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Thursday, January 4, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/01/04 - New Beginnings in 2024

Facebook Live Video from 2024/01/04 - New Beginnings in 2024


2024/01/04 - New Beginnings in 2024

[NEW EPISODE] New Beginnings in 2024


The audience will get an overview of the planned healthcare topics to discuss in the New Year along with a discussion of plans that Frank About Health will be undertaking.

We begin 2024 with hope and Karen Ross comes back to Frank About Health to share and elaborate plans for the show to generate hope and provide transparent information and resources to the healthcare issues that are evolving in the coming year.  As a programming note, Karen Ross will be the co-host of every first episode of the month, starting with this one.

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00:00:49.220 --> 00:01:18.690 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome back. It is a New year. It is 2024, and the last time you saw myself and my my special guest today. Karen Ross, was the one hundredth show right before the Thanksgiving holiday live from Chicago's Doubletree Hotel, and what I have is a lot of interesting news for all of you tonight. And I. One key issue is that Karen Ross will be with me at the first show of every month starting from today.

00:01:18.690 --> 00:01:41.130 Frank R. Harrison: Why, perfectly titled episode is called New Beginnings for 2024 and one such new beginning is having a beginning of the month review. We all have talked about various healthcare months. If you recall last February 2023, I had a 3 episode celebration on cardiac care. Now, that's not gonna be the case.

00:01:41.130 --> 00:02:04.029 Frank R. Harrison: Next year, or rather next month, in February 2024, we are going to go over cardiac care, and we will bring back special guest, Aretha Gray, who has been an expert in the cardiac issues. But it'll only be one episode, and it'll be tailor made, and even more so it will be. Live from the Hilton. Now that's another new beginning, Frank, about health.

00:02:04.100 --> 00:02:11.879 Frank R. Harrison: for the month of January is going through some logistical changes, but for good reason, between February and the rest of this year.

00:02:12.010 --> 00:02:35.400 Frank R. Harrison: Most not all, but most of our shows will be broadcast from a Hilton. Whether it's in the New York area, or whether it's in Chicago, or whether it's in La, or whether it's in Seattle, or whether it is wherever the hot topic that we will discuss on the episode is focus whether the guest is there. I'd like to be more in the room, just like Karen and I were.

00:02:35.770 --> 00:02:45.950 Frank R. Harrison: So we're going to spend the next hour talking about not just where we've been during the 100 episodes, but the reason why, due to our new level

00:02:46.120 --> 00:03:10.560 Frank R. Harrison: of reach to all of you out there on Youtube, Facebook twitch as well as our Linkedin channel. And not to mention, of course, talk radio dot. Nyc, we ultimately wanna be streamed at Hilton, and that is something in negotiation at this time. So for this reason, we wanna really reach out to all of you during this campaign year.

00:03:10.630 --> 00:03:27.059 Frank R. Harrison: but mainly to keep the vigilance and the focus and the activity on the mental health and physical health issues that we all strive to find solutions for, and to continue to advocate. For, as I've been saying for the last 2 years.

00:03:27.060 --> 00:03:47.169 Frank R. Harrison: Frank, about health is a show about providing insight into your own healthcare issues, and that you have the power to find the best solutions possible. Of course, with the right professional guides as well as colleagues or friends or family members that are all in the best interest of giving you your best quality of life.

00:03:47.430 --> 00:04:14.560 Frank R. Harrison: We're going to spend the hour with Karen, reviewing some of what we talked about at our one hundredth show, but also highlighting what she has been doing with Karen Ross now, and her hypnosis therapy, which for me it's working leaps and bounds. And we'll talk about that more during the show. But we wanna also highlight some other interesting shows that will be coming up where she will have. An ability to show if hypnosis is an alternative treatment.

00:04:14.580 --> 00:04:35.650 Frank R. Harrison: for whether it is a neurological or a mental health issue. But there's also other exciting things. We will continue our monthly segment on stages of epilepsy next week. Stages of epilepsy with Jeff Demetrik will feature, a host who has her own epilepsy, podcast sound familiar. Well, this time, I'm going to share the wealth

00:04:35.650 --> 00:04:46.410 Frank R. Harrison: and let her talk about her podcast and her special case, which also have genetic and hormonal issues in play. So that should be an interesting topic.

00:04:46.430 --> 00:05:05.459 Frank R. Harrison: And then we'll talk about more of what's gonna happen throughout the year, but I wanted to welcome you all back. All the listeners that have been with me since day, one in May of 2021, when we were in the world of Covid. And now we are in the world of future advocacy, for all of us sound like my commercial right? Well, either way.

00:05:05.660 --> 00:05:24.169 Frank R. Harrison: I'm not gonna issue so much of a disclaimer. I'm just going to say that this is a show with information for all of you. If you don't agree with it. That's fine, and if you do, then you can always reach out to myself or to Karen. There's Frank R. Harrison,, and Karen.

00:05:24.550 --> 00:05:31.450 Karen Ross - I think your info at Karen Ross nowcom perfect, that's it.

00:05:31.690 --> 00:05:43.320 Frank R. Harrison: But we are trying to make everyone engaged in our conversation over the next hour and beyond. And we want all of you to interact with us. That is really how we are advocating for each other.

00:05:43.600 --> 00:06:02.800 Frank R. Harrison: So now that I've given all of that introduction over the last 5 min, Karen, I want to welcome you back, and I want to welcome you to our working, our collaborating together over the next 12 months especially. Well, thank you. And I'm honored to have received that invitation, and I look forward to it. I think we've

00:06:02.800 --> 00:06:14.189 Karen Ross - that's some really great plans going forward. And I loved what you said a few moments ago that we're going to talk more and more about people advocating for their own health

00:06:14.200 --> 00:06:22.120 Karen Ross - and depending on what they're dealing with. Having the right professional guidance is very important.

00:06:22.170 --> 00:06:36.200 Karen Ross - I obviously think hypnosis can. Well, I know that it can play a really pivotal role in people's lives when they're dealing with physical and emotional and mental issues.

00:06:36.250 --> 00:06:50.059 Karen Ross - And but you alluded to. And what I really try to educate people about is the fact that hypnosis is you learning to use your subconscious mind?

