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Thursday, September 14, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/09/14 - More Insights With Morry

Facebook Live Video from 2023/09/14 - More Insights With Morry


2023/09/14 - More Insights With Morry

[NEW EPISODE] More Insights With Morry

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)


The audience will learn more about the Morry Method's impact on Positive Psychology in addition to a review on how his brain entrainment programs have helped with Sleep Insomnia, Alzheimer's and Depression

Morry returns to Frank About Health for his 3rd appearance to discuss progress since our last discussion over the summer.

Morry Zelcovitch, creator of The Morry Method™ (TMM), first noticed the effects that sounds and tones had on his own mental state well over 20 years ago. This led to a decades long journey deep into the study of brainwave entrainment.

Morry sought out the world’s foremost brainwave entrainment expert and, after extensive study and training, became one of the few Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineers in the world. From that impressive starting point, and with ongoing study and research, Morry has developed proprietary technology and techniques which he has named “The Morry Method™“.

Morry tirelessly produces the most leading edge recordings that incorporate The Morry Method™ proprietary techniques. These recordings, including Quantum Mind Power and Quantum Confidence, are acclaimed by his legion of listeners.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

In this episode of Frank About Health, Morry Zelcovitvh, creator of The Morry Method (TMM), returns to the show as this week’s guest. They will be discussing the progress made in the sound files and other types of technology since Morry’s last appearance on the show. To kick off the conversation, they both issue a disclaimer that neither Frank nor Morry are doctors and cannot provide medical advice or guarantee that their methods can cure anything, but it is more “food for thought” and just discussing different possibilities. So please listen to your doctors, health care practitioners, and professionals, and most importantly yourself. Frank and his family have tried the sample sound files in the past and he is living proof that The Morry Method has been beneficial to him and to his family members since they do have some sort of neurological condition. With that being said, Frank asks about Morry’s methods having an influence on the field of positive psychology. To answer that, Morry just states that everyone goes through an individual experience, and everything is built on experience. To develop the program Morry has, he says that the trick for him is to see from viewing the brainwaves based on what is presented to a person and mimic the brainwaves in his files so people can feel the same positive feeling from hearing the files.

Segment 2

After the first break, Frank and Morry discuss body language, but more specifically how people speak with their eyes. The phrase, “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” is brought up as how people can really expose themselves just by looking into their eyes. Since The Morry Method is audio files and most research is done just by listening and using the ears, Frank is curious to know if in the future The Morry Method is going to require or utilize visual communication since the method right now is missing the interaction between people. Morry has started to branch out into the world of visual communication, so it is possible that there may be future projects involving this type of stimulation. Morry shares some of his story, background, and growth due to listening to different sound files. Sounds and vibrations make a difference for people who have a neurological condition or mental health struggles, it may not cure it, but it is a possible way to have it be managed.

Segment 3

Moving forward into the conversation, Frank and Morry discuss the quantum method that The Morry Method has utilized in his sound files. Before they get into that, they discuss the mission and vision of The Morry Method and if the quantum method will help in order to achieve the mission and vision. Morry’s perception of life and possibilities has changed over time. During a person’s life, they are able to witness 3 different dimensions, but Morry was curious as to how we can explore more than just 3 dimensions. Imagination is something he believes can give us access to different dimensions. We receive ideas and possibilities just from the imagination and tune into our thoughts and what we hope to achieve.

Segment 4

After the final break, Morry and Frank did not get the chance to discuss more of the quantum method in the last segment so they take the time now to discuss this topic. The quantum method is the science of unleashing the infinite potential of human beings. With that being said, the quantum method can lead to positivity. Morry makes a great analogy when describing this: positivity is the result depending on our moods and our moods are based on chemistry. It is almost like a recipe, if you’re a good cook, it can be delicious, but if not, then it is not going to be what you need in order to reach your fullest potential. So different emotions are based on chemistry and different moods exercise different brainwave activity. In order to achieve the quantum method, the brain has to produce a good chemical balance and be mindful of what an individual person can do to take care of themselves.


00:00:43.980 --> 00:00:52.410 FRANK: hey, everybody. And welcome to a special version of Frank about health. This is the first time I'm doing it through my mobile phone.

00:00:52.450 --> 00:01:14.990 FRANK: It is an opportunity that I have not yet explored. But I was forced to, because if those of you have been waiting to figure out where Frank about health has been over the last 4 min. It's been in technical difficulties. But as Mauri and I have been speaking before, the show began with technical difficulties, comes opportunities, and I'm hoping to make this one a learned opportunity for all of you out there.

00:01:15.020 --> 00:01:41.780 FRANK: So if you have seen frank about health before, with Maury on it. We had him back in May, the time of the pandemic lifting its mandates, which was May eleventh, 2023, where he talked about the Mori method, and then he came back in July, where he was helping me understand about the power of his entrainment programs, especially in dealing with the illness of Alzheimer's disease, and it is now inflicted. My cousin

00:01:41.780 --> 00:01:57.300 FRANK: and I just thought that since they seem to be the different sound files that he's talked about on the show seem to be helping me a great deal as well as helping my mother, who's been dealing with sleep. Insomnia has been helping my father with other types of

00:01:57.300 --> 00:02:03.220 FRANK: psychological symptoms. I just wanted to have a discussion with him today

00:02:03.560 --> 00:02:17.969 FRANK: about the whole positive aspects of his program. Which is why I'm calling this episode more insights with Maury. And I'm just imagining that it's gonna be from a positive psychology point of view, although

00:02:18.080 --> 00:02:46.779 FRANK: again, I'm gonna issue my disclaimer. I'm not a psychologist, and Maury is not a neurologist, but yet we are both engaging in conversation that normally those individuals will be engaging in. Therefore please take the thoughts and views and opinions and discussions that Maury and I share over this hour. As food for thought not to dissuade you from whatever you're doing currently with your treatment protocol for whatever

00:02:46.780 --> 00:03:10.399 FRANK: you're currently being treated for. If you are an epileptic patient. This is not to say that the Mori method is going to cure or prevent seizures, but it might help. I just want you to take everything that also. Maury, I believe, has some disclaimers to share, but that's because of the fact that what he's done has definitely benefited the lives of the people he's communicated with myself included.

00:03:10.400 --> 00:03:25.489 FRANK: But it may or may not be for everyone, and hopefully, during this hour, we will determine if that is so, the case. Maury wants you on mute. Issue your disclaimer and welcome back to Frank about health. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. And Hi, everybody

00:03:25.600 --> 00:03:35.030 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so my disclaimer is simple. I'm not a doctor or a neurologist. And I don't play one on television either.

