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Friday, February 2, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/02 - GameChangers: Powering Communities Through Sports Philanthropy

Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/02 - GameChangers: Powering Communities Through Sports Philanthropy


2024/02/02 - GameChangers: Powering Communities Through Sports Philanthropy

[NEW EPISODE] GameChangers: Powering Communities Through Sports Philanthropy

Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am (EDT)


More knowledge and understanding about SPN and how they can get involved. They should listen because the sports community is abundant and plays a huge role in our society.

I'm a strategic growth advisor and fractional COO helping sports teams, athletes, non-profits and startup companies build better fan relationships around data and innovative collaboration while making their businesses more agile, efficient and sustainable. With 25 years experience and a proven track record leading cross-functional teams at the NHL, MLB Advanced Media and Disney Streaming Services, I excel at developing symbiotic partnerships, driving new revenue and transforming digital audiences. I'm passionate about building communities and enjoy content and product development, brand strategy and team-building.

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00:00:42.450 --> 00:00:51.820 Tommy DiMisa: wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Your boys! Back to nonprofit sector, Connector. Every single Friday morning I make the journey from the kitchen, where I get my coffee

00:00:51.870 --> 00:01:04.809 Tommy DiMisa: all the way up those 2 flights upstairs to get up to my attic just below the roof, your boy-time philanthropy and focus of the show, the nonprofit sector connector. That's the moniker that's the name

00:01:04.810 --> 00:01:26.500 Tommy DiMisa: that's the persona that's your boy Tommy D represent as best I can for the nonprofit sector, bringing the nonprofit sector together with the for-profit sector, bringing the nonprofit with nonprofits and putting them together for collaboration so that everybody is better off. Let me grab the coffee mug for you early. We'll get it going no big deal, just changing the world.

00:01:26.850 --> 00:01:28.129 Tommy DiMisa: no big deal

00:01:28.150 --> 00:01:35.459 Tommy DiMisa: just changing the world. Those are the people I hang out with people who are changing the world, who are making the world a better place. I was at the bank this morning.

00:01:35.970 --> 00:01:38.590 Tommy DiMisa: and I was just smiling like I do.

00:01:38.740 --> 00:01:42.899 Tommy DiMisa: and the banker wasn't as Smiley as I was, and

00:01:43.310 --> 00:01:58.710 Tommy DiMisa: she said, Well, you're so happy all the time, I said, well, not all the time, but nobody's gonna know when I'm not man, because who wants to hear that nonsense right? Nothing's perfect, but it's all about mindset, and that's what a lot of this show does for me is. Every single Friday morning I get to start my day

00:01:58.910 --> 00:02:20.670 Tommy DiMisa: with a leader of a nonprofit that's changing the world. I get to start my day with people who are on the front lines doing the work, making the world better, so serving those who are experiencing homelessness, who have food insecurity, concerns, who have different abilities and need education in different ways. They need deliverables. They need diapers, they need different things. So yesterday morning I had

00:02:20.810 --> 00:02:22.150 Tommy DiMisa: It was February first.

00:02:22.440 --> 00:02:51.070 Tommy DiMisa: and I had pancakes for breakfast. Shout out to my guests last week. Pancakes for Roger Susan Coles was on the program. I'm like texting her picture. Look! I'm eating my pancakes. How many pancakes am I getting in the month of February. Well, it's only the second I've had 3 pancakes so far, so we'll see what happens for the rest of the month. But I shared that, because that's that's how I started my day representing a nonprofit that was on this show. And then, later in the day, I went and visited with a friend of mine, will be on the show at some point. Andrea

00:02:51.070 --> 00:03:03.670 Tommy DiMisa: from the long beach. Martin Luther, King, Junior Center, okay. Community Center, serving seniors serving young young people in an after school setting. So that's what it's like when you're the nonprofit sector

00:03:03.700 --> 00:03:08.450 Tommy DiMisa: connector. Great pause, Tommy. I like that one, but that's what it's like. It's all about

00:03:08.480 --> 00:03:18.290 Tommy DiMisa: shining a light on the work. Nonprofits are doing it on the show. We do 2 things as I say, we help nonprofits tell their story and amplify their message. I'm extra excited today because this is like.

00:03:18.970 --> 00:03:40.260 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know. It feels like a home game or something like that, my friend Daryl and I. We get together every Friday morning to talk strategy. It's Friday afternoon. Excuse me to talk strategy, to connect to figure out what's going on in each other's world, each other's networks. Because we're connected through sports. We're connected through philanthropy. And we're gonna talk about that today. If you're not watching the show.

00:03:40.260 --> 00:03:49.090 Tommy DiMisa: it's blue, it's royal royal, blue and orange it is. Let's go mets. I don't know, Darryl, before we even get into it. How many days till pitchers and captures? It's February second.

00:03:49.090 --> 00:04:17.430 Darryl Haberman: it's less than a month away, I know, and and then the groundhouse didn't see his shadow or saw his shadow. I forget either way. Early spring is coming soon pictures and catches reporting within the next 30 days. Whose voice is that. That's my friend, Daryl Haberman. Darryl. What's up, brother? How are you? We're start talking before I even introduce you, my brother. I'm excited for you to be here. I've been looking forward to this one for all week, really, 3 weeks since we decided to do this. I think we were in our meeting our weekly, and we were like yo

00:04:17.519 --> 00:04:33.770 Tommy DiMisa: Why don't you just come on the show? Why don't you just come on the show? I mean to share right so much to share your your background in sports, your background with the Nhl, you know, done some work with Disney streaming services. Mlb. I mean, we are both met fans, and at this point in the year

00:04:34.230 --> 00:04:35.420 Tommy DiMisa: we're excited.

00:04:35.630 --> 00:04:53.899 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know how long that's going to last. I you know what I hate. By the way, let's go match. You know you have a scene. I don't hate it. I think it's very funny and cute, but you know that I think it's a family guy with that family guy episode where it goes. Okay, the first pitch at Shea Stadium, okay? And the season's over.

00:05:13.410 --> 00:05:14.140 Darryl Haberman: you know.

00:05:14.360 --> 00:05:39.139 Darryl Haberman: for mets fans we've been through. We've been through a lot. You kind of go go into it with some cautious optimism. But yeah, just thanks for having me time, and this has been already. A blast here, here, hearing you go go go on a soliloquy 5 min into the show, and now we're into the mets, and we barely even got started. But

00:05:39.140 --> 00:06:04.010 Tommy DiMisa: get started. Welcome to this show. This show is called Tommy Stream of consciousness, philanthropy and focus. II mean, Daryl, II to me, the people pay attention what we're doing because we're talking about important topics here on the show when we're talking about nonprofits that are making the world a better place. As I say. So, sir, how are you connected? First, even before how are you connected? We're gonna talk about sports, philanthropy network and events that are coming up. And you know, even maybe

00:06:04.010 --> 00:06:10.310 Tommy DiMisa: event that we talk about that happened back in December that you invited me to. And yeah, I was fortunate to meet a couple people. In fact.

