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Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/06-Who Drives Your Leadership Identity?

Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/06-Who Drives Your Leadership Identity?


2024/02/06-Who Drives Your Leadership Identity?

[NEW EPISODE] Who Drives Your Leadership Identity?

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How do expectations, relationships, and changes in identity related to how leaders are perceived and how they might develop their personal and personal brand? What if the brand we intend as leaders is damaged or needs to be intentionally transformed to meet the needs of customers? We talk with a lawyer who has a passion for intellectual property to get a unique perspective on this.

We hear about branding and intellectual property protection as methods to developing and protecting our work and reputation. But we don't often think about how they connect to a leadership identity or transform us and others.

Matthew Asbell is a Renaissance lawyer with a background in information technology, entertainment and medicine, a love for global culture, and a passion for his work in intellectual property. His personal and professional interests arise from a deep appreciation for creativity, whether in the form of invention, design, expression or marketing. He assists clients in clearing, obtaining, enforcing and defending trademark rights in the United States and throughout the world, and advises on utility and design patents, copyrights, domain names and related areas. His work in the fields of trademark and rights of publicity gives him a different perspective on the concepts of identity, reputation, and branding.

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Show Notes

Segment  1

Matthew went over the distinction between branding and intellectual property protection lies in their respective focuses. Branding revolves around your reputation and the perceptions people form about you based on your name and image. On the other hand, intellectual property pertains to the legal rights granted to creators of original works, serving as incentives for them to produce more content or products. Moreover, it functions as a form of protection for both consumers and brand owners. Matthew further highlights that customers may perceive your image differently, and your brand may undergo changes and evolve in various directions over time.

Segment 2

Matthew and Dr. Brancu discussed how Coca-Cola, Dunkin' Donuts, and The Washington Redskins team have made changes that impacted their supporters. Sometimes, brands attempt significant revolutionary changes without realizing how much their supporters cherish their products just the way they were before those changes were made.Dr. Brancu explained that when brands listen to their consumers and incorporate their feedback, it makes customers feel heard, respected, and valued. This, in turn, fosters increased loyalty and support towards the brand.

Segment 3

This segment introduced what happens to a brand after they make a mistake that hurts their reputation. Matthew noted that the response to a brand's mistake depends on its size and the message it conveys. A brand with a positive message is more likely to recover from a mistake. Secondly, offering a sincere apology is crucial and often well-received. However, if the damage is significant and irreversible, it can be a make or break decision for a company. This is why many companies opt for a rebranding to start fresh. Another important point emphasized the significance of consistency, as it mirrors the actions and behavior of management, owners, and the actual message of the brand itself.

Segment 4

The last segment discussed the importance of considering the legal aspects, particularly concerning property protection and branding. Essentially, when establishing a brand, thorough research is necessary to ensure that the chosen name is unique and not already in use by someone else. This is crucial for your protection to prevent potential future legal lawsuits. 


00:00:50.100 --> 00:01:09.379 Mira Brancu: Welcome to the hard skills show with me, Dr. Mirabu, today's guest is Matthew Asvel, and we're gonna be talking about who actually drives your leadership identity? Do we shape our leadership and influencing others? Or are we influenced by others which shapes our leadership and brand identity.

00:01:09.550 --> 00:01:11.750 Mira Brancu: Great to have you on the show, Matthew.

00:01:13.790 --> 00:01:17.520 Mira Brancu: and you're on mute.

00:01:17.670 --> 00:01:20.750 Mira Brancu: There's always always one.

00:01:21.140 --> 00:01:31.030 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Well, today today it should be. It should be okay today, I would expect it. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. Today is the day. By the way, y'all

00:01:31.060 --> 00:01:38.560 Mira Brancu: we are all, every single one of us on this show, including back channel. Folks

00:01:38.590 --> 00:01:52.480 Mira Brancu: are not feeling well today. We're all sick, and we're just trying to get through. So bear with us, we were all like what is going around anyway. So as a reminder on this show.

00:01:52.720 --> 00:02:02.239 Mira Brancu: we discuss how to develop the nuanced hard skills needed to drive significant systemic change, to make a real impact through your leadership.

00:02:02.290 --> 00:02:03.500 Mira Brancu: Be ready.

00:02:03.510 --> 00:02:14.070 Mira Brancu: Take notes. I always do reflect deeply and identify at least one small step to further develop your hard skills muscle.

00:02:14.340 --> 00:02:18.269 Mira Brancu: Now, a little bit about our guest today, Matthew as well, is

00:02:18.340 --> 00:02:36.879 Mira Brancu: kind of a Renaissance lawyer. In my opinion he is a highly experienced intellectual property attorney, with clientele and life experiences across a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, Fintech and other software entertainment and fashion, life sciences and others.

00:02:36.970 --> 00:02:42.030 Mira Brancu: He also has a love for global culture, language and food.

00:02:42.350 --> 00:02:51.529 Mira Brancu: and his personal and professional interests arise from a deep appreciation for creativity, whether it's in the form of invention, design.

00:02:51.610 --> 00:02:53.580 Mira Brancu: expression, or marketing.

00:02:53.790 --> 00:03:19.899 Mira Brancu: he assist clients in clearing, obtaining and forcing and defending trademark rights in the United States and throughout the world, and advises on utility and design patents, copyrights, domain names, and related areas. But he has so many other interests around culture and teams, how decisions are made in other areas. Now, Matthew, it also happens to be another host

00:03:19.980 --> 00:03:22.070 Mira Brancu: on Talkradio, Dot and Nyc.

00:03:22.140 --> 00:03:31.139 Mira Brancu: He hosts intangify. So we're doing a little cross connection here and in many ways intangify. His show

00:03:31.240 --> 00:03:37.540 Mira Brancu: is complementary to our focus. He talks about the intangible aspects of business and legal issues tied

00:03:37.790 --> 00:03:43.180 Mira Brancu: to lots of intangible aspects of companies like

00:03:43.490 --> 00:03:59.710 Mira Brancu: what what creates value? Right intellectual property culture teams, decisions, those kinds of areas. So I'm really interested in hearing from him about like this connection, this crossover between what we talk about here, and what

00:03:59.750 --> 00:04:03.320 Mira Brancu: he talks about on his show. So welcome. Matthew.

00:04:03.540 --> 00:04:06.760 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Thanks again. Yeah. I'm very confident that

00:04:07.050 --> 00:04:11.069 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: despite our both being sick and Logan being sick.

00:04:12.420 --> 00:04:17.120 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that that if our conversation goes anywhere as well as

00:04:17.170 --> 00:04:22.329 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: as you know one we had in pre in preparation. we're golden.

00:04:23.150 --> 00:04:29.679 Mira Brancu: Yeah. Yeah. So let's let's start easy. I'm gonna I'm gonna throw you a softball. First.