00:03:35.070 --> 00:03:41.720 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So just so we're clear everything that I do. I'm a self-styled and self-trans, neural scientist.

00:03:42.030 --> 00:04:02.070 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And I study things like quantum physics, neurochemistry, psychology, perception, and various other disciplines to try to understand the brain how it works, why it works the way it does. And then I create systems and methodologies that hopefully help to cause it to react in a more beneficial way.

00:04:02.290 --> 00:04:09.579 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Our brain is the undiscovered country, you know. We know more about space, and we know more about the bottom of the ocean than we know about our brains.

00:04:09.700 --> 00:04:16.820 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: which is kind of interesting, because we know almost nothing about the bottom of our ocean and very little about space. So it should tell you

00:04:16.829 --> 00:04:31.019 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: anything I say. despite the fact that I have a deep, authoritative news, voice is not necessarily the truth. As a matter of fact, I do not believe in the truth, nor do I believe, in fact. when I used to believe in these things, I found it closed my mind.

00:04:31.300 --> 00:04:48.839 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So that's the disclaimer everything I say. You said it perfectly frank food for thought. I encourage you to think, to research yourselves, talk to your healthcare practitioners and professionals, and also talk to yourself. Listen to your gut, listen to your

00:04:48.860 --> 00:04:55.879 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know heart, and listen to your head and take appropriate action based on you. Know you educating yourself

00:04:56.570 --> 00:05:18.290 FRANK: correct, correct, and and I appreciate that. Which is why I thought you would be perfect for this episode of Frank about health. Because I think I told you last week I had a another, a friend of mine, James Swanson. Talk about how our society overall has been going through a lot of disarray and mental illness issues and just dealing with

00:05:18.600 --> 00:05:35.450 FRANK: kind of recovery from what it was like being in a 3 year pandemic. There's also the spike in Covid cases. It's happening. There was a forest fires that happened in Canada as well as in Maui, and among other issues, but I think most of us are now wired for the uncertain.

00:05:35.570 --> 00:05:55.530 FRANK: wired without focus, and are being triggered constantly, which is letting people, whether they become addicted to drugs or whether they're looking for constant therapy, or whether they're trying to figure out a new way to get a hold of themselves and really find balance in all of the chaos that continues to go on.

00:05:55.530 --> 00:06:22.700 FRANK: I knew already, from personal use that your method has been very beneficial and helpful to members of my family in addition to myself. And of course, your your first appearance on the show. You talked about how you had attempted suicide multiple times. And after you generated these these programs. Suicide is no longer in your mind. It's not even the voices that you've mentioned coming into your mind anymore. So I know there is proof

00:06:22.840 --> 00:06:24.720 FRANK: in what you are doing.

00:06:24.790 --> 00:06:40.340 FRANK: But again, the only way I discovered it was by trying it. So a lot of people out there I'm letting you all know, especially if you're listening on Youtube or Facebook or Linkedin or, that if you want access to these sample files.

00:06:40.360 --> 00:07:06.149 FRANK: I have them, and you can contact me at Frank R. Harrison, to try them out, see if they work for you, depending on what your circumstances are, and if they don't they don't. If they do, then you'll really want to know more about what Maury has been offering. Of course, since I'm not on my computer. I can't show you his website. I can't show you any of the other things I had planned on showing you. But

00:07:06.380 --> 00:07:18.079 FRANK: as this technical opportunity has mushroomed. I figure this has enabled me to spend the next 45 min of the show, just having a very open conversation with Maury.

00:07:18.080 --> 00:07:37.630 FRANK: which I think, is essentially the best way for me to handle all the information that is positive in nature. In this particular instance, as I mentioned, we talked about Alzheimer's. And we talked about depression, a neurological or psychological problem or consideration for how to manage life with it.

00:07:37.630 --> 00:07:39.370 Now, in this particular case.

00:07:39.510 --> 00:08:09.359 FRANK: what's wrong with helping your positive state of mind, enhancing it, making it stronger, better, more powerful, reaching out beyond the boundaries of your limited thinking. If that's what you are currently involved in. Or if you are living in a limited environment due to circumstances beyond your control. And that's why I keep asking you, Maury, even as we're doing the show. Am I on par with the concept that what you are doing is very influential in the field

00:08:09.500 --> 00:08:11.540 FRANK: of positive psychology?

00:08:11.680 --> 00:08:14.540 FRANK: Or am I just making an association.

00:08:15.170 --> 00:08:28.930 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, you know, it's interesting because positive associations and negative ones are made due to experience. So you're having certain experiences. And you're drawing conclusions. That, of course, can only be based on your experience, nobody else's.

00:08:29.100 --> 00:08:36.449 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But that being said, you know the brain and your mind are designed a certain way by nature.

00:08:36.840 --> 00:08:39.940 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And when we take that into account.

00:08:40.100 --> 00:08:44.499 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and we observe cause. That's what science really is. It's all about observation.

00:08:44.570 --> 00:08:55.609 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: When we observe what's going on, and we try to figure out what all these things mean when you see people who are happy. If you hook them up to an electroencephalogram, you know, with the little probes on their head.

00:08:55.780 --> 00:09:07.629 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you can read brainwave activity, and if you do it to enough people, and you see commonalities, it's reasonable to infer or to conclude that maybe these frequencies, maybe these states

00:09:07.730 --> 00:09:15.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: are related. whether it's a matter of they're created by your good mood, or they create your good mood. I'm not sure it matters.

00:09:15.560 --> 00:09:23.030 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: The trick is to make the observation from the observation go. Can I influence brainwaves to act the same way.

00:09:23.140 --> 00:09:25.589 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And then let's see what happens with people.

00:09:25.670 --> 00:09:28.829 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So that's what I do. I see if I can make something

00:09:29.220 --> 00:09:50.910 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that mimics the natural process of someone just getting happy, cause they see a dog or a cat, or a nice rain shower or a flower, and then we go. and I create or recreate the frequencies the brain? Does I get the brain or encourage the brain to follow these frequencies, or to literally recreate them in the observer?

00:09:50.920 --> 00:09:58.129 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And then we see what kind of result we get. And in your case, in my case, in lots of cases. people feel better.

00:09:58.500 --> 00:10:03.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And that's what it's all about, because feeling bad is a choice. Feeling. Good is a choice, too.