00:06:10.310 --> 00:06:30.070 Tommy DiMisa: if I don't come to that event, I don't mean a Guy called Chris Noel. Chris Noelle doesn't introduce me to his colleague, Brian Martin. They were on the show 3 weeks ago, so gang, I tell you this all the time. It's all about networking. It's all about connecting a guy named Jeremy Stevenson, who I haven't talked to in a probably close to a year introduced Daryl and I sometimes in our relationships

00:06:30.070 --> 00:06:42.450 Tommy DiMisa: mit Ctl, and what we do is make connections for people. And that might be it. That might be the whole, that you know you may not be in touch with that person anymore. But now a whole new relationship through that introduction blossoms. So, Darryl, why don't we start with

00:06:42.470 --> 00:06:53.529 Tommy DiMisa: your background professionally? We could talk about, you know. We we both grew up, met fans. We didn't know each other then. We know each other now. So tell me a little bit about your background. I mean, you were a swimmer. Right? Let's talk all about that.

00:06:53.860 --> 00:07:11.000 Darryl Haberman: Sure. So yeah, really from a very, very early age grew up a huge sports fan. Playing playing with my friends on a on a dead End street about 12 homes. All of them had kids, me and my brother's age. So you know, you had

00:07:11.000 --> 00:07:31.680 Darryl Haberman: the pickup soccer and football games and hockey really, from an early age, but my dad was a sports. Junkie always had a big game on I went to Date Camp, and I was going to shay stadium as a as a little little kid, you know. I remember some some of my first games at 5, 6, 7 years old.

00:07:31.690 --> 00:07:46.380 Darryl Haberman: and around that time. That's when the Mets were good, you know, Daryl Strawberry, everyone used to say, Yeah, roll exactly. And then it became a little derisive because of

00:07:46.380 --> 00:08:10.409 Darryl Haberman: you know his his personality and got into a little bit of you know. Trouble along the way. But it's great to see, you know. Doc and Daryl getting retired this year. By the way, yeah, they're 2 different dates. I don't. I don't know them offhand. But yeah, so grew up with swimmer. You referenced that at age 5 I was already here, swimming

00:08:10.570 --> 00:08:14.390 Darryl Haberman: competitively on a private team in so talk it to

00:08:14.510 --> 00:08:36.289 Darryl Haberman: 3 village swim club. Tbsc, my school never, never had like a swimming program is kind of like a unofficial kind of club team sort of thing. But there was a very big and popular good. Well, run program called yeah. 3 Village Swim club. And II swam competitively from age 5 to

00:08:36.360 --> 00:08:51.410 Darryl Haberman: yeah. Senior Year high school. So II was. I was pretty good, made lots of great friends is a tight community between car pooling and swim meets and going to regionals. And I would, you know, III I'm not

00:08:51.520 --> 00:09:08.849 Darryl Haberman: not, gonna you know, to my horn. But I was pretty good up until about everyone surpassing me in height. I was I was on the smaller side. So when I was competing against people with the physique like Michael Phelps. I didn't really stand a chance. But anyway, yeah, played lacrosse soccer, hockey.

00:09:09.170 --> 00:09:12.299 Darryl Haberman: And I want to. I want to school.

00:09:12.460 --> 00:09:42.290 Darryl Haberman: thinking that I was gonna be a sports broadcaster had had those ambitions. I so my my program was a sports information and communication with a a deep. You know, sports management background Atifica College. And I did a lot of writing, reporting some TV radio work. That was fun. That was a great, great program. II inter out in La my second semester junior year at fox sports.

00:09:42.320 --> 00:10:10.189 Darryl Haberman: and for the last 25 years I've been working in the sports base. My! For 22 of those years. It was at National Hockey League, doing digital media content operations, work, grow in the platforms, talking to social media folks. A lot of planning production just about everything, working with third party vendors, graphic designers, marketing teams, the the 32 Nhl clubs content management

00:10:10.200 --> 00:10:16.930 Darryl Haberman: everything, everything. The you know, in a cross, functional way.

00:10:17.170 --> 00:10:31.610 Darryl Haberman: doing some fun. Events got to go to winter classics, all-star games. Stanley Cup finals was in the locker room. I was used to run a a draft chat with our first round pick, so I got to meet.

00:10:31.610 --> 00:10:50.710 Darryl Haberman: you know, Alex. So Vechkan and Connor Mcdavid, and a lot of the the the legends of the game already. And they're still playing. And speaking of legends, yeah, met Gordie Howe, Marie Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky! My, you know that was my world. Now. Now I'm agnostic. I'm as you know. I'm working in

00:10:50.730 --> 00:11:02.950 Darryl Haberman: a few different ventures doing a lot of sports marketing operations for some startup ventures. I'm very involved. On the innovation side of

00:11:03.070 --> 00:11:10.260 Darryl Haberman: of sports. And just it's all about, you know, how to better connect and build communities and good

00:11:10.310 --> 00:11:18.570 Darryl Haberman: good two-way relationships. I love that I mean, connect and community. I want to. I want to go back to that later on in the show at some point, because, I think, you know.

00:11:18.570 --> 00:11:43.210 Tommy DiMisa: shout out to like recoding different things like that that we're talking about some things that you're involved with. I think that connection and community. You saw something, you know, when you and I first got to know each other that there was this opportunity with the nonprofit sector. Because again, maybe you saw that because it's me and you go. That's relevant to this guy, I should talk about that obviously right. But if there is that community piece, but then there's that sports piece which look we saw, you know at the event we had up in

00:11:43.210 --> 00:11:49.060 Tommy DiMisa: all of them. You had really for sports, philanthropy network up at home last 2 months back. Now back in December.

00:11:49.100 --> 00:11:56.940 Tommy DiMisa: You see these nonprofits that are sports related nonprofits that have a mission to get kids out. You know

00:11:57.060 --> 00:12:02.780 Tommy DiMisa: I can't. I can't even remember why this is popping in my head that wasn't it former? First Lady

00:12:02.830 --> 00:12:31.709 Darryl Haberman: Michelle Obama? Was she the one with like 60 min play 60 or something like that? It. I think that was, yeah. Yeah, play 60 campaign. It was all about getting getting kids active and and and mentally sharp valuable teamwork and play together for sure, because of the child obesity, and and shout out to Mrs. Obama, if you ever want to come on philanthropy and focus, we'd love to have you. So we'll have your people call my people. We'll do launch that sort of thing right? Daryl.

00:12:31.710 --> 00:12:42.009 Darryl Haberman: So it works. Man, yeah, no, we're all one degree away, and they always say, you gotta shoot your shot right. That's it, man I. And I think it was

00:12:42.140 --> 00:12:48.000 Tommy DiMisa: You know it was an eminem. I'm I'm not. Gonna no, no, you know it was. It was Alexander Hamilton. Actually.