00:04:29.880 --> 00:04:37.690 Mira Brancu: you're interested in global language and culture and food. What is your favorite food and drink

00:04:38.310 --> 00:04:42.429 Mira Brancu: top, or maybe top ones top ones.

00:04:43.520 --> 00:04:55.859 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: It used to be sushi, but it's not anymore but but it still is. you know, usually like a a a white, flaky fish, you know, like

00:04:56.120 --> 00:05:05.740 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, Branzino or barramundi. Maybe my favorite fish is called Wahoo comes from Florida down down there, that's that's an amazing.

00:05:06.120 --> 00:05:14.889 Mira Brancu: So there you go drink. I don't know how to think about it. Nice now I have. I have not had that kind of fish, although I do like my white, flaky fish.

00:05:14.910 --> 00:05:23.410 Mira Brancu: I I think, in the in the last 2 years or so I've leaned more and more into a Pescatarian diet.

00:05:23.500 --> 00:05:47.740 Mira Brancu: And a Mediterranean diet. Now I've I as a Romanian, I sort of grew up on a diet that is kind of a crossover between Mediterranean, Middle Eastern but fish was not as much of a thing, you know. It's more like beef and potatoes. But I've leaned away from that and really enjoy fish at this point. So I'm totally with you. There.

00:05:48.770 --> 00:05:53.730 Mira Brancu: Alright. So now some some we're gonna dig into that some hard stuff now.

00:05:54.100 --> 00:06:01.019 Mira Brancu:  so we hear about. Let's start with this. We hear about branding and intellectual property protection

00:06:01.760 --> 00:06:06.230 Mira Brancu: as methods to developing and protecting our work and reputation.

00:06:06.350 --> 00:06:12.099 Mira Brancu: Let's start there when when you hear about like.

00:06:13.200 --> 00:06:24.309 Mira Brancu: we have different definitions, right of of branding. And people think of different things when they think about intellectual property. How how do you define branding? And how do you define intellectual property protection

00:06:25.970 --> 00:06:28.750 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: branding is really

00:06:30.220 --> 00:06:33.010 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: about your reputation, or about

00:06:33.180 --> 00:06:39.769 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the judgments that people make about you. Based off of what your name.

00:06:39.820 --> 00:06:47.379 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: your image, your your picture, whatever it is. right, it's it's it's really, at least, in my view, it's really a quick shortcut

00:06:47.550 --> 00:06:48.670 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: to

00:06:48.820 --> 00:06:59.060 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: remembering aspects of the person or the business that you're dealing with.  so

00:06:59.370 --> 00:07:00.340 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know.

00:07:00.840 --> 00:07:03.890 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So I guess that's my definition of branding

00:07:04.050 --> 00:07:11.769 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Intellectual property is a broad term, and and not a lot of people agree on on what you what people mean by it?

00:07:12.040 --> 00:07:21.459 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  it centers around legal rights that are given to people who create things.

00:07:22.460 --> 00:07:26.239 And they're usually given to people who create things as an incentive.

00:07:26.570 --> 00:07:31.980 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We want to incentivize, incentivize people to create more music or more podcasts.

00:07:32.060 --> 00:07:37.499 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We want to we want to incentivize people to come up with new

00:07:37.730 --> 00:07:48.449 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: pharmaceuticals, and or new machines that will, you know. driverless cars, etc. So we want to improve technology. We want to improve culture.

00:07:48.730 --> 00:08:00.980 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But it also has a sort of consumer protection role. We want to protect consumers and protect brand brand owners.

00:08:01.290 --> 00:08:07.879 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  in relation to their reputation. We want that brand to be something they can control.

00:08:07.900 --> 00:08:09.789 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and that consumers can rely on

00:08:11.410 --> 00:08:18.680 Mira Brancu: really interesting and great conceptualization of both. So

00:08:19.260 --> 00:08:27.710 Mira Brancu: you know, this is a show about leadership, identity and developing a strategy for mapping out your leadership.

00:08:27.770 --> 00:08:38.549 Mira Brancu: development and identity. And so people might think, why are we talking about branding and intellectual property about, you know what? So how do you see

00:08:38.679 --> 00:08:41.689 Mira Brancu: branding and intellectual property rights

00:08:41.850 --> 00:08:46.640 Mira Brancu: as linked to shaping our leadership and influencing others.

00:08:47.280 --> 00:08:52.610 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Well, that's a pretty big question, and we might have to drill down on that one a bit.

00:08:52.970 --> 00:09:00.980 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  you know, because. on the one hand, branding is not necessarily about

00:09:01.940 --> 00:09:10.010 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: branding is not necessarily about a business, and the product that you buy in a store right? Branding is also associated with

00:09:10.340 --> 00:09:18.159 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: a person, and how they present themselves. I'm a lawyer. I work in a law firm, my law firm as a brand.

00:09:18.410 --> 00:09:25.410 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and you could. You could elect to go and use and hire lawyers in my law firm because of their brand

00:09:25.550 --> 00:09:33.370 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  But but I also have a personal brand. and and people

00:09:33.380 --> 00:09:39.349 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: would elect to hire me as their attorney, regardless of what firm I meant because of my personal brand.

00:09:39.750 --> 00:09:51.659 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Similarly, you know, the hard skills is a brand. and and and your your name is a brand, right? And so there are reputations tied to all these things

00:09:52.190 --> 00:10:06.349 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and so that can tie into sort of the brand of leadership. Right? How does a person? How does a person run a business run an organization whatever it is that they're in charge of

00:10:06.740 --> 00:10:19.700 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and what are they known or reputed to be in terms of what they're like? And what do they think of?  I could go on, but maybe I should pause, cause I feel like I'm gonna dominate the the the call. So I'll let you. How about you?

00:10:20.150 --> 00:10:23.010 Mira Brancu: Let's let's think about this.

00:10:24.520 --> 00:10:31.540 Mira Brancu: Let's let's keep taking it a step further. So you've got a leader in an organization right?

00:10:33.310 --> 00:10:37.659 Mira Brancu: and they are trying to make an impact through their organization.

00:10:37.750 --> 00:10:49.320 Mira Brancu: They're trying to achieve some results to their organization, right? And they're trying to gain customers right? Or they're if they're a nonprofit. It's more about like engendering trust

00:10:49.500 --> 00:10:56.550 Mira Brancu:  right, and making sure that people believe that they're true to their mission.

00:10:56.870 --> 00:11:06.910 Mira Brancu: So what are the the challenges for the leader and for the organization? When it comes to like how the

00:11:07.000 --> 00:11:11.189 Mira Brancu: represent their brand identity, their reputation?

00:11:11.260 --> 00:11:15.490 Mira Brancu:  you know, are there things that they

00:11:15.580 --> 00:11:25.450 Mira Brancu:  Pitfalls when when they're trying to sort of like just early on establish like. What are your what are your thoughts about that?