00:06:50.080 --> 00:07:19.070 Karen Ross - So many people still have a misconception about hypnosis and some of the things people are afraid of is they're gonna lose control if they're gonna get stuck in a trance and things like that, and that is not hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply being guided by a professional. I'm a board certified hypnotherapist, and I guide an individual to just kind of quiet their conscious mind

00:07:19.070 --> 00:07:34.159 Karen Ross - and access their subconscious mind, which just has incredible power not only to make change in someone's life, but to reveal information that will assist in making those changes.

00:07:34.270 --> 00:07:56.280 Karen Ross - So that's a real broad description of hypnosis. But II hope it. It just clicks some curiosity, and people to at least want to explore it a little bit further, because some of the results that people experience seem miraculous. I mean, I've seen people

00:07:56.280 --> 00:08:07.959 Karen Ross - do away with chronic pain. We certainly use it for the issues people typically link to hypnosis like becoming a non smoker, losing or gaining weight.

00:08:08.110 --> 00:08:10.589 Karen Ross - sleeping better things like that.

00:08:10.630 --> 00:08:16.080 Karen Ross - And I've seen people make just 3 60 changes

00:08:16.120 --> 00:08:34.090 Karen Ross - and if we don't make that complete change or completely get a rid of the situation, we transform it, or we change the the we help the person change their perception about it, so that that in itself can be a game changer.

00:08:34.610 --> 00:08:57.980 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, and I could tell you honestly you were on my show initially back in. I think it was early October right, and we had a session together. Shortly thereafter, I think about a week later, and I have to tell you I literally believe in everything you've just said. Not just so what you said on the show. But what you've just said a few moments ago, because

00:08:58.070 --> 00:09:25.419 Frank R. Harrison: all of the things that I have been experiencing throughout the holiday time, even the story of my father's cancer. It is now sh! The tumor has shrunk to a a level less than the nickel, and for the indication on the Psa Gleason score, which is what a lot of prostate cancer or prostate oncologists look at is that in order for you to be healthy with prostate cancer, your score has to be between 2 and 3.

00:09:25.420 --> 00:09:28.699 Frank R. Harrison: The the healthy male is 0 to 4.

00:09:28.700 --> 00:09:46.300 Frank R. Harrison: Alright. My father is at 2.2 the lowest he's ever been. and I'm not saying that your hypnotherapy had helped his cancer. I right right. But what I am saying is that my perspective on it

00:09:46.370 --> 00:09:56.550 Frank R. Harrison: had been more positive rather than the dread. Why does he have 2.2? Why is it not 0? You know that that would, looking at the glass half full.

00:09:56.560 --> 00:10:11.090 Frank R. Harrison: or like what I was mentioning to you earlier. The positive rewards I should call them that I've received from Hilton to get their sponsorship and their their openness for me to talk about every aspect of Hilton

00:10:11.120 --> 00:10:12.500 Frank R. Harrison: free license.

00:10:12.540 --> 00:10:21.009 Frank R. Harrison: I mean, that was just in a conversation, and they awarded it to me. I didn't even expect it. But it was the way I was communicating to these people.

00:10:21.060 --> 00:10:33.330 Frank R. Harrison: because I listen to the audio tape you've made for me and realize that everything negative just needs to be dismissed when I'm focusing on my future objectives, or whether I'm focusing on my mission.

00:10:33.840 --> 00:10:40.409 Frank R. Harrison: which is health care and frank about health and everything I'm trying to do to continue advocating. I called it the veracity

00:10:40.420 --> 00:10:52.840 Frank R. Harrison: always looking for the truth. Right also means true. But I'm I'm basically trying to say, just thinking that way, it has been a lot

00:10:52.840 --> 00:11:13.560 Frank R. Harrison: due to your support. So for that reason, I wanna just be, I guess you could say a testimonial. Oh, you're very welcome for any other listeners out there that are interested in contacting Karen. Remember, her website is right there in front of you right now, Karen Ross., I will show you the website during the commercial break, the first break that we take

00:11:13.560 --> 00:11:24.489 Frank R. Harrison: so that way you can get more information on what she can possibly do to help all of you out there, because a lot of it is mindset, even though we all have struggles from whatever they may be.

00:11:24.630 --> 00:11:35.020 Frank R. Harrison: It's in the way you look at it. I could possibly even move mountains and treating it faster. So that's something I truly believe in. Yeah, it's always worth the conversation.

00:11:35.110 --> 00:12:00.979 Karen Ross - you know. You can decide at the end of the conversation. No, that's not for me. But most people want to proceed in at least with a try. So I mean II guess if anything, though, being a hypnotherapist as long as you have been, I guess. What? 5 years, 10 years? Yeah, I was doing personal coaching before that. And then I incorporated the hypno therapy just about 5 years ago.

00:12:00.990 --> 00:12:09.650 Karen Ross - and and it is a game changer. There's no question about it. It it just makes a tremendous difference. It

00:12:09.690 --> 00:12:19.389 Karen Ross - it speeds things up. Number one. You know, we can always make change. We always have that ability, and with guidance we can make it more quickly than on our own.

00:12:19.500 --> 00:12:26.889 Karen Ross - But it factor in hypnosis. We can speed that up dramatically, dramatically.

00:12:27.810 --> 00:12:51.599 Karen Ross - But but would you save a lot of your work has been predominantly focused on those that have been dealing with mental issues or mental health issues. Not necessarily, not necessarily, many. Yes, because I think what you've alluded to, and what we worked on was just re helping you reach another level of excellence, if you will.

00:12:51.700 --> 00:13:00.040 Karen Ross - and but I have, and that's extremely valuable. But I've had a lot of people come to me with panic, pain.

00:13:00.310 --> 00:13:20.930 Karen Ross - and again the the subconscious mind factors into it, and attitude and perception, and so on and so forth. Certainly factors into it. But the issue that the people bring to me is chronic pain, and it's real to them. I mean, they're feeling it in their body. No question.

00:13:20.960 --> 00:13:22.150 Karen Ross - Yes.

00:13:22.290 --> 00:13:31.099 Karen Ross - but one of the things they learn is that the focus on the pain perpetuates the pain.

00:13:31.300 --> 00:13:58.350 Karen Ross - And so I help people. That's another thing. I like people to know if they feel like someone else in hypnosis is taking control of their mind. I teach people self hypnosis. So they're doing. They're controlling their own mind. And for people who are really worried about that control issue that usually lays their fears knowing that they they can learn to do it themselves.