00:12:48.200 --> 00:12:55.609 Tommy DiMisa: I'm not gonna blow my shot right is nobody, said this Alexander Hamilton. If you're not checking it out gang, I get the funko. Alexander Hamilton.

00:12:55.610 --> 00:13:18.980 Tommy DiMisa: I love that. That might be Tommy Demi, uncanny resemblance. You know, version of Alexander Hamilton. I bought this because it reminds me of me, Darryl. That's you know exactly. There's a bit of it's like, look, it's like looking in a rubber mirror. Oh, Tommy DI am your biggest fan alright. So

00:13:19.000 --> 00:13:40.699 Tommy DiMisa: I there's so much here, I said. Connection and community I want to get into that. We'll talk about record. You wanna talk sports philanthropy network when we come back. I wanna mention Ed Randall, because, you know, you talked that you did some on air time. It sounds like yourself, and you know, thought about becoming a broadcaster, maybe as a profession. Ed Randall's been on the show. You said you're talking baseball. But now he does series for the Mets and Yankees

00:13:40.740 --> 00:13:45.190 Tommy DiMisa: and not, you know, his organization around prostate cancer.

00:13:45.250 --> 00:13:55.619 Tommy DiMisa: Fans fans for the cure which we've talked about, you know. Make sure guys get screened, anyway, so many ideas popping into my head. So we'll try to get into as many of them as as we have time for.

00:13:55.680 --> 00:14:10.200 Tommy DiMisa: Daryl, II want to ask you more questions about your background. When we come back I want to talk about the events that you have coming up, the events we've done in the past, and some of the stuff you and I strategize around that's appropriate to share. I will get into that, too. I do before we do that.

00:14:10.300 --> 00:14:14.799 Tommy DiMisa: before we get into that, I want to just say, Docs, Doc Gooden

00:14:14.810 --> 00:14:18.210 Tommy DiMisa: is number 16 ceremonially. April fourteenth.

00:14:18.220 --> 00:14:47.330 Tommy DiMisa: So, Daryl, you and I should figure out, bring some of the kids out to that event. April fourteenth of this year 24, and then Darrell Strawberry, number 18 will be raised to the rafters on June first at city field, so that city field that's this ballpark we have over in Flushing queens getting. We'll talk to you about a shout out, Hey, Uncle Steve! Uncle Steve, Daryl and I will be there. Maybe we can get a photo. OP with you. Alright. Let's go to a quick break. The show is philanthropy and focus your voice and nonprofit sector connector. And my friend Daryl Haberman is here right back.

00:16:56.590 --> 00:17:26.079 Tommy DiMisa: Although I did say this year, I think we're gonna turn into a Reggae song. So I actually talking to my cousin Danny. You know the Christmas holiday, and was saying, Hey, man, you know, I think I wanna make my own song. And he's actually a former rapper used to wrap under on the name Master Mods mau z so check out my cousin, Danny Maltz. I guess if you wanna check him out but I'm gonna check him out. We're gonna

00:17:26.200 --> 00:17:49.600 Tommy DiMisa: you know. We're gonna redo the song a little bit with like a kind of a reggae thing going on. Oh, by the way, that Bob Mar Bob Marley movie comes out pretty soon. I think it comes out this this month, Daryl, I don't know if if you're into seeing that. But II wanna see that. Let's go to this. I like, I like Marley. I was in Jamaica last year. Oh, always trying. I mean, not the the traditional Reggae fan. But

00:17:49.600 --> 00:18:14.239 Darryl Haberman: when Bob Marley is on, how could you not like really appreciate the the essence of transcended right. That's one of the things that train sends. I don't really care what you mentioned, Uncle Brendan Levy, is that the Brendan leave you that that you and I know he came up with that jingle. So listen. You might not know this, and I haven't brought it up on the program a long time, and I'm glad you asked, because next time his band is performing.

00:18:14.240 --> 00:18:19.620 Tommy DiMisa: performing actually got to find my phone because he told me when they're performing again. He's got a band called

00:18:19.640 --> 00:18:35.450 Tommy DiMisa: They used to be called the Goods. They had a record deal back in the day back in like the Ninetys, and they, you know, they were like they were legit band, you know, like had followers. That guys did shows the whole thing. And this is a while back. So now they call themselves no longer call themselves

00:18:35.860 --> 00:18:53.129 Tommy DiMisa: the goods they call themselves damaged goods. So I thought you would like that. I thought, that's one, let me tell you, Brendan can rock, man, they're they're great to see. I gotta look up and see when they're actually playing. Here's my I'll let you know, because, you know, he's getting some publicity now. 3, 2.

00:18:53.150 --> 00:18:57.279 Tommy DiMisa: That means March second at docs in

00:18:57.470 --> 00:19:11.000 Tommy DiMisa: Island Park out here on Long Island. Shout out to damage goods. I always love those guys. My wife and I like to rock out actually brought my kids to one of those shows. Recently, I think it was right before the holidays. Same place down in Island Park. All right. Let me ask you this, Darryl.

00:19:12.130 --> 00:19:25.169 Tommy DiMisa: No, I like I get like in my own head like this matters what I'm about to say, like anybody's going to go like. Oh, now I'm at a Tommy D, but like not to not to be rude to different sports and stuff like that, right?

00:19:25.170 --> 00:19:47.289 Tommy DiMisa: But those nhl guys, man, they seem like they are the baddest of badasses out there, man, you met all these guys and stuff. They just seem like tough guys. And maybe maybe it's because some of them don't have their teeth because they got knocked out. Maybe it's because if you look back at that game and all games, equipment and safety has changed. But in that game we're even in our own era. Well, like my my grandfather

00:19:47.350 --> 00:20:11.790 Tommy DiMisa: was passed a number of years ago, played semi pro football, but back back in like the forties, or something like that. Right? They B basically had like this pick like a hat like a baseball hat. They had nothing on right. His nose was all jammed up because that amount of times it got broken. But that was before our era of being alive, you and me. But the hockey guys like I remember these guys like skating around on the ice with no protective helmet? Nothing.

00:20:11.920 --> 00:20:37.489 Tommy DiMisa: And is it? That is the fact that it even growing up playing like on Sega Genesis. There was like, actually in the game. You could fight like the guys in the hockey game could fight. That's that's just that. Just seems like they're tough. So is it the fact that a lot of guys get the teeth knocked out? Is it a fact? When I'm at the game? And they? You literally jam another guy into the boards like it is a physical game. Of course we're right here a week away

00:20:37.590 --> 00:20:40.869 Tommy DiMisa: from the Super Bowl. So talk about tough games.