00:10:04.430 --> 00:10:29.919 FRANK: and when we return from our upcoming break I wanna go into how we can all take charge of our brain instead of letting living instead of us feeling like we're living life where the brain is in charge of us, because that's basically what the more we method addresses, and I know, prior to the show start, we were talking about another method you're involved in, which, of course, will save the best for us ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned on this episode of Frank about health

00:10:30.000 --> 00:10:58.979 FRANK: live on Youtube, Linkedin Facebook and If you have any questions please ask in real time, Logan. Thank you so much for your support and starting the show and the way that we have had to do it today. As I said, I think it's an opportunity in disguise, and I guess by the end of the show I'll figure that out. And when we return in the next few minutes after this commercial break, we'll talk more about the more we method, as we had already started to in the previous shows. Stay tuned.

00:13:12.090 --> 00:13:23.320 FRANK: hey, everybody and welcome back. So Mauri Mauri Zalkovich is my very special guest. You have seen me literally go through everything

00:13:23.870 --> 00:13:40.280 FRANK: in the moment, and like what I was trying to say on last week's show is that most people can find a balance in their lives, even when chaos is ensuing, when they live in the moment, and I think that's what's keeping me regulated at this moment. But

00:13:40.440 --> 00:13:43.979 FRANK: I remember when you appeared on the on Frank about health back in May.

00:13:44.030 --> 00:13:49.210 FRANK: you were talking about your whole story which led you to create the mori method. Now.

00:13:49.450 --> 00:14:06.250 FRANK: I also remember we were speaking recently about how you've been thinking about how we've all been living in a bubble since the dawn of time, and that you you really only know what is meant by others when and I'm quoting you now, when I can see their eyes as they speak.

00:14:06.340 --> 00:14:13.180 FRANK: so is that a reflection of where you were or where you've been since you were on the show.

00:14:15.040 --> 00:14:18.500 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So that's a new concept for me.

00:14:19.060 --> 00:14:21.110 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I've noticed that.

00:14:21.240 --> 00:14:34.900 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, when I speak II try to catch myself from saying we or you, because I really can't speak for someone else. I can only speak for myself. and I believe that's the case for all of us. I think it's a bit of a red light

00:14:35.220 --> 00:14:45.940 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: for any of us when we start using we or you, because then we're we see where. Then I'm trying to impose my belief system or my thoughts on someone else.

00:14:46.320 --> 00:14:47.210 FRANK: Hmm.

00:14:47.380 --> 00:14:52.799 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: in my experience. yeah. So in my experience, I've kind of decided

00:14:54.080 --> 00:14:54.890 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that

00:14:55.680 --> 00:15:06.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: what I say I have intention behind it, and I have meaning behind it. But the problem with words is, everybody has their own intention, and they have their own meaning.

00:15:06.130 --> 00:15:12.289 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So we can say we agree on something in a general sense.

00:15:12.380 --> 00:15:22.739 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: when in reality maybe I don't mean anything like what you mean by the word. The only time I truly understand. Someone is if I'm speaking with them, and they see my eyes

00:15:23.280 --> 00:15:30.369 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I see their eyes. You know there's that old line. The eyes are the window to the soul. I think that's a lot

00:15:30.460 --> 00:15:31.490 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: truer

00:15:31.620 --> 00:15:35.899 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: than people might realize in my experience. At least.

00:15:36.330 --> 00:15:42.869 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I've noticed that I tend to make less mistakes in my judgment of what people are saying.

00:15:43.150 --> 00:15:50.279 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: or by my actions based on what someone has said. If I'm looking them in the eye when they say it to me.

00:15:50.940 --> 00:15:52.779 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If I'm on the phone.

00:15:53.450 --> 00:16:02.399 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: look, the voice has a lot of intonation. You can hear a lot of meaning and passion and interest and boredom, and whatever coming from a voice

00:16:02.510 --> 00:16:04.099 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but a voice

00:16:04.510 --> 00:16:06.709 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: can only get us so much across.

00:16:06.870 --> 00:16:25.109 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I think, when you combine the voice with the visual. That's when you really get to know what somebody means. I believe I believe my interpretation makes more sense then. Now that being said, that doesn't mean that someone who can't speak, or maybe can't see

00:16:25.270 --> 00:16:36.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: doesn't have other senses that have been honed to accommodate for that. So I believe without a blind person, for instance, who may not be able to see into someone's soul, so to speak.

00:16:37.200 --> 00:16:45.390 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They are more finely tuned in other areas that I'm not tuned in because I do have vision, and I do have the audio.

00:16:45.860 --> 00:16:52.609 FRANK: So I'm not taking anything away from people I'm just saying, under, you know, the current conditions that I live under.

00:16:54.400 --> 00:16:59.469 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I find that I'm a lot more careful with what I say and how I say it.

00:17:00.470 --> 00:17:02.149 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because if I'm not

00:17:02.160 --> 00:17:19.200 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: misunderstandings happen. And I wonder how many wars have come, not because people disagreed, but because they just misunderstood it, misunderstood. It

00:17:19.569 --> 00:17:43.770 FRANK: made me think about how isn't it interesting how sometimes you may ask someone a question, and it might be a very serious question, because you're about to embark on finding the truth about a conflict or situation that most people don't want to address. And you could ask that person when looking at them in the eyes, that question about that situation, that problem, that crisis, whatever it is, and they may not even answer the word.

00:17:43.770 --> 00:17:50.329 FRANK: But or they may not answer the question, but when looking at them, you feel like? The question was answered.

00:17:50.490 --> 00:17:58.490 FRANK: and you said I knew it. You even say that without hearing their response to your question. So I think what you were telling me is that

00:17:58.670 --> 00:18:02.829 FRANK: people can obviously on the phone, you know, hear a voice

00:18:03.010 --> 00:18:22.059 FRANK: that person could be reading from a script that Kurt person could be lying point blank, or maybe, like your voice is a baritone voice. People probably believe everything is that you're saying and not really have to perform any reality testing in their own mind. But when you're in the same room

00:18:22.420 --> 00:18:41.780 FRANK: with them and looking at them, I'm sure it resonates even deeper with what you're trying to communicate. So it it's very interesting, because the more we method is about a lot of audio files, brainwave controls that are able to balance out things like the cortical method for people with Alzheimer's, or there was the

00:18:41.940 --> 00:19:08.770 FRANK: the good night's sleep. Well, product that you were introducing my mother to and then there was also a meditation program that you, you said was a freebie for everyone who participates. But while I've listened to a whole multitude of them. I'm also aware that they're just doing the entrainment aspects of the brain. But what is still missing is the interaction between another human being

00:19:08.860 --> 00:19:29.550 FRANK: as well. I mean, although you and I have been able to do that through zoom through the show and and through other means when necessary. The thing is is that what I'm trying to figure out is, how can we incorporate the Mori method into the ongoing crises that are going on today here in the United States and in Canada.