00:11:27.480 --> 00:11:32.429 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I guess. I'm not sure if this will directly answer the question, but I'll try.

00:11:33.440 --> 00:11:35.839 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I guess there are elements about

00:11:35.960 --> 00:11:44.130 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the leader and what they're putting out there, and what they how they want to be seen, how they how they see themselves and

00:11:44.180 --> 00:11:55.859 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and then there is how they are actually perceived. You know, by by others, and what aspects of their leadership and their leadership style are, are are regularists.

00:11:56.050 --> 00:12:01.600 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know, and whether those are aligned so it feels like.

00:12:02.180 --> 00:12:05.030 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, like, I like to think that.

00:12:05.620 --> 00:12:09.729 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: for for instance, as as a leader, I like to think that.

00:12:09.980 --> 00:12:16.040 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  It's very clear to the people who I work with that I am looking out for them.

00:12:16.900 --> 00:12:19.729 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and I want them to know that I'm looking out for them.

00:12:20.490 --> 00:12:24.380 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: That I've considered their situation specifically

00:12:24.430 --> 00:12:33.980 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: in making the decisions I made. And you know, even though I was doing something for myself or for my client

00:12:34.050 --> 00:12:40.359 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that really didn't didn't necessarily involve them. I would include them in the, in, the.

00:12:40.500 --> 00:12:48.590 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: in, the calculus, in, in, in what I might decide. I mean, I have some specific instances. I could could talk about as if you know desired.

00:12:49.010 --> 00:12:51.090 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But but I think it's

00:12:51.370 --> 00:12:52.830 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: what you're putting out there.

00:12:52.860 --> 00:12:56.720 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: how you're how you're being received, and then, maybe one last thing.

00:12:57.200 --> 00:13:00.929 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: How how does that change over time?

00:13:01.530 --> 00:13:14.460 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Were you did you? Were you? Did. You used to be viewed a particular way. And now you're viewed differently.  or or has it been consistent? And and what? What has caused the change?

00:13:14.950 --> 00:13:17.120 Mira Brancu: Yeah, let's

00:13:17.450 --> 00:13:26.710 Mira Brancu: Let's stop there. We're reaching an ad break. and I'd love, after we come back from the outbreak to like explore this a little bit further. How

00:13:27.220 --> 00:13:32.060 Mira Brancu: the idea of branding a reputation changing over time.

00:13:32.350 --> 00:13:35.860 Mira Brancu: Can be a risk, or it can be an opportunity.

00:13:36.470 --> 00:13:40.510 Mira Brancu: And like, How how do you sort of influence that

00:13:40.560 --> 00:13:58.699 Mira Brancu: right? Or how might you be influenced to change over time, you know which which impacts which. So let's let's do that when we come back from the break, you're listening to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mirabanku and our guest, Matthew Asbel. We air on Tuesdays at 5 Pm. Eastern.

00:13:58.760 --> 00:14:11.660 Mira Brancu: If you'd like to join us online, on the online audience and ask questions that we can answer in real time. Find us on Linkedin or on, and we'll be right back with our guest in just a moment.

00:16:24.650 --> 00:16:36.870 Mira Brancu: Welcome back to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mirabu and our guest, Matthew, as well. Okay, so we're just getting into this kind of interesting

00:16:37.010 --> 00:16:49.660 Mira Brancu: intersection of intellectual property. reputation and leadership, identity and where we left off is

00:16:49.670 --> 00:16:52.960 Mira Brancu:  how

00:16:53.840 --> 00:17:05.739 Mira Brancu: sometimes branding can, and your reputation. Or how people view you, or how you see yourself changes over time. Right? That sense from like just a logical

00:17:06.030 --> 00:17:12.900 Mira Brancu: personal perspective. We all change over time, but when you think about like your brand.

00:17:13.450 --> 00:17:17.369 Mira Brancu: there can be risks associated with your brand changing.

00:17:17.770 --> 00:17:35.900 Mira Brancu: there could be opportunities, and I find this really fascinating, I think about a couple of things, and you and I talked about this when we were prepping I came up with, like the new coke, and we're dating ourselves here a little bit. There was like in the 1980, S. Coca Cola decided to put out new coke.

00:17:36.100 --> 00:17:46.060 Mira Brancu: and everybody hated it. and like they thought they were like leaning into something good. and didn't realize that it would be so.

00:17:46.150 --> 00:17:49.280 Mira Brancu:  off putting to people.

00:17:49.500 --> 00:17:51.880 Mira Brancu: And yet. There's other

00:17:51.920 --> 00:18:07.770 Mira Brancu: companies that transition pretty well. We we talked about like dunkin donuts going to Dunkin, you know. Barbie has transformed right over time, and that was like palatable, acceptable. So

00:18:08.010 --> 00:18:09.940 Mira Brancu: how?

00:18:10.220 --> 00:18:18.159 Mira Brancu:  When when you think about like brands changing over time, our reputation, you know how we put ourselves out there like.

00:18:18.180 --> 00:18:23.830 Mira Brancu: why is it that sometimes it's acceptable? And sometimes it's not acceptable. And do we have control over that?

00:18:24.440 --> 00:18:26.470 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah, I think you have to start with

00:18:26.530 --> 00:18:35.979 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: with what drove the change right. Sometimes the change is made because the outside the consumer and the population want it.

00:18:36.120 --> 00:18:56.480 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I think another example we talked about was the Washington redskins. you know the Washington redskins no longer called that were were you know that that was, I think, but 30 40 years of of objections by the public. Yeah. And lawsuits and multiple lawsuits.

00:18:56.560 --> 00:19:04.909 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know, you know, until they made that change.  the you use the example of dunkin donuts

00:19:05.160 --> 00:19:09.370 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  to me. They'll always be dunkin donuts, and yet

00:19:09.560 --> 00:19:16.879 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I don't go buy the donuts because it's bad for my diet. But but I'll go there and have a coffee

00:19:16.940 --> 00:19:26.169 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and so II feel, and I don't know, that I'm representative of of all of their consumers, or majority of them, or whatever. But I would say that

00:19:26.240 --> 00:19:38.679 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: probably people recognize Dunkin donuts as being. Yes, they have these donuts and muffins and bagels, and whatever, and coffee. and it's more of a place where you go

00:19:39.280 --> 00:19:42.390 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: for for coffee with something.

00:19:42.740 --> 00:19:46.050 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  So the change

00:19:46.320 --> 00:19:47.770 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: really, I think.

00:19:47.900 --> 00:19:52.049 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: kind of followed suit with with the outside perception.

00:19:52.690 --> 00:19:54.880 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: When you go to the new coke exam

00:19:55.730 --> 00:20:02.330 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: here, you know. I don't know what went into it, but my, my, my assumption is that

00:20:02.540 --> 00:20:18.240 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the leadership at Coca-cola at the time. you know, said, we're gonna revolutionize things. We're gonna really shake it up. We're gonna distance ourselves from Pepsi and Rc. and we're gonna be, and no one's gonna be able to keep up with our innovative change. And so we're here, we go.