00:20:41.280 --> 00:20:57.179 Tommy DiMisa: Wh, what do you think are those guys in meeting them? Just really tough? Son of a guns compared to other sports? If you even want to compare, or just what do you think? Are they tough? Obviously. No, I mean, they're very tough and skilled on the ice. But really, the hockey player

00:20:57.180 --> 00:21:14.300 Darryl Haberman: is is, they're some of the best people to be honest. I got to got to know them. They're usually very, very community minded always go back home, or they they're from Canada. They go back to the cottage, or even if the the European crowd.

00:21:14.300 --> 00:21:27.439 Darryl Haberman: the the Swedes and and and Finnish players are are are spending their summers back back home. If they win this Stanley Cup or get honors, they they always go back to

00:21:27.450 --> 00:21:42.969 Darryl Haberman: their club teams or where they grew up. But the they are definitely the tough and strong personalities on the ice. But off the ice they are. You know, Teddy bears I mentioned you know, Gordy, how I remember

00:21:42.990 --> 00:22:12.419 Darryl Haberman: you, you know whether you're a hockey historian or not. But all these guys have the firmest of firm handshakes. I mean, we're talking like meaty pause. II remember the era, you know. Listen, I've been a hockey fan. Really, since H. 3 or 4, I grew up on the Islanders dynasty. My dad? Yeah, II remember that. So I I'm trying to remember because I was born in 78. I think you are you born? You're ahead of your older

00:22:13.020 --> 00:22:17.100 Tommy DiMisa: like literally. Literally, I remember, like my grandfather.

00:22:17.150 --> 00:22:31.409 Tommy DiMisa: my my mother's father, my pop, the same guy. It was a semi pro football player sitting on the couch with my old man. My father hates when I call my old man, but my dad. And you know, in those in those series, Mike Bossy, you you're gonna remember names. I'm not but

00:22:31.410 --> 00:22:56.670 Tommy DiMisa: But I remember that. But like I was, only I mean we're talking early. It's unfortunate they haven't had this dynasty run when we have vivid recollection, and we're so close to the action walking in and seen it on the TV. But I don't but cause even I remember 86 right now. Let's go back to let's go back to Flushing for a second, like I remember that I remember vividly, like A.

00:22:56.670 --> 00:23:07.030 Tommy DiMisa: A, a little black and white TV in the kitchen. In my parents house again in Franklin Square, and it was just like seeing that. But I was only 7 or 8

00:23:07.030 --> 00:23:26.230 Tommy DiMisa: now I see. You know I got an 8 year old in the house. He's aware of stuff. He knows stuff. He's gonna remember stuff, but I don't remember it as if I was like shut out to my business partner. Red probes big big met. Fan, who was, you know, is just about 10 years older than I am, 9 or 10 years old, and I. So he's in his teens. He remembers 86. He was at those games in 86, anyway. My point is.

00:23:26.230 --> 00:23:42.580 Darryl Haberman: I remember this stuff. I'm aware of it. But you, you know, you have more of a memory of it like it was, yeah a re, a recollection for sure. You know, because there were lots of games now. I didn't go to a ton of games as a as a young kid, but my dad company had

00:23:42.580 --> 00:23:47.799 Darryl Haberman: season tickets, but I remember going Don Hempstead turnpike to the wine gallery for

00:23:47.800 --> 00:24:06.540 Darryl Haberman: good dinners before the game, and then during the game had to drive for 5 phone finger had all the you know the pennants. But yeah, I got the posters and everything. From my dad going you into games wh? When we weren't in attendance and coming back, and

00:24:06.540 --> 00:24:20.359 Darryl Haberman: and you either, you know, gifting us stuff. But my! My early memories are, as I mentioned, playing hockey as a kid and and wanting to be these guys that were just so.

00:24:20.400 --> 00:24:31.930 Darryl Haberman: Superstars on the ice. I mean, the islanders run 19 consecutive playoff series wins. It's insane, that hall of famers, I you know thankfully, in my

00:24:31.930 --> 00:24:51.390 Darryl Haberman: job at the Nhl. When I mentioned I was going to tempo events, I got to meet literally everyone connected to those dynasty error teams. Like I had an interview. I did an interview with Al Arbor. I met Clark Gillies at at a bar. I, Mike Bossy, Brian Tracier, Butch Goring.

00:24:51.440 --> 00:25:18.000 Darryl Haberman: Dennis Podf, and Billy Smith all on down the line. It was so such a tremendous thrill! And did. Then you hear stories? And I'm like, Yeah, I wish I was just a little bit older. But yeah, my my my sports connections. And and the love of hockey and athletics. Competition like you say, I got to appreciate the nhl personalities and the the

00:25:18.000 --> 00:25:24.359 Darryl Haberman: the icons of the game are are really, you know, well spoken articulate air about their sport.

00:25:24.610 --> 00:25:28.130 Darryl Haberman: It's not. It's not uncommon in sports that

00:25:28.490 --> 00:25:51.780 Darryl Haberman: people give back, but I think the the nhl, they always talk about the team first. It's like it's not the name on the back. It's the name on the front, but they are, they are really good guys to talk about, and I've had, you know, one on ones, or or exclusive interviews with a lot of the top end players in the League.

00:25:51.780 --> 00:26:18.070 Darryl Haberman: And yeah, I never get like that. That this guy's a celebrity. Oh, this guy's an answer. He's too good, or it's like they they're comfortable in their own skin, and they're not fake they generally are relaxed. And when you show them, you know that you're fan and and you're you've not only done your research and prep for an interview, but you actually have, you know, lots of lots of good

00:26:18.140 --> 00:26:44.219 Darryl Haberman:  you know questions or genuine intrigue about their backgrounds. They deal, they'll they'll start revealing themselves more. So so I've I've had that I've had the opportunity to, you know. See these guys kind of behind the scenes without the cameras on, too. They, you know, they goof balls. They like to like to have fun. And and you know. Maybe throw down a couple of beers or something like that for the most.

00:26:44.220 --> 00:26:58.609 Darryl Haberman: For the most part, you know, that's that's yeah. They're humans. But I never got the. I never got the sense that these guys were any different than you know. Some of the basketball players that I've come to know. And football players.

00:26:58.610 --> 00:27:17.100 Darryl Haberman: You know, tennis stars. All that stuff I there needs to be a documentary, by the way, on Netflix soon about. You know some of these hockey guys. I know there's some stuff, but like I love some of the Netflix docs, I don't know if you've been seeing. What do you want this documentary to be about specifically about?

00:27:17.330 --> 00:27:30.550 Darryl Haberman: Well, I mean again. So some, unless you, your teams, were in the winter classic and and the Nhl does a documentary about these these teams preparing for battle outside in the Majestic.