00:13:58.450 --> 00:14:22.349 Karen Ross - Having the guidance of a professional, obviously, is the the best way and the quickest way. But in the process, if you can learn self hypnosis. It's terrific, you know. Just a real, quick, ex quick example. I think we've all heard whether we're into sports or not. But we've heard stories about championship athletes or

00:14:22.410 --> 00:14:25.570 Karen Ross - team members, football, basketball, whatever

00:14:25.740 --> 00:14:33.870 Karen Ross - kind of taking a few minutes where they just sit very, very quietly, close their eyes, and you. You might wonder what they're doing.

00:14:34.160 --> 00:14:38.729 Karen Ross - Well, what they're doing is they are going into trance.

00:14:38.930 --> 00:14:45.719 Karen Ross - Picture their success on the field on the court. That's what they're doing, self hypnosis.

00:14:45.890 --> 00:14:49.340 Karen Ross - And yeah, if if

00:14:50.000 --> 00:15:05.270 Karen Ross - we just need to learn that, we we and we use it all the time, you know whether we want to or not. We're in a different trance so many times during the day, and what we have to do is learn to use those to our benefit.

00:15:05.630 --> 00:15:14.710 Frank R. Harrison: And now we have to take a 30 s 2 min trance. So that's fine, that's fine.

00:15:14.730 --> 00:15:28.069 Frank R. Harrison: is a perfect segue. So, ladies, gentlemen, please stay tuned as we are talking about what's new. In 2024, we're taking new directions with Frank about health and beyond, and we will be back in a few right here on Talkradio, Nyc.

00:15:28.260 --> 00:15:40.770 Frank R. Harrison: Youtube, Linkedin Twitch and Facebook. We'll be back. See you soon. Are you a conscious co-creator? Are you on a quest to raise your vibration and your consciousness.

00:17:45.180 --> 00:17:58.620 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome back now, since everybody has seen hopefully those that are out there still watching Frank about health. Since day one you've seen me cover. Obviously, Covid. That was a big issue. We've had special

00:17:58.750 --> 00:18:19.479 Frank R. Harrison: months like we had the cardiac awareness month in February of 23. We had mental health awareness month in October. I think part of September as well. We've tried to figure out ways of epilepsy with Jeff to me track and our segment that we run on stages of epilepsy. But we haven't been consistent.

00:18:19.590 --> 00:18:29.160 Frank R. Harrison: and I think now, especially in 2,024, we're dealing with a lot of uncertainty in our world, including our Presidential election year. And again I stay away from the politics but

00:18:31.900 --> 00:18:36.609 Frank R. Harrison: political group. Our society is health.

00:18:36.790 --> 00:18:48.219 Frank R. Harrison: physical, mental, alternative. Whatever kind of healthcare issue that is, on a lot of the constituents minds. So I decided with Karen that starting

00:18:48.430 --> 00:18:49.920 Frank R. Harrison: really February.

00:18:49.980 --> 00:18:57.069 Frank R. Harrison: we're going to take a look at each month, whatever the hottest topic is and focus on it, plus

00:18:57.100 --> 00:19:15.470 Frank R. Harrison: give some time for the other subsets that are being developed or promoted, or or communicated about in the media, so that we can bring full awareness and set the agenda for the types of shows that we will have each month right here on Frank about health. So I want to now open the floor to you, Karen.

00:19:15.510 --> 00:19:25.810 Frank R. Harrison: and explain to the viewers and listeners why we came up with this, or what research you had done to show that we really have a lot of substance that we can share with the audience over the next 12 months.

00:19:26.450 --> 00:19:43.250 Karen Ross - Well, and to truly share that substance we'd have to be on every day. II was amazed when I set out to find out just what conditions or diseases, or whatever

00:19:43.250 --> 00:19:57.570 Karen Ross - are given special recognition in a particular month, and I came up with these long, long lists, and so you and I will have to really give some thought as to which ones do we really pay attention to?

00:19:57.570 --> 00:20:12.279 Karen Ross - And some of them certainly are more prominent than others. But, as you said, we'll start out in February and a couple of the areas well, and I think you mentioned this, that February is the American heart month.

00:20:12.490 --> 00:20:20.030 Karen Ross - and so we'll definitely give some attention to that, and one of the things that I hope to bring to the table is

00:20:20.210 --> 00:20:25.909 Karen Ross - most, if not almost all, of the research has been done on men

00:20:26.190 --> 00:20:33.210 Karen Ross - and heart disease. Heart attacks manifest very, very differently for women.

00:20:33.560 --> 00:20:38.770 Karen Ross - And I think it's important that we talk about that because

00:20:38.860 --> 00:20:58.690 Karen Ross - I have heard that while we've read we we certainly place breast cancer very high on the risk calendar schedule for women. Heart disease exceeds that, and we don't talk about it that much specifically for. So I can guarantee we'll get into that a little bit.

00:20:58.690 --> 00:21:21.990 Karen Ross - So there are lots of things we can cover in in that, and you've already got some things on on the on the schedule. Now, March is National kidney months. Have you ever had a kidney stone? I have that would be interesting to learn about, because thankfully knock on wood. II have not. I've heard of the painful

00:21:22.010 --> 00:21:45.270 Karen Ross - issues surrounding it. Yeah, thankfully, it's been many years for me. But nevertheless, there's a lot to learn about the kid base. It's also national nutrition month. I think we're all learning more and more about how we should be eating, so we'll probably touch on that and save your vision month. I'd say that's pretty important. What do we need to pay attention to in that regard.

00:21:45.360 --> 00:21:56.719 Karen Ross - and when we get into April the list was 2 pages long. So we have lots to talk about in April. Parkinson's awareness month.

00:21:56.850 --> 00:22:12.389 Karen Ross - That Parkinson's has become more widely recognized because of Matthew J. Fox and other famous people who have been stricken by Parkinson's. So we'll learn something about that.

00:22:12.530 --> 00:22:17.640 Karen Ross - I know in the past I've been involved with child abuse, prevention in April.

00:22:17.740 --> 00:22:34.670 Karen Ross - Well, that factors into addictions and mental illness and all kinds of things can factor into the back story of how a child can get caught in in an abusive situation. There are so many things to talk about in April.

00:22:34.740 --> 00:22:40.429 Karen Ross - Oh, gosh! In May. Better hearing, better vision

00:22:40.550 --> 00:22:46.950 Karen Ross - vision comes up again. Arthritis is national arthritis. Awareness. Month

00:22:47.180 --> 00:22:53.320 Karen Ross - again. May was 2 pages of different conditions.