00:20:18.300 --> 00:20:19.450 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And they didn't

00:20:20.500 --> 00:20:22.389 have their finger on the pulse

00:20:22.530 --> 00:20:28.320 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: of their audience, their audience, who loved their product the way it was.

00:20:28.610 --> 00:20:31.729 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: so much so that they had to dial the whole thing back.

00:20:32.790 --> 00:20:36.020 Mira Brancu: Yeah, I mean, what I'm hearing from this is.

00:20:36.560 --> 00:20:45.560 Mira Brancu: if you are tracking the trends and listening and paying attention to what people want. or what people are struggling with.

00:20:45.700 --> 00:20:49.759 Mira Brancu: Your people right, the the people that

00:20:50.060 --> 00:20:54.260 Mira Brancu: are either your ideal clients

00:20:54.580 --> 00:20:56.649 Mira Brancu: or the people who are

00:20:57.000 --> 00:21:03.870 Mira Brancu: your constituents, you know, in the case of like either nonprofits or politics, or things like that.

00:21:04.120 --> 00:21:06.350 Mira Brancu: And you're leaning into that

00:21:06.470 --> 00:21:14.620 Mira Brancu: then the the rebranding or the you know, small adjustments to how you present your

00:21:14.780 --> 00:21:16.849 Mira Brancu: work or your products.

00:21:16.930 --> 00:21:20.970 Mira Brancu:  will help your your

00:21:21.430 --> 00:21:31.909 Mira Brancu: clients, your consumers, your customers feel heard. feel like. hey? They heard me. They they listened to what we asked for.

00:21:32.240 --> 00:21:38.470 Mira Brancu: And they'll be even more loyal or supportive right? And then, if you

00:21:38.680 --> 00:21:42.629 Mira Brancu: instead. go all Gung ho! And say.

00:21:42.640 --> 00:21:57.550 Mira Brancu: we want to own this market. and you're sort of creating it like in isolation of what? you know you might be, or what, or it just feels like completely disconnected from

00:21:57.860 --> 00:22:03.650 Mira Brancu: your constituents. Then it's going to go awry.

00:22:03.900 --> 00:22:08.710 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Is that right? Usually? Yeah, II think that's right. II mean, we we.

00:22:08.900 --> 00:22:18.629 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We need to try to understand who we're serving and we need. And we need to adjust and and mold ourselves to the extent possible.

00:22:18.650 --> 00:22:28.420 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know our offerings the way we serve them to meet those needs. And they, we, you know, like we're in an increasingly automated world.

00:22:28.710 --> 00:22:29.390 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And

00:22:30.260 --> 00:22:34.519 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and what makes human leaders human leaders

00:22:34.850 --> 00:22:37.190 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: is that exact opposite aspect?

00:22:38.140 --> 00:22:52.479 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: We are not formulaically deciding how to do things or dictating things we are taking feedback and using that to to tailor to meet the needs of the people who who who are trying to serve.

00:22:53.060 --> 00:23:04.249 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I think that that's like the ultimate best way you can be. That's part of hopefully my personal branding. III want to be hopefully. If I say it, it'll be true.

00:23:04.520 --> 00:23:08.160 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah, it's it's it's making me think about

00:23:08.650 --> 00:23:19.690 Mira Brancu: I mean my my own process. So my company used to be, and it still is on paper called Bronco and Associates.

00:23:19.710 --> 00:23:23.330 Mira Brancu: You know, legally. And

00:23:23.700 --> 00:23:37.739 Mira Brancu: I started that way partly because I didn't know what else to call it, but also because it was really important to me to keep my name. You know my name is unique. It's it's kind of a legacy thing. But over time I just felt like it.

00:23:37.840 --> 00:23:52.109 Mira Brancu: It felt more and more stuffy to me, which is not representative of kind of the the feel of how I work, and how other people necessarily see me, or how II want other people to see me.

00:23:52.470 --> 00:23:53.590 Mira Brancu: and

00:23:53.810 --> 00:24:06.220 Mira Brancu: even though, like I really wanted to keep the end associates because I wanted to send the message that I actually. you know, work with other people. That's how I work in collaboration.

00:24:06.330 --> 00:24:17.130 Mira Brancu: it again like it. It felt like, 2 stuff, yeah, a name for how I work. And so it took me 5 years to get to the point of

00:24:17.410 --> 00:24:23.109 Mira Brancu: like being ready to lean into a brand new name towerscope

00:24:23.610 --> 00:24:38.170 Mira Brancu: and I mean a a year long process of even exploring what this name would be, and why? And ultimately it was well received, but partly because I gave a lot of explanation of why I made the change.

00:24:38.320 --> 00:24:42.199 Mira Brancu: and it resonated with people. And it was

00:24:42.300 --> 00:24:48.060 Mira Brancu: partly about me. Yes, but partly about connecting better

00:24:48.190 --> 00:24:50.020 Mira Brancu: to the people that I served

00:24:50.080 --> 00:24:52.150 Mira Brancu: right. So

00:24:52.680 --> 00:24:53.630 Mira Brancu: you know

00:24:54.010 --> 00:25:04.340 Mira Brancu: I it could have gone awry, though, like people could have hated it because I wanted to change it. You know, it's like I didn't have to change it. But I wanted to, but it resonated. And I think

00:25:04.400 --> 00:25:06.189 Mira Brancu: it is because

00:25:07.630 --> 00:25:12.400 Mira Brancu: II sort of like use it as another opportunity to connect with people.

00:25:13.930 --> 00:25:19.279 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah, I can. I can see that. I mean, I didn't know you when you when when you weren't towerscope.

00:25:19.320 --> 00:25:20.660 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But

00:25:20.810 --> 00:25:28.869 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but the way you describe it makes makes a lot of sense. So what I was envisioning what I was, and imagining, as you were speaking, I was thinking about an example.

00:25:29.740 --> 00:25:32.420 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: like the new coke example

00:25:32.770 --> 00:25:34.530 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that was more successful.

00:25:34.680 --> 00:25:37.330 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  And

00:25:37.600 --> 00:25:42.799 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and the one that it came up with off top. My head is the apple logo

00:25:43.550 --> 00:25:48.289 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  So you remember when the apple logo was like a rainbow?

00:25:48.660 --> 00:25:59.089 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know it was. It was a it was a rainbow colored apple. It's the same apple and I don't know. Was it the nineties, maybe, that the the

00:25:59.100 --> 00:26:01.110 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: became the white apple?

00:26:01.630 --> 00:26:10.020 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  it. It went from being a sixties or sixties seventies generation, you know.

00:26:10.470 --> 00:26:15.220 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: The computer made in your garage thing to, you know.

00:26:15.460 --> 00:26:17.409 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: clean, cleans, crisp, modern.