00:27:30.590 --> 00:27:38.230 Darryl Haberman: you know, baseball or football venues. There's just so many personalities, certainly, that

00:27:38.420 --> 00:27:54.030 Tommy DiMisa: if you got to follow them for a whole season and appreciate it. What they, what they're doing, what their family lives like, where they grow up. What about like? Maybe like. So I'm here. And you say, like background stories. And I love all that I love like. There used to be a show

00:27:54.520 --> 00:27:56.230 Tommy DiMisa: on. I think it was on A and E.

00:27:56.240 --> 00:28:01.420 Tommy DiMisa: Biography used to love to watch that show biography. Yeah,

00:28:01.550 --> 00:28:19.879 Darryl Haberman: but I'm and I'm wondering if you're talking about like a hard knocks for the nhl to, though man is there? Yeah, I mean that that they're they've kind of done that in short form. But I'm talking about if you've watched some of the you know the golf specials or the golf documentaries, or

00:28:19.880 --> 00:28:34.240 Darryl Haberman: the ones about the the the the tennis. I'm I'm blanking I'm blanking on the names but there's a lot of they did one about for a whole season. They didn't want about golf.

00:28:34.360 --> 00:28:55.260 Darryl Haberman: They did a tennis one. Now they're down. They're coming back with the new season, and they're they talk about personalities. And when you're playing your phone and and the gearing up for the next match, and then they talk to them at literally 5 min after wins or or losses. So that's very unique perspective. And you've gotten to know.

00:28:55.290 --> 00:29:13.210 Darryl Haberman: you know, emotionally, really, what these guys go through and and gals go through. And I think that I think it's just tremendous. I could watch a a good sports documentary. I watched the one about the I'm watching the one with the captains of the the world. The World Cup one

00:29:13.210 --> 00:29:35.000 Darryl Haberman: with my son. We watched the one on David Beckham. Yeah, to series you should definitely check it out. But those are that that's fun viewing for me, and that also, you know, it's engrossing. It's good for my kid. It's good that you and a kick could share. It's good stories, and it's not, you know.

00:29:35.190 --> 00:29:45.270 Tommy DiMisa: dramatic television or com comedic television has its place, too. But like, if these things are done. Well, you know, these docs, these docu documentary type.

00:29:45.270 --> 00:30:09.179 Tommy DiMisa: you know, there's an arc to the story where it's a real person, and we're hearing what they went through, and often I I'm imagining that it's hey. We had this difficulty, and then we had this difficulty, and then we had this difficulty, and we overcame, and we overcame because there is drama to that in real life. Right? And I don't mean drama in like oh, it was drama. No, I mean, like the the drama of life that you know we have to. It's not.

00:30:09.230 --> 00:30:26.200 Tommy DiMisa: you know, get knocked down 7 times. Get up 8. All this kind of stuff that you know we hear about. That's what it we gotta go to break real. Make one more point, because I know you want to respond. Yeah, no, no, no, that you're that's exactly it. No one has a as a perfect life. They've they've taken advantage of their skill, set their opportunities there

00:30:26.270 --> 00:30:30.860 Darryl Haberman: their mental fortitude. And and that's why they've they're they're playing at the highest level.

00:30:31.080 --> 00:30:42.820 Tommy DiMisa: I love it. We are going to take a break. But I saw this thing the other day. I want to just say, because it's in my head. The other day I saw a video on, I think it was Instagram or something. It was Kobe Bryant talking about at the age of 12.

00:30:42.990 --> 00:30:58.559 Tommy DiMisa: He was not a very good basketball player, and at the age of 14. He was the number one ranked player in the State. 12 to 14, and he said it wasn't because he went to the gym once a week for an hour or twice a week, at a practice for an hour and a half.

00:30:58.580 --> 00:31:00.900 Tommy DiMisa: 2 to 3 h every day

00:31:00.990 --> 00:31:11.569 Tommy DiMisa: every day consistently. And then you list. There's natural talent. Okay, so, but there's also you gotta put in the time. And I was telling this got me in trouble the other night.

00:31:11.940 --> 00:31:32.080 Tommy DiMisa: I was actually so on a phone call with, we joined the Jccc. In the neighborhood and I was on a phone call with my buddy, Haran O. Hargrave, and I was telling him. I can only stay on this meeting with you till 8 30 tonight, because I told this Kobe Bryant story, and my son wants to go to the Jccc. Tonight before they close to play ball, so I had to both my boys

00:31:32.080 --> 00:31:45.509 Tommy DiMisa: till just about 100'clock on on Tuesday, Wednesday night of this week, getting out there shooting around. So be careful. You tell your kids it might end up in the Jccc. Till 100'clock at night. We'll take a quick break, darren Tommy in the attic.

00:33:40.040 --> 00:33:45.760 doing. Tommy, in his attic like budget attitudes.

00:33:46.630 --> 00:34:01.570 Tommy DiMisa: Dial. Abram is here, my buddy. He is a sports guy, you know. There, there, Daryl, I'm thinking that something. When I said sports, Guy reminded me of Craig Cordon, and I don't know why I think they used to show sports guys.

00:34:01.570 --> 00:34:28.560 Tommy DiMisa: You and I should probably do show once a month and just Riff and talk about different things. I'm thinking we'd have fun with that. Yeah, we know some people. And yeah, sounds like fun programming happy to ideate offline in our regularly scheduled meeting. Alright. So sports philanthropy network. Let's talk about this. Let's talk about your connection to it. I mean, obviously, we, we really established some parts of your story and your background and things like that.

00:34:28.610 --> 00:34:33.710 Tommy DiMisa: How did this even come into your purview? The sports, philanthropy network? How did they come up for you?

00:34:33.980 --> 00:34:48.550 Darryl Haberman: Well, and this is similar to how Jeremy or why Jeremy connected me to you is I, you know, for as a strategic adviser, as someone who was interested in serving some boards.

00:34:48.600 --> 00:35:12.090 Darryl Haberman: thinking about what I was passionate about what I knew. What I could lend a hand in and best support. Of course you know, sports is is right there. So when the opportunity came up, and I've got to know the founders of the of Spn. And and working and collaborating with some people that had also.

00:35:12.100 --> 00:35:23.480 Darryl Haberman: you know, heard about it, and they were starting to build some chapters around the country it. There was definitely a, you know, an opportunity and and sort of a

00:35:23.500 --> 00:35:44.159 Darryl Haberman: a natural progression that I would be part of building out the New York City chapter. we. We now have a good strong nimble team, and you know, actually, in in an hour and a half or so I'll be jumping on with with some of my

00:35:44.210 --> 00:36:00.139 Darryl Haberman: colleagues that are helping around. You know some of the communications, the marketing initiatives that that we're looking to do. And that's you know, that's my background. So I'm heading up that committee while serving on on the Leadership Council. The New York City

00:36:00.290 --> 00:36:01.950 Darryl Haberman: sports philanthropy network chapter.