00:19:30.050 --> 00:19:36.979 FRANK: Is it going to be requiring more visual stimulation or visual communication while

00:19:37.040 --> 00:19:44.429 FRANK: using your sound files? Or do you have any other alternatives. How a lot of people can get more involved with the mori method!

00:19:44.930 --> 00:19:58.960 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, I do have. I'm starting to bra branch out into more visual aspects. I started doing this with my revit of mine system and the cortical cleaner, which is a specific frequency that research is showing might help to break up

00:19:59.310 --> 00:20:06.550 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: something called the beta amyloid protein, which is kind of like a gunk that gets between the neurons and block signals.

00:20:06.830 --> 00:20:20.809 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That being said, you know the audios are pretty effective because you're not listening to me. Tell you about my wife. or or about my dog, or about my car, or about me.

00:20:21.140 --> 00:20:29.149 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I'm really just kind of sending out generalized programming that your brain reinterprets and reimagines to suit yourself.

00:20:29.490 --> 00:20:34.950 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So the other thing is you can fall asleep while you're listening. You know, there's not too many

00:20:35.110 --> 00:20:37.230 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: techniques that allow you to sleep.

00:20:37.490 --> 00:20:42.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: except for maybe sleep and sleep is very important by itself.

00:20:42.230 --> 00:20:49.070 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah. But like as an example. when my parents, my parents were very sick for a long time.

00:20:49.480 --> 00:20:52.600 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE:  they both left last year.

00:20:53.220 --> 00:20:58.740 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you see, I have to say, left right. So

00:20:59.340 --> 00:21:00.570 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the thing is.

00:21:00.870 --> 00:21:17.200 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I was very distracted by everything that was going on in their lives, and trying to make it, as you know, pleasant as possible. and it caused me a lot of stress and anxiety that I didn't realize cause I didn't really feel it on the outside.

00:21:17.210 --> 00:21:39.199 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: My wife told me that I was yelling and screaming in the middle of the night, and you can imagine, with a voice like mine, if you were sleeping next to me, and I don't want anyone to put like that image in their head, because I don't want to give you nightmares. But you know, let's let's pretend that I you were sleeping next to me, and you're in the middle of a pleasant sleep. And then all of a sudden, you hear my voice blast out

00:21:39.790 --> 00:21:40.610 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: right.

00:21:40.940 --> 00:21:48.939 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and that bothered me. But you know I didn't think it was that bad until my wife told me I actually was punching

00:21:49.160 --> 00:21:50.180 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the air.

00:21:50.740 --> 00:21:55.429 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I hit her a couple of times. And when I found out about that.

00:21:56.130 --> 00:21:57.209 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that was it.

00:21:57.270 --> 00:22:03.820 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah, I have. Like, I'm gonna sleep in a different room if I have to. I'm not gonna hurt her.

00:22:04.040 --> 00:22:15.209 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And I decided, though, I thought, you know, is it funny? I've got all these brainwave and treatment recording things, and I listen during the day. But I've got a specific one that you had mentioned that we are using with your mom.

00:22:15.230 --> 00:22:28.490 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Good night's sleep well from the very first day I started listening to it. No screaming, no acting out, no punching the sky, no hitting my wife. It's like I lie there, and she thinks I'm dead now.

00:22:28.630 --> 00:22:44.680 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, when I'm sleeping. And the interesting thing about it is, and it's funny, you know, because I know it works. I know these things work. but I'm almost in perpetual state of meditation from using them all these years, and for so many times. You know, I'm I'm listening

00:22:45.090 --> 00:22:54.140 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: at least once or twice a day. plus right now at night. But the thing is, I went on a trip to a friend's cottage last weekend.

00:22:54.620 --> 00:23:01.490 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I figured, you know I'm not. Gonna listen, because why should I am with the boys? Nothing's gonna happen in a couple of days.

00:23:01.770 --> 00:23:05.100 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, the first night nothing happened, but the second night

00:23:05.580 --> 00:23:15.969 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: my friends like woke me up because they were scared for me, cause I was yelling, Get the F away from me, and I'm like, I don't even remember this. I have no memory of this, no bad dream, nothing.

00:23:16.110 --> 00:23:19.239 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But I was acting out, and I was punching the air again.

00:23:19.820 --> 00:23:22.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I got home that night like the next night.

00:23:22.480 --> 00:23:25.149 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Good night's sleep. Well, I've been fine ever since.

00:23:25.790 --> 00:23:38.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Awesome. It makes a big difference in our lives when we see something that actually works, and sometimes something that sounds simplistic and sounds like it doesn't really. It couldn't possibly help.

00:23:39.270 --> 00:23:51.409 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's the way we should go, I mean, don't denounce something because it's not complicated. Sometimes we complicate things just to impress others as opposed to the simple solution, which is often the best.

00:23:51.950 --> 00:23:57.949 FRANK: Well, also, I mean one of the things that I noticed is I was using on

00:23:58.060 --> 00:24:01.740 FRANK: my show last week. These bone conduction headphones

00:24:01.780 --> 00:24:17.430 FRANK: which I was going to use to day. But that's a different story yet. The thing is is that when I had finished the show, aside from the thorough discussion that it was. I felt so sedated. And I know that it's because of the vibration frequency that these

00:24:17.560 --> 00:24:38.260 FRANK: headphones emit, but not just with sound files, but with conversation. So I do believe that the programs that you are generating are definitely changing. Whatever frequency levels or brainwave patterns are happening in various people's brains, depending upon their circumstances. And I and I do believe that

00:24:38.260 --> 00:24:56.430 FRANK: brainwave and trainment is something that is like a hidden secret that people just have to try in order to buy. They just have to understand it through practical application before they really understand what you've been talking about and how it helped you, and how it, for example, helped my mother, and

00:24:56.500 --> 00:25:00.449 FRANK: you know the situation is that I'm noticing that in dealing with my

00:25:00.550 --> 00:25:11.180 FRANK: conflicts that I cannot resolve such as my cousin's, Alzheimer's. It's at least given me a balanced perspective on how to manage the eventual outcomes rather than panicking.

00:25:11.300 --> 00:25:12.670 FRANK: getting depressed.

00:25:12.730 --> 00:25:28.440 FRANK: creating anxiety, not thinking, shutting down whatever. So there is some value here which I want to explore when we return into our third segment, we're about to take another break. But I then want you to go into the quantum method, which is, I think.

00:25:28.440 --> 00:25:43.969 FRANK: the part of the secret that you were beginning to tell me where the videos come in. So, ladies and gentlemen, please return right here on Frank about health, as we have more insights with Maury right here on talk radio dot, Nyc on Youtube, Facebook, twitch TV.