00:26:17.600 --> 00:26:19.580 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And the end

00:26:20.570 --> 00:26:22.530 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I don't feel that anybody

00:26:23.020 --> 00:26:24.870 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: had a problem with that change

00:26:25.060 --> 00:26:30.039 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: right now, maybe it's because the product didn't change new coke, right? The products changed and

00:26:30.050 --> 00:26:34.990 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: apple products have changed over the years, but but I don't think that it was a drastic change.

00:26:35.030 --> 00:26:41.330 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: There it was the the image, and it was about changing the image

00:26:41.450 --> 00:26:57.530 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: to reflect what the what the company was about. what their, what their products were like and and that locals stuck just as well as the rainbow did for, or that must have been, it must be around much longer than the rainbow at this point.

00:26:57.780 --> 00:27:01.830 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So it makes sense right to to make a change like that

00:27:02.320 --> 00:27:03.170 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: kind of.

00:27:03.370 --> 00:27:14.599 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: because you're trying to convey something about your brand you're trying to convey, you know, not being stuffy and being accessible, and and other things that you that you went into that decision, even though you made that decision

00:27:14.700 --> 00:27:17.930 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: kind of without saying, Hey. should I do this?

00:27:18.330 --> 00:27:24.890 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  you? Your explanation makes a lot of sense, and it aligns better with the way in which you are perceived.

00:27:25.100 --> 00:27:26.740 Mira Brancu: Yeah, absolutely.

00:27:26.850 --> 00:27:41.479 Mira Brancu:  And this makes me think now. And we we had touched on this a little bit when we were prepping.  What happens if something goes arise like you? You.

00:27:41.530 --> 00:27:51.650 Mira Brancu: there's a mistake your company makes it gets in the news. You get bad. Press. A bad review.

00:27:51.970 --> 00:27:56.379 Mira Brancu: There's a real chance of it marring

00:27:56.400 --> 00:27:58.790 Mira Brancu: your reputation and your brand.

00:27:59.150 --> 00:28:04.630 Mira Brancu: even if it's a strong brand, right? What are your thoughts on like?

00:28:05.360 --> 00:28:06.280 Mira Brancu: you know

00:28:06.400 --> 00:28:18.450 Mira Brancu:  How how companies navigate that? How they think about their reputation. You know, in terms of consistency. Actually,

00:28:19.130 --> 00:28:27.270 Mira Brancu: we're nearing an ad break. So I'm gonna just drop that as as a seed for us to think about right?

00:28:27.340 --> 00:28:41.540 Mira Brancu: and we will be right back again if you'd like to join our online audience and ask questions. That we can answer in real time find us on Linkedin or Youtube at Talkradio, Nyc. And we'll be right back with our guests in just a moment.

00:30:41.230 --> 00:30:47.070 Mira Brancu: Welcome back to the hard skills with me, Doctor Mira Broncu and our guest, Matthew Asbell.

00:30:47.270 --> 00:30:56.069 Mira Brancu: We were just starting to talk about what happens when a brand owner addresses

00:30:56.130 --> 00:31:05.749 Mira Brancu: or experiences a mistake, an error, something that mars a reputation, or they're worried about it, marring their reputation, because.

00:31:06.210 --> 00:31:18.800 Mira Brancu: you know, the mistake or error gets in the media, or somebody. That's a bad review, right? That's and when it comes to small businesses, especially, it's like our greatest nightmare. So

00:31:18.960 --> 00:31:25.610 Mira Brancu: how does a brand owner address those things? Whatever they think about? Is it

00:31:25.970 --> 00:31:31.120 Mira Brancu: about expectation setting. What? What are your thoughts on that?

00:31:33.010 --> 00:31:34.450 Mira Brancu: And you're on mute again

00:31:37.240 --> 00:31:39.349 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: out of practice?

00:31:39.750 --> 00:31:48.409 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So I had an answer, and and and then I rethought it before I had a chance to say it. So I'm glad, cause I've got more to say. Yeah.

00:31:48.780 --> 00:31:53.470 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: my answer first is, is the lawyerly answer up. It depends.

00:31:53.700 --> 00:32:04.959 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and nobody likes to hear that answer but but but it does depend on the brand, because what are you know? Who is the brand. And what what does the brand stand for? What are the expectations of that brand?

00:32:05.280 --> 00:32:12.419 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I don't want to get into a political discussion, but if you think of, like our former President, and and what his brand is.

00:32:12.930 --> 00:32:27.349 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: how he would handle such a thing. I think you can understand that that that is different from maybe how someone else might might. You know, address a problem or an error. My initial information was, say, though, you know.

00:32:28.010 --> 00:32:32.829 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you need to own your your mistake or error, if it is yours.

00:32:32.970 --> 00:32:46.929 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And you know. And again, it does depend on your brand. But you, you know, taking ownership of it, apologizing and addressing it in a in a mature way, is often a good way to deal with it. Unless it's

00:32:46.980 --> 00:32:56.410 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: something so devastating that you, you know that you know the damage is done, and it doesn't matter. No one's going to appreciate. An apology and

00:32:56.430 --> 00:33:00.760 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you have to get away from it sometimes. The answer is to rebrand.

00:33:00.930 --> 00:33:03.460 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know. Put on a new outfit.

00:33:03.570 --> 00:33:05.320 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know. Get a new haircut.

00:33:06.240 --> 00:33:08.619 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: be a new person, so that

00:33:08.740 --> 00:33:11.290 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: people don't look at you the way they looked at that other person.

00:33:11.730 --> 00:33:16.849 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  but that's dressed right, I mean, more often than not.

00:33:17.140 --> 00:33:26.260 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  you know, an error or mistake doesn't have to be so life altering. So you know that that would require that.

00:33:26.420 --> 00:33:27.820 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But there is that option?

00:33:28.010 --> 00:33:29.719 Mira Brancu: Yeah. Oh,

00:33:31.670 --> 00:33:40.320 Mira Brancu: This reminded me of a local business. I remembered that we're getting so viscerated.

00:33:40.440 --> 00:33:42.219 Mira Brancu: In

00:33:42.470 --> 00:33:47.139 Mira Brancu: by, just, you know. So a small number of people that they did rebrand.

00:33:47.350 --> 00:33:55.080 Mira Brancu: And I thought that was really interesting. And it did help. And yeah, I've seen. I've seen that a few times before.

00:33:55.170 --> 00:34:01.700 Mira Brancu: But I also really like what you said about

00:34:03.280 --> 00:34:08.159 Mira Brancu: thinking about responding. That is consistent with your brand

00:34:08.370 --> 00:34:19.589 Mira Brancu: like that makes a lot of sense that if you want to continue sending a clear message about what you're about. and let's say you're about integrity.