00:36:02.060 --> 00:36:24.749 Tommy DiMisa: I love it. So the website gang is sports philanthropy network org. And I'm going to read you a little bit. Sports philanthropy Network's mission is to build a pipeline of philanthropy through our chapters, task forces and sports philanthropy, Academy. We empower athletes, influencers, business executives and nonprofit leaders, to leverage, the transformative power of sports

00:36:24.800 --> 00:36:33.730 Tommy DiMisa: or social impact. We support other nonprofits by providing education and professional development training help them maximize their community. Impact.

00:36:34.010 --> 00:37:03.780 Tommy DiMisa: Wow. I love it. I mean, by the way, I think I told you last week I want to become an ambassador of this. I want to become a member. So let's just do that. We'll do that this afternoon. We'll work that out because I mean nothing better than an organization connected to the sports world connected to nonprofit world and trying to not only uplift the communities but also uplift other nonprofit organizations. And when you go out and name yourself the nonprofit sector, connector. You better be involved with organizations like this makes real impact. I mean, I was thinking yesterday when I was at the Mlk Center

00:37:03.780 --> 00:37:20.650 Tommy DiMisa: down in Long beach out here on Long Island, I was like, Oh, man, I talked to my boy H. 20, I gotta get him out here and run some kind of basketball clinic for the kids in in the community here in Long Beach. And it's just like it's this, it's putting this together. And you and I even talked about it, Daryl. We talked about that opportunity where we would put together.

00:37:21.210 --> 00:37:22.579 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, kind of a

00:37:22.640 --> 00:37:50.499 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know. I this term is so overused. So I'm not gonna say mastermind, but like a group of really sharp people who get together and could support each other in some efforts, you know, that are connected to sports world. And you know, you and I talked about, we're gonna put together a zoom call, you know, a dozen to 18 people that we think can really impact and support each other. And and probably those people belong in the sports philanthropy network of I don't know. They're all gonna be in New York, but of whatever community. So it's just a ripple effect, you know. So I'm rambling.

00:37:50.660 --> 00:38:13.469 Darryl Haberman: Well, that then that's the December fourth event that you came out to we would there were 10 sports nonprofit organizations that came out to mittens. You know, one of the oldest chat clubs in in the Us. And it was. It was fascinating to not only hear from the executive directors and and people that are working in the communities, but

00:38:13.470 --> 00:38:30.349 Darryl Haberman: that's the whole thing. They're looking for a little bit more thought leadership, or people that can help amplify their message. It's not just the nonprofit nonprofit sector connector. But you know it's the you know the Daryl's and marks and leases that are in that room

00:38:30.350 --> 00:38:56.189 Darryl Haberman: talking to them that have the capacity or the ability to serve in a meaningful board position, or make that introduction to someone that can help facilitate. You know better marketing programs or you know. There, there's that idea exchange. That's really, that's the professional development, the educational tools.

00:38:56.220 --> 00:39:00.949 Darryl Haberman: the Academy approach to alright. We're we're not only here to

00:39:01.080 --> 00:39:12.729 Darryl Haberman: help give you a platform. But we're also going to make sure that you have everything in your toolkit so that you can, you know best. Go about your business and your mission.

00:39:12.900 --> 00:39:18.980 Tommy DiMisa: I love that. And I'm going to share while you're going through this a little more. I'm going to share the website for those who are watching this on video on some

00:39:19.160 --> 00:39:31.699 Tommy DiMisa: some platform that we're streaming live on, which is twitch or Youtube or Facebook. And there's probably probably Linkedin, I think, to Logan will help me if I'm wrong. But you'll see this is sports philanthropy networked org.

00:39:31.840 --> 00:39:39.949 Tommy DiMisa: And you could check this out, Darryl. Talk to me, you know a little bit more about the event on December fourth, because, you know, it was a great experience for me to come through.

00:39:40.000 --> 00:39:53.839 Tommy DiMisa: I said earlier, I met my friend Chris Noel there, who is a coach of New York rolling fury, which is a wheelchair basketball team. And really, what that organization is doing is building impact for

00:39:53.960 --> 00:40:00.269 Tommy DiMisa: for young people who are in a wheelchair to play at the collegiate level. And then we had

00:40:00.320 --> 00:40:27.679 Tommy DiMisa: Ryan Martin, his colleague from Cuny. That was on the show that runs all the adaptive sports programs at Cuny City University in New York. I mean, got it. I gotta tell you. I even know these things existed. And that's what happens about coming to events like yours, you know, coming to that event on December fourth. So some of this stuff and I'm gonna switch out for a second because I want to go into the New York piece on the on the website. But tell me, you know, what was the ambition for the night of December fourth. And where do you see more opportunity like that.

00:40:28.510 --> 00:40:47.660 Darryl Haberman: So that was our kickoff event. That was our first, ever New York City event we. It was called the You know, New York city showcase, because again, we were showcasing these 10 nonprofits and starting to really lay out what we were looking to do in the community. And now we're

00:40:47.660 --> 00:40:59.800 Darryl Haberman: where we're we're already onto planning our next event next month in support of Black History month. We're going to have a panel together. At a place down

00:40:59.820 --> 00:41:07.080 Darryl Haberman: nomad in in Manhattan, where it will be a panel discussion and a networking event with some of the

00:41:07.090 --> 00:41:28.320 Darryl Haberman: you know, the the black and brown leaders in the in the community, ones that have worked in in corporate America or supporting nonprofits, and and talked about their challenges and talked about what? What good they've been able to bring the social impact piece and and really, just, you know, impart some of their expertise.

00:41:28.680 --> 00:41:48.959 Darryl Haberman: Are you able to to talk about the dates on that yet, or we can forward. Yes, it's yeah. February twenty-onest. So that's a couple of weeks out. Okay. February 25. Yeah. February twenty-onest. We'll have like I said, 3 to 4 panelists. we're we're we're we're trying to nail down a couple of other details, as far as you know.

00:41:48.960 --> 00:41:59.360 Darryl Haberman: pricing and and still talking about sponsor opportunities and all that good jazz. But yeah, from 6 30 to 9 30 pm. On February twenty-first

00:41:59.360 --> 00:42:12.719 Darryl Haberman: down at Plume which is below the ivory peacock, which is actually a really cool bar. I don't know if you like, gin, but apparently they have the most amount of gin

00:42:12.720 --> 00:42:18.150 Darryl Haberman: kinds or varieties in in the US. So it's a really cool like

00:42:18.150 --> 00:42:43.039 Darryl Haberman: a vibe, and we got some some space downstairs that can support 150 people. So make sure you start. Well, I give you the green light we could start sound in the alarm. But right, I will be there, you know. It's it's important for me to be there, and that is a Wednesday night. It's actually Darryl, because you and I knew this is on my calendar.

00:42:43.040 --> 00:42:50.070 Tommy DiMisa: As I look at outlook right now. It's already on my calendar, and I'm excited to be there. I'm excited to help promote it.