00:22:53.340 --> 00:22:58.620 Karen Ross - June Alzheimer's and brain Awareness month.

00:22:58.750 --> 00:23:03.509 Karen Ross - Talk about a critical issue that we all need to know more about

00:23:03.800 --> 00:23:18.140 Frank R. Harrison: 6 months especially. So I can definitely imagine what kind of conversation we'll have in that timeframe. Yeah, now, I have a friend whose husband was just diagnosed, and

00:23:18.310 --> 00:23:27.410 Karen Ross - you can already see the the change, not only in him, but the dynamics of their relationship. And it changes everything.

00:23:27.460 --> 00:23:32.379 Karen Ross - It changes, work, schedules, it changes shopping. It changes

00:23:32.440 --> 00:23:39.959 Karen Ross - just about everything in someone's day, and you definitely will be able to share a lot of good information in that regard

00:23:40.030 --> 00:24:09.050 Karen Ross - when we get into July. There's not that much in July, actually but then we move to August, and we get kind of busy again. And going toward the end of the year. September all kinds of things begin. Must be something about kind of laying back the summer and not yeah. Well, in the organizations that foster some of this activity.

00:24:09.060 --> 00:24:29.360 Karen Ross - They're not as busy in the summer. But then, September, I got back to 2 pages full of things to to be looking at it. September is healthy aging month. Well, who's not thinking about that? You know. I mean, we all should be. But the older we get, the more we pay attention to it.

00:24:29.400 --> 00:24:41.539 Karen Ross - It's also this is kind of interesting. I don't know how much time we want to spend on this, but we could take a look at it. Gene therapy and specialty pharmacy awareness month.

00:24:42.060 --> 00:24:46.909 Frank R. Harrison: I think there is a lot more information out there about Gene therapy.

00:24:46.920 --> 00:25:11.709 Frank R. Harrison: Well, in fact, I've had some shows in the past where we've had James Swanson come in and talk about Crispr, which is a gene therapy technique to help things with people like epilepsy, or even remove whatever genetic chromosome could lead to things like Parkinson's. Maybe he would be a good guest to appear during that month, for example, or even some of the other guests that have been on the show you mentioned nutrition. I'm thinking, Evan Messmin.

00:25:11.930 --> 00:25:38.350 Frank R. Harrison: just in his episode on think, you know, eat with your brain and not your stomach, you know. Diet of the mind. So yeah, I could. I could see how we could really take advantage of those particular months, and actually dedicate an episode to the nature of the month. But then, probably during the month, have that guest appear, and we could continue discussion with them on the particular issues that are going on. That sounds interesting.

00:25:38.420 --> 00:26:03.640 Karen Ross - And I think what we learn, what I've learned looking at these lists is the crossover. You know how you can be talking about one thing, and then you find that another aspect that factors into either the seriousness of that condition, or the the cure of the condition carries us over into another subject like you mentioned nutrition.

00:26:03.760 --> 00:26:11.369 Karen Ross - and I think we're becoming much more aware of how. In fact, there's a show on Netflix right now.

00:26:11.380 --> 00:26:14.319 Karen Ross - Yeah, I think it's called. You are what you eat

00:26:14.550 --> 00:26:17.260 Karen Ross - the twin experiment

00:26:17.360 --> 00:26:21.519 Karen Ross - where they have taken. I don't know 6 or 8

00:26:21.960 --> 00:26:25.210 Karen Ross -  identical twins.

00:26:25.490 --> 00:26:31.800 Karen Ross - and each one gets a different diet. and at the end of 8 weeks

00:26:31.910 --> 00:26:38.900 Karen Ross - they're going to show the difference that this is impacted mentally, emotionally, physically.

00:26:39.100 --> 00:26:45.100 Karen Ross - what what the 2 had. So they come to the table with the same DNA,

00:26:45.390 --> 00:26:52.049 Karen Ross - and but they get a different diet. And that's really gonna prove a lot to us, I think.

00:26:52.380 --> 00:27:03.730 Karen Ross - Oh, absolutely. Can you name the show again? I'm pretty sure it's you are you eat? I can double check during the next break, but I'm pretty sure you are what you eat

00:27:03.810 --> 00:27:11.679 Karen Ross - the twin experiment, but I'll I'll double check and be sure that after our next break I'll tell you exactly what it is.

00:27:12.400 --> 00:27:19.050 Frank R. Harrison: Okay. But I guess the point is, we've got a lot to talk about this year.

00:27:19.360 --> 00:27:35.509 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, yes, and also we want to bring the whole picture into it. Like you said, we talk about the symptoms, the causes, the treatments, the cures, the alternative treatments where it may fit with hypnosis, for example, where it may fit with just your mindset.

00:27:35.620 --> 00:27:51.690 Frank R. Harrison: I guess, even just in general any new research that comes out during this year. I'm sure there's ongoing research by all of these organizations that are sponsoring these months. This is like your chance to to deliver to the public whatever message they want to communicate, especially as we get closer

00:27:51.690 --> 00:28:10.249 Frank R. Harrison: to election season. Sure, that's why things look very busy in September.

00:28:10.520 --> 00:28:21.069 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, exactly exactly so, ladies and gentlemen. Please stay tuned right here on Frank about health, and we will be back right here on talk radio. Nyc, Facebook Twitch

00:28:21.300 --> 00:28:24.730 Frank R. Harrison: Linkedin and Youtube. And we'll see you in a few

00:30:25.190 --> 00:30:44.999 Frank R. Harrison: hey? Everybody, and welcome back right there. You've heard in this, in the Last Segment about what our slate of shows is gonna look like, based on the quality of the months that we are talking about discussing, celebrating, advocating for so forth, and so on. Overall. All of us are always concerned about our health first.

00:30:45.240 --> 00:31:08.329 Frank R. Harrison: and we were concerned about our other plans, and our other dreams, and our other goals, and our businesses, and our families, and our friends, and everything else. But you can't do any of that unless you really have a consistency with your own health. That's the message I have been trying to swing home for over a hundred episodes now and now, with Karen's involvement in the first episode of each month.

00:31:08.380 --> 00:31:32.070 Frank R. Harrison: that we will make sure we swing that message home even harder this year 2024 is what I'm designating the year of new beginnings. As I said in 2023 the future is healthier, and it became healthier. So a lot of mandates get lifted, although in certain cities, right now it's been restricted again because of an outbreak of Rsv. And Covid and other things. But all of us, or most of us, I should say.