00:34:19.770 --> 00:34:23.499 Mira Brancu: right? And honesty, and

00:34:23.590 --> 00:34:38.280 Mira Brancu:  you know, openness, or something like that. Right? Let's say that's that's part of your brand. Then that is the way that you're you're supposed to be responding. If you were consistent with your brand. I never thought about that. But that makes a lot of sense.

00:34:38.699 --> 00:34:44.660 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah, I mean, and it's probably much more easily done than said.

00:34:44.750 --> 00:34:50.289 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: because if it's about you as a person, right? You're really talking about who you are.

00:34:50.469 --> 00:35:08.590 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And and you know yes, there's the brand that you you may. You may as kind of decide that this is who you are and how you want to portray yourself. But essentially, if you're true to yourself that you know. Then you then that is how you will respond right? Because your brand accurately reflects who you are.

00:35:08.880 --> 00:35:14.240 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So yeah, if you're someone who is is

00:35:14.450 --> 00:35:26.859 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: is thoughtful about. You know the the people, and who who might have been hurt or damaged by the mistake. You know you have to hold up to it right? But if you're you know, if you're known to be

00:35:27.000 --> 00:35:38.409 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  the you know the kind who trudges forward and and and and it's too busy, too fast moving to to to worry about little things like that. Then maybe you don't say anything. Can you

00:35:38.850 --> 00:35:42.399 Mira Brancu: keep moving forward? You know. Yeah, yeah.

00:35:42.800 --> 00:35:47.360 Mira Brancu: you know it. Just it. It makes me think that the most important thing.

00:35:47.730 --> 00:35:49.650 Mira Brancu: then to

00:35:49.860 --> 00:35:55.529 Mira Brancu:  a leader's personal brand and an organization's brand

00:35:55.640 --> 00:36:04.809 Mira Brancu: is less about the logo, the images, the colors. and much more about consistency, and sending the same

00:36:05.090 --> 00:36:12.330 Mira Brancu: like messages. Right like you. You said a brand is really about like a shortcut to how people remember you.

00:36:12.670 --> 00:36:15.689 Mira Brancu: But if you're inconsistent.

00:36:15.860 --> 00:36:18.320 Mira Brancu: that brand is not going to be all that useful.

00:36:19.190 --> 00:36:30.190 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: well, or or you'll you'll your brand. Your your brand will be remembered as being inconsistent, I mean, think about, I'm sure that there are products you've purchased.

00:36:30.230 --> 00:36:32.320 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Where you know

00:36:32.510 --> 00:36:38.780 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: where one time it was good, and another time it was bad. And and you know, you've gotten to believe that.

00:36:38.910 --> 00:36:44.950 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah, I can't really count on this product, so I'm not going to bother buying it, or I'll take a chance on it, maybe again. But I don't trust it.

00:36:45.270 --> 00:36:49.269 And then there are other ones where you're like. Every time I get this it's always good.

00:36:49.300 --> 00:36:57.750 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I, you know. And and that's the idea, right? I mean. if every time you get it. It's always good. Then that's the reputation for the quality of the product.

00:36:57.890 --> 00:37:02.510 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Then you want to keep buying that product, and that's the benefit of that. You know

00:37:02.540 --> 00:37:14.899 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: of that brand people. You know. People appreciate your your services. They they'll come back to you. Because you know you serve them well before, and they they know that you'll take care of them.

00:37:15.610 --> 00:37:19.700 Mira Brancu: Yeah, this also actually makes me think of kind of the the next.

00:37:20.470 --> 00:37:25.830 Mira Brancu: The next folks in line in an organization right? So like

00:37:26.140 --> 00:37:31.419 Mira Brancu: I can immediately think about some food chains

00:37:31.880 --> 00:37:43.900 Mira Brancu: that in general I like. But there are some areas where I won't order from that area because they're so inconsistent with the

00:37:44.110 --> 00:37:45.160 Mira Brancu: output

00:37:45.220 --> 00:37:55.289 Mira Brancu: by the results. And and it's it's that for some reason it doesn't necessarily always like, always mar the the big, you know, chain name.

00:37:55.450 --> 00:38:01.930 Mira Brancu: but for small business owners it's much more likely to to mess with your brand. If you have

00:38:02.360 --> 00:38:10.250 Mira Brancu: hired a group of people to all do what you do in some way right. They all have to represent you.

00:38:10.380 --> 00:38:13.279 Mira Brancu: and you have to sort of set a tone

00:38:13.360 --> 00:38:33.659 Mira Brancu: to help them understand, like, what is our brand? Right? What is, what meaning, what are our values? How do we engage people? How do we engage customers?  what is the quality of our work? What does it look like? Was the consistency, and how we communicate all of this is part of a brand, and if you've got just one or 2 people who are not

00:38:33.970 --> 00:38:42.759 Mira Brancu:  you know, able to to do that as consistently to send the same messaging, it can really mess up the brand.

00:38:43.760 --> 00:38:50.410 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah, I mean, I agree. And you know that there are ways in which I've seen it work.

00:38:50.580 --> 00:38:58.530 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: some of these, like you've mentioned food chains. You know, large multinational food chains like fast food chains

00:39:00.600 --> 00:39:02.870 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: modified their brand

00:39:03.350 --> 00:39:11.050 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: in the different places where they are operating, so that the the version of their food in

00:39:11.230 --> 00:39:19.350 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Egypt will be very, very different than the version of their food in India versus the version of the food anywhere else.

00:39:20.550 --> 00:39:26.499 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  a. And so maybe some things would be consistent, like

00:39:26.530 --> 00:39:30.359 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the French fries, you know, maybe are always the same, or something like that.

00:39:30.380 --> 00:39:37.910 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But but then the the you know, there, there's gonna be a local product, something that caters to the local audience.

00:39:39.000 --> 00:39:40.500 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and that's accepted.

00:39:40.970 --> 00:39:43.100 All under the same umbrella brand.

00:39:43.300 --> 00:39:45.670 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So you can when you're that big.

00:39:45.740 --> 00:39:53.390 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I think there's almost an expect, almost an expectation that there'll be inconsistency. And yet you can still have that

00:39:53.410 --> 00:40:02.109 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: because you can have some brands, and because you can, you know what's the word like, you know, set up smaller.

00:40:02.480 --> 00:40:06.720 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: consist consistent consist? I can't. My covid is not working

00:40:07.070 --> 00:40:11.200 Mira Brancu: contingencies. Yeah.

00:40:11.470 --> 00:40:16.969 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Yeah. you know. And then for a smaller business.

00:40:17.850 --> 00:40:25.540 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  yeah, I think you're right. An inconsistency is more impactful because there's a greater expectation of that of that consistency.

00:40:25.730 --> 00:40:27.250 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And there should be

00:40:27.510 --> 00:40:30.570 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and I think that's why franchises

00:40:30.620 --> 00:40:34.210 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, can do well. They they.