00:25:44.030 --> 00:25:50.550 FRANK: And of course, Linkedin. And please, if you have any questions just ask away, we'll be back in a few.

00:27:50.970 --> 00:27:52.850 FRANK: everybody and welcome back.

00:27:52.880 --> 00:28:06.449 FRANK: So in the last segment. In particular, I gather you listeners and viewers out there. We're understanding that the more we method has definitely contributed to many psychological and neurological shifts

00:28:06.490 --> 00:28:17.819 FRANK: in allowing those people who are in, you know, inflicted with things like Alzheimer's, or depression, or suicidal ideation or sleep deprivation, or whatever else is going on.

00:28:18.010 --> 00:28:30.590 FRANK: They're learning to try to find a way to get a balance. And I guess in the aspect of positive psychology it's trying to help everyone get in their zone live life with a flow.

00:28:30.710 --> 00:28:39.679 FRANK: Just be in the moment, as we've been saying. But we are all still regardless of how many times we use the mori method.

00:28:39.740 --> 00:29:06.309 FRANK: We're gonna be able to acclimate our lives based on the effects the positive effects that it provides to us with those sound files. But there also has to be a conscious awareness and an actual manifestation of your own decision and choice making of what environment you put yourself in, what people you deal with what circumstances you want to avoid, because we don't have a

00:29:06.390 --> 00:29:13.399 FRANK: what's the right word? A triggered mind set unless we've been through various traumas in our lives, for whatever the reason may be.

00:29:13.410 --> 00:29:19.740 FRANK: and therefore, no matter what we try to do, to live a much more balanced life.

00:29:19.750 --> 00:29:35.490 FRANK: we will always be triggered by unforeseen circumstances or other things that were not meant to happen. But you know, life. Ha! Life happens while you're making other plans. So the thing is is that I'm gonna now quote something you said Maury.

00:29:35.580 --> 00:29:44.849 FRANK: is because it it's the basis of creating this episode because I wanna get into the quantum method. But I'm I'm here's the quote that you sent me, it said.

00:29:46.500 --> 00:30:07.060 FRANK: I've been looking into the perception of reality and multiple dimensions. I now believe that we are influenced by many more than the 3 recognized dimensions, and I have been theorizing that our imagination might be the best way to experience consciously the myriad of others that I believe exist and influence us on a regular and daily basis.

00:30:07.060 --> 00:30:20.460 FRANK: Very interesting. There's a vision there, and I guess what I wanna learn more about is your mission on how to achieve that vision? Is it the quantum method that you're gonna talk more about? Or is it something even beyond that.

00:30:21.710 --> 00:30:32.660 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, it's a combination of a whole bunch of things, the recordings, the visualizations that I routinely use myself, that I've created, that are available to anybody

00:30:32.890 --> 00:30:43.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: have helped me to see things that I never saw before. I think Einstein is credited. Whether he said it or not I don't know, but he's credited with saying, there's no such thing as brilliance.

00:30:43.750 --> 00:30:47.470 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: only the ability to see something others don't see

00:30:47.810 --> 00:30:51.019 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: right? So as an example.

00:30:53.440 --> 00:31:05.940 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: this is a mouse. Yes. and you know you look at it like this, though. Does it look like a mouse? No, really, if you didn't know it was a mouse, you wouldn't know

00:31:06.010 --> 00:31:10.089 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: even like this, maybe a stapler or hole punch right

00:31:10.940 --> 00:31:11.800 FRANK: right

00:31:12.010 --> 00:31:15.770 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: now it's a mouse. Yes. So

00:31:15.930 --> 00:31:29.209 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: when I started paying attention to the different angles of things. and how my perception of what they are changed, based on a what I knew, and B, what I could see and feel and touch.

00:31:29.670 --> 00:31:31.729 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I started asking myself.

00:31:32.340 --> 00:31:39.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay, so I'm able to see in 3 dimensions I can see length and width and depth. I can see all that that's nice.

00:31:39.800 --> 00:31:41.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But what if.

00:31:41.720 --> 00:31:45.599 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: like Einstein said, I'm just not seeing other

00:31:45.700 --> 00:31:50.180 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: things that might be there. What if all of these other things

00:31:51.810 --> 00:31:54.279 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: exist in multiple

00:31:54.650 --> 00:32:07.430 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: ways, in multiple areas. And I thought, Well, how do you see another dimension? You know we we see in 3 dimensions. We experience life in 3 dimensions. But I thought, how do we see it? And then I thought.

00:32:07.710 --> 00:32:13.840 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it just came to me. We see other dimensions when we imagine.

00:32:15.530 --> 00:32:19.790 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: where does the imagination come from? I think the imagination is actually

00:32:20.330 --> 00:32:25.770 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: tapping into these other dimensions. You're seeing things that actually do exist.

00:32:27.140 --> 00:32:35.189 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Why do we come up with ideas? We come up with ideas because they're possible. It's impossible until someone does it. And then it's possible.

00:32:35.520 --> 00:32:47.699 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: A number of my technologies aren't supposed to be able to happen. They're not supposed to be able to work, and yet they do. How is that? Because I've never been taught what's possible and what's impossible.

00:32:47.810 --> 00:32:50.929 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I came back from 40 years of wanting to be dead.

00:32:51.620 --> 00:32:54.929 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That tells you pretty much anything is possible.

00:32:55.370 --> 00:32:56.210 FRANK: Care?

00:32:56.370 --> 00:33:01.379 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yes. So I believe that if you want to see another way.

00:33:02.080 --> 00:33:03.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: imagine it

00:33:03.920 --> 00:33:14.650 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and then focus on it. You know the beautiful thing about darkness and light is that if you're in a bright room and there's a little PIN prick of darkness. It's very difficult to see.

00:33:14.750 --> 00:33:22.470 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but if you're in a really black room. you know, pitch dark room. and you see a PIN prick of light. It stands out like a sore thumb.

00:33:23.470 --> 00:33:27.749 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and the more attention you pay to that little flicker of light, the larger it gets.

00:33:28.530 --> 00:33:36.230 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So that's that's my suggestion. My suggestion is, if you don't like your life the way it is, break it down into its quantum level.

00:33:36.740 --> 00:33:39.839 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Quantum basically means the smallest particle size.

00:33:39.960 --> 00:33:45.999 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So in this case, the way I'm defining it. So what that means is

00:33:46.100 --> 00:33:53.650 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that if you don't like your life the way it is, break it down into its component pieces and then rearrange them when you put them back together again.