00:31:32.070 --> 00:31:40.469 Frank R. Harrison: are vaccinated. So the likeliness of us being in the hospital, or worse, is much more slimmer now than it was 3 years ago.

00:31:40.480 --> 00:31:56.459 Frank R. Harrison: But what we can also learn from that experience going into the future is again we are in charge. Remember that, and I will continue to repeat that on every episode, if I have to. But at the same time it's just a matter of understanding that

00:31:56.500 --> 00:32:03.739 Frank R. Harrison: everyone it does take a village. Everyone is in charge of their health care, their decisions, their treatments, and everything else. But you need your team.

00:32:03.970 --> 00:32:15.820 Frank R. Harrison: not just a family and friends, but you need your doctors, your specific specialists, your mental health professionals, alternative healers, so forth and so on. So if you look in that view that we're all in this together

00:32:15.910 --> 00:32:23.070 Frank R. Harrison: we can have that positive outlook that we spoke about in the beginning of the show. I think, for this third segment, though.

00:32:23.590 --> 00:32:51.660 Karen Ross - Karen, do you think that we should reflect on what we've talked about in the past in various episodes? Or do you have other suggestions or insights that maybe we haven't even discussed yet. I wanna make this like the potluck segment. No, I think that sounds great. I'll just make 2 real quick points. First of all, I will confirm that the name of that Netflix show is, you are what you eat a twin experiment. So if anybody's curious about it.

00:32:51.730 --> 00:33:03.149 Karen Ross - Ii just started watching it myself, so I don't know results yet, but something you mentioned a moment ago. I think you you use the word holistic

00:33:03.380 --> 00:33:09.229 Karen Ross - and gathering around us all of the specialists that we need.

00:33:09.400 --> 00:33:30.259 Karen Ross - I met with a potential client the other day who has a actually quite a few physical issues. But what I learned was that she's gone to all different doctors for different things and gotten different medications, and nobody's overseeing the whole person.

00:33:30.680 --> 00:33:38.349 Karen Ross - And so that's what I think is so important is having someone who is

00:33:38.830 --> 00:34:05.469 Karen Ross - overseeing everything we're doing and giving us some some good guidance, so that we know to reach out and find the right people for the right thing, but to know that they're either communicating with our other practitioners, or, you know, we're somehow keeping track of what everybody is doing for us, and not not just blindly doing what what might be suggested. Would you agree with that?

00:34:05.580 --> 00:34:19.409 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, absolutely. I mean, it's I. I'm just self reflecting on, because II found myself being an overseer of multiple individuals. In 2023 from my father. I mentioned the cancer.

00:34:19.409 --> 00:34:39.290 Frank R. Harrison: I had my cousin with the Alzheimer's. Well, it didn't begin that way. It began with just taking care of her heart condition and her eyes surgery she was going through. But she ended up developing, you know, early onset. Alzheimer's in 2022, the summer of that year, and it just got worse over the last 3 months.

00:34:39.290 --> 00:35:03.359 Frank R. Harrison: And then at the same time, last April I had to actually take a 2 week hiatus from the show because I had to fly out to La to take care of a friend of mine who was going in for I think you could say it was. It was an orthopedic surgeon that had to. She broke her leg in 3 places, and she needed to have rods installed.

00:35:03.570 --> 00:35:24.020 Frank R. Harrison: There was no family alive to advocate for her. You had me come out there, and I met with the doctors, the surgeon, the rehab center talked with the what do they call that workman's compensation people, even though that's the state of California. And II only understand how New York runs things. But I was able to be a go between a bridge.

00:35:24.090 --> 00:35:47.070 Frank R. Harrison: and as such I became a proxy just for the duration of her surgery. And then, after she was in rehab all I was with someone to talk to as an not next of kin, but point of contact, point of resource. So in in indirectly, I became an overseer with different illnesses. And what kept me balanced ironically was this show.

00:35:47.170 --> 00:35:50.250 Frank R. Harrison: so I can understand the importance of

00:35:50.280 --> 00:36:00.260 Frank R. Harrison: having an overseer. I know Phyllis Quinlan, who was also my co-host. A couple of years ago we had a special episode on an organization called Share the Care.

00:36:00.340 --> 00:36:11.879 Frank R. Harrison: and it was a 2 h episode back in 2021, and we were talking about how to share the care organization with Sheila Warnock, who Phyllis works closely with, was

00:36:12.260 --> 00:36:40.250 Frank R. Harrison: incorporating teams of people that would be there for the patient, especially if let's say, they were a dementia patient, or they were a senior that was having their quality of their their care at home rather than in in a home, you know, in their own personal home, and they would rotate. The team would rotate and come in. One would do shopping, one would do laundry. One would take her out for walking, or or playing, or engaging with others, you know, that does not work in all cases, but

00:36:40.440 --> 00:36:50.149 Frank R. Harrison: it has the same mindset the importance of an overseer or a team that keeps things holistic, because, especially when you're talking about elder care.

00:36:50.280 --> 00:37:06.330 Frank R. Harrison: You're not looking at just symptoms anymore. You're really talking about palliative care. If that's the case or you're talking about how are we gonna make the quality of life of this individual, even though it's now less than it was when they were younger, but a little better than it is when they're by themselves.

00:37:06.660 --> 00:37:26.709 Karen Ross - Well, and you know what else is important. Frank and I have a couple of friends that we have agreed to do this with and for each other. When we have a doctor's appointment, maybe not just a run of the mill follow up, but something that's looking into a particular condition. We take a friend with us.

00:37:27.210 --> 00:37:30.129 Karen Ross - and it's just to have

00:37:30.200 --> 00:37:42.749 Karen Ross - II know I mentioned it to one French, so I don't need anybody to go with me, I said. I know you don't need it, but it doesn't hurt to have a second set of ears hearing what goes on.

00:37:42.850 --> 00:37:46.929 Frank R. Harrison: and especially if you are the patient.

00:37:47.090 --> 00:37:51.439 Karen Ross - and maybe you are getting some news that isn't.

00:37:52.130 --> 00:37:54.720 Karen Ross - And it isn't that great?