00:40:34.350 --> 00:40:41.929 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: They set themselves up with those types of standards, and they tell the people who are going to be franchisees right now

00:40:41.940 --> 00:40:43.530 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: to do their business.

00:40:43.700 --> 00:40:47.660 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Keep them in line, doing that, doing that in order to ensure that consistency.

00:40:48.170 --> 00:40:48.920 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: But

00:40:49.070 --> 00:40:53.289 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  But it's very hard to replicate yourself.

00:40:53.480 --> 00:40:57.789 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  so you know you have to.

00:40:58.360 --> 00:41:03.720 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, for, like for me in my, in my work, it it comes down to

00:41:04.610 --> 00:41:06.829 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: finding colleagues that

00:41:07.230 --> 00:41:13.019 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that I work well with and repeatedly working with those colleagues.

00:41:13.370 --> 00:41:14.140 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but

00:41:14.920 --> 00:41:16.939 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but I still have to

00:41:17.500 --> 00:41:18.770 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: be involved.

00:41:18.890 --> 00:41:21.360 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, to make sure that

00:41:21.560 --> 00:41:29.990 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: the clients who have the expectation from me are getting the service that they expect from me, even if my colleague is doing some or all of the work.

00:41:30.640 --> 00:41:33.140 Mira Brancu: Absolutely so.

00:41:33.800 --> 00:41:36.839 Mira Brancu: How? What? What is the strategy behind?

00:41:36.950 --> 00:41:41.590 Mira Brancu: How leaders can find a way to both set consistent expectations

00:41:42.130 --> 00:41:44.080 Mira Brancu: about how they want to be seen.

00:41:44.410 --> 00:41:48.369 Mira Brancu: right, their identity, their communication, the whole brand

00:41:48.470 --> 00:41:57.759 Mira Brancu: while also understanding how to manage other people's different experience and expectations of

00:41:58.080 --> 00:42:04.790 Mira Brancu: the branding and identity, whether they're like working with different people from your company.

00:42:04.970 --> 00:42:08.839 Mira Brancu: you know. How? How do they balance that

00:42:10.020 --> 00:42:13.529 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: feels like the ultimate challenge for me

00:42:13.750 --> 00:42:16.450 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: like, like I think that everybody's dealing with that

00:42:16.510 --> 00:42:22.369 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: may. Maybe I'm wrong, but but there's an element of

00:42:22.560 --> 00:42:27.660 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: push and pull. You've gotta you've gotta put out there your expectations.

00:42:27.750 --> 00:42:38.550 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: This is this is this is what you can identify. You know. What are the characteristics put out there. Those characteristics make it known to the people

00:42:38.560 --> 00:42:46.970 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: who you have that expectation. You know that they will meet those qualities. Higher that way.

00:42:47.270 --> 00:42:51.850 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: And and then you have to at the same time

00:42:52.290 --> 00:43:00.700 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: have your eyes and ears open, and listen to to here.

00:43:01.220 --> 00:43:07.020 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know what people are saying to you, and how they're responding to you and about what they're delivering to you.

00:43:07.710 --> 00:43:09.910 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and then decide

00:43:10.170 --> 00:43:14.370 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: Is there a message there, you know, and sometimes you have to invite them.

00:43:14.560 --> 00:43:24.230 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know. I mean, I found out that there are people who are afraid to tell me. Stuff like people are people who I work with are afraid to tell me.

00:43:24.240 --> 00:43:26.839 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: You know certain things.

00:43:27.240 --> 00:43:38.979 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, because of my role, because of where where my level is And so I would. I have to make make it a point to say, Look, I want your feedback. I want you to challenge me.

00:43:39.160 --> 00:43:47.169 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: If you don't challenge me. I'm gonna believe that I'm right, and that you agree with me. I need you to challenge me so that I don't do that

00:43:47.490 --> 00:43:55.889 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and so that I actually learn and listen to you and and learn from you, and then you can help me do a better job with, you know, with the work I'm doing.

00:43:56.290 --> 00:43:57.870 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So you have to be both

00:43:59.170 --> 00:44:00.520 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: putting it out there

00:44:00.840 --> 00:44:03.399 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and listening and absorbing.

00:44:04.010 --> 00:44:11.620 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: I don't know how well I do that I'm I'm a work in progress, but mindful of trying to do both.

00:44:11.930 --> 00:44:17.190 Mira Brancu: Yeah, yeah, II think there, that is, the key is the.

00:44:17.650 --> 00:44:29.890 Mira Brancu: There's got to be some kind of communication flow, not just like within the organization, among the leader leadership team, whoever's in the organization, but also between

00:44:29.910 --> 00:44:42.620 Mira Brancu: you and your stakeholders, and that could be your customers or constituents, or whatever. How? How do you get that feedback loop so that you know where people are resonating and where they're struggling

00:44:42.770 --> 00:44:53.889 Mira Brancu: right? And that helps you find that right balance between the consistent expectation, setting and messaging, but also flexing and adapting to the needs of your

00:44:54.130 --> 00:44:55.660 Mira Brancu: constituents. Right?

00:44:56.040 --> 00:45:05.829 Mira Brancu: So when we're reaching another one more add break, and when we come back I'd love to hear from you about

00:45:05.950 --> 00:45:21.119 Mira Brancu: now. Looping it back to your profession. The legal implications. Where? What should we be thinking about when we think about intellectual property, and this reputation setting, and that kind of thing. Are there? Pitfalls are there, you know.

00:45:21.180 --> 00:45:30.680 Mira Brancu: ways to be flexible. That's kind of what's on my mind right now. So we're gonna go right into this. Add break, and we'll be right back with our guest in just a moment.

00:47:29.340 --> 00:47:39.639 Mira Brancu: welcome back to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mirabaku, and with our guest, Matthew Asvel, who is also the host of intangify on talk. Radio. Nyc.

00:47:39.780 --> 00:47:52.139 Mira Brancu: so we've talked a lot about branding being reputation and shortcut to how people remember you. We've talked about intellectual property rights. and how that, you know

00:47:52.350 --> 00:48:00.550 Mira Brancu: protects your creation of things. And then we really talked a lot about how do you shape your leadership? What shapes your

00:48:00.560 --> 00:48:11.869 Mira Brancu: you know how people see you? How you communicate your message, how you how you sort of stay flexible when you know, and and sort of creating that feedback loop.

00:48:11.980 --> 00:48:15.940 Mira Brancu: To to be able to sort of lean into knowing

00:48:16.080 --> 00:48:22.849 Mira Brancu: when to adjust. And now I'd like to sort of close the loop back to your profession

00:48:23.000 --> 00:48:33.730 Mira Brancu: right as an attorney, as someone who is especially an expert in intellectual property and

00:48:33.930 --> 00:48:38.820 Mira Brancu: protecting your your property rights and things like that?