00:33:54.690 --> 00:34:12.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And don't worry about what the universe, or let me rephrase that. Don't worry about what people tell you is legitimate or is real. or is reality, because look at the world around us. There's evidence all over the place that our perception is king and queen of our lives

00:34:12.730 --> 00:34:26.109 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: right? How else do you explain? Some people are happy, some people are sad, some people are rich, some people are poor, some people are both. Some people are this, some people are that. How can you have so many different results

00:34:26.469 --> 00:34:30.030 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: when we're all living in the quote unquote the same reality.

00:34:30.429 --> 00:34:39.230 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, the answer to me is currently cause it's II don't know things. I just have understandings. So my current understanding would say.

00:34:39.790 --> 00:34:44.459 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's because how they're choosing to interpret what they're seeing, what they're looking at.

00:34:44.600 --> 00:34:47.909 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know. And if you don't believe me, go for a walk with someone

00:34:48.170 --> 00:34:50.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: outside for like half an hour.

00:34:50.750 --> 00:34:54.990 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and then, after the walk, ask them what they noticed outside

00:34:56.120 --> 00:35:04.250 FRANK: right right?

00:35:04.430 --> 00:35:14.890 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And yet you both walk the same route, the same place. You're like literally side by side, walking. and yet you experience something completely different. We all live in our own bubbles.

00:35:15.640 --> 00:35:17.739 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We always have. We always will.

00:35:18.380 --> 00:35:26.949 FRANK: What I'm picking up from that is, I guess, whether it has to do with culture, education, family, dynamics, environment.

00:35:27.260 --> 00:35:40.669 FRANK: politics, in some instances where they were born, what it just it does. It's own programming or reprogramming of our brains. And then I've heard the phrase growing up that a lot of people are limited.

00:35:40.760 --> 00:35:48.239 FRANK: I've heard another one that actually would be sensible. So I'm not gonna say it. But it goes along. Love. The masses are blank, and

00:35:49.120 --> 00:35:54.700 FRANK: the 5% of the world or not, you know. But the thing is is that in terms of

00:35:55.110 --> 00:36:10.450 FRANK: what I'm picking up from you, from what you've just said is that the the quantum method, or even the the sound files and and video files that you're creating are helping to bring your brain back to the state that probably it was meant to be in

00:36:11.020 --> 00:36:20.050 FRANK: further enhanced aspects of your brain that probably were were stunted or stopped because of the circumstances around you.

00:36:20.570 --> 00:36:24.339 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: a hundred percent correct as far as I'm concerned, and I can prove it

00:36:24.920 --> 00:36:27.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: right now for every single person.

00:36:27.870 --> 00:36:34.839 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Do you really think happiness feels good randomly. and sadness feels bad randomly.

00:36:35.500 --> 00:36:51.969 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They're red lights on the dashboard of our lives. They're there to tell us we're doing and or thinking the right things or doing and or thinking the wrong things. They're nothing to be upset about. You're not being punished when you feel bad. You're just being warned. Now, you're not really thinking or doing the right thing for yourself right now.

00:36:52.050 --> 00:36:55.729 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Pay attention to how you feel. Only you know how to feel good

00:36:55.950 --> 00:37:01.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: for you right, because that's how it is, and getting back to the whole dimensional idea.

00:37:03.200 --> 00:37:10.130 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Maybe you're not seeing everything the way it really is. Maybe we're seeing those 3 dimensions, but we're missing parts

00:37:10.540 --> 00:37:13.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that would allow us a better understanding.

00:37:14.200 --> 00:37:15.240 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So right.

00:37:15.730 --> 00:37:20.839 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: imagine what they might be, you know. Imagine that this mouse

00:37:21.450 --> 00:37:27.160 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: may actually have some tube coming out of it that goes through the ceiling.

00:37:28.400 --> 00:37:37.090 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and that tube goes somewhere else, which is where the information is coming, interacting with my computer to give me what I think I see on the screen.

00:37:37.820 --> 00:37:38.830 FRANK: Yes.

00:37:39.260 --> 00:37:43.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I mean, imagine it's powerful.

00:37:43.760 --> 00:37:50.179 FRANK: So it it says to me that for people that get the sad or depressed response

00:37:50.190 --> 00:38:00.999 FRANK: when they may by habit blame the ins. This, the person, or the situation that made them feel that way. That's their way of not taking responsibility.

00:38:01.170 --> 00:38:08.640 FRANK: that their receiving a message from within that they should interpret rather than just say, Okay, I'm unhappy.

00:38:09.270 --> 00:38:17.459 FRANK: you know, and it it's like we're all, I think, whether it's society, or, as I said, it could be rearing or culture, whatever

00:38:17.660 --> 00:38:25.600 FRANK: we're conditioned to look at positive and negative emotions as good or bad, or past or future.

00:38:25.760 --> 00:38:41.000 FRANK: not not living in the moment. It's if there's like an escape, or II don't know what dynamic creates this for most of us, but it's trying to prevent you from using, as they would say, your God given gifts

00:38:41.300 --> 00:38:47.590 FRANK: to the maximum where you ironically are meant to give to others, so that they, too.

00:38:47.620 --> 00:38:54.709 FRANK: can feel uplifted or positive, rather than put in their boxes, or limited or stuff like that.

00:38:54.810 --> 00:38:56.810 FRANK: That. That's just a

00:38:56.930 --> 00:39:17.949 FRANK: I don't know if that's a philosophy or a conundrum, or whatever the right word would be. But that's just something, I guess, has been in our society for centuries, you know, decades, millennia, whatever. And we need to change that, we need to evolve it. That's my point. Look, we all live in the moment. It's impossible not to live in the moment you cannot breathe in the past.

00:39:17.950 --> 00:39:37.769 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you cannot eat in the future when you chew, it has to be now when you breathe, it has to be. Now, when you make love, it has to be. Now all these things are now the trick isn't learning how to live in the present, because we all live in the present, you cannot help but live in the present. The trick is to bring your awareness and your intention

00:39:37.890 --> 00:39:43.260 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to where you are. Once you get everything together, you're a very powerful being.

00:39:43.780 --> 00:39:46.940 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but if you separate yourself into different segments.

00:39:47.250 --> 00:39:50.950 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it kind of makes sense. You're not going to be as strong or powerful as you could be

00:39:51.940 --> 00:39:56.489 FRANK: with by people who do separate and so, and slice and dice

00:39:56.530 --> 00:40:21.840 FRANK: their their lives into fragments or segments. They've been trained to do that. Actually, maybe it could be the educational system they were raised in, or it could be the way again that they were brought up, and I don't know. II would have in the past been angry at that, or blame or project. Well, I don't want you near me because you're you're trying to negatively influence me. But I gotta say, with the help of your sound files.