00:37:55.050 --> 00:38:09.399 Karen Ross -  a part of your brain kind of shuts off for a few minutes and a part of your brain can even go into shock, you know, depending on what the diagnosis is, so to have somebody else there

00:38:09.920 --> 00:38:23.649 Karen Ross - potentially making notes. I always hand my friend. And in a notebook. you know, jot these things down as you hear things, or if you think of a question that I'm not thinking of

00:38:23.780 --> 00:38:30.969 Karen Ross - got in and asked that question, so I think everybody would benefit. I don't care how old you are.

00:38:31.120 --> 00:38:35.959 Karen Ross - Take somebody to the doctor with you. Just take care of what's going on

00:38:36.490 --> 00:38:51.240 Frank R. Harrison: right? It's a it could be a trusted friend. It could be your health, care, proxy, or both, but at the same time, like what I've had to discover, even just living my life with epilepsy. Is that epilepsy Co. Mingled with Covid at the time, or Co. Mingled with

00:38:51.310 --> 00:38:59.230 Frank R. Harrison: any other. I was once pre considered pre-diabetic thankfully. That's no longer the case, but they're not saying

00:38:59.590 --> 00:39:14.770 Frank R. Harrison: that there is a relation between the 2 disorders. But when epilepsy a non tangible illness, there's no tumor, it's all brainwave electricity is something you have to monitor with medications and visits and X-rays and Mris, and all these other things

00:39:14.770 --> 00:39:31.910 Frank R. Harrison: you learn a pattern that okay, now, I'm checking for an actual broken bone. Or now I'm doing my annual physical. Or now, when we were all doing vaccines, those who were doing vaccines, you know, simultaneously, if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, what nutritionist are you now gonna add to your team.

00:39:31.930 --> 00:39:47.469 Frank R. Harrison: It became organic for me. I was working with a team of doctors since I was well, without giving away my age. Let's just say 50% of the time ago. Let's say the last 35 years, 35 years. Alright. So the thing is is that in terms of

00:39:47.830 --> 00:39:51.340 Frank R. Harrison: developing it naturally. Just the idea of

00:39:51.940 --> 00:40:10.209 Frank R. Harrison: giving that message to others just became a natural tendency. And just if people can understand that you're not having to go through legal channels to build the team. You just develop a small cohesive network of individuals and treat especially when you're younger, and you still have most of your faculties

00:40:10.370 --> 00:40:23.889 Frank R. Harrison: start getting yourself ready to build that team, for when the time is really needed. You people have to be forward thinking about healthcare, and it's a shame that that's like one of the last things most people seem to think about.

00:40:24.010 --> 00:40:42.129 Karen Ross - Unfortunately, unfortunately, but I think that shows like yours. And fortunately, I think other people who have a voice that people listen to are gradually shifting that, and people are starting to pay more attention.

00:40:42.740 --> 00:40:51.530 Frank R. Harrison: Well, and and I can. I could. I could definitely you know, Echo, what you just said, where? Where a company like Hilton came involved. To begin with.

00:40:51.550 --> 00:41:02.599 Frank R. Harrison:  Hilton in New York City alone, because I don't know about the other cities during Covid. but they turn most of their high level brands into essential worker homes

00:41:02.760 --> 00:41:11.149 Frank R. Harrison: as well as places to just take people who were sick and wanted to be safe from their families, from infecting them. you know. And

00:41:11.560 --> 00:41:22.370 Frank R. Harrison: I didn't understand it. I was grateful for it, because I certainly had to use Hilton to stay away from my father when I got Covid, but in the experience that I had, and we shared this. On the one hundredth show

00:41:22.720 --> 00:41:29.279 Frank R. Harrison: I learned that Hilton as a community the brand is really coming from the nature of Conrad Hilton who founded it.

00:41:29.340 --> 00:41:36.329 Frank R. Harrison: I think it was over a hundred years ago. Yeah, it could have been the early 19 hundreds. But the thing is is that

00:41:36.510 --> 00:41:44.529 Frank R. Harrison: his focus was community family. We all relate to each other. We're not just travelers. We're not just tourists.

00:41:44.540 --> 00:42:03.740 Frank R. Harrison: We are human beings that are learning to live with each other in temporary locations, the whole nature of the hotel business, and I guess that philosophy just trickled down into the way that during a a health crisis like Covid, they wanted to live their story, and that's such. I just thought it was a perfect fit

00:42:03.740 --> 00:42:29.870 Frank R. Harrison: to really be involved with in terms of producing, and especially in the longer term, producing this show, and doing what I can to really emphasize the value of advocacy through a credible brand like Hilton, because we're sharing the same story. We're trying to help each other, I mean, I guess, with any company there's always a for profit motive. But the thing is is that as long as the healthcare, focus and healthcare narrative is the priority.

00:42:30.760 --> 00:42:59.379 Frank R. Harrison: I think it can be an equal balance, and I'm hoping that in the future shows we do together as well as in the in the coming year. When Hilton is more involved, I will re be able to emphasize how I've been frank about health, and how I've been advocating it for for everyone who's listening so that they can also learn more within the Hilton group itself, cause they're interested in communicating the story they just don't have at the moment. They don't have the right channel to do so.

00:42:59.870 --> 00:43:07.370 Karen Ross - Well, it sounds like you came on board at just the right time. Yes, I do thank 2 major things.

00:43:07.920 --> 00:43:10.850 Frank R. Harrison: the Covid pandemic itself. It just fueled me

00:43:11.240 --> 00:43:19.260 Frank R. Harrison: and Sam Leibowitz, whether you're listening to the show or not doesn't matter. If it wasn't for his conscious consultant hour, and for also taking me on.

00:43:19.320 --> 00:43:21.330 Frank R. Harrison: Now I see this 8 years ago.

00:43:21.420 --> 00:43:24.809 Frank R. Harrison: when I was just talking about epilepsy for 3 months.

00:43:25.150 --> 00:43:37.969 Frank R. Harrison: He welcomed me back to that can further that message, especially about Covid, and about Hilton, and about everything else that we've been doing for the last 2 years. I'm just gonna continue to fight for that mission, but

00:43:38.040 --> 00:43:58.390 Frank R. Harrison: also give back to the talk radio Nyc family, as well as all of the guests that have been, like yourself, included. All of the guests that have been on the show that I'm still in real, in relationships and discussions with about future shows and and just being able to be an another community for those out there that are looking for help, you know.