00:42:50.070 --> 00:43:09.619 Tommy DiMisa: and whatever I can do to to lay a little bit of support from the philanthropy and focus community. We're happy to do so. Shout out, I gotta make a shout out to the nonprofit resource Hub, which I want you to connect with my friend Alison, laughs Leader, who is our executive director of the nonprofit resource hub, because once we make sports philanthropy network

00:43:09.740 --> 00:43:19.849 Tommy DiMisa: on a whole, and of New York as a member of which is a free membership. If you're a nonprofit organization to connect with the nonprofit resource, Hub, go to nonprofit resource, Huborg.

00:43:20.000 --> 00:43:26.520 Tommy DiMisa: or send me a note. Tommy D. At philanthropy and focus is email at flanance being PAH.

00:43:26.540 --> 00:43:41.820 Tommy DiMisa: Let's start again. Tommy. Tommy d at philanthropy and focuscom phocos is how you spell focus in the attic and then hit me up on on Instagram. I love Instagram. It's fun. Tommy, d Nyc, I like to put pictures of cool stuff that's going on on there, and

00:43:41.820 --> 00:43:59.940 Tommy DiMisa: I look forward to connecting with more people there. So, Daryl. I think I lost my train of thought there for a second. Oh, let's get you connected because I want the support from the nonprofit resource, Hub, because once you're a nonprofit member, which again, at no cost, will help promote the event that you have coming up on the twenty-first. So let's make sure you and Alison connect on that.

00:44:00.360 --> 00:44:19.120 Tommy DiMisa: No, I'm running a live show here, but we're networking at the same time, and things have to happen. You gotta get it in the moment you gotta make it happen, you gotta make those connections. So so that's what I'd encourage you all to do. And I gave you some contact info. So if you do want to connect with me, make it happen, Dow, when we come back I wanna talk. We're gonna take another break. We take breaks on the show as part of the thing

00:44:19.260 --> 00:44:20.440 Tommy DiMisa: when we come back.

00:44:20.690 --> 00:44:37.099 Tommy DiMisa: I wanna just talk about the future of sports, philanthropy, network of New York how we can help, how we can. I mean, I'm gonna be out in Arizona next week. I'm gonna be at that waste management golf thing next. So maybe the Arizona contingent wants to connect with me when I'm out in Arizona flying out Monday morning.

00:44:37.190 --> 00:44:49.879 Tommy DiMisa: But you know we got to talk when we come back the future of that. But I also want you to drop a little rakoti on everybody, because I'd like you to give give Ricotie kind of a wink and a nod about what's going on. What's R. Cody? You'll have to wait till a commercial break, and you'll find out right back.

00:46:48.080 --> 00:47:17.419 Tommy DiMisa: We're back on a portion of the show that I have decided to call at certain times the lightning round, because I always wanted to be a game show host, and this is always where I feel like I still have an hour's worth of content. We got 6 or 7 min to make it happen, so we gotta do it. Dial lightning. Really quick, quick, quick! So I I'm actually looking at the the this Phoenix. It's the waste management, Phoenix open, which is where I'm gonna be next week. I've never been, I've heard it's like a heck of a party I've heard it's like no other golf

00:47:17.420 --> 00:47:36.730 Tommy DiMisa: event or tournament, and I've never been at any golf events, anyway, other than you know when I play and don't do a great job playing in golf but this is supposedly like a wild event. Darrell, you you knew about as soon as I said it. Right? Yeah, no, it's this is a bunch of

00:47:36.790 --> 00:47:57.799 Darryl Haberman: Bros, really having fun drinking beers celebrating great shots. It's loud, it's raucous. You will not think that you're at a golf event. In fact, it's encouraged. So yeah, when you told me you were going, I was like thinking about all the great stories and visuals I've seen over the years, but it keeps getting bigger, better, and louder.

00:47:57.800 --> 00:48:16.710 Tommy DiMisa: Well, III have a friend who's out there, who we do some work together, and you know, he lives out in Sedona, and I think I'm gonna have an opportunity to hook up with him, and and, you know, check out. I think he said something about Etv's one day. I don't know. Oh, yeah. So so Dona is gorgeous you do some hiking. I definitely get on that. Atv.

00:48:16.710 --> 00:48:18.980 Tommy DiMisa: I think I got an idea for you.

00:48:19.170 --> 00:48:25.829 Tommy DiMisa: This thing sounds pretty awesome. And actually a company that we do some business with is sending us out there kind of as a reward.

00:48:25.830 --> 00:48:50.269 Tommy DiMisa: and I'm thinking you and I should go there next year, cause it sounds like it's something you'd be into, and cause I'm cause I'm a Bro right? I don't know because you and I love go. I mean, I love golf. We gotta start playing more. We have to play you, and I've never gone out together. We're gonna go out. We play adding golf, you know, Monday golf where I can't play weekend golf man with the kids and stuff like that. Not that I can't. I don't want to.

00:48:50.270 --> 00:49:04.870 Tommy DiMisa: I don't wanna like lose a whole day when I could be spending time. So I talked to me when I said it. You like. Oh, that'd be a great recording story. So let's hit me with some recording, and then we're gonna go back and and kind of close on watch philanthropy. Alright.

00:49:04.980 --> 00:49:30.880 Darryl Haberman: Okay. So yeah, no, I mean it. It. So so Rakody is a platform that's that's soon to be launched that you're connected. You're you've gotten some, some, some Intel, but really for the for the audience, it's a it's a unique opportunity for those tier one sports teams or leagues, or even an individual athlete, to better connect with

00:49:30.880 --> 00:49:53.440 Darryl Haberman: the the fans around content. So every you will have your cell phone, of course. When you go to Phoenix and you'll be recording content. You'll have some perspectives, some thoughts, your stories, you know. What got you there the before during after. So really, in chronicling sports and talking about your love, your passion, who you were with

00:49:53.450 --> 00:50:15.510 Darryl Haberman: while you were there? That content is the content that needs to be shared. So where Cody's going to be a platform that allows teams and athletes and even venues to invite fans in to share their stories and to then use their stories, their their videos, their photos, even animated gifts, and their commentary to

00:50:15.510 --> 00:50:25.080 Darryl Haberman: build some fun digital scrapbooks. Together, we will be leveraging AI to paint more of that emotional fan profile

00:50:25.080 --> 00:50:52.019 Darryl Haberman: so that it's really starts. But developing more of that 2 way relationship where you know about the team and can support the team. Yeah, authentically, not to worry about. You know some of the things that happen on social media, and you'll be incentivized to keep sharing, and and you might even be promoted. for you know, on their social media or jump venue jumbotrons and things like that. So really.