00:40:21.890 --> 00:40:26.539 FRANK: I give everyone their due and their sense of respect and their boundary that's needed.

00:40:26.550 --> 00:40:33.649 FRANK: If they're limited. That just means I gotta reduce the frequency of which I engage with that person so that I can maintain my

00:40:33.820 --> 00:40:40.050 FRANK: brain power. I think what everyone ultimately needs to know besides, living in the moment

00:40:40.080 --> 00:41:06.229 FRANK: is this is your car. This is this is yours. You have the power to put garbage in or garbage out, you know, and I think I think working with you and and your sound files. And the quantum method is definitely a a important. As Dr. Mira Branku, who's on our our network, would say, it's a hard skill we need to learn, you know. So I'm just

00:41:06.490 --> 00:41:13.909 FRANK: well, I'm I'm inspired by everything you just said. And II think we're about to go to another break. But,

00:41:14.030 --> 00:41:29.140 FRANK: let me see, I think I think it's yes, it is. So when we return, let's learn more about these video files and the quantum method as well as what's coming up in the near future. Right here on talk, radio, Nyc, and on our socials. We'll be back in a few

00:43:31.860 --> 00:43:58.559 FRANK: I just saw your comment on the zoom about loving the music. I gotta tell you. I think each of the hosts that have the music that resp is respective of their show, including mine, is definitely a symbol of the message we're trying to communicate to everyone. I always have this this feeling like you're driving your car when you listen to my theme music because my whole mindset when I created Frank about health, was to

00:43:58.830 --> 00:44:00.859 FRANK: had be in control of my health.

00:44:01.130 --> 00:44:14.469 FRANK: drive along the highway of life and figure out how I'm gonna advocate for my epilepsy, which was the beginning basis of that of of the of the show. And then, of course, when Covid hit. And now here we are talking about

00:44:14.560 --> 00:44:35.120 FRANK: an engineering solution which you brilliantly created for everyone out there to try sample and eventually get involved in, especially if they're having deep neurological issues for starters. But I'm really interested to learn more about where it's gonna keep me in the flow. Keep me in the moment. Keep me balanced.

00:44:35.200 --> 00:44:41.789 FRANK: may may make make me look at a future trauma, or crisis, or situation, and cope with it rather than

00:44:41.910 --> 00:44:52.749 FRANK: live with fear about it. Can you? Can you speak more about what the quantum method is going to do to help with people and keeping the positive mindset while they continue to move forward through life.

00:44:53.030 --> 00:45:04.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So positivity. The understanding currently is that our moods are the result of chemistry. It's kind of like a recipe, if you will.

00:45:04.160 --> 00:45:06.269 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if you're a really good chef.

00:45:06.720 --> 00:45:12.729 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you can take your ingredients and create something that tastes wonderful smells wonderful and is very healthy.

00:45:13.100 --> 00:45:15.949 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know it's nutritious and delicious, as they say.

00:45:16.290 --> 00:45:21.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If you're a crappy chef, like I was most of my life, you take all those same ingredients.

00:45:21.490 --> 00:45:27.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and you rub them on the floor. You pick up a few roaches, grind them up inside.

00:45:27.020 --> 00:45:36.109 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and you know, I don't know. Maybe some garbage makes its way in there, too, and they're not nutritious. They're not delicious. And they smell like Poop Kaka.

00:45:36.360 --> 00:45:45.620 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: can you say that on radio? Is that okay? Okay? Barely can get away with that. So so that's basically you know what that is.

00:45:45.780 --> 00:45:55.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So feeling good is a matter of chemistry. The way you know, when you look at your computer screen or your phone screen. Everything is the result of a bunch of zeros and ones.

00:45:55.920 --> 00:46:02.500 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Right? That's the machine code. The machine language broken down to its quantum level. Once that happens.

00:46:02.650 --> 00:46:15.559 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, we have to look at it. When we look at it, we perceive the zeros and ones how they've created an image, you know. Now you see my hand. Now you don't see my hand that kind of thing, and everybody perceives it in their way.

00:46:16.130 --> 00:46:19.120 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because they perceive it in their way.

00:46:19.220 --> 00:46:28.140 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's a matter of understanding that chemistry is the coding. Like you have machine language, you have body and and emotional language.

00:46:28.190 --> 00:46:31.800 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and that is processed in the brain as chemistry.

00:46:31.910 --> 00:46:41.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if I slap myself in the face and my face flies off to the side and comes back. and I don't produce chemistry that acknowledges that slap.

00:46:41.640 --> 00:46:47.310 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yes, my head went like this and bounce back. But I wouldn't have any awareness of that happening.

00:46:48.490 --> 00:46:59.499 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if you're in love. If you're sad, if you're happy, if you're anxious, if you're stressed, all of these things only get experienced by brain with activity, creating chemistry.

00:46:59.750 --> 00:47:06.609 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now, the chemistry needs to get produced by neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones, and other neuro chemicals.

00:47:06.820 --> 00:47:10.989 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Keeping in mind that you need a certain amount of nutrition to produce these things.

00:47:11.920 --> 00:47:18.809 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So some of our issues, psychologically speaking, might be due primarily to not eating right.

00:47:19.200 --> 00:47:30.500 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, eating Mcdonald's every 3 meals, you know, especially in the old days. I don't know how many people are still driving to work every day, but a lot of people I knew. We're eating Mcdonald's like, and that kind of food twice a day.

00:47:31.070 --> 00:47:36.499 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: My opinion. that's, you know, they have more plastic in their food than they have in their cutlery.

00:47:36.980 --> 00:47:50.109 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Don't have plastic in their food, obviously. But it's my point, you know, when someone says something's 100 beef made with 100 beef. That just means that, you know one gram of a pound Burger

00:47:50.440 --> 00:47:54.979 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: is made with a hundred percent pure beef. What's the rest of it made out of

00:47:55.090 --> 00:48:02.439 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: right? Yeah. I mean, you can get away with anything, if you word it right in the so it's all a matter of chemistry.

00:48:02.850 --> 00:48:10.730 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now. there are many different ways to change your brain's chemistry. How you think changes its chemistry.

00:48:10.750 --> 00:48:16.979 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: How you feel changes is chemistry, the drugs you take, the alcohol, you take the coffee you take.

00:48:17.040 --> 00:48:20.320 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know the food you eat. All these things influence chemistry.

00:48:20.640 --> 00:48:26.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but also your brainwave activity influences chemistry, and you can influence your brainwaves with sound and light.