00:43:58.420 --> 00:44:07.379 Karen Ross - Now let me ask you, Frank, are you open to hearing from listeners as to what they would like to hear on the show.

00:44:07.730 --> 00:44:16.569 Frank R. Harrison: Absolutely. I am working with a company that is looking at all my websites and social media and trying to siphon

00:44:16.590 --> 00:44:40.419 Frank R. Harrison: shows that we've done on our playlists and and play them out there to get engagement and to do surveys of those kinds of topics they'd like to hear about. I keep giving my email address, Frank R. Harrison, one at Gmailcom. But I get very limited response. II would say that once this company leaving their nameless. For now, cause we're still in talks. Once they

00:44:40.870 --> 00:44:48.779 Frank R. Harrison: access the catalog more more readily, they will go out through other channels besides the ones that talk radio Nyc hosts

00:44:49.070 --> 00:44:58.580 Frank R. Harrison: and drive that interactive traffic in. I know currently on our Youtube channel and on our Linkedin channel, people can type in their comments and even twitch.

00:44:58.650 --> 00:45:13.040 Frank R. Harrison: I know Logan, behind the scenes has been able to communicate with switch members, and they've been asking questions. Live on air. So I would like more of that in the coming year. That is my intention. II really hope that

00:45:13.110 --> 00:45:17.389 Frank R. Harrison: I think we're headed for another break. Okay. When we return.

00:45:17.430 --> 00:45:26.349 Frank R. Harrison: we just started to. But we will continue to talk about the future, of Frank, about health as well as our future episodes, that we will be having in the coming weeks.

00:45:26.440 --> 00:45:34.929 Frank R. Harrison: and other things that Karen you may want to give insight into. And we'll just be back in a few. So stay tuned.

00:47:35.040 --> 00:47:52.529 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome back all the talk that we just had, Karen about what I'm hoping to get in terms of audience interaction. Just got me going to during the last break sharing my website, giving everyone a tour. Remember, it is everyone. It's www, dot, Frank R.

00:47:52.570 --> 00:48:11.860 Frank R. Harrison: And it's gonna be expanded even further with all the shows that we're doing, including tonight's and, more importantly, I definitely want this year to be more interactive, more engaging. Aside from doing shows at Hilton, I want to be live in the room with the person like we're gonna be in February.

00:48:11.890 --> 00:48:30.600 Frank R. Harrison: I also know that the in the coming weeks I'm gonna be involved in a side project, that is. Gonna allow me to meet most of the guests that have been on the show over the past 2 years, but we've been doing it through. Zoom. So it's like I'm gonna be meeting everybody for the first time in person. That should be a thrill. And

00:48:30.620 --> 00:48:37.739 Frank R. Harrison: I think if anything, I I'm just looking forward, especially to the next 3, shows that we're going to be doing. One of them

00:48:37.750 --> 00:48:52.010 Frank R. Harrison: is, as I mentioned earlier, a stage of epilepsy show about a woman with an epilepsy. Podcast I think that should be interesting. In 2 weeks from there I will be having someone from Hilton. I'm looking forward to that.

00:48:52.160 --> 00:49:00.540 Frank R. Harrison: That would be my first. I've tried that before, but it didn't work out. Now. We're already discussing terms of discussion, and that makes me feel good.

00:49:00.610 --> 00:49:11.889 Frank R. Harrison: And then, finally. we're going to have a very interesting show, which I know, Karen, you're going to be involved in helping us produce where we are talking about dissociative identity disorder.

00:49:12.080 --> 00:49:21.650 Frank R. Harrison: And it's gonna be a case study of someone within the talk radio Nyc family. But I'm leaving that anonymous for now. But it should be a definite

00:49:21.870 --> 00:49:33.559 Frank R. Harrison: I don't wanna use the word game changer, but it eye opener. Because I mean, what I love about this person's case is that for anyone who knows what did is

00:49:33.600 --> 00:49:52.750 Frank R. Harrison: the traditional name? Was multiple personality, disorder, a whole life of various alters. This person is friends with his alters. I mean, he's integrated, and he knows what's going on when they take over. I love this story. So I'm hoping it's gonna have the same kind of impact when it gets seen at the end of January.

00:49:52.900 --> 00:49:57.919 Frank R. Harrison: But, more importantly, I, what I even like is that in preparing the show.

00:49:57.990 --> 00:50:09.919 Frank R. Harrison: your involvement in helping with the medical community's credibility factors. So the research acknowledged the the experience in working with patients who had similar cases.

00:50:10.030 --> 00:50:12.589 Frank R. Harrison: That's that's going to be tantamount to

00:50:12.620 --> 00:50:29.160 Frank R. Harrison: enhancing the value of that particular show, because, again, not being a doctor, it would not be giving a committed story for this person, who will be the guest. So I'm very grateful to you already in advance for what you will be doing to help us get a professional to really comment

00:50:29.210 --> 00:50:45.549 Frank R. Harrison: on the disorder and what people can learn about it in terms of treatment or options, or or even hypnosis. If, yeah, now, I'm talking to psychologists and psychiatrists who have that as a specialty.

00:50:45.750 --> 00:50:51.319 Karen Ross - and our goal will be to have one of those professionals on the show.

00:50:51.400 --> 00:51:01.839 Karen Ross - And so that we II love what you're going to be presenting with the individual who, is living that condition, that life.

00:51:01.970 --> 00:51:09.389 Karen Ross - and then to be able to talk to a professional who works with others. And

00:51:09.720 --> 00:51:28.879 Karen Ross - I'm sure that it has to be approached from different angles, and and a professional would be able to tell us what that looks like, and I think what the other thing they might be or will be able to bring to the table is, how do you identify this in someone you know or love.

00:51:28.890 --> 00:51:34.529 Karen Ross - you know. Maybe you're seeing some signs that something's just not quite right.

00:51:34.910 --> 00:51:46.250 Karen Ross - maybe we'll get some guidance as to whether or not, that could be an issue. And what might be the next positive step to take for everyone concerned.

00:51:46.660 --> 00:51:54.340 Frank R. Harrison: Correct, it's gonna I'm I'm amazed in the fact that it's a show that I'm involved in, of course, and you're involved in.

00:51:54.640 --> 00:51:57.689 Frank R. Harrison: But I'm gonna be more mainly an audience member learning

00:51:57.790 --> 00:52:07.279 Frank R. Harrison: II and then I of course, the week after that will be our show together in Chicago.