00:50:52.020 --> 00:50:58.510 Darryl Haberman: our secret sauce is is giving our our teams, our our clients

00:50:58.860 --> 00:51:12.709 Darryl Haberman: the ability to work more symbiotically with their audience and and and create more sticky opportunities. So that there's better marketing. Roi. There's better sponsor money. And there's that fun

00:51:12.710 --> 00:51:32.920 Darryl Haberman: community building piece and you could gamify you and incentivize lots of different ways when you have a good cohesive ecosystem, and that's that's the Rakoti platform. It says ostensibly a a sales and marketing platform that you know, teams, no matter what shape and size and sport can can utilize.

00:51:33.070 --> 00:51:50.700 Tommy DiMisa: And so if if somebody wants more information about Rakoti, whether, like they maybe they're a prospective customer client, you know, sports team and association and organization, or you know, otherwise, maybe they're just interested in learning more from a business opportunity perspective. How do they do that? Did they go through you?

00:51:51.130 --> 00:52:06.210 Darryl Haberman: Yeah, certainly. Hit us up. Hit me up Darryl, DARR YL at Rakote, RIKO., or Ricotecom is is has the goods

00:52:06.320 --> 00:52:17.009 Darryl Haberman: so you could check us out and and and learn some more details. Some get to know the team, the the the founder Andrew, who you've met Tommy.

00:52:17.060 --> 00:52:37.389 Darryl Haberman: yeah, that's really it. And then we do have some some collateral and resources. If you're interested in investment opportunities. And also if you think there's a strategic partnership. We'd love to get on the horn, set up a zoom call or or meet here in person. If you're you, you dwell in New York City or Long Island.

00:52:37.410 --> 00:52:57.730 Tommy DiMisa: Absolutely. And II did. I did invest a few dollars into the company. So I'm excited about that. So I yeah, yes, and and glad to meet you, Andrew. And I see this as a really fun and cool opportunity. So if people want to learn more, obviously, Daryl shared his info. If you if you missed it, rewind this, it'll say, Darryl Cody.

00:52:57.800 --> 00:53:11.740 Tommy DiMisa: Alright. So, Dara, let's let's leave him with something about sports philanthropy network here in New York. What do you think? What do you? What can happen? What in your mind's eye, if you? I like to do this, I like to project myself into the future right?

00:53:11.780 --> 00:53:23.299 Tommy DiMisa: If you project yourself into future 18 to 24 months. What do you see here in New York that that the organization is going to be able to do. And also, what do you need to do some of that like? Who can we help you out and connect you with.

00:53:23.570 --> 00:53:31.800 Darryl Haberman: So so back to the mission, I mean, it's about developing a pipeline. So we're looking to put on, you know.

00:53:31.910 --> 00:53:36.230 Darryl Haberman: a little bit ambitiously, you know an event every other month.

00:53:36.260 --> 00:53:58.659 Darryl Haberman: but then, once we've we've nailed the sponsorship, we understand the org's that that are are willing to come out to the event like what we're doing. They get the resources there. We're we're bringing, you know, icons of sport those athletes, those influencers to these events. So there's the ability to do some meeting greets. I think we're going to have

00:53:58.700 --> 00:54:06.910 Darryl Haberman: really a well put together event program. Really, in the next

00:54:07.380 --> 00:54:27.320 Darryl Haberman: 4 to 6 months we'll we'll we'll we'll find our that right formula. We certainly have a lot of good versatile folks like myself that are serving on committees, and are really, you know, doing the outreach and building building some of the foundation. And then certainly, we're looking at

00:54:27.610 --> 00:54:43.419 Darryl Haberman: amplifying some of what the org's themselves are are doing. The other sports nonprofits in in and around the city like, if they're going to an event, how can we best support or or partner together.

00:54:43.420 --> 00:55:08.189 Darryl Haberman: and that's really, you know, kind of what what the the road ahead looks like. You know, I'm not gonna go out and forecast and say, we're gonna be X amount of constituents and get X amount of funds. But the fundraising piece is is still getting developed. We need to thankfully a a little bit of money in the Harlem event. We expect to do a little bit better our next event, and then the you know sky's the limit.

00:55:08.200 --> 00:55:36.920 Tommy DiMisa: I love that man, and and you know a a like, just a joining and taking the the sports aspect of this whole thing and saying, How do we roll that into philanthropy? I mean, it's sort of in the DNA. You see, all these leagues, you know. II gotta. This is coming up for me. My friend Peter Fertig. Who runs an organization, who I have to think of the name of the organization's been on the show. But Peter runs this organization and he's had Mlb players come down to his event and it's named after a baseball player, and I can't believe I'm forgetting

00:55:36.920 --> 00:55:38.720 Tommy DiMisa: the name of the

00:55:39.220 --> 00:55:53.709 Tommy DiMisa: the the organization. But I will get it before we go. Before we leave today. I'll figure it out quickly. But I think you know, these players are very involved in the community, as you said earlier, Darl, you know it's something where players want to be involved. And

00:55:54.640 --> 00:56:05.220 Tommy DiMisa: this is this platform, this, this nonprofit gives them that opportunity to continue to be involved in community. And you see, you know it's always cool. The the the

00:56:05.480 --> 00:56:15.300 Tommy DiMisa: bob feller, that's what it is. The Bob feller. Active valor award foundation. Shout out to Peter Furtig, who I know for many, many years we used to work together at Adp 100 years ago, but he's been on the show.

00:56:15.300 --> 00:56:39.359 Tommy DiMisa: But even what's the award the Nfl gives out. For, like the most community, Walter Payton, man of the year. Yeah, Eli Manning wanted. I think so. Take one Barclays wanted or has been up for it. Yeah, there's there's a tremendous amount of people and and athletes that have foundations now, and

00:56:39.360 --> 00:57:08.699 Darryl Haberman: and that they they those are. Some of the retired players are the ones that came out and supported us that December fourth event, and we expect to have them in the room with us. February twenty-first. Eli, a couple of times. What a cool guy like me! I didn't realize now I know why I like them so much.

00:57:08.700 --> 00:57:14.350 Tommy DiMisa: but I met him. We had my cousin Mike, and I had wanna raffle, and we went to the

00:57:14.380 --> 00:57:41.990 Tommy DiMisa: sports. Illustrated man of the year or athlete of the year awards a bunch of years ago. That was a long time ago, and and then I met him again. He was doing a signing, for, I think, nationwide, and I brought our friend Michael Goldberg to that event. This going back alright, we gotta leave it there gang. This is your boy, Tommy D. The show is fully entertaining focus. We run out of time way before we run out of words. Dial, Haberman, this has been awesome. I appreciate you, man. I will see you later today on our regularly scheduled meeting, but I'm just jazz you be here. I think there's a lot more for us to do.

00:57:41.990 --> 00:57:56.310 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, absolutely and and and thank you. It's definitely a delight being on your show, and it's always fun, you know. Generally it always is fun with you, my brother. Everybody make it a great day. See you next Friday. The nonprofit sector connector. I gotta go later.

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