00:48:38.840 --> 00:48:50.959 Mira Brancu: when should people be thinking about the legal side with all of this? When should they be thinking about intellectual property and rights? Protection of those? What are your thoughts on that

00:48:57.720 --> 00:49:13.400 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: there ties a charm. Matthew

00:49:13.500 --> 00:49:15.990 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and is always

00:49:16.120 --> 00:49:31.149 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: of course that's not the right answer, right? Because nobody really, I mean, except for me. I'm thinking about it always but but nobody else's. In fact, since I'm usually the last, you know, to know that there there very few people would think about it

00:49:31.370 --> 00:49:41.230 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: with any type of frequency, and it's kind of a curse. It follows me places I can't go and enjoy an amusement park without thinking about intellectual property aspects of things. But

00:49:41.600 --> 00:49:43.339 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: we'll we'll leave that for another day.

00:49:43.580 --> 00:49:46.279 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  when should they be thinking

00:49:47.540 --> 00:49:52.179 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: so? I think primarily it comes down to

00:49:52.580 --> 00:49:56.950 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: maybe 2 things more things may occur. But this is what occurs, for now.

00:49:57.870 --> 00:50:00.850 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  one is

00:50:01.950 --> 00:50:05.990 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: when something that you are doing or you are

00:50:06.160 --> 00:50:07.790 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: thinking about doing

00:50:08.070 --> 00:50:12.630 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq:  could possibly

00:50:12.900 --> 00:50:17.260 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: violates someone else's rights. So

00:50:17.400 --> 00:50:29.440 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: when you came up with the name towerscope, I don't know if you checked to see if there was another tower scope providing similar types of services. Right? But that's a good idea, right? So that

00:50:29.650 --> 00:50:33.450 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: so that you don't later find out that you

00:50:33.560 --> 00:50:43.940 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you you you can't do it, and you're at the end of a lawsuit, or you're forced to stop and rebrand under anything of that nature. Right? So so when to think 1 one time to think about things is

00:50:44.210 --> 00:50:59.550 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: alright. Are you using anybody else's property anytime you are using anybody else's property, whether it's an image or words, or or or a logo, or or anything of that nature, and in a product

00:50:59.810 --> 00:51:08.420 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you potentially could be infringing someones rights. And so that is a time to think about intellectual property. The other time

00:51:08.670 --> 00:51:12.410 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: that I thought of the is the converse. which is

00:51:14.530 --> 00:51:17.000 what would be important to you

00:51:18.150 --> 00:51:21.490 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: to stop if you found out that someone else started doing.

00:51:21.960 --> 00:51:28.000 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: In other words, if you found out that someone else was operating, you know,

00:51:28.210 --> 00:51:30.589 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: a podcast, called the hard skills.

00:51:30.910 --> 00:51:32.979 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: or

00:51:33.000 --> 00:51:46.430 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: or you know, a psychological consult consultancy. I can't say that either you know, called towerscope, or called power scope or tower scopes, or some variation right?

00:51:47.470 --> 00:51:56.169 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: where they were doing it right? So what if they're doing it in the Uk or Europe or China?

00:51:56.330 --> 00:52:09.330 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So where would it matter? And where would it not? And if you think, if you think about the instances where it would trouble you, then then an IP attorney could assist you with.

00:52:09.460 --> 00:52:11.989 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: How could I make sure that that won't happen.

00:52:12.700 --> 00:52:17.249 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: or in a more costly way? How could I address it when it does happen?

00:52:17.700 --> 00:52:30.109 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: So the idea is you you engage with with someone like me? Early on. Not necessarily to have to spend a lot of money or to do a lot of things.

00:52:30.170 --> 00:52:36.340 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: but to align on what it is you are doing and planning to do. And then, as you grow, you have.

00:52:36.510 --> 00:52:42.010 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know team member to go to on those issues. Hey? This came up. You know.

00:52:42.180 --> 00:52:47.380 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: this is what I'm trying to do next. This is how I'm expanding. So.

00:52:47.650 --> 00:52:54.639 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: you know, do I need to do anything here? And my most successful client relationships are those the ones where we have

00:52:54.720 --> 00:53:02.909 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: regular, not necessarily daily or weekly, but maybe quarterly communications where we regroup they tell me things that that are going on

00:53:03.370 --> 00:53:07.419 Matthew D. Asbell, Esq: and we align on what the next steps are if any

00:53:07.720 --> 00:53:30.629 Mira Brancu: that's super helpful guidance? And yes, tower, scope everyone out there don't step on it, because it is trademarked, that the Federal level can't step on it. Yeah. And and it's really like, because it was, it's such an important

00:53:30.740 --> 00:53:36.240 Mira Brancu: thing to me. Right? There's there's so much that goes under it. That's important. So

00:53:36.540 --> 00:53:45.619 Mira Brancu: and I, you know that is the same sort of way that I engaged in like, if I want to have other arms or other products under it.

00:53:45.700 --> 00:54:00.600 Mira Brancu: Right? What can I do? To protect that kind of information as well? Right? So that this has been really helpful, really great information. Very interesting in how you

00:54:00.600 --> 00:54:19.239 Mira Brancu: think about, you know, when you think about intellectual property, or you think about trademark. You're like, you know, that sounds boring. But you sort of think about it from a very broad big perspective about reputation and and communication and consistency, which I think, is how we should be going about thinking about

00:54:19.510 --> 00:54:36.559 Mira Brancu: these things, you know. Because, you know, why did we start our companies? Why did we, you know. Why do we have our organizations in the first place? So If you would like to learn more about Matthew as well, you can look him up on Linkedin

00:54:36.690 --> 00:54:50.250 Mira Brancu: right? And if you'd like to explore more about how my company and I can help you with leadership and team development services. You could check us out at Go towerscope, Com.

00:54:51.150 --> 00:54:56.860 Mira Brancu: and also make sure to look up. Matthew show on talkradio, Nyc in tangify

00:54:57.230 --> 00:55:02.360 Mira Brancu: you'll you'll definitely learn a lot. So, audience, what did you take away?

00:55:02.470 --> 00:55:07.140 Mira Brancu: But, more importantly, what is the one small change that you can implement this week

00:55:07.180 --> 00:55:09.170 Mira Brancu: based on what you learned from Matthew.

00:55:09.320 --> 00:55:19.189 Mira Brancu: Share it with us on Linkedin, at Mirabranku, or at talk radio Nyc. Or Matthew as well, and share it with us there so that we can share you on.

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00:55:41.520 --> 00:55:44.979 Mira Brancu: Thank you to talkradio, dot and Nyc for hosting.

00:55:45.000 --> 00:55:51.120 Mira Brancu: I'm Dr. Mira Branku, your host of the Hard skill show. Thank you for joining us today, Matthew.

00:55:51.500 --> 00:55:52.820 Mira Brancu: to have you

00:55:53.010 --> 00:55:57.559 Mira Brancu: and have a great rest of your day wherever you're tuning in from

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