00:48:27.400 --> 00:48:32.830 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So the quantum mind method is a system that's basically a catch. All

00:48:33.020 --> 00:48:46.129 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it pretty much does everything. It has a generalized system that's for general self help and improvement. It helps to create frequencies in the brain that elicit chemical neurochemical responses that make you feel better.

00:48:46.290 --> 00:49:12.749 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because that's what would happen if something happened in life that wouldn't make you feel better. It's the same kind of an idea. It's a natural process. There is no drugs to take. There's no exercises to do. It happens automatically because of something called the frequency following response, which, if you noticed me when I made the comment about loving the music, I'm doing this while I'm listening to music, and I realized I wasn't doing that on purpose. And then I realized, you know what my toes are tapping, too.

00:49:12.820 --> 00:49:17.359 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I wasn't doing that on purpose it was just happening. That's a form of entrainment.

00:49:17.370 --> 00:49:24.049 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if anyone's wondering, oh, yeah, but I can't in train while you've been in trained a million times have you ever driven home?

00:49:24.070 --> 00:49:25.819 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And you don't remember the drive

00:49:26.380 --> 00:49:31.489 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: or an hour? Feels like, you know, 3 h or an hour feels like 10 min.

00:49:31.600 --> 00:49:35.849 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's a form of training it gets, and it affects your perception.

00:49:36.330 --> 00:49:41.720 FRANK: So that's my point. My point is that you have all these experiences.

00:49:41.780 --> 00:49:52.929 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They're all due to neural chemistry. These systems subtly alter and help you to alter that chemistry. I was depressed. For 40 years nothing helped me.

00:49:52.960 --> 00:50:00.990 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but when I started listening to the first recording I was designing. It subtly altered my chemistry. That altered subtly how I felt

00:50:01.040 --> 00:50:04.679 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: when I was depressed for 40 years. And suddenly.

00:50:04.830 --> 00:50:12.070 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: even if it's just for a few seconds I feel different. In other words, I'm in a dark room, and suddenly I see that light.

00:50:12.400 --> 00:50:14.419 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's a massive.

00:50:15.200 --> 00:50:19.109 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It opens up a massive door to possibility.

00:50:19.380 --> 00:50:24.540 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It changed my life. I can't stop inventing new ways and new techniques. Now

00:50:24.600 --> 00:50:33.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I have over 50 things I'm working on, and they all have proprietary techniques and technologies that I've developed, many of which are supposed to be impossible.

00:50:33.780 --> 00:50:45.120 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But what is that like, or what is it going to be like, okay, for instance, I have special videos that can help possibly with cognitive issues.

00:50:45.290 --> 00:50:51.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But more recently, I've created a system not really a system. But technology called Vai.

00:50:51.130 --> 00:50:53.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: as in vying to be your best.

00:50:53.510 --> 00:50:58.389 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And by stands for visual image and training. They're 3 min videos.

00:50:58.790 --> 00:51:10.539 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You could look at them on your phone right? Okay. before you go into a meeting. If you don't want to bring down the room, if you're feeling down and you want to feel up. I've got one called happy.

00:51:11.140 --> 00:51:15.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and it's 3 min. It involves certain curated images.

00:51:16.270 --> 00:51:21.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Happy as an example is people smiling right? So they're smiling.

00:51:21.620 --> 00:51:24.980 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and then it's got the all the images are flattened out

00:51:25.150 --> 00:51:26.120 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and they're

00:51:26.280 --> 00:51:36.519 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: turned into black and whites. And then I overlay a color over top which elicits another neurochemical response in the brain to help elicit endorphins.

00:51:36.730 --> 00:51:39.399 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And then I have a pulse beat

00:51:39.720 --> 00:51:47.789 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that is designed to do the same thing. The photos aren't just like a photo frame where you just play them. But they actually have.

00:51:47.890 --> 00:52:06.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They're they're presented at the same rate as the beats. So you're getting in train through the eyes, for the ears, through everything, and a 3 min recording, which was designed just to elicit an immediate response. Temporary. It turns out, if you use it regularly at least 3 times or sorry 5 times a day total of 15 min.

00:52:06.930 --> 00:52:09.449 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you can start getting regular

00:52:09.540 --> 00:52:11.289 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: general results out of it.

00:52:11.450 --> 00:52:17.310 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and the systems are designed to help people to help themselves. Look, you're your own Guru, not me.

00:52:17.600 --> 00:52:23.299 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But I'm enough of a Guru in what I do that. I can help you to help yourself.

00:52:23.550 --> 00:52:27.960 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and that's the trick. So you don't rely on me. You don't rely even on my tech.

00:52:28.160 --> 00:52:34.869 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You end up learning ultimately that you are your secret sauce. You are the answer to your dreams.

00:52:35.020 --> 00:52:54.119 FRANK: those particular files that you just mentioned. You've just given to me tonight, and I have them available for download. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested in trying these sound or video files for your brain and trainment and for your positive mental health as well as if you are dealing with any sleep issues, neurological issues whatever.

00:52:54.150 --> 00:53:09.309 FRANK: Remember the email, Frank R. Harrison, one at Gmailcom. We're about to end the show, so I want to make a few quick points, and then thank you again, Mauri again. Maurice Zelkovich. He's available on Linkedin. He has his own website. I gather it's Mauri Zelkovich Com.

00:53:09.750 --> 00:53:17.020 FRANK: The Mori method.

00:53:17.480 --> 00:53:44.769 FRANK: Tomorrow's slate of shows begins at 10 Am. First we have Tommy D with philanthropy in focus. At 110'clock we have Stephen Fry, and always Friday, at 120'clock. We have intangify with Matthew Asbel. By the way, he wrote his own theme, music for his, for his show. He was a music composer at 1 point in his life. And finally closing out the week right here on talk radio. Nyc on the hard skills with Dr. Mira Branku.

00:53:44.990 --> 00:54:01.559 FRANK: Again. Mauri, you have been you become a friend. You've been a helper in many ways, as you know, I will be downloading those files. Try them myself. But, ladies and gentlemen, remember this, and then I will finally sign off. You are in control of your own brain

00:54:01.580 --> 00:54:05.330 FRANK: garbage in garbage out whether it's sound music.

00:54:05.390 --> 00:54:22.750 FRANK: nice conversation, or just whatever you tell yourself when you're living in fear. That's a message that's not something for you to fall apart on. You. Take control of every negative and positive emotion you receive. It's communicating to you that you are the advocate of your life.

00:54:22.950 --> 00:54:31.399 FRANK: Thanks for being frank about health with me, Maury. Thanks for watching everybody. I will see you next week, and we're signing off now. So take care

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