --> 00:56:22.989 Sarah Olin: So happy to be here. It's a delay. It's just the best. It's so fun to talk about this stuff. There's just so much great work happening in the world, and so much opportunity truly.

00:56:23.500 --> 00:56:45.129 Mira Brancu: Yeah, absolutely. We talked about so many different ways that you can think about growing as a leader, helping your teammates and supporting them, thinking about the organizational impact and creative strategies. To help people transition in and out of their parenting journey.

00:56:46.055 --> 00:56:48.169 Mira Brancu: Go from there.

00:56:48.420 --> 00:56:49.580 Mira Brancu: Think about

00:56:50.900 --> 00:56:52.209 Mira Brancu: what help you need?

00:56:52.310 --> 00:57:01.020 Mira Brancu: What help does your team need? What help can you offer your organization? And if you want to reach out, remember it's Lumo

00:57:01.130 --> 00:57:09.809 Mira Brancu: have a great rest of your day wherever you're tuning in from. Thanks again. This is the hard skills with me, Dr. Mayor Bronku and our guest, Sarah Ollen.

00:57:10.690 --> 00:57:11.410 Sarah Olin: Thank you.

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