00:52:07.330 --> 00:52:13.489 Frank R. Harrison: Where Ruth Gray will join us. She already confirmed that last night, and we will talk about

00:52:13.930 --> 00:52:20.209 Frank R. Harrison: heart aware, heart, health, awareness, month, as well as all the subheadings that you outline. But

00:52:20.240 --> 00:52:33.459 Frank R. Harrison: she will, she even said she has things that she wants people to know, especially in the area of women who have symptoms that are not like what men have. In fact, last year, which I don't know if I shared with you when she was on the show last year.

00:52:33.700 --> 00:52:58.789 Frank R. Harrison: She was supposed to be the first guest that first week. But she was going to the hospital thinking she had a heart attack, and it turned out it was not heart-related. Wow! But we had learned a lot from her experience, in addition to the 3 episodes that we put together. But I think, having one nice robust episode with you the first Thursday in February is gonna be very interesting, and I'm looking forward to that as well. Oh, me, too! Me, too!

00:52:59.050 --> 00:53:03.799 Karen Ross - If I could. How much time do we have. Do we have a little bit of time?

00:53:04.100 --> 00:53:05.120 Frank R. Harrison: Have

00:53:07.340 --> 00:53:08.319 Frank R. Harrison: right

00:53:08.900 --> 00:53:31.579 Frank R. Harrison: now? I think I haven't gotten the closing alert yet. Okay, let me see. No, I think it's still good. What would you like to share? I just did. It occurred to me that I hadn't told any stories about hypnosis, you know. I've talked about how great it can be, but I think people like to hear stories, so I'll tell a real quick one if that's all right.

00:53:31.800 --> 00:53:48.960 Karen Ross - Had a client who's who just decided years ago she didn't want to drive anymore. She wasn't comfortable driving. It put her in kind of a state of fear, and she and her husband both retired. So he drove every place. It wasn't an issue.

00:53:49.010 --> 00:53:58.749 Karen Ross - Well, he took a fall from his bicycle and really messed up both of his hands, and he couldn't drive.

00:53:59.280 --> 00:54:00.610 Frank R. Harrison: so

00:54:00.850 --> 00:54:18.980 Karen Ross - she was put in a position where she had to start driving again. She was terrified. I mean, she was gonna have to drive him to the doctor. She was gonna have to drive to the grocery, you know. Whatever they needed to do. She had to start driving again, and she was just gripped with fear.

00:54:19.110 --> 00:54:35.140 Karen Ross - and I was able to work with her through hypnosis and then develop a recording. You mentioned that I give people customize recordings gave her a recording. She just said, Oh, my God! She said, that's exactly what I needed to hear.

00:54:35.310 --> 00:54:36.370 Karen Ross - And

00:54:36.930 --> 00:54:45.340 Karen Ross - this took place, maybe 3, 4 months ago that her husband had the accident. She's been driving comfortably, easily

00:54:45.360 --> 00:54:58.239 Karen Ross - just it truly was a game changer. So that's an example, where somebody can bring something that's a little bit different to the table. And we can turn that around for an individual.

00:54:59.080 --> 00:55:17.099 Frank R. Harrison: Well, II mean, I definitely want to again feature an entire show in the coming year on hypnotherapy of of other successful cases than the ones you've mentioned like. And maybe maybe it'll be possible if that client is willing to share their story on air unless they wanna keep

00:55:17.380 --> 00:55:21.269 Frank R. Harrison: well, that's that would be also interesting, you know. And

00:55:21.310 --> 00:55:48.770 Frank R. Harrison: either way, I'm just letting like I like. I like what you asked me earlier about getting involvement and engagement from audience members to ask for the shows that they would like to have on. You know I I've been fortunate to work with not just Nyu Langone health, but also with my various guests of the past that have referred guests. Phyllis Quinlan comes to mind also. We have mutual relations with Maurice Elkovich and Evan Messmin, and not to mention you and I, so

00:55:49.170 --> 00:55:58.839 Frank R. Harrison: I know that they will come back as well. And who knows? Maybe they'll even have more discussions on AI, which is what I also want to get involved in the coming year.

00:55:58.840 --> 00:56:21.020 Frank R. Harrison: But I'm also getting the alerts about the coming end of the show, so I hope everyone out there had a chance to hear a summary and a review of what was gonna happen in the next 12 months, as well as how I'm doing my best to change the nature of the show, to be more proactive for all of you out there.

00:56:21.020 --> 00:56:41.110 Frank R. Harrison: Karen is adding a tremendous value with her experience, and having been a radio show host. And Hilton's involvement is amazing. I am just looking forward to all of you actually responding to my websites or my social media. Or if you hear this show as a recording, please email me and Frank, our Harrison

00:56:41.480 --> 00:56:59.170 Frank R. Harrison: I'm actually here to engage with beyond the show for any advice or research or resources that you may be looking for or if you wanna be a guest on the show. So I'm completely open to that. I wanna thank again both Logan behind the scenes for engineering this show.

00:56:59.170 --> 00:57:11.800 Frank R. Harrison: At the same time. I wanna thank you, Sam again. I always will and I also like your your myriad of shows that you replayed, including the one hundredth episode that I did with Karen this afternoon. So thank you for that.

00:57:11.800 --> 00:57:31.949 Frank R. Harrison: I'm gonna announce tomorrow's slate of shows right here on talk. Radio. Nyc, the first one is always Friday with Steve Fry or no. I'm sorry philanthropy and focus with Tommy D. Then always Friday with Steve Fry ending with intangify. And then Tuesday, we have the hard skills with Dr. Mirabranku, and next week.

00:57:31.950 --> 00:57:35.990 Frank R. Harrison: after the conscious consultant hour with Sam Leibowitz will be

00:57:36.050 --> 00:57:41.010 Frank R. Harrison: frank about health with me and Jeff Demy Trek, as we look at a stage of epilepsy.

00:57:41.060 --> 00:57:56.600 Frank R. Harrison: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for listening to today's show right here on talk radio, dot Nyc and on all of our socials. We'll be back next week, and I guess, Karen, thank you again, and we'll definitely be in touch almost immediately.

00:57:57.050 --> 00:58:05.930 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, and for everyone out there happy New Year, and welcome to 2024. Make it a Happy New Year.

00:58:06.300 --> 00:58:07.920 Frank R. Harrison: Alrighty, buh-bye.

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